A British Stargate

61. 2003 – Anubis Moves Out From the Shadows

The threat from Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction - chemical, biological, potentially nuclear weapons capability - that threat is real.” – Tony Blair

January 2003

From early January 2003 onwards the Taliban insurgency begins shortly after the group's fall from power following the 2001 war in Afghanistan though it has taken until early 2003 for the Taliban to mount combat operations against coalition forces. With the UK deploying more forces to their area of operation in Afghanistan being Helmand Province with the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand deploying 25,000 troops and support personnel (with some also based in the capital). As the insurgency grows, Helmand Province will become a battlefield between the Taliban, al-Qaeda and other insurgent groups for the battle of control of Helmand Province.

Also from early January 2003, George Bush and Tony Blair as leaders of the world’s two remaining superpowers become closer friends, this plays well in the US, but in the UK is does not and it will only get worse for Tony Blair with his coming support for George Bush in the coming invasion of Iraq.

Leadership of Project Phoenix

The people leading Project Phoenix has changed very little over past few decades thanks to Seth’s Goa'uld Sarcophagus life can be prolonged beyond a normal humans expected lifespan, for those lucky few like Alan Turing with strong ATA Gene’s this means a virtual form of immortality.

Head of State – Elizabeth II (deferred to the Governor General for the day-to-day running of Project Phoenix)

Governor General – Princess Margaret (figurehead though has the Queens veto powers but does not use the Queens veto)

Project Phoenix Committee of Four – made from a member from the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada this committee has the final say in all matters, though the Queen (or Princess Margaret) can veto. This however would go against the role of a constitutional monarch, but it is likely the Project Phoenix leadership would follow the Queens veto though this has never been tested.

Both the Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret both know that once they have crossed that line there would be no going back, after if you cross this line once you can do it repeatedly.

Replacement committee members (when a member retires or dies in office) for the Committee of Four are chosen by the committee without outside ‘interference’ from the UK, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian Prime Ministers, except if all four PM’s are in agreement (that won’t happen).

The day to day running of Project Phoenix falls to the following members (Atlantis members are also listed)

Head of Project Phoenix – Dr Victoria Phillips
Deputy Head of Project Phoenix & Head of Research – Alan Turing (also head of the Atlantis expedition)
Deputy Head of Research – Seth (though this is purely honorary having not real authority in this post but can do his own research)
Head of Computer Research – Vacant Post
Head of Linguistics – Tom Oliver (in semi retirement, now handled by Dr Daniel Jackson)
Commander Royal Space Fleet – Rear Admiral James Goodworthy
Head of Military Operations and Security – Major General Ewan Tenant
Deputy Head of Military Operations and Security – Brigadier James Macpherson
Commander of the Off World Exploration (Heliopolis) – Colonel Bill Marsden
Asgard Observer – Hermiod (with an Asgard Mountbatten Class Warship in orbit Heliopolis) reports not only to the Asgard by also the Nox and the Ancients as well. There are around 100 Asgard and 100 Nox on the Asgard outpost based on Heliopolis, though numbers can vary and Project Phoenix is not privy to this information about the Asgard outpost.

Atlantis Expedition

Deputy Head of Project Phoenix & Head of Research – Alan Turing (also head of the Atlantis expedition)
Head of Research (Atlantis) – Dr McKay
Chef Medical Officer (Atlantis) – Dr Carson Beckett
Deputy Head of Linguistics (Atlantis) – Dr Daniel Jackson
Commander of the Off World Exploration (Atlantis) – Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith

On the 20th January 2003, Colonel O’Neill’s off world team has been trying to convince the Jaffa of Apophis’s to rebel this has had a negative respond from the Jaffa, as the Jaffa are already working on their own plan under Master Bra'tac’s leadership.

On the 21st January 2003, Teal'c reports to Apophis that these other off worlders (not the ones allied to the Asgard) are trying and failing to start a rebellion within the Jaffa, Apophis is not amused by this are decrees that these off worlders are to be executed on sight. Apophis also orders the execution of any Jaffa that shows signs of sympathy towards this idea of rebellion.

Teal'c bows and issues Apophis’s orders, Master Bra'tac on Chulak now has the authority to execute anyone who does not fall into line (and also kill those Jaffa that would not rebel and remain loyal to Apophis) with Apophis’s orders.

On the 23rd January 2003, Colonel O’Neill’s off world team is confronted by a more hostile reception by Jaffa that is ‘loyal’ to Apophis and is driven off that world with three dead and four wounded. Colonel O’Neill is not happy at this turn of events and is determined to find out what happened to the Jaffa resistance, after all Colonel O’Neill was seeing the first signs of a growing Jaffa resistance.

Colonel O’Neill does not know (yet) that the Jaffa resistance have their own plans and O’Neill is just getting in the way, even with his good intentions.

On the 30th January 2003, SI-5 figures (thanks to the UK’s SIS reports on the various deaths) out what really happened in the US and that a System Lord Osiris was released from captivity along with causing a trail of death and destruction in the US and Egypt before leaving Earth in a hidden shuttle. The shuttle part in Osiris’s escape from Earth is only discovered once Hermiod reviews his ships records and finds that an older model Goa'uld shuttle left Earth head back towards

Seth is also informed about Osiris’s release from captivity, Seth is angry, Seth immediately request a squadron of warships to hunt down and eliminate Osiris this request is refused, Seth is not happy and begins thinking of another way to deal with Osiris.

On the 31st January 2003, the next mission to the Woomera Space Station this mission like future missions will last three months and then the current crew of the Woomera Space Station will swap with a replacement crew then three months after that another crew will replace that crew and so on.

February 2003

By the 1st February 2003, Osiris’s small but powerful fleet thanks to Anubis technological upgraded, though Osiris has not stopped there as Osiris has ordered that this technology be improved upon, as Osiris does not trust Anubis. Osiris will be Anubis’s ally for now, though when the time is right Osiris will eliminate Anubis (not possible because of Anubis ascended state) and become supreme system lord.

At the same time Master Bra'tac’s plan is becoming undone, as these attacks by another system lords has forced Master Bra'tac to defend Chulak and Teal'c has also been forced to act to protect Apophis’s fleet as his First Prime.

Master Bra'tac’s plan needs more time as the Civil War between the system lords is causing all kinds of problems, though it is also helping as well the reappearance of Osiris and that Osiris has managed to amass a considerable force in such a short period of time.

On the 5th February 2003, Stargate Command also figures out what has happened in relation to Osiris, a reinforcing of Stargate security is ordered, though it seem unlikely to Stargate Command that Osiris could be much of threat in the short term. What Stargate Command is not aware of is that Osiris’s forces are once again growing, along with an ‘alliance’ with Anubis.

On the 6th February 2003, Stargate Command goes back to business as unusual with enhanced security measures in place, off world exploration resumes, though much more carefully than before, after all the US now realise the true danger from just a single system lord, now amplified by an entire empire of thousands of world and hundreds of system lords.

On the 10th February 2003, Project Phoenix is now monitoring the growing war between the three factions now that Anubis has joined in the fight, increased reconnaissance missions are now planned using two Scorpion Class heavy cruisers at a time, rather than one.

As with everything with Project Phoenix they are being very careful and do not want to be dragged into the war between the System Lords.

On the 15th February 2003, the Wraith in the Pegasus Galaxy is now starting to look for the race that destroyed their hive ship this will lead them to Atlantis once again, though this time with different results than 10,000 years ago. This time the Wraith will encounter and enemy the Wraith thought they had dealt with.

On the 27th February 2003, in the House of Commons Labour MPs vote against the government in a debate over the Iraq War with Tony Blair’s government winning this vote by a majority of just one vote. This will seriously undermine Tony Blair’s government as the Labour MPs that have voted against the government feel that they can now do the same thing on other votes as well.

March 2003

On the 1st March 2003, Anubis begins to move in the open mainly against Apophis’s holdings specifically Anubis wants Abydos and the eye of Ra to allow the super weapon in his command ship to achieve operational capability.

On the 2nd March 2003, those forces under Lord Yu’s command report another System Lord has returned Anubis, Lord Yu will initially not believe this as Lord Yu is sure that Anubis is dead. However, within a few weeks Lord Yu will change his mind especially after the death of Apophis.

On the 5th March 2003, Anubis begins a series of assaults against various holding of Apophis forcing Apophis to divert most of his reserve forces to deal with these multiple attacks. Apophis is determined to defeat Anubis, as Apophis now understands that Anubis is responsible for starting this civil war and Apophis must defeat Anubis if he is to prove to Lord Yu that he is not responsible for starting this civil war.

Lord Yu will quickly figure out that Anubis is responsible for starting this civil war, but he is reluctant to give first as Lord Yu feels as this would show weakness with the other System Lords. Lord Yu does however pull back from various conflicts with Apophis and Apophis intern will pull back from attacking Lord Yu’s forces this will bring a form of unofficial ceasefire between Lord Yu and Apophis.

This idea of Apophis is good in theory but extremely difficult to implement, as Apophis does not even know where Anubis’s main base or bases of operation are located.

However, soon Anubis will suffer a small setback, causing Anubis to amend his plans in a minor way.

On the 19th March 2003, the Second Iraq War begins with the invasion of Iraq by the US and allied forces, with the UK (including Australia, New Zealand and Canada) again being the second biggest contributor of military forces. This time however Tony Blair does not have overwhelming public support for this invasion of Iraq, as John Major did, also Tony Blair is keeping control of this war personally.

The UK military assets will quickly defeat the Iraq military in the south that is not in doubt the problem being is that there is no plan to rebuild Iraq after the invasion or any other sort of plan. During one meeting in the US, George Robertson UK Secretary of State for Defence asks Donald Rumsfeld the US Defence Secretary about what post war planning is in place and gets no reply.

Afterwards, Donald Rumsfeld does not invite George Robertson to any more US Defence planning meetings all questions by George Robertson about post war planning are ignored by the US Department of Defence, as if there are no problems and Iraq will somehow ‘magically’ fix itself.

Tony Blair also seems to have ‘blind faith’ in the US plan this will prove fatal politically for Tony Blair and will see Tony Blair’s approval rating begin to fall in the UK, especially after the insurgency in Iraq picks up.

On the 12th March 2003, Tony Blair proposes an amendment to the possible 18th UN resolution, which would call for Iraq to meet certain benchmarks to prove that it was disarming. This amendment, is immediately rejected by the French government, that promises to veto any new resolution even for one of the two remaining superpowers getting a UN resolution pushed through “on the nod” is proving impossible.

On the 15th March 2003, it has been decided by Project Phoenix leadership that the System Lord Anubis needs to be taught a lesson, two Scorpion Class Heavy cruisers HMS Orion and HMS Polyphemus are each equipped with three AEM’s. These are more that they really need for this mission, as one AEM is more than enough to fully power the ships systems, but better to have spares just in case.

A target has been chosen one of Anubis’s newly acquired worlds that Lord Yu is also in the process of attacking, Admiral James Goodworthy will carry his flag onboard HMS Polyphemus.

As both HMS Orion and HMS Polyphemus jump into hyperspace towards their target, (the travel time will be measured in seconds due to the power boost offered by the three Ancient Energy Modules AEM) [Authors Note: AEM = ZPM’s]).

One of Lord Yu’s worlds

As Lord Yu’s forces are battling Anubis’s enhanced Ha'tak’s even though Lord Yu has a greater number of ‘conventional’ Ha'tak’s these are no match for Anubis’s enhanced Ha'tak’s.

Lord Yu is determined to capture one of these enhanced Ha'tak’s, as the world below is of little consequence to Lord Yu, Lord Yu wants this technology for his own forces then he can deal with Anubis and afterwards Lord Yu will deal with Apophis.

This battle is not go well for Lord Yu, as he is losing Ha'tak’s at an alarming rate (though Anubis’s enhanced Ha'tak’s are also being destroyed but at a much lesser rate), if this keeps up he will be forces to withdraw.

Just at the point Lord Yu is about to order a withdrawal, two warships drop out of hyperspace, Lord Yu recognises them as ‘Phoenix’ warships, though he does not know why they are here, but has an educated guess, Lord Yu says, “Do not fire on those two warships under any circumstances, is that clear”

The Jaffa at the communications station replies, “Understood my lord” and relays Lord Yu to the rest of Lord Yu’s fleet.

HMS Polyphemus

As HMS Polyphemus drops out of hyperspace along with HMS Orion, both warships power shields and weapons, with the three AEM’s onboard each warship this action takes mere seconds, compared to several minutes without them.

Admiral Goodworthy says, “Report”

The sensor operator replies, “There appears to be a battle between two system lords, one set of warships indicated,” the display shows these ships in blue “seem to not have the upgrades that were encountered by HMS Wivern.”

Pausing for a moment the sensor operator continues, “The second set of warships indicated” the display shows these ships in red “are the same as those encountered and fired upon HMS Wivern, it seems likely that these Ha'tak’s are from the faction that attacked HMS Wivern”

Admiral Goodworthy says, “Very well” pausing for a few moments as Admiral Goodworthy had not expected two factions to be here, but it may be of use as a demonstration to both factions that there is a price for attacking Project Phoenix ships.

Admiral Goodworthy says, “Helm attack speed, guns you are only too fire on the red targets indicated”

The gunnery officer replies, “Understood Admiral” and issues the orders targeting solutions are quickly established on the ‘red’ targets.

Onboard Lord Yu’s Ha'tak

Lord Yu has been watching what the two new arrivals have been doing (nothing), when suddenly both ‘Phoenix’ warships leap forwards and begin attacking Anubis’s enhanced Ha'tak’s.

In the first pass the beam weapons that shoot out of the weapons ports, destroy two of Anubis’s enhanced Ha'tak’s with what seems like little effort to Lord Yu, Lord Yu is astonished but does not show it, only nods if he knows what is going on.

The (short and fatal) nightmare for the crews of Anubis’s enhanced Ha'tak’s as just begun as HMS Polyphemus and HMS Orion begin to carve up Anubis’s enhanced Ha'tak’s. With Anubis’s enhanced Ha'tak’s return fire, being completely ineffective against these two ships greatly enhanced Asgard shields thanks to the virtually unlimited power supply provided by the three AEM’s onboard each ship.

Lord Yu just laughs, much to the surprise of his Jaffa, as Lord Yu as just realised what has caused this attack, an attack against one of the Phoenix warships last year, Anubis has made a mistake and these ‘Phoenix’ humans are retaliating.

Lord Yu then says something that surprises his First Prime, “Hail the lead ship, I wish to speak with them.”

Lord Yu’s First Prime hesitates for a moment then replies, “As you command my lord”

HMS Polyphemus

As HMS Polyphemus and HMS Orion are systematically working their way through the ‘red’ Ha'tak’s the communications officer says, “Admiral, communication coming in from blue Ha'tak” pausing form a moment then continues, “Sir it is Lord Yu”

Admiral Goodworthy had not expected this and says, “Very well put him though”

On the forward display an image of Lord Yu appears, Admiral Goodworthy says, “Greetings Lord Yu, I am Admiral Goodworthy commander of this force what can I do for you?”

Lord Yu bows his head slightly and replies, “I would like to capture one of Anubis’s enhanced Ha'tak’s if you could disable one of them my Jaffa can do the rest.” Lord Yu feels that the usual rhetoric would be pointless and feels that if he got right to the point he might make headway.

Again Admiral Goodworthy had not expected this and thinks for a few moments while his ship and HMS Orion continue to carve their way through Anubis’s enhanced Ha'tak’s, Admiral Goodworthy straightens in his chair and replies, “Lord Yu, request granted”

Then without ending the communication says, “Guns, disable one of those Ha'tak’s then leave it alone to allow Lord Yu’s forces t capture it.”

The gunnery officer replies, “Aye air” and almost immediately one of Anubis’s enhanced Ha'tak’s is disabled by weapons fire from HMS Polyphemus.

Lord Yu looks off to one side then issues orders and says, “Thank you Admiral Goodworthy, I will not forget this.”

Admiral Goodworthy thinks to himself, having a System Lord like Lord Yu owing you one is not such a bad thing, as long as you can claim the IOU.

Lord Yu Ha'tak

With the communication ended, Lord Yu says, “Board that ship I want in one piece” looking at the disabled Ha'tak.

Lord Yu’s First Prime bows and replies, “As you command my lord”

Within a few minutes Lord Yu’s Jaffa are boarding one of Anubis’s enhanced Ha'tak’s and will shortly capture it.

As this is happening the remainder of Anubis’s enhanced Ha'tak’s withdraw from the battle, to report to Anubis what has happened here.

The captured enhanced Ha'tak’s will quickly be analysed and Lord Yu will soon copy the various weapon and shield enchantments.

HMS Polyphemus

As HMS Polyphemus and HMS Orion let the remaining Ha'tak’s withdraw, once the battle is over Admiral Goodworthy withdraws from the battle area to report what has happened.

On the 18th March 2003, the post battle reports have been analysed with Project Phoenix leadership supporting what Admiral Goodworthy has done in relation to Lord Yu, as this is seen as the best option, if the other System Lords can deal with Anubis, more the better.

On the 19th March 2003, Anubis is outraged at what has happened, but there is nothing he can do at this point in time, Anubis must press his attacks on those System Lords that have rallied around Lord Yu or Apophis. Anubis orders that the ‘Phoenix’ ships are not to be fired upon, Anubis states that any Jaffa that does fire upon ‘Phoenix’ will be tortured to death over several years no Jaffa will disobey this order, as Anubis is not messing around.

Anubis must now launch his attack against Abydos to gain the Eye of Ra, so that his ships superweapon can be fully powered, then the System Lords under Lord Yu will learn the price for siding against him.

On the 20th March 2003, land troops from United Kingdom join troops from the United States (leading this operation), Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Poland in the invasion of Iraq. The Australian, New Zealand, Canadian troops are only present because of Tony Blair direct request to these governments Tony Blair has used up a lot of political capital including anything to do with Project Phoenix.

Defeating the Iraq military is not an issue for the two remaining superpower the problem that has still not been answered is what happens afterwards this will be a steep learning curve for the US (and the UK).

On the 31st March 2003, Anubis launches a full-scale attack against Abydos Anubis deploys several dozen Ha'tak and over one hundred support vessel. Apophis’s own Jaffa are swept aside with ease by such an overwhelming force, to deal with the Abydos resistance Anubis deploys his Kull Warriors against the local population of Abydos with devastating effect driving back the Abydos resistance forces from the locations of the Eye of Ra.

The battle of Abydos has begun and will last until Anubis’s forces locates the Eye of Ra then the battle of Abydos would come to a very sudden end.

April 2003

On the 1st April 2003, Dr Phillips asks Hermiod if the Asgard, Nox and the Ancients would approve if Project Phoenix would reactivate several Black Prince class warships as supply ships and that the Asgard/Ancients would supply additional AEM’s for these supply ships along with Asgard shield technology.

Hermiod asks Dr Phillips, “How many Black Prince class ships are you intending to reactivate?”

Dr Phillips replies, “Three to allow an increase that the rate supplies are delivered to Atlantis and to a lesser extent Camelot.”

Hermiod asks, “So you would need three AEM’s then?”

Dr Phillips replies, “Yes”

Hermiod states, “I will forward your request and let you know the decision.”

Dr Phillips replies, “Thank you.”

Though Dr Phillips does not know it this request will be grated with the minimal of discussion, after all three more AEM’s (after all they have received six additional AEM’s to send a message to Anubis) for the Black Prince class ships is a relatively small request. Project Phoenix has done so much for the Asgard, Nox and the Ancients that all three races will not oppose this request.

Dr Phillips or any at the senior level within Project Phoenix do not truly realise how ‘protective’ the Asgard, Nox and the Ancients are of Project Phoenix.

The stats for the Black Prince Class supply ships are as follows

Black Prince Class supply ships

Length: 1,066.2 ft (325.0 meters)
Width: 295.2 ft (80.0 meters)
Height: 198.5 ft (60.5 meters)
Crew: 35
Can carry up to 3,500 in evacuation mode, though not recommended on this modified class of ship as most of the internal space is designed for cargo, not people
Sublight engines
Manoeuvring thrusters
Hyperdrive system:
Project Phoenix Zeus class hyperdrive (Interstellar capable)
Fitted with an Asgard hyperdrive as well (Intergalactic capable)
Power Core:
x4 second generation Naquadah reactors
Fitted with an AEM
Fuel: Naquadah
Shielding: Asgard shields
Carried Craft:
x4 Shuttles (Fox class)
Cargo Capacity: 24,500 tonnes
Other equipment: two Ring Transporters

With the internal equipment removed, the Black Prince class warships will make excellent supply ships for supply runs to Atlantis and to a lesser extent Camelot, with a small crew and no armament, but equipped with both Asgard shields, Hyperdrive and an AEM to power them making the Black Prince class supply ships extremely fast and having very strong shielding.

As the supply runs will only last a few hours in Hyperspace at the most, armament seems pointless (as they are not going into combat) and as they are going to systems with strong defences, Heliopolis, Atlantis and Camelot they are supply ships after all not warships anymore!

Bring the supplies on and off these ships is not a problem as the Asgard, Nox and the Ancients at Heliopolis and Atlantis can use their beaming technology to beam the supplies from and to these ships without having to put this technology on these ships.

This three Black Prince Class (assuming that they get the three AEM’s) to be converted will be the last three ships produced as these three will be the newest.

HMS Achilles completed 1988 – Mothballed 2001 – Reactivated 2003
HMS Ajax completed 1990 – Mothballed 2001 – Reactivated 2003
HMS Leander completed 1990 – Mothballed 2001 – Reactivated 2003

On the 2nd April 2003, Project Phoenix leadership decides not to intervene in the battle for Abydos, as this is not Project Phoenixes fight, even though the planet’s population helped Project Phoenix in the past. Project Phoenix feels as though this is an internal matter between the various System Lords, morally it may be questionable, but from a military standpoint, it is a good decision, as getting involved in this civil war would cause all kinds for foreseeable and unforeseeable problems.

Project Phoenix leadership will however let the System Lords that oppose Anubis know were Anubis is (Abydos), Apophis will launch a large scale attack against Anubis the battle between Apophis and Lord Yu will pause, allowing Apophis to release forces to attack Anubis at Abydos.

Apophis is able to pull forces that where engaging Lord Yu, now that there is an unofficial ceasefire between the two of them, Lord Yu is using this time to begin the process of upgrading his own Ha'tak’s to match Anubis Ha'tak’s.

It is now a race for Lord Yu, to see if he can upgrade enough of his own Ha'tak’s to force Anubis’s attacks to halt, if this happens then Lord Yu will have brought enough time to refit his whole fleet.

On the 3rd April 2003, the first wave of Apophis forces arrive the (space) Battle of Abydos has begun and will last for a long time, over several engagements, as Anubis’s forces are having problems locating the Eye of Ra and with the locals as well who are putting up of hell of a fight.

Anubis’s large flagship will not engage in the space battle, instead Anubis’s Ha'tak’s will battle Apophis’s Ha'tak’s in the space around Abydos.

Anubis will be forced to call in additional Ha'tak’s that are engaged against other system lords such as Lord Yu to deal with Apophis forces, as Apophis has committed the bulk of his fleet against Anubis’s forces at Abydos.

From afar this battle is being monitored by the Asgard who are reporting on how the battle is going, so far the Asgard (along with the Nox and the Ancients) are unaware that Anubis’s large flagship is actually a superweapon.

On the 4th April 2003, Osiris asks Anubis if Anubis wishes Osiris’s limited forces to join the battle against Apophis forces at Abydos, Anubis replies, “No, not at this time, though your forces may be needed if this battle drags on for too long.”

Osiris says, “I understand and I will prepare my forces just in case they are needed” Anubis nods and the communication is ended.

Osiris actually has stronger forces than Osiris is letting on, but Osiris is no fool and knows Anubis has a strong base of operations to fall back on along with a large number of very loyal Kull warriors guarding this base of operations.

Lord Ba’al forces have not been involved in much action, as Ba’al has a plan of his own, as Lord Ba’al is building his own flagship, though without the eye’s it will not be as powerful as Anubis’s flagship, but Lord Ba’al’s flagship will still be no pushover.

By the 10th April 2003, the first wave of Apophis forces of the Battle of Abydos has been depleted Apophis now calls in his second wave, while allowing the remains of his first wave to withdraw to rest a repair their battle damage.

From his home world Lord Yu has been monitoring the Battle of Abydos and has noted that Apophis has sent in another wave of his fleet, Lord Yu orders his forces to pull back out of all of Apophis’s former territory. This will (and does) let Apophis that Lord Yu will hold to his unofficial ceasefire with Apophis, Apophis is pleased, as this will allow him to release more of his forces to deal with Anubis.

The space around Abydos is littered with the wreaks of Death Gliders, Ha'tak’s and other ships from both sides, even with his technological advantage Anubis’s forces are suffering losses, due to the sheer numbers of ships Apophis has deployed.

On the surface, the search is becoming more frantic for the Eye of Ra the search is not helped by the ongoing resistance from the locals this resistance is causing Anubis’s First Prime to use the most extreme methods to keep the locals away from the search (and failing).

On the 14th April 2003, the Human Genome Project is completed, with 99% of the human genome sequenced to 99.99% accuracy. This information is already available to Project Phoenix thanks to the Asgard with the Project Phoenix being 100% accurate this Earth based Genome Project is considered a useful cross-reference to be used against the Asgard data.

On the 15th April 2003, Hermiod delivers the news that three additional AEM’s will be delivered for these three supply ships (converted Black Prince class) along with replacements when these are depleted. Hermiod news is delivered at a briefing as part of any other business, with Hermiod as follow, “Oh, one other item it has been agreed that you can have the three AEM’s” then Hermiod beams back to his ship.

All Dr Phillips does is laugh after Hermiod has beamed back to his ship, typical Asgard understatement.

On the 16th April 2003, Anubis’s First Prime finally uncovers the re-buried room with all the Stargate addresses (along with the undiscovered hidden chamber).

On the 17th April 2003, the second wave of Apophis forces of the Battle of Abydos has been depleted Apophis now calls in his third wave, while allowing the remains of his second wave like the first to withdraw to rest a rebuild.

Anubis informs his First Prime that the Eye of Ra must in a secret chamber and order his First Prime to search that room thoroughly including all the walls, Anubis knows where this chamber is but cannot inform his First Prime directly as the ‘others’ would stop him.

By the 29th April 2003, Anubis First Prime has discovered the secret chamber, but a search reveals that the Eye of Ra is not there, Anubis states to his First Prime that the Eye of Ra must in a secret chamber with a secret chamber.

Anubis is now very close to getting his hands of the Eye of Ra that will allow his ships super weapon to achieve full power and then Anubis will deal with Apophis.

In space, the battle of attrition is going well for Apophis, even though Apophis has lost many ships, Apophis’s forces have also managed to reduce the size of Anubis’s fleet, given enough time Apophis is sure he will win, though time is not a luxury that Apophis has.

On the 30th April 2003, with the three new AEM’s now available work begins on reactivating HMS Achilles, HMS Ajax and HMS Leander as supply ships this work and the associated trails will be completed by the end of 2003 with the first supply runs commencing in early 2004.

May 2003

On 1st May 2003, Bush lands on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, in a Lockheed S-3 Viking, where he gives a speech announcing, “End of major combat operations in Iraq”. Bush's landing would criticized by his opponents in the US as an unnecessarily theatrical and expensive stunt.

In the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, President Bush’s statement is met with confusion, as combat operations are not over with what appears to be a growing insurgency along with a number of warring factions in Iraq. With no Police or Military to speak off the collation forces have to be both Iraq’s Police and Military a task that they are not prepared for the UK in the south will adapt very quickly, the US will take longer.

With Iraq, the UK will adopt a ‘Northern Ireland’ policing policy, admittedly with some modifications to allow for cultural differences the UK will have to split its forces between Iraq and Afghanistan. As the UK (along with Australia, New Zealand, Canada) expected a short war in Iraq (as both the US and Tony Blair promised) and then shifting back Afghanistan to deal with the Afghanistan problem. Tony Blair’s popularity will rapidly decline the more he backs President Bush and the US ‘plan’ for a post war Iraq.

Thanks to this policy by the UK Defence Secretary, losses in British military personnel will be very low in addition the unlimited supply of equipment will also help.

On the 2nd May 2003, Anubis First Prime finally finds the Eye of Ra and returns immediately to Anubis’s flagship and at the same time withdrawing Anubis’s forces from Abydos.

On the 3rd May 2003, with his flagship now full powered, Anubis moves his ship to the front of the battle for Abydos.

Opening a communication to Apophis’s command Ha'tak Anubis without any ceremony Anubis says, “You will surrender”

Apophis laughs at Anubis’s demand, as Apophis knows that he outnumbers Anubis’s remaining forces and has sufficient firepower to eliminate Anubis’s remaining forces, Apophis asks, “Why should I have superior numbers?”

Anubis replies, “I have the Eyes of the Goa'uld”

Apophis knows of this weapon and Apophis knows that his own eye was stolen, but his is certain that Anubis could not have all the eyes and replies, “I say again, you will surrender what is your reply?”

Anubis replies, “The ship's weapons are now fully powered.

Apophis says, “Your time is up, Anubis.”

Anubis in a surprisingly claim voice replies, “Of that you are gravely mistaken.”

The ship fires on the Apophis Ha'tak’s which return fire on Anubis flagship, there are at least thirty of Apophis Ha'tak’s, many of which explode. Anubis' flagships shields absorb the blasts from Apophis Ha'tak’s with ease, as more of Apophis Ha'tak’s move forward to attack Anubis' flagships they are destroyed.

Apophis command Ha'tak is hit and destroyed (no body is found though the body could have been disintegrated... maybe) it only takes a matter of minutes to finish off Apophis remaining Ha'tak’s.

Watching this destruction is Apophis’s former First Prime Teal'c, who is waiting to move in with the next wave of Ha'tak’s, instead Teal'c orders their withdrawal back to Chulak on the pretext to join up with Master Bra'tac forces.

Anubis is surprised at the withdrawal of the remainder of Apophis’s forces, Anubis orders his fleet to disperse and to carry out their original orders, as he is certain that no group of Ha'tak’s can now harm his flagship now it is fully powered thanks to the combined power of the Eyes of the Goa'uld.

Anubis turns his attention to Abydos from the remains of Apophis’s forces.

Anubis First Prime Herak asks, “What now, My Lord?”

Anubis replies, “Now I will destroy Abydos.”

A voice suddenly says, “Stop”

Anubis says, “I thought I sensed you”

Oma Desala states, “I will not let you destroy this planet.”

Anubis says, “Strike me down, do it now or I will destroy Abydos.”

Oma Desala raises her hands and directs the energy at Anubis. The energy is blown back as Anubis raises his hand to defend himself. First Prime Herak cowers on the floor as these two ‘gods’ fight it out.

Oma Desala says, “No! Don't do this!”

Oma Desala is spirited away, by the others, Oma Desala has been stopped by the others from stopping Anubis, but Oma Desala has another card to play to help the population of Abydos and she knows that the others will not interfere in this action.

First Prime Herak looks frightened at what he has just witnessed and says, “You are indeed all powerful my Lord.”

Anubis replies, “What you just saw was not my doing. However, this is.”Anubis activates his flagship main weapon, which is aimed at Abydos. A beam of energy is directed at the pyramid the pyramid is destroyed and the energy wave radiates outwards engulfing the entire planet until Abydos is destroyed.

Anubis’s flagship leaving behind a new asteroid field, unknown to Anubis, even though Oma Desala has been prevented from stopping Anubis the others have not stopped Oma Desala from helping the local population of Abydos to ascend.

On the 5th May 2003, Hermiod is how aware of Anubis’s new super weapon and contacts the Asgard High Council, the Asgard High Council tells Hermiod that if Anubis moves towards Earth or Heliopolis then Hermiod is to release an unlimited number of AEM’s to power all Phoenix warships.

The Asgard High Council will send a fleet under the command of Supreme Commander Thor to warn Anubis against interference or to break any treaties, until then Hermiod is to keep what Anubis has done to himself, Hermiod understands and agrees.

Later, Hermiod is walking towards a storeroom on his Mountbatten class warship that in orbit around Heliopolis, upon entering the storeroom there in this storeroom are row upon row floor to ceiling of AEM’s ready for use.

Hermiod thinks to himself this number of AEM’s could power his ship for hundreds of thousands of years, possibly millions and then Hermiod walks out of his ships storeroom back to his quarters, with the storeroom closing automatically behind him.

On the 6th May 2003, Asgard home world, Thor, now commands a fleet of 60 Mountbatten class warships from his flagship the Mountbatten, each Mountbatten class warship is powered by three AEM’s (along with the Asgard’s own power source). These ships are equipped with advanced beam weapons that are a mix of Asgard and Ancient technology, along with 1,000 drone weapons each.

These 60 Mountbatten class warships area powerful force, though they are not the sum total of the Asgard fleet, just a small fraction of it the Asgard fleet is still growing.

Thor has instructions regarding Anubis, if Anubis fails to comply Thor is to eliminate Anubis and his flagship.

On Thor’s signal the 60 Mountbatten class warships jump into hyperspace, in a form of a ripple of ships jumping.

On the 9th May 2003, on the bridge of his flagship Anubis is pleased with his progress so far, but Anubis is worried now that Lord Yu has begun to upgrade his fleet (along with the other system lords that are allied to Lord Yu).

Anubis First Prime Herak states, “My Lord, there is a very larger fleet of ships dropping out of hyperspace” pausing for a moment “they are Asgard in design”

Anubis is very surprised he had not expected the Asgard to intervene, looking at the sensor readings of the Asgard ships Anubis can see the power readings are off the scale, Anubis knows there is only one power source that can put out that much power and ancient power module.

Anubis First Prime Herak states, “My Lord, the lead ship is hailing us”

Anubis responds, “Put it through”

In front of Anubis a holographic image of an Asgard appears and in a blunt tone states, “I am Thor Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet, you are the one called Anubis?”

Anubis in a neutral tone replies, “I am”

Thor asks, “Are you aware of the revised treaty between the Asgard and the Goa'uld?”

Anubis replies, “I am”

Thor asks, “Are you aware of what will happen if you break this treaty?”

Anubis knows that if the Asgard intervene his upgraded fleet is no match for these new Asgard warships even his flagship would not last long (even with the Eyes boosting its output) and replies, “I am and I will abide by this treaty, my battle is with Lord Yu and his allies and not the Asgard.”

Thor is slightly surprised as he had though that Anubis would put up a fight, Thor replies, “Good then there is no need for hostilities between our two races.”

Anubis bows his head slightly and replies, “None at all Supreme Commander Thor.”

Thor states, “We will be watching you”

Anubis replies, “I know”

Thor states, “Very well Anubis, we will leave now and remember if you break the treaty you will face the Asgard in battle, also you must know that the number of Asgard ships you see before you is a small fraction of the Asgard fleet.”

Thor severs the communication and a few moments later the Asgard fleet jumps into hyperspace.

Anubis says aloud, “The Asgard’s day will come, mark my words, but not today.”

No one on the bridge of Anubis flagship says anything...

On the 15th May 2003, after monitoring Anubis fleet for several days, Thor sends 119 warships back home, while setting a course for Heliopolis to inform the Asgard’s human allies of what has occurred.

On the 20th May 2003, on Heliopolis Thor has finished briefing Dr Phillips, Admiral Goodworthy, Alan Turing and the other leaders of Project Phoenix of what has occurred at Abydos and that the treaty with the Goa'uld.

Dr Phillips is the first to speak and she states, “Anubis has a very powerful ship and weapons area you certain that this ship can be defeated?”

Thor replies, “Yes I can, our scans reveal that several Mountbatten class warships acting together can destroy Anubis’s flagship.”

Seth is the next to speak, “Anubis must be using the Eyes of the Goa'uld”

Thor asks, “The Eyes of the Goa'uld?”

Seth replies, “The Eyes of the Goa'uld are six crystals given to powerful System Lords after they defeated Anubis originally to make sure that this weapon could not be built again. Individually, the eyes are powerful, but together their power increased tenfold.”

Thor asks, “Interesting weapon.”

Seth replies, “Yes and very dangerous, as they were dispersed between opposing System Lords, so that no System Lord could build this super weapon again, obviously that plan did not work.”

Thor states, “Agreed, that plan did not work. Now however we have to plan just in case, Hermiod has instructions from the Asgard High Council to release his spare AEM’s for your ships use. That should buy you time until the Asgard fleet intervenes, though I doubt that Anubis would risk a conflict with the Asgard.”

On the 20th May 2003, Apophis’s former First Prime Teal'c arrives at Chulak with Apophis’s remaining forces and reports what has happened to Apophis to Master Bra'tac. Master Bra'tac welcomes the Jaffa who all accepts Master Bra'tac as their temporary leader after the death of Apophis.

Both Master Bra'tac and Teal'c begin to discuss what to do next they will come to the conclusion they need allies if the Jaffa are to gain their freedom, as the Phoenix people cannot be located it is decided to contact these Americans from Earth, Teal'c will make contact.

They must proceed with caution in contact with these Americans from Earth.

At the end of May 2003, on Earth, in those countries that do not have cloning restriction, such as Italy were Prometea, the first horse cloned by Italian scientists, is born. Those countries that have banned all but theoretical research are now falling rapidly behind in cloning technology and methods.

Research is focusing on cloning replacement organs, so that the donors body is unlikely to reject the cloned organs made from the donors own cells.

June 2003

On the 1st June 2003, the US Stargate Command declares that the flight-testing of the X-301 is complete and testing of the first X-302 pre-production space fighter begins. At the same time, work is proceeding on the production version of the X-302 the F-302, flight testing of the X-302 will be much shorter than the X-301, it is estimated by the end of 2003 the first F-302 squadron should begin forming on Site Alpha.

On the 2nd June 2003, Atlantis under the leadership of Alan Turning has decided to commence off world exploration of a limited number of worlds in the Pegasus Galaxy, with several worlds being likely candidates for exploration.

On the 3rd June 2003, the first worlds are explored in the Pegasus Galaxy, by Colonel Smith’s team, with most of the initial worlds lifeless or the natives are in hiding or have been culled by the Wraith.

On the 5th June 2003, Colonel Smith’s team encounter Ronon Dex, after a bit of a troubled start, Colonel Smith gets Doctor Beckett to remove the tracker that the Wraith put inside Ronon to make him a runner. Runners are implanted with a tracking device in their upper back and set loose to be constantly hunted.

Once the tracker has been removed and destroyed Ronon is taken back to Atlantis and on Colonel Smith’s suggestion to Alan Turing join Colonel Smith’s team, Alan Turing agrees.

In Ronon quarters on Atlantis Colonel Smith states, “You know your way around; you can take care of yourself in a fight; you hate the Wraith as much as we do ... OK, maybe more than we do. But the point is, we could use a guy like you around here and you look like you could use a place to stay.”

Ronon replies, “Agreed” and shakes Colonel Smith hand.

Colonel Smith puts a cigar in his mouth, lights it and says, “Welcome to the team” and walks off stating to himself, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Between the 8th and the 19th June 2003, Ronon more than proves his worth as a fighter, along with an interest in his pistol a Particle magnum (produced by the Travellers) that Ronon had acquired during his period as a runner Project Phoenix is able to recharge his Particle magnums energy cells. Ronon proves on several occasions how good he is with his Particle magnum pistol.

On the 20th June 2003, Colonel Smith’s team (now including Ronon) encounter the Taranians, who live in and around an Ancient outpost currently used by the Taranians to protect themselves against the Wraith. However, the outpost's use of geothermal energy awakens the planet's super volcano in return for help dealing with the volcano the Taranians are willing to give an ancient warship.

On the 21st June 2003, after informing the Taranians that their world will explode, it is agreed that the Taranians will be evacuated to Camelot, to start again, in exchange for the ancient warship. The Taranians are grateful as they will be free of the Wraith in the Milky Way galaxy, the base were Project Phoenix was planning a settlement will be quickly expanded to accommodate the Taranians.

By the 25th June 2003, the Taranians will have, all been evacuated thanks to help from the Nox, using their own intergalactic ships equipped with beaming technology that will also help the Taranians resettle on Camelot. As the Asgard is busy keeping an eye on Anubis and the Nox, do not wish to fight anyone, but they will help save races from destruction like the Taranians, by resettling them to another world.

On the 26th June 2003, the ancients on Atlantis receive their second warship and begin the process of refitting/modernising it just as the crew of the Tria had done with their own ship now they will do the same with the Hippaforalkus.

The crew of the Tria are impressed with Project Phoenix and are coming to like these humans, as they thought that they would have kept the Hippaforalkus rather than return it to them.

On the 29th June 2003, the super volcano detonates destroying the Taranians former and how deserted home world.

By the 30th June 2003, Teal'c will allow himself to defect to the Americans from Earth in hoping to join with them and learning about them this will be easier that Teal'c will originally estimate thanks to the US Stargate team he encounters will be lead by Colonel O’Neill.

By the end of June 2003, the US Stargate program is unaware of the threat posed by Anubis and continues to explore worlds controlled by various System Lords the majority of these are now loyal to Anubis. Anubis considers these humans an insignificant threat, but has offered a reward for any that can either be killed or captured.

US Stargate program is now in a low intensity conflict with Anubis, with relatively low casualties depending on the world that is visited, US Stargate Command military forces are collocating a number of Staff Weapons, but not using them, just studying them.

Stargate Command plans to steal a shuttle for its technology and especially a functional hyperdrive that will allow Stargate Command to build its own hyperdrive and fit is to the ship being assembled under Area 51.

July 2003

On the 1st July 2003, a Traveller picket ship near the Genii home world detects a Wraith ship approaching the Genii home world, the Genii, as planned begin the process of shutting down their underground factories and power facilities. The Genii warships jump into hyperspace and will return either if the Genii plan works or after the cull has finished, one way or another the Genii will survive.

These Genii warships contain all the plans for every invention the Genii along with their leading scientist and engineers, to preserve the advances that the Genii have made since the last cull.

The Genii (in consultation with the Travellers) is to inform the Wraith of the reoccupation of Atlantis in the hope that the Wraith will spare the Genii “farmers”, though the Genii further than that, selling out several other races (that the Genii do not like) to the Wraith as well.

On the 2nd July 2003, the next Genii Freedom class ship Resistance is launched, though the weapons have not been fitted yet, as well as some other systems, it is felt by Genii leaders it is better for this ships to be in space, rather than on the ground.

On the 3rd July 2003, the fourth Genii Freedom class ship Resistance meets up in deep space with the Freedom, Liberty and Independence all four ships are under the command of Commander Acastus Kolya. Commander Kolya will spend the rest of the year getting the Resistance operational and training the ship’s crew, Commander Kolya is under direct orders to avoid the Wraith, as the information onboard these four ships is vital to the survival of the Genii.

Commander Kolya ‘fleet’ is being accompanied by two Traveller ships to offer support if needed, both the Genii and the Traveller’s feel there is safely in numbers and the Traveller’s want to help their allies as much as possible, after all if the Genii fall then the Traveller’s will not receive any more spares. The Traveller’s have also agreed to the Genii to divert the attention of the Wraith away from the Genii home world to ‘other places’ some of the Traveller are uncomfortable with what they are becoming a part of but see this plan as a necessary evil.

On the 4th July 2003, Teal'c manages to ‘join’ with the US Stargate off world team lead by Colonel O’Neill, with Colonel O’Neill feeling for Teal'c and the Jaffa, after Teal'c explains that the Jaffa are slaves to the various System Lords.

All of them return to Site Alpha Teal'c will inform the US Stargate leaders via several debriefings of the civil war, along with what Teal'c knows (very little) of the other alien races around.

By the 5th July 2003, the off world exploration by Colonel Hannibal Smiths off world team has explored many worlds and found primitive humans on most who tell of Wraith culling once every hundred(s) of years. This is not news to Colonel Smith, as Project Phoenix is well aware of the Wraith, though they have yet to encounter a single Wraith.

Project Phoenix (along with the Ancients, Nox and Asgard) based on Atlantis is unaware that the Genii (who Project Phoenix has helped) are about to betray them and a number of other races to the Wraith.

By the 10th July 2003, thanks to the information provided by Teal'c US Stargate command is now aware of the threat posed by Anubis, though not of the recent Asgard intervention to protect Earth and Heliopolis.

On the 12th July 2003, again thanks to Teal'c a smaller off world team led by Colonel O’Neill manages to steal a small hyperdrive equipped shuttle, on their way back to Site Alpha the shuttle develops a problem and drops out of hyperspace. Teal'c and Captain Carter go to the back of the shuttle to fix this problem unfortunately they have dropped out of hyperspace in close proximity (several light years away from this system) to Camelot.

At this time in orbit around Heliopolis, onboard his Asgard Warship Hermiod decides to investigate this ship near Camelot, Hermiod activates his ship hyperdrive and jumps to the location.

Project Phoenix is aware that Hermiod ship has left, but this is not an unusual event, so no one worries about this happening, as Hermiod has a habit of coming and going without letting anyone know, as the Asgard are not answerable to Project Phoenix they do not have to tell Project Phoenix anything.

Stolen Shuttle

As the repairs are just starting, Colonel O’Neill is sitting in the co-pilots chair for the repairs to be completed, looking out of the shuttles windows, when suddenly an unknown (huge) ship drops out of hyperspace right in front of the shuttle.

O’Neill says “Oh, my” and then “Carter, Teal'c you might want to get up here we have company”

Carter looks at the huge alien ship and says, “Wow that is incredible”

O’Neill looking at Teal'c asks, “Teal'c, do you know who that belongs to”

Teal'c replies, “It is an Asgard mothership, I've heard them described in Jaffa legend though this design seems newer than the descriptions I have heard off, but defiantly Asgard design.”

O’Neill asks, “Teal'c, who is these Asgard?”

Teal'c replies, “The Asgard is a great and powerful race the Goa’uld fears them.”

O’Neill asks, “Any idea why they are here?”

Teal'c replies, “No”

O’Neill says, “Great”

Hermiod warship

As Hermiod warship drops out of hyperspace, he activates the ships shields, begins a scan of this ship and determines that there are several humans a one Jaffa onboard, along with a partially repaired hyperdrive.

Now Hermiod understands how this shuttle dropped out of hyperspace, an accident.

Hermiod activates his ships hyperdrive and returns to Heliopolis satisfied that this is not a threat.


At the same time...

O’Neill asks, “Can we hail them?”

Carter replies, “Yes sir we can.”

O’Neill says, “Well Captain, hail them”

Carter replies, “Yes sir”

However, before Carter can hail the Asgard ship it jumps into hyperspace, leaving the shuttle alone in space once again.

The repairs take a short time, the shuttle returns to Site Alpha, for debriefing the news of an encounter with, and Asgard ship along with the recording of the Shuttles sensors shows the sheer size of an Asgard ship. Stargate Command determines that contact should try and be made with these Asgard the only question is how?

By the 20th July 2003, the Genii underground facilities have been shut down, though the reactors have been shut down it will take many months before they have cooled the Genii are hoping that the Wraith will not do a deep scan and find these underground reactors.

On the 24th July 2003, a Wraith cruiser arrives in orbit around the Genii home world the cruisers crew to a minimal scan and find no technologies on the planet’s surface, if the Wraith had done a deep scan into the planet than they would have located the many Genii facilities across the planet.

On the surface the Genii ‘farmers’ are waiting for the Wraith the Genii have a plan to get the Wraith to leave their planet alone in return for information that these Genii ‘farmers’ have about an ancient city called Atlantis, along with a few other items of interest for the Wraith.

On the 25th July 2003, thanks to information received from the Genii “farmers” who have traded this information to save their world from the current cull, also the Genii “farmers” have told the Wraith of the hiding places of several other races, as well, the Wraith will leave the Genii alone. The reason for the Wraith agreeing to this is that the Genii “farmers” have showmen that there are too few of them to make a ‘good meal’ for any hive ship, also the Wraith are interested in having spies.

On the 26th July 2003, the Wraith is now aware that Atlantis is operational and occupied once again, though not that a small number of ancients (Asgard and Nox) are on Atlantis or that Atlantis is once again fully armed and operational.

The Genii will be spared (for now) the Wraith move on from the Genii home world, while leaving a Stargate address were the Genii can pass on information about any other planet’s populations hiding places.

Once the Wraith have left the Genii decide to warn these Phoenix about the Wraith and the impending Wraith attack on Atlantis, not out of any moral responsibility, but instead the Genii are play both sides against each other.

On the 31st July 2003, the Wraith send three-hive ships and six cruisers, as the Wraith expect little opposition the Wraith are unaware that there are surviving ancients along with other advanced civilisations on Atlantis.

August 2003

On the 1st August 2003, the Hutton Inquiry begins, with Judge Lord Hutton opening an inquiry into the recent deaths of weapons expert Dr David Kelly, with SI-5 taking up an ‘overwatch’ on this case by order of the Prime Minister. However, this will mean that only the head of SI-5 can close the file on this case and as a number of questions will remain unanswered this case will drag on for many years.

On the 2nd August 2003, the Wraith in the Pegasus Galaxy launch an attack on Atlantis once again they send three hive ships escorted by six cruisers, it will take several weeks for the Wraith ‘fleet’ to arrive in the Atlantis system.

On the 3rd August 2003, the Genii inform the ‘Phoenix’ people that the Wraith are on their way to Atlantis, when asked how they came about this information the Genii inform the ‘Phoenix’ people that they heard it from a race that had been culled by the Wraith.

On the 4th August 2003, Alan Turing orders HMS Courageous to do a reconnaissance to confirm that the Wraith is on their way.

On the 5th August 2003, HMS Courageous drops out of hyperspace a few minutes later a fleet of three hive ships escorted by six cruisers drop out of hyperspace Commodore Jason Timms as per his orders does not engage the enemy and returns to Atlantis confirm that this information is true.

The Wraith immediately power their weapons and begin firing on HMS Courageous, with HMS Courageous’s greatly enhanced shield easily able to absorb the Wraith ships incoming fire.

A few moments later, HMS Courageous jumps back into hyperspace to report back that the Wraith are indeed on their way to Atlantis.

On the 6th August 2003, on Atlantis with confirmation that the Wraith are on their way Atlantis begins preparation for the Wraith attack, with the last remaining defence satellite being prepared for use. It is estimated that the Wraith will arrive within the next few weeks.

The Asgard will supply additional AEM’s to power Atlantis’s shields and weapons systems the ancients on Atlantis are concerned about their children this problem is solved by the Asgard who offer sanctuary on their home world.

The ancients and the two ancient warships Tria and the partially refitted Hippaforalkus will travel to the Asgard home world where they are their children will be safe.

Merlin is not happy about all of his people leaving, though his does agree about getting the children to safety (along with a number of adults to look after them). Merlin would prefer if the Tria would remain and fight to defend Atlantis, as the Tria has been upgraded and is a much more powerful warship and more than capable of taking on several Wraith Hive Ships at one time.

In orbit HMS Courageous crew are conducting various battle drills to make sure that HMS Courageous is fully combat ready when the Wraith arrive the initial battle will not last very long for HMS Courageous.

On the 7th August 2003, on Atlantis off world missions resume, to see the extent of the Wraiths current culling, two Light Armoured Vehicle (shielded) LAV(S) accompanies each off world mission for added firepower.

On the 10th August 2003, the Wraith are now one day away from Atlantis, at their current speed the Asgard have offered to help, but surprisingly Alan Turing has turned down the Asgard’s offer of help. His reasoning is that they (Project Phoenix) must try to defend Atlantis themselves without Asgard help and only ask for Asgard assistance if all other options have failed.

The Asgard understand why Project Phoenix has turned down their offer of help, but the Asgard have deployed a fleet of 60 Mountbatten class warships under the command of Thor in the void between the Pegasus galaxy and the Milky Way galaxy just in case.

On the 11th August 2003, the Wraith fleet drops out of hyperspace near the ancient defence satellite, a few moments later the ancient defence satellite powers up. A few minutes later the defence satellite fires on a Wraith hive ship, cutting it in half. It explodes.

A few moments later the defence satellite fires again destroying one of the Wraith cruisers, followed by another, this cannot last, the remaining hive ships and escorting cruisers all open fire on the defence satellite destroying before the defence satellite can fire again.

A few minutes later the remaining two hive ships and four cruisers jump into hyperspace towards Atlantis they will arrive on the 12 August.

On the 12th August 2003, the two Wraith hive ships and four cruisers drop out of hyperspace near to Atlantis, with HMS Courageous waiting with shields up and weapons ready.

Atlantis has its shields up, in Atlantis’s power hub, there are three AEM’s along with 12 spares, more will be sent through the Stargate as needed, by the ancients and the Asgard.

The four cruisers break off from the two hive ships and begin the engage HMS Courageous, immediately HMS Courageous begins evasive manoeuvres, with the incoming fire from the four Wraith cruisers impacting harmlessly against HMS Courageous greatly enhanced Asgard shields.

As the four cruisers engage HMS Courageous, the two hive ships enter high orbit and begin to bombard Atlantis’s shields.

With the four forward firing beam weapons (Beam Weapon, Battlecruiser Variant) capacitors fully charged, HMS Courageous turns to engage her first Wraith cruisers the first of the four forward firing beam weapons followed by the next and so on. The first Wraith cruiser explodes after being cut to pieces by HMS Courageous beam weapons this is quickly followed by a second cruiser.

By the time of the destruction of the second Wraith cruiser, one of the two hive ships bombarding Atlantis has broken off to engage HMS Courageous with the hive ship putting more power to its hull regeneration this will be a more difficult kill than the two cruisers.

As HMS Courageous, turns to engage the Wraith hive ships, with the two remaining Wraith cruisers still bombarding HMS Courageous, will little effect. HMS Courageous almost immediately opens fire on the hive ship however this time the Beam Weapons, Battlecruiser Variant impact against the hive ship’s hull with little sign on penetration, as the hive ship is pushing power to hull regeneration thanks to the hive ships greater power reserve.

However, things are not as simple as they seem as Commodore Jason Timms orders that the beam weapons fire continuously and thanks to the power provided by the AEM’s this is possible.

As the forward beam weapons lance out form HMS Courageous forward sections, HMS Courageous engineer reports he is detecting a drain on AEM ones power levels, as at this level the power consumption for HMS Courageous is vast.

After several tense minutes, HMS Courageous forward beam weapons begin to penetrate the hive ship’s hull this causes the second hive ship to break orbit to help its fellow hive ship. By the time the second hive ships has arrived the first hive ship’s hull is now much weaker, even with most of the ships power going to hull regeneration the hive ship is not able to repair the damage quickly enough.

At this point, the power drain on AEM one has reached 30% and increasing, with the two other AEM’s ready to take over from the first, Commodore Timms had not expected the AEM to drain as quickly, as it is doing, though Commodore Timms has not encountered the Wraith before, along with their impressive organic technology.

Several minutes of virtual continuous fire from HMS Courageous forward beam weapons on the first hive ships finally destroys it, HMS Courageous switches its fire to the second hive ship. At this point, the power drain on AEM one has reached 70% the second AEM is already supplementing the power output of the first, with the third AEM on standby.

Ten minutes the second hive ship has been destroyed, HMS Courageous first AEM completely drained, as HMS Courageous turns to engage the two remaining Wraith cruisers they both jump into hyperspace, HMS Courageous does not pursue.

HMS Courageous has won the first round against the Wraith.

By the 15th August 2003, HMS Courageous has received a replacement AEM for the used one, along with repairing any battle damage and the Asgard are assessing their shields to see if any improvements can be made.

On the 16th August 2003, off world missions resume, though with a lost more caution than previously used.

On the 25th August 2003, a plan is conceived that if Atlantis comes under long-term attack again then the simplest method would be to fly Atlantis to the Milky Way galaxy out of harm’s way. After all, there is not much in this galaxy for Project Phoenix except Atlantis withdrawal is a good option, though Admiral James Goodworthy would like to use the Wraith for a form of target practice for his fleet this idea is rejected by both Dr Phillips and the Committee.

On the 31st August 2003, Atlantis long ranged sensors detects a second wave of hive ships and their escorts heading towards Atlantis this second wave is twice the size of the first wave. Just as 10,000 years ago, the Wraith has numbers on their side and the ability makes good their losses very quickly, which they have already started to do.

September 2003

On the 1st September 2003, a dozen of Anubis’s Ha'tak’s drop out of hyperspace several light years from Earth, Hermiod onboard his ship notices this activity, he about to activate his ships hyperdrive when the dozen Ha'tak’s jump back into hyperspace on a course away from Earth.

For the rest of the year the same thing will happen many times, as long as the Ha'tak’s Hermiod will not intervene, what Hermiod does not know is that this is part of a plan by Anubis to attack Earth, by lulling the Asgard into a false sense of security in the Asgard’s technology.

On the 2nd September 2003, Project Phoenix leadership formally asks for Asgard assistance in dealing with the second wave of Wraith ships, as Project Phoenix leadership feel a demonstration of firepower will make the Wraith back off (at least for the short term) until a long term fix is put in place for the Wraith. Project Phoenix leadership is very surprised that the Asgard respond almost immediately in the positive.

On the 4th September 2003, Supreme Commander Thor and his fleet of 60 Mountbatten class warships jump into hyperspace from their holding position to engage the Wraith ships.

As the Wraith fleet drops out of hyperspace at the next waypoint to Atlantis, they encounter a large fleet of very powerful warships of an unknown race. This fleet of warships almost immediately opens fire on the Wraith fleet taking out all but one hive ship and a single cruiser. These two remaining Wraith ships quickly jump into hyperspace on a course away from Atlantis the Asgard fleet does not pursue.

On the 5th September 2003, Project Phoenix leadership extend their thanks to the Asgard for their help the Asgard feel that they are paying a small part of the debit they own Project Phoenix for their races survival. The Asgard will soon be link up with part of their race that they thought has been lost to them.

By the 10th September 2003, the Wraith decide not to attack Atlantis again, but instead build up their forces for an all out attack, along with continuing the culling, for now Atlantis is safe, but any ship of person from Atlantis that is found will attempt to be captured by the Wraith for questioning.

Project Phoenix leadership has got its short term fix for dealing with the Wraith, all they need now is a long term fix for dealing with the Wraith.

At the end of September 2003, the off world team is stood down for a rest, off world missions in the Pegasus Galaxy will not resume until next year. When the missions resume they will discover the perfect solution to the Wraith problem, something that the ancients left behind 10,000 years ago and that the ancients thought that they had destroyed.

October 2003

On the 15th October 2003, China launches Shenzhou 5 their first manned space mission this is with help from Russia (publically) and the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada (covertly). This covert assistance comes via Lord Patton the special trade representative for the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada this is with a view to offering China to become part of the Woomera Rocket Program.

Ultimately, it could lead to China being informed about Project Phoenix, but this is many years away yet and the Committee of Four has yet to come to a decision on this matter. For now, China will be involved in conventional agreements (not Project Phoenix) with the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada along other commonwealth countries such as the Woomera Rocket Program

On the 24th October 2003, the Concorde I makes its last commercial flight, with all airlines that operate the improved Concorde II the Concorde I is see as out of date. To date a total of just under 300 Concorde II’s are in operational service with various airlines, with Hawker Siddeley having orders (and options) for another 200 on the company’s books.

The Royal Flight has four for use by the Royal family, ministers and diplomats, with several countries operating them in similar roles or heads of state.

On the 31st October 2003, Reuter’s news agency notes that representatives from the Woomera Rocket Program are travelling to China to meet their opposite numbers from ‘talks’. This is the first public knowledge of ‘links’ between Woomera Rocket Program and the Chinese space program.

The US government is not happy about this news, but there is nothing that the US can do about this news, the US government just has to grin and bear it.

November 2003

On the 1st November 2003, Prince Charles in briefed on Project Phoenix and is sworn to complete secrecy on this matter, to say that Prince Charles is overwhelmed by the briefing is putting it mildly, but he does handle it much better than some that have been briefed on Project Phoenix. Prince Charles ‘new’ girlfriend Camilla (and future wife) is not to be told of Project Phoenix existence, something the Prince Charles does not like, but will obey the rule of salience as his mother (the Queen) has.

On the 18th November 2003, President George W. Bush makes a state visit to London in the midst of massive protests about the Iraq war (and other things) President Bush does not ask any questions about how the UK technology has advanced so quickly. The visit in considered a success though no agreements between the two superpowers have come out of this visit.

President Bush and his team are greatly impressed with the UK’s technological progress, President Bush is very nervous in the Queens presence, as the Queen has more knowledge of world affairs than President Bush does or any of his advisors have, due to Queens’s long term as head of state.

[Authors Note: the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are on par with Japan and South Korea in terms of technology and internet connectivity, etc]

At the end of November 2003, Osiris’s forces are growing very strong, Osiris has not committed his forces to a major battle, as Osiris is not going to make the same mistakes as Osiris made in the past. The number of worlds under Osiris’s control is limited to ten, as these ten worlds are industrial and have strong manufacturing and a large Jaffa population to call upon.

Osiris is waiting for Anubis to over extend himself against Lord Yu’s forces and then Osiris will strike and eliminate Anubis and regain his place on the Council of System Lords, by showing his ‘loyalty’ to is fellow System Lords. If this plan works, Osiris will be in the right position to challenge Lord Yu for the position of Supreme System Lord, but that the many decades away before Osiris is ready to do that.

December 2003

On the 1st December 2003, the testing of the X-302 is complete with the X-302 becoming the F-302 and the first squadron forming for the defence of Site Alpha. However, so far the US Stargate program possesses no hyperspace-equipped ships there is a program at Area 51’s underground large hanger were a hyperspace capable ship is being slowly built, as yet the US Stargate program does not have an operational hyperdrive to put in this ship.

On the 2nd December 2003, a ceremony on Site Alpha is performed as the X-302 pre-production fighter becomes the first F-302, with the 1st Tactical Fighter Squadron of the 1st Tactical Fighter Wing. For all its grand naming the 1st Tactical Fighter Squadron of the 1st Tactical Fighter Wing has a grand total of one F-302 operational with another eleven under various stages of assembly.

The 1st Tactical Fighter Squadron will not be operational until the end of 2004, at Area 51 there are plans to have the 2nd Tactical Fighter Squadron form up there giving Earth some form of limited defence, though the 2nd Tactical Fighter Squadron will not begin forming until early 2005 and not fully formed until mid to late 2006.

The armament of the F-302 is much less with four wing-mounted long range air-to-air missiles (based on AMRAAM) and two nose-mounted rail guns this armament is much less that Project Phoenix first generation fighters, as the US program has not reverse engineered the Goa'uld energy weapons.

The main reason for not reverse engineered the Goa'uld energy weapons is that it is easily to produce rail guns on Earth without raising any attention from any leaks from the various parts manufacturers of the parts for these rail guns, as not of these parts would be considered ‘alien’.

On Earth the underground dry-dock in Area 51 is complete and initial assembly of the first spaceship has begun the code name for this spaceship is the X-303 ‘battlecruiser’, though in galactic terms it is a light attack ship. This ship will be fitted with modified hyperdrive based on reverse engineered Al'kesh hyperdrive that had been salvaged from several, crashed Al'kesh.

It will be several years before the X-303 ‘battlecruiser’ has been completed, by then the galaxy, as a whole would have moved on, with many changes in the balance of power.

On the 20th December 2003, Libya admits to trying to build a nuclear bomb after the UK reveals that if Libya does not admit to trying to build a nuclear bomb then the UK will tell the world. At the same time, Libyan intelligence begins a search for those Libyans who told the UK that Libya was trying to build a nuclear bomb, several hundred people will die, but Libyan intelligence cannot find the source of the leak.

The reason why Libyan intelligence cannot find the source of the leak is that there was no leak the UK used one of its special Nimrod reconnaissance aircraft operating from international airspace to scan deep into Libya and locate Libya’s nuclear bomb facilities.

On the 31st December 2003, HMS Courageous returns to the Milky Way Galaxy, so that her crew can be transferred over to one of the four new Dreadnought class battleships that are almost complete. HMS Courageous is replaced as guard ship, by two Scorpion class heavy cruisers these are the two cruisers that are equipped with three AEM’s each. These two ships are HMS Dunkirk and HMS Jutland is now the two Scorpion class heavy cruisers now having their turn with the three AEM’s each these two Scorpion class heavy cruisers should be more than a match for any Wraith ship, especially working together.

During 2004, the new Dreadnought class battleships will enter service with Royal Space Navy they will prove their worth in the years to come, with the Dreadnought class battleships becoming the main warship of Project Phoenix.

A surprise awaits the Asgard, along with another discovery associated with this surprise.

Anubis reaches stalemate in the civil war with those System Lords led by Lord Yu, thanks to the acquisition of one of Anubis’s upgraded warships allowing System Lords led by Lord Yu to upgrade their fleets.

In the Pegasus Galaxy, Project Phoenix will stumble across a piece of ancient technology that will help in the new war against the Wraith.

To be continued.
62. 2004 – The Lost Tribe of the Asgard

This is not a battle between the United States of America and terrorism, but between the free and democratic world and terrorism.” – Tony Blair

January 2004

On the 5th January 2004 the first batch of four Dreadnought class battleships are launched from the two orbital dry-docks, HMS Dreadnought, HMS Victory, HMS Britannia and HMS Agamemnon. The trials for these first four Dreadnought class battleships will last until the end of 2004, when they will be declared operational.

HMS Dreadnought will become Admiral James Goodworthy new flagship at the end of the year.

On the 6th January 2004, the crew from HMS Courageous transfer to their new warship HMS Victory along with three AEM’s, Victory’s trials begin.

On the 8th January 2004, Elizabeth II christens the Queen Mary 2 this new cruise liner was built in the UK, with the QM2 shows the growing commercial of UK shipbuilding (thanks to defence orders) even though there were strong foreign bids to build this new ship.

On the 10th January 2004, the next four Dreadnought class battleships begin construction in the two orbital dry-docks, HMS Devastation, HMS Thunderer, HMS Rodney and HMS Anson. These next four Dreadnought class battleships are due to be completed in early 2006 and become operational by the end of 2006.

By the 11th January 2004, the Wraith has been giving Atlantis a wide birth after the Asgard intervention last year, as they continue to cull human worlds. The Wraith had before this started sixty hive ships the Wraith are now down to fifty-four hive ships left, along with several hundred cruisers. The Wraith have already begun to build up their forces for the next round, with a large number of cruisers being built along with six new hive ships to replace the losses.

There is little Project Phoenix can do alone against the Wraith and the Asgard will only intervene if Atlantis is attacked the Asgard will not start another war. The Ancients are trying to rebuild their civilisation (on the Asgard home world) and only have a very small number of their population based on Atlantis.

The Nox being pacifist will not attack the Wraith, but would help world’s populations to be evacuated if requested to do so, but as with both the Asgard and the Ancients will not intervene unless asked directly and the Ancients would only intervene if pushed.

On the 15th January 2004, the Defence ministry’s of the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada announces it in a joint statement and Canada that they will jointly develop and build a helicopter gunships based on the CL-84 design from Canadair. The design CL-84 will be modified with current a provisional armament of a three-barrelled 30mm Gatling gun and will be able to carry up to 16 of the new Brimstone missiles. The yet unnamed gunship will also equipped with a yet to be designed fire control radar similar to the “Longbow” radar carried by US gunships.

These CL-84 gunships would also need to be carrier and LPH capable.

Numbers for each country (built in each country) are as follows

UK Army Air Corp = 160 to 180 (being procured under the Urgent Operational Requirement – UOR treasury fund)
Australia = 60 to70
New Zealand = 30 to 40
Canada = 60 to70

There is also a possibility of export sales the initial contacts with friendly governments to the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are already being made in the background.

It is expected that the CL-84 gunship will not become operational for many years yet, though the development is being pushed very hard.

On the 31st January 2004, in the presence of Anubis Lord Ba’al states, “I do think that we have overdone this ‘god’ thing, just a bit.” Anubis just looks at Ba’al saying nothing and walks away leaving Lord Ba’al smiling to himself at his mini ‘victory’ over Anubis.

By the end of January 2004, the Woomera Space Program has sent a number of unmanned probes to the other planets in the Solar System, with Mars being the favourite ‘destination’ with several robotic rovers already on the surface. NASA has several probes on the surface of Mars or in orbit around Mars including the recently landed MER-A and MER-B robotic rovers.

February 2004

By early February 2004, the Goa'uld Civial War is almost stalemated the only time Anubis’s forces are able to win is when Anubis’s flagship is present and Anubis’s flagship cannot be everywhere. Lord Yu and his fellow allied system lords are now trying to come up with ways of destroying Anubis’s flagship, so far with no success though it is early days yet.

On the 1st February 2004, the Royal Canadian Navy begins the process of ordering Arctic Patrol Ships (APS) also known as the Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship Project (AOPSP) for six to eight ships capable of travelling through thick ice in the Arctic Ocean. The first of these Arctic Patrol Ships should enter service with the Royal Canadian Navy by 2010, with one following per year after the first is in service from Canadian shipyards.

On the 5th February 2004, on Atlantis Dr Jackson makes a discovery of a possible secret lab of an ancient named Janus, though Dr Jackson has a bit of a time trying to convince Dr McKay that Janus lab exists.

Dr McKay is saying a very unenthusiastic tone, “Oh, sure, sure what have you got planned an exciting exploration of insignificant Ancient historical events?”

Dr Jackson replies, “No, not quite, I'm sure you're both familiar with the Ancient named Janus?”

Dr McKay says, “The inventor?”

Dr Jackson replies, “Yes, he was their lead scientist and apparently a bit of a renegade.”

Dr McKay says, “Yeah, I have been over all of his logs. Look at this is work we have done already.”

Dr Jackson replies, “Well, I'm pretty sure I have information that could lead us to his secret lab.”

A very dubious Dr McKay says, “Secret lab?”

Dr Jackson replies, “Yes a place where he conducted and subsequently hid a significant portion of his unauthorized research and if I'm correct it is right here on Atlantis.”

A short time later, in the recently discovered Secret lab of the Ancient scientist Janus, both Dr Jackson and Dr McKay are staring around the lab coming to life in amazement.

In one corner, a small ‘box’ begins to send out a signal to its counterpart across the Pegasus Galaxy the alien leader says, “Tell the others, it is time.”

This is the lost tribe of the Asgard.

On the 10th February 2004, an alien ship of a design similar (but larger) than the ancients gateships drops out of hyperspace inside the planet’s atmosphere much to the surprise of Project Phoenix personnel who immediately raise the city’s shield.

These unknown aliens quickly locate Secret lab of the Ancient scientist Janus and stun both Dr Jackson and Dr McKay, taking the control box along with Dr Jackson and Dr McKay these unknown aliens quickly withdraw, with only one alien being killed.

However attempts to open this killed aliens battle suite ends up with the battle suite being destroyed, leaving behind very little trace of who or what attacked Atlantis.

The Asgard on Atlantis summon help in the form of Thor and Thor brings six Mountbatten class warships to Atlantis the Asgard High Council inform the Ancients that are now sheltering from the attack. Asking ifs they know whom the attackers are the Ancients do not know who the attackers are but do state that the ships used are enlarged version of their own Gateship design. So the Ancients conclusion is that an unknown race has managed to reverse engineer some part of Ancient technology and are using it the Asgard agree with the Ancients, as this seems logical given the current amount of evidence available.

This conclusion will quickly change, after a certain long forgotten piece of Ancient technology will soon be activated.

On the 11th February 2004, Dr McKay is ordered by these aliens (by threatening Dr Jackson) to make Janus devices operational once again, after only being given Dr McKay in discussion with Dr Jackson gets this Attero device operational once again only then does Dr McKay discover the problem with this devices and why it was shut down by Janus.

As Dr McKay explains to Dr Jackson, “If this machine is capable of actually functioning safely, it disrupts the very specific sub-space frequencies the Wraith use.”

Dr Jackson asks, “So they wouldn't be able to engage their hyperdrive”

Dr McKay replies, “Well, that's the genius they will be able to engage their hyperdrive. It's just that their particular channel of subspace would be destabilized and their ship would be ripped into a million pieces.”

Dr Jackson asks, “So, what's the catch?”

Dr McKay replies, “Ah, well, the catch is that Janus ran a three day test about ten thousand years ago and then shut the whole project down because of ‘unforeseen side effects’.”

Dr Jackson asks, “Which are?”

Dr McKay replies, “I am working on that” while still looking at the files scrolling across the screen.

With the Attero device operational the Wraith are now locked into wherever they are in the galaxy, until the Attero device switched off, with several Wraith cruisers being destroyed, though no Wraith Hive Ships have been destroyed. The Wraith can replace these losses, if they can switch of the Attero device, though they are unable to get to the Attero device to switch it off, for now the Wraith must wait.

Dr McKay suddenly says, “No you and I are safe. It is the rest of the galaxy that is going to have problems including Atlantis I have got to shut this thing down.”

Dr McKay starts frantically working the controls. The door opens and two aliens enter, aiming their weapons at McKay.

One of the aliens, states, “Step away from the device.” Dr McKay continues to work the controls. One alien shoots Dr McKay and Dr McKay slumps to the floor. Dr Jackson raises his hand in surrender.

Dr Jackson says, “Okay. Wait-wait-wait-wait! Look, there is a very dangerous, very serious problem with the device. Now, we need to talk to your boss...” The other alien shoots Daniel, and he collapses unconscious.

Sometime later in their cell with both Dr Jackson and Dr McKay awake, Dr McKay is explaining the problem with the Attero device.

Dr McKay states, “All right, so the device creates a very specific subspace “turbulence” that makes it impossible for the Wraith to operate their hyperdrive”

Dr Jackson says, “You said that already.”

Dr McKay replies, “But there's a side-effect.”

Dr Jackson says, “Yes, the unforeseen one that Janus mentions.”

Dr McKay replies, “Yeah, well, it's certainly not “seen” here, because there's no Stargate on this planet.”

Dr Jackson asks, “What's the point, Rodney?”

Dr McKay replies, “Look, although the subspace turbulence only affects the Wraith's hyperdrive systems, it creates a very dangerous type of radiation that, uh, well…that messes with the basic operation of the Stargate’s.”

Dr Jackson asks, “Stargate’s, what, as in all of them?”

Dr McKay replies, “Well, all of the Stargate’s in the Pegasus network, yes.”

Dr Jackson asks, “When you say ‘messes with,’ you mean what?”

Dr McKay replies, “Look, when dialled, power will build up inside the stargate until it overloads.”

Dr Jackson says, “So, you are saying that as long as this Janus device is running, every time someone dials a Stargate in this galaxy…”

Dr McKay replies, “It will explode. I mean, millions of people will die if we don't shut that thing down.”


On Atlantis when trying to dial out Project Phoenix personnel note that the Stargate goes into overload the Asgard advisors are able to shut down the Stargate before it explodes and disable the Stargate from preventing anyone from dialling in or out.

The two Scorpion Class cruisers are immediately dispatched by Project Phoenix Deputy Director and Atlantis Expedition Leader Turing one to pick up the off world team and the other to report the problem back to Heliopolis.

Hermiod reports what has happened to the Asgard High Council, who in turn report this to Merlin and the Ancients that have set up home of the Asgard home world, who quickly recognises what this is and travels to Atlantis onboard the Ancient Warship Tria.

When the Tria arrives at Atlantis Merlin beams down to explain the problem with Thor accompanying Merlin to Atlantis with Thor’s six Mountbatten class warships remaining in orbit above Atlantis.

Merlin quickly explains the problem, Alan Turning states, “This Attero device must be destroyed.”

Both the Tria and Thor’s fleet of six Mountbatten class warships will be coming along, we would request that your ships come along as well.

Alan Turning replies, “Agreed, oh and thank you both.”

Shortly afterwards the Tria and Thor’s fleet of six Mountbatten class warships and the two Scorpion Class cruisers (both having just returned from their own missions), jump into hyperspace towards the Attero device, planets location.

Attero Device, Planet

On the 12th February 2004, the small fleet consisting of the Tria and Thor’s six Mountbatten class warships and the two Scorpion Class cruisers drop out of hyperspace.

Thor opens his communications channel (while at the same time all the ships are raising their shields and charging their weapons), Thor says, “I am Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet, you will surrender immediately or face attack.”

Now they wait (for a short time only)...

Attero Device, Planet (Surface)

One of the aliens says, “They have come”

The second alien replies, “We must make contact”

The first alien says, “Agreed, I will go.”

A few minutes later, a ship lifts off from the outpost into orbit heading towards the small combined fleet.

Thor’s Ship

Thor has been monitoring the launch from the surface and the subsequent ship heading towards Thor’s ship, from his ships sensors Thor determines that this ship’s shields are down and its weapons are unpowered.

As this ship approaches, Thor’s ship slows then comes to a complete stop.

On one of his boards, Thor notices that this ship is hailing his ship directly.

Thor opens the communication channel an image of a being in a battle suite appears on his screen and the figure asks, “Are you the one called Thor?”

A strange questions Thor thinks to himself and replies, “I am Thor”

The figure asks, “Your race is Asgard?”

Thor replies, “Yes” and then asks, “Why are you still in your battle armour I will not hurt you if you comply with my request. I know you are not human, and you are definitely not Wraith. If you were an Ancient, you would not have needed help to activate the device on the planet below, so what race are you?”

On all the ships of the combined fleet, they all observe what happens next...

The head alien turns away from the screen with his back facing. The armour retracts in the back. The alien inside steps out of the suit, which seals shut the small alien steps into the light Thor is shocked to find himself looking at another Asgard, what comes will shock Thor even more.

The Asgard says, “I could never hurt you.... Son!!”

For a few minutes Thor says nothing just the gentle hum of Thor’s ships systems and then is a very quite voce says, “Odin.... is that you Farther?”

Odin replies, “Yes it is”

Thor touches a control and his ships shields drop and weapons power down.

Odin looks off to one side and smiles slightly and then says, “Son we have much to discuss, oh and the two humans on the planet can leave.”

Thor states, “Only when they have shut down this device.”

Odin pauses for a few moments and then says, “Very well” and indicates off screen

In the facility, Dr McKay is released and instructed by Odin’s Asgard to power down the device McKay does this very quickly the Attero device is now powered down once again.

Once the facility has been evacuated, Merlin orders the Tria to destroy the Attero facility the Tria’s weapons continue to pound the site for several minutes, as Merlin wants to make sure that this site can never again be used or brought back to life.

The Wraith is now free of the Attero device and continue with their cull of the humans along with building new warships (and cloning new troops) for the coming attack on Atlantis.

Sometime later, Odin as his fellow Asgard are rescued from their temporary home world, by Thor and returned to the Asgard Home World were the news of Odin’s survival has preceded their return. Odin admits (after he is informed of the solution to the cloning problem has been solved) that his way was wrong and he should never have left, in turn, the Asgard High Council decides not to punish these ‘renegade’ Asgard.

On Heliopolis, the news of a lost tribe of the Asgard reunited with the rest of the Asgard is greeted with great interest, along with these ‘battle suits’ that this lost tribe of the Asgard had developed.

On the 13th February 2004, scientists in South Korea announce the cloning of 30 human embryos with South Korea being one of several countries that is taking up the cloning mantel that had been ‘thrown down’ by the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

On the 19th February 2004, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw announces that all of the nine Britons held without trial as terror suspects at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp in Cuba, along with a Dane, are to be released. This is thanks, in part due the UK being a superpower, with this ‘power’ allows the UK to speak to the US as an equal the other part is the success of the Foreign Secretary Jack Straws negotiating skills with the US government.

On the 21st February 2004, Prime Minister Tony Blair comes under pressure from British human rights groups and MPs because of the government's sweeping powers under the Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Act, which have allowed the detention of 14 foreign terrorist suspects in the UK at what has been described as 'Britain's Guantanamo Bay'. Though the Prime Minister Tony Blair’s refusal to use ‘special measures’ to deal with these 14 foreign terrorist suspects in the UK are seen as ‘troubling’ by Project Phoenix leadership, though Tony Blair will not be Prime Minister for much longer (nothing to do with Project Phoenix).

On the 25th February 2004, Katharine Gun, formerly an employee of British spy agency GCHQ, has a charge of breaching the Official Secrets Act dropped after prosecutors offered no evidence, apparently on the advice of the Attorney General for England and Wales. Gun had admitted leaking American plans to bug UN delegates to a newspaper this was done with the approval of the UK government and the UK government and its intelligence services do not wish to air their ‘dirty laundry’ in public.

All this spying is a cover to keep an eye on the Earth based part of the US Stargate program, though MI-6 and GCHQ do not know this, as they are just to keep a close eye on the US for anything unusual and report.

On the 26th February 2004, Clare Short, former Cabinet Minister, alleges on the BBC Today radio programme that British spies regularly intercept UN communications, including those of Kofi Annan, its Secretary-General. This will come to a head when Wikileaks will reveal that the at least two US Presidents gave the ok to spy and attempt to steal industrial secrets during 2006.

On the 28th February 2004, the UK’s Joint Intelligence Committee orders the MI-6 (and to a lesser extent GCHQ) to ease back on spying on the US until this blows over, within a year MI-6 and GCHQ is back to business as usual.

March 2004

By the 1st March 2004, the US Stargate program has catalogued 25 worlds, with three off world teams call SG-1, SG-2 and SG-3 now operating from Site Alpha and the Earth Stargate based at Area 51 being used to ship personnel back to Earth for leave. With the ongoing civil war between the two main groups of system lords, this exploration of those worlds controlled by the various system lords from both sides has been made more difficult, as they all operate a policy of shoot first and maybe asks questions later!

On the 5th March 2004, this first of 12 of the new type-45 destroyer ‘cruisers’ HMS Daring enters service with the Royal Navy with the remaining 11 to follow on with one next year and two per year after that until all 12 are operational.

Also at the same time, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will also see the first of their own versions of the new type-45 destroyers become operational during 2004 as well, though with these three countries these new destroyers will become operational at one-year intervals until all have become operational.

On the 10th March 2004, all British men are released from detention at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay arrive back in the UK. After they land at RAF Brize Norton all of them are immediately arrested for questioning, they would later be released after questioning by UK authorities, no charges are brought.

The pressure that the UK (along with Australia, Canada and New Zealand) and other commonwealth counties (Canadian and Australian citizens) would bring against the US government has brought about this release of these British men. This would be followed by the release of other commonwealth counties citizens this shows the world that the UK is not being pushed around by the US (even though in private Tony Blair does not wish this to happen there is nothing he can do about this happening as his Chancellor and Defence Secretary are backing it).

On the 13th March 2004, Anubis (stealthily) attacks Earth with an asteroid with a core of Naquadah, after many dry runs that have been getting closer and closer to the Solar System. Anubis has used a dozen Ha'tak’s to tow the asteroid with a Naquadah core within striking distance of the edge of the Solar System and releases it on a collision course. Anubis thinks that the Asgard will ignore this and he is right, however Anubis is unaware of the cloaked shuttles that are regularly sent between Earth and Heliopolis along with the return journey of Heliopolis to Earth.

A Fox class shuttle travelling under cloak from Heliopolis to Earth (on a regular trip) within the next few months will discover this asteroid.

On the 15th March 2004, Thor visits Heliopolis and asks is there is anything that the Asgard can do for Project Phoenix, Dr Phillips says, “Those ‘battle suites’ are of great interest to us, we would like to know about them, along with how to make and possibly improve them?”

Without a moment’s pause Thor replies, “Granted, anything to help our friends.”

Dr Phillips is taken aback as she had thought that Thor would have put limits on the use or information exchange, instead Project Phoenix will be given these battle suites, along with additional technologies from Merlin (and the Ancients) and to a lesser extent the Nox to improve these battle suites.

On the 16th March 2004, the lessons begin on how to manufacture these ‘battle suites’, along with possible ways to improve them. Merlin does offer one piece of Ancient technology a personal shield emitter that will be incorporated into these improved battle suites, Dr Phillips accepts.

The Ancient personal shield emitter, less formally called an invincibility device, is a palm-sized device, which projects a protective force field over the wearer, shielding them from virtually any kind of direct harm. Unlike the Ancients version, this version is not controlled by the users mind, but instead they will be controlled from within the battle suite and of course can be recharged.

Once in full production these battle suite will not only help Project Phoenixes military but also scientist as well, due to the enhanced capability thanks to upgrades that have been provided, by the main Asgard and the Ancients, along with some small input from the Nox as well. These suites will also allow the exploration of worlds that would have been impossible to explore due to their hazardous atmosphere (or no atmosphere).

