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    81. Enter the Asgard and the Alteran

    September 2016

    1st September the Asgard give their speech to the world though the speech does not give anything away, what causes the most shock is that these Asgard look like the Roswell Gray’s. It is much like the Nox’s speech however the Asgard emphasize the alliance between them and Phoenix and that the Asgard owe Phoenix a ‘debit that can never be repaid’ though the Asgard do not go into any detail about how or why they own Phoenix.

    At the end of the speech the Asgard the questions are not about the ‘debit that can never be repaid’ to the Asgard race, but more along the lines of what really happened at Roswell in 1947?

    Between the 2nd and 9th of September there is considerable debate on whether or not these Asgard are the ‘Roswell Grey’s’, after all they look remarkably like them, repeated questions to the White House are sidestepped, with the only response being that a statement will be put out in due course.

    This initial lack of a response from the White House helps Trump more than Clinton, when a response does come it will not be much of a surprise, as it will be what everyone is expecting. In that the ‘Roswell Grey’s’ are these Asgard and that the US government has been keeping this information from the US people for decades, also in the past the Asgard recovered their property without revealing themselves to the US government.

    10th September President Obama offers a public apology to the Asgard about what happened to the Asgard that crashed in Roswell in 1947 this confirms the Roswell Incident to the public at large after decades of denial.

    The Asgard via the UK government accepts the apology from the US government, but does not go any further this is more diplomatic niceties than anything else between two governments.

    What does not help Clinton is the fact that the former President Clinton started the secrecy surrounding the US Stargate program this favours Trump as he keeps pointing out that this program would have likely remained secret if the phoenix countries have not revealed their own Stargate program.

    11th September Trump goes on the offensive against the ‘Washington Elite’ for withholding this information from the public, as if this had been known in 1947 the world might be a different place.

    This very strong statement from Trump puts Trump in the lead in the polls, along with his core message of make America great again, along with immigration and trade, with creating jobs for Americans rather than importing for other countries.

    Between the 12th and 14th September the revelation about the Asgard rumbles on (mostly in the US but also from other countries), until the speech by the Alteran Moros is given and then the attention is focused on the Alteran’s.

    But to be frank the world in on an information overload and everyone is trying to grasp this new reality and let it sink in and this will take many years to achieve, perhaps even longer in some cases.

    15th September the Alteran give their speech with Merlin using the name Moros, as this was felt to be better considering this is a lot for everyone to take in and news that Merlin is a real person would be too much too soon.

    Moros speech is very short and does not reveal anything, apart from supporting the Alliance (Nox and Asgard), along with supporting Phoenix, with Moros also refers to a debit that cannot be repaid in similar terms to the Asgard.

    Moros does state that the Alteran has been a space fairing civilization for over 1 million years and contacted both the Asgard and the Nox over 100,000 years ago when they formed the Alliance, along with another race called the Furlings.

    This revelation that the Alteran’s are the oldest space fairing civilization, causes considerable discomfort, as it proves that Earth and humans are not the first incarnation of human kind. With some conspiracy theorists suggesting that they may be related in some way to the Alteran’s (though this is not confirmed or denied), some even going as far as speculating that the Alteran’s could be the missing link.

    These theories are not confirmed or denied by anyone, even though they are true, as it is considered too much information for one go this information will be released in time (probably years or maybe decade from now).

    The news that these are Phoenixes alien allies also makes several governments very nervous of the Phoenix, as they now know if any one Phoenix countries is attacked these alien allies will come into battle on Phoenixes side and after that they will lose.

    Daesh ‘leadership’ is also watching what is happening though it does not seemed to have effected them in anyway, as they are still continuing to do what they have done in the past, just keeping clear of the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada for the moment until they can come up with a plan.

    The Russian intervention in Syria also continues as Putin knows that Phoenixes alien allies will not intervene in Syria, only if the UK, Australia, New Zealand or Canada are directly attacked by Russia and that is not going to happen.

    Putin is also pushing very hard on alien technology research, along with designing Russia’s first spacecraft, if Russia can get hold of this anti gravity drive technology, along with the other information it now has on this alien technology then Russia can surprise the world.

    20th September the four Phoenix countries governments discuss the use of the Royal Space Navy to assist in helping the Iraq government in removed Daesh out of Iraq, but the four government leaders do not reach an agreement, as using such a powerful option may cause negative side effects.

    However this is not killed off all together, instead they will be put the four Phoenix countries parliaments to vote on whether or not to authorise the use of Royal Space Navy and other advanced military capability to clear Daesh out of Iraq.

