A British Stargate

41. 1984

If my critics saw me walking over the Thames they would say it was because I couldn't swim.” – Margaret Thatcher

January 1984

On the 2nd January 1984, construction of the second set of orbital dry-docks (now called orbital dry-dock facility two) has been completed, at the end of March 1984 construction of the first battlecruiser class warship will begin with HMS Courageous. The other dry-docks (facility two) will be used to refit the remaining Black Prince class warships to Black Prince II level.

With the recent ‘poor performance’ of the Black Prince warships an improved heavy cruiser class is to be designed, this new heavy cruiser should incorporate all the technological improvements over the past few decades. These improvements are already going to be, fitted to the Courageous class battlecruisers, along with being easy to upgrade.

HMS Courageous will not be, completed until January 1987 and will not be operational until the end of 1987.

On the 3rd January 1984, the next four Black Prince II warships HMS Valiant, HMS Churchill, HMS Conqueror and HMS Victorious are launched from orbital dry-dock facility one, they will begin their trials and join the fleet at the end of 1984.

On the 5th January 1984, construction begins in orbital dry-dock facility one of the next batch of four Black Prince II warships HMS Drake, HMS Canterbury, HMS Endeavour and HMS Otago.

HMS Drake, HMS Canterbury, HMS Endeavour and HMS Otago will be completed by early 1986 and be operational by the end of 1986.

On the 15th January 1984, left-wing rebel Tony Benn wins the Labour Party's nomination for the Chesterfield by-election, eight months after losing his seat as Member of Parliament (MP) for Bristol in the General Election. Tony Benn is again put under ‘light’ surveillance by the security services due to his ‘views’ on certain issues effecting national security.

On the 24th January 1984, the Apple Macintosh is introduced this computer will be in competition with the BBC Micro computer.

On the 25th January 1984, the UK Government prohibits GCHQ staff from belonging to any trade union this has been ‘on the cards’ for some time. This is also to do with the ongoing security issues left over from the Soviet Spy scandal, as most of the trade union are see on the ‘left’ of politics.

February 1984

On the 1st February 1984, Japanese carmaker Nissan signs an agreement with the British government to build a car factory in Britain, this landmark deal means that “foreign” cars will be, built in Britain for the first time, with the factory set to open during 1986.

On the 3rd February 1984, Space Shuttle Challenger is launched on the 10th space shuttle mission.

On the 7th February 1984, astronauts Bruce McCandless II and Robert L. Stewart make the first un-tethered space walk.

On the 10th February 1984, at the Woomera launch site in Australia it is announced that a series of unmanned probes will be sent to Mars for scientific research of the ‘Red Planet’. What the press is not told is this is the beginning of a program to send a manned mission to Mars before the end of the century this is also part of the Space Station program that had already been announced.

These ‘space programs’ (announced and unannounced ones) will provide jobs for British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand citizens and help reduce unemployment in those four countries, with several subcontracts going to other commonwealth countries.

The Woomera Rocket Program has a huge budget (even if you exclude Project Phoenix covert funding) with the first HOTOL launch expected later this year and the HOTOL program due to launch its first satellite at the end of 1985. Production of the various component parts for additional HOTOL-A ‘space plane’ is already underway in Britain, Canada Australia and New Zealand, with assembly taking place at Woomera.

On the 15th February 1984, Dr Phillips proposes a radical departure from current recruitment program, in that, seriously ill academics could be, offered ‘special treatment’ in Seth’s Sarcophagus on condition that they keep the true nature of their treatment secret. Dr Phillips proposal also includes a deep background check as per normal on those academics that will be, offered ‘special treatment’, in addition a good cover story will be needed so that this ‘special treatment’ does not become widely available.

In principal, the representatives of the four countries of Project Phoenix agree to this, but they will want more detail on how this ‘special treatment’ would work.

Dr Phillips responds by saying that she will have a formal proposal along with an initial ‘test subject’ by early 1985 Dr Phillips already has someone in mind as her first ‘test subject’.

On the 28th February 1984, on Heliopolis, the plan to restart space operations against worlds controlled by Apophis is cancelled instead the off world sections will be used, as this force is now expanding and can conduct such operations. This will free up the warships of Project Phoenix to defence Abydos, along with Earth and Heliopolis.

This first operation using the off world sections will commence on the on the 31st March 1984, this will also see the first operational use of the LAV(S).

March 1984

On the 1st March 1984, the Hurricane class fighters start full-scale production on Heliopolis it will take several years to replace the existing Osprey fighters and at the same time produce enough fighters for the new warships that are being constructed.

On the 5th March 1984, Iran accuses Iraq of using chemical weapons; the United Nations condemns their use on the 30th March 1984.

On the 12th March 1984, Miners' strike begins and pits the National Union of Mineworkers against Margaret Thatcher's Conservative government intent on free market reform of the nationalised industries, which includes plans for the closure of most of Britain's remaining coal pits. The Miners' will lose, mainly due to the combination of the growth of Nuclear Power and the strength and determination of the Prime Minister not to give in.

This will also cause the formation of the Union of Democratic Mineworkers in 1985 those pits that come under the Union of Democratic Mineworkers will receive very strong government support, including financial support. Those coalmines that come under the National Union of Mineworkers will not.

After the strikes are over those mines that come under the Union of Democratic Mineworkers will survive and those under the National Union of Mineworkers will not.

During the year long strike the lights across the UK will remain on, thanks in part to Nuclear Power Stations and the heavy use of the UKs reserve oil powered power stations. The oil-powered power stations are benefiting from the UKs oil reserves that in the past few years reached maximum capacity and the reduced price of oil making the use of the UKs reserve oil powered power stations cheaper than it would have been.

The coal-fired power stations are also kept operational, as prior to the strike coal reserves at these power stations had been built up by the government who had seen this confrontation between the government and the National Union of Mineworkers coming.

On the 14th March 1984, Sinn Féin's Gerry Adams and three others are seriously injured in a gun attack by the UVF. The British Intelligence surveillance team does not intervene, as they have strict instructions not to reveal themselves, they do report the ‘incident’ to their superiors, though this information is not passed to the Police as the Intelligence agencies feel that this might put their surveillance team in danger.

On the 29th March 1984, construction of HMS Courageous begins this ship is due to be completed by early 1987 with trials to be completed by the end of 1987 and entering the fleet in early 1988.

On the 31st March 1984, the first off world mission to a Goa'uld controlled world takes place, this is the first time, in many years that the Off World Exploration Regiment has deployed to a Goa'uld controlled world via the Stargate. In recent years, the Off World Exploration Regiment has been exploring those worlds that came from the depository of ancient knowledge, that had been, downloaded in to James Macpherson’s brain. The Goa’uld System Lord does not know of the existence of these worlds therefore the Off World Exploration Regiment has seen no combat when exploring these worlds.

This is also an opportunity to deploy the new Light Armoured Vehicle (shielded) LAV(S) with the first squadron of 6 LAV(S) being deploying in a supporting role for Squadron A’s 60+ troops and support personnel.

The Jaffa defending this world is not expecting such a strong attack, the 6 LAV(S) deploy though the Stargate first followed by Squadron A’s 60+ troops and support personnel. This force quickly secures the area around the Stargate forcing the Jaffa to withdraw back to their stronghold on the planet to get additional Jaffa to try to take the Stargate back by force.

April 1984

Between the 1st April and the 3rd April 1984, Off World Exploration Regiment, Squadron A defeats several attack against the Stargate by repeated Jaffa attacks. The plan that Squadron A is to hold the Stargate for the next 48 hours and inflict as many casualties on the Jaffa as possible.

This is good practice for the Off World Exploration Regiments, the Jaffa are relatively easy targets for Squadron A’s troops, after all the four countries that make up Project Phoenix have a lot of military experience from various Earth conflicts and no restrictions on what they can and cannot do or use against the Jaffa, if needed.

By midday on the 3rd April 1984, the Jaffa attacks have stopped, the Jaffa are merely watching Squadron A and avoiding combat with them this is the queue for Squadron A to start withdrawing, as they are not an occupying force. They also do not wish to push their luck too far, as they know that the Jaffa will have likely called for reinforcements (they have) Squadron A does not have the firepower to deal with a Goa'uld warship.

By the time the last member of Squadron A has withdrawn though the Stargate on the evening of the 3rd April 1984, Squadron A has suffered, no dead, and sixteen wounded, with three seriously wounded. These three seriously wounded troopers will be, treated in Seth’s Sarcophagus that will heal all three troopers’ injuries within a few hours.

The Jaffa on the other hand have suffered several hundred casualties both dead and wounded, the major contributor to these heavy casualties is the six LAV(S), along with the use of heavy machine guns, light mortars, ER-3s etc and much better tactics being employed by Squadron A compared to the Jaffa.

The Jaffa have not fought a ‘proper’ enemy for thousands of years, only other Jaffa, this does not make a good training ground for new and innovative tactics for the Jaffa to learn.

On the 4th April 1984, peace protesters evicted from the Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp, with SI-5 officers present in an observational role only, when the peace protesters complain to the SI-5 officers. The two SI-5 offices reply ‘ none of our business, unless they commit a major crime’ this reply causes the peace protesters some shock.

On the 12th April 1984, Arthur Scargill, leader of the National Union of Mineworkers, rules out a national ballot of miners on whether to continue their strike, which has already lasted five weeks. This is branded by the government as undemocratic this will be another nail in the coffin for Arthur Scargill in the end.

On the 17th April 1984, WPC Yvonne Fletcher is shot and killed by a secluded gunman during a siege outside the Libyan Embassy in London in the event known as the 1984 Libyan Embassy Siege 11 other people are also shot but survive.

On the 19th April 1984, “Advance Australia Fair” is proclaimed as Australia's national anthem, and green and gold as the national colours.

On the 22nd April 1984, in the wake of Yvonne Fletcher's death, Britain severs diplomatic relations with Libya and serves warning on its seven remaining Libyan diplomats to return to their homeland. A greater watch will be, kept on Libya from the UK base at Malta using the special reconnaissance aircraft fitted with alien sensor technology.

On the 25nd April 1984, Section H launchers a reconnaissance onto possible Goa'uld controlled world, as they come though the Stargate, they find very little evidence of any Goa'uld presence on this world.

On the 29th April 1984, Section H sends its supporting LAV(S) back though the Stargate, what Section H does not realise is this is one of the Tok'ra’s ‘safe worlds’ that is about to be attacked by the Goa'uld System Lords.

On the 30th April 1984, the Goa'uld System Lords attack this world with considerable force Section H begins to withdraw through the Stargate at midnight on the 30th April 1984. Section H does not realise that they are not the target the Tok'ra are, most of the Tok'ra on this world are eliminated with the first strike only one Tok'ra barely survives thank to one of Section H’s troopers carrying the wounded man to safety (without knowing that there is a Goa'uld inside the man.

May 1984

On the 1st May 1984, a off world section H comes under attack, one of the troops attempt to give mouth to mouth resuscitation to one of the badly injured natives, in this process allows a Goa'uld symbiote of the Tok'ra into his body.

The Tok'ra symbiote is now aware of Project Phoenix (up to knowledge that a single trooper has) as the trooper staggers through the Stargate back to Heliopolis under his own stream, by the time get has passed through the Stargate Goa'uld symbiote of the Tok'ra has taken full control of the troopers body.

Heliopolis, Stargate Bunker

As the off world section troops come through the Stargate, Seth is waiting to provide any information on the System Lord (this is Cronus who was after the Tok'ra on the planet) that they were fighting, however Seth will not get a chance.

As the trooper with the Goa'uld symbiote stumbles though the Stargate, Seth suddenly points at the trooper and says, “There is a Goa'uld symbiote inside that trooper.”

Without waiting for a reaction Seth draws his Zat'nik'tel and shoots the trooper who as he falls his eyes glow with the tell tale sign of a Goa'uld symbiote being inside him.

As the last trooper makes it though the Stargate, the Iris shield is activated until the Stargate shuts down, then the Iris shield is deactivated, Seth checks all the other personnel that have come though the Stargate none of them carry a symbiote.

Heliopolis, Detention Facility

A few hours later, the Trooper/Goa'uld wakes up in a detention cell that is also enclosed by a force field as well as the bars, along with two guards armed with Zat'nik'tel pointed at the Trooper/Goa'uld from behind the force field/cell bars, just in case.

The Trooper/Goa'uld says, “You will release me, immediately.”

The two guards do not respond to the order or the attempts at conversation with the prisoner, as the guards know that they are being watched.

What no one yet knows is that Project Phoenix has Jolinar of Malkshur a member of the Tok'ra, all they know is that a Goa'uld symbiote is inside one of their troopers.

Several hours pass, with Jolinar attempting to start a conversation with the two guards, though whatever he says the two guards ignore his orders/questions, these two guards have standing orders to ignore what the prisoner says. In addition, concealed cameras are watching the cell with additional guards with Zat'nik'tel’s ready to assist the two guards, just in case the prisoner somehow manages to get past the force field and the cell bars.

During this time it has been decided that Seth should conduct the initial questioning, as Seth already has a Goa'uld inside him and only one Goa'uld symbiote can occupy a host at one time, this has also be confirmed by the Asgard, who are also watching.

As Seth enters the cell area, he waves the two guards to leave the cell area, Jolinar immediately sense the presence of another symbiote.

Once the two guards have closed the door, Seth asks, “Who are you?”

Jolinar is puzzled this is not the question of a System Lord, Jolinar decides to say nothing in response, Seth sees this refusal to answer his question and says, “I am called Seth.”

Jolinar recognises that name, a name he has not heard in several thousand years, Jolinar had thought that Seth was dead.

Jolinar replies, “You are not Seth, Seth is dead a long time ago.”

Seth smiles and says, “I am Seth, why should I lie about my name?”

Jolinar replies, “You are a System Lord lying it is in your very nature to lie.”

Seth who is still smiling and says, “I am no longer a System Lord, I have allied myself with these humans, your hosts memories would tell you that much.”

Jolinar says nothing for a while then replies, “My hosts memories do confirm what you say, though I still do not trust you.”

Seth says, “I do not want your trust, just your name, no more” then pausing and continues, “well for the time being anyway.” With an evil grin, appearing on Seth’s as this reminds Seth of the ‘good old days’.

Jolinar looks up at the ceiling of his cell for several minutes, Seth almost turns to leave then Jolinar says, “I am Jolinar of Malkshur I am Tok'ra.”

Seth laughs and says, “That is less believable the Tok'ra are a myth.”

Jolinar replies, “No the Tok'ra are real my presence here proves that.”

Seth says, “We shall see, I shall have food sent for you, we shall talk again soon.”

Seth leaves the cell area and the two guards return, several minutes later Jolinar receives the food that Seth promised, this food is delivered at ‘arms length’ with several guards making sure that the symbiote does not try to jump into another body.

Once Seth is in the observation room, Dr Phillips asks Seth, “What is the Tok'ra?”

Seth replies, “The Tok'ra were a group of symbiotes who object to the ways of the Goa'uld and more specifically, the System Lords, deriving their name from the Goa'uld words “tok”, meaning “against” and the name of the Supreme System Lord, the now deceased Ra. However the Tok'ra was wiped out by Ra before I was stranded on Earth, to this one’s claims that he is Tok'ra, to be virtually impossible.”

Dr Phillips asks Seth, “Could some of the Tok'ra have survived?”

Seth replies, “It is possible, but unlikely, in any event you cannot verify this one’s statement that he is Tok'ra.”

Dr Phillips thinking for a few moments then says, “Agreed, though we should continue to question this one, to try and find out the truth or even to confirm the possibility of the existence of the Tok'ra.”

Seth replies, “Yes we could find out the truth, though it would take a long time, many months if not years.”

Dr Phillips says, “Well the prisoner is not going anywhere, Seth I am putting you in charge of the questioning, though ‘others’ will want to have ‘there go’”

Seth replies, “Agreed, I will question this ‘Jolinar’ when I have the time, it will give this for this one time to reflect.”

With that, the discussion is over, the questioning of Jolinar will begin Jolinar will be informed that until he tells the truth he will not be released.

The Tok'ra will assume that Jolinar was killed in the attack, thus assuring that the Tok'ra do not investigate any further, Jolinar is now on his own, but he does not know this.

On the 3rd May 1984, the Asgard place a scanner in the Stargate bunker, to scan everyone coming through the Stargate to make sure that none of them have symbiotes. If a symbiote is found then the symbiote and the host will be automatically into a cell, the Asgard scanners will make an exception for Seth, the Asgard will not share this scanning technology with Project Phoenix.

The knowledge of the Asgard presence on Heliopolis will be kept from the prisoner, though it is likely that the prisoner already knows this information from the host.

On the 8th May 1984, the Queen opens the Thames Barrier, designed to protect London from floods this is another sign of the UK’s growing wealth, with several other project of ‘national pride’ being constructed.

The Soviet Union announces that it will boycott the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California.

Denis Lortie kills three government employees in the National Assembly of Quebec building.

On the 14th May 1984, the one-pound coin is introduced in Australia, with Sterling currency now well established in Australia.

On the 23rd May 1984, Methane gas explosion at Abbeystead water treatment works in Lancashire, England kills 16 people.

On the 30th May 1984, Arthur Scargill is arrested and charged with obstruction at Orgreave, watching these events are SI-5 officers to make sure that Scargill is arrested.

June 1984

On the 1st June 1984, the first test fight of a HOTOL-A ‘space plane’ takes place, the HOTOL-A is launched from the new Woomera ‘HOTOL’ runway without any problems, HOTOL will remain in orbit for three days before returning safely. Additional test launching of the HOTOL-A, along with other HOTOL-A’s that are currently being assembled at Woomera, if this program keeps to its schedule the first ‘proper’ launch will take place at the end of 1985.

By the end of 1984, a further three HOTOL-A flights will have taken place with several HOTOL-A’s being introduced into the test program as they finish being assembled.

The HOTOL program is now gathering pace, if the launch at the end of 1985 is a success, then 1986 will see twelve HOTOL-A launches, assuming that this rate can be maintained then the commercial success of the HOTOL program is assured.

On the 7th June 1984, 120 people are arrested when fighting breaks out outside the Houses of Parliament during a mass lobby by striking miners, with 22 arrests being made by SI-5 officers.

On the 22nd June 1984, Virgin Atlantic Airways makes its inaugural flight using a Boeing 747 this airline will make extensive use of Concorde I (along with other aircraft as well). In the years to come and be the launch customer for the improved and enlarged Concord II (named in the English as the French have withdrawn by the time Concord II is introduced).

On the 29th June 1984, control of London Transport is removed from the Greater London Council and transferred to London Regional Transport (reporting to the Secretary of State for Transport), under the terms, of the London Regional Transport Act. This is part of weakening the power of the GLC and moving the power back to central government.

July 1984

On the 7th July 1984, 10th G7 summit held in London, with security very tight the other G7 members are impressed at the level of security around the summit.

On the 25th July 1984, Cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya becomes the first woman to perform a space walk.

On the 26th July 1984, in the UK the Trade Union Act prohibits unions from striking without a ballot.

On the 31st July 1984, at Woomera work commences on assembly of the first enlarged Black Prince class heavy lift rocket [Authors note: think Ariane 5 type rocket], once assembled this heavy lift rocket will take a dummy payload into orbit. This heavy lift version of the Black Prince class rocket will be used to take the component parts of the Space Station that is currently under development.

Later this Black Prince class heavy lift rocket will be used to take the parts of the Mars mission craft into orbit for assemble.

August 1984

On the 1st August 1984, Australian banks are deregulated, with the growing strength of the Sterling Zone this is thought to be a good thing for the Australian banks.

On the 11th August 1984, President Ronald Reagan, during a voice check for a radio broadcast remarks, “My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes”.

The Soviet Far East Army was placed on alert after word of the statement got out, and that the alert was not withdrawn until 30 minutes later.

In the UK, nothing happens when President Ronald Reagan makes these remarks.

On the 28th August 1984, Josef Fritzl drugs and incarcerates his daughter Elisabeth in a secret cellar, in Amstetten, Austria; she would, only be released only after 24 years of sexual abuse and mental ordeal.

On the 30th August 1984, STS-41-D the Space Shuttle Discovery takes off on its maiden voyage. With the Woomera Rocket Program is not far behind the US Space Shuttle with its own HOTOL program.

September 1984

On the 1st September 1984, the next Section of the Off World Exploration Regiment recommences operations against worlds under the control of Apophis, Apophis is now having real problems dealing with these attacks. As Apophis does not have enough Jaffa to increase his own forces, only to replace the current losses, this means that Apophis’s forces are not growing or at best growing very slowly.

On the 10th September 1984, Geneticist Alec Jeffrey’s discovers DNA fingerprinting, this is another key discovery that will help Project Phoenix with the ATA gene theory that they are trying to develop. Alec Jeffreys funding from the government would increase, he would also, be given a knighthood for his discovery.

On the 26th September 1984, the United Kingdom and the People's Republic of China sign the initial agreement to return Hong Kong to China in 1997. After 1997, the secret clause in this deal will open doors that China has been trying to access, one door will come about with the reunification of Hong Kong with China, in return China will support the UK in certain areas.

This is ongoing closeness of ties between China and the UK, along with a growing number of Commonwealth countries.

On the 28th September 1984, the High Court rules that the miner's strike is unlawful the High Court’s ruling means that the strike is now illegal, opening the miner’s to the full use of surveillance by MI-5, Special Branch, SI-5 and other agencies.

October 1984

On the 1st October 1984, David Jenkins, Bishop of Durham, launches an attack on Mrs Thatcher's social policies. Factory and mine closures have particularly hard hit the Durham area since her election as prime minister five years ago. David Jenkins is placed under SI-5 surveillance this will only last a few months, though this surveillance is done without any political or even legal oversight.

On the 5th October 1984, STS-41-G Marc Garneau becomes the first Canadian to take part in a joint space program between Canada and the US, onboard the Space Shuttle Challenger. The US hope is to try to tempt Canada away from the Woomera Rocket Program to join with NASA, this is a hopeless endeavour for the US, as the US does not realise what Canada is really a part of a very different program.

On the 10th October 1984, the High Court fines the NUM £200,000 and Arthur Scargill £1,000 for contempt of court.

On the 11th October 1984, onboard the Space Shuttle Challenger, astronaut Kathryn D. Sullivan becomes the first American woman to perform a space walk.

On the 12th October 1984, the Provisional Irish Republican Army attempts to assassinate the British Cabinet in the Brighton hotel bombing. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher escapes injury, but Norman Tebbit is trapped among the rubble and his wife Margaret is paralysed. Five people, including one MP Anthony Berry, are killed.

On the 13th October 1984, Margaret Thatcher began the next session of the conference at 9:30 am the following morning as scheduled. She omitted most of her planned attacks on the Labour Party from her speech and claimed the bombing was “an attempt to cripple Her Majesty's democratically elected Government”:

“That is the scale of the outrage in which we have all shared, and the fact that we are gathered here now shocked, but composed and determined is a sign not only that this attack has failed, but that all attempts to destroy democracy by terrorism will fail.”

One of her biographers would write that Thatcher's “coolness, in the immediate aftermath of the attack and in the hours after it, won universal admiration. Her defiance was another Churchillian moment in her premiership which seemed to encapsulate both her own steely character and the British public's stoical refusal to submit to terrorism”.

Immediately afterwards her popularity soared to near-Falklands levels.

The bomber Patrick Magee would be, arrested on the 24th June 1985 in the Queen's Park area of Glasgow with other members of an active service unit, including Martina Anderson, while planning other bombings. Magee and the other members of his ‘unit’ would receive ‘special’ questioning by Seth.

Numerous arrests would follow Magee and the other members of this active service unit, Magee and the other will have no memory that they ‘betrayed’ the IRA this irony is not lost on Thatcher.

On the 18th October 1984, support for the Conservative government is reported to be improving after several months of dismal poll showings, with the latest MORI poll putting them nine points ahead of Labour on 44%.

On the 19th October 1984, Polish secret police kidnap Jerzy Popiełuszko, a Catholic priest who supports the Solidarity movement. His dead body is found in a reservoir 11 days later on the 30th October 1984.

On the 31st October 1984, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is assassinated by her 2 Sikh security guards. Anti-Sikh riots break out. Rajiv Gandhi becomes prime minister of India. The commonwealth is appalled by this murder and offers any support in the investigation that India may need the Indian government does not take up this offer of help.

November 1984

On the 5th November 1984, 800 miners end their strike and return to work, Thatcher has succeeded in breaking the miners, by using (almost) all the UK’s available resources to break the miner’s the miner’s did not have much of chance against the UK intelligence and police resources.

On the 6th November 1984, Ronald Reagan defeats Walter F. Mondale with 59% of the popular vote, the highest since Richard Nixon's 61% victory in 1972. Reagan carries 49 states in the Electoral College; Mondale wins only his home state of Minnesota by a mere 3,761-vote margin and the District of Columbia. In addition, this will see the election of Robert Kinsey to the US senate.

On the 12th November 1984, the English one-pound note is withdrawn after 150 years in circulation.

On the 19th November 1984, the number of working miners increases to around 62,000 when nearly 3,000 striking miners return to work. The miner’s continue to be monitored but now at arm’s length, as they have been broken and pose no real threat to the UK anymore.

On the 20th November 1984, British Telecom shares go on sale in the biggest share issue ever. Two million people (5% of the adult population) buy shares, almost doubling the number of shareowners in Britain.

On the 28th November 1984, the British Telecom share offer closes.

On the 30th November 1984, the British and French governments announce their intention to seek private promoters for the construction of the Channel Tunnel in order to build and operate it without public funding. The tunnel, for which proposals were first made as long ago as 1802, is expected to be open by the early 1990s.

December 1984

On the 1st December 1984, the first HOTOL makes its first successful test fight, for this flight the HOTOL ‘space plane’ would carry no cargo.

On the 2nd December 1984, the provisional government of Grenada, proposes a referendum on whether Grenada should become part of the UK, the proposal is to have this referendum in mid 1985. This proposal by the provisional government of Grenada takes the US government by surprise, the US government offers their (grudging) support for such a referendum and put their support behind Grenada remaining independent, this will do the independent campaign no end of harm.

On the 3rd December 1984, Lewis Collins is invited to the MoD for a briefing this briefing will be to invite him into Project Phoenix. After getting over the shock, Lewis Collins accepts the offer to be a ‘recruiter’ for Project Phoenix, Lewis Collins will be promoted from his current TA rank of Lieutenant to Captain with immediate effect. On top of his ‘normal’ army salary, Captain Collins will receive £50,000 per year in expenses along with all of his travel bills paid for by the Project Phoenix ‘Black Ops’ fund. This will make Captain Collins a very wealthy man, as a ‘recruiter’ for Project Phoenix Captain Collins has access to almost unlimited funds, though all expenses are watched over to check for any irregularities.

The leadership of Project Phoenix is not stupid with the money under their control.

On the 19th December 1984, the People's Republic of China and United Kingdom sign the Sino-British Joint Declaration, which will see Hong Kong returning to Chinese control in 13 years.

By the 31st December 1984, UK unemployment is now down to 2,824,715 and continuing to fall thanks to various government funded projects.

At the end of 1984, HMS Valiant, HMS Churchill, HMS Conqueror and HMS Victorious finish their trials and are assigned to the third cruiser squadron.

All damaged warships have now repaired since their battle at Abydos, in addition all Black Prince class warships have been, upgraded to Black Prince II level.

Project Phoenix, Warship Order of Battle

HMS Defiance not assigned to any squadron, operates independently

First Cruiser Squadron

HMS Black Prince (Squadron & Fleet flagship)
HMS Resistance
HMS New Zealand
HMS Tiger
HMS Royal Oak
HMS Hood
HMS Canada
HMS Australia

Second Cruiser Squadron

HMS Mountbatten (Squadron flagship)
HMS Lion
HMS Magnificent
HMS Bonaventure
HMS Vampire
HMS Vendetta
HMS Illustrious
HMS Indomitable

Third Cruiser Squadron

HMS Implacable (Squadron flagship)
HMS Indefatigable
HMS Valiant
HMS Churchill
HMS Conqueror
HMS Victorious

To be continued.
42. 1985

If you lead a country like Britain, a strong country, a country which has taken a lead in world affairs in good times and in bad, a country that is always reliable, then you have to have a touch of iron about you.” – Margaret Thatcher

January 1985

On the 1st January 1985, Ernie Wise makes the first British mobile phone call to Vodafone this is the beginning of the mobile phone revolution in the UK, the mobile phone (and associated networks) will spread rapidly across the whole of the UK in the years to come.

On the 2nd January 1985, the questioning of Jolinar has found out very little, Jolinar still keeps on insisting that he is Tok'ra and not a Goa'uld System Lord, the Asgard are as suspicious as Seth is, as the Asgard know how deceptive a Goa'uld can be. Even the Nox who have been watching (invisibly) do not believe the story that Jolinar due to what the Asgard have told them about the Goa'uld.

On the 5th January 1985, the third cruiser squadron is deployed to the Solar System, as part of Mountbatten’s Earth defence plan the six warships of the third cruiser squadron will remain in orbit around Jupiter. With the warships always with Jupiter between them and Earth, so that they are not observed, this deployment will last six months, this is just a test of Mountbatten’s defence plan.

With both the first and second cruiser squadrons remaining behind to jointly defend both Heliopolis and Abydos on three month rotations, Admiral Goodworthy feels that it is better to keep the limited space forces he has on the defensive for the time being and let the ground forces conduct hit and run raids against those worlds controlled by Apophis.

On the 10th January 1985, the launch of Sinclair C5 battery-assisted recumbent tricycle, designed by the British inventor Clive Sinclair, this will be a financial disaster for Clive Sinclair.

On the 17th January 1985, British Telecom announces it is going to phase out its famous red telephone boxes, much to the annoyance of the British public, leading to a large number of the red telephone boxes being, given listed status, meaning that they cannot be moved or replaced.

On the 20th January 1985, President Ronald Reagan is privately, sworn in for a second term in office (publicly sworn in on the 21st January).

On the 23rd January 1985, a debate in the House of Lords is, televised for the first time.

On the 29th January 1985, Margaret Thatcher becomes the first post-war Prime Minister to be, refused an honorary degree by Oxford University.

February 1985

On the 1st February 1985, the officers and crew of HMS Defiance are informed that they will be transferring over (along with addition crew to ‘make up the numbers’) to HMS Courageous once she is complete, HMS Courageous will become the ‘new’ HMS Defiance. In that, HMS Courageous will not, be attached to any of the existing cruiser squadrons and will operate solo.

Once this has happened (1987), HMS Defiance will have all of her Asgard systems removed (Shields and Hyperdrive), these will be, replaced with Shields and Hyperdrive designed by Project Phoenix researchers and engineers, so that Project Phoenix does not become reliant on the Asgard.

The Asgard on hearing this are pleased, as this is what the Asgard had hoped that these humans would do, in the distant future these humans may become the Fifth Race, the Asgard are keeping this last bit to themselves.

In April this year HMS Defiance will undertake it’s most important mission to date.

On the 10th February 1985, Nelson Mandela rejects an offer of freedom from the South African government. President P.W. Botha offered Mandela his freedom on condition that he ‘unconditionally rejected violence as a political weapon’. In the background, the commonwealth as been trying to convince the South African government to abandon apatite, but so far no success the commonwealth will not give up on this one.

On the 16th February 1985, Clive Ponting resigns from the Ministry of Defence after his acquittal of breaching section 2 of the Official Secrets Act 1911 concerning the leaking of documents relating to the sinking of the ARA General Belgrano during the Falklands War.

On the 20th February 1985, Minolta releases world's first autofocus single-lens reflex camera, a considerable number of these cameras are purchased (several hundred) for Project Phoenix use on off world missions.

Also on the 20th February 1985, at a dinner at the British Embassy in the US, during the toasts of the President and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Thatcher states, “You ain't seen nothin' yet” The guests respond with laughter, though if they had known that Thatcher’s delivery was straight and truthful, they would not have laughed so much!

On the 28th February 1985, the Provisional Irish Republican Army carries out a mortar attack on the Royal Ulster Constabulary police station at Newry, killing 9 officers in the highest loss of life for the RUC on a single day. Such attacks only make the British government more determined to not give in to the IRA and continue to arresting IRA members. Dr Phillips has suggested that IRA members that have been, identified could ‘disappear’ rather than be caught and tried could be sent to a world without a Stargate and this world could be used as a prison, this suggestion has so far not been taken up, but it also has not been rejected.

By the end of February 1985, the joint Asgard/Nox cloning experiments have been going well, with the Ancient outpost on Heliopolis being used to try to help with the Asgard’s cloning problem, with some limited success so far. This is done without informing Project Phoenix about the true nature of the research that the Asgard are doing, though the Project Phoenix leadership suspects this is happening they do not say anything, as this is a price worth paying for all they help the Asgard have given them so far.

This will not be the last time the Asgard (and the Nox) uses the Ancient outpost’s computer in solving the two major problems the Asgard face, sometimes the Asgard will inform Project Phoenix sometimes the Asgard will not inform Project Phoenix when they are doing in relation to the Ancient outpost’s computer.

March 1985

On the 1st March 1985, Dr Phillips proposes that Stephen Hawking be given the ‘special treatment’ the reaction of the members of the four countries of Project Phoenix is a resounding no.

Dr Phillips then says the following, “I propose that the treatment, which we explain to the public, is base on bio warfare experiments and cannot be released into general public knowledge, due to ‘dual use’ and the treatment could be reversed back into its lethal original form. This will also allow us to restrict access to this information due to that this ‘treatment’ could be used to create bio warfare weapons this would allow us to select certain individuals for this ‘special treatment’ without raising to much suspicion.”

The members of the four countries of Project Phoenix seem slightly more convicted, so Dr Phillips continues, “Further we can state that this course of treatment is very difficult to mass produce due to it being developed from bio warfare material, thus cannot be released to pharmaceutical companies for mass production. In this way we can pick and choose who we treat in Seth’s Sarcophagus without raising too many questions and those questions that are asked we do not have to give too much detail if any away.”

The Australian member asks, “You already have someone you have selected to be the test subject for this ‘special treatment’?”

Dr Phillips replies, “Yes I have it is Stephen Hawking, as he will be of great use to this project and it would be a shame to lose him to this curable illness that he has.”

The Australian member says, “Has he been cleared?”

Dr Phillips replies, “Yes he has.”

The Australian member says, “Well as long as the cover story holds up I can see no objection of trying this out.”

The other three members agree Dr Phillips may proceed with the Stephen Hawking ‘test’ to see what the public reaction is when the cover story to revealed.

On the 3rd March 1985, the miners' strike ends after one year, this breaks the NUM as a major union organization Thatcher and the British government has won here battle against the NUM. This has come with the considerable help of various elements of the UK’s security services spying on the leadership of NUM during the strike.

On the 4th March 1985, the Food and Drug Administration approves a blood test for AIDS, used since then to screen all blood donations in the United States, other countries will begin similar screening process this will include the UK.

On the 13th March 1985, rioting breaks out at the FA Cup quarter-final between Luton Town and Millwall at Kenilworth Road, Luton; hundreds of hooligans tear seats from the stands and throw them onto the pitch before a pitch invasion takes place, resulting in 81 people (31 of them police officers) being injured. The carnage continues in the streets near the stadium, resulting in major damage to vehicles and property. Due to the seriousness of this incident, over 100 SI-5 officers were going to be deployed to assist the police, fortunately for the hooligans this does not happen.

On the 16th March 1985, Associated Press newsman Terry Anderson is taken hostage in Beirut (he is eventually released on the 4th December 1991). The temptation by the UK government to use certain ‘special measures’ to rescue Terry Anderson are tempting, but will not happen due to Terry Anderson being a newsman.

On the 17th March 1985, Expo '85, a World's Fair, is held in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan, until the 16th September 1985, with many UK, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian exhibits showing of there latest technologies.

On the 29th March 1985, production of the Sinclair C5 electric tricycle is suspended after less than three months the C5 will soon disappear from the UK’s roads.

At the end of March 1985, the Asgard is finally able to ask the Ancient outpost on Heliopolis computer the right question to help defeat the enemy of the Asgard, the Replicators. The Ancient outpost’s computer has come up with an anti-replicator weapon for the Asgard to use the Replicator disruptor is capable of severing the communication between the blocks of Replicators.

All the Asgard need to do is bring all the Replicators into one place to that they can eliminate all of them in one go, this solution will again provided by Project Phoenix.

Once the Replicators have been, eliminated, the Asgard will again be able to focus their considerable attention on the Milky Way Galaxy and help their human allies against the Goa'uld threat.

By the time the Replicators have been, eliminated, a very old Goa'uld threat will have returned to the Galaxy, this threat will be a danger to both Project Phoenix and some of the other Goa'uld including the oldest of the current System Lords, Lord Yu.

April 1985

On the 1st April 1985, HMS Defiance is readied for an important mission, a trip to the Asgard home world, this invitation has been extended by the Asgard High Council. Apart from the normal crews of HMS Defiance, Alan Turing will be going though Seth will be staying behind.

HMS Defiance fitted with an Asgard hyperdrive and an AEM in combination will be able to make to trip from Heliopolis to the Asgard home world of Othala located in the galaxy of Ida in just a few hours. Without these two technologies, it would be impossible for HMS Defiance to make such a journey within the lifespan of the average human fitted with a copy of a Goa'uld hyperdrive.

Along with Alan Turing, a small team of diplomats will be going to try to expand relations with the Asgard.

On the 2nd April 1985, HMS Defiance jumps into hyperspace towards the Asgard home world of Othala, a few hours’ later HMS Defiance drops out of hyperspace near Othala. The crew of HMS Defiance are amazed there are hundreds of Asgard ships in the system (part of the growing defence fleet), as HMS Defiance is directed towards a holding orbit above the capital.

Once in orbit the crew of HMS Defiance observe dozens of dry-docks constructing numerous Mountbatten class warships (the AEM’s [ZPM’s] are being replicated on the planet’s surface) to power (along with the Neutrino-ion generators) their new Mountbatten class warships in the ongoing war against the Replicators.

Between the 3rd April and 5th April 1985, a limited cultural exchange is made between the Asgard and the representatives of Project Phoenix, both sides consider this cultural exchange a great success. This will open the way (decades from now) for a permanent ambassador from Project Phoenix to be based on the Asgard Home World.

On the 6th April 1985, HMS Defiance departs the Asgard home world for home, this journey home will only take a few hours, when HMS Defiance arrives home the debriefings will last several months.

On the 19th April 1985, the USSR performs a nuclear test at Eastern Kazakhstan, the test site is scanned from afar be a ‘special’ recon aircraft fitted with scanners based on Goa'uld scanners. The recon aircraft remain within international airspace at very high attitude, a normal recon aircraft would be of little use but a recon aircraft fitted with these sensors is not normal. The Canberra recon aircraft are having their original Goa'uld sensors replaced with Project Phoenix designed ones, which are based on Goa'uld sensors. This information is not initially shared outside of the four Project Phoenix countries it will be several years before this information is passed onto the UK NATO allies (without informing them of the source of this information).

On the 23rd April 1985, Coca-Cola changes its formula and releases New Coke. (The response is overwhelmingly negative, and the original formula is back on the market in less than 3 months.)

On the 28th April 1985, the Australian Nuclear Disarmament Party (NDP) splits.

May 1985

On the 1st May 1985, Stephen Hawking arrives at RAF Barra for his trip to Heliopolis for his ‘special treatment’ he has already signed the Official Secrets Act and agreed to keep the knowledge of Project Phoenix secret. Officially, Stephen Hawking is at an undisclosed location receiving experimental special treatment for his worsening medical condition.

From RAF Barra Stephen Hawking will be ‘ringed’ to Borthwick Castle and then through the Stargate to Heliopolis on the 2nd May.

On the 2nd May 1985, Stephen Hawking enters the Stargate room at Borthwick Castle, the Stargate address for Heliopolis is dialled Stephen Hawking is transfixed by the whole process. Stephen’s mind is trying to comprehend the artifival wormhole that has just been created, he is one of the men that can understand what has just taken place in from of his eyes.

When the Stargate is activated, it takes a few moments before he is ready to travel through the Stargate to Heliopolis.

On the 3rd May 1985, Stephen Hawking begins his ‘special treatment’, it only takes a few hours Sarcophagus to heal him, once out of the Sarcophagus it is confirmed that there is no sign of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, known colloquially in the United States as Lou Gehrig's disease), a type of motor neurone disease in his body. He will remain at Heliopolis for several months, during this time the news of ‘treatment cover story’ will be released to the press (4th May 1985).

On the 4th May 1985, Stephen Hawking’s ‘treatment cover story’ is released to the press, the UK press are interested but do not push the matter (due to national security) this international press vary from country to country. Most of the international press try to find out more but are blocked at every turn mostly the scientists that they interview do not know anything of this treatment this story will gradually die down. Though the story will briefly re-emerge when in a few months Stephen Hawking returns to the public gaze, after that it will die down again.

The cover story holds, further scientists can also receive ‘special treatment’ the price that they must pay is they cannot reveal the secret of their treatment they also will work for Project Phoenix (covertly) for the rest of their lives.

Many governments (mostly the US and the USSR) start their own (fruitless) research into ways of using their bio and chemical weapons programs into producing this drug or combination of drugs.

On the 23rd May 1985, in the US, Thomas Patrick Cavanaugh is sentenced to life in prison for attempting to sell stealth bomber secrets to the Soviet Union. This does not reveal that the US stealth bomber secrets actually came from the 1947 Roswell incident.

June 1985

On the 1st June 1985, both the Australian and Canadian governments announce plans to introduce high-speed rail networks linking various cities across their respective countries together, construction of these high-speed rails will begin in 1986 and will take in some cases/routes several decades to complete.

On the 13th June 1985, the James Bond film A View To A Kill is released, marking the last appearance by Roger Moore as the spy after six films since 1973.

On the 15th June 1985, the population of Grenada hold their referendum on becoming part of the UK, with 89.7 percent voting in favour of joining the UK. Grenada will formally join the UK on the 1st January 1986 the current ‘temporary’ deployment of British troops will become permanent. Grenada’s own armed forces will be absorbed in to the UK TA, as a growing reserve force for the UK to call upon in times of conflict.

Grenada will ‘set off’ a trend over the next few years of the remainder of most the ‘British Empire’ becoming part of the UK or becoming part of the Sterling Zone countries.

On the 24th June 1985, Patrick Magee and the other members of his active service unit, including Martina Anderson are arrested in the Queen's Park area of Glasgow.

On the 25th June 1985, Irish police foil a Provisional Irish Republican Army-sponsored ‘mainland bombing campaign’, which targeted luxury vacationing resorts. This information has come from British ‘intelligence sources’ this is the British government’s way of helping the Irish after they helped the British government by allowing the unofficial questioning of an IRA member.

On the 30th June 1985, the third cruiser squadron returns from the Solar System after it six month deployment, this deployment is considered a success, further deployments are planned for the other two cruiser squadrons.

July 1985

On the 1st July 1985, Heliopolis, the two prototype Gatling Energy Cannon (GEC) are taken out of storage these will be used in the first series of automated defence satellites, each defence satellites will be fitted with a single GEC, along with shields and a second generation Naquadah reactor to power all systems on the defence satellite.

The Gatling Energy Cannon Mark 2 is an improved version of the Mark 1 design, with six EC-2s strapped together looking like an over sized Gatling gun, though the barrels to not rotate. Instead, the first cannon fires followed by the second then the third and so on to the sixth cannon and then back to the first this gives the highest rate of fire, several thousand energy bolts per minute.

It is, hoped that this high rate of fire with offset the limited hitting power of the EC-2s against capital ships, in a secondary mode all six EC-2s can be fired simultaneously, this reduces the rate of fire as it take time for all six EC-2s to recharge for the next salvo.

The advantage of these defence satellites is that will be able to be, mass-produced on automated production lines that are already being set up on Heliopolis.

Automated Defence Satellite

Length: 11 meters
Width: 8 meters
Engines: Manoeuvring thrusters, only
Power Core: single second generation Naquadah reactor
Fuel: Naquadah
Shielding: Project Phoenix shields (based on Goa'uld shields)
Weapons: Gatling Energy Cannon, fixed firing forward

These Automated Defence Satellite will be quick and are easy to manufacture, as most of the assemble process can be automated deployment will be via Fox-class cargo shuttles. To build enough for complete coverage of Heliopolis will take several years, though there is no hurry it is also proposed to deploy them to Abydos once Heliopolis has enough for its defence.

On the 3rd July 1985, Back to the Future opens in American theatres and ends up being the highest grossing film of 1985 in the United States and the first film in the successful franchise. On Heliopolis, Seth after watching this film takes an interest in time travel, though he will not get far with his research as this is will beyond his technical knowledge.

On the 4th July 1985, Ruth Lawrence, 13, achieves a first in mathematics at Oxford University, becoming the youngest British person ever to earn a first-class degree and the youngest known graduate of Oxford University. Ruth Lawrence will not be considered for Project Phoenix for a number of security reasons.

On the 10th July 1985, the Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior is bombed and sunk in Auckland harbour, by French DGSE agents this will cause short term difficulties between not only France and New Zealand, but also the UK, Canada and Australia.

On the 19th July 1985, Vice President George H.W. Bush announces that New Hampshire teacher Christa McAuliffe will become the first schoolteacher to ride aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger.

On the 20th July 1985, State President of South Africa, P. W. Botha, declares a state of emergency in 36 magisterial districts of South Africa amid growing civil unrest in black townships. The commonwealth is still quietly trying to push of an end to apatite in South Africa.

On the 23rd July 1985, Commodore launches the Amiga personal computer at the Lincoln Centre in New York, more competition of Acorn Computers.

On the 29th July 1985, despite unemployment having fallen in the UK since October last year, it has increased in 73 Conservative constituencies, according to government figures. This is very annoying for the Conservative MP’s in those 73 constituencies, though across the UK as a whole unemployment is falling, this trend will continue, as certain projects expand such as the HOTOL program.

August 1985

On the 6th August 1985, in Hiroshima, tens of thousands mark the 40th anniversary of the atomic bombing of the city.

On the 13th August 1985, the first UK heart-lung transplant carried out at the Harefield Hospital in Middlesex. The patient is three-year-old Jamie Gavin. More medical advances will start to come through thanks to the unknown contribution provided by Project Phoenix, even though the release of such information is very slow.

The Sinclair C5 ceases production after just seven months and less than 17,000 units.

On the 25th August 1985, Samantha Smith, “Goodwill Ambassador” between the Soviet Union and the United States for writing a letter to Yuri Andropov about nuclear war, and eventually visiting the Soviet Union at Andropov's request, dies in the Bar Harbour Airlines Flight 1808 plane crash. She was 13.

O the 31st August 1985, Knorr, Robert Ballard, Jean-Louis Michel, and crew, find the wreck of R.M.S. Titanic.

September 1985

On the 17th September 1985, Mrs Thatcher's hopes of winning a third term in office at the next election are thrown into doubt by the results of an opinion poll, which shows the Conservatives in third place on 30%, Labour in second place on 33% and the SDP–Liberal Alliance in the lead on 35%.

On the 28th September 1985, the UK’s MoD order for the replacement Royal Navy Frigate force is placed the Type-23 is increased from its initial order of sixteen to twenty-five, with options on another twenty-five for the Royal Navy. The Type-23 Frigate is a considerable advance on previous Royal Navy Frigates, with the updated VLS Sea Wolf missile system, this improved Sea Wolf missile system is a fire and forget system doing away with the need for the Type 911 tracking radars.

The missile armament of the Type-23 is as follows, 32 Sea Wolf GWS27 VLS, 2 x quadruple Sea Eagle launchers for 8 anti-ship missiles, giving each Frigate a considerable punch [Authors Note: all other weapons remain the same as OTL]. The navies of Australia, New Zealand and Canada will also build the Type-23 for their navies, the Type-23 will also see a number of exports, including Chile (6 ships)

The Type-23 Frigate building program will be the largest peacetime warship construction program, the UK has so far known.

October 1985

On the 1st October 1985, Neil Kinnock at the Labour Party Conference in Bournemouth makes a speech attacking the Militant tendency (Revolutionary Socialist League) in Liverpool.

On the 6th October 1985, PC Keith Blakelock is fatally stabbed during the Broadwater Farm Riot in Tottenham, London. Two of his colleagues are treated in hospital for gunshot wounds, as are three journalists.

On the 7th October 1985, the cruise ship Achille Lauro is hijacked in the Mediterranean Sea by 4 heavily armed Palestinian terrorists. One passenger, American Leon Klinghoffer, is killed. UK military forces in the Mediterranean are put on a state of alert but not used.

