A British Stargate

81. Enter the Asgard and the Alteran

September 2016

1st September the Asgard give their speech to the world though the speech does not give anything away, what causes the most shock is that these Asgard look like the Roswell Gray’s. It is much like the Nox’s speech however the Asgard emphasize the alliance between them and Phoenix and that the Asgard owe Phoenix a ‘debit that can never be repaid’ though the Asgard do not go into any detail about how or why they own Phoenix.

At the end of the speech the Asgard the questions are not about the ‘debit that can never be repaid’ to the Asgard race, but more along the lines of what really happened at Roswell in 1947?

Between the 2nd and 9th of September there is considerable debate on whether or not these Asgard are the ‘Roswell Grey’s’, after all they look remarkably like them, repeated questions to the White House are sidestepped, with the only response being that a statement will be put out in due course.

This initial lack of a response from the White House helps Trump more than Clinton, when a response does come it will not be much of a surprise, as it will be what everyone is expecting. In that the ‘Roswell Grey’s’ are these Asgard and that the US government has been keeping this information from the US people for decades, also in the past the Asgard recovered their property without revealing themselves to the US government.

10th September President Obama offers a public apology to the Asgard about what happened to the Asgard that crashed in Roswell in 1947 this confirms the Roswell Incident to the public at large after decades of denial.

The Asgard via the UK government accepts the apology from the US government, but does not go any further this is more diplomatic niceties than anything else between two governments.

What does not help Clinton is the fact that the former President Clinton started the secrecy surrounding the US Stargate program this favours Trump as he keeps pointing out that this program would have likely remained secret if the phoenix countries have not revealed their own Stargate program.

11th September Trump goes on the offensive against the ‘Washington Elite’ for withholding this information from the public, as if this had been known in 1947 the world might be a different place.

This very strong statement from Trump puts Trump in the lead in the polls, along with his core message of make America great again, along with immigration and trade, with creating jobs for Americans rather than importing for other countries.

Between the 12th and 14th September the revelation about the Asgard rumbles on (mostly in the US but also from other countries), until the speech by the Alteran Moros is given and then the attention is focused on the Alteran’s.

But to be frank the world in on an information overload and everyone is trying to grasp this new reality and let it sink in and this will take many years to achieve, perhaps even longer in some cases.

15th September the Alteran give their speech with Merlin using the name Moros, as this was felt to be better considering this is a lot for everyone to take in and news that Merlin is a real person would be too much too soon.

Moros speech is very short and does not reveal anything, apart from supporting the Alliance (Nox and Asgard), along with supporting Phoenix, with Moros also refers to a debit that cannot be repaid in similar terms to the Asgard.

Moros does state that the Alteran has been a space fairing civilization for over 1 million years and contacted both the Asgard and the Nox over 100,000 years ago when they formed the Alliance, along with another race called the Furlings.

This revelation that the Alteran’s are the oldest space fairing civilization, causes considerable discomfort, as it proves that Earth and humans are not the first incarnation of human kind. With some conspiracy theorists suggesting that they may be related in some way to the Alteran’s (though this is not confirmed or denied), some even going as far as speculating that the Alteran’s could be the missing link.

These theories are not confirmed or denied by anyone, even though they are true, as it is considered too much information for one go this information will be released in time (probably years or maybe decade from now).

The news that these are Phoenixes alien allies also makes several governments very nervous of the Phoenix, as they now know if any one Phoenix countries is attacked these alien allies will come into battle on Phoenixes side and after that they will lose.

Daesh ‘leadership’ is also watching what is happening though it does not seemed to have effected them in anyway, as they are still continuing to do what they have done in the past, just keeping clear of the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada for the moment until they can come up with a plan.

The Russian intervention in Syria also continues as Putin knows that Phoenixes alien allies will not intervene in Syria, only if the UK, Australia, New Zealand or Canada are directly attacked by Russia and that is not going to happen.

Putin is also pushing very hard on alien technology research, along with designing Russia’s first spacecraft, if Russia can get hold of this anti gravity drive technology, along with the other information it now has on this alien technology then Russia can surprise the world.

20th September the four Phoenix countries governments discuss the use of the Royal Space Navy to assist in helping the Iraq government in removed Daesh out of Iraq, but the four government leaders do not reach an agreement, as using such a powerful option may cause negative side effects.

However this is not killed off all together, instead they will be put the four Phoenix countries parliaments to vote on whether or not to authorise the use of Royal Space Navy and other advanced military capability to clear Daesh out of Iraq.

This vote is scheduled for December, all four parliaments must vote yes for approval to be given.

25th September Trump campaigning states that he will if elected begin colonisation of the world under US control (Site Alpha), as this will also provide more jobs for US citizens. This announcement will put Trump slightly ahead in the polls, with Clinton still trying to put the alliance idea forward, but is not gaining much traction un the US with this idea.

29th September the four Phoenix countries announce that the existing space station in geo stationary orbit will be replaced by a new space station towed from Heliopolis, with the existing space station being disassembled once the new space station arrives at the end of next month.

This news causes quite a stir, as no one had expected this sort of announcement, various governments request what this space station will be used for.

Within Project Phoenix, it has been suggested that other countries be invited to join with the first suggested being Sweden and Norway, as these two countries are part of the Sterling Zone group of countries and are very closely tied to the four Phoenix countries.

The offer to Sweden and Norway to join Project Phoenix as associate members with none voting rights initially, work is also progressing in allowing people from Sweden and Norway to settle on Heliopolis, but this agreement is years away from being finalised yet.

Sterling Zone group of countries are UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Solomon Islands, Saint Lucia, Kiribati (formerly Gilbert Islands), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Bermuda. Part of the Sterling Zone, but with their countries’ currencies (not the pound) Sweden and Norway merely tied to the pound.

30th September

UK Nuclear Deterrent

With the coming of Project Phoenix into the public light, the need for the UK to have a Nuclear Deterrent has just been made very unnecessary, with Prime Minister David Cameron announcing that the UK will be disbanding its Nuclear Deterrent as it is now irrelevant due to the advanced technology available to defend the UK that is now available.

The news causes the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbin to fracture even further, as Jeremy Corbin had been calling for the UK to remove its Nuclear Weapons, with this now gone this does not give the Labour Party much to fight for under Corbin, as with the NHS and other areas such as the economy. With the release of such a large amount of funds coming from several different areas the UK’s financial position (along with Australia, New Zealand and Canadian) is now being greatly enhanced.

Most of the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canadian media are stating that the four Phoenix countries will lead the world in this new industrial revolution.

October will be a much quieter month than previous months, as Phoenix has no major press releases planned, only minor ongoing information about current technology release such as anti-gravity drive technology and medical technology (medicines).

To be continued
82. A Quiet Month

October 2016

1st October, Project Phoenix releases information on the world’s first superconducting power line paves the way for billions of pounds of dollars in savings across the globe, more nuclear power stations are also ordered for three of the four phoenix countries. [1]

A long-term replacement program for existing power lines will be put into place by the end of 2016, with the first of these new power lines starting to be installed from 2020 onwards in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, with sales of this technology going very nicely for the four phoenix countries. With other countries around the world installing these new power lines from 2025, allowing for a considerable cost saving for all concerned making the purchase of this technology very cost effective.

During most of October is the month for explaining anti gravity drive technology the Phoenixes allies, along with starting the process of technological transfer for this new type of technology along with helping their allies to understand this technology and how to build it etc. Multiple teams do this technological transfer across many countries at the same time, as the four Phoenix countries do not want to seem to favour one country over another as this would cause diplomatic problems.

With the US Presidential race becoming more and more focused on the US Staragte program along with immigration, with Trump’s messages America first and making America great again gaining ground, with the option polls showing Trump with a lead over Clinton. Clinton camps message of sharing the US Stargate with America’s allies while maintaining control does not seem to be resonating with the US people.

During October, the world is spending the time to get used to the new reality concerning the four phoenix countries and the US Stargate program.

Also during October, the US shows off the USS Lexington and the F302C space superiority fighters at Joint Base Andrews, along with the new Columbus class shuttles that the US Stargate program has not started building. This greatly impresses the US press and most international press as well, with the exception of the four phoenix countries press who are not that impressed, as the US spacecraft seems less developed than the Royal Space Fleet ships.

With all that has been going on the response outside of the US is limited, as there is an information overload about alien technologies at the moment and this will take many years to be fully absorbed into people’s minds.

The remainder of October and early November is taken up with the presidential election, as that is hotting up with accusation and counter accusation this US election is getting very lively.

10th October is the date that the bill is introduced into all four Project Phoenix parliaments to approve the use of the advanced military technology to help Iraq government to defeat Daesh. Labour’s position will to oppose the use of such advanced weapons, mostly as they do not understand that this technology does not leave behind any radiation, but many Labour members are assuming that it does and are running with this as a reason to vote no.

This decision is also picked up by the press who also jump on the bandwagon for a no vote.

15th October all four Phoenix countries make it very clear that they will not interfere in other countries internal affairs in any way and neither will any of Phoenixes alien allies, but the caveat is that if attacked then whoever attacks them they will deal with in whatever way there governments decide.

31st October the new Woomera space station arrives in orbit towed by several Royal Space Navy warships this new Woomera space station is not very large, but does have several improvements over the old Woomera space station. Firstly, gravity plating, secondly two ring transporters allowing instantaneous transport from any of the Earth based ring transporters within the four Phoenix countries, with the US ring transporters locked out.

The final advantage is that this new space station has a small shuttle bay that allows four Fox class shuttles to dock. These Fox class shuttles are more for cargo that cannot be ringed up to the station, also can be used to transport personnel from the station to Heliopolis and back again without needing to use the Earth based Stargate.

For defence the station posses and strong shield system powered by the stations four Naquadah generators.

Next month the world will see who the new US President is.

To be continued.

[1] Thanks to BELFAST for this
83. A New President

November 2016

On the 8th November, the US goes to the polls to elect a new president, with everyone expecting Clinton to become the next president, however much to everyone’s surprise Donald Trump becomes the next president of the US, by winning the Electoral College and not the popular vote.

On the morning of the 9th November the new president elect Donald Trump makes speech, with the US Stargate program being one of the centre pieces of rebuilding America and using this and other programs to unite America behind Trump. With a rapid expansion of the US Space Fleet and a new improved class of warship to not only to supplement the current Lexington class but also to replace this class.

President elect Trump believes this and other programs will help drive down unemployment within the US and also send a strong message to the Phoenix group of countries that the US should be treated as an equal in terms of space technology.

With a Republican controlled House and Senate it is highly likely that these Stargate related programs will go ahead after 20th January 2017 very quickly, with most Democrats in favour of building extra starships to add to the current fleet of four ships.

Clinton’s supporters are not happy as they see that Clinton has been ‘robed’ of this election and protests begin almost immediately after the announcement that Trump has won.

10th November President elect Trump announces that if the House and Senate approve it, he will create a new cabinet post Secretary of State for Space this cabinet post will encompass anything to do with space and the US Stargate program. Trump states that this post will come within the succession line between the Secretary of Defence and the Attorney General if approved by the House and Senate.

In response Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Paul Ryan gives his approval for this idea, as do all Republicans (and some Democrats), this new department and cabinet post is likely to be approved in early 2017, all that is needed is someone to lead this new department.

The new Secretary of State for Space will merge both NASA and US Stargate Command (along with a few other ‘bits’ as well) under this new Secretary of State for Space, along with any other space related agencies as well, also their budgets will be merged into one large budget. This budget will be the second largest behind the defence budget.

Senator Kinsley is tipped to be the new Secretary of State for Space, however he has been part of the cover up of the program since the start and this is seen as a bad thing, though on the positive side he does know more about the US Stargate than anyone outside of the US military or the NID.

Also during the 10th November President elect Trump begins the process of talking to various world leaders on the phone, with the UK Prime Minister David Cameron first, as this is a curtsey as talking to the leader of the only other superpower on the planet is consider good politics.

11th November both the Asgard and the Nox send congratulations to President elect Trump, along with the congratulations of the four Phoenix countries, these four countries are first to respond to Trump’s victory. Though the congratulations do not mean that they support Trump’s policy toward immigration or anything else, the four Phoenix countries will remain neutral during this transition phase, as Trump is not President until 20th January next year.

The four Phoenix countries can still deal with President Obama’s administration.

15th November President elect Trump receives a full briefing on the US Stargate program and how advanced it really is compared to Phoenix and the known alien races, with Colonel Carter explain the technological aspects of the Stargate program and General O’Neill being present.

Extract of briefing...

Trump: So are we equal to Phoenix in technology Colonel?

Carter: No Mr President elect

Trump: How far are we behind?

Carter: Decades maybe a hundred years, we may never catch up.

Trump: Why, we have the same alien technology that phoenix has

Carter: That is true in part sir, but we do not have the alien allies that phoenix has, as these alien allies have apparently shared or loaned their technology to phoenix and this gives phoenix a considerable advantage over everyone else.

Trump is not very pleased with this answer.

Trump: With our own program, do we have a ship that is more advanced that the current Lexington class that can be built?

Carter: Yes sir we do, but we do not have the funding to commence assembly of what is called the HC-304 heavy cruiser class this new class will be a great improvement of the Lexington class.

Trump: So all you need is a funding for this new ship class?

Carter: Yes sir

Trump: I will see you get the funding for this HC-304 class of starship.

Carter: Thank you President elect

Trump: Now onto the planet we control.

O’Neill [sarcasm]: With the catchy name Site Alpha

Trump smiles: Yes after the 20th January when I am sworn in I need a new name, was thinking of planet America that sounds good, with the areas on the planet named after US cities or end States.

O’Neill: Well anything will be better than Site Alpha Mr President elect

Trump: That is true anything is better, I will have a word with Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Paul Ryan to see if he likes the idea of renaming Site Alpha to planet America?

O’Neill: There is one thing that you will need to see Mr President elect?

Trump: What is that?

O’Neill: It is about an encounter between the Lexington and 11 Ha'tak’s operated a rouge Goa'uld System Lord Imhotep several years ago.

Trump nods and Carter dims the lights then runs the recording of the Lexington incident.

Thrump leans forward in his chair and begins to watch...

Lexington drops out of hyperspace and immediately detects the Imhotep 11 Ha'tak’s, Colonel Ronson orders the Lexington to Battle Stations, as it will be several minutes before the Lexington can re-engage her hyperdrive.

The Battle of the Lexington had begun

With the initial attack by the 11 Ha'tak’s having disabled the Lexington’s hyperdrive. Captain Carter is now down in engineering helping bring the ships hyperdrive back online.

The Lexington’s weapons fire is proving useless against the 11 Ha'tak’s shields, as a rail gun against an improved Ha'tak’s shields even with the addition of missile with nuclear warheads jacketed with Naquadah it is proving impossible to breach any of the Ha'tak’s shields.

Though the death gliders are a different story they are being destroyed very easily by the Lexington’s rail guns and F-302 fighters, as the death gliders do not posses any shields or have very good pilots in ship to ship combat.

At the point where the then Captain Carter has just got the hyperdrive working again Imhotep Ha'tak fires several shots and destroys the Lexington’s backup hyperdrive crystals the Lexington is now going nowhere.

With the systems on the Lexington now beginning to fail the crew know they do not have long, all personnel have been armed and are prepared to try to repel boarders.

The Ha'tak’s have adopted a siege bombardment of the Lexington in trying to bring out the Lexington’s shields without destroying the Lexington, as the 11 Ha'tak’s could easily do if they combined their firepower of all eleven Ha'tak’s at the same time.

Then a large warship drops out hyperspace between 11 Ha'tak’s and the USS Lexington, with this new ships shields quickly coming up and absorbing the incoming fire from the 11 Ha'tak’s that had been directed at the Lexington.

The Phoenix ship turns on its axis slowly towards the 11 Ha'tak’s (keeping itself between the Lexington and the Ha'tak’s) and then without any warning opens fire with a series of blue coloured energy beams, within a few seconds all 11 Ha'tak’s are destroyed with very little effort expended on this Phoenix ships part.

The film ends

Trump: So Phoenix saved one of our ships?

O’Neill: Yes they did Mr President elect

Trump: Was this under Obama?

Trump is smiling at the thought that he has potential political dirt on Obama.