On the 25th March 2004, Prime Minister Tony Blair visits Libyan leader Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi, in return for the dismantling of Libya's weapons of mass destruction programme in December 2003 (the first time a major western leader had visited the nation in several decades). This action is seen by all as securing British oil companies access to Libya's vast oil reserves for the use by the UK this action will also hasten Tony Blair’s departure as PM, Tony Blair has just over a year left in office.

By the end of March 2004, Project Phoenix is now focusing its efforts at the Pegasus Galaxy, even with the Wraith threat the Pegasus Galaxy is a better bet, as Project Phoenix off world teams are not going to bump into their US counterparts. Within the Milky Way Galaxy Project Phoenix is not abandoning its off world missions, just concentrating on those worlds that the Goa'uld knows nothing off or the US Stargate program might know off.

April 2004

By the 1st April 2004, with Teal'c now part of Colonel O’Neill’s off world team the beginnings of a Jaffa rebellion are in the making, though it is not going as planned, as those Jaffa that are loyal to Lord Yu, refuse to join the rebellion. As Lord Yu’s Jaffa will not rebel, as has spilt the Jaffa into an initial small number who are rebelling and a majority that are not.

Master Bra'tac is not pleased at this turn of events, as Master Bra'tac had hoped that all Jaffa would rise up this has not happen, mainly due to Anubis return and the ongoing civil war. As long as this goes on the Jaffa Rebellion will not spread and even if the war ends a Jaffa Rebellion still might not happen as Master Bra'tac predicted.

On the 2nd April 2004, in an unusual meeting between the heads of the various branches of Project Phoenix to discuss Galactic affairs and how far Project Phoenix should get involved, it at all.

Dr Phillips is saying, “Should we become the new major power in this galaxy replacing the Goa'uld?”

Admiral Goodworthy states, “From a military point of view we do not have the capabilities to police the Milky Way galaxy if the Goa'uld were removed or greatly reduced in power.”

General Tenant says, “I agree with Admiral Goodworthy, this command from a military point of view cannot deal with protecting the rest of this galaxy, along with our own holdings.”

Alan Turing then chips in and says, “With the threat from the Wraith, we may need more ships to protect Atlantis. If that cannot happen then we would need to rely heavily on the Asgard and I would prefer to not call upon the Asgard once too often, even though they owe us a lot, especially after recent events, I doubt that the Asgard would be willing to go to war with the Wraith or even the Goa'uld on our behalf. After all they have just finished one war.”

Dr Jackson says, “We cannot just let those people die?”

Admiral Goodworthy replies, “But Dr Jackson the Goa'uld have been doing this for thousands of years, if we interfere it could change that balance of power in this galaxy in ways we could not foresee or even want. We could even release a greater threat of a large Jaffa army, without the control of the System Lords, could run amok across this galaxy.”

Dr Jackson says nothing in reply, as deep down he knows that Admiral Goodworthy is right.

Dr Phillips asks, “So I think we are saying keeping the status quo with the Goa'uld, with the exception of Anubis?”

Admiral Goodworthy replies, “Yes, as unpalatable as it sounds we need the Goa'uld, after all Lord Yu seems to keep to his deals, with us through the Asgard.”

General Tenant says, “I agree with Admiral Goodworthy, unless you want a possible long and drawn-out war with the Goa'uld, with an uncertain ending.”

Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith asks, “What about the Asgard, I know that the Asgard would intervene if we were attacked, but would they help if we where the aggressors?” there is a murmur on agreement with Colonel Smith point.

Dr Phillips says, “Our agreement with the Asgard, along with the Nox and ancients to a lesser extent, if we are attacked here or Earth is attacked then the Asgard would intervene with full force. However, if we attacked the Goa'uld, without good reason, I doubt the Asgard would help us and if we did this may even change the Asgard’s view of us, as the Asgard have maintained a sort of peace with the Goa'uld for several thousand years.

Admiral Goodworthy says, “I agree fully with what Dr Phillips has just said”

General Tenant says, “I also agree with what Dr Phillips has just said”

Dr Jackson says, “I do not agree, but I do understand why, so I support this very reluctantly.”

Alan Turing who has been quite so far says, “I also agree with Dr Phillips, we cannot risk everything that we have achieved so far.”

Dr Phillips replies, “I know that this may not be the best option, but I think it will bring us long term benefits from our allies.”

The meeting ends.

On the 19th April 2004, Tony Blair announces that he will be standing down as Prime Minister early next year, after the general election, stating that this will give his successor whoever that will be a good ‘run in’ for the next election.

This announcement catches everyone in the Labour Party by surprise, as he had not informed anyone outside of the Cabinet of his decision.

Most see Gordon Brown as the most likely candidate to succeed Tony Blair.

On the 22nd April 2004, the UK Defence Secretary George Robertson rules himself out as the next PM and fully supports Gordon Brown and the next PM after next year’s General Election.

On the 25th April 2004, those aircraft fitted with alien sensor technology now number 20, with 10 Canberra reconnaissance aircraft and 10 Nimrod R.5 operational these aircraft operate under very tight security when not operating from RAF Barra, RCAF Nunavut or RAAF Woomera (separate from the Woomera Launch Facility) air bases.

By the end of April 2004, option polls show that Labours popularity has gone up, now that Tony Blair has announced that he will stand down after next year’s election this also has set the General Election for 2005.

May 2004

By early May 2004, the development of an improved battle suite is well underway on Heliopolis also the Asgard, Ancients and even the Nox are developing their own versions of the battle suite, though in the case of the Nox their battle suite is not orientated towards combat.

A production line is also being set up on Heliopolis in anticipation to production of these improved battle suites starting within the next 12 to 18 months.

During May 2004, the US Stargate program is developing with off world exploration continuing to explore more worlds as they are discovered, with the US Stargate program limiting the number of off world teams to three SG-1, SG-2 and SG-3. As it is felt by General Hammond that a smaller number of teams and will also help with security until the facilities on Site Alpha can be expanded.

The number of flights going into and out of Area 51 has been picked up on by the conspiracy theorist, though most people ignore these conspiracy theorist theories. The US government and military does not comment of Area 51.

Under Area 51, the first USAF built hyperdrive equipped warship is taking shape with the skeleton structure almost complete work will soon begin on fitting the interior. Work is also well underway in producing a hyperdrive that will be capable of propelling the X-303 ‘battlecruiser’ though hyperspace, along with the development of sub light engines as well.

X-303 Battlecruiser Stats

Length: 215 meters
Width: 80 meters
Height/depth: 65 meters
Hyperdrive system:
Modified Goa'uld hyperdrive system – Interstellar
Crew: 115 + up to 50 passengers
Cargo: 1,500 tonnes
Power plant:
Naquadah generators
Modified Goa'uld shields
Targeting systems:
Earth/ Goa'uld hybrid system
12 missile batteries
16 Railguns
Fighter complement:
16 F-302 fighter-interceptors (3rd Fighter Squadron [to be formed])

Though not very powerful or fast compared to other warships in the Milky Way Galaxy including the current crop of improved Goa'uld ships, the X-303 will be an important first step for the US Stargate program this design also has room for improvements and upgrades.

This initial plan is to build four of these X-303’s with all four being designated BC-303 the X-303/BC-303 proposed name for the first ship is the Lexington, so this would become the Lexington class.

With the other three being named Constellation, Saratoga and the Ranger, with these next three battlecruisers being built in what the US Stargate program hopes will be three year intervals after the Lexington has been completed and launched.

June 2004

During June 2004, the three US Stargate of world teams are having a relatively good time with off world missions to those worlds that the Goa'uld have abandoned after the resources have run out. Stargate Command have a number of small trade deals with the locals that the Goa'uld abandoned for their raw and some processed materials including small amounts of processed Naquadah.

Naquadah is vital for the F302’s and the X-303 ship currently being built on Earth.

These trade deals are for non-military items, mostly medical supplies and some assistance in other areas, such as intelligence gathering about the Goa'uld that used to control these abandoned worlds.

On the 21st June 2004, in Mojave, California, SpaceShipOne becomes the first privately funded space plane to achieve spaceflight. This will lead Sir Richard Branson to form Virgin Galactic to offer brief trips into space, initially Virgin Galactic will try to get takeoff right from the Woomera facility, but this is refused, as there is little spare capacity.

This leads Virgin Galactic to open its space facility in the US, much to the pleasure of the US government, as the US government feels that is has gottern one over on both the UK and Australian governments. They have not merely the Woomera facility is almost at full capacity and cannot spare its remaining capacity for Virgin Galactic.

Virgin Galactic estimates that it will be 2014 or 2015 before the first commercial flights will be available this does not stop a large number of customers putting down a deposit when the first seats become available.

Also on the 21st June 2004, the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy captures Six Royal Marines and two Royal Navy sailors. Following, intense diplomatic discussions, between the British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Kamal Kharazi. The British marines’ weapons and boats are confiscated and will not been returned, much to the annoyance of the MoD and the Defence Secretary. All eight British military personnel are released unharmed three days later, on 24th June, after the British and Iranian governments agreed there had been a misunderstanding.

On the 26th June 2004, the British government privately warns the Iranian government that if this happens again, much stronger action will be taken by the British government against Iran the Iranian government takes no notice of this warning.

At the same time, the UK MoD begins contingency planning for such an action or actions, with detachments of both SAS and SBS being sent to the Gulf to deal with such contingences if the arise again.

By the end of June 2004, on Site Alpha eight of the sixteen F-302’s are now operational, with the 1st Fighter Squadron of the 1st Tactical Fighter Wing, with the remainder of the 1st Fighter Squadrons eight aircraft operational by the end of 2004.

All in all June is a very good month for the US Stargate Program, as heir ongoing exploration program has brought them some new technologies and some links with the locals of abandoned planets by the system lords. This will also bring the US Stargate Program refined Naquadah for their X-303 battle cruiser building program even this small amount of refined Naquadah will help, as this will mean that the US does not have to refine its own Naquadah.

July 2004

During July 2004, the relations between Project Phoenix and the Asgard, Nox and the Ancients will become closer after what will become known as the Anubis incident happens during June 2004 and afterwards.

On the 1st July 2004, the HOTOL replacement program is announced, with the eventual winner being the Skylon space plane, with Skylon expected to begin operations around 2010-2012, with both HOTOL and Skylon having been designed by Lord Alan Bond’s team.

On the 7th July 2004, a Fox class shuttle cloaked travelling from Heliopolis to Earth discovers an asteroid headed towards Earth the crew stop to give the asteroid a thorough examination. A detailed scan reveals the Naquadah core the shuttle will continues on to Earth where the crew make a report it is quickly decided to use the Stargate to make a report back to Heliopolis.

On the 8th July 2004, once the shuttle has landed, at RAF Barra the shuttles crew report the asteroid, RAF Barra base commander who in turn, reports the asteroid to Heliopolis via the Stargate.

On the 9th July 2004, Admiral Goodworthy sends HMS Echo (cloaked by the Nox) to confirm that the asteroid is on collision course with Earth. The crew of HMS Echo are able to confirm this and in the process make the discovery that the asteroids core is make up of Naquadah.

An impact of this asteroid with Earth will kill all life on the planet, along with the knowledge that this asteroid could only have been planted in the Solar System and could not have occurred naturally.

On the 10th July 2004, the crew of HMS Echo report their findings to Admiral Goodworthy who in turn reports them to Dr Phillips. Dr Phillips sends a copy of this report to not only the Asgard, but also the Nox and the ancients (now on the Asgard home world). All three races are shocked at what has been set in motion especially after Hermiod reviews his ships sensor log, with the most likely suspect being Anubis, but there is no solid proof of this, as there are now a lot of upgraded Goa'uld warships that are now exactly the same as Anubis’s warships.

On the 15th July 2004, after showing this report to the Asgard and the Nox both races agree that this was a deliberate act to attack Earth the Nox are particularly upset at this form of attack. The Asgard sends six of their Mountbatten class warships to take this out of the Solar System and back to Heliopolis for a detailed study, though all sides agree that Anubis is the likely suspect.

For the Asgard it is clear that at least one Goa'uld has broken the treaty with them the Asgard are certain that Lord Yu and the system lords ‘allied’ to him are not the ones who have done this the Asgard now reinforce Hermiod single Mountbatten class with eleven more ships until they decide what to do next.

By the end of the July 2004, it has become clear to the Asgard (along with the Nox and Ancients) after a detailed look at Hermiod ships sensor logs that Anubis is responsible for this attack on Earth.

The Asgard want to punish Anubis (even the Nox agree to this along with Merlin) in some form with Dr Phillips agreeing, though no one can agree what this form of punishment should take, it will be several months before an appropriate response will be formulated.

Project Phoenix leadership is involved in these discussions, but they have left the final say in the hands of the Asgard, Nox and Ancients and will abide by their decision, even so, Project Phoenix has put its own fleet on alert, especially those ships guarding the Camelot world.

August 2004

By Early August 2004, the Woomera Space Station is now receiving regular crews of between 4 and 6 for stays of between 2 to 4 months depending on the mission, launches are not covered on the national news anymore, as they have become routine. With the latest manned version of HOTOL launching every 2 to 4 months and an unmanned, supply HOTOL launching every three months for Woomera Space Station resupply.

The Black Prince class heavy lift rocket is launch only between 3 to 4 times per year, as the HOTOL can handle most but the largest and heaviest cargo’s, most of the Black Prince launches are add-ons for the Woomera Space Station the rest are extremely large/heavy satellites.

The Woomera commercial space program has between 30-35% of the world’s commercial satellite launches, along with all of the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada’s defence satellite launches.

On the 16th August 2004, Time magazine leads with the story labels ‘The British Lion and the Chinese Dragon – Growing Economic Ties” with the picture on the front page being of a Lion and a Dragon with the Union Jack and the Chinese flag, with the Commonwealth flag is also present. The article comments on the growing between the UK and Chinese (with a growing number of Commonwealth countries) and the US falling behind in trade with China.

What the article does not show is the growing covert trades between UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada in such areas a space technologies and the building of Nuclear Power Planets. However, with both the space technologies and the building of Nuclear Power Planets this is public knowledge, just not to the ‘real’ level that the public is aware off.

This growing relationship with China has helped in one area, China’s relationship with Japan, in easing tensions between the two countries.

Japan has also been looking at the UK (defence wise) with the US Government unwilling to sell Japan the F-22, Japan has been looking at the joint development by UK, Australia and Canada (along with New Zealand) of the next generation of fighter bombers to replace the TSR.2 and the Arrow.

This design of fighter has impressed the Japanese government so much that the Japanese government has become a partner in the Tempest fighter/bomber development program. Interest in the Tempest fighter/bomber is also coming from Saudi Arabia (already has TSR.2 and Arrow fighter in service), Germany (already has TSR.2 in service), Italy (already has TSR.2 in service) to name but a few countries.

September 2004

On the 1st September 2004, the response to Anubis’s attack on Earth has been formulated the Asgard will destroy Anubis’s flagship along with the super weapon contained within Anubis’s flagship. This response is seen as a form of a final warning to Anubis that if Anubis tries anything like this again the Asgard (and Project Phoenix) will deal with Anubis in direct combat.

This would mean if Anubis does not take the ‘hint’ then Project Phoenix and the Asgard will be at war with Anubis and be technically on the side of Lord Yu against Anubis.

On the 5th September 2004, Thor assembles a force of 12 Mountbatten class warships to take out Anubis’s flagship the Asgard have already identified Anubis’s flagships location. With the remaining 24 Mountbatten class warships remaining behind to guard Heliopolis/Earth, just in case in the unlikely event of an attack by Anubis is response to this action.

On the 6th September 2004, Thor’s fleet of 12 Mountbatten class warships jump into hyperspace, leaving behind another 12 Mountbatten class warships to guard Heliopolis under Hermiod command, just in case Anubis tries something stupid.

As Thor’s fleet of 12 Mountbatten class warships drop out of hyperspace near Anubis’s flagship, Anubis is shocked about the arrival of 12 Asgard warships, as he thinks he has got away with his attack on Earth.

Anubis orders that his flagships shields raised and weapons powered, soon afterwards Thor contacts Anubis and informs Anubis that he knows that Anubis is the one responsible for the recent attack on earth and that the Asgard are here to destroy his flagship.

Without waiting for a reply, all 12 Mountbatten class warships open fire on Anubis’s flagship, even though Anubis’s flagship has greatly reinforced shields these shields are no match against the 12 Mountbatten class warships greatly enhanced weapons.

Anubis, his First Prime and personal guard abandon his flagship leaving the crew to their fate, a few moments after Anubis escape ship has jumped into hyperspace his flagship is destroyed.

Once it is confirmed that the Eye’s of the Goa'uld have been destroyed Thor’s fleet returns back to the Asgard Home world, though this is the signal for Hermiod mission and the second and final stage of the Asgard plan.

Anubis is not happy...

Hermiod Mountbatten class warships

Hermiod activates his ships hyperdrive, leaving behind the remaining 11 Mountbatten class warships to protect Heliopolis, Hermiod sets course for Lord Yu’s main base world.

Hermiod ship drops out of hyperspace, with shields raised and weapons powered, but this is not necessary as Lord Yu is not about to attack the Asgard. Hermiod quickly informs Lord Yu about the recent attack on Earth and that the Asgard in response have destroyed Anubis’s flagship, though Anubis has escaped. Finally, Hermiod informs Lord Yu that this is not part of a full-scale attack by the Asgard against the system lords, but merely a reprisal against Anubis.

Once Hermiod has delivered his message and without waiting for a response from Lord Yu, Hermiod ship jumps back into hyperspace to Heliopolis.

On the 10th September 2004, Lord Yu and his fellow allied System Lord launch s series of all out attacks to reclaim those worlds that Anubis had taken. Anubis is too far from them these attacks to repel them and the attacks are extremely successful and by the end of the year, Lord Yu and his fellow allied System Lord will have reclaimed all lost territory.

On the 11th September 2004, Hermiod informs Project Phoenix of the action that the Asgard has taken against Anubis and that the Asgard will be keeping a very close eye on Anubis from now on.

Dr Phillips is astounded at the action that the Asgard has taken, as this is the most forceful act that the Asgard has made against the Goa'uld this also shows what can happen when the Asgard strike back.

This reinforces Dr Phillips view that no action should be taken against the Goa'uld unless the Goa'uld attacks first.

On the 29th September 2004, in Mojave, California, the first Ansari X-Prize flight takes place of SpaceShipOne, which is competing with a number of spacecraft and goes on to win the prize on October 4. Much to the delight of Paul Allen and Burt Rutan along with Sir Richard Branson who will use a modified version of SpaceShipOne to launch a commercial space program.

October 2004

By Early October 2004, Anubis’s forces are in a relatively ordered retreat from Lord Yu’s attack, Anubis must use other methods against Lord Yu and Lord Yu’s allied system lords.

Watching from the wings Lord Ba’al has a surprise for Anubis, but he must wait until Anubis has claimed down otherwise Anubis might just kill him out of hand before he can give his gift to Anubis.

Also watching from the wings Osiris, who is still building up his forces to assist (though not really) Anubis to attack Lord Yu and Lord Yu’s allied system lords, Lord Yu’s forces have not come near Osiris’s holding as Osiris’s forces are too well dug in. In addition, Osiris has not yet launched any attack on Lord Yu, even though Lord Yu knows that Osiris has allied himself with Anubis, Lord Yu feels that this is just a ruse, Lord Yu is right in this respect.

On the 9th October 2004, Scottish Parliament Building in Edinburgh, designed by Enric Miralles, is opened the Scottish Parliament does not have any more devolved powers than the Welsh Assembly.

On the 21st October 2004, the Ministry of Defence approves the deployment of the Black Watch regiment of the British Army to Baghdad, Iraq, after a request for assistance by the US government. This is only done after Tony Blair intervenes personally with the UK Defence Secretary George Robertson who is against this deployment.

The US government plays this deployment up stating that the US and the UK governments are cooperating effectively in Iraq to bring normality back to Iraq the truth is very different. The US press state that this UK ‘battle group’ (done to make it seem larger that it is) is going to help US troops with British forces to be moved further north outside of the British-controlled Multi-National Division (South East), in order to replace forces temporarily redeployed for the Second Battle of Fallujah. Despite objections in the UK Parliament, the deployment goes ahead. Based at Camp Dogwood, located between Fallujah and Karbala, in an area later dubbed the “Triangle of Death”, the Black Watch came under sustained insurgent attack from mortars and rockets.

These attacks would continue against the Black Watch until they returned to their original positions.

The UK Defence Secretary George Robertson and the US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld do not get on they do not speak to each other directly, but through deputies this will later come out in George Robertson’s memoirs, much to the embarrassment of Rumsfeld. As Rumsfeld’s memoirs will paint a much rosier picture of the US/UK alliance against terrorism, along with the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and Rumsfeld will be forced to admit the error in his memoirs (after 2011).

By the end of October 2004, Helmond Province in Afghanistan is becoming a ‘hot zone’ for Taliban and to a lesser extent al-Qaeda attacks on the join UK, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand force of 30,000 troops is having problems.

In consultation with his Canadian, Australian and New Zealand, the UK Defence Secretary George Robertson authorises and additional 10,000 troops, along with extra combat aircraft and helicopters.

These extra troops, combat aircraft and helicopters will be in place by mid 2005 this increase will have a limited effect on the insurgency in Helmond Province. Though in the long term these extra troops and equipment will have effect, all governments involved in Afghanistan now realise that this will be a long term commitment of at least 10 years before the government of Afghanistan can take over responsibility for its own security.

November 2004

During early November 2004, Hugh Laurie is interviewed about how he envisage his House character, excerpt from the US interview...

Chat Host asks, “So Hugh Laurie when you were chosen for the part of Doctor Gregory House what was your view of the character, how did you envisage House in your mind?”

Laurie replies, “Well a few years ago, the invalided and housebound Princess Diana and an old friend of mine introduced me to a quite irritable and narcissistic Doctor. Apart from his manner all I really remember was his name was Doctor John Smith [Authors Note: Seth], though I suspect that was not his real name as he worked or still works for the UK military in some way and he was very good at his job but a frightful man when it came to taking to people.”

This interview will become very poignant by the end of the month, with the announcement of a decline in Princess Diana health, causing the world media to camp out on Princess Diana doorstep.

On the 16th November 2004, NASA's hypersonic Scramjet breaks a record by reaching a velocity of about 7,000 mph in an unmanned experimental flight. It obtains a speed of Mach 9.6, almost 10 times the speed of sound. This has been achieved by the use of off world technologies etc, specifically newly developed materials to withstand such might speeds. This is one of the first benefits of using off world technologies to benefit the US the next will be the Venture Star Space Shuttle replacement along with the USAF X-37 mini-shuttle with the X-37’s first flight due on the 7th December 2004.

On the 30th November 2004, Lord Ba’al judges that the time is right and informs Anubis that he has build a copy of Anubis’s flagship (though without the considerable boost from the Eye’s of the Goa'uld). Anubis is very pleased with Lord Ba’al’s gift, though for the next few months his new flagship will be thoroughly checked for any unwanted devices (bombs or software that will give Ba’al control of this ship), none will be found.

In orbit around a dead moon, Lord Ba’al is building another flagship, though Ba’al will not be giving this new ‘flagship’ to Anubis, even if Anubis second flagship is destroyed.

In return, Anubis gives Ba’al the location of his secret research base and the production hub for his Kull warriors, bad move on Anubis’s part.

Osiris knows the location of Ba’al flagship that is under construction Osiris is keeping this information to himself, until it can be of use to him.

At the end of November 2004, Princess Diana condition gets worse, no amount of medical treatment can save her this time, and even the use of Goa'uld Sarcophagus is out of the question, due to the security risk, as there are reporters camped out on her doorstep 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Even the Queen will not use her influence to save Diana, as the risk is too great, it is now merely a matter of time there are something’s which must take a natural course.

Security (especially Project Phoenixes extreme security) can be a double-edged sword.

December 2004

On the 7th December 2004, the first X-37 fight takes place with minimal ceremony with the X-37 returning to Earth on the 31st January 2005 the USAF is very pleased with the results of this first flight, more flights will follow for intelligence gathering.

The US Space Program appears to be back on track with the Venture Star Shuttle due to have its first test flight during 2005, followed by an extremely rigorous testing schedule.

On the 16th December 2004, the House of Lords rules that the British Government breaches human rights legislation, by detaining without trial foreign nationals suspected of being terrorists. This ruling by the House of Lords means that ‘special measures’ will be suspended until further notice (this will become permanent) there will be no further disappearances of the worst criminals and terrorists. Project Phoenix leadership does not want the risk of any future use ‘special measures’ revealing its existence.

On the 30th December 2004, Project Phoenixes Atlantis expedition comes across a planet in the Atlantis database with no references at all, a probe is sent revealing what appears to be a city with living ancients. The Asgard on Atlantis inform the Asgard High Council who inform the Ancients living on the Asgard home world, Merlin immediately recognises these as their version of replicators.

Merlin will travel to Atlantis and then onto this world to take command of these replicators and find out why their programming to destroy the replicators is not working. Project Phoenix personnel will accompany Merlin to the Asuran ‘race’ as these replicators have a built in program not to harm and to obey Ancients.

This will see the beginning of the Asuran – Wriath war this war will last many years.

At the end of December 2004, the 1st Fighter Squadron of the 1st Tactical Fighter Wing based at Site Alpha is now operational, though compared to Project Phoenix this fighter force is insignificant due to the technological divide between the two Stargate programs, though is does help that the US does not know about the UK Stargate program.

The US Stargate Program also possess a single hyperdrive equipped vessel in the form of a stolen Goa'uld shuttle, though Colonel O’Neill feels the need (if the opportunity arises) to ‘acquire’ more hyperdrive equipped ships, Generals West and Hammond agree, along with Director Woolsey along with Senator Kinsey.

However, with the ongoing Civil War the chances of acquiring a hyperdrive-equipped ship seem to be small, though Teal'c seems to think they have a stronger chance of success. Generals West and Hammond ask Colonel O’Neill and Colonel Maybourne with Teal'c’s help to ‘acquire’ more hyperdrive-equipped ships from various Goa'uld System Lords.

They first have to find a Goa'uld System Lord (one of the smaller one) then they have to figure what type of ship they can steal and then devise a plan to steal the ship.

Project Phoenix

Heliopolis population at end of 2004 now stands at 1,599,950 (with 175,102 under 18 years of age), with a growing birth rate and a steady stream of permanent personnel, it has been estimated by the end of 2010 the population should exceed 2 million.

All the food needs for Project Phoenix is now grown on Heliopolis this is in part due to the help from the Nox who are more than happy to help in this area, along with being interested in Earth foods and recipes. Those residents, who are permanent residents on Heliopolis are not paid a salary as all their needs are met they all have been given homes, though there is a healthy barter system on Heliopolis for certain hand crafted goods, but this is very small.

For the small number of personnel that live on Earth and are rotated on six month tours these personnel are paid not by their governments directly but by Universal Exports and are hired as consultants or other such roles. This keeps them on a private contract and off various government committees etc in their respective countries.

2005 will bring a change to the Goa'uld Civil War, with the loss of his flagship Anubis will have to change tactics and now that the Asgard have intervened Anubis will be keeping clear of the Protected Plant’s after the recent Asgard intervention.

2005 will also bring the release of another dangerous foe into the Milky Way Galaxy the Destroyer of Worlds.

+++++++ On The Ascended Plain +++++++

On another plain, as 2004, draws to a close Oma Desala can only watch in horror as Anubis begins another stage of his attack, the other ascended will not interfere, as long as Anubis does not break any of the ascended rules.

This is Oma Desala for helping Anubis ascend forcing the others to act, to stop his full ascension and forced Anubis into his current partially ascended form.

The majority of ascended beings support this line though, a small number do not, though they cannot stop Anubis, as they do not have the numbers.


To be continued.
63. 2005 – Jail Break

Britain should be the world's number one centre for genetic and stem cell research, building on our world leading regulatory regime in the area.” – Gordon Brown

January 2005

On the 1st January 2005, in a small and unassuming ceremony takes place at Area 51, the 2nd Fighter Squadron of the 1st Tactical Fighter Wing receives its first operational F-302, with the rest of the sixteen fighters becoming operational during 2005.

The 2nd Fighter Squadron of the 1st Tactical Fighter Wing pilots will have less flying hours than the 1st Fighter Squadron, as the US government wants to keep these fighters out of the public eye. To make up for this lack of flying hours the 2nd Fighter Squadron will travel to Site Alpha for additional flight training of the 1st Fighter Squadrons fighters.

On the 2nd January 2004, Operation Garron, the British military aid effort for victims of the Indian Ocean earthquake is launched. This is just the start of a commonwealth response to the Indian Ocean earthquake that will show the world the military airlift capabilities of the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, along with other commonwealth countries.

On the 3rd January 2005, the 1st Fighter Squadron of the 1st Tactical Fighter Wing begins its first Combat Patrols of Site Alpha planet, with four F-302’s being used for each patrol run. These patrols are unaware of the cloaked shuttle(s) of Project Phoenix watching the planet and their fighter patrols, as the US Stargate Program is now confident that it has some early warning of approaching ships coming into this system.

On the 5th January 2005, the first improved ‘battle suites’ are manufactured on Heliopolis this shows the level of trust that Project Phoenix has developed with not only the Asgard, but also the Nox and even the Ancients. A fully automated production line is also being constructed on Heliopolis at the same time so when the testing is complete these battle suites can go into full production very quickly.

On the 10th January 2005, HMS Victory travels to Atlantis as guard ship, with HMS Dreadnought becoming fleet flagship with the two Scorpion class heavy cruisers HMS Dunkirk and HMS Jutland returning to Heliopolis. This will allow HMS Dreadnought and HMS Britannia to each take onboard three AEM’s allowing with the two other Dreadnought class battleships to be fully powered.

With the three remaining battleships HMS Dreadnought, HMS Britannia and HMS Agamemnon now beginning a new era of warships for Project Phoenix, with three of these warships equipped with AEM’s making these three warships almost as powerful as single Asgard warship.

On the 15th January 2005, Merlin and small team of Project Phoenix personnel set through the Stargate onto the Asuran home world where they find a vast planet wide series of city’s that the Asuran have built and maintained over the past 10,000 years.

Merlin quickly assumes control of the Asuran and is shown by their leader Oberoth how the Wraith had 10,000 years ago mange to stop the Asuran. After the Lanteans lost the war and returned to the Milky Way galaxy, the Asurans began to attack the Wraith. The Wraith created a shut down code that deactivated their directive to attack them. This resulted in the Asurans returning to their home world where they isolated themselves to that planet alone and continued to replicate and expand across the whole planet.

The Asuran in human form now number in the billions spread across the Asuran home world in many cities.

Though the Asuran have not advanced technological over the past 10,000 years the ancient technology they do have access to is still superior to the Wraith, so the Wraith have left them alone on their home world.

By the 16th January 2005, Merlin has identified the Wraith shut down code that deactivated their directive that stopped the Asuran from attacking the Wraith and reactivate the attack directive, with safeguards in place to make sure that the Wraith cannot deactivate this directive again.

Once reactivated the Asuran begin a building program for fifty ancient warships to attack the Wraith with these warships will be complete with a year, at which time the Asuran – Wraith war will begin.

Merlin will add a further directive to Asuran code preventing them from harming any humans, not just ancients, though the Asuran will only obey orders from those ancients that Merlin designates.

The Asuran that had been built up over the past 10,000 year will be unleashed upon the Wraith.

On the 20th January 2005, George W. Bush is inaugurated in Washington, DC for his second term, as the 43rd President of the United States this confirms that the Turing prediction is true and informing the US about Project Phoenix should not happen. The Committee of Four authorise ‘extreme measures’ (including deadly force) to make sure that the Turing prediction does not come true this action is backed by all four countries Prime Ministers.

The use of ‘extreme measures’ will not be necessary but it does show that the Committee of Four has considerable power to make decisions that the Prime Ministers of the four Project Phoenix countries will continue to support.

By the 31st January 2005, the US Stargate Program based out of Area 51 has already placed orders for the three other Lexington class battle cruisers Constellation, Saratoga and the Ranger to allow the long lead in parts to begin manufacture. This is being done even through the Lexington itself is not even fifty percent complete, as it is felt by General West it is better to order those parts now than wait until the Lexington is complete.

Both Director Woolsey along with Senator Kinsey agrees with General West’s construction plan, especially Senator Kinsey, as the funding can be spread over many years. So that this programs growing black budget does not draw unwarranted attention even though this is part of a ‘black operations’ budget that is not made public in detail only the total budget is listed not what it is spent on.

Meanwhile, by the end of January 2005, Lord Yu’s offensive has been stopped as it has run out of steam Anubis is now consolidating his considerable remaining holdings (mostly based around Ra’s and Apophis’s territory), while he plans his next move against Lord Yu forces.

February 2005

On the 3rd February 2005, thirty-one prisoners mount an escape from the prison world of Hadante some of the prisoners from Earth and a prisoner named Linea have been planning a jailbreak for a long time, as those prisoners from Earth have enough technological knowledge between them to figure out the Stargate’s operation.

Including that, the Stargate needs electrical energy to operate, releasing the inner ring to dial out, as those prisoners from Earth that had been sent to Hadante had seen the Stargate in operation just before they were pushed through the Stargate to start their sentence in Hadante,

Linea has been able to provide a power source the Terra-root, which generates enough of an electrical charge to allow the inner track of Hadante’s Stargate to unlock and spin freely this in turn, allows a Stargate addresses to be dialled manually. For the past few years, a small group of thirty prisoners have had no success in dialling out, until today, when they made a connection to another Stargate.

Linea and her thirty followers (all ex IRA) have now managed to escape Linea did not leave behind enough of her activator for the Terra-root so the other prisoners could escape, as Linea had promised to do.

Linea ‘the destroyer of worlds’ has escaped with thirty IRA terrorists (not good in anyone’s books), though no one knows about the escape, as there is no monitoring of Hadante, as the Taldor think that Hadante is escape proof.

On the 5th February 2005, Linea and her follows have been jumping from system to system, as each Stargate they find has leads them to a new world, on one world that has had its population eliminated by a System Lord (a long time ago). Though most of the technology has been abandoned, it is similar to Earths technology of the mid to late 20th Century and the thirty men from Earth quickly figure out how these guns work.

Linea also begins to study this technology and language of this now dead race and finds it relatively easy to understand, along with this races research on the Stargate and a large number of gate addresses that this now dead race has left behind.

On the 9th February 2004, the Royal Navy survey ship HMS Scott (this ship is dispatched with its high tech ocean survey equipment) produces the first sonar survey of the seabed site of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. Some images appear to show landslide 100 metres high and 2 kilometres long these images makes worldwide news, a very good PR exercise for the Royal Navy.

On the 10th February 2005, North Korea announces that it possesses nuclear weapons as a protection against the hostility it feels from the United States. The UK is able to confirm this by using a Nimrod reconnaissance aircraft (fitted with off world scanning technology and using a specially security cleared crew) confirm the existence of nuclear weapons in North Korea.

This information will be passed onto the US, but as intelligence operatives (North Koreas) in a ‘high positions’ in the North Korea government these intelligence operatives will not be named, due to the security risks. The various US intelligence agencies will be very impressed (and a bit green with envy), as they do not have access to such intelligence information on North Korea.

After 9/11, US intelligence was told to get its act together, though this information is beyond anything that any of the US intelligence agencies could ever dream of getting hold off on North Korea. The NID is now very worried that the UK might find out about its Stargate program (the irony being is that certain parts of the UK government already knows) and extra precautions need to be taken to ensure that the UK does not discover the US Stargate program.

By the 11th February 2005, Linea ‘the destroyer of worlds’ along with the thirty ex IRA terrorist have decided to use this world as a base of operations, as this world seems secure. They have also discovered a metal Iris protecting the Stargate from unwanted ‘visitors’, four of them will take it in turn to guard the Stargate.

Food is also not a problem as their various forms of fruit and local animals similar to sheep, after Linea confirms that the food is safe to eat they begin to not only eat but also stock up on the local food, as best as they can.

On the 15th February 2005, Linea sends a small scout force to a former world of Crim that has been abandoned by a system lord due to the ongoing Civil War this world was once a small manufacturing worlds producing Staff Weapons, Zat'nik'tels and Shock grenades. When contact is made with the locals, contact with the locals is initially very difficult, but once Linea has come through a cured several children of illness the mood of the local’s changes.

By the 20th February 2005, Linea and her 10 ex IRA follows have been given a stock of Staff Weapons, Zat'nik'tels and Shock grenades, along with a number of newly developed Staff Rifles that the ex IRA members suggested as a better design to the locals. Added to Linea and follows stockpile of projectile weapons this gives this small group a good deal of firepower.

Linea and her 10 follows return to their base world and inform the other 20 followers that are guarding the base what they have discovered. With their new gifts and a form of trade agreement between these two groups, in exchange for medical help from Linea these former slaves will give Linea and her group all the weapons they need.

Linea and her 30 followers are rapidly learning how this new technology works, Linea has also been informed of spaceships that the Goa'uld possess, along with a rudimentary information on not only the Goa'uld language but also a rough idea how to fly these ships. This information on how to fly Goa'uld would not enable Linea and her followers to pilot any Goa'uld but with time and more knowledge, it could happen.

By the 25th February 2005, preparations are well underway for the launch of the first Venture Star shuttle this first Venture Star shuttle will be done remotely, as NASA does not wish to risk any crews in case something goes wrong. The first test launch of the first Venture Star shuttle is due for later this year then the US will be back in the shuttle business and able to compete with the HOTOL (and replacement Skylon under development).

At the end of February 2005, in Australia, the company Metal Storm Ltd receives its first initial order from the Australian government for its new concept of superposed load; multiple projectiles loaded nose to tail in a single gun barrel with propellant packed between them. The Roman candle, a traditional firework design, employs the same basic concept, however, the propellant continues to burn in the Roman candle's barrel, igniting the charge behind the subsequent projectile. The process is repeated by each charge in turn, ensuring that all projectiles in the barrel are discharged sequentially from the single ignition.

A Metal Storm Ltd CWIS system is also being developed, as this will be quicker to reload as each pack of four barrels (with a total of 12 packs per CWIS) can be removed from a launcher and a new pack slotted into place. With each barrel holding 25 rounds, with a single pack of four barrels holding 100, with a total of 12 packs per CWIS unit, giving a total of 1,200 rounds ready to fire.

The Metal Storm Ltd CWIS systems will be mounted on the new Type 45 Australian destroyers that are under construction of the Hobart Class. The Royal Navy then the Royal New Zealand Navy along with the Royal Canadian Navy with each destroyer, mounting two CWIS systems on each ship, with plans to mount this system on the next generation of carriers, will follow Australian mounting of this system.

Firing of this Metal Storm Ltd CWIS system is like most CWIS systems, with the ships computer keeping track of what barrels are firing and adjusting the aim accordingly from microsecond to microsecond. Usually a 100 round burst at a time, allow for a single pack of four barrels to be fired at a time, giving 12, 100 round burst in anti missile mode.

Metal Storm Ltd will go onto provide various forms of its product not only to the Australian government, but also the UK, Canadian and New Zealand and a host of other countries across the world.

This will make the inventor J. Mike O'Dwyer a very rich man.

March 2005

In the Milky Way Galaxy during March 2005, Lord Yu forces of allied system lords offensive tried to resume, but Anubis’s forces have now managed to regroup stopping Lord Yu forces further attacks. With no further territory, being lost Anubis now unleashes his new ground forces the Kull warriors these warriors have been designed by Anubis as a super soldier to fight for him.

Kull warriors are single-minded and persistent, completing their tasks with lethal efficiency. They will defend themselves only if attacked during the execution of their mission, but only to the extent that there is no longer any threat to them, if they perceive no threat then they will just walk past, even most heavily armed individuals.

The Kull warriors lack initiative and ignoring anything that was not a threat or was not part of their mission parameters. Furthermore, the removal of any personality meant that the warriors did not fear anyone and relentless in their goals. If a Kull warrior fell towards an attack that did not kill it in the process, it would simply rise up and continue on its assigned goal.

Due to the Kull warriors armour, weapons and impressive physical abilities, the Kull were almost unstoppable in battle by the Jaffa.

The other Goa'uld System Lords and Jaffa would refer to the Kull warriors as Orak, meaning “unspeakable” in the Goa'uld language.

On the 3rd March 2005, four Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers are gunned down in Mayerthorpe, Alberta, Canada. It is deadliest day in Canadian law enforcement in over 120 years. In the aftermath of this shooting, a review is carried out with RCMP officers are issued with Canadian army assault rifles (the latest version of the Canadian version of the Enfield EM-2 rifle) and training in how to use them. In addition, Canada’s own version of SI-5 is ordered to act as backup to RCMP officers in a similar situation this will give RCMP officers access to additional firepower.

The current call on the Canadian government to stand down Canada’s own version of SI-5 (due to what was thought to be this agency’s to ‘excessive’ powers) is quickly dropped, with additional funding now allocated to this agency.

On the 5th March 2005, Anubis launches an attack on a single world with twenty Ha'tak’s, once the space around this planet is secure, one of the Ha'tak’s launches 10 escape pods down to the planet’s surface, near the Stargate with a Iris shield protecting the Stargate.

Inside each escape pod is a single Kull warrior with instructions to secure the Stargate and eliminate all Jaffa near the Stargate. As the Kull warriors emerge from their escape pods they are engaged by the Jaffa guarding the Stargate the Jaffa’s Staff Weapons have no effect on the Kull warrior’s armour. The 10 Kull warriors quickly eliminate several hundred Jaffa using their wrist-mounted weapons, along with securing the Stargate and now control the Iris shield.

With this first success for Anubis, the Kull warriors will be used to secure five more minor worlds, as a form of field test Anubis is pleased with his new ‘children’s’ combat potential.

Lord Yu and his fellow allied System Lords are less pleased, as they seem to have no defence against these new Kull warriors that Anubis has unleashed upon them, though they do know that the Stargate is the Kull warriors target on those worlds that have an Iris shield protecting its Stargate.

On the 10th March 2005, the locals of Crim meet with the System Lord Osiris, on Osiris’s now home world and offer in return for Osiris’s ‘protection’ to new Staff Rifles that they have developed. Osiris is very taken with these new Staff Rifles and agrees to the Crim’s request (one does not make demands to a System Lord like Osiris and live) the Crim’s know this much.

Osiris will supply raw materials for the Crim’s in return for an exclusive deal on these new Staff Rifles the Crim’s agree to Osiris’s deal, though they do not tell Osiris about how they came to get the idea from off worlders. They pass the new Staff Rifles as their own design, as the Crim’s know that these off worlders (Linea’s people) will be back and maybe able to offer some new design ideas.

On their newly christened home world of Novus Éirinn Linea and her 30 followers are unaware of what the Crim’s are doing with the Staff Rifles and whom they are selling them to.

On the 10th March 2005, the first three River class corvettes (HMS Clyde, Severn and Mersey) based on the Visby class corvettes enter service with the Royal Navy, these corvettes have been modified to operate in the North Sea, but the ‘look’ remains virtually unchanged, as does the primary gun, Bofors 57 mm Mk3.

A total of 45 River class corvettes have been ordered for the Royal Navy (for fisheries protection, patrol etc) and will serve as patrol boats not only around the UK mainland but also for all of the UK overseas areas as well.

Sweden is the main beneficiary for this procumbent deal of licensed production of the River class corvettes, other countries (New Zealand, Canada and Australia) are also looking at licensed production of their own versions of the Visby class corvettes this is one advantage of being in the Sterling Zone group of countries.

On the 11th March 2005, the Prevention of Terrorism Act receives the Royal Assent. This permits the Home Secretary to make control orders restricting the liberty of named individuals. In a minor sub clause, this allows the commander of SI-5 to also issue control orders restricting the liberty of named individuals, thus giving the commander of SI-5 even greater powers, though the only way this sub clause got through Parliament is it allows a High Court Judge to override this order.

On the 15th March 2005, in orbit over Atlantis Dr McKay is about to run his first test of the reality drive, using a remotely controlled Fox class shuttle this shuttle will be remotely activated and jump to another reality. After a one hour, recharge the shuttle should return, if after three hours the shuttle does not return the onboard self-destruct will activate destroying the shuttle.

From the viewing area on HMS Victory Dr McKay says, “Ready to go.”

On the bridge Commodore Jason Timms states over the comm, “Dr McKay you have a go, on your mark.”

Dr McKay says, “Thanks Commodore Timms” then presses a control, the shuttle glows slightly and disappears, and Dr McKay grins wildly.

On the bridge, Commodore Jason Timms states over the comm, “Congratulations Dr McKay, you are half way there.”

One hour later the shuttle has not returned.

Three hours and ten minutes later, the shuttle will not be returning, as the onboard self-destruct will have activated.

On the bridge, Commodore Jason Timms states over the comm, “Never mind Dr McKay, you still have some work to do on this project, as I would judge that it is only half a failure.”

Dr McKay says, “You mean you are not going to cancel this project.”

Commodore Timms replies, “No Dr McKay I am not, after all one test is not conclusive and no lives were lost, so you can use as many shuttles as you like as far as I am concerned.”

Dr McKay says, “Thank you, I will get the next shuttle ready for another test.”

On the 16th March 2005, in orbit over Atlantis Dr McKay uses another shuttle to test his reality drive, but the results are the same, Dr McKay is puzzled why the shuttle has not returned.

Over the rest of March 2005, Dr McKay will expend another fifteen shuttles, with the same results as the first shuttle Dr McKay will study the results of these tests for the rest of the year before trying again in 2006.

By the 20th March 2005, the culling in the Pegasus Galaxy by the Wraith has run into problems, as there are not enough humans to feed the number of Wraith that have awakened this has led to some infighting within the Wraith, though as yet no major fighting has broken out.

On the planet of Genii the Wraith continue to protect that world as the Genii have proven to be very reliable in showing were humans on other worlds go to hide during a Wraith culling. This selling out by the Genii has so far ensured that their world has not been culled, in addition the Wraith perceive the Genii home world as lightly populated and not worth culling, yet.

On the 25th March 2005, the Friends of Freddy Mercury accidentally come across a British project from the 1930’s called ‘Project Phoenix’ they dismiss this as old information, as it comes from what was the War Department document that have been released under the freedom of information act. Though this is only a commutation between the head of the army stating that ‘Project Phoenix’ needs increased security due to the growing threat from Germany, what they do not realise is that they had come very close to one of the biggest secrets on the planet. They assume incorrectly that this ‘Project Phoenix’ is now shut down as they also assume that no project could still be operational for this length of time.

They also do not bother to take a copy of this document, instead they are more interested in what is happening in the US, as three of the Friends of Freddy Mercury have found out that the US something of extreme interest in Area 51 referred to as the ‘polo mint’. This will bring the Friends of Freddy Mercury in direct conflict with rouge elements of the NID, who will make the worst mistakes in dealing with the Friends of Freddy Mercury.

This War Department document is removed from the national archive several days later by SI-5 officers, with a security review on how this happened, for fortunately those few that have read this document do not realise what they have read.

On the 31st March 2005, a team of Lord Yu’s Jaffa witness something interesting about the Kull warriors, when they do not engage these Kull warriors the Kull warriors do not engage them, unless a Jaffa interferes in their mission. On this world all Lord Yu’s Jaffa do is wait until the Kull warriors are replaced with normal Jaffa then the launch their attack after the Kull warriors have been withdrawn.

This one act shows to Lord Yu that these Kull warriors although they are powerful they have no initiative and will stick to their mission orders, even if there is a large Jaffa force watching them, unless attacked the Kull warriors will do nothing.

Only if Anubis is present will these Kull warriors accept new orders, though Anubis has not been present at any of these attacks, merely issuing the orders and letting his Kull warriors deal with the mission, supported by his Jaffa.

From early April 2005 onwards, Lord Yu and his fellow system lord allies, use the tactic of waiting until the Kull warriors have left and been replaced with Jaffa before launching an attack to retake the Stargate on each world.

April 2005

During early April 2005, Lord Ba’al makes the suggestion to Anubis that he be given temporary command of a small number of Kull warriors this should negate the weakness of the Kull warriors in not having any initiative.

Anubis does not like the idea of turning over even temporary command of even a small number of his Kull warriors to another System Lord, even though Anubis does think that Lord Ba’al’s idea is a good one.

On the 5th April 2005, Diana, Princess of Wales dies peacefully in her sleep, here funeral will be a private family ceremony several days later. There is public outpouring of grief but this had been expected for some time, within a year Prince Charles will have remarried. Even though Prince Charles had been divorced for some time, it had been felt that remarrying while Diana was still alive would not go down too well with the public.

On the 10th April 2005, the US Stargate programs SG teams are finding that more Stargate’s are having Iris fitted to them with the MALP’s being destroyed before they even have time to reintegrate. Though there are still enough planet’s to explore, just that these planet’s tend to be the ones the System Lords have abandoned as they are either of little value or have no resources left to mine.

This has had the effect of keeping causalities to zero for the planet’s that have been explored, though also this has meant that the SG teams have had little or no combat experience against the Jaffa.

On the 15th April 2005, the first Venture Star shuttle is launched, after spending fifteen days in orbit the Venture Star returns to Earth successfully. This will be the first of many automated launches by NASA, as NASA does not want to risk any astronauts until the first Venture Star has been thoroughly tested.

This is the first good mission that NASA has had in a while in relation to manned missions, even though this mission the shuttle was on automatic/remote-controlled.

By the 20th April 2005, Novus Éirinn Linea and her 30 followers are now trading more and more with the population of Crim this includes for former IRA member teaching the locals about guerrilla warfare. The locals of Crim take to the new style of warfare very quickly this will be something that they will pass onto Osiris, as part of their trade deal with Osiris.

On the 25th April 2005, during their next trade visit to Osiris’s home world the Crim show Osiris this new form of guerrilla warfare, Osiris recognises this form of guerrilla warfare from the current hosts memories. Though this current host has limited knowledge of such things, Osiris knows that there are humans from Earth teaching the Crim a form of their warfare Osiris is intrigued.

Osiris orders that her Jaffa learn this style of warfare the Jaffa obey though they do think that this form of warfare is beneath them so Osiris forms a small number of Specially Trained Guerrilla Warfare Jaffa (STGWJ) from those Jaffa that are interested. What Osiris has created is Osiris’s own form of Jaffa Commando’s with a mix of Jaffa and guerrilla warfare making these STGWJ units quite deadly against normal Jaffa.

On the 27th April 2005, the Superjumbo jet aircraft Airbus A380 makes its first flight from Toulouse, with BAe systems having a 25% stake in Airbus. The privately owned Hawker Siddeley having no stake, but instead is building the latest version of the improved Concord II supersonic jet.

On the 28th April 2005, the remaining nine Friends of Freddy Mercury travel to the US to meet up with the other three already in the US the NID reports this news back to Colonel Simmons who is in charge of their surveillance operation. If Colonel Simmons and his small number of supporters had their way these twelve Friends of Freddy Mercury would disappear permanently, but Director Woolsey would not give the ok for such action.

By the end of April 2005, the twelve members of the Friends of Freddy Mercury are now currently in the US observing Area 51 from afar. This group has come to the attention of the NID, with an NID officer called Colonel Frank Simmons leading the observation of this small group (amongst other groups of UFO nuts).

Colonel Simmons must work around Director Woolsey in dealing with ‘problems’ without anyone finding out what he or his fellow NID officers are up to.

Colonel Simmons and several other NID officer have formed a ‘death squad’ to eliminate anyone that gets too close to the Stargate program, Colonel Simmons and his men see this as the patriotic duty and not the criminal acts that they have committed. Though as far as Director Woolsey concerned Colonel Simmons is just a bit too enthusiastic and needs to be reined in from time to time, even though Colonel Maybourne had warned him that Director Woolsey should keep a closer eye on Colonel Simmons.

So far, Colonel Simmons has done nothing to arouse Director Woolsey’s suspicions, even though Colonel Simmons and his team have murdered six people, so far and managed to cover up these murders quite effectively.

May 2005

On the 5th May 2005, the UK General Election the Labour Party is returned to power, with a majority of 46, up slightly on the previous election. With many commentators and news organisations stating that this was because when Tony Blair stands down and hands over to Gordon Brown, speculation is that it will be within 1-2 months, or more likely as quickly as possible.

The boost in Labour popularity is credited to Gordon Brown, becoming known as the Gordon Brown bounce, as the people are happy (more or less) with Tony Blair stepping down sometime after the election, mostly of this public anger is not against the Labour Party but Tony Blair personally due to the UK’s ongoing involvement in Iraq.

With a total of 645 seats up for grabs including those overseas parts of the UK (including the 8 overseas seats), all of these MP’s sit as a group of independents, though they will be critical at the next election in 2010...

On the 10th May 2005, Osiris uses one of his new STGWJ units to eliminate a single underlord serving Lord Yu cause this STGWJ unit quickly eliminates the underlord along with the Jaffa serving this underlord.

Osiris is now convinced that this new form of warfare is essential to his rise in power, Osiris must learn more of these new tactics from the Crim and once her has learned all he can he will eliminate the Crim to prevent this knowledge falling into anther System Lords hands, until then the Crim must be protected.

Well until they have outlived their usefulness then they can be eliminated.

On the 17th May 2005, George Galloway, British MP, appears before the United States Senate to defend himself against charges that he profited from Saddam Hussein's regime, launching a tirade against the senators who had accused him and attacking the war in Iraq. George Galloway has already been cleared by an SI-5 investigation, even though up until being cleared by SI-5, George Galloway has opposed SI-5 and has reversed his position on this organisation, due to SI-5 clearing his name.

Many suspect, that if SI-5 had found evidence that George Galloway would have accused SI-5 of setting him up!

The United States Senate decides not to continue with their investigation after George Galloway fights back against the charges, stating that the ‘sources’ that the United States Senate committee is quoting have proved to be forgeries.

George Galloway becomes a bit of a celebrity in the US due to his fight against what will be seen as false charges, with the US people like rooting for the underdog...

On the 20th May 2005, George Robertson is briefed on Project Phoenix, as with everyone else he is stunned, he now sees were all this technological advancement has comes from and alike everyone else agrees to keep the secret. This will also confirm in his mind not to become PM or compete with Gordon Brown, as his current job is just as powerful, if not more so, as Gordon Brown does not understand defence.

On the 25th May 2005, Major General Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster, who in 2004 was appointed to the new post of Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff with responsibility for Reserves and Cadets, is briefed on Project Phoenix. This is the first ‘junior’ senior officer to be briefed on Project Phoenix, as head of reserve forces for the UK, it was felt (by the Committee of Four) that he needed to know and he had already passed the deep background checks.

As with everyone that is informed of Project Phoenix the Major General Cavendish is floored though less so than others have been, once he is aware of the need for secrecy he will keep the secret of Project Phoenix. This will allow additional recruits to come from the reserve forces, as now the commander of the Reserves and Cadets is in on the reasons he can keep an eye out for the right recruits.

On the 31st May 2005, Gordon Brown meets with George Robertson Secretary of State for Defence, in this private meeting Gordon Brown promises George Robertson the role of Deputy Prime Minister as well as Defence Secretary and that he will leave defence matters up to George Robertson.

After only thinking about this for few seconds George Robertson agrees to Gordon Brown deal, that he will fully support Gordon Brown for PM, as long as he keeps defence and becomes Deputy Prime Minister, both shake hands on the deal, unlike Tony Blair, Gordon Brown will keep to the deal.

This is more to do with Project Phoenix, as Robertson knows that Brown does not ‘get’ defence and will surely not ‘get’ Project Phoenix, so it is likely that Project Phoenix will come under Robertson’s nominal control.

June 2005

The Genii Confederation have managed to keep the Wraith from culling their world, as the Wraith now trust the information that the Genii supply to them about the other human civilisations in this galaxy. In doing this the Genii have so far been able to keep the secret that they started this latest round of early culling from all sides.

Now the Genii Confederation has to decide what side to throw in with, either the Wraith or Atlantis (Project Phoenix), as their best chance for survival, as they do not see the Travellers as their best chance for long-term survival.

The Travellers have not been informed of the Genii Confederation trying to decide between the Wraith and Atlantis (Project Phoenix).

Commander Acastus Kolya with the Genii ships Freedom, Liberty, Independence and the partially operational Resistance have been in deep space with only limited contact with their home world, along with a single Traveller ship acting a guide to avoid any problem systems.

Commander Kolyak knows his orders keep the information contained in these ships safe and avoid contact with the Wraith (or anyone else) at all cost.

On the 5th June 2005, preparations are well underway for the next Venture Star Space Shuttle mission to show the quick turnaround time for this new space shuttle it is hopped by NASA for this next mission to be launched in 2006.

On the 6th June 2005, Tony Blair resigns as Leader of the Labour Party and as an MP, allowing Gordon Brown to be elected as PM virtually unopposed within a month in many ways Gordon Brown is unsuited to be PM.

Tony Blair’s resignation causes a by-election to happen much to the annoyance of the voters in Blair’s constituency, as they had expected Blair to stay on at least a year before resigning.

Until a new leader is elected the current Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott will be in charge, though Prescott will not be briefed on Project Phoenix, as Prescott has indicated that once a new leader has been elected he will stand down as Deputy Prime Minister. This is good as it saves Gordon Brown from firing Prescott to allow Robertson to become Deputy Prime Minister, as well as keeping Defence.

By the 10th June 2005, the space forces of Project Phoenix are divided into certain roles for certain ship types, with the Scorpion class cruisers being used for reconnaissance missions to those worlds that cannot connect to that worlds Stargate. The Courageous class battlecruisers are used to protect the world of Camelot, with about half the Courageous class being used to guard Camelot.

Leaving the four current operational battleships of the Dreadnought class as a reserve force, with three of the four operational battleships have the power boost of three AEM’s each.

On the 12th June 2005, the Genii Confederation sell out another world’s population for culling after finding out where that worlds populations hiding places and the methods being used to screen the population from Wraith sensors. The Wraith are grateful to the Genii Confederation, as the population of the world that the Genii Confederation has sold out appears to be greater than the population of the Genii home world.

This fresh culling has bought the Genii Confederation another year or more, but by then the Wraith will be fully occupied in a war against the Asurans, giving the Genii Confederation more options than the Genii Confederation has at the moment.

By the 15th June 2005, the total population on Camelot has reached 5 million and growing at a steady rate, with the majority of the 5 million being the original Camelot population, but also now including (on a separate content) the refuge population from Taranis, with Taranians now settled in with considerable help from the Nox. The plans to make Camelot a colony world for Project Phoenix have now been shelved, though Project Phoenix does maintain a presence of around 2,500 personnel on the planet and several battlecruisers in orbit for defence.

By the 20th June 2005, the war in Afghanistan for the British military has intensified with Helmand province becoming the area of some intense combat between the Taliban (and to a much lesser extent Al-Qaeda) and British military forces numbering 25,000 troops and support personnel.

The main reason for the Taliban fighting for Helmand province is that this province is the world's largest opium-producing regions this being a major source of funding for the Taliban that they cannot afford to lose.

Even with the level of firepower that the British military can bring to bear, they are having a hard time gaining control over all off Helmand province.

On the 28th June 2005, in the Solent, the Queen conducts a Fleet Review of 207 naval (over a quarter being Royal Navy ships including three carriers), merchant and tall ships from the UK and 35 other nations to commemorate the bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar. The numbers had to be limited as not all the ships could fit, still it does show the world that the Royal Navy is still a premier naval power.

At the end of June 2005, the Defence ministry’s of the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada announces that there will be a Chief of Combined Defence Staffs created to allow for better defence coordination between the four countries. This is met will little interest as the post is designed for improved defence coordination and has no say on operational matters, but can advise on any ongoing military operations.

CCDS will be made up from military personnel drawn from all four countries, with the head of the CCDS having a two-year single term and will be rotated every two years between each member country. With the UK first followed in two years by New Zealand then two years after that Canada and finally two years after Australia and then back to the UK.

The headquarters of the CCDS will also, be rotated between each member country as it takes up its two-year tenure of this new post, it is possible that other countries, such as those members of the Sterling Zone will be invited to become part of the CCDS. Both Norway and Sweden are being looked at, but any offer is not expected to be made for at least eight years, until UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada have each had command of the CCDS.

The UK choice for the post of head of the CCDS will be Admiral Sir Nigel Richard Essenhigh former First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff will take up his new post on the 1st January 2006.

Admiral Sir Nigel Richard Essenhigh will be promoted to the rank of Fleet Admiral.

It is no coincidence that this announcement comes at the same time as the Queen conducts a Fleet Review to commemorate the bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar, as this will help the acceptance by the people of these four countries of this new joint command more easily they are right the people do accept this new command.

July 2005

By early July 2005, the joint carrier replacement program is now well underway with a total of six carriers needed to replace with HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Prince of Wales, HMS Ark Royal and HMS Duke of York for the Royal Navy along with Australia’s will receive HMAS Melbourne and Canada’s HMCS Warrior.

The class name has already been chosen due to public demand, which is the Ark Royal class carriers’ the other names have yet to be decided upon.

Slightly surprising during July the Indian government asks for information on this new class of carriers, with an indication that the Indian government would like to license build two carriers for the Indian Navy. As the Indian government, is starting to have problems with the overhaul and conversion of the former soviet carrier Admiral Gorshkov to operate supersonic Sea Harrier carrier standards.

By the 2nd July 2005, the Friends of Freddy Mercury are now under intensive surveillance by rouge NID officers under Colonel Simmons command and without Director Woolsey’s knowledge this can only end badly for everyone concerned.

On the 6th July 2005, Gordon Brown ceases to be Chancellor and becomes the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, after ‘kissing hands’ with the Queen, within a few days the new PM with have his Project Phoenix briefing.

At the ‘kissing hands’ with the Queen, Her Majesty says, “Prime Minister we will have a lot to discuss after your special briefing on a certain project”

All Gordon Brown does in reply is says, “Yes your majesty” leaving Her Majesty very puzzled what the Queen could mean.

In addition, the International Olympic Committee awards the 2012 Summer Olympics to London, a new security nightmare for the UK Police and Security Services has just begun.

On the 7th July 2005, four terror attacks (3 on the London Underground and 1 on a bus) rock the transport network in London, killing 52 (not including the 4 bombers) and injuring over 700. With the new PM being in office for less than 24 hours Gordon Brown orders that all available resources be committed to helping the injured and stopping future attacks.

Gordon Brown has not, yet been briefed on Project Phoenix this is due to happen on the 10th July this briefing will be delayed until 11th July due to the bombings.

The new PM’s quick response to these attacks is greatly praised, though there have always been contingency plans in case of terrorist attacks on London (based on previous IRA attacks), all that was needed was the PM to, ok there implementation, but the public does not know this.

All the public sees is the PM’s quick response nothing more.

On the 8th July 2005, with strong police and in the wings (unseen) is the army ready to support the police if any further attacks are carried out, no further attacks happen so the army will be stood down at the end of the month.

The UK military alert level goes to BIKINI state AMBER, with the rest of the UK military forces across the globe going to BIKINI state BLACK SPECIAL this state of alert will remain in force until the end of July, when these levels will drop to pre-attack levels.

On the 10th July 2005, Gordon Brown announces that the current Secretary of State for Defence George Robertson will also become the new Deputy Prime Minister, holding both roles and will conduct the war (Iraq/Afghanistan) with the full support of Gordon Brown. This is the first Cabinet appointment by the new Prime Minister, just as his agreement with George Robertson.

On the 11th July 2005, Gordon Brown has his special briefing about Project Phoenix and that George Robertson knows of this project (along with all former living PM’s), along with certain members of the Australian, New Zealand and Canadian governments. Gordon Brown is overwhelmed by Project Phoenix and feeling out of his depth (that understates that by a wide margin), passes the operational control of the UK part of Project Phoenix over to George Robertson.

Gordon Brown’s style of government differed from that of his predecessor, Tony Blair, who had been seen as presidential in style. Brown rescinded some of the policies, which had either been introduced or were planned by Blair's administration during Blair’s final days in office.

Gordon Brown remained committed to close relatively ties with the United States and to the Iraq war (and Afghanistan), although he would establish an inquiry into the reasons why Britain had participated in the conflict in Iraq. This would not do Gordon Brown any harm at all, as for the first few years of being Prime Minister Brown would be very popular with the people of the UK.

During 2008, things would start to go downhill for Gordon Brown.

On the 15th July 2005, in a speech given by Brown's close aide Douglas Alexander sates, “In the 21st century, strength should be measured on what we can build together. We need to demonstrate by our deeds, words and our actions that we are internationalist, not isolationist, multilateralist, not unilateralist, active and not passive, and driven by core values, consistently applied, not special interests.”

This speech by Douglas Alexander appeared to be part of a distancing of the new British government from the Bush administration (Iraq etc), though there will not be a decisive break. Even though Prime Minister’s office would later deny this, though not very strenuously, as it turned out, leading to many in the worlds press of a limited distancing between the US and the UK in their ‘special relationship’.

The US and the UK in their ‘special relationship’ is mostly for PR as the world’s only remaining superpowers the US and the UK are more than capable of operating independently of each other, but it is good PR to seem as though they are acting together.

On the 20th July 2005, Commander Acastus Kolya onboard his ship the Freedom is on a reconnaissance ahead of his fleets next hyperspace jump the Freedom encounters two Wraith cruisers, but before Commander Kolya an order the Freedom to withdraw, an unknown ship drops out of hyperspace.

What Commander Kolya does not know is this ship is HMS Victory, also on a reconnaissance mission, with the Wraith ignoring the Freedom and start firing on HMS Victory, as this is perceived as the greater threat of the two ships, by the Wraith. HMS Victory’s shields (greatly boosted by three AEM’s) easily absorb the incoming fire, in return HMS Victory fires a single blue coloured energy beam at one of the Wraith cruisers destroying it with a single shot.

The second Wraith cruiser try’s to withdraw, but HMS Victory fires another single blue coloured energy beam at the second of the Wraith cruisers, also destroying it.

By this time the Freedom is ready to jump into hyperspace, without waiting to be hailed by the unknown warship Commander Kolya orders the Freedom, as his orders are very clear, keep his ships safe.

Bridge, HMS Victory

On seeing the other unknown ship jump into hyperspace, Commodore Jason Timms says, “They did not even say ‘hello’ or even a ‘thank you’”

The helmsman asks, “Shall I peruse, sir?”

Commodore Timms replies, “No, if they do not want to say hello that is their business” than pausing for a moment then says, “Anyway we have bigger problems” nodding towards the debris of the two Wraith cruisers.

The helmsman says, “Yes sir, shall I jump to the next set of coordinates?”

Commodore Timms replies, “Yes, put us into hyperspace”

The Victory jumps into hyperspace towards its next location, not knowing that they have come very close to the race that awakened the Wraith.

By the 20th July 2005, the Goa'uld Civi War has ground to a full halt, with only minor local engagements happening much to the annoyance of Anubis, as his Cull Warriors can only win locally and then only when Anubis is present, unless Anubis hands over (temporary) control to his own Goa'uld that are ‘loyal’ to him. Anubis is not going to do this, as he does not trust anyone, even those Goa'uld that went into exile with him several thousand years ago.

Anubis now needs a new plan, an Ancient Energy Module will do very nicely for Anubis, several would even be much better, but were to find them (as the ‘others’ will not let Anubis just create one) Anubis must find one that means searching all the former Ancient bases in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The other option would be to use the weapon inside the Temple of Dakara is the Dakara superweapon is a hidden device capable of reducing all matter to its basic elemental components, and/or restructuring it. This option is much harder as all Jaffa and Goa'uld would also race to obtain this weapon, also the Asgard might intervene and that would case too many problems for Anubis at this time, but it is not out of play.

For now, searching for an operational Ancient Energy Module allowing Anubis to study and copy this technology is Anubis best option, assuming nothing goes wrong or the Asgard do not figure out what Anubis is up to.

Anubis is still unaware that there are living Ancients still around this would change Anubis’s tactics, but the others are not letting Anubis use his powers, so Anubis does not know.

At the end of July 2005, as Professor Stephen Hawking walked to his office at the University of Cambridge he still had not got use the fact that he had been cured, also that he was one of the privileged few to have undergone the full ‘special treatment’ off world in Seth’s Goa'uld Sarcophagus. He was one of those few scientists on Earth that where working on bringing those theories that had already been discovered/developed on Heliopolis and now had to be ‘rediscovered/re-developed’ on Earth, so that it can be released publically.

This process is extremely, longwinded, as he could not suddenly say ‘hey I have developed this’ as the first question his fellow scientists (who do not know about Project Phoenix) would ask is ‘how did you develop this’. Professor Hawking needed to be able to show how he developed it and this kind of process always takes time, such is the secrecy surrounding Project Phoenix.

Professor Hawking also sits on the research board of Universal Exports, as do several other scientists (who do not know about Project Phoenix) and are working on Earth bringing these new technologies to Earth.

Professor Hawking has an emergency ‘bleeper’ that can summon assistance if he feels or is in danger, with armed Special Branch or SI-5 officers responding, though he is certain that he is being followed (at a discrete distance – he is right), by Special Branch officers.

Professor Hawking is also very rich (multi-millionaire) thanks to several books deals that have sold extremely well, as far as his family are concerned all he is doing is research and they are not aware of Project Phoenix or the work his does from this project.

Better safe than sorry Professor Hawking thinks to himself as he sits down to start to write up his next theory for public release and peer review.

August 2005

By early August 2005, Linea has learned of several different types of Goa'uld spaceships. The one that she is most interested in is the Goa'uld Al'kesh that has long range and requires minimal crew to operate the Al'kesh is also well armed and shielded for a ship of its size.

After that, all that Linea and her follows need to do now is find one and steal it, simple really!

Linea thinks to herself, what could possibly go wrong...!!!

On the 6th August 2005, Robin Cook dies suddenly, an investigation is ordered by the new Prime Minister (under SI-5 supervision) reveals that Robin Cook died of a heart attack a post mortem revealed that Cook died of hypertensive heart disease. Many commentators and some senior labour politicians state that Cook seemed destined for a senior Cabinet post under a Brown premiership.

The previous Prime Minister Tony Blair does not attend the funeral.

By the 10th August 2005, Linea and her follows have chosen a world that has a Goa'uld Al'kesh the world that Linea and her follows have chosen is an outpost of the System Lord Osiris. It will be several months before Linea is ready to launch her attack to seize a Goa'uld Al'kesh and return it to Novus Éirinn, it will also allow Linea and her follows to learn how to pilot an Al'kesh.

This action will bring Osiris’s wraith down upon Linea and her small group follows, along with another race as well...

On the 15th August 2005, on the Asuran home world the fleet of 50 warships are nearly complete these 50 warships have been created in the image of the ancient warships, even though these designs are over 10,000 years old they are still a very advanced warship design.

Soon (early next year) this fleet will be unleashed on the Wraith and the beginning of the Wraith – Asuran War will begin, once this war begins, it will fully occupy the Wraith keeping the Wraith out of everyone’s way.

The Asuran are (as yet) unaware that the Wraith are also building more warships for an all out attack on Atlantis, with several hundred Wraith cruisers either completed or nearing completion or still under construction.

The Ancients have put in place measures to prevent the Asuran from altering their code themselves this code has been improved by Merlin and the other remaining Ancients, just in case the Wraith try messing with the Asuran code.

The Asuran have superior technology and the Wraith have numbers surprisingly this makes both sides evenly matched as the Ancients have not shared with the Asuran their recent technological upgrades that they have applied to their own two warships the Tria and the Hippaforalkus.

The Ancients (Merlin) will monitor the war from Atlantis, with the heavily upgraded Tria, at Merlin’s disposal with a small crew of Ancients and Asgard manning the Tria. Merlin will only commit the Tria if the Asuran are losing the battle badly against the Wraith, though Merlin thinks this is unlikely due to the Asuran’s ability to replace their own ‘personnel’ losses very quickly.

On the 29th August 2005, Hurricane Katrina makes landfall along the US Gulf Coast causing severe damage. At least 1,836 die in the aftermath. The Royal Navy patrol in the Caribbean that had been following Hurricane Katrina offers assistance via the UK Foreign Office but this offer of help is turned down.

Only to be reversed and formally requested several days later by the US State Department, by then the Royal Navy in the Caribbean is involved in helping the other nations in the Caribbean (Commonwealth and non-Commonwealth nations) with their own rescue operations.

The United Kingdom dispatched 500,000 ration packs worth £3 million, to the region, including the US. However, many of the ration packs do not reach the US victims of Hurricane Katrina due to US laws regarding mad cow disease that are still in place.

The UK also sends medical experts, Urban Search and Rescue personnel/equipment, Marine engineers and high-volume pumps, skilled personnel including engineers who provide support recovery efforts for installations and systems, technicians, staff trained in disaster management and emergency response activities.

These personnel arrive within 24-hours of the request being issue by the US government by HS Belfast II transport aircraft of the RAF Transport Command.

The UK also pledges to release an extra 2.2 million barrels (350,000 m3) of oil from the UK’s own oil reserves and ship it to the US to help with the temporary oil shortfall in the US, until the US can release its own oil reserves. This is followed by Canada also offering to match the UK’s offer from Canada’s own oil reserves, as well, though most of this oil will not be delivered, as the US quickly releases its own oil reserves until the affected oil refineries are back up and running.

September 2005

By early September 2005, the Goa'uld Civil War has ground to a virtual halt, with neither side able to gain any advantage, with Ba’al still suggesting to Anubis that Anubis should allow his Kull Warriors under the temporary control of a limited number of ‘loyal’ System Lords to try to break the deadlock. So far, Anubis as resisted this, as Anubis knows that his ‘allied’ system lords would turn his own creations against him if they had a chance.

Anubis is thinking of using Lord Ba’al as a test for temporary command of a small number of his Kull Warriors, but Anubis wants to ‘stack the deck’ in his favour before allowing Lord Ba’al any level of control over his Kull Warriors.

By the 1st September 2005, the first of the X-303/BC-303 Lexington class battle cruisers has its skeleton frame finish, with the interior starting to take shape, the ships reactors have been fitted, but not fuelled the fuelling will not happen until the ship is finished. Area 51 is seeing many flights bringing in the various parts for the Lexington this has been noted by the Friends of Freddy Mercury, it has also been noted by the rogue elements of the NID.

The Friends of Freddy Mercury are the only group to have figured out that something is being built at Area 51, but they do not know what is being built.

The twelve members of the Friends of Freddy Mercury are living on borrowed time, as the rogue elements of the NID have marked them for elimination, it is now a matter of when and not if the happens.

It also matters to Colonel Simmons that he can get away with these murders, but when Colonel Simmons and his small group of NID agents begin to eliminate the Friends of Freddy Mercury, events will overtake them, leading to very lethal consequences for Colonel Simmons and his group of NID agents.

By mid September 2005, the cost to the UK Treasury for the conflict in Afghanistan is currently running at £1 billion per month, with the current level of troops, airpower and associated support equipment. The amount of ordinance (of all types) that the UK military is getting through per month is quite frightening especially to the Treasury officials.

Even with this level of expenditure the UK is still running a peace time economy and only some parts related to defence are running above peacetime levels though not a full war production levels to make up for operational losses of equipment and expenditure of ordinance.

At the end of September 2005, Lord Ashdown a former Royal Marine, Special Boat Service and as a former intelligence officer for the UK security services was (and still is) in the know about Project Phoenix. Due to his knowledge of this project, Gordon Brown had offered Lord Ashdown a cabinet role in his new government, but Lord Ashdown has turned down the offer of the post of Home Secretary.

Gordon Brown wanted more people inside cabinet that are in the know about Project Phoenix this is proving hard to do, as not many know about Project Phoenix and are members of a Labour government (or even the opposition).

The only other member of the Cabinet is the Deputy PM/Defence Secretary George Robertson knows about Project Phoenix.

October 2005

On the 1st October 2005, Dr Victoria Phillips announces that within the next few years she will start to take a back seat as Director of Project Phoenix this will lead the way for Alan Turing to become Director of Project Phoenix, after Dr Victoria Phillips steps down in a few years time.

When Dr Victoria Phillips does step down as Director of Project Phoenix there will be a number of changes at the top that Alan Turing will make, along with some members of the leadership of Project Phoenix deciding to retire at the same time.

This catches the Committee of Four by surprise even though Dr Phillips is over 100 years old (Dr Phillips looks like someone in their late 50’s) the Committee of Four agrees that Deputy Director of Project Phoenix Alan Turing will become the new Director of Project Phoenix once Dr Phillips officially steps down.

On Atlantis an hour later, after Dr Phillips announcement Alan Turing is in his office reading that he is likely to become the next Director of Project Phoenix and that he would be in position to not only suggest a replacement for the post of Deputy Director of Project Phoenix and Head of the Atlantis Expiation.

Alan Turing has a lot of thinking to do about these two post that he currently hold, in whether to appoint one replacement for both posts or one for each post and who will fill these posts?

On the 5th October 2005, Colonel Simmons orders the elimination of the twelve members of the Friends of Freddy Mercury, though as the saying goes ‘No battle plan survives contact with the enemy’ this is true for Colonel Simmons plan, as his plan will go very wrong.

When Colonel Simmons NID agents try to eliminate the twelve members of the Friends of Freddy Mercury next year things will go badly wrong for the rouge NID agents and Colonel Simmons.

On the 10th October 2005, Director Woolsey requests to have a discussion, with Colonel Maybourne about what he thinks of Colonel Simmons, though this is not the reason he has stated on the request form to the USAF.

Director Woolsey says, “Thank you for coming Colonel Maybourne”

Colonel Maybourne smiles and replies, “Anytime Director Woolsey” then putting his hand up to stop Woolsey then Maybourne continues, “To save time, I assume that you have come to ask me questions about someone else within Stargate Command?”

Director Woolsey raises an eyebrow and says, “Very perceptive of you Colonel Maybourne, indeed I have, it is about Colonel Simmons what to you really think of him?”

Colonel Maybourne lets out a long sigh and replies, “A good intelligence officer, but...”

Director Woolsey says, “Go on Colonel Maybourne I want to know.”

Colonel Maybourne continues, “But I do not trust him and I think he is up to something, but I have no evidence just a gut feeling.”

Director Woolsey says, “I agree with you Colonel Maybourne that Colonel Simmons is up to something, but his actions have not proven anything to but a loyal officer of Stargate Command and the NID. I have no evidence to move against Simmons, I need solid proof to deal with Simmons.”

Colonel Maybourne asks, “So you want me to investigate Colonel Simmons and find out if he is up to anything and if he is what it maybe?”

Director Woolsey replies, “Yes. Do you have a problem with that?”

Colonel Maybourne says, “Not in the slightest Director Woolsey.”

Director Woolsey states, “Good then you will start right away” handing Maybourne and envelope “here is your authority from me in writing. Oh and keep this information to yourself no memos etc that Simmons could pick up on.”

Without opening the envelope Maybourne replies, “Do not worry Director Woolsey I will keep this to myself and I will choose the right people to keep and eye on Simmons, if Simmons is hiding something I will find out what it is.”

Maybourne leaves Woolsey’s office with considerable motivation in getting the dirt on Simmons as Maybourne personally dislikes Simmons and he will find the dirt one way or another...

On the 15th October 2005, Sir John Major turns down Tony Blair’s request for a position on the board of directors of Universal Exports in this respect Major is well supported by current Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Tony Blair will have to find other ways of making money, as he is no longer privy to Project Phoenix briefings once he had stepped down as Prime Minister, Tony Blair is also no longer receiving Privy Councillor Briefings at his own suggestion to the new PM, Gordon Brown accepted this suggestion without hesitation.

On the 21st October 2005, the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar is observed, with celebrations held around the United Kingdom, with the Royal Navy leading the celebrations the bulk of the fleet deployed to home waters for these celebrations, making for an impressive sight.

At the end of October 2005, Gordon Brown receives his regular briefing on Project Phoenix, but Gordon Brown does not seem to still fully understand or want to understand Project Phoenix (no one at Project Phoenix can be sure which). However, as Prime Minister Gordon Brown is going to get regular Project Phoenix briefings whether he understands them or not, as all four-member countries Prime Ministers also receive regular briefings on Project Phoenix.

November 2005

On the 1st November 2005, the Prince of Wales arrives in the United States for a state visit security around the Prince of Wales is very tight, as the US government knows if anything happen to the Prince of Wales it will be on their heads. The Prince of Wales state visit to the US goes off very well, though the Prince of Wales wishes that Camilla could have come, but as they are not yet married this would prove to be difficult.

By the 2nd November 2005, Colonel Maybourne’s initial investigations of Colonel Simmons have turned up nothing that in itself has made Maybourne even more suspicious, as most intelligence officers like Simmons usually have some skeletons in there cupboard. However Simmons’s skeletons are completely absent, as if they have been removed expertly from the records, Maybourne now feels that Simmons is deep into something very bad the trick for Maybourne is finding out what it is.

Maybourne will not give up more digging is needed, along with some sort of surveillance on Simmons and Maybourne has the perfect team for the job along with someone who dislikes Simmons as much as he does.

Maybourne has reported to Woolsey what he has not found, along with his growing suspicions that Simmons, though as yet Maybourne does not know what that is, Woolsey continues to support Maybourne’s investigation of Simmons.

Meanwhile, Colonel Simmons is moving slowly to eliminate the 12 members of the Friends of Freddy Mercury that are still observing (from a considerable distance) Area 51, without drawing any attention onto his NID group, of course what Simmons does not know is that Colonel Maybourne is already investigating him.

On the 15th November 2005, Director Woolsey informs Senator Kinsey of the investigation into Simmons and the reasons why Woolsey is doing what he is doing, Kinsey is not at all convinced, though Kinsey is convinced enough, by the lack of anything ‘dirty’ on Simmons. Kinsey supports Woolsey’s investigation of Simmons, as he better if he did not then if something was found some of the ‘mud’ may stick to him and Kinsey is too much of a politician to allow that to happen.

For Director Woolsey it is another ‘victory’ as he now has the support Kinsey (who controls the NID budget) with Kinsey’s support Director Woolsey now has legal authority, as Kinsey will be able to bring his committee around to this investigation, without revealing the Stargate Program to them.

The President will be informed once this operation has been completed, after all no need to worry the President until they (Kinsey and Woolsey) have evidence on Simmons.

On the 25th November 2005, the 20th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting opens in Valletta, Malta. This shows that Malta is an equal partner within the United Kingdom, though some Commonwealth Countries argue (unsuccessfully) that the UK is being allowed to hold the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting too often. This is also the first Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting that China is allowed to attend as an observer nation, along with be a special trading member of the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth is seen as second only to the UN, though without the Security Council members veto, in addition the UK and the Commonwealth have a possible second veto on the UN Security Council with the inclusion of China in the Commonwealth ‘club’ gives them two veto’s, if needed.

December 2005

On the 6th December 2005, David Cameron, 39-year-old MP for Witney in Oxfordshire, is elected Leader of the Conservative Party, defeating David Davis. David Cameron immediately receives armed police officers from the Metropolitan Police Services, Protection Command for himself and his family. David Cameron is less pleased at this level of protection, but is informed that as leader of the opposition it comes as part of the job and if he becomes PM this level of security will increase.

Reluctantly David Cameron ‘accepts’ this level of close protection, but the reality is that he will get this protection whether or not he likes it or not and he cannot order the security off his protection due to the way the legislation has been put together protecting the Prime Minister, Minsters and the Leader of the Opposition.

This is the price that David Cameron must pay is he wants to be Leader of the Opposition (or even Prime Minister) from day one.

On the 7th December 2005, David Cameron is invited to London to receive a security briefing (not Project Phoenix) from Commander Sir William Bodie this security briefing is for the leader of the opposition only, now that David Cameron has become a member of the Privy Council.

This security briefing will not be about Project Phoenix, but merely more conventional security briefing on various bits of information that the leader of the opposition needs to know, though David Cameron will not be able to use this information for party politics, as this would break the official secrets act.

On Monday the 12th December 2005, David Cameron is driven to SI-5’s London headquarters in an SI-5 vehicle, none of David Cameron’s political aides is allowed, but this is not unusual, as every new leader of the opposition gets the same treatment.

As the SI-5 vehicle (a black Range Rover), carrying David Cameron arrives at SI-5’s London headquarters the Metropolitan Police have kept the awaiting journalists back and made sure that the entrance is clear of all traffic.

As David Cameron is lead to the office of Commander Sir William Bodie head of SI-5, he notices that all the people in the building are carrying sidearm’s, though he knows that all SI-5 carry firearms, he did not realise that literally meant ‘all SI-5 officers’.