After this event, Thatcher agrees that any terrorist that is captured covertly is to be sent to Heliopolis for questioning and to be imprisoned there for the rest of their natural lives. Thatcher has ‘crossed the line’ though no one disagrees with the idea that these terrorists should be taken to a place where they cannot escape from, though by next year, with the discovery of the Taldor and their prison will open new options up.

This idea is also backed by the Australian, New Zealand and Canadian governments as well, after all the best place to put these ‘people’ so that they cannot do any harm is on another planet. These terrorists do not respects the rights of those they kill, why should they have rights, this is the justification that they use to convince themselves that they are doing the right thing.

This will mean when a current or future Prime Minister(s) stands up in parliament and says, “I have no knowledge of any British secret prison anywhere on this planet” the Prime Minister will technically be telling the truth...

On the 15th October 1985, the SDP-Liberal Alliance's brief lead in the opinion polls is over, with the Conservatives now back in the lead by a single point over Labour in the latest MORI poll.

On the 18th October 1985, he Nintendo Entertainment System, including the Super Mario Bros. pack-in game is released again this is more competition for Acorn computers, if it were not for the government contracts Acorn computers would not survive.

On the 24th October 1985, Members of parliament react to the recent wave of rioting by saying that unemployment is an unacceptable excuse for the riots.

November 1985

On the 1st November 1985, the first designs of the new Heavy Cruiser Class are displayed, this new cruiser design shows a heavy Asgard influence in the look of the ship. Compared to the previous Heavy Cruiser Class, this design is more aesthetically pleasing having a more ‘rounded’ edges rather than the ‘boxy’ design of previous Heavy Cruiser Class.

When Alan Turing sees this design, he states that this is the warships he saw in his vision, though with what appear to be beam weapons rather than the energy cannons that the current designs are fitted with.

The leadership of Project Phoenix are aware that they are developing beam weapons but they are decades away from any kind of practical beam weapon, this must mean sometime in the next few years they come across beam weapon technology that they copy and improve?

On the 9th November 1985, Prince Charles and Princess Diana arrive in the United States of America for a visit to Ronald Reagan in Washington DC. This is an attempt by the two super powers to put across a public image of being united against the communist threat and of the ‘special relationship’, the truth is very different.

On the 17th November 1985, the CBI calls for the government to invest £1billion in unemployment relief a move, which would cut unemployment by 350,000.

On the 19th November 1985, the latest MORI poll shows that Conservative and Labour support is almost equal at around 36%, with the SDP–Liberal Alliance's hopes of electoral breakthrough are left looking bleak as they have only 25% of the vote.

On the 23rd November 1985, EgyptAir Flight 648 is hijacked by the Abu Nidal group and flown to Malta, where British SAS storm the plane with fifteen hijackers are killed by gunfire and explosions.

On the 20th November 1985, Microsoft Corporation releases the first version of Windows, Windows 1.0, Windows will also be able to be used in the Acorn computers, Bill Gates is no fool in that respect.

On the 22nd November 1985, Mrs Thatcher is urged by her MP's to call a general election for June 1987, despite the deadline not being until June 1988.

On the 27th November 1985, Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock suspends the Liverpool District Labour Party amid allegations that the revolutionary socialist group Militant Tendency was operating behind it.

The Militant Tendency is also under intense surveillance S1 (meaning, surveillance level one round the clock, phone tapping, bugging etc) by SI-5, as SI-5 does not need a warrant/court order just the ok from the head of SI-5. Commander Bodie the head of SI-5 has been worried about such organisations for some time and keeps most of them under some form of surveillance, the Militant Tendency gets the highest ‘attention’ from SI-5 due to its ‘views’.

On the 28th November 1985, Gerard Hoarau, exiled political leader from the Seychelles, assassinated in London. Though ‘officially’ the murders are never caught, in reality they are caught within a few weeks these murders will be some of the first to be sent to the Taldor to be send to the prison world of Hadante, next year after formal diplomatic relations are established.

By the 30th November 1985, Acorn Computers have sold 20 million computers worldwide, most of these are the latest versions of the BBC Micro type, though a growing number are Acorn Computers own in house version of the BBC Micro. Acorn Computers is becoming a global brand, with funding support from the UK government and solid orders to the UK, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand governments for their schools, Acorn Computers can undercut any opposition due to their high volumes of computers produced for these four governments.

December 1985

On the 1st December 1985, the first HOTOL-A ‘space plane’ takes its first satellite into orbit, HOTOL-A will return to Earth on the 2nd December 1985, this will open up a new era of cheaper satellite launchings. Soon HOTOL-A will corner the market in the commercial satellite launchings, due to the low cost (compared to rocket launch) of putting a satellite into orbit.

Work is also progressing on the HOTOL-B ‘space plane’ for manned mission into orbit, the first manned HOTOL-B mission is not, scheduled for several years yet.

On the 2nd December 1985, the first ‘real’ internet goes ‘live’, though there is no publicity, this internet is a military system linking the various military bases and research computers together, rather than transporting the ‘tapes’ from one base to another. This system will then go on to be used publicly at the end of 1986 by various government funded research institutes as a way of exchanging data. The recently upgraded analogue to digital telephone exchanges makes this data exchange much easier and quicker.

This system will be the basis for the internet in the years to come, though no one yet realises this.

At the end of December 1985, unemployment in the UK continues to fall, even with the size of the UK expanding (Gibraltar, Malta and Chagos Islands (British Indian Ocean Territory) and Grenada), as more investment continues to be put into various projects such as the HOTOL and Nuclear Power Stations etc.

During 1986, the UK will expand in size, due to a number of referendums being held next year.

1986 will also bring Project Phoenix their greatest discovery so far, this will also bring the revelation that more than one (other than the Asgard) of the four Great Races still exists in the Milky Way Galaxy.

To be continued.
43. 1986

It pays to know the enemy - not least because at some time you may have the opportunity to turn him into a friend.” – Margaret Thatcher

January 1986

On the 1st January 1986, Grenada formally becomes part of the UK the following are also part of the UK – Gibraltar, Malta and the Chagos Islands (British Indian Ocean Territory).

In addition, these other former countries of the British Empire are part of the Sterling Zone are the Solomon Islands, Saint Lucia, Kiribati (formerly Gilbert Islands), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

On the 3rd January 1986, the next four Black Prince II warships HMS Drake, HMS Canterbury, HMS Endeavour and HMS Otago are launched from orbital dry-dock facility one, they will begin their trials and join the small but growing fleet at the end of 1986.

On the 5th January 1986, construction begins in orbital dry-dock facility one of the next batch of four Black Prince II warships HMS Te Kaha, HMS Te Mana, HMS Wellington, and HMS Achilles.

HMS Te Kaha, HMS Te Mana, HMS Wellington, and HMS Achilles will be completed by early 1988 and be operational by the end of 1988.

On the 6th January 1986, the Falkland Islands (including South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands), Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha and the British Virgin Islands, the Thatcher government fully supports any referendum that territories decide to have, along with whatever the outcome might be (Thatcher suspects what that outcome will be). The Argentinean government and people strong condemn the Falkland Islands referendum as illegal and start to make noises, though militarily there is nothing Argentina can do, as the recent war has decapitated the Argentinean military.

Politically there is also nothing that the Argentinean government, as the Argentinean government is out of it league compared to the UK government, not including the UK’s allies supporting the UK position on the Falkland Islands.

On the 7th January 1986, the commonwealth countries of Australia, New Zealand and Canada also support the planned referendums, the rest of the commonwealth and the UN also support these referendums. Though the UN has very little choice due to the UN’s own mandate, a number of UN members (none commonwealth countries) wonder why (beyond the economic reasons) these countries wish to become part of the UK.

On the 10th January 1986, the Falkland Islands (including South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands), Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha and the British Virgin Islands, in discussions with each other decide to hold their referendums on the same day. the date that is chosen is the 7th July 1986, with the results expected to be released the next day, 8th July 1986.

On the 9th January 1986, Michael Heseltine resigns as Defence Secretary over the Westland affair.

On the 15th January 1986, the translation of the ancient tablet makes a breakthrough, the tablet is written in one of the oldest dialects of Ancient, it described the history of the Ancients (though omitting their extragalactic origins and the Ori), how they began to suffer from a plague, and either dying or Ascending. The ancient tablet will also by the end of the year (1986) describe a lost city (Atlantis) that contained great technologies, and was made hidden.

The finding of the location of this lost city of the ancients becomes Project Phoenixes top priority, all off world team’s focus on this rather than attacking Apophis, Project Phoenixes military operations will immediately begin to decrease against Apophis.

On the 20th January 1986, the United Kingdom and France announce plans to construct the Channel Tunnel, which they hope to open by the early 1990s.

On the 28th January 1986, Space Shuttle Challenger disintegrates 73 seconds after launch, killing the crew of seven astronauts, including schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe. This is a major setback from the US space program, this accident also has an effect on the manned HOTOL-B ‘space plane’ with further safety features being fitted, this does not affect the unmanned HOTOL-A program that continues to launch more and more satellites (both commercial and military).

On the 31st January 1986, in a surprise announcement by the Prime Minister over the Westland affair, stating that Westland Helicopters will be, taken under government control due to its defence links with the UK, to ensure the UK has its own helicopter manufacturing capability. This goes against Thatcher’s instincts to nationalise but it will ensure jobs in the UK for helicopter manufacture, also in the longer term Westland Helicopters could be partially of fully privatised. Surprisingly this move by the Prime Minister to nationalize Westland Helicopters is very popular with the various trade unions as Westland Helicopters!

February 1986.

On the 1st February 1986, first contact is made between Project Phoenix and the Taldor, the Taldor is the xenophobic (and in the eyes of the Project Phoenix arrogant, narrow-minded and self-cantered) judicial body of the planet Rillaan. The Taldor believe in zero tolerance almost religiously. They do not use death penalty as a punishment, but they do punish nearly every criminal, with no appeals process, to life imprisonment on the planet Hadante. The judicial body also believes punctuality is emblematic as civilized behaviour.

After some discussion during February 1986, the Taldor agree to allow the use of their prison for Earth terrorists (due to their belief in justice), once the Taldor have reviewed their cases. Though the Taldor are initially sceptical after seeing and hearing from the first batch (in several months time) and the lack of remorse (some even brag what they have done), the Taldor soon lose their scepticism about these Earth terrorists.

On Earth these terrorists will become known as the ‘disappeared’ no trace of them will ever be found, the British government (to keep up the presence of searching for them) will issue arrest warrants and ask overseas law enforcement agencies to keep an eye out for these terrorists. The British government will also order the police to begin a search of possible individuals that maybe helping these terrorists to escape from the UK, the police are unaware that these terrorists are no longer on Earth!

The number of terrorists transported to the Taldor for imprisonment will not exceed ten per year, most years there will be no more than five sent to the Taldor for imprisonment on the prison planet of Hadante.

On the 12th February 1986, Franco-British Channel Fixed Link Treaty is signed at Canterbury as the Channel Tunnel plans move forward, in the UK as in France it is hoped that this project will create many jobs. Though the Channel Tunnel will cost a lot of money, but it is hopped over the long term to recoup this money from train fairs, after all British Rail is making a profit for the government.

On the 19th February 1986, the Soviet Union launches the Mir space station, the Mir space station will be watched by Woomera officials to see if they can learn anything from the Russians for use with their own planned (but as yet unannounced) space station.

On the 28th February 1986, Vice President Bush (with President Regain’s approval) activates a civilian intelligence agency called the NID (National Intelligence Department) is officially designed to keep an overview of all US intelligence agencies (military and civil). Unofficially the NID will try to find out where the UK is getting all its technological advances from, the NID will answer directly to the Vice President.

The future chairman of the oversight committee will be none other than Senator Robert Kinsey, who will start as a ‘mere’ member of the NID Senate oversight committee, quickly rising through the ranks to become chairman of the oversight committee.

March 1986

On the 1st March 1986, the Stargate is moved (with assistance of the Asgard and their beaming technology) from Borthwick Castle to the new underground facility at RAF Barra. The process to restore Borthwick Castle to its original state before it is returned to its owners now begins also the regular army now takes over security operations at Borthwick Castle from Project Phoenix military.

By the 2ndMarch 1986, the Stargate at RAF Barra is operational again, allowing the resumption of personnel transfer to and from Heliopolis at a much accelerated rate than before. As RAF Barra is considered more secure than Borthwick Castle was, in addition RAF Barra cannot be observed as Borthwick Castle, so no one will know how many personnel are coming or going. The Stargate under RAF Barra will be able to transfer as much as 50,000 personnel to Heliopolis every twelve months, via aircraft that land at RAF Barra for ‘special trails’ in fact these aircraft are transporting personnel to Heliopolis via RAF Barra’s Stargate.

On the 4th March 1986, “Today” a national tabloid newspaper is launched in the United Kingdom, pioneering the use of computer photosetting and full-colour offset printing, at a time when British national newspapers still use Linotype machines and letterpress.

On the 9th March 1986, United States Navy divers find the largely intact but heavily damaged crew compartment of the Space Shuttle Challenger; the bodies of all seven astronauts are still inside.

On the 19th March 1986, Buckingham Palace announces the engagement of Prince Andrew to Sarah Ferguson they will be married later this year. Sarah Ferguson will now be added to Special Braches protection list of Royal family members.

On the 29th March 1986, the world's first test tube twins are born in London, a further step for the UK’s growing genetic capabilities.

By the end of March 1986, work into Genetics in the UK is moving along at a relatively steady pace, or as much as Project Phoenix thinks that, they can release into public knowledge, but as with everything to do with Project Phoenix, this is a very slow process.

April 1986

On the 1st April 1986, in the UK the Hanson Trust concludes its takeover of the Imperial Group for £2.5billion. Hanson paid £2.5 billion for the group then undertook a major reorganisation divestitures netted £2.3 billion, leaving Hanson with the hugely profitable tobacco business for “next to nothing.”

On the 7th April 1986, Clive Sinclair sells rights to ZX Spectrum and other inventions to Amstrad, Amstrad will have slightly better luck than Clive Sinclair did in selling computers, though not on the scale of Acorn Computers sales, as Amstrad will not have the lucrative government contracts that Acorn Computers has.

On the 17th April 1986, a treaty is signed, ending Three Hundred and Thirty Five Years' War between the Netherlands and the Isles of Scilly.

On the 26th April 1986, a mishandled safety test at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Pripyat, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union “killed at least 4,056 people and damaged almost $7 billion of property”. Radioactive fallout from the accident concentrated near Belarus, Ukraine and Russia and at least 350,000 people would be, forcibly resettled away from these areas. After the accident, “traces of radioactive deposits unique to Chernobyl were found in nearly every country in the northern hemisphere”.

The UK government covertly offers assistance to the Soviet Union so that there will be no publicity (allowing the Soviet Union to save face), after several days of delays by the Soviet leadership, this offer is accepted, due to the UK’s outstanding Nuclear safely record. The UK government covertly carefully selects team from the UK Atomic Energy Agency to try to help the Soviet’s, though there is very little in practical terms that they can do. It is more of a gesture than anything else to the Soviet’s they do welcome the advice that the team from the UK Atomic Energy Agency give them.

May 1986

By the 1st May 1986, the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (normally known as DERA) is part of the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), though with its own budget, has a research and development budget that is equal to the MoD’s main Defence budget. Most of DERA’s budget is being use to covertly fund various Project Phoenix projects that (some) will eventually become public. Some members of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee are aware of the nature of some of DERA’s projects, thought not that the technology has been, gained from alien assistance/reverse engineering technologies.

In this way the Commons Defence Select Committee does not question DERA’s officials to closely about certain ‘projects’, though most of the committees questioning is behind closed doors, as with most defence projects being highly classified.

Various defence improvement programs are also underway to improve/evolve existing designs. Such as the Sea Harrier (P.1154), the Eagle GR.2 and 4 (TSR.2), the Arrow fighter (either upgrades or new build), the Shorts Belfast transport aircraft (looking to a 2 generation aircraft [Authors Note: think something similar to the C-130J upgrade program]) and Westland Rotodyne heavy lift helicopter (gyroplane).

On the 2nd May 1986, the 1986 World Exposition opens in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The fair, the theme of is “Transportation and Communication: World in Motion - World in Touch” with Canada focusing on its current building program of high-speed rail network. Along with other countries also showing of their technologies, the stands of the UK, New Zealand and Australia are grouped together showing how closely they work together in certain areas.

It is really for the world to see how much all four countries (Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia) have and are advancing in various ‘public’ research fields, the centrepiece is the Woomera rocket launch facility and the latest Black Prince Launch Rocket and the HOTOL program.

By the 31st May 1986, the questioning of Jolinar of Malkshur is getting nowhere as Jolinar is sticking to his ‘story’, with some people beginning to think that Jolinar may be telling the truth, this includes Seth. Though no one is willing to take the risk that this may be a Goa'uld spy, for Project Phoenix, paranoia is a way of life.

This paranoia is very ‘infectious’ even the Asgard are being paranoia about Jolinar.

June 1986

Rainbow Warrior Incident, Conclusion

During June 1986, the information about the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior is made public, the two French agents who have already been imprisoned after being caught. This embarrasses the French government as this proves that the French government approved of the attack against the Rainbow Warrior, this causes the French government to compensate the New Zealand government (to the tune of 100 million pounds) and the French government issues a public apology.

The French government has been, utterly humiliated by this incident.

The newly formed NID has been following this case with interest at a discrete distance after all, they do not want to be, discovered as the French agents were! The Vice President considers this first NID operation a success, even though they have not really discovered anything about the tech advances of the UK or her close allies such as New Zealand.

By the end of June 1986, the New Zealand government will have drawn a line under this incident and moved on, though not without instructing its security services to keep a close eye on the French from now on.

By the 1st June 1986, the off world raids by elements of the Off World Exploration Regiment has been achieving some limited successes against the various outposts of Apophis. Though the size of Apophis’s territory is vast and these attacks are no more than pin pricks, but they are annoying to Apophis and starting to weaken his position amongst several of the smaller System Lords, though all of the major System Lords still support Apophis as Supreme System Lord.

Apophis is aware that this could be a ‘problem’ so Apophis is continuing to try to build up his forces to counter any attack be his fellow System Lords, the attacks by these humans is a minor (if extremely irritating) nuisance. With the Asgard apparently ‘protecting’ Abydos, in reality if Apophis were to attack Abydos the Asgard would not intervene, though Apophis does not know this.

Apophis has got himself in a ‘catch twenty-two’ situation, Apophis thinks that whatever he does would cause him problems, the decision for Apophis is what decision is the least likely to cause him problems. Apophis had decided to ‘dig in’ and build up his forces, so that in the long term Apophis’s would be strong enough to deal with his fellow System Lords, as the Asgard were purely defensive, they would not attack unless attacked and Apophis would defiantly not be doing that!

On the 9th June 1986, the Rogers Commission releases its report on the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, the ongoing success of the HOTOL program is reflected on in the report, but only in one paragraph near the end of the report.

On the 10th June 1986, in the UK, Patrick Joseph Magee found guilty of the Brighton hotel bombing of 20 months ago and sentenced to life imprisonment, unfortunately Magee cannot be, sent to Hadante due to the publicity around him. In the future (if possible) any IRA suspects will be ‘snatched’ before they are arrested, then they can be, sent to Hadante with no trouble at all.

On the 15th June 1986, contact is made with the Eurondans, first contact goes well, though the war between the Eurondans and the Breeders.

Between the 16th and the 28th June 1986, a deal is struck between Eurondans and Project Phoenix, this deal being that Project Phoenix will supply the Eurondans with heavy water in return the Eurondans will share their technology with Project Phoenix.

Project Phoenix is vaguely aware of the reasons for the war, but the chance to gain new technologies bypasses any ‘difficult’ questions on the true reasons or the war.

The Eurondans are asking for help from the Project Phoenix claiming that they are under attack from an unstoppable and unspeakable enemy. The need a supply of heavy water that is used to fuel their reactors to power their defences, which the Eurondans have no more supplies, as a result, their defences are starting to break down.

By the 25th June 1986, the first supplies of heavy water have been shipped to the Eurondans as a gesture of ‘good faith’, these supplies will at the rate they are being supplied will allow the Eurondans to fully restore there supplies of heavy water by the end of the year. This will allow the Eurondan defence field to begin to expand once again, possibly putting within range of Eurondan's own original water supply this would allow the Eurondan’s to restart their own heavy water production again.

The Eurondan defence field is very similar to shield technology used by other races such as the Goa'uld. The field is powered by Heavy Water and can withstand prolonged bombardment, as long as the field is powered. This technology is also of interest to the Asgard as they find such technology ‘fascinating’, the Eurondan’s will not release this technology immediately. On the Asgard’s own suggestion, contact between the Asgard will come much later, just in case there is a strong ‘negative’ reaction, as in the past some ‘primitive’ races reaction to the Asgard can be violent, Project Phoenix aggress with the Asgard’s request.

By the 28th June 1986, the Eurondan defence field is once again at full strength, the ‘Breeders’ attacks are now not causing any damage, the Eurondan defence field also begins a process of expansion towards the water source that they were cut off from, though this expansion will take many years before reaching its objective.

July 1986

On the 7th July 1986, the Falkland Islands (including South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands), Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha and the British Virgin Islands hold their referendums on whether or not to become part of the UK, the results will be, known by the 8th July 1986.

On the 8th July 1986, the results of the referendums come in, the Falkland Islands, Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha and the British Virgin Islands all have voted in favour of becoming part of the UK. The Falkland Islands has a 99% in favour of becoming part of the UK, this is overwhelming majority, the other 1% did not vote, for one reason or another.

The Falkland Islands (including South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands), Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha and the British Virgin Islands will officially become part of the UK on the 1st January 1987.

The Argentinean government makes the usual vocal protests, though there is nothing the government of Argentina can do, they have very little support diplomatically and none for military action.

On the 17th July 1986, unemployment continues fall across the UK.

On the 21st July 1986, a report finds that 20% of British children are now born out of wedlock.

On the 23rd July 1986, in London, Prince Andrew, Duke of York marries Sarah Ferguson at Westminster Abbey Sarah Ferguson will now receive her own protection detail when out on her own.

Between the 24th July and the 2nd August 1986, the Commonwealth Games held in Edinburgh. The Commonwealth Games are a good ‘excuse’ for extra personnel to come to the UK before transferring to RAF Barra for their trip via the Stargate to Heliopolis.

On the 30th July 1986, A MORI poll shows that Labour are now nine points ahead of the Conservatives with 41% of the vote, with Liberal/SDP Alliance support now at 25%.

August 1986

On the 15th August 1986, the latest MORI poll shows that the Conservatives have eliminated Labour's nine-point lead and drawn level with them by gaining 37% in the latest opinion poll, in the space of just over two weeks.

On the 16th August 1986, it is approved by the leadership of Project Phoenix that the former US Special Forces team (now on the run) call the A-Team will be recruited into Project Phoenix. This is a relatively ‘big’ change of policy, as recruitment has only come from the four Project Phoenix countries, the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. With the surveillance resources available to Project Phoenix, it will not take long to locate the A-Team in LA (and does not).

The nearest recruiter Lewis Collins is ordered to make contact, due to the nature for the A-Team’s “work”, Lewis Collins takes a black ops team to ‘deal’ with any ‘problems’ that he might encounter.

Before the day is out preparations are well underway.

Contact will be, made in early September 1986...

On the 19th August 1986, two weeks after it was stolen, the Picasso painting Weeping Woman it is found in a locker at the Spencer Street Station in Melbourne, Australia.

By the 31st August 1986, the location of the A-Team has been established along with the ‘mission’ that they are currently on, Lewis Collins along with a twelve-man black ops team are moving to ‘recruit’ the A-Team.

September 1986

On the 1st September 1986, the first cruiser squadron is deployed to the Solar System, to the same location that the third cruiser squadron, this deployment will last six months.

On the 5th September 1986, contact is made with the A-Team, though it is not without its own problems.

A crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The A-Team. Their current location remains unknown.... Until now!”

Somewhere in LA a warehouse where Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith along with Lieutenant Templeton “Face” Peck, Sergeant First Class Bosco Albert “B.A.,” or “Bad Attitude,” Baracus and Captain H.M. “Howling Mad” Murdock are currently facing immediate execution. Their executioners are a LA gang, which the A-Team was trying to get rid of, however things have gone ‘a bit astray’ for Colonel “Hannibal” Smith and his team.

What the A-Team do not realise is that they are being watch, by a far more dangerous foe than they are currently facing.

They are currently surrounded by two dozen gang members all heavy armed, clearly out gunned Colonel “Hannibal” Smith says, “I am sorry I got all of you into this, looks like we will never clear our names now.”

Face replies, “Would not want it any other way, Colonel” the other two nod in agreement at faces reply.

As the gang members prepare to fire, the gang members do not however get the chance to fire, as suddenly the gang members are cut down by silenced weapons, from shooters firing from concealed positions, very quickly the two-dozen gang members are dead.

Out of the darkness come a dozen figures wearing facemasks carrying L34A1: Suppressed version (Sterling-Patchett Mark 5) sub machine guns, they make sure that the gang members are dead then one of men makes a hand signal and through a side door comes a man in a smart suite.

The man in a polite English accent says, “I am glad that we could be of some assistance to you Colonel Smith and your team.”

Colonel Smith replies, “You help is appreciated, from you accent you are British I would also assume that you are not going to hand us over to the US authorities?”

The man says, “Correct on all counts, in fact I would like to make you and your team a ‘job offer’.”

Colonel Smith replies, “Interesting”

The man says, “Indeed it will be, though I think that we should leave these premises, I have a car waiting outside.” Indicating towards the door, he had just come through.

Colonel Smith looks at the dead gang members then his team and nods, they move towards the door.

The man says, “Clean up here, no traces”

One of masked men nods in reply.

Outside the warehouse a stretched limo is waiting, Colonel Smith notices that the limo has British diplomatic plates they all get into the rear of the limo, though with no police escort.

The man says, “Introductions are in order, I am Captain Lewis Collins, British Army”

Colonel Smith asks, “So what does the British Military want with us?”

Captain Collins replies, “I am not here on behalf of the British Army, though I do represent the British government.” The other members of the A-Team exchange glances.

Colonel Smith says, “Intriguing, so I repeat my question what does the British government want with us?”

Captain Collins replies, “Quite simple, your services, you and your team members are probably the best Special Forces unit the US military has ever had to date. We would like to ask you to join our ‘little organisation’ and become part of a great adventure.”

Colonel Smith asks, “If we say ‘no’ to this you will hand us over to the US military?”

Captain Collins smiles and replies, “No, you are free to go, though once you have agreed then there is no turning back, if you say yes you are in for life, there is no other option.”

Colonel Smith asks, “Will you be able to clear our military record up in exchange for our help?”

Captain Collins shakes his head and replies, “No, but we will ensure that the US military will never capture you or be aware were you are, you will simply disappear.”

Colonel Smith turns to the members and asks, “Well, in or out?”

Lieutenant Templeton “Face” Peck replies, “In”

Sergeant First Class Bosco Albert “B.A.” replies, “Were you go I go Colonel, so in.”

Captain H.M. “Howling Mad” Murdock replies, “In, though this will probably prove that I am mad!”

Colonel Smith looks back at Captain Collins and says, “Looks like you have a deal Captain Collins.”

Captain Collins replies, “Welcome to Project Phoenix gentlemen, once we arrive at our destination you will receive a proper briefing.”

Colonel Smith asks, “Where are we going?”

Captain Collins replies, “Airport, we have a British diplomatic flight aircraft waiting, the US government won’t be taking much notice of this as we have several diplomatic flights each week leaving the US from various locations.”

Arriving a short time later, they board a British military VC-10 located inside a sealed hanger, with no US officials trying to stop them thanks to the limo having diplomatic protection, though as they board the plane in the hanger there are no US officials around, so no one can see them boarding the plane.

About forty minutes later, they are in the air, they will fly across the US, the VC-10 is designed for long ranged mission and has been fitted with extra fuel tanks even so the VC-10 will be, refuelled in fight (once over the Atlantic), no need to land at US airport to refuel, a none stop trip to the UK.

Many hours later, the VC-10 touches down at RAF Barra, Colonel Smith knows of RAF Barra is the British Area-51, extremely secret research is done here, though Colonel Smith are about to find out what really goes on at RAF Barra.

Before travelling through the Stargate (that they are not aware of yet), they are taken to their temporary quarters to rest from their long flight.

On the 3rd September 1986, the four members of the A-Team are gathered in the Stargate room at (under) RAF Barra, the Stargate begins to dial Heliopolis they had all been given a limited briefing. Though nothing could have prepared them for the first time that they see a Stargate’s wormhole connect, all four of them stagger back a few steps.

As they step through the Stargate, they are transported to another world, the Heliopolis Stargate bunker is larger than the one at RAF Barra, once outside they can clearly see that they are on an alien world.

For the rest of the year, the members of the A-Team will be, briefed on their enemy along with the allies and friends that Project Phoenix has made. The Asgard will be a shock to the A-Team, also the Asgard are not as ‘friendly’ towards the US personnel due to the Roswell Incident of 1947.

The A-Team will be another useful addition to Project Phoenix, the US military and government will never be able to find them now!

On the 8th September 1986, Margaret Thatcher officially opens the first phase of the Nissan car factory at Sunderland, which has been in use for two months. It is the first car factory to be, built in Europe by a Japanese carmaker. It shows that the UK can attract outside investment from various none UK companies.

October 1986

On the 1st October 1986, President Ronald Reagan signs the Goldwater–Nichols Act into law, making official the largest reorganization of the United States Department of Defence since the Air Force was made a separate branch of service in 1947.

On the 11th October 1986, Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev meet in Reykjavík, Iceland, to continue discussions about scaling back their intermediate missile arsenals in Europe (the talks break down in failure).

On the 12th October 1986, Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visit the People's Republic of China, the first visit to that country by a British monarch. This visit will bring China and Britain much closer especially in trade and a few other areas as well (not Project Phoenix).

On the 24th October 1986, UK breaks off diplomatic relations with Syria over links to Hindawi Affair, strong recon fights Malta and Cyprus will keep an ongoing eye on Syria.

On the 27th October 1986, the Big Bang in the London Stock Exchange abolishes fixed commission charges, paving the way for electronic trading.

By the 31st October 1986, the briefings of the A-Team is going well, though as with most newcomers the amount of information to take in is overwhelming, Colonel “Hannibal” Smith seems to be taking it all in his stride. However, BA is the one having the most trouble getting to grips with everything and BA is better in combat than with the briefings side. The other two are mixed, with Face being second behind Smith and Murdock coming third, though Murdock is picking up the piloting parts of the briefings better than the other three.

November 1986

On the 3rd November 1986, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) in Political Union with the United States, the CNMI Government adopted its own constitution in 1977, and the constitutional government took office in January 1978. The Covenant is implemented on the 3rd November 1986, pursuant to Presidential Proclamation no. 5564, which conferred United States citizenship on legally qualified CNMI residents.

On the 21st November 1986, National Security Council member Oliver North and his secretary, Fawn Hall, start shredding documents implicating them in selling weapons to Iran and channelling the proceeds to help fund the Contra rebels in Nicaragua.

On the 25th November 1986, US Attorney General Edwin Meese announces that profits from covert weapons sales to Iran have been illegally diverted to the anti-communist Contra rebels in Nicaragua.

On the 26th November 1986, US President Ronald Reagan announces that on the 1st December 1986, former Senator John Tower, former Secretary of State Edmund Muskie, and former National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft will serve as members of the Special Review Board looking into the scandal (they will become, known as the Tower Commission). Reagan denies involvement in the scandal.

December 1986

On the 1st December 1986, the translation of the ancient tablet is finally complete, the tablet describes the ancients and were they went (ascension) and of a lost city of the ancients (Atlantis). This is a major discovery for Project Phoenix, the finding of the lost city of the ancients becomes Project Phoenixes top priority, though what Project Phoenix does not realise yet is that this city is not in the Milky Way Galaxy, but in the Pegasus Galaxy. During 1987, the search will begin for the location of the lost city of the ancients this will also lead to some other discoveries.

On the 3rd December 1986, 4,000,000 people apply for shares in British Gas in anticipation of the floatation next week.

On the 6th November 1986, Nigel Lawson announces a £6billion rise in public spending coming from the Treasuries’ reserves.

On the 8th December 1986, British Gas shares floated on the Stock Exchange. The initial public offering of 135p per share values the company at £9 billion, the highest equity offering ever at this time. The government money from the sale of British Gas shares will go into the Treasuries’ reserves for future use.

On the 17th December 1986, the world's first heart, lung and liver transplant is carried out at Papworth Hospital in Cambridgeshire.

By the 18th December 1986, unemployment in the UK continues to fall, unemployment is now well below the three million mark.

On the 21st November 1986, the government launches a £20million campaign to warn members of the public about the dangers of AIDS, along with funding of a further £20million into researching AIDS, with the hope to find a cure.

At the end of December 1986, with the third cruiser squadron now up to full operational strength along with the forming of the forth cruiser squadron, next year with the arrival of HMS Courageous, this will see the removal of HMS Defiance from front line duties to that of a trails ship.

Project Phoenix, Warship Order of Battle

HMS Defiance is not assigned to any squadron, operates independently

First Cruiser Squadron

HMS Black Prince (Squadron & Fleet flagship)
HMS Resistance
HMS New Zealand
HMS Tiger
HMS Royal Oak
HMS Hood
HMS Canada
HMS Australia

Second Cruiser Squadron

HMS Mountbatten (Squadron flagship)
HMS Lion
HMS Magnificent
HMS Bonaventure
HMS Vampire
HMS Vendetta
HMS Illustrious
HMS Indomitable

Third Cruiser Squadron

HMS Implacable (Squadron flagship)
HMS Indefatigable
HMS Valiant
HMS Churchill
HMS Conqueror
HMS Victorious
HMS Drake
HMS Canterbury

Forth Cruiser Squadron

HMS Endeavour
HMS Otago

With the coming of 1987 will see the search for the lost city of ancients beginning and the discovery of several other ‘discoveries’ relating to the ancients, in the longer term this will lead to...

During 1987, the first Project Phoenix battle cruiser HMS Courageous, will during her trials be fitted with some ‘optional extra’s’ (from the Asgard) considerably enhancing her capabilities in certain areas.

To be continued.
44. 1987

I don't mind how much my Ministers talk, so long as they do what I say.” – Margaret Thatcher

January 1987

On the 1st January 1987, the Falkland Islands (including South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands), Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha and the British Virgin Islands formally become part of the UK. The government of Argentina makes strong protests from a military standpoint there is very little that the Argentinean government can do about the Falkland Islands now, as there is a British military base on the islands making any attack suicidal.

During January 1987, with the ongoing success of the British Harrier program (all variants), the Soviet Union would push ahead with the development of its own STOVL jet the Yakovlev Yak-141, with the first flight commencing on the 9th March 1987.

Even after the fall of the Soviet Union (1991), the Yakovlev Yak-141 development continues culminating in the limited entry into limited operational service with the Russian Navy in early 1993 and full operational service in 2002. The Yak-141 will not be as capable as the British Sea Harrier it is the best the Russians can do with the finances they have post fall of the Soviet Union, production will be limited to a few hundred, most of these will operated from land bases.

On the 5th January 1987, HMS Courageous is launched the crew of HMS Defiance transfers along with additional new crew members to bring the crew numbers up to full strength, the two AEM’s are transferred from HMS Defiance to HMS Courageous. The AEM (along with the spare) is also transferred this will give HMS Courageous weapons a considerable power boost, this part of HMS Courageous allowing the HEC-2 to be boosted several hundred percent above their normal output for short periods.

These ‘power boosted’ HEC-2 could easily take out a Ha'tak with a single volley, the downside is that the HEC-2 are not designed to take that much power for a prolonged period, this would only allow a few shots before the HEC-2’s would burn out (or even explode). This means that these ‘power boosted’ HEC-2 can only be, used sparingly in ‘boost’ mode for at most two shots until an improved HEC can be, developed that can take the power output from an AEM.

The Asgard will not help with this work, as the Asgard feel that Project Phoenix must develop this technology themselves (along with other technologies as well) so that they can better understand it and be able to use this technology more wisely.

HMS Courageous (with AEM boost)

Length: 1,722.4 ft (525.0 meters)
Width: 328.0 ft (100.0 meters)
Height: 262.4 ft (80.0 meters)
Crew: 395 (ship’s crew)
60 troops plus up to another 60 civilian researchers and scientists
Also has the capacity to take another 500 persons for short periods in evacuation mode
Sublight engines
Manoeuvring thrusters
Hyperdrive system: Asgard hyperdrive (Intergalactic capable) – Power boosted by AEM
Power Core:
x10 second generation Naquadah reactors
Fitted with an Ancient Energy Module along with a spare, transferred over from HMS Defiance
Fuel: Naquadah
Shielding: Asgard shields – Power boosted by AEM
Four forward firing heavy energy cannons (HEC-2) – Power boosted by AEM
Two aft firing heavy energy cannons (HEC-2) – Power boosted by AEM
Twenty Quad energy cannons (EC-2) (x6 port, x6 starboard, x4 forward and x4 aft)
Six forward firing missile tubes and two aft firing missile tubes (up to two hundred missiles carried)
Carried Craft:
x24 Atmospheric/Space Superiority Fighters (Hurricane)
x10 Shuttles (Fox class various types)
Cargo Capacity: 4,500 tonnes

With the use of the AEM to power boost several systems including the Asgard Shields and hyperdrive, along with boosting the firepower of the Heavy Energy Cannons (HEC-2) for very short periods, this make HMS Courageous the most power warship in Project Phoenixes small but growing fleet. As per Project Phoenixes agreement with the Asgard, only one warship (HMS Courageous) will be fitted with an AEM, this is limiting though having the Asgard around defending both Heliopolis and Earth more than makes up for these limitations of this agreement.

By June of this year, further additions to HMS Courageous will be forthcoming from the Asgard due to certain discoveries made by Project Phoenix.

All other Project Phoenix warships will operate without the AEM power boost.

With the launch of HMS Courageous, construction begins of two more battlecruisers, HMS Glorious and HMS Furious in orbital dry-dock facility two both of these battlecruisers should be completed by early 1990.

On the 4th January 1987, economists predict that unemployment in the UK will continue to fall during 1987.

On the 5th January 1987, Harold Macmillan, Lord Stockton, former prime minister, is buried in the village of Horsted Keynes having died on 29th December at the age of 92, as with previous prime ministers’ Macmillan will take the secret of Project Phoenix to the grave with him.

On the 20th January 1987, Terry Waite, the special envoy of the Archbishop of Canterbury in Lebanon, is kidnapped in Beirut (he will not be released until November 1991). As with previous kidnappings, the government will not use the ‘special measures’ if these ‘special measures’ could be reviled to the general public.

On the 30th January 1987, the flotation of British Airways begins, again with the floatation the money earned with go in to the treasuries reserve, further boosting the UK’s reserve funds.

On the 31st January 1987, the Eurondan’s deliver large supplies of their Beta-Cantin medicine, this first batch is enough for several thousand people, samples are taken for analysis and several containers are given to the Asgard who intern give some to the Nox for study. The Eurondan’s are showing that they are keeping up their end of the bargain, by the end of 1987 the Eurondan’s will have delivered enough Beta-Cantin medicine for over 100,000 people. Beta-Cantin medicine will prove very useful for front line Combat Medics, as the Beta-Cantin can heal minor wounds much more quickly that using ‘conventional’ medicine. The longer-term plan is to try to produce an Earth based version of Beta-Cantin, though this will be a very long-winded process due to Project Phoenixes paranoid security restriction.

Project Phoenix leadership is worried that the Eurondan’s are not telling them everything about how the war on their planet started, though that is understandable, given that this is the Eurondan’s first contact with aliens from another world, Project Phoenix is not aware of the true reasons for the Eurondan’s caution. Project Phoenix is more concerned about finding allies, than why these potential allies are at war on their own planet, though they are still suspicious of the Eurondan’s.

By the end of 1987, the Eurondan’s will have supplied the formula for Beta-Cantin to Project Phoenix, this will help begin the process of reverse engineering on Earth, though some of the ingredients used to make Beta-Cantin are not found on Earth, substitute Earth ingredients will need to be found on Earth.

This will all take time.

February 1987

On the 1st February 1987, the Asgard is informed of the ancient tablet and its contents, the Asgard is astounded, not only by the contents of the ancient tablet, but also that these humans, had managed to translate the ancient tablet. The Asgard are allowed to scan the tablet, they also confirm the translation, the Asgard pass this information on to the Nox, who are as surprised as the Asgard what these humans have been able to do.

Both the Asgard and the Nox had not though that these humans were advanced enough to translate ancient writings, they are both wrong, the Asgard will review their decision on how much help these humans will get.

The Nox go into a deep discussion on whether or not to reveal themselves to these humans, this discussion will last for the rest of February. The initial discussions focus on letting these humans know that the Nox are still around and helping the Asgard, but not to help these humans in the same way as the Asgard are currently helping these humans.

On the 2nd February 1987, it is decided to not deploy any further cruiser squadrons to the Solar System as this is seen as a waist of resources, the recent test deployments have proven successful also it would be better to focus on protecting Abydos though with the discovery on Camelot in July this will all change again.

On the 3rd February 1987, the second cruiser squadron is, deployed to Abydos for that planet’s defence on a six-month rotation between the three operational cruiser squadrons, this deployment will only last until July.

On the 11th February 1987, British Airways is privatised its shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange, as with other privatisations the money will go into the Treasuries’ reserves for future use.

On the 26th February 1987, the Tower Commission rebukes President Ronald Reagan for not controlling his National Security Council staff the NID are praised for their investigation into the NCS.

By the 28th February 1987, the ongoing search for the lost city of the ancients has not made many discoveries the focus has been on those worlds that the Goa'uld are unaware off. This has also lead to a decrease in the attacks against Apophis’s territory as more and more off world squadrons are diverted to the search for the lost city of the ancients. This action intern has led Apophis to believe that his tactics (off doffing in and building up his military forces) are working Apophis is unaware of the real reasons why the attacks against his territory have virtually ceased.

March 1987

On the 1st March 1987, the Nox have come to a decision, that they will announce themselves to these humans, via the Asgard.

On the 2nd March 1987, the Asgard summon respective from the leadership of Project Phoenix, to hear and announcement by the Asgard, this announcement will inform the leadership of Project Phoenix that the Asgard have reformed the Alliance with the Nox. On being informed and introduced to another member of the Alliance of Four Great Races the leadership of Project Phoenix is shocked that another ancient race still exists, they are even more shocked that the alliance of great races is being reformed.

Once over the shock they welcome the Nox to Heliopolis and hope that they can learn from such an old race, the Nox state that the humans are far “too young” and that “Knowledge takes time. Over the years we teach the young to be wise.”

The Nox also inform the leadership of Project Phoenix that they will be working with the Asgard in the Asgard facility on Heliopolis, the Nox also show that their ships can become invisible (as can they), this also shows how technologically advanced the Nox are.

The leadership of Project Phoenix accept this, though they have no real choice in the matter, as if they objected they feel that they might lose their alliance with the Asgard (they are wrong on that point), as the Nox would respect this decision and help the Asgard from another planet.

On the 4th March 1987, President Ronald Reagan addresses the American people on the Iran-Contra Affair, acknowledging that his overtures to Iran had ‘deteriorated’ into an arms-for-hostages deal.

On the 23rd March 1987, 31 people are injured when a suspected IRA bomb explodes at a British army barracks in Rheindahlen, West Germany. The ongoing hunt for IRA members continues such acts only increase the British government’s determination to hunt IRA members down.

On the 24th March 1987, Michael Eisner, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, and French Prime Minister and future President of France, Jacques Chirac, sign the agreement to construct the 4,800 acres (19 km2) Euro Disney Resort (now called Disneyland Paris) and to develop the Val d'Europe area of the new town Marne-la-Vallée in Paris, France. The UK had hoped that Euro Disney Resort would be built in the UK, but this was becoming increasingly unlikely, as France is a better location.

On the 29th March 1987, Margaret Thatcher visits Moscow to try to bring an end to the Cold War, though Thatcher does not think that the Cold War will end soon, though there is a bit of a thawing between East and West.

April 1987

On the 1st April 1987, MP's vote against the restoration of the death penalty by 342-230, though they do not know about the other ‘option’ available to the UK government (the Prime Minister and other senior officials) for obvious reasons!

On the 13th April 1987, Portugal and the People's Republic of China sign an agreement in which Macau will be, returned to China in 1999, but before the return of Macau Hong Kong will be returned by the UK to China in 1997.

On the 30th April 1987, Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and the Provincial Premiers agree on principle to the Meech Lake Accord, which would bring Quebec into the constitution.

May 1987

On the 1st May 1987, the first child born on Heliopolis reaches eighteen years of age, Samuel (Sam) Davis, speaks several languages including Asgard, Sam also knows of the Adgard’s cloning problem, though he has kept this to himself. Sam is in his rebellious teenager years, so he is not telling anyone what he knows about the Asgard, as he read this off several Asgard displays, the Asgard have taught Sam their language too well.

Most of the other researches on Heliopolis do not understand the Asgard language, as the Asgard taught Sam (as all the children are) he has picked up the Asgard language (better than most have), both verbal and written. Sam is the only one of the current ‘first batch’ of children fluent in the Asgard language none of the children that followed him have his talent for Asgard language.

Sam is well versed in the Asgard language he has also given up on any further education as he finds schools on Heliopolis boring (even though these are far superior to those on Earth) he is also more used to being around the Asgard than his fellow humans.

On the 8th May 1987, soldiers of the SAS kill eight members of the Provisional Irish Republican Army at Loughgal, County Antrim this is the UK using more force to deal with the IRA.

On the 11th May 1987, Margaret Thatcher calls a general election for 11 June.

On the 14th May 1987, UK unemployment continues to fall.

On the 17th May 1987, USS Stark is hit by 2 Iraqi owned Exocet AM39 air-to-surface missiles, killing 37 sailors. The UK Royal Navy ships in the area will remain on heightened alert while in the Gulf, against any future attack, though no attacks will happen against UK warships operating in the Gulf for the remainder of the Iran/Iraq war.

On the 31st May 1987, the final Osprey II fighter is decommissioned the Hurricane Fighter is now the sole fighter for Project Phoenix, most of the Osprey II fighters have been scrapped, though three have been kept as exhibits.

June 1987

On the 1st June 1987, the Asgard offer to fit Asgard sensors and beaming technology onboard HMS Courageous though there is one condition that these systems are operated by Asgard ‘advisors’ that will be based onboard HMS Courageous. After very little discussion Project Phoenix leadership agree to the Asgard terms, after all having an Asgard (or even several Asgard) onboard would mean that the Asgard are more likely to help them if a problem occurs. As in the past the Asgard do not like there technology falling into the wrong hands and will intervene if that is likely to happen.

On the 2nd June 1987, midway through her trials HMS Courageous is called back to be fitted with Asgard sensors and beaming technology, along with modifications to some of her crew quarters for Asgard use. This minor refit will only take until the end of June to complete then Courageous will resume her trials.

On the 8th June 1987, the New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament, and Arms Control Act are passed, the first of its kind in the world. This does not apply to its secret treaties with the UK, Australia and Canada in relation to Project Phoenix, as the act is worded in such a way it only affects New Zealand (on Earth) and nothing else so that no New Zealand Prime Minister is breaking the law in relation with Project Phoenix.

On the 11th June 1987, the 1987 General Election sees Margaret Thatcher secure her third term in office. However, her majority is reduced to 102 compared to the 144-seat majority gained at the election four years ago.

On the 25th June 1987, a MORI poll shows support for the Conservative Party stands at almost 50% the highest during Mrs Thatcher's time as leader.

On the 30th June 1987, Canada introduces a one-pound coin, nicknamed the “Loonie”.

July 1987

On the 1st July 1987, the world of Camelot is discovered by a Project Phoenix exploration team they also discover Merlin’s library (along with the secret room) and the Black Knight, initially the Black Knight drives the exploration team back through the Stargate as they have no way of defeating the Black Knight.

On the 2nd July 1987, Hermiod warship arrives in orbit (with the Project Phoenix exploration team onboard) and beams them and himself directly into Merlin’s library, rather than reading all the documents, Hermiod merely scan’s them and uses his ships computer to find a way to shut down the Black Knight from the ancient control consol in the secret room. Thus to the population of Camelot it appears as if these ‘strangers’ (Project Phoenix personnel the Asgard keep out of sight of the locals) have defeated the Black Knight.