    This vote is scheduled for December, all four parliaments must vote yes for approval to be given.

    25th September Trump campaigning states that he will if elected begin colonisation of the world under US control (Site Alpha), as this will also provide more jobs for US citizens. This announcement will put Trump slightly ahead in the polls, with Clinton still trying to put the alliance idea forward, but is not gaining much traction un the US with this idea.

    29th September the four Phoenix countries announce that the existing space station in geo stationary orbit will be replaced by a new space station towed from Heliopolis, with the existing space station being disassembled once the new space station arrives at the end of next month.

    This news causes quite a stir, as no one had expected this sort of announcement, various governments request what this space station will be used for.

    Within Project Phoenix, it has been suggested that other countries be invited to join with the first suggested being Sweden and Norway, as these two countries are part of the Sterling Zone group of countries and are very closely tied to the four Phoenix countries.

    The offer to Sweden and Norway to join Project Phoenix as associate members with none voting rights initially, work is also progressing in allowing people from Sweden and Norway to settle on Heliopolis, but this agreement is years away from being finalised yet.

    Sterling Zone group of countries are UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Solomon Islands, Saint Lucia, Kiribati (formerly Gilbert Islands), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Bermuda. Part of the Sterling Zone, but with their countries’ currencies (not the pound) Sweden and Norway merely tied to the pound.

    30th September

    UK Nuclear Deterrent

    With the coming of Project Phoenix into the public light, the need for the UK to have a Nuclear Deterrent has just been made very unnecessary, with Prime Minister David Cameron announcing that the UK will be disbanding its Nuclear Deterrent as it is now irrelevant due to the advanced technology available to defend the UK that is now available.

    The news causes the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbin to fracture even further, as Jeremy Corbin had been calling for the UK to remove its Nuclear Weapons, with this now gone this does not give the Labour Party much to fight for under Corbin, as with the NHS and other areas such as the economy. With the release of such a large amount of funds coming from several different areas the UK’s financial position (along with Australia, New Zealand and Canadian) is now being greatly enhanced.

    Most of the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canadian media are stating that the four Phoenix countries will lead the world in this new industrial revolution.

    October will be a much quieter month than previous months, as Phoenix has no major press releases planned, only minor ongoing information about current technology release such as anti-gravity drive technology and medical technology (medicines).

    To be continued
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    82. A Quiet Month

    October 2016

    1st October, Project Phoenix releases information on the world’s first superconducting power line paves the way for billions of pounds of dollars in savings across the globe, more nuclear power stations are also ordered for three of the four phoenix countries. [1]

    A long-term replacement program for existing power lines will be put into place by the end of 2016, with the first of these new power lines starting to be installed from 2020 onwards in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, with sales of this technology going very nicely for the four phoenix countries. With other countries around the world installing these new power lines from 2025, allowing for a considerable cost saving for all concerned making the purchase of this technology very cost effective.

    During most of October is the month for explaining anti gravity drive technology the Phoenixes allies, along with starting the process of technological transfer for this new type of technology along with helping their allies to understand this technology and how to build it etc. Multiple teams do this technological transfer across many countries at the same time, as the four Phoenix countries do not want to seem to favour one country over another as this would cause diplomatic problems.

    With the US Presidential race becoming more and more focused on the US Staragte program along with immigration, with Trump’s messages America first and making America great again gaining ground, with the option polls showing Trump with a lead over Clinton. Clinton camps message of sharing the US Stargate with America’s allies while maintaining control does not seem to be resonating with the US people.

    During October, the world is spending the time to get used to the new reality concerning the four phoenix countries and the US Stargate program.

    Also during October, the US shows off the USS Lexington and the F302C space superiority fighters at Joint Base Andrews, along with the new Columbus class shuttles that the US Stargate program has not started building. This greatly impresses the US press and most international press as well, with the exception of the four phoenix countries press who are not that impressed, as the US spacecraft seems less developed than the Royal Space Fleet ships.

    With all that has been going on the response outside of the US is limited, as there is an information overload about alien technologies at the moment and this will take many years to be fully absorbed into people’s minds.

    The remainder of October and early November is taken up with the presidential election, as that is hotting up with accusation and counter accusation this US election is getting very lively.

    10th October is the date that the bill is introduced into all four Project Phoenix parliaments to approve the use of the advanced military technology to help Iraq government to defeat Daesh. Labour’s position will to oppose the use of such advanced weapons, mostly as they do not understand that this technology does not leave behind any radiation, but many Labour members are assuming that it does and are running with this as a reason to vote no.

