A Different 2020 : Lessons Of History With Professor Tristan Mordrelle


Hello, this me trying a TL for the first time. It's going to be a bit dystopic and a bit ...more lighter in some places. It will be amateurish for the simple reason I don't know much about some stuff except bit and pieces. I do accept feedback and adapt to feedback as I can. Some of the "story" will be told indirectly in a "soulsborne" kinda way.

I sat at the edge of the enormous class and waited for others. It was my best idea to go into Portugal , the Ultramarine Kingdom [1] was probably the best option I could choose of all of the countries available.
I could recognize everyone but the funny thing is that I would remember their faces and the countries they were from but not their names : there was the Bulgarian girl from Solun, the Constantinoplean , a Ciliciarmenian,then there were the Tangierians and Riffians who hanged out with the Spanish
[2]. There were also tons of Syrians from Baghdad and Amman, which was strange since most people
I didn't know how to interact exactly, but many were curious because I was of the few Italians there.

<< Where in Italy do you come from? >>

<< Nizza, but my father is from Lubiana [3] >>

[1] Guess what happened here?
[2] WW2 went differently, some "countries" still exist😉
[3] Cassibile went in another direction.
Portugal stayed as a Kingdom? No 1974 Revolution?
Axis were bigger and more sucessful but still lost the war?
Carniola/Slovenia under Italian rule? That means Axis won WW2? Or Italy was granted all promised lands after WW1?