O’Neill: No Mr President elect, former President Bush against advice he sent what was then on a solo mission

Trump: Oh not good

Trump is no longer smiling.

O’Neil: The ships weapons proved to be hopeless against a Ha'tak’s shields, even if we had gone up against just one Ha'tak we would still have lost.

Trump: I assume the Lexington class have been improved since then?

Carter: Yes Mr President elect we now have energy weapons that has replaced the rail guns and improved shields, so we now have a fighting chance

Trump: So does this mean we can stand toe to toe against a single phoenix ship?

Carter: No Mr President elect we can only engage one of the Goa'uld ships at a time even then it would be a hard fight with victory not certain even then. Against a Phoenix warship we would only last a few seconds no longer.

Trump: But you said the Lexington class ships have been upgraded?

O’Neill: I think what Carter is trying to say is that the phoenix warships are way ahead of us even with the current upgrades.

Carter: General O’Neill is correct Mr President elect

Trump: How far ahead?

O’Neill: Way ahead, we a hopelessly out matched by a single phoenix warship, even hilariously outmatched, we do not want to piss them off Mr President elect that would be very bad for the US. A single phoenix warship could take out all four of our ships with just four shots, with our return fire not even denting their shields.

Trump: That is bad, I would assume this new class would be much better than the Lexington class ships that we have currently?

Carter: Yes and No, the new HC-304 Heavy cruiser class will be much more powerful than the Lexington class, but still no match for the Royal Space Navy ships, as they would still have an advantage.

Trump: Well I suppose that the F304 class ships would be better than nothing?

Carter: Yes Mr President elect the F304 class ships would be a next step as they would be much more capable than the Lexington class and the HC-304 heavy cruiser class would have considerable room for improvements and upgrades as well.

Carter shows a document with the information on the HC-304 heavy cruiser class

HC-304 Heavy cruiser class statistics – provisional

Length: 225 meters

Width: 95 meters

Height/depth: 75 meters

Engine unit(s):

Sublight engine - Modified/Copied Goa'uld design

Hyperdrive engine - Modified/Copied Goa'uld design

Power plant:

Naquadah generators - Modified/Copied Goa'uld design

Shielding: Shields - Modified/Copied Goa'uld design

Sensor systems: Modified/Copied Goa'uld design


32 Staff cannons (16 x twin turret mounted cannons)

16 VLS Missile Tubes for Naquadah enhanced nuclear missiles

Fighter complement:

16 F-302C fighter’s (standard complement) can take up to 64 in ferry mode

4 Columbus class shuttles (can carry more if needed – ferry mode or needed for a certain mission)

Crew: 200

Other systems: 2 Transportation rings

After Trump has finished reading this information: How long until the first one is operational, assuming you get the go ahead in January next year?

Carter: Two years for construction and another year or so for trails Mr President elect.

Trump: So three years?

Carter: Yes Mr President elect

O’Neill: But we can build more than one at a time Mr President elect.

Trump: Then why don’t we?

O’Neill: Money Mr President elect

Trump: I think I will be able to help with that as well.

O’Neill: That will be good if we can move this along more quickly and get more ships.

The meeting last for several more hours, with Mr President elect Trump trying to get to terms with what is needed, with Trump assuming it is just money that is needed, he is partially correct.

After the meeting in the evening of the 15th November President elect Trump has a word with the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan about getting the funding for the first four HC-304 heavy cruisers. Paul Ryan is happy to agree to the fund the first four HC-304’s after the 20th January, as the Republicans can take credit for this, along with reducing unemployment, as the companies manufacturing the parts for the HC-304’s will have to take on extra staff.

Trump will insist that US people are hired for these new jobs and not use labour from other countries, Trump will use the secrecy and security surrounding the US Stargate program to ensure that this happens.

16th November Trump selects Senator Kinsley to be the new Secretary of State for Space this nomination has quite widespread support from both Democrats and Republicans. As both sides do not want him to remain as Chairman of the committee on the US Stargate program, agreeing to appoint him as Secretary of State for Space will take away his power base.

17th November Senator Kinsley accepts the nomination for Secretary of State for Space, Senator Kinsley will go through the committee stage very quickly and will be sworn into his new role on the 20th January 2017. However, it will take several months before his new department will be up and running at a basic level and several years until fully functional.

Until the 20th January next year, there is nothing that Trump can do however the Republican controlled Senate/Congress can begin the process of approving the new Department for Space along with the budget and production for the first four HC-304’s, cruisers with the Democrats not opposing the creation of this new Department or the new ships.

With the world quite shocked that Trump will be the new president of the US, even so various world leaders begin to offer their congratulations on Trump’s win.

Between the 21st and 22nd November the Prime Ministers of the four phoenix countries visit (via Ring transporters) the new Woomera space station this is the first time any of them have been in space. All four Prime Ministers are greatly impressed by the space station along with the spectacular view of Earth from its observation windows along with the artificial gravity.

25th November, in Russia the secret construction of the first prototype Russian starship has begun this ship will be called the RSS Yuri Gagarin it is expected to be complete by the end of 2017, as this first design will be a test bed for the new technology that the FSB as and will ‘acquire’ from certain NATO countries. This technology along with what Russian scientist have figured out about the Goa'uld technology, will give Russian a slight advantage over the short term.

The Russian test ship will be limited, as it will not have any hyperdrive technology, as Putin is hoping to use this ship to gain such technology by bluff and by ‘acquiring’ hyperdrive technology by any mean s necessary.

To be continued.
84. A Very Merry Christmas

December 2016

During December, the first Royal Space Fleet Auxiliary (RSFA) Regent Class (RSFA Regent) enters operational service this will quickly be followed during December by the other three ships RSFA Reliance, RSFA Reliant and RSFA Resource.

These new support ships will be used to speed up colonists being transported to Heliopolis from the four phoenix countries, as there is quite a backlog to transport of those people who have been cleared but not yet transported, as the Stargate can only allow a certain number of people through during it 38 minute window.

A ship is consider much quicker as the Regent Class can not only carry the people but also any furniture and other heavy items as well this will also allow those items of furniture that have been stored on Earth for those who have already gone through the Stargate to also be transported.

These ships can also be used to bring ‘stuff’ from Heliopolis to Earth as well.

Between the 5th and 8th of December President Obama visits Area 51 and then travels through the Stargate to Site Alpha for an official visit and tour of the facilities, such as the research area and the ship building facility base at Area 51.

President Obama also has a trip of the Lexington including a short jump into hyperspace for a short jump for a few hours, during this trip the Lexington will be known by the code name Space Force One.

18th December in a special sitting of all four Phoenix parliaments on the use of the Royal Space Navy to help Iraq they all vote no, but they do vote in favour of increasing conventional support top Iraq. This is not seen as a vote against the current governments as the four Phoenix parliaments were allowed a free vote on this issue in their various parliaments.

The Iraq government is naturally disappointed in the vote, though they are going to get more help in other ways that do not involve the use of off world technology.

Late December 2016, in Russian, scientist have discovered the function of an unusual alien artefact, visually this artefact resembles a large, translucent group of primarily orange coloured crystals approximately one feet in height with a roughly cylindrical shape. When activated, this artefact emits a yellow glow from its centre, with a small red circle at the top of illuminating once the device has been fully engaged. This illumination ceases once the artefact has been disconnected from whatever it was powering or has become fully depleted.

The Russian have an Alteran Energy Module (AEM) that is fully charged, though they only have the one. This was discovered with a load of other artefact’s in a museum store gathering dust in Russian many years ago, it had been thought that is was a decretive item, but now Putin’s research team know different.

This artefact could be an ideal power source for their new starship, if they have figure out a way to regulate the power flow from the device.

The Russians are assuming that this device is of Goa'uld origin they do not know it is Alteran technology.

To be continued.
85. America - A New Dawn?

January 2017

During early 2017 and onwards the population of Heliopolis is expected to expand by several million within a few years after Project Phoenix has been made public the population of Heliopolis is expected to pass 10 million very quickly. This population increase will be drawn from the populations of the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada this will be especially good for reducing unemployment in these four countries, as there are plenty of jobs available on Heliopolis in all areas.

However, for those people seeking employment on Heliopolis they will still have to pass stringent background checks to make sure they will not cause problems on Heliopolis or that they will pass on information to a potential enemy.

Even with these security checks in place the population of Heliopolis will grow steadily, with the population of Heliopolis expected to reach the 10 million mark by around 2020 possibly more depending on the birth rate.

Between the 1st and 19th January President Obama begins the final process of handing over to the new President.

On the 20th January, President Trump is sworn in as President of the United States of America however the election of President Trump is not popular with half the population against President Trump and the other half for him.

On his first few days in office President Trump signs several executive orders, including one confirming the creation of the new cabinet post of Secretary of State for Space with the newly appointed Secretary Kinsley taking up his new office on the 25th January. The executive orders concerning immigration and the wall between the US and Mexico are the most controversial, with the creation of the cabinet post of Secretary of State for Space being the least controversial, as all agree this cabinet post is very important.

On the 21st January, the press notice that the bust of Winston Churchill that President Obama had removed from the White House has suddenly reappeared in the Oval Office. [1]

This act of returning the bust of Winston Churchill the press sees as a pro British stance by President Trump, as President Trump has made strong connections between himself and his Scottish ancestry during the election. It is seen as a good thing that President Trump is ‘pro British’, unlike the suspicions about President Trump and his indirect links to Russia the US press will focus on the link to the UK being good and the indirect link(s) (maybe) to Russia as a bad thing.

Though none of this has been proved one way or another!

On the morning of the 26th January newly appointed by the Senate and Congress, Secretary Kinsley hits the ground running by asking Congress to approve the building of the new starship class known as the HC-304 Heavy cruiser class. The funding will come from various sources these being the former NASA budget, along with the part of the US black budget that had been used to fund the US Stargate program until now.

The budget for the new HC-304 class has already been agreed under the previous administration, but had not been passed by congress for political reasons, along with the assembly/launch sites in Area 51. With two assembly/launch areas nearly ready for use, along with another two nearing completion a total of four HC-304 class ships will be ordered in this initial batch with more orders to follow.

27th January President Trump authorises the US military to look into supplying the rebel Jaffa with arms and equipment to help them with their fight against the Goa'uld. With no one advising President Trump that this is a bad idea this will move forward very rapidly, with the US cover operations budget being used to pay for the arm supplies such as ATGM’s (TOW missiles), Stinger SAM’s, explosives and small arms and ammunition.

Teal'c agrees to be the intermediary between the free Jaffa and the US government Teal'c and the free Jaffa do not really understand Earth politics or understand that the US is acting alone in this. The free Jaffa assume that the four phoenix countries have given their approval for this help by the US, as this would mean that the Asgard are involved, with this train of thought has embolden the free Jaffa.

The reality is somewhat different to what the free Jaffa think it is, in that the US Stargate command is acting alone and have not told anyone outside of the senior levels of the US government.

What no one has done is inform either the four phoenix countries or the Nox/Asgard, as if they had they would have been informed that this would provoke the Goa'uld into action against the rebel Jaffa and the sole world that they hold. At the moment the Goa'uld do not consider the rebel Jaffa a real threat, as the rebel Jaffa have not attacked any Goa'uld System Lord’s holdings, the rebel Jaffa have merely tried to convince other Jaffa to join them, this has failed.

As neither, the home world of the free Jaffa or the planet where the US Stargate commands Site Alpha is based is covered by the Protected Planet’s Treaty, if the Goa'uld attack it is unlikely that the Asgard would interfere.

What Phoenix would do in such an event is also unknown to the US...

On the 30th January the first orders for the new HC-304 class are agreed with the suppliers (all US based on President Trump’s orders) and contracts are signed the same day, assemble will begin in Area 51 immediately with the assembly areas already primed to start.

A large number of NASA personnel (with the correct background checks) have been moved to Area 51 to be part of the four construction teams that will assemble the new HC-304’s. This part had been well underway under President Obama, but now President Trump and the Republicans can take the credit.

The first parts are due to start arriving on the 1st March 2017 at Area 51 construction sites for the first four HC-304’s these will be named USS Atlanta (class lead), USS Juneau, USS Quincy and USS Honolulu, more Atlanta class cruisers are planned (twelve in total for this first batch).

President Trump is hoping that congress will allow twelve or more to be built, congress will approve the first batch of twelve and once they see the reduction in unemployment the next batch of twelve will quickly follow.

The HC-304 construction will reduce unemployment this will make it very difficult and almost impossible for congress to not approve a second batch of twelve HC-304’s in the years to come.

Further batches of the HC-304’s are already in advanced planning, along with a large number of F-302C fighters and Columbus class shuttles as well, Area 51 is about to become very busy place very quickly.

31st January Project Phoenix is watching (from a discrete distance) all this US shipbuilding activity. Project Phoenix is in the early stages of reviewing the size of the Royal Space Navy with the view to increasing the size to counter the sudden surge in US shipbuilding.

The main train of thought has two possibilities, one produce more Scorpion class cruisers, the second option is to design a new and smaller class of warship something akin to a frigate, small but powerful warship that can deal with any threat currently out there.

The frigate option is seen as good because it would require a smaller crew and have no need to carry fighters, as manpower shortage is still a problem, even with the coming of additional settlers from the four phoenix countries. The proposed frigate class could also be built much more quickly than the Scorpion class cruisers, roughly six months construction time compared to a year of a Scorpion class cruiser.

Stats for proposed frigate class

Length: 672 ft (205.0 meters)

Width: 262.5 ft (80.0 meters)

Height: 198.5 ft (60.5 meters)

Crew: 85 (possibly less with more automation)

Passengers: up to 30 (200+ in evacuation configuration)


Sublight engines

Manoeuvring thrusters

Hyperdrive system:

Project Phoenix Zeus class hyperdrive (Interstellar capable)

Can be fitted with an Asgard hyperdrive as well

Power Core:

x4 second generation Naquadah reactors

Can be fitted with an AEM power hub

Fuel: Naquadah

Shielding: Project Phoenix Olympus class shields

Can be fitted with Asgard shield as well


Two forward firing beam weapons (BWHC)

Two aft firing beam weapons (BWHC)

Four Quad energy cannons (EC-2) (x2 port and x2 starboard)

Carried Craft:

2 Fox class Shuttles

Cargo Capacity: 2,000 tonnes

Other equipment: two Ring Transporters

Can be fitted with Asgard beaming technology and tractor beams

This frigate class is not designed to carry fighters as the other types of Royal Space Navy ships are designed to do, however with the firepower along with an AEM power hub this frigate class can stand toe to toe against any potential opponent or outrun any enemy if fitted with an Asgard hyperdrive.

If construction is given the go-ahead then Royal Space Navy will likely build up to 50 of this frigate class, allowing this frigate to become the workhorse of the Royal Space Navy.

President Trump may have just started a new arms race in space that the US cannot win.

However, it will be good for President Trump as this new construction program will reduce unemployment and that will be seen as President Trump keeping an election promises.

During January, the Russian research team continues to try to regulate the Alteran Energy Module (AEM) power flow so far they have not managed to regulate the energy levels to allow the use of the Alteran Energy Module.

To be continued.

[1] Thanks to PMN1 for this idea.
86. When I Have A ‘Good Idea’

February 2017

During February 2017, Area 51 is a hive of activity with preparation of the first two assemble areas now nearing completion for the arrival of the first parts for the two new HC-304 heavy cruisers USS Atlanta (class lead) and the USS Juneau at the beginning of March.

The second two assemble areas will be operational by the end of February 2017.

With Daesh still causing problems in Iraq and the Phoenix countries unwilling to use their advanced technology top help defeat Daesh President Trump is formulating a new plan to defeat Daesh and gain a lot of new friends (and hopefully a lot of export orders for the US) in the region.

President Trump is also hoping that his new idea will convince Russia to stop supporting Asaid.

Only time will tell, if this new idea will or if it is even possible to do.

On the 13th February, in a closed session Congressional Committee approves the initial batch of supplies to the Jaffa to help fight the Goa'uld, if this initial batch of supplies proves to be a success then this committee will approve further supplies, if not no further arms will be shipped.