To the population of Camelot, the contents of Merlin’s house becomes the property of these ‘strangers’ (Project Phoenix), these ‘strangers’ do not want anything else, these ‘strangers’ do however provide medical assistance to the people of Camelot. As Camelot is unknown to the Goa'uld, this world will become a forward base for Project Phoenix the locals will also provide some of the labour needed. For there assistance the people of Camelot will be, given certain training in improving the peoples of Camelot’s living conditions.

The population of Camelot will be, treated in a different way to the people of Abydos, as the people of Camelot are not part of any Goa'uld System Lords territory and unlikely to be, attacked by any System Lord. Therefore, Project Phoenix can help the people of Camelot in ways that they could not help the people of Abydos, due to the treat of Goa'uld reoccupation.

After all the people of Camelot, are decedents of British subjects?

What no one yet realises is this room will eventually lead them to Merlin (also known as Merlyn, Myrddin, Merlinus) on another planet, this will be a major discovery not only for Project Phoenix by also the Asgard and the Nox as well.

Project Phoenix may have just found a perfect world to colonise.

On the 3rd July 1987, HMS Courageous resumes her testing, after the short break for the fitting of Asgard systems, these systems are proving to be far superior to the current systems fitted to Courageous. The Asgard sensors have a far greater range and sensitivity than the ones based on Goa'uld sensors could ever have.

On the 11th July 1987, Australian Prime Minister Robert Hawke's government is re-elected for a third term, Hawke's government will continue to support Project Phoenix, as this project is doing very well indeed.

On the 24th July 1987, Novelist and former Conservative MP Jeffrey Archer wins a libel case against Daily Star over allegations that he was involved in a vice ring.

On the 31st July 1987, Elizabeth II formally opens the docklands Light Railway in London, the first driverless railway in the UK. This is part of the ongoing modernisation of all rail services within the UK.

August 1987

By the 1st August 1987, the Eurondan’s are now receiving regular supplies of heavy water, with their shield is now fully powered, also their reserves of heavy water is starting to be built up as well. The Eurondan’s are pleased with the deal that they have made with Project Phoenix, though the Eurondan’s are certain that these people are suspicious of the reason for the current war.

The Eurondan’s feel as long as they keep up their end of the bargain Project Phoenix will keep theirs, the Eurondan’s are correct about this, for better or worse Project Phoenix has tied themselves to the Eurondan’s for the time being.

On the 7th August 1987, the Colombian frigate Caldas enters Venezuelan waters near the Los Monjes Archipelago, sparking the Caldas frigate crisis between both nations.

On the 9th August 1987, Julian Knight, 19, goes on a shooting rampage in Melbourne, killing seven people and injuring 19 before surrendering to police, including members of Australia’s version of SI-5.

On the 13th August 1987, the first building of post-war design to be listed is Bracken House in the City of London, designed by Sir Albert Richardson as the Financial Times headquarters (1955–9).

On the 17th August 1987, Rudolf Hess is found dead in his cell in Spandau Prison. Hess, 93, is believed to have committed suicide by hanging himself with an electrical flex. He was the last remaining prisoner at the complex, which is soon demolished

On the 19th August 1987, the Order of the Garter is opened to women, unknown to the outside world this idea had come from the Queen and had been accepted.

September 1987

On the 1st September 1987, at Heliopolis, the Mark 4 Naquadah/Nuclear missile is, put into production this is an improved version of the current Mark 3 that has been in service since the mid 1970s. The Mark 4 has improved guidance system that is very hard to jam, as an improved propulsion system that will give the Mark 4 missile a greater range, higher acceleration and better manoeuvrability than the Mark 3 had.

All existing Mark 3 missiles can be, upgraded to Mark 4 standard this will allow accelerated introduction of the Mark 4 compared to previous missiles.

Between the 7th September and the 21st September 1987, the world's first conference on artificial life is held at Los Alamos National Laboratory, such discussions have already taken place on Heliopolis, though have not been revealed due to the secrecy surrounding Project Phoenix.

On the 11th September 1987, the UK government unveils plans to abolish the Inner London Education Authority.

On the 22nd September 1987, the UK government bans automatic weapons of the type used by Hungerford killer Michael Ryan.

On the 28th September 1987, the second Star Trek TV series The Next Generation premieres in syndication this new edition of the Star Trek series will be very popular with Seth.

October 1987

On the 9th October 1987, Margaret Thatcher tells the Conservative Party Conference in Blackpool that she wants to stay in power until at least 1994, this is more to do with Project Phoenix than Thatcher wanting to remain Prime Minister, though it will be seen by many as a bid to hold onto power.

On the 11th October 1987, £1 million pound Operation Deepscan in Loch Ness fails to locate the legendary Loch Ness Monster.

On the 19th October 1987, Black Monday the Wall Street crash leads to £50billion being wiped of the value of shares on the London stock exchange.

On the 22nd October 1987, the pilot of a RAF Harrier GR5 registered ZD325 accidentally ejects from his aircraft. The Harrier continues to fly until it runs out of fuel and crashes into the Irish Sea.

On the 31st October 1987, unemployment in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand continues to fall, as various projects begin to pick up speed, some of the biggest include the HOTOL. Each HOTOL has various parts manufactured in the four countries and then shipped to Woomera, Australia for assembly.

The UK, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand are now tied together in so many ways they might actually be called ‘one country’ in many ways?

November 1987

On the 1st November 1987, an InterCity 125 breaks world diesel powered train speed record reaching 238 km/h (147.88 mph) this will lead to continuing investment into the UK’s rail services.

On the 3rd November 1987, unemployment across the UK fell last month quicker than in any other European country.

On the 5th November 1987, London City Airport opens, they only passenger jet allowed to land is the Hawker Siddeley HS-146, Hawker Siddeley corners this market for the next decade, though it only bring limited sales to the HS-146 passenger jet.

On the 17th November 1987, the government announces that the Poll tax (community charge) will be introduced in April 1990 this will not be popular with the people across the UK.

On the 19th November 1987, the Conservative support has reached 50% in a MORI poll for the first time this will be the high point for the Conservatives.

On the 30th November 1987, the Queen Mother commissions the new aircraft carrier HMS Duke of York enters operational service with the Royal Navy, this makes the last four new fleet carriers for the Royal Navy. Their squadrons of updated Sea Harriers FRS.2 (P.1154) are due to be updated by the end of the 1980s to FRS.3 along with new build to replace attrition losses and export orders for both the Navel and None-Navel versions of the supersonic Harrier.

This gives the Royal Navy four fleet carriers, along with fourteen type-42 destroyers, sixty frigates (various types), five R-class SSBN’s, fourteen SSN’s, eight SSK (being phased out without replacement), the Royal Navy and British military in general are now more than capable of acting independently if needed.

The United Kingdom is once again a global power (super power) to be, reckoned with on the world stage, though without the ‘shackles’ of Empire, both the US and the SU are very curious how the UK has managed to achieve this. Both the US and the SU have and are making very discreet enquiries into this, but so far, they have not discovered the true reason behind the UK success. China on the other hand has not found this interesting as China has growing long term trade deals with the UK and other commonwealth countries and China does not want to ruin these deals over what China sees as ‘ideal speculation’ by both the US and SU.

The United Kingdom has also expanded in size this expansion of the United Kingdom has led to a small redeployment of British military forces from all services to these new parts of the UK.

December 1987

By early December 1987, studying the records they have learned that Arthur had left to quest for the Sangraal to one of three planets Castiana, Sahal, and Vagonbrei. The gate addresses of the three planets Castiana, Sahal, and Vagonbrei combine into a fourth address and will provide the location of the Sangraal (the location of Merlin).

On the 1st December 1987, HMS Courageous finishes her trials and is declared operational, though HMS Courageous will not be used against the Goa'uld, instead HMS Courageous will be used to continue to try to find the location of the lost city of the ancients. off all the warships HMS Courageous is the most powerful thanks to the power boost from the AEM, though as per the agreement with the Asgard only one Project Phoenix warship (HMS Courageous) will be fitted with an AEM along with one spare.

However, with the potential discovery of a lost city of the ancients this agreement may change in the next few years...

On the 2nd December 1987, HMS Courageous travels to Camelot, to take over the duties from Hermiod Asgard warship in orbit, with Courageous fitted with Asgard beaming technology transferring supplies to the surface is much easier than using ring transporters, also having several Asgard onboard operating there equipment is also helpful as well.

Once HMS Courageous is in orbit, Captain Jason Timms orders a detailed scan of the planet to see if there is anything else of interest on the planet.

On the 5th December 1987, Samuel (Sam) Davis is ‘chosen’ to become part of the Atlantis expedition as a translator. This is mainly to stop him constantly nagging everyone (including the Asgard) on Heliopolis to go on the Atlantis expedition Sam will prove to be very useful on the Atlantis expedition.

On the 10th December 1987, William Whitelaw the Head of Project Phoenix suffers a stroke, Dr Victoria Phillips as Deputy Head of Project Phoenix takes up the role for the second time as acting Head of Project Phoenix. From this point onwards, many would argue that Whitelaw's retirement was the beginning of the end of the Thatcher premiership, as Whitelaw was no longer around as often to give sensible advice to moderate her stance on issues, or to maintain a consensus of support in her own Cabinet and Parliamentary Party.

On the 15th December 1987, Channel Tunnel construction is initiated, with completion targeted within seven years.

On the 17th December 1987, this year that has seen an excellent recovery for the British economy ends with unemployment at less than 2,300,000 and will continue to fall for the remainder of the 1980s.

By the end of December 1987, it is decided to cease production of the Black Prince class cruisers once the Forth Cruiser Squadron is up to full strength (another six ships), as this design is now considered out of date. This will allow two things to happen, firstly this will allow orbital dry-dock one to be completely overhauled. Secondly, this will allow the production facilities to gear up to produce the new heavy cruiser class.

All of this is, expected to happen between the beginning of 1990s, though nothing is certain...

Project Phoenix, Warship Order of Battle

HMS Defiance is currently in reserve being refitted as a test ship with none Asgard systems.

HMS Courageous is not assigned to any squadron, operates independently, currently assigned to locating the lost city of the ancients from 1988 onwards.

First Cruiser Squadron

HMS Black Prince (Squadron & Fleet flagship)
HMS Resistance
HMS New Zealand
HMS Tiger
HMS Royal Oak
HMS Hood
HMS Canada
HMS Australia

Second Cruiser Squadron

HMS Mountbatten (Squadron flagship)
HMS Lion
HMS Magnificent
HMS Bonaventure
HMS Vampire
HMS Vendetta
HMS Illustrious
HMS Indomitable

Third Cruiser Squadron

HMS Implacable (Squadron flagship)
HMS Indefatigable
HMS Valiant
HMS Churchill
HMS Conqueror
HMS Victorious
HMS Drake
HMS Canterbury

Forth Cruiser Squadron

HMS Endeavour
HMS Otago

During 1988, Project Phoenix, the Asgard and the Nox will learn of the location of the lost city of the ancients, this will change the very nature of the relationships between these groups this will benefit Project Phoenix the most.

To be continued.
45. 1988

This lady is not for turning.” – Margaret Thatcher

January 1988

During 1988, Physicist Stephen Hawking’s publishes his book “A Brief History of Time” this becomes a surprising best seller. The reason for this books success is that A Brief History of Time attempts to explain a range of subjects in cosmology, including the Big Bang, black holes and light cones, to the non-specialist reader. Its main goal is to give an overview of the subject but, unusual for a popular science book, it also attempts to explain some complex mathematics. Stephen Hawking had been warned by an editor warned him that for every equation in the book the readership would be halved, hence it includes only a single equation E = mc2!

Stephen Hawking will publish several other books, these books will put his theories what is out in the galaxy and how mankind may one day travel to the stars (Stephen Hawking does have ‘inside knowledge’ on this subject), these books will make Stephen Hawking a wealthy man. The reality is that Stephen Hawking is paving the way for Project Phoenix becoming public knowledge, though this will not be for many decades yet.

On the 1st January 1988, the Prime Ministers of the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand is informed that Project Phoenix has located the lost city of the ancients (in another galaxy) called Atlantis all four Prime Ministers give their full support for a mission to Atlantis. After all the idea of unlocking the possible technological secrets of the ancients is an opportunity not to be, missed, whatever the risk in travelling to another unknown galaxy.

Also on the 1st January 1988, The Soviet Union begins its program of economic restructuring (perestroika) with legislation initiated by Premier Mikhail Gorbachev the UK is one of the first countries to welcome perestroika.

On the 3rd January 1988, Margaret Thatcher becomes the longest serving British prime minister this century, having been in power for eight years and 244 days.

On the 4th January 1988, the next four Black Prince II warships HMS Te Kaha, HMS Te Mana, HMS Wellington, and HMS Achilles are launched from orbital dry-dock facility one, they will begin their trials and join the small but growing fleet at the end of 1988.

On the 5th January 1988, construction begins in orbital dry-dock facility one of the last batch of two Black Prince II warships HMS Ajax and HMS Leander, with the other two dry-docks of facility one to be used for repairs only.

HMS Ajax and HMS Leander will be completed by early 1990 and be operational by the end of 1990, this will then bring the forth cruiser squadron up to full strength by the end of 1990.

On the 14th January 1988, unemployment figures are released for the end of 1987, showing the 18th successive monthly fall. Just over 2,100,000 people are now jobless in the United Kingdom the lowest total for seven years.

On the 24th January 1988, Arthur Scargill is re-elected as leader of the National Union of Mineworkers by a narrow majority Scargill still remains under UK security services surveillance, as he is listed as an ‘agitator’ and must be watched at all times.

On the 31st January 1988, Elizabeth Butler-Sloss becomes the first woman to be appointed a Lord Justice of Appeal, though none of the Lord Justices has been cleared to know about Project Phoenix, as it is felt that this information might prejudice them while judging a case that may be (indirectly) related to Project Phoenix.

February 1988

On the 1st February 1988, the population of Camelot are given training in irregular warfare, in addition, they are supplied with plans of various weapons such as the Polybolos an ancient Greek/Roman repeating ballista this was something that the people of Camelot could learn quickly and that they are used to producing weapons in Wood and Iron.

The population of Camelot is already well versed in the sword and the bow and the ability makes these types of weapons this is the next step before introducing them to the basic principles of gunpowder in the next few years.

In this, way the population of Camelot can be, advanced in stages without pushing them too fast, allowing them grasp one concept before moving them on to more advanced concepts.

The one thing that Project Phoenix now has control over is the ‘black knight’ that was used to protect Merlin’s library, the Black Knight now protects the Stargate, as the black knight is unaffected by either projectile or energy weapons the black knight is seen as an excellent ‘guard’ for the Stargate.

Project Phoenixis looking into ways of copying this technology, as this unusual holographic knight could be used to guard other Stargate’s, to copy this technology (over the short term) would require that assistance of the Asgard. The Asgard have already refused to help, as the Asgard feel that is would be better if these humans figured it out themselves as the Asgard have done in the past.

The world of Camelot is also viewed as a possible colony world for Project Phoenix to expand to from Heliopolis, as the locals are very friendly and are free of Goa'uld influence (not to mention the Black Knight guarding the Stargate), though colonization of possibly another continent on the planet is many years away.

On the 3rd February 1988, nurses throughout the UK strike for higher pay and more cash for the National Health Service unlike previous strikes the UK government does not use the Security Services against the nurses.

On the 15th February 1988, Norman Fowler, Secretary of State for Employment, announces plans for a new training scheme, which the government hopes will give jobs to up to 600,000 people who are currently unemployed. Payment for such schemes comes from the treasuries reserve funds that have been built up from the sale/licensing of various developments along with the ongoing privatisation program.

On the 16th February 1988, thousands of nurses and co-workers form picket lines outside British hospitals as they go on strike in protest against what they see as inadequate NHS funding. Even though NHS funding is much, more than the UK is spending on defence.

On the 28th February 1988, Dr Phillips issues a ‘stop order’ on the new Heavy Cruiser design currently under the final stages of development before production commences until they have gone to the lost city of the ancients and any possible technologies found there may be incorporated into this design. In the unlikely event that no new technologies are found or they cannot be incorporated then the new Heavy Cruiser design will proceed, as is before the ‘stop order’ was issued.

The stop order will not affect the two Courageous class battle cruisers that are currently under construction,

March 1988

On the 1st March 1988, the location of the lost city of the ancients along with the city’s name, Atlantis, the location of Atlantis is in the Pegasus Galaxy, they have the Stargate location.

This draws the conclusion that millions of years later, after the Lanteans the name the Ancients came to be, known by, submerged the city to protect it from their enemies, the Wraith, and returned to Earth through the Stargate.

Their story, told to early humans must have over time, inspired the myth of Atlantis on Earth.

The initial attempts to dial the Stargate on Atlantis from Heliopolis fail (this is due to Atlantis only accepting a dial in from Earth), though no one knows this, yet.

Hermiod states, “It may be when the ancients left Atlantis that the Stargate would require some sort of code to be sent to allow a connection to Atlantis’s Stargate.”

Dr Phillips says, “That makes sense, after all you would not want to leave that amount of technology just ‘lying aground’ you would put some safeguards in place.”

Hermiod replies, “Agreed”

Dr Phillips asks, “Do we know the location of Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy from the gate address?”

Hermiod replies, “Yes”

Dr Phillips says, “Good, then we can use HMS Courageous to travel to the location equipped with the necessary supplies and personnel for a mission of the nature. In addition, as there are Asgard already onboard Courageous, this ship is the most prepared for this kind of mission, unless the Asgard would like to supply a ship for this mission?”

Hermiod replies, “We will not supply a ship, HMS Courageous, will be fine for this mission”

Alan Turning speaks next and he says, “If this is an ancient city it is most likely powered or was powered depending on conditions by AEM’s, could the Asgard provided some additional AEM’s just in case they are needed to power up this ancient city?”

Hermiod replies, “That is possible, though we do not know how many of these AEM’s would be needed to power an ancient city.”

Alan states, “Well we could ask the ancient outpost the question, the outpost may have the answer?”

Dr Phillips says, “Good point, as soon as this meeting is over, Alan I would like you to go to the outpost and ask this question, Hermiod I would suggests that you go to.”

Alan with a big grin on his face replies, “I was hoping that you would me go”

Hermiod replies, “Agreed”

The meeting goes on for the next few hours discussing what equipment might be, needed for this expedition.

On the 2nd March 1988, the crew of HMS Courageous are informed of their mission to another galaxy and that is will be to find the lost city of the ancients, which is called Atlantis. Alan Turing will be going along so that he can active any ancient technology also Seth will be going.

HMS Courageous will be maxed out in the amount of personnel and cargo that the ship can carry they are taking everything that they think that they may need for this mission. The ‘passengers’ will be a mix of troops and scientists and engineers for a total of 120, not including HMS Courageous ship’s crew (including the Asgard).

After consulting the outpost ancient outpost on Heliopolis, the Asgard will bring six AEM’s along these AEM’s will be under Asgard control and will only, released if the Asgard give their permission.

On the 4th March 1988, Captain Jason Timms is promoted to Commodore, to give him the rank to command all military forces that will be sent to Atlantis. Alan Turing will be in charge of all civilian scientist and engineers, their will however be no one in overall change of the expedition, though most expect that Alan Turing will be in overall charge of the Atlantis expedition.

The members of the A-Team will not be involved in the Atlantis expedition, as they have not have enough experience dealing with or coming to terms with the various alien races.

On the 5th March 1988, it is confirmed that Alan Turing will be in overall charge of the Atlantis expedition.

On the 6th March 1988, the SAS shoot dead 3 unarmed Provisional Irish Republican Army members in Gibraltar. Questions are raised about this shooting, though the only organisation (SI-5) that could truly investigate this shooting, states that there is no case to investigate, as this is a matter for the military. After all this could reveal that other IRA members that have disappeared while under SI-5 and other British Security Services surveillance and no one wants that to come out.

On the 7th March 1988, Margaret Thatcher announces a £3billion regeneration scheme to improve a series of inner city areas by the year 2000. In addition, a further £3billion will be, spent on those additions to the UK, such as Gibraltar, Malta and Chagos Islands, Grenada, Falkland Islands, Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha and the British Virgin Islands to help these parts of the UK’s economic growth.

On the 8th March 1988, presidential candidate George Herbert Walker Bush defeats Robert Dole in numerous Republican primaries and caucuses on “Super Tuesday”. The bipartisan primary/caucus calendar, designed by Democrats to help solidify their own nominee early, backfires when none of the 6 competing candidates are able to break out of the pack in the day's Democratic contests. Jesse Jackson, however, wins several Southern state primaries.

On the 15th March 1988, Chancellor Nigel Lawson announces that the standard rate of income tax will be, cut to 25p in the pound, while the maximum rate of income tax will be, cut to 40p from 60p in the pound. Funding will come from the treasuries reserve funds until the economy balances itself out and taxes recoup the tax cuts that are what the Chancellor Nigel Lawson hopes for.

On the 19th March 1988, two British Army Corporals are killed by a mob after accidentally driving into a funeral cortege for the victims of the 16 March Milltown Cemetery attack. The ringleaders of this mob will be identified, some will go through the civil courts, however a few will be ‘gotten too’ by members of SI-5 and spirited away before the normal police can apprehend them. These ones will be, sent to Hadante to be, imprisoned for the rest of their lives, thanks to Project Phoenixes agreement with the Taldor.

April 1988

On the 2nd April 1988, HMS Courageous is now prepared to jump into hyperspace towards the Pegasus Galaxy, though Courageous will be making a few stops on the way, so that they do not ‘bump’ into anything unexpected.

On the bridge of HMS Courageous Commodore Jason Timms says, “Helm, take us to the first set of coordinates.”

The helmsman replies, “Aye sir” resisting the urge to say aye Commodore.

HMS Courageous jumps into hyperspace towards her first stopping point, the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy that is closest to the Pegasus Galaxy.

On the 3rd April 1988, at the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy the HMS Courageous drops out of hyperspace for a systems check and a scan of the surrounding area of space.

Commodore Timms says, “Sensors begin your scan, engineering begin systems check”

From the sensor and engineering stations comes a joint “Aye sir”

Though HMS Courageous could easily travel to the lost city of the ancients in one go, caution has been advised, the reason for stopping is to make sure that they are not being followed by another race (highly unlikely), but Project Phoenix has not gotten this far without being careful.

These checks will take the rest of the day HMS Courageous is not due to jump back into hyperspace until tomorrow morning.

On the 4th April 1988, on the bridge of HMS Courageous Commodore Timms asks, “Are all system ready”

From around the bridge the various system operators report that Courageous is fully operational and ready for the next hyperspace jump.

Commodore Timms asks, “Sensors are we clear, nothing in the local area?”

The sensor operator quickly looking at his display replies, “We are clear sir, nothing within sensor range”

Commodore Timms quickly glances at the Asgard standing at his displays, who nods in agreement with the sensor operator’s assessment of the Asgard sensor readings, Commodore Timms thinks to himself always good to have a second option.

Commodore Timms says, “Helm, take us to the edge of the Pegasus Galaxy.”

The Helmsman replies, “Aye sir” resisting the urge to say aye Commodore.

HMS Courageous jumps into hyperspace towards her next stopping point, the edge of the Pegasus Galaxy, this jump will take several days, as Commodore Timms wants to be able to see what is coming. Courageous could using the Asgard hyperdrive at full power they could jump to the edge of the Pegasus Galaxy is just a few hours, though this would be a ‘blind jump’ and Commodore Timms does not like that idea at all, better to see what is coming, than not at all.

Standing beside Commodore Timms command chair, Alan Turning is watching as Courageous travels through hyperspace, Alan has always found travelling through hyperspace fascinating.

On the 8th April 1988, HMS Courageous drops out of hyperspace at the edge of the Pegasus Galaxy this is the closest point to a direct run to Atlantis from this point along the edge of the Pegasus Galaxy. They will wait here for a day or two, before proceeding toward the location of Atlantis, conducting long rang scans towards were they will travel towards Atlantis.

On the 11th April 1988, after two days of long ranged scans into the local area of the Pegasus Galaxy have showmen that this area appears to devoid of anything that the Asgard sensors can pick up.

Commodore Timms says, “Helm, take us to the location of the lost city of the ancients.”

The Helmsman replies, “Aye sir”

Once again HMS Courageous jumps into hyperspace, it will take several days to get to the location of the lost city of the ancients at the current speed that they are going at through hyperspace.

On the 21st April 1988, the government announces that nurses will receive a 15% pay rise, at a cost of £794million, which will be, funded by the Treasury reserve funds.

On the 22nd April 1988, HMS Courageous drops out of hyperspace in the system that has the location of the lost city of the ancients, in close proximity to the planet that the lost city of the ancients should be located.

Commodore Timms says, “Helm, take us into orbit.”

The Helmsman replies, “Aye sir”

Commodore Timms turning to the Asgard in the bridge he says, “Please commence your scans.”

The Asgard replies, “Commencing scans on the planet below.”

Everyone on the bridge glances at the Asgard, as the Asgard control station on the bridge from time to time as the Asgard scans that planet below for signs of ancient technology.

The Asgard’s initial surface scans prove futile though he does not tell the humans, the Asgard then begins a deeper scan starting with the planet’s ocean’s.

Forty minutes later the Asgard in a ‘matter of fact’ neutral tone says, “I have located the city of the ancients”

Commodore Timms asks, “Were is the city located”

The Asgard replies, “Under the ocean” a holograph of the planet appears in the middle of the bridge (much to everyone’s surprise as the Asgard had not told them about this), showing the location of the city.

Commodore Timms sighs and says, “Well that is going to be difficult to get to especially after several thousand years of being underwater.”

The Asgard replies, “On the contrary, the city is protect by a shield”

Commodore Timms smiles at that news and asks, “Could we beam people into the city even though that amount of water and the city’s shield?”

The Asgard replies, “It is possible as the shield is designed to keep out the water and weapons fire but not transporter beams that we use, I could modify our beaming technology to beam through the city’s shields as the city’s shield frequencies rotate.”

Commodore Timms says, “Do it”

The Asgard merely nods in reply and begins adjusting the Asgard beaming technology.

Commodore Timms says, “Alan, you had better get your first team ready to go.”

Alan Turing replies, “Right” and leaves the bridge.

Three hours later the modifications are complete, it has been agreed that they will beam into the Stargate room in Atlantis, as from the detailed scan’s that also appears to be a control room of some sorts. The Asgard has also located the main power room and control chair room as well.

Stargate Room, Atlantis

As the first team of six troopers are beamed in, once clear of the beam in area the next six are beamed in, this is the most the Asgard transporter can beam in or out at one time, as this depth and with the shield up.

Once the Stargate room is cleared Alan Turing as the first wave of civilians engineers and scientists beam in, as soon as Alan has beamed in Atlantis reacts to his ancient genes and begins to power up.

Alan says, “First thing first try to find out what the city’s power levels are at” engineers and scientists begin to examine the control consoles then Alan says to the troopers, “stay within the area of the Stargate room for the time being” the troopers acknowledge Alan’s instruction.

For several minutes the engineers and scientists examine the control consoles, thanks to the Asgard translation software that they have been ‘loaned’ by the Asgard this task is much easier than it would be without the Asgard.

Power Problems!

One engineer studying the displays suddenly says, “Dam, the power levels are dropping, from these readouts it appears as though the city’s last AEM is almost drained.”

Alan asks, “Is there anything we can do to stop the drain?”

The engineer replies, “Only if we can find a way to surface the city, then we can switch off the shield.”

Alan says, “Then that is our top priority, find the control that surfaces the city, I will inform Commodore Timms of our situation.”

After informing Commodore Timms of the critical power levels, Commodore Timms is prepared to begin evacuation is the power levels drop to a point where the city’s shields begin to fail. The Asgard on the bridge states, that the cities weaken energy levels could account why he was able to beam personnel through the city’s shields, it is due to the limited power level. The shields are merely keeping the water at bay, nothing else this allows personnel to be, beamed down has the Asgard transporter beam can penetrate the city’s shields but water cannot.

HMS Courageous

On the bridge, Sam Davis who has been listening in on the conversation says, “Why not use the control chair, maybe Alan can use it to surface the city?”

Everyone on the bridge looks at Sam as this thought had not occurred to them!

Sam in an ‘innocent’ voice says, “What!”

Commodore Timms shakes his head in amusement and says, “Communication send that suggestion to Alan.”

The commutations officer replies, “Aye sir”


With the power-levels in the city are dropping rapidly and soon as the last of three AEM’s (ZPM’s) has failed, the city will very quickly flood. Now however with the idea from HMS Courageous to use the city’s control chair to surface the city’s, Alan smacks his forehead with the palm of his hand for not thinking of that idea.

Then Alan breaks into a run towards the stairs (they have yet to figure out how the lifts work) towards Atlantis’s control chair room with several troopers, engineers and scientists following in his wake.

Atlantis’s Control Chair Room

As Alan Turning sits in Atlantis control chair, it recognises his ATA gene and tilts back and activates, Alan’s sole thought is ‘surface, surface, surface’, after a few moments nothing seems to happen, then suddenly there are a series of loud metallic “thuds” as the ‘clamps’ that hold Atlantis to the seabed are released.

Atlantis begins to rise, slowly at first then at a much quicker pace, Atlantis re-surfaces after 10,000 years underwater, a few minutes later the last AEM fails, the city is plunged into darkness Atlantis now has no shield protecting it so beaming into Atlantis will now not pose a problem.

Additional personnel begin to beam from HMS Courageous into the tower area almost immediately after the city’s shields has failed and the last AEM has been depleted.

Onboard HMS Courageous in orbit, Commodore Timms smiles that Atlantis has surfaced safely then he asks the Asgard on the bridge if three AEM’s can be, released, for powering up Atlantis the Asgard agrees to Commodore Timms request.

A short time later, with one trooper carrying the three AEM’s in a container and another six as guards, all seven are beam directly into Energy Module Room in addition Alan Turning is beamed from the chair room to the Energy Module Room (walking is boring!).

Energy Module (ZPM) Room

Energy Module Room, this is a room in Atlantis located at the base of the central tower, which contains a hub into, which up to three Ancient Energy Modules can be, inserted in order to provide power to the city. The AEMs channel their energy into the main power conduits their power output can be, manipulated from a pair of consoles near the device or from the control room.

As Alan approaches the ‘power hub’, it is similar to the ‘hub’ that the Ancient Outpost that was transported to Heliopolis, though this ‘hub’ seems to take three AEM’s and is bigger than the Outposts one on Heliopolis. Though it looks as though how you swap out an AEM is similar, Alan pushes down on one of the now drained AEM’s this then lowly rises out of its ‘hub’.

Alan then removes the dead AEM from its ‘slot’ and replaces it with one of the fully powered AEM’s (from the Asgard) and then pushes it into the hub. Once in the city begins to power back up again (with Alan giving the ok to power up the city), Alan repeats the process for the two other dead AEM’s.

Atlantis once again has full power of three AEM’s the city’s shield once again activates automatically once it has power again the shield is quickly shut down from the control room.

Picking up his radio from his belt, Alan says, “Turing to Courageous, Atlantis is powered up again, you can bring down the rest of the personnel and their equipment.”

Over the radio Commodore Timms replies, “Understood will start beaming right away and congratulation Alan.”

With a smile on his face Alan says, “Thanks, Turing out.”

The rest of the day will be spent bring down the rest of the personnel and equipment from Courageous and staying within the area on the control tower, as they do not yet have enough personnel to begin exploring the city properly.

By the end of the day, the ‘only’ short-term problem that remains is that the Stargate refuses to dial Heliopolis the Asgard will find that the Stargate is locked out. The Stargate was locked when the ancients left Atlantis with the only Stargate that Atlantis could dial was Earth and the Earth Stargate could dial Atlantis.

On the 12th April 1988, the Asgard begin to attempt to break the Stargate’s lockout so that they can dial Heliopolis, though what the Asgard (or Project Phoenix scientists/engineers) do not realise is that they could dial Earth and that Earth could dial Atlantis!

On the 15th April 1988, they Atlantis expedition discovers the ‘Gate Ships’ [Authors Note: Puddle Jumpers], they also find that only personnel with the ATA gene can fly these ships, once contact is make with Heliopolis gene research will be urged to be given the highest probity, both on Heliopolis and Earth. This will allow Project Phoenix personnel in the future to receive gene therapy to allow them to use ancient technology, this will also speed up they activating of tech on Atlantis, as the limited number of personnel with the ATA gene will not have activate the tech so they other without the ATA gene can study it.

This is also one of the other reasons why exploring Atlantis is taking so long, the other one being more personnel are needed from Heliopolis, if the Asgard are unable to get the Stargate to work by the end of May, then Courageous will be sent back to get more personnel and equipment and report on what they have found.

If this happens Atlantis’s shield will be raised and kept raised until Courageous returns, as they have sufficient AEM’s to keep the city’s shields raised continuously over the next few months.

On the 16th April 1988, in Atlantis they discover shuttle sized ships which they name ‘gateships’ as they are designed to travel through Stargate’s. These gateships feature retractable thrusters that allow them to travel through a Stargate, as well as powerful Drone weapons for self-defence and a cloaking device to avoid detection. They are operated via neural interface, the ATA gene is required to activate and pilot the ship. The technology of the biggest interest in these gateships is the neural interface, as this has possibilities for military use back on Earth if they can reverse engineer it with current Earth technology.

On the 30th April 1988, the Atlantis expedition makes a shocking discovery a message left behind by the ancients of a dangerous foe in the Pegasus Galaxy, in the a room with a holographic recording by an Ancient, telling the history of Atlantis from 10,000 years ago...

Melia, a member of the Council, left this message for anybody who might rediscover Atlantis in the future the message states, “...in the hope of spreading new life in a galaxy where their appeared to be none. Soon the new life grew, prospered. Here we built a system of Stargate’s starting a network of civilizations, which travel between the stars, exchange knowledge and friendship. In time, a thousand worlds bore the fruit of life in this form. Then one day our people stepped foot on a dark world where a terrible enemy slept. Never before had we encountered beings with powers that rivalled our own. In our overconfidence, we were unprepared and outnumbered. The enemy fed upon defenceless human worlds like a great scourge, until finally only Atlantis remained. This city's great shield was powerful enough to withstand their terrible weapons, but here we were besieged for many years. In an effort to save the last of our kind, we submerged our great city into the ocean. The Atlantis Stargate was the one and only link back to Earth from this galaxy, and those who remained used it to return to that world that was once home. There the last survivors of Atlantis lived out the remainder of their lives. This city was left to slumber, in the hope that our kind would one day return.”

This is not the message that they had hoped to hear that the ancients (about a dangerous enemy in this galaxy), this will be reported back to the Milky Way Galaxy as soon as the Stargate ‘lock out’ to Heliopolis has been disabled by the Asgard.

Alan makes a decision that they should keep to this system and not even start to explore that rest of this galaxy until they have established a Stargate link to Heliopolis, to inform the leadership of what they have discovered, Commodore Timms agrees with this decision.

The three additional AEM’s are transported to the AEM room (with the Asgard’s approval) with strong security around this room, along with the control room and chair room.

May 1988

On the 1st May 1988, on Heliopolis everyone is wondering if the Atlantis expedition has actually found Atlantis they will have to wait until June to find out the answer to that question, until they do it is ‘business as usual’ on Heliopolis.

On the 15th May 1988, after more than 8 years of fighting, the Red Army begins withdrawing from Afghanistan. The UK government has been covertly providing older versions of shoulder launched SAM’s for use against Soviet helicopters and low flying jets, though the US has been the biggest contributor to the fight against the Soviets.

On the 27th May 1988, Microsoft releases Windows 2.1 Windows software will be included on all Acorn computers including those that are part of Acorn computers government contracts.

June 1988

On the 2nd June 1988, President Ronald Reagan of the United States of America makes a visit to Britain. During the visit President Reagan is impressed at the level of technological achievement that the UK has managed since world war 2 this reaffirms his belief that the US should not spy on the UK, like his VP wishes to do.

On the 10th June 1988, a neural interface research program on Atlantis (though will be moved to Heliopolis then Earth) is set up with the code name ‘Firefox’, it is, hoped to develop a thought-controlled weapons system for combat jets.

On the 11th June 1988, Wembley Stadium hosts a concert featuring stars from the fields of music, comedy and film, in celebration of the 70th birthday of imprisoned ANC leader Nelson Mandela.

On the 15th June 1988, the IRA in Lisburn kills five British soldiers those IRA killers that are found by the unconventional forces will never see on Earth again and will be imprisoned off world.

On the 16th June 1988, the first test flight of a gateship is conducted, this fight is HMS Courageous hanger bay and then back down to Atlantis, after sitting for 10,000 years the gateships flight encounters no problems.

On the 20th June 1988, it is discovered by Alan Turing that the city complement of ‘drones’ as they will be called has virtually been depleted, with only a dozen or so left.

By the 29th June 1988, of the gateship’s that the Atlantis Expedition has discovered nine of the gateship’s is operational, the rest need various forms of maintenance.

On the 30th June 1988, the Asgard finally manage to remove the lockout to Heliopolis, the Stargate is dialled and connection made, with the correct codes being sent and confirmation received back before anyone goes through the Stargate.

For the past two months, exploration of Atlantis has been very limited this is due to the limited number of military and civilian personnel available to conduct a proper search of Atlantis contact with Heliopolis will now allow more personnel to be, assigned to Atlantis.

The leadership of Project Phoenix is both amazed and frightened by the discovery of Atlantis debriefings will take many weeks, though now that a Stargate connection has been made this process will be relatively easy. The exploration of the whole city will take many years (for a basic survey) this is, considered priority, rather than sending teams out to explore the Pegasus Galaxy.

For now, the Atlantis expedition will remain in Atlantis and not venture out to the surrounding planets of the Pegasus Galaxy, unless something very important crops up (and it will)...

July 1988

On the 1st July 1988, Project Phoenix leadership agree that additional personnel be sent to Atlantis, this will bring the ‘population’ of Atlantis up to just over 1,000, as this is all the personnel Project Phoenix leadership can spare. In the longer term personnel will be withdrawn from Abydos and be, sent to Atlantis, this will greatly reduce Project Phoenixes presence on Abydos, but for a while now Abydos has been of secondary importance to Project Phoenix.

Atlantis is considered much more important than Abydos, for obvious reasons.

On the 6th July 1988, Piper Alpha disaster oilrig in the North Sea explodes and results in the death of 167 workers, RAF Rotodyne helicopters are heavily involved in rescue operations, due to their long endurance compared to normal helicopters

On the 21 July 1988, the population of Abydos have noticed that the numbers of ‘strangers’ has been greatly reduced, these ‘strangers’ are now solely concentrated around the Great Pyramid.

On the 28th July 1988, Paddy Ashdown, MP for Yeovil in Somerset, is elected as the first leader of the Social and Liberal Democratic Party, due to his background and knowledge of Project Phoenix (via Special Forces and SIS work), unfortunately he will never become Prime Minister.

On the 31st July 1988, the first batch of additional personnel are sent to Atlantis via the Heliopolis Stargate, this is possible as the Asgard have inked an AEM to the Stargate to give the power boost that is needed.

With this, first batch of personnel goes three additional AEM’s, which have been provided by the Asgard for Atlantis, even though Atlantis, has six already (three in use plus three spares), this will give Atlantis a total of six spares.

It will take many months to transfer over a thousand personnel and their equipment via the Stargate to Atlantis, though it will be worthwhile for everyone.

The Asgard has also promised once there war with the replicators is over to provide one of their warships to protect Atlantis.

August 1988

On the 1st August 1988, at Woomera, Australia it is announced that a space station will be built in orbit, this space station (as yet unnamed) will be used to conduct many scientific experiments including experiments paid for from private companies. The real goal of this space station is a first step to a mission to Mars, the space station will a jumping off point for this mission.

The Mars mission will only be announced once the space station is operational this will not be announced for at least ten years.

On the 19th August 1988, a truce begins in the Iran–Iraq War.

On the 20th August 1988, the Iran–Iraq War ends, with an estimated one million lives lost.

On the 29th August 1988, 14-year-old Matthew Sadler becomes Britain's youngest international chess master, due to negative background checks he will not be considered for Project Phoenix.

On the 31st August 1988, the population of Atlantis is slowly expanding the full complement of scientist, engineers and troops are expected to reach full strength sometime in early 1989.

September 1988

At the beginning of September 1988, the area of the control tower has been secured, including the living areas, though the rest of the city remains unexplored until the Atlantis expedition has received the extra personnel that have been assigned.

On the 1st September 1988, Apophis’s military forces are now growing at an alarming rate even the other members of the System Lords are worried at the growing size of Apophis’s forces the other System Lords are starting to see Apophis as a threat to them. This not just down to their own paranoia but several minor Goa'uld in the service of Anubis have been ‘suggesting’ that this could be a power play to eliminate the other major System Lords and take control of the galaxy for himself.

This is all untrue Apophis is merely reacting to the attacks against his territory by Project Phoenix, though now these attacks seem to have stopped Apophis continues to build up his military forces in anticipation of further attacks by Project Phoenix.

On the 12th September 1988, Hurricane Gilbert devastates Jamaica it turns towards Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula 2 days later, causing an estimated $5 billion in damage. The Royal Navy task force in the area follows Hurricane Gilbert once it has cleared Jamaica this Royal Navy task force immediately begins humanitarian work to assist the government and people of Jamaica.

On the 22nd September 1988, the Ocean Odyssey drilling rig suffers a blowout and fire in the North Sea, again Rotodyne are there to offer rescue/assistance.

On the 29th September 1988, STS-26 NASA resumes space shuttle flights, grounded after the Challenger disaster, with Space Shuttle Discovery.

On the 30th September 1988, a Gibraltar jury decides that the 3 IRA members killed on the 6th March were killed “lawfully”, though with the evidence presented no other outcome could have happened.

October 1988

On the 1st October 1988, on Atlantis, work begins to pump out the water of the flooded parts of the city, with the pumps being sent through the Stargate in dissembled form. This means that the pumps have to be reassemble and set to work this is a very involved and time-consuming process, it will be several years before the city is once again water free.

On the 2nd October 1988, on Atlantis, the city’s shield is tested and found to be fully functional even after 10,000, the Asgard are more amazed at this than the Project Phoenix personnel are. This test proves that the city’s shield can be, used to defend against any potential attack from the Wraith until more warships or defence can be put in place.

On the 5th October 1988, in Omaha, Nebraska, in the only vice presidential debate of the 1988 presidential election, the Republican vice presidential nominee, Senator Dan Quayle of Indiana, insists he has as much experience in government as John F. Kennedy did when he sought the presidency in 1960. His Democratic opponent, Senator Lloyd Bentsen of Texas, replies, “Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy.” The audience response to Sen. Bentsen's remark is overwhelmingly positive.

On the 9th October 1988, Labour MP and Shadow Chancellor John Smith, 50, is hospitalised with a heart attack in Edinburgh, no Project Phoenix technology will be used to help him, as this would involve to many security risks.

On the 18th October1988, Jaguar unveils its new Jaguar XJ220 supercar at the Motor Show. It is set go into production in 1990, costing £350,000 and being the world's fastest production car with a top speed of 220 mph.

On the 28th October 1988, British Rail announces an 11% rise in the cost of long distance season tickets to pay for the ongoing modernization programs.

On the 31st October 1988, on Heliopolis, the questioning of the Tok'ra, Jolinar of Malkshur has all but finished, most agree that the Tok'ra, though no one can see to figure out what to o next.

November 1988

On the 4th November 1988, Margaret Thatcher presses for freedom for the people of Poland on her visit to Gdansk, with the UK now pressing the Soviet Union the various Polish trade unions seem to feel more empowered by Thatcher’s statement.

On the 9th November 1988, the UK government unveils plans for a new identity card scheme in an attempt to clamp down on football hooliganism this identity card scheme will never get far.

On the 15th November 1988, in the Soviet Union, the un-manned, Shuttle Buran is launched by an Energia rocket on her maiden orbital spaceflight (this was the first and last space flight for the shuttle). With the collapse of the Soviet Union within a year’s time the former Soviet space program will be cut back with Shuttle Buran being one of the first cuts.

On the 22nd November 1988, in Palmdale, California, the first prototype B-2 Spirit stealth bomber is revealed, the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber is a development of the notes that remained from the crashed Asgard scout ship after the Asgard recovered the ship and the crew remains.

On the 30th November 1988, a government report reveals that up to 50,000 people in Britain may be HIV positive, and that by the end of 1992 up to 17,000 people may have died from AIDS. It is, hoped that is the Earth based version of Beta-Cantin once it has been reverse engineered, will be able to slow the effects of AIDS, though it is unlikely to be a cure.

By the end of November 1988, Heliopolis is suffering shortages in personnel even though the population of Heliopolis is now well over 900,000 (the majority of the population are permanent residents), the ceasing production of the Black Prince class warships has helped a bit, though only in the short term. With the discovery of the lost city of the ancients, this will draw more personnel to study this city away from Heliopolis and other research projects.

In light of this most off world exploration ceases, allowing personnel to be, focused on key areas, such as the Atlantis expedition protecting Heliopolis and to a lesser extent Abydos, along with Camelot. Camelot is considered as important as Atlantis, though if push came to shove Atlantis would be ahead of Camelot.

Of all, the off world sites Abydos suffers the most cut backs, as the planet is now considered secondary (even less) by Project Phoenix, the search of the secret chamber inside the secret chamber is abandoned, the plans to install the orbital defence satellites is also abandoned.

This reduction of Project Phoenixes presence on Abydos will have long-term consequences for both Abydos and Project Phoenix.

By the end of November 1988, with most of the tower area surveyed, though this is not a detailed survey, nothing has been touched until a detailed survey has been done this is standard procedure for Project Phoenix.

December 1988

On the 1st December 1988, William Whitelaw resigns as Head of Project Phoenix (due to health problems) and recommends that Dr Victoria Phillips succeed him as Head of Project Phoenix. This will have to be put to the four member countries (the Committee of Four) for approval early next year, until then Dr Phillips will remain acting Head of Project Phoenix.

On the 6th December 1988, the shipbuilding facilities on Wearside, the largest shipbuilding area in the world, are to expand their workforce creating another 2,400 jobs.

On the 10th December 1988, James W. Black wins the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine jointly with Gertrude B. Elion and George H. Hitchings “for their discoveries of important principles for drug treatment”.

By the 15th December 1988, unemployment across the UK continues to fall including those new additions to the UK.

On the 21st December 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 explodes over the Scottish town of Lockerbie, Dumfries and Galloway and kills a total of 270 people including all 259 who were on board. It is, believed that the cause of the explosion was a terrorist bomb. All police and security service agencies begin a joint investigation into who carried out this attack, the British military go on heightened state of alert.

This high state of alert will not be down to normal levels for many months.

On the 31st December 1988, a UK government report reveals that the new ‘Internet’ is spreading very rapidly across the UK this is boosted because of BT new digital exchanges that will be able to offer a fast Internet service of 1mbps from the beginning.

Project Phoenix, Warship Order of Battle

HMS Defiance is currently in reserve being, refitted as a test ship.

HMS Courageous is not assigned to any squadron, operates independently, currently assigned to the lost city of the ancients.

First Cruiser Squadron

HMS Black Prince (Squadron & Fleet flagship)
HMS Resistance
HMS New Zealand
HMS Tiger
HMS Royal Oak
HMS Hood
HMS Canada
HMS Australia

Second Cruiser Squadron

HMS Mountbatten (Squadron flagship)
HMS Lion
HMS Magnificent
HMS Bonaventure
HMS Vampire
HMS Vendetta
HMS Illustrious
HMS Indomitable

Third Cruiser Squadron

HMS Implacable (Squadron flagship)
HMS Indefatigable
HMS Valiant
HMS Churchill
HMS Conqueror
HMS Victorious
HMS Drake
HMS Canterbury

Forth Cruiser Squadron

HMS Endeavour
HMS Otago
HMS Te Kaha
HMS Te Mana
HMS Wellington
HMS Achilles

The next part will be Interlude II were Project Phoenix etc is at as off the 1st January 1989...

To be continued.
46. Interlude II

Project Phoenix as of 1st January 1989

Since its inception in 1930, the security and paranoia surrounding Project Phoenix to the current point were discussing Project Phoenix outside of a carefully chosen ground of Earth based people (mostly the Prime Ministers, most senior Civil Servants and defence chief of the four Project Phoenix member countries) it is not discussed at all. If any documentation is released (for Earth based research etc) then all references to Project Phoenix are removed, just in case.

Even today the leadership of Project Phoenix are surprised that nothing about Project Phoenix has leaked out, after all secrecy is Project Phoenixes best defence, no one wants this level of secrecy to change. Especially the politicians (the Prime Ministers of the four Project Phoenix member countries) as they do not want to try to be the ones to explain this to the public as no one is sure how the public would react, much better the keep is quiet.