    This decision is also picked up by the press who also jump on the bandwagon for a no vote.

    15th October all four Phoenix countries make it very clear that they will not interfere in other countries internal affairs in any way and neither will any of Phoenixes alien allies, but the caveat is that if attacked then whoever attacks them they will deal with in whatever way there governments decide.

    31st October the new Woomera space station arrives in orbit towed by several Royal Space Navy warships this new Woomera space station is not very large, but does have several improvements over the old Woomera space station. Firstly, gravity plating, secondly two ring transporters allowing instantaneous transport from any of the Earth based ring transporters within the four Phoenix countries, with the US ring transporters locked out.

    The final advantage is that this new space station has a small shuttle bay that allows four Fox class shuttles to dock. These Fox class shuttles are more for cargo that cannot be ringed up to the station, also can be used to transport personnel from the station to Heliopolis and back again without needing to use the Earth based Stargate.

    For defence the station posses and strong shield system powered by the stations four Naquadah generators.

    Next month the world will see who the new US President is.

    To be continued.

    [1] Thanks to BELFAST for this
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    83. A New President

    November 2016

    On the 8th November, the US goes to the polls to elect a new president, with everyone expecting Clinton to become the next president, however much to everyone’s surprise Donald Trump becomes the next president of the US, by winning the Electoral College and not the popular vote.

    On the morning of the 9th November the new president elect Donald Trump makes speech, with the US Stargate program being one of the centre pieces of rebuilding America and using this and other programs to unite America behind Trump. With a rapid expansion of the US Space Fleet and a new improved class of warship to not only to supplement the current Lexington class but also to replace this class.

    President elect Trump believes this and other programs will help drive down unemployment within the US and also send a strong message to the Phoenix group of countries that the US should be treated as an equal in terms of space technology.

    With a Republican controlled House and Senate it is highly likely that these Stargate related programs will go ahead after 20th January 2017 very quickly, with most Democrats in favour of building extra starships to add to the current fleet of four ships.

    Clinton’s supporters are not happy as they see that Clinton has been ‘robed’ of this election and protests begin almost immediately after the announcement that Trump has won.

    10th November President elect Trump announces that if the House and Senate approve it, he will create a new cabinet post Secretary of State for Space this cabinet post will encompass anything to do with space and the US Stargate program. Trump states that this post will come within the succession line between the Secretary of Defence and the Attorney General if approved by the House and Senate.

    In response Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Paul Ryan gives his approval for this idea, as do all Republicans (and some Democrats), this new department and cabinet post is likely to be approved in early 2017, all that is needed is someone to lead this new department.

    The new Secretary of State for Space will merge both NASA and US Stargate Command (along with a few other ‘bits’ as well) under this new Secretary of State for Space, along with any other space related agencies as well, also their budgets will be merged into one large budget. This budget will be the second largest behind the defence budget.

    Senator Kinsley is tipped to be the new Secretary of State for Space, however he has been part of the cover up of the program since the start and this is seen as a bad thing, though on the positive side he does know more about the US Stargate than anyone outside of the US military or the NID.

    Also during the 10th November President elect Trump begins the process of talking to various world leaders on the phone, with the UK Prime Minister David Cameron first, as this is a curtsey as talking to the leader of the only other superpower on the planet is consider good politics.

    11th November both the Asgard and the Nox send congratulations to President elect Trump, along with the congratulations of the four Phoenix countries, these four countries are first to respond to Trump’s victory. Though the congratulations do not mean that they support Trump’s policy toward immigration or anything else, the four Phoenix countries will remain neutral during this transition phase, as Trump is not President until 20th January next year.

    The four Phoenix countries can still deal with President Obama’s administration.

    15th November President elect Trump receives a full briefing on the US Stargate program and how advanced it really is compared to Phoenix and the known alien races, with Colonel Carter explain the technological aspects of the Stargate program and General O’Neill being present.

    Extract of briefing...

    Trump: So are we equal to Phoenix in technology Colonel?

    Carter: No Mr President elect

    Trump: How far are we behind?

    Carter: Decades maybe a hundred years, we may never catch up.

    Trump: Why, we have the same alien technology that phoenix has

    Carter: That is true in part sir, but we do not have the alien allies that phoenix has, as these alien allies have apparently shared or loaned their technology to phoenix and this gives phoenix a considerable advantage over everyone else.

    Trump is not very pleased with this answer.

    Trump: With our own program, do we have a ship that is more advanced that the current Lexington class that can be built?

