A civil war semi-challenge.

We don't get much civil war AH for some reason.
So how could we get Britain to become a decent republic and not some evil christian theocracy?
What results could this have elsewhere?

It isn't much of a challenge though its something I'm interested in and haven't seen anything on.
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You should maybe put a "English" for the benefit of : Yankees, Rednecks, Shweiks, Huns, Surrender Monkeys and Canucks (If I missed anybody, just tell me and I will call a name too)

Only possibility hang Cromwell and Puritans from the nearest tree.

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Any seventeenth century republic would need to be oligarchic in the sense that unless it is strong enough to destroy the nobility it has to work with them. This in itself could offer a way forward, a sort of Venetian alternative perhaps.

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Hanging Cromwell and other Puritans definitely isn't going to get a long lasting Republic in England. Somehow, the Commonwealth set up after Charles I got beheaded is going to have to avoid a few things

- growing animosity between the Parliament and the army

- the growing animosity between moderates who wanted to reform the Church of England along the Presbyterian model, the "Independents" who wanted largely self-governing congregations, and the even more radical groups who endorsed a variety of extreme religious (and often social) views

These tensions led in OTL to Parliament first expelling the real moderates, and ultimately having the "Rump" be disbanded by Cromwell with the support of much of the army leadership. If you can somehow find a way to reduce these tensions, and marginalize the more radical groups, you might get a situation where the different political and religious factions hold together long enough to set up a viable system of government.

The only other way I can think of is a later POD - when Oliver Cromwell dies, somehow he gets a very politically astute successor (perhaps he doesn't go with his son but chooses one of his top subordinates) who calls together a new Parliament and sets up a system where an elected Parliament and the Lord Protector share power, while at the same time keeping the army happy as well.

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There's a science fiction alternate history audio story called 'Republika' which has as its POD General John Lambert being appointed Cromwell's successor rather than his son

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