The other three countries of Project Phoenix, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are befitting from this project, not only economically, but also technologically these countries including the UK are starting to feel the beginnings of the internet boom that is about to his the planet. No one wishes to share Project Phoenix and as it needs all four countries to agree to another country joining Project Phoenix and so far, no other country has been suggested to join Project Phoenix.

Leaders Project Phoenix

Head of Project Phoenix – Dr Victoria Phillips
Deputy Head of Project Phoenix – Alan Turing (also head of the Atlantis expedition)
Head of Research – Alan Turing
Deputy Head of Research – Seth (though this is purely honorary having no real authority in this post)
Head of Computer Research – Alan Turing
Head of Linguistics – Tom Oliver
Commander Royal Space Fleet – Rear Admiral James Goodworthy
Head of Military Operations and Security – Major General Hugh Walker
Deputy Head of Military Operations and Security – Brigadier Ewan Tenant
Commander of the Off World Exploration Regiment – Colonel James Macpherson
Asgard Observer – Hermiod (with an Asgard Warship in orbit Heliopolis)

With the use of Goa'uld Sarcophagus and other medical advances, life spans for Project Phoenix civilian and military personnel have greatly been extended (though only those with the ATA Gene a very small number will have their youth restored), allowing them to occupy their posts for much longer than normal.

Project Phoenix, Warship Order of Battle

HMS Defiance is currently in reserve being, refitted as a test ship.

HMS Courageous is not assigned to any squadron, operates independently, currently assigned to the lost city of the ancients.

First Cruiser Squadron

HMS Black Prince (Squadron & Fleet flagship)
HMS Resistance
HMS New Zealand
HMS Tiger
HMS Royal Oak
HMS Hood
HMS Canada
HMS Australia

Second Cruiser Squadron

HMS Mountbatten (Squadron flagship)
HMS Lion
HMS Magnificent
HMS Bonaventure
HMS Vampire
HMS Vendetta
HMS Illustrious
HMS Indomitable

Third Cruiser Squadron

HMS Implacable (Squadron flagship)
HMS Indefatigable
HMS Valiant
HMS Churchill
HMS Conqueror
HMS Victorious
HMS Drake
HMS Canterbury

Forth Cruiser Squadron

HMS Endeavour
HMS Otago
HMS Te Kaha
HMS Te Mana
HMS Wellington
HMS Achilles
HMS Ajax – to be completed 1990
HMS Leander – to be completed 1990

Courageous Class (under construction)

HMS Glorious – to be completed 1990
HMS Furious – to be completed 1990

Courageous Class (Future Names along with Estimated Launch Dates)

HMS Mary Rose - due to be completed 1994
HMS Henry Grace à Dieu - due to be completed 1994
HMS Nelson - due to be completed 1998
HMS Temeraire - due to be completed 1998
HMS Agincourt - due to be completed 2002
HMS Minotaur - due to be completed 2002

Future Warships

New Heavy Cruiser Class

The Scorpion class heavy cruiser is sleeker looking than its predecessor (the Black Prince class), with some of the ‘look’ taken from the Asgard warships, the Achilles class will be less ‘chunky’ and has a more streamlined look, this class will be fitted with various technological improvements.

Scorpion Class heavy cruiser names

HMS Scorpion – class lead
HMS Wivern
HMS Swiftsure
HMS Superb
HMS Leander
HMS Neptune
HMS Orion
HMS Polyphemus
HMS Ottawa

Battleship Class

A battleship class warship has been on the cards for a while, though the design has yet to be finalised, however the class and initial batch of class names for this battleship have already been decided. There is no date for when the first of these Dreadnought class battleships will begin construction, though the size of these battleships will be larger than the previous Courageous Class battle cruisers.

HMS Dreadnought (class name)
HMS Victory
HMS Britannia
HMS Agamemnon
HMS Devastation
HMS Thunderer

All capital spaceships (whatever class) will have the HMS prefix rather than their individual countries prefix, as joint crews from all four countries operate all warships. A warship will be commanded by an officer and crewed by a combination from any of these four countries it was agreed at the start of warship construction that the HMS prefix would be used rather than individual countries prefixes.

Hurricane Class Fighters

The Osprey Class Fighters have been replaced by the Hurricane Class fighters all squadrons now operate this multi-role fighter including these three bases on Earth each operating a single squadron. Production of the Hurricane Class fighter is ongoing, with a replacement for the Hurricane Class fighter already in the early stages of development.

RAF Barra – 907 Squadron x12 fighters
Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Woomera air base – 908 Squadron x12 fighters
Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Nunavut air base – 909 Squadron x12 fighters

Fox class Shuttle Squadrons

The Fox class shuttles are assigned to warships as and when needed, there are no permanent shuttles assigned to an individual warship as the shuttles are on rotation, these shuttles are the ‘work horses’ in this area for Project Phoenix no Fox class shuttle is fitted with a hyperdrive.

The number of Fox class produced to date is just over 5,000 (with 4,000 of that number operational) of all sub classes and spares in addition as Fox shuttles ware out they are replaced by new builds rather than trying to extended their operational life.

RAF Barra

RAF Barra not only has a squadron of Hurricane fighters based there, but is also the main base for Canberra aircraft and six of these Vengeance recon aircraft fitted with Goa'uld based sensors this base now also has a large underground bunker complex hold the Earth Stargate. This makes RAF Barra the main route off world to Heliopolis, no other world is dallied from RAF Barra except for Heliopolis, also any other world that might dial in whether or not they have clearance the iris shield will not be deactivated (though this has never happened – yet), this is for security.

Apart from operating from RAF Barra these recon aircraft fitted with Goa'uld sensors will also operate from Woomera air base and Nunavut air base, giving the four member countries of Project Phoenix unparalleled recon information from the mid to late 1970s onwards.

Energy Weapons



The Zat'nik'tel used by Project Phoenix have been captured from Jaffa in battle, there are about 2,000 Zat'nik'tel available, there are no plans to produce additional Zat'nik'tel, as the EP-1 is considered a better pistol for production.

About fifty Zat'nik'tel are securely stored at RAF Barra for use in certain emergencies only will these Zat'nik'tel be released for use and then only to trained and approved personnel.

Energy Pistol (EP-1)

Project Phoenix has been able to copy most of the Ancient energy pistol with exception of the Power Crystal this part is proving impossible to copy. However, Seth has fitted a Staff Weapon energy cell into the grip, this allows the pistol to work, even this is not a perfect solution, as the Staff Weapon energy cell cannot provide enough power that the Power Crystal could.

The Asgard has refused to copy the Power Crystal as this falls under the same reasoning as the Ancient Energy Module, though the Asgard are manufacturing the Ancient Energy Module from themselves and limited numbers for Project Phoenix (three so far two for HMS Courageous and one for the outpost as a spare).

This has led to the Staff Weapon energy cell having a very limited life compared to the Power Crystal the Staff Weapon energy cell only allows fifty kill shots or one hundred stun shots before depletion, the Power Crystal gives over one hundred times the number of shots before it is drained.

Even with these limitations these first generation Energy Pistols (EP-1) are more powerful than a Staff Weapon or even an ER-3, with limited production already commencing on these EP-1s.

There currently about 1,000 EP-1 have been manufacture though production is still very low and ongoing, as the EP-1 is difficult to manufacture this will keep the numbers of this weapon low compared to the number of the ER-3 that have been produced.


Energy Rifles, Mark 1 (ER-1) – rebuilds of Staff Weapons – out of service - 1955

Energy Rifles, Mark 2 (ER-2) – new builds of the ER-1 design, schematics and build instructions provided by the Goa'uld Seth, out of service - 1958

Energy Rifles, Mark 3 (ER-3) – are new builds, schematics and build instructions done by Project Phoenix personnel based on the ER-2, they have the look of the EM-2 rifle, entered service 1954. There are over 500,000 ER-3 that have been manufactured so far with production is still ongoing, with replacements for older and worn out ER-3 being produced along with the energy cell production running at 5,000 per month this has allowed a surplus of energy cells to be built up on Heliopolis.

The current Energy Rifle Mark 3 Block 15 are the ones currently in production (8,500 produced to date), these Block 15 have had minor improvements such as sights, improved power cell, these improvements with each new ‘Block” gives a slightly better ER-3.

Energy Rifles are stored off world and not used on Earth.

Energy Cannons

These weapons are referred to as Energy Cannons Mark 2 (EC-2), during 1946 further EC-2s are produced these are initially mounted singly however the rate of fire is very slow. This leads to the EC-2s being mounted in pairs, with the two cannons alternating, thus giving a higher rate of fire.

Energy Cannons Mark 2 internal ‘battery/power cell’ gives the EC-2 a limit of 1,000 shots, however if connected to an external power supply, then the amount of shots an EC-2 is virtually unlimited.

The EC-2 is the most widely produced Energy Cannon work on an improved EC-1 is underway.

The Heavy Energy Cannon Mark 2 (HEC-2), the HEC are used on all class of capital warships. These second generation HECs are more than upgraded Energy Cannons, they are a different design, this design has required Seth’s help to research but it has been worth it. The firepower of these second generation HECs is slightly greater than the firepower of a Ha’tak’s main weapons, when firing.

HMS Courageous operates a power-boosted version of HEC-2 that can operate for short periods at several hundred percent above normal, greatly increasing the hitting power of this variant of the HEC-2.

Energy Cannon Variants are as follows

EC-2 twin mount x2 mounted on Hurricane class fighters
EC-2 quad mount for use for ground defence and used onboard HMS Defiance along with Black Prince and Courageous classes of warships.

HMS Defiance along with the Black Prince and Courageous classes of warships uses HEC-2.

Gatling Energy Cannon (Six barrels) GEC-2

The Gatling Energy Cannon Mark 2 (GEC-2) is also being looked at, with six EC-1s strapped together looking like an over sized Gatling gun, though the barrels to not rotate. Instead, the first cannon fires followed by the second then the third and so on to the six cannon and then back to the first this gives the highest rate of fire, several thousand energy bolts per minute.

These Gatling Energy Cannons are mounted inside automated defence satellites, with several hundred now in orbit around Heliopolis, plans to put them in orbit around Abydos have been shelved.

Off World Planetary Commands


Heliopolis has been steadily expanding since its discovery in 1930, the current population is currently just over 900,000 personnel (both military and civilian, this number also includes those off world teams based on Atlantis and Abydos) this number is set to continue to expand, as the facilities expand on Heliopolis. The extra personnel (both military and civilian) are coming from the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, with many of these personnel making Heliopolis their permanent home.

Most of the population are listed as permanent residents they both work and live in the growing number of ‘mini city’s’ across the surface of Heliopolis, other personnel work a six-month tour of duty then return to Earth for six months off. The personnel that do return to Earth is only a few hundred every six months, as the majority are permanent residents and have little or no ties back on Earth, after all that is why they were selected.

The status of permanent resident means that they have chosen never to return to Earth and make Heliopolis their home, these people have severed all Earth based links. These permanent residents already make up the bulk of the population of Heliopolis along with those born on Heliopolis (several thousand strong) ranging from those that are newly born through primary school to secondary school and those who are adults (over 18 years of age). Those that are born on Heliopolis are quite literally growing in numbers, as they will have a better standard of education and living than they ever would have on Earth.

In addition, those personnel that have retired from Project Phoenix can take up permanent residence on Heliopolis (some in the future will move to Camelot), as there is plenty of room to expand these retired personnel usually grow their own food. These retired personnel transfer any surplus food they have to Heliopolis central supplies, in this way these small, but growing numbers of retired personnel can still contribute to Project Phoenix. Food production is now entering into large-scale agricultural production on Heliopolis this provides enough food for all personnel in addition a surplus is being produced, this is allowing a food reserve to be built up on Heliopolis.

The population of Heliopolis is very different to that of their ‘mother’ counties back on Earth, the population still believe in the British Empire they also believe that they should not interfere in other powers internal affairs. This none interference has come from the Asgard, as the Asgard do not interfere in the internal affairs of other races the Asgard merely offer advice, though if provoked the Asgard will retaliate against an aggressor. This does not mean that Project Phoienix is pacifist it does however mean that they will not interfere (much) with the Goa'uld (except for Apophis) unless attacked first, if Earth or Heliopolis are attacked the Asgard would intervene to help.

The defences in orbit and one the ground of Heliopolis have been growing very rapidly over the past few years, as construction of various research and manufacturing buildings have been completed. With a large number of quad EC-2 defence batteries scattered around the various key installations on the planet’s surface (along with the Defence Satellites), so far, Project Phoenix still occupies a very small part of Heliopolis near the castle, but with a whole planet, this can be expanded almost indefinitely.

In orbit, there are several satellites, which are used to forward ring transporter transmissions from one area of Heliopolis to another there are a growing number of vehicles on Heliopolis, used to transport either large amounts of personnel or cargo.. Though there are a large number of bicycles being produced, these are still unofficial though they are proving to be very popular with both the civilian and military personnel, so the leadership of Project Phoenix has ignored that these bicycles have no official sanction, as it is good for moral.

Main points of interest on Heliopolis (none Project Phoenix construction) are the Ancient Outpost and the Asgard Outpost, though the Asgard Outpost is off limits to Project Phoenix personnel, the Asgard maintain two ships in orbit, an Asgard Warship and a Science Vessel. These two vessels are the best defence against any attack by the Goa'uld the Goa'uld will keep their distance, as they do not want a war against the Asgard.

The number of Asgard based in the Heliopolis system never exceeds 500 there is also a number of Nox (about 100) also on Heliopolis are based exclusively at the Asgard Outpost helping the Asgard solve their cloning problem.

Finally in orbit are the two orbital dry-docks, with orbital dry-dock one – used to construct four black prince class warships and orbital dry-dock two – used to construct two courageous class warships and the refit/repair of warships.

Orbital dry-dock one will soon finish producing the last two Black Prince class warships then orbital dry-dock one will begin an overhaul and modernization.

Heliopolis Mining

Within the Heliopolis system there is a large asteroid field, this asteroid field has more than enough raw materials to fulfil the production needs of the factories on Heliopolis for decades or even centuries to come.

The Heliopolis asteroid field provides all the raw materials Project Phoenix will need for the next few hundred years.


Abydos is less developed than Heliopolis, with most of the effort being concentrated around the Pyramid the mining work on Abydos has all but ceased.

For the most part Abydos can be considered a secondary world, as this world has very little else, of interest for Project Phoenix as the leadership feels there is very little interest in this world. The Abydos command is around 1,000 personnel is a mix of military and civilian at the most though there are plans to reduce this to 500, based in and around the Pyramid.

The population of Abydos is well treated their conditions have improved over the decades with advances in mining techniques and medical help being made available. Project Phoenix has still not informed the local population that their God Ra was not really a god, as it is felt that there is no need to provoke the locals.

The population of Abydos stays clear of the Pyramid unless they are invited.


With the recent discovery of Atlantis, this has become the obsession of Project Phoenix, the Asgard and the Nox, though there are no Nox on Atlantis. With the exploration of the city still in its early stages, more personnel are due to be, sent, mostly coming from Abydos, the current population of Atlantis is just over 1,000, with another 500 personnel coming from Abydos in the near future.

To far the personnel of the Atlantis expedition have only barely scratch the surface of the Atlantis data base, it will take them decades just to summaries the data base and much longer to understand the knowledge (this will be much shorter for both the Nox and the Asgard).

In orbit above, Atlantis is HMS Courageous this ship has been assigned as ‘Guard Ship’ for Atlantis for the near future.

Ancient Energy Module

Off all the finds (except for Atlantis) the AEM [ZPM] has allowed Project Phoenix to achieve certain objectives much more quickly that they would without the AEM, even though the Asgard restrict the use of the AEM if an attack by say the Goa'uld, the Asgard would release more than enough AEM’s to equip all Project Phoenix warships.

So far a total of three have been supplied two for HMS Courageous and one for the ancient outpost on Heliopolis as a spare, this does not include the six currently supplied to Atlantis (three being, used to power Atlantis plus thee spare).

The Asgard and the Nox can produce almost unlimited numbers of these AEM’s for their own use, for the Asgard the AEM has swung the war against the replicators in their own galaxy. The Nox are pleased with the AEM as it makes there invisibility technology much more effective allowing them to remain hidden from ‘less advanced’ races.

Earth Based Defence Programs

This is a brief summary of some of the various UK defence programs.

TSR-2 – Eagle GR.4

With the Eagle being in production since 1966, with the RAF set to receive a total of 186 (not including attrition replacements), with Australia and Canada manufacturing 24 each and these two countries helping with export orders.

Both West Germany (later a united Germany) and Italy operate the Eagle (TSR-2) for 290 for the German Air Force and Navy and 90 Italian Air Force for a licence to manufacture the Eagle in their respective countries.

The Royal Saudi Air Force is also starting to introduce the 96 Eagle GRs that they have purchased this will be enough numbers to keep production going well into the 1990s.

All these aircraft are either being upgraded or the countries that ordered are still receiving (either directly or license build) new builds of the latest variant of the Eagle.

Avro Arrow II

In the early 1990s, Australia would have 110 Avro Arrows (latest variant) either being delivered, constructed or on order, 24 Eagle GR.4s in service and 40 FRS3 Sea Harriers for Australia’s single carrier.

The Avro Arrow in RAF service will be initially known as the Arrow F1, with its primary task of air defence, the first Arrow F2 (to be upgraded to F3 standard) will be delivered from 1979, with a total of 160, the only other customer for the Arrow F1/F2/F3 etc will be the Royal Saudi Air Force.

With improved versions of the Avro Arrow planned, the Arrow will remain in production well into the 21st Century, as new versions are added to the various production lines in several countries replacing older versions.

Vengeance B.1

The RAF are the sole operators of the Vengeance B.1 bomber with a total of 100 being manufactured including prototypes, with 80 operational with the RAF, including a small number of reconnaissance versions, these will be known as the Vengeance R1. The plan is for the Vengeance will operate well into the early 21st century, with regular updates and overhauls, including a life extension program in the mid to late 1990s, whether this life extension will happen or not depends on the Cold War.


These are the various variants of the Harrier Program.

GR Versions (P.1127)

The first will be for the RAF, this will be the Harrier GR.1 the GR.1 will be followed by the updated GR.3, GR.5, GR.5 and GR.9. The GR series are subsonic close support aircraft these will be exported to the US as the AV series for the USMC (100+ aircraft) and will revive a series of upgrades during their lifetime.

The Harrier GR will get it biggest export customer from the US order for just over 100 harriers small by comparison to the Sea Harrier (P.1154) version sales.

Sea Harrier (P.1154) Variants

The next version is the Sea Harrier FRS.3, this is the supersonic carrier base version for the Royal Navy, and in addition, the Canadian and Australian navies will purchase the Sea Harrier, along with the Indian navy. Like, its GR cousin the Sea Harrier will also receive upgrades, along with new builds (early to mid 1990s onwards) when the airframe of the original Sea Harriers cannot be, updated.

The next version of the Harrier is an off shoot of the supersonic Sea Harrier FRS, this is the Harrier FGR, this version will differ from the Sea Harrier in being a none navalized version of the Sea Harrier designed for sales to countries that have no need for a carrier fighter. The removal of the equipment for operating a Sea Harrier from a carrier will make the Harrier FGR slightly cheaper than the Sea Harrier FRS.

One of the first countries to purchase the Harrier FGR (along with future upgrades) is Switzerland, the Swiss purchase 225 Harrier FGR, these harriers will be assembled in Switzerland, but built in Britain, the Swiss will however do the upgrades to the Harrier FGR.

The Harrier FGR (and future models) will become the sole fighter/bomber/ reconnaissance aircraft of the Swiss air force, as other aircraft are phased out.

The sale of 225 to Switzerland, will lead to a sale of 60 FGR’s to Finland in the early 1980s along with other orders from several countries.

Other countries will also purchase the Harrier FGR version, whether it is the Harrier FGR.1, the Harrier FGR.2, or other future versions of the harrier.

The harrier in all of its forms will remain in production well into the 21st Century.


The Nimrod, the Nimrod will comes in several versions, the first being the maritime patrol aircraft, the Nimrod MR1/MR2 (later the MR-4), with the major role being anti-submarine warfare (ASW), although it also had secondary roles in maritime surveillance and anti-surface warfare. With the additional to the UK, a further 10 Nimrod MR2 is purchased for the RAF to patrol those additions to the UK.

The RAF has received 40 of these Nimrod MR1/MR2 aircraft, the RAAF has purchase and licensed produced 21 and the RCAF has purchase and licensed produced 21 as well.

The next version being the Nimrod R1, for the signals intelligence role, replacing the Comet C2s and Canberra’s of No. 51 Squadron from May 1974 onwards. The Nimrod R1 is distinguished from the MR2 by the lack of a MAD boom at the rear of the aircraft.

The MoD will describe the Nimrod R1 as a “radar calibration aircraft”!

A total of 12 Nimrod R1’s will be built, with three of these Nimrod R1’s fitted with Goa'uld sensors and operated from RAF Barra along with the bases in Australia and Canada, as and when needed.

The final version of the Nimrod will be the Nimrod Airborne Early Warning (AEW) mission as a replacement for the Lancaster-derived, piston-engine Shackleton AEW.2 that was still in service in that role. This will become the Nimrod AEW.3, with the RAF getting thirty, the RAAF will purchase ten and the RCAF will purchase ten as well.

The Nimrod AEW.3 will evolve into the Nimrod airborne warning and control system (AWACS) this will become the Nimrod AEW.5 during the mid 1990s, later evolving into the Nimrod AEW.9 at the end of the 20th century.

Royal Navy

The four fleet carriers for the back bone of the Royal Navy with HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Prince of Wales, HMS Ark Royal and HMS Duke of York forming the core of any Royal Navy Task force. An air group for HMS Queen Elizabeth CV-01 consists of 32 supersonic Sea Harriers FRS3, 4 Rotodyne AEW3, 1 Rotodyne COD, 6 Westland Sea King HAS5 and 2 Westland Sea King HAS5 (SAR).

Australia has CV-05 HMAS Melbourne built in Australia and Canada has CV-06 HMCS Warrior built in the Canada. The Australian and Canadian carriers will have a similar air groups to that of the British carriers.

The Type 42 destroyer has the Sea Dart missile system with 30 missiles, the Type 42 destroyer will become the Sheffield Class guided missile destroyer. The Type 42 destroyer was chosen over the Type 82, as the Type 42 destroyer needs less crew and can carry a Lynx helicopter.

With a displacement of 5,350 tons and a length of 141.1 meters (462.8 feet) a beam of 16.1 meters (49 feet) and a draught of 5.8 meters (19 feet), with the ability to carry a Lynx helicopter.

The first five ships of the Batch 1 will only be fitted with Sea Dart, the planned fit of the lightweight Sea Wolf system cannot be done, as this system will not be ready until the late 1970s. The Batch 2 (four ships) and the Batch 3 (four ships) will have the lightweight Sea Wolf system fitted during the construction, in light of lessons learned during the Falklands War of 1982.

Both Canada and Australia have four Type 42 destroyers each, locally built, these ships will operate a single Sea King instead of a Lynx helicopter Argentina also purchased two Type 42 destroyers, though without the lightweight Sea Wolf system. The New Zealand Navy also operates two Type 42 destroyers, along with six frigates.

Further sales of the Type 42 destroyers will prove to be elusive by the end of the 1980s attempts to sell the Type 42 destroyers to other countries have ceased.

The Royal Navy has 14 SSN’s operational a mix of Swiftsure class and Trafalgar I class along with the first of the improved Trafalgar II class, the Trafalgar II class will soon start to replace the older Swiftsure class.

The Royal Navy also has five SSBN’s of the Resolution class these will begin to be, replaced from 1992 onwards by the Vanguard class with an initial order for five this will be, reduced to four after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Australia Navy has eight Trafalgar I class and the Canadian Navy has eight Trafalgar I class SSN’s, the New Zealand Navy has no submarines.

The Type 23 frigate program, will build for the Royal Navy 50 (plus options) to replace all existing frigate types will one multirole frigate, Canadian Navy 24, the Australia Navy 24 and the New Zealand Navy 6 to replace all existing frigate types.


Sea Dart

Sea Dart began as Hawker Siddeley project CF.299, a weapon to replace the Royal Navy's first-generation long-range surface-to-air missile, Sea Slug. It entered service in 1975 on the Type 42 destroyers before widespread deployment with both Australia and Canada.

Sea Dart is a two-stage, 4.4 m long missile weighing 550 kg. It is launched using a drop-off Chow solid-fuelled booster that accelerates it to the supersonic speed necessary for the operation of the cruise motor, a Rolls-Royce kerosene-fuelled Hermiod ramjet. This gives a cruise speed of over Mach 2.5, and unlike many rocket powered designs the cruise engine burns for the entire flight, giving excellent terminal manoeuvrability at extreme range. It is capable of engaging targets out to at least 30 nautical miles (Sea Dart Mod 0) over a wide range of altitudes, this would later be increased with updated versions (Sea Dart Mod 1, 2 etc).

A land-based version is also on the cards, called Land Dart, this system is to replace the Bloodhound missiles protecting key UK military bases. Land Dart uses that same launcher that Sea Dart does the launcher and the missile magazine is buried under the ground so that only the twin launchers are seen on the surface. In all other respects there is no difference between Land Dart and Sea Dart missiles, this is a good cost saver in procurement of the Sea/Land Dart system.

The Land Dart system will begin to replace the Bloodhound missiles from the early 1980s all Bloodhound missiles have been, withdrawn from RAF service by the end of the 1980s.

Sea Wolf

The Sea Wolf missile system comes in three forms, the first a six round launcher, the second a four round lightweight launcher and the final version a VLS system.

The six-round launcher will only be fitted to the Type 22 frigates the four round lightweight launcher will be fitted to many vessels, such as the Type 42 destroyers, and the Queen Elizabeth class carriers.

The initial Sea Wolf missile system (GWS-25) will require a Type 910 fire control radar to guide the missiles to their target, however from the mid 1980s, a new updated version of the Sea Wolf missile system, known as the GWS 27. The GWS 27 will see the removal of the Type 910 fire control radar(s) as the GWS 27 does not need them the Sea Wolf missiles will be fire and forget type.

This new GWS 27 Sea Wolf missile system will be seen on the new Type 23 frigates introduced in 1989, along with the Type 42 destroyers having their Type 910 fire control radars removed or in the case of the new Type 23 frigates not needed.

The GWS 27 Sea Wolf missile system like its early variant will come in three forms, the first a six round launcher, the second a four round lightweight launcher and the final version a VLS system.

The GWS 27 Sea Wolf missile system will see many updates and improvements over the next few decades.

Sea Eagle Missile Family

The Sea Eagle missile originally is an anti ship missile, the Sea Eagle missile could be launched from a sub or a ship or from an aircraft.

The Eagle class missile family as it would become known as would also develop into a cruise missile, this Eagle class cruise missile would eventually be able to be launched from a submarine, aircraft, surface warship (when the Type 45 destroyers enter service), or from a four round truck mounted launcher.

This evolution would show the versatility of the Eagle class missiles family design.

The Sea Eagle anti-ship missile comes in three types, ship launched, sub launched and air launched.

The offshoot of the Sea Eagle anti-ship missile is the Eagle Land Attack Cruise Missile (E-LACM) and can also to be ship launched, sub launched and air launched, they are slightly different in having different ranges as another sub-variant, with the ranges being 250, 500 and 1,000 miles, depending of mission need.

The E-LACM will start to enter operational service at the end of 1989.

Westland Rotodyne

Of all Westland’s helicopters, the Rotodyne is the most successful in both the civil and military markets, as a heavy lift helicopter the Rotodyne has no direct competitor only the Boeing Chinook and the Mil-28 come close to the Rotodyne, though not completely.

The Westland continues to improve the design of the Rotodyne with improved engines rotor blades etc, as Westland is government owned therefore funding is not a problem, though as Westland is profitable, Westland has yet to ask the government for any money.

British Army

With the bulk of the British Army focused on containing the Warsaw Pack forces along with the other members of NATO, in West Germany. The British Army does have detachments of forces deployed to those new parts of the UK – Gibraltar, Malta and Chagos Islands (British Indian Ocean Territory), Grenada, Falkland Islands (including South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands), Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha and the British Virgin Islands. These British Army units also link into the local Territorial Army units, all these units operate the same basic equipment such as the EM-2, also known as the No.9 Mk7 (current version) firing the .280 round.

Next Part (47) back to the TL, during 1989, Project Phoenix will make the most startling discovery this will eclipse the discovery of Atlantis and surprise both the Nox and the Asgard!!!
47. 1989

It's a funny old world.” – Margaret Thatcher

January 1989

On the 4th January 1989, Gulf of Sidra incident (1989): Two Libyan MiG-23 “Floggers” are engaged and shot down by 2 US Navy F-14 Tomcats. If this had happened the Libyan Air Force jets would have had to deal with the latest version of the Sea Harrier FRS.2/3 (P.1154), fortunately for the Libyans the Royal Navy carrier group had moved on.

Also on the 4th January 1989, a memorial service is held for the 270 people who died in the Lockerbie air disaster two weeks ago. The Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and several other world political leaders are among more than 200 people present in the church service at Old Dryfesdale.

On the 5th January 1989, Dr Victoria Phillips is confirmed as Head of Project Phoenix there will be very little change with the exception of Alan Turning becoming Deputy Head of Project Phoenix. Alan Turning now has many ‘hats’, including Head of Computer Research, Head of Research and now Deputy Head of Project Phoenix along with leading the Atlantis expedition.

However, the Head of Computer Research and Head of Research day to day duties have been delegated to the various research team leaders Alan merely keeping an ‘overview’ of the various research projects his deputies are actually running these departments on a day to day basis.

Everyone at Project Phoenix assumes that once Dr Victoria Phillips steps down in the distant future that Alan Turing will become Head of Project Phoenix, though this is not likely to happen for several decades yet.

Leaders Project Phoenix

Oversight Committee – One member from each of the four member counties (UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand), that make up Project Phoenix Oversight Committee these four members deputise for each countries Prime Minister, Dr Phillips answers to this committee for all actions taken.

Head of Project Phoenix – Dr Victoria Phillips
Deputy Head of Project Phoenix – Alan Turing (also head of the Atlantis expedition)
Head of Research – Alan Turing (currently run by deputy – not Seth)
Deputy Head of Research – Seth (though this is purely honorary having no real authority in this post)
Head of Computer Research – Alan Turing (currently run by deputy)
Head of Linguistics – Tom Oliver
Commander Royal Space Fleet – Rear Admiral James Goodworthy
Head of Military Operations and Security – Major General Hugh Walker
Deputy Head of Military Operations and Security – Brigadier Ewan Tenant
Commander of the Off World Exploration Regiment – Colonel James Macpherson
Asgard Observer – Hermiod (with an Asgard Warship in orbit Heliopolis)

With the use of Goa'uld Sarcophagus and other medical advances, life spans for Project Phoenix civilian and military personnel have greatly been extended (though only those with the ATA Gene will have their youth restored), allowing them to occupy their posts for much longer than normal.

On the 20th January 1989, George H. W. Bush succeeds Ronald Reagan as the 41st President of the United States of America. President Bush will spend most of his time and effort focusing the attention of the NID on the UK and how the UK is advancing technologically, so fast, President Bush will achieve very little in this area in his four years in office.

By the 31st January 1989, Atlantis personnel complement is now up to full strength, exploring the city can now begin in earnest, though Atlantis can hold a population of in excess of 1 million, with Project Phoenix personnel only occupying a small proportion of Atlantis.

February 1989

On the 1st February 1989, a discovery is made that the last of what appeared to be the last of a series of Defence Satellites it is decided to send HMS Courageous to investigate this Defence Satellite.

On the 2nd February 1989, the last Soviet Union armoured column leaves Kabul, ending 9 years of military occupation.

On the 3rd February 1989, HMS Courageous arrives at the last of the Defence Satellite after a micro hyperspace jump and begins detailed scans of the Defence Satellite using the ships Asgard sensors, as per their agreement these scans will be, shared with Project Phoenix along with the Asgard and the Nox.

On the 4th February 1989, a project is started on the beam weapons of this last of the Defence Satellite are of great interest along with the capacitors that serve them, as these beam weapons can be copied by Project Phoenix engineers, as the technology is not that complicated. These beam weapons will differ from the ones on the Defence Satellite, for starters they will be smaller due to the need to fit them inside warships this will make them less powerful than the Defence Satellite ones.

This reduction in size will reduce their hitting power compared to the Defence Satellites beam weapons, though a full powered shot from the forward beam weapons fitted to a Heavy Cruiser for example would be sufficient to destroy a Goa'uld warship. The trade off will be a five minute recharge time for the capacitors to recharge for the next shot, this is due to the power coming from Project Phoenixes second generation Naquadah reactors.

However, HMS Courageous recharge time would only be, measured in seconds, thanks to her AEM, giving HMS Courageous a very powerful combat capability once she has been refitted with these beam weapons.

Production of these beam weapons will begin in 1990, though refitting the fleet will take many years, HMS Courageous will be the first ship to be refitted, those warships that are under construction or being completed will be, fitted out with the current HEC-2 and then refitted later.

The last thing that the crew of HMS Courageous before leaving this Defence Satellite will be to repair it and activate it with three of their small portable Naquadah reactors, this will give Atlantis an outer defence that no one knows that it is still active.

On the 5th February 1989, Sky Television begins broadcasting as the first satellite TV service in Britain, this date will be seen as the beginning of what will be referred to as the Digital Revolution across the UK, though initial uptake will be limited for the first few years this will grow.

On the 14thj February 1989, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini of Iran places a fatwa (order to kill) on author Salman Rushdie following the publication of his controversial book The Satanic Verses, which has caused outrage among the Islamic community. Salman Rushdie will receive round the clock protection for the rest of his life from both members of Special Branch and SI-5 to ensure that he is not murdered.

On the 23rd February 1989, the 27-year-old William Hague wins the Richmond by-election in North Yorkshire for the Conservative Party following the departure of Leon Brittan.

On the 24th February 1989, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini places a US $3-million bounty on the head of The Satanic Verses author Salman Rushdie. The security around Salman Rushdie in the UK is increased in response to this bounty surveillance of Iran by the UK intelligence services is also picked up.

On the 28th February 1989, Samuel ‘Sam’ Davis returns from Atlantis to see what has been going on at Heliopolis, Sam will not return to Atlantis for a while, as he will find something of interest on an off world mission.

March 1989

On the 2nd March 1989, on Atlantis pilot training for the gateship shuttles begins for those personnel with ATA gene, the number of gateship shuttles that are operational is currently 10 with three non operational. The Atlantis expedition has yet to find the underwater gateship shuttle bay when they do this will add another two none operational gateship shuttles to the Atlantis expedition inventory of gateships.

This training program will last several months (possibly years) as most people who have the ATA gene are not pilots to start with, until Project Phoenix has a way of allow the trained pilots access to the gateships (development of Gene therapy), this training program will remain in place.

On the 3rd March 1989, it is discovered that the gateships are equipped with cloaking devices this will give a useful edge if Project Phoenix decides to explore the rest of the Pegasus Galaxy and keep out of sight of the Wraith.

On the 7th March 1989, Iran breaks off diplomatic relations with the UK over Salman Rushdie's controversial book The Satanic Verses. The UK government puts Iran on its ‘watch list’ this will put Iran under intense surveillance, only the Soviet Union has a higher level of surveillance, the UK government will keep this information secret.

On the 12th March 1989, Project Phoenix makes a discovery of the location of the Sangraal, what they will find on this quest is much more important than the Sangraal, they will find Merlin. Back from Atlantis is Sam Davis, he has volunteered to go on the quest this has piqued his curiosity, as the Asgard will not be coming on this quest Sam is accepted due to his linguistic skill.

Leading this small team of eight troopers will be Captain Terry Thomas with Sam Davis being the only civilian, as this is considered a reconnaissance mission, not a full-blown research mission or assault mission, therefore a full section of 60 troopers along with support elements is considered a bit of a waist.

This experiment with smaller reconnaissance teams is the idea of Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith, as he has found the larger unit of 60 trooper/civilian scientist teams to ‘cumbersome’ for reconnaissance missions, with smaller teams able to move much more quickly. This has had the added benefit of Project Phoenix being able to do reconnaissance of more planets with these small teams, though the larger teams will still, be used for other larger operations.

These smaller reconnaissance teams will eventually, be used on Atlantis is the approval is ever given to begin exploration of the Pegasus Galaxy.

Sangraal Planet

On the planet where the sangraal is supposed to be, located Captain Thomas’s discovers a medieval-style village near the worlds Stargate, in the village they discover that there is a ‘Parchment of Virtues’ that will lead them to the sangraal. Rather than taking the Parchment of Virtues they merely take a copy of the parchment, once the copy has been taken they return the original to the village.

The Parchment of Virtues is a scroll left by Morgan Le Fay (Ganos Lal) as a guide to assist those who sought the legendary sangraal. It provided hints to complete the puzzles left by Morgan Le Fay in order to reach the chamber where the sangraal lay, and mentioned the need of five virtues, prudence, wisdom, charity, kindness, and faith. It also states that the sangraal will belong to he who speaks the name of the guardian (Ganos Lal), which is rumoured to be a dragon.

After getting past the five challenges of virtues, prudence, wisdom, charity, kindness, and faith they enter a chamber were a Dragon appears to protect the sangraal a glowing red pearl.

Before the Dragon can launch its attack Sam shouts, “Ganos Lal” and the Dragon disappears, looking at the other he says, “Well it was worth a try and it worked!”

After trying to grab the red pearl that appears to be al holograph, they are transported to what appears to be anther cave on what they will discover is another world.

Upon inspection of the cave, they find a frozen body with an inscription “Here lies Myrddin, archmage of the round”. Sam announces that the tests were not designed to protect the Sangraal they were designed to protect Merlin, who is in a stasis pod, who he believes that Merlin is the Sangraal!

Captain Thomas asks, “How do we get him out of this stasis pod.”

Sam who has been looking at the stasis pod replies, “Good question, this may take some time for me to figure out, you might as well make yourselves comfortable.”

Captain Thomas to his troops says, “You heard the man, take a seat”

Sam approaches the stasis pod to make a close examination of the stasis pod, as he touches the writing next to the stasis pod the stasis pod activates brining ‘Myrddin’ out of stasis. Sam is barely able to catch him in time with several of the troopers scrabbling to help Sam they move Myrddin to line down on the couch.

The medic briefly examines Myrddin but is unsure what to do for him, the medic assumes this could be, part of the way people come out of stasis, the medic suggests that they do not move him and let him rest.

Both Sam and Captain Thomas agree to this, as they do not have a better idea, this awakening process will start a process of Myrddin asking a few questions and receiving a long answer about what has happen while Myrddin has been in stasis.

The team watching Merlin observes a strange shift around them and one of the troopers advises that the team should come outside. Captain Thomas and Sam arrive outside and discover that they are now on a Snow Planet. Sam reasons that to keep one-step ahead of any pursuer, Morgan has programmed the gate to dial out every few hours and move the team from planet to planet on a network outside the standard gate network, this ‘planet jumping’ will continue until this can be shut down.

Several hours later, Merlin wakes up Sam offers Merlin some water that Merlin takes the water, Merlin then asks, “Who are you, how did you manage to get here?”

Captain Thomas says, “Sam I think that the explanations are going to take some time, I will leave you to it.”

Sam nods and begins the story of how they got here and whom they are and about Project Phoenix their linking up with the Asgard and the Nox (this bit of information comes as a surprise to Merlin), along with the recent discovery of Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy.

Sam concludes by saying, “The only problem we have now is getting you out of here and returning to Heliopolis.”

Merlin replies, “I can return you home, but I will not be going with you, you see I am dying I cannot do much about this, I would like to die here, after all this has been my home.”

Glancing at Captain Thomas, Sam says, “Well if that is your wish, but I am sure that the Asgard and Nox can help you, after all the Asgard cloning along with the Nox’s medical knowledge should be able to help you?”

Merlin thinks for several minutes and then lets out a deep breath and replies, “Very well I will come with and meet with the Asgard and the Nox.”

Sam helps Merlin get up and they all head slowly towards the Stargate to dial Heliopolis.

Heliopolis, Stargate Bunker

As the Stargate is activated the bunker personnel prepare for incoming, the officer in charge looks as the radio operator who says, “It is Captain Thomas’s team coming in.”

The officer says, “Very well, deactivate the Iris shield.”

The radio operator is still writing down the message says, “Sir, they say they have a living ancient with them, Captain Thomas requests that we inform the Asgard, urgently.”

The officer cannot believe what he is hearing, then a few moments later Captain Thomas’s team comes through the Stargate with another man in tow, an ancient (Merlin) the officer picks up the phone and makes the call.

For the first time the leadership is Project Phoenix is stung by indecision, the question on should they inform the Asgard and the Nox or not, fortunately Samuel Davis will make the correct decision for the leadership of Project Phoenix.

Asgard Research Outpost, Heliopolis

At the Asgard outpost Hermiod is discussing with his Nox counterparts the latest advances they have made in trying enhance the Asgard cloning problem, so far they have only managed to extent the Asgard cloning for another 100 years as a short term stop until a more permanent solution can be found.

The communication system buzzes this is a request by the humans to see Hermiod Hermiod silences the buzzer, as he will see what they want in his own good time. A second later is goes off again, again Hermiod silences the buzzer and again it goers off, looking at the diagnostic Hermiod calm tell that one of humans is holding down the communications crystal.

Hermiod is puzzled by this action, as the humans have never done this before Hermiod thinks for a few moments then activate the transporter to beam him straight to the meeting room were the communications crystal is located.

Heliopolis Meeting Room

Sam has had his hand on the communications crystal for several minutes now, as the leadership of Project Phoenix could not come to a decision about Merlin, so he made it for them. This is the only way he knows of getting the Asgard’s attention quickly, the guards in the room are a bit nervous as they think that this may upset the Asgard (they are wrong about that).

As Hermiod beams into the meeting room, he recognise Sam, in the Asgard language he asks Sam who the problem is, Sam’s reply is two words, “Living ancient” to this reply Hermiod jaw drops, if ever in his life was Hermiod surprised, it was now.

A few moments later, Hermiod remotely activates the Asgard transporter and both Hermiod and Sam beam to the Asgard outpost, Sam is the first human to see the inside of the Asgard outpost (he won’t say anything about this to anyone).

Around the room they have beamed into are a mix of Asgard and Nox working together, Hermiod says, “Sam can you tell those present what you told me.”

Sam replies, “We have a living ancient” that causes every Asgard and Nox to look at his causing Sam to blush slightly.

Hermiod asks for the background, for the next few minutes Sam gives a brief summary of what has happened, along with the medical state of the ancient and the name of the ancient, Merlin, also known as Moros former leader of Atlantis, though Sam does not know this.

Hermiod and Sam beam to the medical area were Merlin is being looked after as best as Project Phoenix can, for the next hour Hermiod talks in the language of the ancients to Merlin.

After several minutes Hermiod states, “We will take him to our base for proper treatment.”

The doctor in charge nods his head and both Merlin and Hermiod disappear in an Asgard transporter beam, it will be some time before anyone will find out how Merlin (Moros) is doing under the care of both the Asgard and the Nox.

Once Merlin is under medical care Hermiod informs the Asgard High Council of what these humans have found, the Asgard High Council is as shocked as Hermiod initially was, they instruct that Merlin is to be cared for and protected at all cost.

Though what Samuel Davis has done in by passing the leadership of Project Phoenix and going straight to the Asgard has annoyed Dr Phillips, Dr Phillips does support what Sam has done.

Project Phoenix has gained yet another IOU from the Asgard and one from the Nox, though they do not know this yet.

On the 20th March 1989, the IRA kills Chief Superintendent Harry Breen and Superintendent Bob Buchanan of the Royal Ulster Constabulary. Even with the crackdown and a number of IRA members that have been, covertly arrested moved off world and imprisoned for the rest of their lives, the IRA does not seem to have been slowed up by these actions, the Prime Minister orders that operations against the IRA must continue.

On the 23rd March 1989, Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann announce that they have achieved cold fusion at the University of Utah. After the claims were found to be un-reproducible, the scientific community determined the claims were incomplete, and inaccurate.

April 1989

By the 1st April 1989, the relation that Project Phoenix has with those friendly races in the Milky Way Galaxy is stable though one ace is still of concern to Project Phoenix a close eye is being kept on this race even though Project Phoenix has a trade deal with this race.

On the 2nd April 1989, HMS Defiance comes out of orbital dry-dock two, after being refitted with Project Phoenix designed shields and hyperdrive, along with various systems designed to monitor the testing of these systems.

HMS Defiance (Post Refit)

Length: 738.2 ft (225.0 meters)
Width: 262.5 ft (80.0 meters)
Height: 198.5 ft (60.5 meters)
Crew: 175
Passengers: up to 60 a mix of scientists and engineers monitoring the various systems
Sublight engines
Manoeuvring thrusters
Hyperdrive system: Project Phoenix Zeus class hyperdrive (Interstellar capable)
Power Core:
x4 second generation Naquadah reactors
Fuel: Naquadah
Shielding: Project Phoenix Olympus class shields
Two forward firing heavy energy cannons (HEC-2)
Two aft firing heavy energy cannons (HEC-2)
Twelve Quad energy cannons (EC-2) (x4 port, x4 starboard, x2 forward and x2 aft)
Four forward firing missile tubes (up to fifty missiles carried)
Carried Craft:
4 Fox class Shuttles
Cargo Capacity: 3,000 tonnes

HMS Defiance has now, been refitted with technology, design and developed by Project Phoenix by initially reverse engineering Goa'uld and from that point developing their own hyperdrive and shields for their capital ships if the Asgard had not offered their hyperdrive and shields the Project Phoenix design hyperdrive and shields would have come into service sooner.

As part of the refit it was decided that HMS Defiance not carry any fighters, instead extra shuttles be carried, after all six fighters are not much use for a test ship anyway.

The Zeus class hyperdrive is not as powerful or as capable as an Asgard hyperdrive, along with only being capable of interstellar travel within the Milky Way Galaxy and not to other galaxies, the Zeus class hyperdrive is slightly faster than a Goa'uld hyperdrive (though not by much).

The Olympus class shields are a development of the shields fitted to the Fox class shuttle, though these Olympus class shields are far more powerful than those fitted to mere shuttles. Though the Olympus class shields are much more powerful than Goa'uld shields like the hyperdrive they are no match for Asgard shields, they should however be a match for Goa'uld weapons fire (on a one to one basis).

Testing of these new hyperdrive and shields will take the next two years, though these systems will not, be fitted to any other warship apart from HMS Defiance, as these two systems will then begin to be improved at a slow pace.

The long-term plan is to fit the Olympus class shields and Zeus class hyperdrive as a backup system to each warship if the Asgard suddenly decides to withdraw (unlikely) there technology from Project Phoenix warships, these warships will not be, left dead in space. With so many other projects this project is progressing very slowly as other projects have a much higher priority.

Next year HMS Defiance will receive another mini refit to replace the HEC with the new beam weapons.

On the 4thApril 1989, in Brussels, Belgium, NATO celebrates its 40th anniversary.

On the 6th April 1989, National Safety Council of Australia chief executive John Friedrich is arrested after defrauding investors to the tune of £235 million.

On the 20th April 1989, NATO debates modernising short-range missiles although the UK and US are in favour, West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl obtains a concession deferring a decision.

On the 25th April 1989, Motorola introduces the Motorola MicroTAC Personal Cellular Telephone, then the world's smallest mobile phone other companies will follow with smaller and more powerful mobile phones.

On the 30th April 1989, President Bush orders that the Senate Committee with oversight over the NID report to him on their progress so far, the Senate Committee appoint one of their members to conduct this review, Senator Robert Kinsey is the one chosen. Senator Kinsey chooses his team carefully with the prime candidate to be Senator Kinsey deputy for this investigation will be a young CIA officer on secondment to the NID his name is Richard Woolsey.

This report when presented to President Bush will bring up some good and bad things about the NID operations so far.

May 1989

During May 1989, on a world within the territory controlled by Apophis, a minor Goa'uld in the service of Apophis has been making a study of the new enemy that has the protection of the Asgard. This Goa'uld has found by dialling the Stargate that they dialled after they attacked the world under his control, that there is a shield covering the Iris protects the Stargate on the other side.