    Carter: Yes sir we do, but we do not have the funding to commence assembly of what is called the HC-304 heavy cruiser class this new class will be a great improvement of the Lexington class.

    Trump: So all you need is a funding for this new ship class?

    Carter: Yes sir

    Trump: I will see you get the funding for this HC-304 class of starship.

    Carter: Thank you President elect

    Trump: Now onto the planet we control.

    O’Neill [sarcasm]: With the catchy name Site Alpha

    Trump smiles: Yes after the 20th January when I am sworn in I need a new name, was thinking of planet America that sounds good, with the areas on the planet named after US cities or end States.

    O’Neill: Well anything will be better than Site Alpha Mr President elect

    Trump: That is true anything is better, I will have a word with Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Paul Ryan to see if he likes the idea of renaming Site Alpha to planet America?

    O’Neill: There is one thing that you will need to see Mr President elect?

    Trump: What is that?

    O’Neill: It is about an encounter between the Lexington and 11 Ha'tak’s operated a rouge Goa'uld System Lord Imhotep several years ago.

    Trump nods and Carter dims the lights then runs the recording of the Lexington incident.

    Thrump leans forward in his chair and begins to watch...

    Lexington drops out of hyperspace and immediately detects the Imhotep 11 Ha'tak’s, Colonel Ronson orders the Lexington to Battle Stations, as it will be several minutes before the Lexington can re-engage her hyperdrive.

    The Battle of the Lexington had begun

    With the initial attack by the 11 Ha'tak’s having disabled the Lexington’s hyperdrive. Captain Carter is now down in engineering helping bring the ships hyperdrive back online.

    The Lexington’s weapons fire is proving useless against the 11 Ha'tak’s shields, as a rail gun against an improved Ha'tak’s shields even with the addition of missile with nuclear warheads jacketed with Naquadah it is proving impossible to breach any of the Ha'tak’s shields.

    Though the death gliders are a different story they are being destroyed very easily by the Lexington’s rail guns and F-302 fighters, as the death gliders do not posses any shields or have very good pilots in ship to ship combat.

    At the point where the then Captain Carter has just got the hyperdrive working again Imhotep Ha'tak fires several shots and destroys the Lexington’s backup hyperdrive crystals the Lexington is now going nowhere.

    With the systems on the Lexington now beginning to fail the crew know they do not have long, all personnel have been armed and are prepared to try to repel boarders.

    The Ha'tak’s have adopted a siege bombardment of the Lexington in trying to bring out the Lexington’s shields without destroying the Lexington, as the 11 Ha'tak’s could easily do if they combined their firepower of all eleven Ha'tak’s at the same time.

    Then a large warship drops out hyperspace between 11 Ha'tak’s and the USS Lexington, with this new ships shields quickly coming up and absorbing the incoming fire from the 11 Ha'tak’s that had been directed at the Lexington.

    The Phoenix ship turns on its axis slowly towards the 11 Ha'tak’s (keeping itself between the Lexington and the Ha'tak’s) and then without any warning opens fire with a series of blue coloured energy beams, within a few seconds all 11 Ha'tak’s are destroyed with very little effort expended on this Phoenix ships part.

    The film ends

    Trump: So Phoenix saved one of our ships?

    O’Neill: Yes they did Mr President elect

    Trump: Was this under Obama?

    Trump is smiling at the thought that he has potential political dirt on Obama.

    O’Neill: No Mr President elect, former President Bush against advice he sent what was then on a solo mission

    Trump: Oh not good

    Trump is no longer smiling.

    O’Neil: The ships weapons proved to be hopeless against a Ha'tak’s shields, even if we had gone up against just one Ha'tak we would still have lost.

    Trump: I assume the Lexington class have been improved since then?

    Carter: Yes Mr President elect we now have energy weapons that has replaced the rail guns and improved shields, so we now have a fighting chance

    Trump: So does this mean we can stand toe to toe against a single phoenix ship?

    Carter: No Mr President elect we can only engage one of the Goa'uld ships at a time even then it would be a hard fight with victory not certain even then. Against a Phoenix warship we would only last a few seconds no longer.

    Trump: But you said the Lexington class ships have been upgraded?

    O’Neill: I think what Carter is trying to say is that the phoenix warships are way ahead of us even with the current upgrades.

    Carter: General O’Neill is correct Mr President elect

    Trump: How far ahead?

    O’Neill: Way ahead, we a hopelessly out matched by a single phoenix warship, even hilariously outmatched, we do not want to piss them off Mr President elect that would be very bad for the US. A single phoenix warship could take out all four of our ships with just four shots, with our return fire not even denting their shields.