Once introduction have taken place they both sit down and Commander Bodie begins David Cameron Security Briefing (this will not include Project Phoenix), only a current Prime Minister is privy to Project Phoenix briefing, along with other who have been Project Phoenix cleared.

The briefing lasts for several hours, once finished, David Cameron thanks Commander Sir William Bodie for the briefing and leaves SI-5 headquarters, not informing his staff to what he has been briefed on. Even though David Cameron’s briefing was relatively ‘light’, he has left the security briefing wondering if he really wants to be Prime Minister, though it is a bit late for him to change his mind now.

Commander Sir William Bodie wonders if David Cameron will make a good or bad Prime Minister compared to the current Prime Minister, at least he asked some relatively sensible questions during the briefing, though not many.

As David Cameron is driven away from SI-5 headquarters, David Cameron wonders what he has let himself in for in becoming the leader of the opposition, but he cannot quit now only go forward.

His political advisors will ask him about his Security Briefing, but to his credit David Cameron will not inform them of what he has been briefed on and they will be politely told by David Cameron to mind their own business.

By the 15th December 2005, the Genii Confederations leadership, has been informed by Commander Acastus Kolya of the brief contact between an unknown warship that destroyed two Wraith ships with ease. The Genii Confederations leadership have ordered that Commander Kolya continue to hide and do not attempt to find out where this unknown ship has come from, the Genii Confederations leadership unaware that it is the same people from Atlantis.

There has been very little contact between the Genii and Atlantis since the Wraith awakened, both assume it is due to the Wraith and both are right.

As at the end of 2005, the UK the number of countries that have become part of the UK has not changed in many years.

The United Kingdom consists of Gibraltar, Malta and Chagos Islands (British Indian Ocean Territory), Grenada, Falkland Islands (including South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands), Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha and the British Virgin Islands.

The numbers of MP’s are split in the following way, even though some populations do not equal constituencies in mainland UK.

Gibraltar = 1 MP
Malta = 4 MP’s
Falkland Islands, Tristan da Cunha, Saint Helena, Ascension and Chagos Islands – 1 MP
Grenada and British Virgin Islands = 2 MP’s due to the combined population equalling almost 130,000 or so.

All these eight MP’s sit as independents and are not related to any main UK political party, though they are grouped together for mutual support as eight votes in parliament can count in some crucial votes.

Those countries that are part of the Sterling Zone are as follows, the first group are those that have the pound as their currency the second are those have their own currency tied to Sterling.

First group that are part of Sterling Zone countries and have the pound as their currency are the Solomon Islands, Saint Lucia, Kiribati (formerly Gilbert Islands), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Bermuda.

The second group of countries’ that are part of Sterling Zone that are part of the Sterling Zone but with their own countries’ currencies (not the pound) Sweden and Norway with their own currencies tied to the UK pound.

The second group option within the Sterling Zone is likely to expand rather than the first group, as this first group has probably reached its limit.

The final group are those few countries that have adopted a version of the pound sterling as their currency (but for very different reason to the first group). With only these three countries (along with the UK) these are Australia, New Zealand and Canada this is more to do with Project Phoenix than anything else, to better allow industrial coordination between these four countries. Technically these three countries belong in the first (publically they do) but due to the unique nature and secrecy surrounding Project Phoenix they have their own separate group that is not made public.

Next year will see the elimination of several minor problems (on Earth and off world) and the rise of Osiris as a major Goa'uld System Lord once again, along with the start of the Asuran-Wraith war.

To be continued.
64. 2006 – Killing Time

All warfare is based on deception.” ― Sun Tzu, the Art of War


Richard III: Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. Consign their parts most private to a Rutland tree!
Richard: Let 'Blood, Blood, BLOOD!' be your motto! Slit their gizzards!
Harry: Now, I'm afraid that there's going to have to be a certain amount of violence. But at least we know it's all in a good cause.” Blackadder – The Foretelling

January 2006

On the 1st January 2006, Admiral Sir Nigel Richard Essenhigh (now promoted to Fleet Admiral) becomes the first head of the CCDS based in London this is done with some ceremony Admiral Essenhigh initial job will be to set up the CCDS and more clearly to define the CCDS role (both the public and non-public ones).

The non-public ones relate to Project Phoenix, as Project Phoenix is beginning to ‘advise’ on all four governments that make up Project Phoenix on these governments defence policies in a limited way, so far...

On the 6th January 2006, the next four Dreadnought class battleships are launched from the two orbital dry-docks, HMS Devastation, HMS Thunderer, HMS Rodney and HMS Anson. These next four Dreadnought class battleships are due to be operational by the end of the year these next four Dreadnought class battleships will not be fitted with AEM’s and will have to rely on their Naquadah reactors to power them.

On the 9th January 2006, the UK government announces the building of an airport on Saint Helena at a cost of £250 million the construction of the island's airport should be completed by 2010. The runway will be 1,550 meters (5,085 feet) in length this will allow the RMS St Helena to be replaced, though until the airport opens RMS St Helena will be used at St Helena's harbour to deliver cargo, baggage and passengers arriving at Saint Helena.

The airport will also be a useful auxiliary airbase for both the RAF/FAA, as another staging base (apart from RAF Ascension and RAF Mount Pleasant) for any potential operations in that area of the world, though there will be no permanent military presence on the island. At its peak, the construction of this airport will employ some 300 people of which as many locals as possible should be involved. Any migrant workers arriving on Saint Helena for the airport development project will be subject to a screening for any infectious diseases prior to being allowed on the island.

Once open locals will get jobs at this new airport, as migrant workers will not be allowed to apply unless no local can be found for the relevant job or jobs.

This is one area were the block of eight votes of the overseas MP’s of the UK parliament can come into place, though this funding was passed through parliament with no opposition.

On the 10th January 2006, the Woomera Rocket Program launch site in Australia launches another crew to the Woomera Space Station in geostationary orbit, since becoming operational the Woomera Space Station has been continuously manned. The US International Space Station ‘Freedom’ (and NASA) has also been manned continuously since becoming operational however the US International Space Station is at the ‘mercy’ of various US politicians unlike the Woomera Rocket Program.

On the 12th January 2006, the next four Dreadnought class battleships begin construction in the two orbital dry-docks, HMS Howe, HMS St. Vincent, HMS Collingwood and HMS Neptune. These next four Dreadnought class battleships are due to be completed in early 2008 and become operational by the end of 2008.

On the 15th January 2006, the UK alert system is changed with the military “BIKINI alert state”, being supplemented by a new civilian alert system for terrorist attacks can the “UK Threat Levels”. The UK government felt (quiet correctly) that using a war level system could cause too many problems with other countries if the UK kept going to a war footing in case of a terrorist attack, having a civilian terrorist alert system will be much better and safer for everyone concerned.

On the 20th January 2006, Colonel Simmons and his rouge group of NID members are now ready to eliminate the twelve members of the Friends of Freddy Mercury, his little band of killer’s number only 23 excluding Simmons, but they are all well trained NID agents and now well armed.

All they now need is for the right moment to move in and take out the twelve members of the Friends of Freddy Mercury.

On the 31st January 2006, the twelve members of the Friends of Freddy Mercury have finished their observations of Area 51 for the day and they are going to return to their motel by the morning of the 2nd February. They are unaware that they are being observed by several of the rogue NID agents, with the rest of the group (excluding Simmons and the rest who are on their way to help with clean up).

Colonel Maybourne has picked up the movement of NID agents, though as yet he does not know what they are up to, Maybourne has called for some help from Site Alpha in the form of Colonel O’Neill and his off world team. These members include Captain Carter, Teal'c and several other members of Colonel O’Neill’s off world team to assist in finding out what Simmons is up to.

Colonel O’Neill, Captain Carter, Teal'c and several other members of Colonel O’Neill’s off world team are heavily armed, just in case they are needed to suppress Simmons, if Simmons tries to resist.

Colonel Maybourne has an ally in Colonel O’Neill as O’Neill really dislikes Colonel Simmons and now that Maybourne has told O’Neill that he has been ordered to find the dirt on Simmons, O’Neill is more that happy help with that task.

By the end of January 2006, Anubis is running out of options in dealing with Lord Yu along with Lord Yu’s allied System Lords, as this stalemate is allowing Lord Yu’s forces and allied System Lords to increase their strength, soon if Anubis does not do something Lord Yu’s will go on the offensive. The problem with Lord Yu is that more and more System Lords are joining him, as they see Lord Yu are being victorious and not Anubis, though Anubis is not short of System Lords, Anubis does not have the majority of System Lords that Lord Yu does.

This makes Lord Yu de-facto Supreme System Lord, something that Anubis finds extremely annoying and wants no more than to eradicate Lord Yu from existence and if he tried that idea the other ascended beings would stop Anubis. If Anubis tried to use his own ascended powers to do this with no trouble at all, but Anubis is certain the others would step in and stop him.

Anubis has three choices the first is to allow limited control of his Cull Warriors to allow the System Lords that are ‘loyal’ to Anubis to coordinate local victories and regain the offensive, as Anubis does not trust the System Lords that are ‘loyal’, Anubis is not fond of this option.

The second option is to go to the Temple of Dakara and use the Dakara superweapon hidden device capable of reducing all matter to its basic elemental components. Anubis does find this idea appealing, it is better than the first option as the others would not intervene.

The third option is to find an Ancient Energy Module (fully charged would be nice for Anubis, but partially changed would also be ok), but this third option is proving to the worst of all three options, as there are not many fully charged Ancient Energy Modules just lying around. His Jaffa have found several but these have no charge left and are useless to Anubis as Anubis needs a fully charged Ancient Energy Module for his plan concerning the Ancient Energy Module to work.

The others will not allow Anubis to use his ascended knowledge to build a brand new Ancient Energy Module, but they will allow Anubis to find an existing one and reverse engineer one, such is the way the ascended ‘rule book’ has been ‘written’!

February 2006

On the 1st February 2006, on the home world of the Asuran home world the fleet of 50 warships begin to lift off, it will take an hour before all 50 warships are in orbit.

Once all 50 warships are ready Oberoth from the surface send the following message, “Commence that attack on the Wraith, as ordered”

With no ceremony all 50 warships jump into hyperspace towards their first set of Wraith targets the Asuran-Wraith war has begun.

The first services of attacks by the Asuran catch the Wraith by surprise, as the Wraith had thought that they had neutralised the Asuran a long time ago, even so the Wraith build up of warships is still ongoing, though there are enough to bring the Asuran down a peg or two, but not stop them completely.

In the very early hours of the 2nd February 2006, the twelve members of the Friends of Freddy Mercury are travelling back to their motel in three cars they are being followed by six rouge NID agents in three cars.

As the NID agents pull over the three cars carrying the twelve members of the Friends of Freddy Mercury they are conspiracy theorists therefore they do not trust government agents, such is life that the NID had not thought of this.

As the three NID cars box in the three other cars (they do not have enough cars to do this properly), out of the first car gets three of the occupants (not the driver) to ask what is wrong they do not get the chance as the NID agents open fire with their suppressed weapons. Cutting the first three down, however in their exuberance they need to reload allowing the driver of the first car to floor the cars throttle and get away in those few seconds.

In the confusion, that follows the six NID agents concentrate on the two other cars, killing the remaining eight Friends of Freddy Mercury, with only one member of the Friends of Freddy Mercury managing to escape.

As the Brian David Lovett drives’ away he is in shock, all he can think about is getting out of the US and back to the UK, it only takes him a short while to get back to the motel and pack (quickly).

While Brian David Lovett is packing the six NID agents are starting to clean up the killing site they will leave no traces they have also reported to Simmons what has happen and that one has got away, Simmons is annoyed that one escaped, but Simmons thinks that Brian David Lovett will be easy to track down.

By 9:37 am, he has left the Motel with all the money he can gather up, while he was packing Lovett was thinking of what he should do next his plan is not to go to the nearest airport, as he assumes that the whole of the US government is after him.

He will drive from Nevada to the border with Mexico taking an indirect route from there he should be able to cross relatively easily, after all the US does not mind what goes out, but does mind what comes back in.

On the 3rd February 2006, the NID has completed the process of eliminating all evidence that the twelve members of the Friends of Freddy Mercury ever came to the US the Motel manger has been paid off.

However, in the UK all such groups are tracked, GCHQ, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Monitoring Section 19 (MS-19) (Conspiracy Groups Monitoring Section), operator 37 notes that all information regarding a group on the watch list codenamed Nightingale seems to have been erased in the US, though UK based information remains untouched.

The one thing that the rouge NID cannot do is erase/stop the Debit/Credit Cards carried by Brian David Lovett these remain active, as stopping these would raise too many questions, but as Brian Lovett has cash he will not need to use his ‘plastic’ for a while.

Operator 37 passes this report to her supervisor, who flags it for further investigation, the British Lion is stirring from its slumber, but has yet to fully awaken.

Brian David Lovett is listed as Nightingale Three...

Project Phoenix will call this operation the “Flight of the Last Nightingale

All overseas UK embassies will be sent an ‘all embassies alert’ to report any information regarding the group codenamed Nightingale turn up, priority level three with level one being the highest and five being the lowest level of urgency.

This has yet to alert anyone at a higher government level (currently running at low to mid level intelligence ‘management’), as nothing so far has raised any real cause for concern, as it is suspected to be a glitch of some kind, but just in case it is not, as per procedure an all embassies alert has been put out.

By the morning of the of the 4th February 2006, the rogue NID unit realises that they have a problem, a witness to the recent killing of eleven people the one remaining member of the Friends of Freddy Mercury. They must kill the twelfth member of the Friends of Freddy Mercury if they have any chance of not being discovered by the rest of what they think is the ‘liberal NID’.

However, even now the lower echelons of the UK intelligence services are noting the apparent disappearance of the records in the US (of what they can monitor without alerting the US intelligence services) of the 12 members of the Friends of Freddy Mercury.

The British Lion begins to sniff around, but is yet to fully awaken.

Back in the US, Brian David Lovett is now on the road again making for the US/Mexico border, via an indirect route. Hoping to cross the US/Mexico border and then get a flight back to the UK what he does not know is these killings are the work of a small rouge unit he thinks that this is a plot by the US government to kill him.

However, in his mind this is a plot by the whole of the US government to kill him as they killed his eleven friends.

Colonel Simmons and the other members of their little rouge NID death squad group are on their way to help the first six find Brian David Lovett and kill him, thus eliminating any witness. However, this is proving harder than Simmons initially thought, as Simmons cannot use the full might of the US intelligence system, as this would draw too much attention to what he and his group is up to.

Simmons has to use less direct methods in tracking Brian David Lovett these methods will mean that information sent to Simmons could be hours or even days old, but Simmons and his group have no real choice in this matter.

This amount of activity has alerted Maybourne and O’Neill who are trying to find out what Simmons is up to, so far they know that Simmons and up to 20 or so NID personnel are near Area 51 working on some project or training exercise. This is not suspicious in itself, as the NID do conduct random training exercises from time to time and Simmons has taken part and monitors in some these training exercises in the past.

Maybourne and O’Neill are trying to find out the nature of this possible random training exercise, so far no luck even with Director Woolsey’s authority behind Maybourne, but they are getting very close to what Simmons group has been up to, just a matter of time now.

On the 5th February 2006, the Wraith come up with a new tactic to deal with the Asuran attack the tactic is to use a Wraith cruiser with minimum crew to ram an Asuran warship destroying both in the process, with the Wraith warship program well underway the Wraith can afford to expend ships in this way.

By the end of February 2006, the Asuran will have lost 11 of their warships to Wraith ramming, forcing the Asuran warships to disengage from combat by jumping into hyperspace, allowing the Wraith to win a local victory.

The Wraith will begin constructing more dedicated ‘ramming cruisers’, as a solution to the Asuran warships the Asuran in turn will begin construction of another 50 warships along with 11 replacement warships for the ships that have been lost, both sides will need to develop new tactics to deal with each other’s counter moves.

The new Wraith ‘ramming cruisers’ will look identical from the outside to normal Wraith cruisers, but these ‘ramming cruisers’ will have a tiny crew and no weapons, with the ships power going to hull regeneration and engines to allow these ‘ramming cruisers’ to complete their single function mission.

The war will go on much longer than anyone thought it would...

By the 10th February 2006, Brian David Lovett has crossed over into Mexico with no trouble at all, abandoning his rental car (with the keys in the ignition) in the hope that this car will be stolen (it will). Brian David Lovett makes for the nearest hotel by taxi and checks in used a false name to allow himself to plan how is to get back to the UK, along with needing a few days to rest from his recent extreme ordeal.

Brian David Lovett has an idea of whom to take this information to, a cousin of his, who he has not seen in fifteen years, he is sure that his cousin will help him, all he needs to get back to the UK and then find his cousin.

On the 15th February 2006, Simmons and his fellow rouge NID officers have discovered that Brian David Lovett has crossed over into Mexico this is both good and bad for Simmons and his group. As once they are outside the US, they can use any methods they need to as they feel they can use more ruthless tactics outside of the US, such as torture and other more brutal methods at their disposal.

Simmons and his group follow Brian David Lovett into Mexico by various routes they also drop of the NID ‘radar’ this final action will alert Maybourne and O’Neill, who are now certain that Simmons is up to no good, but still have no solid proof.

By the 17th February 2006, Simmons and his cohorts have followed Lovett to Mexico and are now trying to find out where he is staying, but without the full resources of the NID (and the US government) behind them, Simmons group are finding this difficult.

On the 20th February 2006, Simmons and his cohorts have found those Mexicans that had stolen Lovett’s car, after getting nothing from them after several hours of brutal ‘questioning’ sessions the car thieves are executed. Each day that passes Simmons group is getting closer to Lovett, so far, Lovett has managed to stay several steps ahead by pure luck nothing more, but now Lovett has a plan.

On the 27th February 2006, Brian David Lovett boards a British Airways flight back to the UK the NID are just too late to catch him before the aircraft gets airborne, Simmons and his cohorts now have no choice they need to go to the UK. This is extremely dangerous for Simmons and his cohorts, but they believe if they want to survive they need to kill Lovett.

This course of action will and does alert Maybourne and put the final nail in Simmons coffin, but Simmons is unaware that he is being investigated.

Simmons group feel they have no choice, it is all or nothing now they are all in too far to go back now, also they do not know that Maybourne has just discovered the 11 bodies in an NID facility requisitioned by Simmons.

Maybourne now knows that Simmons is up to his neck in something dirty, illegal and now quickly finds the 11 bodies that Simmons and his group murdered and quickly hid the bodies at an NID facility, along with the fact that Simmons is going to the UK to kill the only person that can identify them.

Maybourne says, “It would not have to be another superpower on the planet, it could not just be some minor power like France or Germany, I need to inform Directory Woolsey, continue forensic here” then shakes his head and walk out of the NID building to make a secure call to Director Woolsey.

Later that day, extract of a secure call between Woolsey and Maybourne

After being informed of what Maybourne has discovered about Simmons and his little group being a death squad. In his office, Woolsey stands up and in a shocked voice and asks, “They are going where?”

Maybourne replies, “To the UK in pursuit of the only witness to the murder of 11 UK citizens from what I can gather so far though there may be more that I have not uncovered yet, do you want me to peruse Simmons to the UK or not.”

Woolsey says, “It has to be the UK, it could not be another country could it” pausing for an moment then continues, “No do not follow Simmons to the UK, I will have to inform the President and Senator Kinsey, after that the UK ambassador will presumably be informed this is bad Maybourne, but you have done a good job.”

Maybourne replies, “I only wish I could have discovered what Simmons and his group where doing sooner.”

Woolsey says, “Nothing can be done about that now, you have still done a good job Maybourne”

Maybourne replies, “Thank you Director”

Conversation ends...

Within an hour Director Woolsey has not only briefed the President, but also Senator Kinsey, with the President giving Director Woolsey the ‘job’ of informing the UK ambassador about the rouge NID unit and what they have done. In addition, that Director Woolsey must not inform the UK of the US Stargate program, as this is vital to US interests.

On the 28th February 2006, a small group of Linea’s followers manage to steal a Goa'uld Al'kesh on one of Osiris’s outpost world that is lightly defended and kill many of the Jaffa guarding this outpost. On hearing the news Osiris is outraged at this theft and orders a full search for this stolen Al'kesh, once found Osiris will eliminate these thieves in a most brutal fashion.

March 2006

During March 2006, Dr McKay has his first successful test of his reality drive equipped shuttle returns successfully this has happen by Dr McKay moving the test to the edge of the Atlantis system. After the reality drive equipped shuttle returns the shuttles scans show the reality that the shuttle went to has a large and dangerous asteroid field and it is most likely that an asteroid(s) destroyed the previous shuttles.

Further test will be carried out during 2006, in preparation for a manned mission during 2007 and after that a full exploration mission to another reality. If after this all the missions are successful, then further missions will be authorised for other realities, to what has happen in those realities.

Dr McKay has put a request in for a warship (for the manned reality drive tests) to Deputy Director Alan Turing to be allocated for this manned ship test of the reality drive this request has been fully supported by Alan Turing, with Dr Phillips, Turing’s authority has much more clout than even he has figured out, yet.

On the 1st March 2006, Director Woolsey informs the UK ambassador to the US Sir David Manning about the Rouge NID unit along with what they have done and where they are going and whom they are perusing. Sir David Manning is shocked at what has happened and immediately reports these full and grizzly details back to the UK Foreign Office this information will be passed onto the Home Secretary Charles Clarke.

By the 2nd March 2006, the Foreign Sectary has informed the Home Secretary Charles Clarke who in turn informs the Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who realises what is going (this is related to Project Phoenix) though the Home Secretary Charles Clarke does not. Prime Minister Gordon Brown passes this case over to SI-5 to deal with as a ‘matter of urgency’ and orders Charles Clarke to keep this to himself, as it is a matter of national security, Charles Clarke reluctantly obeys.

However, by this time not only has Brian Lovett arrived in the UK, Simmons and his group have arrived in the UK with a large quaintly of small arms and assorted equipment smuggled into the UK illegally.

Border alert arrives several hours after Brian Lovett’s entry into the UK, thus forcing SI-5 to issue a countrywide alert to all police forces to be on the lookout for Brian Lovett, as a witness to an (unspecified) crime and in need of protective custody.

The press are not informed and will be kept ‘out of the loop’ as the Official Secrets Act is now being waved very heavily around by SI-5 to anyone asking any questions, SI-5 is now running the operation the ‘heavy mob’ as they are known to the normal police are exercising some of their extensive powers in this matter.

On the 3rd March 2006, Alan Turing’s request for a warship to be modified with a full sized version of the reality drive and associated systems has been granted HMS Britannia is the warship allocated for the fitting of the full sized version of the reality drive and capacitor. This fitting will only take a month and by early April 2006, the reality drive will be fitted to HMS Britannia the checks of the various drive systems will take the rest of the year and will be supervised by Dr McKay. While Dr McKay’s team is on Atlantis to continue with the shuttle tests of the reality drive reporting their findings to Dr McKay who will move to Heliopolis to supervise the installation of the drive.

HMS Britannia (Post Reality Drive Fitting)

Length: 2,132.5 ft (650.0 meters)
Width: 393.7 ft (120.0 meters)
Height: 265.7 ft (81.0 meters)
Crew: 492 (775 if 72 fighters are carried) + 20 Asgard and 20 Nox advisors/observers
Passengers: 200 a mix of troops and research personnel (scientist/engineers)
Evacuation level for short periods – 5,000
Sublight engines
Manoeuvring thrusters
Hyperdrive system:
Project Phoenix Zeus class hyperdrive (Interstellar capable)
Fitted with Asgard hyperdrive (Intergalactic capable)
Power Core: x12 second generation Naquadah reactors
Fitted with three AEM’s (for a mission to another reality Britannia will also carry six spares with Asgard approval making for a total of nine)
Fuel: Naquadah
Shielding: Asgard shields
Six forward firing beam weapons (BWBB) three dorsal and three ventral mounted
Six aft firing beam weapons (BWHC) three dorsal and three ventral mounted
Four starboard firing beam weapons (BWBB) two dorsal and two ventral mounted
Four port firing beam weapons (BWBB) two dorsal and two ventral mounted
Twenty-four Quad energy cannons (EC-2) (x8 port, x8 starboard, x4 forward and x4 aft)
Four forward firing missile tubes and two aft firing missile tubes (up to four hundred missiles carried with various types of warheads carried)
Carried Craft:
x24 Atmospheric/Space Superiority Fighters (Hurricane) – can carry up to 72 fighters
x18 Shuttles (Fox class) various types (more can be carried)
Cargo Capacity: 35,000 tonnes
Other Systems:
Asgard Beaming technology
Asgard Sensors
Reality Drive
Subspace Capacitor (see Reality Drive above)

Both the Asgard and the Nox are greatly interested in this new Reality Drive and both are very happy to lend whatever assistance is needed to get HMS Britannia ready for the first manned reality jump. Merlin is less enthusiastic about this Reality Drive but does not oppose it, instead stating that his focus must be on rebuilding his race, but the Asgard and the Nox understand this.

On the 5th March 2006, Project Phoenix leadership is fully informed of the Nightingale situation, all Project Phoenix space forces are stood up under the ‘Turing Alert’, in readiness, if the Turing Prediction comes into play. The Asgard dispatch another 12 Mountbatten warships to Heliopolis, making total of 24, so that they are closer to Earth the Nox bring one of their flying cities to Heliopolis to provide medical assistance.

The Queen is informed and decides to continue with her public engagements, though with added security in the wings just in case.

In the background, the senior military commands of the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are prepared to bring their military to full war level if the Nightingale situation cannot be resolved.

Merlin arrives at Heliopolis and is prepared to block the US Stargate travel from both their Earth and Site Alpha Stargate’s.

Everyone now hopes this situation can be resolved without needing to impalement the Turing Prediction, if that happens Project Phoenix will come into the light in the worst possible way.

On the evening of the 8th March 2006, Brian Lovett finally arrives by foot (final part of his journey was by hitchhiking and then walking the final few miles to his cousin’s farmhouse). The farmhouse is the home of ‘retired’ SI-5 officer Raymond Doyle, as Brian Lovett feels that this is the only person he can trust and that Doyle is his cousin, family is family after all.

What Lovett is unaware of is that that the NID is close behind him, after spending the past few days catching up with the only person that can identify them, but what they do not know is that the NID already know what crimes they have committed thanks to Maybourne’s investigation.

On seeing Lovett, Doyle recognises him and asks, “What brings you here?”

Lovett replies, “I have a story to tell you and I do not think you are going to believe me, I hardly believe it myself.”

Doyle says, “Well you better come inside and tell me your story, also you look like you need a very stiff drink and a good hot meal inside you.”

Lovett smiles at the thought of a hot meal and goes inside, unaware that they are being watched, but those watching do not know that the farmhouse that Lovett has gone into is the home of a former member of SI-5 and the former partner of the current head of SI-5.

The NID are about to make a fatal error in their next move.

Inside Lovett sits down and begins to tell his story as Doyle prepares for him and he eats the meal.

In the early hours of the 9th March 2006, Commander of SI-5 Sir William Bodie is running two operations this first is to deal with a rogue NID operatives in the UK the second is trying to find the only witness Brian David Lovett all SI-5 offices are on alert to watch out for Brian David Lovett.

In his London command centre, Commander of SI-5, Sir William Bodie is watching the negative reports come in and is wondering if these rogue NID operatives have gottern to Lovett first.

Commander Bodie is ready to activate his Platinum command authority of all of the UK police forces this Platinum command authority (Cabinet Office Briefing Rooms (COBR) also known as COBRA) is above that of the local police forces their own Gold/Silver/Bronze command levels this will make Commander Bodie head of all UK constabularies. Commander Bodie hopes that he does not have to invoke Platinum command authority as this will draw a lot of unwanted attention, but if he has to Bodie will.

Contingency planning is already underway to provide a cover story if Commander Bodie activates his Platinum command authority.

All mobile SI-5 Q-cars are put on the main motorways across the UK, allowing them to respond very quickly if Brian Lovett is found, also a detachment of SAS are put on standby by SI-5 this is the first time Commander Bodie has used this level of his authority to call in military assistance. This call to use the SAS is backed by the Prime Minister and the Defence Secretary, as both know that this could affect the secrecy surrounding Project Phoenix.

Several hours later, Lovett has finished telling his story to Doyle, who has said nothing during the whole time Lovett has been speaking.

Doyle says, “That is quite a story, I need to have a think on what you have just told me.”

Lovett asks, “So you do not believe me?”

Doyle replies, “Have not come to a decision, yet, as I said, I need to have a think, but if you are right, I know someone who can help” thinking of his former partner and now head of SI-5.

Lovett sighs, “Well that is something” as he suddenly feels very tired.

Doyle smiles at Lovett, than turns as if listening to a noise outside and moves towards a draw and begins to open it. Behind him Lovett stands wondering what is happening, as he can see something is bothering Doyle, but he cannot figure out what.

Outside Doyle’s farmhouse the NID are closing in, Doyle is about to believe his cousin, by the actions of the NID.

Doyle whose hand is now inside the draw, flicks the catch on the emergency transmitter (SI-5 issue) button, once activated this transmitter will give out a continuous call for help. This will draw in every SI-5 officer that is close and also alert Bodie that his former partner is in serious trouble, as Doyle has never used this since he was given it by Bodie for the “just in case” moment that might happen.

Doyle clicks the transmit button, then grabs his Para-Ordnance .455 pistol along with his spare mags and box of bullets and tackles Lovett to the ground a few seconds before several bursts of suppressed fire comes through several windows.

Outside, one of the NID members monitoring the various frequencies notes the transmission and jams it, but it is too late, as the transmission has already broadcast a call for help along with the GPS position, now it is only a matter of time before help arrives.

Inside the farmhouse, Doyle knows that all he has to do is hold these hostiles of for a short while until back up arrives, Doyle knows what Bodie reaction will be, but is unaware that Bodie is looking for Lovett and the response that will bring.

SI-5 Headquarters, London, Signals Tacking Section

One of the emergency transmitters has been active then suddenly stopped the SI-5 officer types into the computer requesting the code for this emergency transmitter and to find out whom it is allocated to.

The computer responds...

Call Signal ZZ25189966KPN.... Former SI-5 Officer Raymond Doyle – Call Sign – Four-Five, in case of emergency transmitter activation inform Head of SI-5 immediate... Priority RED ONE

After looking at the readout SI-5 officer says “Shit” and picks up the phone.

A few minutes later, an emergency message goes out to all SI-5 cars near Raymond Doyle’s location to provide assistance. On a motorway an marked SI-5 Q-Car (Quebec Two Nine) breaks off pursuit of wanted and armed bank robbers this comes as a surprise to the normal police units also in pursuit (and the bank robbers) who are captured when they crash their car several miles down the motorway.

At the Joint Special Forces Aviation Wing SAS personnel board their ‘Stealthed’ Merlin helicopter and are airborne within a minute are on their way to Raymond Doyle’s Farmhouse location to provide assistance.

The Merlin is running at full power giving it its top speed of just over 190 mph the pilot/co-pilot knows that this is serious (though not the full details) as the head of SI-5 does not push the ‘panic button’ on a whim, so he is pushing the Merlin to the max and a bit more.

Commander Bodie now knows that Doyle is Lovett’s cousin after doing a deeper background check by Bodie, his gut tells that these two must be linked and Doyle would not call for help unless he was in serious trouble. Additionally Bodie knows that the emergency transmitter is being jammed (as the signal has stopped) there are only a few countries that can do this one being the US and the NID does possess the knowledge and technology.

Now it is a matter of who will get their first the SI-5 units closing in by road or the SAS approaching by helicopter.

All units approaching Doyle’s farmhouse have been informed that there are two friendly’s in the building that is being attacked, one of whom could be Brian David Lovett.

Doyle’s Farmhouse

As the first NID agent kicks in the door, from his position on the floor Doyle points his Para-Ordnance .455 pistol and fires a single shot hitting the NID agent right between the eyes. With the .455 making a small entry wound in the front of the NID agents head, but removing the back of the NID agents head and most of his brain at the same time.

The NID agent is dead before his body hits the ground, the other NID agents near the door pause for a moment before resuming firing through the farmhouse windows and not following the first NID agent though the door.

However, by this time Doyle and Lovett have moved into a different room near the stairs.

One NID agent down Twenty-Three more to go...

Meanwhile elsewhere

Several SI-5 cars are making their way to Doyle’s farmhouse (Quebec Two Nine being the closest) at very high speed with the ‘blues and twos’ going at full pelt, all approaching SI-5 officers now know (via their secure radio) the likelihood that they may be going up against rouge NID officers.

In the air, a UK Special Forces Merlin helicopter with 20 heavily armed SAS members is also making a direct line for Doyle’s farmhouse, with UK air traffic control being told to keep all civilian traffic out of the way.

Quebec Two Nine

As Quebec Two Nine races towards Doyle’s farmhouse the four SI-5 officers in the car are as prepared, as they can be they all know that it is fellow SI-5 officer in trouble they a very determined to get there and help, as quickly as possible.

Quebec Two Nine is the nearest SI-5 car to Doyle’s farmhouse, ETA three minutes.

At the same time, Merlin helicopter carrying SAS

The pilot on the intercom states, “Ten minutes to target”

The twenty SAS load their weapons, safeties on, readying themselves for a quick exit.

The pilot switches the Merlin to whisper mode, making this ‘stealth’ Merlin very quiet the noise level output of this ‘stealth’ Merlin has now dropped considerably.

Doyle’s Farmhouse

The next four NID agents enter Doyle’s Farmhouse firing shot bursts to keep the occupants back.

Doyle had expected this and moved back into another room and partially closed the internal door, now crouching near the door with his pistol trained waiting for the intruders to approach.

Outside the Farmhouse

Simmons assessing the situation says, “You five stay with the cars and keep a watch out for any locals or police, you know what to do if anyone turns up” all five nod

Looking at the radio operator Simmons says, “Stay with these five”

Simmons than says, “The rest of you join me with the others at the farmhouse, we need to finish this quickly.”

Simmons and the remaining NID agents move to join the other NID agents firing bursts through the windows and partially open door.

When Simmons gets close to the farmhouse he says, “Use grenades, once they have gone off follow them in.”

Doyle’s Farmhouse

Looking carefully around the corner at the door Doyle can hear what appear to be American voices and thinks to himself ‘well Lovett’s story was right’ look back at Lovett he smiles reassuringly at his cousin.

Then he notices out of the corner of his eye someone trying to edge round the door very carefully, presumably trying not to get killed like the first one did.

Doyle takes carful aim and fires three shots, but only manages to wing the second intruder, forcing the second man back.

Doyle moves back though the internal door and closes it, once the door is closed he reloads is pistol with a full magazine and open the box of ammo and tops up the partially used magazine.

In the other room, Doyle and Lovett can hear several grenades going off as these intruders attempt to clear an empty room!

Outside the Farmhouse

Simmons and the NID agents ready themselves with two NID agents flaking the farmhouse door with grenades ready, Simmons nods the two NID agents pull the pins and throw the two-frag grenades through he open door and seek cover.

As soon as the two-frag grenades have gone off the two NID agents rush into the kitchen followed quickly be two more.

They find the kitchen area deserted, looking at the closed door all four agents open fire at the door, while outside the remaining agents make sure that the people they are after inside say inside.

Quebec Two Nine

Quebec Two Nine is now very close to the farmhouse, so close that the five NID agents near the entrance can hear the SI-5 car approaching and have taken cover.

As Quebec Two Nine gets within range of the entrance Quebec Two Nine comes under fire from the five NID agents, a normal car would have been stopped and the occupants killed. However, Quebec Two Nine is not a normal car, like all SI-5 cars they are armoured and have bullet-resistant windows.

As the driver of Quebec Two Nine evades into the stonewall and the SI-5 agents scramble out of the car and begin to return fire from behind the cover of their now damaged car.

However, time has now run out for the rouge NID agents has more back up will now arrive in the next few seconds and their end is now evitable.

The End

With the shootout between the SI-5 officers ongoing the entry into the farmhouse is causing the NID problems, as they have lost three more people, Doyle is no pushover.

What no one notices is the Merlin helicopter dropping of 20 SAS then the SAS split into two groups one group of four heads towards the group of NID shooting at the SI-5 officers.

The remaining 16 SAS close in on the farmhouse from where they can hear sporadic gunfire from inside the farmhouse where Doyle is still fighting the NID.

The Merlin helicopter arcs around and at the signal from the four SAS on the ground opens fire with its door mounted GPMG quickly eliminating not only the five NID agents but also the radio operator in one of the cars and destroying the jamming equipment at the same time.

At the same time as the Merlin opens fire the remaining 16 SAS attack when the helicopter opens fire and quickly eliminate the remaining NID agents, those that try to surrender are killed the SAS are operating under the ‘off the record clean sweep’ or more communally known as ‘shoot to kill, no prisoners’.

With Simmons and his fellow NID dead, Doyle and Lovett are evacuated by Merlin helicopter, first to SAS base then onto London to SI-5 headquarters with SI-5 officers taking charge of the cleanup of this mess at Doyle’s farmhouse.

This firefight never happened and will not appear on any official records (the cover story will take its place this cover story can also be used again as it will be quite clever) and Doyle’s farmhouse will be cleaned, leaving no traces of a gun battle has ever taken place.

By the 10th March 2006, Project Phoenix has stood down from alert, much to the relief for everyone concerned, the 12 Asgard warships return home and the Nox send their city ship off.

In addition, the US has been informed that their rogue NID agents have been killed, much to the relief of the US government as the US government feared that Simmons might if captured inform the UK government about the US Stargate program.

Both governments for different reasons (and the same reason to cover up each other’s Stargate programs) do not wish this ‘incident’ to become public knowledge, so it is covered up.

On the 15th March 2006, Doyle and Lovett are informed of the cover up, Lovett is not happy, but when Doyle informs Lovett that this the best possible outcome, as if became public knowledge who knows what it would do to relations between the last two superpowers. Along with the cover up Lovett will be sent to a secure location where the US government will not be able to get to him ever again.

Doyle and Bodie are reunited and Bodie reactivates Doyle as an SI-5 agent working directly for Bodie, as a sort of trouble-shooter, Doyle reluctantly agrees, as he says, “I thought I had retired”

Bodie replies, “No you where just having a long sleep”

Both laugh at the joke.

On the 25th March 2006, Lovett travels to RAF Barra to travel through the Stargate to Heliopolis to start a new life. When Lovett arrives and is informed of Project Phoenix, he is astounded about how this has been kept so secret since 1930.

Lovett will be given a much longer indoctrination to Project Phoenix as Lovett is considered a special case it will take several years for Lovett to settle in, once he does he will be so occupied that the recent ‘incident’ will take second place to the wonders of Project Phoenix.

The cover story will be released that all members of the Friends of Freddy Mercury where tragically killed in a road traffic accident in the US. This of course means that Lovett will never return to Earth this will not bother Lovett, as he has no close family left except Doyle, who he can see if he wants.

By the end of March 2006, all sides return to business as normal, as far as the outside world is concerned nothing has happened the use of Platinum command by Bodie, is seen as a surprise exercise to see how local police units respond to sudden changes. With several police forces across the UK having to review their procedures as they are found ‘lacking’ in certain areas in relation to use of Platinum command by Bodie.

The police forces are warned that the next one could be real and that they better be ready, or it could be another exercise, just to keep them on their toes.

For the next few years, the UK Home Affairs Select Committee will be kept busy reviewing this surprise exercise and the use of Platinum command be the head of SI-5 and what the UK police forces need to do to improve their readiness. They also praise Commander Bodie for running this surprise exercise so well and showing the flaws in the current system.

The press coverage concentrates on the negatives of this surprise exercise and not on the positives this also keeps the press well clear of what really happened the press do like negatives!

The tale of the Flight of the Nightingale has ended...

April 2006

On the 1st April 2006, Osiris now has the location of Linea and her 30 followers base of operations, Osiris will attack soon and take back the stolen Al'kesh.

Osiris will not be using his Specially Trained Guerrilla Warfare Jaffa (STGWJ) instead will use normal Jaffa for the attack, as Osiris is only using the STGWJ for special missions and as his bodyguard.

Osiris is not stupid and does not want to use STGWJ on every mission, as the normal Jaffa would see this as an affront and possibly rebel against Osiris, thus by using his normal Jaffa as well as his STGWJ, Osiris considers that he has the loyalty of both the normal Jaffa and the STGWJ.

This also means that the population of Crim are doomed as well, as they have supported Linea’s group, after Osiris has dealt with Linea, Osiris will eliminate the Crim, but not before gaining access to the manufacturing methods for the Crim weapons.

However, with Osiris, nothing is certain, as Osiris can change his (even though ‘he’ is in a female body) mind without warning if a new opportunity presents itself.

On the 5th April 2006, a swan with Avian Flu is discovered in Cellardyke in Fife, Scotland (the first case in the United Kingdom). Immediate measures will be taken to prevent the spread of Avian Flu across the UK, as no one in Gordon Browns government wants another BSE crisis that happened under the previous government. However, as Gordon Brown will learn, all governments do not get what they want every time and must endure certain problems during their term in office.

On the 8th April 2006, HMS Britannia’s refit will be delayed until the end of April, but as no one has ever fitted a reality drive to a ship of this size they are having to do a lot of unexpected adjustment work fitting the enlarged reality drive and capacitor as they go along and the delay is minimal.

On the 15th April 2006, Osiris launches an attack against Linea and her 30 followers base of operations this attack is swift and very brutal with 15 of Linea’s followers be killed in the first few minutes. Linea immediately makes for the Al'kesh with the remaining 15 of her followers, by the time Linea get to the Al'kesh there are only Linea and 4 of her followers left.

Once onboard the Al'kesh they activate the ships shields/engines and head for orbit, but this will not do them any good as Osiris has brought 40 Ha'tak’s, as Linea’s Al'kesh enters orbit six of the nearest Ha'tak’s open fire, within a minute the shields are gone and the Al'kesh has been destroyed.

On the ground the now dead former IRA members had set several booby traps, the booby traps kill several dozen Jaffa while they are searching for anything useful that Osiris can use along with destroying all weapons that Linea’s group had received from the Crim.

Osiris will find little left of use, Osiris will now concentrate of taking the Crim alive for the moment then when all the information has been drained from the Crim then Osiris will eliminate them.

The Crim are unaware that Osiris is coming for them instead Osiris has informed the Crim that Osiris will pay them a personal visit to thank them for the weapons that they have supplied to Osiris. The Crim are very pleased that they have pleased a System Lord they are preparing a very lavish reception for Osiris when Osiris arrives early next month.

However, for Osiris the visit will have an odd effect on Osiris leading Osiris to go in a different direction than he was planning to go in, in dealing with the Crim, as the Crim will have a very pleasant surprise for Osiris.

By the 25th April 2006, at Area 51 on Earth where the 2nd Tactical Fighter Squadron of 16 F-302’s are based are getting very little flight time, unlike their sister squadron on Site Alpha whose pilots are getting plenty of flight time. The reason for this is that every training mission from Area 51 takes a lot of planning to avoid unwanted attention, along with a carefully planned flight path(s) to avoid civilian airline routes etc.

In the interim, the pilots of the 2nd Tactical Fighter Squadron pilots are travelling to Sire Alpha to train on the F-302’s of the 1st Tactical Fighter Squadron to allow them to build up their flight hour. General West feels that it would have been better to have both the 1st and 2nd Tactical Fighter Squadron on Site Alpha.

General West speaking to General Hammond both think the best idea would be to transfer the 2nd Tactical Fighter Squadron to Site Alpha once the Lexington is operational this ship can be used to transport the F-302’s of the 2nd Tactical Fighter Squadron to Site Alpha.

Both General West and General Hammond jointly put this idea to Director Woolsey along with Senator Kinsey, Director Woolsey can see the advantage for training, but does worry that this could leave Earth defenceless, Senator Kinsey agrees.

General Hammond points out that without proper training the 16 F-302’s would be little use, as the pilots are not fully trained, after much gentle persuasion by General West and General Hammond, both Senator Kinsey and Director Woolsey agree that moving the 2nd Tactical Fighter Squadron to Site Alpha would be for the best.

However, this will only happen once the Lexington is operational.

At the end of April 2006, the refit of HMS Britannia is completed and her trails begin with Dr McKay monitoring these trials, along with Dr Jackson and Dr Beckett who are both on secondment from Atlantis to HMS Britannia.

May 2006

On the 5th May 2006, the Home Secretary Charles Clarke stands down (for personal reasons) and is replaced by Jacqui Smith, though Smith will not be long in the job and in turn be replaced by Alan Johnson. John Reid was offered Home Secretary job, but declined it, as he will not be standing for re-election in 2010. This prompts Gordon Brown to do a mini reshuffle and remove or move those remaining Blair supporting ministers, as Brown wants to put ‘his people’ into key positions.

On the 6th May 2006, Osiris arrives at the Crim home world and is greeted formally be the Crim leadership, Osiris personal guard consists of two dozen STGWJ, with a considerable number waiting for Osiris order to attack.

Osiris had planned to eliminate the Crim leadership at the banquet but at the last minute, Osiris has a change of mind after the Crim leadership has shown Osiris the new weapons that they have under development. These new weapons draw their inspiration from Linea and her group, but the Crim are now able to evolve weapons using their own creativity and evolving technologies (along with information provided about the improved Ha'tak originally brought in by Anubis) this is something that Osiris can see as an advantage, so Osiris decides to let the Crim live.

The weapon that the Crim is designing is a much more improved version Goa'uld Ha'tak warship this improved design comes in the form a much more flatter (and sleeker) pyramid design, along with various improvements the existing improvements that have come from Anubis.

This evolved Ha'tak design will be named after his late Queen Isis, thus becoming the Isis class warship like previous Ha'tak design the Isis class will have the following roles Attack ship, a Death Glider carrier, long-range warship and troop carrier.

Isis class warship

Length: 850 meters
Width: 700 meters
Height/depth: 150 meters
Engine unit(s):
Advanced Crim Sublight engines
Advanced Crim Hyperdrive – Interstellar
Fuel: Naquadah
Shielding: Advanced Crim Shields
40 Crim staff cannons
4 Crim advanced beam weapons
Carried Craft:
Twelve wings of Death Gliders (144 total)
Three wings of Al'kesh bombers (36 total)
Crew: 550 (can be operated by 1 for short periods)
Passengers: 2,000 Jaffa troops and/or STGWJ
Cargo capacity: 700,000 tons
Other systems:
15 Transportation rings (5 primary 10 secondary)
Several sarcophagi
Self-destruct mechanism

As soon as Osiris has seen this design, Osiris decides to spare the Crim, after all this could be the tip of a flood of new weapons from the Crim. The Goa'uld has allowed their technology to stagnant until the arrival of Anubis Goa'uld technology has not evolved every much in thousands of years, now however the Crim are looking to please Osiris and this has led the Crim to improve not only normal Goa'uld technology, but also improve Anubis Goa'uld technology as well.

The Crim have a natural ability to improve/evolve existing Goa'uld technology or any other technology that they can get their hands on this is a ‘talent’ that Osiris needs and Osiris is not stupid, by having some form of childish vengeance on the Crim.

At the end of the welcome celebrations, Osiris announces to the Crim leadership that he will supply the materials for the Crim to build these Isis class warships, along with a detachment of several thousand Jaffa to protect the Crim (along with keeping an eye on them).

The speed in which this new class of warship will be built will be frighteningly quickly, but these new Isis class will not become part of Osiris fleet until Osiris has sufficient numbers, until then the Isis class warships will remain in the Crim system. This will also allow their specially selected crew (those Jaffa that are extremely loyal to Osiris) to gain additional training with this new class of warship.

On the 6th May 2006, with Osiris gone the Crim leadership is extremely pleased that they have pleased Osiris, as they now believe (naively) that they will remain free of being Osiris’s (or any other System Lord), but they are slowly becoming very dependent on Osiris by their own actions.

On the 10th May 2006, supplies from Osiris begin to arrive at the Crim home world and by the end of the month the first Isis class warship the Isis will commence assembly, after the Isis is complete and tested additional Isis class warships will be produced after extensive testing.

By the 15th May 2006, the trials of HMS Britannia are going well through Britannia’s Captain Jaclyn Taylor is getting a bit irritated with Dr McKay, but as Dr Jackson and Dr Beckett knows that is how McKay is and Captain Taylor needs to get used to Dr McKay’s strange ways.

On the 24th May 2006, East Timor's Foreign Minister José Ramos-Horta officially requests military assistance from the governments of Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Portugal. What East Timor is considerable military support from both Australia and New Zealand, along with Malaysia and Portugal and very shortly after that the UK and Canada offers addition military assistance if need, along with several other commonwealth nations.

The safety of East Timor will be assured by this joint military force led by the Australian military will lead to a relatively smooth transition to full elections and democracy within the next few years.

At the end of May 2006, the war between the Wraith and the Asuran is getting more and more aggressive with the Wraith ram ships destroying the Asuran warship as fast as the Asuran can build them. As soon as one side increase production, the other also increases production the space battles are getting large as both sides commit more ships to each battle.

So far, there is little combat on the surface of any planet between the Wraith and the Asuran, as the Asuran plan is to eliminate the Wraith fleet first then mop up the survivors. The Asuran see the Wraith building ram ships as desperation and not as a sound military tactic, as to the Asuran logical mind this is a panic tactic by the Wraith.

The Wraith however see the use of ram ships as a sound military tactic the Wraith will continue to build dedicated ram ships, with a small crew and strong hull regeneration and no offensive weapons as the way forward in dealing with the Asuran.

The space battles between the Wraith and the Asuran will get larger and much more violent the Wraith/Asuran has entered a new stage, with the Wraith in it for the long haul.

June 2006

On the 1st June 2006, with Osiris’s new warship beginning production, Osiris decides to try to play both sides, Osiris sends additional war materials to Anubis to help with the war effort, as Osiris’s forces are concentrated on defence Osiris has lost very little against Lord Yu’s combined System Lords forces.

At the same time Osiris makes direct but covert contact with Lord Yu, stating that Osiris would like to join with Lord Yu, as Osiris thinks the he made a mistake joining forces with Anubis. Lord Yu is suspicious of Osiris, though the possibility of getting Osiris to defect to Lord Yu’s combined System Lords force is very tempting, Lord Yu decides to continue the talks with Osiris at arm’s length, just in case this is some sort of trick.

Osiris is taking a great risk, as if Anubis found out, Anubis would destroy Osiris very quickly, but Osiris thinks it is worth the risk, as far as Osiris can see Anubis has little in the way of ‘aces’ left to play, with the exception of the Kull Warriors.

Osiris is also playing for time, to allow his new Isis class warships to be built in sufficient numbers so that Osiris can defend the worlds under his control. On one final point Osiris virtually ceases building Ha'tak’s with the exception to ones that have been lost in combat. This will allow Osiris to transfer Jaffa to Crim to crew his new Isis class warships once the first one has been completed to allow Osiris’s Jaffa to commence training immediately.

On the 2nd June 2006, Anubis begins to receive additional materials from Osiris, along with hearing that Osiris has virtually ceased Ha'tak production. This news surprises Anubis, but Anubis is so caught up trying to find a way to eliminate Lord Yu’s combined System Lord forces that Anubis just accepts that Osiris wants to try to help, just as Lord Ba’al had done with Anubis’s new command ship.

On the 4th June 2006, the Jaffa Hal’link who has been placed in charge of ‘protecting’ the Crim is doing an excellent job of managing the Crim production facilities, though the Crim are doing most of the work and Hal’link is smart enough to keep out of the Crim’s way. By doing this and supporting the Crim, Hal’link is proving to be a very able administrator of the Crim, a very unusual trait for a Jaffa warrior this does not go unnoticed by Osiris, who is impressed with what Hal’link has achieved in such a short time.

By the 5th June 2006, Osiris seems to have gottern away with his deception with Anubis, but Osiris will not let his guard down for one moment, with either Anubis or Lord Yu, though Osiris is less worried about Lord Yu, as he has a possible deal in the making with Lord Yu.

On the 8th June 2006, the Commander of the Royal Space Fleet Rear Admiral James Goodworthy puts in a request to the Asgard, Nox and the Ancients to help with the construction of Orbital Defence Stations for the planet Camelot. Even though there are several battle cruisers defending Camelot from attack, Admiral Goodworthy feels that additional defences are needed, however Project Phoenix is running at maximum production with the dreadnought class.

The Orbital Defence Stations are based on (using Project Phoenix technology) the last of the Ancient Defence Satellite that was found near Atlantis, though the Project Phoenix version is not as powerful as the ancient version. However, these Orbital Defence Stations should be able to deal with any Milky Way Galaxy threat in conjunction with the Royal Space Fleet in the defence of Camelot.

These Orbital Defence Stations will not be deployed in the defence of Heliopolis, as the 12 Asgard Warships (along with the occasional Asgard Science Vessel) is more than enough to defend Heliopolis.

On the 9th June 2006, the Prince of Wales marries Camilla Parker Bowles in a civil ceremony at Windsor's Guildhall. Camilla acquires her title The Duchess of Cornwall. There is little public reaction as this had been leaked out, that Prince of Wales wished to marry Camilla Parker Bowles, so there was genuine acceptance by the public, especially after Harry and William support their father’s new marriage.

The new Duchess of Cornwall will never be informed of Project Phoenix, as the Committee of Four following an intensive considers her untrustworthy, when the Prince of Wales is informed that he will not be able to tell his wife he is not pleased, but has no choice in the matter.

On the 12th June 2006, the Asgard High Council debates this request, after several hours of discussion, a vote is taken and the majority of the Asgard High Council approve the request to build these Orbital Defence Stations for Project Phoenix. As these Orbital Defence Stations will contain no Asgard technology, only Project Phoenix technology the Asgard are happy to build these Orbital Defence Stations, just as they built the final batches of the Scorpion class heavy Cruisers.

The Nox refuse to help with developing weapons (no real surprise) and the Ancients approve of the building of these Orbital Defence Satellites, but cannot offer any help in consecution, as they are still growing their population and are focused on that task.

On the 13th June 2006, Admiral Goodworthy is informed that the Asgard will build these Orbital Defence Stations, Hermiod asks for the specifications of these Orbital Defence Stations. Admiral Goodworthy thanks Hermiod for the Asgard’s help with the construction and hands over the plans for the Orbital Defence Stations the Asgard after reviewing this design are intrigued by the design of this ODS.

Orbital Defence Station

Length: 1,148.3 ft (350.0 meters)
Width: 721.9 ft (220.0 meters)
Height: 295.3 ft (90.0 meters)
Manoeuvring thrusters
Power Core: x12 second generation Naquadah reactors
Fuel: Naquadah
Shielding: Project Phoenix Guardian class shields
Four automated beam weapons (BWBB) one covering each arc
Twenty-four automated Quad energy cannons (EC-2) x8 covering each arc
Crew: None, though has docking facility for maintenance

The Orbital Defence Station is not every elegant it is for all intense a large box fitted with sensors, weapons and shields, along with a small docking port for maintenance and not much else. The Project Phoenix Guardian class shields are not as strong as Asgard shields, but with the power output of the Naquadah reactors these shields should be able to resist most Goa'uld weapons.

These Orbital Defence Stations will replace the now out of date Orbital Defence Satellites for the defence of the planet Camelot.

For the defence of the planet Camelot 32 Orbital Defence Stations will need to be built by the Asgard, though for the Asgard this will not be a problem, as Asgard construction techniques are far faster than Project Phoenixes. These ODS’s will be built in the Asgard home Galaxy and then towed to Camelot one at a time by a Mountbatten class warship.

All of these ODS’s will be operational by the end of 2009 making Camelot a much more secure planet than it is at the moment, with current crop of out of date Orbital Defence Satellites.

On the 20th June 2006, the jointly developed by BAE/HS Helmet Tracker enters operational service with the RAF/FAA giving both services a considerable advantage in combat also enters service with the RAAF, RCAF and RNZAF as well. This system will allow a pilot to look at an enemy fighter and the fighters computer systems will identify were the enemy fighter is in the real world. All the pilot then has to do is press the fire button and the missile will be on its way and pilot then starts looking for a new targets.

The next set will be thought controlled weapons system (Project Firefox) this is jointly underdevelopment in the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand this technology will come from Ancient Gateships, but still has to be ‘developed’ to avoid raising any questions on how this technology was developed if no one could show a proper development history.

On the 30th June 2006, a scrapping order is given for the remained of the Black Prince class cruisers, as they are of little use and there is insufficient manpower to operate them, scrapping is seen as the best option. If more armed freighters are needed more Defiance class ships will be built.

For the moment the current crop of three modified Black Prince class and three Defiance class ships are more than adequate for Project Phoenixes transport needs, if more transports are needed more Defiance class ships will be built.

July 2006


By early July 2006, the whole of Heliopolis is being transformed by the Nox in to a paradise planet Heliopolis now produces all the food that Project Phoenix could ever need, along with a construable surplus. This all comes from a minor comment from Dr Phillips had made a long time ago to the Nox representative Lya, asking the Nox if they could help with food production on Heliopolis. Lya thought that this was an excellent idea and put the request to the Nox Elders who also thought that this was also an excellent idea, shortly after that the Nox arrived in considerable numbers and begun to bring Heliopolis back to life again.

There are several city’s scattered around Heliopolis, though the biggest New London is close to the old Castle were the Stargate used to be based decades ago the old Castle is now a museum to the history of Project Phoenix.

The population on Heliopolis is steadily approaching the 2 million mark according to estimates once the 2 million mark is met there will be a population explosion, as those children born on Heliopolis will start to have families, leading to a second generation of Heliopolis born children.

With a healthcare system on Heliopolis that can cure all diseases an injuries including what would be considered death back on Earth, lifespan of those without the strong ATA Gene that a few have a life expectancy of over 200 years of age. However, those who are born on Earth have a slightly shorter life expectancy of over 150 years.

Working age is no longer a limit (depending on the job) most who work in R&D can keep working for as long as they like there is no mandatory retirement age also no one of forced to work, though with the technologies being developed any scientist or engineer would be a fool not to turn down such a chance.

Military service is slightly different it is set for a minimum of 25 years, with 5 year extensions after that, front line combat is limited to a maximum of 75 years of age this tends to be for officers. Command of a Royal Space Navy vessel can go well beyond 75 years of age, as commanding a Royal Space Navy vessel does not require a lot of running around etc.

On the 12th July 2006, due to the deterioration situation on Lebanon the UK government begins an evacuation of British nationals from Lebanon via Beirut, with the Israeli government warned in the strongest diplomatic manner that interference with Operation Highbrow will not be tolerated.

Extra RAF Arrow Fighters and Eagle bombers, along with tanker and Nimrod AWACS support are moved to Malta and Cyprus from bases in England, with a least four Arrow Fighters and four Eagle bombers in the air, awaiting to support the mainly Royal Navy operation.

Operation Highbrow

Operation Highbrow is the name of a large-scale military evacuation of British citizens from Lebanon due to the war between Israel and Lebanon 2006. According to the MoD acted is the UK's largest operation of its kind since the evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940, a total of up to 5,000 people are evacuated by the 22nd July 2006.

Royal Navy Warships used during Operation Highbrow are as follows

Aircraft carrier HMS Duke of York off the coast using her Merlin helicopters to ferry evacuees from Beirut to Duke of York’s flight deck then onto Malta by Rotodyne, as the Rotodyne is better suited to the longer journey to Malta and much more faster than the Merlin.

HMS Triumph Nuclear submarine (acting as screening sub for HMS Duke of York)

Destroyers HMS Daring (Type 45), HMS Dauntless (Type 45) and HMS Gloucester (Type 42) – acting as air defence guard ships for HMS Duke of York and other ships.

Frigates HMS St. Albans (Type 23), HMS Norfolk (Type 23), HMS Argyll (Type 23), HMS Iron Duke (Type 23) – acting as ferry warships from Beirut’s harbour to Malta.

Support Ships

RFA Fort Victoria
RFA Wave Knight

Royal Air Force

Operating from Malta
16 Eagle GR7 bombers
16 Arrow F5 air defence fighters
10 Belfast II transport aircraft
10 VC10 K7/C7

Operating from Cyprus

8 Eagle GR7 bombers
5 Arrow F5 air defence fighters
5 Belfast II transport aircraft
5 VC10 K7/C7

On Friday the 14th July 2006, the Israeli offensive into Lebanon continues (keeping clear of UK operations) and for the first time the offices of Hezbollah are bombed Hezbollah by the Israeli Air Force declares an “open war” against Israel.

The Israeli Sa'ar 5-class missile boat INS Hanit that is blockading the waters 10 nautical miles off the Lebanese coast is damaged in the stern after being hit by a C-802 anti-ship missile. Afterwards, various sources reported that the missile was Chinese-made while others report that it was Iranian-made or procured from Iran, a charge that Iran would later deny.

Early on there were mistaken reports that it had been hit by an unmanned aerial vehicle packed with explosives, and that there was no serious damage to the ship. Israel immediately recovered one sailor's body, and three more where found two days later.

HMS St. Albans Incident

On the 16th July 2006, the Type 23 Frigate HMS St. Albans, is operating just off the coast of Beirut, with the incident of the 14th July 2006 fresh in his mind the Captain of HMS St. Albans has his ship at “Action Stations” just in case. HMS St. Albans is waiting to enter Beirut’s harbour to evacuate another batch of British evacuees to Cyprus.

Hezbollah is trying to duplicate there success of the 14th July, launched four more C-802 anti-ship missiles at what they believed to be another Israeli missile boat. Unfortunately (for Hezbollah fighters firing the missiles), this is HMS St. Albans operating at the edge of the horizon wait her turn to enter Beirut’s harbour.

As soon as the missiles are launch HMS St. Albans, and the code word HANDBREAK is sounded, warning of an incoming missile attack, HMS St. Albans begins evasive and launches decoys, as the same reporting that the ship is under attack, back to the Task Group leader and Northwood.

As the four missiles, approach HMS St. Albans, the Captain orders that the Sea Wolf missile system be switched over to “fully automatic” mode, as the system in this mode can react much more quickly than any human ever can.

Unfortunately, due to the Sea Wolf missile system being designed for point defence, the crew must wait until the missiles are in range before the Sea Wolf system can fire. After several tense moments, the C-802 anti-ship missiles enter the Sea Wolf kill zone area and the four missiles are engaged and destroyed, each C-802 anti-ship missile engaged by two Sea Wolf missiles.

The C-802 anti-ship missile launches is destroyed, by a pair of Eagle GR7 bombers within a few minutes after the missiles have been fired, killing the Hezbollah fighters that had fired the missiles, taking their orders from HMS St. Albans showing how effective the UK military is at dealing with such threats.

Once Hezbollah is aware of what has happened, Hezbollah quickly plays down the whole incident as an “accident” because of “miss-identification”, as the British government does not what to get involved in the war in Lebanon, all the UK wants to do is gets it nationals out of Lebanon.

In addition, Hezbollah does not want to go to war against the UK and plays down the incident as an accident, both sides back off, the evacuation goes on without any more incidents.

After this event, it will become known that China had provided Iran (Iran passing these missiles and others on to Hezbollah) with this type of missile in the past this incident will not harm UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand – China relations.

China will continue to sell arms to Iran and Iran will continue to pass them onto Hezbollah, but China will make sure that Iran knows if these weapons are used against the UK then China may stop selling arms to Iran.

Iran assumes that this is just rhetoric from China...

On the 17th July 2006, George W. Bush greets Gordon Brown with the phrase "Yo, Brownie". The Prime Minister responds within a few seconds with the response “Yo, Bushey”, Bush visibly pales at Browns response, Bush will not try that greeting again, Bush’s attempt at looking cool has failed.

The press on the other hand do not let it go, as both the US and UK press agree that Bush was in the wrong to use such as phase to greet a British Prime Minister, especially a Prime Minister of another superpower in such a manner.

A few days later, the White House press office will issue an apology for the use of the ‘Yo, Brownie’ greeting, though Bush will not do this himself, Bush’s popularity will continue to fall.

By the 25th July 2006, on the surface of the Crim home world the first of the new landing/construction pads for the new Isis class warships has been completed with the first Isis class warship the Isis commencing construction immediately, with additional landing/construction pads are nearing completion.

At the end of July 2006, the 3rd Tactical Fighter Squadron begins to be formed, however the 3rd Tactical Fighter Squadron will be formed very slowly, as this squadron will be embarked on the USS Lexington and until the Lexington is finished there is little point in creating another squadron. Instead, the 3rd Tactical Fighter Squadron will be formed alongside the Lexington and once the Lexington is complete this new squadron will embark the Lexington.

Plans for several more squadrons are being drawn up, along with the beginnings of a selection process for the pilots and ground crews for these fighter squadrons.

August 2006

By the 1st August 2006, on Heliopolis testing is still underway of the next generation space fighters with the Phoenix class experimental craft the long test period of these six Phoenix class experimental craft are testing improved targeting and various flight control software along with the possibility of fitting a Project Phoenix designed thought controlled weapons system.

If this thought controlled weapons system could be fitted to the Phoenix class experimental craft found to work find in conjunction with the two twin EC-1 cannons and especially the Red Nova air-to-air missiles then the next generation of Project Phoenix space fighters will have a considerable advantage in combat. As it already has been proved that a modified version of the Red Nova air-to-air missiles can be fired from a Gateship this would be the next logical step in fighter/missile development.

All six of these Phoenix class experimental craft have been converted to this standard, they will be the most powerful fighters that Project Phoenix possesses as before these six experimental craft will show the way of future fighter designs are going. With ongoing improvements to various systems, the test program is taking much longer, but in the end, it will produce a much better space and atmospheric fighter.

There is still a very strong debate going on within Project Phoenix military whether to call them Spitfires or Seafires the Royal Space Navy wants to call them Seafires, as they operate though the Army want to call them Spitfires has the army versions operate from land bases.

Class Name: Phoenix class experimental craft
Craft Name: Phoenix One
Length: 25 meters
Width: 45 meters (semi-curved wingspan)
Height/depth: 4 meters
Engine unit(s): Elf class (Project Phoenix designed)
Crew: 2
Two twin EC-1 cannons
The ability to carry a single nuclear device (mounted on the centre line) for ground attack.
8 Red Nova air-to-air missiles
Other systems:
Potential to fit a thought controlled weapons system (when development is finished)
Role(s): Test aircraft

The production variant of the Phoenix class experimental craft will not enter operational service for many years, as several new software and sensor/targeting systems are still being developed, along with the lack of an urgent need for a replacement for the current Hurricane class fighter.

By the 5th August 2006, Osiris needs to keep the minor System Lords occupied, as to stop them look towards the Crim the biggest problem within the minor System Lords is the one called Imhotep. Once this diversion has been found then Osiris will leak the information to Imhotep and that should keep Imhotep occupied for a while and hopefully several others as well, as Imhotep cannot keep a secret. The only problem is that Osiris does not have a disposable diversion for Imhotep, though Osiris has heard rumours about a planet that if one goes there no one returns all Osiris needs to do is find the location (Stargate address) and leak it to Imhotep.

By the 10th August 2006, with the Milky Way Galaxy Goa'uld Civil is still in full swing, the US Stargate Commands hit and run raids against various Goa'uld System Lords is not helping matters. As these raids are beginning to make their way up from the minor, though the mid-level System Lords to the high-level System Lords and if one of the major System Lords thinks that these raids are a threat to the Goa'uld. The Goa'uld might just unite long enough to launch a combined attack against the base of these raids, the US Stargate Command is unaware of the levels of threat that the combined might of all these System Lords poses.

Teal'c has tried to inform the US Stargate Command that the Goa'uld System Lords encompass most of the Milky Way Galaxy, but the leadership of the US Stargate Command find this hard to believe, even O’Neill cannot comprehend the size of the combined forces of all the System Lords.

With Project Phoenix covertly monitoring the US Stargate program from cloaked ships in orbit near Site Alpha, Project Phoenix is more than aware of the hornets’ nest that the US Stargate Command is poking, even with extra cruiser patrols to try to distract the Goa'uld it is proving increasingly difficult to keep the Goa'uld distracted.

On the 15th August 2006, the third cruiser squadron whist making a regular reconnaissance sweep encounters several Goa'uld warships, with neither side wanting conflict, both sides keep clear of each other and the third cruiser squadron jumps into hyperspace after making a note of the Goa'uld warships in this system.

The warships belong to a Goa'uld System Lord that is allied with Lord Yu and Lord Yu has stated the Phoenix is not on the menu, as in the past these Phoenix have managed to bring the Asgard against the enemies of Lord Yu combined System Lords forces.

There are a growing number of these encounters between Project Phoenixes Royal Space Fleet and the Goa'uld the Goa'uld are smart enough to keep clear and not attack Project Phoenixes Royal Space Fleet ships, as the Goa'uld know that such an attack would likely bring swift and deadly retaliation from the Asgard.

Better just to let Project Phoenixes Royal Space Fleet ships go about their business and not bother them this is especially true in the case of Lord Yu’s forces (after all Lord Yu has ‘benefited’ from Phoenix in the past), along with Osiris, Anubis and Lord Ba’al etc.

At the end of August 2006, under Area 51, work of the USS Lexington is proceeding with work now concentrating on fitting out the interior and fuelling the ships reactors, in preparation for starting test of the reactor. Captain Carter is now working full time on the Lexington and has been temporally seconded to this project due to Carter’s growing knowledge of alien technology and how to make it compatible with Earth technology.

September 2006

On the 2nd September 2006, a Royal Air Force Nimrod MR4 survives an attempt to shoot it down over Afghanistan the Nimrod makes an emergency landing at Kandahar International Airport the crew of fourteen are unharmed.

This incident does show the resilience of the new MR4 Nimrod aircraft is.

On the 5th September 2006, the first prototype of the new joint helicopter gunship based on the CL-84 design from Canadair begins it first test flight. This first test flight receives heavy press coverage, with the first flight going very well even though it only lasts 32 minutes, it does show that the CL-84 based design does work, further tests are planned.

The name of the CL-84 based design will be known as the AH1 Thor, all four participating countries leaders agreed on this name the original idea coming from Project Phoenix Committee of Four to honour the Asgard Thor. Though no one outside of a small group of Earth based government members, know the real reason for calling this gunship class Thor.

At the same time as the first test flight is taking place production sites in the UK, Australia New Zealand and Canada are being set up to allow immediate production to commence once all testing has been completed. This first batch production with be a set of prototypes for each country to evaluate and begin training on this will allow extremely rapid introduction of the Thor AH1 gunship into operational service with all four countries military.

This is also one of the first of many projects to be overseen by the new Chief of Combined Defence Staffs under the leadership of Admiral Essenhigh.

October 2006

During early October 2006, with the ongoing Skylon space plane program designed to replace the HOTOL space plane, with Skylon expected to begin operations around 2010-2012, with both HOTOL and Skylon having been designed by Lord Alan Bond’s team.

A material for coating Skylon has come to light this material is Starlite as this Starlite can resists extremes of heat this makes it ideal for coating Skylon. Unfortunately, there is one problem its inventor Maurice Ward refuses to license Starlite, as he (quite righty) fears that Starlite will be reverse engineered and he will lose his invention.

Even Universal Exports negotiators cannot wrestle Starlite from its inventors grasp without Maurice Ward retaining a 51% stake in his invention along with 51% profits from commercialization this seems to be a deadlock between Universal Exports and Maurice Ward.

Sir John Major head of Universal Exports has even tried face-to-face talks with Maurice Ward and even gone so far as to offer Maurice Ward a down payment of 100 Million Pounds tax-free. However, Maurice Ward is sticking to his demands of retaining 51% control and profits from commercialization of his invention and not budging this is a problem, as Universal Exports will not want to be a junior partner in this deal, or any other, Maurice Ward does not realise how much money he could make if he agreed to this deal.

The Committee of Four will not allow Universal Exports being a junior partner in any deal, as the Committee of Four is solely concerned about Project Phoenix security, so Sir John Major is stuck, unless he can shift Maurice Ward from his 51% stake demand.

As far as Sir John Major is concerned he is willing to do the 51% on profits, but is unwilling to allow Maurice Ward a 51% stake in Starlite the best Sir John Major can offer is a 50/50 joint control, but Maurice Ward still sticks to his 51% stake demand.

Sir John Major has only one option left, to cheat, he asks for another sample for testing from Maurice Ward who agrees, as he thinks he is getting close to what he wants. During the testing of the Starlite sample a molecular scan (covertly using off world alien technology) is taken of Starlite this will allow a reverse engineered version of Starlite to be manufactured.

On the 9th October 2006, North Korea claims to have conducted its first-ever nuclear test. This will later be confirmed, though this first nuclear test by North Korea is less than the first UK and US nuclear tests. The UK along with US condemns North Korea for its first-ever nuclear test and supports United Nations Security Council Resolution 1718 against North Korea. The UK will not take any direct action against North Korea, but will monitor North Korea more closely, along with her allies in the area, Australia and New Zealand.

Instead, the UK along with Canada, Australia and New Zealand will try to work in the background with China for a mutually beneficial solution for all concerned China pushes this idea, as China is not that happy about having a nuclear North Korea on its doorstep.

The rest of the world will be kept in the dark what UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand governments, along with the Chinese government are up to with North Korea, though with North Korea firing off in a different direction without warning it is not an easy or quick process. The Chinese government not informing North Korea government, that the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand governments are also working in the background with China on a long-term solution to this North Korean nuclear problem. As all sides agree that making this information available to North Korea would not be helpful.

At the end of October 2006, Maurice Ward invited to the headquarters of Universal Exports to again meet with Sir John Major, during this meeting, Sir John Major informs Maurice Ward that Universal Exports has invented its own version of Starlite. Maurice Ward does not initially believe Sir John Major, but once he is shown the formula for Universal Exports ‘version’ of Starlite he believes Sir John Major.

Sir John Major informs Maurice Ward that Universal Exports was forced down this path because of Maurice Wards inflexible demands and points out that Universal Exports will pay a down payment of 100 Million Pounds tax-free and have a 50/50 joint venture in Starlite if Maurice Ward agrees.

Maurice Ward is surprised at the offer, as he thought that Universal Exports was about to dump him, after thinking it over for a few minutes Maurice Ward agrees to Sir John Majors terms, after all 50% of something is better than nothing.

Maurice Ward is about to become very wealthy, very quickly, as soon as the contract is signed the initial 100 Million Pounds tax-free is deposited in Maurice Wards bank account within seconds. This is only the start, by the end of 2007, the amounts that he has received will have hit the 500 Million Pounds mark and once this goes into production for the Skylon spaceplane (and other markets) he will easily pass the 1 Billion pound mark in royalties.

Starlite Ltd a jointly owned company with Universal Exports (50/50) will be a very rich company with a bright future.

Skylon Ltd a jointly owned company with Universal Exports (50/50) and is a very rich company with an ongoing and growing bright future.

The Iceman (Sir John Major) strikes again!

The Committee of Four is also very pleased with Sir John Major’s solution to the Starlite problem, as this maintains Project Phoenix security and Universal Exports control of another very useful ‘item’ for the four countries.

November 2006

On the 1st November 2006, Anubis is now fully aware that there are a number of living ancients (non-ascended) around and that the ancients have made contact with the Asgard (Anubis is not aware of the contact with the Nox) this is worrying news for Anubis, as the ancients will be well aware what Anubis is. Anubis is also now aware that one of these is the ancient known as Merlin that news found worrying Anubis even more. The ‘others’ however would not interfere on a lesser plane unless Anubis tried to use is powers or if Merlin tried to build a certain ‘device’ then the ‘others’ would move to stop Merlin.

If however Merlin was provoked, Merlin might use the small number of heavily upgraded and modernized warships (Tria and the Hippaforalkus) that are available to teach Anubis a lesson. Anubis is not about to provoke a group of ancients, as Anubis is well aware of what a group of angry un-ascended ancients could do if they put their minds to it, anything!

Currently the several hundred ancients (adults and children) are based on the Asgard home world in a different galaxy, so even Anubis would have an impossible problem getting to these ancients without using his powers, which he cannot do even if he wanted to.

Ancients on the Asgard home world

Under the leadership of Merlin the number of ancients has slowly begun to grow the total population now stands at 208, (with several births being twins and some triples), with 80 of these ancients being children these ancient children have many years to until they reach adult age (18 years old). Nevertheless, some of the younger children are already learning (at a frightening rate compared to the Asgard/Nox) the ancients education system is extremely good the oldest ancient child being over six years old and maturing very fast.

Merlin has ruled out cloning as this has caused the Asgard no end of problems and Merlin does not wish to repeat these problems even though there is a solution, Merlin and the other ancients want to grow their people back the ‘old fashioned way’.

With the ancients, perfect health the ancient women are producing children at a high rate with no harm to themselves thanks to their perfect health and medical technology, along with the ability to correct any genetic/medical problems with the children during pregnancy.

Some of the ascended ancients want to help their fellow ancients, but the majority of ascended ancients will not allow this to happen, if it was to happen, all things would be possible for the non-ascended ancients, power without limit, though not without restraint.

On the 16th November 2006, the 21st James Bond film Casino Royale is released in British cinemas Daniel Craig makes his debut as Bond in the film. This film has considerable cooperation between the film producers and the UK MoD, allowing access for the film to MoD property, with the exception of certain restricted areas such as RAF Barra. UK Special Forces instructors give Daniel Craig a firearms instruction course so that he knows how to properly handle the weapons he will use in the film.

This first Daniel Craig James Bond will be a considerable financial success prompting the producers to ask if future assistance for the MoD for filming could be possible the reply from the MoD is that all requests for filming assistance will be considered.

On the 23rd November 2006, Alexander Litvinenko dies in London having been poisoned by Polonium-210 the Russian Security Services are suspected in carrying out this act. Unfortunately there is no solid proof this does affect Anglo Russian relations even after all the covet help Russia has received in the part from the UK for its various nuclear problems.

This case file will remain open and under investigation much to the annoyance of the Russian government, as the Russian government states that by keeping the case open the UK government is accusing the Russian government, something that the UK government denies (if solid proof arrives).

December 2006

On the 1st December 2006, HMS Britannia is cleared for her first manned reality jump this first jump will take place on the edge of the system in the Pegasus Galaxy to the reality that will take place early next year. If this first manned mission is successful then further missions will be planned to other realities this will be mainly to see the difference between one reality another.

On the 7th December 2006, a tornado hits London this is completely unexpected and behind the scenes the cause of this tornado is investigated (covertly by Project Phoenix personnel), though once it is proved to be natural this investigation is ended.

On the 20th December 2006, a decision is made by Project Phoenix leadership, at the point the USS Lexington is launched Project Phoenix Committee of the Four will need to make a decision whether or not to notify the US government that they have their own Stargate program.

The approach to informing the US government (if approved) will need to be done under controlled conditions, preferably in the UK, at a secure location that is under Project Phoenix control, so that Project Phoenix can ensure that the Turing Prediction does not happen.

A lot of planning is now being done in this area, though the Committee of the Four have yet to give approval for contact to be made to the US government the Committee of the Four believe that is should be sometime after the next US election in 2008, probably very early in 2009 would be the best opportunity.

However, as the military saying goings ‘no battle plan survives contact with the enemy’ this will be true of Project Phoenixes planning and Project Phoenix will have to adapt their plan for sooner rather than later because of an unexpected event.

If conflict happen Project Phoenix is so far ahead of the US Stargate Program that the defeat of the US is a certainty, with the addition of the Asgard would make is a sure thing, add in the Ancients and the Nox (in a non-military capacity) then the US would not have a hope in hell.

Meanwhile the US Stargate Program is coming along nicely.

US Stargate Command ship construction

1st Tactical Fighter Wing

1st Tactical Fighter Squadron – Site Alpha – x16 F-302’s
2nd Tactical Fighter Squadron – Earth based Area 51 – x16 F-302’s – to be moved to Site Alpha
3rd Tactical Fighter Squadron – Lexington – Forming to become operational at the same time the Lexington is ready – x16 F-302’s planned

4th Tactical Fighter Squadron – planned USS Constellation
5th Tactical Fighter Squadron – planned USS Saratoga
6th Tactical Fighter Squadron – planned USS Ranger

X-303/BC-303 USS Lexington – under construction – launch date estimated to be early to mid 2008

USS Constellation – planned
USS Saratoga – planned
USS Ranger – planned

The focus of the US Stargate program is to get the USS Lexington, though this is a slow process due to the secrecy surrounding the US Stargate program and the need to ship all the parts in a assemble in site.

It is hoped that the USS Lexington could be launched sometime during 2008, however no one knows how long the Lexington’s trials will take, meanwhile on the surface of Site Alpha a landing area for the Lexington is nearing completion. Once launched it is hoped that the Lexington will be able to make the short hyperspace trip to Site Alpha, before commencing her trails.

Once the USS Lexington is launched, assembly of the USS Constellation will begin immediately, as the various parts for the initial assembly of the USS Constellation are already being stockpiled at Area 51.

Construction of the USS Constellation will be much quicker than the USS Lexington, as the construction personnel now know what they are doing thanks to using the construction of the Lexington as a ‘blueprint’ for future construction.

US Stargate Command Off World (SG Teams)

US Stargate Command operates three off world teams call SG-1, SG-2 and SG-3 now operating from Site Alpha and the Earth Stargate based at Area 51 being used to ship personnel back to Earth for leave.

SG teams can vary in size depending on mission needs, but the minimum size is fifty personnel both military (at least forty) and civilian researchers (max of ten per SG team) this way the SG teams are flexible for all kinds of missions.

In the future, it is hoped to double the number of SG teams from the current three to six, but as personnel vetting is taking time this will not be for a number of years.

On the other side of the fence, Project Phoenix is evolving and expanding at a steady pace.

Project Phoenix ship construction and warship numbers

Orbital dry-docks

Orbital dry-dock one (four docks in use) – used to refit/repair of existing warships
Orbital dry-dock two (four docks in use) – is currently constructing new warships, of the new Dreadnought class battleships
Orbital dry-dock three (four docks in use) – is currently constructing new warships, of the new Dreadnought class battleships

Project Phoenix, Warship Order of Battle

Defiance Class – Modified as Freighters/Testbeds

HMS Defiance, HMS Echo and HMS Enterprise are used as supply (war)ships to Atlantis along with being testbeds for new technologies.

Black Prince Class – Modified as Freighters

HMS Achilles, HMS Ajax and HMS Leander are used as supply ships.

All six freighters are equipped with a single AEM each

Battleships – Dreadnought class

HMS Dreadnought operational – x3 AEM’s
HMS Victory operational – x3 AEM’s
HMS Britannia operational – x3 AEM’s
HMS Agamemnon operational – No AEM’s

HMS Devastation operational – No AEM’s
HMS Thunderer operational – No AEM’s
HMS Rodney operational – No AEM’s
HMS Anson operational – No AEM’s

Under Construction

HMS Howe to begin construction 2006 to be completed 2008
HMS St. Vincent to begin construction 2006 to be completed 2008
HMS Collingwood to begin construction 2006 to be completed 2008
HMS Neptune to begin construction 2006 to be completed 2008


HMS Colossus to begin construction 2008 to be completed 2010
HMS Iron Duke to begin construction 2008 to be completed 2010
HMS Marlborough to begin construction 2008 to be completed 2010
HMS Queen Elizabeth to begin construction 2008 to be completed 2010

HMS Trafalgar to begin construction 2010 to be completed 2012
HMS Prince of Wales to begin construction 2010 to be completed 2012
HMS Goliath to begin construction 2010 to be completed 2012
HMS General Wolfe to begin construction 2010 to be completed 2012

HMS Lord Nelson to begin construction 2012 to be completed 2014
HMS King Edward VII to begin construction 2012 to be completed 2014
HMS Victoria to begin construction 2012 to be completed 2014
HMS Gorgon to begin construction 2012 to be completed 2014

HMS Resistance to begin construction 2014 to be completed 2016
HMS Warspite to begin construction 2014 to be completed 2016
HMS Excalibur to begin construction 2014 to be completed 2016
HMS Duke of York to begin construction 2014 to be completed 2016

Battlecruisers – Courageous class

HMS Courageous, HMS Glorious, HMS Furious HMS Mary Rose, HMS Henry Grace à Dieu, HMS Nelson, HMS Temeraire, HMS Agincourt and HMS Minotaur these warships for the time being will operate independently, will be used as guard ships in orbit around Camelot when on rotation are either in refit or their crews are resting.

All Courageous class battlecruisers and not fitted with any AEM’s though like all other Royal Fleet ship can be if needed, also they are now restricted to the Milky Way Galaxy.