Within a week the first batches of arms and training will commence, it will take a few months to fully train the Jaffa on the various different arms that are being supplied the Jaffa are very fast learners. Production of these supplies will also reduce unemployment as well, but not by as much as the ship building that is about to begin.

After all what could possibly go wrong with this idea!?

Secretary Kinsley is pushing his new department along now that he has the funding from Congress, though Secretary Kinsley does not weald the power (control of the money) he had as head of the committee running the US Stargate program, but even so he still has plenty of clout, as so far he is doing a very good job in his first few weeks in office.

At the end of February, even with all the problems that President Trump is having in his first few weeks in office (immigration being the biggest problem) in the long term if President Trump is able to bring unemployment down and boost the US economy then it is highly likely that President Trump will be re-elected for a second term.

To be continued.
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87. Production Begins

March 2017

On the 1st March 2017, at Area 51 the first parts for the two new HC-304’s arrive at Area 51 with the assembly process for USS Atlanta and the USS Juneau has begun. This is done with great fan fare by President Trump and his new administration, as the companies producing the parts for the new Atlanta Class Heavy Cruisers are starting to employ more people (US citizens only). With the first batch of jobs set to be around 50,000 across all the main and subsidiary companies that are producing the parts for the Atlanta Class Heavy Cruisers.

It is estimated that up to 500,000 US citizens (to start with) could be employed producing the US Space Fleet, along with maintaining the US Space Fleet with spares and upgrades in the years and decades to come.

As production ramps up with not only the Atlanta Class Heavy Cruisers but also the F-302C fighters and the Columbus class shuttles these two vessels are also being assembled at Area 51 as well. Area 51 is now the main assembly area for all US built spacecraft, if you thought security was tight before it is much more rigorous now.

On the 5th March 2017, President Trump asks Secretary Kinsley to investigate if the current F-302C fighters in conjunction with the Lexington class can be used to bombard Daesh in Syria/Iraq after Phoenix countries did not approve of using their Royal Space Navy against Daesh. President Trump feels as if he can show he is willing to use this technology against Daesh this could bring him a lot of good will across the world (as long as US military lives are not put at risk).

Secretary Kinsley will investigate whether this will work as the F-302C fighters can work inside a planet’s atmosphere however ground attack is not the F-302C main role and the deign may need modifying, likewise for the Lexington class, Secretary Kinsley thinks this is a good idea and will push it hard.

On the 8th March 2017, Secretary Kinsley meets with senior US Stargate Command military personnel to ask whether the F-302C fighters and the Lexington class can be used against targets in Syria/Iraq. The answer that Secretary Kinsley is yes the Lexington class shields can easily absorb incoming AAA fire from conventional weapons and the ships Staff Cannons can be used to fire on ground targets the same answer for the F-302C fighter (with some minor modifications) using the current smart weapons available.

On the 9th March 2017, the first use of US supplied weapons by the rebel Jaffa against an attack force of Death Glider’s with US supplied Stinger missiles shooting down four Death Gliders. This is seen as a success by the rebel Jaffa of the US supplied weapons, however the Goa'uld System Lords dismiss the loss of four Death Gliders as very minor and move on, it will take a lot more that the loss of four Death Gliders to provoke a Goa'uld System Lord into action.

On the 15th March 2017, Secretary Kinsley reports back to President Trump that the F-302C fighters in conjunction with the Lexington class can be used to bombard Daesh in Syria/Iraq. This is the news that President Trump wanted to hear, as it will make an impressive site for the world to see the US Stargate command attacking Daesh with not only conventional weapons, but also energy weapons as well.

President Trump orders that preparations be made, but to wait for his order before commencing that attack this will start with Daesh in Iraq first. Secretary Kinsley leaves the White House with a smile on his face at this news, with preparations beginning immediately with the USS Saratoga being selected for this mission along with her fighter complement.

On the 31st March 2017, at Area 51 the first parts for the second of the two new HC-304’s arrive and the assembly process for USS Quincy and USS Honolulu has begun.

At the end of March 2017, the Royal Space Navy is authorised to begin assembly of the new frigate class warship, with an initial order for 50 warships. This new frigate class will be called the Type 01 frigate class with the first frigate being called HMS Leopard with the Type 01 frigate class also being known as the Leopard class.

Each dry dock in orbit around Heliopolis can build four Leopard class frigates at a time, with four dry dock’s being used to build these frigates this will allow sixteen Leopard class frigates to be built in one go of six months. Followed by another sixteen Leopard class frigates six months after that, with the total of 50 frigates being built in just over 18 months.

Compared to the US program, this is very quick thanks to access to various off world construction techniques that have come from various sources such as the Goa'uld in the main, with a sprinkling of Nox/Asgard/Alteran construction knowledge added on.

The Asgard and the Alteran ship construction knowledge can build warships or other types of ships very quickly (within a few months for a large ship and weeks for smaller ships), with the Asgard having multiple ship yards spread over their home galaxy the number of ships the Asgard can build in one year is truly mind blowing.

So compared to the Asgard, Heliopolis production is tiny in comparison, but is more than a match for the US Stargate programs production capability, as the Heliopolis production facilities can also be expanded if needed and are a lot more mature that the US Stargate programs production capability.

To be continued.
88. The Pyramids of Mars

April 2017

At the beginning of April, the Nox begin a very detailed survey of Mars, after wondering now Mars became lifeless many thousands of years ago, after learning about Mars from Phoenix, with several Nox ships now in orbit around Mars constantly scanning the planet right to the core.

During this survey, the Nox discovery a former Goa'uld shipyard on Mars that has been buried several thousand years ago after Ra had abandoned it. It is most likely that this base was abandoned at the same time as the rebellion had taken place of Earth and Ra had simply chosen to abandoned this system rather than re-conquer the system. This discovery is causes great excitement amongst the Nox, as the Nox now believe it was Ra who made Mars lifeless as Ra did not want any other system lord using Mars as a base of operations.

The Nox also discover that Mars can be made habitable again using there technology and without waiting to ask anyone they immediately begin the process of breathing life back into Mars once again. Also at the same time removing the abandoned Goa'uld shipyards from the planet as the Nox do not want this technology to cause any problems on Earth.

The Nox are always most happy when restoring life to a planet that has been devastated by non-natural causes such as the Goa'uld making Mars lifeless. This process will take many decades for the Nox to achieve this Nox will create a paradise world of Mars instead of the current lifeless planet it is now. Then the Nox will see Earth politics as each nation tries to claim is piece of Mars in its darkest light and will not be pleased with what they see.

6th April, in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack on a rebel-held town, the US military launches 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at an air base in Syria. Russia describes the strikes as an “aggression”, adding they significantly damage US-Russia ties. This action is strongly supported by the four Phoenix governments, but do not take any military action of their own against Syria.

10th April the Alteran’s approve the supply of AEM’s to power the new Leopard class frigates this is great news as no one from Project Phoenix had asked, with the Alteran’s ‘merely’ giving them rather than having to ask for them. The Alteran’s see this as a good move as they are aware of what Phoenix is building these frigates and see the expansion of the Royal Space Navy as a good thing, as it means that they will not need to intervene unless an extreme problem crops up.

The Asgard will produced these AEM’s for Project Phoenix, as the Asgard production of AEM’s in their home galaxy is huge and adding another 150 (three per ship in a copy of an Alteran power hub) is very easy for the Asgard. As these ships are completed the Asgard will hand over the three AEM’s per ship.

11th April President Trump consults the senior members of the House of Representatives and the Senate about using US Space Forces against Daesh in Iraq first. President Trump, after explaining, that the danger to US forces is minimal due to the Lexington class having shields and the F-302C fighters using smart munitions from high altitude would be immune from attack from Daesh.

The other advantage is that the US Stargate Command would get combat practice against a real enemy this would be useful training for the pilots and crews of the US Stargate Command, along with be a good way of getting any bugs out of these new weapons. Finally, President Trump states that this would bring a lot of good will, as it would show that the US is willing to use its advanced weapons were the Phoenix countries are not.

Much to President Trump’s surprise, President Trump receives that backing of both Republican and Democrat leaders of both the House of Representatives and the Senate for using the Lexington class and the F-302C fighters against Daesh in Iraq.

With the backing of both the Republican and Democrat leaders all that President Trump is to decide when to use these forces against Daesh in Iraq, as the military planning on the targets is already well underway.

Wednesday 12th April David Cameron announces that he will be standing down as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party, this announcement is not a surprise as Cameron had already announced this after the Conservatives had been elected in 2015.

In the past David Cameron had already indicated that, he would not be serving a full second term so his decision to stand down does not really come as a surprise to anyone, even though the timing (just after the US attack) seems a little odd to many.

It is likely that within a few months the UK will have a new Prime Minister, possibly sooner depending on how quickly the conservatives elect a new leader.

15th April the contenders for the leadership of the Conservative Party begin their campaign this is expected to be a long campaign, however this will change to a short campaign as the first round will eliminate all but two contenders.

On the Asgard home world the Alteran population is growing, with the current population standing at 1,992 (including children) the Alteran’s are now starting to look for a new home world either in the Asgard galaxy (most likely) or another galaxy.

During April, the Russian research team has made a limited breakthrough to regulate the Alteran Energy Module (AEM) power flow this breakthrough has allowed limited use of the Alteran Energy Module. Even with this limited use it does show the Russian research team the potential of what they still think is a piece of Goa'uld technology that they recovered from a Russian museum a long time ago.

To be continued.
89. Changing Events

May 2017

1st May, BAe Systems and Hawker Siddeley announce a joint project to build a new airliner based on Concord this new wide-bodied airliner will be fitted with the anti-gravity technology removing the need for jet engines. The new Concord airliner will also have some very unique capabilities, with the first being the ability to take off and land vertically thanks to the anti-gravity technology. The second being the ability to push this new Concord airliner beyond MACH 3+ and having a much longer range of over 12,000 miles, making air travel much faster for long distance flights.

During May the papers and TV news, along with various on line sites are full of designs that might make a good a Concord replacement that can travel beyond MACH 3+ and having a much longer range of over 12,000 miles. As BAe Systems and Hawker Siddeley are yet to reveal the artist impressions of the new Concord replacement airliner design, as neither wish to give the opposition too much information on the new design. This announcement makes other aircraft manufactures in other countries begin studying their own deigns for anti-gravity powered airliners much sooner than they intended.

This will lead to both Heathrow and Gatwick abandoning plans for runway expansion, as runways may soon be the thing of the past thanks to vertical takeoff and landings thanks to the anti gravity drive systems that will be fitted to the new Concord replacement airliner design.

15th May the Alteran’s have decided that the Asgard Galaxy will be the location of their new home world the Asgard have already given the Alteran’s a long list of planet’s that the Alteran’s can use as their new home world. Once they have decided what world they will use they will fly their citadel to that world and make it their new home world.

The Alteran’s only inform the Asgard and the Nox of this move they wish to keep this information to themselves, both the Asagrd and the Nox agree to this request, as they do not see this to be unreasonable.

20th May the first round of voting has left just two candidates for the leaderships of the Conservative Party Theresa May and Boris Johnson, with Theresa May gaining more votes than Boris Johnson in the first round, with the second round will be in early June.

By the end of May the Goa'uld System Lord hunt for Lord Ba’al is proving to fruitless, though it does not help that one System Lord will obstruct another System Lord’s hunt for Lord Ba’al, as no one System Lord wishes another System Lord to get the credit for capturing Lord Ba’al. These actions by the various System Lords are helping Lord Ba’al stay well ahead of the hunt for him and it has also allowed Lord Ba’al to continue to investigate Alteran technological knowledge that he had manage to ‘acquire’ after Anubis had been defeated. Lord Ba’al’s own ship having been upgraded with various technologies making it more powerful than any single Goa'uld warship. So one on one Lord Ba’al’s own ship could defeat any single Goa'uld warship, but if the Goa'uld System Lord’s send multiple warships then Ba’al’s ship will be defeated.

By his actions, researching into Alteran technology Lord Ba’al has become the most knowledgeable Goa'uld System Lord of Alteran technology, along with some knowledge of Asgard and a very small amount of information on Nox technology as well.

Lord Ba’al’s information has come from Anubis records along with scans of abandoned bases that had once been outposts for the Alteran’s in the Milky Way Galaxy, the limited knowledge of the Asgard and Nox technology have come from writings on those planets that the Asgard and Nox have visited in the past. Lord Ba’al has excluded those planets under the protection of the Asgard (Protected Planets Treaty), as violating this treaty would prove to be fatal for Lord Ba’al and Lord Ba’al is not that stupid.

In time Lord Ba’al feels that he may have enough information to make a bargain for his life with the other Goa'uld System Lord’s, also for Lord Ba’al to regain his seat on the High Council of System Lord’s as well, after all Osiris was able to do this. High Council of System Lord’s are always greedy for new technology and do not care how they get this new technology or who gives them new technology, after all look what Osiris brought them and Osiris was forgiven, if not trusted. Lord Ba’al is not after trust but forgiveness after a fashion and a seat on the High Council of System Lord’s table once again.

All Lord Ba’al needs is time for his plans to come to fruition.

To be continued.
90. A Change in Prime Minister

June 2017

1st June President Trump announces that the United States is to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. This is due to this agreement costing US jobs according to President Trump, along with the advanced alien technology that will not only bring clean energy, but also jobs to the US, because of this the need for the Paris Agreement is no longer necessary to the US. In part President Trump is correct with the advanced technologies that the US has access to will bring about a change, however not for many decades from now and not immediately as President Trump hopes for.

5th June the Royal Space Navy command has finally agreed to begin production of the replacement for the Hurricane space fighter this new fighter will be known as the Spitfire II. Production will initially be on Heliopolis, but it is hoped that production in some form (assembly of parts shipped from Heliopolis is being looked at) will be moved to Earth, with the Earth based production replacing all existing fighters of all four Phoenix countries air forces. The Spitfire II will not be sold to allied countries, as the technology is considered very sensitive to be sold, a dumded down atmosphere only export version is being considered, but no decision has yet been made.

The Spitfire II design has moved away from the Goa'uld based design of the previous classes of fighters to an entirely Phoenix designed starfighter, production of the new Spitfire II starfighter will not yet be made public until sufficient numbers have been produced.

Class Name: Spitfire II

Length: 25 meters

Width: 15 meters

Height/depth: 4 meters

Engine unit(s): Elf IV class (Project Phoenix designed)

Crew: 2 (pilot and systems operator)


Two EC-2 cannons (internal)

Internal weapons bay able to carry various weapons such as

8 Red Nova air-to-air missiles (space and atmosphere capable) also able to carry ASRAAM or Meteor BVM (atmosphere only)

Various conventional smart weapons such as Brimstone, Strom Shadow etc

Also can carry a single nuclear device with Naquadah enhancement internally for ground attack

Other systems:

Potential to fit a thought controlled weapons system (when development is finished)

Initial production run of the Spitfire II starfighter will be 3,000+ to replace the Hurricane starfighter that are operating on Heliopolis. The first examples of the Spitfire II starfighter will be operational by the end of this year with full production starting in January 2018. A public announcement will not be made until the Spitfire II starfighter has entered full production during early 2018. The former Hurricane space fighter production lines on Heliopolis are already being converted to produce the new Spitfire II starfighter.

10th June, the 2017 World Expo opens in Astana, Kazakhstan, with the four phoenix countries having the largest combined stand, it is expected that many deals will be done for new technology under various licensing agreements that will be signed during this Expo.

20th June, the Conservative Party elects Theresa May as their new leader and Prime Minster of the UK over Boris Johnson, by a large majority, Boris Johnson is one of the first to congratulate Theresa May on winning.

Later on 20th June, Theresa May visits the Queen to formally be invited to form a government.

21st June, Theresa May begins to form her new cabinet. [1]

It had been thought that the former Chancellor George Osborne would become Foreign Secretary and Philip Hammond would become Chancellor however Theresa May surprises everyone by picking Boris Johnson (with several ‘sources’ commenting that it is better to keep your friends close but your enemies closer) as Foreign Secretary.