This Goa'uld has ordered his Jaffa to do the same with their own Stargate, so now several years later a shield protects the Iris of the Stargate, along with another shield protecting the area around the Stargate. Thus protected no further attacks have been, made against his world, though several attempts have been, made, but with the shield protecting the Iris, these attempts have failed, the probe sent to scout being destroyed, no lives lost.

The past few years have been very fruitful for this Goa'uld System Lord, not only has he passed this information on to Apophis, but also Lord Ba’al as well, Lord Ba’al in return has rewarded this Goa'uld (covertly) for the information that he has provided.

Once Lord Ba’al has all the information he needs from this underling Lord Ba’al will have this Goa'uld executed so that he does not pose a threat to Ba’al. Apophis will not do anything to stop Ba’al as this is something Apophis would do, this will make Apophis trust Ba’al, that will be a mistake by Apophis in the years to come.

On the 12th May 1989, after several delays the first manned HOTOL take off from Woomera, the crew of four will carry out tests on the manned HOTOL to make sure that everything is working ok. This mission will last until the 21st May then return to Woomera, the crew of four astronauts (one from each county) are treated as heroes on their return this will not be their last flight more flights will follow next year as part of an ongoing test program for the manned HOTOL. The launch and return are broadcast live gains a large television audience even in the UK (with the time difference), the politicians take note of this and more and more politicians from all four participating countries throw their support behind the Woomera space program.

On the 21st May 1989, the first manned HOTOL mission returns to Woomera without incident proving the viability of the manned HOTOL program, next year there are plans for three manned HOTOL missions and many more after that.

By the 31st May 1989, Merlin (in the Asgard outpost on Heliopolis) has been recovering from his time in stasis with the Nox bring Merlin back to full health using their healing methods, with the Asgard assisting the Nox.

June 1989

On the 1st June 1989, HMS Defiance drops out of hyperspace in near Earth Orbit, HMS Defiance will remain in orbit for a few days to pick up some personnel (via the ships ring transporters) and then return to Heliopolis without being detected by any nation on Earth.

On the 4 June 1989, the Tiananmen Square massacre takes place in Beijing on the army's approach to the square, and the final standoff in the square is covered live on television. This causes a souring of relations between the UK and China though this does not stop the flow of trade between not only the UK and China but also Canada, Australia, New Zealand and China as well this information is not made very public it is released when other news stories are making the headlines. The UK government is not happy at all with the massacre in Tiananmen Square, but on the other hand cutting of all ties with China will not do any good either.

On the 5th June 1989, HMS Defiance jumps into hyperspace after picking up the personnel without being detected this is an ongoing test of HMS Defiance’s systems after her major refit.

On the 10th June 1989, on Heliopolis, beam weapon development is proceeding at a very rapid pace all work on the development of the next generation of HEC has stopped, as this beam weapon technology is far superior to the HEC. The beam weapon technology is being copied for the ancient defence satellite beam weapons, these copies will come in several forms depending on ship class.

Beam Weapon, Heavy Cruiser Variant (BWHC)

This first class of beam weapon is being design for the HMS Defiance, Black Prince class and for the new Scorpion class heavy cruiser these beam weapons are smaller than the one fitted to the ancient defence satellite. However, their firepower will be much greater than the current HEC, the only downside is the capacitors recharge time, as the power is coming from the second-generation Naquadah reactors, these reactors cannot provide enough power to recharge the capacitors quickly, it will take two minutes for the capacitors to fully charge from empty. Though this is a problem, a full powered shot from these beam weapons will be enough to take out a Goa'uld warship, for instance HMS Defiance has four HEC-2 fitted, the four HEC-3 will be replaced by four beam weapons.

Once in production, all existing heavy cruisers will be refitted first, then production will commence on the modified Scorpion class heavy cruiser.

Beam Weapon, Battlecruiser Variant (BWBC)

This version of the beam weapon will be more powerful than the heavy cruiser, as with the heavy cruiser classes the capacitors recharge time will be two minutes. The exception to this rule will be HMS Courageous, as HMS Courageous is fitted with an AEM, this will allow the capacitors to recharge in seconds due to the power output of the AEM all other battlecruisers will have a recharge time of two minutes.

The next two battlecruisers to be produced, HMS Mary Rose and HMS Henry Grace à Dieu will have their beam weapons fitted during assembly, as these two battlecruisers are not due to begin assembly until early next year.

Beam Weapon, Battleship Variant (BWBB)

Of all the beam weapons being designed this will be the most powerful, however this design is proceeding at the slowest pace, as the heavy cruiser and battlecruiser beam weapons have priority, as these ships are an active design the battleship is still on the drawing board.

As with all these beam weapons variants, they will fire a blue beam rather than the green one that the ancient defence satellite does (after a test firing), this is due to using different emitters and crystal types.

On the 11th June 1989, Alan Turing comments that these are the type of weapons fire that he saw in his vision all those years ago, though recently he has not been have these visions, this is due to the agreement that the US will not be told about Project Phoenix. As the leadership feel if they do inform the US Alan Turing’s visions will come true and no one wants that.

On the 12th June 1989, at RAF Barra, a regular test one of the twelve Hurricane fighters assigned to this base is conducting flight, as the pilot and systems operator conduct their pre-flight checks RAF Barra air traffic control is checking to make sure that the local airspace is clear. Once all the checks are complete the hanger doors open and the pilot move his fighter to take off position, unlike normal fighters the Hurricane can VETOL, all the pilot does is pt the fighter into hover, retract the undercarriage angle apply power and take off.

Once airborne the pilot takes his fighter to 100,000 feet while keeping the fighters speed sub-sonic, once at 100,000 feet the systems operator powers up the fighter’s sensors to full power. At full power the sensors onboard the fighter can detect any aircraft with 500 miles, it is like having a mini AWACS, with the stealth jammers on no normal radar can detect them.

For the next few hours, the pilot and system operator put this fighter through a series of flight tests once complete they return to base. Once landed the pilot thinks to himself that with a dozen of these fighters could easily engage a much larger force, as their two twin EC-2 cannons have an infinite number of shots as long as the power source is operational. This of course does not include those forces that could be, brought in from Heliopolis, this gives the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand a server ‘ace in the hole’ over any other country on the planet.

There are numerous test flights every year from the other two bases Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Woomera air base (joint Australian and New Zealand squadron) and Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Nunavut and none of the tests flights has ever, been detected.

On the 21st June 1989, British police arrest 250 people for celebrating the summer solstice at Stonehenge.

July 1989

By the 1st July 1989, nothing has been heard of Merlin since the Asgard and the Nox took him to the Asgard research facility on Heliopolis to heal him, the Asgard only response is that Merlin is being cared for and is responding to treatment. Project Phoenix leadership cannot really do anything except wait, after all they do not wish to anger the Asgard by making demands.

On the 2nd July 1989, an IRA bomb kills a British soldier in Hanover, West Germany.

On the 11th July 1989, Britain's dock workers go on strike in protest against the abolition of the Dock Labour Scheme.

On the 13th July 1989, the fall in UK unemployment continues, the lowest in nearly a decade.

On the 20th July 1989, Labour's lead in the opinion polls has increased substantially, with the latest MORI poll putting them nine points ahead of the Conservatives on 45%, this amongst other things is causing unrest within the Conservative Party members who are looking to remove Thatcher.

On the 28th July 1989, the industrial action by British Rail drivers is reported to be coming to an end as most of the train drivers have ended their overtime ban.

On the 31st July 1989, Nintendo releases the Game Boy portable video game system in North America.

By the end of July 1989, the IT boom in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada is continuing with an improved PC’s coming out every eighteen months on average, this advancement in PC technology is helping fuel computer advancement not only in the UK but also across the world.

The UK is seen as the centre of the computer revolution, along with Japan and South Korea.

August 1989

On the 1st August 1989, Charlotte Hughes of Marske-by-the-Sea in Cleveland, believed to be the oldest living person in England, celebrates her 112th birthday (for her 110th birthday, she flew on Concorde to New York City free of charge). If Project Phoenix ever became public, life spans would be well over this age would become commonplace this is unlikely for many decades to come...

On the 4th August 1989, PC David Duckinfield, the chief superintendent who took control of the FA Cup semi-final game where the Hillsborough disaster occurred on the 15th April this year, is suspended from duty on full pay after an inquiry by Lord Justice Taylor blames him for the tragedy in which 95 people died. Two victims of the tragedy, Andrew Devine (aged 22) and Tony Bland (aged 19) are still unconscious in hospital.

On the 8th August 1989, STS-28: Space Shuttle Columbia takes off on a secret 5-day military mission this mission is to place a spy satellite on orbit for the NID, the orbit of Columbia will take it repeatedly of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Nunavut. Though the NID will learn nothing as all Hurricane class fighters will be inside their hangers as Project Phoenix is keeping track of the orbit of Columbia and knows when Columbia will pass over Nunavut.

On the 14th August 1989, the West Midlands Police Serious Crime Squad is disbanded when 50 CID detectives are transferred or suspended after repeated allegations that the force has fabricated confessions. SI-5 is ordered by the Prime Minister to begin an investigation into the West Midlands Police Serious Crime Squad this annoys the Police as SI-5 ‘heavy handed’ methods, are viewed with distain by the Police.

On the 19th August 1989, Polish president Wojciech Jaruzelski nominates Solidarity activist Tadeusz Mazowiecki to be Prime Minister, the first non-communist in power in 42 years.

On the 25th August 1989, Voyager 2 passes the planet Neptune and its moon Triton.

September 1989

On the 5th September 1989, President George H. W. Bush holds up a bag of cocaine purchased across the street at Lafayette Park, in his first televised speech to the nation.

On the 6th September 1989, South African general election, 1989: the last held under apartheid returns the National Party to power with a much-reduced majority.

On the 7th September 1989, Heidi Hazell, the 26-year-old wife of a British soldier, is shot dead in Dortmund, West Germany.

On the 8th September 1989, the IRA admits responsibility for the murder of Heidi Hazell. The act is condemned as “evil and cowardly” by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and as “the work of a psychopath” by Opposition Leader Neil Kinnock. What no one outside of Project Phoenix knows is that ‘special measures’ will be used to find those responsible and take them off world for punishment, the IRA is aware that a number of its members have gone missing, though they do not suspect the UK government, as the UK government is still looking for these people. What the IRA does not know is this part of a cover story to keep everyone looking aboard of these missing IRA suspects.

On the 11th September 1989, Mars I probe is launched from Woomera Mars I will be the first in a series of probes (Mars I to X) to be sent to the Red Planet to examine the planet. The main problem being is that Project Phoenix could send one of its warships to scan Mars and give this information to Woomera this is not possible due to the questions that would be, raised so they need to ‘go through the motions’ of sending probes.

Anyway, the building of the probes and the launch vehicles keeps unemployment down and the ongoing public space program has a lot of public support, so it is not a bad thing.

On the 14th September 1989, an agreement of cooperation between Leningrad oblast (Russia) and Nordland County (Norway) is signed in Leningrad, by chairmen Lev Kojkolainen and Sigbjørn Eriksen.

On the 22nd September 1989, an IRA bomb explodes at the Royal Marine School of Music in Deal, Kent, United Kingdom, leaving 11 dead and 22 injured further covert arrests will be made Project Phoenix is becoming a state with four states.

On the 26th September 1989, Nigel Lawson resigns as Chancellor of the Exchequer; replaced by John Major, while Douglas Hurd becomes Foreign Secretary as Thatcher tries to control her cabinet.

On the 27th September 1989, David Owen, leader of the Social Democratic Party “rump” which rejected a merger with the Social and Liberal Democrats, admits that his party is no longer a national force. As leader of a political party David Owen is nominally assigned police protection, SI-5 assigns no officer to David Owen, as SI-5 does not consider that David Owen will ever become Prime Minister.

October 1989

On the 8th October 1989, the latest CBI findings spark fear of a recession even with the investment in various government-funded programs.

On the 9th October 1989, an official news agency in the Soviet Union reports the landing of a UFO in Voronezh this is a false claim (though Project Phoenix cannot say anything) as the Skynet satellites would have picked up the UFO, also the Asgard have not detected any spacecraft entering the Solar system.

On the 11th October 1989, the newly-named Rover Group (Austin Rover until earlier this year) launches its new medium-sized hatchback, the 200 Series, which replaces the small four-door saloon of the same name, and gives buyers a more modern and upmarket alternative to the ongoing Maestro range.

On the 16th October 1989, the Social and Liberal Democrats, formed last year from the merger of the Social Democratic Party and Liberal Party, are renamed the Liberal Democrats. Even with this merging the party leader is not considered for SI-5 protection as SI-5 does not consider that the Liberal Democrats will ever become the party of government.

On the 18th October 1989, the Communist leader of East Germany, Erich Honecker, is forced to step down as leader of the country after a series of health problems.

On the 19th October1989, Labour now has a 10-point lead over the Conservatives in the last MORI poll, with 48% of the vote this will cause a leadership challenge in the Conservative Party and will be seen as the beginning of the end of Thatcher’s Premiership.

Also on the 19th October1989, The Guildford Four are released from prison after the High Court quashes their convictions for the 1975 terrorist atrocity. It is lucky that they were arrested :winkytongue:ublically’ otherwise they would not have been seen again, Project Phoenix and SI-5 will question suspects using Seth to find out if they are guiltily or not before sending them off world for the rest of their lives.

On the 20th October 1989, Samuel ‘Sam’ Davis returns to Atlantis to continue his work on Atlantis as a translator and general ‘jack of all trades’.

On the 21st October 1989, the Heads of Government of the Commonwealth of Nations issue the Langkawi Declaration on the Environment, making environmental sustainability one of the Commonwealth's main priorities. This shows the world that the Commonwealth is a force to be reckoned with though without the support of the UK, Austria, Canada and New Zealand, the Commonwealth would not be much of a force at all.

On the 23rd October 1989, the Hungarian Republic is officially declared by president Mátyás Szűrös replacing, the Hungarian People's Republic.

On the 31st October 1989, British Rail announces that the proposed high-speed rail link to the Channel Tunnel is being postponed for at least one more year.

November 1989

On the 2nd November 1989, Ford Motor Company takes over Jaguar in a £1.6billion deal this takeover causes questions to be raised in the House of Commons on why the takeover was necessary this does not block the takeover.

On the 7th November 1989, the General Assembly of the Church of England votes to allow ordination of women.

On the 10th November 1989, Margaret Thatcher visits Berlin the day after the fall of the Berlin Wall, which brings the reunification of Germany forward after Germans are allowed to travel between West and East Berlin for the first time since the wall was built in 1961.

On the 14th November 1989, the Merry Hill Shopping Centre on the Dudley Enterprise Zone in the West Midlands becomes fully operational with the opening of the final shopping mall. The development, which will employ around 6,000 people, first opened to retailers four years ago with several retail warehousing units, and has gradually expanded to become Europe's largest indoor shopping centre. Construction has now begun on the Waterfront office and leisure complex, also within the Enterprise Zone and overlooking the shopping centre, which will open to its first tenants next year.

On the 21st November 1989, the House of Commons is televised live for the first time.

On the 23rd November 1989, backbencher Sir Anthony Meyer challenges Margaret Thatcher's leadership of the Conservative Party, reportedly fearing that the party will lose the next general election after falling behind Labour in several recent opinion polls.

On the 28th November 1989, the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia announces they will give up their monopoly on political power (elections held in December bring the first non-communist government to Czechoslovakia in more than 40 years).

December 1989

On the 1st December 1989, the Eagle Land Attack Cruise Missile (E-LACM) enters operational service with the British military, next year the E-LACM will enter service with Canada the year after that New Zealand and the year after that Australia.

On the 3rd December 1989, Margaret Thatcher, along with American president George Bush and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, declare the end of the Cold War after 40 years. This is awful news for Project Phoenix as the Cold War was excellent cover for transferring personnel off world, this option is now no longer available this will see a dramatic reduction in personnel being moved off world.

On the 27th December 1989, SDP leader David Owen predicts another 10 years of Conservative rule, despite Neil Kinnock's Labour Party having a seven-point lead over the Conservatives with 46% of the vote in the final MORI poll of the decade.

On the 30th December 1989, 22 people involved in the Lockerbie disaster are among those recognised in the New Year's Honours list, while there are knighthoods for former Liberal leader David Steel and the actress Maggie Smith becomes a Dame. Recipients of sporting honours include the boxer Frank Bruno and the golfer Tony Jacklin, who are both credited with MBEs.

By the 31st December 1989, Project Phoenix was having ‘growing pains’ as there was too much to do at once, the pulling back from Abydos had helped with only a few hundred left on Abydos. This number will drop to around 100 by the end of 1990, as Abydos is now considered expendable, with Project Phoenixes resources considered on Atlantis and Camelot.

The other problem was the end of the Cold War, this will lead to the number of personnel being sent off world dropping to a very small trickle as the Cold War could not be used as an excuse. Other methods will have to be employed, though these methods will mean less personnel (10,000 per year) becoming part of Project Phoenixes off world activities.

With new weapons due to come of the retooled production lines (Beam Weapons) and the refit of all Project Phoenix warships due to also commence next year with HMS Defiance being first to be refitted, apart from battlecruiser construction no other warships will be produced as the focus is on refit of existing warships. This also brings into question whether a new Heavy Cruiser class needs to be built given the manpower limitations now set by the end of the Cold War?

1989 has been an interesting year to put it mildly, what will 1990 bring?

To be continued.
48. 1990

You ain't seen nothin' yet” – Margaret Thatcher

January 1990

On the 3rd January 1990, the next two Courageous class battlecruisers HMS Glorious and HMS Furious are launched from orbital dry-dock facility two, they will begin their trials and join the small but growing fleet at the end of 1990.

On the 5th January 1990, the last of two Black Prince II warships HMS Ajax and HMS Leander are launched from orbital dry-dock facility one, like the two Courageous class battlecruisers will begin their trials and join the fleet at the end of 1990.

On the 10th January 1990, construction begins in orbital dry-dock facility two of the next two Courageous class battlecruisers HMS Mary Rose and HMS Henry Grace à Dieu, both of these battlecruisers are due to be launch in early 1994.

On the 11th January 1990, with the completion of the last two Black Prince II warships orbital dry dock facility one begins a period of overhaul and upgrade this will last until early 1991. Once this overhaul has been completed orbital dry dock facility one will be used to refit all warships with the new weapons and other improvements before commencing construction of any new warships.

This will also allow the now small trickle of personnel coming from Earth (due to the end of the Cold War) to be built up, to allow enough personnel to operate these new build cruisers, until that happens only the battlecruisers will be built. Birth rates are picking up, though it will be many decades before Heliopolis can match the Cold War levels of available personnel coming from Earth with internal growth.

On the 18th January 1990, the first MORI poll of the decade shows that Labour have a 12-point lead over the Conservatives with 48% of the vote. Liberal support is at its lowest for more than a decade as the Liberal Democrats gain just 5% of the vote.

On the 31st January 1990, work commences on construction of the first batch of copied beam weapons (BWHC) this first batch will be fitted to HMS Defiance for trials and testing in June of this year.

February 1990

On the 1st February 1990, President Bush receives the report from Senator Kinsey of the Senate Committee with oversight over the NID. Senator Kinsey and his team have carefully looked into NID operations though Senator Kinsey has not done any real work most of the work has been done by the young CIA officer on secondment to the NID, Richard Woolsey.

This report is presented to President Bush and brings up some good and bad things about the NID operations so far, the first is that the NID is doing a relatively good job, though there is room for improvement.

Director Richard Woolsey states to President Bush, “Mr President, though the NID has done a lot of good work so far, some of the theories have been to say the least a bit ‘farfetched’. For example when one of our satellites went of course the satellite photographed the Canadian air base Nunavut, as you can see from this photo one of the Canadian ‘flying saucer’ prototypes is being pushed into this hanger.”

President Bush looks at the photo and can see crescent shaped wing protruding from the hanger (this is part of a wing of a hurricane fighter).

Richard Woolsey continues, “One analysis claimed that this was an alien space ship, however sounder heads reviewed this image and judged it is be one of the Canadians ‘flying saucer’ aircraft either being in a partially assembled or disassembled. Though, until this image was reviewed several months later the ‘alien space ship’ theory remained the explanation of this image.”

Beside Richard Woolsey Senator Kinsey shakes his head in disgust at the image, along with the conclusion that was initially come to, after all it was the committee he sat on which approved this ‘alien space ship’ theory until it was properly reviewed. Once the review had taken place all the members of the committee were annoyed at the NID that this ‘alien space ship’ theory was allowed to stand for so long before being reviewed.

Richard Woolsey continues, “This is one example, that if it ever became public would make the US the laughing stock of the planet, I would suggest tighter controls on the NID’s analysis is type of information, every bit of information should be checked and then rechecked, otherwise this will happen again. In summery Mr President, I think this ‘alien’ angle is a red herring possibly developed by the British to lure anyone looking into this off course so to speak and the NID fell for it ‘hook line and sinker’ so to speak. I think that we are looking the wrong direction and should refocus our efforts in a different a none alien direction.”

President Bush thinks for a few moments then says, “Mr Woolsey, Senator Kinsey I think you for this report, Mr Woolsey I would like you to head up a review panel of all NID information before it is passed onto Senator Kinsey and his other committee members along with myself. This way we can have more reliable information than the NID is passing on at the moment.”

Richard Woolsey nods he was expecting this and replies, “I would be happy to accept this appointment Mr President.”

President Bush smiles and shakes Richard Woolsey and says, “Congratulations Mr Woolsey” then to Senator Kinsey he says, “Senator Kinsey I would like to recommend you as chairman for this oversight committee once the current chairman steps down.”

Senator Kinsey replies, “Mr President I would happily accept the nomination as chairman of the oversight committee of the NID.” The NID with its own ‘oversight of all US intelligence agencies’ has a great deal of knowledge for very small organisation, as most of the other US intelligence agencies to most of the ‘leg work’ for the NID.

What these three do not know (along with the NID) is that they were looking at a spacecraft, though not an alien spacecraft, no one in the US government can see that all the technological advances of the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia is linked to alien technology, they are all looking in the wrong direction (and finding nothing). Even though they are looking in the wrong direction they still keep looking, after all they believe they are bound to find something eventually, if the look hard enough.

On another point the NID, in coordinating the various US intelligence agencies’s the NID has been doing a good job, however the various US intelligence agency’s are bringing to find the NID ‘interference’ in their affairs annoying. This is the long-term cause a political ‘turf war’ between the various US intelligence agencies, though not as long as the current President is in office.

On the 9th February 1990, Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran renews his fatwa on British author Salman Rushdie, which he imposed last year following controversy over the author's book The Satanic Verses. In the UK, security around Salman Rushdie is stepped up.

On the 15th February 1990, the UK and Argentina restore diplomatic links after eight years. Diplomatic ties were broken off in response to Argentina's invasion of the Falkland Islands in 1982.

Also on the 15th February 1990, Neil Kinnock's dream of being prime minister is looking closer to becoming reality as the latest MORI poll shows Labour on 51% with a 17-point lead over the Conservatives.

March 1990

On the 1st March 1990, the Official Secrets Act 1989 comes into force this act adds more covert security to various defence projects (including the unnamed Project Phoenix) this act also expands the powers of SI-5 to both civilian and military areas.

On the 6th March 1990, An SR-71 sets a US transcontinental speed record of 1 hour 8 minutes 17 seconds, on what is publicized as its last official flight. However, the Hurricane space fighter has (unofficially) broken this record several decades ago, though no one can publicise this information, so the SR-71 gets ‘first place’.

On the 11th March 1990, Lithuania declares independence from the Soviet Union with the Act of the Re-Establishment of the State of Lithuania.

On the 15th March 1990, Mikhail Gorbachev is elected as the first executive president of the Soviet Union.

Also on the 15th March 1990, the Soviet Union announces that Lithuania's declaration of independence is invalid.

On the 18th March 1990, East Germany holds its first free elections.

On the 31st March 1990, a massive anti-poll tax demonstration in Trafalgar Square, London, turns into a riot; 471 people are injured, and 341 arrested.

April 1990

On the 1st April 1990, on Heliopolis an extremely long-term plan is hatched to move most (hopefully all) facilities from Heliopolis to Camelot, this plan calls for building up the defences first for Camelot. A building program on the planet’s surface, would then follow this and then finally the population would be moved, this plan, is discussed with the Asgard, who point out that they would be unable to protect this planet, as it does not form part of their revised agreement with the Goa'uld. The Asgard have also committed most of their military forces against the ongoing war with the Replicators, even though the Asgard have turned the tide of the war, the war has not yet been won, until the war has been won the Asgard cannot divert any more ships to deal with the Goa'uld threat in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Asgard’s response is disappointing for Project Phoenix, the plan however will move ahead, though at a very slow pace due to the constraints on manpower, though this will not stop the ongoing survey work for suitable place for a new colony to be established.

So far, there are only 300 military and civilian personnel on Camelot, with the holographic knight guarding the Stargate, Camelot is effectively protected against any intrusion via the Stargate. In orbit, Project Phoenix will deploy a single cruiser squadron or the two battlecruisers on a yet to be determined rotation this will allow the cruisers fighters to conduct low-level surveys of Camelot (away from the current population areas).

Project Phoenix leadership is always into long term planning, as they feel in the future the Asgard may be able to help them with Camelot (they are right about that), though in the short to medium term the Asgard along with the Nox have other worries to deal with.

On the 30th April 1990, this will become the first is a series of manned HOTOL launches, with a mix of science experiments onboard and the never ending test program of the manned orbital HOTOL program, this mission will last five days. By the end of 1990 four further manned HOTOL launches will have taken place (not the same HOTOL launch vehicle), showing the viability of multiple HOTOL launches over a short period of time, along with the cost saving compared to normal rockets.

The number of astronauts that the Woomera space program has put in space, now far exceeds that of both the US and the former Soviet Union combined, several Woomera astronauts have set records (and continue to break them) on the number of times they have been (and will go) into space. The manned HOTOL program will rapidly increase this number as more manned HOTOL’s are constructed, allowing an increase in the number of launches, just as with the unmanned HOTOL’s that are already operating from Woomera.

NASA has no real response to the Woomera space program due to the lack of political support this is mainly due to the end of the Cold War, as most Cold War programs are now looking to be scaled back or cut in terms of their budget, this includes NASA budget.

In the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada support for the Woomera space program is still as strong as ever, especially in those areas that provide jobs for the Woomera space program. The lack of political will to cut finding to the Woomera space program is due to the strong public support and no politician from the main political parties of the four countries of the Woomera space program is willing to commit political suicide by cutting funding to the Woomera space program.

This would also affect Project Phoenix as well, though the population of the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada do not know about this.

May 1990

On the 1st May 1990, in a discussion on Atlantis about the Gateships, with a total of ten operational and two none operational, it is decided in the meeting that the two none operational Gateships should be sent back to Heliopolis were they can be studied and repaired. The question is how, as these two none operational Gateships are in the underwater bay, though they could be patched a moved to the surface (this patching is already underway). The engineers suggest as little movement as possible, as these two patched Gateships would have one very short flight in them and no more possible to the landing platform on the outer edge of the city.

Alan Turing asks if Courageous could enter the atmosphere and pick up these two Gateships by hovering very low over the ocean as near as possible to the city, Commodore Jason Timms knocks this idea on the head. Though Courageous could enter the atmosphere he is not willing to risk his ship in such an operation, Commodore Timms suggests that they bring HMS Defiance from Heliopolis and use it to ship the two none operational Gateships back there as HMS Defiance could land on one of the landing platforms on the outer edge of the city.

The engineers estimate that the two patched Gateships should be ready to be moved by early November 1990.

Alan thinks for a few moments and says, “A good idea but the Asgard would not give us another AEM equipped ship as this is not part of our agreement with them.”

Commodore Timms replies, “We would not be after an extra AEM permanently only one temporally on loan so to speak then we return it to the Asgard, I think after we found a living ancient the Asgard would be open to such a request. In addition, we could bring various pieces of heavy equipment that cannot fit through a Stargate onboard HMS Defiance.”

Alan smiles and says, “Good idea, I will support this when you put the request through.”

On the 2nd May 1990, Commodore Timms puts in the request to the Asgard for a temporary loan of a single additional AEM along (backed by Turing) with an Asgard hyperdrive for HMS Defiance, so that HMS Defiance can be used to transport the two damaged gateships from Atlantis to Heliopolis.

The Asgard response is unusual and unexpected, the Asgard will give Project Phoenix another AEM, which Project Phoenix does not have to return to the Asgard (this technically ‘breaks’ the agreement between both sides though neither side has a problem with this). Though the catch is that the Asgard will not replace the AEM once the AEM has been depleted, as the Asgard do with the other AEM’s that Project Phoenix. That Asgard are thanked for this gift, this will allow HMS Project Phoenix to make multiple trips to Atlantis, this causes the list of equipment to be sent to Atlantis to be revised, along with attempting to calculate how many trips can be made before the AEM is depleted.

When HMS Defiance comes out of her mini refit in early July 1990, she will be equipped with both the AEM and the Asgard hyperdrive, making HMS Defiance a very powerful warship due to the new beam weapons in combination with the AEM give the capacitors an almost instant recharge compared to using the ships Naquadah reactors.

On the 2nd May 1990, in London, a man brandishing a knife robs a courier of bearer bonds worth £292 million (the largest mugging to date).

On the 4th May 1990, Latvia declares independence from the Soviet Union and is recognised by the UK (and the commonwealth) and the US very quickly.

On the 8th May 1990, Estonia restores the formal name of the country, the Republic of Estonia, as well as the state emblems (the coat of arms, the flag and the anthem), Estonia is also recognised by the UK (and the commonwealth) and the US very quickly.

On the 22nd May 1990, the leaders of the Yemen Arab Republic and the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen announce the unification of their countries as the Republic of Yemen.

On the 31st May 1990, Acorn computers release a report that new personnel computers are becoming out of date so quickly that people need to replace their personnel computers every year or sooner. This causes Acorn computers not to replace a new computer every year, rather to skip a year and then release a new and improved version thus skipping a generation once every twelve months. This is a good business decision for Acorn computers, as it will not alienate its biggest customers, the UK, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian governments.

This is good news for the governments that have computer procurement deals with Acorn computers, as it means they only have to replace school computers sold by Acorn computers every two to three years, rather than every year. This allows these governments to adopt a rolling replacement program for their schools computers, in buying a set number each year, thus keeping the cost down (by giving long term orders) as much as possible for both Acorn computers and the governments.

The governments do insist that the computers production and assembly remain in their respective countries, Acorn computers agrees to this (though it really does not have much choice), as these four governments are Acorn computers biggest customers.

June 1990

On the 1st June 1990, President George H. W. Bush and Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev sign a treaty to end chemical weapon production and begin destroying their respective stocks.

Also on the 1st June 1990, Members of the Provisional Irish Republican Army shoot and kill Major Michael Dillon-Lee and Private William Robert Davies of the British Army. Dillon-Lee is killed outside his home in Dortmund, Germany and Davies is killed at a railway station in Lichfield, England.

On the 12th June 1990, the parliament of the Russian Federation formally declares its sovereignty.

By the end of June 1990, there are 2,500 military and civilian personnel stationed on Atlantis (not including HMS Courageous in orbit), this is thanks to the reduction in personnel on Abydos to just over 100.

July 1990

On the 1st July 1990, HMS Defiance comes out her mini refit, HMS Defiance has had her HEC-2 cannons replaced by the new beam weapons these are the Beam Weapon Heavy Cruiser (BWHC) type.

HMS Defiance

Length: 738.2 ft (225.0 meters)
Width: 262.5 ft (80.0 meters)
Height: 198.5 ft (60.5 meters)
Crew: 175
Passengers: up to 60 a mix of scientists and engineers monitoring the various systems
Sublight engines
Manoeuvring thrusters
Hyperdrive system:
Project Phoenix Zeus class hyperdrive (Interstellar capable)
Fitted with an Asgard hyperdrive as well (temporary until AEM depletion)
Power Core:
x4 second generation Naquadah reactors
Fitted with an AEM (until depletion)
Fuel: Naquadah
Shielding: Project Phoenix Olympus class shields
Two forward firing beam weapons (BWHC)
Two aft firing beam weapons (BWHC)
Twelve Quad energy cannons (EC-2) (x4 port, x4 starboard, x2 forward and x2 aft)
Four forward firing missile tubes (up to fifty missiles carried)
Carried Craft:
4 Fox class Shuttles
Cargo Capacity: 3,000 tonnes
Other equipment: two Ring Transporters

Until HMS Courageous has been, refitted HMS Defiance will be the most powerful warship in Project Phoenixes fleet, until the AEM runs out of power.

HMS Defiance will spend the rest of July and August going through post refit trials to make sure that everything is in working order the plan would be to send HMS Defiance to Atlantis in early September 1990 with the supplies Atlantis needs and to pick up the two Gateships for transport back to Heliopolis.

On the 16th July 1990, an official report reveals that High Street sales are at their lowest since 1980, sparking further fears of a recession, the exception to this is the sales of personal computers, the sales of PC’s continue to climb. The same with government-funded projects (HOTOL etc) these projects are still growing though only thanks to continued government support.

On the 30th July 1990, a Provisional Irish Republican Army car bomb kills former British politician and former Member of Parliament Ian Gow outside his home in England. Officially, the perpetrators of this attack have never been caught however unofficially they reside on the prison world of Hadante, thanks to Project Phoenixes slowly growing relationship with the Taldor.

August 1990

On the 1st August 1990, the Iraqi Army at Kuwait International Airport following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait seizes British Airways Flight 149.

On the 6th August 1990, the United Nations Security Council orders a global trade embargo against Iraq in response to its invasion of Kuwait.

On the 7th August 1990, the US begins Operation Desert Shield deploying military forces to protect Saudi Arabia, at the same time, the UK also begins deploying its military forces these military forces include the first Armoured Division and third Motorised Divisions along with various support units. The Royal Navy also is preparing to send two carriers to the Gulf along with a number of supporting warships and auxiliaries the RAF is also deploying Arrow F.2 fighters (initially) then followed by Eagle GR.3 (TSR.2) bombers, Vengeance B.1 bombers are deployed to Chagos Islands RAF airbase along with long range tanker support.

On the 8th August 1990, the Australian, Canadian and New Zealand militaries also deploy their military forces, though these forces will come under UK command not US command as requested by the US military. In addition, the UK military dispatches a Corps HQ along with supporting units, the Corps HQ will be XXX Corps, XXX Corps will be a reinforced Corps HQ will the addition of the Australian, Canadian and New Zealand military units.

On the 10th August 1990, after much discussion it is agreed (reluctantly) by the UK, Australia, Canadian and New Zealand governments that the US military will take overall command, as a NATO commander. However, the British commander in charge of all UK, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand military units will have the authority to veto any US military action that he thinks is not right or will endanger his units.

British Territorial Army units also come from Britain’s overseas areas, with Gibraltar, Malta and the Falklands etc are deploying their TA commands to Saudi Arabia, though most of these TA deployments are only a few hundred troops at most, they do show the level of support to liberate Kuwait.

The Commander British Forces Middle East (CBFME), the in-theatre commander (based in Riyadh), would be initially Air Vice Marshal Andrew Wilson (September to October 1990), then Lieutenant-General (promoted to acting General) Sir Peter de la Billiere 6th October 1990 to March 1991, and Air Commodore Ian Macfadyen from March 1991.

Other countries including France, Czechoslovakia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Syria these countries would come under US command (naturally).

Due to the size of the UK, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand military deployments they would have the own Commonwealth Command, though some support units from these countries would be attached to other commands as well.

This British military deployment is the largest since Suez and shows the world that Britain is truly one of the two remaining super powers, adding on several other Commonwealth countries the combined military might, which would be able to match the US. In the UK the British tabloid press are going ‘nuts’ over the deployment with all UK newspapers supporting the deployment of British troops to Saudi Arabia, with the Sun newspaper leading the ‘charge’ against Iraq.

The build up of troops and equipment will take many months, allowing time for diplomatic efforts via the UN.

On the 10th August 1990, the Project Phoenix committee meets to discuss Iraq/Kuwait situation, all four members countries committee members agree that if Iraq deploys Nuclear (unlikely), biological (also unlikely) or Chemical (likely) weapons then the committee will authorise the use of off world forces to be used to eliminate these threats. Dr Phillips is informed of the committee’s decision and Dr Phillips orders Project Phoenix to begin contingency planning for such deployment(s), if used these forces will be deployed covertly (as possible) to deal with these possible threats.

On the 11th August 1990, the British Cabinet authorises the use of the UK’s finical reserves to fund the growing military deployment to Saudi Arabia, this ‘official’ reserve is only part of the UK’s monetary reserves that are also available to Canada, New Zealand and Australia if needed. Though for the time being only the ‘official’ reserve will be used, until it runs out, then the off world reserves will need to be tapped into, though Project Phoenix committee doubt that it will come to that, after all Iraq is no real match for the UN forces that are gathering in Saudi Arabia.

On the 13th August 1990, four long-range RAF reconnaissance Canberra’s are deployed from RAF Barra to the Chagos Islands airbase, these Canberra’s are ones equipped with sensors based on alien technology. These crews and aircraft will be kept separate from the rest of the RAF crews at the Chagos Islands airbase die to security surrounding what is inside each aircraft.

On the 15th August 1990, in the US, the NID has been watching the deployment of the military forces of the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia with growing amazement, only the US has been able to deploy more forces to Saudi Arabia.

On the 16th August 1990, a MORI poll shows that Labour now has a 15-point lead over the Conservatives with 50% of the vote, while support to the Liberal Democrats has doubled to 10% over the last seven months.

On the 23rd August 1990, British hostages in Iraq are paraded on TV, Thatcher puts British Special Forces (not Project Phoenix forces) on standby to mount a possible rescue mission.

On the 31st August 1990, HMS Defiance finishes her mini refit and begins her trials these trials will last until the end of September 1990.

September 1990

By early September 1990, the Asgard’s technological developments have been steadily upgrading their Mountbatten class warships and other vessels the first is with the Ancient Energy Modules this has helped with their war against the replicators. With the recent discovery of Atlantis, this has also added beam weapons and Drone weapons as well the beam weapons are the quickest to incorporate into Asgard technology, producing the Asgard’s Plasma beam weapon (a hybrid of Asgard and Ancient technology). This Plasma beam weapon is many times more powerful than any other Asgard weapon thanks to the power output of the AEM’s onboard an Asgard warship.

The next weapon that the Asgard is trying to incorporate into their warships is the Ancient Drone weapon this is proving to be more problematic than the beam weapon as this requires an ancient to control it using the ATA Gene. The Asgard is working on an alternative design that does not need an ancient to control it, though this is taking time to develop.

The Asgard hopes that when Merlin is sufficiently recovered that he might help the Asgard with their Replicator problem and even their long-term cloning problem as well.

In other areas as well the Asgard are advancing much more quickly thanks to the ingenuity that has ‘rubbed off’ from their humans allies of Project Phoenix, the Asgard ‘stagnation’ has ended they are once again advancing rapidly.

In one area that is vital to the Asgard this is in the area of cloning has been helped considerably by the Nox, though their cloning problem has not been solved, the Nox have extended the Asgard’s own cloning abilities. This will give that Asgard an extension of several thousand years, though if the current experiments are successful this extension to their existing cloning technology will be unnecessary.

On the other hand, the Nox as per their nature have declined all weapons technology and concentrated on improving their cloaking capability thanks to the AEM technology given to them by the Asgard. The Nox’s main focus has been on helping their allies (the Asgard) solve their cloning problem, this problem has intrigued the Nox, after being in virtual isolation for several thousand years, the Nox feel good to be helping an old friend and ally once again.

On the 1st September 1990, HMS Defiance completes her trails of her new beam weapons these beam weapons pass their trails will flying colours, using the AEM the beam weapons capacitors recharge in a few seconds, though using the Naquadah reactors will take just over two minutes to recharge the capacitors, though this was expected. This is the go ahead to begin refitted all existing warships with these new beam weapons. HMS Defiance is also being loaded with the equipment that Atlantis and that cannot be sent through the Stargate, this loading should be completed within a few days.

On the 12th September 1990, the two German states and the Four Powers sign the Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany in Moscow, paving the way for German reunification.

On the 14th September 1990, HMS Defiance jumps into hyperspace, it will only take a few hours to reach Atlantis thanks to the combination of and Asgard hyperdrive and the AEM. Once at Atlantis HMS Defiance lands on of the outer priers and begins unloading the supplies, the trip has used up less than one percent of the AEM, it is estimated that over 100 trips (a trip is both directions) could be made. The loading of the two gateships will commence in a few days time, once all preparations have been made, the main hanger doors have already been opened.

On the 19th September 1990, the Provisional Irish Republican Army tries to assassinate Air Chief Marshal Sir Peter Terry at his home near Stafford, England is hit by at least 9 bullets, the former Governor of Gibraltar survives. Once he recovers, he will receive 24-hour protection by a combination of the Police, Special Branch, Royal Military Police (Close Protection Unit) and in a supporting role, SI-5 working together, this is considered a bit of overkill in protection terms, but it does seem to work.

On the 22nd September 1990, John Banham, a leading British industrial minister, warns that most of Britain is now affected by a recession and that there is worse to come. The latest CBI prediction is also the gloomiest since 1980, the last time Britain was in recession. Fears of a recession have been growing across most of the world since the autumn of last year. However, the chancellor John Major denies that Britain is on the verge of a recession.

On the 24th September 1990, the first Gateship is safely, flown into HMS Defiance hanger, though this is a slow process taking over two hours. The next day the second Gateship will also, be successfully safely flown into HMS Defiance’s hanger, though just after landing the Gateships power systems fail!

On the 26th September 1990, Margaret Thatcher joins in with the politicians who are denying that the British economy is slumping into recession, despite manufacturers reporting their biggest drop in output since 1982 and a growing number of bankruptcies.

On the 30th September 1990, the NID’s resources are shifted away from the UK to focus on Iraq these resources will not be refocused back on the UK for many years, as President Bush cannot justify spying on an ‘ally’ and not and enemy like Iraq.

October 1990

On the 3rd October 1990, East Germany and West Germany reunify into a single Germany, this will ‘trigger’ the UK to coin the phrase the ‘Peace Dividend’ in relation to UK military forces deployed in Western Germany, as now redundant and the possibility of withdrawal for these forces.

On the 8th October 1990, first members of the Women's Royal Naval Service to serve officially on an operational warship board Type 22 frigate HMS Brilliant, this has been the norm for Project Phoenixes military for a long time know.

On the 23rd October 1990, Edward Heath, the former British prime minister, leaves Baghdad on a plane bound for Heathrow Airport with 33 freed hostages. Saddam Hussein has promised to release a further 30 hostages in the near future.

On the 30th October 1990, HMS Defiance returns to Heliopolis with the two damaged Gateships once these two Gateships are unloaded they are taken away for study and to be repaired (if possible). Further missions to supply Atlantis using HMS Defiance as an armed ‘supply ship’, when not being used as a ‘supply ship’ HMS Defiance will continue to be used as a trials ship for Project Phoenix. Only during the mission to Atlantis will HMS Defiance use her AEM, to conserve the AEM as long as possible, though the leadership of Project Phoenix is already thinking of asking for another AEM once HMS Defiance’s AEM has been depleted.

The thinking behind this is that not asking the Asgard for too much too quickly, only in small ‘bites’ so to speak, in this way Project Phoenix is not seen in the eyes of the Asgard as too demanding. Only time will tell if this idea will work, as with most Project Phoenix plans it is designed for the long term (decades) and not the short term.

November 1990

On the 1st November 1990, Geoffrey Howe, Deputy Prime Minister, resigns over the government's various policies including the new Poll Tax, this will trigger Thatcher’s downfall as Prime Minister.

On the 8th November 1990, the second Bootle by-election of the year sees Labour hold onto the seat once more with new MP Joe Benton gaining nearly 80% of the votes this is another ‘nail in Thatcher’s coffin’ as Prime Minister.

On the 13th November 1990, Geoffrey Howe makes a dramatic resignation speech in the House of Commons, attacking the Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher’s various policies including the new Poll Tax.

On the 14th November 1990, former cabinet minister Michael Heseltine announces that he will challenge Margaret Thatcher's leadership.

On the 15th November 1990, despite constant disputes in the government and widespread doubt over Mrs Thatcher's position as prime minister and party leader, as well as the economy sliding into recession, the Conservatives have cut Labour's lead in the opinion polls to four points as they gain 41% of the vote in the latest MORI poll.

Also on the 15th November 1990, Space Shuttle Atlantis is launched on a classified military mission its orbit will take the shuttle over Iraq several times.

On the 20th November 1990, Margaret Thatcher fails to win outright victory in a leadership contest for the Conservative Party.

On the 22nd November 1990, Margaret Thatcher announces she will resign as Leader of the Conservative Party and therefore as Prime Minister. She will be the longest-serving premier of the century.

On the 25th November 1990, the first known web page is written.

On the 27th November 1990, John Major is elected Leader of the Conservative Party, defeating Douglas Hurd and Michael Heseltine.

On the 28th November 1990, John Major appointed Prime Minister by the Queen.

December 1990

On the 1st December 1990, Channel Tunnel workers from the United Kingdom and France meet 40 meters beneath the English Channel seabed, establishing the first land connection between the United Kingdom and the mainland of Europe for around 8,000 years.

On the 2nd December 1990, the new Prime Minister John Major travels to the Headquarters of SI-5 to receive a ‘special briefing’ from Commander Bodie head of SI-5, this ‘special briefing’ will be about Project Phoenix. Once at SI-5 Headquarters John Major finds not only Commander Bodie but also Margaret Thatcher and James Callaghan, both of these former Prime Ministers are here to confirm what Commander Bodie is about to brief the new Prime Minister on. As it has been found in previous briefings of new Prime Ministers that it takes some amount of persuasion to make new Prime Ministers believe the briefing on Project Phoenix, it is hoping that this idea will help in this area.

After receiving the briefing on Project Phoenix, John Major takes it better than most of his predecessors his are, “I can see why you Margaret kept certain things from the Cabinet and why your Cabinet colleagues thought you were a bit heavy handed when they asked what you were up to.”

Margaret nods slightly at John and replies, “You see know why this must be kept so secret John.” With James Callaghan, nodding in agreement with what Thatcher has just said.

John with no expression on his face replies, “Yes I can see why, I would also say that this briefing that I have just been given only touches the surface of what this Project Phoenix is up to?”

Callaghan is quick to reply and says, “It is it will take at least a year to come up to speed on what Project Phoenix is up to and the long term plans are.”

John asks, “The Iraq situation can I deploy Project Phoenix to assist?”

Thatcher replies, “No you would need the committee to approve such action, though the committee as approve the release of forces if Iraq uses her chemical weapons against our forces.”

John says, “Understood, if a bit restrictive.”

Commander Bodie says, “It was designed to be, because of the vastly superior weapons and other technologies that are available to Project Phoenix and that these technologies are not abused.”

John says, “I see, that is a good safeguard, though a bit of a double edged sword.”

Commander Bodie says, “Yes it is, but it designed to be that way Prime Minister.”

John Major is informed that there will be further briefing over the next year to bring him up to speed on what Project Phoenix it up to.

When John Major returns to No 10 Downing Street, he is noticeably quieter for several days afterwards as his brain digests what he has just learned.

On the 6th December 1990, Saddam Hussein announces that all British hostages in Iraq are to be released.

On the 8th December 1990, the UK slowly stops, following heavy snow overnight. Large parts of the country are without power after snowfall brings down power lines, disrupting the electricity supply. Many rural areas are cut off for several days, while the Army is called out to help restore power. There is grim news for the retail industry as a CBI survey reports that retail sales have hit a standstill and High Street employment will fall.

On the 11th December 1990, the first British hostages in Iraq released by Saddam Hussein arrive back in the UK.

On the 12th December 1990, the new chancellor Norman Lamont rules out an early cut in interest rates which critics, including opposition MP's, claim would be a quick route out of recession.

On the 26th December 1990, the fatwa (order to kill) against Satanic Verses author Salman Rushdie is upheld by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, more than one year after it was first issued. Rushdie is still living in hiding with a strong Police protection force.

On the 27th December 1990, the latest MORI poll shows that Conservative support has been boosted by the appointment of John Major, with his party now just four points behind Labour - eight months after Labour had peaked with a 23-point lead.

On the 30th December 1990, an opinion poll shows Labour slightly ahead of the Conservatives for the first time since John Major became prime minister.

Project Phoenix, Warship Order of Battle

HMS Defiance is currently in reserve being, refitted as a test ship.

HMS Courageous is not assigned to any squadron, operates independently, currently assigned to the lost city of the ancients.