Once sufficient Dreadnought class battleships have been produced the Courageous will start to be mothballed, once all Courageous class have been replaced it is likely that the Courageous class will be scrapped.


All the Scorpion class Heavy Cruisers like all other Royal Space Fleet capital ships can be fitted with three AEM’s, but are not currently fitted with any AEM’s

First Cruiser Squadron

HMS Scorpion (Squadron flagship)
HMS Wivern
HMS Swiftsure
HMS Superb
HMS Leander
HMS Neptune
HMS Orion
HMS Polyphemus

Second Cruiser Squadron

HMS Ottawa
HMS Devonshire
HMS Hampshire
HMS Kent
HMS London
HMS Fife
HMS Glamorgan
HMS Norfolk

Third Cruiser Squadron

HMS Antrim
HMS Aisne
HMS Alamein
HMS Barrosa
HMS Corunna
HMS Dunkirk
HMS Jutland
HMS Matapan

Fourth Cruiser Squadron

HMS Battleaxe
HMS Broadsword
HMS Crossbow
HMS Dainty
HMS Daring
HMS Decoy
HMS Defender
HMS Delight

Project Phoenix ground forces

Unlike the Royal Space Fleet that is a ‘standing (expanding) force’, Project Phoenix does not have a large standing army instead it maintains 26 off world exploration teams, with 14 of these teams currently based on Atlantis.

With each off world exploration team consisting of approximately 60 personnel commanded by a Major (though in some cases command by a Colonel) divided into four squadrons and a small headquarters section, with squadron having three sections of 16 military personnel in each one, along with civilian 12 support personnel. With each man possessing a particular skill: signals, demolition, medic or linguist in addition to basic skills learned during the course of their training. These 12 support personnel are made up of civilian scientist and engineers that are attach to sections that are exploring other worlds.

In addition there are several thousand security troops these troops are used to guard and defend Project Phoenix facilities/ships like the off world squadrons they are well armed and equipped.

These security troops also act as a large reserve pool of troops if an off world squadron or squadrons need strong reinforcements, though this has never been put into practice, as another off world squadron has always been ready to support another squadron that is in trouble off world.

2007 will bring one major problem for Gordon Brown and his last two major successes before things start to go downhill for him this will be rather said, as Gordon Brown is a Prime Minister out of his depth and has to rely on others (his fellow Ministers) to help him along.

To be continued.
65. 2007 – Change

Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War

January 2007

On the 1st January 2007, Dr Phillips formally announces that she will be stepping down as Director of Project Phoenix at the end of the year. This is not unexpected, as Dr Phillips has already informed the Committee of Four of her decision to step down some time ago.

On the 5th January 2007, Alan Turing returns from Atlantis to take up his new post as Acting Director of Project Phoenix and will formally become Director of Project Phoenix on the 1st January 2008.

Nevertheless, for now, even though Dr Phillips has not officially stepped down Alan Turing is in charge of Project Phoenix.

This will be followed by Admiral James Goodworthy and General Ewan Tenant also announce that they will also retire at the end of the year this will allow Acting Director Alan Turing to do a reshuffle in top posts without having to fire anyone.

Tom Oliver also announces he will stand down at the end of the year.

This will create a series of promotions within both military and civilian areas of Project Phoenix.

Leadership of Project Phoenix

The people leading Project Phoenix has changed very little over past few decades thanks to Seth’s Goa'uld Sarcophagus, life can be prolonged beyond a normal humans expected lifespan on Earth, for those lucky few like Alan Turing with strong ATA Gene’s this means a virtual form of immortality.

Head of State – Elizabeth II (deferred to the Governor General for the day-to-day running of Project Phoenix)

Governor General – Princess Margaret (figurehead though has the Queens Veto powers but does not use the Queens Veto along with the ‘Royal Prerogative’ for military action)

Project Phoenix Committee of Four – made from a single member from the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada this committee has the final say in all matters, though the Queen (or Princess Margaret) can veto. This however would go against the role of a constitutional monarch, but it is likely that the Project Phoenix leadership would follow the Queens veto order, though this has never been tested.

Both the Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret both know that once they have crossed that line there would be no going back, after if you cross this line once you can do it repeatedly.

Replacement committee members (when a member retires or dies in office) for the Committee of Four are chosen by the committee without outside ‘interference’ from the UK, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian Prime Ministers, except if all four PM’s are in agreement (that won’t ever happen).

The day-to-day running of Project Phoenix falls to the following members (Atlantis members are also listed separately)

Project Phoenix

Head of Project Phoenix – Dr Victoria Phillips (to retire on the 31st December 2007)

Acting Head of Project Phoenix – Alan Turing (to become permanent Head of Project Phoenix 1st January 2008)

Head of Research Project Phoenix – There has been thought by Alan Turing to give this post to Professor Stephen Hawking even though Stephen Hawking is based on Earth it would show Turing’s own leadership style is much more different from Dr Phillip’s leadership.

The Committee of Four have no objection to Professor Stephen Hawking becoming Head of Research Project Phoenix, so this looks likely to go through.

Deputy Head of Research – Seth (though this is purely honorary having not real authority in this post but can do his own research)

Head of Computer Research – Dr Douglas James (a Turing protégée)

Head of Linguistics – Tom Oliver (to retire on the 31st December 2007) Samuel (Sam) Davis to take over on 1st January 2008
Samuel (Sam) Davis becoming Head of Linguistics is a surprise to many, as most expected Dr Daniel Jackson to be Tom Oliver’s replacement, but Sam Davis is Turing’s choice.

Commander Royal Space Fleet – Rear Admiral James Goodworthy (to retire on the 31st December 2007)
Commodore Jason Timms will become the Commander of the Royal Space Fleet with a promotion to Rear Admiral

Head of Military Operations and Security – Major General Ewan Tenant (to retire on the 31st December 2007)
To be replaced by Major General Elizabeth Green

Deputy Head of Military Operations and Security – Brigadier James Macpherson (to retire on the 31st December 2007)
To be replaced by Brigadier Mark Harlington

Commander of the Off World Exploration (Heliopolis) – Colonel Bill Marsden (to retire on the 31st December 2007)
To be replaced by Colonel Mary Summer

Asgard Observer – Hermiod

The Asgard has 12 Mountbatten Class Warships in Heliopolis orbit Heliopolis, along with several Asgard science vessels coming and going from time to time, Hermiod reports not only to the Asgard but also to the Nox and the Ancients as well. There are around 100 Asgard and 100 Nox in the Asgard outpost based on Heliopolis, though numbers can vary and Project Phoenix is not privy to this information about the Asgard outpost.

Nox Observer – Lya

The Nox have a few ships in orbit (that can be seen from time to time), but as they are almost permanently cloaked the exact number of Nox ships is unknown.

The bulk of the Asgard and Nox remain onboard their ships in orbit.

Ancient Observer – No permanent presence, Merlin as and when needed

There is no permanent Ancient presence at Heliopolis, even though the recovered Ancient Outpost is still active on Heliopolis the only time an Ancient comes to Heliopolis is if Merlin is needed.

The other Ancients never come to Heliopolis.

The recovered Ancient Outpost is still producing vast amounts of information for not only Project Phoenix (which most is well out of their technological reach), but also the Nox and the Asgard who are also still studying the recovered Ancient Outpost.

Merlin and the other Ancients have no problem with all three groups studying the Ancient Outpost.

Atlantis Expedition

Acting Head of the Atlantis expedition – Commodore Jason Timms
As soon as Alan Turing has chosen a replacement, with Mrs Silvia Fisher being the prime candidate, Jason Timms will move to his new post of Commander of the Royal Space Fleet with a promotion to Rear Admiral.

Mrs Silvia Fisher is an administrator of various construction projects within Project Phoenix with some scientific knowledge, it is thought by this move Alan Turing is trying to push certain people (non-military and scientific) into higher levels. Mrs Silvia Fisher is a very able administrator and can easily manage the day-to-day running of Atlantis, as this is what is really what is needed to run Atlantis, as McKay and Jackson and others handle the research etc.

Head of Research (Atlantis) – Dr Rodney McKay

Chef Medical Officer (Atlantis) – Dr Carson Beckett

Head of Linguistics (Atlantis) – Dr Daniel Jackson

Commander of Space Forces (Atlantis) – Commodore Jason Timms
The current Captain of HMS Victory, Sarah Toddington will become Commander of Space Forces (Atlantis) with a promotion to Commodore

Commander of Ground Forces (Atlantis) – Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith
Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith, will remain Commander of Ground Forces (Atlantis), will receive a promotion to the rank of Brigadier.

With these initial changes, Alan Turing is showing that he is in charge, even though most of the people that have left would have left soon anyway, as they wanted to retire sooner rather than later.

Alan Turing’s choices for replacements have caused a few surprises especially the head of Head of Linguistics amongst others, including the retirement of most of the senior army heads, with replacements with younger blood.

A considerable percentage of the new mid level appointments are being filled by those adults that were born on Heliopolis this will bring a different mindset (Alien life form wise etc) to those who have been raised on Earth.

By the 25th January 2007, Project Phoenix has a rating system for those with the ATA Gene either naturally or via Gene Therapy.

There are 10 levels of ATA Gene rating devised by Project Phoenix

Levels 1 – 3 are the lowest, these first three levels allow use of all ancient equipment this is also the highest (level 3) that ATA Gene Therapy has been able to give those personnel without a natural ATA Gene.

The bulk of Project Phoenix personnel fit into Levels 1 – 3, 80%

Levels 4 – 8 have a natural ATA Gene and allow the use of ancient equipment, with the higher levels 4 – 8 finding it much easier to use ancient equipment the higher up they go.

This next set of levels accounts of 19.99+% of Project Phoenix personnel

Levels 9 – 10 have a very strong natural ATA Gene and allow the use of ancient equipment these two top levels are reserved for those Project Phoenix members who go once through Seth’s Goa'uld Sarcophagus giving them certain advantages. One of these being perfect health and regeneration to a more youthful look, giving these people a form of immortality, other powers also come about depending on the individual, Alan Turing for instance can see into the future (when asleep) with a very high degree of accuracy.

There are only 9 people with Levels 9 – 10 of the ATA Gene this makes up less than 0.01% of Project Phoenix personnel.

On the 31st January 2007, Alan Turing and Dr Victoria Phillips have a private meeting the discussion begin with Alan saying, “Do you think it is the right time for you to be stepping down, with all that is going on?”

Victoria replies, “Yes I do you will make a great director of project phoenix.”

Alan says, “That is not what I am talking about, if we are going to inform the US about out Project Phoenix in the next few years then we will need you.”

Victoria asks, “You mean your predictions?”

Alan replies, “Yes”

Victoria replies, “That is one of the reasons why I am stepping down, if I am not director maybe that will make sure your prediction does not happen. After all since we decided not to inform the US until after President Bush is not longer President you have had no more visions of your most deadly prediction?”

Alan replies, “I see, seems a good idea, though I would still like you as director”

Victoria smiles at Alan and says, “Do not underestimate yourself Alan, you are very well respected with Committee of Four and the Queen is an admirer of your, as I have been told this.”

Alan asks, “Very well Victoria, so you think my changes in the command structure are ok?”

Victoria continues to smile at Alan and replies, “They are your choices director, we follow your leadership and as I have told you, you should stop doubting yourself you will do great things.”

Alan says, “Thank you”

Victoria states, “Remember that I will be here if you need advice, but I think you will manage very well without my advice.”

Alan says, “Maybe, maybe not”

Victoria replies, “On Earth I am listed as dead, some of my family knows of Project Phoenix some do not, so Phoenix is my substitute family, but even some ‘children’ Alan needs to make their own way in the universe.”

Alan says, “You are right, but I so afraid to make the wrong decision.”

Victoria replies, “I made some bad choices as Director and many good ones you must not let the small number of bad choices outweigh the good ones.”

Alan says, “I will try, thank you for your time Victoria.”

With a laugh Victoria replies, “Anytime, after all I am not going anywhere.”

Alan Turing leaves, with Victoria’s support ringing in his ears and feeling more confident than at the beginning of this talk.

February 2007

On the 1st February 2007, underneath Area 51 the USS Lexington begins powering up her 4 reactors (one at a time) this activation of the Lexington’s will take several months to achieve, as there are a lot of tests for each reactor. This will bring launching the Lexington much closer, along with her trails.

All other systems are also be tested and then re-tested over and over again, just to make sure that they all work properly, the main focus (apart from the ships reactors) and the sub-light/hyperdrive engines and the ships shields and weapon systems.

Crew training is also be conducted at this time with the ships commanding officer Colonel William Ronson, by this time the system test and reactor test are completed the crew under Colonel Ronson’s command should be fully trained.

On the 5th February 2007, HMS Britannia makes her first manned reality jump this first jump will takes place on the edge of the system in the Pegasus Galaxy to the reality were the unmanned shuttles when.

At 10.00am (HST) precisely HMS Britannia jump to another reality the jump only takes a few seconds, once their Dr McKay begins to run test, while the capacitor is recharging. An hour later the capacitor has recharged and HMS Britannia engages her reality drives and successfully returns to their reality, with Dr McKay grinning from ear to ear.

At the debriefing, Dr McKay suggests that they jump back to the same reality and find out what the differences are between their reality and this one by visiting the Solar System, no one objects to McKay suggestion.

On the 10th February 2007, HMS Britannia her second jump to the same reality as her first jump. After scanning the local area and finding nothing, a decision is made to travel to the edge of the Solar System to see what Earth is like in this reality.

On the 11th February 2007, HMS Britannia arrives at the edge of the Solar System to see what Earth is like, with long-range scans revealing that this Earth has a less developed technological level than their own. In addition, there is no Stargate network drawing the wrong conclusion in that the ancients never developed in this reality (they actually never left their home galaxy in this reality), so no Stargate program.

On the 12th February 2007, HMS Britannia returns home to report their findings, though a bit disappointing for a first jump, it does not undermine the success of the reality drive, further missions to other realities are now being planned.

On the 13th February 2007 – North Korea agrees to shut down its nuclear facilities in Yongbyon by the 14th April as a first step towards complete denuclearization, receiving in return energy aid equivalent to 50,000 tons of heavy fuel oil. In the background the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, along with China are pleased that their efforts are going as planned. The fuel will come through China making sure that blackouts in North Korea are a thing of the past, so that the North Korean government understands that cooperation is the best policy.

On the 15th February 2007, Anubis is still torn on what to do even though the War against Lord Yu’s combined System Lords is still at a stalemate, Anubis is unaware that one of his own System Lord ‘allies’ is plotting against him this System Lord is Osiris.

Anubis feels that his best plan may be to try to take control of the superweapon on Dakara Anubis could wipe out his enemies planet by planet, also he could rebuild this galaxy in his own image.

Anubis begins to gather all available warships that can be spared, along with his own flagship filled with 10,000 Kull warriors, Lord Ba’al is intrigued by this weapon that has been under the System Lords noses all this time, but Anubis will not divulge much about this weapon to anyone.

On the 25th February 2007, HMS Britannia makes another jump to another reality, when HMS Britannia the crew find that the dinosaurs has not been wiped out and that a primitive form of man is evolving on this Earth. These primitive humans are centred around heavily defended cities from the more dangerous dinosaurs, with construction and maintenance of these fortified cities walls seemingly taking up a lot of the locals time.

Dr McKay does suggest that this reality would be a palaeontologists wet dream this cause a few laughs especially from Dr Jackson.

After scanning this realities Earth for several hours picking up a wealth of data HMS Britannia returns to the Atlantis system (in this reality) and then back to their own reality from there, as this point has the fewest problems, like bumping into something unknown.

By the 28th February 2007, the reality drive equipped HMS Britannia is considered a success and approval by Director Turing that HMS Britannia’s missions must continue this is supported by both the Asgard and the Nox, as both these races as are curious as Project Phoenix is about what other reality’s are like.

Merlin and the ancients have shown a distinct lack is interest in the reality drive the ancients neither support nor oppose the reality drive they just are not interested in it.

March 2007

On the 1st March 2007, Osiris informs Lord Yu that Anubis plans to attack Dakara, to capture a powerful weapon hidden in or on the planet somewhere, Lord Yu is shocked, both by Anubis’s plan to attack Dakara and that the System Lords were not aware of this hidden weapon in the first place.

On the ascended plane Oma Desala is horrified what Anubis plans to use the Dakara device for the total extermination of all life in the Milky Way Galaxy (this was not its original purpose), allowing Anubis to recreate life in his own image and totally loyal to Anubis.

Oma Desala is not alone there are other ascended that believe that this should not happen but the majority of the ascended vote still rules on non-interference.

However, these rules can be ‘bent’ if talking to a non-ascended ancient one ancient decides to try an idea to warn Merlin of Anubis’s plan concerning the Dakara superweapon, but without telling Merlin directly and letting him figure it out himself, thus not breaking the rules about interference on a lesser plain.

On the 2nd March 2007, on the Asgard home world of Othala, Merlin and the other ancients have made part of the Asgard home world into a mini ancient city or more correctly the Citadel of the Ancients.

Merlin is alone in his quarters when he senses something looks around and says, “I can sense your presence, show yourself.”

A blaze of light appears in front of Merlin and slowly clears to reveal a single ascended ancient in ‘human’ form.

Merlin says, “Well it has been a long time since I have see you Morgan Le Fay or should I call you Ganos Lal?”

Morgan smiles at Merlin and replies, “Morgan will do fine, Merlin, I see you and the other ancients are doing well, your colony is growing.”

Merlin says, “It is growing, have you come to stop me Morgan?”

Morgan’s smile vanishes, in a surprised tone replies, “No”

Merlin asks, “The why have you come?”

Looking upwards for a few moment so that Merlin gets the hint (he does) Morgan replies, “To help you, though I cannot tell you directly what I would want to as the others would stop me.”

Merlin is slightly surprised as in the past Morgan was Merlin’s enemy, but time change, Merlin asks, “Am I suppose to try and guess is that it and you will confirm if I am on the right path?”

Morgan replies, “Something like that, I suppose.”

Merlin asks, “I would assume that it is not concerning this galaxy?”

Morgan replies, “Correct”

Merlin looks away for a few moments then asks, “The Milky Way Galaxy then?”

Morgan replies, “Correct”

Merlin asks, “Whatever this is I would bet Anubis is behind it?”

Morgan replies, “You would win that bet”

Merlin asks, “Also it would be something of our creation, something...” Merlins voice tapers off and then looks at Morgan with some shock as he has just got it, “the device on a planet now called Dakara that would be madness, even for Anubis.”

Morgan replies, “Would it?”

Merlin asks, “So Anubis intends to use that device to wipe out his enemies.”

Morgan replies, “Oh, I think he can do better than that, don’t you?”

Merlin states, “All life in the Milky Way Galaxy.”

Morgan replies, “Correct”

Merlin says, “Thank you Morgan.”

Morgan with a smile on her face asks, “For what, I did nothing, you figured it out yourself didn’t you?”

Merlin smiles at Morgan and replies, “I guess I did.”

Morgan vanishes leaving Merlin with some planning to do to deal with this problem the first thing would be to get both the Tria and the Hippaforalkus ready for battle, along with informing his fellow ancients of what he has figured out.

It will take time to prepare, as they will need crews for these ships, even though these two ships require a very small crew, it will still take time to get the right people to the right ships, after all the majority of the ancients are focusing on caring for their children.

Merlin also wonders if he should inform the Nox and the Asgard then after thinking for a few minutes Merlin decides not to for the time being, after all this device has to be destroyed.

On 23rd March 2007, the Navy of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards surrounds 15 British Royal Navy personnel, from the type 23 frigate HMS Argyll, searching a merchant vessel and captures them, once is an accident twice is not.

Within a hour of the capture of the15 Royal Navy personnel by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the UK response is swift and deadly, with a LPH operating in the area with a mix of SAS/SBS they are ordered onto standby to affect a rescue, as per standing orders.

In the UK an emergency COBRA meeting is held, with the PM and the Defence Secretary attending, along with the service chiefs the service chiefs recommend and immediate rescue, as he longer they leave it the less of a chance of rescuing the 15 Royal Navy personnel. After an hour of discussion, the PM authorises the Defence Secretary and the UK military to use whatever means necessary to rescue those 15 Royal Navy personnel.

With the ok given the UK military begins preparations for a rescue mission, as soon as all perpetration are in place this rescue will begin.

RAF UAV aircraft are quickly moved into the area (from over Iraq) to track the 15 Royal Navy personnel until a rescue can be mounted by a joint SAS/SBS attack force now getting a rescue plan together.

Further UK military assets are also being diverted into the area including a fleet carrier and her escort group just in case they are needed for support operations the RAF also move additional strike and fighter aircraft from the UK to Iraq.

The Committee of Four are informed, along with Australia, New Zealand and Canada of the planned rescue mission, as well as Project Phoenixes allies the Asgard, Nox and the ancients. Director put an off world team on standby if the Earth based SAS/SBS attack force fails and ‘special measures’ are needed to rescue the 15 Royal Navy personnel.

As soon as it is dark the joint SAS/SBS attack forces coordinated in by UAV aircraft, attack the Iranian Revolutionary Guards base were the 15 Royal Navy personnel are being held and rescue them with any casualties to either the Royal Navy personnel or the joint SAS/SBS attack forces.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards take very heavy casualties, as they are determined to fight it out, after all god is on their side?

Project Phoenixes ‘special equipment’ (sensor equipped recon aircraft etc) is not used for this mission, just the conventional equipment, but is on standby just in case it is needed.

The NATO and US, along with China, Russia and France are informed once the rescue mission has arrived back safely.

On the 24th March 2007, the Chinese government (much to the surprise of the Iranian government) gives its wholehearted support of the British rescue mission/assault this is followed by the commonwealth, all NATO countries.

Iran is feeling more are more diplomatic heat from this attack from around the world this causes much surprise amongst the Iranian leadership (who were in their own world), but they decide that they need to show their ‘strength’ this will be another bad move on their part.

On the 30th March 2007, on the Asgard home world Merlin has now convinced his fellow (adult) ancients that destroying the device on Dakara are in everyone’s best interest, but on the condition from his fellow ancients that the Dakara device will only be destroyed when Anubis attacks Dakara.

Therefore, for Merlin it is now time to wait and see if Anubis attacks Dakara, if Anubis does attack Dakara to try to take the ancient device then Anubis will be in for a surprise.

Even from another Galaxy the ancients can monitor the Dakara system and see if this is attacked this is one of the many abilities they have not shared with either the Nox or the Asgard. Both the Nox and the Asgard have the ability to monitor selected systems in another galaxy for hyperspace travel into our out of that selected system, but not to the level of detail, the ancients can do to.

By the 31st March 2007, Iran begins to feel very isolated in the world, as the UK begins to apply its considerable diplomatic pressure many countries outside of the commonwealth and NATO begin to apply sanctions against Iran. The US may be the mortal enemy of Iran, but pissing of the UK off, has turned most of the planet against Iran, with a few exceptions.

Iran’s only major ally is Russia, along with North Korea being its other ally, though in North Korea case that is not helping Iran in any way, at all.

The UK playing the long game is now paying dividends, as long as the UK government does not do anything rash (it won’t) this level of support for the UK will remain until Iran backs down.

April 2007

During April 2007, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards attempt to launch a series of attacks against Royal Navy warships using fast powerboats equipped HMG’s and RPG’s in the Persian Gulf, all these attacks end the same way the Iranian Revolutionary Guards attacking boats destroyed and most of the troops killed.

There are no Royal Navy causalities from these engagements between Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Royal Navy, showing the futility of the Iranian attacks.

The main Iranian Army/Navy/Air Force remains quiet during these attacks, as the Iranian Revolutionary Guards appear to be trying to prove that they are better than the conventional Iranian military. British Intelligence notices this and as no attacks come from the conventional Iranian military, the conventional Iranian military is left alone by the British military.

These attacks will taper off by the end of April with the Iranian government starting to back down this is seen as a major blow (and humiliation) for the Iranian government, though for the domestic audience it is played as a victory for the Iranian government for its peace overtures to Britain.

No further attempts to kidnap British military personnel will happen, both Gordon Brown and George Robertson will bask in this victory (more so for Gordon Brown) this will also help Labour in the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections, were both Gordon Brown and George Robertson will campaign heavily.

On the 1st April 2007, Anubis is ready to strike, his fleet is very powerful, though he has had to strip down certain areas of his military forces to a bare minimum, Anubis feels that this is worth the risk.

The attack will be launched on the 3rd April 2007 and then Anubis will see is this superweapon is still working, though he does know that it will be as ancient technology is very durable.

On the 3rd April 2007, Anubis fleet drops out of hyperspace near the planet Dakara, for several minutes, Anubis seems to have gottern away with the surprise attack on Dakara, but in deep space Lord Yu’s combined System Lord fleets are waiting for the signal that Anubis has attacked.

Many of the other System Lords where sceptical of Lord Yu’s information, but as soon as they see Anubis fleet drop out of hyperspace the other System Lords are both envious and afraid of Lord Yu, as Lord Yu as predicted Anubis actions.

Lord Yu opens and communication to his combined System Lord fleets and says, “Begin the count to jump into hyperspace, full power to weapons and shields, all crews to their fighters.”

A series of confirmations from the other System Lords comes in.

Ten minutes later Lord Yu combined System Lord fleet jumps into hyperspace ready for battle, Lord Yu’s forces out number Anubis fleet, but Anubis fleet have an edge n technology.

Dakara System

As part of Anubis fleet is eliminating the remains of the defences in and around Dakara, with several dozen troop transports with strong fighter escort already heading towards the surface filled with Kull warriors.

With the rest of Anubis Fleet providing a protective ‘shield’ against any counterattacking forces that may turn up, Anubis has stated that Lord Yu will most likely deploy a very large force against his fleet.

Therefore, when Lord Yu combined System Lord Fleets drops out of hyperspace, even though there has never been such a large fleet assembled this causes very little surprise amongst Anubis Goa'uld allies, as Anubis had correctly predicted this.

The firefight begins almost immediately with the space between the two fleets filled with weapons fire both sides are determined to win whatever the price...

Asgard Home World, Ancients Citadel

From their landing pads, the Tria and the Hippaforalkus lift off into space and one clear of the Asgard Home World both ships jump into hyperspace towards to the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Asgard are puzzled by the rapid departure of the Tria and the Hippaforalkus, but the Asgard (and the Nox) know better that to ask were these ships are going, as the ancients will inform them if they wish, based in past performance.

The Asgard hyperspace tracking system cannot track these two ships as they have been modified against such technology.

Tria and the Hippaforalkus

As the Tria and the Hippaforalkus drop out of hyperspace at the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy after their short trip through hyperspace, Merlin commanding the Hippaforalkus is satisfied that these two ships are more than capable of dealing with any problems that might come their way.

After a few minutes, both the Tria and the Hippaforalkus jump back into hyperspace in a direct course to the Dakara system.

Anubis Flagship

Anubis is pleased with the way that battle in space and on the group is going very well even though his forces are outnumbered they are holding their own against Lord Yu’s combined System Lord Fleets.

On the ground, the Kull warriors are making steady progress towards the location of the superweapon within the next hour or so Anubis will have this Dakara superweapon under his control.

Then he can eliminate Lord Yu’s fleet with a single stoke.

Ascended Plain

At the same time on the Ascended Plain, Anubis is delighting in rubbing in the oncoming extermination of all life in the Milky Way Galaxy, Oma Desala feels powerless to stop Anubis. As only if the other ascended ancients joined with her could Anubis be eliminated or forced back into human form.

As Anubis can be in these two places (Ascended Plain and his Flagship) at the same time without breaking the ‘rule book’ this allows Anubis to watch Oma Desala suffer.

Though the other ascended ancients know that help is on the way and is about to ruin Anubis day in a big way they feel no need in informing Anubis of this information.

Dakara system, Planet Dakara

As the Tria and the Hippaforalkus drop out of hyperspace in the Dakara system, Merlin can see the factions fighting for control of the Dakara system, Merlin cares very little for one side or the other, but he does not wish to see Anubis.

The Tria and the Hippaforalkus approach the warring fleets, compared to the Asgard Mountbatten class warships the Tria and the Hippaforalkus are on a completely different level and then some.

Anubis Flagship

Anubis looks at the two newly arrived ships, Anubis knows that these are ancient warships and knows that they are likely being crewed by ancients this is a worrying turn of events, as he knows that even if both fleets were combined they would lose.

Even so part of his fleet might keep these two ancient warships occupied long enough to locate the superweapon and activate it, to eliminate all life in this system including the ancients.

It is worth a try, Anubis says, “Assign twenty Ha'tak’s of the reserve fleet to attack and destroy those two new ships.”

The Jaffa at the communications console replies, “Yes my Lord” and assigns twenty warships to attack and destroy these two ships.

As the twenty Ha'tak’s assigned to destroy these two ancient warships that is Anubis first mistake, as the Tria and the Hippaforalkus have been heavily upgraded and improved and these two ships firepower and shielding is far in advance of any other race.

As the twenty Ha'tak’s open fire on the Tria and the Hippaforalkus with ten Ha'tak’s attacking one ship each between them the Ha'tak’s fire impacts harmlessly against the ancient warships greatly improved shields.

For several moments, it appears that the two ancient warships are not going to return fire, but then both open fire with several golden coloured beams shooting out hitting all twenty Ha'tak’s at the same time eliminating them.

Drone weapons are not even used during this first strike by the Tria and the Hippaforalkus.

The Tria and the Hippaforalkus both continue to approach Dakara unscathed.

Lord Yu’s Flagship

Lord Yu has just witnessed what these two unknown ships have done to twenty Ha'tak’s, Lord Yu states, “Have all our force hold their fire against these two ships. It appears as though Anubis has annoyed a powerful enemy.” At this point Lord Yu at this thought that he has just had that Anubis has annoyed another very powerful race with capabilities at least equal to the Asgard.

As the word is sent out too Lord Yu’s forces his system lords allies forces, will not open fire on these two ships unless attacked first.

Dakara system, Planet Dakara

The Tria and the Hippaforalkus are now cutting their way through Anubis fleet with a combination of beam and drone weapons fire at the same time Lord Yu’s fleets also starting to take their toll on Anubis fleet.

Anubis fleet is now having to split its fire between the Tria and the Hippaforalkus and the ships of Lord Yu’s fleet this means that Anubis fleet cannot concentrate its fire of either force.

As the Tria and the Hippaforalkus are in near orbit of Dakara the Tria remains in orbit continuing to pick off those warships that fire on it, while the Hippaforalkus enters the atmosphere of Dakara and heads towards the ‘superweapon’.

Once over the ‘superweapon’ the Hippaforalkus opens fire with a mixture of beam and drone weapons this bombardment will continue for the next few minutes until Merlin is certain there is nothing left of the device.


Once destruction is confirmed the Hippaforalkus returns to orbit to rejoin with the Tria then once they are clear of the planet both ships jump into hyperspace leaving the battle raging around Dakara.

Neither ship has sustained any damage at all not even a ‘scratch on the paintwork’ showing that the ancients have not lost their technological edge even after an absence of several thousand years.

Both ships have the three AEM’s power hub similar to the one on Atlantis, along with other Atlantis based systems such as shields, as both ships are much smaller than Atlantis thus the power output of the ships shields is much greater than Atlantis, as the shields have less area to protect.

All that is left is smouldering crater were one stood a small mountain.

Anubis Flagships

As the two ancient ships withdraw into hyperspace, Anubus says, “There is little point in remaining, as our mission cannot be completed order our forces to withdraw.”

Lord Ba’al replies, “As you command Lord Anubus” and goes about issuing the orders without asking any questions, as Anubus is known for killing those that ask too many questions, Ba’al is content to watch, listen and learn.

Thirty minutes later Anubis fleet jumps into hyperspace leaving Lord Yu with a victory of sorts over Anubis, but neither will now be able to gain control of the superweapon.

Lord Yu thinks that this (the destruction of the superweapon) would be for the best, as it would require his personal attention 24 hours a day to keep an eye on this weapon and even then it would be difficult to keep the other System Lords from trying to take it from him.

Lord Yu turns his attention to rebuilding his forces for the next round against Anubis, as this is a nominal victory for him the other System Lords in turn will make sure no harm comes to Lord Yu, as long as Lord Yu is winning the war against Anubis.

On the 4 April 2007, the Tria and the Hippaforalkus return to their cititdel on the Asgard home world, both ships during the whole mission have used up a single AEM, along with 900 drone weapons. No damage has been sustained by either ships the ancients are amazed that their technology has been able to do with only two ships this will spur the ancients on to see if they can improve their technology even more (they will).

As this time a polite request comes from as Asgard and the Nox asking what has happened, Merlin and the other ancients need to discuss this further to see if the Asgard and the Nox need to be informed of what they have destroyed.

By the 5th April 2007, Anubis fleet has returned home, his allied system lords and Jaffa begins the process of repairs to the damaged warships and building more warships to replace the losses his fleet suffered at the Battle of Dakara. Anubis is not pleased with the intervention of the ancients, but Anubis knows there is nothing he can do about the ancients, but he can make Oma Desala suffer, by killing millions and not allowing Oma Desala to help them ascend.

On the 10th April 2007, the Genii Confederation under Commander Acastus Kolya set up their first hidden manufacturing base with the help of the Travellers this base will allow not only spare parts to be manufactured, but also new ships. The Genii’s long term plan is to set up other bases that the Travellers will not be informed about, allowing the Genii to conduct their own research out of the watch of the Travellers.

Production begins immediately, with spare parts coming of the production lines for mainly the Travellers fleet of ships, but also the Genii ships as well, construction of a dry-dock is also well underway, so that both the Travellers and the Genii can construct new ships.

If worst come the Genii Confederation will move most of their population that can be saved into space like the Travellers, with these hidden manufacturing bases, as refuge for the Genii population.

On the 16th April 2007, Merlin and the other ancients have decided to inform the Asgard and the Nox of what they have done and why they needed to destroy the device on Dakara.

Merlin informs the Asgard and the Nox is their mission to Dakara and the capability of the now destroyed device on Dakara, both races are shocked that such a device had been just left lying around. Nevertheless, they also accept that it needed to be destroyed they also understand why Merlin and his fellow ancients did not inform the Asgard or the Nox of this device, as they may have been tempted to try to use it.

All three races agree not to inform Phoenix of this device or the measures taken by Merlin and his fellow ancients to destroy this device.

Merlin does point out that they could build another one if needed they scares both the Asgard and the Nox, as they both now know for certain that these ancients posses all of the knowledge of their race.

On the 20th April 2007, both the Asgard and the Nox agree that Anubis forces must be kept under a much closer supervision, even the pacifist Nox agree that force must be used against Anubis, as Anubis cannot be reasoned with if Anubis is endangering life itself. This is a change for the Nox as for tens of thousands of years the Nox have not wanted to use force, but the Nox feel that Anubis is the exception to this rule.

There is now an ongoing debate within the Nox to start developing a warship or not, after much debate it is decided not to develop a warship, but help their Asgard allies to deal with Anubis when the time come.

However, this will soon be unnecessary, as evens will allow the Nox to keep their pacifist beliefs.

On the 28th April 2007, the Chinese government formally becomes a partner in the Woomera Rocket Program this in thanks for helping the UK with the Iran problem last month. This had been on the cards for some time, as the Chinese government has been in confidential talks about becoming part of the Woomera Rocket Program, now this becomes official.

With China onboard, it will be possible to set up (after formal negotiations) a HOTOL/Skylon launch/recovery facility will be constructed in China, but this will take a while to negotiate with the Chinese government. China will also become part of the Woomera Space Station program and will eventually have Chinese astronauts as part of the Woomera Space Station crew.

The world is shocked at the ‘sudden’ closeness of China and the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, but in the background, both sides had become closer of the past few decades.

On the 29th April 2007, Iran finally admits that it was an error to detain the 15 Royal Navy personnel, though this is not a full apology, it is the best the UK will get the UK accepts Iran’s admission of this ‘error’.

It will take many years before Iran’s relations with the rest of the world will get back to the point before this ‘incident’.

On the 30th April 2007, Anubis fleet is rebuilding itself for the next phase and on the Ascended Plain Anubis is in for a surprise

Anubis states, “Well, got to go, places to go, people to kill” Anubis waves mockingly to Oma. Oma, who simply sits there.

Anubis to the other ancients says, “There's nothing you can do. You don't have the power to kill me.”

Something snaps in Oma and Oma replies, “But I do have the power to stop you.”

Anubis turns to face Oma, who rises from the booth. A light engulfs her and she changes from the waitress uniform into a dress. The others, sitting around the diner, turn to look at her in shock.

Anubis states, “You can't kill me either.”

Oma replies, “I can fight you.”

Anubis states, “Well, you can't win.”

Oma replies, “It won't matter, you won't be able to do anything but fight me back.”

Anubis asks, “What are you going to do then?”

Oma replies, “Something I should have done a long time ago.” Oma walks towards him. Anubis for the first time in a long time looks scared.

Anubis realising what Oma is about to do says, “Oh no, no. No!!!!!”

As Oma walks towards Anubis she raises her hands. Anubis raises his also in defence, and as the touch they are both engulfed in bright light. The light forms into a ball, which disappears through the ceiling. The others are watching, in shock as Oma and Anubis are locked in a deadly and eternal stalemate.

Anubis Flagship

At the same time as Oma and Anubis are locked in their eternal stalemate, the shield (body) containing Anubis ‘presence’ suddenly collapses Lord Ba’al calls for help with the Kull Warriors looking around for the hostile threat.

Lord Ba’al senses an opportunity here if he plays his cards right...

A few hours later Lord Ba’al is now in charge of Anubis forces (after a fairly bloodless coup) and the Kull Warriors are slowly being reprogrammed to obey Ba’al the key to the Kull Warriors is Nerus is a minor Goa'uld who serves Ba'al and is very adept with technology.

Ba’al thinks to himself this is an easy coup and begins to prepare for the possibility of a counter coupe against him, but Ba’al will be shocked by what happens next.

May 2007

On the 1st May 2007, Osiris feels that the time is right to abandon Lord Ba’al who is now leading Anubis forces, after all Osiris can claim to Anubis (if he returns) that Osiris was not about to accept Lord Ba’al’s leadership in place of Anubis.

Osiris formally defects to Lord Yu’s combined System Lord Forces and Osiris regains his seat on the High Council of System Lords, with Lord Yu as the Supreme System Lord the other High Council such as Cronus, Camulus, Nirrti to name but just a few went along with Lord Yu. As they feel that once the war is over they can eliminate Osiris (with Lord Yu’s ‘permission’) and that Osiris seat on the High Council is just temporary they are wrong, as Lord Yu will honour Osiris seat on the High Council.

Lord Yu’s position as Supreme System Lord with the other High Council is the most secure that it will ever be, as the other system lords do not wish to move against Lord Yu, as none of the other system lords can compare in Lord Yu’s victories against Anubis, along with Lord Yu be the oldest of the system lords.

Lord Yu is a survivor amongst the ranks of the system lords and that alone has eared Lord Yu a lot of both fear and respect amongst his fellow system lords, Lord Yu has also no need for any more territory, making Lord Yu little of a treat to the other system lords.

Lord Ba’al is shocked by Osiris defection to Lord Yu, as are the other members of Anubis Goa'uld ‘allies’, but for the time being there is nothing that they can do about Osiris treachery until the fleet has been repaired/rebuilt.

All agree that once the fleet has been repaired/rebuilt then Osiris should be ‘paid a visit’ and taught a ‘permanent’ lesson that betraying Anubis is not a good thing they are all going to do this in Anubis name, after they all assume that this is what Anubis would have wanted.

On the 3rd May 2007, the Scottish Parliament and National Assembly for Wales elections are held, for the Scottish Parliament are bad for the SNP, with them only getting 27 seats the same as the previous election in 2003.

With Jack McConnell becoming first minister of new Scottish Parliament, with Labour just one short of a clear majority the strong support for Labour comes from both Gordon Brown and George Robertson both campaigning, both prove very popular with Scottish voters especially after the victory over Iran. Labour’s focus is to keep the SNP out of power this strategy will allow the other parties to gain seats that might go to the SNP, but only were these parties have a better chance of winning than Labour does.

The breakdown Scottish Parliament is as follows

Labour – 55
SNP – 27
Conservatives – 23
Liberal Democrats – 21
Scottish Greens – 5

A loose coalition will form between Labour and the Liberal Democrats to allow the Scottish Parliament to function, though this will not be a formal coalition, just on a vote by vote basis.

There will be no vote on independence as the SNP want, as that is the only item that the SNP seems to bring up each time the Scottish Parliament is sitting and the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats all agree that they do not want an independence vote.

[Authors Note: National Assembly for Wales election results are about same as OTL]

By the 10th May 2007, at Area 51 the testing of the Lexington is going very well with the reactor test almost complete in addition, the crew training also nearing completion, Captain Carter’s help is the main reason why the testing is proceeding so fast.

Captain Carter has an uncanny knack with alien/human combination technology other engineers/scientists are taking notes of what Carter does so that they can duplicate these solutions when construction begins on the next Lexington class ship.

By the 15th May 2007, Lord Ba’al and the other system lords that were part of Anubis forces have agreed that they should for the time being forgo vengeance on Osiris until their forces have been rebuilt. When they are strong enough Lord Ba’al and his ‘allies’ will attack are destroy Osiris, well that’s the plan!

By the 30th May 2007, British Nuclear Power Stations energy production has reached its full output providing between 40-50% of the UK energy needs, with both Canada and Australia coming up to that level very quickly as their latest new PWR’s come on line.

At the end of May 2007, the US Stargate program can report to the president that the first of their first ‘battlecruiser’ should be ready for launch slightly ahead of schedule, to which the president sends his congratulations to the team assembling/testing the Lexington.

The US space fleet will soon have its first operational warship.

June 2007

By early 2007, Commander Acastus Kolya and his command of four Genii ships Freedom, Liberty, Independence and the finally completed Resistance is doing a very good job of keeping clear of the Wraith (and anyone else). Commander Kolya has found a large asteroid in a system with no habitable planets where a small repair/manufacturing centre has been set up in conjunction with the Travellers.

The Travellers for their own needs will soon duplicate this small repair/manufacturing centre (in lifeless systems), as the Travellers can see an advantage in a large number of these small facilities. If one of these facilities is lost to a Wraith attack it does not matter, as the Travellers will set up dozens of these facilities, with no other repair/manufacturing centre will know the location of another repair/manufacturing centre this should keep these centres safe.

The Genii Confederation by selling out other races (with the exception of the Travellers) has bought their own races survival and so far no one has discovered the Genii Confederations treachery. For the day that the Genii Confederations treachery is discovered Commander Kolya has orders to set up a hidden colony of the Genii Confederation this work has already begin.

Commander Kolya has kept this hidden Genii colony from even the Travellers that have caused the colony to form very slowly, but this slowness has its advantages for the Genii and disadvantages as well.

In the long run the Genii will build more ships and expand their military power but this is for the decades to come, with the Wraith fully occupied with the ongoing war the culling of many worlds has not begun this will also buy the Genii time.

This planning will allow the Genii if necessary to abandon their home world moving their entire population to these bases (once built) and live amongst the stars.

By the 5th June 2007, the Goa'uld Civil War had again paused, with Ba’al’s forces rebuilding for the next round, though with the addition of Osiris joining Lord Yu this has meant a shift in military power towards Lord Yu. Osiris has not informed any other system lord about the new Isis Class warships that are under construction, as Osiris wants to have at least one ‘ace up his sleeve’ just in case of an unforeseen problem.

The first of the Isis Class the Isis will begin trials at the end of 2007, with several more Isis Class warships beginning trails during 2008, with production continuing to build up of this new class of Goa'uld warship. The Crim are now seen as vital to Osiris planning to the extent that the Jaffa in charge Hal’link has made sure that no Jaffa treats them as slaves, but as equals this has the effect of getting the Crim to work harder to show their appreciation to Osiris!

Osiris symbiotic continues to use the Earth female’s body (Dr Sarah Gardner), as the mind of this host has given Osiris the ability to think beyond what a normal Goa'uld would. This has led Osiris to allow others to be inventive such as the Crim and not going around killing everyone that makes one mistake, but allowing those that do make mistakes to correct them, if they then fail Osiris then kills them.

Osiris is just different to most system lords (except Lord Yu), but just as lethal in his vengeance against his enemies. In one other area Osiris is his newfound interest in the past and what use it may be to him and his return to power this new newfound interest comes from his host Dr Gardner.

On the 10th June 2007, the head of the Atlantis Expedition Silvia Fisher has sent a suggestion to move Atlantis back to the Milky Way Galaxy, as this would be more useful, also expeditions could be sent via warship rather that the Stargate. Director Turing’s reply is that he will take it under consideration, but he would have to discuss the move with Merlin, via the Asgard and this could take time.

This would also ensure that the Wraith are unable to use the Stargate to get to the Milky Way galaxy, as the Atlantis Stargate is the only one in the Pegasus Galaxy that can connect to the Milky Way galaxy Stargate network.

On the 15th June 2007, in discussion with Hermiod, Director Turing asks if the Asgard will pass on the request to Merlin if it would be ok with the ancients to move Atlantis from the Pegasus Galaxy to Milky Way Galaxy. In response Hermiod states that the ancients do not seem to responding to any request very quickly, it is if their collective intelligence is elsewhere (it is currently focused on rebuilding their race).

Director Turing in reply states that this request should not be given any priority by the Asgard and Hermiod agrees with Turing on this point.

On the 27th June 2007, the former Prime Minister Tony Blair becomes an envoy to the Middle East peace mission on behalf of the United Nations, United States, United Kingdom, European Union and Russia. This is to give Tony Blair something to do in is ‘retirement’ and it is political, as Gordon Brown wants to keep Tony Blair’s Labour party supporters happy. In this ‘job’ Tony Blair has no real power and can merely advise the above governments and international groups on a Middle East peace process.

Tony Blair will however be able to use this new job to earn more money for himself as a consultant and ‘special advisor’ to Middle East countries on other various issues. At the same time Tony Blair is doing his ‘job’ he can also advise on other issues as well, along with helping Middle East countries find various UK suppliers (for a fee from both sides).

With the amount of money Tony Blair is earning he could become the first billionaire former Prime Minister.

On the 29th June 2007, two car bombs were uncovered in central London by an SI-5 led operation and are defused before they could explode.

On the 30th June 2007, a terrorist attack occurs at Glasgow International Airport. There are no civilian fatalities, but the perpetrator of the attack was seriously injured, after his injuries are treated the perpetrator tried and convicted the investigation is again led by SI-5.

At the end of June 2007, the Wraith/Asuran war is continuing in the Pegasus Galaxy, with both sides becoming more and more vicious in their attacks, as both sides believe that the other side is desperate and near the end. The one ‘bright spot’ of this war is that the Wraith are so busy with the Asuran that the Wraith have reduced their feeding on other races, as the Wraith are concentrating on breeding new Wraith troops and ships.

These new Wraith troops and ships live long enough to be ‘fed’ into the battle against the Asuran without these Wraith troops needing to feed on the humans, thus reducing the need for culling in the Pegasus Galaxy.

July 2007

By July 2007, the various off world teams for the two Earth Stargate programs, are preceding with their own exploration missions.

US Stargate Command

The US off world teams (SG-1, SG-2 and SG-3) are conducting one off world explorations each week, with some planet’s being marked for further study when more SG teams become available.

The number of words that the various SG teams have explored is quite small in addition, the number of Stargate addresses available to them to explore limits the SG teams even so the SG teams are making steady progress with the known Stargate addresses.

However, on the negative side the SG teams are becoming an increasing pain the side of various minor system lords, if one of the mid level system lords takes a serious interest then Site Alpha would not stand a chance.

Armed conflict between the various SG team and the Jaffa of the minor system lords is becoming more frequent with losses mounting on both sides.

With the addition of a warship the US Stargate program is about be become more mobile and even more trouble for everyone concerned.

Project Phoenix – Milky Way Galaxy

The Project Phoenix off world teams in the Milky Way Galaxy is still exploring those worlds that are unknown to the system lords, so there have been little or no encounters between these two forces. The only encounters between is when Project Phoenix space based forces on reconnaissance missions to various system that the Stargate has not responded (buried, removed or destroyed) and most times any conflict is accidental with both sides not wanting to escalate.

However, all encounters with Project Phoenix warships with their superior weapons, even with those ships not equipped with an AEM, on a one to one with a Goa'uld Ha'tak a single Scorpion Class heavy cruiser can with an engagement with the Goa'uld Ha'tak coming of worse or on some occasions destroyed.

Though against multiple Goa'uld Ha'tak’s this could cause a problem for a Scorpion Class heavy cruiser that is not equipped with an AEM, so far the Goa'uld have not figured this out. Even if the Goa'uld did defeat a Project Phoenix warship, the Asgard would not allow their technology to fall into Goa'uld hands and would intervene to retrieve their technology.

With the exception of Camelot (and there is no long term colonisation plan) as Project Phoenix already has two planet’s, with one colony on Heliopolis expanding at a steady rate and Camelot becoming a safe haven for Project Phoenix allied races (well one race so far) from the Pegasus Galaxy.

The locals of Camelot are keeping to their part of the planet, as they see little need in the rest of the planet, as their population is just over 5 million and growing. With healthcare courtesy of Project Phoenix along with an improved housing and sewage and other areas the population of Camelot is content.

The Goa'uld does not want another enemy (especially one allied to the Asgard) as this would cause whichever side started it a galaxy of pain. As the Asgard would either intervene directly to give Project Phoenix a large number of AEM’s to power their entire fleet and deal with the Goa'uld treat directly (though the Goa'uld are unaware of the AEM treat).

Lord Yu is well aware of what the Asgard can do also Lord Ba’al is not that stupid, even Anubis before he got stuck in and eternal stalemate (Lord Ba’al does now know what happened to Anubis) knows first had what it is to anger the Asgard.

If the System Lords knew that great alliance had reformed (with three out the four races) they would freak out to put it mildly. So far, all the System Lords know is that the Asgard have been able to advance their technological level considerably and the “Phoenix” is allied in some way to the Asgard.

Project Phoenix – Pegasus Galaxy

In the Pegasus Galaxy exploration has been much more limited as the ongoing Wraith/Asuran war is limiting exploration, with most of the work in the Pegasus Galaxy has been focused on studying Atlantis and the heavily damaged ancient warship Aurora that was given to Project Phoenix by Merlin.

The off world missions by the Atlantis team may explore one world per month, but only after numerous probes have been sent to assess the world flagged for exploration and even then HMS Victory is always on standby to come to the rescue if the off world team gets into trouble.

They do have one advantage Ronon Dex, who has considerable knowledge of the Pegasus Galaxy during the time the Wraith where hunting him, Ronon Dex ‘rank’ of Specialist not only denotes his knowledge of the Pegasus Galaxy, but also his combat skills.

As Brigadier ‘Hannibal’ Smith says about Specialist Ronon Dex “You've gotta see this guy in action. He is an incredible shot none of my guys can beat him in a fight” (including BA).

In combat Ronon is at the front where the action is, Ronon does not wear one of the new battle suits, as he says the battle suits slow him down, even though the battle suits would make Ronon immune to incoming weapons fire.

On the 30th July 2007, the Tok'ra continue to observe the Goa'uld, but not interfere the Tok'ra are also not going near the Phoenix, as they are well aware that to oppose the Phoenix is to oppose the Asgard and the Tok'ra do not want that to happen to them.

The Tok'ra are also aware that the great alliance of four races has been reformed, but do not know how many of the original members of the original alliance are part of the reformed alliance.

Therefore, the instruction from the Tok'ra leadership to their agents is to watch, listen and wait.

The Tok'ra are also observing with great interest the leadership of Lord Yu, as Lord Yu has recently allowed Osiris back into the High Council of the System Lords, again as with the Phoenix the instructions of the Tok'ra leadership is to observe only.

On the 31st July 2007, the USS Lexington is now beginning final preparations for launch.

August 2007

On the 1st August 2007, the USS Lexington is declared ready for launch the launch will be minus her fighters, as the lighter the Lexington can be for launch is considered a good thing for a ship with untried sub-light engines, once in orbit the Lexington’s fighters will be flown up to her.

A lot of planning has gone into the launch of the Lexington, with a USAF exercise planned as cover along with other distractions to keep everyone’s attention away from Area 51.

On the 2nd August 2007, first reports of outbreak of foot-and-mouth, Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Environment Secretary Hilary Benn both return to London early from their holidays, with a COBRA meeting taking place shortly before the official announcement. This swift action prevents any further spreading of foot-and-mouth across the UK like last time this happened.

The advances since the last outbreak making containing and dealing with foot-and-mouth this time a lot easier than last time, as the government has a plan to deal with foot-and-mouth unlike last time.

Though this predetermined plan does not increase either Labours or Gordon Brown’s popularity with the voters, as it is widely reported that Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Environment Secretary Hilary Benn both just gave the ok for this predetermined plan to be implemented.

In the early hours of the 3rd August 2007, the USS Lexington is launched, with a lot of diversions to keep the UFO ‘nutters’ attention occupied elsewhere the launch is successful and by 3am on the 2nd August the Lexington is in a stable orbit.

The 16 F302’s follow the Lexington up and dock with the Lexington this is the first success for the Lexington, now the tricky bit needs to be done is to jump into hyperspace to get to Site Alpha.

On the 4th August 2007, the Lexington makes her first hyperspace jump this will be a short jump of just a few light-years then the Lexington will drop out of hyperspace to check if everything is ok and repeat this process until the Lexington arrives at Site Alpha planet.

The Lexington’s hyperdrive system was originally designed to move something a lot smaller through hyperspace and the hyperdrive system has been modified to allow it to move something the size of the Lexington though hyperspace. Even so, the Lexington can only make series of short controlled jumps until the hyperdrive system has been properly adjusted so that the Lexington can make much longer hyperspace jumps.

This first hyperspace jump is successful, after a few hours of systems checks the next jump is made, followed by the next and so on until the Lexington arrives at Site Alpha planet.

On the 5th August 2007, with the Lexington in orbit above the Site Alpha planet the mission to bring the Lexington to Site Alpha planet is considered a success, further tests and adjustments are needed to allow the ships hyperdrive engines to be run for longer periods, but the crew have learned a lot from this first trip.

Captain Carter will lead the team improving the Lexington hyperdrive along with improving the ships other systems, with the rest of SG-1 also becoming familiar with the Lexington, as the key members of SG-1 will be going on the Lexington’s first mission, sooner rather than later.

A Project Phoenix cloaked Fox class shuttle has been monitoring the Lexington using her passive sensors the Lexington will continue to be followed and monitored for the foreseeable future.

This monitoring of the Lexington will prove to be very advantageous in the months to come for the Lexington’s and her crew’s survival.

On the 9th August 2007, the French global bank BNP Paribas in the United Kingdom blocks withdrawals from three hedge funds heavily committed in sub-prime mortgages, signalling the 2007–2012 global financial crises. This is the beginning of the end of Gordon Brown’s run of popularity as Prime Minister, as the global financial crises gathers pace Gordon Brown’s reaction is to try to spend his way out of this crises, with part of the UK’s accumulated wealth since World War 2.

On the 17th August 2007, Vladimir Putin issues a statement revealing that Russia is to resume the flight exercises of its strategic bombers in remote areas. The flights were suspended in 1991 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Many in the UK defence circles feel that this resumption of flight exercises of Russia’s strategic bombers is in reaction to the UK and the way the UK dealt with Iran.

The UK (along with Australia, New Zealand and Canada) resume special recon flights and high altitude in international airspace with aircraft fitted with alien sensor technology to keep a close eye on the Russians. Like when the cold war was in ‘full swing’, the information gained is passed off as agents reporting from in the field inside Russia and no mention will be made of these special recon flights.

The heads of MI-5 and MI-6 seem to think that this maybe the beginning of a new form of ‘cold war’ with the Russians and her allies on one side and NATO and NATO’s allies on the other that analysis does not go down well with Gordon Brown. As Gordon Brown had hoped to cut defence spending (the the Committee of Four would have something to say about that), but now with the Russian ‘threat’ now re-emerging defence cuts are once again of the menu as far the British government is concerned.

By the end of August 2007, the Lexington will have completed a series of hyperspace jumps, with each jump being longer, as the ships hyperdrive engines are fine-turned by Captain Carter.

The next mission for the Lexington will be to return to Earth and pick up the 2nd Tactical Fighter Squadron and transport this squadron to Site Alpha from Earth.

September 2007

During September 2007 interview with The Daily Telegraph, General Mike Jackson, the forma head of the British army during the invasion of Iraq, criticizes Rumsfeld's plans for the invasion of Iraq as “intellectually bankrupt”. Adding that Rumsfeld is “one of those most responsible for the current situation in Iraq” and that he felt that, “the US approach to combating global terrorism is ‘inadequate’ and too focused on military might rather than nation building and diplomacy.”

The British government does not request General Jackson to withdraw these comments even after the former Prime Minister Tony Blair asks for these comments to be withdrawn. The press (who have been covertly informed by one of Gordon Browns ‘spin doctors’) find out that this may dent Tony Blair’s book tour in the US as he is on an extremely lucrative lecture tour now, the Office of Tony Blair denies these press reports.

This does no harm to Gordon Brown domestically or overseas with most of the UK’s allies, along with the recent Iran incident Gordon Brown has now passed his peak in his popularity.

Later on (post 2010 election) many in the Labour Party feel that 2007 would have been a better time to call a General Election than 2010, as Gordon Brown’s popularity was at a high and the economic crises would have been coming to and end by the time a new election needed to be called.

By the 10th September 2007, with the ongoing successful trials of the USS Lexington the President wants the Lexington to begin recon on the nearest system lords to see if they are about to launch and attack on either Site Alpha or Earth. Captain Carter (and others) has advised the President that this would be a bad idea, as the Lexington needs much more work to be done, but the President is insistent on this mission for the US first spaceship.

President Bush will come to regret this order.

On the 12th September 2007, the head of MI-6 Sir John Scarlett receives an intelligence report on a suspect codenamed ‘Towel’ that MI-6 agents think that they have discovered Towel’s current location. Sir John with the approval of the JIC begins an extended operation to confirm the initial reports concerning Towel for the time being this information will remain the knowledge of the UK only and will not be passed on.

On the 13th September 2007, Project Phoenix Committee of Four are informed of the information about the possible location of ‘Towel’ the Committee pass the ‘Towel’ onto Director Turing for information only, no action to be taken by Project Phoenix, for now...

On the 14th September 2007, Director Turing acknowledges the Committee of Four instruction concerning ‘Towel’. Director Turing orders that a covert plan to be put in place to “get ‘Towel’” without revealing Project Phoenixes existence, Project Phoenix military and civilian agencies beginning planning to capture ‘Towel’, assuming that ‘Towel’s’ identity is confirmed.

On the 20th September 2007, the USS Lexington transports the 2nd Tactical Fighter Squadron is transported from Earth to Site Alpha, as had been previously decided by Stargate Command.

Site Alpha now has a total of 32 F-302’s protecting it (1st and 2nd Tactical Fighter Squadrons), along with the USS Lexington 16 F302’s (3rd Tactical Fighter Squadron) for a grand total of 48 F-302’s to protect Site Alpha against the combined might of the system lords!

Between the 21st and 29th September 2007, the Lexington goes through a period of intense trials and training to try to get the maximum efficacy (along with trying to clear as many of the bugs out of the ship) of the Lexington and her crew. However, eight days of intense trials and training is too short a time for the Lexington and her crew they really need months and not the days that they have been given.

No good can come of this Presidential order.

On the 30th September 2007, the USS Lexington (against Carters and others objections from Stargate senior commanders) is declared operational and will conduct her first recon operation this operation will commence on the 1st October 2007.

A cloaked Fox class shuttle from Heliopolis is still deployed and is continuing to monitor the Lexington’s ongoing trails and will follow the Lexington (at a discreet cloaked distance) and observe what the Lexington is up to.

Unlike most cloaking systems, these few modified Fox class shuttle can travel through hyperspace cloaked thanks to a bit of technological help from the Nox, though the Nox would not help scale this technology up for any Project Phoenix warships.

October 2007

On the 1st October 2007, a fully equipped USS Lexington, along with Colonel O’Neill, Captain Carter and Teal'c of SG-1 having been assigned to the Lexington on its first mission. The Commanding Officer of the Lexington Colonel William Ronson will be on overall charge of the mission with Colonel O’Neill, Captain Carter and Teal'c being along on in an advisory role.

At the same time Imhotep with 11 Ha'tak’s is being passed false information by Osiris agents, Imhotep believing that whatever the agents of Osiris is telling him, not realising that he is being used by Osiris, Imhotep is not the smartest system lord

Osiris will soon discover the location of the Lexington, believing that the Lexington is from the Phoenix will send Imhotep false information making Imhotep attack the Lexington and hopefully the Lexington will eliminate Imhotep for Osiris, though what Osiris will not know is that the Lexington is not from the Phoenix.

This attack against the Lexington will cause Project Phoenixes hand to be forced in relation to the US Stargate Program in a way that will cause problems for Project Phoenix, as they wanted the Chinese to come in first then the US.

With the cloaked Fox class shuttle following the Lexington at a discrete distance, Project Phoenix knows in real time what the Lexington is up to.

On the 2nd October 2007, the Lexington drops out of hyperspace on her first scanning mission (with the cloaked shuttle following) of a Goa'uld controlled system, as the Lexington is at maximum sensor range. Colonel William Ronson has assumed that if they cannot see the Goa'uld then the Goa'uld cannot see them, he is wrong the Goa'uld is observing the Lexington.

This system is one controlled by Osiris and Osiris has told the Jaffa to do nothing, as Osiris has plans to leak the course of the Lexington to a minor system Lord Imhotep and let Imhotep attack the Lexington. This will hopefully get rid of Imhotep, as Osiris hates Imhotep, but cannot move directly against Imhotep, as Imhotep is an ally of Lord Yu.

If this plan works then Osiris cannot be implicated in the death of Imhotep, but this plan will have unexpected consequences for all concerned.

On the 3rd October 2007, the Lexington has finished her scans of this first system and jumps into hyperspace, because the Lexington’s hyperdrive is much slower than a Ha'tak’s hyperdrive it will take the Lexington several days to get to the next system. Nevertheless, Osiris knows by the exit vector what system the Lexington is going to and will covertly pass this information onto Imhotep.

On the 4th October 2007, Imhotep with his 11 Ha'tak’s arrives at the system where the Lexington is due to arrive at Imhotep does not plan to destroy this ship (as Osiris had hopped), but instead capture the Lexington and ‘question’ the crew.

As the Lexington makes its way through hyperspace with the cloaked Fox class shuttle following, no one knows what is about to happen this event will force Project Phoenixes hand with the US, but in an unusual way.

On the 7th October 2007, the Lexington drops out of hyperspace and immediately detects the Imhotep 11 Ha'tak’s, Colonel Ronson orders the Lexington to Battle Stations, as it will be several minutes before the Lexington can re-engage her hyperdrive.

The Battle of the Lexington has begun.

At the same time, the cloaked Fox Class shuttle is sending real time updates of what is happening back to Heliopolis, with Director Turing now viewing what is happening.


Director Turing looking at the real time stream from the cloaked Fox Class shuttle, simply says, “Shit, shit, shit.”

Then Turing looks away for a few moments thinking hard about his next move, then clicks his comm unit on and says, “Get me Admiral Goodworthy, urgent”

The reply comes, “Right away director”

A few minutes later, Admiral Goodworthy comes on and says, “I assume it is about the Lexington?”

Turing replies, “Yes, can we mount a rescue?”

A slightly surprised Admiral Goodworthy states, “Yes”

Turing replies, “Then do it, but conceal our identity, also prepare the prison facilities on Heliopolis. If the rescue is successful we will need somewhere to hold them until we figure out what t do next.”

Admiral Goodworthy states, “Understood Director, I will get onto it right away.”

Admiral Goodworthy thinks to himself once he has signed off ‘one hell of a retirement gift’ then sets about organising the rescue.

HMS Dreadnought, Heliopolis Orbit

A few minutes later, Captain Malcolm Edmunds is looking at the orders, as his ship comes alive for combat.

HMS Dreadnought equipped with three AEM’s in a copy of the ancient power hub from Atlantis without the ships IFF broadcasting switched on along with any identifying marks now covered up by retractable panels Project Phoenix has always been paranoid about its secrecy even in deep space.

In the Dreadnought’s fighter bay the 24 Hurricane class fighters are made ready and their fighter pilots getting into their cockpits ready for immediate launch (if needed) once Dreadnought drops out of hyperspace.

HMS Echo, Heliopolis Orbit

HMS Echo will be sent with Asgard tractor beam technology fitted to tow the USS Lexington back to Heliopolis, without revealing what HMS Echo is without the ships IFF broadcasting or any other identifying marks visible.


Project Phoenix must now prevent the Turing Prediction from happening, first however the crew of the Lexington must be placed in a secure facility on Heliopolis that had originally be designed to hold captured Goa'uld System Lord prisoners.

This facility was built on a small island away for any population centres, with a force field encompassing the entire island to make sure that no one could escape the Asgard also installed sensors that could monitor the entire island without the occupants ever knowing they are being monitored.

The Asgard in orbit can also use their beaming technology to beam prisoners straight into the facility without the need for any interaction with anyone thus not allowing Goa'uld to swap bodies during any close contact. As Project Phoenix had that problem before with the Tok'ra and this was the solution that both the Asgard and Project Phoenix had come up with.

Now this long dormant facility is coming to life, but not for its original role.


At the time HMS Dreadnought is preparing to depart, the Lexington has some serious problems and it is only getting worse, with the initial attack by the 11 Ha'tak’s having disabled the Lexington’s hyperdrive. Captain Carter is now down in engineering helping bring the ships hyperdrive back online.

The Lexington’s weapons fire is proving useless against the 11 Ha'tak’s shields, as a rail gun against an improved Ha'tak’s shields even with the addition of missile with nuclear warheads jacketed with Naquadah it is proving impossible to breach any of the Ha'tak’s shields.

Though the death gliders are a different story they are being destroyed very easily by the Lexington’s rail guns and F-302 fighters, as the death gliders do not posses any shields.

At the point where Captain Carter has just got the hyperdrive working again Imhotep Ha'tak fires several shots and destroys the Lexington’s backup hyperdrive crystals the Lexington is now going nowhere.

Colonel O’Neill and Teal'c are now preparing for the inevitable boarding, as Colonel Ronson has stated that these 11 Ha'tak’s could have destroyed the Lexington some time ago and their intention is to capture the Lexington, Teal'c agrees with Ronson’s assessment.

HMS Dreadnought, Heliopolis Orbit

Captain Malcolm Edmunds says, “Action stations, charge all weapons, engage AEM’s, hyperdrive to full power, when we drop out of hyperspace raise shields at full power as we will be dropping out between the two forces and do not want any damage to the ship’s hull.”

Around the bridge, a series of confirmations comes in, with the ships computer programmed to raise the ships shields to full power once the ship drops out of hyperspace that should ensure both Dreadnought and the Lexington are protected.

Captain Edmunds says, “Helm take us to the Lexington’s coordinates.”

The helmsman replies, “Aye air, engaging hyperdrive.... now”

HMS Dreadnought leaps forward a full power fully armed for battle.


With the systems on the Lexington now beginning to fail the crew know they do not have long, all personnel have been armed and are prepared to try to repel boarders.

Imhotep’s Ha'tak’s have adopted a siege bombardment of the Lexington in trying to bring out the Lexington’s shields without destroying the Lexington, as the 11 Ha'tak’s could easily do if they combined their firepower of all eleven Ha'tak’s at the same time.

Imhotep’s Ha'tak

Imhotep smiles and says, “Very good, now my Jaffa board that ship, I want prisoners.”

Imhotep’s first prime replies, “As you command my lord”

However, before Imhotep’s first prime can act, a Jaffa at the sensor station suddenly says, “My Lord another ship coming in a very high speed.”

Then a large warship drops out hyperspace between Imhotep 11 Ha'tak’s and the USS Lexington, with this new ships shields quickly coming up and absorbing the incoming fire from the 11 Ha'tak’s that had been directed at the Lexington.

Imhotep smile has gone, he is frozen and all he can say, “No, no, no, no...” in a very quiet voice.


When this unknown ship drops out of hyperspace between the Lexington and the Ha'tak everyone on the Lexington’s bridge watches in stunned silence as this unknown ship easily absorbs the incoming fire from the 11 Ha'tak’s.

O’Neill is the first to speak and says, “I like their style, Teal'c you have any idea who that ship belongs to?”

Teal'c turns slightly and replies, “I have heard rumours of a race only known as ‘Phoenix’ from what I have heard this appears to be one of their ships. We have also heard rumours of them when we visit other worlds via the Stargate.”

O’Neill asks, “I would assume that these ‘Phoenix’ are not friends with the Goa'uld”

On a matter of fact reply Teal'c says, “You would be correct O’Neill”

As they watch this unknown ship turns on its axis slowly towards the 11 Ha'tak’s (keeping itself between the Lexington and the Ha'tak’s) and then without any warning opens fire with a series of blue coloured energy beams, within a few seconds all 11 Ha'tak’s are destroyed with very little effort expended on this unknown ships part.

With a smile on his face O’Neill says, “I really like their style”

Captain Carter who has been looking as the Lexington’s sensor readouts says, “Colonel O’Neill, I have been looking at that ships power output, it is in the order of several thousand times the output of the Lexington and then some. However the readings are limited as that ship appears to be able to block our sensors I cannot get an interior scan.”

Everyone on the bridge of Lexington looks at Carter taking in what Carter has just said...

HMS Dreadnought

With the destruction of the 11 Ha'tak’s Dreadnought, now begins to orbit the heavily damaged Lexington, with the cloaked Fox class shuttle having returned back to Heliopolis when Dreadnought dropped out of hyperspace.

Captain Edmunds says, “Maintain full shields and sensor scramble, continue to relay sensor information to Heliopolis and Echo.”

Around the bridge, a series of ‘aye sir’ comes in.

Captain Edmunds says, “Guns any further enemy forces arrive they are to be destroyed, you do not have to wait for my order to open fire.”

The weapons officer replies, “Aye Captain”

Now the Dreadnought begins to slowly orbit the Lexington and await the arrival of HMS Echo.


Colonel Ronson says, “Hail them, as if they wanted us dead we would be dead by now with their level of firepower.”

A few minutes later, there is no response to the hails from the Lexington to this unknown ship.

O’Neill says, “I would suggest we start on repairs Ronson”

Colonel Ronson says, “Agreed, Jack. Captain Carter you will assist with the repairs.”

Captain Carter replies, “Yes sir, but I must remind you that we are not going anywhere as our hyperdrive is fried.”

Colonel Ronson says, “Understood Captain, but we might as well repair what we can.”

Captain Carter replies, “Yes sir” and heads off to begin helping with repairs while Ronson, O’Neill and Teal'c watch from the bridge windows as this unknown ship circles the Lexington.

Colonel Ronson says, “You know Jack, I have bad funny feeling that we are about to find out something either very bad or incredibly wonderful.”

O’Neill says, “I vote for the incredibly wonderful part.”

Teal'c says, “I also vote for the incredibly wonderful part” causing the bridge crew to grin at Teal'c comment.

Now all they can do is repair what system they can repair on the Lexington as best as they can as see what happens next.

HMS Echo, Heliopolis Orbit

Several hours later the fitting of the tractor beam emitters to HMS Echo have been finished, with Hermiod onboard HMS Echo at the tractor beam controls and HMS Echo’s sensor jamming system on at full power.

HMS Echo how jump into hyperspace towards the location of the Lexington.


After several hours of repairs, the Lexington’s various systems have been stabilised, with the unknown ship still circling the Lexington.

All of the Lexington’s crew are wondering why this unknown ship has not offered any help, but continues to maintain position the answer will arrive within a few minutes in the form of another ship.

A few minutes later, another ship drops out of hyperspace, smaller than the first and less elegant and more ‘blocky’ in design, once this second ship drops out of hyperspace the first ship stops orbiting the Lexington and moves out of the way of the second ship.

Colonel Ronson asks, “What is this new ship up to?”

Before anyone can answer, the Lexington is jolted by the second ship locking on a series of tractor beams and begins to manoeuvre the Lexington closer.

Captain Carter thinks that this second ship is here to tow the Lexington and suggests not bothering to fight it, as the Lexington’s remaining weapons would be of no use against either ship, Colonel Ronson agrees with Carter’s assessment and orders no action to be taken.

After forty minutes of manoeuvring both ships begin to accelerate and slowly but surely the second ships (HMS Echo) pulls the Lexington into hyperspace at a very gentle pace to their new destination – Heliopolis.

It will take several days of towing the Lexington through hyperspace before both ship arrive at Heliopolis, though Dreadnought could be at Heliopolis is a few seconds, Dreadnought will escort both ships to Heliopolis.

On the 12th October 2007, with the Lexington overdue to report in the only other hyperdrive equipped craft is sent from Site Alpha the Goa'uld shuttle to check on the Lexington by following its know course. The shuttle quickly finds that battle area and scans reveal the loss of all F-302’s but there is not enough debris for the Lexington the assumption is made that the Lexington has been captured by the Goa'uld and that during the battle the Lexington destroyed an number of Ha'tak’s.

The Goa'uld shuttle returns to Site Alpha planet to report its findings.

On the 13th October 2007, President Bush is informed by General West of the loss of the Lexington and that the crew of the Lexington have likely to have been captured by the Goa'uld. This assumption is wrong though with the available evidence it is the most logical conclusion that Stargate Command can come to with the available information.

President Bush asks how long until the next ship will be ready, General West reply of 2-3 years does not go down well with President Bush and that General West reminding President Bush that he was warned against sending out the Lexington was the wrong thing to do.

As this point General West, hands President Bush his letter of resignation over the premature use of the Lexington and leaves the White House, with all efforts to persuade him to withdraw his resignation falling, General Hammond is now acting commander of Stargate Command.

On the 14th October 2007, HMS Echo with the Lexington in tow drops out of hyperspace in the Heliopolis system, close to Heliopolis itself, as the Lexington is towed into orbit the crew of the Lexington can only observe the number of ships in orbit. These include several Asgard “Motherships” in orbit and a number of ships that are similar to the one that saved the Lexington but appear to be slightly smaller (Scorpion class).

O’Neill says, “Well now that is impressive, no wonder the other system lords keep clear of these ‘Phoenix’ people.”

Teal'c replies, “You would be correct O’Neill and they also appear to be close allies of the Asgard, as I have never heard of the Asgard basing ships in any other system than their own.”

Before anyone can reply to Teal'c comment, the crew of the Lexington are all beamed off the ship down to the prison facility on the planet that has been prepared for the Lexington’s crew.

Once the Lexington’s crew are safely on the surface, Dr Mackay and his team beam onboard the Lexington to secure and make the ship safe.

An hour later, Mackay on finishing a quick review of the Lexington’s systems says aloud, “What a piece of junk...”

Heliopolis – Prison Site

O’Neill, Carter, Teal'c, Ronson and most of the crew of the Lexington are beamed into the prison site on the surface of Heliopolis, with the injured crew from the Lexington beamed straight to a secure medical area with the medics in combat armour.

After several hours O’Neill, Carter, Teal'c, Ronson and the crew of the Lexington have discovered that they are on an island with a shield encompassing the entire island they are living quarters and fresh cloths, along with various types of food and water for them.

O’Neill says, “I wonder why our saviours have not introduced themselves.”

Ronson says, “Or what they have done with the missing crew members?”

Teal'c says, “Indeed”

O’Neill looking at Teal'c asks, “Do you think that this is Goa'uld technology?”

Teal'c replies, “No this could only be the work of the Asgard?”

Carter asks, “So these Phoenix whoever they are, are allied with the Asgard, giving them vastly superior technology, after all if they wanted us dead we would be dead that single ship destroyed eleven Ha'tak’s with ease. The same eleven Ha'tak’s that we could not even penetrate their shields with all the firepower of the Lexington had.”

Ronson says, “Captain Carter is right if they wanted us dead we would be dead by now, but I wonder why they have not communicated with us?”

O’Neill says, “That is a good question, Carter any ideas?”

Carter replies, “No sir, a best guess is that they may be studying us, maybe to learn about us or maybe even out language.”

Teal'c states, “I would have thought if they needed to learn our language would they have not just asked the Asgard?”

Carter replies, “A good point Teal'c”

The conversation continues, as they go about ‘settling’ into their new ‘home’ along with eating the prepared food.

Heliopolis – Director Turing’s Meeting Room

As Director Turing and his senior staff listen to the conversation of the crew of the Lexington, Turing asks, “I wonder how we should introduce ourselves, after all this has not been planned for?”

Admiral Goodworthy states, “Well we should tell them who we are, but I would suggest using a holographic transmission, assuming the Asgard would not object to this?” looking towards Hermiod.

Hermiod says, “We would be happy to help the Asgard will loan our holographic transmission technology to our Phoenix allies.”

Director Turing replies, “Thank you Hermiod. Now all we need to decide is when to tell them?”

Victoria Phillips says, “I would suggest giving them several days to ‘settle in’ before saying anything, after all they have been through a lot and it would also give us time to heal and return their injured crew members.”

Director Turing replies, “Thank you Victoria we will do as you suggest. We will continue to monitor them and feed and clothe them and watch them, as I would suspect they will try to escape.”

The meeting finishes in agreement, it will be several days before Phoenix will reveal who they really are.

On the 16th October 2007, the injured crewmembers are beamed into the prison facility with their injuries completely healed, but these crewmembers cannot provide any information about what Phoenix look like, as al they can describe is people in armoured suits.

One crewmember who had suffered third degree burns has had his burns completely healed, he is unable to explain how he was healed (he had been treated by Seth and then Seth had gassed him to make him forget) and beamed back into the prison.

Between the 17th and 20th October 2007, the crew of the Lexington are well fed and clothed, but all attempts at escape fail, as there is no way through the shield that surrounds the facility and the floor is a form of reinforced concrete, without drilling equipment there is no way though the floor.

The crew of the Lexington do find that trying to hide forks, knives and spoons is finding it impossible (thanks to Asgard scanning technology) as they are beamed out once the crew of the Lexington have finished eating.

What the crew of the Lexington do not know is that they are under consent surveillance and everything that they say is being monitored thanks to a combination of Asgard and Nox technology,

On the 21st October 2007, Heliopolis this is the day that the crew of the Lexington of whom the Phoenix really are, Director Turing has been up all night unable to sleep. In the prison facility, the crew of the Lexington have had their breakfast it is now 10:00am.

In the middle is the ‘recreation area’ (the largest open space in the prison facility) a large hologram of a fiery Phoenix appears, along with enough chairs to seat everyone, all the crew of the Lexington, along with O’Neill, Carter and Teal'c gather around to see what is about to happen.

At 10:15am, the fiery Phoenix is replaced by the Flag of Project Phoenix with the four flags of the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand with a Phoenix in the middle. The crew of the Lexington along with O’Neill, Carter (but not Teal'c) sit in stunned silence.

O’Neill is the first to speak and says, “Well I will be dammed, I did not see that coming.”

Carter says, “Yes sir you can say that again”

Ronson asks, “If they are British, Australian, Canadian and New Zealanders why have they waited so long before contacting us.”

Teal'c pointing towards to holographic display states, “I think that is what we are about to find out.”

Before anyone can reply a voice from the flag says, “Welcome to Heliopolis the headquarters of Project Phoenix.”

The flag is replaced, by a man sitting behind a desk in a smart suit the man says, “Allow me to introduce myself, I am Alan Turing Director of Project Phoenix.”

O’Neill says, “Errr hi, I am Colonel Jack O’Neill USAF.”

Director Turing smiles and replies, “Yes I know who you are Colonel O’Neill. I also know who every member of the crew is along with what you call SG-1 is or should I say the lead members of SG-1.”

O’Neill says, “So you know we have a Stargate?”

Director Turing replies, “Yes we know”

Ronson asks, “So you also have a Stargate, so how long have you had your Stargate?”

Director Turing replies, “Since 1928.”

That reply makes all the US military personnel’s jaws collectively drop.

Director Turing continues, “This is going to be a lot to take in over a short period of time however we have prepared several ‘documentaries’ about Project Phoenix which we will show you over the next few days.”

O’Neill asks, “All I want to know when we will be let of this prison?”

Director Turing sighs and replies, “Unfortunately not for a while, you will remain as our guests, but if you watch the documentaries about Project Phoenix evolved the reasons why you are being held will hopefully become clear.”

Without waiting for a reply, Director Turing’s image vanishes and the Phoenix logo reappears with a five-minute countdown until the first documentary starts playing.

The first documentary is about how the first Stargate was discovered and the initial setting up of Project Phoenix...

As the countdown hits zero the logo is replaced by a man and he says, “Hello, my name is Doctor Daniel Jackson, I am here to take you through how Project Phoenix was formed. This will touch on only basic information, as a detailed briefing would take too long for what is currently needed.”

“So to begin, in Egypt, Giza, January 1928, Professor David Phillips is leading a British archaeological expedition, discovers a large circular cover stone and a ring-shaped device underneath it, later this is determined to be a Stargate, nearby they also discover a large, pedestal-shaped device.”

So the briefing continues...

Between the 22nd and the 31st October 2007, with two sessions per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, Dr Jackson outlines how Project Phoenix was formed and how it evolved. Though Dr Jackson leaves out some detail such as the Roswell Incident, which will come later, along with how Project Phoenix developed its technology, no images of the Asgard, Nox or Ancients are shown, but they are referred to in Dr Jackson’s briefings.

On the 23rd October 2007, Stargate Command under General Hammond orders all off world exploration to cease and that the two remaining fighter squadrons to make preparations for an expected attack. Evacuation back to Earth of all key non-military personnel with the defences around Site Alpha being beefed up as much as possible, but as the days, weeks and months go by no attack comes and Stargate Command begins to relax.

Spending on the US Stargate program skyrockets, as this is given as much support as President Bush can muster with certain aspects of US defence ‘shifted’ to covertly support the Stargate program, without having to fully inform Congress or the Senate what is happening and why.

Tricky but not impossible, as Senator Kinsey is able to steer the budget request though his committee with relative ease, as Senator Kinsey is well respected in both the defence and intelligence fraternity’s along with the Congress and Senate. Even so Senator Kinsey is putting his neck on the line for the US Stargate program, if this backfires then his political courier is over.

On the 25th October 2007, Thor (along with a large number of Mountbatten class warships) pays a ‘visit’ to Lord Yu home world and informs Lord Yu of the attack and the response Lord Yu is genially shocked (Thor notices this). Lord Yu swears that he did not order this or any other member of the system lords council, though he is technically correct, as Lord Yu is unaware that this was Osiris doing.

Thor leaves convinced that this attack was not Lord Yu’s doing directly or indirectly and that Imhotep was acting alone and paid the price with his life.

Osiris is pleased that his plan to eliminate Imhotep has worked, though not quite as he had planned, Osiris has several of his agents quietly eliminated, just to make sure there are no loose ends, Osiris is getting too clever for his own good.

On the afternoon of the 31st October 2007, the crew of the Lexington, along with O’Neill, Carter and Teal’c have just finished listening to the finial briefing that brings them up to date with their rescue from the Goa'uld trap.

Cater states, “Well that explains a lot, especially now the UK was able to make so many technological leaps and also how the UK was able to pay of its wartime debit so quickly.”

O’Neill says, “Yes it does, but it leaves one question that I asked unanswered, why are we still locked up?”

No one can answer that question... except Project Phoenix and that will mean informing them of not only what happen at Roswell (O’Neill, Carter, Teal'c and Ronson are unaware of what really happened at Roswell), but also the Turing prediction as well.

November - December 2007

On the 1st November 2007, with both the crew of the Lexington and SG-1 still digesting the recent series of briefings, it has been decided by Turing to leave them to mull over what they have heard for the next couple of months. However, they will be able to ask questions over the next two months and Dr Jackson (and others) will try to answer these questions as best as possible along with what he is allowed to answer (no briefings on how Project Phoenix technology works).

Though all requests by Ronson and O’Neill about being released are refused, with no explanation why, so far the crew of the Lexington and SG-1 have not been informed of the Turing Prediction or the Asgard, Nox and the Ancients.

On the 2nd November 2007, the Committee of Four grudgingly approve of what Turing has done, though if it were up to them they would have not interfered, but Turing has the backing of the Governor General Princess Margaret in his actions, the Royal Prerogative is in play and the Committee of Four will not go against the Monarchy.