    Trump: That is bad, I would assume this new class would be much better than the Lexington class ships that we have currently?

    Carter: Yes and No, the new HC-304 Heavy cruiser class will be much more powerful than the Lexington class, but still no match for the Royal Space Navy ships, as they would still have an advantage.

    Trump: Well I suppose that the F304 class ships would be better than nothing?

    Carter: Yes Mr President elect the F304 class ships would be a next step as they would be much more capable than the Lexington class and the HC-304 heavy cruiser class would have considerable room for improvements and upgrades as well.

    Carter shows a document with the information on the HC-304 heavy cruiser class

    HC-304 Heavy cruiser class statistics – provisional

    Length: 225 meters

    Width: 95 meters

    Height/depth: 75 meters

    Engine unit(s):

    Sublight engine - Modified/Copied Goa'uld design

    Hyperdrive engine - Modified/Copied Goa'uld design

    Power plant:

    Naquadah generators - Modified/Copied Goa'uld design

    Shielding: Shields - Modified/Copied Goa'uld design

    Sensor systems: Modified/Copied Goa'uld design


    32 Staff cannons (16 x twin turret mounted cannons)

    16 VLS Missile Tubes for Naquadah enhanced nuclear missiles

    Fighter complement:

    16 F-302C fighter’s (standard complement) can take up to 64 in ferry mode

    4 Columbus class shuttles (can carry more if needed – ferry mode or needed for a certain mission)

    Crew: 200

    Other systems: 2 Transportation rings

    After Trump has finished reading this information: How long until the first one is operational, assuming you get the go ahead in January next year?

    Carter: Two years for construction and another year or so for trails Mr President elect.

    Trump: So three years?

    Carter: Yes Mr President elect

    O’Neill: But we can build more than one at a time Mr President elect.

    Trump: Then why don’t we?

    O’Neill: Money Mr President elect

    Trump: I think I will be able to help with that as well.

    O’Neill: That will be good if we can move this along more quickly and get more ships.

    The meeting last for several more hours, with Mr President elect Trump trying to get to terms with what is needed, with Trump assuming it is just money that is needed, he is partially correct.

    After the meeting in the evening of the 15th November President elect Trump has a word with the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan about getting the funding for the first four HC-304 heavy cruisers. Paul Ryan is happy to agree to the fund the first four HC-304’s after the 20th January, as the Republicans can take credit for this, along with reducing unemployment, as the companies manufacturing the parts for the HC-304’s will have to take on extra staff.

    Trump will insist that US people are hired for these new jobs and not use labour from other countries, Trump will use the secrecy and security surrounding the US Stargate program to ensure that this happens.

    16th November Trump selects Senator Kinsley to be the new Secretary of State for Space this nomination has quite widespread support from both Democrats and Republicans. As both sides do not want him to remain as Chairman of the committee on the US Stargate program, agreeing to appoint him as Secretary of State for Space will take away his power base.

    17th November Senator Kinsley accepts the nomination for Secretary of State for Space, Senator Kinsley will go through the committee stage very quickly and will be sworn into his new role on the 20th January 2017. However, it will take several months before his new department will be up and running at a basic level and several years until fully functional.

    Until the 20th January next year, there is nothing that Trump can do however the Republican controlled Senate/Congress can begin the process of approving the new Department for Space along with the budget and production for the first four HC-304’s, cruisers with the Democrats not opposing the creation of this new Department or the new ships.

    With the world quite shocked that Trump will be the new president of the US, even so various world leaders begin to offer their congratulations on Trump’s win.

    Between the 21st and 22nd November the Prime Ministers of the four phoenix countries visit (via Ring transporters) the new Woomera space station this is the first time any of them have been in space. All four Prime Ministers are greatly impressed by the space station along with the spectacular view of Earth from its observation windows along with the artificial gravity.

    25th November, in Russia the secret construction of the first prototype Russian starship has begun this ship will be called the RSS Yuri Gagarin it is expected to be complete by the end of 2017, as this first design will be a test bed for the new technology that the FSB as and will ‘acquire’ from certain NATO countries. This technology along with what Russian scientist have figured out about the Goa'uld technology, will give Russian a slight advantage over the short term.

    The Russian test ship will be limited, as it will not have any hyperdrive technology, as Putin is hoping to use this ship to gain such technology by bluff and by ‘acquiring’ hyperdrive technology by any mean s necessary.

    To be continued.
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