HMS Glorious and HMS Furious both these warships for the time being will operate independently in the Milky Way Galaxy, surprisingly nether will be used as Fleet Flagship, with HMS Black Prince remaining Fleet Flagship.

First Cruiser Squadron

HMS Black Prince (Squadron & Fleet flagship)
HMS Resistance
HMS New Zealand
HMS Tiger
HMS Royal Oak
HMS Hood
HMS Canada
HMS Australia

Second Cruiser Squadron

HMS Mountbatten (Squadron flagship)
HMS Lion
HMS Magnificent
HMS Bonaventure
HMS Vampire
HMS Vendetta
HMS Illustrious
HMS Indomitable

Third Cruiser Squadron

HMS Implacable (Squadron flagship)
HMS Indefatigable
HMS Valiant
HMS Churchill
HMS Conqueror
HMS Victorious
HMS Drake
HMS Canterbury

Forth Cruiser Squadron

HMS Endeavour
HMS Otago
HMS Te Kaha
HMS Te Mana
HMS Wellington
HMS Achilles
HMS Ajax
HMS Leander

With the finding of a living ancient and the Asgard giving Project Phoenix and additional AEM without preconditions, Project Phoenixes patience and long term, planning seems to be paying off, even if it is only in a relatively small way.

What will 1991 bring for Project Phoenix?

To be continued.
49. 1991

Only in Britain could it be thought a defect to be too clever by half. The probability is that too many people are too stupid by three-quarters.” – John Major

January 1991

On the 12th January 1991, the Congress of the United States passes a resolution authorizing the use of military force to liberate Kuwait.

On the 14th January 1991, orbital dry-dock facility one finishes its period of overhaul and upgrade this now allows the first four Black Prince class heavy cruisers to begin their refit with the new weapons and other improvements before commencing construction of any new warships. This refit will only take six months after that the next four Black Prince class heavy cruisers will enter refit and so on until all thirty-two Black Prince class heavy cruisers have been refitted.

The refit process for the Black Prince class heavy cruisers will take four years to complete this will mean by early 1995 all Black Prince class heavy cruisers will have finished being refitted. On the negative side no new heavy cruisers will be built though even this has advantages it will allow the new Scorpion class heavy cruiser design to be refined over the next few years, though it is possible that a single ship HMS Scorpion could be produced as a class trails ship much sooner.

Black Prince Class – post refit

Length: 1,066.2 ft (325.0 meters)
Width: 295.2 ft (80.0 meters)
Height: 198.5 ft (60.5 meters)
Crew: 205 (can carry an additional 50 ‘passengers’ usually troops.)
Sublight engines
Manoeuvring thrusters
Hyperdrive system:
Project Phoenix Zeus class hyperdrive (Interstellar capable)
Can be fitted with an Asgard hyperdrive as well
Power Core:
x4 second generation Naquadah reactors
Can be fitted with an AEM
Fuel: Naquadah
Shielding: Asgard shields
Two forward firing beam weapons (BWHC)
Two aft firing beam weapons (BWHC)
Twelve Quad energy cannons (EC-2) (x4 port, x4 starboard, x2 forward and x2 aft)
Four forward firing missile tubes and two aft firing missile tubes (up to one hundred missiles carried)
Carried Craft:
x24 Atmospheric/Space Superiority Fighters (Hurricane)
x4 Shuttles (Fox class)
Cargo Capacity: 4,500 tonnes
Other equipment: two Ring Transporters

The Asgard hyperdrive has been removed and replaced with Zeus class hyperdrive though an Asgard hyperdrive can also be fitted alongside the Zeus class hyperdrive if needed. However, as this class of cruiser will only operate within the Milky Way Galaxy the Asgard hyperdrive was now seen as unnecessary, the cargo capacity has also been increased as well, along with improved sensors, computers and upgraded living quarters from the crew etc.

On the 15th January 1991, the United Nations deadline for the withdrawal of Iraqi forces from occupied Kuwait expires, preparing the way for the start of Operation Desert Storm.

On the 16th January 1991, it is announced that one of John Major’s first bills to be put before Parliament is that Gibraltar, Malta and Chagos Islands (British Indian Ocean Territory), Grenada, Falkland Islands, Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha and the British Virgin Islands should have a MP to represent them in the UK Parliament. This bill will take several years to get through the various parliamentary stages, but will be passed as no political party will oppose it, though a small number of MP’s will vote against the bill they will represent a very small minority of the House of Commons.

The numbers of MP’s will be split in the following way, even though some populations do not equal constituencies in mainland UK.

Gibraltar = 1 MP
Malta = 4 MP’s
Falkland Islands, Tristan da Cunha, Saint Helena, Ascension and Chagos Islands – 1 MP
Grenada and British Virgin Islands = 2 MP’s due to the combined population equalling almost 130,000 or so by the end of the 1990s.

This act will come into effect in early 1993, after going through various parliamentary stages and the usual discussions from most Members of Parliament and members of the House of Lords. This bill will allow these new MP’s to sit in the House of Commons from the 1997 General Election onwards.

On hearing this the Argentinean government lodges a formal protest with the UN this protest gets nowhere as the US, UK and China will use their veto against any motion put forward concerning the Falkland Islands. The use of the Chinese veto is seen as odd by commentators as China normally abstains from such votes this does show the growing links between Chinese’s government and the British government. However, like an iceberg you can only see the tip, with the majority of the trade deals between the Chinese’s and the British governments going on behind closed doors.

On the 16th January 1991, Operation Desert Storm begins with air strikes against Iraq this will be the first operational use of the Sea Eagle Land Attack Cruise Missile by both the Royal Navy (surface ships and submarines) and the RAF.

On the 17th January 1991, Iraq fires eight Scud missiles into Israel (monitored by the Skynet satellite network), in Northwood England (missile warning launch section) this cause’s monetary panic, as they fear that this missiles may have Chemical Warheads, though this fear soon passes, as the warheads are conventional.

On the 19th January 1991, a SCUD attack on Tel Aviv injures 15 people.

On the 22nd January 1991, three SCUDs and one Patriot missile hit Ramat Gan in Israel injuring 96 people also 3 elderly people die of heart attacks.

Also on the 22nd January 1991, a British Army SAS patrol, Bravo Two Zero is deployed in Iraq during the Gulf War. All members are able to evade the enemy to safety, thanks to ‘special surveillance’ by an RAF Canberra recon aircraft warning Bravo Two Zero of approaching enemy patrols. Bravo Two Zero will be the subject of several books and even a very successful movie all this will be done without revealing how they were able to really evade the enemy patrols.

On the 31st January 1991, HMS Glorious and HMS Furious are sent to Camelot to not only conduct a detailed survey of the planet but the whole system as well, this will take the rest of the year. In addition, HMS Glorious and HMS Furious will act as guard ships for the Camelot planet, these two warships will also carry additional supplies for the troops and personnel currently based on Camelot.

February 1991

On the 1st February 1991, HMS Defiance makes her second supply run to Atlantis returning to Heliopolis by the end of the month, this second supply run will be much quicker than the first, as Defiance does not have to pick up and Gateships.

On the 7th February 1991, ground troops cross the Saudi Arabian border and enter Kuwait, thus starting the ground phase of the war.

On the 10th February 1991, on Heliopolis the dual programs of study and repair of the two Gateships from Atlantis the Asgard have already taken detailed scans of the two damaged Gateships. Project Phoenix personnel are concentrating on repairing these two Gateships while doing this they are learning about the Gateships systems this is seen as the best way forward in how to understand the Gateships technology and how to repair them as well.

On the 13th February 1991, two laser-guided “smart bombs” destroy an underground bunker in Baghdad, killing hundreds of Iraqis. United States military intelligence claims it was a military facility but Iraqi officials identify it as a bomb shelter.

On the 18th February 1991, the Provisional Irish Republican Army explodes bombs in the early morning, at both Paddington station and Victoria station in London. The perpetrators are quickly apprehended by SI-5 and taken off world for imprisonment for their crimes, the however police will keep looking for the perpetrators of this bombing.

On the 22nd February 1991, Iraq accepts a Russian-proposed cease-fire agreement, both the UK and the US rejects the agreement, but they both say that retreating Iraqi forces will not be attacked if they leave Kuwait within 24 hours. Neither the UK nor the US is willing to invade Iraq their only concern has been to liberate Kuwait.

On the 25th February 1991, part of an Iraqi Scud missile hits an American military barracks in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, killing 29 and injuring 99 U.S. soldiers. It is the single-most devastating attack on US forces during that war.

On the 26th February 1991, on Baghdad radio, Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein announces the withdrawal of Iraqi troops from Kuwait. Iraqi soldiers set fire to Kuwaiti oil fields as they retreat.

On the 28th February 1991, Operation Desert Storm ends the combined firepower of the British, Canadian, New Zealand and Australian military is as impressive as the US military. For the British military it is the first use of the British build cruise missiles these missiles easily prove themselves as long ranged artillery, more will be ordered, even though there are defence cuts looming.

Ancient Energy Modules

By the end of February 1991, the number of AEM’s in use by Project Phoenix is as follows...

The original fully charged AEM that was found is still being studied by Project Phoenix, Asgard and the Nox, though this AEM has not been used, it is available for use in an extreme emergency.

One AEM is onboard HMS Defiance once this one is depleted it will not be replaced by the Asgard, though this might change.

Two AEM’s is onboard HMS Courageous, on in use and one spare, when one is used up (not happened yet), the Asgard will replace these two with new ones as they are depleted.

One AEM installed in the Ancient Outpost on Heliopolis, replaced once it has been used up, so far this has happened only once, this was after the outpost was transported to Heliopolis.

The largest number of AEM’s is on Atlantis, with nine deployed (under Asgard control), with three powering the city and six spares, the Asgard will replace these as they are used up, so far none have been depleted.

Both the Asgard and the Nox have several thousand AEM’s available to them, most of these are being use by the Asgard in their war against the Replicators, though they are not easy replicate, the Asgard have several of their own replicators running 24 hours a day seven days a week. At this rate, it was relatively easy for the Asgard to produce a large number of AEM’s, along with the Nox’s own smaller production, the numbers of AEM’s are growing.

March 1991

On the 1st March 1991, Options for Change is released outlining a restructuring of the British Armed Forces during the 1990’s, aimed at cutting defence spending following the end of the Cold War. Several major points being the reduction in the number of Vanguard class SSBN’s being produced from five to four, the number of nuclear warheads reduced from 750 to 500. The biggest surprise is the withdrawal of British troops from Germany to be completed by the end of 1999 and redeployment back to the UK and her overseas parts of the UK.

In other areas all four carriers are to remain, planning for replacement carriers is already underway, along with the same number of destroyers, with the Royal Navy’s frigates, all other frigates except for the Type-23 are to be withdrawn by the end of 1999. The next generation Sea Harrier (P.1154) will be fully funded (the RAF Harrier is not mentioned) this should enter operational serviced with the Royal Navy early in the next decade. The three Invincible Class LPH’s will be replaced by two new LPH’s [Authors Note: think HMS Ocean of OTL type but bigger and faster ITTL] by the end of the decade, in addition two Albion-class landing platform dock will replace existing LPD’s.

The next generation Westland Rotodyne will also be introduced also with the new medium helicopter for all three services, this new helicopter will be known as the Westland Merlin (Authors Note: based on the EH101 IOTL), with a total of over 400 be purchased over several decades for the RAF, Royal Navy and the Army Air Corps.

The RAF will lose the Vengeance B.1 bomber along with the recon version these will be withdrawn by the end of 1996. In the area of tankers, the Victor tankers will be overhauled and upgraded giving a 20-year life extension, in addition to introducing the next generation of VC-10 transport/tanker aircraft. The RAF’s Arrow fighters will be either upgraded or new next gen Arrow fighters purchased (the Arrow III program is at an early stage at this time), the same for the Eagle GR (TSR.2) strike/recon aircraft.

The British Army will be reduced by about 18% this will be phased in between 1992 and 1999, this will allow for the withdrawal of British military forces from Germany at the same time and deployed elsewhere within mainland UK and to the overseas parts of the UK.

On a final note, the Royal Flight will receive the new Concorde II when it starts to enter service at the end of the 1999s, the launch customer for the new 300 seat (wide bodied) Concorde II is British Airways quickly followed by Virgin Airways, other airlines will also follow by pre ordering the new Concorde II. The number of pre orders will exceed the total production figures for the original Concorde and continue to climb, as the launch date gets closer.

On the 10th March 1991, Operation Phase Echo 540,000 American troops begin to leave the Persian Gulf. At the same time, other countries begin to withdraw their troops back to their home countries, though enough of a force will be left behind to defend Kuwait.

On the 14th March 1991, after 16 years in prison for allegedly bombing a public house in a Provisional Irish Republican Army attack, the “Birmingham Six” are freed when a court determines that the police fabricated evidence.

On the 15th March 1991, Germany formally regains complete independence after the four post-World War II occupying powers (France, the United Kingdom, the United States and the Soviet Union) relinquish all remaining rights. This act will allow the UK military to commence their withdrawal from Germany this withdrawal should be complete by the end of 1999 as set out in the defence review.

On the 19th March 1991, Norman Lamont predicts 2% economic contraction for this year.

On the 21st March 1991, Education Secretary Kenneth Clarke announces plans to remove further education and sixth form colleges from local authority control.

On the 23rd March 1991, John Major announces the abolition of the Community Charge this will prove to be very popular with the voters, on top of the victory in Iraq.

At the end of March 1991, Merlin has recovered enough to be briefed on what has been going on while he was in stasis (by the Asgard and the Nox), Project Phoenix (at Merlin’s request) are not informed that he is well enough to talk. At the end of the briefing Merlin is more worried about the Replicator threat and the Asgard cloning problem, Merlin offers to help the Asgard with both their problems along with the Nox.

The Alliance of Four Great Races now has three of their former members the implications of this are very clear, though no one outside of the three members of the reformed Alliance of Three Great Races know this...

April 1991

On the 1st April 1991, the British government forms a holding company for all that patents it controls, this company will be called Universal Exports, as this is a government-controlled company this company will have very little information listed at Companies House. Universal Exports will also be used to covertly stimulate the UK economy without leaving the governments ‘fingerprints’ over the help, in addition Universal Exports will provide covert funding for various Black Operations. Universal Exports will provide the UK government with an income from various licensing of the patents it controls of around six billion pound per year this amount will increase as further patents are added.

This money will be shared with the other three member countries (Australia, New Zealand and Canada) of Project Phoenix through Universal Exports.

On the 3rd April 1991, the UN Security Council passes the Cease Fire Agreement, Resolution 687. The Resolution calls for the destruction or removal of all of Iraq's chemical and biological weapons, all stocks of agents and components, and all research, development, support and manufacturing facilities for ballistic missiles with a range greater than 150 km and production facilities and for an end to its support for international terrorism.

Iraq accepts the terms of the resolution on the 6 April the Iraq war is over.

On the 18th April 1991, despite the continuing recession, the Conservatives are still top of the opinion polls as the latest MORI poll puts them two points ahead of Labour on 42%. The Liberal Democrats have trebled their showing in the last 15 months, now gaining 15% of the vote

On the 23rd April 1991, the UK Government confirms that the unpopular Community Charge is to be replaced by a new Council Tax in 1993.

On the 30th April 1991, Lord Yu is now becoming increasingly paranoid by the build up of Apophis’s military forces, with Apophis’s military forces now becoming larger and larger, Lord Yu no longer believes Apophis’s aeration that these forces are to secure his new territory and take back one or two rebelling worlds. Lord Yu now begins to reinforce his own defences, along with modernising his military to prepare for what he believes is the impending attack by Apophis on the other System Lords.

What Lord Yu does not realise is that Apophis is actually telling the truth in that the build up of Apophis’s military forces is to secure the territory ‘acquired’ from the now dead Ra and to regain control of Abydos.

This action by Apophis will lead to another civil war amongst the System Lords with a few years time this civil war will be triggered by several ‘events’ in the coming years.

One final item that does not know about is that another System Lord that the other System Lords thought dead is preparing to start hit and run attacks against the System Lords within a few years, these defence preparation by Lord Yu will make Lord Yu’s defences the strongest of any System Lord.

The System Lord that the other System Lords thought dead is called Anubis...

May 1991

On the 1st May 1991, in Atlantis the members of the Atlantis expedition learn that the Wraith go into a form of ‘hibernation’ to allow their humans ‘food stock’ to replenish, once the humans ‘food stock’ has replenished the Wraith ‘cull’ the humans ‘food stock’ leaving enough humans behind to start the cycle once again.

Currently the Wraith is in hibernation, though the Atlantis expedition does not know this.

On the 5th May 1991, hopes for a quick end to the recession are boosted by CBI predictions that a sharp recovery in business profits will begin shortly.

On the 17th May 1991, the Conservatives suffer another by-election defeat when Labour gain their Monmouth seat in Wales.

On the 21st May 1991, South Wales, one of the regions hardest hit by unemployment, receives a boost when the go-ahead is given for Japanese electrical company Sony to build a new factory in Bridgend that will create 1,400 jobs when it opens in 1993.

On the 22th May 1991, nearly six months after the breakthrough in the Channel Tunnel service tunnel, the breakthrough in the North rail tunnel is achieved. On the same day, road links to the British terminal are improved when the final section of the M20 motorway is opened between Maidstone and Ashford, meaning that the Chunnel's unbroken motorway link with London has already been completed an estimated three years before the first trains move between Britain and France.[

On the 24th May 1991, Labour tops a MORI poll for the first time this year as they stand six points ahead of the Conservatives on 43%.

On the 29th May 1991, economists warn that the UK economy is still in a recession and that it could be another year before the first real signs of recovery become visible even with continued government investment in ‘certain areas’.

By the end of May 1991, the skynet satellite system launched into space by HOTOL now has several functions, the first being normal military communications, the second is a relay for the various ring transporters across the planet. Finally, a new addition has been added to the latest version of the skynet satellite system this addition is a basic form of sensors allowing extremely accurate intelligence to be gathered on virtually every nation on Earth, if needed.

June 1991

On the 1st June 1991, the first four Black Prince Class heavy cruisers come out of their refit, the next four immediately enter dry-dock one to begin their refit.

On the 2nd June 1991, the Asgard informs Project Phoenix that from their monitoring of the System Lords it appears as if the System Lords are heading towards another civil war. The leadership of Project Phoenix wonders if they should take sides in this civil war, Dr Phillips suggests that Lord Yu might be a good candidate to support and he has been the most ‘cooperative’ of all the System Lords the Asgard are not against the idea. However, the Asgard does feel as though Project Phoenix should not make any sudden decisions in this matter.

Dr Phillips agrees with the Asgard that they should monitor the situation and then make a decision.

Dr Phillips idea of supporting one System Lord is not a bad one, as this System Lord would ‘owe’ Project Phoenix for helping them in any civil war. Though on the downside is that after the war is won there is nothing (possible with the exception of the Asgard, though as the Asgard are occupied at the moment this is unlikely to happen in the short term) from Lord Yu from cancelling the deal.

For now, they watch and wait, while Project Phoenix teams continue their exploration of the various Stargate address across the Milky Way Galaxy.

On the 5th June 1991, Space Shuttle Columbia carries the Spacelab into orbit.

On the 12th June 1991, Boris Yeltsin is elected President of Russia, the largest and most populous of the 15 Soviet republics.

Between the 23rd June and the 28th June 1991, UN inspection teams attempt to intercept Iraqi vehicles carrying nuclear related equipment. Iraqi soldiers fire warning shots in the air to prevent inspectors from approaching the vehicles.

On the 25th June 1991, Croatia and Slovenia declare their independence from Yugoslavia.

On the 30th June 1991, the director of the Woomera Rocket Program announces the construction of Woomera Rocket Programs own space station, with construction/assembly starting in 1995. This announcement does take the wind out of the US Spacelab launch earlier this month.

July 1991

On the 1st July 1991, the Warsaw Pact is officially dissolved at a meeting in Prague.

On the 10 July 1991, Boris Yeltsin begins his 5-year term as the first elected president of Russia.

On the 11th July 1991, an off world recon team discovers what appears to be a dormant android, which they name Reese. The recon team does not touch or even try to reactive this dormant android instead they merely conduct scans of Reese to be taken back to Heliopolis for examination. Once these scans are complete the off world recon team returns to Heliopolis to report what they have found, it will take the Asgard (once they have reviewed the scans) to realise that this dormant android can create and control the replicators.

On the 15th July 1991, the 17th G7 summit held in London with the other G7 members privately acknowledging that the UK is one of the world’s two remaining superpowers.

On the 21st July 1991, a second off world mission is planned to examine the dormant android Reese this examination does not go well, as in attempting to reactivate, Reese breaks Reese beyond repair. However, it will give the Asgard once they have examined Reese they will find a command inside Reese instructing all Replicators “to come forth”, which will allow the Asgard to create a trap which captured and eliminate all Replicators in their galaxy.

The Asgard will owe Project Phoenix another one for helping them find the solution to the Replicator menace.

On the 24th July 1991, Chancellor Norman Lamont assures the House of Commons that the economic recovery will begin before the end of this year.

On the 31st July 1991, Warsaw Treaty Organization officially dissolved in accordance with a protocol calling for a “transition to all-European structures.”

Also on the 31st July 1991, the United States and the Soviet Union sign the START I treaty limiting strategic nuclear weapons.

August 1991

On the 1st August 1991, the Chinese government announces an extension to the agreement with both the British government and Hawker Siddeley about an improvement program for their Harriers (P.1127). This program will see either, rebuilds of existing airframes or new builds, along with an upgraded engine from the existing Pegasus 11 (Mark 103) to the Pegasus 11-21/Mk.105/Mk.106. This will be the Chinese equivalent of the USMC AV-8B+ (using Chinese military systems), though the US government will, protest (privately) there is nothing that they can do as they have no authority over a UK company like Hawker Siddeley. In addition, the order will be for 300+ of the updated Harrier (P.1127) from the Chinese government this is a much larger order than the USMC Harrier upgrade.

This is also another step for the Chinese government and military to develop their Harriers (P.1127) into a subsonic naval version, though this plan will not come to fruition until in the next century.

On the 6th August 1991, Tim Berners-Lee establishes the first website at CERN.

On the 8th August 1991, John McCarthy, a British hostage held in Lebanon for over 5 years is freed.

On the 16th August 1991, the Bank of England declares that the worst of the current recession is now over.

On the 23rd August 1991, growing confidence over economic recovery has helped boost the Conservative government's popularity, as they return to the top of the MORI poll with a two-point lead over Labour putting them on 42%.

September 1991

On the 2nd September 1991, both the US and the UK recognize the independence of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

On the 5th September 1991, the Congress of People's Deputies of the Soviet Union self-dissolves, replaced by Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union and State Council of the Soviet Union

On the 6th September 1991, the Soviet Union recognizes the independence of the Baltic states.

Also on the 6th September 1991, the name Saint Petersburg is restored to Russia's second-largest city, which had been renamed Leningrad in 1924.

On the 15th September 1991, a poll shows that Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock is a liability to his party, who are now behind John Major's Conservative Party in the opinion polls.

On the 17th September 1991, Neil Kinnock hits out at claims that he is to blame for his party falling behind in the opinion polls, sparking speculation that John Major will call a general election within the next two months.

Also On the 17th September 1991, North Korea, South Korea, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Marshall Islands and Micronesia join the United Nations.

On the 19th September 1991, Robin Leigh-Pemberton, governor of the Bank of England, says that he is confident that the recession is now over in Britain.

On the 30th September 1991, the USAF and the NID agree to share intelligence resources to not only help each other, but also to allow them to ‘stretch’ their budgets a bit further, none of the Senate or Congressional oversight committees have a problem with this sharing intelligence resources between the USAF and the NID.

The USAF liaison officer will be Brigadier General (soon to be Major General) West, the USAF will provide one of its old missile test base in Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado, codenamed “Area 52”, with the NID funding 50% of the cost of converting this former missile test base into an joint intelligence base for the USAF and the NID.

This joint intelligence base for the USAF and the NID is fully supported by the head of the NID Senate committee Senator Robert Kinsey who is able to get the extra funding to set up this base.

October 1991

On the 1st October 1991, inside the Asgard Research Outpost on Heliopolis, Merlin has recovered enough to allow him to move around the Asgard Research Outpost in an Asgard designed hover chair. This hover chair continuously monitors Merlin’s vital signs and if anything should happen to Merlin will automatically return Merlin the medical centre in the Asgard Research Outpost.

Merlin is now learning what has happened to the galaxy in his absences, Merlin is pleasantly surprised by the humans from Earth progress to the stars along with their finding of Atlantis. Merlin will take no action of the humans of Project Phoenix occupying Atlantis, even though he could give the Asgard the override code.

The one thing he does give to both the Asgard and the Nox (as a form of thank you for saving him) is the secret of how to manufacture Ancient Energy Modules this will allow both the Asgard and the Nox to manufacture AEM’s as quickly as the Ancients were able to. This is an incredible gift for Merlin to give to the Asgard and the Nox, though this is only the tip of the ‘iceberg’ so to speak, in the decades to come Merlin will slowly help both the Asgard and the Nox with technological knowledge.

Merlin’s one condition is that no one outside should learn of how to manufacture the Ancient Energy Modules, both the Asgard and the Nox agree to this, Merlin has no objection for the Asgard to continue to supply Project Phoenix with AEM’s as the Asgard see fit, just not the manufacturing secret.

On the 3th October 1991, Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton announces he will seek the 1992 Democratic nomination for President of the United States.

On the 11th October 1991, John Major outlines his vision of a "classless" Britain in a party conference at Blackpool, where his predecessor Margaret Thatcher voices her support for him.

On the 17th October 1991, the smallest monthly rise in unemployment since last November is cited by the government as an "unmistakable" sign that the recession is drawing to a close.

On the 18th October 1991, Labour's hopes of election success are boosted by the latest MORI poll, which shows them six points ahead of the Conservatives on 45%.

On the 29th October 1991, hopes that the recession is drawing to a close are boosted by CBI findings that show that manufacturers are now more optimistic than at any time in the past three years.

November 1991

On the 1st November 1991, after careful examination by the Asgard they find the command inside Reese instructing all Replicators “to come forth” the Asgard begin to plan a trap for all the remaining Replicators in their galaxy this trap should be sprung sometime next year.

On the 5th November 1991, Robert Maxwell, owner of numerous business interests including the Daily Mirror newspaper, is found dead off the coast of Tenerife; his cause of death is unconfirmed, but reports suggest that he has committed suicide.

On the 9th November 1991, the British JET fusion reactor generates 1.5 MW on output of electrical power this is part of the growing UK government in nuclear power, only the French government has a similar investment in nuclear power, with Canada and Australia coming a joint third place behind the UK and France.

On the 15th November 1991, Britain's hopes of economy recovery are dealt with a major blow when shares on the Wall Street Stock Exchange falls by 120 points causing the London to drop in response this causes problems all over the world.

On the 18th November 1991, Terry Waite, a British hostage held in Lebanon, is freed after four-and-a-half years in captivity.

On the 24th November 1991, Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury dies from pneumonia induced by AIDS, this causes an outcry from Queen fans in asking why Freddie Mercury as other selected ‘important scientists and engineers’ have received this ‘special treatment’. The UK government issues a ‘non-reply’ hoping this will die down, though several Freddie Mercury fans will begin to investigate the ‘special treatment’ this investigation will become an obsession with these small number of fans.

On the 27th November 1991, the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopts a resolution opening the way to the establishment of peacekeeping operations in Yugoslavia. The former Yugoslavia will cause the UK government a lot of unwanted problems during the 1990’s along with the rest of Europe as well.

By the end of November 1991, the number of personnel both military and civilian to Camelot is now at the 2,900 level their main mission in the short term is to help the native population, by teaching them the basics of healthcare. The Project Phoenix personnel have also introduced them to the concept of sewers and drainage this had helped fight diseases for the population of Camelot. The population of Camelot in return have been giving Project Phoenix their surplus food production this had led to a reduction in supplies needed to be shipped from Heliopolis, along with some of this food being shipped (via the Stargate) to Heliopolis.

December 1991

On the 1st December 1991, Ukrainians vote overwhelmingly for independence from the Soviet Union in a referendum.

On the 8th December 1991, leaders of Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine meet and sign an agreement ending the Soviet Union and establishing the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), in the Białowieża Forest Nature Reserve in Belarus.

On the 16th December 1991, Stella Rimington announced as the first female director general of MI5 director Rimington will be the first director general of MI5 to be briefed about Project Phoenix, though no one else in MI5 will be briefed due to the ongoing levels of extreme security surrounding Project Phoenix.

On the 19th December 1991, Paul Keating replaces Bob Hawke as the new prime minister of Australia. Paul Keating is nearly floored when he hears of Project Phoenix, though like his predecessor he agrees that they must keep the secret of Project Phoenix.

On the 29th December 1991, a quarterly opinion poll shows that Neil Kinnock and Labour are three points ahead of John Major and the Conservatives. Sparking hope for Labour that they will win the next election (which has to be held within five months) or at least the election will result in a hung parliament for the first time since 1974.

By the end of December 1991, the number of personnel deployed to Atlantis now stands at just over 5,000 this has been achieved by pulling all personnel away from Abydos and leaving less than 100 personnel on Abydos.

At the end of December 1991, the next four Black Prince Class heavy cruisers come out of their refit, the next four immediately enter dry-dock one to begin their refit this mean that one of the four heavy cruiser squadron has now finished refitting.

To be continued.
50. 1992

A consensus politician is someone who does something that he doesn't believe is right because it keeps people quiet when he does it.” – John Major

January 1992

On the 18th January 1992, John Major announces that the general election will be held on the 9th April.

On the 20th January 1992, the population of Abydos are given supplies of Staff weapons that had been captured from various off world missions (mostly in skirmishes against Apophis) they are also given training in how to use these weapons. The main reason for this training is to give the population a fighting chance against any possible attack by Apophis’s forces. As their will be little chance of Project Phoenixes forces helping out as they are overstretched for the foreseeable future the Mountbatten plan for Abydos is still ‘in play’ and will not be changed, mostly out of a deep respect for Mountbatten. Evacuation of the population is not considered an option as this was part of Mountbatten’s plan and no one will or is even willing to change it.

If Apophis attacks Abydos then Apophis’s forces will be in for an unpleasant surprise from the population of Abydos...

On the 22nd January 1992, Dr. Roberta Bondar becomes the first Canadian woman in space onboard the US Space Shuttle Discovery, though Dr Bondar has been in space before on a HOTOL flight. This is seen as a PR excursive between NASA and the Woomera Rocket Program and of little value beyond that, as the Woomera Rocket Program has little need for NASA and their on/off space program depending on who is in the White House.

On the 26th January 1991, Boris Yeltsin announces that Russia will stop targeting cities of the United States and her allies with Nuclear Weapons. In return, George H. W. Bush announces that the United States and her allies will stop targeting Russia and the remaining communist states with Nuclear Weapons.

On the 31st January 1992, in a comparison of the forces of the combined fleets of the System Lords, Project Phoenix fleet command estimates that its forces are outnumbered several hundreds to one. This is also reflected in the ground forces, with the odds being more against Project Phoenixes ground forces, if it were not for the Asgard presence then the Goa'uld would have eradicated the bases of Project Phoenix a long time ago.

Project Phoenix military command estimates that it will take at least fifty years before Project Phoenixes military forces are able to deal with one System Lord on a one to one basis let alone the combined firepower of all the System Lords.

Until Project Phoenix military forces are much larger than they are currently Project Phoenix military has little or no hope of even dealing with one System Lord in direct combat, for the time being Project Phoenix must continue on it current course.

Dr Phillips already guessed that would be the position of their forces, with the Asgard unwilling to intervene unless the Goa'uld breaks the treaty with them (that will not happen) everything will keep going the way it has been going for the past several thousand years.

February 1992

On the 1st February 1992, HMS Glorious and HMS Furious return from Camelot from their yearlong detailed survey of the planet and the whole system. In addition, HMS Glorious and HMS Furious has been acting as guard ships for Camelot, in this role they have seen no action as the Goa’uld are unaware of Camelot’s existence. Even so, HMS Glorious and HMS Furious are replaced as guard ships for Camelot by the ships of the fourth cruiser squadron.

On the 2nd February 1992, Neil Kinnock, Labour Party leader, denies reports that he had a “Kremlin connection” during the 1980s.

On the 5th February 1992, the two battlecruisers HMS Glorious and HMS Furious enter the second orbital dry-dock to begin their refit with the beam weapons, this mini refit will be completed by June 1992. Once this refit is complete, it is planned to refit HMS Courageous with not only beam weapons but also upgrade several other systems as well.

Courageous Class (post refit)

Length: 1,722.4 ft (525.0 meters)
Width: 328.0 ft (100.0 meters)
Height: 262.4 ft (80.0 meters)
Crew: 395 (ship’s crew)
60 troops plus up to another 60 civilian researchers and scientists
Also has the capacity to take another 500 persons for short periods in evacuation mode
Sublight engines
Manoeuvring thrusters
Hyperdrive system:
Asgard hyperdrive (Intergalactic capable)
Project Phoenix Zeus class hyperdrive (Interstellar capable)
Power Core:
x10 second generation Naquadah reactors
Can be fitted with an Ancient Energy Module though only HMS Courageous is equipped with an AEM as per the agreement with the Asgard
Fuel: Naquadah
Shielding: Asgard shields
Four forward firing beam weapons (BWBC)
Two aft firing beam weapons (BWBC)
Twenty Quad energy cannons (EC-2) (x6 port, x6 starboard, x4 forward and x4 aft)
Six forward firing missile tubes and two aft firing missile tubes (up to two hundred missiles carried)
Carried Craft:
x24 Atmospheric/Space Superiority Fighters (Hurricane)
x10 Shuttles (Fox class various types)
Cargo Capacity: 4,500 tonnes
Other equipment: two Ring Transporters

On the 6th February 1992, the Queen celebrates her Ruby Jubilee with all parts of the UK celebrating along with numerous Commonwealth countries with both those still has the Queen as head of state and those that do not.

On the 7th February 1992, the Maastricht Treaty is signed, founding the European Union with the UK on the outside (though still trading with Europe), the UK is currently concentrating on expanding trade with the rest of the world, especially China, as this will be were future growth will be (along with India).

On the 9th February 1992, Prime Minister John Major speaks of his hopes that the recession will soon be over as the economy is now showing signs of recovery.

On the 15th February 1992, Neil Kinnock, Labour Party leader, speaks of his belief that the Conservative government's failure to halt the current recession will win his party the forthcoming general election.

On the 20th February 1992, hopes of an end to the recession are dashed by government figures, which reveal that GDP fell by 0.3% in the final quarter of 1991.

March 1992

On the 11th March 1992, John Major announces that the election will be held on the 9th April.

On the 15th March 1992, on the Asgard home world, an Asgard called Loki and a few dozen follows ‘borrow’ an Asgard Science Vessel, this Asgard Science Vessel is a scaled down version of the Mountbatten class warship. The Asgard Science Vessel has the latest technologies including AEM’s, Ion Beam Weapons and upgraded shields and hyperdrive systems, making this class of Asgard ship very powerful for a science vessel.

Like and his followers believe that they must do experiments on humans to permanently solve the Asgard cloning problem the Asgard High Council has forbidden any experimentation on humans this has forced Loki to take this action.

It will be sometime before the other Asgard realise that Loki is gone along with the Asgard Science Vessel, as Loki and his followers have covered their trail well and as their fellow Asgard will only come after them if they find/discover them doing something illegal. Loki and his followers have excluded going to Earth, as any vessel approaching Earth would be detected and the Asgard warship guarding Heliopolis would be sent to investigate.

Another world is needed...

On the 26th March 1992, television entertainer Roy Castle (59), who currently presents Record Breakers, announces that he is suffering from lung cancer. This will cause Project Phoenix more problems as the ‘special treatment’ is again raised and why cannot Roy Castle receive this ‘special treatment’ the UK government again manages to side step this issue.

The fans of Freddie Mercury are starting to build up a small number of cases of scientist that have received this ‘special treatment’ though not all who receive the ‘special treatment’ are made public. The fans of Freddie Mercury have and will not make this public yet, as they want to gather enough ‘evidence’, though what they do not know is that they are under surveillance themselves.

April 1992

On the 1st April 1992, Lord Ba’al moves against the Minor System Lord, that has been providing Lord Ba’al with such items as the Iris shield etc. Lord Ba’al’s excuse to Lord Yu and the other senior System Lords is that this Minor System Lord has been keeping this technology to himself. After eliminating and seizing control of this Minor System Lords territory Lord Ba’al gives most (not all) of this technology over to the other System Lords, in doing so the other System Lords allow Lord Ba’al to keep the Minor System Lord small territory.

Those bits of technology that Lord Ba’al has not shared with the other System Lords, Lord Ba’al does share with Anubis (for obvious reasons), Anubis is pleased with Lord Ba’al, though Anubis does not trust Lord Ba’al, after all Lord Ba’al is a fellow System Lord.

On the 9th April 1992, the Conservative Party are re-elected for a fourth term, in their first election under John Major's leadership. Their majority is reduced to 29 seats but they have attracted more than 14,000,000 votes the highest number of votes ever attracted in a general election. Notable retirements from parliament at this election include Margaret Thatcher (Conservative prime minister for over eleven years until her resignation seventeen months ago) and the former Labour Party leader Michael Foot.

In the next general election (1997), there will be several new parliamentary seats from the UK’s overseas territories.

On the 20th April 1992, the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, held at Wembley Stadium, is televised live to over 1 billion people and raises millions of pound, dollars and other currencies for AIDS research. Those small group of hard line Freddie Mercury fans continue to investigate the ‘special treatment’ that is available to a selected few they are keeping quiet (as possible) about their investigation, though certain element of the British Security Services are aware of what they are doing.

On the 28th April 1992, the two remaining constituent republics of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia – Serbia and Montenegro – form a new state, named the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (after 2003, Serbia and Montenegro), bringing to an end the official union of Serbs, Croats, Slovenes, Montenegrins, Bosnian Muslims and Macedonians that existed from 1918

May 1992

By the 1st May 1992, SI-5 in the area of small arms the favourite sidearm weapons for SI-5 officers is either the .455 Webley revolver (with speed loaders) or the Para-Ordnance .455 PW14-455DA (in .455 Webley Automatic calibre) with its 14 round magazine. SI-5 officer favour the .455 Webley round to other due to its stopping power in addition these pistols are used by Project Phoenix off world teams as their back up pistol of choice.

On the 6th May 1992, John Major promises British voters improved services and more money to spend, unfortunately the John Major's term, as Prime Minister will be dogged by infighting and corruption within the Conservative Party.

On the 7th May 1992, Space Shuttle Endeavour makes its maiden flight.

On the 15th May 1992, Project Phoenix leadership (Dr Phillips and the four-person committee) finally comes to a decision concerning the Tok'ra, Jolinar of Malkshur. Project Phoenix leadership agree to release Jolinar on a world used by the Tok'ra, with the agreement that Jolinar will return the host body (alive) to another world by a certain date, so that the Asgard can return the host body back home.

Jolinar agrees to these terms, though neither side trusts each other Jolinar does trust the Asgard to keep their word one-way or the other fear of the Asgard is a matter of fact for both the Tok'ra and the Goa'uld.

On the 20th May 1992, Jolinar steps through the Stargate to a world used by the Tok'ra, Jolinar has until next year to return the host body otherwise the Asgard will come looking for the host body, in force.

On the 16th May 1992, Space Shuttle Endeavour lands safely after a successful maiden voyage. NASA space program is now well behind that of the Woomera Space Program, even with this motivation the US government’s attention is focused elsewhere, space is no longer seen as a priority by the US government.

On the 31st May 1992, Loki ‘browed’ Asgard vessel drops out of hyperspace at the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy Loki has taken an indirect course to make sure that they have not been followed they have not.

Now all they need to do is find a suitable world for Loki and his followers to restart their cloning experiments on humans once again, Earth is ‘out of bounds’ due to their fellow Asgard’s intense monitoring of that system and surrounding space.

June 1992

On the 7th June 1992, a controversial new biography of Diana, Princess of Wales, “Diana: Her True Story”, written by Andrew Morton, is published, revealing that she has made five suicide attempts following her discovery that The Prince of Wales had resumed an affair with his previous girlfriend Mrs Parker-Bowles shortly after Prince William's birth in 1982.

On the 10th June 1992, the two battlecruisers HMS Glorious and HMS Furious leave the second orbital dry-dock after their refit with the beam weapons after their trails are complete they will return to guard duty around Camelot.

On the 12th June 1992, it is discovered that several worlds controlled by the System Lord Ba’al have their own shield Iris protecting that planets Stargate. This has been found out without the loss of life due to the use of Remote Controlled Reconnaissance Vehicles (RCRV) to scout of the area around a Stargate before sending anyone though. This has also had the great advantage of keeping Project Phoenix casualties very low when entering a potential hostile environment such as a world under the control of a System Lord or a planet that no longer has an atmosphere!

This comes as a surprise to Dr Phillips as she thought that the Goa'uld would find it ‘beneath’ themselves to use a ‘lesser’ species ideas, both Seth and the Asgard soon put Dr Phillips straight on this point. They both state that the Goa'uld will use any technology that will give them an advantage over another Goa'uld or any potential enemy.

Not all System Lords will use the Isis technology gained by Lord Ba’al some will not use it out of suspicion of Lord Ba’al’s motivation others will not trust any technology coming from another System Lord. Lord Yu is one of the System Lords that does adopt this technology mostly as a cheap way of keeping anyone off one of his planets forcing any potential enemy to attack by ship these preparations by Lord Yu, though meant to be used against Apophis they will prove their worth against another System Lord thought to be dead…

On the 15th June 1992, HMS Courageous enters that second orbital dry-dock after returning from Atlantis to be refitted with not only beam weapons but also upgrade several other systems as well, this refit will be finished by the end of the year.

On the 17th June 1992, President George H W Bush and Russian President Boris Yeltsin sign a ‘Joint Understanding’ agreement on arms reduction. During these talks, both sides agree that it is odd that the British are reducing their own nuclear weapons stockpile without preconditions.

On the 30th June 1992, Margaret Thatcher takes her place in the House of Lords as Baroness Thatcher, nineteen months after resigning as Prime Minister. This peerage will be the first hereditary peerage in the long time that will allow either the male or the female line to inherit the title.

July 1992

On the 1st July 1992, after much discussion the Asgard Science Vessel with Loki and his followers drops out of hyperspace in orbit above the planet Cimmeria with its human population now the focus of Loki’s ‘work’. The first thing that Loki does is disable the Asgard communications system this will stop the rest of the Asgard (especially Thor) from finding out what Loki is up to. If Thor were to do a remote check Thor would not find any problems, as the system has been rigged that way by Loki and his followers.

Loki and his followers now settle down to begin their cloning ‘work’ on the population of Cimmeria.

On the 2nd July 1992, the IRA admits to murdering three men whose bodies were found by the army at various locations around Armagh last night. The men are believed to have been informers employed by MI5.

Between the 6th July and the 29th July 1992, Iraq refuses a UN inspection team access to the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture. UNSCOM claims that it has reliable information that the site contains archives related to illegal weapons activities. UN Inspectors stage a 17-day “sit-in” outside of the building, but leave when Iraqi soldiers threaten their safety.

On the 17th July 1992, John Smith is elected leader of the Labour Party.

On the 23rd July 1992, three months after losing the general election, Labour finish four points ahead of the Conservatives in a MORI poll, with 43% of the vote.

On the 31st July 1992, at a secret location the System Lord Anubis is gathering his forces including those Goa'uld System Lords that have pledged to serve him, including Lord Ba’al, though Lord Ba’al is more interested in Anubis technology than serving Anubis.

Anubis was the most powerful and dangerous Goa'uld in history. Once a powerful System Lord, Anubis was banished by Ra and the others because his actions were deemed unspeakable, even among the Goa'uld. Anubis was believed to have been killed but managed to escape and somehow trick the ascended ancient Oma Desala into helping him to ascend. The Ancients however did not want the Goa'uld to join them on the higher planes of existence, and forced him into a state between mortal existence and ascension. Because of his knowledge of the Ancients (thanks to his partial ascension), Anubis amassed unimaginable advanced technologies, gathering strength for hundreds of years before he will take his revenge upon the System Lords and dominate the galaxy.

Within a few years, Anubis will unleash his forces against the System Lords...

August 1992

By early August 1992, the numbers of scientists (a mix of British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand) that have received the ‘special treatment’ now number 59 all of these scientists are now for the most part working (on Earth) on projects that have come from alien technology. These scientists are now trying to ‘develop’ this technology using current Earth based technology, so that it can be released. One of the alien technologies that is being worked upon is Beta-Cantin that had been gained from Project Phoenixes short lived trade deal with the Eurondan’s this trade deal has now come to an end and the Eurondan’s have closed their Stargate.

It is hoped that an Earth reverse engineered version of Beta-Cantin might be ready for public release by the end of the 1990s. Beta-Cantin will not a ‘cure all’ drug but it will help in numerous areas, such as slowing or in some cases stopping certain diseases from progressing, it will also make the government controlled Universal Exports a great deal of money.

On the 27th August 1992, Hugh McKiben (aged 19) becomes the 3,000th victim of the sectarian violence in Northern Ireland, which began in 1969. Even with the covert assistance of certain off world technologies, the IRA and other terrorist organisation have not been stopped only slowed up another type of approach may be need...

September 1992

On the 2nd September 1992, the first part of the Woomera Space Station is launched into orbit of the back of a Black Prince Heavy Launch Rocket this first piece is key to the other part of the Space Station that will be joined onto this first part. Other parts of the Woomera Space Station will be launched at irregular intervals over the next few years.

Though it has not been announced yet a mission to Mars is in the planning stages, the Woomera Space Station is to be used as the ‘jump off point’ for this mission to Mars the Woomera Space Station will also be used for other things as well.

On the 16th September 1992, Black Wednesday: The Pound Sterling come under pressure along with the Italian Lira along with several other countries currencies the British government is forced to spend £47 billion of reserves in propping up the pound. George Soros, the most high profile of the currency market investors, made over US$1 billion profit by short selling sterling.

On the 23rd September 1992, Operation Julin is the last nuclear test conducted by the United States at the Nevada Test Site this test is covertly monitored by one of the SkyNet satellites. This test is of little significance to the UK, but is monitored anyway.

On the 25th September 1992, on the world selected by the Asgard, the Project Phoenix trooper that was the host for the Tok'ra, Jolinar of Malkshur arrives on that world, this arrival is detected by the Asgard they dispatch the Asgard Science Vessel to return the trooper home.

It is confirmed that the Tok'ra, Jolinar of Malkshur is no longer inside the trooper’s body, though Project Phoenix will eventually learn that this trooper will retain the ability to operate Goa'uld technology.

The next thought within the leadership of Project Phoenix is that can the Tok'ra become allies with Project Phoenix the main sticking point it that even the Asgard have no way in telling a Tok'ra from a Goa'uld, that final point will mean that this decision will keep getting postponed time and time again.

This is the problem with having a paranoid security set up...

October 1992

On the 1st October 1992, Apophis begins to covertly build up a military strike forces that can be used to retake Abydos this force will consist of 50 Ha'tak with 200 Al'kesh and several dozen troop transports. This build up will take several years, as Apophis does not want this concentrating to get out to the other System Lords, as they may think that Apophis may be preparing to launch an attack against them.

Apophis will build up say 6 Ha'tak’s and 20 Al'kesh in one area then disband them after an ‘operation’ then a few months later will concentrate a force of 8 Ha'tak’s and 22 Al'kesh for another operation. Each time making the force larger than previously, allowing Apophis to build up larger and larger force, in preparation for the main attack against Abydos without worrying his fellow System Lords.

On the 31st October 1992, Dr Daniel Jackson first postulates his theory about the Pyramids being landing pads for alien space ships, though most of his fellow academics think he is joking, it will be a while before they realise that he is not, at that point they will start to shun him.

November 1992

In early November 1992, on Earth the Ministry of Defence announces the Project Horizon has begun, this project is tasked with looking at a replacement to the Royal Navy’s Type 42 destroyers (x14), quite quickly this project will be joined by Australia (needing x4), Canada (needing x4) and New Zealand (needing x2). Also with a few weeks of these three countries becoming part of Project Horizon, interest is also shown from Italy, France and Portugal, Project Horizon will also show interest from Saudi Arabia (x3) but not until after the first Royal Navy destroyer becomes operational.

The Royal Navy’s version will grow from a Destroyer design to something akin to a Light Cruiser in size, though the Royal Navy will continue to call the design a Destroyer.