The Committee of Four will however decide when the US government will be informed and they do agree that this ‘accident’ is a useful ‘test’ to see how the US would react to Project Phoenix. The Governor General Princess Margaret backs this action in a form of balancing to allow both sides of Project Phoenix to have their way.

On the 3rd November 2007, the Committee of Four decides to keep this information from all Project Phoenix cleared politicians for the four Project Phoenix countries, as this is better than informing them just in case the let something slip during a visit (this is unlikely to happen).

The senior military commands (that have clearance) of the four Project Phoenix countries are informed of what has happened and that the Committee of Four has decided to keep this information from the political leadership for the time being. Once the time is right the four Prime Ministers and other approve government ministers (that are Project Phoenix cleared) will be informed.

Between the 4th and the end of November 2007, Dr Jackson now joined by Dr MacKay and a few others try as best as they can to answer all the questions put by mostly Carter, Ronson with the occasional question coming from O’Neill and Teal'c.

For the crew of the Lexington and SG-1 this is a lot to take in and finding out that they are a third rate power in the Milky Way Galaxy does not go down very well, with Dr MacKay informing them that the Lexington would not be classified as a battlecruiser, but as an armed transport. Dr MacKay (in his usual blunt way) points out that the Lexington would have stood a better chance if the Lexington had been armed with Staff Cannons and not Rail Guns.

Dr Jackson does point out that without the help of their alien allies, they would also be a third rate power in the Milky Way Galaxy, though by now probably moving towards a second rate power.

The shock of the crew of the Lexington and SG-1 knowing that Project Phoenix has alien allies, more than one alien ally as indicated by Dr Jackson that are helping them technologically this also explains that Project Phoenix has not achieved all this on their own. Though the crew of the Lexington and SG-1 have not yet been informed of whom these alien allies are.

On the 8th December 2007, the 2007 Africa/EU Summit takes place as European Union and African Union leaders gather in Lisbon, Portugal, for their first joint summit in 7 years. The British and Czech prime ministers boycott, with the Chinese, Norwegian, Canadian and other governments sending reduced delegations to the event due to the presence of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe in protest.

The summit is seen as a failure, as it produces no agreement, as no of the major powers have sent anyone that can agree to anything due to the presence of Mugabe.

By the 10th December 2007, some of the most shocking information has been released to the crew of the Lexington and SG-1 including that Project Phoenix has ships capable of intergalactic travel. With their current hyperdrive capability one Project Phoenix can travel between one galaxy and another galaxy within a few seconds at full power thanks to technology from their alien allies.

Also the crew of the Lexington and SG-1 are informed that currently Project Phoenix has a total number of 55 warships that are part of the current Project Phoenix fleet they are shown images of these warships and for scale they are shown against the Lexington. In addition, the Lexington is shown against an Asgard mothership for comparison showing the Asgard mothership is huge compared to even compared to Project Phoenix ships.

During these briefings, no details about Project Phoenix ships combat capabilities are revealed, though the recent destruction of 11 Ha'tak’s by HMS Dreadnought does give the US personnel a rough guide to the combat capabilities of Project Phoenix ships.

The one other item that is not mentioned is the use of AEM’s to power their warships.

As 2007 comes to a close, 2008 will be a transition year for Project Phoenix in preparation for informing the US of their Stargate program during 2009 if the Committee of Four approve this action during late 2008.

The United Kingdom has remained unchanged in its size for several decades and remains the same with Gibraltar, Malta and Chagos Islands (British Indian Ocean Territory), Grenada, Falkland Islands (including South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands), Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha and the British Virgin Islands

Sterling Zone countries also remain unchanged with Solomon Islands, Saint Lucia, Kiribati (formerly Gilbert Islands), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Bermuda. Sweden and Norway are part of the Sterling Zone, but with their countries’ currencies (not the pound) with Sweden and Norway merely tied to the pound.

To be continued.
66. 2008 – A Steep Learning Curve

Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

On the 1st January 2008, the appointments to the various posts of Project Phoenix become active with the new senior management now moved from acting to permanent.

Leadership of Project Phoenix

The people leading Project Phoenix has changed very little over past few decades thanks to Seth’s Goa'uld Sarcophagus, life can be prolonged beyond a normal humans expected lifespan on Earth, for those lucky few like Alan Turing with strong ATA Gene’s this means a virtual form of immortality.

Head of State – Elizabeth II (deferred to the Governor General for the day-to-day running of Project Phoenix)

Governor General – Princess Margaret (figurehead though has the Queens Veto powers but does not use the Queens Veto along with the ‘Royal Prerogative’ for military action)

Project Phoenix Committee of Four – made from a single member from the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada this committee has the final say in all matters, though the Queen (or Princess Margaret) can veto. This however would go against the role of a constitutional monarch, but it is likely that the Project Phoenix leadership would follow the Queens veto order, though this has never been tested.

Both the Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret both know that once they have crossed that line there would be no going back, after if you cross this line once you can do it repeatedly.

Replacement committee members (when a member retires or dies in office) for the Committee of Four are chosen by the committee without outside ‘interference’ from the UK, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian Prime Ministers, except if all four PM’s are in agreement (that won’t ever happen).

The day-to-day running of Project Phoenix falls to the following members (Atlantis members are also listed separately)

Project Phoenix

Head of Project Phoenix – Director Alan Turing

Head of Research Project Phoenix –Professor Stephen Hawking even though Stephen Hawking is based on Earth

The Committee of Four have no objection to Professor Stephen Hawking becoming Head of Research Project Phoenix.

Deputy Head of Research – Seth (though this is purely honorary having not real authority in this post but can do his own research)

Head of Computer Research – Dr Douglas James (a Turing protégée)

Head of Linguistics – Samuel (Sam) Davis becoming Head of Linguistics is a surprise to many, as most expected Dr Daniel Jackson to be Tom Oliver’s replacement, but Sam Davis is Turing’s choice.

Commander Royal Space Fleet – Rear Admiral Jason Timms

Head of Military Operations and Security – Major General Elizabeth Green

Deputy Head of Military Operations and Security – Brigadier Mark Harlington

Commander of the Off World Exploration (Heliopolis) – Colonel Mary Summer

Asgard Observer – Hermiod

The Asgard has 12 Mountbatten Class Warships in the Heliopolis system in orbit around Heliopolis, along with several Asgard science vessels coming and going from time to time, Hermiod reports not only to the Asgard but also to the Nox and the Alterans as well. There are around 100 Asgard and 100 Nox in the Asgard outpost based on Heliopolis, though numbers can vary and Project Phoenix is not privy to this information about the Asgard outpost.

Nox Observer – Lya

The Nox have a few ships in orbit (that can be seen from time to time), but as they are almost permanently cloaked the exact number of Nox ships is unknown.

The bulk of the Asgard and Nox remain onboard their ships in orbit, though there are several hundred of both Asgard and Nox doing teaching etc.

Alteran Observer – No permanent presence, Merlin as and when needed

There is no permanent Alteran presence at Heliopolis, even though the recovered Alteran Outpost is still active on Heliopolis the only time an Alteran comes to Heliopolis is if Merlin is needed.

The other Alterans never come to Heliopolis.

Atlantis Expedition

Head of the Atlantis expedition – Mrs Silvia Fisher
Mrs Silvia Fisher is an administrator of various construction projects within Project Phoenix with some scientific knowledge, it is thought by this move Alan Turing is trying to push certain people (non-military and scientific) into higher levels. Mrs Silvia Fisher is a very able administrator and can easily manage the day-to-day running of Atlantis, as this is what is really needed to run Atlantis, as McKay, Jackson and others handle the research, military operations etc.

Head of Research (Atlantis) – Dr Rodney McKay

Chef Medical Officer (Atlantis) – Dr Carson Beckett

Head of Linguistics (Atlantis) – Dr Daniel Jackson

Commander of Space Forces (Atlantis) – Commodore Sarah Toddington (based onboard HMS Victory)

Commander of Ground Forces (Atlantis) – Brigadier John “Hannibal” Smith

On the 5th January 2008, the next four Dreadnought class battleships are launched from the two orbital dry-docks, HMS Howe, HMS St. Vincent, HMS Collingwood and HMS Neptune. These next four Dreadnought class battleships are due to be operational by the end of the year these next four Dreadnought class battleships will not be fitted with AEM’s and will have to rely on their Naquadah reactors to power them.

On the 9th January 2008, the next four Dreadnought class battleships begin construction in the two orbital dry-docks, HMS Colossus, HMS Iron Duke, HMS Marlborough and HMS Queen Elizabeth. These next four Dreadnought class battleships are due to be completed in early 2010 and become operational by the end of 2010.

On the 21st January 2008, Sky broadcasts the first episode of a five-part series Ross Kemp in Afghanistan, which entails Kemp following the 1st Battalion of the British Army's Royal Anglian Regiment during their deployment to Afghanistan's Helmand Province from March to August 2007.

In preparation for the assignment, Kemp had to participate in military training for personal defence, including use of the latest version of the Enfield EM-2 assault rifle chambered to the .280 round. Kemp has a personal interest in the Royal Anglians, as he is from their recruiting area, and his father served with one of the predecessor regiments of the 1st Battalion, the Royal Norfolk Regiment, in Cyprus.

Ross Kemp will return Afghanistan to film a second series of Ross Kemp in Afghanistan, which began its broadcast on Sky One on the 1st February 2009, titled Ross Kemp Return to Afghanistan.

These films will show the British Military in a very positive light and are a high ratings success for Sky, more shows about the British Military begin to appear on not only Sky but other channels as well.

In the background a ‘recruiter’ is watching Ross Kemp...

At the end of January 2008, the crew of the Lexington and SG-1 have settled into their ‘new home’ until they are released, which is likely to sometime during late March or more likely April 2009 if everything goes well.

The crew of the Lexington and SG-1 have asked if they can see more of the planet that request will be granted, but not in the way the crew of the Lexington or SG-1 would have ever thought of. It will be under tight control, not free reign of Heliopolis as no one is going to let the crew of the Lexington and SG-1 free reign.

Early February, Hermiod is discussing with Director Turing the Asgard latest invention, a bracelet that will allow the crew of the Lexington along with SG-1 to be shown around Heliopolis with the need for only a small escort.

Hermiod is says, “These bracelets are a combination of tracking device and warning system to the wearer, as if the wearer strays in to a designated restricted area an audible warning sounds. These bracelets also will allow you to identify who is wearing which bracelet, so you know exactly where the wearer is at any time they are away from the facility. If the wearer continues the audible goes into a continuous tone and if the wearer continues to ignore the warning then we will beam the wearer back to the detention area.”

Turing replies, “Amazing piece of technology and I would assume that it could not just be just smashed off?”

Hermiod says, “No, the bracelets are made of a composition of Naquadah/Carbon/Trinium composite the same composite that is used in the hull of all of our ships unless you have tools, just smashing a bracelet against a rock would not damage it.”

Turing replies, “That is good to know and thank you for allowing us to use this technology and would you pass on my thanks to the Asgard High Council as well.”

Hermiod says, “You are welcome and I will pass on your thanks to the Asgard High Council. You can ask for as many of these bracelets as you need, but for now the first batch of 150 are ready to be used in conjunction with the crew of the Lexington along with SG-1.

This not only shows how much the Asgard are willing to go to help Project Phoenix, but it also shows that the Asgard are getting back their ability to think ‘outside the box’ by coming up with ideas like this one.

The Asgard are evolving technologically in ways they would not have even thought of several decades ago, as decades ago their race was on the verge of extinction, now however the Asgard have been given a second chance.

Several hours later...

A holographic image of Director Turing has finished explaining that the crew Lexington along with SG-1 will be allowed out of this holding facility for tours of Heliopolis, but with the caveats that they must wear these bracelets and that only will be allowed out in small groups.

Director Turing asks, “Do you accept my terms?”

O’Neill states, “We really do not have any choice in the matter do we?”

Director Turing replies, “Not really, but we also are under no obligation to show any of you around?”

Ronson looking at O’Neill states, “Jack, Director Turing does have a point.”

Carter chips in, “Also having a look around will be useful, maybe we will learn something?”

O’Neill sighs and replies, “Ok, Director Turing you have a deal.”

Director Turing replies, “Good the tours can begin immediately.”

With a dozen bracelets being beamed into the facility, Director Turing replies, “Who wants to be first, just put the bracelet and you will be beamed into the city of New London and from there you will be given an escort and a list of places you can go.”

Carter asks, “Can I go sirs” looking at both Ronson and O’Neill

Ronson and O’Neill look at each other Ronson just shrugs his shoulders and O’Neill than says, “Permission granted Captain Carter.”

Carter replies, “Thank you sir.”

Carter puts on one of the bracelet that locks automatically into place Carter is followed by Ronson then O’Neill then Teal'c followed by several crewmembers of the Lexington.

They are beamed out to the starting point is the city of New London with their escorts already waiting for them when they beam into their start point for their tour of Heliopolis.

During February small numbers of the crew of Lexington along with SG-1 are shown around Heliopolis (under escort and in small ‘sub’ groups) in a combination of ground cars and air cars they are impress by the four main cities, New London (capital), New Wellington, New Canberra and New Ottawa. One of the things that impress Ronson and O’Neill is that the age for getting a driving licence for driving a ground car is thirteen and for an air car is eighteen, provided they pass the required driving test.

Cars (both ground and air cars) do not possess a petrol engine instead they have a small power source that powers the electric motor for a ground car and the flight systems for an air car. The children/teenagers have taken to making ‘modifications’ to their cars to make them faster by removing the limiters and seeing how fast they can get a car (ground or air) to go. This unofficial customization has been allowed to go on as it has improved the children/teenagers ability to ‘think outside of the box’ and creative thought, though a sensor or two keep a careful eye on what they are up to.

New London is based near the site of the Castle on Heliopolis where the Stargate was originally based the castle is now a museum.

This security measure is used to make sure that none of the crew Lexington or SG-1 ‘stray’ into forbidden areas on Heliopolis when they are away from the prison facility they have to wear tracking bracelets that will monitor their position. If they to ‘stray off course’ then they will be beamed back (by the Asgard) to the prison the same will happen if they try to harm anyone.

Ronson, O’Neill and especially Carter are very impressed with Heliopolis industrial capability, as the manufacturing capability is hundreds to thousands of years ahead of Earth depending on the manufacturing technology. The manufacturing capability is mostly based on Goa'uld technology, with a mix of Earth/Heliopolis developed technology along with the occasional touch of Asgard and a smidgen of Nox/Alteran technology.

Carter is very impressed though is very disappointed not to be allowed a closer look and the various forms of technology that Project Phoenix has.

On the 18th February 2008, the British government introduces emergency legislation temporarily to nationalize Northern Rock, the 5th largest mortgage bank in the UK, due to the bank's financial crisis. This action will not help Gordon Brown, his ratings and that of the Labour party begins to drop from a public perception that the current government is not moving very quickly to deal with the growing financial crisis.

On the 20th February 2008, Director Turing confirms to Captain Carter that he is the same Alan Turing that ‘died’ on the 7th June 1954 Captain Carter is amazed that he is alive, but also that he seems to have not aged a single day.

Another puzzle that Project Phoenix is keeping to itself that Captain Carter is adding to a very long list of unanswered questions.

All Director Turing with a curious smile on his face says to Carters question about how he look so young is, “Well that is one of the many secrets that Project Phoenix will be keeping to ourselves for the time being.”

Captain Carter cannot understand how someone who died in 1954 is still alive and remains so young after all Alan Mathison Turing should be 96 years old, as of June 2008. Yet another puzzle for Captain Carter to think about, though the amount of unanswered questions (and puzzles) is growing every hour they are shown around Heliopolis.

Even Teal'c is at a loss to explain how a human can extend their life without a Goa'uld symbiote inside of them along with a Goa'uld Sarcophagus to extend their lives and as Teal'c cannot detect the presence of a Goa'uld symbiote, he is at a loss.

The more the crew of Lexington along with SG-1 are slowly being shown around Heliopolis the more questions that remain unanswered continue to grow they have quite quickly got used to Project Phoenix personnel not answering any questions about most subjects. Though they are being shown around no one is really explaining the how and why of what they see.

The city’s on Heliopolis are well spread out as Project Phoenix has all of Heliopolis to expand onto the upper estimates is that Heliopolis could sustain a population of several billion with no problem at all. Though Project Phoenix is very coy about the current population numbers, Carter thinks that it must be in the millions, but unlikely to be in the tens of millions.

Carter’s estimate is correct though none of the Project Phoenix will neither confirm nor deny Carter’s population estimate.

Sometime later, back in the prison

O’Neill asks, “Well Carter, how long until we are able to catch up with the Brits?”

Carter gives O’Neill a strange look and replies, “Sir they are so far ahead I am not sure that we will ever be able to catch up with the ‘Brits’.”

O’Neill asks, “Are you sure Carter after all we were able to build the Lexington pretty quick?”

Carter replies, “Yes sir I am sure we are far behind and even if we have all four Lexington class ships against just one of the British warship, we would still lose as a single warship as you will recall took out 11 Ha'tak’s with little effort.”

Ronson also states, “Jack, Carter is right we must learn as much as we can even though they are monitoring us 24/7, it might give a few pointers in the direction we need to go, assuming we are going to be released that is.”

Teal'c states, “I agree, we must observe and learn as much as possible” though Teal'c has another motive to help the free Jaffa with the information he might gain from observing these ‘Phoenix’.

O’Neill signs and says, “All right we observe and try to learn as much as possible.”

Ronson nods in agreement.

The tours will continue with the crew of Lexington along with SG-1 observing everything, but Project Phoenix knows what they are up to as they have been monitoring all conversations of the crew of Lexington along with SG-1. Though this knowledge will not change what Project Phoenix is going to show them, as they are still going with the plan, give them a tour but reveal little (or nothing) about how their technology works.

During March 2008, Professor Stephen Hawking visits Heliopolis to be brought up to speed on the current levels of technology that Project Phoenix posses and is currently working on (or not). Professor Hawking is greatly impressed by what is going on and is eager to begin his job as Head of Research of Project Phoenix. Even though Professor Hawking will be based on Earth, he will be able to access all current projects from Earth thanks to regular update, though this information will only be accessible from RAF Barra on an isolated server.

Professor Hawking will be able to get to RAF Barra via the ring transporter based under the MoD building in London, Professor Hawking will also have extra security to go with his new unofficial job.

As a cover, Professor Hawking will be doing classified research work for the UK government this will not arouse any interest from the press as this is not the first time, Professor Hawking has done this type of unspecified classified work for the UK government and that should keep the press at bay, along with the extra security.

After reviewing the various project in brief Professor Hawking asks, “So these are all the current projects that are active.”

The assistant replies, “Yes sir, these are all the active projects, though there are several thousand on the back burner or not even active projects at this current time.”

Professor Hawking asks, “Why are so many research projects on the back burner and/or not active?”

The assistant replies, “To put it simply sir, we do not have enough people to research everything, even if Earth was fully aware of Project Phoenix, it would take with all of Earth’s resources several hundred years to get through the back burner projects that does not even count the not active projects. This of course would assume that no more projects are added to the current growing research list of ‘things to do’ that is unlikely as the number of research projects is always growing.”

Professor Hawking says, “I understand, though I would like over time to know a brief outline of all these back burner projects, along with a list of projects that are not active as well.”

The assistant replies, “I will arrange a list for you right away Professor Hawking.”

A slightly surprised Professor Hawking asks, “I thought you would have to ask for an ok from higher authority for this information before I see it?”

The assistant replies, “No Professor Hawking, you are the Head of Research for Project Phoenix, only the Director, Committee of Four or the use of the Royal Prerogative can overrule your orders.”

Professor Hawking says, “I understand, thank you for clearing that up” Professor Hawking now understands how much authority he has available to him.

The assistant replies, “I will get to work on the information you requested” the assistant leaves the room, Professor Hawking continues to read about the active projects that Project Phoenix is currently undertaking.

Professor Hawking will soon realise that the amount of power he has available is considerable with no one questioning any of his instructions on research or research based orders. However, Professor Hawking authority extends into other areas even in the future when he needs a ship to transport him, a warship is put at Professor Hawking’s with no fuss at all.

It will take time for Professor Hawking to get a grip on everything, but once he does, he will add his own ideas for the direction for Project Phoenix research.

With the tours ongoing at a slow but steady pace, the crew of the Lexington and SG-1 are obeying the ‘rules’ that had been set out for their ‘freedom’ for their ‘freedom’ they are seeing a lot, but not learning much about how the technology works that Project Phoenix has amassed.

At the end of March 2008, Director Turing has decided to inform the crew of the Lexington and SG-1 of the Turing Prediction of what will happen if Project Phoenix revealed its existence to the current President. Along with this is the reason why the crew of the Lexington and SG-1 cannot be returned until after the next US election.

However, there will be one ‘item’ about the prediction kept from crew of the Lexington and SG-1 in that Director Turing has the ability to see into the future (admittedly only when he is asleep). The Turing Prediction will merely referred to as the ‘Prediction’ keeping Director Turing’s name ‘out of the loop’ this is done as a security measure to ensure that the nine who have special abilities are also not revealed.

During early April 2008, the crew of the Lexington and SG-1 are informed of the Turing Prediction (though it is just called the ‘Prediction’ with Turing’s name left out) they are both are extremely shocked at this revelation, but it does not end there, they are also shown a simulation of the Prediction and the annihilation of the US military.

Afterwards O’Neill says, “Well something’s are starting to makes sense”

Ronson states, “I understand why they are doing what they are doing, I suspect if the roles were reversed we might do the same thing?”

O’Neill not sounding convinced replies, “Possibly, even so I still think all this is a bit over the top?”

Teal'c says, “Indeed”

Carter remains silent after watching the simulation, as Carter realises that some of the vessels in the simulation were similar to the one they encountered in the shuttle some years ago. Carter decides not to say anything as Carter knows that every word that is spoken is monitored, if need be Carter will break her silence.

Carter knows that the Asgard would come in on the side of Project Phoenix and not of Earth this has just in Carter’s mind has been demonstrated in the showing of the simulation. Carter is correct in this thought if Project Phoenix is not the aggressor then the Asgard will come in on the side of Project Phoenix, though the Asgard might come in on the side of Project Phoenix if the aggression is justified in the Asgard High Council’s mind.

If the Asgard come in on the side of Project Phoenix then the Nox will likely follow (in a non-combat role) with the Alterans also supporting the Asgard if the need arises.

On top of all this at the end of April 2008, the crew of the Lexington and SG-1 are shown images of dissected Asgard from the Roswell Indent and they are introduced to the Asgard Hermiod. Then it is explained that it was Project Phoenix that informed the Asgard of what they suspected had happened at Roswell it was the Asgard who had retrieved the bodies and ship remains.

The crew of the Lexington and SG-1 are also informed that this is the reason they are being held this is met with stunned shock, but they are informed that they will be returned sometime after the next US election.

Both Ronson and O’Neill had not been informed about the Roswell Indent by either Stargate Command or the NID, so where unaware of the true nature of what had happened. During this briefing about the Roswell Indent, Hermiod is present having a living Asgard in the room is unnerving to Ronson, O’Neill and Carter, Hermiod is watching them closely to observe their reaction after being informed of the Roswell Indent.

After the briefing is finished both Ronson and O’Neill both formally apologise to Hermiod for what had happened to the Asgard remains on behalf of the US Government (neither of them have the authority to do so) in the hope of getting on the Asgard ‘good side’.

All Hermiod does say, “Hmmm” to Ronson and O’Neill’s apology and nothing more, as Hermiod will pass on what he has learned to the Asgard High Council.

Ronson, O’Neill and Carter are also introduced to the Nox representative, Lya the Nox representative on Heliopolis is polite, but does not reveal anything, with the exception of calling them ‘very young’ (instead of using the ‘primitive’ word used by the Asgard) and stating that the ‘The very young do not always do as they're told’.

However, the Nox are friendly towards the crew of the Lexington and SG-1 they reveal very little about themselves, Teal'c does ask polity how old Lya is, Lya replies, “Three hundred and twenty-two years old”

A slightly stunned replies Teal'c, “hmmm, you have retained your youthful appearance”

Lya smiles at Teal'c and says, “Thank you.”

The difference between the Nox and the Asgard are noticeable, with the Nox being polite but not revealing anything and the Asgard being relatively ‘polite’ and not revealing anything.

With the introductions to the Nox and the Asgard over, an invitation to look over the schools on Heliopolis is taken up with Cater being ‘volunteered’ by both Ronson and O’Neill.

The first school Carter visits is a Primary School the David Phillips Primary School located in New London, with the David Phillips Primary School having 250 pupils between the ages of 3 to 11. Each class consisting of 25 pupils, Carter is surprised by several things in this school, the first being that the teachers and a mix of Human, Asgard and Nox.

The second is that the pupils speak three languages English, Asgard and Nox, though older pupils speak more than three languages, though the number of languages each child can speak varies.

The academic standard at Primary School far exceeds any Earth based education standard by a wide margin, no child on Earth could come close to getting the education that a child gets on Heliopolis gets.

David Phillips Primary School has holographic screens’ as standard with even the youngest child able to use these holographic screens will ease, ‘child’s play’.

At ‘playtime’ Carter watches the children at play, watching in amazement as the Nox children are able to make themselves invisible, while playing with the humans children a game of ‘hide and seek’.

The next day Carter visits the Mountbatten Secondary School in New Canberra with the Mountbatten Secondary School having 250 pupils between the ages of 12 to 18. Each class consisting of 25 pupils, Carter finds like the Primary School a mix of teachers are Human, Asgard and Nox.

The last on the list is the one collage on Heliopolis the David Smith Collage like the schools the collage has a mix of Human, Asgard and Nox teachers the class sizes vary from class to class depending on what is being taught.

All students live on the college grounds, as they all can drive, so going home is not a problem, but most students prefer staying in college accommodation giving them freedom from there parents.

Carter is greatly impressed by the education standards on Heliopolis and passes on how impressed to Ronson and O’Neill, with Ronson being the most interested in Carters report in the education system on Heliopolis.

Though the main topic of discussion in the reason for them being held, with O’Neill still sticking to his belief that this dentition is over the top, but Ronson does point out as prisons go this is one of the best. As there is no harsh treatment or any other kind of treatment and they will be released next year and will be able to report back all they have seen to Stargate Command.

Though O’Neill does point out that they have very little solid information on any technology and how it works, Ronson does agree with O’Neill on this point, but states that they now know what direct to do in when they get back and that is very valuable information.

Carter supports Ronson assessment that all they have learned can now point Stargate Command in the right direction research wise, Carter also adds that the Phoenix people must know this otherwise why would they be showing them around?

O’Neill does not have a response to Cater’s point, just shrugs his shoulders, and says, “Well that assumes that we will be released?”

As April comes to a close crew of the Lexington and SG-1 will continue to be shown around, though there are still a few surprises left for them to see before the end of the year.

By May 2008, the RAF begin to introduce new UCAV’s including the ultra stealthy and long rang HS Taranis, along with the Fury close support UCAV for supporting troops in Afghanistan these BAe Fury UCAV are jointly operated by both the RAF and AAC. The Taranis will also be operated by the FAA in long ranged support of Royal Navy deployments around the world, with the Taranis being deployed from the UK (or other friendly country) and the controlled operationally from a Royal Navy warship (T-45 or greater).

These Taranis UCAV are going to initially supplement the manned Canberra PR aircraft, but if all goes well the Canberra PR aircraft will be replaced by increasing numbers of Taranis UCAV. Research is also underway to see if the Taranis UCAV can be refuelled in the air, if these trials go well then this will greatly extend the Taranis UCAV endurance.

There is also the possibility of using a ‘Heliopolis version’ of the Taranis UCAV for space reconnaissance missions instead of manned ships this would help with Heliopolis personnel problem. The Heliopolis version of the Taranis UCAV would have to be fitted with sub-light engines and a hyperdrive along with a sophisticated computer system for long ranged reconnaissance missions. All this is possible, but will take time to research, build and test if successful it will allow Project Phoenix a new possibility for long ranged reconnaissance missions of possible worlds to send teams to.

Meanwhile on Heliopolis Captain Carter is being escorted around one of the hospitals, though this visit is not open to all areas of the hospital for Carter it does show the level of medical knowledge/technology possessed by Project Phoenix far exceeds medical knowledge/technology that any country on Earth possess.

When visiting the hospital Ronon is brought in ‘dead’ from an off world mission, with Carter ushered out of the emergency room.

What Carter does not see is Ronon placed in Goa'uld Sarcophagus to recover from his ‘death’, with Carter being ushered to her next area of the hospital to visit.

Sometime later...

With the ‘death’ of Ronon who Carter has been informed has been brought back from the dead, Carter does not understand how that is possible without a Goa'uld Sarcophagus. A short time later, Carter is now outside the hospital is wondering where to go next with her escort when Carter sees Ronon coming out of the hospital.

Captain Carter approaches Ronon and asks, “I heard you died and you came back to life?”

In a deadpan delivery, Ronon shrugs his shoulders and replies “Pretty much. There's a...few things that I still need to do, so I came back” leaving Captain Carter standing their open mouthed at Ronon’s reply, as Ronon walks off.

A few days later and Carter will soon have the answer to her question on how Ronon came back from the dead.

On the 15th May 2008, Ronson, O’Neill and Carter (but not Teal'c for obvious reasons) are taken to meet a senior member of Project Phoenix they are taken to his ‘house’ a copy of a stately mansion. Once inside this mansion with classic furniture mixed with modern lighting, after being gestured into a ‘living room’ with a large fireplace with a fire blazing away.

On a table is a teapot with four cups, mike and sugar, looking at the table O’Neill says, “I think we are expected?”

Ronson replies, “Very funny Jack.”

The from behind them a soft but firm Goa'uld voice says, “Yes very funny indeed Colonel O’Neill.”

Ronson, O’Neill and Carter turn around to see a man dressed in a very understated suit, with a neatly trimmed beard with two guards flanking him, the man says, “Hello, I am called Seth, I am Deputy Head of Research of Project Phoenix a pleasure to meet you.”

O’Neill replies, “Errm hi are you a prisoner too” pointing at the two guards

Seth smiles and shakes his head slightly, with the two guards exchanging glances, Seth replies, “No, as I stated I am Deputy Head of Research of Project Phoenix” then pausing and turning his head ninety degrees towards the guards and says, “I don’t think I will be needing you.”

Both guards say, “Yes sir” and leave, quietly closing the door behind them.

Ronson asks, “So you are a member of the leadership then?”

Seth replies, “Yes” walking over to the tea and says, “Would you like to help yourself to some tea, it is Earl Grey?” Seth pours himself a cup, puts a drop of milk in and one lump of sugar then sits down indicating to Ronson, O’Neill and Carter to help themselves.

Ronson, O’Neill and Carter exchange glances then help themselves to the tea.

Once everyone has sat down Seth says, “I am sure you have a lot of question, but I may not be able to answers many of them, as you have probably already gathered Project Phoenix values its security. But I can tell you that Project Phoenix discovered me as leader of a cut on Earth they captured me and initially the deal was if I helped them understand Goa'uld technology they would release me.”

Ronson is the first to speak, “So what changed?”

Seth replies, “Time, as I worked for Project Phoenix, I gained their trust, something as a Goa'uld I had never experienced before, so when they offered me my freedom I decided to stay and they offered me the post of Deputy Head of Research.”

Carter asks, “So you have access to the sum total of the research of Project Phoenix?”

Seth replies, “Yes” though not quite true, though Seth does have access to a lot of research material, but not everything.

Carter says, “That is incredible, so is their nothing you can tell us then?”

Seth thinks for a few moments taking a sip of tea then replies, “Well your ship the Lexington is far behind the rest of the galaxy.”

O’Neill in a sarcastic tone says, “Yea that McKay guy already said our ship was ‘crap’, so I think we know that.”

Seth replies, “Well Dr McKay can be a bit blunt at times, but he is brilliant. But my point being is if our talks go well with your government next year we may be able to point you in the right direction on how to improve the Lexington.”

Carter says, “Wow that would be great, so that would mean that the Lexington would be equal to the warship that saved us?”

Seth replies, “No, as that kind of technology has come from the Asgard and we would have to ask their permission first and at the moment you have not earned the Asgard trust.”

O’Neill says, “I figured there would be a catch.”

Seth replies, “There always is in everything.”

Carter asks, “So what kind of help would we get?”

Seth replies, “Well for starters we have been repairing your ships and fixing the bugs then we will show you how to install Staff Cannons instead of Rail Guns, along with improving your ships shields.”

O’Neill asks, “What would be the catch with this information?”

Seth replies, “Nothing”

Ronson asks, “But there must be a reason why you are doing this?”

Seth replies, “There is it is to apologise for keeping you prisoners and a way of getting your government to keep their Stargate program secret, until the time is right.”

Ronson asks, “If our government says no to this.”

Seth replies, “Unlikely, but if it were to happen the US would be alone against all the threats in the galaxy, without the ability to call on Phoenixes help and support.”

O’Neill asks, “But this would only happen if our government says no?”

Seth replies, “Yes, but as I said that is highly unlikely, as what we have to offer would far outweigh a refusal.”

A question has suddenly occurred to Carter and asks, “To change the subject is there a Goa'uld Sarcophagus in the hospital I visited recently?”

Seth simile at Carter’s question who is surprised by Seth’s reaction, Seth replies, “Yes there is, it is mine or should I say a copy of my Sarcophagus, I have helped Phoenix build several they have also with the help of the Asgard and the Nox fix several ‘bugs’ in the Sarcophagus design.”

Carter asks, “Like becoming addicted to the Sarcophagus?”

Seth replies, “Yes the Sarcophagus is now safe to use multiple times without any adverse side effects.”

Carter says, “Wow that is amazing.”

Ronson asks, “On another subject why does the Asgard not like us?”

Seth replies, “The Asgard are an unusual race, in that if you gain their trust they will bend over backwards to help you, but the opposite is true if you annoy them, it can take anything from years to decades to even centuries to regain their trust.”

Ronson asks, “So it is not really about what happened at Roswell then?”

Seth replies, “No, it is not about Roswell, it is about proving to the Asgard you are now ‘worthy’, consider this a test on a big scale, if you prove that you are ‘worthy’ then the Asgard may help you. But I caution you if you do something ‘stupid’ then you could set back your good work so far, as you have shown you can abide by the rules that have been set in showing you around Heliopolis.”

O’Neill says, “So all this is a test?”

Seth replies, “Yes and no, Phoenix intervention was unexpected and was not planned, but this has proved very useful in seeing how you react to the news that your country is no longer the only one to possess a Stargate. It was also to protect you from getting captured by the Goa'uld, as that would have called for Phoenix to go to war with one of the Goa'uld factions and that could have started a much bigger conflict across the galaxy.”

O’Neill says, “You mean the one incident with the Lexington could have triggered a war, I find that hard to believe.”

Seth replies, “Well my fellow Goa'uld have fought amongst themselves for thousands of years, but if something or someone threatens all Goa'uld then they will unite against that threat and that is our biggest worry a single unified Goa'uld nation. If this happens then depending on what Goa'uld is in charge, if the wrong Goa'uld is in change then that would be very bad indeed.”

Ronson asks, “So what we have been doing in relation to the Goa'uld could trigger this united Goa'uld nation to attack Earth?”

Seth replies, “No you are just a minor threat to the Goa'uld for now, but as your attacks grow then the Goa'uld may perceive you as a threat and attack.”

Ronson asks, “But if they attack Earth the UK would intervene to protect Earth?”

Seth replies, “Yes, but this would also drag in the Asgard, as the Asgard have manage to get Earth into what is called the Protected Planets Treaty with the Goa'uld and the Asgard do not what anther war.”

Ronson asks, “So the Asgard has had a war with the Goa'uld?”

Seth replies, “No not in several thousand years though the Asgard has in the recent past just finished a war in their own galaxy, against a race far more deadly than the Goa'uld and the Asgard are not eager to start another war.”

O’Neill says, “A race WORSE than the Goa'uld?”

Seth replies, “Oh yes there are races out there that are worse than the Goa'uld.”

O’Neill and Ronson exchange glances then Ronson asks, “So not only are the Asgard protecting us all from the Goa'uld, but also other threats as well?”

Seth replies, “Yes they are.”

Seth stands up and goes to refill his cup with more tea, leaving Ronson, O’Neill and Carter looking at each other and all three have come to the same conclusion that the US should stop pocking the Goa'uld ‘hornet’s nest’.

Ronson asks, “So why are you the one telling us this?”

Seth who is still next to the teapot replies, “Because I am the one you are likely to believe, as I am a Goa'uld and do not represent the UK, Australia, New Zealand or Canada.”

Ronson says, “In a bizarre way that makes sense.”

O’Neill looks at Ronson and asks, “It does?”

Ronson says, “Yes Jack it does in an odd sort of way.”

For the next hour or so the general discussion continues, with Seth doing his best to answer general questions without revealing anything classified.

Ronson, O’Neill and Carter afterwards are beamed back to the prison facility and inform Teal'c that there is a Goa'uld called Seth helping the British, Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians.

Teal'c initially says nothing, but after a short while Teal'c says, “Seth is still a Goa'uld and should not be trusted.”

O’Neill says, “Well that maybe true for you and maybe for us, but for these people Seth has gained their trust and that must count for something?”

This conversation continues for several hours, Teal'c will not shift from his understandable position on not trusting any Goa'uld.

June – October 2008

Between June and October 2008 the crew of the Lexington and SG-1 and have been told most of the relevant information that they need to know the rest will just we looking around in approved areas. The crew of the Lexington and SG-1 are allowed to talk to anyone (only of they ask and know who they want to talk to), though as with previous discussions they will learn very little unless Project Phoenix wants them to know.

Most of the time the crew of the Lexington and SG-1 trying to absorb as much as possible about the four main cities and their technologies, though as they are not allowed a closer look at Project Phoenix technologies the latter is proving difficult to achieve.

During June 2008, the HS Taranis reconnaissance UAV along with the Fury close support UCAV are actively supporting troops in Afghanistan, with the Fury firing it first weapons against the Taliban. This news is widely reported as is costs no British troops their lives and shows that it is better to send in a Fury than a manned aircraft into a combat zone, even though the Fury was not even fired upon.

The HS Taranis is also flying high attitude reconnaissance missions to locate Taliban positions all across Afghanistan the advantage of the UAV is that they do not get tired, so they can stay in the air much longer than manned aircraft that is why the HS Taranis is being looked in to see is an UAV can be in-flight refuelled.

By mid June 2008, Lord Ba’al’s forces are nearly ready to attack Osiris secret ship yard production facility producing the new Isis class warship, though Lord Ba’al does not know about the Isis class warship, all Lord Ba’al is that this is some sort of ship production facility that Osiris has kept secret from the other system lords.

Lord Ba’al plan is to attack this ship production facility, but not destroy the ship production facility instead Lord Ba’al hopes that the attack will reveal the location to the other system lords that are under Lord Yu and dividing Osiris off from Lord Yu forces. Thus leaving Osiris vulnerable to being attack a second time and destroyed by Lord Ba’al’s forces, giving Lord Ba’al’s forces two quick victories in a row, even if Lord Yu does cast Osiris out this should drive a wedge of suspicion between Lord Yu and Osiris.

Lord Ba’al’s ‘technical advisor’ a minor Goa'uld called Nerus, an inventor, known for his “many appetites” has advised Lord Ba’al that Osiris may be building something other than normal Goa'uld warships, as Osiris warship numbers have not increased. Even with this advice from Nerus, Lord Ba’al and his other Goa'uld see no reason in not attacking Osiris base, if Osiris is building a secret fleet then if they are out number they can always withdraw, the outcome (in relation to Lord Yu) should be the same.

Unfortunately from Lord Ba’al, Osiris has been already thinking of informing Lord Yu of the new class of warship the ‘he has designed’, as Osiris he cannot keep this new warship secret and telling Lord Yu will be better for him, as once they start operations there will be no hiding them from Lord Yu.

All Lord Ba’al needs now is a minor system lord as a patsy in case anything goes wrong, Lord Ba’al does have a few ideas who to use as the patsy.

On the 18th July 2008, a surge in Conservative support continued as the latest MORI poll put them 20 points ahead of Labour on 47%. With an election due within the next two years and possibly next year, David Cameron was well on course to become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom. With an economic crisis beginning and fears of a recession and mass unemployment rising, it was widely expected that his popularity would continue to grow. Further bad news for the economy shows that it contracted by 0.1% in the second quarter of this year ending 16 years of unbroken economic growth.

Even with the current Labour government trying to spend (with the UK monetary reserves) its way out of the current looming economic crisis is not proving to be very successful, even those defence projects and infrastructure projects are not helping with exports, as the money is starting to dry up from countries purchasing goods from the UK.

During August 2008, an increased Royal Navy presence Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, with a squadron of Type 23 frigates (5 ships) being the backbone of the anti-piracy force. Other nations (NATO and Non-NATO countries) will send warship and aircraft, as part of a growing international anti-piracy force on a rotating basis in that part of the world.

The commonwealth will also play a large part in these anti-piracy operations, as will the US the command for these anti-piracy operations will be a rotating six-month command from each participating nation that can send a major command type warship to control such an operation.

In other areas of the planet such as the Strait of Malacca the joint anti-piracy operations are lead by three countries Australia, New Zealand and Singapore (the main naval base for anti-piracy operations). This has lead to an increase in the number of patrol vessels ordered by these three countries (including variants of the Visby class corvettes), all these new patrol vessels all come with helicopter facilities allowing a longer reconnaissance/attack range for each vessel.

Also involved in these anti-piracy operations around the world are the Defence ministries of the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada under the Chief of Combined Defence Staffs to coordinate the countries anti-piracy operations, along with coordinating with other countries as well.

With the growing world economic problems the world cannot afford to keep losing so much trade to piracy, also politically it is bad as well.

On the 1st September 2008, Dr Nicholas Rush joins Project Phoenix, after Dr Rush is informed that his can cure his wife’s illness, but can tell no one about Project Phoenix even his own wife, his wife will also have to keep how she was cured a secret, she agrees after talking to her husband. Dr Rush only takes a second to agree to work for Project Phoenix after all this is a chance of a lifetime to research alien technologies.

[Authors Note: still undecided about whether Project Phoenix (Dr Rush) will find Destiny yet]

On the 15th September 2008, Lehman Brothers files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, laying the catalyst for the Global financial crisis to begin in earnest, as the first ripples have already been felt around the world.

On the 29th September 2008, the DOW loses 777 points, the biggest one-day point decline ever. The drop comes after the House of Representatives votes down a $700 billion bank bailout plan. In the UK Gordon Brown is also not having much success in dealing with the growing world financial problem and with the US news the UK FT-100 takes a similar drop even with the backing of the UK Treasury and the Bank of England supporting the FT-100 still continues to fall for the rest of the day.

1st October 2008

Othala, Asgard Home World

Othala is now the home world to an expanding and growing Asgard race, with a population of over 12 billion and growing a very fast rate thanks to their allies help in fixing their cloning problem. The Asgard are expanding their colony worlds within their home galaxy to accommodate their growing population this time however when they are exploring worlds within their home galaxy they are taking much more care, as to not to bring onboard unknowns like the replicators.

The Asgard fleet under the command of the Supreme Commander, Thor, is also growing with thousands of Mountbatten class warships along with thousands of Asgard science vessels and still building.

Asgard warship – Mountbatten, location Asgard shipyards, Valhalla system

As Thor watches the activity around shipyard from his flagship, he thinks to himself, without the humans from Phoenix, we would be a dyeing race or even a dead race by now, we own them so much. Thor is well aware of the Turing Prediction and what Phoenix are planning in relation to the US, Thor considers this plan risky, but there is really no choice, after all they cannot just murder crew of the Lexington and SG-1.

Thor has been working on a battle plan (with Admiral Timms) for the ‘worst case scenario’ if the encounter with the US goes badly, in Thor’s joint plan he will use overwhelming numbers of Mountbatten class warships in support of Phoenixes Royal Space Fleet.

Thor’s plan is simple, but extremely deadly his own estimates of the ‘battle’ against the US is just a few hours from start to the end, Thor hopes it will not come to this.

Thor a member of the Asgard High Council and is also a strong voice for supporting Phoenix, though Thor is not alone in supporting Phoenix the vast majority of the Asgard High Council support Thor’s position in this matter, those members who do not are a very small minority. Even so, this small minority is aware that the Asgard race does owe Phoenix a great deal, though they disagree about helping Phoenix with so much and think that the Asgard should take a step back.

Time and time again this small minority has been blocked by the majority of the Asgard High Council, if that was not enough the Nox also support the Asgard (in a non-military way) and what they are doing in relation to Phoenix, as do the Alterans.

The small minority of Asgard High Council members will never be able to change the current course of the Asgard race in relations with Phoenix.

The Asgard, Nox and Alterans will stand beside their Phoenix allies whatever happens next year and they will be ready for whatever future may present itself.

The Great Alliance of the Three (once four) is again formed and working well, all three races agree that this alliance should not be allowed to fall as it did in the past. The ongoing search for the Furlings has discovered that they have left their former home world and colonies and they have not just died out, as their technologies have been removed. Where the Furlings have gone remains a mystery to the Asgard, Nox and the Alterans, for the Asgard and the Nox are continuing to search, the Alterans are not taking part in this search as they are focused on rebuilding their own race.

The rebuilding of the Alterans race is ongoing both the Asgard and the Nox understand that this takes priority over all other things including looking for the Furlings.

The Asgard High Council have sent Odin and his followers on this quest to locate the Furlings as a form of punishment, after Odin and his followers had experimented on humans in the Pegasus Galaxy. This is extremely boring work and Odin is not pleased to be given this job as it involves going to every single planet that the Furlings ever used and investigating it this will take Odin and his followers over 100 years to achieve if no help is forthcoming from the Asgard High Council.

On the 3rd October 2008, the global financial crisis eases slightly as President George W. Bush signs the revised Emergency Economic Stabilization Act into law, creating a 700 billion dollar Treasury fund to purchase failing bank assets.

On the 8th October 2008, the UK government announces a bank rescue package and financial stimulus worth some £900 billion (taken from the UK reserves) as a response to the ongoing financial crisis. With the dollar pound exchange rate this is almost twice as much as the US government is putting into its own Emergency Economic Stabilization Act. Even so, the markets do not react very much to this news, as this influx of money will take years to achieve the desired results and in an age of instant results (for political needs), this is not good for the current government, but it is good for the leader of the opposition.

As October comes to an end Project Phoenix the Asgard, Nox and the Alterans await to see if this Barack Obama becomes the 44th President of the United States, as Alan Turing has predicted, if this does happen then the first phase to inform the US government will begin next year.

Once Project Phoenix, Asgard, Nox and the Alterans is set on this path, there will be no turning back.

November 2008

On the 4th November 2008, just as predicted by Alan Turing, Barack Obama becomes the 44th President of the United States.

On the 10th November 2008, the Committee of Four meet they discuss Barack Obama becoming President of the United States and vote on the next move, all four committee members vote in favour of this move to make contact with the US and inform the US about Project Phoenix. Though the Committee of Four makes it very clear to Director Turing that if they had their way they would have left the Lexington to its fate. However, that aside, what is done, is done and they must move forward the Committee of Four also state that after the US is informed the Chinese will be informed of the UK Stargate program.

Director Turing is not happy about informing two of Earth’s major powers about Project Phoenix in one year but the Committee of Four overrule Director Turing in that next year it should have been the Chinese first then the US, but the Lexington incident has reversed this decision this is now the way the Project Phoenix will precede.

This time Director Turing will do as he is told, with the US first then the Chinese.

All Director Turing says to the Committee of Four is “Understood” before leaving to carry out his orders.

The first stages of this Earth side move will happen in March 2009, just after President Obama’s inauguration and within a few days or so after President Obama has been informed about the US Stargate program.

The Lexington incident has moved this timetable up, now Project Phoenix is committed to a certain path, but preparations must be made for the ‘worse case scenario’.

Director Turing leaves the meeting with the knowledge that he has been given the ok for contact with the US government, but in a very controlled way, even so a lot could still go wrong.

Preparations must be made for the ‘worst case scenario’ you never know he could be wrong about his prediction.

On the 11th November 2008, back on Heliopolis Director Turing informs the rest of the leadership of the Committee of Four’s decision and puts Project Phoenixes military forces on a full war footing for March 2009. In the meeting, the mood is grim as everyone in the meeting knows what will happen if the US takes any aggressive action against the four Project Phoenix counties in Earth.

The reason for calling for a full war footing now is this will allow a gradual build up and activation of the military this will allow Project Phoenixes military forces to test all their systems and get any bugs cleared.

This will be the first time in Project Phoenixes history that they will move to a full war footing everyone knows the price of an error and they all hope there will be no errors on either side.

On the 12th November 2008, all across Heliopolis Project Phoenixes military begins to prepare for the worst with all warships, fighters and ground equipment being made combat ready. All non-essential Research and Development work is halted and various R&D personnel are reassigned to the preparations for the worst, all this activity does not go unnoticed by the crew of the Lexington and SG-1.

On the 13th November 2008, the crew of the Lexington and SG-1 are now aware of the increased military tempo you would have to blind, deaf and dumb to miss it and begin to ask questions, about what s happing.

Ronson, O’Neill and Carter are invited to meet the Commander Royal Space Fleet Rear Admiral Jason Timms, at the fleet headquarters building in New London, as Ronson, O’Neill and Carter walk towards Admiral Timms offices they are getting some ‘odd looks’ as if they are about to be given some very bad news.

Once they are all seated Admiral Timms says, “Thank you for coming, I am sure you have noticed the increased military activity this in preparation just in case the ‘Prediction’ is wrong and the US attacks us next year.”

O’Neill looks at Ronson and Carter before stating, “I would guess it looks like you are fully mobilising?”

Admiral Timms replies, “We are, but this is for the ‘worse case’ we hope these forces will not be needed at all, but if they are we will be ready.”

O’Neill asks, “What will happen if this ‘Prediction’ happens?”

Admiral Timms in a cold but said tone replies, “We will remove the US military in a quick but extremely lethal manner.”

A very shocked Carter asks, “You have that capability?”

Admiral Timms in a said tone replies, “Yes believe me we do, but in this battle we will have help.”

A knot Carters stomach begins to form, as she feels she knows what is coming but still asks, “Help, what sort of help?”

Admiral Timms replies, “The Asgard will be backing us with their own military forces in a support capacity, along with the Nox and possibly the Alterans as well, but adding in the Alterans is overkill.”

O’Neill says, “I would have thought the Asgard would have been overkill from what we have seen of your warships combat capability you could do the job yourselves?”

Admiral Timms replies, “No not really, if you knew what a single Alteran warship is capable off then you would understand the scale of the capability of each of these races.”

A still shocked Carter asks, “You mean that an Asgard warship is less capable than an Alteran warship?”

Admiral Timms replies, “Yes and no, from what we have observed a single Alteran warship is many times more capable than a single Asgard warship and by those terms one of our warships are many times less capable than a single Asgard warship.”

An even more shocked as Carter begins to realise what Admiral Timmsis saying, Carter says, “Oh crap, I get it. Your warships are less capable than a single Asgard warship, but an Asgard warship is by definition less capable than several Alteran warships?”

Admiral Timms replies, “Yes in those simple terms.” What Admiral Timms ‘accidently’ fails to mention is the AEM and the power boost it give Royal Space Navy ships this allows Royal Space Navy ships (Dreadnought class) to be on par with Asgard ships.

Ronson and O’Neill exchange nervous glances, as they now understand what Admiral Timms is getting at, in that the Asgard will be a supporting force for any problem that Project Phoenix warships cannot deal with.

If the Asgard cannot deal with the problem then the Alterans will be called...

In those terms if anything goes wrong the US is screwed.

They leave the meeting hoping that their government will not do anything stupid everyone is praying for nothing to go wrong.

On the 14th November 2008, the Prime Ministers and other approve government ministers, military chiefs (that are Project Phoenix cleared) are informed of the Lexington incident all are shocked that this was kept from them, but there is nothing that they can do about this as some approve and some do not. Without all four Prime Ministers agreeing, the Committee of Four cannot be overridden by the four Project Phoenix member countries or if the Royal Prerogative is in play, which it is not.

The one thing that the four Prime Ministers find annoying is that Her Majesty the Queen had been informed and they had not. The only thing that the four Prime Ministers can agree on is they in future they must be informed the Committee of Four must abide by this order as the four Prime Ministers are in agreement (a first and probably last time).

On the 15th November 2008, Director Turing along with the Nox, Asgard and Merlin present on Heliopolis in the main briefing room in New London’s military command headquarters informs them of the decision to take the next step with the US, under controlled conditions, Director Turing formally asks for all three races assistance to make sure nothing goes wrong.

The Nox, Asgard and Merlin all inform Director Turing that they will be happy to help their allies at this time, though the Nox informs Director Turing that they will not provide any combat assistance only medical assistance, Director Turing reply is that he would ‘expect nothing else from the Nox’.

The Nox representative Lya smiles gracefully at Director Turing and states that Project Phoenix is maturing very well the Asgard and Merlin both agree with Lya, Director Turing smiles he knows that is a great step for Project Phoenix to have achieved such a level of relations with these three races.

At this meeting, Merlin agrees to allow Atlantis to return to the Milky Way Galaxy Merlin will give the necessary information to allow this to happen to the Nox and the Asgard.

On the 30th November 2008, with Project Phoenixes military forces are moving towards a potential war footing, on Atlantis all personnel are recalled from off world missions. Atlantis engines begin pre-fight tests in preparation to return to the Milky Way Galaxy.

Director Turing had thought it best if Atlantis returned to the Milky Way Galaxy this would mean that the Wraith had no way of getting to the Milky Way Galaxy and the War between the Asuran and the Wraith can go on without risk to anyone outside the Pegasus Galaxy.

Now that Merlin has given his ok to this idea, Atlantis will return to the Milky Way Galaxy as soon as possible.

Also all relativity missions have been stopped for the time being.

On the 1st December 2008, Pegasus Galaxy, Atlantis, as Atlantis is now fully ready for the trip home (to Heliopolis), Silvia Fisher head of the Atlantis Expedition gives the instruction to launch. In the control chair is one of the 9 that have the highest ATA Gene is at the controls (not Turing), Mark Hall closes his eyes and thinks ‘lift off ... launch .... lift off .... launch ....’

Mark Hall’s abilities are different to Turing’s, Mark cannot see the future (though Turing needs to be asleep for his ability to work), instead he has telekinesis the ability to move an object or several objects with just a thought, Mark’s unarmed combat abilities are something to be seen, as he never lays a finger on an opponent. Mark has no military rank, as he is a civilian, but has been given training that will allow him to defend himself in case someone or something wants to try to take him by force.

With the shields up, Atlantis sub-light engines fire into life and slowly but surely Atlantis gains altitude at a faster and faster pace the city ship rises from the ocean for the first time in 10,000 years. Down in the power hub the three AEM’s are being monitored for any unexpected power drain or any other faults. There are twelve spares onboard Atlantis just in case they are needed, along with several dozen Asgard and Nox watching/monitoring the power/fight system.

For the Nox/Asgard, they are very curious how an Alteran city/ship like Atlantis functions in both normal space and in hyperspace the Nox are especially interested, as they will use any information gained to modify/improve their own city/ships.

Merlin is not present, though he has informed the Nox/Asgard of the things to watch out for in case of problems and if necessary he will come and help if anything should go wrong, after all an Alteran warship can be anywhere within a few minutes.

Once clear of the planets atmosphere Atlantis jumps into hyperspace leaving the Pegasus Galaxy behind, along with the Asuran/Wraith war still blazing away, with no real end in sight.

On the 2nd December 2008, Atlantis drops out of hyperspace in the Heliopolis system and begins its approach to Heliopolis.

Atlantis will land just offshore of the old castle, were the first off world mission happened all those decades ago, as this is the area that has been prepared for Atlantis, with undersea anchors already in place. A considerable crowd has gathered along the coast to watch Atlantis land, with schools and the college have been closed for the landing so that all the children can see Atlantis land.

In addition, watching Atlantis land offshore is all of the crew of the Lexington and SG-1 (with bracelets) in utter amazement at the descending city ship towards the sea, along with the subsequent landing.

All O’Neill can say, “Now that is impressive.”

No one from either the crew of the Lexington or SG-1 disagrees with O’Neill’s comment or can comment themselves they are all struck speechless at this sight of a flying city.

With Atlantis landed the next phase of preparations can begin the Royal Space Fleet is fully formed, with all warships now present in the Heliopolis system.

The total number of warships available to Project Phoenix for protection against the Turing Prediction along with those ships normally fitted with AEM(s) is as follows

3 Defiance class armed freighters (fitted with 1 AEM each)
3 Black Prince class freighters (fitted with 1 AEM each)
12 Dreadnought class battleships (3 AEM’s fitted to HMS Victory and HMS Dreadnought, though when being serviced these are transferred to other battleships)
9 Courageous class battlecruisers
32 Scorpion class heavy cruisers

Total number of ‘troops’ available includes the 26 off world teams (Alpha to Zebra) with each off world team containing 60 troops for a total of 1,560, along with 32,000 garrison/security troops, also are the ‘armoured troops’ of the Light Armoured Vehicle (shielded) LAV(S) battalions.

All troops have been issued with their new battle suits.

Project Phoenix has a total ‘army’ of 61,500 officers and troops.

If the US try’s anything Project Phoenix will be as ready as it can be, hopefully their will be no Turing Prediction, as Director Turing has not had such a prediction for a long time, so hopefully everything will go ok when informing the US of Project Phoenixes existence next year.

[FONT=&quot]To be continued.[/FONT]
67. 2009 – Revelations

Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

On the 1st January 2009, Heliopolis all major military forces move closer to a full war status, all Project Phoenix warships are issued with three AEM’s each (with the approval of the Asgard, Nox and Merlin) all off world missions have been stopped.

Military Headquarters, Heliopolis

Admiral Timms looking at the report that all RNSP ships each now have three AEM’s looking at General Elizabeth Green says, “Well that was an unexpected ‘gift’?”

General Green replies, “No, not really they have been giving us ‘unexpected gifts’ like this for a while. The real question once this is all over will they allow us to keep all our ships equipped with AEM’s?”

Admiral Timms smiles and says, “That is a good question, I would guess that could be a yes to that question?”

General Green replies, “I agree Admiral, based on past performance of the Asgard, Nox and Merlin that would show that they trust us to use these AEM’s in an appropriate manner?”

Admiral Timms says, “Yes it would, but for now we must continue with the final planning stages.”

The final stages of planning are almost complete.

On the 20th January 2009, Barack Obama is sworn in as President of the United States of America President Obama has already been receiving national security briefings as President Elect.

On the 21st January 2009, President Obama receives his briefing on the US Stargate program from Director Woolsey and Senator Kinsey, after the briefing is over President Obama initially thinks that this is a joke. However, after repeated assurances from Director Woolsey along with Senator Kinsey that this is not a joke President Obama is shocked.

Over the next few months, President Obama will be brought up to speed on the US Stargate program, along with the recent loss of the Lexington and her crew, President Obama immediately orders that no further missions of this type take place until more ships become available.

President Obama is briefed on the construction of three additional Lexington class battle cruisers USS Constellation (under construction) and the USS Saratoga and
USS Ranger planned. The Constellation is nearing completion and should be launched by the end of 2010, with trials taking place during 2011 and being fully operational by early 2012.

President Obama is also briefed on the recent rouge NID officers and that this was resolved (by the British SI-5 in a very lethal manner) and the subsequent cover-up by both governments, by mutual agreement. Along with the ongoing off world operations via the Stargate and the technological advances which the Stargate program could offer the US.

In the end, President Obama will offer his full support to the US Stargate program, along with supporting Senator Kinsey remaining head of the Senate Intelligence Committee (the Republicans like that idea without realising why) that is in charge of the budget for this program. President Obama can see that advantages of the US Stargate program for the US in the long term, even though the cost of the program is growing.

On the 7th February 2009, the deadliest bushfires in Australian history begin; they kill 173, injure 500 more, and leave 7,500 homeless. The fires come after Melbourne records the highest-ever temperature (46.4°C, 115°F) of any capital city in Australia. The majority of the fires are ignited by either fallen or clashing power lines or deliberately lit the ones that are deliberately lit are investigated by Australia’s own version of the UK’s SI-5. This unit will find all those responsible for the fires that were deliberately lit and bring them to justice, those responsible will be sentenced to very long prison terms.

Near the end of March 2009, a letter from the UK Ambassador to the US will reveal indirectly that the UK knows about the US Stargate program and wants to talk to the US about the US Stargate program.

On the 1st March 2009, the Royal Space Fleet of Project Phoenix is ready, along with thirty Asgard Mountbatten class warships along with an unknown number of Nox ships, with all Nox ships cloaked.

HMS Dreadnought

Onboard his flagship HMS Dreadnought Admiral Timms says, “Communications have our ships forum up.”

The crewmember at the communications station says, “Aye Admiral”

All of Project Phoenixes warships begin to form up well clear of Heliopolis, allowing the Royal Space Fleet to form up clear of all potential obstacles. This will also allow the Asgard and the cloaked Nox ships to form up, though with the Nox ships cloaked no one is sure where they are.

At the core of the Royal Space Fleet are the 12 Dreadnought class battleships next are the 9 Courageous class battlecruisers and finally the 32 Scorpion class heavy cruisers forming a parameter.

Behind the Royal Space Fleet the thirty Asgard Mountbatten class warships are forming up with the Nox ships, though no one is certain about the location of the Nox ships, though all suspects that the Nox may have many more ships cloaked, but no one is asking, even the Asgard.

All the Nox are saying is ‘we are here if you need us’

This is a formidable force for the Royal Space Fleet to deploy, however for the Asgard and the Nox, this is small fraction of their space fleets, with more Asgard and the Nox ships available if needed, but Thor does not think that this will not be necessary.

Nevertheless, at the edge of the Asgard galaxy a fleet of fifty Asgard ships await, just in case Thor is wrong, these Asgard ships can be at Earth within a minute of being summoned.

After an hour of forming up the crewmember at the communications station says, “Admiral the combined fleets are fully formed up and awaiting your order.”

Admiral Timms says, “Very well, commence jump into hyperspace towards the coordinates.”

The crewmember at the communications station says, “Aye Admiral, sending signal.”

One by one, the ships of the combined fleets slowly accelerate together and then jump into hyperspace towards the rendezvous coordinates.

On Heliopolis, from his office Director Turing watches on his holographic display as the ships jump into hyperspace.

On the 2nd March 2009, the ships of the combined fleets drop out of hyperspace 50 light years from Earth, they will not enter the Solar system they will only enter the Solar system if the Turing Prediction happens. Even after all this time the Mountbatten doctrine about Project Phoenix capital ships not entering the Solar system remains in force, even the Asgard, Nox and Alterans obey this doctrine.

Now the combined fleets will begin a series of battle drills (the Nox in a non-combat role) to make sure that any bugs will be ironed out of the battle plan, before the US are informed.

Watching the backdoor so to speak is another detachment of Asgard warships under the command of Hermiod with 12 Mountbatten class warships to watch over both Heliopolis and Camelot. Camelot is equipped with a full complement of the new orbital defence stations, these will allow early warning of any attacking ship these orbital defence stations will be backed up by a detachment of 12 Mountbatten class warships that can be deployed from Heliopolis after all there is not much 12 Mountbatten class ships cannot handle.

The Nox are also present with several of their own city ships (cloaked) ready to help in case there are any causalities that in the unlikely event that Phoenix cannot handle their own possible causalities, along with keep a stealthy eye on the approaches to both Heliopolis and Camelot.

Now all they can do is practice and wait and pray or hope for the best.

On the 20th March 2009, the UK Ambassador to the US Sir Nigel Sheinwald is ordered by the UK to arrange a brief meeting with President Obama and to hand President Obama a highly secret message from the UK government. The UK Ambassador to the US is ordered not to open the letter also is given strict instructions to hand this letter over to anyone else but President Obama and to keep his mouth shut.

All messages concerning these communications are done in the highest level of encrypted coding the UK has available (on Earth), with only the embassy’s most senior decipher operator allowed to decode these message for the Ambassador.

All copies of these messages are destroyed, after confirmation of receipt.

On the 21st March 2009, Sir Nigel Sheinwald confirms that the meeting has been arranged a reply almost immediately comes back from the UK that a courier (via diplomatic bag) will arrive the next day to deliver the letter into the ambassador’s hand and only the ambassador’s hand.

On the 22nd March 2009, the courier duly arrives, hands Sir Nigel Sheinwald the letter to Sir Nigel Sheinwald and then leaves without waiting for a reply.

Between the 23rd and 24th March, Sir Nigel Sheinwald has several sleepless nights worrying about this letter and what it contains, as the letter is for President Obama’s eyes only and that means to Sir Nigel Sheinwald’s mind that this letter is very important.

On the 25th March 2009, the UK Ambassador to the US Sir Nigel Sheinwald meets President Obama handing the President the letter. Inside the envelope is a note asking that NID Director Woolsey along with Senator Kinsey also accompany the President on the G-20 visit to the UK to discuss a program that the US operates out of Area 51. The note also suggests that the reason for bringing along NID Director Woolsey along with Senator Kinsey in a ‘security conference’ with the UK this could also be used as confirmation between the two governments without giving anything away.

The UK Ambassador does not know the content of the note he has given to President Obama and he informs the President that this information in the note is not for his eyes, Sir Nigel Sheinwald has merely been used as a ‘messenger boy’.

Once the message has been delivered Sir Nigel Sheinwald leaves the White House and returns the British embassy to report ‘message delivered’.

On the 26th March 2009, late evening President Obama meets with NID Director Woolsey, Senator Kinsey and General Hammond at the White House to discuss what to do about the British letter.

Senator Kinsey starts by saying, “It may be nothing to do with the Stargate Mr President we know British Intelligence is very good. So I would suggest giving nothing away until the British confirm that they know about the Stargate.”

President Obama asks, “Director Woolsey your option?”

Director Woolsey replies, “Mr President I agree with Senator Kinsey, but we do need a ‘game plan’ if the British know about the Stargate program and want in on it. However, the problem is we do not know, as this letter does not indicate that they know about our Stargate program, just a ‘program being run out of Area 51’ and nothing more. Also this letters is unsigned, but it has the letterhead of number ten Downing Street that must means that this letter comes from the Prime Minister?”

President Obama nods at Director Woolsey in agreement and asks, “General Hammond your option?”

General Hammond replies, “Mr President I also agree with Director Woolsey that the letter does not refer to our Stargate program however that said we do need a game plan if the British have found out about our Stargate program. If that is the case may I might point out Mr President bringing the British onboard could have advantages, after all they are our strongest allies and from a military standpoint having the other remaining superpower on the planet ‘on side’ would be a good thing to have?”

President Obama says, “General Hammond you have made several good points having the British onboard could have advantages to our Stargate Program. The question is now much should we give them?”

Senator Kinsey replies, “As little as possible, it is our Stargate program after all.”

Director Woolsey replies, “Mr President I agree with Senator Kinsey up to a point, we may have to give away more than we would like to keep the British with us. I do like the idea of using the idea of a ‘security conference’ with the UK as a cover for this meeting. With the ongoing fight against terrorism it will be something that everyone will not find suspicious at all.”

President Obama says, “Very well, we will now discuss what to give the British if they have discovered the existence of our Stargate.”

General Hammond, Director Woolsey and Senator Kinsey simultaneously reply, “Yes Mr President.”

Therefore, the talks go on...

Over the next few hours they come up with a ‘game plan’ on how much they should give the UK, if the UK knows about the US Stargate program, if it is something else then the US will share this with the UK.

All this planning will be for nothing as President Obama, NID Director Woolsey, Senator Kinsey along with General Hammond do not know that this is not what the UK is about to reveal to the US.

It is not about what the US thinks the UK knows what is going on, but what the US does not know what is going on!

Between the 31st March and the 2nd April 2009, President Barack Obama visits the UK as part of the G-20 summit, what President Obama along with Director Woolsey and Senator Kinsey is about to discover that the UK has its own Stargate program. Though after this briefing President Obama will not be fully focused on the G-20 meeting this will be noticed by the press, but will be dismissed as President Obama is focused on the aftermath ‘security conference’ with the UK.

In deep space at the holding position the combined fleets are awaiting to hear what happens, it will either be a go or no go.

In a late night meeting (31st March) in a secure location in London, President Obama, NID Director Woolsey and Senator Kinsey in a meeting with Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Defence Secretary George Robertson, along with an, as yet unidentified man (Director Turing).

There are no presidential aides or secret service agents present at this meeting, as the room has been fully screened, by both the secret service and SI-5. With only the six of them in the room, the cover story is a security conference between the UK Prime Minister and the US President, as this is listed as a security conference very little information has been given out for security reasons.

The press has ‘lapped up’ the security conference cover story with keen interest and are reporting various stories relating to the ongoing fight against terrorism etc, as possible discussion points between the two superpower leaders.

After the doors close and they are now alone Gordon Brown is the first to speak, “Mr President, first of all let me inform you that with know of the US Stargate program currently based at Area 51.”

This is comment comes as no real surprise to President Obama who smiles and replies, “Well I suppose there is no use in denying it Prime Minister?”

Gordon Brown says, “Not really, we can demonstrate our knowledge of how a Stargate works etc, but I do not think that that would be needed.”

President Obama replies, “No not really, however your letter demonstrated that you knew something, but did not say what you knew.”

George Robertson states, “A necessary security precaution.”

A puzzled Senator Kinsey looking at George Robertson asks, “A security precaution, I do not see why that was necessary after all we know about our own Stargate program.”

George Robertson closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and thinks to himself well here we go and opens his eyes looking at a still puzzled Senator Kinsey and replies, “It was not to protect your Stargate program it was to protect our Stargate program.”

President Obama, Director Woolsey and Senator Kinsey all exchange stunned glances this is not the response that they had expected, Director Woolsey is the one that manages to ask, “Did you say your Stargate program?”

George Robertson replies, “Yes our Stargate program.”

Senator Kinsey now finds his voice asks, “You have a Stargate as well?”

George Robertson replies, “Yes”

At this point President Obama finally finds his voice and asks, “We have had our Stargate since the mid 1990’s how long have you had yours?”

Gordon Brown and George Robertson look at the unidentified man (Director Turing), the unidentified man who says, “Since 1928”

President Obama, Director Woolsey and Senator Kinsey again all exchange stunned glances, Director Woolsey asks, “Did you says 1928?”

Unidentified man says, “Yes”

Senator Kinsey looking at the unidentified man asks, “If I may ask, who are you?”

Unidentified man says, “I am the director of the UK Stargate program, I am called Alan Turing.”

President Obama with an element of recognition on his face asks, “The Alan Turing, if you are the Alan Turing I have heard of the one that did the code breaking at Bletchley Park, but you died?”

Director Turing replies, “Yes I am ‘that’ Alan Turing the reports of my ‘death’ were falsified as a security precaution.”

President Obama says, “Amazing you do not appear to have aged very much.”

Director Turing replies, “Our medical technology gives us certain advantages, not to mention our alien allies.” Turing has decided that telling the US that baring any accidents he will live for a very long time, possibly several thousand years, as everyone (Project Phoenix) thinks that revealing everything to the US would be bad.

Senator Kinsey asks, “Alien allies?”

Director Turing replies, “Yes, we have several alien allies.”

George Robertson interrupts this conversation and says, “We have briefing for you that Director Turing will give this should help a lot.”

President Obama says, “I think we need to listen to this briefing first.”

Both Senator Kinsey and Senator Kinsey say at the same time, “Yes Mr President”

George Robertson replies, “Thank you Mr President, Director Turing you may begin.”

Director Turing says, “Thank you, so to begin, in Egypt, Giza, January 1928, Professor David Phillips is leading a British archaeological expedition, discovers a large circular cover stone and a ring-shaped device underneath it, later this is determined to be a Stargate, nearby they also discover a large, pedestal-shaped device...”

President Obama, NID Director Woolsey and Senator Kinsey listen to the briefing in stunned silence.

An hour later, a very abridged version of how Project Phoenix program has ‘evolved’ of the decades, along with the news that the US is not the first country to be informed as is the fourth behind Australia, New Zealand and Canada has finished...

President Obama, Director Woolsey and Senator Kinsey all exchange stunned glances, none of them know what to say to what they have just heard.

Director Woolsey is the first to speak, “Why could you not inform, our government sooner?”

Director Turing replies, “That is a very long story and is very involved, but we have a very good reason to think that the former President would react very badly to this news and could lead to hostilities between the UK and the US.”

Senator Kinsey says, “That sounds like a poor excuse.”

Director Turing replies, “Well in simple terms we have the ability to predict the future for certain events.”

Senator Kinsey says, “That sounds even more unbelievable.”

Director Turing replies, “Yes it does sound unbelievable Senator Kinsey, but it is true.”

Director Woolsey asks, “Is that why you have waited until now to tell us?”

Director Turing replies, “In a way yes we have waiting until now to inform you, but not at this time we would have preferred a later date this has been forced onto us by events.”

Director Woolsey asks, “You mean our Stargate program?”

Director Turing replies, “Yes and the Lexington incident have forced us to accelerate our program to inform you.”

Director Woolsey now catching on the conversation asks, “Wait, you know what happened to the Lexington?”

Director Turing replies, “Yes the Lexington and your SG-1 team, as you call them are safe.”

Senator Kinsey asks, “You have them?”

Director Turing replies, “Yes they are being looked after on one of our worlds that we control.”

An annoyed Director Woolsey asks, “Wait you rescued them and did not tell us that was over a year ago.”

Director Turing replies, “Yes, it was a necessary security precaution the crew and ship will be returned to you within the next few days.”

President Obama who has been listening to the exchange asks, “What happen to the Lexington was it attacked?”

Director Turing replies, “Mr President the Lexington was attacked by eleven Goa'uld warships and was on the verge of being either captured or destroyed. That is when we intervened and destroyed the eleven Goa'uld warships and rescued the Lexington.”

President Obama asks, “That must have been a major operation on your part?”

Director Turing replies, “No not really we only used one warship to destroy the eleven Goa'uld warships.”

There is a gasp from both Director Woolsey and Senator Kinsey when they hear that one warship destroyed eleven Goa'uld warships, as both Director Woolsey and Senator Kinsey know the capabilities of a Goa'uld warship compared to the Lexington, as this is something that Carter had warned them about.

These discussions go on for a few more hours before President Obama asks, “What happens now?”

Director Turing replies, “Firstly we need to return the Lexington ship’s crew and SG1 then we need to open discussions about what happens after that.”

President Obama asks, “What do you mean after that?”

Director Turing replies, “Mr President, we can inform you of worlds that the Goa'uld knows nothing off, along with informing you of worlds you should keep clear off and the current geo-political position in this Galaxy.”

President Obama replies, “I understand, I think that this would be the best way to proceed.”

The meeting breaks up.

In the aftermath of this meeting a joint statement is issued by the UK/US stating that this ‘security conference’ has been a success and that further security conferences should be held in future.

With the G-8 meetings, lasting several days after President Obama issues his instructions relating to Project Phoenix can be fully executed by Stargate Command and confirmed back to Project Phoenix for a delivery date for the Lexington, Lexington ship’s crew and SG1 to Site Alpha.

Events are now set for peaceful relations between Stargate Command and Project Phoenix this first thing that will need to be done is recall the Royal Space Fleet and stand down Project Phoenix from a war footing.

Within an hour of this meeting ending, Director Turing has ringed back to RAF Barra and then taken the Stargate back to Heliopolis, as Director Turing needs to send a signal to the combined fleets to stand down.

Deep Space, 50 Light Years from Earth

HMS Dreadnought

Admiral Timms has been sitting in his chair nervously waiting to see what happens, suddenly the communications officer says, “Admiral, signal coming in from Heliopolis” then pausing for a few moment with a huge smile growing on his face he says, “signal reads ‘Stand down, no hostilities, return home, Director Turing’.”

Around the bridge, cheers break out, Admiral Timms in a loud voice says, “Forward to the rest of the fleet.”

The communications officer nods and sends the signal.

Supreme Commander, Thor’s Ship Mountbatten

Onboard the Mountbatten Thor greets the news of the success of informing the US of Project Phoenix will a sigh of relief then Thor feels the beads of sweat coming down his forehead. Thor wipes his forehead with his hand and looks at the sweat on his hand and thinks to himself ‘that is the first time in several eons that I have sweated like this’ and gives the order for the Asgard ships to return home.

Both sides assume the Nox have returned home, though as the Nox ships are cloaked there is no way to verify this.

A final thought occurs to Thor as his ship jumps into hyperspace ‘the Nox are annoying even though they are our friends’ and smiles to himself at his own joke.


With the success of the first contact between the US and the UK, the Lexington ship’s crew and SG1 are informed that the initial meeting has been a success and arrangements are being made to return them are the Lexington back to Site Alpha.

Lexington ship’s crew and SG1 are extremely relieved that everything went ok and are very happy to be returning home they have a lot of information about Project Phoenix to inform Stargate Command about. Though none of this information is of a technical nature it will inform the US how far advanced Project Phoenix is compared to Stargate Command.

Events will now move forward on a step-by-step basis for both Project Phoenix and Stargate Command.

On the 2nd April 2009, the Royal Space Fleet returns to Heliopolis were the celebrations last well into the early hours of the next morning the sense of relief is overwhelming.

Director Turing offers to return the ‘surplus’ AEM’s, all Hermiod says is “keep them, you have earned them, oh and if you need replacements let me know”.

The Royal Space Fleet ships are now permanently equipped with AEM’s and another level of trust has been earned between Project Phoenix and the Asgard, Nox and the Alterans.

On the 3rd April 2009, Director Woolsey and Senator Kinsey return to the US to inform General Hammond of what has occurred General Hammond is as shocked as Director Woolsey and Senator Kinsey was when they were informed. Senator Kinsey informs General Hammond that when President Obama returns to the US that new orders will be issued concerning the return of the Lexington and her crew along with SG1.

Senator Kinsey is not happy about this news, Director Woolsey having been on the flight back to the US with Kinsey, though Kinsey has said nothing about the meeting with the British or that they have had a Stargate far longer than the US. Woolsey can imagine that Kinsey who has considerable influence in the US Stargate program has just seen his (possible future) power base diminish a lot within a matter of minutes during the meeting. As Kinsey had hoped to have access to UK intelligence as part of the ‘sharing’ of the US Stargate with the UK, along with a lot of other ‘items’ as well, but this has gone and Kinsey now has to ask permission from the British if the US Stargate program needs help and this is what is really annoying Kinsey.

Between the 4th April and the 8th April, there is intense activity between the US Stargate Command and the UK (a limited list of people who the US can speak to on this subject has been given to the US and not the full list). These discussions are on how the Lexington and her crew along with SG1 will be returned along with what to do and what not to do like shooting at an Asgard warship etc.

On the 8th April 2009, now that President Obama has returned to the US he issues a secret executive order to General Hammond concerning the return of the Lexington ship’s crew and SG1 to Site Alpha. This executive order states that any ship or ships returning the Lexington ship’s crew and SG1 is not to be fired upon under any circumstances.

President Obama is aware of the ability of the UK and her allies to predict the future, though as yet not of the details, President Obama feels that if Phoenix can predict the future he does not what to go down in history as the president that started a war between the UK and the US.

In addition, President Obama feels that the return of the Lexington ship’s crew and SG1 to Site Alpha will provide a wealth of information on the joint UK, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand Stargate program. On this point President Obama and the US Stargate Command will be disappointed with the information gained by the Lexington ship’s crew and SG1, as they have not been given access to that level of information.

On the 9th April 2009, General Hammond travels through the US Stargate to Site Alpha to personally issues the Presidents secret executive order to Brigadier General Maybourne. General Hammond quite correctly assumes that Maybourne will question this order, but Maybourne will not question this order, if General Hammond backs up this order in person.

Now everything is in place for the Lexington and her crew and SG1 to be returned back to Site Alpha safely.

On the 10th April 2009, with the Lexington ship’s crew and SG1 beamed back onboard the Lexington (with the weapons and hyperdrive disabled). Onboard his ship Hermiod activates his ships tractor beams to tow the Lexington back to Site Alpha, coming along are the ships of the Fourth Cruiser Squadron (HMS Battleaxe [squadron flagship], HMS Broadsword, HMS Crossbow, HMS Dainty, HMS Daring, HMS Decoy, HMS Defender and HMS Delight) as escort.

As Hermiod’s Mountbatten Class ship accelerates into hyperspace towing the Lexington, with the ships of the fourth cruiser squadron in an escort formation the crew of the Lexington and SG1 can only watch out of the Lexington’s view ports as they go through hyperspace.

When the crew of the Lexington and SG1 get back to Site Alpha, they will have one hell of a story to tell their superiors in Stargate Command.

It will take several days for Hermiod’s ship to tow the Lexington back to Site Alpha, it was thought better for all concerned, as Stargate Command military personnel are less likely to do something stupid against an Asgard warship than a Project Phoenix warship.

On the 15th April 2009, the Lexington undertow from Hermiod ship drops out of hyperspace in the Site Alpha system. This is picked up by the satellite system in orbit around Site Alpha planet and is relayed to the US base below watching is General Hammond along with Maybourne.

Hammond looking at satellite images says, “Look at the size of that ship compared to the Lexington, it looks like that Asgard mothership that SG-1 encountered several years ago.”

Maybourne replies, “Yes sir it does look like an Asgard mothership, those smaller ships escorting that big one also seem larger than the Lexington, but they do not appear to be Asgard probably British warships would be my guess.”

Hammond says, “Yes they seem to be” then straightens himself up and says, “I think we need to go outside to welcome the Lexington home.”

Hammond and Maybourne walk towards the base exit and once outside get into a position to watch the return of the Lexington.

As Hammond and Maybourne watched the cloud covered sky they saw a dark and very large shape descending through the cloud layer, when it broke through the size of the Asgard ship war overwhelming, as the satellite images do not convey the true size of and Asgard ‘mothership’.

Maybourne who is still looking up at the slowly descending Asgard ship says, “Sir, I would not like to pick a fight with a ship of that size, just look at the size compared to the Lexington.”

Hammond who is also looking up responds, “I agree Maybourne this is just one Asgard ship from what we have been told by Teal'c the Asgard have a very large fleet and I can see know why the Goa'uld avoid picking a fight with these Asgard.”

Slowly the Asgard ship continues to descend until it is over the landing area for the Lexington, the Lexington then deploys her landing gear and then is very gently landed by the Asgard ship. Once on the ground the Asgard ship disengages her tractor beam and then slowly begins to climb back into orbit.

After several minutes, the ramps come down on the Lexington and the crew and SG-1 come out to cheers from the awaiting military and civilian personnel, with both Hammond and Maybourne with smiles on their faces.

Colonel O'Neill salutes General Hammond who returns the salute, Hammond says, “It is good to have you back Colonel.”

O'Neill smiles replies, “It is good to be back sir.”

Hammond says, “From what we have heard you have had quite an adventure.”

O'Neill replies, “Yes sir, we to have quite a story to tell, as or British cousins have built themselves a very advanced colony, along with accumulating to very powerful allies.”

Hammond says, “I am sure that this will all come out at the debriefings.”

O'Neill replies, “Yes sir, but before we start the debriefings Captain Carter has something from ‘Phoenix’, as way of a saying sorry for detaining us, Captain.”

Carter comes forward with a large folder and says, “General I have these technical plans to upgrade the Lexington with more advanced weapons and other systems, along with how to improve out hyperdrive systems, in addition how to fit staff cannons to our fighters.”

Before Hammond can reply Maybourne says, “That is one hell of a gift.”

Carter says, “Yes sit it is, but compared to what ‘Phoenix’ ships are equipped with we will be behind them, but on the positive side we will be able to hold our own against a Goa'uld warship.”

Hammond says, “Captain that will be for the technical teams to evaluate for now it is time for your debriefings.”

SG-1 and the crew of the Lexington head off to start their debriefings.

Later, as Brigadier General Maybourne is flicking though the folder with improvements suggested by Project Phoenix, with most of the suggestions are similar to the ones that Captain Carter had made, but was overridden.

Upgraded Lexington class ‘warship’ with pointers provided by Project Phoenix though not as powerful as any Project Phoenix capital ship the improved Lexington class against a Goa'uld Ha'tak now has a good chance of survival.

Construction of the three additional Lexington class warships will continue but with the modifications listed below, US Stargate Command has dropped the term battlecruiser as the Lexington class is now temporally called a warship, until a new class type can be assigned.