Prime Minister - Theresa May

Chancellor of the Exchequer - Philip Hammond

Secretary of State for the Home Department - Amber Rudd

Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs - Boris Johnson [2]

Secretary of State for Defence - Sir Michael Fallon

Secretary of State for Justice - Elizabeth Truss

Secretary of State for Education - Justine Greening

Secretary of State for Space - David Davis

Secretary of State for International Trade - Dr Liam Fox

Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy - Dr Greg Clark

Secretary of State for Health - Jeremy Hunt

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions - Damian Green

Leader of the House of Lords - Baroness Evans of Bowes Park

Secretary of State for Transport - Chris Grayling

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Sajid Javid

Leader of the House of Commons - Dr David Lidington

Secretary of State for Scotland - David Mundell

Secretary of State for Wales - Alun Cairns

Secretary of State for Northern Ireland - James Brokenshire

Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs - Andrea Leadsom

Secretary of State for International Development - Priti Patel

Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport - Karen Bradley

22nd June President Trump contacts Theresa May to congratulate her on becoming Prime Minister the call, lasts two hours with President Trump trying to push Theresa May to share or trade Phoenixes advanced technology, but Theresa May states that she cannot share technology that was a gift from the Asgard or the Nox without the approval of their respective governments. The call ends on good terms, as now that President Trump now fully understands why Phoenix cannot share or even sell the US some of its weapons technology, though this is not quite true, as the weapons developed by phoenix could be sold, but will not be even to the US, as phoenix has adopted the rule from the Asgard ‘not to sell/give advanced technology to those who do not fully understand the technology they a being given’.

25th June President Trump announces a reduction in the US Nuclear arsenal by fifty percent by 2025, with the funding being diverted from National Military Command Centre to the US Stargate Commands budget. This will require approval from Congress and the Senate, but President Trump is correct in assuming that he will get the approval for this shift in military power.

26th June President Trump announces that the Lexington class will be used to dump the nuclear waste that the US currently stores at various locations across the US in to the Sun, this announcement does not come as a surprise, as phoenix is already doing this. What does come, as a surprise is that President Trump announces that the money saved from storing the nuclear waste (once all waste is disposed of) will also be diverted to the US Stargate Commands budget, after approval from the Congress and the Senate.

30th June not to be outdone President Putin also announces a reduction in Russians Nuclear arsenal by fifty percent by 2025, along with the news that Russia is also developing its own spacecraft. This will allow Russia to also dump its nuclear waste into the sun as well, the news that Russia is building its own spacecraft is met with disbelief and shock, as Russia had managed to keep this secret even from the four Phoenix countries. It is assumed that Russia has managed to ‘acquire’ anti gravity drive technology and is producing its own spacecraft no one knows that Russia has a single AEM in its possession.

By 2025, US Stargate Commands budget is likely to be much larger the Department for Defence budget with the way money is being added to Stargate Commands budget, with some of the Department for Defence budget also marked for shifting to Stargate Commands budget, especially the procurement of F-302C fighters and assorted space defence related equipment.

At the end of June, the US deploys additional missile interceptors on its Pacific coast to defend against North Korean ballistic missiles. The US also indicates that the US is willing to use its space forces to defend against any attack by North Korea, in response the North Korean government states that its missile can be fitted with ‘stealth technology’ to defeat this alien technology, no one believes North Korea’s claim.

July will be a world game changer...

To be continued.

[1] I have kept the current Cabinet choices with a few obvious changes for this TTL, with the UK not part of the EU that argument is not happening and the Conservatives with a large majority at the last election (2015) as well, so no need for a snap election in this TL.

On the 7th May 2015 UK General Election Results (from this TL)

Total number of seats – 658 (331 seats needed for a majority)

Conservative – 391

Labour – 223

SNP - 12

Liberal Democrats 8

Overseas UK Parliament seats – 8 (all 8 are independent but are grouped together for mutual support)

Others – 16

[2] Did think about making Boris Minster of State for Europe (or should that be European harmony) for a bit of a laugh, but decided to keep in with OTL and make him Foreign Secretary.
91. How Not To Annoy the Asgard, Nox and the Altarians by Attacking Phoenix

What is that human expression, oh yes.... Wooops’ – unknown Asgard

July 2017 will be seen when the world changes again, with one event an attack on the Palace of Westminster as the starting point for something much larger, see what happens when anyone Alien or Human attack the four Phoenix countries and how Phoenixes alien allies react.

July 2017

The attack on the Houses of Parliament begins on the 3rd July at 14:40 Greenwich Mean Time (UTC), a rented Ford transit van being driven at high speed along into pedestrians along the pavement on the south side of Westminster Bridge and Bridge Street, causing multiple casualties.

The van continues along Bridge Street and crashes into railings on Bridge Street at the north perimeter of the Palace of Westminster. Six assailants then get out of the van and run around the corner into Parliament Square and through the open Carriage Gates where one of the attackers stab’s an unarmed police officer, PC Harry Green who falls to the ground bleeding.

At this point PC Harry Green switches his police radio to the new emergency frequency that had just come into effect this new emergency frequency not only broadcasts on police channels, but also can be picked up by the Asgard and Nox ships in orbit.

The unfortunate ‘problem’ is that the Asgard will take such calls for help very literally.

PC Harry Green broadcasts the following: Emergency I have been attacked, by six assailants who are attacking Palace of Westminster, urgent assistance required any units respond.

At this point PC Harry Green passes out due to his wounds received from one of the attackers, the phrase ‘urgent assistance required any units respond’ will have consequences for the attackers and Phoenix, along with rest of the world will see what it is like when the Asgard are annoyed.

However, for now PC Harry Green’s call for help has been received loud and clear!

The Asgard will take PC Harry Green’s call for help, as an official call from one of the four Phoenix countries (United Kingdom) the Asgard can and will take such calls very literally.

Asgard ship Ragnarok Geostationary Earth Orbit

On the bridge of the Ragnarok Hermiod has been listening to the call for help from PC Harry Green and has come to a decision: We will help our friends and allies prepare for battle, then set course for the Palace of Westminster maximum speed.

This is not the first time Hermiod has intervened in favour of Phoenix without waiting for approval from his government and it will not be the last time either going by Hermiod affection for Phoenix humans.

Around the bridge the Asgard are executing Hermiod instructions, meanwhile Hermiod is informing the Asgard High Council of what is happening and his intention to help, Hermiod is again intervening. The Ragnarok begins its rapid descent into Earth’s atmosphere as fast as the Ragnarok can move the shields on the Ragnarok glow creating a fire trail behind the Asgard ship.

UK air traffic control is informed by Hermiod to move all civilian aircraft out of the way of Hermiod ship UK air traffic control complies very quickly, as they think that this is official (after seeing the TV pictures of the attack on the Palace of Westminster), so Hermiod ship is cleared for approach to the Palace of Westminster.

The thought in Hermiod head is this ‘attack one you attack all’ this is the mutual defence treaty signed by not only the Asgard but also the Nox and the Altarians with the four Phoenix countries many years ago.

The Asgard is on their way...

The Nox will not be far behind...

The Altarians will be monitoring events on Earth closely...

Palace of Westminster

As soon as the attack has begun, the Prime Minister Theresa May, who is in the Commons for a vote is quickly evacuated by her security team in the Prime Ministerial Car then taken at high speed to 10 Downing Street.

At this point, the Prime Minister is unaware that the Asgard is on their way.

With several armed Police officers in and around the Palace of Westminster are now reacting to the attack, with three of the six attackers now killed by armed police, with the three remaining attackers being hunted by armed police, it is only a matter of time before the remaining three attackers are either caught or killed. All entrances to the Palace of Westminster are now being locked and guarded by armed police all MP’s have been moved to a safe location and are under armed police guard. Other senior ministers that had been at Westminster are now being returned to their offices also under armed police guard and are now starting to coordinate the response to this attack.

Various emergency plans are now either being implemented or being put on standby those that are being put on standby are putting the army units in and around London on alert for deployment, along with other military units across the UK being moved to a higher alert status.

15:05 the Asgard ship Ragnarok is now almost over London.

BBC News

Reporter: We can confirm an attack against the Palace of Westminster is underway the numbers of attackers are unconfirmed, but we have estimates of between four and eight attackers so far.

Just as the reporter is about to say ‘return to the studio’ the cameraman states: Look behind you!

The reporter turns and looks up to see were the cameraman is pointing and sees that massive shape of an Asgard warship breaking through the clouds and heading towards the Palace of Westminster.

Reporter to Camera can only says the obvious: As you can see an Asgard warship is moving into position over the Palace of Westminster this is an amazing sight.

As the Asgard warship comes to a stop over the Palace of Westminster, fifty pillars of light appear (Asgard beaming technology) in and around the Palace of Westminster, with 50 Asgard troops in Asgard battle armour have been beamed down (all the battle suits that the Ragnarok is carrying). The Asgard battle armour is much sleeker looking than Phoenix battle armour, due to the more advanced technology this armour uses and it is more aesthetically pleasing (sleeker, shiner etc) to the Asgard rather than the cruder armour that Phoenix has.

One of the Asgard turns to the nearest police office: The Asgard come to stand in battle against Phoenix enemies, what can we do to help?

At that moment, the Asgard warship extends its shields so that the Palace of Westminster is fully covered by the Asgard shield no one is getting into the Palace of Westminster, unless the Asgard allows it.

After getting over the initial shock a police sergeant talking to the nearest Asgard: Thank you for your help, can you help us secure the area near the Palace of Westminster and help move the injured to nearby hospitals?

Asgard: Yes we can

A few moments later, the injured are being beamed out to the nearest hospitals equipped with a sarcophagus ward this includes PC Harry Green for treatment all will make a full recovery thanks to the sarcophagus technology.

The first three attackers will be left for dead, as no one thinks or even bothers to consider using the sarcophagus technology to revive them, dead is dead for them.

The Asgard begin to spread out to look for any more potential attackers (some inside and some outside the Palace of Westminster), along with the growing number of police officers responding to this attack.

Within a minute of the Asgard arriving the other three attackers are in custody thanks to help from the Asgard in identifying them and beaming the three attackers into the ‘welcoming’ arms of numerous police officers with weapons at the ready!

At the same time these events are happening on the Asgard Home World...

Asgard Home World – Asgard High Council Chamber

With the news that Phoenix is under attack and help has been requested from the United Kingdom (though only through one police officer has called for help so far) the Asgard High Council are meeting in emergency session to help an ally who is under attack.

The vote of the Asgard High Council (main members or inner council) for sending assistance (as per their treaty with Phoenix) is as follows

For - 150

Against - 0

Abstentions - 0

This vote is overwhelming though it is not the full Asgard Council Members vote is more (Asgard High Council members) than enough to send military assistance to help the Asgard’s Phoenix allies.

The next decision is who to command this force, Thor is not available, Odin is selected to lead this military force, as the council feels that Odin has been punished enough for what he did in the Pegasus Galaxy. In addition, the Asgard High Council Odin feels that Odin’s name that is known on Earth, just as well as Thor is known and this will help, after all the Thor films on Earth seem to point to this!

A few minutes later, Odin is summoned before the Asgard High Council members and is informed of his mission, to help the Asgard’s Phoenix allies and to defeat the attacking force or forces by any means necessary.

Odin will take a fleet of forty Mountbatten class warships along with a large complement of Asgard and Asgard battle amour as well (thousands). This whole process has taken a mere twenty minutes to achieve, as the Asgard fleet departs for battle.

Hermiod’s back up is on its way.

Meanwhile Back In London

The UK government's emergency Cabinet Office Briefing Room (COBRA) committee, chaired by the Prime Minister, meets in response to the attack. It is decided by COBRA there is a need for the threat level to be raised to its highest level because of the attack the UK military defence alert is also raised to AMBER with the UK military going onto a state of heightened alert.

Platinum command is activated SI-5 is now coordinating the various emergency services with the COBRA office.

COBRA activates operation Temperer this enables British government to deploy British army troops to support police officers in key locations following a major terrorist attack. Initially in and around London at key points with 5,000 soldiers from the London garrison to be deployed to “augment armed police officers engaged in protective security duties” at key sites around London.

Further soldiers are put on standby across the UK (both mainland and overseas parts of the UK), with the use of the Emergency Powers Act being considered (via the Privy Council as Parliament would take too long to approve such a measure). If further attacks take place the Emergency Powers Act will be activated, along with declaring a State of Emergency (locally or nationally) is also on the table.

The senior members of the Royal family are moved to either a secure location or security around them is increased including the use of the Army to guard them.

The governments of Australia, New Zealand and Canada are coordinating with the UK government to offer whatever rescores that may be needed these governments have also increased the terror threat level to the second highest in each country and have put their military on alert as well.

The Royal Space Navy begins to be readied for deployment along with troops (the RSN troops and currently in the process of being renamed the Royal Space Marines) and their support equipment including Phoenix battle armour and LAV(S) in their first deployment to Earth.

Light Armoured Vehicle (shielded) LAV(S) – Stats

Length: 5 meters

Height/depth: 3.8 meters (with cannons retracted) 4.7 meters with cannons extended

Engine unit(s): four anti gravity pods (max speed 40 MPH)

Power plant: 1 mini Naquadah reactor

Crew: 3 Driver, Gunner and Commander

Defensive Systems: Goa'uld based Shields

Sensor/Targeting systems: Goa'uld based sensors and targeting arrays

Armament: 1 twin EC-2 cannon system (retractable) turret mounted

Main COBRA Office

While all this is going on, at the main COBRA Office, Prime Minister Theresa May is coordinating the security service response, Theresa May, is also watching the Asgard assistance with amazement and asks: Can I speak to the Asgard Ambassador?

After a few moments later and a phone call, a holographic image of the Asgard Ambassador Hermiod appears in the Cobra office sitting in his chair (onboard his ship the Ragnarok) much to the surprise of all concerned.

Hermiod: Greetings Prime Minister how can I be of assistance?

Theresa May: I just wanted to thank you for your assistance in dealing with this attack on the Palace of Westminster, will you pass on my governments appreciation and thanks to your government.

Hermiod: You are most welcome and I will pass on you words of appreciation to my government.

Theresa May: If I may ask, how long can you remain to help?

Hermiod: As long as need, I have informed my government and they have approved my actions in rendering assistance in accordance with our treaty with the Phoenix countries.

Only now does Theresa May realise that Hermiod was acting on his own initiative, but with his actions approved by the Asgard High Council behind him, Hermiod can now officially help.

With Hermiod in the room the committee begin the process of finding out who is responsible for this attack and if there are any more attackers.

The Nox are also sending ships, though so far the Nox have not told anyone yet.

The Altarians are still monitoring events on Earth closely they are also preparing a new ship for launch along with some new equipment they have designed and built...

3rd July 16:35 hours Palace of Westminster

With the other three attackers in custody having been stunned by a combination of Police tasers and Asgard stun weapons, this attack is judged to be defeated.

Both the police and other emergency service along with the Asgard are beginning to secure what is now a large crime scene, along with allowing the MP’s that have been held in Parliament to go home (some under armed escort depending who they are and what they do).

However, this is not the end of it there is more to come...

3rd July 17:05 hours Manchester

In Manchester three suicide bombers launch attacks against three targets in the city, emergency services are responding to these attacks.

This is quickly followed by attacks in Glasgow and Edinburgh with two suicide bombers in Glasgow and one suicide bomber in Edinburgh.

17:06 hours main COBRA Office the Prime Minister Theresa May is coordinating the security service response, along with coordinating with the Asgard via Hermiod the clear up operations, as they wait to discover who did this initial attack.

The Nox

While the Asgard have been very overt in their presence the Nox have been the opposite they have deployed four of their ships from Mars duties to assist there Phoenix allies, but so far the Nox have not been needed as the Asgard are handling the combat ‘stuff’, as the Nox have not changed their views on military action.

The Nox ambassador Lya has informed the Phoenix governments that the Nox stand ready to assist in dealing with any casualties if in the unlikely event the Phoenix hospitals countries become overwhelmed.

The Nox Council of Elders are in a heated debate if they should support the Asgard and Phoenix in battle, as this would go against the Nox’s nature in that they do not engage in direct combat, instead they use their invisibility technology to avoid such a problem.

The Nox are unlikely to vote to use force, but they are still having the discussion.

17:07 hours main COBRA Office

The news of these additional attacks comes in the reaction is immediate send in the Army to support the Police and other emergency services to the attacked areas. All strategic areas around the UK are to receive military protection until further notice.