On the 3rd November 1992, Bill Clinton is elected the 42nd President of the United States. Once he assumes office funding for the NID operations spying against the UK will be cut back or focused in different directions this refocusing of the NID will bring about a discovery (by accident) next year. It will show that Bill Clinton’s redirection of the NID’s efforts will be the correct one!

On the 20th November 1992, in England, a fire breaks out in Windsor Castle, causing over £50 million worth of damage. After much debate, the government foots the bill for repairs, though this does not help the government’s popularity, even though the monarchy is very popular.

By the end of November 1992, the growing amount of trade between the UK and China along with close diplomatic ties as well has resulted in ‘assistance’ from China in several areas such as the Falklands and in dealing with the Russians. China in return is being covertly offered partnership in the Woomera Rocket Program (not Project Phoenix), though China has its own rocket program this is well behind both the UK and the US, China sees the UK as the ‘best bet’ to get help with its own Rocket Program.

However, soon relations between the UK and China will became tense due to the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 and the subsequent massacre time has allowed things to proceed (covertly). Behind the scenes, the governments of not only the UK and China, but also Australia, New Zealand and Canada are working towards a point where China can join the Woomera Rocket Program.

All five governments have agreed to keep this ‘work’ under wraps until the public will be able to accept China becoming part of the Woomera Rocket Program.

As with most things to do with the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada the public can only see a fraction of what is going on, on the ‘surface’, most of the work is done covertly by specially selected diplomatic teams.

December 1992

On the 5th December 1992, HMS Courageous leaves dry-dock after completing her upgrades, due to her use of AEM’s HMS Courageous is now the most powerful ship in Project Phoenixes fleet, with HMS Defiance coming in second place. Once HMS Courageous trials are complete, she will return to Atlantis as guard ship, also HMS Courageous will return to Atlantis will supplies that are need and cannot be transported through the Stargate.

On the 10th December 1992, a salvage company finds the sunken wreak of Sheldon's ship, during the early 20th century an American archaeologist named Sheldon Stewart discovered a tomb in Egypt. Recognizing that the Stasis jars were clearly important objects, and unable to translate the Goa'uld writing on the outside of them, Sheldon took the jars back to America by boat. As if cursed, the jars never managed to make it to the American shore as the ship went down just off the coast of New Jersey with all hands on board. What he did not know is that the two canopic Jars contain Goa'uld System Lords Osiris and Isis, Osiris was trapped but though he did not know, his queen had died as her Stasis jar had broken open during transit.

Now all the salvage team needed was a sponsor to pay the salvage operation to see if there is anything of value from this wreak however that is easier said than done, it will be many years before the salvage operation can begin and another Goa'uld System Lord is let loose on the galaxy.

By December 1992, the batch II Trafalgar class SSN’s construction (7 subs) is well underway, all old SSK’s have been scraped, the planned Upholder class SSK’s have not been built they Royal Navy will focus on the SSN’s. Once the batch II Trafalgar class SSN’s work will start on the next class of SSN’s for the Royal Navy, this will become the Astute class, with a intention to build fourteen of this class over a decade. The Astute class will be used to replace the seven batch I Trafalgar class SSN’s followed by the batch II Trafalgar class SSN’s.

By the end of 1992, Project Phoenix is making progress, on Earth, though the UK is one of the world’s two remaining superpowers, unlike the US the UK has chosen not to try and be the ‘leader of the free world’ as the US is doing so. Instead the UK has remained quiet and only using its military strength as a last resort this makes the UK far more deadlier than the US, as if the UK will only use force as a last resort then the UK is likely to get support from other countries both with and outside of the Commonwealth.

However, this stance may not hold true with future Prime Ministers...

To be continued.
51. 1993

The first requirement of politics is not intellect or stamina but patience. Politics is a very long run game and the tortoise will usually beat the hare.” – John Major

January 1993

On the 1st January 1993, the European Community eliminates trade barriers and creates a European single market the UK though trades with all members of the European Community is not a member of the EU. This ending of trade barriers within the European Community will have little effect on the UK as the UK is focused on opening up other markets, China for example.

On the 5th January 1993, with the upgrade of HMS Courageous completed, dry-dock two will be used to build a single Scorpion class heavy cruiser, HMS Scorpion as a trails ship for the upgraded and new systems that have been developed for this new class of warship.

Scorpion class

Length: 1,066.2 ft (325.0 meters)
Width: 295.2 ft (80.0 meters)
Height: 198.5 ft (60.5 meters)
Crew: 195
Passengers: can carry an additional 100 ‘passengers’ a mix of troops and research personnel (scientist/engineers) depending on mission
Improved Sublight engines
Manoeuvring thrusters
Hyperdrive system: Project Phoenix Zeus class hyperdrive (Interstellar capable)
Asgard hyperdrive (Intergalactic capable) – can be fitted if needed though not installed
Power Core: x6 second generation Naquadah reactors
Fuel: Naquadah
Shielding: Asgard shields
Two forward firing beam weapons (BWHC)
Two aft firing beam weapons (BWHC)
Twelve Quad energy cannons (EC-2) (x4 port, x4 starboard, x2 forward and x2 aft)
Four forward firing missile tubes and two aft firing missile tubes (up to one hundred missiles carried)
Carried Craft:
x24 Atmospheric/Space Superiority Fighters (Hurricane)
x6 Shuttles (Fox class)
Cargo Capacity: 5,500 tonnes

The Scorpion class heavy cruiser is sleeker looking than its predecessor (the Black Prince class), with some of the ‘look’ taken from the Asgard warships, though only in certain areas, the Scorpion class is less ‘chunky’ and has a more streamlined look. One key feature is that this class will not be fitted with an Asgard hyperdrive, though this class will be fitted with Asgard shields (given by the Asgard to Project Phoenix), as this class will operate in the Milky Way Galaxy, thus not needing a hyperdrive that is intergalactic capable.

Though they are as large as the previous Black Prince class heavy cruiser class, these Scorpion class heavy cruisers have greater manoeuvrability than the previous Black Prince class heavy cruisers they also have faster sub light acceleration than the previous Black Prince class. These improvements are at the core of this new warship class and cannot be fitted to the previous Black Prince class, this will make the Black Prince class much less capable than these new Scorpion class, but that was to be expected.

Though the Scorpion class heavy cruiser is no bigger than the previous Black Prince class, this design is more manoeuvrable and designed to carry more personnel for various exploration missions. The armament is the same as the Black Prince class, though this new class’s armament is much easier and quicker to upgrade than its predecessors are.

Like all Project Phoenix warship, the Scorpion class heavy cruiser has the facilities to take an AEM in its engineering section, though it is not fitted with one as per the current agreement with the Asgard.

Constriction of HMS Scorpion will be completed by early 1995, with trails taking the rest of 1995, once these trails are complete construction of additional Scorpion class heavy cruisers is likely to commence in 1996 or 1997.

As with Alan Turing’s prophecy these warships with be atmospheric capable, though for the past few years Alan Turing has not had that vision of the future, it appears from the visions that Alan has that Project Phoenix has changed the future. Thus, possibly preventing the deaths of so many US citizens though until the Bush (Jr) presidency has passed no one can rest easy.

On the 6th January 1993, Douglas Hurd is the first high-ranking British official to visit Argentina since the Falklands War this meeting does not go well as the Argentinean government only wants to know when the UK is going to hand over the Falklands to them. Douglas Hurd replies, “Never, as long as the islanders wish to remain British we will support them” that reply does not go down well with the Argentinean government, but there is nothing beyond moaning (on the world stage at the UN) a lot about the current situation.

With the UK’s allies on the UN Security Council the US, France and China prepared to use their veto to support the UK over the Falklands the government of Argentina has no hope of gaining any Security Council resolution over the Falklands. The Chinese government has formally stated that they fully support the UK government over the Falklands this also means that the UK has some limited ability over China and can in the background influence the Chinese government.

On the 20th January 1993, Bill Clinton succeeds George H.W. Bush as the 42nd President of the United States within the first few days in office redirects the NID away from the UK to more pressing matters. This will benefit the US far more than Bill Clinton could have ever envisaged in his wildest dreams this action will not only bring the US back into the attention of the Asgard, but also the Nox and Merlin and have unusual consequences for the US.

On the 31st January 1993, Acorn computers report that sales to consumers are flat due to the ongoing economic problems, though sales to schools are still very strong thanks to continued government support.

February 1993

In early February 1993, Merlin makes a brief appearance in front of Dr Phillips, though he does not say much, but Merlin does thank Dr Phillips for freeing him from stasis, though Merlin does not go into why he was in stasis in the first place. Merlin has informed both the Asgard and the Nox of the Ori threat, though this threat is minimal due to the Ori home galaxy being on the other side of the known universe. Merlin has asked both the Asgard and the Nox not to inform Project Phoenix of the Ori to Project Phoenix, both the Asgard and the Nox agree to this as they can both see the danger that might happen if these humans are informed of the existence of the Ori.

Merlin is given a quick briefing by Dr Phillips on what Project Phoenix is up to, Merlin shows interest in what Project Phoenix is doing on Atlantis, but declines an offer to go to Atlantis until he is able to get around without the need for the hover chair that the Asgard have provided for him.

Once the meeting is over Merlin is returned to the Asgard Outpost on Heliopolis, Merlin is quietly please with how these humans have come along since he went into stasis over 1,000 years ago. Merlin sees in the British (and the three other countries) as decedents of the Knights of the Round Table and can see the traits of these knights in these humans (of Project Phoenix), though Merlin will, keep these feelings to himself.

Though Dr Phillips does not know it, Project Phoenix has gained a powerful ally and Merlin will be very receptive to any request that Dr Phillips makes this will come in very useful in a few years time when the US discovers...

For now, however Merlin needs to recover this will be a long process, once recovered Merlin will be the De facto leader of the Alliance of the Three Great Races allowing if he wishes to move both the Asgard and the Nox in almost any direction, Merlin wishes.

This will give Merlin virtually unlimited power, only his fellow ascended ancients will have greater power, though they will not interfere in a ‘lesser plain’ only observe what Merlin is up to.

On the 22nd February 1993, UN Security Council Resolution 808 is voted on, deciding, “an international tribunal shall be established” to prosecute violations of international law in Yugoslavia. Resolution 827 establishes the tribunal will on the 25 May the UK will use its bases in the Med to keep a closer eye on the former Yugoslavia.

Without the UK’s support (along with the US), certain countries not have gone along with Security Council Resolution 808 this does show the UK’s diplomatic power to the rest of the UN.

March 1993

On the 1st March 1993, the UK MoD places and order for 50 Britten-Norman Defender surveillance aircraft for ‘unspecified duties’, these aircraft will be delivered to the MoD and then MoD technicians will fit ‘unspecified equipment’ to these aircraft. This ‘unspecified equipment’ will be more conventional surveillance equipment rather than the off world sensors based on Goa'uld technology (that are used on a limited number of Canberra recon aircraft) even with ‘lesser’ technology these Britten-Norman Defender surveillance aircraft will be very capable.

On the 12th March 1993, North Korea announces that it plans to withdraw from the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty and refuses to allow inspectors access to nuclear sites.

On the 13th March 1993, Australian federal election, 1993 the Australian Labour Party stays in power despite poor economic results in certain areas, though related to a certain none public project are producing results, just the government cannot say anything about this project.

On the 15th March 1993, a USAF C-130 crashes in Antarctica with a mixed group of USAF and NID personnel on a joint training mission. Though no one is killed in the crash, there are some minor injuries, they discover by accident the second Stargate (though they do not know what they have discovered). As they get clear of the aircraft, these members of the passengers walk on the weakened ice (by the crash) it gives way, as three members fall/slide down the ice to the Stargate. The USAF and the NID will take this Stargate and other material including the DHD and several tables and corpses of Jaffa to Cheyenne Mountain for a joint study.

The crew of the USAF C-130 are sworn to secrecy about this incident they will keep the secret of what they discovered they also would become part of Cheyenne Mountain Command what will be in the future Stargate Command.

Between the 16th Match and the 19th March 1993, the crew and passengers of the USAF C-130 attempt to clear as much ice as possible from around both the Stargate and the DHD without damaging ether. During this clearing process, they find several stone tables with symbols that are the same as are on both the Stargate and the DHD (gate addresses).

On the 20th March 1993, the crew and passengers of the USAF C-130 are found the recovery operation of the USAF C-130 will also be used as a cover to recover the Stargate and the DHD along with the items that have been found. Ironically the four member countries of Project Phoenix are unaware that a second Stargate has been found though if the US can get the Stargate working then Project Phoenix will quite quickly become aware of the second Stargate the solution to the second Stargate will be simple and elegant thanks to Merlin’s help.

On the 26th March 1993, President Bill Clinton is informed that they have discovered potential alien technology, President Clinton issues an executive ‘gagging order’ and then states that the funding should come through ‘black ops’ funding via Senator Robert Kinsey NID committee and the USAF R&D budget. Both will receive approval by President Clinton for regular budget increases without much fuss from either US Senate or Congress.

On the 31st March 1993, Cheyenne Mountain Command is set up by the USAF as a Special Forces training area for ‘unspecified training’ the truth is to research this alien device. It does become apparent that the ‘big ring’ and the ‘podium’ are somehow related as the symbols on the ‘big ring’ are the same as the ones on the ‘podium’, though the engineers need to get the ‘podium’ repaired. This repair work will be an uphill task for the engineers, though they do now know that the ‘big ring’ can be used without the ‘podium’, eventually the engineers will figure this out.

In addition, the recovered stone tablets have a sequence of symbols on them (Stargate addresses) the research personnel quickly conclude that they have some sort of combination, though what to is still a mystery to them.

April 1993

During early April 1993, the Kuwaiti government claims to uncover an Iraqi assassination plot (on covert information provided by British Intelligence on the understanding that the Kuwaiti government would keep British involvement secret) against former US President George H.W. Bush shortly after his visit to Kuwait. Two Iraqi nationals confess to driving a car bomb into Kuwait on behalf of the Iraqi Intelligence Service.

On the 2nd April 1993, HMS Courageous returns to Atlantis with supplies and equipment resuming her duties as guard ship.

On the 6th April 1993, a nuclear accident occurs at Tomsk 7 in Russia the British government again offers covert help to the Russian government (they decline this time) the Russian government is amazed at how quickly the British government found out about this accident. The Russian government assumes that due to the fall of the Soviet Union Russian intelligence is not as it once was and begins the long process of fixing this supposed problem.

On the 30th April 1993, Senator Robert Kinsey writes a highly secret memo to President Clinton stating that any technologies discovered from the two ‘devices’ should not be shared with any other country, President Clinton approves this move. Cheyenne Mountain Commands funding begins to pick up as funding is covertly diverted from other projects to these two alien devices, those members of the ‘Roswell Team’ that are still alive are asked for their input into these two devices.

By the end of April 1993, the UK government’s nuclear power station building program is on course to provide fifty percent of the UK’s electrical needs by the end of the 1999’s.

May 1993

By early May 1993, Cheyenne Mountain Command under General West has made some progress in understanding how this ‘big ring’ and the ‘podium’ may work, though unit they have repaired the ‘podium’ they cannot yet put their theories into practice. The repair work is very slow an agonising as they have to not every step that they make in extreme detail, so that if they have to go back one or more steps they can.

On the 7th May 1993, the Conservatives lose a 12,357 majority in the Newbury by-election, with the Liberal Democrats gaining the seat by 22,055 votes under new MP David Rendel. The Tory majority now stands at 19 seats.

On the 14th May 1993, the economic recovery continues as business failures are reported to have fallen for the second quarter running, though those government-funded programs have not slowed at all.

On the 20th May 1993, the latest MORI poll shows that the Conservative government has yet to benefit from bringing the economy out of recession, as they trail Labour (who have 44% of the vote) by 16 points.

June 1993

On the 1st June 1993, on Heliopolis, contingency planning is now in place in case any other country or countries discover what Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia have been up for the past sixty years. This contingency planning is a worse case scenario by Admiral James Goodworthy and General Hugh Walker they postulate that without the Asgard intervention it would take Project Phoenixes space forces would be able to dominate Earth’s airspace within six hour at the most after arrival. With the Asgard assistance, the estimate is cut to less than one hour this second part would be more frightening to Admiral James Goodworthy and General Hugh Walker if they knew that the Asgard could actually do this within a few minutes!

On the 15th June 1993, British Intelligence notes that the US government has created yet another secret research facility at Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado, beyond noting it and putting it on the list of known US research facilities nothing further will be done about this facility.

On the 20th June 1993, a high-speed train makes the first journey from France to England via the Channel Tunnel, which will open to the public next year, though the Channel Tunnel project is massively in debit and is unlikely to repay its loans for decades to come, if ever.

On the 21st June 1993, Andrew Wiles (unknowingly working for Project Phoenix on Earth) announces a proof to Fermat's Last Theorem at the Isaac Newton Institute. The proof is slightly flawed, but Wiles announces a revised proof the following year thanks to help from his colleagues.

July 1993

By the 1st July 1993, on Atlantis, the population has now reached 3,785 of both military and civilian personnel (no children, as Atlantis is considered too dangerous) and continues to slowly, increase month on month. In one area the Ancient Defence Satellite has been repaired and equipped, with a Naquadah reactor as its power source this defence satellite can be remotely controlled from Atlantis this is a very useful ability.

Work (on Heliopolis) has already commenced on producing Project Phoenixes own version of the Ancient Defence Satellite this will look slightly different in having no ‘solar panels’ and also being equipped with a shield system and powered by several Naquadah reactors. These Defence Satellites once built will be used to defend both Atlantis and Camelot, Camelot is considered a priority over Atlantis as from the information that the Atlantis Expiration discern that the Wraith are still in hibernation and the Goa'uld are the greater threat. The first Project Phoenix produced copy of the Ancient Defence Satellites should be finished with the next few years, as priority is still on updating the Black Prince class warships and producing the Courageous class battlecruisers.

On Atlantis in a lab in the main tower a containment vessel is discovered, containing “shadow creature” was an entity that the Ancients captured for research on Ascension. Rather than open the containment vessel they hand the containment vessel over to the Asgard and the Nox so that they can release the creature on a planet in another galaxy with no Stargate were this creature could live without harming anyone.

Another piece of Ancient technology that has been discovered is a personal shield emitter, though the Atlantis Expiration has only discovered one of these devices this piece of technology has considerable possibilities if it can be recharged (this is possible) and copied (that is ongoing).

So far, the Atlantis Expiration has still only scratched the surface of this information contained within Atlantis’s computers Atlantis Expiration team members still have a long way to go.

The nine operational gateships now have a dedicated flight crews, all nine are available for the defence of Atlantis if needed.

The Ancient ‘Drone Weapon’ is beyond Project Phoenixes capabilities to copy (they are being studied), though the Asgard have been able (thanks to Merlin’s help) been able to start up production of the Drone Weapon in their home galaxy. This production could be used to refill Atlantis’s depleted supply of Drone Weapons, so far though the Asgard have kept this to themselves with Merlin’s approval.

On the 16th July 1993, MI5 publishes a booklet, The Security Service, revealing publicly for the first time its activities, operations and duties, as well as the identity and photographs of Stella Rimington as Director General. This will be as far as the Security Services will go on information about its activities SI-5 will not be publishing anything about its activities, operations and duties, beyond what very limited information is currently available.

On the 29th July 1993, Conservative Party loses the Christchurch by-election to the Liberal Democrats a seat they have held since 1910. New MP Diana Maddock gains more than 60% of the vote twice as many as the Conservative candidate Robert Hayward. This sees the Tory majority fall to 17 seats.

August 1993

On the 1st August 1993, Hawker Siddeley announces that the company has purchased the Belfast transport aircraft rights off Shorts, production of the HS-Belfast will continue under Hawker Siddeley. The soon to be launched HS-Belfast II transport aircraft with up rated engines and electronic systems, the launch customers for the HS-Belfast II are the RAF, RAAF, RNZAF and the RCAF with a total of nearly 300 hundred aircraft either ordered or options.

Other customers will include the air forces of India, Singapore, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and several other countries showing interest in this improved and modernized aircraft. Most countries will either assemble or licence build the HS-Belfast II like India, Germany and Italy.

On the 21st August 1993, NASA loses radio contact with the Mars Observer orbiter 3 days before the spacecraft is scheduled to enter orbit around Mars. The only source of information now available to NASA is from the probes launched by the Woomera Rocket Program (they provide the information about Mars that NASA needs), NASA has to ask for information this does not go down well with several US politicians, though these same US politicians will not increase NASA’s budget.

On the 31st August 1993, Cheyenne Mountain Command under General West continues to expand its civilian scientist and engineer base to research the various items that have been brought back. The selection process is not a rigorous as Project Phoenix is, though it is still a through process and quite good at weeding out most potential ‘problem’ personnel.

By the end of August 1993, the number of research projects that Project Phoenix is currently researching is into the hundreds this is having the effect of making each of these research projects proceeding very slowly. The leadership of Project Phoenix has attempted to suspend many projects this has not helped very much as the leadership of Project Phoenix shut down one project several more spring up. This has led the leadership of Project Phoenix stating that no new research project may be started without their approval this action has helped cut back the number of research projects to a more manageable number.

This action by the leadership of Project Phoenix is both a god thing and a bad thing...

September 1993

On the 13th September 1993, PLO leader Yasser Arafat and Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin shake hands in Washington, after signing a peace accord.

On the 15th September 1993, Giuseppe 'Pino' Puglisi, an Italian priest in the Palermo neighbourhood of Brancaccio, is assassinated in front of his church on his 56th birthday in retaliation for his anti-Mafia activism. One of the hitmen later confessed that Fr. Puglisi's last words as his killers approached were “I've been expecting you.”

On the 30th September 1993, the Queen approves an honorary knighthood for General Colin Powell, who retired yesterday as chief of American armed forces.

October 1993

On the 3rd October 1993, the US Army conducts Operation Gothic Serpent in the city of Mogadishu, Somalia using Task Force Ranger. Two UH-60 Blackhawks are shot down and the operation leaves over 1,000 Somalians dead and over 73 Americans WIA, 19 KIA, and 1 captured.

On the 4th October 1993, the Russian constitutional crisis culminates with Russian military and security forces clearing the White House of Russia Parliament building by force, quashing a mass uprising against President Boris Yeltsin.

On the 5th October 1993, China performs a nuclear test, ending a worldwide de facto moratorium the British government does not comment on Chinas nuclear test, in the UN will not support any resolution against China, due to the close economic ties between the two countries.

By the end of October 1993, the number of HOTOL launches that have been completed to date have all be launched without any problems, NASA finds this very unusual, though several experts at NASA state that the HOTOL program has taken longer to develop than the Space Shuttle thus allowing any ‘bugs’ to be worked out. This explanation is accepted, as NASA has no evidence of any other explanation of the success of the HOTOL program.

November 1993

On the 1st November 1993, Women's Royal Naval Service disbanded, its members being fully absorbed into the regular Royal Navy, Project Phoenix has been doing this for decades.

Also on the 1st November 1993, the Maastricht Treaty takes effect, formally establishing the European Union this causes problems in the UK about a European ‘super state’ being formed.

On the 5th November 1993, the Parliament of the United Kingdom passes the Railways Act, setting out the procedures for privatisation of British Rail even though with the ongoing government investment the Rail Network is being steadily improved. The Conservative Party will eventually drop this bill, as they will not be able to get enough votes in Parliament from their own party to pass this legislation.

On the 18th November 1993, unemployment fell last month by 49,000 the biggest monthly fall since April 1989 as the economic recovery continues mainly on the back of government-funded projects such as HOTOL and the constant improvement to the rail network.

On the 25th November 1993, TV entertainer Roy Castle, 61, announces that he is suffering from a recurrence of the lung cancer, which he was believed to have overcome one year ago. This brings up the ‘special treatment’ yet again and yet again the government side steps the issue.

The Project Phoenix committee agree to accelerate Earth version of Beta-Cantin development, with the latest estimate of release for initial trails within a few years if everything goes to plan.

On the 29th November 1993, the Conservative government comes under a vitriolic attack in the House of Commons over allegations that it has secret contacts with the Provisional Irish Republican Army.

December 1993

On the 1st December 1993, a train crash at Tattenham Corner railway station would lead to the introduction of the current drugs and alcohol policy for railways in the UK.

On the 2nd December 1993, NASA launches the Space Shuttle Endeavour on a mission to repair an optical flaw in the Hubble Space Telescope.

On the 3rd December 1993, Diana, Princess of Wales, announces her withdrawal from public life (this will not last long), Diana remains under Police protection, though this is done at arm’s length.

On the 8th December 1993, President Bill Clinton, signs into law the North American Free Trade Agreement the Canadian government sees this agreement as useful and had signed this deal, though only after consulting with this three other Project Phoenix partners.

On the 10th December 1993, id Software releases Doom, a seminal first-person shooter that uses advanced 3D graphics for computer games sales of this game sell particularly well in the UK for the use on the Acorn computers. Most home have an Acorn computer in the home some home have more than one, though so far the number of homes in the UK having more than one computer number in the low thousands.

On the 15th December 1993, Downing Street Declaration, the United Kingdom commits itself to the search for an answer to the problems of Northern Ireland this will stop the snatching of IRA members and taking them off world as this is now considered to dangerous as a possible peace settlement is close.

On the 31st December 1993, the Asgard are nearing the point where they will be able to spring their trap against the Replicators and hopefully wipe them out the Asgard fleet has been refitted with anti Replicator weapon to all their warships.

By the end of December 1993, the total population of Heliopolis stands at just over 985,000. In addition, the population of Abydos are now well versed in the use of the Staff Weapon and Guerrilla Warfare if an enemy force were to land they would be met by very strong resistance.

To be continued.
52. 1994

“The politician who never made a mistake, never made a decision.” – John Major

January 1994

On the 1st January 1994, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is established for Canada this is a good thing, as it will not affect its trading links with the UK this will also allow UK, Australian and New Zealand companies based in Canada much more easier access to the US market. Within a few years the US government will later realise that NAFTA was a bad idea (especially with Canada) less so with Mexico and try and undo it, though this is harder to implement as the deals that have been set up by various companies both US and Canadian would cause economic problems for all concerned.

On the 2nd January 1994, the next two Courageous class battlecruisers HMS Mary Rose and HMS Henry Grace à Dieu are launched from orbital dry-dock facility two, they will begin their trials and join the fleet at the end of 1994 these two ships will be fitted with their BWBC during construction.

On the 8th January 1994, Soyuz TM-18: Valeri Polyakov begins his 437.7 day orbit, eventually setting the world record for days spent in orbit this of great interest to Woomera Rocket Program, contact is made with the Russians on the Russians sharing their information. This is where the UK calls in its IOU for keeping quiet on the covert assistance the UK gave the Russians after the Russians two nuclear ‘incidents’, the Russians honour their debit and share this information with the Woomera Rocket Program.

On the 10th January 1994, construction begins in orbital dry-dock facility two of the next two Courageous class battlecruisers HMS Nelson and HMS Temeraire, both of these battlecruisers are due to be launch in early 1998.

On the 11th January 1994, the Irish government announces the end of a 15-year broadcasting ban on the Provisional Irish Republican Army and its political arm Sinn Féin.

On the 14th January 1994, President Bill Clinton and Russian President Boris Yeltsin sign the Kremlin Accords, which stop the pre-programmed aiming of nuclear missiles toward each country's targets, and provide for the dismantling of the nuclear arsenal in Ukraine.

On the 31st January 1994, British Aerospace sells its 80% stake in Rover to BMW (Hawker was not interested), leaving Britain without an independent volume carmaker. It is envisaged that the new Rover Group will produce more than 1 million cars per year worldwide, and will be Europe's seventh largest carmaker.

February 1994

On the 1st February 1994, at Cheyenne Mountain Command a research looking at the horoscopes makes a discovery that the symbols on the “big ring” are star signs this is a major breakthrough for this research program. General West reports this to his superiors and orders that these combinations on the stone tablets be plotted if possible against the sky this will require the purchase of a super computer to do the calculations.

Major budget increase is already on the cards, for Cheyenne Mountain Command to allow the purchase of the necessary equipment that this command needs to continue its research.

Also on the 1st February 1994, John Smith (Labour Party leader) strongly criticises the sale of the Rover Group, saying that it only satisfied British Aerospace's short-term need for cash. In contrast, Prime Minister John Major backs the takeover as giving the Rover Group excellent prospects for export markets and investment and the fact the UK government does not wish to nationalise the car industry.

On the 10th February 1994, three men are jailed in connection with the IRA bombings of Warrington gasworks 11 months ago. Pairic MacFhloinn is jailed for 35 years, Denis Kinsella for 25 years and John Kinsella for 20 years. These are the ‘lucky’ ones any IRA members that were caught covertly simply disappeared off world where they now serve the life sentences without parole of any kind.

On the 21st February 1994, Honda sells its 20% stake of the Rover Group, allowing BMW to take full control. This marks the end of the 13-year venture between the two carmakers, although the Honda-based Rover 400 will still go into production next year, becoming the seventh and final product of the venture.

March 1994

By early March 1994, the number of research projects that Project Phoenix is currently researching is into the hundreds (and was rapidly growing) though with the recent cutting back on new research projects this has helped to start to reduce the burden of research projects.

The backlog of research projects in waiting are steadily growing, though as a current research project is completed at that time one of the “in waiting” research projects becomes active.

On the 8th, 10th and 13th March 1994, the IRA launch three successive mortar attacks on Heathrow Airport that British military is partially mobilised to deal with want was expected to become a growing threat. When this, what was believed to be a ‘growing threat’ does not materialise that British military is stood down, this is as close to deploying the British military at strategic locations across the UK, so far...

On the 12th March 1994, the Church of England ordains its first female priests.

On the 14th March 1994, Apple Computer, Inc. releases the first Macintosh computers to use the new PowerPC Microprocessors. This is considered to be a major leap in personal computer, as well as Macintosh history, though within a few days Acorn computers upstages this launch with a launch of their own improved PC, even so against none government contracts (schools etc) Acorn computers now has a growing amount of competition.

April 1994

On the 1st April 1994, the Asgard have prepared their trap for the replicators, a planet has been selected the Android that the humans had found (with the replicator recall signal) has been buried deep in the planet. Once the homing signal has been triggered (remotely), all Replicators in the Asgard home galaxy will come to this planet once they do the Asgard fleet will jump and spring the first part of the trap.

On the 2nd April 1994, the Asgard fleet withdraws from the system and remotely activates the recall signal in the android it would be tomorrow before the first replicator ships would arrive.

On the 3rd April 1994, the first replicator ships would arrive in system and immediately head for the planet the replicator ships are either not aware or ignore the Asgard probes at the edge of the system.

Between the 4th and the 10th April 1994, the number of replicator ships continue to arrive in system, though by the 10th April the number of replicator ships drops off to zero. Thor indicates to wait until the 12th April to see of anymore replicator ships turn up, if not more replicator ships turn up then on the 13th April the Asgard will spring the first part of their plan.

On the 13th April 1994, the Asgard fleet (several hundred Mountbatten class warships) jump into to system and quickly surround the planet were the Replicators are located. All the Mountbatten class warships charge their anti-replicator weapons and then Thor gives the order to fire, the anti-replicator weapons fire this fire covers the entire planet the Replicators have been eliminated, however the Asgard are not finished they do not want one replicator to potentially survive.

Thor begins the second stage of the Asgard plan this is to artificially increased the mass of the star and collapsed it into a black hole thus destroying the planet along with the deactivated Replicators. This second part of the Asgard plan will take many months to be fully completed once it has the Asgard hope that they will be free of the Replicator menace once and for all.

On the 20th April 1994, UK unemployment continues to fall on those areas not backed by government funding the lowest level in two years as the economy continues to make a good recovery from the recession that ended a year ago.

On the 29th April 1994, an opinion poll shows that Conservative support has fallen to 26% their worst showing in any major opinion poll since coming to power 15 years ago.

On the 30th April 1994, it is accidently revealed to the press that John Majors Security Services code name is the ‘Iceman’ for his calm demeanour it will be later revealed that Margret Thatcher’s code name was ‘The Iron Lady’, a future Prime Ministers code name will not be that flattering.

May 1994

On the 1st May 1994, the UK MoD announces that all existing fighters will be upgraded with the newly jointly developed by BAE/HS Helmet Tracker, this system will allow a pilot to look at an enemy fighter and the fighters computer systems will identify were the enemy fighter is in the real world. All the pilot has to do is press the fire button and look for a new targets this system will give not only the RAF a considerable advantage but also the RAAF, RCAF and RNZAF as well.

This technology will be available for export, though the exported version(s) will be ‘dumded down’ though the export version(s) will still be formidable.

The next step for this technology will be thought controlled weapons (Project Firefox) the MoD is now heavily researching in this area, thanks to certain technological ‘clues’ gained from the Ancient Gateships systems they do have a better idea in what direction to go in.

On the 6th May 1994, the Channel Tunnel, which took 15,000 workers over 7 years to complete, opens between England and France, enabling passengers to travel between the 2 countries in 35 minutes.

On the 12th May 1994, John Smith (Labour Party leader) dies suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart attack in London.

On the 20th May 1994, after a funeral in Cluny Parish Church, Edinburgh attended by 900 people and after which 3,000 people lined the streets John Smith is buried in a private family funeral on the island of Iona. At the sacred burial ground of Reilig Odhráin that contains the graves of several Scottish kings as well as monarchs of Ireland, Norway and France.

On the 22nd May 1994, Pope John Paul II issues the Apostolic Letter Ordinatio Sacerdotalis from the Vatican, expounding the Catholic Church's position requiring “the reservation of priestly ordination to men alone.”

On the 31st May 1994, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have dinner at the Granita restaurant in Islington and allegedly make a deal on who will become the leader of the Labour Party, and ultimately, the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. This meeting is being watch over by the Security Services without the knowledge of either Tony Blair or Gordon Brown.

June 1994

By early June 1994, most of the systems were the Replicators had been trapped has been swallowed by the Black Hole created by the Asgard, though Thor and thirty Asgard warships maintain vigilance until the whole system has been consumed. The rest of the Asgard fleet is now spreading out through their own galaxy to make sure that no trace of the Replicators.

This search will last until the end of 1997, after all searching a galaxy no small feat even for the Asgard.

On the 2nd June 1994, a an RAF Rotodyne helicopter carrying more than twenty leading intelligence experts’ crashes on the Mull of Kintyre, killing everyone onboard.

On the 16th June 1994, Sir Norman Fowler resigns as chairman of the Conservative Party the Conservative Party is now deeply unpopular throughout the country, though the Prime Minister John Major is bucking the trend and his personal popularity is still quiet high!

On the 15th June 1994, Britain's railways grind to a virtual standstill with a strike by more than 4,000 signalling staff even with continued government investment the unions are still causing the rail network problems. The Conservative government is still trying to privatise British Rail, but this is now not going to happen until after the next election, assuming that the Conservatives get re-elected.

On the 30th June 1994, an Airbus A330 crashes during a test flight near Toulouse, France, where Airbus is based killing the seven-person crew. The test was meant to simulate an engine failure at low speed with maximum angle of climb.

July 1994

By the 1st July 1994, those countries that are now part of the United Kingdom. Gibraltar, Malta and Chagos Islands (British Indian Ocean Territory), Grenada, Falkland Islands (including South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands), Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha and the British Virgin Islands. This enlarged UK is doing very well those ‘new’ additions are experiencing a considerable upturn in living standards for example Grenada, as Grenada is now part of the UK, Grenada is now protected by the Royal Air Force, British Army (along with its own TA units) and the Royal Navy. These military units have been and still are being redeployed from Germany as part of the redeployment of British military forces to defend all of the much-enlarged UK they are bring investment and military pay packets into Grenada.

Some parts of this enlarged UK are recovering form of recession though they are coming out of this current recession.

On another area those Sterling Zone countries Solomon Islands, Saint Lucia, Kiribati (formerly Gilbert Islands), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis are experiencing a much easier trading relationship with each other as they all are part of a single currency zone. However, each country is still independent and is able to set its own budget without interference from the other countries such as the UK, within the Sterling Zone.

On the 14th July 1994, the Queen opens the new £150million headquarters of MI6 on the banks of the River Thames in London underneath the new headquarters is a secure area with its own ring transporter. Along with several secret entrances (via underground tunnels) in and out of MI6 new headquarters allowing covert meetings the Queens opening of MI6 new headquarters is also a test of these new secret entrances that do not appear on any plans.

On the 21st July 1994, Tony Blair wins the Labour Party leadership election defeating John Prescott and Margaret Beckett.

On the 25tht July 1994, Tony Blair’s and his family’s security is beefed up, with extra close protection offers and a several armoured jaguar cars and escort cars the Blair’s own family are put into storage. The Blair’s are not happy about this though they do understand as leader of the opposition Tony Blair’s profile is not much higher and as the UK is one of the two remaining superpowers on the planet the leader of the opposition needs to be protected even if the leader of the opposition does not like it.

August 1994

On the 2nd August 1994, the first of Stephen Salter, Salter ‘duck wave energy’ device becomes operational this immediately proves that ‘duck wave energy’ device works better that expected, producing 11% more energy than predicted.

On the back of this success, the British government approves the construction of additional ‘duck wave energy’ devices around the coast of mainland UK and those overseas parts of the UK. This will provide a much more cost effective source of energy production as the source (waves) is free the only ‘big’ cost is the construction of the ‘duck wave energy’ devices, with maintenance being very small indeed.

New Zealand will be the second biggest user of the ‘duck wave energy’ devices behind the UK.

In the New Years Honours, Stephen Salter will receive a knighthood his company Aquamarine Power will make him a very wealthy man (after paying back the UK government loans – with interest in the years to come).

On the 18th August 1994, the first MORI poll since Tony Blair became Labour Party leader gives him a massive boost in his ambition to become prime minister as his party scores at 56% and has a 33-point lead over the Conservatives, who are now just five points ahead of the Liberal Democrats.

On the 31st August 1994, the Provisional Irish Republican Army declares a ceasefire there is come scepticism about this ceasefire and whether it will hold, counter terrorist operations against the IRA will continue.

September 1994

On the 2nd September 1994, television entertainer Roy Castle dies of lung cancer two days after his 62nd birthday. This again raises question about the ‘special treatment’, though this time the governments response is more blunt this being “the government does not respond to questions relating classified defence work”.

On the 3rd September 1994, Russia and the People's Republic of China agree to de-target their nuclear weapons against each other this had only come about after the UK made this suggestion to China, after the UK had de-targeted their own nuclear weapons against Russia. The UK government will keep it part in this suggestion to China to herself allowing China to take the full credit this will of course mean the China now owes the UK.

On the 5th September 1994, New South Wales State MP for Cabramatta John Newman is shot outside his home, in Australia's first political assassination since 1977. Stronger protection for Australia's politicians will be forthcoming, especially during elections, Special Operations Unit (SOU), Australia's version of the UK’s SI-5 will now be in overall charge of protection Australia's politicians.

On the 10th September 1994, Wollemia nobilis (the 'Wollemi Pine'), previously known only from fossils, is discovered living in remote rainforest gorges in the Wollemi National Park of New South Wales by canyoner David Noble, 150 km from Australia's largest city.

On the 13th September 1994, President Bill Clinton signs the Assault Weapons Ban, which bans the manufacture of new weapons with certain features for a period of 10 years.

On the 16th September 1994, Danish tour guide Louise Jensen is abducted, raped and murdered by three British soldiers in Cyprus. On the 27th March 1996, the three soldiers are convicted of abduction, rape and manslaughter all three are sentenced to life imprisonment. One long-term effect of this case was for the British military to declare certain tourist resorts on the island as out of bounds to military personnel. The offshoot of this is that military operations on Cyprus have to be toned down over the short term and moved to Malta, much to the pleasure of the Maltese Assembly.

During late September through early October 1994, Iraq threatens to stop cooperating with UNSCOM inspectors and begins to once again deploy troops near its border with Kuwait. In response, both the UK and US, begins to deploy troops to Kuwait.

Only the UK and the US have the military power to do this deployment independently, though in the UK’s case the UK has additional troops from Australia, New Zealand and Canada at its disposal.

October 1994

On the 1st October 1994, Palau gains independence from the United Nations Trusteeship Council the UK is one of the first countries to set up diplomatic relations with this new nation.

On the 8th October 1994, the President of the United Nations Security Council says that Iraq must withdraw its troops from the Kuwait border, and immediately cooperate with weapons inspectors. The US and UK begin to deploy troops to the Kuwait border and put their military forces on alert in case Iraq government does something daft.

On the 10th October 1994, with the economic recovery continuing at a strong rate, unemployment is now falling at twice the rate in Conservative constituencies than in Labour ones. Giving the Conservatives hope that they could win the next general election (which has to be held by May 1997) despite Labour having led the way in the opinion polls for virtually all of the two-and-a-half years since the last election.

On the 12th October 1994, NASA loses radio contact with the Magellan spacecraft as the probe descends into the thick atmosphere of Venus (the spacecraft presumably burned up in the atmosphere either on the 13th October or on the 14th October).

In comparison the Woomera Rocket Program probes that they have been sending out have worked fine, though even if they seemed to fail they would come back online if by a miracle, though in fact a warship from Heliopolis would be sent to fix whatever was wrong with the Woomera launched probe. Though only a few senior people (three senior people) working on the Woomera Rocket Program knows this little ‘fact’ this allows for genuine surprise by the bulk of the personnel working for the Woomera Rocket Program.

On the 15th October 1994, following threats by the UN Security Council and the UK and the US, Iraq withdraws troops from its border with Kuwait.

On the 20th October 1994, the Guardian newspaper reports that two Conservative MPs, Neil Hamilton and Tim Smith, took bribes from Harrods chief Mohamed Al-Fayed to ask questions in the House of Commons this sort of scandal will not help the Conservatives.

On the 29th October 1994, Francisco Martin Duran fires over 2 dozen shots at the White House; he is later convicted of trying to kill President Bill Clinton.

On the 31st October 1994, the Duke of Edinburgh attends a ceremony in Israel, where his late mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg, is honoured as “Righteous among the Nations” for sheltering Jewish families from the Nazis in Athens, during World War II.

November 1994

On the 3th November 1994, Criminal Justice and Public Order Act receives Royal Assent. This changes the right to silence of an accused person, allowing for inferences to be drawn from their silence; increases police powers of "Stop and search" and gives them greater rights to take and retain intimate body samples; changes the law relating to collective trespass to land. Criminalising some previously civil offences; tightens the law in some areas relating to obscenity, pornography and sexual offences; and lowers the age of consent for male homosexual acts from twenty-one years to eighteen, while setting the age for female acts at sixteen, for the first time in English law recognising the existence of lesbianism.

On the 4th November 1994, the first conference devoted entirely to the subject of the commercial potential of the World Wide Web opens. Featured speakers include Hermann Hauser of Acorn Computers and Chris Curry also of Acorn Computers, Marc Andreessen of Netscape, Mark Graham of Pandora Systems, and Ken McCarthy of E-Media.

On the 13th November 1994, voters in Sweden decline to join the European Union in a referendum instead there is a growing interest in joining the Sterling Zone the same can be said for Norway as well whether either country will join the Sterling Zone is uncertain. Though the supports in each country can count on a large amount of support, it is not enough to gain a majority in any referendum, though it was enough to stop Sweden joining the European Union.

On the 28th November 1994, voters in Norway decide not to join the European Union in a referendum as with the referendum in Sweden those who wish to join the Sterling Zone have put a stop to Norway joining the European Union. With Norway’s strong links to the UK the no vote percentage is larger than in Sweden.

December 1994

By early December 1994, HMS Mary Rose and HMS Henry Grace à Dieu complete their trials and join the still small but growing Project Phoenix fleet.

On the 2nd December 1994, the Australian government agrees to pay reparations to indigenous Australians who were displaced during the nuclear tests at Maralinga in the 1950s and 1960s.

On the 9th December 1994, the first meeting between, the British government and Sinn Féin, in more than 70 years begins to the path to peace, though the Security Services are watching just in case.

On the 13th December 1994, Fred West, 53, a builder living in Gloucester, is remanded in custody, charged with murdering 12 people (including two of his own daughters) whose bodies are mostly found buried at his house in Cromwell Street. His wife Rose West, 41, is charged with 10 murders. Police believe that the murders took place between 1967 and 1987, and suspect that they may have killed up to 30 people.

On the 15th December 1994, Tony Blair continues to enjoy dominance in the opinion polls as the latest MORI poll shows Labour support at an unprecedented 61%, putting them a massive 39 points ahead of the Conservatives. The Liberal Democrats have suffered a slump in popularity, gained just 13% of the vote in this poll compared to 20% a year ago. Ian Pearson wins the Dudley West by-election for Labour with nearly 70% of the votes, becoming the new MP for the constituency, which was left vacant with the death of Conservative John Blackburn two months ago.

The Tory majority has now fallen to 13 seats.

At SI-5 headquarters, Commander Bodie has been looking at the way the wind is blowing (Politically) activates his intercom and says, “Can you get me an appointment with the PM early next year.”

The voice on the other end replies, “Yes, Commander Bodie” the intercom disconnects with a click leaving Commander Bodie with his thoughts.

Looks at the file on his desk with the title “Cheshire Cat”, Commander Bodie thinks to himself that is a bit of a sick joke but still funny, nevertheless, what he needs is the OK from the PM do this, after all this action could have political consequences.

Even SI-5 powers have some limits, though not many...

Assuming Commander Bodie gets the OK from the PM, SI-5 officers will be sent, though in this case SI-5 ‘public’ persona of being ‘noisy, rough and tough’ will be allowed to run its course...

Orbital dry-docks

Orbital dry-dock one – is currently being used to refit four black prince class warships
Orbital dry-dock two – used to construct one courageous class warships and the refit/repair of warships

Project Phoenix, Warship Order of Battle

HMS Defiance is currently in reserve being, refitted as a test ship and courier ship to Atlantis.

HMS Courageous is not assigned to any squadron, operates independently, currently assigned to the lost city of the ancients.

HMS Glorious and HMS Furious both these warships will remain as guard ships in orbit around Camelot

HMS Mary Rose and HMS Henry Grace à Dieu both these warships for the time being will operate independently on various missions

First Cruiser Squadron

HMS Black Prince (Squadron & Fleet flagship)
HMS Resistance
HMS New Zealand
HMS Tiger
HMS Royal Oak
HMS Hood
HMS Canada
HMS Australia

Second Cruiser Squadron

HMS Mountbatten (Squadron flagship)
HMS Lion
HMS Magnificent
HMS Bonaventure
HMS Vampire
HMS Vendetta
HMS Illustrious
HMS Indomitable

Third Cruiser Squadron

HMS Implacable (Squadron flagship)
HMS Indefatigable
HMS Valiant
HMS Churchill
HMS Conqueror
HMS Victorious
HMS Drake
HMS Canterbury

Forth Cruiser Squadron

HMS Endeavour
HMS Otago
HMS Te Kaha
HMS Te Mana
HMS Wellington
HMS Achilles
HMS Ajax
HMS Leander

As 1994 draws to a close, the Asgard war against the Replicators has ended with only mopping up operations for the Asgard in their home galaxy this will allow the Asgard to focus on their cloning problem. In addition, any request for help by Project Phoenix leadership, will be met favourably by the Asgard High Council (though it will be a while before the leadership are aware of this), though the Asgard are unwilling to go to war with the Goa'uld so soon after their war against the Replicators.

During 1995, three doctors will join Project Phoenix...

To be continued.
53. 1995 – The Tale of the Three Doctor’s

I am walking over hot coals suspended over a deep pit at the bottom of which are a large number of vipers baring their fangs.” – John Major

During 1995, three Doctor’s will join Project Phoenix, these Doctor’s being Dr Daniel Jackson, Dr Rodney McKay and Dr. Carson Beckett the first to be recruited will be Dr Daniel Jackson.

January 1995

On the 1st January 1995, the World Trade Organization (WTO) is established to replace the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), with the UK and the US being the two most dominant members of the WTO. The UK is already pushing for China to be able to join the new WTO this will happen within a few years thanks to the UK the Chinese government will be grateful to the UK (and the Commonwealth) in certain trade deals this part is not made public.

Also on the 1st January 1995, Austria and Finland act to join the European Union due to their referendums, both Sweden and Norway will not be joining the European Union, as both countries referendums reject joining the EU. Sweden and Norway are looking towards joining the Sterling Zone, but with keeping their national currencies and merely pinning their own currencies against the British pound, it will be several years before a referendum is held in Sweden and Norway, as the details still have to be worked out.

On the 5th January 1995, HMS Scorpion is launched her trails are set to last several years, though for the rest of 1995 will be her shakedown and testing. This initial plan of constructing more Scorpion class heavy cruisers has been put on hold until HMS Scorpion has completed her trails and had any bugs ironed out along with some new additional equipment that might be added.