Project Phoenix recommended improvements marked in bold/italic below.

USS Lexington
Length: 195 meters
Width: 80 meters
Height/depth: 65 meters
Engine unit(s):
Sub-light engines
Modified and improved Goa'uld hyperdrive – Interstellar capable
Fuel: Naquadah
Power plant: 4 Naquadah generators
Shielding: Modified and improved Goa'uld shields
24 Railguns – Changed to 12 twin Staff Cannons
12 Missile launchers
Mark IX and nuclear missiles
Carried Craft: 16 F-302 fighter-interceptors (reforming 3rd Tactical Fighter Squadron)
Future expansion will allow two small shuttles to be carried
Crew: 115 (minimum crew 12)
Passengers: 30 (a cut down SG team)
Cargo Capacity: 2,000 tonnes

As Brigadier General Maybourne finishes reading the specification for the improvements to the Lexington, he has decided to back them, as he feels that this would be in the best interests of Stargate Command.

His backing along with that of General Hammond will push the President in the right direction in getting the Lexington fitted with these improvements, along with the other Lexington Class ships as well.

On the 16th April 2009, Site Alpha is contacted by the commander of the Fourth Cruiser Squadron from the flagship HMS Battleaxe informing US Stargate Command that a cruiser has been assigned as guard ship to protect Site Alpha until further notice with the rest of the squadron returning home.

Brigadier General Maybourne responds by thanking the commander of the Fourth Cruiser Squadron for their assistance, the rest of the Fourth Cruiser Squadron jumps into hyperspace leaving behind HMS Broadsword as guard ship. Maybourne knows that President Obama has ordered cooperation with Phoenix until further notice, to Maybourne this makes sense, as cooperation is better than trying to go it alone, after what they have learned about the ‘Phoenix’ group of countries, it is better to be allied with them than be against them.

Maybourne is correct in his assumption about being allied to Phoenix, though Phoenix will just not hand over all their tech to the US they will help the US go in the right direction in many ways.

In addition, having one of Phoenix cruisers in orbit makes sense, at least until the Lexington and the Constellation is operational then this ‘protection’ can be reviewed, with one cruiser in orbit acting as guard ship, this cruiser will be rotated out every two months with another cruiser.

This has another benefit for US Stargate Command, as any enemy ship attacking the Royal Space Fleet guard ship will undoubtedly bring the Asgard into the fray, though for the time being until the crew of the Lexington and SG-1 have been debriefed this will remain unknown to Stargate Command.

Between the 16th April and the end of July 2009, the debriefings of SG-1 and the crew of the Lexington are astounding for Stargate Command. The one thing that the technical teams do discover is that the computer cores of the Lexington have to be touched, so the video of the battle of the Lexington is available to watch and does show the firepower of the ‘Phoenix’ ships of the Royal Space Navy.

As the notes from the debriefings start to come in, one item that sticks out from all the initial debriefings for Woolsey is the education system on Heliopolis is that not only humans but also the Asgard and the Nox educate the human (and Nox) children. For Woolsey this is important as this shows how close the relationship between the three groups are, much more than any defence agreement, letting someone or especially aliens teach your children shows a lot of trust.

Woolsey can now see why they trust each other so much, in that this trust has been earned over decades by the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, from an intelligence point of view this show the true level of cooperation.

On the 1st May 2009, President Obama orders that the upgrades suggested by Phoenix for the Lexington to be implemented, though Kinsey has some worries he will not go against the Presidents order. The work to upgrade the Lexington will begin immediately it is expected by Stargate Command to take about six to seven months with the upgraded Lexington available by the beginning of next year.

With the USS Constellation will also be upgraded before her launch next year, once the Lexington has been upgraded and the Constellation has finished her trails by the end of next year this will give Stargate Command two operational warships.

On one other point under advice from General Hammond, President Obama orders that the F-302 fighters have their Rail Guns replaced with Staff Cannons this idea has not come from Phoenix, but instead seem like a logical way to proceed with fighter development.

The current F-302 will be renamed F-302A, after being fitted with Staff Cannons the will be called F-302B to distinguish between the two types, each F-302 will be fitted with two Staff Cannons, all other armament will remain unchanged.

This will mean a production line being set up for produce Staff Cannons this production line will be built on Site Alpha rather than on Earth, in this way Stargate Command is learning from Project Phoenix, via the debriefings from the crew of the Lexington and SG-1.

On the 2nd May 2009, after reviewing the numbers of Staff Cannons needed (along with those that they have in ‘stock’), along with the current limited number of Staff Cannons available and a very limited production facility on Site Alpha. General Hammond has concluded that currently Stargate Command cannot meet the needs for all the fighters and the Lexington, along with the Constellation that is nearing completion under Area 51.

General Hammond asks President Obama for permission to ask the for help from the Project Phoenix group, after much discussion and with Senator Kinsey against the idea, as he feels that the US would become too reliant on Phoenix. But to counter this General Hammond points out that this would only be temporary until Site Alphas own Staff Cannon production facility was fully up and running in the next two years.

This last point swings the decision in favour of General Hammond.

On the 3rd May 2009, General Hammond contacts the British liaison officer to the US Stargate Command Brigadier Lewis Collins and asks if Project Phoenix could supply 100 Staff Cannons, as the Site Alpha production facility will not be up to full capacity for two years.

Brigadier Collins replies, “I will put forward your request General Hammond, but I do not think that supplying Stargate Command with Staff Cannons will be a problem.”

General Hammond says, “Thank you Brigadier Collins, I look forward to a response.”

On the 4th May 2009, the Committee of Four meeting to discuss the request for 100 Staff Cannons the Australian member says, “I cannot see a problem with this, as the Staff Cannon technologically is well behind what we posses, except for our Starfighters that use them and as secondary weapons on our warships.”

The UK member says, “Agreed we should give the Staff Cannons to the US, as I also see no problem with this.”

The New Zealand member says, “I also agree we should give the Staff Cannons to the US.”

The Canadian member says, “I support this decision as well, we should give the US the Staff Cannons.”

The Committee of Four is passed on to Heliopolis, with Director Turing arranging for 100 Staff Cannons to be manufactured.

On the 6th May 2009, Brigadier Collins informs General Hammond that Project Phoenix will be delivering 100 Staff Cannons within the next few days.

General Hammond asks, “They can be delivered that quickly?”

Brigadier Collins replies, “Yes General they can we still have Staff Cannon production facilities, as we use them on our own starfighters, amongst other uses as well.”

General Hammond is surprised that Phoenix still uses Staff Cannons on their fighters, as he expected something more ‘advanced’ to be fitted to Phoenix starfighters, General Hammond will report this bit of intelligence to Stargate Command leadership.

However, as the Phoenix starfighters do not need anything more advanced or more powerful the Staff Cannon remains the weapon of choice for Phoenix starfighters, though the Phoenix starfighters are fitted with four rather than the two that the F-302B’s will be fitted with.

On the 10th May 2009, HMS Echo arrives in orbit and beams down 100 created Staff Cannons for Stargate Command, once the delivery is complete HMS Echo leaves, with the whole process taking less than one hour.

As the preparations to fit the Staff Cannons to the Lexington are already well underway, along with the Constellation under Area 51 on Earth, both ships should be ready for trials by early next year and be cleared for service by the end of 2010.

On the 12th May 2009, the first Staff Cannons start to be fitted to the Lexington, along with those Staff Cannons allocated to the F-302A’s of the reforming 3rd Tactical Fighter Squadron that will become F302B’s.

On the 15th May 2009, Project Phoenix off world teams resume off world missions to those planet’s in the Milky Way Galaxy that the Goa'uld are unaware off, either via Stargate or by cruiser. These off world missions were suspended as Atlantis missions took most off world teams away from the Milky Way Galaxy, now that Atlantis is in the Milky Way Galaxy the Milky Way Galaxy off world missions can resume. SG-1 will not resume off world missions until their debriefings have been completed, even then they may not resume as SG-1 posses valuable information and Stargate Command does not want this information falling into the wrong hands.

On the 25th May 2009, North Korea announces that it has conducted a second successful nuclear test in the province of North Hamgyong. This second test comes as a surprise to the Commonwealth and China, as they had been working towards a deal with North Korea the Commonwealth condemns the nuclear test. China however does not but does want North Korea to continue talks, as does the Commonwealth, but Commonwealth sanctions (and later UN) will have to be tightened against North Korea in response to this nuclear test.

By the 31st May 2009, Site Alpha is a hive of activity with engineers swarming over the Lexington fitting the Staff Cannons and in the hangers near the entrance to the mountain that contains the Stargate the F302A’s of the 3rd Tactical Fighter Squadron are being upgraded to B standard.

All in all US Stargate Command is improving, with the two other SG teams, now preparing to venture off world once again this time to worlds suggested by Project Phoenix were they will not encounter the Goa'uld. However these worlds will allow SG-2 and SG-3 to explore with little or no danger to themselves, worlds that do (or did) have other civilizations on them many thousands of years ago.

On the 1st June 2009, after much discussion the Lexington Class is re-designated Light Cruisers, though this will be ‘shortened’ to just Cruisers, now becoming the Lexington Class Light Cruisers.

On the 2nd June 2009, the Nation of Free Jaffa have achieved very little over the past few years since they declared themselves ‘free’. As the Free Jaffa control only one world and with the ongoing war the rest of the Jaffa are more focused on what they do very well, fighting each other, rather than uniting against the System Lords.

Lord Yu has also stated (to his own Jaffa) that this lack of activity shows how weak the free Jaffa really without their ‘god’ to lead them are this notion has struck a chord with not only his own Jaffa, but also most of the other Jaffa as well. With the war against Lord Ba’al going well, along with the defeat of Anubis this Jaffa are loyal to the Council System Lords and are unlikely to change their ways in the future.

On the 3rd June 2009, with the fitting of the Staff Cannons to the F-302’s is going well, with the first two fighters from the 3rd Tactical Fighter Squadron already beginning testing, with the rest of the squadron joining the first two fighters during the rest of the year.

The 1st and 2nd Tactical Fighter Squadrons, will follow the 3rd Tactical Fighter Squadron early next year, after that the new 4th Tactical Fighter Squadron for the USS Constellation will be operational by the end of 2010.

On the 4th June 2009, on Heliopolis work is underway to restart reality drive missions, though the schedule will allow these missions to restart in 2010.

On the 5th June 2009, the Earth based Woomera Rocket Program, with the Woomera Space Station now having a permanent manned presence, with a planned Mars missions now suspended due to funding issues, with the world’s economy in recession.

No one at Woomera will say when the Mars program will be given the go ahead, not even off the record this leads the press to speculate wildly and wrongly.

On the 13th June 2009, Following the apparent re-election of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, supporters of defeated candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi accuse the government of fraud, and launch a series of sustained protests; the first such protests in Iran since 1979. This does not help in relations with the UK (and the Commonwealth), US and the EU, with these groups condemning the Iran elections and adding more sanctions against Iran, but there is little else they can do or will do against Iran.

On the 30th June 2009, SG-2 goes off world and begins exploration of a world that the Goa'uld is unaware of this will mean no encounters with Jaffa and no combat losses to cover up for the US. This world has little technology to offer Stargate Command though it does off a source of food production should Stargate Command wish to set up an agricultural outpost, also has considerable mineral wealth as well, though that would take a major mining operation and Stargate Command is not up to that.

At the end of June the current Labour, government is becoming increasingly unpopular across the UK, with Gordon Brown popularity plummeting day by day. It looks increasingly likely that David Cameron will be the UK’s next Prime Minister and the wheels are already in motion to check out everyone around David Cameron. Several questions marks have already been raised about the company David Cameron keeps especially with certain members of the press SI-5 are probing these issues in detail.

On the 1st July 2009, Lord Ba’al approves the launch date for the attack against Osiris base of operations this will be early August 2009. Though Lord Ba’al does not know it his plan has been figured out by Osiris and Osiris has not only informed Lord Yu of this attack, but also of the new ship class that Osiris is building (though not the true numbers that Osiris has).

Lord Yu as Supreme System Lord has assembled a large fleet of ships that now wait in deep space for the attack by Lord Ba’al’s forces, Lord Yu intendeds for this to be the final phase of the war. As once Lord Ba’al’s attacking force has been destroyed the System Lords under Lord Yu will launch a multi front counteroffensive against worlds controlled by Lord Ba’al and Ba’al’s allied System Lords.

This offensive should remove Lord Ba’al and Ba’al’s allied System Lords as a threat to the main group of System Lords, permanently.

On the 2nd July 2009, SG-3 begins its off world mission, to a world once used by the Furlings this world has already been explored by the Asgard and the Nox while they are looking for the Furlings (SG-3 are unaware of this). However, there is no technology on this world the main use will be to give the locations of several other worlds to explore for Stargate Command, along with learning about the existence of the Furlings.

This Stargate information could have been just given by Project Phoenix, but it was thought better to allow the US Stargate Command to discover this information for themselves so that Stargate Command can learn at their own rate about the galaxy.

In a meeting between, Director Woolsey, Senator Kinsey and Director Woolsey is the following except.

Director Woolsey states, “The level of trust between the Project Phoenix and the Asgard, Nox and these Alterans is quite astounding and I have no doubt about these reports.”

General Hammond says, “From a purely military point of view we are out matched at every level, we would lose any conflict against Project Phoenix, it would be much better to have them as allies than enemies.”

Senator Kinsey looking at Hammond then Woolsey asks, “So there is nothing we can do?”

Director Woolsey asks, “Like what Senator?”

Senator Kinsey replies, “Can’t we spy on them and pick up information on their technology?”

Director Woolsey says, “No, as we cannot even get to the Heliopolis system and they would spot us coming well before we got there are stop us.”

Senator Kinsey face looks like he is going to explode, but instead let’s out a long sigh.

General Hammond says, “With Project Phoenix helping us with the delivery of the Staff Cannons, along with a large number of Stargate addresses to explore and the possibility of other gifts. I would for one not want to annoy Project Phoenix, as from the initial debriefing notes this would bring in not only the Asgard against us but also the Nox and the Alterans as well.”

Director Woolsey says, “I agree General, for the time being I suggest that we recommend to the President that cooperation is the best course of action may be until all four of our cruisers are operational and review our position then.” This last bit is to get Kinsey onside.

Senator Kinsey states, “Very well Woolsey, for the short term cooperation, but after that we will have to review.”

General Hammond says, “Agreed”

They recommend to the President is that the US Stargate Command should continue to cooperate with Project Phoenix, with a review once the last of the four cruisers are operational.

For Director Woolsey it has bought him time to try to reign in Senator Kinsey from trying to persuade the President from doing something rash.

On the 31st July 2009, with the debriefings having finished, though the possessing for all the debriefing information will take several more months (or longer), but even from these initial notes on the debriefings shows how far ahead Project Phoenix compared to Stargate Command.

President Obama orders that research programs be setup to start researching those programs that will help the US the most, though this has problems to the current financial crisis affecting the whole planet. The current financial crisis will curtail many possible research programs until the US economy can recover enough to fund all these research programs.

The current financial crisis does not affect Project Phoenix, as the bulk of the Project Phoenix R&D and all of the construction is carried out off world on Heliopolis and thus does not have a cost against the UK, Australian, New Zealand or Canadian government’s budgets. In addition, as most of the population of Heliopolis is not paid (all their needs are met), only those Project Phoenix members that have not chosen to ‘die’ (or have been born on Heliopolis) and become part of Heliopolis permanent population is paid. With Asgard replicator technology and Goa'uld construction technology available, anything can be manufactured on Heliopolis from a coffee cup to a building or parts for a starship to a house, as long as Project Phoenix has the raw materials and the design(s).

Food is also not a problem with the Nox help Heliopolis produces more food than anyone could ever need, with ample room for growth in this area. This idea was floated that Heliopolis could send the surplus back to Earth, but this idea was dropped, as no good cover story could be devised, as they amount of land needed to grow this much surplus would have to be accounted for on Earth.

These measures keeps the true costs down for Project Phoenix all that the four Earth Project Phoenix governments fund is the research programs to bring alien technology to Earth by ‘researching’ it and using the money for this ‘new technology’ to fund more research via their jointly owned company Universal Exports.

Examples of those who get paid are Dr Daniel Jackson, Dr Rodney McKay and Dr Carson Beckett work on Heliopolis, but also work on Earth under their cover stories (that involves them be out of touch for many months) for Universal Exports.

On the 1st August 2009, now that their debriefings are finished SG-1 is informed that they will not be going on off world missions via the Stargate instead they will be going onboard the Lexington once the ships trials are completed next year, with Captain Carter being attached to the Lexington’s engineering section. When the Lexington has finished her trails at the end of 2010, a smaller SG-1 will accompany the Lexington’s crew as the ships land survey team of those worlds that do not have a Stargate or have buried their Stargate.

Colonel O’Neill will be in command of SG-1 on the ground, with Colonel William Ronson in charge of the Lexington and SG-1 in space. In addition, SG-1 will accompany the Lexington on her trails next year, so that SG-1 will be more familiar with the Lexington.

The remains of SG-1 will form the nucleus of SG-4, SG-4 will be the off world teams based onboard the USS Constellation from 2011 onwards, with ship based SG teams being smaller than their Stargate based ones SG-2 and SG-3.

When the USS Saratoga having SG-5 and the USS Ranger having SG-6 onboard, these two SG teams will only be formed during their respective ships trails, as this will allow the NID time to screen the military and civilian personnel for these new SG teams.

This use of smaller SG teams may be used for off world missions through the Stargate, though at this time it is only a thought by General Hammond.

On the 3rd August 2009, the fleet is sent by Lord Ba’al to attack the Crim homeworld the fleet is the bulk of Lord Ba’al newly built warships, if this attack fails then Lord Ba’al will have no reserves to fall back upon.

Lord Ba’al has his flagship prepared with all of the knowledge from Anubis and a large number of Kull warriors loaded onboard Lord Ba’al is preparing for the worst, but if this attack succeeds these preparations can be reversed.

By the 4th August 2009, the leadership of US Stargate Command is getting to grips with the debriefing notes of SG-1 and the crew of the Lexington, as there is a lot of material to go through it will take about a year the analyse in detail. However, the overview by Stargate Command is that the four Project Phoenix countries are extremely far ahead of Stargate Command and it will be almost impossible of Stargate Command to catch up with Project Phoenix technologically speaking.

On the 14th August 2009, the United Kingdom government imposes direct rule on the Turks and Caicos Islands after an inquiry, which finds evidence of government corruption. It will be many years before the UK government restores the Turks and Caicos Islands own government until then the Governor along with civil servants will run the Turks and Caicos Islands affairs.

The UK government uses Orders in Council rather than bothering with the need for Parliamentary approval this use of Orders in Council (though correct and legal, as the UK government needed to move quickly) does further damage Gordon Brown as Prime Minister.

On the 20th August 2009, Lord Ba’al’s forces launch their attack against the Crim homeworld (Lord Ba’al is not leading this attack) this attack initially goes well, but several minutes into the attack Osiris launches a counter attack leading with the prototype Isis class warship. This counter attack catches Lord Ba’al’s forces off balance and the Isis destroys several of Lord Ba’al’s warships, showing how much of an improvement the Isis class warship over previous designs.

The initial phase of the attack goes as planned, but two hours into the battle Lord Yu’s forces arrive and the system lord that Lord Ba’al put in charge of this attack is very surprised, though a few minutes later he is no longer surprised, he is dead.

It take the forces of the combined system lords fleets under Lord Yu’s command just under one hour to eliminate Lord Ba’al’s forces.

During this battle Lord Yu is able to observe Osiris new flagship the Isis in combat and is impress at its capabilities, Lord Yu has already ordered construction of these Isis class warships to begin for his own fleet, within a decade all Lord Yu’s warships will be Isis class, along with every other system lord.

On the 22th August 2009, after finishing mopping up and making repairs Lord Yu’s combined system lords fleets begin their attack on worlds controlled by Lord Ba’al and his allied system lords.

These initial attacks go very well, with the secondary attacks proceeding ahead of schedule.

On the 25th August 2009, Lord Ba’al is worried, though he is not showing it the other system lords that are loyal to Ba’al are confident (or over confident) that they can deal with Lord Yu’s attack.

These systems lord confidence is not well founded and Lord Ba’al is no fool, Ba’al has ordered the Kull base to be stripped of all materials and transferred to his flagship, thus allow a new mobile base of operations for Lord Ba’al.

Between the 26th and 31st August 2009, Lord Ba’al’s forces are losing system after system, very rapidly though his system lords are still convinced that they can win!

By the morning of the 1st September 2009, Lord Ba’al knows that all is lost for this battle his own personal forces have been pulled back to the Kull base where all his forces are now concentrated.

Lord Ba’al has come to a decision, time to abandon his ‘allied’ system lords to their fate and find a new base to rebuild from, Lord Ba’al will return one day.

By the 2nd September 2009, Lord Ba’al has now abandoned his ‘allied’ system lords to their fate (death) and is on the run or as Lord Ba’al puts it ‘a mobile base of operations for the next phase of the war’.

At the same time Lord Yu’s forces are accelerating their attacks against those worlds that remain part of Lord Ba’al’s ‘empire’ the rate of losses for Lord Ba’al’s allied system lords is growing with several of them having already been killed.

The Supreme System Lord, Lord Yu and the Supreme High Council of System Lords they can now see the end of this war is in sight this is making them push harder to end the war much more quickly so they can consolidate their new gains.

On the 10th September 2009, following an Internet campaign, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown makes an official public apology on behalf of the British government for “the appalling way he was treated”. The government will also give Alan Turing a posthumous pardon on 24th December 2013. What the public do not know is that Turing is alive and has already received a Royal Pardon (that was not made public for obvious reasons) this public apology and later public pardon is more political than anything else for the upcoming General Election during 2010.

On the 30th September 2009, the US Stargate Command is informed that Project Phoenix countries have decided to inform the Chinese of the existence of their Stargate. However, Project Phoenix countries have agreed (via the Committee of Four) not to inform the Chinese government of the existence of the US Stargate, as a courtesy to the US.

The US is against informing the Chinese and tries to persuade the four Phoenix countries to change their minds about informing the Chinese of the existence of the UK, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand operated Stargate. The US is informed that the decision has already been made by the Committee of Four and will not be changed.

On the 1st October 2009, the final world is captured the Goa'uld civil war is over, with all of the Lord Ba’al’s allied system lords dead and Lord Ba’al is on the run. Lord Yu has issued and execute on sight order for Lord Ba’al with the other members of the Supreme High Council of System Lords fully supporting this order, as each one of them once to be the one to execute Lord Ba’al in some horrifying manner.

The Supreme System Lord, Lord Yu is happy to leave the hunt for Lord Ba’al to the Supreme High Council of System Lords to see which one captures and kills Lord Ba’al the council members are ‘happy’ to ‘oblige’ Lord Ba’al in his role as Supreme System Lord.

On the 2nd October 2009, a formal state visit to the UK by the President of the People's Republic of China Hu Jintao has been organised to discuss trade, but in reality, it will be to inform the Chinese government about the UK Stargate program and not to inform the Chinese government about the US Stargate program.

President Hu Jintao has been asked to bring along several people for a ‘security briefing’ of mutual interest the Chinese government, as in the past the UK has helped the Chinese government (when it is in the UK’s interest) with various joint security issues over past few years.

In the late evening of the 3rd October 2009, the President of the People's Republic of China Hu Jintao and a very small team of trusted aides are informed of the existence of Project Phoenix and the existence of the Stargate though not its location. The information given to the Chinese is tiny compared to what the US knows, as the Committee of Four is less inclined to trust the Chinese than the US even with the good relations between them.

To say that President Hu Jintao is shocked by the briefing is an understatement, once he has recovered President Hu Jintao asks, “What is the price for joining with you?”

The reply is simple “gradual political reform in China to move away from a one party state”

After thinking for a few moments only President Hu Jintao states, “That would not be possible for us.”

The reply to that is “Then Mr President this will be as far as your country will go regarding Project Phoenix you will not receive any further information.”

An hour or so by the Chinese President to negotiate prove to be futile, as the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand won’t budge on political reform for China.

The meeting ends, though not on a bad note, just not going anywhere for either side.

Much later in the early hours of the 3rd October 2009, President Hu Jintao and a small staff advisors review their options, making what they know public is not an option, as they have no proof this will make China a laughing stock all over the planet, as the UK will deny its existence. This leaves China with only one option keep the current Status Quo with the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand and play the long game.

China does not even know who knows about Project Phoenix within the four governments of the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, so they do not know who to spy on or try to get to defect (though that would not be a good idea either for China).

The rest of the state visit goes well for President Hu Jintao, with no sign from either side publicly what has gone on in the background with several trade deals signed. However, these trade deals had already been in the works and are not much of surprise to the press who pass this is as another PR exercise by Labour to try to boost their ratings.

China knows, but will not take part or benefit from Project Phoenix until China begins to reform that will not happen, so China will be on the odd position of knowing and not benefiting from Project Phoenix.

On the 15th October 2009, President Hu Jintao and his staff are now back in China, still wondering what to do about the UK’s offer to join Project Phoenix and share the technology. President Hu Jintao keeps to his original line that what the UK is asking is to higher price, his staff agrees (though they can do nothing else).

All President Hu Jintao can do is watch and wait, along with continuing to expand the current trade relations with not only the UK, but the rest of the Commonwealth as well. As this trade with the Commonwealth has already done both sides a lot off economic good in the past and with the world in a recession it seems even better to all sides to continue.

On the 31st October 2009, the Supreme System Lord, Lord Yu and Supreme High Council of System Lords have fully occupied the former territory of Lord Ba’al and that of Ba’al’s allied system lords. There have been a series of executions of the those Jaffa who are perceived as not loyal to their new system lord these executions will last only a few weeks as it does not take long to weed out the less loyal Jaffa.

It will be several years before those world divided up between the Supreme High Council of System Lords can return to their previous production (food, weapons and other resources etc) this should keep the members of the Supreme High Council of System Lords occupied, along with the hunt for Lord Ba’al.

This hunt of Ba’al will keep the members of the Supreme High Council of System Lords from attacking one another and starting another civil war, none of them want another civil war so soon after finishing this one.

On the 1st November 2009, after discussions with Admiral Jason Timms and General Elizabeth Green, Director Turing issues orders that the first four Courageous class battlecruisers will be mothballed at the end of this year and their crews transferred to the four new Dreadnought class battleships. The reason for bringing this forward is that Project Phoenix has a personnel shortage and this has led to Director Turing switching crews from the Courageous class to the new four new Dreadnoughts, as the Dreadnought class are better equipped than the Courageous class.

The final order is to do with shipbuilding that Director Turing issues is that after last four Dreadnought class (HMS Resistance, HMS Warspite, HMS Excalibur and HMS Duke of York) are completed in 2016 no further warships are to be constructed, except replacements for the existing six transports sometime after 2016.

Instead the focus will be on improving existing designs rather than building a large space fleet, as the number of warships that the Royal Space Fleet will have (after 2016) will be more than enough to deal with any possible threat. That does not include any help that the Asgard would provide if some threat presented itself against Project Phoenix.

On the 1st December 2009, the USS Constellation is now ready for launch next year with her crew doing the final pre-flight checks and rechecking everything repeatedly, the launch date has been set for January 2010.

Captain Carter will not be part of the launch team or crew for the Constellations launch next year, as Captain Carter is focusing her efforts on the Lexington and the Lexington’s trails next year.

On the 16th December 2009, the latest unemployment figures show that UK unemployment is slowing, but now stands at the highest figure for 15 years almost 2.5 million, equating to about 8% of the workforce. This is not good news for the Prime Minister Gordon Brown, as the Labour Parties polling puts them in third place behind the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

Those industries the relate to Project Phoenix technology research for Earth release, Defence, Space Program etc have not seen any cuts unlike those areas that do not receive government funding or funding from the four government owned and self financing Universal Exports company.

As years end concludes two events will happen...

Years End Part One

At the end of December 2009, the Goa'uld civil war has ended, with Lord Ba’al on the run, with Lord Yu’s forces now consolidating their gains. In addition, the new Isis class warship is now starting to be built by Lord Yu (Supreme System Lord) and the Supreme High Council of System Lords, what none of them know is that Osiris has a head start.

However, Osiris is now trapped, as if Osiris attacks Lord Yu the other system lord will rally around Lord Yu and destroy Osiris, all that Osiris can do is wait for the right opportunity and then strike.

Project Phoenix has also noted the end of the Goa’uld civil war along with the Alliance of Three Great Races (Nox, Asgard and Alterans) they are pleased that the war is over and they know that Lord Yu commands the respect of the other system lords. This respect will last for a very long time, as the other system lords will take time to consolidate their gains, also building the new Isis class warships will take up a lot of time as well.

The one final ‘thing’ that will occupy the other system lords time will be the hunt for Lord Ba’al and their increasing frustration in their failure to find him.


On a distant world, onboard a space station orbiting Lord Yu’s home world for his own territory, within the Goa'uld ‘Empire’, Lord Yu is watching the construction of the first of the new Isis class warships this first of these ships will be his new flagship.

With the surprise that Osiris had come up with this new warship design had made Lord Yu also focus on developing new technologies for his own forces, though these new technologies were only ideas at this time.

Nevertheless, given time they could amount to something that would give Lord Yu an advantage over Osiris (and any other system lord), as Lord Yu has figured out where the next threat is likely to come from and has dropped a few hints to some of the members of Supreme High Council of System Lords about his thoughts about Osiris.

Those members of the Supreme High Council of System Lords have agreed with Lord Yu that based on past performance that Osiris is likely to be the next problem, but also agree with Lord Yu that they need to build a large fleet of Isis class warships first before trying to deal with Osiris.

So both Supreme System Lord, Lord Yu and the Supreme High Council of System Lords will keep a close eye on Osiris while they build up there fleet.

However, events will overtake both, the Supreme System Lord, Lord Yu and the Supreme High Council of System Lords in deep space...

Years End Part Two


Far, far, away in deep space, hurtling along at top sub light is an Al'kesh (hyperdrive broken beyond repair) its sole occupant has spent that past few years repairing his body (in his Sarcophagus) from the terrible wounds that he had suffered escaping the final battle.

However, even after all that he has been through, Apophis lives!

To be continued.
68. 2010 – Peace

I believe it is peace in our time.” – Neville Chamberlain

On the 1st January 2010, the Heliopolis (permanent) population now stands at 2,298,902 and growing at a much faster rate than anticipated thanks mainly to a higher birth rate than had been anticipated (along with more people coming from Earth having ‘died’, adding to the permanent population). However, this does help Project Phoenixes personnel shortage problem, it will be years before the Heliopolis population reaches the 10 million adult population level needed before the next phase of expansion can begin.

The Alteran population on the Asgard home world now stands at 311, with the bulk of the population still being children of mixed ages, it will be many years before the Alteran adult population begins to expand.

With the Goa'uld civil war over, peace has descended onto the Milky Way Galaxy Project Phoenix (along with the Nox and Asgard) have begun to watch the Goa'uld much less, as they know it will be many years if decades when the next war may start. Though they are all hoping that it does not happen, but they know the Goa'uld cannot help themselves, but Lord Yu has given his fellow system lords something to focus on, searching for Lord Ba’al and that will take them a long time.

Not because Lord Ba’al is good a evading his fellow Goa'uld (Ba’al is quite good at this) because the system lords will try to stop each other getting to Ba’al first, so back to ‘normal’ for the Supreme High Council of System Lords, thus allowing Lord Yu to ‘rule’ the Goa'uld at ‘arms length’.

The Supreme System Lord, Lord Yu’s main concern is not to have another Civil War, however Lord Yu knows that this will be an almost impossible task, for the next few years (hopefully decades) with the Supreme High Council of System Lords hunting Lord Ba’al should keep them occupied.

On the 4th January 2010, the next four Dreadnought class battleships are launched from the two orbital dry-docks, HMS Colossus, HMS Iron Duke, HMS Marlborough and HMS Queen Elizabeth. These next four Dreadnought class battleships are due to be operational by the end of the year these next four Dreadnought class battleships will replace the first four Courageous class battlecruisers (HMS Courageous, HMS Glorious, HMS Furious and HMS Mary Rose).

On the 10th January 2010, the next four Dreadnought class battleships begin construction in the two orbital dry-docks, HMS Trafalgar, HMS Prince of Wales, HMS Goliath and HMS General Wolfe. These next four Dreadnought class battleships are due to be completed in early 2012 and become operational by the end of 2012.

This will now give Project Phoenix sixteen Dreadnought class battleships operational by the end of this year, each equipped with three AEM’s with this level of combat capability the need to build more and more warships on what is already is in the pipeline seems pointless to the leadership of Project phoenix and a waist of personnel.

When the remaining twelve Dreadnought class battleships are operational by the end of 2016 this will give Project Phoenix a total of twenty-eight Dreadnought class battleships, along with the thirty-two Scorpion class heavy cruisers this is a formidable force.

These numbers do not include the not yet decided (size/capability/number) of a new dedicated transport ship to replace the current six ships, as a standard single purpose built class makes more sense than rebuilt warships. The basic requirement of this new dedicated transport ship is that it has a crew of no more than forty and can carry up to 100,000 tonnes of cargo, weapons (none but could be fitted). Shields (Asgard type), power source 4 to 8 Naquadah reactors + an AEM power hub, hyperdrive Phoenix Zeus class hyperdrive (Interstellar capable) can be fitted with an Asgard hyperdrive as well (Intergalactic capable) if needed.

These new dedicated transport ships will be able to take the standard cargo modules, these cargo modules are unusual, as they are circular, as they are designed to fit inside a ring transporter and are no more than two metres tall. Use of these standard cargo modules does save a lot of time and personnel flying Fox class cargo ships, along with the need to fit Asgard beaming technology (though the Asgard would not object as long as there is an Asgard operating it).

One other role of these new dedicated transport ships is that of troop transport, but this is considered secondary to its primary cargo mission, but a useful option if needed for the future.

Class names that are being considered are Resource class or Fort class.

On the 15th January 2010, on Heliopolis off world missions resume to those world that have not been explored, with both the Atlantis and Heliopolis off world teams available this will speed exploration of those worlds that have not been explored in the Milky Way Galaxy to be explored. The current list of worlds that the Goa'uld are unaware off number in the thousands and it will take Project Phoenixes off worlds teams decades to explore them all.

In addition, those worlds that are of no use to Project Phoenix (and have already been explored) will be passed onto the US Stargate Command for their own off world teams to explore, including those worlds that no longer have an operational Stargate. This will keep the US Stargate Command starships occupied for many years and hopefully keep them out of trouble and stopping the ships of the Royal Space Fleet from intervening to help US Stargate Command starships and off world teams.

On the 17th January 2010, the Lexington launches from Site Alpha with SG-1 onboard to begin her trails, with her fighter squadron joining the Lexington once she is in orbit. The Lexington with her improved systems and weapons, along with her updated F-302B is much better equipped than she was when she was originally launched.

Captain Carter has led the team that has been improving the Lexington, along with overseeing the upgrades to the F-302’s to the new ‘B’ standard.

In orbit watching this going on is a single Scorpion class heavy cruiser on guard duty there is some interaction between Project Phoenix (via the cruiser) and Stargate Command, but only some technical questions on fitting Staff Cannons and off world expeditions enquiries about worlds they are about to visit.

Project Phoenix has stopped well short of giving US Stargate Command everything, as they suspect if the roles were reversed that the US would do the same to them and no country likes to shares its secrets with another country, whoever they may be.

On the 18th January 2010, the USS Constellation is launched from Area 51, with the diversions to keep the ‘UFO watchers’ occupied. The Constellation achieves orbit without any problems and picks up its squadron of F-302B fighters without being spotted by any of the ‘UFO watchers’.

Once final checks are complete the Constellation jumps into hyperspace, unlike the Lexington this will be a single jump, as hyperdrive technology has been improved since the original Lexington hyperspace jump.

On the 20th January 2010, the USS Constellation drops out of hyperspace near Site Alpha planet, once in orbit the Constellation will begins a series of post jump diagnostics. Once these are complete the Constellation will join with the Lexington in trails both singly and jointly to iron out any bugs in both ships.

The deadline for both ships to be declared operational is the 31st December 2010 this seems to be achievable for Stargate Command.

On the 25th January 2010, on Earth, Area 51, construction begins of the third Lexington class ship the USS Saratoga, with a planned launch date of 2012. With most of the parts have already been delivered it is just a matter of assembling the Saratoga and hopefully this will be a quicker process as the Area 51construction teams area now getting in their stride in assembling a Lexington class ship.

On the 31st January 2010, exploration of the Milky Way Galaxy begins in earnest with the Scorpion class heavy cruisers designated to explore those systems with no Stargate or where the Stargate is not operational or has been buried. With each Scorpion class heavy cruiser having three AEM’s this will increase the power to all systems including the hyperdrive allowing a quick travel time between systems, along with enhanced sensors will allow worlds to be scanned in days instead of weeks or months.

The first batch of sixteen Scorpion class heavy cruisers depart Heliopolis these sixteen cruisers will operate individually, as they have three AEM’s each, along with powerful sensors to warn of any danger along with very strong (Asgard) shields and weapons and a powerful backup (Dreadnought class then Asgard warship) is available if needed, as normal.

By the end of 2010 this new exploration method will have allowed for the cataloguing of hundreds of systems along with thousands of worlds, all this information will be shared with the Asgard, Nox and Alteran’s (via the Asgard). With Project Phoenix off world teams concentrating on exploring the Milky Way Galaxy this will leave the research and development teams ‘relatively’ free to focus on the backlog of research that needs to be done.

Even without much in the way of ‘new’ research coming in the research and development teams will take decades to make a dent in the current work they need to do and are currently are doing. With Professor Stephen Hawking ordering research to be focused on those projects that can be completed, this will help finish the current projects within the next few years.

On the 1st February 2010, the Alteran outpost on Heliopolis is now the renewed focus of research along with Atlantis (and the remains of the Alteran warships Aurora), as Director Turing and Professor Stephen Hawking sees these as the most important areas to focus on (amongst other areas as well). With research now focused on these areas along with existing areas of research, along with slowing transferring approved ‘researched’ technology back to Earth for further Earth based development of these technologies to be ‘invented’.

In the last area, the approval of releasing technology back to Earth can only be done after a very lengthy approval process and the approval of the Committee of Four, such is the extreme levels security that are still surrounding Project Phoenix.

Following approval the ‘new technology’ must be ‘developed’ on Earth to show a proper development ‘path’ after all this is done, many years if not decades can have passed by, by this time the ‘new technology’ is fully ready for ‘release’ and to make the four Project Phoenix countries more money.

However with the world in rescission the amount of money coming into Universal Exports has dropped leading to a fall in income for more research and income for the four Project Phoenix countries this has not helped the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia’s economies.

On the 2nd February 2010, the heavy cruiser HMS Antrim (powered by three AEM’s) is on a survey mission to explore ten systems over the next ten weeks, however HMS Antrim will discover something that will end this exploration mission during early March.

On the 3rd February 2010, HMS Antrim enters the first system that this ship is designated to explore this initial scans show no habitable planets in this system, further detailed scans of all the planets and moons will take about one week. This is thanks to a mix of Asgard/Human designed scanners that are very good in various modes including planetary survey scans.

These Project Phoenix designed scanners are not as powerful or as capable as Asgard scanners, but they do the job that they are intended for very well.

By the 5th February 2010, US Stargate Commands, two off world teams SG-2 and SG-3 have reported that the worlds that they have explored have a ‘wealth’ of information on their former occupants, including new off world locations. Stargate Command is pleased that the information given by the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada ‘Phoenix’ group of countries is proving to be useful.

What Stargate Command does not know is that the information that they now have has already been acquired by Phoenix from other sources and that the worlds that Stargate Commands SG teams are they worlds that are of little or no use for Phoenix.

Even so the information that Stargate Commands SG teams have gained will keep the research teams of Stargate Command occupied for many years, with more information being added each time SG-2 and SG-3 explore a world. This amount of information will grow rapidly once the Constellation and the Lexington join in the off world exploration missions.

Between the 12th February and the 28th February 2010, the 2010 Winter Olympics are held in Vancouver and Whistler, Canada, with the Canadian Government sparing no expense (even with the current economic problems) to promote Canada throughout the world.

By the 15th February 2010, on the Asgard home world, inside the Citadel of the Alteran’s, Merlin was wondering if he could really rebuild the Alteran civilization from such a small group.

What Merlin does not know his fellow ascended Alteran’s were in the process of a heated discussion with the former crew of the Aurora, who want to help Merlin rebuild their civilization, but the others disagree with the crew of the Aurora. This has caused the crew of the Aurora to request to de-ascend and assume human form just as Merlin had done this announcement has caused a great shock, as the numbers who wish to leave is not just one or two, but hundreds from the crew of the Aurora.

This debate will continue until a vote is called for this vote will be in two parts, first will be should the crew of the Aurora be allowed to de-ascend and assume human this is likely to pass, after all ‘free will’ is a cornerstone of ascended belief. The second vote will be what knowledge will the crew of the Aurora be allowed to take with them this is the tricky part, as the crew of the Aurora what the same knowledge that Merlin took with him.

The others what to let the crew of the Aurora have only that knowledge they had prior to ascension this is the vote that will be close, every vote will count.

Still the debate continues...

On the 28th February 2010, on Heliopolis life goes on, as normal, though normal on Heliopolis is not what would be considered normal on Earth, with Humans, Asgard and Nox interacting in both work and social levels. With the humans commuting to works, by either air or ground car or using public transport, with the Asgard and Nox beaming everywhere, though with the Nox they just vanish.

Walk along any main street on Heliopolis you are likely to see and Asgard or Nox walking along with humans walking as this is the norm on Heliopolis. In some areas (schools and the college) is where the greatest numbers of Asgard and Nox can be found and not at the Heliopolis Research and Development areas, as both the Asgard and Nox do not interfere in Heliopolis R&D unless asked a question on a certain subject.

On the 2nd March 2010, HMS Antrim is on an exploration mission and has dropped out of hyperspace to do long-range scans of the surrounding systems to see if there is anything of interest to scan, Antrim will discover something much more interesting than a system or planet to scan.

After a few minutes of long range scanning the sensor operator reports, “Captain, I have something on the very edge of the long ranged sensors.”

The Captain Elizabeth Gordon asks, “Do you have any idea what is might be?”

The sensor operator replies, “A small ship travelling a very high sub light speed”

The Captain Gordon asks, “Like the Alteran ship that was discovered between the Milky Way Galaxy and the Pegasus Galaxy?”

The sensor operator replies, “No Captain, it is only going a fraction of that ships speed and not the .999C as the Alteran ship was, but still it is going fast whatever it is.”

The Captain Gordon says, “So no time effect then?”

The sensor operator replies, “No time affect Captain.”

The Captain says, “Then let us find out who this is they may need our help. Helm engage hyperdrive close the distance with whatever that is, oh and do not use full power we do not what to overshoot.”

The Helmsman replies, “Aye Captain”

HMS Antrim leaps slowly forward in hyperspace towards this unknown.


Apophis has just finished another session in his Sarcophagus, at the time HMS Antrim has engaged its hyperdrive towards his Al'kesh.

Apophis looks over his controls at the estimated time to reach the nearest planet with a Stargate, 627 years at current speed, after looking at the time Apophis snorts in disgust at the estimate and wonders how his fellow system lords are doing against Anubis. During his forced exile Apophis had concluded that is must be Anubis that had started this, as all Apophis had was time to go repeatedly what he knew what had happened, Apophis kept coming to the same outcome, Anubis.

The Apophis shrugs his shoulders thinking to himself there is nothing he can do about that whatever is happening, as he know that most, if not all his forces have been destroyed.

Apophis walks slowly walks to the rear of the Al'kesh to get something to eat then another few hours in his Sarcophagus for another healing session, an hour this time Apophis thinks to himself.

Apophis has just reached the door when the alarm goes off warning of a ship dropping out of hyperspace, Apophis returns to the control chair and examines the readings. These reading surprise him as they show the readings from a warship of the ‘Phoenix’ these are the allied of the Asgard and that makes them very dangerous, though there is nothing Apophis can do to oppose such a warship, so he awaits his fate.

HMS Antrim

As HMS Antrim drops out of hyperspace Captain Gordon looks at the display, immediately recognises the ship as an Al’kesh, and says, “Action Stations, raise shields, arm weapons, crew to their fighters, but do not launch.”

Within a few minutes, Antrim is at action stations, with the sensors reporting that this particular Al'kesh is in very bad shape, with no operational weapons and very limited shields.

Captain Gordon says, “Communications hail that ship, let us find out what is going on. Also stand down the fighter crews, maintain shields and weapons though, just in case this is a trap of some kind.”


Apophis is wondering why he has not been destroyed then the communication console beeps indication that the Phoenix ship want to talk, Apophis activates the comm and says the first thing that comes into his mind, “Can I help you?”

After saying that Apophis thinks to himself ‘that was lame’ and awaited a reply.

HMS Antrim

Captain Gordon who had just heard what the individual had just said, nods to the comm station to open communications and says, “We have noted that your vessel is in trouble, can we be of assistance?”

With several of the bridge crew glancing oddly at the Captain but saying nothing just waiting to see what the reply is from the occupant of this ship.

Apophis for several moments says noting then ask, “Any assistance you could give would be appreciated.”

Captain Gordon replies, “Very well, we will ring you onboard our ship, but only if you are unarmed, is that acceptable to you?”

Apophis without hesitation says, “Yes that is acceptable” and removes his Kara’kesh and then is beamed over to HMS Antrim under guard while this Goa'uld Al'kesh is brought into the hanger bay.

By the time, this has happened Captain Gordon has informed Heliopolis and command has given the ok to bring this unknown Goa'uld to Heliopolis were a Goa'uld holding facility has been reactivated, after not being used since the incident involving the Tok'ra, Jolinar of Malkshur.

It only takes a few seconds to travel to Heliopolis and beam the Goa'uld into the holding facility this holding facility is comfortable for a Goa'uld though as Apophis looks around he can see it is a cell, a very comfortable cell, but still cell.

Apophis sits down on the nearest chair and shrugs his shoulders, at what has happened to him, he will wait and see what happens as there is nothing Apophis can do about his current accommodation or situation.

Apophis looks around and can see that he is in a cell and says, “This is the nicest cell I have ever been in, my complements” then chuckles to himself at his own joke.

Watching this on a display is Seth who says, “Whoever this Goa'uld he has been badly injured, we should supply him with his Sarcophagus?”

Director Turing who is also watching replies, “I agree” and nods to the Asgard who activates an Asgard beam and beams the Sarcophagus into the cell near Apophis.

Apophis looks at his Sarcophagus and looks around the room and to the ‘empty’ room says, “Thank you the will be useful.”

Activating the Sarcophagus he climes in and lets the Sarcophagus do its ongoing work to heal him.

It will be several days before he will be questioned and then Project Phoenix will get a surprise.

On the display, Turing and Seth along with a few others watched the Goa'uld get into his Sarcophagus they yet do not know that this is Apophis, they also know that a Goa'uld can be ‘good’, Seth being the prime example and another ‘good’ Goa'uld may not be a bad thing.

If the worst comes to the worst they can always transport this Goa'uld and his repaired ship to deep space, drop him off and let him be in his way.

On the 6th March 2010, it is time to talk to this Goa'uld and firstly find out his name. Seth has been chosen as he knows the Goa'uld ‘book of tricks’ and this should be a surprise to this Goa'uld that Seth is still alive.

One of the walls of Apophis cell slides aside and is replaced by a force shield, Apophis looks as a man walks into the room on the other side of the shield, Apophis can feel the presence of a Goa'uld inside this human.

The Goa'uld sits down on a chair that he moves in front of the shield and says, “Hello, I hope you are recovering from your injuries?”

Apophis walks towards the shield stopping just in front of the shield and replies, “I am healing well. Who are you?”

The Goa'uld smiles warmly and replies, “Here I am known as Seth.”

Apophis takes a step backwards in surprise and says, “I heard you were dead?”

Seth replies, “No merely exiled on a planet called Earth.”

Apophis states, “Never heard of this Earth.”

Seth replies, “You would know it as the home of the Tau'ri.”

Apophis replies, “Interesting, where we got our original batch of hosts, slaves and Jaffa from.”

Seth replies, “Yes it is, one thing may I know your name?”

Apophis replies, “I am Apophis.”

Seth does not hide his shock and replies, “I also heard you were killed.”

Apophis replies, “No I survived, my Jaffa placed me inside my Sarcophagus when I was wounded and then placed the Sarcophagus inside an Al'kesh, setting the controls to automatic sent me into space. But the Al'kesh was damaged but not before getting me well clear of the battle.”

Seth replies, “Well it looks like we have a lot to discuss as many things have changed while you have been absent, for instance Lord Yu is now supreme system lord and Anubis who was behind these attacks has been defeated.”

Apophis says, “So it was Anubis who started this war, I thought it might be, but could never prove it, so let us begin our discussions.”

Seth replies, “Yes we have, more importantly what happens to you, as your power base is no more.”

So begins a long series of ‘chats’ between Seth and Apophis over the next year or so, during the breaks Apophis continues to heal his body, using his repaired Sarcophagus, though Apophis does not know that the ‘bugs’ of addiction and madness have been fixed or that they even exist.

On the 10th March 2010, the Committee of Four have come to a decision...

Closed session...

Australian member says, “We all agree, we need to keep a much closer eye on events after the US problem.”

UK member says, “I agree we need to keep a much closer eye on events, but is this the way?”

New Zealand member asks, “Unless you have an alternative to this idea?”

Canadian member says, “I certainly do not have an alternative, Project Phoenix needs to be kept under very close scrutiny going forwards. After all we have had some unacceptable delays in informing this committee of decisions that have been made.”

UK member sighs and says, “I know we have been over this many times, I do not have an alternative that would work.”

Australian member says, “Then we vote, I vote yes.”

New Zealand says, “I also vote yes”

Canadian member says, “I vote yes.”

All three look at the UK member who after a few moments says, “I vote yes.”

Australian member says, “Good it is done, we will begin recruiting immediately with the cover story we need couriers who can handle themselves.”

UK member says, “Even with our authority it will take time to build this up.”

New Zealand says, “We all know this, so we better get started right away?”

The meeting breaks up and the orders are issued to the four SI-5 agencies of the four Project Phoenix countries for couriers/messengers to be answerable to the Committee of Four and no one else.

These ‘couriers/messengers’ real mission will be as a police/watchdog for the Committee of Four and if necessary, as a last resort assassins to eliminate any threat to Project Phoenix (on or off Earth), along with the power to override any order that the leadership of Project Phoenix may be contemplating that would go against the security of Project Phoenix.

Events later this year will prove to the Committee of Four are making the right decision.

On the 31st March 2010, on Heliopolis, an entire continent has been put aside for conservation of endangered species on Earth the Nox fully support this project and are very active in conservation. Many species on Earth that were on the verge of extinction are flourishing on Heliopolis, such as the Kiwi, Black Rhino, Leatherback Turtle, Mountain Gorilla and the Indian Elephant, to name but a few.

As Project Phoenix has an entire planets continent, these species and others can be watched over without the fear of human interference or hunters etc and the Nox on occasion will make certain species invisible to protect them.

Not only animals, but also plants on the verge of extinction are also being grown the Nox do not need to be asked if they will help, they will help.

[Authors Note: Could not resist using Bigotgate]

April/May 2010

As the campaigning for the UK General Election takes place during April in the run up to the 6th May election date, Gordon Brown is looking increasingly out of place as a Prime Minister in waiting and more like a former Prime Minister in waiting. With the focus on the economy, how to get the UK out of recession is the focus of the election though defence is also mentioned in terms of cuts. In terms of ‘affordable defence cuts’ is mentioned by the Conservatives though the Conservatives are unable to elaborate until they have had a review of the defence budget.

On the 28th April 2010, Gordon Brown, while campaigning in Greater Manchester, a Labour/Liberal Democrat marginal seat meets Gillian Duffy, from Rochdale.

Gillian Duffy asked Gordon Brown about vulnerable people supposedly not receiving benefits because non-vulnerable people were receiving them, adding, “You can't say anything about the immigrants because you're saying that you're, but all these eastern Europeans what are coming in, where are they flocking from?”

Gordon Brown replies, “A million people have come from Europe but a million British people have gone into Europe."

Once back inside the PM’s supposedly ‘secure’ car (a later investigation that is not revealed to the public that the system had been switch off by accident, this is unfortunate for Brown as he cannot reveal this information as it would have deflected the press off ). As the PM was unaware that the microphone he was wearing was still on and could be heard Brown's conversation with his communications director Justin Forsyth went

Gordon Brown: That was a disaster. Sue should never have put me with that woman. Whose idea was that?

Justin Forsyth: I don't know, I didn't see her.

Gordon Brown: Sue's I think just ridiculous...

Justin Forsyth: What did she say?

Gordon Brown: Everything, she was just a sort of bigoted woman who said she used to be Labour. I mean it is just ridiculous. Sue pushed her up towards me."

Soon after the incident, Brown talks to Jeremy Vine live on BBC Radio 2 where he publicly apologised to Mrs Duffy. Subsequently, Brown visited Duffy’s house for 43 minutes in order to apologise in person. Upon emerging, he described himself as a “penitent sinner”, while Duffy refused to speak to the press and would not shake hands with him in front of the cameras. She said the incident had left her feeling more sad than angry and that she would not be voting for Labour or any other party.

The incident is subsequently call “Bigotgate” by the press

Labour loses several points in the option polls (up to this point Labour was in the lead), a few days later giving the Conservatives a small lead in the polls the Conservatives will hang onto the small lead throughout the remainder of the campaign.

Brown will from now on be seen as the main problem for Labour on getting re-elected, but this close to the election there is nothing they can do about removing Brown, as leader, so Labour tries to make the best of a bad selection they made as leader of the Labour Party and Prime Minister.

Even with Bigotgate, the option polls are very close giving either a hung parliament or the Conservatives with a very slim majority.

On the 6th May 2010 UK General Election Results

Total number of seats – 658 (331 seats needed for a majority)

Conservative – 332
Labour – 233
Liberal Democrats 57
Overseas UK Parliament seats – 8 (all 8 are independent but are grouped together for mutual support)
Others – 28

Even with a Conservative ‘win’ the conservatives are ‘forced’ into a coalition with the Liberal Democrats allowing a comfortable majority for the new coalition government, though both sides will agree not to force a vote of confidence and will allow a full five years before the need for the next election.

The focus for this new coalition government will be to get the country out of recession the new coalition government will also have some support from the 8 members of the UK overseas seats grouped together for mutual support.

On the 10th May 2010, the new Prime Minister David Cameron is briefed on Project Phoenix, with the former Prime Ministers, Blair, Major and Brown also in attendance to confirm what Cameron is being briefed on is true and to keep this secret.

After Cameron has recovered from the shock of the initial briefing, Cameron agrees to keep Project Phoenix secret as all previous Prime Ministers have done and Cameron is not going to be the one to break the mould.

The main problem for Cameron is that the planned defence cuts are dead, as this would prove disastrous for Project Phoenix and the three other member countries, not only that the numbers of jobs in all four countries that employed for various defence companies and their sub-contractors would a huge disaster.

On the 11th May 2010, the Prime Minister David Cameron is informed that he cannot discuss Project Phoenix with his new Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg until he is given the ok by the committee of four (this could take a while). David Cameron does not like this but agrees to this (Cameron has no real choice in this decision), as he new to the ‘job’ of Prime Minister and needs time to get the ‘feel’ for the job.

On the 15th May 2010, David Cameron meets with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Secretary of State for Defence Dr Liam Fox and the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne. To inform them that defence cuts are off the menu and that the defence budget is to be ring fenced from any cuts.

This starts a series of arguments that last for several hours, until David Cameron informs them that he has had a special briefing on defence that is Prime Ministers eyes only and that if defence were cut that would endanger not only UK national security but also the UK’s allies as well.

David Cameron also states that they would be informed (a cover story has been put together for such possibilities as to not reveal Project Phoenix) of the reasons why defence spending should not be cut.

A few days later after they have read the (abridged and fake(ish)) files all agree that defence spending should not be cut (jobs and terrorism are the main points) and should be ring fenced from any cuts in a similar way to the NHS.

Nick Clegg does not like this, as he had hopped cuts in the defence budget would help, but now this idea is dead and they will have to look elsewhere for cuts.

As to ram the point home at the end of April, several defence projects begin to bear fruit, as they enter full-scale production.

On the 30th April 2010, the first production Arrow/Eagle replacement Tempest FRG.1 aircraft enters service with the RAF, alongside the Royal Australian Air Force and the Royal Canadian Air Force.

At the same time the first Thor AH1 gunships begins operational testing moving towards acceptance into the first four countries UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia by early next year, with exports still looking good (not great) with the world in rescission.

With the number of jobs (in the hundreds of thousands) based around these and other defence projects making nearly impossible to cut defence without committing political suicide, neither the Conservatives nor the Liberal Democrats are willing to do this, so soon into a new coalition government.

In this way Project Phoenix is protected by political fear of cutting defence spending thus making unemployment go up and defence exports go down, along with the associated income to the treasury in a time when such money is needed.

Across the Atlantic, the US is having similar problems with funding, with its own Stargate program, with several area of research stopped, along with other projects cut back, though the two remaining Lexington class light cruisers are still to be built, as most of the parts have already been manufactured.

The US Stargate program will face cuts these will be focused on projects that cannot be achieved within the current budget or on a certain timescale, this will not stop off world exploration, just slow up development of new technologies.

On the 1st June 2010, HMS Victory is ready to restart visiting new realities then next one they will visit will both shock Project Phoenix and confirm that Project Phoenix are making the right decisions in their own reality, on many issues.

Fzzz fzzz ffzzz pop fizzzzzz pop pop....!!!!!

Some other place...

Somewhere in the US...

Major James Mortimer-Hyde along with his ‘associate’ Louise Watson, transporting a British representative to a location in the US to a secret meeting, Major Hyde says, “Do not worry sir we will get you to your location safely.”

The passenger says, “Well the US people would not be happy to know that the British Government representatives on US soil after what we did to them just a few years ago, as the US people have lynched several dozen Brits along with other people from several other nations, before they were evacuated. After all the current US government is still try to regain control of its own county, though we did wipe out a large part of its military.”

As the car drives towards the secret meeting place with the US President, Major Hyde notices in his rear view mirror that several SUV’s are following them.

Major Hyde says, “Looks like we have company” nodding towards the mirror.

The British representative in the rear seat cranes his neck around, looks at the SUV’s following and asks, “Are you sure?”

Major Hyde says, “Yes”

The British representative asks, “Should we not go faster or something?”

Major Hyde says, “No, let them make the first move, we are prepared for this eventuality.”

The touches a concealed button, the armrest retracts revealing hidden controls, Major Hyde says, “Do not worry sir this is a ‘company car’” with a silly but deadly smile on his face.

The SUV’s are closing...

At the meeting location

President Ted Kennedy asks, “When will the British representative arrive.”

His Chief of Staff replies, “In just over an hour Mr President”

President Ted Kennedy replies, “Thank you.”

President Kennedy thinks back to the bad days of the war with the UK and the US surrender and then the UK not wanting anything from the US.

After President Nancy Pelosi refused to stand for a second term, the Republicans were divided Ted Kennedy was seen as a compromise candidate, even he was surprise that he was elected as President by the people, but the Kennedy name still held very high in America.

Since 2008, President Kennedy has focused on rebuilding the US after their defeat, though with what is now known as the four phoenix group of countries (UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada). The four phoenix group of countries being not only the most powerful group of countries military speaking, but also having several alien allies as well, means that this meeting is important in putting the past behind them.

One of the initial steps by the Phoenix group was to give President Kennedy a medical and a free use of the Goa'uld Sarcophagus this healed President Kennedy’s medical problems within an hour, giving President Kennedy several decades of good health.

However, this was done via beaming, the Senate and Congress did not like the idea of anyone beaming in and out of the US and passed laws against this, President Kennedy reluctantly signed this law into force, as he needed both the Senate and Congress to govern.

Phoenix and their allied had agreed to abide by this new law that had been passed this surprised the Senate and Congress, along with a then newly elected President Kennedy. As the Phoenix group really did not need to ask permission and there was nothing that anyone could do to stop the use of beaming technology but so far the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, along with their alien allies had abided by this new law.

However, the US/Canadian border was now well monitored by the Royal Space Navy ships in orbit and anyone crossing the border illegally can be beamed into a secure holding area in Canada for questioning.

This had sown the first small seeds of trust, this had led to secret talks between both groups, via a secret crossing point over to Canada and a series of meetings between representatives of the US and the Phoenix group had so far progressed very well.

However, there is always a problem with these ideas, for the US it is a group called the ‘Patriots’, a group that thought they were fighting for the ‘freedom’ of the US, even though the US was not occupied after the surrender. The Patriots are the ones that forced out all ‘foreigners’ from the US, by going on a killing spree, this however was not popular with the majority of US citizens and since 2008 the Patriots have been branded terrorists by their own government.

Meanwhile, the British representatives car is under attack be the ‘Patriots’ with various small arms fire, the car is fitted with a simple shield for defence against such attacks.

Louise Watson activates the radio and says, “This is ‘Brit One’ to ‘Eagle One’ we are under attack, request assistance.”

Over the radio a reply in an American voice comes across, “Understood ‘Brit One’ assistance is on its way eta 60 seconds.”

As the British representatives car continues down the road being fired upon by the Patriots.

One minute later, a pair of USMC Bell AH-1Z Viper gunships appear ahead, as they pass over the British representatives car there 20 mm M197 Gatling cannons open fire dispatching the attacking ‘Patriots’ cars.

The journey continues without further incidents with the pair of USMC Bell AH-1Z Viper gunships overhead providing protection.

The British representative’s car continues to the rendezvous with the President Kennedy without any further incidents.

On arriving at the meeting with President Kennedy, the British representative thanks President Kennedy for their help in dealing with the attackers.

The meeting begins about normalising relations once again between the US and the Phoenix group of countries.

After the meeting, President Kennedy will order the federal law enforcement authorities to focus on hunting down and arresting any known Patriots.

For the Phoenix group in this reality they are about to get a surprise of their own!

Fzzz fzzz ffzzz pop fizzzzzz pop pop....!!!!!

Back in another reality...

HMS Victory

Deep space, several light years outside the Milky Way galaxy

Commodore Sarah Toddington says, “Dr McKay you may innate the realty drive jump when ready.”

Dr McKay states, “Drive fully charged, jumping now.”

HMS Victory jumps to another reality...

HMS Victory

Dr McKay states, “Jump completed”

Commodore Toddington says, “Begin long range sensor scans.”

At the Asgard science station in a very cheerful voice Heimdall says, “Scanning commencing.”

After several minutes Heimdall says, “I have detected both Asgard and some Nox communications around Earth and Heliopolis in this realty.”

Commodore Toddington says, “Amazing”

Dr McKay asks, “Can we contact them?”

Commodore Toddington says, “Yes, but very carefully from here” pausing for a few moments then continues “communications send a single to Earth on Asgard frequencies, giving a brief explanation of where we are from and request permission to come to either Earth or Heliopolis.”

Communications office replies, “Aye sir, compiling message now.”

Commodore Toddington says, “Dr McKay stand by with the reality drive just in case they are hostile?”

Dr McKay replies, “Right, good idea”

A few minutes later the communications office says, “Message sent.”

Commodore Toddington says, “Now we wait. Though continue scanning the area for more information.”

Earth, orbital space station Britannia

In the communications room the duty officer is staring at the message that has just come in and wondering if things around here could get any more stranger!

The duty officer says, “Forward this to Fleet Admiral Jason Timms and request instructions.”

The rating replies, “Aye sir”

The communications duty officer thinks to himself, well things have just got a lot stranger!

HMS Victory

Forty minutes later...

The communications office says, “incoming message, it states ‘permission to approach Earth granted’ it is signed Fleet Admiral Jason Timms”

Commodore Toddington says, “Well it looks like they want to talk”

Dr McKay replies, “Yes this is very exciting, I could meet myself this will be interesting for everyone that we know.”

Commodore Toddington says, “Yes it will, but remember Dr McKay, we have no idea what this reality is like so do not give any of our secrets away, even to you in this reality Dr McKay.”

Dr McKay replies, “Yes you are right we should just generalise.”

Commodore Toddington says, “Helm, take us to Earth.”

The Victory jumps into hyperspace for the short trip to Earth.


As HMS Victory drops out of hyperspace, the ship sensors pick up a number of ships and four large orbital space stations in geo stationary orbit over the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Along with these four space stations, there are a number of ships of a similar design to the scorpion class cruisers, though with some minor external differences, also a number of Asgard ships, both science types and Mountbatten class.

It does not take long for both sides to realise that this is not a trick of some kind, after that they begin to discuss what the differences are between their two realities.

The main start of the difference is that Alan Turing died before he was recruited to Project Phoenix this meant that there was no Turing prediction and the US and the Phoenix group of countries went to war. This war was very short and one sided as the Turing prediction from there realities has predicted, with the US being defeated.

It is also quickly learned that Alan Turing dying has had other consequences for Project Phoenix in this reality, the murder of Dr Phillips by Anubis was not able to be prevented and the outrage at Anubis attack against Heliopolis is seen as a major turning point towards a more aggressive approach by both the Asgard and Project Phoenix.

It changed the Asgard, as they were furious at Anubis attack on Heliopolis this changed the Asgard from being passive in their assistance to being much more active and aggressive against any threat. This in turn changed the balance of power bringing both the Asgard and Project Phoenix (in the strangest ‘alliance’ with Lord Yu’s forces) against Anubis and Anubis eventual defeat.

In the aftermath of the defeat of Anubis Project Phoenix and the Asgard become more proactive against various threats, with 9/11 it was (initially) seen as a good idea to inform the US of Project Phoenix this however was wrong, as this started what would be known as the accidental war or the war of misunderstanding.

The led to a sort a very short war against the US, the Asgard could have used their beaming technology to deal with US weapons, but chose not to, to send a message that they are not a race to be messed with. Project Phoenix also backed the Asgard who intern backed them, so Project Phoenix was tied to the Asgard, as much as the Asgard is tied to Project Phoenix.

The current director of Project Phoenix is Professor Stephen Hawking, as it was seen as much better to have a civilian scientist as head of Project Phoenix instead of a military commander after all that has happened.

In the years after the Phoenix/US war the rest of Earth divided into several ‘camps’ this first being neutrals such as Russia, Russia during the Phoenix/US war continued to affirm its neutrality this has continued after the war. However, Russia continues to be ‘neutral’ however Russia is quite happy to sell its ‘products’ to the US or anyone else this has moved Russia slightly towards favouring the US.

The second group is those countries that support the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada this includes China and most of the Commonwealth countries, though not all the commonwealth supports the Phoenix group of countries, such as Pakistan, with the government of Pakistan backing the US.

The next group is those that have still to make up their minds this includes the EU, Iran, Iraq, North Korea to name a few, though some EU countries are moving towards supporting Phoenix like Portugal, others want to support both like Germany.

As for NATO this organization exists in name only, as the US is still rebuilding its own forces and the Phoenix group really does not need NATO this has led Germany to take the leading role in NATO and Germany wanting to try to bring relations back to normal or as normal as possible.

All in all it is a diplomatic mess, even now nearly 10 years on.

Economically the world is just starting to recover from the post war economic shock, though world trade between the various countries has not reached pre-war levels and is not likely to do so for another decade or so.

As the briefings go on Commodore Toddington asks a question, “What about the second Stargate?”

Fleet Admrial Timms looks at Commodore Toddington and says, “What second Stargate?”

Commodore Toddington replies, “The one in Antarctica.”

Fleet Admiral Timms states, “We are not aware of the existence of another Stargate” then pausing for a few moment before continuing, “If you will excuse me I need to make a call.”

Commodore Toddington replies, “Of course Admiral.”

Fleet Admiral Timms leaves the meeting room to his own office, once their he picks up the phone and contacts the Asgard informing them that there may be a second Stargate in Antarctica.

A few minutes later, a single Asgard science vessel moves orbit into a new geo-stationary orbit over Antarctica and begins a very detailed scan of the area.

The Asgard science vessel quickly finds the second Stargate and its associated DHD and immediately beams them up. The Asgard science vessels have also found the Alteran outpost this causes a very shocked Asgard to report this find to the Asgard High Council and Fleet Admiral Timms, who cannot believe what he has just heard.

Two hours later, Fleet Admiral Timms returns to the meeting room where they have all just finished having lunch.

After everyone is seated, Fleet Admiral Timms says, “Commodore Toddington you are correct the Asgard have confirmed a second Stargate that was in Antarctica.”

Commodore Toddington replies, “Happy to help Admiral.”

Fleet Admiral Timms says, “Well the Asgard also found something else buried under several miles of ice, an Alteran outpost.”

Commodore Toddington is surprised and replies, “I was not aware of that, when we get back we will have to check this out to see if there is an Alteran outpost also buried under Antarctica.”

Fleet Admiral Timms says, “Well today has been full of surprises for all concerned.”

Commodore Toddington replies, “Yes it has Admiral.” Thinking to herself Commodore Toddington is getting extremely uncomfortable with how the defeat of the US was achieved, along with the aftermath, but Commodore Toddington is keeping these thoughts to herself.

As the meeting comes to an end Commodore Toddington is happy to get back to her ship and leave this reality and not come back. The only ‘good’ thing to come out of visiting this reality is the news that there may be an Alteran outpost buried deep under Antarctica, Commodore Toddington is wondering how they would get to it and how they could retrieve it, as they jump back to their own reality.

On the 2nd June 2010, HMS Victory returns to its own reality.

On the 15th June 2010, after several days of debriefings it is agreed by the Committee of Four and Director Turing that this reality should not be visited ever again.

On the 16th June 2010, it is confirmed via a cloaked Fox class shuttle that there is an Alteran outpost buried deep under Antarctica, just as in the other reality, though for now it will remain untouched, as getting to the outpost could prove to be difficult under the current financial problems on Earth. As mounting, an expedition to Antarctica would prove to be very costly and it would need to be backed by the UK government, but with the current austerity program this will not happen for the time being until the financial crisis has passed.

After all no one else knows about the Alteran outpost buried deep under Antarctica, so for now it can remain buried.

This proposal is agreed to by Merlin, via the Asgard.

On the 22nd June 2010, Chancellor George Osborne presented the coalition government's emergency budget statement to the House of Commons. The most notable changes include a 2.5% increase in VAT to 20% and a 25% reduction in public spending. As part of this emergency budget Defence, along with the NHS and welfare budgets are ring fenced from any cuts, putting a lot of pressure on the remaining government departments to find the cuts.

On the 25th June 2010, David Cameron announced his intention to have all British troops home from Afghanistan by 2015, even though it is unlikely that Afghanistan will be fully able to deal with the ongoing insurgency by 2015.

On the 25th July 2010, WikiLeaks, an online publisher of anonymous, covert, and classified material, leaks to the public over 90,000 internal reports about the United States-led involvement in the War in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2010. This will also lead to the release that the previous president has authorised spying on the UK to gain technological knowledge from the UK’s various research projects.

Fortunately, there is no mention of off world technologies or Project Phoenix as the previous US administration had been unaware of this at the time of these memos, also there is no mention of the US Stargate program in the leaked documents, as the security clearance is above that of those leaked documents.

This is greeted with shock by most UK MP’s and will start a series of Parliamentary Committee hearings on this subject, with the upshot that all research programs should have added security, especially those that are defence or nation critical.

Within a few months, President Obama has confirmed that he has issued an executive order stopping the spying on the UK (when he was sworn into office) and that cooperation would be the way forward rather than spying on a US ally. The UK government will fully support President Obama in that President Obama has issued an issued an executive order stopping the spying on the UK (the UK had already been informed the US government of this via private channels).

Though this will not stop other leaks about various US black sites and other embarrassing information etc from coming out over the next few years.

On the 31st July 2010, the Committee of Four orders a suspension of reality drive jumps this is in part on what was discovered by HMS Victory on their last jump. But it is more about the Committee of Four asserting its authority over Project Phoenix leadership to make sure that they know who is in charge.

This decision is also strongly supported by the four Prime Ministers as well, as they also dislike not being included or informed fully of what is going on with major decisions. This however does not mean that every decision that say Director Turing makes will have to go through the Committee of Four only those major policy decisions or changes to major policies of Project Phoenix.

This is the beginning of major oversight beginning for Project Phoenix from the Committee of Four especially after the Lexington incident and Project Phoenix being ‘forced’ to inform the US government of their own Stargate program.

The Committee of Four see themselves as the ‘protectors’ of Project Phoenix, a role that they take very seriously from now onwards, in this they have the fully support of the for Project Phoenix countries Prime Ministers.

On the 25th September 2010, Ed Miliband is elected to become Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition, narrowly beating his brother David in the final round of the leadership contest. Very deep background checks are started on Ed Miliband, as part of the early vetting process for being Project Phoenix cleared (if he becomes PM), along with a detachment of Close Protection Officers assigned to protect Ed Miliband, wife and children now that he is leader of the opposition.

Ed Miliband is less pleased about this added protection, as he thought he could make do without it, but as Leader of the Opposition Ed Miliband could not just demand that his Close Protection Officers as that would be politically stupid.

On the 19th October 2010, Defence Secretary Liam Fox announces that the ongoing defence programs will continue without any reductions (the new type 26 frigate research project, Tempest FRG.1, Thor gunship etc), so that there will be no redundancies with their associated companies. This announcement helps those companies share prices, along with the companies associated with the various defence programs not only in the UK but also Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

On the 29th November 2010, the European Union agrees to an €85 billion rescue deal for Ireland from the European Financial Stability Facility, the International Monetary Fund and bilateral loans from the Sterling Zone group of countries.

Sterling Zone group of countries are UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Solomon Islands, Saint Lucia, Kiribati (formerly Gilbert Islands), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Bermuda. Part of the Sterling Zone, but with their countries’ currencies (not the pound) Sweden and Norway merely tied to the pound.

The Sterling Zone group of countries are assured that they will get their part of the loan back with interest from the EU (via Ireland) once this crisis has averted.

Even though the UK is not part of the EU the EU still has a large amount of trade with not only the UK and the UK has trade with the EU, along with the other Sterling Zone group of countries and it is in there interest to help the EU or an EU country such as Ireland out finically.

This however is not the end of these bailouts for several EU countries, by not only the EU (Germany/France), but also the International Monetary Fund the Sterling Zone group of countries, with much more money will need to be pumped into the EU to save several EU countries from economic collapse.

On the 18th December 2010, the Arab Spring begins, with the overthrow of the government of Tunisia leading to

Resignation of Prime Minister Ghannouchi
Dissolution of the political police
Dissolution of the RCD, the former ruling party of Tunisia and liquidation of its assets
Release of political prisoners
Elections to a Constituent Assembly on 23rd October 2011
Adoption of a new constitution

On the 29th December 2010, the government of Algeria lifts the 19-year-old state of emergency.

On the 30th December 2010, both the USS Constellation and the USS Lexington are declared operational the first missions will start during early 2011. This is a major step for the US Stargate command, as it gives them the ability to visit worlds without a Stargate or worlds that have buried there Stargate.

A cut down SG-1 team, will be onboard the USS Lexington and a cut down SG-2 will serve onboard the USS Constellation for off world missions.

Throughout both November and December both SG-1 and SG-2 have been working closely with the crews of the USS Lexington and the USS Constellation, so they are fully ready to begin exploration next year.

To be continued.
69. Interlude – where we are at as of 1st January 2011

Project Phoenix

Leadership of Project Phoenix

Head of State – Elizabeth II (deferred to the Governor General for the day-to-day running of Project Phoenix and Heliopolis)

Governor General – Princess Margaret (figurehead though has the Queens Veto powers but does not use the Queens Veto along with the ‘Royal Prerogative’ for military action)

Project Phoenix Committee of Four – made from a single member from the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada this committee has the final say in all matters, though the Queen (or Princess Margaret) can veto. This however would go against the role of a constitutional monarch, but it is likely that the Project Phoenix leadership would follow the Queens Veto order (if given), though this has never been tested.

Both the Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret both know that once they have crossed that line there would be no going back, after all if you cross this line once you can do it repeatedly.

Replacement committee members (when a member retires or dies in office) for the Committee of Four are chosen by the committee without outside ‘interference’ from the UK, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian Prime Ministers, except if all four PM’s are in agreement (that won’t ever happen).

The day-to-day running of Project Phoenix falls to the following members (Atlantis members are also listed separately) of the leadership of Project Phoenix off world leadership.

Project Phoenix

Head of Project Phoenix – Director Alan Turing, though the Committee is now taking a much stronger interest in the running of Heliopolis and major off world decisions made by Director Turing. Director Turing is still running Heliopolis day to day operations along with Project Phoenix off world leadership and operations/research.

Head of Research Project Phoenix – Professor Stephen Hawking even though Professor Hawking is based on Earth, Professor Hawking has in the past worked on secret programs for the UK government, so being absent for weeks or even months does not raise much interest.

The Committee of Four have no objections to Professor Stephen Hawking becoming Head of Research Project Phoenix.

Deputy Head of Research – Seth (though this is purely honorary having not real authority in this post but can do his own research), even though Seth has not real authority, Seth does have some input to most research programs and does know what is going on across Heliopolis.

Head of Computer Research – Dr Douglas James (a Turing protégée) has taken over all of the computing research from Turing to allow Turing to focus on his duties as Director.

Head of Linguistics – Samuel (Sam) Davis becoming Head of Linguistics is a surprise to many, as most expected Dr Daniel Jackson to be Tom Oliver’s replacement, but Sam Davis is Turing’s choice.

Commander Royal Space Fleet – Rear Admiral Jason Timms

Head of Military Operations and Security – Major General Elizabeth Green

Deputy Head of Military Operations and Security – Brigadier Mark Harlington

Commander of the Off World Exploration (Heliopolis) – Colonel Mary Summer


Head of the Atlantis – Mrs Silvia Fisher

Mrs Silvia Fisher is an administrator of various construction projects within Project Phoenix with some scientific knowledge, it is thought by this move Alan Turing is trying to push certain people (non-military and scientific) into higher levels. Mrs Silvia Fisher is a very able administrator and can easily manage the day-to-day running of Atlantis, as this is what is really needed to run Atlantis, as McKay, Jackson and others handle the research, military operations etc.

With Atlantis now moved to Heliopolis the word ‘expedition’ has been removed from Silvia Fisher to ‘just’ Head of Atlantis.

Head of Research (Atlantis) – Dr Rodney McKay

Chef Medical Officer (Atlantis) – Dr Carson Beckett

Head of Linguistics (Atlantis) – Dr Daniel Jackson

Commander of Security Forces (Atlantis) – Brigadier John “Hannibal” Smith

Royal Space Navy Ships

3 Defiance class armed freighters (fitted with 1 AEM each)
3 Black Prince class freighters (fitted with 1 AEM each)
12 Dreadnought class battleships (3 AEM’s each)
9 Courageous class battlecruisers (3 AEM’s each) – all due to be mothballed then scrapped as the remaining 12 Dreadnoughts are completed, first four will be mothballed then scrapped 2012/2014 respectively
32 Scorpion class heavy cruisers (3AEM’s each)

At any one time around half the fleet is available for operations, the other half of the fleet, either due to either manpower shortage or ships that are under overhaul/repair/upgrading, though the whole fleet can be made operational if needed.


HMS Trafalgar to begin construction 2010 to be completed 2012
HMS Prince of Wales to begin construction 2010 to be completed 2012
HMS Goliath to begin construction 2010 to be completed 2012
HMS General Wolfe to begin construction 2010 to be completed 2012


HMS Lord Nelson to begin construction 2012 to be completed 2014
HMS King Edward VII to begin construction 2012 to be completed 2014
HMS Victoria to begin construction 2012 to be completed 2014
HMS Gorgon to begin construction 2012 to be completed 2014

HMS Resistance to begin construction 2014 to be completed 2016
HMS Warspite to begin construction 2014 to be completed 2016
HMS Excalibur to begin construction 2014 to be completed 2016
HMS Duke of York to begin construction 2014 to be completed 2016

After these final eight battleships are complete, a series of improvements and upgrades are planned for the whole fleet, mostly software upgrades and improvements to various ships systems.

The next ships to be built will be the replacements for the Defiance and Black Prince freighters this will be sometime after 2014, with an initial total of six ships, with possibly more to follow.


Population at the 1st January 2011 stands at 2,689,207 with an expected population growth of around 30,000 (births) is expected for 2011, with another 50,000 (all adults of various ages) or so coming from Earth and adding to the permanent population of Heliopolis.

This figure does not include those people that work for or on Heliopolis, but do not live on Heliopolis, instead these people come to Heliopolis to work but live on Earth, usually on six months ‘shifts’ with six months off afterwards, examples being Dr Rodney McKay, Dr Carson Beckett and Dr Daniel Jackson.

Capital City – New London

New London is based near the original castle site and has sprawled out from that location, with New London not only being the capital but also the headquarters of Project Phoenix and the Royal Space Fleet, New London is a mix of architectural styles mainly take from Earth designs, as is every city on Heliopolis.

Current population around 700,000

Other major cities are New Wellington population around 450,000, New Canberra population around 550,000 and New Ottawa population around 600,000.

In addition, there are several major airbases for hurricane fighters and Fox class shuttles (all types), when these ships are not on missions or part of the group of fighters/shuttles attached to a warship they are based at these airbases.

The two large landing (formally construction) pads for the defiance class still exist and are still used occasionally, though with access to Asgard beaming technology a defiance class landing and picking up cargo is the exception rather than the rule.

There are also several large manufacturing areas in close proximity to the four major cities, these manufacturing areas can produce anything from nuts and bolts, up to component parts for the ships of the Royal Space Fleet.

These large manufacturing areas also produce parts for new buildings as these cities expand, these manufacturing areas are largely automated and are a mix of Earth/Goa'uld technology with a smattering of Asgard and a tiny amount of Nox/Alteran manufacturing technology. This makes these manufacturing areas very efficient and easy to change what they are manufacturing within either hours or days depending on what needs to be manufactured. Raw materials are either minded from Heliopolis or is becoming more common the asteroids in the Heliopolis system or the Camelot system (less common) and delivered to the various manufacturing sites for processing.

No materials need to be imported from Earth, with some specialist and rare materials being exported back to Earth for research, as some of these materials are monitored on Earth thus evading monitoring of such materials, these exports are in very small quantities.

Agriculture, with help from the Nox, food production is more than adequate for the entire population, with no supplies being imported from Earth, as any type of food can been made on Heliopolis in any quantity.

With a whole planet to ‘play with’ expansion is not a problem for Project Phoenix, at the moment the cities and production facilities are all on one part of one continent, with the rest of the planet being left to its own devices (under Nox ‘supervision’).

Healthcare, barring any major injuries and access to a Sarcophagus (or a Nox), all types of illness and injuries can be cured, allowing for ‘perfect health’ of all Heliopolis residents, with an increased lifespan for all. Living over 100 years of age is no longer considered unusual for Heliopolis residents the exact lifespan differs from individual to individual, but the minimum is 150 to 200 years of age.

This does not include those few individuals that have the strong natural ATA gene there lifespan is not yet known, but likely to be in the thousands of years, possibly much longer, so far only nine of these individuals with strong natural ATA gene exist including Director Turing.

There are 10 levels of ATA Gene rating devised by Project Phoenix

Levels 1 – 3 are the lowest, these first three levels allow use of all ancient equipment this is also the highest (level 3) that ATA Gene Therapy has been able to give those personnel without a natural ATA Gene.

The bulk of Project Phoenix personnel fit into Levels 1 – 3, 80%

Levels 4 – 8 have a natural ATA Gene and allow the use of ancient equipment, with the higher levels 4 – 8 finding it much easier to use ancient equipment the higher up they go.

This next set of levels accounts of 19.99+% of Project Phoenix personnel

Levels 9 – 10 have a very strong natural ATA Gene and allow the use of ancient equipment these two top levels are reserved for those Project Phoenix members who go once through Seth’s Goa'uld Sarcophagus giving them certain advantages. One of these being perfect health and regeneration to a more youthful look, giving these people a form of immortality, other powers also come about depending on the individual, Alan Turing for instance can see into the future (when asleep) with a very high degree of accuracy.

There are only 9 people with Levels 9 – 10 of the ATA Gene this makes up less than 0.01% of Project Phoenix personnel.