Emergency Powers Act being actively considered (via the Privy Council as Parliament would take too long to approve such a measure), along with declaring a State of Emergency (locally or nationally) are now being openly discussed, along with how to implement these powers. However, no formal decision has yet been made, but events are moving these two decisions forward.

17:08 hours

Odin’s fleet arrives, with the news of additional attacks across the UK Odin after a quick discussion with Hermiod and the Prime Minister agrees to dispatch a single warship to each of the attacked cities to provide support as needed. Hermiod informs Prime Minister and the other government officials and ministers of Odin’s fleet arrival and the deployment of additional Asgard ships over the cities that have been attacked.

The second wave of attacks means that there is a coordinated effort to attack various parts of the UK the Cabinet is convinced of this and order more troops to be mobilised to guard all key sites. The Asgard and the Nox will then beam these troops to where they are needed to save time in addition the arrival of the Royal Space Navy with the newly forming Royal Space Marines will also be deployed.

17:50 hours

As the second wave of attacks are being dealt with, more and more troops are being deployed to support the police including patrolling with the police across the UK. This has the reaction of the British people applauding the troops as they go about their joint patrols with the police this applauding from the British people is completely spontaneous and appreciated by both the army and the police.

18:00 hours

Outside the door of 10 Downing Street Prime Minister Theresa May issues a statement about why troops have been deployed along with ongoing joint operation with their alien allies to deal with the attackers.

Prime Minister Theresa May also explains that as part of Phoenixes treaty with the Asgard, Nox and Altarians they as responding as per their treaty obligation to the four Phoenix countries.

Theresa May also asks for patience from the British people, as this ongoing security operation will take a while, possibly several days or even weeks before this operation is concluded.

The press statement ends with Theresa May walking back into 10 Downing Street with the reporters shouting a large number of questions at Theresa May, the reporters receiving no reply to their questions.


The Emergency Powers Act is activated via the Privy Council, with a few moments later a State of Emergency is declared this will allow the government to use measures not normally allowed under normal government. The first act is to give all military personnel police powers of arrest as a form of Special Constable this will give the UK an additional 100,000+ armed ‘police officers’ at the stroke of a pen.

However, none of these Army ‘Special Constables’ will actually make a single arrest.


The declaration of both the use of the Emergency Powers Act and the declaration of a State of Emergency are announced, martial law is not declared, but in the statement that is issued, it is one of the additional options available to the government under the current consideration.

Further both the Emergency Powers Act and State of Emergency will be continued under the end of July with a review on the 25th July to see of these two powers need to be extended by another month to the end of August.

These declarations catch everyone outside of the four phoenix governments by complete surprise, as this was not expected.

The first country to support such measures is France, as France has had a State of Emergency active for many months, China is the next to support the four phoenix countries this is quickly followed by the US and then also other countries following rapidly during the 3rd and 4th of July.

Across the UK, this surprise news is widely supported by most of the population as necessary due to the current attacks.

4th July

Overnight a large number of arrests have been made, with the security operation still ongoing, along with Army presence on the streets there are also Phoenix Royal Space Marines and Asgard troops the Royal Space Marines are mainly deployed on London.

The Nox have deployed four ships in orbit and informed the Prime Minister that they are available to provide additional assistance if needed.

The Altarians have not deployed any ships or personnel in support, as they are not needed, but they do stand ready to help if needed they are preparing a single ship to send if necessary.

Daesh Statement

On the 4th July Daesh, release a statement supporting the attacks and encouraging others to ‘martyr’ themselves by attacking all four Phoenix counties as well as other infidel counties. As part of this statement Daesh ‘declarer’s war’ on the Asgard, Nox and Altarians and declares that these races need to be wiped out of existence.

The Asgard takes this declaration of war by Daesh literally, as do the Nox and Altarians the Asgard take the threat to wipe them out of existence very seriously, as this means that Daesh wish to commit and act of genocide against the Asgard, Nox and Altarians.

This news is immediately relayed back to the Asgard Home World, the Asgard High Council are shocked at what Daesh has stated their intent to wipe the Asgard out of existence, even though Daesh does not have that capability the intent is there.

The Asgard to have a habit of taking people literally, so they believe the threat from Daesh to wipe the Asgard out of existence to be real and the Asgard will deal with Daesh in a very permanent manner.

Odin will remain in charge for the Earth (Solar system as well) based Asgard forces Thor will not be summoned to replace Odin.

However, for the next few days, the Asgard will be focused in helping deal with the attacks against the UK then they will move on to deal with Daesh.

Events will also mean that the other three phoenix countries will also come under attack as well ‘thanks’ to the statement issued by Daesh.

5th to 7th July

Between the 5th and 7th July, several attacks take place against Australia and Canada, along with one attack against New Zealand these attacks provoke an immediate response from not only these governments by also the Asgard. The Asgard deploys warships to cover all major cities, along with troops and police from those countries are deployed as well.

The Asgard is not messing around in dealing with this threat, Odin now has a strategy to deal with Daesh, wipe them out, simple.

No one is auguring against Odin’s strategy.

8th July

With the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand military fully mobilized an emergency debate in all four parliaments’ reverses the original decision about helping the Iraq government defeat Daesh. One of the main reasons for the change in mind is that the Asgard will support the four phoenix countries in battle, with this level of backing, along with support offered by the Nox (none military) causes this change.

9th to10th July

On the 9th and 10th July several Asgard Mountbatten class warships gather in geostationary orbit above Iraq, while the Iraq government is informed of what they need to do as their part of this operation, with the main point being keep out of the way of the Asgard.

With the rest of the world supporting the four phoenix countries along with their sympathies for the recent attacks, with President Trump offering military support against Daesh. This military support is polity refused, as the forces that are gathering are more than enough to deal with Daesh in Iraq and possibly Syria. President Trump is annoyed that he will not be able to use the US military space forces with their advanced weapons to destroy Daesh, but President Trump is smart enough not to push the issue with what is going on with the four phoenix countries and their allies.

Odin forces are split between assisting guarding and patrolling areas within the four phoenix countries, with 20 Mountbatten class warships in orbit with additional Asgard in battle amour to deal with Daesh in Iraq.

Odin is also preparing a battle plan to destroy Daesh, by any means necessary as instructed by the Asgard High Council.

11th July – Operations Begin

Odin knows that he can use the Asgard combination of scanning and beaming technology to easily identify those Daesh members in Iraq, but that would not send a clear message, what is need is a strong visual reference for those people who would dare try to attack or threaten to wipe out the Asgard or their allies.

Odin’s plan is to use Asgard in battle armour to wipe out the Daesh fighters, supported by Mountbatten class warships flying a very low level with shields up to allow Daesh fighters to shoot at his ships to show the futility of this action.

Asgard will follow this in battle armour to kill the Daesh fighters on the ground in direct combat to also show all of Earth (news crews from certain countries will be allowed to observe from a distance) that primitive Earth weapons cannot harm the Asgard in the battle amour, as the Asgard battle armour comes with its own shields.

Asgard Armoured Exoskeleton

Asgard armour has a wide range of technological abilities, which include:

Asgard armour is powered from a nearby Asgard Mountbatten class warship (wireless power transfer (WPT)), allowing for a virtually unlimited power supply (AEM’s) also the armour has its own power supply (micro neutrino-ion generators) as well if the power transfer link to the primary power supply is lost for any reason.

Asgard shielding technology is very resident to all forms of attack

Armour is resistant to significant impacts, such as the force of landing after jumping from a great height, thrusters in the feet to slow descent speed to a survivable level for landing

The ability to resist incredibly high levels of otherwise fatal radiation

Various internal energy weapons and micro drone launcher

A self-destruct that activates if the amour is tampered with but an unauthorised person

A controller that remotely activates other Asgard technology

A heads up display that displays information about the user's surroundings/environment along with targeting information and threat analyses etc.

An electromagnetic field emitted from the amour that disrupts scanners from scanning the interior of the amour by anyone that is not an Asgard.

Early on the morning of the 11th July, 20 Mountbatten class warships along with two Britannia class and six Scorpion class, along with 10 Nox ships in support. With the Asgard and Phoenix Royal Space Marines dealing with the combat and the Nox helping the Iraq civilians the Iraq military has been instructed to just keep out of the way and help the Nox with the civilians.

With shields fully powered and weapons charged (except the Nox) this combined fleet begins its approach to Iraq.

As the combined fleet under the command of Odin passes over Iraq the Iraqi people look up amazement at the sight of so many spaceships passing slowly overhead, as all they had seen is pictures on TV or the internet of these ships over the four phoenix countries.

The Asgard ships move over areas of Iraq controlled by Daesh, in some cases just a few hundred feet off the ground, hoping to provoke Daesh fighters into firing on the Asgard ships with shields up no Earth based weapons can harm their ships, so they are doing this to show how futile this is.

It works as one of the Mountbatten class warships dozens of weapons open fired on the Asgard warship, with a blueish glow appearing around the Mountbatten class warship as the bullets, RPG, artillery and other ordinance impacts against the Mountbatten class warships shield.

Asgard in battle armour are beamed down from the Mountbatten class warships, with the Asgard battle armours shields proving to be imperious to the fire coming from the Daesh fighters. The Asgard armours built in weapons however is very effective in dealing with the Daesh fighters, along with the Mountbatten class warships engaging and quickly destroying any Daesh armoured vehicles with a mixture of beam weapons and Asgard version of drone weapons.

Watching from a safe distance are several journalist and camera crews from several different countries including in the four phoenix countries, along with reporters from the US and Europe reporting live on the Asgard/Nox dealing with Daesh. This shows to a worldwide audience what not only Phoenixes Royal Space Marines can do but also what the Asgard and Nox can do in combat this shows that messing with any of the four phoenix countries would be fatal for those concerned.

While the Asgard and involved in battle and the Nox are involved in the evacuation and assistance of the Iraq civilians the Nox do not involve themselves in combat instead do what they are good at helping others. However, this does not mean that the Nox cannot protect themselves, but using their invisibility to hide from the Daesh, by making Daesh fighter see nothing when looking for the Nox during battle. This also allows the Asgard to stun the Daesh fighters rather than kill them, as the Nox prefer if the Asgard stun the Daesh fighters trying to kill them and to keep the Nox happy the Asgard oblige them.

However, this only applies to the Daesh fighters trying to kill the Nox, elsewhere the Asgard will kill any Daesh fighters they find, if no Nox is present, as capturing them seems pointless to Odin, a live Daesh fighter is a threat, a dead one is not. Odin is brutal, but 10,000 years fighting the Wraith have changed Odin, with Odin and his own people being very different to other ‘normal’ Asgard.

With Asgard technology, so far in advance of Earth based technology and Daesh weapons this is more like target practice for the Asagrd with the Daesh fighters being the targets.

However, this is not the end of the nightmare for Daesh, as the Altarians are on the move. The Altarians have decided to act to help and test some new systems that they have developed these new systems that are design to be operated by a small crew, as there are still not enough Altarians to operate a major operation.

Altarians on the Move

On the Asgard Home World, the Altarians have been monitoring what both the Asgard and the Nox have been doing and they have decided to send some assistance in the form of one ship. This ship is a new design much smaller than the battleships that the Altarians and is better suited to the smaller number of adult Altarians that they have.

The Altarians ship is a new design getting away for the large three kilometres long ships that the Altarians have operated in the past when they had more people. This design is triangular with no visible entry or exits, along with no visible weapons or drive systems.

It only take a few seconds for the Altarians ship to travel from the Asgard home world to the Solar System coming out of hyperspace in Earth orbit then immediately descending into Earth atmosphere over Iraq, shields up and weapons ready, with the ships shields glowing during entry into Earth atmosphere at high speed.

Once the Altarians ship arrives overhead near the Asgard ship that Odin is using to coordinate all the forces against Daesh, five Altarians beam down near several Asgard in battle armour. The Altarians appear without battle armour the Asgard nearby move to protect them, but one of the Altarians indicates for the Asgard to stop then touches a ‘white bangle’ in his left arm. When this ‘white bangle’ is touched armour begins to form along the Altarians left arm then over his chest then across to his right arm then down to his legs then finally covering his head.

The Altarians armour is very different to the Asgard armour in that this armour has no joints, it appears as one piece with the armour appearing to be very flexible, allowing unrestricted movement and very resistant to any form of attack, along with having a powerful shield. The armour is equipped with energy weapons and micro drone weapons, with the five Altarians going into battle immediately using a mixture of energy weapons and micro drone weapons.

However, this is not the end of the Altarians weapons use against Daesh, with the Altarians ship also deploying several micro drone weapons in swarms of drones with each swarm of micro drones consuming anything it surrounds and leaving nothing behind.

On their TV screens around the world various leaders watch what is happening in stunned silence they thought the Asgard where frightening the Altarians weapons raise that to a whole new level.

11th July to 15th July

Between the 11th July and the 15th July, the joint military forces under Odin’s command clears Iraq of not only Daesh, but also all IED’s and discarded weapons, by using their beaming technology to remove them. This military operation is Asgard led, but with the five Altarians in their battle armour along with the swarms of Altarians drones over the battlefields is also making a signification contribution to the fight.

Odin thinks that if this is what five Altarians in their battle armour supported by one ship can do imagine what a lot of Altarians could do, in his own gold coloured battle armour Odin smiles at that thought, before continuing to deal with more Daesh fighters, Odin is not one to lead from the rear.

The Iraq civilian population is being cared for by the Nox who have created safe areas of the Iraq civilian population to live while Daesh is being dealt with the Iraq civilian population is extremely grateful to the Nox for their help.

As one Daesh position is secured the Nox and the Iraq military move in to help the Iraq civilian population, while the Asgard and the Altarians move onto the next position.

This process continues on hour after hour and day after day relentlessly the Asgard and the Altarians do not stop for one moment, with the Nox also not taking a break from helping the Iraq civilian population out of the various conflict areas.

The Iraq military has very little to do in terms of combat their main task will be to help the Nox with the Iraq civilian population, along with setting up of the camps to house a look after the Iraq civilian population.

16th July

In the early hours of the 16th July the battlefields of Iraq and Syria fall silent, with the occasional shots being fired, the Asgard, Nox, Altarians and the small contingent of RSM begin withdrawal from Syria, handing back control to the Syrian army of Bashar al-Assad. This is done much to the annoyance of the Syrian rebels, but they do not push the matter as they have seen what these three alien races have done to Daesh and they do not wish to anger these three races.

With military operations coming to an end in Iraq the focus here is to clear away any unexploded ordinance to this effect the Asgard, Nox and Altarians use their ships to scan all of Iraq to safely remove all unexploded ordinance. This process will be completed by the end of the day as with the large number of spacecraft being used, especially by the Asgard this is an easy process.

17th July

The main effort for the 17th July is to focus on supply aid to all the displaced Iraq population and creating temporary accommodation for several million refuges this operation is mainly handled by the Nox supported by the Asgard and the small number of Altarians.

The Nox will only be doing this for a few days until the Iraq government can take over from their aid operation then they will leave, as the Nox feel that is they stay the Iraq people will become too reliant on them.

The Altarians ship by this date has gone into high orbit to see if there is anything else that they are needed for, by the end of 17th July the Altarians see that they are not needed and return to their temporary home world the Asgard home world.

18th – 20th July

Between the 18th and 20th July the Asgard and the Nox begin the process of withdrawing from Iraq, along with the small number of Royal Space Marines. This process will be completed by the 20th July leaving Iraq back in control of the Iraq government.

Within Iraq the various factions are cooperating as no faction wishes to break the peace that they have they also do not wish to anger these three alien races that helped them by fighting amongst themselves and bring down the same wraith on them that these three alien races brought down on Daesh.

They are all being very nice to each other with the main element of competition being how fast they can rebuild this idea came from the Iraq Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to see if this idea would focus the various factions energies into something more positive, it does.

21st July, Silence is thunderous

With the Asagrd, Nox and Altarians begin withdrawing from both Iraq and Syria (Syria first) both countries begin the process of rebuilding no thought is given to even start a civil war, as all sides in Iraq and Syria fear intervention from these alien races.

In Syria Bashar al-Assad remains president as the Asagrd, Nox and Altarians do not remove him from power as President Assad has not declared war on them or threatened them in any way, but had allowed them into Syria to deal with Daesh.

Russia fully supports dealing with Daesh, but not overthrowing President Assad government, neither the Asagrd, Nox nor Altarians wish to overthrow President Assad government, Russia is happy, though the Syrian opposition is not happy, but then they do not wish to anger these alien races so they keep quite.

The US government also supports the elimination of Daesh, but is more vocal about Bashar al-Assad remaining in power but as with other countries there is nothing that the US can do to influence Asagrd, Nox or Altarians to help overthrown Bashar al-Assad.

China is fully behind the four phoenix countries and is fine with whatever they do to defeat Daesh, though this may have something to do with getting China there own planet and spacecraft that phoenix is helping China with!

22nd July

In the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada the state of emergency and the emergency powers act are withdrawn the Army will remain to protect key areas until the end of July then be stood down. This action will allow Police officers to get some rest after several weeks of hectic investigation and a large number of arrests that have taken place. The courts in all four countries are working around the clock to process so many arrests, with many of these arrests coming from the initial raids on the houses of the recent attack against cities in all four countries. As evidence is gathered from the initial police raids more evidence is gathered with more raids and arrests, taking place, these additional police raids also find more evidence and lead with more raids and so it goes on.

It will take years for all the court cases to go through the various courts of the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada with most defendants sentenced to long terms of imprisonment.

23rd – 31st July

For the last few days of July, everyone will be taking stock of what has happened especially the four phoenix countries as the introduction of advanced technology for their defence is now seen as vital. This will include the introduction next year of the new advanced multirole space fighter the Spitfire II that will replace all existing Earth fighters in the four phoenix countries.

For the next few months, these attacks will have an effect on the planet, with the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada treated very carefully by every other country on the planet, as everyone has seen what happens when these four countries are attacked or threatened.

To be continued.
92. A new world order

August to November 2017

One of the (many) odd things that has happened after the attack on London and the other phoenix countries by Daesh is that the Marvel films are bringing in much larger audiences thanks to the revealing that the Asgard are a real race, even though the actors portraying the Asgard are human. With the recent Westminster attacks and the Asgard dealing with Daesh in both Iraq and Syria these films have become even more popular, with the films being rereleased at the cinema, pulling in large attendance figures for reruns.

The four phoenix countries are now the single joint superpower on the planet, as most countries now acknowledge though some countries do this in private and not in public for obvious political reasons. Full political union is being openly discussed, but how to do it is the biggest sticking point, as no one from any of the four phoenix countries has got a clue how to join these four countries together with the minimal of disruption.

The world is also much more quieter in relation to war and various terrorist incidents have dropped off by ninety percent thanks to the way Daesh in Iraq and Syria had been dealt with, also crime in the four phoenix countries has also dropped off, though that is not expected to last long.

An Asgard in full armour is quite a persuader to criminals not to commit crime full stop, as the Asgard withdraw and the criminals get more braver then crime will be on the rise again. Very slowly in the four phoenix countries, the rest of the world is unaffected in the same way as the four phoenix countries and does not see a reduction in crime.

One of the first incidents to happen is Iran releasing all UK, Australian, New Zeeland and Canadian citizens that it has imprisoned or detained this is done in the form of a pardon, so that the Iranian government does not lose face, but the reality is that Iran does not wish to go the way of Daesh. Iran is one of a number of countries that are very afraid of the four phoenix countries, rightly so, as Iran does not want to anger any of the four phoenix countries in any way.

Phoenix Four

With the victory over Daesh in both Iraq and Syria the phoenix four are enjoying unparallel support for most countries on the planet, with crime rates also down in the four phoenix countries during the state of emergency thanks to the army on patrol and Asgard in battle armour also helped as well.

With limited advanced technology released to the phoenix four allies along with China and several countries starting a space ship building program sub light drive anti gravity technology only no hyperdrive technology, with the promises of a world to colonise the phoenix four can enjoy the positive outcome of the Daesh attack on the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Other releases include advanced medicines and other countries allowed to use Goa'uld Sarcophagus to heal terminal illness as long as the patients are brought to one of the four phoenix countries for treatment.

The only negative is the decision to allow Bashar al-Assad to remain in power as president, but once the decision had been made (rightly or wrongly mostly wrongly) no one was for going back on it, such is politics.

On Heliopolis production is gearing up for both the Spitfire II space fighter and the new Frigate class warship, with the Spitfire II entering full production in January next year. Once Heliopolis production is up and running Earth based companies within the phoenix four will begin production of the Spitfire II, but only for the phoenix four with export to other countries will not be allowed this technology will be severely restricted.

One of the other benefits is off world construction technologies will be used to speed up various long-term construction projects such as the high-speed rail links in Australia and Canada (coast to coast links etc). Along with building more nuclear power stations in the UK, Australia and Canada to increase the self-reliance in power generation. These off world construction technologies will be only used for the four phoenix countries initially, as these off world construction technologies could be used to expand and countries military infrastructure, as such makes this technology restricted in use on Earth.

Other construction projects are looked into for the phoenix four these include various bridge projects for the benefit of the phoenix four and there allied countries. [1]

Project Phoenix OOB

6 Regent Class Royal Space Fleet Auxiliary (RSFA) (fitted with 1 AEM each)

12 Britannia class battleships (3 AEM’s fitted to each ship)

32 Scorpion class heavy cruisers (3 AEM’s fitted to each ship)

50 Leopard class frigates (under construction, will be fitted with 3 AEM’s to each ship) – more of these ships may be built when the population of Heliopolis increases to allow more personnel to be trained.

Hurricane class fighters (3,000+) not all operational at once

Fox class shuttles – all types/variants (300+) not all operational at once

13 Gateships from Atlantis operational – drone weapons

Spitfire II starfighter (3000+ units to be produced from January 2018 onwards)

Light Armoured Vehicle (shielded) LAV(S) (200)

Newly formed Royal Space Marines including those that are part of off world exploration teams 12,700 (growing in size year on year), with regulars Army units due to be transferred once security clearance has been given.

Heliopolis population at the 1st October 2017 stands at 5,672,899 and growing fast as more colonists arrive and more children are born on Heliopolis. Heliopolis is well on its way to meeting its 10 million population target by 2020, even though this is only 3 years away, with the improved transport to Heliopolis via the Regent Class ships (instead of using the Stargate), will allow a much more rapid increase in population.

The screening program for people from the four phoenix countries is now very efficient in screening out the troublemakers and undesirables that no one wants on Heliopolis, along with a number of spies from several different countries that have been identified they are told that are not eligible to go.

Security is still at the paranoid level and is unlikely to change (well not without major therapy that is J ) at all, as security for phoenix has always been very high and no one wants to change that, just in case something goes wrong.

The United Kingdom consists of the following countries

United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Malta and Chagos Islands (British Indian Ocean Territory), Grenada, Falkland Islands (including South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands), Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha and the British Virgin Islands

Countries that are part of the Sterling Zone are as follows

Sterling Zone have linked their own currencies to the British pound or in some cases adopting the British pound as their currency though not becoming part of the UK.

Sterling Zone countries Solomon Islands, Montserrat, Saint Lucia, Kiribati (formerly Gilbert Islands), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Bermuda. Part of the Sterling Zone, but with their countries’ currencies (not the pound) Sweden and Norway merely tied to the pound.


Egypt after the revelation of Phoenix, Egyptian government (well military) has discovered a large number small of alien (Goa’uld) artefacts, with the Egyptian military very firmly in control of Egypt’s own small but growing Stargate program. However Egypt’s Stargate program is missing a Stargate, but for the Egyptian military they are still searching, so far they have found a small power unit (Osiris base), along with a growing number of smaller Goa’uld artefacts.

These Goa’uld artefacts are being researched under Egyptian military watching eye, along with a program studying the anti gravity technology that Phoenix has released to Egypt. This was to ‘pay’ for taking the Stargate out of Egypt nearly 100 years ago the Egyptian military is researching how to use this technology for military use first then they might start looking at building space ships.

The Nox have also be asked (via the UK government) to help make certain parts of Egypt’s land fertile for crops again the Nox are looking into this for Egypt on phoenixes behalf. The Egyptian government is very grateful for this help, as it would take the Egyptian government a long time if it were possible to do on their own. The other thing that the Nox do is help Egypt remove all landmines and various other unexploded ordnance within a month for which the Egyptian government is very grateful. [1]


Libya remains in a state of civil war, though phoenix along with the EU and the US are trying to get a peace deal, without the need for intervening militarily this process will take a lot of time, as none of the various factions trust each other. However, the various factions within Libya keep clear of harming anyone from the phoenix countries, as they have seen what happens to those who do this and they will not make that mistake.


When the Nox help Egypt remove all landmines and various unexploded ordnance the German government requests the same help via the UK, the Nox are happy to help and within a few days, all unexploded ordnance has been removed from Germany. [1]

Throughout Europe, this is followed by all European countries also asking for help removing unexploded ordnance in their countries, not Russia or Ukraine as this is seen as politically sensitive due the Russian question over Ukraine, so the Nox and Asgard do not want to get involved in a local dispute.

The EU is working on their own spacecraft, but for the EU it is a painful process as there are 26 countries pulling in 26 directions, as well as each country wanting its share of producing this spacecraft and the negotiations are taking time and this is having a knock on effect in assembling the EU first spacecraft.

Wait until you see how they try to divide up this new world then you will see some action from various EU countries.

Initially Portugal is in talks with Phoenix about leaving the EU and joining Phoenix as an associate member in the same way Sweden and Norway are nominally part of Phoenix. The EU, on their part is desperate to keep Portugal and is doing as much as they can to keep Portugal part of the EU, however Portugal has long ties with the UK going back several hundred years. In the end it takes the removal of all debit to the EU to keep Portugal part of the EU, but this was a close call for the EU, but this causes other EU countries to ask for their debits to be forgiven as well.

The EU has more and more internal political problems after Portugal gets its EU loans removed, though the EU is unlikely to break up the EU is under tremendous pressure to alter its thinking regarding loans to the smaller EU countries.


As with Egypt and Germany, India also asks via the UK to help remove all landmines and various unexploded ordnance this is also done within a few days by the Nox, who seem happy to do this for any country that is willing to ask the UK or via another Project Phoenix country. [1]

India is also planning on building its own spacecraft with phoenix help, however India has got bogged down in its own bureaucracy and it could be years before India begins to build its own spacecraft.

Rest of the World

After India many other countries request help in clearing up landmines and various unexploded ordnance via one of the four Project Phoenix country’s this help is given mainly by the Nox, but also the Asgard in a supporting role. [2]

By the end of November all countries that have asked to have landmines and various unexploded ordnance have seen their lands cleared off all ordinance. The speed that the Nox along with the Asgard can clear landmines and various unexploded ordnance is frighteningly fast, with most countries cleared within a day or two. This causes all landmine charities to be wound up by the end of the year, as they are all out of work.

Most countries that have asked for anti gravity drive technology have received it (not North Korea or Iran and few others), but are well behind China in terms of building their own spacecraft.


The US Stargate program after Daesh has been dealt with will receive a huge funding hit from congress with additional warships being funded along with a colonization plan for the planet of New America. President Trump is annoyed that the US space forces could not be used against Daesh, but moves on and does not criticize Phoenix or their alien allies, as President Trump has seen what happens if you annoy Phoenix or their alien allies.

Across New America, various sites are being considered for colonization most of these are near the Stargate’s location, also Congress is in a very heated debate what to call this first city, very wisely President Trump has stated he will approve whatever name Congress passes, thus passing the buck to Congress and keeping himself out of the line of fire.

President Trump and Secretary Kinsley are focused on building up the US Space Forces and starting the first city on New America, as this is seen as a huge vote winner by President Trump. With the funding in place from Congress, President Trump and Secretary Kinsley have the money they need to get the resources to build more ships this in turn will create jobs, reducing unemployment across the US, as only US firms can bid for work relating to build US space ships and start work on the new colony.

US Stargate Command OOB

4 Lexington class warships - USS Lexington, USS Constellation, USS Saratoga and USS Ranger operational.

12 Atlanta class heavy cruisers (under construction four at a time), with more planned

Tactical Fighter Wings 20 with x16 F-302C’s in each wing (more building and on order)

Columbus class shuttles 14 operational (more building and on order)

Troops 3,000 including USAF engineers working on expanding Site Alpha (New America), more being added as they pass the vetting process. Civilian numbers are currently set at just over 1,000 mostly scientist and engineers associated with the Stargate program, but also included are a small number of planning personnel for the location and layout of the first city for New America.

The US Government will not sell its space technology to anyone outside of the US these technologies include the F-302’s and the Atlanta class heavy cruisers, even though some allied countries have asked.

The F-302C’s fighters are being looked as to replace all Earth based US fighters and bombers as the F-302C’s are far superior to anything any branch of the Earth based US military currently has. Export of the F-302C’s or any other off world military technology has been barred by Congress and President Trump, as they feel that exporting some of their best military technology would be dangerous, in this respect the US has the same approach and phoenix.


China is well underway constructing its own spacecraft, by 2020 the first spacecraft will be operational, with the first stage of colonization of China’s own planet beginning in the same year. Trade with China and the phoenix four is booming with imports to China far exceeding exports to the phoenix four, China will back any phoenix four political play on Earth, as China knows its future lies with the phoenix four.

China is also initiating a rail program similar to the ones in Canada and Australia to boost its own infrastructure, along with an expansion of the nuclear power station program, with the nuclear waste being disposed of by phoenix ships for a fee. Phoenix ships will do this disposal of nuclear waste until China has its own sub light ships to do this job.


The Russian space program is now well underway, with Russia’s own spacecraft now well under construction and should be completed after China has finish her own spacecraft in early 2020. Russia does have one advantage Russia has a single AEM to power its spacecraft and an understanding of how to build a hyperdrive engine from information ‘acquired’ by the FSB from the US Stargate program.

Russia would not try to take anything from Phoenix, as Russia has seen the price that would be paid by anyone making would could be considered a hostile act by Russia in stealing hyprerdrive technology from phoenix. Russia is also applying the anti-gravity technology it has ‘acquired’ from the US to its next generation of military equipment, along with designs for commercial aircraft as well.

Russia is also well underway is discovering the power output of the alien artefact (AEM) the Russian science team still thinks that this items is a Goa'uld artefact, soon they will learn that it is an Altarian from an unusual source (TV) [3].

Starship Stargate

The starship Stargate is delivered by the Asgard (via the Altarians) during late November 2019 and is placed in orbit midway between Earth and the Moon, with the Asgard also placing a similar starship Stargate in orbit around the new Chinese’s colony world at the same time. This will be repeated for every country that wants a colony and can build its own colony ships, with a starship Stargate being placed in orbit around a suitable world for each country or groups of countries such as the EU.

Within a few days of both starship Stargate’s being delivered they are testing with an Asgard ship using the starship Stargate travelling from the Solar System to the System were the Chinese’s colony world is and then returning. When China (and other countries) have completed their spaceships these spaceships will have a simple dialling device to dial one system where there colony is based this dialling system will also allow the starship to dial the Solar System to return. This dialling system will also show when the starship Stargate is in use so that no one can try to dial the Solar System at the same time.

The Royal Space Navy will deploy a single ship to guard each colony world, this will likely to be a Frigate, this guard ship will make sure that the Goa'uld do not try to invade these new colonies once they have been setup. Each colony will pay a small ‘fee’ in goods or materials as compensation once the colony is up and running this will give phoenix a regular supply of goods or materials to feed back to Heliopolis, China is very happy to pay this fee, as they know having phoenix on side is good defence.


During December 2017, Ross Kemp’s documentary on Project Phoenix airs that will be watched by a vast number people (billions) across the planet this documentary will also be aired on Heliopolis at the same time. [3]

[1] Thanks to BELFAST for this idea

[2] Thanks to Eternity for this idea

[3] Heliopolis has its own TV stations

To be continued.
93. December 2017

Episode Air Dates 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th December – air time 2 hours per episode.