Alteran outpost

The Alteran outpost is still a major source of research for not only Project Phoenix, but also the Asgard and the Nox (the Alteran database in the outpost is vast), with a number of research projects being run from the Alteran outpost by all three groups.

In the decades Project Phoenix, Asgard and the Nox have only scratched the surface of the knowledge held within the Alteran outposts computer cores, it would take thousands of years before they are fully able to understand all the information contained within outposts computer cores.

Asgard Observer – Hermiod

The Asgard have 12 Mountbatten Class Warships in the Heliopolis system in orbit around Heliopolis, along with several Asgard science vessels coming and going from time to time, Hermiod reports not only to the Asgard but also to the Nox and the Alterans as well. There are around 100 Asgard and 100 Nox in the Asgard outpost based on Heliopolis, though numbers can vary and Project Phoenix is not privy to this information about the Asgard outpost.

This number does not include those Asgard/Nox (in the thousands of both races) assigned to teaching or helping Project Phoenix on some of Project Phoenixes research projects, though with this last part Project Phoenix is encouraged to do its own research without help, so that Project Phoenix does not become dependent or either the Asgard/Nox. This is done with the approval of Project Phoenix leadership, as they feel they will understand the technology they are researching if they do the research themselves rather than being given it ‘gift wrapped’.

The Asgard outpost has remained the same size and has not been expanded in size, even though this is easily possible, but as the Asgard uses this outpost on Heliopolis as a place to send information back to the Asgard home world for a more detailed study.

The Asgard race is growing at a staggering rate thanks to the cloning problem being fixed cloning is the Asgard’s way of reproducing as well, with a population in their home galaxy of Ida, with a current population approaching 20 Billion. The Asgard are spread over dozens of colony world throughout the galaxy of Ida, with more worlds being selection as colony worlds (after a very careful study) for there rapidly growing population.

Nox Observer – Lya

The Nox have a few ships in orbit (that can be seen from time to time), but as they are almost permanently cloaked the exact number of Nox ships is unknown.

No one knows the size of the Nox population, but it is thought to be in the Billions and possibly spread throughout many hidden flying city’s and colony worlds, that are also hidden. The Asgard have speculated that the Nox may also have colonies in other galaxy’s also hidden via their cloaking technology the Asgard have not asked the Nox as the Asgard respect the Nox’s privacy.

Alteran Observer – No permanent presence, Merlin as and when needed (very rare now)

There is no permanent Alteran presence at Heliopolis, even though the recovered Alteran Outpost is still active on Heliopolis the only time an Alteran comes to Heliopolis is if Merlin is needed.

The other Alterans never come to Heliopolis.

The recovered Alteran Outpost is still producing vast amounts of information for not only Project Phoenix (which most is well out of their technological reach), but also the Nox and the Asgard who are also still studying the recovered Alteran Outpost.

Merlin and the other Alterans have no problem with all three groups studying the Alteran Outpost.

Alteran population – January 2011 = 323

On the ascended plane the debate still goes on to see of the former crew of the Aurora can de-ascend, along with what powers/knowledge the de-ascended crew of the Aurora can take with them.

If this happens, the Alteran population numbers will jump to just over 900, giving the Alteran population a considerable boost.

Earth Based Project Phoenix countries


All technology that comes from Project Phoenix (once cleared to be ‘developed’ on Earth) is transferred to Universal Exports to be ‘researched’ then patented and either licensed or sold to one or more of the companies that are based in the four Project Phoenix countries. If none of the companies in the four Project Phoenix countries what the item then it is offered for world license to any company that can bid for the license.

The four Project Phoenix countries are technologically very advanced, with the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada having technology such as super fast broadband, computing technology on par (or greater) with those countries like Japan and South Korea.

The UK has an extensive rail network that has been since the end of World War 2 been upgraded and improved to handle increasing passenger and freight use, this rail network is virtually self funding, so will not be part of any government cuts.

Both Australia and Canada have also seen their own rail networks expand with both Australia and Canada long range high speed rail networks stretching from every major city across their respective countries. These high speed rail networks have seen a continuous increase in use, as they are government subsidised to allow their populations to use them.

In addition, the long range high speed rail networks have seen an increase in freight traffic as a cost effective way of transporting certain types of freight from one major city to another.

Though for most outback populations the road or air is the only way to get in supplies, as the rail network is not that extensive and cannot reach all parts of the remote communities in Australia and Canada.

Woomera Space Program

The Woomera space program is a joint space program by the UK, New Zealand, Canadian and Australian governments, with each government holding a 25% stake. Initially the Woomera space program was a cover for Project Phoenix, but now it is a fully fledged space program of its own, though it still is part of Project Phoenix, though 99% of the people working for the Woomera space program is unaware of this information.

As part of the Woomera space program, Woomera launches not only military satellites but also commercial ones as well, in addition the Woomera space station also allows (after proper training) research to be carried out at the space station by companies. This research and commercial satellite launching service, gives that Woomera space program, a small but useable profit, thus reducing funding that needs to come from the four Woomera space program countries.

The primary launch vehicle is the is the Skylon space plane, the Skylon, cargo and manned, the cargo version is flown remotely and the manned version is piloted into orbit. In addition, there is the Black Prince Heavy Launch Rocket for those parts of for example the Woomera space station that the Skylon space plane cannot launch into orbit because of the weight and/or size.

The Black Prince Heavy Launch Rocket is also used for launching large or heavy satellites into Earth orbit that will not fit into a Skylon space plane.

With the coming of commercial launch rockets and some low orbit space planes the market is about to become very completive for the Woomera Space Program.

Earth based military strength of the four Project Phoenix countries (UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada) as of January 2011

[Authors note: this OOB should be considered a rough guide as a detailed OOB would take too long to do.]


Royal Navy
four fleet carriers (replacement carriers to enter service from 2012 onwards)
twelve type-45 destroyers ‘cruisers’
sixty type 23 frigates
10 Trafalgar I and II class SSN’s
4 Astute class SSN’s in service (with 10 more planned) replacing Trafalgar I and II class
four Vanguard SSBN’s due to be replaced, decision due late 2015 or early 2016

Fleet Air Arm
178 Sea Harriers (P.1154 variant) FRS.5
115 Lynx HMA.8
128 Merlin HAS.1/HC3As Commandos (for use by Royal Marines)
28 Rotodyne ASaC7 (update version with improved radar’s etc becoming ASaC9)

Royal Air Force
162 Arrow F5 air defence fighters
283 Eagle GR7 (evolved TRS-2 design) attack/recon aircraft
Tempest FRG.1 entering service, to replace both Arrow and Eagle
90 (out of 165 with 50 stored) Jaguar GR3As being phased out of service
20 Nimrod AEW7
40 Nimrod MR4
9 Nimrod R4

Transport and tanker aircraft
110 Belfast II transport aircraft (now under HS)
48 Vickers (now BAe) VC10 K7 (new builds)
60 Vickers (now BAe) VC10 C7 transport aircraft (new builds)
24 Victor K4 tankers
4 Concorde II (Royal Flight)
8 HS-146-300 (Royal Flight)

Army Air Corps
98 Rotodyne HC-6
118 Merlin HC-2
99 Lynx AH7/AH9
80 Thor AH1 gunships (12 in service undergoing trails)
78 remaining out of 194 originally ordered of the Gazelle AH.1, HT.2 & HT3, being phased out

The HS Hawk is the jet trainer

Army troop strength = 142,000 + 121,000 reserves (TA), service rifle = EM-2 Rifle No.9 Mk14, MBT Challenger II, artillery 155mm AS-90, 105mm L118 Light Gun


Royal Australian Navy
one fleet carrier (replacement carrier to enter service from 2016 onwards)
six type-45 destroyer
25 type 23 frigates
8 Trafalgar I and II class SSN’s

Naval Air Arm
62 Sea Harrier (P.1154 variant) FRS.5
78 Merlin HAS.1 (in service and on order)
9 Rotodyne ASaC7 (update version with improved radar’s etc becoming ASaC9)

Royal Australian Air Force
100 Arrow FG.5 fighter/bombers
24 Eagle GR7 (evolved TRS-2 design) attack/recon aircraft
Tempest FRG.1 entering service, to replace both Arrow and Eagle
30 Belfast II transport aircraft
28 Rotodyne HC-6
2 Concorde II (diplomatic use)
9 Nimrod AEW7
21 Nimrod MR4
6 Nimrod R4
60 Thor AH1 gunships (8 in service undergoing trails)

The HS Hawk is the jet trainer

Army troop strength = 60,000 + 45,000 reserves, service rifle = EM-2 Rifle No.9 Mk14, MBT Challenger II, artillery 155mm AS-90, 105mm L118 Light Gun

New Zealand

Royal New Zealand Navy
two type-45 destroyers
six type 23 frigates

Naval Air Arm
18 Lynx HMA.8
10 Merlin HAS.1

Royal New Zealand Air Force
30 supersonic Harriers FRG.6 (P.1154 variant)
12 Belfast II transport aircraft
50 Lynx AH7
12 Rotodyne HC-6
2 Concorde II (diplomatic use)
2 Nimrod R4
12 Nimrod MR4
30 Thor AH1 gunships (6 in service undergoing trails)

The HS Hawk is the jet trainer

Army troop strength = 11,000 + 7,000 reserves, service rifle = EM-2 Rifle No.9 Mk14, artillery 155mm AS-90, 105mm L118 Light Gun


Royal Canadian Navy
one fleet carrier (replacement carrier to enter service from 2019 onwards)
six type-45 destroyers
21 type 23 frigates
7 Trafalgar I and II class SSN’s

Navy Air Arm
59 Sea Harrier FRS.5 (P.1154 variant)
75 Merlin HAS.1 (in service and on order)
9 Rotodyne ASaC7 (update version with improved radar’s etc becoming ASaC9)

Air force
100 Arrow fighters
24 Eagle GR7 (evolved TRS-2 design) attack/recon aircraft
Tempest FRG.1 entering service, to replace both Arrow and Eagle
30 Belfast II transport aircraft
31 Rotodyne HC-6
3 Concorde II (diplomatic use)
12 Nimrod AEW7
22 Nimrod MR4
7 Nimrod R4
60 Thor AH1 gunships (10 in service undergoing trails)

The HS Hawk is the jet trainer

Army troop strength = 75,000 + 48,000 reserves, service rifle = EM-2 Rifle No.9 Mk14, MBT Challenger II, artillery 155mm AS-90, 105mm L118 Light Gun

Defence wise these four countries are tied very closely together, with numerous joint defence programs, with each countries producing their own military equipment and sharing in the exports to other countries.

United States of America

US Stargate Command

The US Stargate program, is well behind the Project Phoenix Stargate program, but has already set up an off world base and has two operational ships the USS Constellation and the USS Lexington.


Length - 14.26 meters
Width - 26.17 meters
Height - 5.92 meters
2 jet propulsion engines
2 aerospike boosters
1 rocket booster
4 wing-mounted long range air-to-air missiles
2 nose-mounted Staff Cannons
4 Mark IX Nuclear Missiles
Crew - 2 (pilot, co-pilot)

Work is already underway for an F-302C model, with the three different types of engines to be replaced by a copy of the Death Glider propulsion system, this will take several years to develop, but it is the next progression for the F-302. This idea has come Carter from observing the Hurricane fighters of Project Phoenix and copying the idea that the Hurricane fighters also use copies of the Death Glider propulsion system, though the Hurricanes propulsion system is more advanced than a Death Glider propulsion system.

It is likely if and when this new propulsion system is developed (funding is a problem with the current financial problems on Earth) all existing F302 will be upgraded to the ‘new’ ‘C’ variant.

1st Tactical Fighter Wing

1st Tactical Fighter Squadron – Site Alpha – x16 F-302B’s
2nd Tactical Fighter Squadron – Site Alpha – x16 F-302B’s
3rd Tactical Fighter Squadron (reforming) – assigned USS Lexington – x16 F-302B’s
4th Tactical Fighter Squadron – assigned USS Constellation – x16 F-302B’s
5th Tactical Fighter Squadron – planned USS Saratoga – x16 F-302B’s
6th Tactical Fighter Squadron – planned USS Ranger – x16 F-302B’s

C-303 class also known as the Lexington class

USS Lexington
Length: 195 meters
Width: 80 meters
Height/depth: 65 meters
Engine unit(s):
Sub-light engines
Modified and improved Goa'uld hyperdrive – Interstellar capable
Fuel: Naquadah
Power plant: 4 Naquadah generators
Shielding: Modified and improved Goa'uld shields
12 twin Staff Cannons
12 Missile launchers
Mark IX and nuclear missiles
Carried Craft: 16 F-302 fighter-interceptors
Future expansion will allow two small shuttles to be carried
Crew: 115 (minimum crew 12)
Passengers: 30 (a cut down SG team)
Cargo Capacity: 2,000 tonnes

USS Lexington – Colonel William Ronson – SG-1
USS Constellation – Colonel Paul Emerson – SG-2

USS Saratoga – planned launch date 2012
USS Ranger – planned launch date 2014

With all four Lexington class cruisers due to be operational by the end of 2014, a decision on the next set of cruisers does not yet need to be made by Stargate Command. Also production of any more Lexington class cruisers has not been placed due to the current economic clement across the US and the US Stargate Command does not have an off world production facility to manufacture either the Lexington class cruisers or the F-302B fighters.

Though US Stargate Command is nearing completion of a Staff Cannon manufacturing facility and a Naquadah processing facility on Site Alpha, as Stargate Command does not want Naquadah, as a Naquadah enhanced nuke on Earth is a freighting prospect for the US.

Promotion, several members are due for promotion within Stargate Command this includes O’Neill, Carter and Charles Kawalsky to name a few, these promotions are due to take place over the next year once the first exploration of various systems that have a Stargate and the Stargate is not responding are completed.

O’Neill being set to be promoted to Brigadier General becoming commander of all off world teams under Maybourne

Carter to Major with continuing responsibility for research both on Site Alpha and during visits to off world sites as part of SG-1, as well as Area 51 on Earth

Kawalsky to Brigadier General to become commander of training off world SG teams, training will be moving from Area 51 to Site Alpha by early 2012, allowing for an increase in the amount of training.

Colonel Maybourne to Brigadier General and confirmed as commander of Site Alpha

Major General Hammond to Lieutenant General replacing the retiring Lieutenant General West as commander of Stargate Command, as yet there is no replacement for General Hammond deputy commander post, but several candidates are currently being screened.

A reorganisation of the SG off world teams is being implemented during 2011 with SG 1 to 4 being based on the Lexington class ships and SG 5 to 8 going through the Stargate. In numbers SG 1 to 4 will be smaller than SG 5 to 8 due t the capacity of the Lexington class ships this lower number will however will not restrict SG 1 to 4, as they will have the capabilities of a Lexington class ship available to them.

Technology, the US Stargate program is well behind Project Phoenix, but has been able to use the technology they have to build space fighters and warships this shows that the US Stargate program has potential for considerable growth.

To be continued.
70. To Boldly Go Where Someone Else Has Gone Before!

Would it save you a lot of time if I just gave up and went mad now?” ― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

On the 16th January 2011, the USS Lexington begins her first deep space exploration mission, with O’Neill leading SG-1 onboard the Lexington. As the Lexington drops out of hyperspace near the first world they are going to scan, O’Neill says, “This is going to be ‘fun’ to see if our British cousins have given us duff information.”

Carter replies, “Sir that is unlikely, as they have nothing to gain from giving us duff information, sir.”

O’Neill says, “Well you never know.”

Ronson cutting in says, “Helm, put the ship in high orbit then begin the scans, though from what I can see this would is one large set of volcanoes.”

Teal'c who is looking out of the main bridge window says, “Indeed this world appears to be uninhabitable just as the file stated.”

Dr Lee states, “Do you ever get the feeling that this could just be a waste of time the British have no doubt been here before us.”

O’Neill says, “Maybe, but you never know, we might just find something, after all no one is infallible?”

Carter replies, “True, but I think Dr Lee is right.”

O’Neill says, “But our orders are to check these systems and plants out and that is what we will do.” Turning to Ronson and says, “Ronson lets begin the scan.”

Ronson says, “Right, begin the sensor scan of this planet.”

The sensor operator says, “Yes sir, scanning commencing.”

Several hours later that scans are complete, Ronson says, “Well this world is covered in volcanoes and if there was anything down there I doubt it would have survived.”

Dr Lee states, “I agree, even if anything has survived I do not think we could recover it anyway.”

Carter replies, “Yes, I think that file is right about this planet, on to the next one sirs” now looking at Ronson and O’Neill

Ronson says, “Right onto the next system. Helm set course and engage hyperdrive.” With O’Neill saying nothing, as he knows that they are right there is nothing here.

Within a few moments the Lexington jumps into hyperspace...

Several day later the Lexington drops out of hyperspace into another system, unknown to them this system used to be the home world to a race known as the Tollan. The Tollan are a technologically advanced race that had to abandon their home world due to volcanic activity and relocate to a new home world.

After going into orbit, O’Neill says, “Another world with volcanic activity, great!”

Carter replies, “Yes sir this is unusual to get to world like this is a row the odds are amazing.”

Ronson says, “Well now, now that we are here we might as well begin sensor scans and see if there is anything left.”

What they do not know is that the Tollan are monitoring there old home world and have noticed this unknown ship scanning their old home planet the Tollan have decided to send a ship to investigate and find out about this unknown ships.

In charge of the Tollan ship is Tollan Council Member Omoc, though the Tollan have few ships these ships are more advanced than the Lexington, but less advanced than the Asgard ships are. Since moving to their new home world the Tollan have focused on building up a small number of advanced ships for both defence and exploration.

With one of these ships on its way to their former home world, Omoc is known for his lack of tolerance towards races less developed than the Tollan.

One hour later...

Onboard the Lexington the sensor operator says, “Sir, another ship is dropping out of hyperspace.”

Ronson asks, “Is it Goa'uld?”

The sensor operator replies, “No sir, unknown type.”

Teal'c who has been looking at the ship states, “This is not a Goa'uld design, this design is unknown to me.”

O’Neill says, “Cool”

Ronson smiles at O’Neill remark and says, “Precautionary, shields up. Communications try hailing them.”

The airman at the communications station begins sending a welcome signals to the unknown ship.

Onboard the Tollan ship Council Member Omoc is looking at the reading of the ship in disgust and thinks to himself ‘what a primitive design’, Omoc also notices that the ship has raised its shields, but not armed weapons yet.

Omoc indicates that they should raise their shields as well.

Pulling Omoc a crew member says, “The ship appears to be attempting to communicate with us.”

Omoc says, “Open a communications channel let us hear what they have to say.”

The crew member says, “Opening a communications channel”

Omoc says, “What are you doing in our system, explain your presence here?”

Onboard the Lexington O’Neill is the one to respond first saying, “Beg your pardon?”

Omoc who is not known for his tolerance of primitive races says, “I said, what are you doing in our system, explain your presence here?”

Ronson responds, “We are explorers, we assumed that no one claimed this system because of the volcanic activity on this planet.”

Omoc who seems unmoved by Ronson response replies, “I find it unbelievable that any race so primitive could have travelled so far in such a ship.”

O’Neill asks, “Did you say primitive?”

Before Omoc can respond Teal'c states, “I too am from a world very different from this one. Here, life is highly valued.”

Omoc responds, “Quite a statement for a Jaffa.”

O’Neill and Ronson exchanged looks and it is Ronson who says, “Sir, I'd like to know who you are and what you know about the Goa'uld?”

Omoc replies, “I am Omoc. Our world is called Tollan.”

Ronson thinks to himself finally getting somewhere and asks, “What do you know of the Goa'uld and Jaffa?”

Omoc replies, “We're aware of them; we don't interact with them.”

Ronson grasping (wrongly) what Omoc has just said, asks, “Well then, we share a common enemy.”

Omoc replies, “Did I mention an enemy?”

Ronson thinking to himself that was not good, but keeps going and asks, “I only meant…it might benefit everyone if your people and ours could be friends.”

Omoc snorts in disgust replies, “I demand you leave this system and not return again.”

Dr Lee who has been listening to the exchange takes several steps forward and says, “Well, it could take a while for those volcanoes to quiet down. In the meantime, I'm a bit of a culture buff, I'd like to learn about your history and customs. I am sure we could have some sort of cultural exchange?”

Omoc replies, “I've said enough. You will leave or we will force you to leave. I'll say no more.”

The communication is ended.

O’Neill states, “Well that could have gone better?”

Ronson asks, “Do we leave. I would not like starting a war on this first encounter?”

Carter says, “Looking at the readings of that ships, it appears to be more advanced than ours, it would beat us in a fight.”

Dr Lee says, “We could call on Phoenix for their help?”

O’Neill and Ronson both say, “No” at the same time killing that idea.

Dr Lee states, “That either we leave or fight them?”

Ronson says, “Unless anyone has an objection I think we should leave?”

No one objects and a few minutes later the Lexington jumps into hyperspace.

Tollan ship

Omoc watches as the ship jumps into hyperspace, Omoc does not want conflict, but these people did interest him.

Coming up next to Omoc is Narim who has been studying the ships technology and says, “I agree with you Omoc that they are primitive. But they seem to have a form of upgraded Goa'uld technology with what appears to be their own technology as well.”

Omoc replies, “But still they would demand weapons, like the other primitive races that we have encountered.”

Narim says, “That is true, but all the same we should keep an eye on them if they get to close to our new home world?”

Omoc replies, “Yes we should. We will return and inform the Curia of what we have discovered.”

Narim says, “I agree.”

Omoc looking at the helm and says, “Set course for our new home world.”

Tollan ship jumps into hyperspace.

Meanwhile onboard the Lexington, the Lexington will continue with its own exploration mission, after all there are many systems and worlds to explore over the next few months.

The Constellation is having slightly better luck exploring than the Lexington is as the Constellation has found a world where the Stargate has been removed (by the Goa'uld) but the slaves behind and how the former slaves of the Goa'uld have a thriving population. On this world the former slaves have copied Goa'uld technology that was left behind and improved it, though they do not have space capability, yet.

Both the Lexington and the Constellation will discover many worlds that either the Stargate has been removed or in some cases buried, in the majority of those worlds where the Stargate has been removed the local ‘slave’ population has been removed as well. On those worlds that have both the Stargate and the slaves removed there is very little of interest, as the buildings (what’s left of them) are in ruins, as these worlds have had their Stargate removed all technology has also been removed as well.

This will give Stargate Command a number of uninhabited worlds that they Goa'uld no longer have an interest in or have forgotten about that will allow Stargate Command area for future growth, but for now Stargate Command will leave these worlds alone.

By the end of June 2010, both the Lexington and the Constellation are on their way back to Site Alpha with both of their missions are an overall success in discovering new worlds and forgotten civilizations (by the Goa'uld) along with a number of world that would make ideal back up sites if Site Alpha ever came under attack.

On the 1st July 2010, Site Alpha, Stargate Command, after the first successful missions for the Lexington and the Constellation a series of long overdue promotions happen.


O’Neill is promoted to Brigadier General becoming commander of all off world teams along with remaining in charge of SG-1 under an also promoted Brigadier General Maybourne who is the commander of Site Alpha

Carter is promoted to Major with continuing responsibility for research both on Site Alpha and during visits to off world sites as part of SG-1, as well as Area 51 on Earth

Kawalsky is promoted to Brigadier General to become commander of training off world SG teams, training has now been moved from Area 51 to Site Alpha and by early 2012 this will allow for an increase in the amount of training.

Major General Hammond to Lieutenant General replacing the retiring Lieutenant General West as commander of Stargate Command, as yet there is no replacement for General Hammond deputy commander post, but several candidates are still being screened.

A reorganisation of the SG off world teams is now well underway and is on schedule to be completed by early 2011 with SG 1 to 4 being based on the Lexington class ships and SG 5 to 8 going through the Stargate. In numbers SG 1 to 4 will be smaller than SG 5 to 8 due to the capacity of the Lexington class ships to carry passengers this lower number will however will not restrict SG 1 to 4, as they will have the capabilities of a Lexington class ship available to them.

During July and August 2010, debriefings are held for the crews of the Lexington and the Constellation, along with both ships receiving a servicing and review on how both ships has preformed. With any defects being corrected, along with various software improvements being fitted and some minor improvements to the shields and weapons the same happening for the fighters.

From September onwards both the Lexington and the Constellation will revisit those worlds that made friendly overtures towards Stargate Command and begin the process of opening negotiations with these worlds on trade via the Stargate (those worlds that have the Stargate).

These worlds that have a Stargate are in a better position to negotiate than those worlds that do not have a Stargate, as these worlds can go anywhere that has a Stargate (some have in a very limited manner). Those worlds that have used the Stargate have only been able to go to a limited number of worlds for trade, but have managed to gain information on the wider Galaxy.

Those worlds that do not have a Stargate will be offered a Stargate from worlds that have been abandoned, provided that they are willing to trade with the US solely. Only two worlds will agree to the US conditions the rest will refuse the US ‘offer’ as they consider it too restrictive.

By the end of 2010 US Stargate Command will have established a limited trading ‘alliance’ with five worlds (three with Stargate’s and two that Stargate’s have been provided by Stargate Command from other abandoned worlds that have a Stargate but no population).

The trade is mostly food (that will help with supplying food to Site Alpha than from Earth via the Stargate) and some limited supply of materials, in exchange for medical and technological assistance (none military) in return.

These five worlds are relatively small compared to the initial world that Stargate Command formed an alliance with to provide them with Staff Cannon technology and refined Naqahdah for Stargate Commands ships and weapons. This world does receive weapons information including projectile weapons these projectile weapons fascinate the inhabitants, as in many ways they are better than their own Staff Weapons.

During December 2010, Stargate Command has now come up with first contact protocols, on what to say and what not to say, along with what to do and what not to do etc.

These first contact protocols should help prevent the problems that SG-1 and SG-2 encountered during their first exploration missions.

The off world teams via the Stargate have encountered very little in the way of useful information, technology or trade in the way that the Lexington and the Constellation have achieved in there six month mission.

Off world missions via the Stargate are looking less and less useful to Stargate Command compared to ship exploration, but they will still continue, as the current number of ships cannot cover all the worlds (with a Stargate) needing to be explored, as the ships are focused on those world that no longer have a Stargate.

With the remaining two ships USS Saratoga and the USS Ranger due to come into service during 2012 and 2014 respectively, Stargate Command will have a greatly increased exploration and defence capability than they started with.

On Site Alpha the third landing platform for the Lexington class ships is nearly complete, with construction of the forth landing platform for the fourth Lexington class ships. The hanger facilities for the current F-302’s are fully operational, with spare capacity for the additional two squadrons for the last two Lexington class ships that are currently being assembled.

Site Alpha has two squadrons assigned for protection of the planet the other two squadrons as assigned to the current two Lexington class ships, though when these ships are on Site Alpha these two squadrons become part of the planets defences.

The one other project that is underway is to produce a shuttle for each of the Lexington class ships, at Site Alpha these new shuttles must be able to carry a crew of two (pilot and Co-pilot) along with 12 passengers (SG team). There is enough room onboard on a Lexington ship for two shuttles as standard though they can take up to four but that would make the hanger a bit cosy.

The initial specifications are for the shuttle is as follows:

Length: 15 meters
Width: 9 meters
Height/depth: 5 meters
Engine unit(s): Sublight engines copied
Hyperdrive system: None
Power plant: Naquadah reactor
Defensive Systems: Shields
Armament: None
Crew: Pilot and Co-pilot
Passengers: 12 maximum (with no cargo)
Cargo capacity: 5 tonnes (maximum with no passengers)

The class name (suggested by O’Neill is the Columbus class), with other names being Copernicus, Einstein, Galileo. The use of a shuttle would remove the need for a Lexington class to land on the planet so that an SG team can disembark and explore around that landing site, a shuttle would also be useful for exploring multiple sites, as it would be much easier than moving a Lexington class from one landing site to another.

From its small beginnings Site Alpha is growing, as more facilities come online the growth will increase the only major problems for the US Stargate program is to do with funding and personnel. The funding problem come from the current recession on Earth and the personnel problem come from the screening problems, it that is takes time to covertly screen so many personnel that are needed for the US Stargate program.

Meanwhile, Project Phoenix has resumed reality drive exploration during 2010.

To be continued.
71. Another Reality

Oh no, not again” - Bowl of Petunias - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Earth 2011, under Area 51, General O’Neill is watching the approaching warships of the Lucian Alliance and wondering how they will defeat this attack against Earth with so few starships available to them.

Onboard the Odyssey between the Earth and the moon, Brigadier Carter was also watching the battle on her displays, it was not looking good, with only four Deadlaus class battle cruisers, with only the Odyssey fitted with a ZPM and that was draining fast. The remaining Deadlaus class even with Asgard Shields and weapons was no match for the Lucian Alliance, as they have numbers and the Deadlaus ships are only powered by Naquadah reactors (except the Odyssey) and these reactors do not put out enough power to fully power the Asgard Shields and weapons at the same time.

The Odyssey had destroyed its third enemy ship the other three Deadlaus class ships were not doing as well, as they do not have the power boost of a ZPM, only the ships Naquadah reactors.

Dr McKay states, “Carter, we need a miracle to get us out of this one.”

Carter replies, “I hate to say this, but I agree with you.”

Dr McKay says, “Well it does not help that the IOA has stated that we must withdraw if this ship is likely to fall into enemy hands, after all we cannot let the Asgard database fall into the hands of the Lucian Alliance.”

Carter states, “Wish we had more Deadlaus class ships.”

Dr McKay says, “We will have in a few years time we will have with France, UK, Russia and China building more along with us, but I agree a few more Deadlaus class ships would be handy about now.”

That battle for Earth rages on...

Meanwhile, in another reality preparations have finished for another journey...

HMS Victory

Deep space, several light years outside the Milky Way galaxy

With all checks complete, Commodore Sarah Toddington says, “Dr McKay you may innate the realty drive jump when you are ready.”

Dr McKay states, “Drive fully charged, jumping now.”

HMS Victory jumps to another reality...

Dr McKay states, “Jump completed”

Commodore Toddington says, “Please, begin long range sensor scans.”

At the science station in a very cheerful voice Heimdall says, “Scanning commencing.” With Victory fitted with Asgard sensors this makes scanning a lot easier, along with having Asgard onboard to operate there technology does not harm either.

After a few moments Heimdall states, “I am detecting weapons fire in the sol system, it appears to be Goa'uld weapons fire against what appears to be a version of Asgard weapons. However, at this range I am unable to determine the number of ships involved, but I estimate the number of Goa'uld ships to be between 20 and thirty.”

Commodore Toddington says, “So it looks like Earth is under attack by the Goa'uld?”

Heimdall states, “It appears so. I think we should help defend this Earth, after all these ships defending Earth appear to have a form of Asgard technology to protect themselves.”

Commodore Toddington says, “Well I am probably going to regret saying this, but I think we need to help whoever they are defend Earth?”

Looking around the bridge, Commodore Toddington then says in a firm voice, “Action stations, fighter crews to their ships, helm lay in a course for Earth, shields up and weapons at the ready, IFF off and concealment panels down, we jump when we are ready.”

While HMS Victory is preparing for battle near Earth the battle rages on.

Odyssey, Earth Orbit

Brigadier General Carter is looking at the ongoing battle and does not like the odds that Stargate Commands fleet is facing, with only 4 Deadlaus class battle cruisers defending Earth and facing off against nearly 30 Lucian Alliance Ha'tak’s the odds are not good.

Dr Mackay is saying, “Well Carter it looks bad, I do not see how our four ships are going to defeat nearly 30 Lucian Alliance Ha'tak’s even with Asgard weapons and shields and only the Odyssey is equipped with a ZPM and its charge is steadily depleting?”

Carter replies, “We will find a way, we always do.”

Before Mackay can answer, Mackay is looking at his sensor readings and says, “Another ship is coming towards Earth very fast.”

Carter asks, “Another Ha'tak?”

Mackay says, “No it is moving too fast for a Ha'tak, it will be here within seconds.”

Carter asks, “Any identification on that ship?”

Mackay replies, “No, none, they are quiet not IFF or communications, I wonder who they are, I will continue sensor readings to try and determine who that ship belongs to.”

As Mackay watches the readings the unknown ship continues its approach towards Earth within the next few seconds.

A few second later, looking out of the bridge windows Carter can see another ship dropping out of hyperspace but this ship is too far from the Odyssey to see what this new ship looks like.

Battle for Earth

As HMS Victory, drops out of hyperspace near Earth orbit they find that the numbers of Ha'tak’s have been reduced to twenty-seven by the warships of Stargate Command that are armed with the latest Asgard beam weapons that have been given to them before that Asgard races death. Even with the Asgard weapons and shields, three of the Daedalus class ships (powered by Naquadah reactors) are moderately damaged and one ship the Odyssey is undamaged due to the ZPM power output, allowing the Asgard shields and weapons to be run at full power, even so the ZPM will not last forever.

A single Dreadnought class warship at approximately 650 meters length and 120 meters wide, with HMS Victory being much larger than the Daedalus class cruisers at 225 meters in length and a width of 95 meters, the Lucian Alliance Ha'tak’s at 700 meters in length and 650 meters wide is larger as a Dreadnought class, but both these ships put out much less power than a Dreadnought class equipped three AEM’s.

For several moments, the battle seems to pause as both sides look at the new arrival then without warning HMS Victory opens fire with their greatly enhanced beam weapons thanks to the three AEM’s onboard HMS Victory. In its first pass, HMS Victory takes out four Ha'tak’s, passing though the exploding Ha'tak’s with no damage to its own ship again thanks to the boosted Asgard shields, along with the Hurricane class fighters engaging the Death Gliders of the Lucian Alliance.

After a very short delay the incoming weapons fire from the remaining Ha'tak’s impacting harmlessly off HMS Victory’s shields, as the Lucian Alliance warships attempt in vain to deal with this new deadly threat, along with holding of Stargate Commands warships as well.

Stargate Commands 4 Daedalus class battle cruisers begin to re-group out of the line of fire of this new arrival, along with the F-302’s returning to the ships hangers to re-arm and refuel, while the Daedalus ships crews are watching what this new ships arrival is doing to the Lucian Alliance Ha'tak’s.

For such a large ship, HMS Victory is extremely manoeuvrable, turning sharply as the ships beam weapons continue to fire upon the Ha'tak’s with deadly efficiency picking them off one by one. The Hurricane class fighters going after the Death Gliders with an equal level of deadly efficiency as there mothership are doing, the Hurricane fighters are proving their worth in dealing with the Death Gliders.

The Lucian Alliance Ha'tak attempts to fight back with their own energy weapons rapidly firing at HMS Victory, but their firepower is insufficient against the AEM boosted Asgard shields, in return HMS Victory’s energy weapons are easily slicing through the Ha'tak’s shields and hull with little or no effort.

It takes HMS Victory only a few minutes to destroy almost all of the Lucian Alliance Ha'tak’s and the Hurricane fighters to destroy the remaining Death Gliders in this now very one sided battle, leaving only Ha'tak one left, as HMS Victory comes around towards the last remaining Lucian Alliance Ha'tak, the commander of this ship awaits his destruction.

HMS Victory then comes to a stop in front of the last remaining Lucian Alliance Ha'tak, this last Lucian Alliance warship has stopped firing and transferred all available power to its shields in a vain attempt to try to survive this expected attack.

At the same time HMS Victory’s fighters (without loss) are returning to re-arm.

On the bridge of HMS Victory, Commodore Toddington turns to Heimdall says, “I have a favour to ask” then explains her idea to Heimdall, who agrees to the idea and then begins working at his console.


Meanwhile, Dr Mackay who has been looking at the sensor readouts and says, “Well Carter I think I know where this ship is from.”

A surprised Carter asks, “Where Mackay?”

Mackay says, “Another reality, as I am getting the same residual radiation readings that I got the other time when another me came across from another reality, along with that ship from another realty, though the radiation readings are dissipating from around that ship, but they as still clearly detectable.”

Carter replies, “Well that explains a few things” looking at her display continues, “Looks like there is only one enemy ship left, wonder why that ship is slowing?”

Mackay says, “Looks like we are about to find out that ship is sending a communication to the last Lucian Alliance ship.”

Carter replies, “Show me”

What Carter sees this transmission will blow her mind and everyone else’s at Stargate Command on Earth, who is also all watching this transmission from this unknown ship to the last remaining Lucian Alliance Ha'tak.

Lucian Alliance Ha'tak

On the bridge of the last of the Lucian Alliance Ha'tak’s, the commander awaits his fate, death, wondering how the humans from Earth had acquired such a warship, then one of his crew says, “Sir incoming message from the unknown warship.”

The commander says, “Put it through.”

On the display before them is an image of an Asgard, the bridge crew look in stunned disbelief at the image of the Asgard, as they had heard that the Asgard race were all dead.

The crew of the Lucian Alliance Ha'tak are now VERY afraid of the consequences of their actions the Asgard are not a race to be messed or their friends with and the Lucian Alliance has just messed with the Asgard friends big time!

The Asgard in a deadly tone speaks, “You will leave this system and you will not attempt any action against this system in future this is your only warning” then with more than a hit of menace in his voice, “Do you understand?”

For several moments the commander says nothing, mouth open then he finds his voice and replies, “Yes I understand”

The Asgard says, “Good, I assume that you will inform the rest of your people that this system is off limits?”

The commander replies, “Yes I will.”

The Asgard in a voice that makes the commander shiver says, “I trust you do, if you do not the consequences will be very grave for you.” Pausing for a few moments (for dramatic effect) then the Asgard says, “You will leave now.”

The communication is ended, for several moments the Lucian Alliance ship commander says nothing just staring at the now blank screen then snapping out of his ‘blank moment’ he says, “Take us into hyperspace we need to get out of here and warn the Alliance about the Asgard.”

The crewmember at the helm controls does not need any encouragement and quickly takes the last remaining Ha'tak into hyperspace, with the debris of the other Ha'tak’s ships left floating in space near Earth.

Within days the last remaining Lucian Alliance Ha'tak returning and informing the leadership of the Lucian Alliance of the news that the Asgard have returned, this news will spread from world to world like widefire, causing the Lucian Alliance to lose control of many worlds, with those populations forcing out the Lucian Alliance in the name of the Asgard.

This is the beginning of the fall of the Lucian Alliance.

HMS Victory

As the last surviving Ha'tak withdraws Commodore Toddington says, “Thank you for that” smiling at the Heimdall

Heimdall replies, “You are welcome” though Heimdall won’t say anything he quite enjoyed doing that.

Knowing that it would be likely that the Asgard exists in this galaxy, having an Asgard warn these ships off seems like a good idea to Commodore Toddington and from the reaction, it has worked better than expected.

What the crew of Victory does not know is that the Asgard race in this reality is almost extinct.


After the transmission has ended, onboard the Odyssey Carter and Mackay exchange glances.

Carter asks, “Does that mean that in there reality that these Asgard come from they have not died out?”

Mackay replies, “That is more than likely from what we have just seen and it also seems that these Asgard have a working reality drive, also if they have solved their cloning problem that means that it is likely that these Asgard are thriving.”

Carter says, “Seeing a living Asgard again is would be wonderful.”

Mackay who is still looking at the readouts says, “Well they seem to have more surprises, I cannot fully scan that ship, as that ship seems to have some sort of sensor jamming technology. But from what I can read, it appears as if these Asgard have equipped that ship with several ZPM’s powering it from the power readings I can get.”

Carter gets up and walks over to Mackay station and looks at the readouts and states, “Looks like you are right Mackay.”

Mackay smiles at Carter and replies, “Of course I am right, I always am right.”

Carter ignoring Mackay response states, “From these readings it appears as though that this ship has multiple ZPM’s. I wonder if we can arrange a trade for them or something?”

Mackay says, “That is a good idea, maybe a copy of this realities Asgard database, after all I would assume that these Asgard would want to know what happened to our Asgard?”

Carter replies, “That a possibility.”

As Mackay and Carter watches the display the warships sensor readings begin to change as they both watch the readings with jaws dropping..... again!!!!

HMS Victory

Commodore Toddington says, “Well now that the last enemy ship has departed, I think we need to reveal who we are. Engineering, activate the ships dormant IFF and drop covers on external identification.”

The engineer replies, “Aye air”

As HMS Victory begins to broadcast her IFF, along her hull panels slide away revealing her name along with the Project Phoenix flag.

Commodore Toddington with a growing smile on her face says, “I think that should surprise them.”

Mackay with a huge grin on his face replies, “Yes, I would love to see their faces about now.”

That causes a few laughs around the bridge of the Victory.

Commodore Toddington who is still smiling at Mackay’s joke says, “Now we wait and see what they do, though if I were them I would hail this ship.”


After looking several times at the readouts, Mackay and Carter are looking at each other, Carter says, “HMS Victory?”

Mackay replies, “Yes that is what the IFF says, also looking at the hull those panels that moved to reveal the ships name and the flag, a mix of British, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian flags with what seems to be a phoenix in the middle.”

Carter says, “It looks as though the US was not the one who discovered the Stargate in there reality.”

Mackay replies, “Yes and yet they have an Asgard onboard the ship, along with some serious firepower, much more that a Daedalus class is capable of putting out even with a ZPM.”

Carter says, “Well we will never know unless we ask, communications hail that ship.”

HMS Victory

The crewmember at the communications station says, “We are being hailed sir.”

Commodore Toddington says, “Open communications with them.”

The crewmember at the communications station says, “Communications channel open sir.”

Commodore Toddington says, “This is Commodore Toddington, commanding officer of HMS Victory, to whom am I speaking with please?”

On the screen in front of the Victory’s command chair a woman in a USAF uniform appears and says, “I am Brigadier General Samantha Carter of Stargate Command thank you for your assistance in dealing with the attacking ships.”

Commodore Toddington replies, “You are welcome Brigadier Carter, I would suspect that there is some surprise about who we are, I would guess that you have met people from other realities before?”

Carter replies, “Yes we have encountered people from other realities before, though mostly by accident, not as I suspect that you came to this reality by design?”

Thinking to herself very clever, Commodore Toddington says, “Before we continue, I think it would be better if we are talking person to person, I would like to invite a small delegation from your ‘Staragte Command’ to come onboard HMS Victory for more detailed discussions and an exchange of information on our different realities?”

A surprised Carter replies, “I would love to have a look around your ship, I will first need to contact my superiors.”

Commodore Toddington says, “I will hold position here and await your next communication.”

Carter replies, “Thank you, see you soon.”

Commodore Toddington says, “You are welcome, Victory out.”

The communication is ended.

Looking around the bridge Commodore Toddington says, “Looks like we will have guests soon, I want armed guards posted at key parts of the ship, just in case of problems, also we will beam them onboard” then looking at Heimdall, “I assume you can disarm them during the beaming process?”

Heimdall replies, “Yes I can”

Commodore Toddington says, “Good we will do that then, the ship stand down from action stations, set ship for cruising stations, but keep a continuous sensor scan, you never know.”

Heimdall touches his control panel and states, “The transporter has now been modified to remove any weapons during transport.”

Commodore Toddington says, “Good, then let’s begin the preparations for our guests arrival.”

HMS Victory begins preparations to welcome their guests onboard.

Area 51, Stargate Command

A hour later, General O’Neill has just finish being briefed by Carter on who saved them, along with the invitation to come onboard Victory, O’Neill says, “Well this is different” then looking at Carter, “I assume you want to go onboard that ship?”

Carter who is unable to hide her eagerness replies, “Yes sir, along with Dr Mackay and Dr Jackson.”

O’Neill with a smile on his face says, “Well I am not letting you have all the fun, I am coming to along with Teal'c, I think that should be enough for the first trip?”

Carter replies, “Yes sir, I will get everybody together, I also assume you will be informing the President and the IOA?”

O’Neill says, “Oh yes, I forgot about the IOA, but yes I will. See you in one hour onboard the Odyssey Carter.”

Carter replies, “Yes sir, I am sure you did ‘just’ forget about the IOA, see you in one hour.”

Carter beams back to the Odyssey, along with requesting Dr Jackson and Teal'c be beamed onboard the Odyssey as well.

HMS Victory

The crewmember at the communications station says, “Communication coming in from the Odyssey.”

Commodore Toddington says, “Let hear it.”

Brigadier Carter appears onscreen and says, “Commodore Toddington, I have been in touch with my superiors and we would like for five of us to beam over in about one hour or so, if that is ok with you?”

Commodore Toddington replies, “Brigadier Carter that is fine, when you are ready give us the coordinates and we will beam your party onboard.”

Brigadier Carter says, “Understood, we will see you in about one hour Commodore.”

The communication is ended.

One hour later

In the main transporter area Commodore Toddington, in dress uniform, along with a small honour guard along with Dr Mackay and Dr Jackson are waiting for the signal from the Odyssey to beam the guests onboard.

A few minutes later the signal is sent and five people are beamed onboard the Victory, General O’Neill, Brigadier General Carter, Teal'c, Dr Mackay and Dr Jackson.

O’Neill is slightly annoyed that their weapons have been removed, but lets it go, as he would have probably done the same thing if the roles were reversed.

After a series of very strange introductions for both Dr Mackay’s and Dr Jackson’s the Stargate Command group is given a tour of the Victory, during the tour of the engine room Carter (along with the other members of the SGC) is astounded to see a copy of an Alteran power hub with three ZPM’s being used to power the ship, though Carter when Carter calls them ZPM’s Carter is informed by PP-Mackay that they are called AEM’s in there reality.

As the group continue their tour they are astounded to find a mix of Asgard and Nox working alongside these ‘Project Phoenix’ humans, with many of the younger humans conversing with the Asgard and Nox in the language of the Asgard and Nox this part causes great interest from SGC-Dr Jackson.

When SGC-Dr Jackson, asks why so many of the crew can speak both in the Asgard and Nox language the answer of ‘they were taught by the Asgard and Nox when they were children along with human tutors in schools and Colleges on Heliopolis’. This causes SGC-Dr Jackson to state that this is amazing, with both Carter and O’Neill exchanging glances at this news, with Teal'c remaining silent.

During the tour the two Mackay’s are engaged in what can only be described as an odd game of one upmanship between them, though both of them never reveal any real secrets, it is annoying for everyone else who has to listen to them try to outdo each other, without trying to reveal anything secret.

After the tour is complete they all move to the main briefing room of Victory, once settled Commodore Toddington says, “I hopped you enjoyed your tour of my ship?”

Carter is the first to respond and replies, “Your ship is amazing, if I may ask how many ships like this do you have in your reality?”

Commodore Toddington says, “Twelve currently operational, with more building, we also have thirty plus smaller cruisers, along with a number of other classes as well.”

O’Neill asks, “Do they all have ZPM’s, sorry AEM’s as you call them powering these ships?”

Seeing where this conversation is going Commodore Toddington replies, “Yes they all do, though to answer your probable next question we do not construct the AEM’s the Asgard do then the Asgard transfer them to us as we need them.”

Carter and O’Neill exchange glances, now realising how strong the links must be between the Asgard and Nox and Project Phoenix, if this level of trust has been achieved. O’Neill especially knows how hard it can be to gain the trust of the Asgard in this reality, so O’Neill can see how that this Project Phoenix has achieved so much is such a short space of time without Asgard/Nox help.

Before anyone can ask more questions Commodore Toddington states, “We have a short briefing for you, on how Project Phoenix came into being, along with how the Stargate was discovered. Dr Jackson, it is over to you.”

PP-Dr Jackson stands up at the table and says, “Thank you Commodore, hello all, I will be giving a short and very abridged version of events that brought us here. So to begin, in Egypt, Giza, January 1928, Professor David Phillips is leading a British archaeological expedition, discovers a large circular cover stone and a ring-shaped device underneath it, later this is determined to be a Stargate, nearby they also discover a large, pedestal-shaped device...”

As the show begins with PP-Dr Jackson talking the meeting room light dim and a holographic display appears in the middle of the table showing pictures and images, such as a picture of Professor David Phillips, with a very young Victor Phillips standing beside her in Egypt in 1928, with the Stargate and DHD prior to being packed up.

General O’Neill, General Brigadier Carter, Teal'c, Dr Mackay and Dr Jackson listen to the briefing in stunned silence, noting the differences including a non-interventionist policy by Project Phoenix that has led to an Asgard backed peace deal with the Goa'uld much to Teal'c’s annoyance, but Teal'c will not push the matter as he knows there is much to be gained by keeping silent.

An hour later, a very abridged version of how Project Phoenix program has ‘evolved’ over the decades since the Stargate’s discovery, PP-Dr Jackson does not mention that the US also has its own Stargate program, as that might be too much information at this time.

SGC-Dr Jackson says, “So you discovered the DHD, we had no DHD, so we had to wait until computer technology has caught up to allow our Stargate program.”

PP-Dr Jackson asks, “Yes we discovered the DHD with the Stargate. Fascinating, so your Stargate program is relatively recent?”

SGC-Dr Jackson replies, “Yes it is, but we have made some progress.”

PP-Dr Jackson asks, “So was the Stargate discovered in the same location on Earth as ours?”

SGC-Dr Jackson replies, “Yes it was, but without the DHD we could not use it.”

PP-Dr Jackson asks, “You would need a super computer to act as a DHD and I would guess that would not be available until the 1990’s.”

SGC-Dr Jackson replies, “That is right it was not until 1995 where we able to use our Stargate, also in 1995 we discovered Abydos and then the Goa'uld, during the first mission we destroyed Ra, by blowing up his ship with a nuke beamed inside.”

PP-Dr Jackson says, “Yes we also destroyed Ra by also blowing up his ship, but much sooner than you did, it was 1941 for Project Phoenix.”

SGC-Dr Jackson replies, “Amazing.”

SGC-Dr Jackson goes on to explain about the fall of the Goa'uld and the rise of the Lucian Alliance and their attack on Earth, SGC-Dr Jackson does not mention the Ori, though SGC-Dr Jackson does mention a few other problems than the SGC has dealt with over the years.

General O’Neill is listening to this conversation go on, with a mix of envy, annoyance and wishing he had done things differently, as they might still have the Asgard alive along with a few other things.

This conversation between the two groups goes on for several hours, until they reach the Asgard, when Project Phoenix is informed of the death of the Asgard and the circumstances they and the Asgard and Nox in the meeting room are greatly shocked. But they are informed that the Asgard in this reality considered them the ‘Fifth Race’ (that causes a few raised eyebrows especially Heimdall whose eyes go wide at this news).

At this point PP-Dr Mackay asks, “So in this reality there is no Asgard living in the Pegasus Galaxy then?”

SGC-Dr Jackson replies, “Yes we did find and off shoot of the Asgard in the Pegasus Galaxy, but they were experimenting on humans in that galaxy, so we did not help them.”

At this point Commodore Toddington in an extremely annoyed tone says, “So you left them to the Wraith that is disgusting, along with being morally questionable.”

In reply O’Neill states, “But they were experimenting on humans is that not ‘morally questionable’?”

Commodore Toddington replies, “Yes it is morally questionable, but that does not give you the right to be judge, jury and executioner on an entire race”.

O’Neill states, “That is a bit harsh?”

Commodore Toddington replies, “Maybe, but in our reality we rescued the Asgard in the Pegasus Galaxy, rather than abandoning them to their fate.”

O’Neill looks at the other SGC personnel next to him and states, “But, we do not have the resources that you have in your reality, so mounting such an operation, after all we had to withdraw from the Pegasus Galaxy because of the Wraith.”

Before anyone can respond to this growing argument, Heimdall looking at Commodore Toddington in a surprisingly firm voice asks, “Can we not rescue them?”

Commodore Toddington replies, “Well yes we could, we do have that capability this ship can hold off several Wraith Hive ships at once and we do carry several spare AEM’s after all so power should not be a problem.”

O’Neill and Carter exchange glances at the comment that Victory is carrying several spare AEM’s, but neither says anything, but both are thinking the same thing, how to get the Project Phoenix people to hand over a few AEM’s to them?

Heimdall says, “Then I think we should they cannot be killed by the Wraith that is just wrong. We can also give them the cure to the cloning problem.”

Lya states, “I agree with Heimdall, we must rescue these Asgard and give them the cure to the cloning problem, though they have done some bad things they were not given much of a choice. The Nox is opposed to violence, but in the case it may be necessary, as the Wraith cannot be reasoned with, as other races can be.”

Commodore Toddington replies, “Very well then it is agreed we will help the Asgard in the reality.” Turning to O’Neill and says, “You can be returned to your ship or you can come with us as observers, as this should not take long.”

O’Neill who is intrigued to see what this ship is like in combat from the inside replies, “We would like to come along if that is ok?”

Carter then asks, “You say that this should not take long, but you do not know where the Asgard are in the Pegasus Galaxy in our reality?”

Commodore Toddington replies, “Well we do know what planet they were on from information from our own reality that would be a good enough place to start from, if not Heimdall can presumably send a communication on Asgard frequencies to make contact.”

All Carter says in reply is, “Oh” followed by an embarrassed silence by Carter.

Commodore Toddington says, “Well let’s get going, while we are preparing to go you will want to contact your people General O’Neill?”

O’Neill replies, “Yes we will, but it won’t take long.”

Commodore Toddington says, “Good, then see you on the bridge shortly General.”

HMS Victory, Bridge

As short time later, as O’Neill, Carter, Teal'c, Dr Mackay and Dr Jackson enter the bridge, the bridge of HMS Victory is a hive of activity. The bridge of HMS Victory is larger than the Odyssey’s bridge, with an Asgard control station off to one side of the bridge with Heimdall at the controls, showing various displays in the Asgard language.

Commodore Toddington is sitting in her command chair in the middle of the bridge, issuing orders to the bridge crew, from what O’Neill and the others can see some of the bridge display’s HMS Victory’s sensors can scan much of the Milky Way Galaxy (though at very long range there is not much detail), which is impressive in itself.

Several chairs have been put on the bridge for O’Neill, Carter, Teal'c, Dr Mackay and Dr Jackson are indicated by their escort to sit on these chairs, which they do and continue to watch the activity around the bridge with great interest.

A few minutes later from around the bridge the crew indicate that the ship is ready to go, Commodore Toddington says, “Helm take us into hyperspace to the coordinates of Pegasus Galaxy Asgard home world at full speed.”

The helm replies, “Aye sir.”

HMS Victory jumps into hyperspace very rapidly crewmember at the helm states, “Ninety two seconds to Pegasus Galaxy Asgard home world at current speed.”

Carter from her chair states, “That is amazing.”

Commodore Toddington turns her chair and responds, “No really, we have an Asgard hyperdrive fitted, with the AEM boost gives this ship and the other ships in our fleet great speed going through hyperspace.” Then turns back without waiting for a reply from carter or anyone else to focus on the coming meeting between there realities Asgard and these Asgard.

HMS Victory moves rapidly through hyperspace towards the Pegasus Galaxy and this realities Asgard home world.

Holding Out For a Hero!

Pegasus Galaxy, Asgard Home World

Odin is wondering if they can find another world, like this one, but when they first came to this galaxy 10,000 years ago their current home world is just too deadly for them now, but the Wraith are still a problem.

Odin asks, “Have we found another safe planet yet?”

Forseti replies, “No, we have not, our ships continue to search, but the more they search the more chance the Wraith have to find us here.”

Odin states, “We have no choice, even with our armoured suites we cannot survive in this planet’s atmosphere for much longer.”

Forseti says, “Yes I know, we may have to become nomadic like the ‘Travellers’ have become?”

Odin replies, “That may be a possibility, after all our ships are faster than the wraith, both in hyperspace and at sub-light speeds.”

Forseti says, “That is also true, but it would take a lot more ships than we currently have to take our entire population.”

Odin replies, “We could always download most of our population to computer cores until we have manufactured sufficient ships for our entire race?”

Forseti says, “We can do that, but again if we are on the move all the time it could take centuries for us to build sufficient ships.”

Odin replies, “Not really, we can merely wait until the Wraith go back into hibernation again that would give us several hundred years to build enough ships for our race?”

Forseti smiles and says, “Yes you are right, all we need to do is wait until the Wraith go back into hibernation then build the ships we need. But something else has occurred to me this could be the right time to build a ship with inter galactic hyperdrive?”

Odin looks intently at Forseti and asks, “That is also a good idea I assume we still have plans for a ship with inter galactic hyperdrive?”

Forseti replies, “Yes we do.”

A control console beeps, Forseti walks over and examines the readings and says, “A single ship is coming out of hyperspace.”

Odin asks, “Wraith?”

Forseti replies, “No the design is unknown, but the technology is similar to ancient technology from the readings I am getting.”

Odin says, “Interesting, I think we should communicate with them, as they are not Wraith.”

Forseti replies, “I agree we have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain, as anyone with ancient technology may be able to help us.”

Odin nods and says, “Open communications with that ship.”

Forseti begins hailing the unknown ship thinking that it would take a while for a reply, but Forseti is surprised that he gets a reply almost immediately and states, “Communications established.”

On the display is a human female in some sort of uniform the human female says, “Greetings, I am Commodore Toddington commanding HMS Victory, I have someone here that would like to talk to you.”

Odin is taken aback but replies, “Hello, I am Odin of Asgard. I will speak to this person.”

The display changes to show an Asgard at a control console, to say that Odin and Forseti are stunned is a vast understatement, as they had heard that all the Asgard where dead.

The Asgard on the display smiles and says, “I am Heimdall of Asgard, we are from another reality and we are here to help you get you moved from this Galaxy back to your home galaxy.”

Both Odin and Forseti look at each other and are unable to say anything to each other as they try to take in what Heimdall has just said.

After several minutes of silence, Odin asks, “Why are you here?”

Heimdall replies, “We are here to help you?”

Odin asks, “How?”

Heimdall replies, “To transport you back to your home galaxy.”

Heimdall reply causes Odin so let out a sigh of relief then he asks, “Can you take us all?”

Heimdall replies, “Yes we can, though it may take a few trips, along with your ships, in this ships hanger. How many of you are there?”

Odin says, “We are 16,278.”

Heimdall eyes widen and asks, “That many?”

Odin says, “Yes, when we heard that our own race was dead, we decided to increase our number to the maximum that we could sustain.”

After several minutes of discussion Odin agrees to be transported via HMS Victory to the Galaxy of Ida to the former Asgard colony world of Othala.

On the bridge of HMS Victory O’Neill, Carter, Teal'c, Dr Mackay and Dr Jackson have been watching the two Asgard talk to each other, though they do not know what they are talking about they know it is likely to be about saving these Asgard from the Wraith.

After several more minutes the communication is ended and Heimdall turns to Commodore Toddington and says, “It has been agreed that we will transport these Asgard back to the home galaxy of Ida and to the colony world of Othala, as this should be the best place to rebuild the Asgard race in this reality.”

Commodore Toddington replies, “Agreed and approved, we will begin operations immediately, sensors keep an eye out for any Wraith ships coming in this direction. Additionally we will need to make some room in the hanger for these Asgard, as well as upgrading their ships with intergalactic hyperdrive. You all have your get to it.”

The bridge again becomes a hive of activity.

At this point O’Neill asks, “Commodore, why there home galaxy?”

Commodore Toddington replies, “The Asgard home galaxy is devoid of other intelligent life and should provide a safe environment for the Asgard race to rebuild without interference.”

O’Neill asks, “You mean us, don’t you?”

Commodore Toddington replies, “Yes, but only partially there are other races in the Milky Way Galaxy that would try to attack the Asgard and even take their technology from them. In their current condition that might just happen and I will not allow that to happen, much better to take them back to their home galaxy.”

O’Neill says, “I suppose so.”

At this point Carter asks, “How long will this take?”

Commodore Toddington replies, “A few hours, no more.”

A surprised Carter says, “Wow, that is very quick, how are you able to make intergalactic hyperdrive for these Asgard?”

Commodore Toddington replies, “We cannot, but our Asgard have their replicator technology onboard that should speed things up.”

Carter says, “Oh, I understand.”

For the next two hours the members of Stargate Command watch (at a distance) the evacuation of the current Asgard home world and the construction and transportation of the newly constructed intergalactic hyperdrive for these Asgard ships.”

Once ready HMS Victory and the Asgard ships jump into hyperspace towards the Asgard home galaxy of Ida, within the Ida galaxy their destination is the former Asgard colony world of Othala this world will become the new Asgard home world in this reality.

Galaxy of Ida

Former Asgard colony world of Othala, as the small convoy of ships dropped out of hyperspace nears the former colony world of Othala, Commodore Toddington is relieved that the Asgard ships have made it after all they were never designed for intergalactic travel.

It takes six more hours to off load the equipment and help these Asgard begin to setup their new home world.

Before HMS Victory departs, Heimdall gives two gifts to these Asgard, the first being a cure of their cloning problem the next being how to manufacture AEM’s (ZPM’s in this reality). On the second point the Asgard with Heimdall has come to this decision without asking anyone else outside of his own group Asgard onboard HMS Victory, after all Heimdall believes that this is an internal Asgard matter and nothing to do with the human or even the Nox.

After all the transfers of the necessary materials from HMS Victory to the surface have been completed, this realities Asgard say their goodbyes to all those onboard HMS Victory including those of Stargate Command.

HMS Victory breaks orbit and quickly jumps into hyperspace for the return trip to Earth to drop off the Stargate Command personnel, before Victory returns to her own reality.

Earth Orbit

As O’Neill, Carter, Teal'c, Dr Mackay and Dr Jackson are ready to leave, Commodore Toddington states, “We have now given these Asgard the best chance for survival, I would suggest you leave them alone?”

O’Neill replies, “Well as we cannot get to them and as they do not need to experiment on humans anymore now that they have a cure for their cloning problem, I do not see that as a problem.”

Commodore Toddington replies, “Good that is what I thought you would say.”

Heimdall says, “I cannot speak for the Asgard in this reality, but as they thought you worthy enough to look after these Asgard legacy. Therefore we have decided to give you a gift in gratitude and to help you.”

Three crew members step forward with three boxes they open them to reveal that each one contains a single ZPM.

Carter says, “Wow three ZPM and you are juts giving them to us.”

Heimdall replies, “Yes we are.”

O’Neill says, “Thank you I do now know what to say beyond that.”

Commodore Toddington with a slight smile on her face says, “I know how you feel, we have this all the time with both the Asgard and the Nox, doing all these good deeds for us without warning.”

O’Neill says, “Yes I can imagine.”

Commodore Toddington says, “Well it is time we were off back to our own realty, as our people will be wondering where we have got to.”

O’Neill asks, “Well I hope you come back for a visit?”

Commodore Toddington replies, “Who knows we just might.”

Commodore Toddington gives the signal and the Stargate Command people are beamed off HMS Victory with their gifts.

Commodore Toddington says, “Time to go home.”

A short time later HMS Victory in the void in between the galaxy HMS Victory jumps back to her own reality.


After all the debriefings are complete and the assessments are done this has by far been the most interesting reality HMS Victory has visited so far and one of the most productive as far as gaining knowledge of other realities.

The one thing that does come out of these debriefings is that Project Phoenix should give consideration on how and when to make Project Phoenix public. To this end Project Phoenix Committee of Four has been ordered by the four Prime Ministers to assemble to discuss when and how to make Project Phoenix public knowledge.

Meanwhile on the Asgard home world Heimdall has been explaining to the Asgard High Council why he has given the secret of ZPM production to another realities Asgard.

After Heimdall has finished explaining that these Asgard needed the ZPM as they called them it that reality to survive and rebuild their race the Asgard High Council approve of Heimdall actions.

Project Phoenix Committee of Four and the four Prime Minister have set a date for the discussion on how and when to make Project Phoenix public knowledge, now that they know what the public reaction might be like. This is thanks to the records of the various TV channels while in orbit about Earth waiting for Stagate Command to respond, with this information that they now have gives Project Phoenix vital information on what the public’s reaction to making their own Stargate program public.

The date for this discussion will be the 31st March 2011.

To be continued.
72. Bad Decisions, Worse Choices and A Possible Way Forward!

How many roads must a man walk down?” ― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

31st March 2011

The Committee of Four, along with the four Project Phoenix Prime Ministers of their respective countries, Director Turing and others are meeting to discuss if or when Project Phoenix is made public, along with how.

This has come about by the visit of HMS Victory to another reality were the US lead Stargate program has been made public and the recordings of the various TV channels news services made at the time. This information has allowed Project Phoenix to see what the possible reaction may be when they make their own Stargate program public.

Director Turing starts the meeting by saying, “Well one day we will have to make Project Phoenix public, we are here to disuses how and possibly when?”

Cameron is the next to speak and asks, “As I am new to this, I need to understand why this has been kept secret for so long?”

Director Turing replies, “Well it just evolved from one government to another, initially in 1928 it was part of the War Department and they classified the project Top Secret for obvious reasons at the time. So from then onwards it has been kept secret and no one until now has decided to make Project Phoenix public, though there was talk about rescuing Apollo 13 mission, but that got no ware, as Apollo 13 made it back to Earth safely before a decision was made, so the matter was dropped.”

David Cameron asks, “So there has never been a discussion about this subject?”

Director Turing replies, “No never the only planning has been for an accidental and uncontrolled release about Project Phoenixes existence and a possible hostile response against our four countries.”

Kevin Rudd states, “Yes and I have seen those plans they are terrible, as Project Phoenixes military forces could wipe out all the other militaries on the planet, in a very short space of time with little effort.”

At this point Admiral Jason Timms states, “I would remind everyone that those plans are for worst case, as I would doubt if every country on the planet world attack us.”

John Key says, “I agree with Admiral Timms, I doubt that every country would attack us, after all the US is doing the same as we are doing by keeping their own Stargate program secret, so I doubt they would attack us.”

Stephen Harper says, “Well in my option, after the initial outrage dies down followed by a lot of political posturing etc, I think our NATO allies will support us, probably in return for some form of limited technological release technology etc, as for the rest of the world, I think China will quietly support us, after all they have kept this secret so far after we informed them of Project Phoenix.”

Canadian committee member states, “For now, however this may change, you never know with China.”

New Zealand committee member states, “Maybe, but I think that China will have more to gain by keeping quiet and then supporting us, rather than breaking ranks?”

Australia committee member states, “If we do make this project public then as a pecuniary measure we should prepare for the worst, just in case?”

United Kingdom committee member states, “I think that we need to take the pecuniary measures that my colleague states, but we must discuss the when and how we make Project Phoenix public.”

A vote is taken in whether or not pecuniary measures prior to making Project Phoenix public the vote is all for and none against.

Director Turing says, “Well that is the first item out of the way for now the next is how to make Project Phoenix public?”

David Cameron says, “I think it should be carefully worked out and we should concentrate on the positive, such as medical technology and our alien allies that will help us at the moment?”

Kevin Rudd states, “But that won’t stop everyone from asking why we kept it a secret for so long?”

John Key says, “True, but we can say what Director Turing said about the secrecy evolving etc that should at least explain things partially, along with us now discussing to make this Project public.”

Director Turing replies, “That could work, say a series of interviews or public broadcasts followed by a series of interviews, could that work?”

Stephen Harper says, “Well that could work, but we would have to do an announcement first then followed by a series of public broadcasts followed by a series of interviews?”

United Kingdom committee member states, “I think we would need to inform our allies such as NATO, Commonwealth leaders and others before we make a public announcement.”

Australia committee member says, “Inform them a few hours before we go public?”

United Kingdom committee member replies, “Yes that might soften the blow, would not do any harm?”

David Cameron says, “That could work, if it is done carefully enough, along with say they would get the technology that we could release to them first?”

Stephen Harper asks, “You mean bribe them to come on our side?”

David Cameron replies, “I would not have put it as bluntly as that, but yes?”

Director Turing says, “I would not give them too much in the way of technology otherwise that could cause more problems than it solves. However, I do see another problem the US Stargate program, as they are also keeping their program secret, should we discuss making their program public at the same time?”

United Kingdom committee member replies, “That has already been agreed, we will keep their program secret, it will be for the US to decide to make their program public not us? On your first point I do agree that we should not give out too much technology especially weapons or equivalent technology?”

Director Turing looks around the table and says, “Does everyone agree to keeping the US program secret and letting the US decide to make their program public at a time of their choosing?”

All hands are raised in agreement with this.

Director Turing asks, “The next motion is do we give some limited technology out in return for our NATO and Commonwealth allies support?”

All hands are raised in agreement with this.

Director Turing says, “These two motions are carried, now to continue with our discussion.”

Kevin Rudd states, “The biggest problem will be our own public reaction to this news, as I think the internal response will be verbal for a while then die down.”

David Cameron says, “That could be our biggest problem, our own people.”

John Key says, “Yes, the political fallout in our own countries.”

Stephen Harper says, “Our own public could turn against us.”

Director Turing replies, “That is possible, but we could always say there are millions of vacancies through the Stargate that could help reduce unemployment in our four countries, as we do need a lot of extra people off world.”

David Cameron says, “Maybe that could work, after all a job is a job, but I think there will be a backlash against the main political parties in our respective countries.”

Everyone agrees with David Cameron comment, but no one has a solution yet.

David Cameron says, “But I do think the way we inform our own people will be key this could lessen the backlash against us.”

Director Turing states, “Introducing our alien allies to our people could help a lot, especially if we point out we have a defence of Earth treaty with the Asgard that could be a huge ace for us?”

David Cameron replies, “That would work in our favour, do you think the Asgard would help us in this way?”

Director Turing replies, “Yes the Asgard would along with the Nox, though I do not know if we could get Merlin to come, but I can ask the Asgard and the Nox to ask Merlin to see if we could have Alteran present that could help a lot.”

Every on agrees that when they inform their own people that they should put as much positive spin on Project Phoenix to lessen the possible public backlash. The options include medical advances, technological advances, off world job opportunities, military capability to protect Earth (Royal Space Fleet etc) and Project Phoenixes alien allies.

Director Turing states, “The one thing we might want to ask the Asgard to do is wear cloths, as a butt naked Asgard my cause problems?”

Everyone looks at Director Turing, so if he is mad, but as it dawns on them all that Turing is right and the Asgard should be asked to wear cloths, if it is agreed that they should tell their people about their alien allies.

David Cameron agrees that he will inform Her Majesty about making Project Phoenix public and when. This will be at the weekly talk with Her Majesty that every Prime Minister has.

A vote is taken the vote is in favour of letting their people know about medical advances, technological advances, off world job opportunities, military capability to protect Earth (Royal Space Fleet etc) and Project Phoenixes alien allies. Including, asking the Asgard if they would not mind wearing cloths, with Director Turing given that job.

As the meeting progress all members seem to have come to an agreement that the public should be informed and how they should be informed, but the tricky bit is yet to come the when they should be informed.

David Cameron says “I think we will need time to prepare for this, I would suggest 2017, as a year for making Project Phoenix public. That should give us all enough time to come up with the best way of making Project Phoenix public knowledge?”

Kevin Rudd says, “I have no objection to 2017.”

John Key says, “Neither do I”

Stephen Harper says, “2017 sounds fine to me as well.”

Australian committee member says, “I am ok with 2017.”

New Zealand committee member replies, “So am I.”

United Kingdom committee member replies, “2017 is fine with me.

Canadian committee member replies, “I also approve with 2017.”

Director Turing states, “Well 2017 is doable, as far as off world operations are concerned.”

A vote is taken, all votes in favour of 2017 is the year Project Phoenix is to be made public, but not when during 2017, however this decision can be called off if need be, though no one can currently define the circumstances that this would happen.

Now the real work will begin the detailed planning for making Project Phoenix public that is the part that will take many years, as they planning for Project Phoenix has been for accidental release not deliberate, new detailed plans are needed for this course of action.

After going around for another hour about 2017 being the year Project Phoenix is made public, with everyone hoping that they will get it right when informing the world about Project Phoenixes existence?

Only time will tell...

In a few weeks the Prime Minister David Cameron will get quite a shock, but not the one he was expecting...

To be continued.
73. Call Me, Dave!

I'd far rather be happy than right any day.” ― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Wednesday 20th April 2011, 9.02am M25 motorway the PM’s convoy of three cars is making its way back to Downing Street after an early morning speech by the PM. The three cars consist of the PM’s car and two other cars the second one contains a Naval Officer (usually with the rank of Captain) with a larger version of the red ministerial case, with this one being completely black with ER II in gold letters on one side this case contains the nuclear launch apparatus for the PM to use.

The third car contains the rest of the PM’s close protection detail (3 armed plain clothes police officers and a driver) unlike the US President the UK Prime Ministers escort is minimal, due to the tradition of the sitting PM not liking to much close protection officers around him or her.

In the PM’s car the PM’s is discussing the next series of appointments with his PA suddenly out of the corner of his right eye the PM spots a white van pull alongside his car with the three people in front making faces at the PM.

Then suddenly without warning the van slams into the side of the PM’s car trying to force it off the motorway and onto the hard shoulder, even though the PM’s car is armoured the car can still be forced off the road and take limited damage. The PM hits his head hard on his passenger window causing him to lose conciseness, blood begins to flow from the injury.

The Prime Ministers PA’s screams, “The Prime Minister has been injured.” With the PM’s PA trying to steady the flow of blood from where the PM’s head hit the cars window.

In the front passenger seat the plain clothes police officer is radioing for assistance and giving a running commentary on what is happening.

In the two cars following the PM’s car the police officers those cars can only watch in horror as the PM’s car is pushed off the motorway into the crash barrier, with the van coming to a stop blocking the PM’s car.

9.04am the car carrying the Naval Officer containing the case with the nuclear launch apparatus for the PM to use drives off at high speed leaving the PM’s car behind, as the police offices are charged with protecting the case not the PM, leaving behind the remaining escort car to protect the PM.

9.04:30 am, as the call goes out to the Police, Ambulance and Fire services for assistance, with units already on their way to the PM’s location, this also includes SI-5 units as well.

With the closest police car being just over 6 minutes away, on motorway patrol, with Fire and Ambulance 15 minutes plus.

This attack will be listed as a ‘major incident’ this action will also trigger automatic procedures for such an eventuality...

9.04:45 am as the PM’s car comes to a stop with the van blocking the PM’s car, the PM’s plain clothes police officer in the front passenger seat asks the PM’s PA “Is the PM ok” to which the PA replies, “I do not know.” The PA is trying to stop the blood coming from the PM’s head injury, but so far with not much luck, the PM is still unconscious.

At this point the driver says, “Look out they have guns” as the attackers get out of the van, one of them with a sawn off shotgun fires at the PM’s car, not penetrating thanks to the bullet resent glass the officer then shouts into his radio, “Shots fired, urgent assistance required.”

The office opens the front passenger door while drawing his pistol and aiming at the first attacker, but before he can fire the attacker fires again and hits the officer in the shoulder with his second shot from his shotgun.

The officers training clicks in and over his radio he says, “I have been shot, officer down.”

His two other accomplices are also approaching the PM’s car they are also armed.

At this point automatic procedures are now being put into effect to protect other senior cabinet members, such as the Defence Secretary, Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary and the Deputy Prime Minster Nick Clegg.

After 9/11 and 7/7 no one is willing to not be prepared that the UK is not under attack from a terrorist group or groups.

The most urgent in the collectives minds of the security services of the UK is to protect Nick Clegg the Deputy Prime Minister, as he is about to give a speech and is not in a protected ministry building, as the other key ministers are, so the call goes out to get the Deputy PM to the COBRA office, URGENT.

SI-5 officers are sent...

This will not be subtle...

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s News Conference

9.07am, Nick Clegg is having his photo taken by the assembled press before beginning his speech on the savings the coalition government will make to the upcoming budget and the difficult choices that need to be made in the years ahead.

Nick Clegg takes that stand and says, “Thank you for all coming. Going forward this coalition government will be making some serious cuts in spending to reduce the countries deficit I'm confident...” Nick’s voice trails off as at this point the doors to the hall slam open and several heavily armed SI-5 offices run into the room, with one officers shouting “Everyone stay where you are.” The lead SI-5 officer approaches Nick Clegg and says, “Deputy Prime Minister, would you come with us please?”

At the same time one of the other SI-5 offices is quickly informing the Deputy PM’s own close protection plain clothes police offices on what their orders are along with they know so far, which is not very much.

Nick Clegg is trying to ask what is happening, but is partially lifted off the ground by several SI-5 officers and escorted out of the building and then bundled/pushed into a car with the car and escort cars leaving at speed with light and sirens blazing, back in the hall the reporters stand puzzled watching what is happening, with the photographers taking pictures and the film crews still filming what is happening.

A few moments after Nick Clegg’s dramatic exit from the building, the reporters are on their mobiles reporting what has happen to their respective newsrooms.

BBC News 24


‘Breaking news the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has been whisked away by heavily armed SI-5 officers and the Deputy Prime Ministers own close protection officers to an undisclosed location.’

[On the screen behind the newsreader shows the footage of Nick Clegg being rushed out of the room by SI-5 officers]

‘We are also getting unconfirmed reports of an apparent attack on the Prime Ministers car apparently on the M-25.’

‘We will bring you more news on this breaking news as it comes in...’

US Embassy

The US Ambassador is now aware of what is happening thanks to a call (with minimal information being given as not much is known) from the UK Foreign Secretary and has immediately reported what has happen back home.

When anyone attacks the UK Prime Minister with the UK being the only other superpower left on the planet along with the US this warrants informing the President immediately.

4.21 am (US time) Washington DC, White House

President Obama is fast asleep when the phone rings, after a few moments President Obama picks up the phone and says, “Yes what is it” listening to what the person on the other end of the phone is saying “are you sure” listening again “right I want a full security briefing in one hour in the situation room” listening again “thank you”.

President Obama hangs up the phone and beside him Michelle asks, “What is wrong?”

President Obama replies, “According to our embassy in the UK, someone or group just tried to kill the British Prime Minister though at the moment information is very patchy” to which Michelle Obama gasps in horror.

President Obama starts getting dressed it is going to be a very busy and long day for President Obama.

Back at the PM’s car...

The third car carrying the three armed police officers had come under fire from the attackers, with the police officers returning fire and killing the three attackers after a short gun battle.

The police officers after making sure the attackers are dead and also begin to organize themselves to keep the nearby onlookers back until backup arrives.

In the distance they can now hear the sirens of the various emergence vehicles approaching their location, with the radio communications going up rapidly between the PM’s close protection detail and the rapidly approaching emergence services.

9.13 am, once more police arrive this section of the M-25 will be closed down in both directions to keep away the ‘rubber neckers’ and to secure the crime scene.

An air ambulance is already on its way to the incident.

Downing Street


As the Deputy Prime Ministers car with escort cars in tow enters Downing Street at high speed, with the Deputy PM ushered rapidly into Number 10 and then via a series corridors to one of the COBRA offices where the Cabinet Secretary Gus O'Donnell is waiting for Nick Clegg.

Once Nick Clegg has been seated he asks, “Gus, what is happening, I got no information on the way here?”

Gus O'Donnell sits down then replies, “Sorry about that Deputy Prime Minister, but it was necessary. I will now brief you on what we know so far. At approximately 9.05am this morning the PM’s car was attacked by several gunmen on the M25.”

A very shocked Nick Clegg interrupts and asks, “Is David ok?”

Gus O'Donnell replies, “As far as I am aware he is ok, but is unconscious and is being treated at the scene, but this could change. The three attackers are dead.”

Nick Clegg asks, “Do we know who the attackers are?”

Gus O'Donnell replies, “No not at this time, but assistance is only just arriving at the scene. On another point I need to inform you that the Defence Secretary, Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary and other key government and military personnel have been taken to their own secure locations as well, they are also being briefed on what is going on.”

As Gus O'Donnell finishes speaking the screens at the other end of the room come to life with the images showing the Defence Secretary, Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary, all looking slightly out of breath and very flustered.

Nick Clegg is now beginning to realise that this is part of carefully planned series of events that happen if the Prime Minister is attacked and unable to govern, Nick Clegg asks, “Gus, what happens now?”

Gus O'Donnell replies, “Well first thing first, we need to confirm a few things that have been put into place following the attack.”

Nick Clegg asks, “What ‘things’ are these Gus?”

Gus O'Donnell replies, “Firstly the safely of various government ministers such as yourself, along with the Defence Secretary, Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary etc. Secondly the UK military alert level needs to be raised to Amber just in case this is not an isolated incident, after 9/11 and 7/7 we cannot take the risk, I would ask you all to approve such an action?”

Nick Clegg takes a deep breath at what he is about to say then says, “I approve.”

On the TV screens in front of them the Defence Secretary, Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary also approve of this action there is no debate just a certainty that certain procedures need to be followed.

Gus O'Donnell says, “Understood” then picks up the phone presses one of the speed dial buttons and after a few moments states, “Northwood this is Gus O'Donnell, approval has been given to raise the raise the alert level to Amber proceed with standard security arrangements at that level of alert under this emergency contingency.”

After hanging up the phone Gus O'Donnell says, “That is underway. Now for the other business, we need to ensure that this is not an isolated incident.”

On one of the TV screens the Home Secretary Theresa May interrupts and asks, “Has Platinum Command been activated, according to my official’s that is something that should happen?”

Gus O'Donnell replies, “No Home Secretary, Platinum Command has not been activated.”

Theresa May says, “Then I think we need to think about activating Platinum Command, as from what I have read Platinum Command is designed for such types of emergencies?”

Gus O’Donnell replies, “Yes it is Home Secretary, but this requires both you and either the Prime Minister or the Deputy Prime Minister to approve this, unless of course you are both incapacitated then the head of SI-5 can activate on his own emergency authority?”

Theresa May asks, “Nick do you approve of Platinum Command being activated?”

After thinking for a few moments (after all it is a lot to take in) Nick Clegg replies, “Yes I do Theresa, I think Platinum Command should be activated?”

Theresa May says, “Good” then pauses looking off camera and asks, “How do we activate Platinum Command” to an official off camera this comment causes Nick Clegg to smile at Theresa May’s question, as they are all so new at their ‘jobs’.

A few moments later the head of SI-5 appears on one of the monitors and ask, “Can you both confirm for the record as this conversation is being recorded that you are requesting Platinum Command to be activated?”

Theresa May replies, “Yes I can confirm this.”

Nick Clegg replies, “Yes I also confirm this.”

Sir William Bodie states, “Very well Platinum Command is here by activated until further notice, if you will excuse me for a few minutes I need to make some calls.”

The screen that had been showing Commander Bodie’s image goes blank.

What none of them (the ministers and deputy PM) know (apart from Gus O'Donnell) this action will cause the Phoenix Protocols to be activated for the first time.

The Phoenix Protocols had been established after 9/11.

SI-5 Headquarters, London

Sir William Bodie gets up from his command chair and walks over to a door painted red, then gets a key from his pocket and unlocks the door. Inside is a small closet with a red phone mounted on the wall.

Behind him he can feel the eyes of the other SI-5 officers watching what he is doing, as they know what will be been activated from the activation of Platinum Command under these circumstances.

Bodie unlocks the phone and then dials the four digit number and listens to the message in a firm female voice states “This is a recording, state your name your message and then hang up the phone.” Followed a few seconds later by a high pitched tone indicating the point to leave the message

Bodie speaks, “This is Sir William Bodie, Commander SI-5, we have an incident involving PRIME, I recommend the FOUR be evacuated this is considered a FIRE incident.”

This is one of the prearranged messages for such an event happening.

Bodie hangs up and locks the phone and then the doors and goes back to his command chair to activate Platinum Command for the UK emergency services, along with links to the various branches of the UK military.

Now to find out who or what may be behind this attack against the Prime Minister.

Platinum Command

The platinum commander (Sir William Bodie) is in overall control of all emergency services, along with army/navy/air force liaison officers and coordinating via the various COBRO offices. Platinum commander will not be on site of the incident, but at a distant control room (SI-5 headquarters), ‘platinum command’, where Sir William Bodie will formulate the strategy for dealing with the incident. The platinum commander will be in touch with the various gold commanders for various organisations they will be in constant touch with each other by videoconference and/or telephone.

Thus the emergency services will speak with one voice Sir William Bodie, commander of SI-5, who in turn will answer to COBRA (or the Committee of Four) depending on what this turns out to be.

RAF Barra

At RAF Barra the message from Commander Bodie is transcribed by computer, as no human input is required (or needed as people can make errors) at this level.

One minute and forty-two seconds after the message has been processed PHOENIX procedures are now put into action.

A short time later, somewhere in London

The message left by Commander Bodie is now being acted upon, by the Committee of Four’s own separate security details.

Several unmarked cars pull up to an exclusive London address and the single occupant is hurried into one of the cars then they all drive off. The occupant of the house is the UK representative of the Committee of Four for Project Phoenix, under the protocols for such an incident that Commander Bodie activated under platinum command, all four committee members are to be evacuated off world until the emergency is over.

The small convoy of unmarked cars makes for the MoD building with a ring transporter this will take the UK representative of the Committee of Four to RAF Barra and then via the Stargate to Heliopolis. The same will happen for the other three members of the Committee of Four from their countries will also be transported off world, with this whole process taking less than thirty minutes for all four members to be safe off Earth.

The Committee of Four will monitor the evolving events on Earth from Heliopolis thanks to certain Asgard communications monitoring technology that the Asgard have loaned Phoenix for such an eventuality.

This also means that the Committee of Four will be in charge now that they are based on Heliopolis and Director Turing must obey their instructions going forward, but so far there instructions are to watch and wait, but also be prepared.

The first order of the Committee of Four is to call a meeting of the leadership of Project Phoenix that is on Heliopolis to discuss this emergency and what to do next.

Seth travels though the Stargate under his alias of Dr John Smith ready to provide the Prime Minister with medical assistance if needed.

Back on Earth, Quick Reaction Alert

RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire looks after the southern sector of the UK, known as QRA South with the four ‘alert’ RAF Tempest FRG.1 fighters from 1 Squadron, as the alert comes in and the alarm goes off the pilots run to their aircraft from their adjacent ready room, as the same time the ground crews are starting up the Tempest fighters to be ready for the pilots who arrive mere seconds later.

Each Tempest FRG.1 fighter is equipped with two 2,000 litre drop tanks, four Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missiles (ASRAAM), and four Meteor Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles and finally one internal 30mm ADEN cannon with 150 rounds of ammunition.

As each Tempest fighter is powered up by the ground crews the pilot and systems operator are strapping themselves into their seats, by the time they have finished the Tempest fighter is fully powered and begins taxing onto the runway for takeoff.

As the four Tempest fighters accelerate down the runway their controller is instructing the four Tempest fighters to go supersonic for London, within a few minutes these fighters will be over London on Combat Air Patrol.

Following these fighters into the air will be a Nimrod AEW and a tanker to refuel the fighters if necessary and to provide them with AEW cover.

At RAF Lossiemouth in Moray that protects the northern sector of the UK, referred to as QRA North hosted by 6 Squadron is also putting their fighters into the air to protect the north of the UK.

At this point the UK military is running on automatic instructions, after 9/11 and 7/7 these procedures were put in place so that all UK military forces could be brought to alert very quickly, without the need for a long winded parliamentary debate.

Reporters at Downing Street


The few reports from the BBC and Sky news that are now ‘trapped’ in downing street unable to get out because of the lockdown of Downing Street are reporting back to their respective studios what has been happening since Nick Clegg had been brought back to No 10.

As they are reporting a line of armed police form a line between the reports are the door to No 10, as the same time the security gates are opened at the end of Downing Street and a few moments later three cars pull into Downing Street.

As the cars come to a stop several plain clothes detectives get out of the first and third cars, with the door to No 10 being opened then out of the second car steps a naval officer with a black ministerial case secured to his left wrist by a chain.

The naval officer is quickly escorted into No 10.

BBC News 24 Studio

‘We have further breaking news from out reporter at Downing Street.’

‘A few moments ago a Royal Navy officer with a black version of a cabinet minister dispatch box containing the UK’s nuclear launch codes, similar to the US ‘football’ entered number ten Downing Street.’

‘We will bring you more news on this developing story as it comes in.’

COBRA office

As the COBRA ministers and officials are discussing the next steps to take, with the displays in the COBRA showing the status of various units that are being sent to the incident along with their eta (which is very rapidly approaching zero), Gus O'Donnell who has been on the phone states, “Deputy Prime Minister the Naval Officer is here.”

A puzzled Nick Clegg asks, “What Naval Officer?”

Gus O'Donnell replies, “The one with your nuclear launch codes Deputy Prime Minister these have been changed just in case.”

Nick Clegg pales as the Naval Officer enters the room with the black ministerial case and then hands Nick Clegg a plastic credit card with several rows of numbers.

The naval office then sits down in the corner chair in the room to await events and see if he is needed or not.

Nick Clegg stands there for a few moments with the codes in his hand looking at them in stunned silence, before returning to his seat and slowly resuming his duties, no one mentions the codes that Nick has just received.

BBC News 24

10.35 am

‘Further breaking news we are now getting confirmed reports that the Prime Minister car has come under attack by unknown assailants, with part of the M-25 now being closed off. It is unknown if the Prime Minister is alive, as we are unable to get any information about this attack so far.’

‘We also can confirm from witnesses at the scene that an air ambulance lifted someone from the scene, but as to who that was we also cannot get any information at this time.’

‘We will bring you more news on this breaking news event as it comes in...’

M-25 Incident Site


Another SI-5 car pulls up out steps Raymond Doyle, Commander Bodie had sent his former partner to supervise the investigation along with other SI-5 officers.

Doyle approaches the forensics officer and asks, “Any news on the fingerprints yet?”

Forensics officer replies, “They are or where criminals, no link to terrorists that we can find.”

Doyle asks, “Are you certain?”

Forensics officer replies, “Yes, see for yourself.”

The forensics officer shows Doyle the information on his laptop about these three attackers.

Doyle says, “Well that is a relief last thing we need is another 7/7 or 9/11 attack.”

Forensics officer just nods in reply.

Doyle asks, “Anything else?”

Forensics officer replies, “Yes, looks like they were planning to kidnap the PM and ransom him.”

Doyle says, “Well that is a dumb plan to do in broad daylight.”

Forensics officer replies, “Yes it is, from what we found in the van so far they only wanted 3 million for the PM.”

Doyle snorts is disgust and says, “Really dumb then, carry on, I will report this in.”

Doyle walks away and gets in his car to report back what he has found out about these attackers to Bodie.

Downing Street COBRA Office

After listening to Doyle’s report over the radio that this was not a terrorist attack, but a kidnap attempt that failed badly.

Nick Clegg is the first to speak and says, “Thank you for your report in a way I am glad it was ‘only’ a kidnap attempt, continue your investigations.”

At that point Doyle leaves the meeting to resume the investigation.

Nick Clegg then asks, “What happens now, apart from the investigation?”

Gus O'Donnell replies, “Well I would suggest standing down the military from Amber alert, as this is not a terrorist attack?”

Nick Clegg says, “I agree we should stand the military, as there is no need for them.”

Gus O'Donnell replies, “Very well I need to make a few calls.”

A few minutes later Gus O'Donnellreports that the UK military is standing down from Amber alert, to normal peacetime levels.

Instructions are issued to inform the press that this is not a terrorist incident and that the Deputy Prime Minister will be making a statement shortly, along with stating that the Prime Minister is fine but will remain in hospital overnight for observation.

The Foreign Secretary will brief their NATO and non-NATO allies on what has happened and what they know so far.

As the world calms down and the stock market rallies in the afternoon, after falling during the morning, by the end of trading the stock market is back to where it start in the morning.

Downing Street, 2.00pm

Press Briefing

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg says, “Good afternoon, I will be making a short press statement, but I will not be taking any questions. This morning at approximately 9.05am the Prime Ministers car was attacked the attackers were killed by the Prime Minster close protection officers, the Prime Minister received on minor injuries and will be back at work tomorrow. It appears as though that this was a kidnap attempt not a terrorist attack, further investigations are continuing, with SI-5 leading this investigation and will be reporting to the Home Secretary. I want to assure everyone that the military has now been stood down and that this was done as a precautionary measure only. Finally I will be making a statement in the house tomorrow, though I will not be commenting on the ongoing investigation that is a matter for SI-5 and the Home Secretary. Thank you.”

As the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg leaves the press are all shouting questions, even though he said he would not be taking any questions!

Several weeks later...

After things have calmed down the four Project Phoenix Prime Ministers meet again, in this meeting it is decided to bring forward the date of going public with Project Phoenix to 2016 rather than 2017.

As it is felt waiting longer would not be wise, as it is possible to do in 2016.

With the recent attack on him David Cameron felt that it would have been more use if Project Phoenix could have used their advanced technology to prevent the attack, by beaming the attackers away during the initial stages of the attack against him.

The other three Prime Minister agree with the, in addition to the growing threat of terrorism the use of off world technology to fight terrorism is also seem as a great idea, though mostly from a political point of view!

After several hours of discussions the date is decided on being the Wednesday 1st June 2016.

This decision of passed on to the Committee of Four and the leadership of Project Phoenix, along with the Queen who fully supports the idea of making Project Phoenix public knowledge sooner rather than later or not at all.

Work must now be accelerated on making Project Phoenix public knowledge.

To be continued.
74. Back in Another Reality

Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.” ― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Meanwhile, in the US Stargate Commands reality, Stargate Command has ordered that Atlantis to go back to the Pegasus galaxy and rescue as many humans from the Wraith as possible. This order mainly comes from the need to recue as many humans from the Wraith as possible especially after the Phoenix warship has informed Stargate Command of the news that the Nox are helping with this as well as their realities Asgard.

At around the same time contact is re-established (after some delay) with the Nox with Stargate Command informing the Nox of the planned rescue mission of the trapped humans in the Pegasus galaxy and informing the Nox what the Wraith are doing to these humans and asking the Nox for help.

In return Stargate Command informs the Nox of the Asgard faction from the Pegasus Galaxy and what these Asgard have been up to and the meeting of other Asgard and Nox from another reality.

This last bit about Asgard and Nox coming from another reality really interests the Nox.

After some more discussions between Stargate Command and the Nox and the Nox discussions between themselves the Nox agree to help Stargate Command. However as before the Nox will not provide any technology to Stargate Command, as the Nox still consider the humans to be very young.

With the six ZPM’s (three that Stargate Command already had and three from Project Phoenix), Stargate Command will use the three from Project Phoenix to power Atlantis back to the Pegasus galaxy. But this time rather than landing on a planet, Atlantis will be based in space at the edge of the Pegasus galaxy and using its Stargate to evacuate humans under Wraith threat.

From Atlantis the Pegasus galaxy humans will be transported by the Nox back to the Pegasus galaxy to a safe world known only to the Nox and no one else. With the Nox using their own hyperdrive equipped starships, proving that the Nox technological level is at lease equivalent to that of the Nox in the other reality in most areas except weapons.

This operation lasts several months and many millions are saved.

But this is not the end as the Nox now know that some Asgard have survived and travelled to the new Asgard home world to confront the Asgard on what they have done. On arrival at the new Asgard home world the Asgard are shocked at the Nox arrival, as the Nox just appear in front of the Asgard on their home world.

Initially delighted at re-establishing contact with the Nox but this turn to annoyance at the Nox, as the Nox tell the Asgard off about their treatment of the humans, but even with this ticking off by the Nox the Asgard and still pleased to see their old friends. This situation is much improved when the Asgard inform the Nox that the Asgard will not be needing to experiment on humans anymore, as they now have the cure for their cloning problem.

Back in the Pegasus galaxy once all the humans have been rescued Atlantis returns to Earth, with the landing site for Atlantis being agreed to be in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. As that is the place that most of the governments on Earth can agree to Atlantis going without too much diplomatic trouble, everyone agreed that Atlantis could not be based in the US or any other county.

With two fully charged ZPM’s and one partially charged ZPM Atlantis can maintain itself for thousands of years if it does not go into space or is moved. The shield will be activated during bad weather or any potential attack otherwise the shield will be kept down to conserve power.

On Atlantis alternative power sources are already being looked at getting external power to Atlantis to reduce the need to use the ZPM’s these include the use of Naquadah reactors as power sources to supplement the ZPM’s.

Stargate Command under the authority of the IOA begins to build a space fleet, with ships only being allocated to those members of the IOA Security Council (US, UK, France, China and Russia). With each of these countries receiving their own ships and fighters, as long as they pay for the construction costs, any other country must seek approval from the IOA Security Council, though no other country has received approval as each IOA Security Council member has a veto, which the US is using a lot.

With the perceived fear of the return of the Asgard everyone in the Milky Way Galaxy is being nice to each other for the odd fear that if they are not nice to each other the Asgard will pay them a visit and no one wants that to happen.

As for Stargate command they are in fear of the Asgard for the same reason that they abandoned them in the Pegasus Galaxy and that these Asgard are out for revenge, so Earth is building up its fleet as fast as possible for this perceived threat.

Both are wrong the Asgard are now so busy rebuilding their race that they have not even thought of the Milky Way Galaxy as their races effort is focused inward, with help from the Nox.

As everyone in the Milky Way Galaxy is worried about the Asgard, no one is bothering anyone else, so the Milky Way Galaxy is a lot quieter that is has been in a very long time.

The return of these Asgard will be seen as a good thing in the long run!

On Earth however they IOA is controlled by the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and like the UN Security Council none of the five want anyone else joining their ‘club’.

Many countries are annoyed at this and have on many occasions tried to have the five core members of the IOA expanded, but they have been stopped not only by several of the core members of the IOA, but also many of the other countries who fear anyone else getting control of this technology over them.

So on Earth it is politics as normal!

To be continued
75. 2011 to 2014

Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space.” ― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Authors Note: This will be an overview of the main events between 2011 and 2014.


As the entire planet in embroiled in the economic crisis most of the focus is on turning around the world’s economy and bringing most countries out of recession.

Syria happens as per OTL

Libya happens as per OTL

Iraq happens as per OTL

Afghanistan happens as per OTL

The rise of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) happens as per OTL

In early 2011 the UK informs the US that it has the location of Osama Bin Laden, with the US is more than willing to keep the UK out of this and get all the credit for locating Osama Bin Laden.

On the 2nd May 2011 at his home in Abbottabad, Pakistan Osama Bin Laden is killed by a US Special Forces team under the code name Operation Neptune Spear, is ordered by President Obama and carried out in a US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operation by a team of United States Navy SEALs from the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (informally known by its former name, SEAL Team Six) of the Joint Special Operations Command, with support from CIA operatives on the ground. The raid on Bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad was launched from Afghanistan. After the raid, it is stated that US forces had taken Bin Laden's body to Afghanistan for identification then buried at sea within 24 hours of his death.

This comes as a significant political boost for President Obama and some embarrassment for Pakistan government and intelligence services as Bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad was just down the road from a major Pakistani military base this is not good news for Pakistan.

For the US like the rest of the world getting out of the economic crisis is the priority this however is proving too much more of a problem for the all countries with no easy solution for any country.

The UK now has an ‘IOU’ from the US government for this help in locating Osama Bin Laden and will be calling it in, in the near future.

For the UK being the only other super power left apart from the US on the planet has given the UK a new feeling of responsibility towards the rest of the countries on Earth, even those that the UK does not consider a friend. Along with the strong military alliance between Australia, New Zealand and Canada the UK in conventional arms terms can almost match the US in terms of conventional firepower on Earth.

This has led to errors in demonstrating this power such as in the case of Libya, even though it seem the right thing to do at the time this has led to yet another civil war in that region of the world, such as in Syria (no action taken) and Iraq (air support only no ground troops).

The attack on the UK PM in 2010 is put down to a fluke and that the PM’s security acted correctly in dealing with the attackers, with the PM’s injured police officer getting the George Medal for bravery the PM’s security is increased in the aftermath of this attack. A few years later on the 27th October 2014 a jogger accidently runs into the PM as he is leaving a building to get into his car, even with the PM’s extra security this causes a major review of the PM’s security, along with yet another substantial increase in the PM’s security.

However as previously no one is held directly responsible for this incident occurring and again it is put down as one of those things that happen!

Project Phoenix


On Heliopolis between 2011 and 2014 are mainly focused on the briefings that they will give to the public about Project Phoenix and who will be giving them, along with what they will reveal and also what they not reveal to the public.

Dealing with the missing IRA members that have not yet been found (those that were sent to the off world prison) will not be revealed to the public that Project Phoenix is responsible, along with not releasing the information on various weapons systems is also at the top of the list. The UK government has always stated that the missing IRA members are nothing to do with the UK government and is an internal matter for the IRA to find its own missing people.

Director Turing will give the initial briefing after the Prime Minister (after 2015 General Election this is known to be David Cameron) this will be followed by Dr Jackson on the history of Project Phoenix then this will be followed by an abridged version of the technology by Dr Mackay (with no detail), finally Dr Beckett will give the medical advances (again no detail) that will be shared with the rest of the world.

It is also planned that a large number of interviews will be given, along with a documentary crew be given access to Heliopolis, most likely to be covered by Ross Kemp, as the ‘favoured’ interviewer and documentary maker by the UK military.

In other areas exploration has virtually ceased, with the exception of ship based exploration of the Milky Way Galaxy those planets that had a Stargate that no longer seems to have an active Stargate are being investigated by Scorpion class heavy cruisers. Most of these worlds are found to be dead or no longer any use, a small number have populations on them, but contact is not made, as all that have been discovered so far have not developed a space flight capability.

The Royal Space Fleet existing warship building program comes to an end with the last batch of four Dreadnought class battleships being produced with this last batch due to enter service in 2016.

The next set of ships to be constructed will be a new series of multirole transport ships, with a total of six are planned, though more can be built if needed.

Initial statists are as follows

Regent Class Royal Space Fleet Auxiliary (RSFA)

Length: 1,722.5 ft (525.0 meters)

Width: 344.5 ft (105.0 meters)

Height: 288.8 ft (88 meters)

Crew: 55 (standard), 108 (maximum)

Can carry up to 1,000 troops along with their equipment in troop transport mode

Can carry up to 2,500 in standard transport role

Can carry up to 5,000 in evacuation mode


Sublight engines

Manoeuvring thrusters

Hyperdrive system:

Project Phoenix Zeus class hyperdrive (Interstellar capable)

Power Core:

6 second generation Naquadah reactors

Fitted with an Alteran Power Hub with three AEM’s

Fuel: Naquadah

Shielding: Asgard shields



Carried Craft:

4 Shuttles (Fox class) as standard more can be carried depending on configuration on internal cargo bays

Cargo Capacity: 50,000 tonnes (without any passengers)

Other equipment: Four Ring Transporters


Can be fitted with an Asgard hyperdrive as well (Intergalactic capable) if needed.

Can be fitted with an Asgard transporter (Asgard required to operate).

Class names

RSFA Regent (lead ship)

RSFA Reliance

RSFA Reliant

RSFA Resource

RSFA Resurgent

RSFA Retainer

This new multirole transport class ship is designed to replace all existing transport class ships that are converted old warships, as this class is designed to perform many roles beyond cargo transporter these include troop transport and evacuation transport to name two.

The first three of this new class will start assembly in 2016 when the last of the Dreadnought class has been launched, with all of the current batch of six ships will be completed by the end of 2017.

Due to the less warship-like design this class can be completed in a year the various parts are already being built on the planet’s surface ready to be assembled, as soon as the orbital dry-dock’s are available in early 2016.

Meanwhile across Heliopolis four cities preparations are well underway for a very rapid population expansion with a large construction program for expanding the current four cities and new cities are planned, as once Project Phoenix is made public those people that have been cleared but not contacted yet, after 2016 this can be done more rapidly without the need to have them ‘die’ or other such cover stories that need to be invented.

The population is expected to expand by several million within a few years after Project Phoenix has been made public the population of Heliopolis is expected to pass 10 million very quickly. This population increase will be drawn from the populations of the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada this will be especially good for reducing unemployment in these four countries as there are plenty of jobs available on Heliopolis in all areas.

Though for those people seeking employment on this Heliopolis they will still have to pass stringent background checks to make sure they will not cause problems on Heliopolis or that they will pass on information to a potential enemy.

On a side note when HMS Defiance is decommissioned this ship will not be scraped, but instead turned into a museum about space ships of Project Phoenix this new museum will be based on Heliopolis on a specially constructed landing facility.


Over the past few year the rescued survivors from the Wraith from the Pegasus galaxy continue to be brought to this world by the Nox in there cloaked ships, with the Nox helping them resettle at various points across the planet.

Camelot is now run by the Nox and is developing very well.

The Nox are enjoying helping those that they have rescued from the Pegasus galaxy along with helping these people set up their new life, as this is something that the Nox excel at in a big way.

Project Phoenix only maintains a small outpost near the Stargate with a few dozen personnel on planet at any one time, mainly to look after the orbital defence stations protecting Camelot.

Though these defence stations are a bit pointless, as anyone attacking Camelot would also be attacking the Nox this would bring both the Asgard and Alteran into the fight to protect their pacifist ally.

That would be the last thing that any attacker would ever do!

Stargate Command

Stargate Command by the end of 2014 is now operating all four Lexington class ships in rotation exploring those worlds that have been given to them by Project Phoenix. Stargate Command has also started looking at those worlds not given by Project Phoenix, with a degree of caution now being exercised after the previous exploration went very badly.

Site Alpha is also developing with four landing areas for the four Lexington class ships, along with the F-302 fighter’s hangers and a growing number of buildings for both research and accommodation. The rail guns that have been removed from the Lexington class ships are now being used as AA guns situated around Site Alpha base to provide a useful AA defence against possible enemy fighter attack.

The biggest problem for Stargate Command is funding due to the economic crises this is strangling funding, so Stargate Command must make do with what they have and by the end of 2014 that is not very much, but they are making slow progress with what they have.

The US government has not yet been informed that Project Phoenix will be made public knowledge, but they will be informed sometime during 2015.


The Nox are fully behind making Project Phoenix public and they have agreed that they will not initially reveal that they can become invisible, as they have agreed that would cause ‘problems’ and is likely to have an adverse effect on the population of Earth.

The Nox are enthusiastic about making Project Phoenix public, but they think that the rest of Earth should not get access to all technology only a limited release, such as medical information and not much else.

They are also of the opinion that certain actions done by Project Phoenix should also not be made public, such as the way Project Phoenix dealt with the IRA members that were caught.


Like the Nox the Asgard are fully behind making Project Phoenix public the Asgard have also agree to wear clothes and can now been seen walking around Heliopolis wearing clothes. For the Asgard this has become a bit of a novelty as they have not done this in thousands of years the Asgard will over the next few years go through a multitude of designs and styles.

They Asgard will settle on a form of toned down smart this mostly consist of suits and for the Asgard military it is virtually the same but with a form of military rank on the shoulder and sleeves. With Thor having the hammer symbol as his rank as supreme commander of the Asgard military on his shoulders, with Thor’s sleeves having a single gold strip.

The Asgard in these suits look very smart.

The Asgard like the Nox are fully supportive of making Project Phoenix public, though they do agree that the rest of Earth should not get all technologies just a very limited selection, along with not informing the rest of the planet about everything that Project Phoenix has been doing.


Like both the Nox and the Asgard the Alteran’s also support making Project Phoenix public knowledge, but they also advise caution in that Project Phoenix should not reveal everything at once. Instead this should be a process over several years even then some parts of what Project Phoenix has been doing should not be made public ever, as this would cause too many problems.

They also agree that certain ‘things’ should never be made public.

The leadership of Project Phoenix has also come to the same conclusion as well.

On a final point Merlin suggests that they use his previous name of Moros, as telling everyone that Merlin has returned may cause more problems than informing the people of Earth that the Asgard are not myth but real etc should be enough for the short term!

This is agreed to from early 2011 onwards everyone will call Merlin Moros from now onwards so that everyone gets used to calling him Moros.


With Lord Yu as Supreme System Lord the Goa'uld are now going through a period of calm and peace, something that they have not know for tens of thousands of years. Lord Yu has kept the peace by stating that Lord Ba’al will try to start another civil war between the various System Lords, just like Anubis tried to do.

So that every incident between the various System Lords is treated as if Lord Ba’al was trying to start a civil war this way Lord Yu is able to keep the peace between the various System Lords, even if Lord Ba’al was not responsible.

In addition, the hunt for Lord Ba’al occupies most of the System Lords time, along with introducing the replacement for the Ha'tak class with the new Isis class warship, as every System Lord wants to make sure they have enough of these new ships, as they do not want to appear weak to the other System Lords.

Osiris is having to bite his/her time, as the original plan has now been abandoned because Osiris does not have the advantage of the advanced Isis class warships, as Osiris had to give up the design to thwart a move against Osiris by Lord Yu who was (and still is) suspicious.

In many ways this is the first real peace that the System Lords have known for many thousands of years the System Lords are enjoying this peace while it lasts.

At the end on 2014 Apophis decides to leave Heliopolis, his ship is fully fuelled and equipped for a long voyage, once outside of the Heliopolis system Apophis sets course for the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy in the hope to find a world to dominate and rebuild his power base.

What will Apophis find at the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy?

To be continued
76. 2015

Don't Panic.” ― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

January 2015

In early January, US Stargate Command is informed that the four Project Phoenix counties will be informing the world of the existence of their Stargate program, but will not be informing the world that the US also has a Stargate program. This last bit does calm down the US as they are relived that their own Stargate program will not be made public, as the US Stargate Command really wants to keep their own Stargate program secret for as long as possible.

US Stargate Command does not agree that making the Phoenix Stargate program public knowledge the US must abide by the four Phoenix countries decision, after all, there is nothing the US can do about this decision and the US does ‘owe’ the UK for Bin Ladin.

The US will support the four Phoenix countries decision on going public with their Stargate program. In the aftermath of being informed US Stargate Command begins planning to make its own Stargate program public also what to show the public and what not to show the public about this program.

This will in many ways reflects the Project Phoenix planning in that the US will keep the knowledge that they are thinking about making their program public until the final decision has been made.

President Obama is quite happy to leave this decision to his successor after the 2016 elections, but also knows that the planning must be done now rather than wait until the last moment.

On the 25th January President Obama signs a secret executive order to that effect that panning should now begin on how to break the news that the US has a device that can take you to another world, also that the US as a space fleet of warships.

US Stargate Command will be keeping a close eye on how the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada and Australia release this information about their own Stargate program to the public and also what information that they release. This will help with the US public release of information about their own Stargate program sometime after the Phoenix program has been made public. US Stargate Command does feel rightly or wrongly that they are being pushed into revealing their Stargate program, but this is not the case, but the suspicion is there.

By the time the US Stargate program is made public Obama will no longer be President, Obama’s successor will have to deal with this problem, not Obama.

February 2015

Over the years Russian developments regarding Putin’s intelligence program into the British and how the British have got all there technological advances over the decades is starting to bear fruit, though the more Russian Intelligence looks the more questions seem to need answering.

Russian Intelligence has now fully researched what they think the UK is up to, with an intelligence officer going back over the files that they have to 1928 and to Giza, Egypt, with a British expedition led by Professor David Phillips having discovered something, but they do not know what was discovered.

However, they do know that after 1928 Professor David Phillips publishes no more papers and seems to vanish for a while before turning up as part of a War Department research program up in Scotland. What this research program is no one knows, as no one in Russian Intelligence believes the cover story (small arms research) from the time that this program was based in the castle.

Then there was the disastrous attempted kidnapping of Professor Phillips in the 1950’s and the subsequent investigation that led to the breaking of most of the Soviet intelligence network in the UK.

They also know this program was moved to its current location as part RAF Barra making it even more inaccessible to Russian Intelligence, except spy satellites, but the British know when these satellites are overhead and move everything inside before the satellites come into direct orbit over the base.

Putin knows that the British discovered something, but what this thing is, is just pure guesswork by Putin’s research team.

What they do know is that some similar objects from Egypt (that Russian Intelligence managed to ‘acquire’ over the years from its own museums) with an unknown material [Naquadah] though they have only very small samples of this unknown material as part of the covering of various Egyptian artefacts.

They also know that these Egyptian artefacts have what they seem to think it is a second Egyptian language that they have not been able to translate yet. They did get a shock after carbon dating some of these object’s with the unknown material, as they have an age from 6,000 to 10,000 years of age, with a couple of objects being even older.

They do not realise that they have the largest number of small sized Goa'uld artefacts on the planet the scientist working on this research program will not even contemplate that this is alien technology otherwise they may be locked up as being insane, so they focus on this being made on Earth several thousand years ago.

Above all Putin is keeping this information to himself and few treusted people in his government, after all if this somehow helped the British then Putin’s own research program may help Russia?

In just over a year Putin’s research program will be changing direction very rapidly.

March/April 2015

The leadership of Project Phoenix has agreed what to release along with what not to release along with informing the world about the capability of the Royal Space Navy without giving any technological details away.

These main points are as follows

Goa'uld Sarcophagus – Yes allow use (must be checked for ATA Gene level first, if level 9 or 10 then on a case by case basis) however these Goa'uld Sarcophagus (numbers to be deployed to Earth to be determined) will only be available in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. They will not be sold or loaded to any other country in the short term, will be reviewed for long to medium term. Use will be allowed to anyone who can get to the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada or be transported there.

Naquadah – No, as too dangerous if Naquadah falls into the wrong hands a Naquadah enhanced nuke does not bears thinking about, Naquadah will not even be used in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada to replace existing PWR’s in the short term until better security can be implemented.

Energy Weapons (all types) – No, as too dangerous to allow for sale on Earth to any country, as this technology could go astray.

Shield Technology - No, for the time being only to be used (covertly deployed and operated) to protect critical areas in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada these areas have already been chosen.

Hyperdrive – No, as too dangerous to allow on Earth, mainly due to be powered by Naquadah reactors.

Spacecraft technology without hyperdrive for use within solar system – No and Yes, unless alternative power source to Naquadah to power drive systems can be used, use then only shared with selected allies and then on condition they do not share this technology with other countries without permission.

Other Medical technology drug’s etc, Yes, no restriction on availably or which countries can ask for this technology, allies on Earth first (NATO and Commonwealth).

None Military technology – Yes for most (but not all), but again only to be shared with allies in NATO and Commonwealth first, list of approved none military technology to be determined based on allies requests.

Use of Royal Space Navy on Earth – Difficult, but UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada will honour all Earth treaties signed all requests for military assistance will be on a case by case basis. Use of Royal Space Navy warships could cause problems with Asgard, Nox and Alteran’s. As they may feel obliged to help has per the defence treaty with the four Project Phoenix countries, would need to consult before any action taken, as consequences could be severe for aggressor on Earth.

Off World Travel – No in the short term, as the dangers need to be explained first, after this then yes to allies (NATO and Commonwealth) first and then only to safe worlds to show them these worlds.

In the long term restricted travel should be allowed to allies (NATO and Commonwealth allies), even setting up their own colony worlds, but would need a lot of help in setting up on a world of their own initially. Also would need an expansion of Royal Space Navy fleet to act as guard ships of these worlds this would take time to build up.

Heliopolis – visits to Heliopolis by other Earth governments (allies first), yes but only in small groups then under strong supervision, with ground rules being set in advance on what can and cannot be shown.

Atlantis – To be determined at a future date, as this may be too much in one go?

Finally, the US Stargate program - it is likely that the US will make their own Stargate program public sometime after Project Phoenix has been made public, as they will not have much choice after Project Phoenix goes public the general concuss is to wait and see what happens when the US Stargate program is made public.


Both the Asgard/Nox will be revealed to the population of Earth in due course, it is likely that the Asgard will cause more problems than the Nox due to Roswell this will be left up to the Asgard to explain if they wish to.

Both of these races will set up embassies in the UK, in London, as soon as the premises can be made secure for the Asgard/Nox to use, as it is uncertain how certain people will react (badly most likely).

Alteran’s will not have an embassy on Earth they will be represented by the Asgard/Nox, with both these races keeping the Alteran’s fully informed on what is going on.

May 2015

The UK General Election produces something of a surprise, as the polls has been suggesting another hung parliament, but the exit poll that is released just after the polling booths had closed shows a Conservative government with a workable majority this will be reflected in the results.

The biggest losers of the election are the Liberal Democrats down to just eight seats the SNP will jump to fourteen seats, with Labour/Liberal Democrats also losing seats to both the Conservatives and SNP in Scotland, with this being quite surprising especially for the SNP and even more so for the Conservatives.

On the 7th May 2015 UK General Election Results

Total number of seats – 658 (331 seats needed for a majority)

Conservative – 391

Labour – 223

SNP - 12

Liberal Democrats 8

Overseas UK Parliament seats – 8 (all 8 are independent but are grouped together for mutual support)

Others – 16

David Cameron now has a comfortable majority also has no need of a collation government anymore he hopes that this will make things easier when in 2016 the four Project Phoenix governments make this project pubic knowledge.

Work can now move forward in earnest with the main and still secret task of making Project Phoenix public, along with trying to fix the current economic problems.

The main party to suffer is the Liberal Democrats for being in a collation government with the Conservatives for the past five years.

In addition, David Cameron is thinking of a Minister of State for Space along with making the Mister a full cabinet position and bringing in a political heavyweight to fill this role. However, so far he has not come to a final decision on whether or not to do this yet, maybe next year closer or just after June 2016 would be better.

David Cameron is also now thinking of when to inform the full cabinet of this new reality, sometime during early 2016 seems a good idea.

June 2015

The next country to be informed that Project Phoenix is to be made public is China, initially it was expected that China would make a ‘fuss’ and ‘fuss’ is putting it mildly. However after being informed that Project Phoenix is to be made public the reply after several days of delay from the Chinese government is one of support.

This response from China catches everyone by surprise initially then it is suspected that there will be a price for China’s support (they are right about this) however at the moment Chinese government is not saying what they want only that they will support the four Project Phoenix countries.

It is suspected that China wants access to various levels of advanced technology, though what levels of advanced technology that Project Phoenix has not been made clear but it is likely to be either weapons or space related. If it is weapons then that will be a no, but space technology could be a possibility for China as long as it does not include Naquadah then access to technology that will given China a cost effective launch system could be on the cards.

It will be a wait and see game now, as until Project Phoenix is made public China is not saying what they want in return for their support.

July 2015

Ross Kemp has been selected as the preferred person to do a (or series) documentary on Heliopolis and Project Phoenix, it is likely that there will be several documentaries on both Heliopolis and Project Phoenix.

Though until Project Phoenix is made public Ross Kemp will not be informed of this, however once Project Phoenix is made public Ross Kemp will be informed that he is the preferred person to do documentaries on both Heliopolis and Project Phoenix.

Ever since Ross Kemp did his first documentary on the British military in Afghanistan there have been more documentaries on various aspects of the British military over following years.

It everything goes as planned these documentaries will start filming just after Project Phoenix is made public with an air date of late 2016 or early 2017.

August 2015

By August the formal diplomatic wording to Britain’s allies, NATO and Commonwealth along with nations like Japan, others who are not allies such as Russia etc will also have to be informed, certain nations won’t be informed such as North Korea, Iran, Iraq and Syria.

It is hoped that the countries that are informed next year (NATO and Commonwealth) just prior to Project phoenix being made public will keep this information to themselves for the days or so before release of this information.

Only time will tell if that happens?

September 2015

Much to everyone’s surprise on the 12th September 2015 Jeremy Corbyn is elected leader of the Labour Party including the leadership of Project Phoenix, but he is now Leader of the Opposition and the rules state that he will get the full protection that the Leader of the Opposition is entitled to.

On the 13th September at 0700 hours Jeremy Corbyn home there is a knock on his front door, he opens it to two men in smart suits.

The first man says, “Mr Corbyn, I am Detective Inspector Robins this is Detective Sergeant Moor, we are part your close protection detail.”

Jeremy Corbyn says nothing for several moments as what they have said sinks in then says, “Thank you, but I have no need of your services.”

Jeremy Corbyn then tries to close his front door but is prevented by Detective Inspector Robins and Robins states, “I am sorry sir, but this is standard protection for the Leader of the Opposition and I am afraid you cannot order me off you do not have the authority for that.”

Jeremy Corbyn replies, “But I know the law you cannot enter my home without a search warrant.”

Detective Inspector Robins sighs then states, “That has been anticipated sir.”

Detective Inspector Robins then turns his head looking at one of the cars parked in the road and nods his head, out of the car steps a very different person to Detective Inspector Robins this man is not smartly dressed, instead is wearing a leather jacket, jeans and trainers.

As the man approaches Jeremy Corbyn has a nasty feeling in his gut about what is going to happen, but remains firm once facing Jeremy Corbyn the man says, “My name is Doyle I am with SI-5”. Showing his ID to Jeremy Corbyn then continues “you are ordered to stand aside and let these officers protect you the warrant issued by the head of SI-5 gives these officers the power to do this, along with entering your home.”

Jeremy Corbyn face goes bright red for several moments then he sighs slightly and replies, “Very well, but I will protest this to the Home Secretary.”

Detective Inspector Robins then nods to his men who enter Jeremy Corbin’s house to begin their duties as Corbyn’s close protection team.

Several days later, Home Office

After listening to Jeremy Corbyn appeal to withdraw the close protection team Theresa May says, “I am sorry Jeremy the answer is no.”

Jeremy Corbyn asks, “Why it is within your powers Theresa?”

Theresa May replies, “Yes it is within my powers, but you do not fully know the extent of the threats against you now that you are Leader of the Opposition for the UK. Perhaps once you have taken your oath as a Privy Councillor you will then fully understand what these threats are.”

Jeremy Corbyn says, “I will see after my Privy Councillor briefings, but I could make this public Theresa.”

Theresa May replies, “You could, but I do not think you would do such a thing that is up to you of course, anyway that type of action will not change my mind.”

In the end Jeremy Corbyn will reluctantly accept police protection though he will not like it one bit.

In other events, the Syrian conflict will take an unexpected turn.

September/October 2015

Russian Navy carrier Ulyanovsk enters the med with her escorts on the 1st September 2015, with the world watching Russia begins to assist Bashar al-Assad, after a request from Bashar al-Assad for military assistance against these ‘terrorists’ to the Russian Government.

The Ulyanovsk and her air group make this the most powerful asset in the Russian Navy and allows’ the Russian Navy to operate two carriers (Admiral Kuznetsov) at one time, though in reality the Russian Navy operates only one carrier at a time with the other one in maintenance.

Ulyanovsk air group

24 Yakovlev Yak-141 VTOL fighters

24 Su-33 fighters

12 Kamov Ka-27 Anti-submarine helicopters

2 Ka-27PS Search and rescue helicopters

4 Yak-44 AEW aircraft replacing the Kamov Ka-31 AEW helicopters

Once in position the Ulyanovsk and her escort group patrol off the coast of Syria for several days until the order is given to support the Bashar al-Assad against these ‘terrorists’, along with the Russian Air Force and Army units based in Syria.

The first series of air strikes takes place on 30th September 2015 in areas around the cities of Homs, Hama targeting the mainstream opposition with both land based, and carriers based Russian aircraft carrying out these attacks, along with the revitalised Syrian government military.

These air strikes take both the UK and the US by surprise the response will be both muddled and confused and take several months before they have a coherent strategy.

Further demonstrations of growing Russian military power, on the morning of 7th October 2015, four warships from the Russian Navy's Caspian Flotilla launch 26 3M-14T from Kalibr-NK system cruise missiles that hit 11 targets within Syrian territory. In addition the Russian Navy Carrier Ulyanovsk launched 16 3M-14T cruise missiles at 5 targets in Syria with all missiles hitting their assigned targets.

With Russia firmly involved in the Syrian conflict on the side of the Syrian government forces against the rebels, this will turn the side for the Syrian government forces against the rebels and IS.

For the Russian government this has several advantages beyond helping there Syrian allies this support allow the Russian military to try out its new weapons and equipment under battlefield conditions allowing years of research to be done in a few month, along with getting a long of bugs out of various new bit of equipment and weapons.

For Russia, this Syrian conflict will be a win win, unlike Ukraine, as the rest of the world will have to deal with Russia to make the Syrian government come to the peace table.

November 2015

In a joint announcement by the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canadian governments, that there will be a special briefing on the 1st June 2016 in which something ‘new’ will be revealed to the public as a whole.

No further information is released on where this announcement will be, though speculation is that it will be in London.

This news causes a great deal of press interest along with a lot of ill-informed speculation by the press.

On the 24th November – Turkey shoots down a Russian fighter jet in the first case of a NATO member destroying a Russian aircraft since the 1950s. This however does not stop the Russians attacking the ‘terrorists’ in Syria, it does however mean that the Russian Jets will now be armed with air to air missiles and various defensive systems, after this there will be no repeat of this type of incident.

December 2015

As December 2015 comes to an end there is lot of press speculation on why the leaders of the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada have arranged for a joint statement about something of significance to be released on the 1st June 2016.

The press have latched onto the idea of full political union between these four countries, as this seems to be the most likely reason for the long warning and what has been hinted at as preparation for a briefing.

The press are however so wrong, but no one is correcting them and this story is running and running.

In turn, this press speculation about full political union causes the stock markets in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada to rise dramatically on this news, as the markets see this as a good thing.

On the 1st June 2016 the world will find out the real reason.

To be continued.
77. 2016 – Beyond the Point of no Return

You know,” said Arthur, “it's at times like this, when I'm trapped in a Vogon airlock with a man from Betelgeuse, and about to die of asphyxiation in deep space that I really wish I'd listened to what my mother told me when I was young.

Why, what did she tell you?

I don't know, I didn't listen” ― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

January 2016

All the UK, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian military forces leave is cancelled, that includes’ all reserve forces are also put on standby for the rest of the year (well up to June as they may not been needed beyond June). This is a contingency just in case there is a bad reaction to Project Phoenix going public, but no one thinks it will be necessary, as Alan Turing has not been having any bad dreams about the future.

This will be picked up by the press the press assume that it has something to do with the ongoing fight against Daesh, the press will be unable to get a response from the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada governments, only that the public will be informed in due course.

The number of government officials (in all four countries) now knowing of Project Phoenix is growing, but most surprising is that information on Project Phoenix has not been leaked to the press, as it appears no one wants to be the one who leaked, as they would be viewed as traitor for the rest of their life.

February 2016

In the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada certain key cabinet members are informed of Project Phoenix these are the Chancellor, Home, Defence and Foreign Secretaries, so that these key cabinet members can better coordinate what is about to be made public.

Once these key cabinet members (also known as inner cabinet members) have gottern over the shock, they do support their respective Prime Ministers in making Project Phoenix public, along with keeping quiet until the 1st June.

However, it is noted by the press that these key cabinet members do have very big smiles on their faces after their meetings with their respective Prime Ministers of their individual countries.

This does show that once they have gottern over the initial shock of being informed then those key cabinet members support what there Prime Minister are doing this bodes well for the other cabinet members, along with the public from the four Project Phoenix counties, as it is likely that Project Phoenix will be well received by their own people.

Mostly they believe that all the new jobs off world will reduce unemployment, along with the medical benefits that making Project Phoenix public will be a positive outlook for their countries.

For getting re-elected, that is important...

March 2016

On the 1st March Dr Rodney McKay returns home to Canada to visit his sister to let her know what he has been working on over the past few years.

This meeting does not go very well as Dr McKay’s sister is initially very hostile towards her brother, as Dr McKay has not approved of who his sister has married and what she had given up (academic work wise) for her husband and child.

By the 2nd March Dr McKay has managed to inform his sister of what he has been doing over the past few years, his sister is shocked and angry with her brother. Though worse is to come as Dr McKay informs his sister that she will be getting police protection, as there may be people who will try to get to him via her.

It takes another day for Dr McKay to convince his sister to have police protection even then she only takes it very reluctantly, but Dr McKay does state that once things have settled down he will take his sister to show her what he has been doing.

At the end of March is has been agreed that HMS Victory and HMS Dreadnought will be renamed, with HMS Victory becoming HMS Magnificent and HMS Dreadnought becoming HMS Black Prince.

The Dreadnought class will become the Britannia Class battleship, with HMS Britannia becoming the flagship of the Royal Space Navy.

April 2016

On the 10th April, the Queen who has been kept fully informed of the way that Project Phoenix is going to be made public. With the Queen’s wealth of experience in dealing with various world leaders over the decades of her reign, her majesty has been able to advise how to approach certain world leaders in this matter.

On the 21st April, Queen Elizabeth II marks her 90th birthday, with a large number of events and celebrations across all parts of the UK.

On the 29th April, Philip Hammond becomes the first UK Foreign Secretary to visit Cuba since 1959, where he says he is “keen to forge links”, as Cuba is changing slowly the UK feels the need to get its ‘foot in the door’ first. This is also paving the way for more stronger links with as many countries as possible with the upcoming public release of Project Phoenix.

May 2016

On the 1st May 2016, David Cameron briefs the full Cabinet about the highly secret Project Phoenix and that Project Phoenix will be made public on the 1st June.

The Prime Ministers of Australia, New Zealand and Canada are also briefing their own full cabinets on Project Phoenix, at about the same time (depending on time zones) that David Cameron is briefing the UK cabinet.

The reaction is pretty much the same, a mixture of shock, horror and anger of not being informed sooner, but once over the shock/anger they will support their Prime Ministers in making Project Phoenix public especially after they learn that it was not their fault this was made secret all those decades ago.

These cabinet meetings will last most of the day, with a load of questions being asked, along with the state of play concerning Project Phoenix, the political state of the Galaxy and Project Phoenixes diplomatic relations and alliances with other races. The news that Project Phoenix has alien allies and that these allies have a defence pact against the possible alien enemies (protected planets treaty) is greeted with some relief by all of the cabinet.

Also on the 1st May 2016, HMS Vigilant on deterrent patrol [location classified] the Captain has received a coded signal “Phoenix Rises”. On receipt of this coded signal, the Captain and First Officer retire to the Captain’s cabin and open the safe to look at the sealed orders that they were given before sailing.

What did open both the Captain and First Officer’s eyes was that the Prime Minister himself backed up by all the service chiefs gave these sealed orders to the Captain and First Officer’s prior to sailing with instructions on the circumstances they were to be opened.

It takes a while for both the Captain and First Officer to read and believe what they have read before informing the ship’s crew of Project Phoenix and the news that they have access to alien technology.

A similar set of instructions are also relayed to the Royal Navy’s SSN’s the surface fleet will be informed on the 25th May, along with all Army and Air Force personnel these personnel will be sworn to secrecy, along with being kept on base and not allowed to communicate with the outside world.

The reaction of these branches of the armed forces is mostly positive and supportive, as most military personnel can see the advantages for the future.

24th May the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn is briefed (via the Privy Council) on Project Phoenix, after getting over the shock of the briefing, Jeremy Corbyn has to keep this information secret until the Prime Minister makes his statement on the 1st June.

Jeremy Corbyn is not happy about keeping this information to himself, but in the end he really cannot do anything else but keep his mouth shut, as this would be very bad for him, as it would prove that he cannot keep a government secret and would prove that he would not make a good Prime Minister. With all the troubles within the Labour Party at the moment, if Jeremy Corbyn revealed this secret he would no longer be Leader of the Opposition.

25th May the three Prime Ministers from Australia, New Zealand and Canada arrive in the UK for the press briefing on the 1st June, with the world’s press now assuming that this briefing on the 1st June is about unification, of these four countries into one or more commonly known as political union.

On the 30th May, NATO and other close allies are briefed on Project Phoenix and that this project is about to become public knowledge on the 1st June. The reaction is that of shock and some anger that their allies especially the NATO ones could not have been informed sooner though this anger is limited as they are informed that they will be receiving technology to help them.

The details on what this technology will be given out initially is limited for the time being, also the time scale has not yet been set, but this will be worked out in detailed discussions after the public announcement on the 1st June.

In the late evening of the 31st May, some details begin to leak out from those NATO/EU countries that have been informed about Project Phoenix. However, the press do not believe what is being leaked, as it is too fantastic and fanciful to be believed by the press, the press still think that the announcement will be about political union.

However, tomorrow they will believe.

To be continued.
78. 2016 – Here We Go!

The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don't.” – Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

June 2016

On the 1st June 2016 at 9:00am, the Prime Ministers of the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada gather in London for the formal statement about Project Phoenix the press however still believe it is about political union even though they still do not have any official confirmation about this statement that is about to made.

Yesterday Britain’s NATO and other close allies have been given a briefing on Project Phoenix (including the US ambassador to the UK who does not know about the US Stargate program), like the briefings to the four Cabinets, the response is stunned silence. However unlikely the four cabinets Britain’s NATO allies do not yet give their support to the four Project Phoenix countries, but will wait and see what happens after the public briefings.

David Cameron takes to the podium in front of the assembled press and says, “Thank you all for coming, what I am about to tell you will seem fantastic to all of you, but I assure what I am about to tell you is true and does exist.”

Cameron pauses for a few moments before looking at the other three Prime Ministers who all nod for him to proceed with the announcement.

David Cameron continues, “Now to start at the beginning, in Egypt, Giza, January 1928, Professor David Phillips was leading a British archaeological expedition, discovers a large circular cover stone and a ring-shaped device underneath it, later this is determined to be a Stargate, nearby he also discovers a large, pedestal-shaped device.”

“These two devices are determined to be of extraterrestrial origin and of approximately 10,000 years old possibly much older.”

There is a murmur around the room from the assembled journalists as no one expected this (even with the leaks yesterday), with social media is starting to go crazy on the news that they UK has two devices that are of extraterrestrial origin.

“The Stargate device in conjunction with the dialling devices allow for the creation of a portal between two worlds provided the world we wish to visit has a Stargate on it. Since 1928 our off world teams have visited hundreds of worlds and made contact with several alien civilizations, along with making many allies we have also made a few enemies, but out current allies are more capable than our enemies.”

At this point, several journalists start to try to ask questions, now realising that Cameron is not joking or going mad but that this is real, with the television news channels are now broadcasting this announcement live around the world.

With all TV news networks are cutting into their own broadcasts to show this announcement live around the world.

It takes several minutes for Cameron to get the journalists to stop asking questions and allow him to continue his briefing.

“During the past decades we have constructed a space fleet, called the Royal Space Navy, we also have world under our control which we have begun the process of colonising. We also have access to advanced medical technology this advanced medical technology we will be bringing to Earth to help with our medical problems and we will be sharing some of this technology with our allies.”

“Our allies within Phoenix are Australia, New Zealand and Canada with each of our countries having a twenty five percent stake in Project Phoenix.”

“I know that you all have a lot of question to ask, you will be handed a file on this program that is call Phoenix this will contain introduction information on this program. There will also be a series of briefings following this one over the next few days and weeks to try and explain everything, but this will take time as there is a lot to get through as this program has been running since 1928.”

“On a few final points tomorrow the Director of Project Phoenix will be giving a briefing for the press tomorrow, followed over the next few days several other members of Project Phoenix leadership will be giving briefings on their areas of expertise.”

“After the Director of Project Phoenix has given his briefing there will be additional briefings from various branches of Project Phoenix to give a summary of the technology we have access to. However, some of this technology we have is listed as classified so we will not be giving any detailed information on such items as weapons technology and other defence related information.”

“On a final point we will be sharing certain technology that is none defence related with our allies we have already begun the process of informing our allies that we have this technology and what we will give with them, along with a rough timescale.”

“Now I will take some questions....”

The room explodes with shouting with all the reporters trying to ask questions.

David Cameron thinks to himself this is going to be a very long morning and then begins to try to answer the reporter’s questions.

For the rest of the morning David Cameron and the other three Prime Ministers try to answer the various questions from intelligent to the downright stupid from the assembled journalists.

The press briefing comes to an end at 12.30pm even as the four Prime Ministers walk away from the journalists are still shouting questions at them.

The world’s news channels will only have one story Project Phoenix, with various ‘experts’ giving their own take on this new reality that the whole planet is now aware of, along those who were considered ‘UFO conspiracy nuts’ have also suddenly become ‘experts’!

World reaction mostly stunned annoyance along with considerable curiosity and what alien technologies will be released to those countries that are allied with the four phoenix countries, especially the medical technology, along with military technology, though there is no information coming out about military technology.

The ‘only’ minor negative is Egypt who wants the Stargate and the dialling device returned to Egypt this request is polity refused, though the Egyptian government and military begin to survey there country to see if they can find any of the alien technology for themselves.

The Egyptian government will gain them some technology (over the next few years) such as Osiris ring technology in Osiris template and a small Naquadah power generator, along with a large number of artefacts with Goa'uld writings on them. These artefacts/technology will be kept by the Egyptian government for their own research program on alien technology with the small amount of Naquadah that they have is not deemed enough to be a threat and as this technology is very well guarded it is unlikely to be stolen.

In Russia Putin now knows what the missing link is and his own research program is now researching all the items knowing that they are of alien origin this program now has unlimited funding. They do have a lot of information about what they do have but they were going in the wrong direction the Russian research team is now going in the correct direction this will lead to many discoveries in a very short space of time.

China is for the most part remains silent with the states controlled media giving out minimal information even though the Chinese people are very interested in this news with the Chinese people wanting to know more. In China, the government are waiting to see if the Phoenix countries will keep their word (they will keep there word) on giving China an off world colony and antigravity drive technology to allow China into space much more cheaply than the current rockets.

The US is for the most part is also silent, when the US government does respond the statement is that they will wait and see what this technology is and how it can benefit the US. This is done without the public knowing about the US Stargate Program and that the US has its own space fleet, off world base etc though the US will benefit for the medical technology (medications) that will be released, as the US is an ally with the UK and a part of NATO. However as the US already has the anti gravity technology this information will be of little used for the US.

On the 2nd June 2016 at 9:00am, David Cameron begins the second introduction of the director of Project Phoenix.

David Cameron introduces the Director of Project Phoenix Alan Turing that causes a shock amongst the journalist, as everyone thought he was dead. When asked how he has not aged the reply is that due to the advanced medical technology allowing a much longer lifespan than on Earth.

Once the questions about how Alan Turing is alive (including his faked death) the more mundane questions about Turing’s role as Director of Project Phoenix, with these questions taking the morning to answer.

In the afternoon Alan Turing, Dr Rodney McKay, Dr Carson Beckett and Dr Daniel Jackson are watching the news reports on multiple TV’s on most of the news networks it is mostly positive, with public reaction (especially in the four phoenix countries) mostly positive as well.

The Labour party is now even more split than ever, with most of the Labour MP’s no longer having any faith the Jeremy Corbin at all this will lead to a challenge for the leadership within the next few weeks.

With the Labour Party split, this leaves the UK without an effective opposition party to the government this is likely to continue for many years to come.

With most governments around the world, being supportive to Project Phoenix though this may have more to do with the promised technology that will be coming their way (North Korea calling this a capitalist trick, causes no real surprise). Initial discussions have already begun with NATO, Commonwealth, and other close allies already discussing how to proceed, as all they can see is the potential of this advanced technology and nothing more, tunnel vision has set in.

Between the 3rd and the 5th June Dr Rodney McKay, Dr Carson Beckett and Dr Daniel Jackson give their own press briefings, with Dr McKay’s being the least well received due to Dr McKay’s ‘attitude and abruptness’ with the press. Dr Carson Beckett and Dr Daniel Jackson are seen as the most interesting, with the comment from Dr Jackson about his book and his academic work that was ridiculed by his fellow academics has proven to be correct. Dr Beckett’s description of the Goa'uld Sarcophagus causes a great deal of excitement amongst the press, as it can heal all known diseases and most injuries, but cannot re-grow missing limbs, along with the news that these Goa'uld Sarcophagus will soon be deployed to all major hospitals in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Dr Daniel Jackson does make the point about his book that aliens used the Pyramids as landing platforms for their spacecraft, he points out that even though he had no access to Phoenix at the time of writing his book this book proved to be correct in all of its assertions.

Excerpt from Dr Jackson’s briefing to journalists “I've spent the majority of my professional life being ridiculed for my theories most of which have turned out to be correct. I'm kinda used to it, until now that is, as it nice to be proved correct on everything, makes you all think.”

Once this news is out about Dr Jackson’s book the book (The Truth About the Pyramids) begins to sell at a very alarming rate the publishers have to keep reprinting the book several times to keep up with the demand, with Amazon selling his eBook version is vast numbers!

On the 6th June, the Head of Research Stephen Hawking is introduced to the press, with the world being informed that the Goa’uld Sarcophagus had fixed the cure for his ALS condition. With this Goa'uld Sarcophagus technology being available to all four Project Phoenix countries allowing the cure of all known medical conditions as the previous briefing by Dr Beckett on various medical technology had been given yesterday.

The press (especially in the four phoenix countries) go crazy on the news that there will be a ‘cure all’ to help those that have terminal conditions, with the news the first of these Goa'uld Sarcophagus will be delivered on the 1st July, with use beginning immediately.

With the first hospitals already chosen (in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada) preparations already being made to install the Goa'uld Sarcophagus for the benefit of all four Project Phoenix countries people.

The press and people now have an information overload with so much to take in, it is impossible to fully grasp in such a short space of time, there is also little or no comment from four countries parliaments as their own politicians are also trying to take this all in.

Project Phoenix will continue to run its own affairs for quite some time, even when the four countries parliaments do get involved they do not interfere and they all do not want to make a mess of this project.

Also on the 6th June, the negotiations with the four phoenix countries allies on the first batch technology (mostly medical in the form of new medications) that will be released to their allies (Commonwealth/NATO/EU/Japan etc) is now well underway.

On the 8th June, Russia is becoming increasingly vocal about that lack of technology coming to Russia, with Russia supporting Assad, along with Ukraine and Crimea problems, with Russia being informed that due to these ‘problems’ Russia will not benefit from this most of this advanced technology. Though Russia will be given some of the medical technology as this will be given freely to most countries without conditions, as for the space technology there is an ongoing debate as to whether Russia should have access to this type of technology, with the current consensus being that they should not receive this technology.

Russia does have an ‘ace’ sorts its own research program, now that they know what they are looking for and also what they are now looking at in terms of their own supply of alien objects.

On the 10th June, President Obama acknowledges that the four Phoenix countries has access to alien technology and thanks them for sharing with their allies including the US. President Obama’s speech is limited to this and does not specify much in the way of the US taking the lead as several members of Congress and the Senate want President Obama to do.

What of course those vocal members of Congress and the Senate want is the US to take a stronger role (leading this new release of alien technology) do not know is that the US has its own Stargate program, but these members of the Congress and the Senate will continue to be very vocal about the lack of activity.

After the speech President Obama discusses the possibility of making the announcement sooner rather than later, meaning before he steps down as President, after careful consideration its is agreed that the US Stargate program could be made public this year, as most of the groundwork has been done.

President Obama approved a nominal release date of the 1st August this year, though if not ready by them President Obama agrees that this date could be push to the 1st September but that date would be final and would not be pushed back any further.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump makes a great deal of noise about the lack of leadership from President Obama, though as per most of Trump’s speeches it lacks any detail on how he could do any better.

Hillary Clinton is more restrained and calls for more information from the four Phoenix countries so that an informed decision can be made this has been done after discussions with President Obama who has advised her to be restrained, but cannot say why for the moment, just to trust him.

Unfortunately, for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump’s voice is louder and makes progress in the option polls, even though he has no substance to back up his very vague demands about putting the Stargate under US control. In this the phoenix countries have an allies Egypt, as the Egyptian government does not want the Stargate under US control.

On the 15th June, Director Turing has invited the worlds press to an outdoor location.

Director Turing starts by saying, “Thank you all for coming we at Project Phoenix are going to show you some of the spacecraft that we have as part of the Royal Space Navy. Shortly one of our Fox class shuttles will come down from space and place a circular item on the grass area behind me.”

The press cameras are glued to the sky as the Fox class shuttle makes a slow decent and then comes to a hover a few feet above the grass area behind Director Turing, a few seconds later a door opens on the underside of the shuttle and the circular item drops to the ground with a thud.

After hovering for a few more seconds while the doors closes the Fox class shuttle then slowly climbs back into the sky and away being followed by the TV cameras until out of sight.

Director Turing then says, “The device on the ground behind me is call a Ring Transporter it is a device that will allow people of objects to beam from one location that has another Ring Transporter to another location.”

Reporter interrupts, “Do you mean that this is a teleporter?”

Director Turing replies, “Yes this is a teleporter as you put it.”

Director Turing then nods to an aide who is speaking into his communicator.

Director Turing says, “What you are now about to see is a demonstration of this device with the commander of the Royal Space Navy will use this Ring Transporter to transport down from his flagship in orbit.”

The circular device then suddenly clamps itself to the ground then after a few seconds several rings shoot up from the ground with an unusual noise and a bring light within the rings then just as suddenly the ring drop back down revealing a man in a Fleet Admirals uniform standing in the middle of the Ring Transporter.

The assembled press are stunned into silence at this technology, for several minutes no one says anything the all the press start shouting question at once.

It takes Director Turing around an hour of answering, the assembled press questions and to quieten them down, with this broadcast now going live around the world again, everyone is wondering what is going to happen next.

Director Turing says, “Now we can continue the man to my right is Fleet Admiral Jason Timms head of the Royal Space Navy, Admiral Timms will be briefing you on the military arm of Project Phoenix. However, I must caution you that Admiral Timms will only be answering questions in a limited manner as information on the Royal Space Navy is classified.”

Admiral Timms, steps up to the podium that has now been vacated by Director Turing says, “Hello everyone, firstly I hope you all enjoyed the demonstration of the ring transporter. The next demonstration will be for the fighter class that we call the Hurricane class fighter this fighter can operate in both the atmosphere of a planet and deep space.”

Just as Admiral Timms several squadrons in formation swoop down noiselessly over the assembled reporters and then go on to perform various acrobatic feats for the assembled press.

After a 30-minute acrobatic display the Hurricane class fighters disappear back into the clouds and into space back to their mothership, with the press watching in amazement at what they have just seem, along with a worldwide viewing ordinance in the billions.

Admiral Timms says, “I hope you all enjoyed this display the next ship that you will be seeing is my own flagship HMS Britannia.”

Several minutes later, behind Admiral Timms slowly descending through the clouds HMS Britannia appears to a collective gasp of the assembled press, with HMS Britannia being 2,132.5 feet in length and 393.7 feet wide with a height of 265.7 feet.

On the bow of HMS Britannia is a very large version of the Phoenix flag in full view of all who are watching HMS Britannia is making a statement ‘look what we have’.

As HMS Britannia hovers just behind Admiral Timms with the assembled press watching HMS Britannia in amazement, Admiral Timms lets that press watch HMS Britannia before asking the ‘fatal’ question, ‘are there any questions’.

To which the assembled journalists all begin shouting questions at once.

It takes Admiral Timms several hours to get his way through the assembled journalists questions, from again the intelligent to the mostly daft to questions that Admiral Timms cannot answer because the answer is classified (mostly about the weapons carried).

One question that Admiral Timms is able to answer is the size of the fleet, being 12 Britannia class battleships and 32 Scorpion class heavy cruisers, along with a new class of freighters that are nearing completion.

These freighters of the Regent Class will be used to ship colonists to the world called Heliopolis these first batch of colonists have already been chosen and are or just about to be informed. They will be departing early next year, though this first batches will be using the Stargate to travel to Heliopolis over the next few months these initial batch of colonists are considered the most needed for Heliopolis.

At the end of this press conference Admiral Timms returns to HMS Britannia via the ring transporter, but this time while HMS Britannia is hovering, once onboard HMS Britannia slowly gains height and returns to orbit, with the Fox class shuttle returning to pick up the portable ring transporter.

All in all the first few days have been a success, as the world can now see both the positive and negative of supporting the four Phoenix countries, with next month the first technologies (medicines) being released to their allied countries on Earth.

25th June 2016

As there is a clear need to coordinate this new reality David Cameron creates a new cabinet level post. David Cameron’s new cabinet level posts is the newly created Secretary of State for Space this will be David Davis, as David Cameron felt the need for a Cabinet level post for this new reality (Project Phoenix).

Secretary of State for Space – David Davis

This is a new cabinet position that now combines all former junior cabinet positions to do with space, into one to powerful cabinet post, along with those current departments that also have partial responsibilities for space amongst their portfolio. One powerful position of this new cabinet post is that it takes control of the UK’s interest (25%) in Universal Exports giving the new minister considerable economic influence within cabinet, as Universal Exports budget is separate from the Treasuries budget.

John Major will remain head of Universal Exports, but answer to the new Secretary of State for Space for the UK and equivalents in Canada, New Zealand and Australia will coordinate their efforts with the Committee of Four.

Parts of various government departments merged into this new Minister of State for Space are as follows

Minister of State for Universal Exports (formally under the Treasury) - used to make use of patients gained from reverse engineered alien technology that has been released for use on Earth. Official used to monitory the UK stake in the company minister of state did not know about the alien technology part of Universal Exports.

Minister of State for Woomera space program covering UK 25% stake - (formally under Business, Innovation and Skills) – covering the ‘conventional’ space program for not only the UK but also Australia, New Zealand and Canada. This program will begin a major refit and building program to take advantage of the antigravity drive systems that are now available to this program, along with replacing the current space station with something better, along with having a ring transporter onboard with the next few years.

UK Space Agency (linked to the Woomera space program) formally under Minister of State for Universities & Science – used for supporting the Woomera space program in the UK. This agency will focus on building a new series of antigravity drive shuttles (in cooperation with the other three Phoenix countries) to replace the Skylon shuttle system that is now seen as out of date.

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory – (formally under Ministry of Defence) – used for making use of reversed alien technology for use on Earth (covertly) such as the Canberra recon aircraft etc. Very few know about the use of alien technology in this organisation, as this part has not been and will not be made public.

There will likely be a Minster of State for Project Phoenix though for the time being the Secretary of State for Space David Davis will be taking direct charge of this project as part of his new ministry.

The new Secretary of State for Space David Davis will spend the next few months catching up on what Project Phoenix is capable off in all of its various forms both civil and military.

On the 26th June, Parliamentary committees are being set up on Project Phoenix in the four countries, these committees however will not be investigating Phoenix and why it had taken so long to make it public, instead they will be looking into how the technology can be used. However, this is not as clear as it appears, as it requires all four Phoenix countries to agree on what technology can be released (beyond what has already been agreed) and this will take some time to sort out, though in some cases never.

On the 27th June David Cameron will pay a visit Heliopolis for the first time along with the new Secretary of State for Space David Davis, in conjunction with his Australian, New Zealand and Canadian opposite numbers. At the end of the visit David Cameron along with the other PM’s and ministers is left in awe of Project Phoenix and what they have achieved and what they could achieve in the future assuming little or no political interference from Earth. However, any political interference from Earth would require all four Project Phoenix countries to agree and that is not likely to happen over the short to medium term.

By the 28th June, the four Phoenix parliaments have had their say, with several days of debate it is agreed with a solid majority in all four parliaments that the current governments can proceed with the current plan to make various medical technologies public along with ongoing negotiations about other technology to be part of ongoing discussions.

Though there is the usual political posturing but that is to be expected, along with the usual suspects in each of the four parliaments who what to not get involved or just give everyone everything (not going to happen).

On the 29th June, the next batch of people selected to be offered to live off world on Heliopolis have already been informed and agreed to go they have also been though the usual security screening. However unlike their predecessors there is no need to fake there death(s) as this processes is now no longer needed, though if they do not want to tell anyone were they are going they have that right.

This first batch of 4,000 people from the four Phoenix countries will take several days to be transported through the Stargate, with other batches following this first batch, however once the first Regent Class Royal Space Fleet Auxiliary (RSFA) are operational next year the Regent Class will be used in there transport role.

With the Regent Class being able to ferry 2,500 people at a time along with their belongings (including furniture and other large items that will not fit through the Stargate) this will greatly speed up the transportation process and reduce the need to use the Stargate so much.

Next year, with all six Regent Class operating in rotation the daily lift will be around 15,000 per day this will allow the backlog of people selected to join Project Phoenix to be completed. Within a few days, increasing the population by 100,000 in just a few days, this level of population increase would have taken years under the old secret system.

There have always been many people Project Phoenix wished to come to Heliopolis but due to the secrecy around Project Phoenix they had been unable to bring everyone they wanted, now however, they can without all the need to have people pretending to have died.

This will bring the population on Heliopolis up to just over three million, with future batches of people being taken to Heliopolis by ship rather than via the Stargate, as the ship allows all personal belongings to be shipped as well.

On the 30th June, public reaction to the news of Project Phoenix is still positive within the four Phoenix countries, with an approval rating in the high 80 percent range. Outside of the four Phoenix countries, the reaction is mostly positive though mostly around the 60 percent mark, with Russia being one the most hostile, though North Korea being the most hostile toward the Phoenix group of countries.

The impact on the finical markets for June was unusual, as the markets has been expecting a political union between the four phoenix countries, initially the markets reacted badly, however by the 10th June the markets had recovered there initial losses and had gone above the starting point prior to the announcement.

Next month with the activation of the Goa'uld Sarcophagus at selected hospitals will make the approval rating for the four Phoenix countries politicians go up to a much higher level.

Planning is also underway to introduce Phoenixes alien allies to the world, in a very controlled way, with the Nox going first following by the Asgard and then the Alterans. It is likely the Asgard will cause the biggest shock due to Roswell and this will likely mean a lot of problem questions from the press about this the Asgard have agreed not to answer these questions.

By the end of June work is well underway to release the various medical technologies drugs etc (with the exception of Goa'uld Sarcophagus) to the Phoenix countries allies this should start happening in early July.

To be continued.
79. 2016 – A New Dawn, But The Same Old Problems

Physician, heal thyself

July 2016

On the 1st July the first Goa'uld Sarcophagus are delivered (by Fox class shuttles) to the first hospitals in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada the impact is almost immediate with those cases that are deemed life threatening going first.

The first cases are cured with an hour or so of being placed inside a Goa'uld Sarcophagus, with these initial cases are followed by more and more patients who are also healed/cured of what is wrong with them, with the press astounded on what these Goa'uld Sarcophagus can do.

These first Goa'uld Sarcophagus deliveries are quickly followed by more allowing coverage across all four Project Phoenix countries in all major cities main hospitals. The effect on the UK NHS and its budget is almost immediate with hospitals no longer needing intensive care units instead these former intensive care units are turned into Goa'uld Sarcophagus treatment units.

With the first Goa'uld Sarcophagus delivered to the four phoenix countries the release of first batch of various other medical technologies (medicines) to the rest of the world is also underway with allied countries receiving this medical technology first.

With minor medical aliments (cold’s etc), being treated in the normal way with normal medications (and the new medications that are now available), with the Goa'uld Sarcophagus being used for the most life threatening or serious cases the one thing that a Goa'uld Sarcophagus cannot do is re-grow missing limbs etc.

Going forward (many years from now) the use of cloned body parts (thanks to Asgard/Nox help in this area) along with the advanced surgery to reattach them will also be introduced within a few years, but this will take much longer to introduced than medicines, as the doctors will have to learn this new medical procedure. The use of cloned body parts will become very common within ten years in most countries, however there will be some countries that will makes this illegal due to various ‘views’ on the use of this type of medical technology.

With one UK doctor commenting jokily after witnessing Goa'uld Sarcophagus heal one of his terminally ill patients in less than one hour “I do not know whether to just give up the practice of medicine or just get drunk!”

On the 5th July, France is the first country to request the use of a Goa'uld Sarcophagus for several patients that have life threatening conditions this is quickly agreed to and these patients are moved to the UK by air for treatment. By the 7th July, all these initial batch of patients have been cured/healed and returned to France, with further patients following from other European countries.

Various people from the US are going to Canada for treatment, though the first wave of patients will go to Canada initially without US government approval. But still be healed and in some cases those who have great wealth will be able to ‘cue jump’ as they are able to fly on their own private aircraft, along with paying a large ‘donation’ to the hospital.

With New Zealand and Australia, also allowing there Goa'uld Sarcophagus to be used by countries (with people travelling to New Zealand or Australia for treatment) in their parts of the world this will make it very hard for the various governments to be angry at the four phoenix countries.

In the UK, public reaction is almost universally positive with the Conservative government riding very high in the option polls, with Labour in total disarray, though Labour had been in disarray before this, but this has made in much worse, with Jeremy Corbyn now no longer having the support of the majority of his MP’s.

With the initial proposals for colony worlds are progressing with the EU/NATO, Commonwealth and other allies, with the use of a starship sized stargates allowing countries that will be given antigravity drive technology and the ability to construct ships that can travel through these starship sized stargates to their colony world and back to Earth.

With each colony world going to have its own starship sized stargates in orbit around there colony world, but with only one starship sized Stargate planned to be in orbit around Earth (placed between the Earth and the Moon), those countries or groups of countries that have applied for colony worlds so far are as follows.


India (this will later include most Commonwealth countries – except Pakistan and Zimbabwe)

European Union/NATO (provisionally agreeing on sharing one world)


Russia (has asked but is under consideration due to ongoing problems with Russia – Syria, Ukraine etc)

It is likely from these initial discussions that China will have its own colony beginning to be setup first (around 2020) if they get their ships built first, followed by Japan then India/Commonwealth and finally the European Union/NATO, as China is a one party state has not need for democratic niceties that other countries have.

The European Union/NATO will have to consult every country first to get a consensus and then agree a construction program (with what country is to produce what part or parts of the spacecraft) and budget for the spaceships, along with the division of land on this new world, all this will take time.

The discussion will be led by David Davies as Secretary of State for Space whose new ministry is now very busy dealing with allowing (or not in some cases) the requests that is coming in for technology, along with negotiations about releasing anti-gravity technology. This technology will not only allow for a more cost effective way for countries to get into space but also will change civil aviation, with the jet engine now becoming out of date.

The four phoenix countries already have new designs for civil atmospheric aircraft, but will not be immediately releasing them for their own countries use, as they do not what to bugger the world airline industry, so the four phoenix countries will introduce their own designs over the next few years.

It will take decades for all this new technology to be fully introduced and to replace existing aircraft and space launching systems even so this is a small fraction of the technology available to Project Phoenix.

On the 10th July the first batch of advanced medicines are formally released to Phoenixes allies (Commonwealth, NATO, EU, Japan etc) this first batch of information will be studied very closely and tested, before being released for production and release to the general public.

In return, Phoenixes allied countries will continue to support the four phoenix countries, though there is little else they can do and they do want the anti gravity technology along with a world for themselves.

More countries (or group of countries) are expected to follow in requesting their own world to colonise over the next few months for some and years for other countries or groups of countries. However, as with the above countries will want to construct their own ships it is doubtful that the first colonization will begin before 2020, as each country or group of countries (such as the EU) prefer to construct their own ships rather than rely on others for this task.

Central and South America for example would initially be led by Brazil, but after the economic problems following the Olympics along with other problems as well. Brazil will put off funding its own space program for ten years until its economy picks up the rest of Central and South America will not be able to organize their own joint space program, as none of them can agree who will lead this program due to various national tensions.

The Royal Space Navy will assign a single warship to guard each world (five world’s in this initial batch to five warship needed) these guard ships will not interfere in the politics of the country that this world is assigned to and only helping when they are asked for help. This however is not expected to begin until 2020 or sometime after, due to the slow nature of the need to both understand the anti gravity drive technology being given, along with the need for each country or group of countries to design and build their own spacecraft.

No country wants to owe the four Phoenix countries or allow them to build their spacecraft for them, as this is seen as problematic from a security point of view from all other countries on the planet.

Whoever said that knowing there is other intelligent life in the universe would unify Earth did not understand Earth politics at all!!

The news of Project Phoenix has done very little to stop various conflicts around the world especially in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, with Russia still strongly support Assad and Iraq still trying to push Daesh out of their country.

At the end of July, one other benefit for those countries that have nuclear power along with the nuclear waste is that Phoenix can dispose of all this waste by dumping it in to the sun. This will have the benefit of removing the need for maintaining a very expensive nuclear waste industry also in the long term those countries that will have their own ships will be able to do this themselves.

This will make nuclear power much more affordable for most existing countries that use nuclear power.

Three of the four Phoenix countries that have nuclear programs have already begun disposal plans of their own nuclear waste using the Royal Space Navy to move the waste and dump it into the sun this process will take about five years to dispose of all of the waste.

In the short term, however the Royal Space Navy will also deal with those countries that wish to use them to dispose of their nuclear waste and agree to allow the RSN to ship it, in the long term most countries that will gain their own spacecraft will then take over dealing with their own nuclear waste.

On the 31st July, Ross Kemp and a small film crew begin their journey to film a TV series “Ross Kemp on Project Phoenix” the filming will take many months to film and edit once back on Earth it is due to air in late 2017.

Next month will see the US make their own Stargate program public knowledge and Phoenix will begin to introduce there alien allies to the world starting with the Nox.

To be continued.
80. United States of America and Aliens

August 2016

On the 1st August the planned introduction of the first of Phoenixes alien allies is postponed until the middle of August, as Phoenix has been informed that the US is going to make its own Stargate program public knowledge.

A few days prior to making this information about the US Stargate program public the house and senate majority, along with minority leaders are informed that the US has its own Stargate program, under the US Air Forces Stargate Command.

With the house and senate majority and minority leaders are briefed personally by President Obama with the clause that they do not say anything until after President Obama broadcast (this is the one thing all sides can agree to), President Obama is now prepared to make his address the nation about Stargate Command and what the US has.

At 9.00am Washington time, President Obama addresses the nation, with no press present merely a camera crew, President Obama address to the nation will be much more quieter and with no interruptions unlike David Cameron’s press briefing, the US has learned from that.

“My fellow Americans, over the past two months we have seen a great change to our way of life on this planet, with the revelation that we are not alone in the universe, along with the revelation about the Project Phoenix program jointly run by the British, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian governments. This knowledge has also come with the initial release of new technologies that are being offered to us as their allies, with the release of medicines along with anti gravity technology that will allow us to produce spacecraft and travel to other worlds.”

“Today I am pleased to be able to inform you that the US government already has its own Stargate program with our own Stargate, so many of these technologies that are being offered we already posses.”

“The US Stargate program is not as advanced as the phoenix program is, however we are catching up fast, as our program has only been active since 1995, we currently have a fleet of four warships so far and a large number of space fighters. Our own Stargate Command has explored numerous worlds we also have a colony world that we are in the process of developing.”

“Oversight of Stargate Command comes under Senator Kinsey committee giving this program government oversight from the beginning, though regrettably your government has not been able to inform you the people of our own Stargate program until now.”

“Going forward my administration will be seeking funding to expand our fleet, along with expanding our research programs related to alien technology to best help the American people by creating new job opportunities for all. To achieve this I have spoken to both the house and senate majority and minority leaders about our Stargate program and have asked for additional funding for this program.”

“I hope that both the House and Senate will pass the funding necessary for the continuation of our own Stargate program, along with granting extra finding needed to expand our own research program on various alien technology that we are studying.”

“Finally I will be announcing shortly what technologies we have along with showing the American people the US space fleet that we currently have along with a program expand this fleet.”

“Thank you all and god bless you all and god bless the United States of America.”

After this address to the nation, the US press go wild that the US has its own Stargate and it not reliant on another country for all this new technology, with the US press just focusing on the UK and not Australia, New Zealand or Canada. With all of the US press being very positive about the US having their own Stargate program even though the US Stargate program is far behind the phoenix program.

President Obama’s polling numbers will go up to an all time high after this announcement.

In France, the French President after watching President Obama’s broadcast was heard to ask, “How many of these Stargate’s are there on the planet and do we have one hidden away somewhere?” the answer would be no to both questions, but this does not stop the French officials from looking over the next few months, with every museum checked.

On the 2nd August, the David Davies as Secretary of State for Space in a house of commons statement that Project Phoenix has been well aware of the US Stargate program from the beginning, with the US government only recently aware of Project Phoenix since 2009 and had agreed to keep phoenix secret in exchange for technological help.

This news causes some shock in the US with the belief that the US had done most of the work by themselves.

President Obama is very quick to counter that the technological help was very limited and the US Stargate Command is currently committed to moving on its own with new technological developments. This quick response does settle the US down, as both the Senate and House of Representatives is currently approving the space funding bill, with NASA’s budget deemed the best to use for this, as NASA is the organisation in the US equipped for space exploration and research, along for additional funding for extra warships and fighters.

No one has yet mentioned the Lexington incident, but this is sure to crop up in the future.

With NASA current budget of $19.3 billion dollars will now be focused on the US Stargate program, along with a DoD (undisclosed black budget) budget for extra warships and fighters, along with research in various weapon systems also being added on top of the NASA budget as well.

All existing NASA programs will be terminated, with new programs springing up to replace them.

This new budget will give US Stargate Command a much better budget than before also this new budget will be properly funded rather than secretly funded via the black budget, even though the black budget will remain.

This will come with a price, a joint Senate and Congressional committee to oversee this new budget, with Senator Kinsey remaining as chair of this new committee, but only by the skin of his teeth and calling in a lot of IOU’s.

The US Stargate program is now also part of the US election campaign with both sides having their views on where to go next. Trump wants to build up this program for the benefit of the US alone Clinton also wants to build up the US Stargate program, but with the help of close allies, such as Israel and as yet unnamed other countries. By offering them a small stake in the US Stargate program, but leaving the US in control of the Stargate and having the final say in the direction the US Stargate program goes.

Not many countries are happy about how the US will use their Stargate, except Israel and those other countries that may be invited to participate in the US Stargate program.

Trump’s ‘do not share’ idea is gaining ground over Clinton’s alliance idea but with the US in control of their own Stargate the US election has taken yet another odd turn.

This is all part of Trump’s making America great again slogan, with the prospect of more jobs with the expansion of a US space fleet, along with associated technologies as well.

Trump starts to close the gap with Clinton in the option polls during August, by early September they are neck and neck in the option polls.

On the 10th August under very controlled conditions, the Nox will be introduced to the world, as it is felt that the Nox would cause the least problems.

Unlike the announcement of Project Phoenix, there will be no press present instead the Nox ambassador Lya will make an announcement to camera, as this was felt would be the most easiest way to show there alien allies to the world with the minimal of danger to their allies.

As the countdown begins, Lya prepares herself, around the world people are watching their TV’s and internet screens for this first view of aliens from another world.

Lya smiles as she is given the cue to begin speaking to the camera, “Hello people of Earth, my name is Lya I am a Nox, I am the ambassador to the phoenix group of countries.”

As people watch Lya’s broadcast they had been expecting horrible looking alien (thanks to the press going off the ‘deep end’ with wild a very inaccurate ideas of what aliens look like). However, Lya is humanoid looking and very polite, Earths introduction to its first aliens will go much better than expected, with the worlds press changing direction from aliens being ugly to charming and polite.

When the Lya’s broadcast is complete phoenix how had a much better way of putting information out the future broadcasts for both the Asgard and the Alteran’s without any press being present to ask questions afterwards. Instead, the press must submit their questions in writing and these questions will be answered in writing, however all the worlds press asking a lot questions the responses will take time.

Lya’s broadcast is well received and its has been decided to do both the Asgard and the Alteran broadcasts in the same way next month, this is thought to be a really good idea for the Asgard especially when the link to Roswell comes out.

The US government has been warned about the revealing of the Asgard to the planet next month and are planning a diplomatic response to the Roswell incident.

After the broadcast various countries wish to set up diplomatic links with the Nox, however the Nox forward all these requests via the four phoenix countries, as this has already been agree with not only the Nox, but also the Asgard and Alteran. This news is not greeted with any joy, but as there is nothing that can be done it has to be accepted.

On the 15th August, President Putin authorises the FSB to acquire anti gravity technology (from NATO/EU) by any means necessary though preferable to have no causalities and they (NATO/EU) do not realise that the information has been copied, as President Putin has a plan if the FSB can gain this information without anyone realising it has been copied.

The FSB begin the process of starting this kind of large-scale operation to acquire anti gravity technology after it has been given to the various NATO/EU countries, as it should be easier to gain this information from one of the smaller countries that do not have a strong counter intelligence capability.

If this succeeds, then Russia will not need to give into the demands for Syria and Ukraine to gain this technology and can explain it away that they already had their own research program into alien technology (this part is true) though no Stargate.

On the 20th August China makes a shock announcement that all debit held by China for the four Phoenix countries will be wiped out over the next ten years, as a ‘thank you’ from the Chinese government as a form of payment to the four Phoenix countries for the technology that China is receiving and will receive in the future.

The ten-year wiping of the four Phoenix countries debit that is held by Chinese financial institutions is so that the current world economic recovery is not harmed in anyway.

This news also causes the Clinton campaign no end of problems, as Trump suggests that the US could do the same, but only on the condition that US debit is erased, no country takes this very seriously, as they all expect Clinton to win.

On the 21st August the four phoenix countries announce that a single cruiser will remain in geostationary orbit above each phoenix country for security reasons. To this news there is a mutated response from most countries, as no country wants to stop receiving this new technology from continuing to flow.

On the 31st August the Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi delivers a diplomatic note to the ambassadors for the four Phoenix countries, requesting military assistance in driving Daesh out of their country, with the use of all their military capability under the terms of the treaty with Iraq for fighting Daesh.

This includes a request to use the Royal Space Navy and other advanced weapons against Daesh in Iraq.

This request will need very careful consideration and will not be done on whim.

To be continued.