Ross Kemp on Project Phoenix


To camera Ross Kemp – Hello my name is Ross Kemp and the following documentary series is about the lives of the people who live and work off world for Project Phoenix. My team consisting of myself, a camera man and director have been invited to view Heliopolis the planet controlled by the four Phoenix countries these being the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

I have as you are all aware I have been on assignments over most of Earth filming various documentaries for Sky, but as you are about to see this documentary eclipses all of my previous work.

Over the past few months we have been allowed virtual unfettered access across the planet of Heliopolis for this documentary will try to show you all that we have seen and filmed in the past six months.

I hope you all enjoy this documentary as much as I have doing it.

Credits roll, with Rule Britannia playing with the four phoenix countries stylised flags flying on screen...

Part 1 – An Introduction to Heliopolis

The introduction to Heliopolis has images of the city of New London these pictures with Ross Kemp describing the city as far ahead of any city on Earth in all aspects, along with noting the large number of Humans and non-Humans interacting together. This also shows the advanced transportation system and well maintained buildings, along with humans, Nox and Asgard living together.

This first episode shows the Stargate in action along with the Ross and his team arrival on Heliopolis shows Ross and his team settling into their quarters in New London. These quarters are houses with each member having their own house these houses are well furnished and fully equipped to a very high standard.

New London is introduced as the capital of Heliopolis and is the central part of the running of Heliopolis, along with various government offices, covering everything from defence to healthcare. New London is also seen to be expanding with ongoing building work, using both human and alien building techniques to construction houses, roads etc.

Part 2 – Heliopolis

The second episode focuses on the major cities on Heliopolis, along with transportation systems between the major cities, with mass transit system, along with the use of ring transporters for small number of people at a time. The other main point is the age that anyone can gain a driving licence on Heliopolis for a ground car is thirteen and for an air car is eighteen, provided they pass the required driving test, it is pointed out that no one has ever failed a driving test first time.

This episode also shows the ongoing expansion along with the already under construction of several new cities to cope with the expanding population. The construction of these new cities shows the use of various alien construction technologies though no detail of the technology is shown, what is shown is the construction of a house in just a few hours.

Links between the cities are a mixture of hover cars, ground cars and high speed monorail links, also a number of ring transporters are in use, mostly for military use, but civilians are allowed to use them if the military are not using them to get from location to location quickly.

Power generation is a mixture of Naquadah reactors and Naquadah power cells, along with solar and some wind power spread over the outer edge of the four main cities, along with the various industrial (military and civilian) areas that are located in separate areas away from the cities and are connected by monorail links and road access.

On several occasions during filming of the episode, along with other episodes, Ross Kemp is lost for words in utter amazement in what he is seeing.

Part 3 – Education

This third episode shows the education system on Heliopolis starting with primary school(s) then moving onto secondary school(s) and lastly the main college on Heliopolis. The main points of note in this episode is that all children speak several languages at primary school age, as the children are taught by both Nox and Asgard teachers as well as human teachers.

It is also noted that children on Heliopolis have far more advanced knowledge than their equivalent age on Earth this is put down to the combination of different training techniques used by not only the human teachers by also the Nox and Asgard teachers as well.

The college education is far ahead of what is offered on Earth, as to make it like an Earth based education is putting a child’s education at risk due to the lack of advanced subjects that is offered on Heliopolis.

It is also pointed out that most of the subjects could be taught on Earth, but the teachers would need to be taught first and this would take time to do. Eventually over time the educations systems in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada and Australia will catch up, on some subjects, but others will only be taught on Heliopolis due to their classified nature.

Part 4 – Healthcare & Seth

Most of the healthcare on Heliopolis is now being matched on Earth (within the four phoenix countries) with the use of the Goa'uld Sarcophagus for the most serious and life threatening cases, with more conventional medical procedures being used for the rest.

It is pointed out that the Goa'uld Sarcophagus is a cure all, but it should not be overused, as people needed to allow their bodies to build up their defence against diseases naturally the Goa'uld Sarcophagus does not allow for this.

With the last 30 minutes of the program dedicated to an interview with Seth the only friendly Goa'uld who helped Project Phoenix in its early years of development and continues to do so.

Seth explains about the Goa'uld Empire that spans a large part of the Milky Way Galaxy and that the Goa'uld a virtually immortal thanks to the use of the Sarcophagus technology that allows them to extend their life spans by many thousands of years.

Seth himself points out the he is over 6,000 years old.

During the interview, Seth seems more British than the British.

This episode is considered the most watched (by only a few million viewers) due to the interview with Seth.

Part 5 – Royal Space Navy

The Royal Space Navy episode does not go into much detail, due to the information on the equipment being highly classified, filming inside a Royal Navy space ship does take place, but every room that is filmed the monitors and displays are switch off and classified equipment is either screen off or covered up.

Even with all this secrecy this episode does give an insight into how far advanced the Royal Space Navy is, compared to not only the US but also a general overview of the ships capability compared to other races in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Ross Kemp does get a tour of the engine room of one of the Scorpion class cruisers and a view of the Alteran Energy Modules (AEM’s) only with the power hub and an explanation that these AEM’s are on loan to the Royal Space Navy as a form of gift for helping the Alteran’s (along with the Asgard and Nox). The description of the AEM is brief, as even Phoenix does not understand the technology behind the AEM or even how to make one, just how to use them in their ships.

Revealing the AEM is not considered a security risk as they cannot be stolen, as no one on Earth has the technology to steal one and even if they did they would need to get onboard a Royal Navy space ship, remove the AEM from the power hub and get it off the ship. All of this would need very detailed technological knowledge of how a Royal Navy space ship works and this information is highly classified.

Ross Kemp also does not ask too many questions, as he is out of his depth with this technology anyway, also he was ‘chosen’ for this task for a reason, Ross knows when to ask the right questions (cough, cough, wink, wink).

Ross Kemp is also given a tour of a Royal Space Navy airbase on Heliopolis that shows row after row of Hurricane space fighters, along with Fox class shuttles, Ross Kemp is also shown a Quick Reaction Alert with four Hurricane space fighters being launched against a simulated intruder. However, this interception simulation would never happen for real, as the Asgard would most likely detect an intruder before they came anywhere near Heliopolis, but this demonstration does show that the RSN is prepared and that was the point of the QRA demonstration.

Part 6 – The Future

This final episode focuses on the planned expansion of Heliopolis, with the planned population expansion, along with potential sites for new cities also shown. This shows how Heliopolis will expand including the locations of new cities that either are under construction or planned, though none of these new cities have been named as at the time of the interview.

During this last episode, it is stated that Heliopolis can easily support a population of several billion without any problems to the planet, if needed other planets could be also used for population growth in the centuries to come.

The part about sharing certain technologies (military etc) with other countries on Earth is avoided all together or not directly answered.

Last episode puts a good end on this series, though it does leave a lot of questions unanswered, it does give the other Earth governments a demonstration of what Phoenix has available even without the Asgard, Nox and Alteran assistance.


The ratings for the six part series is off the charts good for Sky with the highest viewing figures for Sky ever, in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada the response is 95% positive.

There is one problem the Russians, as Phoenix has inadvertently revealed what an AEM is.

The Russians now know what they have in their possession is an Alteran Energy Module (AEM) and not a piece of Goa'uld technology, as they had originally thought. The Russian also know from the pictures what Alteran power hub looks like but not how it functions. The Russian research program has now had a bit of helping hand from this series but not much, as the pictures do not show how the Alteran power hub regulates the energy from the AEM.

The rest of the world ratings are just as good, except for North Korea that refuses to show such ‘blatant imperialist propaganda’ as they put it, North Korea is ignored as they are now considered irrelevant, as even if they could put a nuke on one of their rockets it would not get very far.

The BBC along with other Phoenix broadcasters is also well in advanced talks with Phoenix about Sir David Attenborough presenting Life On Other Worlds program, along with other problem ideas for looking at other worlds across the galaxy. Or even a program or programs on other galaxies is being put forward by the BBC and other broadcasters within the four phoenix countries. When the Nox hear about this idea the Nox are getting VERY excited about the idea of introducing Earth to different planets not only in this galaxy but in other galaxies as well.

To be continued.
94. Events

Earth 2018 to 2020

The entire planet is trying to absorb the technology that Project Phoenix has given to most countries this will take years or even decades to absorb, with no further technology being released from Project Phoenix all countries that have been given advanced technology will be spending decades absorbing it.

This technology includes medical information, anti-gravity information, starship (non-hyperdrive) technology, information on how to build and operate starship technology. With several countries (including China) well in advance of building their own anti-gravity drive ships, with some like China building ships for their colony program, with other countries focusing on shuttle designs for use in the Solar system only.

Atmospheric anti-gravity commercial aircraft are also under rapid development by all aircraft manufactures, for short, medium and long haul routes, along with private jet manufactures also designing a range of private anti-gravity aircraft of the rich.

With Japan benefiting from both the Asgard and Nox that help clean up the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster within a few days of being asked to help, Japan now becomes a backer of Project Phoenix to the same level that China backs Project Phoenix.

Phoenix is also building up a lot of good will from most countries, as are the Asgard and Nox thanks to all the work done Asgard and Nox and to a lesser extent Phoenix on helping unexploded ordinance in there counties, along with other assistance that has been given.

January 2018

On the ascended plain the vote has come in with 50.1% in favour and 49.9% against the motion is approved this vote is to allow the none ascended Altarians to benefit from their time when they were ascended by allowing them to have full access to all ascended knowledge. However, with a caveat that this ascended knowledge can only be used by and for the benefit of Altarians and no one else, though this ascended knowledge can be used to help (not given to) their allies (Nox, Asgard and Phoenix), but no more than that.

The ascended see this as modifying their non-interference rulebook and not breaking it, as the Altarians that returned to the mortal plain were not allowed to take their ascended knowledge with them. However, this is now seen as pointless as Merlin managed to circumvent this and retain some of his ascended knowledge when he returned to his human form.

The human Altarians will be closely monitored by the ascended to make sure that they do not misuse this knowledge, if they do not then they will not interfere in their fellow human Altarians or what they are doing, just observe.

Citadel of the Altarians – Asgard Home World

Merlin is with another group of Altarians discussing the impending move to their new home world that is being prepared by the Asgard and the Nox.

Merlin is speaking and suddenly stops looking around, when suddenly a pillar of light appears and slowly transforms into an ascended Altarian.

Before Merlin appears Ganos Lal to relay the news to Merlin and his fellow Altarians: Hello Moros how are you?

Moros: I am fine, what brings you here?

Ganos Lal: Straight to the point as usual.

Moros: Some things do not change.

Ganos Lal: Funny you should mention change as that what brings me here.

Moros: Change on the ascended plain, unlikely.

Ganos Lal: We have had a vote this vote will allow you to use the knowledge you gained while ascended for the benefit of all Altarians.

Moros is shocked: There has to be a catch?

Ganos Lal: There is this knowledge can only be shared between Altarians and no other race.

Moros: There is the catch, I thought so.

Ganos Lal: Yes, do you accept?

Moros: Not much choice, so yes.

Ganos Lal: Good.

Ganos Lal then casually waves her hand and the Altarians minds are filled with the knowledge they had gained when they were ascended this also includes those Altarians that had been born since, who will also gain this knowledge, but only those that are older than 18 years of age.

Moros: I remember so much now....

Ganos Lal: I will be remaining here to keep an eye on you, as you do have a history of going off in the wrong direction.

Moros: So you are spy?

Ganos Lal: Yes, just like old times...

Moros in reply just says hmmmm

Ganos Lal will remain in human form while she observes her fellow Altarians over the decades and centuries to come.

This news will have enormous benefits for the Altarians, all the knowledge that those Altarians that had been ascended is now available this will give the human Altarians mind-blowing capabilities once they use this knowledge to improve existing technology and allow the creation of new technologies.

Altarians improved technologies – Self-Regenerating Altarian Energy Modules (SRAEM’s) this will be quickly followed by Miniaturized Self-Regenerating Altarian Energy Modules (MSRAEM’s), to be used for the Altarian battle suites instead of remote energy transfer.

More will follow in the days, weeks, months and years to come that will make the former tech of the Altarians look like third rate junk!!! What that make the other races technology look like, with obsolete not coming close to describing the other races technology.

Royal Space Navy

Also during January 2018, the RSN introduce the Spitfire II into operational service, with Heliopolis Hurricane starfighters being replaced first then Earth base squadrons from the four phoenix countries military replacing their own fighters with the new Spitfire II. Assembly will be done in each of the four phoenix countries for keeping jobs in the various defence contractors that have been cleared for assembly of these Spitfire II starfighters. The Spitfire II starfighters will not start being assembled until June 2019, as this will allow sufficient numbers to be built for Heliopolis, as well as allowing enough component parts to be built to allow assembly to begin on Earth.

Also in June the first batch of Leopard class frigates will be completed this will give project phoenix a much more crew efficient ship than the RSN has at the moment. The Leopard class frigates will allow more ships to be deployed with less crew per ship this in turn will mean that some of the larger warships will be mothballed until more crews are available to crew them.

These new Leopard class frigates will become the most common warships of the RSN and the most heavily used, as more of these very useful warships are built as the population of Heliopolis expands.

February 2018

Early in February 2019, the Russians inform phoenix that they are possession of an AEM that they have had for a long time and hope the Altarians will allow the Russians to keep it. This news is relayed via the Asgard to the Altarians, who inform the Asgard of their decision, with the Asgard informing the Russian Ambassador directly, so there can be no misunderstanding.

Foreign Office – 10th February 2019 - 9:45am

Those present at the meeting are as follows Russian Ambassador to the UK, Hermiod Asgard Ambassador to Phoenix and Earth and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson at the UK Foreign Office.

Russian Ambassador to the UK

Hermiod Asgard Ambassador to Phoenix and Earth

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson

First to begin is the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson: Thank you all for coming, I believe that the Asgard Ambassador Hermiod has a message from the Altarians about the AEM your country has Mr Ambassador?

Hermiod Asgard Ambassador: Indeed I do have a message from the Altarians about the AEM that Russia possess, the Altarians can confirm it was abandoned on Earth many thousands of years ago before they left, so under those terms this AEM is considered Russian property.

Russian Ambassador to the UK is visibly relieved at this news: Thank you for allowing my government to keep this AEM, would you pass on my governments thanks to the Altarian government.

Russian Ambassador to the UK also notes that the Nox have given what he thinks is a vital bit of intelligence away in that the Altarians had visited Earth a long time ago.

After a bit of general discussion on what not to do with an AEM like drill a hole in the side etc the Russian Ambassador to the UK makes a fast exit of the Foreign Office. Then once back at his embassy he signals what he has been told this news is greeted with relief in Russia, with President Putin ordering no operations be conducted on any of the phoenix four countries without his approval, with certain ‘plans’ of UK operations now canned – indefinitely.

After all President Putin now knows what happens to those that attack the phoenix four countries they do not last long.

January 2019

The Spitfire II enters operational service with the air forces of the four phoenix countries this news causes a quite a shock, as these Spitfire II’s are not only atmosphere capable but also space capable as well, giving them a global capability.

With several Spitfire II squadrons being deployed with the FAA being based on the fleet carriers of the Royal Navy for use across the globe giving the Spitfire II a considerable advantage over all other countries.

Production facility have been set up in the four phoenix countries to allow the Spitfire II to be built in those counties, with the employees having gone through a very vigorous background checks before being employed. Only people from the four phoenix countries will be employed in these factories no overseas labour, for the obvious security reasons.

All existing Earth based Phoenix fighters will be replaced over the next decade.

Total earth based order for the Spitfire II is expected to exceed 3,000 for all four phoenix countries this does not include Heliopolis production run, as that will be handled by the Heliopolis production facilities.

Class Name: Spitfire II

Length: 25 meters

Width: 15 meters

Height/depth: 4 meters

Engine unit(s): Elf IV class (Project Phoenix designed)

Crew: 2 (pilot and systems operator)


Two EC-2 cannons (internal)

Internal weapons bay able to carry various weapons such as

8 Red Nova air-to-air missiles (space and atmosphere capable) also able to carry ASRAAM or Meteor BVM (atmosphere only)

Various conventional smart weapons such as Brimstone, Strom Shadow etc

Also can carry a single nuclear device with Naquadah enhancement internally for ground attack

Other systems:

Potential to fit a thought controlled weapons system (when development is finished)

February 2019

Not to be outdone the US announces that all US fighters will be replaced by a large order for the F-302C, pending approval of congress (will happen), with President Trump stating that this order will be goods for US jobs.

President Trump after a very quick consultation with the US military, asking for funding for 5,000 F-302C’s to replace all existing US combat aircraft, with congress and the senate very rapidly approving the funding, as each state has a stake in the new starship production.

With production being added on to existing F-302C’s production order, with the cost per unit coming down, due to the large volume of orders this will also reduce unemployment during 2019 onwards as the F-302C’s production facilities expand to cope with the extra orders.

March 2019

The four Phoenix governments introduce legislation to move cars from petrol to other sources including Hydrogen vehicles with a zero tax (both road and VAT for car purchase) as an incentive to purchase these new vehicles, also tax incentives to produce the Hydrogen fuel. The four Phoenix governments see Hydrogen vehicles as the future, with battery power cars coming second, even with the limited range.

Car produced on Heliopolis will not be exported to Earth, as they have restricted technology inside them, such as their miniature power system, micro anti-gravity drive system etc. However on Earth these technologies are in the early stages of development by various car manufactures it will be several decades before flying cars become a reality for the average person.

Even with these restrictions the new Hydrogen vehicles sales will boom in not only the four Phoenix countries, but also across the planet with China changing from petrol powered vehicles to Hydrogen vehicles, with oil production being cut back the will lead to a considerable fall in oil prices.

April 2019

Using various advanced technologies the following have been or in the process of being dealt with.
  • NHS Health Check: Nine in 10 hospitals 'overcrowded' this winter this is now a thing of the past thanks to Goa'uld Sarcophagus and advanced medicines that are now available [1]
  • UK weather: Heavy rain in Northern England sparks flash flood chaos this is also a thing of the past thanks to Nox weather control technology which they use to ease the severity of the weather across the whole planet [1]
  • Hosepipe ban in "exceptionally dry" winter sparks drought fears these hot spells are ‘fixed’ by the Nox weather making technology with the right amount of rain need (at night) – the Nox can also make it stop raining as well [1]
  • London 'could face mass water shortage by 2040 if ancient pipes are not replaced' are fixed by a advanced program of pipe replacement using advanced copied Goa'uld technology to replace the pipes [1]
  • Stories about missing people that are being found thanks to Goa'uld based scanning technology developed by Phoenix in combination with DNA from relatives [1]
  • Stories about people being smuggled through UK, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand ports (copied Goa'uld scanner find anyone attempting this) this allows the smugglers to be caught as well [1]
  • Stores about air population will become a thing of the past as the world switches to cleaner technologies including nuclear power, as there is a safe way of nuclear waste disposal (dumping it into the sun) [1]
June 2019

The first batch of sixteen Leopard class frigates is completed as soon as they leave the dry docks the next sixteen Leopard class frigates begin assembly. With the first of the class HMS Leopard being the lead ship of this class and the first to begin trials, with these trials only taking a few months to complete, by the time the first batch has completed it trials the next batch will be launched.

This will continue on until the first group of the Leopard class frigates, with Project Phoenix leadership thinking about building more Leopard class frigates once this first group is completed.

These new Leopard class frigates will become the most common warships of the RSN and the most heavily used for a variety of uses from patrol of worlds used by Earth nations that will have off world colonies to defence of worlds that Phoenix controls such as Camelot.

With the new Leopard class frigates the numbers of cruisers and battleships are mothballed until they are need or put into long periods of extended maintenance until they are needed, this will not happen very often as the Leopard class frigates can deal with most threats.

July 2019

A month after the launch of the first sixteen Leopard class frigates the US launches its first four HC-304 cruisers the Atlanta class, with the USS Atlanta, USS Juneau, USS Quincy and USS Honolulu are launched with much fanfare, with President Trump taking the credit for pushing these cruisers.

President Trump’s poll numbers are going up slowly, as unemployment in the US is going down, due to the huge construction program associated with not only the Atlanta class cruisers, but also the associated F-302C starfighters and Columbus class shuttle production as well, with only US companies allowed to bid for contracts for ‘security reasons’.

A second batch of four HC-304 cruisers is already to begin being assembled once the first batch of four have been launched, with construction of the third batch having already begun.

Earth based orbital production facilities for US Stargate Command are also under consideration to increase warship production and move it away from planet based assembly to orbital assembly this should be ready for use by 2025 provided it gets through Congress and the Senate.

August 2019

Meeting of the various representatives of the phoenix four countries (along with Asgard and Nox ambassadors) to discuss the ongoing technology and what should be released based on the discussions that took place during March/April 2015

These main points are as follows

Goa'uld Sarcophagus – Yes allow use (must be checked for ATA Gene level first, if level 9 or 10 then on a case by case basis) however these Goa'uld Sarcophagus will only be available in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. They will not be sold or loaded to any other country in the short term, will be reviewed for long to medium term. Use will be allowed to anyone who can get to the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada or be transported there.

Decision of August 2019 to continue as above (so far no none phoenix levels 9 or 10)

Naquadah – No, as too dangerous if Naquadah falls into the wrong hands a Naquadah enhanced nuke does not bears thinking about, Naquadah will not even be used in the UK, Australia and Canada to replace existing PWR’s (New Zealand will likely continue with renewable energy) in the short term until better security can be implemented.

Decision of August 2019 to continue as above, replacement date for PWR’s not yet set, as security is still being evaluated. However once Russia gets into space and gets its own sources of Naquadah this will have to be reviewed.

Energy Weapons (all types) – No, as too dangerous to allow for sale on Earth to any country, as this technology could go astray.

Decision of August 2019 to continue as above

Shield Technology - No, for the time being only to be used (covertly deployed and operated) to protect critical areas in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada these areas have already been chosen and the shield technology has been installed.

Decision of August 2019 to continue as above

Hyperdrive – No, as too dangerous to allow on Earth, mainly due to be powered by Naquadah reactors.

Decision of August 2019 to continue as above, again however Russia gets into space this will change as Russia will be willing to sell this technology to those that can afford it.

Spacecraft technology without hyperdrive for use within solar system – No and Yes, unless alternative power source to Naquadah to power drive systems can be used, use then only shared with selected allies and then on condition they do not share this technology with other countries without permission.

With China as with other countries or groups of countries, now producing their own anti-gravity drive spacecraft this will continue until these countries have set up their own colony world via the Starship Stargate. This should keep these countries occupied for at least 100 years or longer as these colony worlds expand and develop.

Other Medical technology drug’s etc, Yes, no restriction on availably or which countries can ask for this technology, allies on Earth first (NATO and Commonwealth).

As all other Medical technology such as drug’s etc have been released not further action is required.

None Military technology – Yes for most (but not all), but again only to be shared with allies in NATO and Commonwealth first, list of approved none military technology to be determined based on allies requests.

Decision of August 2019 to continue as above

Use of Royal Space Navy on Earth – Difficult, but UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada will honour all Earth treaties signed all requests for military assistance will be on a case by case basis. Use of Royal Space Navy warships could cause problems with Asgard, Nox and Alteran’s. As they may feel obliged to help has per the defence treaty with the four Project Phoenix countries, would need to consult before any action taken, as consequences could be severe for aggressor on Earth.

Use of Royal Space Navy on Earth has already been used and could be used again if needed, would require higher approval, unless acting in self defence.

Heliopolis – visits to Heliopolis by other Earth governments (allies first), yes but only in small groups then under strong supervision, with ground rules being set in advance on what can and cannot be shown.

Still in the planning stage, with several NATO and non-NATO allies expressing a wish to visit Heliopolis, with this likely to start to happening with the next few years, once negotiations have been completed.

Atlantis – To be determined at a future date, as this may be too much in one go?

Decision of August 2019 to continue as above

November 2019

Trump is re-elected president is the United States, again by winning the Electoral College, but loosing the popular vote. President Trump will continue with his policy of expanding the US Space Command thus creating more and more jobs in the US for US citizens.

President Trump sees the US Stargate program, as his legacy, along with making America great again.

January 2020

China launches her first spacecraft and begins a series of test flights, with a second already under construction, with several more sub-light ships starting to be assembled. To pay for this program, China has reduced its nuclear weapons program to virtually nil. This program of disposing of nuclear weapons that most countries with nuclear weapons are following, with the funding moved into their own growing space programs, with nuclear weapons are now seen as obsolete.

During January, China’s first spacecraft begins her space trials under the watchful eye of a RSN warship in the Solar System to offer help if needed just in case there are any problems during testing.

At the end of January with her trials complete China’s first spacecraft uses the Starship Stargate for the first time and travels to the world that has been given to China. The activation of Starship Stargate for the first time is broadcast live around the world and is an amazing site to behold.

After a few hours in orbit around there colony world China’s first spacecraft returns through the Starship Stargate to report an successful first mission, along with bringing back images of China’s new colony world.

This news from China does take away from President Trump’s inauguration and he is not happy about the China launch messing up his inauguration and tweets a lot about it, China simply ignores President Trump tweets and continues with its first colony efforts.

February 2020

An interview (in the UK) with Dr Daniel Jackson Head of Linguistics for Project Phoenix with the US new network Fox news [1]

Fox news interviewer: Dr Jackson, before you became part of the UK Stargate program, you had predicted much of what they had discovered and you were ridiculed for your theories?

Dr Jackson: Yeah. I've…spent the majority of my professional life being ridiculed for my theories most of which turned out to be correct, by the way. I'm kinda used to it. However how I am sought out for my advice by those who US scientist ridiculed me, ironic done does not even come close to describing how that feels. Also it does help that I am no longer a US citizen anymore that has helped a lot, as no one can call me a traitor, especially those who ridiculed me as they are the ones who push me away!

Fox news interviewer: So you are saying you have been approached by the US government to help with the US Stargate program?

Dr Jackson: Yes and No, yes the US government has approached me directly about becoming a US Citizen again and helping with the US Stargate program, with a 100 million dollar bribe and I said no.

Fox news interviewer: You said no to 100 million dollars?

With a broad smile Dr Jackson: Yes I did, as the US Stargate program cannot offer me what the phoenix program can.

Fox news interviewer: What is that?

Dr Jackson: Access to the knowledge of the Asgard, Nox and the Alteran’s, as these races for me as a linguistics cannot be counted in money.

Fox news interviewer: Oh I see

Dr Jackson: I do not think you do, but very nice of you to say.

The interview goes on for about two hours and reveals very little that was not already known about phoenix.

This interview is a rating winner for Fox news.

On a side note no news organization wants to do an interview with Dr Rodney McKay, after the first and only interview that put the rest off, as Dr McKay was rude and arrogant.

May 2020

The 2020 general election sees Jeremy Corbin, assume that he will win, as he won the labour vote to get elected as labour leader and he takes that the same will happen during the 2020 general election. However, this does not happen with labour unable to break into the Conservatives lead, leading to labour loosing the election badly.

The UK 2020 general election sees the Conservatives a win, by a landslide.

Total number of seats – 658 (331 seats needed for a majority)

Conservative – 360

Labour – 230

Liberal Democrats 37

Overseas UK Parliament seats – 8 (all 8 are independent but are grouped together for mutual support)

Others – 23

Work is underway to figure out how to count the off world votes for those born on Heliopolis in Earth elections for each of the four phoenix countries, one thought is that they can choose what country, along with the associated constituency, but that might cause problems. Proportional representation is also being considered, with Parliament having a set number of seats for PR votes for Heliopolis.

June 2020

Jeremy Corbin is re-elected as leader of the Labour Party, with the grass roots support not wavering, Labour MP’s are not happy about Jeremy Corbin being re-elected as leader of the Labour Party, but with Corbin having the support of the Labour grass roots there is nothing that they can do about this.

July 2020

China established it first base on its new planet with only a few hundred people, but this will grow as China builds more ships and ships more people to the planet of New China. China is also looking to mine and resources on New China along with building ore processing and manufacturing facilities, in addition planning is underway to build several PWR’s as these rectors will provide a reliable source of power, with the waste being dumped into the sun in the New China system.

Over the years and decades the New China planets population with grow rapidly, within 100 years New China’s population will exceed 1 billion this will also be followed by rapidly expanding infrastructure to support the population boom.

China has very little interest in the rest of the galaxy and will focus on its internal growth and cooperating with Phoenix, as China is now tied to Phoenix for the foreseeable future.

August 2020

During August Russia launches its own spacecraft the Yuri Gagarin this spacecraft is powered by the AEM along with small Naquadah generators acting a backup power supply. The Yuri Gagarin also has shields, energy weapons and hyperdrive thanks to the technical information ‘acquired’ from US Stargate Command by the FSB the Yuri Gagarin is a surprise to the US as the US thought that the Yuri Gagarin would be sub-light ship only.

With the Yuri Gagarin being armed and having a hyperdrive changes things for the US, as the US thought that it would only be competing with the phoenix four in the Milky Way Galaxy, but now it will be a three way split and the US is not happy about this development.

After a successfully test program the Yuri Gagarin is sent on missions to find Naquadah this will allow Russia to build more hyperdrive equipped ships powered by Naquadah reactors. In addition this will allow Russia to build Earth based Naquadah reactors to power its country within 10 years, Russia will also build fighters with anti-gravity drive engines, with Mikoyan and Sukhoi being the primary builders of these new fighters.

Within a few months Russia will have its own small source of Naquadah and will not tell anyone how it is getting the Naquadah, but this Naquadah acquisition will allow Russia to build additional hyperdrive equipped ships within a few years. Russia is not interested in establishing its own colony world Russia is interested in getting more advanced technology to improve its own space fleet.

This action will lead the Russia space fleet into direct contact with the Goa'uld and Russian military action to steal Goa'uld technology, initially small items such as Staff weapons of various types, but this will lead to stealing bigger items such as shuttles and other small hyperdrive equipped craft. With the Goa'uld in pursuit, but the Russians have a tactic for that return to Solar System, as the Solar System is protected and the Goa'uld do not wish to break the treaty with the Asgard Protected Planets Treaty.

The Protected Planets Treaty allows the Russian’s to steal with impunity as long as they can get back to the Solar System, even though the Asgard are not happy about what Russia is doing the Asgard will abide by the treaty.

September 2020

The Royal Space Navy suspends reality drive trips, as the current batch of explored have turned up some interesting realties, but most of the alternate realities do not have human life or even any other intelligent life that can be detected, so this has led to any further use of the reality drive to be shelved, as there are more important tasks in this realty for the RSN to peruse.

The reality drive program may be restarted at a later date, but no date has even been set to discuss this, so it may be many years before the reality drive program is even discussed.

October to December 2020

With Russia in the early stages of a technology grab with their sole ship the Yuri Gagarin, Phoenix after consulting the Asgard, Nox and Altarians it is agreed to warn the Russians about the danger that they are going to face. However the Russians thank Phoenix for their advice, but do not take it up, as they want to get hold of advanced alien technology at any cost.

So all Phoenix can do is watch, as they could stop the Russians but Phoenix would not be supported by the Asgard, Nox and Altarians as the Russians have not made any hostile actions against Phoenix.

The US is even less interested, as they are also on a technology grab and President Trump is in no mood to be lectured at by anyone, with President Trump focused on building up the US military’s space forces and the US economy growing at a fast rate tanks to all the jobs that have been created by this build up of US military’s space forces.

With the rest of the world to busy absorbing all the advanced technology that Phoenix has given then, also with preparing their own colony ships (for those countries or groups of countries that have requested a colony world).

All Phoenix can do is help when needed and hope that nothing major goes wrong (good luck with that) as the years and decades go by the world will learn one way or another what they can do and what they should not do, mostly be learning the hard way.

As 2020 comes to an end the world owes the four phoenix countries a lot as phoenix four have brought about a technological revolution to Earth that will takes decades or even centuries for the current technologies to be fully absorbed by all the nations on Earth.

One hundred years from now Earth will be a very different place, technology wise anyway, in all other ways (politics being one) Earth will remain virtually the same!

The End of this Timeline

It has been fun to do but this is the last part coming up, as I have looked back at the first part and this was started in 2010!! So I think after such a long time I need to bring this TL to an end?

Thanks to all for your support over the years it has been fun to do this.

[1] Thanks to BELFAST for these ideas