On the 10th January 1995, Dr Daniel Jackson book is read about his theories about aliens using the great Pyramids as landing pads for spaceships, even though the scientific community ridicules him, Project Phoenix, is VERY interested in Dr Daniel Jackson work. As Dr Jackson, has come to his conclusions, without knowing about Project Phoenix or the Stargate or even the existence of the Goa'uld actually using the Pyramids as landing pads for their spaceships. Recruiter Lewis Collins will be dispatch to recruit him into Project Phoenix. The meeting date is set for the 10th April 1995 this is the date his grants run out along with a lecture Dr Jackson about his theories.

On the 11th January 1995, Commander Bodie arrives at No 10 Downing Street to have a word with the Prime Minister about assigning a close protection detail to the leader of the opposition Tony Blair.

Commander Bodie’s is arrival is noted by the attendant press in and around Downing Street, though no public statement is made about what Commander Bodie has come to see the Prime Minister about, as per the norm with such visit by the head of SI-5 to the PM.

Prime Ministers Private Office

John Major shakes Commander Bodie’s hand and says, “What can I help you with” offering Commander Bodie a seat.

Commander Bodie sits down and replies, “I need to see if you will give your approval for a SI-5 close protection detachment for Tony Blair?”

John Major in a voice that gives nothing away replies, “I see”

Commander Bodie continues, “As you are well aware SI-5 powers are quite wide ranging however your approval Prime Minister is required, as this could cause you political problems. As I am sure it will be seen as ‘confirmation’ that Labour will win the next election by the press and others.”

John Major with a touch of irony in his voice replies, “At the moment Labour winning the next election seems certain. I will sign the authorisation Commander Bodie as you never know.”

Commander Bodie hands the paper for the Prime Minister to sign, John Major signs the paper after reading it and then hand the paper back to Commander Bodie.

John Major with a smile on his face then says, “I agree with the code name for Tony Blair ‘the Cheshire Cat’ most appropriate.”

Commander Bodie leaves a few minutes later, again with no comment to the press for the reason for the visit to Downing Street, within a few days the press will add up the reason why.

On the 19th January 1995, at the home of the Leader of the Labour Party at Sedgefield four SI-5 Range Rovers pull up outside Tony Blair’s home, much to the surprise of the press ‘camped’ outside Tony Blair’s home. The British Journalists ‘camped’ outside Tony Blair’s home knows better than go get in the way of SI-5 officers the local police officer outside Tony Blair’s home asks to see some ID before he will allow them to go any further. The SI-5 officers are impressed by the police officers determination to see their ID they duly show the police office their IDs who lets them pass.

Tony Blair’s family life will never be the same again the next day’s headlines will be about Tony Blair the addition of the SI-5 close protection unit saying that Tony Blair is the Prime Minister in waiting Special Branch and other Police units will also be involved protection duties in addition to SI-5 officer that have just been assigned.

On the 20th January 1995, the first MORI poll of 1995 shows that the Conservative Party has cut Labour's lead in the polls from 39 points to 29, though this poll was before Tony Blair had his SI-5 close protection unit assigned.

February 1995

In early February 1995, the British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand governments announce that Project Horizon will now be known as the Type 45 destroyer program with the class name being the Daring class (in Royal Navy Service). Provisional (Royal Navy) armament is listed as x1 4.5 inch main gun (or a naval version of the British Army’s AS90 (155mm) artillery piece to be installed at a later date), x2 72 VLS missile launcher (being developed by HS), 2× quadruple Sea Eagle launchers (8 anti-ship missiles) along with a new radar system currently being developed.

Other armament options include VLS launching of the HS built Eagle Land Attack Cruise Missile (E-LACM) in all three variants 250, 500 and 1,000 miles along with the options to VLS the Sea Eagle anti ship missiles as well. A plan is also underway to allow multiple (4) Sea Wolf missiles to be launched from a single VLS missile launcher [Authors Note: think of something like ESSM but for Sea Wolf] onboard a Type 45 Destroyer.

The Royal Navy’s Type 45 Destroyer’s will have an estimated tonnage approaching 12,000 tones and an endurance of 11,000 nautical miles at cruising speed, most commentators are referring to the Type 45 as Cruisers though the Royal Navy refers to them as Destroyer’s.

The tabloid press keep referring to these Type 45 Destroyer’s as Battleships, along with how big they are, as if the size of the ship is critical to its combat capability!!

At this point both Italy and France, go their own way to develop their own joint destroyer variant, leaving only Portugal (x3 Frigate units) and Saudi Arabia (x3 Frigate units) as additional customers for the Type 45 design, though weapons fits for these two countries will be different slightly than the British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand weapons fits.

Orders for the first batch of Type 45 Destroyers are expected in late 1996.

On the 9th February 1995, Dr. Bernard A. Harris, Jr. becomes the first African American along with Michael Foale (holding both US and UK nationality) who joined NASA rather than the Woomera Space Program, to walk in space.

On the 15th February 1995, the manufacturing sector has reported its biggest rise in employment since the Conservative government first came to power 16 years ago. Thanks to government backed projects such as the Royal Navy’s warship (currently Type 23 Frigates and batch 2 Trafalgar class SSN’s), along with the growing (public) space program, construction programs to name but a few.

On the 16th February 1995, Neil Kinnock, former Labour Party leader, resigns from parliament after 25 years to take up his new role in the House of Lords as Baron Kinnock, of Bedwellty in the County of Gwent, sparking a by-election in his Islwyn seat in South Wales. Labour holds onto the seat with new candidate Don Touhig, who gains nearly 70% of the vote.

March 1995

On the 1st March 1995, construction begins of the Woomera Space Station, with the first section due into orbit within five years on the back of a Black Prince heavy launch rocket. With all four countries (UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) involved in the construction of the various parts of the Woomera Space Station, along with other subcontractors based mostly in other commonwealth countries.

This is seen as a way for John Major’s government to try to reduce growing unemployment in the UK, though currently John Major’s government is more involved with infighting and corruption problems than trying to deal with unemployment in the UK.

On the 3rd March 1995, in Somalia, the United Nations peacekeeping mission ends the UK government had given serious consideration, to taking on Somalia (especially as part of Somalia came under the old British Empire), but had later dropped the idea.

On the 14th March 1995, Astronaut Norman Thagard becomes the first American to ride into space aboard a Russian launch vehicle (the Soyuz TM-21), lifting off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

On the 22nd March 1995, Cosmonaut Valeri Polyakov returns after setting a record for 438 days in outer space, also the Russian government is offered a chance to use the Woomera space station (once built) the Chinese government is also made the same offer to use the space station. The US government will not take up this offer, but they will make the same offer that the UK has made to both the Russian and Chinese governments to use the US space station, only the Russian government will take up the US offer.

On the 24th March 1995, for the first time in 26 years, no British soldiers patrol the streets of Belfast, Northern Ireland, though the Security Services will maintain a constant vigilance from the shadows.

April 1995

On the 1st April 1995, the first of the 50 Britten-Norman Defender surveillance aircraft are delivered to the MoD for the fitting of their surveillance equipment before being deployed operationally.

On the 10th April 1995, in the background of the hall were Dr Daniel Jackson is putting his theories and very rapidly, losing is audience, Lewis Collins is watching.

Once Dr Daniel Jacksons lecture is complete Dr Jackson packs up his stuff and heads outside were it is raining, outside the building a man is waiting for him with an umbrella, the man says, “Dr Daniel Jackson?”

Dr Jackson replies, “Yes”

The man says, “I have someone here who would like to meet and to speak with you”, indicating to a waiting car”

Dr Jackson pauses for a few moments then walks towards the car with the man holding an umbrella to try to keep as much of the rain off Dr Jackson as possible the man indicates to get into the car.

Dr Jackson enters the car and sees a man looking through a file, which includes a copy of his diploma from UCLA, as the man talks to Dr Jackson the man, continues to read the file.

Dr Jackson asks, “What's this? What is this?”

The man asks, “Jackson, are those your parents?”

Dr Jackson looks at the photo the man next to him in the car has just given to him and replies, “Foster parents.”

The man next to him just nods.

A now slightly nervous Dr Jackson asks, “Wha-what is this all about?”

The man replies, “A job offer.”

A surprised Dr Jackson asks, “What kind of a job?”

The man replies, “Translation of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Interested?”

Dr Jackson asks, “I-I'm gonna have to go now” as he is wondering if he has time to think about this job offer.

Before Dr Jackson can move or say anything else the man laughs and says, “Go where Dr Jackson, I mean you've just been evicted from your apartment. Your grants have run out. Everything you own are in those two bags. Do you want to prove that your theories are right? This is your chance.”

The man holds out an envelope, gesturing for him to take it. Daniel glances from him to the envelope before taking it.

Dr Jackson asks, “What’s this?”

The man replies, “Travel plans for you, money along with all you will need to get you to your new job Dr Jackson”

Dr Jackson stares at the envelope for several moments and then manages to ask, “Who are you?”

The man looks a way for a few seconds then turns and looks at Dr Jackson and replies, “Major Lewis Collins Ministry of Defence, I work for the British government.”

Dr Jackson asks, “How do you know I won’t just run away with this money?”

Major Collins replies, “Curiosity Dr Jackson, curiosity, you want to know?”

Dr Jackson struggles to come up with a response, when the door opens.

As Dr Jackson gets out of the car Major Collins says, “See you in the UK Dr Jackson”

With that the car is gone leaving Dr Jackson in the rain to find the nearest motel and have a long think about this job offer he has just had.

As the car drives to the airport Major Collins asks, “Who is next?”

The man in the front passenger seat replies, “A Dr Rodney McKay in Canada the jet is on standby.”

Major Collins replies, “Good.”

On the evening of the 10th April 1995, Dr Daniel Jackson checks himself into the nearest hotel to dry off and think about what has just happened to him.

On the morning of the 11th April 1995, Dr Daniel Jackson has had a restless night’s sleep thinking about the offer from Major Collins, Dr Jackson has decided to go to the UK, after all, it would be a waste of a perfectly good first class ticket and he has never flown onboard Concorde before.

On the 13th April 1995, Dr Jackson travels to the UK, once at Heathrow Airport he identifies himself to a customs official who looks up what needs to be done the record simply states ‘Dr Jackson is to be assigned MAXIMUM PROTECTION, inform SI-5’ the customs official jaw drops at what he is reading. Later that day, Dr Jackson is assigned a Special Branch protection unit (authorised by SI-5) and a government safe house until he is summoned to RAF Barra to be tested on how good he is. Dr Jackson does find all the ‘protection’ he has been assigned a bit odd though asking the Special Branch officers is no good as they do not know why they have been assigned to protect him.

Dr Jackson has been informed that he is free to leave if he wishes Dr Jackson refuses as his curiosity has been (intentionality) more than tweaked by all this security, though the Special Branch officers assigned to him are new and this is considered ‘good training’ for them, though not that Dr Jackson needs and protection at this stage.

On the 30th April 1995, Major Collins arrives at the home of Dr Rodney McKay, Major Collins rings the doorbell and Dr McKay answers the door and says, “Yes”

Major Collins asks, “Dr McKay I have a job offer for you.”

Dr McKay who is surprised by the offer of another job as he has already had several job offers on the table though he has not taken up any yet, Dr McKay asks, “What can you offer me?”

Major Collins replies, “Well can I come in rather doing this on your doorstep?”

Dr McKay says, “Oh yes do come in”

Once sitting down Major Collins says, “Firstly let me introduce myself I am Major Collins, I represent the British government they are the ones who would like to make you a job offer.”

Dr McKay who is surprised were this job offer is coming from asks, “That brings me back to my question ‘What can you offer me?’”

Major Collins says, “Well your own team, unlimited funding, staff and resources along with a salary of £25,000 sterling per month, tax free.”

Dr McKay’s expression lights up and replies, “Were do I sign up?”

Major Collins laughs slightly and says, “Here is a first class air ticket to the UK, you will be met at the airport when you arrive.”

Dr McKay asks, “When do I have to travel, I will need to pack.”

Major Collins replies, “Only what you will needed or a few weeks initially, though if needed we can arrange for your personal stuff to be shipped over to the UK. As for the time you needed to travel the ticket is open ended so any time that is convenient to you Dr McKay”

Dr McKay says, “Oh ok”

Major Collins stands up and says, “See you in the UK Dr McKay” shakes Dr McKay’s hand and leaves.

Another success for Major Collins, he is becoming the ‘star’ of the recruitment officers as he has the highest success rate, Major Collins approaches each recruit differently depending on who they are.

May 1995

On the 1st May 1995, HMS Defiance enters orbit to receive a minor refit this refit will be the installation of a copy of a Gateships cloaking device, if this copy of the Gateships cloaking device works then this will give Project Phoenixes warships a considerable advantage over the Goa'uld fleet. HMS Defiance already has Asgard beaming technology installed and a resident Asgard to operate this technology, a cloaking device seems the next logical step.

It has surprised Project Phoenix how quickly they have been able to copy the Gateships cloaking device and adopt the copy for their own ships use, though only time will tell is this will work on larger ships.

On the 8th May 1995, the 50th anniversary of VE Day is celebrated across Britain with the modern fighter command simulating a scramble using modern Arrow fighters.

On the 11th May 1995, more than 170 countries agree to extend the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty indefinitely and without conditions the UK is happy to sign this treaty, as Nuclearare a bit ‘dated’ compared to what the UK can call on if needed, though only a few in government knows this little detail known as Project Phoenix.

On the 27th May 1995, in Culpeper, Virginia, actor Christopher Reeve is paralyzed from the neck down after falling from his horse in a riding competition, within a few years Christopher Reeve will become the first recipient of the reverse engineered Beta-Cantin medicine. Though this will not completely heal him, it will allow him to breathe normally without the use of a ventilator and he will still need to use a wheelchair to get around.

The reverse engineered Beta-Cantin medicine will be licensed this license will make Universal Exports many billions of pounds for the UK government this money will allow Universal Exports to fund its own research programs without the need for government funding.

This is another way for keeping certain R&D projects out of the public light, until the time is right to release them, as if the taxpayer does not have to pay for the R&D the various Parliamentary Committees will not be asking question about how taxpayer money is being spent.

June 1995

On the 1st June 1995, HMS Defiance finishes her refit and begins trials of her new cloaking device the Asgard are interested in these trials as they have been thinking about fitting a cloaking device to their ships. The Asgard will have the reluctant help from the Nox as the Nox are against equipping an Asgard warship with their cloaking abilities, due to the Nox pacifist nature and no other reason.

On the 5th June 1995, Dr Jackson is flown to RAF Barra to complete a ‘test’ of sorts, the cover stones that covered the Stargate discovered in Egypt Dr Jackson is invited to translate the writings on the cover stones.

Dr Jackson upon seeing the cover stones says, “Well, the translation of the inner track is wrong. Must have used, Budge, I don't know why they keep reprinting his books.”

Dr Jackson sighing after getting no response from the few people watching him states, “Well, this should read ‘A million years into the sky is Ra, sun god, sealed and buried for all time...’ It's not “door to heaven”. Jackson crosses that word out and replaces it with “Stargate.”

Causing a couple of people in the room to look at their watches to see how fast Dr Jackson managed to translate the inner track compared to how long the original group took, even though they deliberately put the wrong translation on the board as another test.

Dr Jackson asks, “Well, so why is the military so interested in 5,000 year old Egyptian stone tablets?”

From behind the group someone with a US accent states, “My report says 10,000 years.”

Once of the officers present turns around to find Colonel ‘Hannibal’ Smith watching the officer salutes, “Afternoon, Colonel” and salutes Colonel Smith, who returns the officers salute.

Dr Jackson to no one in particular says, “This figure of 10,000 years is ludicrous. I mean, Egyptian culture didn't even exist....”

One of the technicians replies, “Mmm. We know. But the sonic and radio carbon tests are conclusive.”

Dr Jackson asks, “Well, these are cover stones. Was there a tomb underneath?”

The technician replies, “No, no, no, but we found something a lot more interesting.”

Colonel Smith interrupts and says, “Excuse me. That information is classified” then looking directly at Dr Jackson and states, “Dr Jackson you have a job to do.”

The small number of people present in the room quickly leaves the room, leaving Dr Jackson to his work.

On the 15th June 1995, Dr Carson Beckett is invited to join a government ‘research project’ a medical officer, with the offer to pay off his debits from medical college etc if Dr Beckett agrees to work for this government ‘research project’ for next five years. Dr Beckett agrees, after all, he thinks to himself that this job offer would ‘open doors’ to other job opportunities in the future. Though once Dr Beckett finds out what the job truly is he will never leave as he will become ‘hooked’ on the medical work and will not look back or for another job.

However, he soon will do...

On the 30th June 1995, an exhausted Daniel listens to his dictated notes at a table in front of the cover stones. The table is covered with reference books, paper, candy wrappers, and a coffee mug, as well as the tape record.

Dr Jackson is recording his research and is stating in to his tape recorder, “Completed search of cuneiform and other pre-dynastic hieroglyphics. No matches whatsoever. I've exhausted all reference material I have available to me in comparing the symbols on the cartouche against all known writing samples from the period pre and post. Still no similarities...I’m never gonna get paid now?”

Dr Jackson shuts off the recording. He goes over to the coffee pot to refill his cup, only to find the carafe is practically empty.

Dr Jackson shuffles out of the lab tiredly with the carafe. A guard sits by a desk with his feet propped up, reading a newspaper.

The guard at the door starts to say something, but Dr Jackson however flashes his ID badge, and the guard settles back with his paper. Daniel goes to the water fountain and refills the carafe, glancing around and noticing the front page of the guard's paper has an article title “Orion Upclose” with a quarter-page photograph of the constellation. He stops filling the carafe and moves over to the paper. He grabs that page out of the guard's hands and rushes back into the lab. The guard is still sitting there as Daniel's head appears again in the lab door window.

Dr Jackson says, “Can I borrow this?”

Dr Jackson grabs a marker and starts filling in the lines between the stars of the constellation. He then climbs the stair-ladder to compare his drawing with one of the glyphs.

They match!

Dr Jackson to himself says, “Orion” than says, “I have done it” and picks up the internal phone and makes the call...

A few hours later...

Dr Victoria Phillips has come from Heliopolis (along with a few others) to see Dr Jackson’s ‘discovery’ though Project Phoenix has known what the cover stones mean for a long time they do however make a good test for new recruits.

An RAF officer hurries down a corridor. Dr Jackson following, his hands full of large rolled up papers and a coffee mug. He gulps down the rest of his drink and leaves the mug abandoned on one of the pipes that line the corridor, then hurries to catch up.

Underground Briefing Room, RAF Barra

Several military officers around a long table with an elderley lady seated at one end with Colonel Smith leaning casually against the wall near the door Dr Jackson has just come through.

Dr Jackson (nervously) says, “Hi, hello” and gets little or no reactions from anyone.

The RAF officer that had escorted to the meeting says, “I would like to introduce you to Dr Victoria Phillips head of this project.”

Dr Phillips gets up, approaches, and puts out her hand. Daniel shakes it then goes back to her chair.

Dr Jackson says, “Oh, hello.”

Dr Phillips says, “So, you think you've solved in just two weeks what they took us years to solve?”

A surprised Dr Jackson says, “Years?”

Dr Phillips says, “Any time” indicating to Dr Jackson to begin.

Dr Jackson starts passing around several of his rolled papers.

Dr Jackson says, “Um, I have some stuff for you to look at. Just, um, pass-pass them down. Um, you'll have to share them, cause I um...” (chuckles nervously) “ ...Sorry, Sorry, I don't have enough of those. But, anyway...”

Dr Jackson sits and starts looking at his own copy, starting to sound more confident.

Dr Jackson takes a deep breath and says, “Okay, all right, we're obviously looking at a picture of the cover stones. Now, on the outer track, these figures that you would believe to be words to be translated were, in fact...”

Dr Jackson stands again and shuffles his papers, pushing some larger pieces aside and into some people next to him to roll out a star chart.

Dr Jackson says, “Sorry about that were in fact star constellations. Now these constellations were placed in a unique order forming a map or an address of sorts. Seven points to outline a course to a position.”

Dr Jackson turns to the metal wall behind him, on which a picture of the cover stones has already been taped. He tapes up another paper and begins to draw on it. Colonel Smith puts a cigar in his mouth but does not light it...

Dr Jackson continues, “And uh...to find a destination within any three dimensional space, you need six points to determine the exact location.”

Dr Jackson draws a cube and places a dot in the centre of each of the six "sides" of the cube and then draws lines between them all to intersect at a spot in the cube.

Dr Phillips says, “You said you needed seven points.”

Dr Jackson replies, “Well, no, six for the destination. But to chart a course, you need a point of origin.”

Dr Jackson draws a point some distance from a cube and then a line to where all the cube spots intersect.

One of those present states, “Except there are only six symbols on the cartouche” Dr Jackson is not aware that this is another test.

Dr Jackson replies, “Well, the seventh actually isn't inside the cartouche, it's just below it, here designated by a little pyramid with two funny neat little guys and funny little line coming out of the top.”

Dr Jackson circles an upside down v that has a symbol above its apex and two human-like figures on each side of the “v” shape and then proceeds to draw it again roughly on the wall next to his chart while he talks.

When finished, he laughs at his bad drawing.

No one else laughs.

Dr Jackson says, “Anyway...”

Dr Phillips leans back into her chair with a smile on her face and says, “He did it.”

One of those present states, “Well in that case, we should show him the ‘device’?”

Dr Jackson asks, “Uh-what device? Um?”

Dr Phillips looks towards Colonel Smith who shrugs his shoulders slightly as if it is of little concern to him.

Dr Phillips who is still looking at Colonel Smith states, “Show him” then looking at Dr Jackson and says, “Oh and welcome to Project Phoenix Dr Jackson you have now joined a very small number of people who know about this highly secret project.”

Dr Jackson now begins to feel more than a little nervous about what Dr Phillips has just said he feels as though he is about to be shown something that may be dangerous and that he is on the tip of something very big, boy is Dr Jackson going to right in a big way!

Colonel Smith says, “This way Dr Jackson, you will need this to gain access to the gate room.” Handing Dr Jackson a different pass to the one he was given.

As Colonel Smith and Dr Jackson walk down various corridors they both eventually approach an impressive and what appears to be a very heavily armour doors.

Once their ID’s have been checked the guard presses a button. The metal “armour door” armour door that rises. Dr Jackson looks into the room beyond. The Stargate sits there. A metal ramp is in front of it, and various personnel are working around it. Colonel Smith comes up to stand beside Dr Jackson.

Dr Jackson asks, “What is that?”

Colonel Smith replies, “It's your Stargate. Come on, Jackson you will love this.”

The adventure for Dr Jackson has just begun...

July 1995

On the 1st July 1995, Dr Jackson is still trying to grips with the concept that he is on another world after coming through the Stargate was amazing being on another world is another. The initial few hours have been getting him his quarters and meeting with other newcomers including Dr Rodney McKay and Dr. Carson Beckett the three of them are comparing ‘notes’ on how they were recruited.

It will be many months before all three of them have come up to speed in their various fields, Dr Jackson’s ability with translations is considered second to none.

On the 19th July 1995, unemployment in the UK is reported to be on the rise again, though the government denies that it is pointing towards another recession.

On the 23rd July 1995, British forces sent to Sarajevo to help relieve the Siege of Sarajevo the British forces are one of those military forces (unlike some countries that have sent troops) who will open fire if fired upon making the local militias keep clear of the British.

On the 27th July 1995, the Conservative government's majority is slashed further, to nine seats, as the Liberal Democrats win the Littleborough and Saddleworth seat in Lancashire, two months after it was left vacant by the death of MP Geoffrey Dickens.

August 1995

On the 1st August 1995, the go ahead is given to see if Project Phoenix can copy a Gateship without fully understanding the technology the idea has come from Seth as the Goa'uld have always copies technology even though most of the technology they have copied they have not fully understood.

This project will last many years but if Project Phoenix can copy and build one Gateship then they can build many more, though they cannot copy the Gateships drone weapons, though they are planning for that buy using a modified version of the Red Nova air-to-air missiles. The Red Nova air-to-air missiles will be modified so that they can launched from modified drone weapon launchers the thought-controlled systems should be able to cope with the modified Red Nova missile.

If this project is successful then the thought-controlled systems can then be fitted to the next generation of space fighters that are currently in the planning stages.

On the 6th August 1995, hundreds in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Washington, and Tokyo mark the 50th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb.

On the 16th August 1995, Bermudans reject independence in a referendum and vote to become part of the group of Sterling Zone countries the Bermudian dollar will start to be replaced with the new Bermudian pound from 1st January 1996.

On the 24th August 1995, Microsoft releases Windows 95

On the 30th August 1995, the NATO bombing campaign against Serb artillery positions begins in Bosnia and Herzegovina, continuing into October. At the same time, ARBiH forces begin an offensive against the Bosnian Serb Army around Sarajevo, central Bosnia, and Bosnian Krajina.

September 1995

In early 1995, DVD, an optical disc computer storage media format, is announced this will soon replace the VHS tape system in home across the world the UK is one of the countries pushing the DVD system.

On the 6th September 1995, NATO air strikes continue, after repeated attempts at a solution with the Serbs fail the Royal Navy’s supersonic Sea Harriers operating from their carriers in the Adriatic Sea are providing considerable support to this operation along with Eagle GR bombers and Arrow fighters operating from Italian air bases.

On the 23rd September 1995, Argentine national Guillermo “Bill” Gaede is arrested in Phoenix, Arizona on charges of industrial espionage. His sales to Cuba, China, North Korea and Iran are believed to have involved Intel and AMD trade secrets worth US$10 to 20 million.

October 1995

On the 4th October 1995, France launches a counter-coup in the Comoros with 600 soldiers. They arrest Bob Denard and his mercenaries and take Denard to France; Caabi el-Yachroutu becomes the interim president.

On the 6th October 1995, Michael Mayor and Didier Queloz announce the discovery of 51 Pegasi b, the first confirmed extrasolar planet orbiting an ordinary main-sequence star.

On the 7th October 1995, Conservative MP Alan Howarth defects to Labour, cutting the government's majority to seven seats.

On the 18th October 1995, unemployment in the UK is now at its lowest level for more than four years, though this is not helping the Conservatives, as they remain unpopular.

By the end of October 1995, the trials of HMS Defiance and her new cloaking decide has been completed, though there are a few problems the fist being that while cloaked the weapons cannot be used, though the beaming technology can be. The second is that before HMS Defiance and go into hyperspace the cloak must be dropped, even with these constraints the cloak will give HMS Defiance a considerable advantage against any opponent.

Though for the time being no other warship will be fitted with a cloaking device the Asgard and the Nox are given complete access to the trials, both races are impressed by what Project Phoenix has achieved. The Asgard will base their own cloaking technology on the work by Project Phoenix, though their cloaking devices will be superior to Project Phoenixes cloaking device the Asgard will keep this information to themselves for the time being.

November 1995

By early November 1995, the orientation briefings for Dr Daniel Jackson, Dr Rodney McKay and Dr. Carson Beckett have been completed in addition they have all decided that they wish to have homes on Earth they will purchased homes in the UK which they will used during their ‘down times’.

On the 16th November 1995, the Queen Mother has a hip replacement operation. At 95, she is believed to be the oldest patient to undergo such surgery medical advances in the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand are allowing people to live longer thanks to the trickle down of technology from Project Phoenix.

On the 17th November 1995, launch of the European Space Agency's Infrared Space Observatory from the Woomera launch facility from the including a Long Wave Spectrometer built in the UK.

On the 24th November 1995, the spy James Bond returns to cinemas six years after the last film was made, for the sixteenth film GoldenEye, with Irish actor Pierce Brosnan playing Bond. The film makes were allow access to various MoD facilities and equipment for use in this film for the next James Bond films this cooperation will continue as the MoD sees this as good PR.

December 1995

On the 20th December 1995, the Queen writes to the Prince and Princess of Wales urging them to divorce as soon as possible Diana will continue to receive Police protection after the divorce.

On the 29th December 1995, the Conservative majority now stands at a mere five seats following the defection of MP Emma Nicholson to the Liberal Democrats.

As 1995 comes to an end, Project Phoenix is still feeling growing pains, though with their allies they are making progress, next year will see a discovery on the Pegasus Galaxy bringing Merlin closer to Project Phoenix.

Merlin will even give a gift of sorts to Project Phoenix for their help.

To be continued.
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54. 1996 – The Fall of Abydos

The new rules are not necessarily unfair” – John Major

January 1996

On the 1st January 1996, Dr Daniel Jackson, Dr Rodney McKay and Dr Carson Beckett are transferred to Atlantis within a month Dr McKay will make a discovery that will help Project Phoenix.


As of January 1996, Atlantis has a population of 5,125 the city is fully operational with the exception of the number of drone weapons available for use in the defence of the city, all that are left are a few dozen after the siege 10,000 years ago.

The director of the Atlantis Expedition is still Alan Turing he has been doing an excellent job of utilising the limited amount of personnel available to him, by focusing on the key systems and the area around the tower first. By January 1996, a basic survey of the entire city has been done, though this has been to check that nothing hazardous has been left on or a stockpile of weapons may have been missed (they have not). Only about six percent of the city have been studied in detail at the rate they are currently studying the city it will be many decades before the detailed study of the city is complete.

The Asgard members of the Atlantis Expedition are also examining the city as well, though they are sharing some information with Project Phoenix they are not sharing everything, as the Asgard feel that these humans are not ready yet to receive this level of knowledge that Atlantis possess.

The number of Asgard on Asgard number only 53, but they seem to be everywhere.

HMS Courageous is Atlantis guard ship with HMS Defiance acting as an ‘armed Freighter’ bring anything that will not fit through the Stargate from Heliopolis.

On the 3rd January 1996, Motorola introduces the Motorola StarTAC Wearable Cellular Telephone, the world’s smallest and lightest mobile phone at that time with some of the patents for this design licensed from Universal Exports.

On the 4th January 1996, Hosni Mubarak, the president of Egypt, appoints a new government in response to accusations of corruption in the parliamentary elections in late 1995 at the same time keeping an eye on what the UK does, after all, the UK still holds a fifty percent share of the Suez Canal.

The UK will take no action to interfere with internal Egyptian matter, unless these matters concern the UK fifty percent share of the Suez Canal.

Only until the 31st December 1999, after that Egypt will be left to its own devices.

On the 5th January 1996, the HMS Scorpion is launched a year later than planned to allow a longer construction for various improved systems to be installed. Trails for HMS Scorpion will take the rest of the year, a decision on whether to begin production of the Scorpion class heavy cruiser will be taken in early 1997.

On the 13th January 1996, NUM leader Arthur Scargill announces that he is defecting from the Labour Party to set up his own Socialist Labour Party, Scargill to this day remains under surveillance of the UK security services as the possible threat to national security.

On the 19th January 1996, the first MORI poll of 1996 shows Labour still comfortably ahead of the Conservatives with a showing of 55% and a lead of 26 points.

February 1996

By the 1st February 1996, Cheyenne Mountain Command under General West’s leadership has discovered that when the Stargate powered up allows the inner ring to be released and spin freely. This is a major discovery and a large step forward is making their Stargate operational, Cheyenne Mountain Command is unaware that there is more than one Stargate on Earth.

On the 2nd February 1996, General West issue a special order reactivating Colonel Jonathan ‘Jack’ J. O’Neill, after the recent death of O’Neill’s son General West feels as though this command will take his mind off the death of his son. General West also knows that if he asked O'Neill to make a suicide run then in O'Neill’s current state of mind O'Neill would agree to this order.

On the 3rd February 1996, Dr McKay discovers a faint signal that appears to be coming from an ancient warship this signal was activated by Dr McKay by McKay studying the long ranged communications equipment on Atlantis.

On the 4th February 1996, Dr McKay along with Dr Daniel Jackson and Dr Carson Beckett are beamed up to HMS Courageous to discover what this ancient signal is and what it is coming from the Asgard are equally curious as everybody else.

On the 5th February 1996, Colonel O’Neill arrives at Cheyenne Mountain Command and becomes General West’s nominal deputy commander, as he is the next senior officer present. General West orders Colonel O’Neill to put a Special Forces team together to go through the ‘big ring’ if they can get it working, O'Neill will make as his deputy Major Charles Kawalsky, with himself and Kawalsky along with twenty Special Forces personnel and their equipment being assembled by June 1996.

On the 6th February 1996, HMS Courageous drops out of hyperspace hear the signals location, Dr McKay who is studying the ships sensor readings says, “Looks like we have found ourselves and ancient warship from these readings.”

Dr Jackson who has been looking out of the bridge windows as HMS Courageous closes on the ship says, “Well I would not say that this ancient warship is not in the best shape.”

Dr McKay comes over to where Dr Jackson is standing and looks out of the bridge windows and says, “Dam, looks like this was a signal triggered by the reactivation of Atlantis’s long ranged communication system.”

Dr Beckett asks, “So does that mean we can go back now?”

Dr McKay replies, “No, as we have to switch of the signal and anyway even in its battered state this ancient warship could still have some useful technology for us to examine.”

At this point, Commodore Jason Timms says, “Well from the readings you will need to take space suites until you can put a shield around that this and restore the life support systems.”

An hour later, Dr McKay along with Dr Jackson and Dr Beckett along with a detachment of troops beam onto the ancient warship, after looking around Dr McKay go’s to the nearest a power relay station and after four hours work Dr McKay restores power to ancient warship. This allows containment shields to be raised this intern allows the ancient warship to be pressurised, though this is only to areas of the ship that has not been badly damaged.

After getting out of their space suites they begin to explore the ancient warship, with some areas of the ship open to space with only the containment shield keeping in the ships restored atmosphere it does provide an amazing view of space and of HMS Courageous orbiting the ancient warship as she goes past those sections open to space.

It only takes a matter of minutes to find the ancient stasis pods with living ancients in them, Dr McKay estimates that there are over 500 active pods. This news is greeted with shock onboard HMS Courageous the Asgard liaison is lost for words for sometime before using the Asgard communications system to inform the Asgard High Council.

Meanwhile, until the Asgard respond Dr McKay and Dr Beckett will see that all the ancient stasis pods and the ancients inside them. They do however find and quickly eliminate one problem a Wraith that seems to have been ‘plugged’ into the ancient stasis system. Dr Jackson also begins the process of translating the ancient language and quickly gets to a basic understanding the three doctors do make a good team and they will be kept together for future missions.

This has an effect on the ancients in their virtual reality, who see their first officer turn into a Wraith and then vanish, none of them realise that they are in a virtual reality of their ship.

Asgard Home World

The news of 500 plus living ancients is greeted with shock the Asgard High Council dispatches Thor with a strong force of Mountbatten class warships is dispatched to firstly to go to Heliopolis to inform and pickup Merlin. With Hermiod left to inform the leadership of Project Phoenix who will be as equally stunned as everyone else.

Thor’s ‘small fleet’ will arrive in the Pegasus Galaxy on the 8th February.

On the 7th February 1996, the government drops the planned privatisation of British Rail until after the next election, though the next government will not privatise British Rail and the matter will be dropped.

On the 8th February 1996, twenty Asgard Mountbatten class warships drop out of hyperspace to take charge of the ancient warship this ancient warship and it crew will be taken to Atlantis where Merlin will interact with the crew informing them of what has happened. In addition, Merlin will help the entire crew to ascend, as the crews bodies are too old to be healed even using the Goa'uld Sarcophagus. Though for Merlin this process of assisted ascension will take just over a year, as he cannot do them all in one go, during this time Project Phoenix personnel will keep clear of the ancient warship and allow Merlin to get on with his work. However, Project Phoenix leadership will not be fully aware of what Merlin is doing until the first thirty or so crewmembers of the ancient warship have ascended.

On the 9th February 1996, a large bomb explodes in the London Docklands area, near to South Quay DLR station, injures around 40 people the bomb was the responsibility of the IRA, and marks the end of a 17-month ceasefire the Prime Minister for the time being will not let the off world extraditions resume.

On the 10th February 1996, the bodies of two men are discovered at Canary Wharf, the only dead among the IRA bombing of which it was initially believed there were no fatalities.

‘Special Measures’ to deal with the IRA area again activated, with several IRA members disappearing never to be seen again.

On the 11th February 1996, the damaged ancient warship arrives back at Atlantis with the escorting Asgard warships and HMS Courageous, once the ancient warship has been set down on the landing dock on Atlantis the Project Phoenix personnel are asked to leave by Merlin. They do leave out of respect to Merlin, though not without Dr McKay moaning about having to leave meeting a load of ancients.

On the 12th February 1996, Merlin is plugged into the virtual reality, makes contact with the Captain and the crew of the ancient warship, and explains what has happened to them. After much discussion the crew agree to Merlin’ helping them ascend though Merlin can only do one at a time and it will take just over a year for the whole crew to ascend this work begins almost immediately.

While Merlin is helping his fellow ancients ascend, the Asgard will act as guardians, with Project Phoenix personnel keeping well out of the way after being asked by Merlin to let him get on with helping his fellow ancients ascend.

That is ‘two’ that Merlin now ‘owes’ Project Phoenix this first of the IOU’s will be called in next year.

On the 18th February 1996, a bomb explodes on a bus in Central London, killing the IRA bomber transporting the device, and injuring several people.

On the 22nd February 1996, Conservative MP Peter Thurnham announces his resignation from Parliament, reducing the party's majority to just 2 seats. Resignations and by-election defeats have cost the Conservatives 19 seats since the general election just four years.

On the 28th February 1996, Princess Diana agrees to give Prince Charles a divorce, more than three years after separating Princess Diana will continue to receive police protection for the foreseeable future.

March 1996

In early March 1996, Apophis is now ready to launch his attack on Abydos unfortunately this will cause his own downfall for several reasons. The attack force that has been gathered by Apophis is formidable by even Goa'uld with 75 Ha'tak’s and 220 Al'kesh.

This attack force sent by Apophis is under the command of his First Prime Teal'c with Apophis monitoring (safely) from one of his fortress worlds just in case the Asgard should intervene.

The force defending Abydos consists of the ships of the second cruiser squadron (eight ships) and around two hundred personnel on the surface, the ships have standing orders to hold any attacking force at bay until the personnel on the surface have escaped through the Stargate then the ships can withdraw. Some see this as quite a brutal policy, but Project Phoenix leadership does not feel that they should go to war with even one Goa'uld System Lord they do not have the military might to fight the Goa'uld.

In addition, the Asgard have made it quite clear that they will help protect Earth and Heliopolis and no more, though this may change in the future due to the ending to the Replicator threat in the Asgard’s home galaxy the Asgard have just finished one war they do not want another one.

Project Phoenixes military forces are quite limited, even though their warships are a match for Goa'uld warships the Goa'uld still have numbers on their side and in a slugging match Project Phoenix could lose the bulk of it space fleet for no real gain.

Project Phoenix does not consider itself the galaxies police and has no intention of starting a war against the Goa'uld they have too much to lose if they do and a lot to gain if they do not. Abandoning the population of Abydos is seen as a bit cruel, though they have not left them completely helpless.

The battle for Abydos is very short, only lasting thirty-four minutes (the time it takes to activate the termite charges attacked to the equipment and to get the personnel through the Stargate) once this is complete the second cruiser squadron withdraws. This will give Apophis a ‘victory’ against Project Phoenixes forces and make him think that they maybe not a powerful as the reports had indicated.

The commander of the second cruiser squadron reports back on the size of the force that was sent to retake Abydos, not only are Project Phoenixes leadership astounded by the forces sent, but also the Asgard. However, the Asgard does not view this as a threat to the Protected Planets Treaty and the extended treaty to protect Earth and Heliopolis from Goa'uld attack.

By the 2nd March 1996, Project Phoenixes forces on Abydos have withdrawn, giving a ‘victory’ of sorts to Apophis, though Lord Yu sees this attack on a fringe world and the retaking as a ‘practice’ for attacking the other System Lords, though Apophis has no intention of doing this.

On the 4th March 1996, a very old System Lord, Anubis, who will begin a series of hit and run raids against Apophis and the System Lords that serve Apophis and a are loyal to Apophis, including Lord Yu. Lord Yu will see these attacks as coming from Apophis (and not Anubis) and retaliate against Apophis without being willing to listen to Apophis’s ‘lies’.

This will be the beginning of another Goa'uld Civil War.

On the 8th March 1996, the People's Republic of China begins surface-to-surface missile testing and military exercises off Taiwanese coastal areas. The United States government condemns the act as provocation, and the Taiwanese government warns of retaliation. The UK government urges talks between the various governments and makes clear to all sides that unless UK national interests are threatened the UK will not interfere, but instead will adopt a mediator role the Chinese government accepts the UK in its mediator role.

On the 23rd March 1996, the Republic of China or Taiwan holds its first direct elections for president; Lee Teng-hui is re-elected. The UK government in discussions with the Chinese government has managed to get the Chinese government to tone down the rhetoric though not stopping the rhetoric all together this shows that the UK government has some influence with the Chinese government. This influence is worrying to the US government as it gives the UK government ‘first dibs’ into the lucrative Chinese market.

April 1996

On the 1st April 1996, Anubis begins his hit and run attacks against smaller System Lords, Anubis will hit the smaller System Lords first and then over the next few months work his way up to attacking larger System Lords like Lord Yu, thus triggering a Civil War by early next year.

On the 16th April 1996, in a 22-point swing, Labour wins the Staffordshire South East seat from the Conservatives in a by-election, cutting the government's majority to three seats almost exactly four years after they began the current term of parliament with a 21-seat majority.

By the end of April 1996, the 200 personnel that had been based on Abydos have been transferred to Atlantis, meanwhile on Abydos, the Jaffa are up to their necks against a well trained resistance force. For Teal'c this does not reflect badly on him as he was transferred from Abydos once the space battle was won, though for the Jaffa in charge he has no end of problems with the locals. The biggest is that Apophis has taken the bulk of the forces he had committed to take back Abydos and returned them to their original patrol areas leaving behind a garrison force. This garrison force is not large enough to put down the resistance that the Jaffa are meeting and the Jaffa in charge wants to prove himself to his ‘god’ without asking for help!

May 1996

On the 2nd May 1996, the Conservatives lose 578 seats in local council elections.

On the 5th May 1996, Lord Yu summons his First Prime and orders him to put his military forces on alert, as Lord Yu thinks that the ‘victory’ of taking back Abydos that Apophis is really planning to attack him. This alert is to be done quietly as not to alert the other System Lords with the most important systems under Lord Yu’s control to be done first, such as shipbuilding, followed by the other systems.

By the 15th May 1996, the Jaffa in charge of the forces on Abydos is losing all the battles against the resistance forces, so far he has managed to conceal these losses from Apophis, though his (power hungry) deputy is biding his time before dropping his boss in it. Though rather than reporting it directly to Apophis, the deputy is thinking of reporting to either Master Bra'tac or Teal'c, as this would be a safer option as Apophis may just kill him for reporting bad news, but Apophis would not kill Master Bra'tac or Teal'c for reporting the same bad news.

Now it is just a matter of timing.

On the 30th May 1996, the Duke and Duchess of York complete their divorce proceedings this is not a good year for the Royal Family.

June 1996

On the 4th June 1996, the space rocket Ariane 5 explodes 40 seconds after takeoff in French Guiana. The Ariane project costs European governments 7.5 billion US dollars over 11 years this accident will cause more commercial launches to be done by the Woomera rocket program.

On the 5th June 1996, Colonel O'Neill’s twenty-two man team is ready, though General West adds one addition to O'Neill’s team a certain Captain Carter as the team’s technical specialist, now making a total of twenty-three personnel.

Now all they need is a mission and the ‘big ring’ to work with Captain Carter working with Cheyenne Mountain Command technical personnel on achieving this goal.

On the 7th June 1996, an IRA gang kills Detective Garda Jerry McCabe during a botched armed robbery in Adare, County Limerick. The killing of Detective McCabe happened four months after the breakdown of the first IRA ceasefire in 1996. The Army Council of the IRA initially denied involvement, but later admitted that individual members were involved “in contravention of its orders”. It is lucky for the killers that they were caught by the normal police forces otherwise they would have disappeared off world and never be seen again.

On the 10th June 1996, Captain Carter discovers that the amount of power needed to activate the ‘big ring’ is much larger than originally estimated by the original research team. In addition, Captain Carter has discovered that the ‘podium’ would have supplied the power, however that is not an option as the power system in the ‘podium’ cannot provide enough power, an external power supply will be needed. The electrical requirements for powering the ‘big ring’ are huge and will require a lot of work needing to be done to Cheyenne Mountain Commands electrical supply.

General West and Director Woolsey along with Senator Kinsey give their approval for the release of the funding for the work to be done.

On the 15th June 1996, in Manchester, UK, a massive IRA bomb injures over 200 people and devastates a large part of the city centre. This would cause the US government to seize/freeze all IRA funds in the US to prevent them being used for such acts again these funds will not be released until the IRA denounces terrorist activities forever.

On the 21st June 1996, the latest MORI poll shows the Conservatives on 31%, their best showing for three years, but they are still 21 points behind Labour with just under a year to go before an election has to be held.

By the end of June 1996, all of Lord Yu’s major systems are now on alert, Lord Yu’s First Prime is doing an excellent job of bringing Lord Yu’s forces to a war footing without any of the other System Lords or even the Asgard who are monitoring the major System Lords. This final part is a remarkable achievement even though Lord Yu and is First Prime are unaware that they have also fooled the Asgard.

July 1996

By early July 1996, the next stage of the Woomera Space Station is in final preparations to launch this space station is part of the long term planning that Project Phoenix is always doing. This space station just one more step towards Project Phoenix achieving its goal...

On the 5th July 1996, Dolly the sheep, the first mammal to have been successfully cloned from an adult cell, is born at the Roslin Institute in Scotland several more clone sheep will be produced. This is the beginning of Britain’s cloning industry though it will be many years before this technology will have any practical applications.

August 1996

On the 6th August 1996, NASA announces that the ALH 84001 meteorite, thought to originate from Mars, contains evidence of primitive life forms. Certain elements of the British/Canadian/Australian and New Zealand scientific community seem to less than impressed this is put down to ‘sour grapes’ by NASA officials, in that the Woomera space program did not discover this first (NASA officials are wrong).

On the 10th August 1996, the first of ten Mars explorer probes are launched the remaining nine probes will be launched over the next few years. These probes will examine Mars thoroughly unofficially they will be looking for potential landing sites on Mars for a Manned Mission to Mars in the 21 Century.

On the 23rd August 1996 Osama bin Laden writes "The Declaration of Jihad on the Americans Occupying the Country of the Two Sacred Places," a call for the removal of American military forces from Saudi Arabia. Osama bin Laden also issues similar threats against the UK government the UK government increases Osama bin Laden’s Threat Indication (TI) by one level.

On the 28th August 1996, the Prince and Princess of Wales complete their divorce proceedings. The Princess of Wales loses her style of Royal Highness and assumes the style, Diana, Princess of Wales. The UK security services will be keeping a discreet eye on Diana for the foreseeable future this protection will have unforeseen (lifesaving) consequences for Diana next year.

September 1996

On the 3rd September 1996, the US and the UK launches Operation Desert Strike against Iraq in reaction to the attack on Arbil. During this attack, the UK military launches over 200 cruise missiles from land launches based in Turkey and Kuwait along with air strikes by Eagle GR.4 bombers covered by Arrow F.3 fighters.

On the 10th September 1996, Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) signed the UK government is happy to sign as it can test Nuclear Weapons off world without breaking this treaty.

On the 24th September 1996, President Bill Clinton signs the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty at the United Nations.

On the 27th September 1996, in Afghanistan, the Taliban capture the capital city of Kabul, after driving out President Burhanuddin Rabbani and executing former leader Mohammad Najibullah. The Taliban will receive a large part of their finance through the control of Opium the UK government begins a process of covertly supplying arms to the Northern Alliance in an attempt to keep the Taliban under control this policy will not work.

October 1996

On the 6th October 1996, the government of New Zealand agrees to pay £250 million pounds worth of compensation for the loss of land suffered by the Māori population between the years of 1844 and 1864.

On the 12th October 1996, the Conservative government's majority has dwindled to a single seat with the defection of Peter Thurnham to the Liberal Democrats.

By the end of October 1996, work at Cheyenne Mountain Command to supply the ‘big ring’ with enough electricity will soon be complete this work is being done under the supervision of Captain Carter.

November 1996

On early November 1996, the first orders for the first batch of six Type 45 Destroyers are issued the class name with be the Daring class, with the names being HMS Daring, Dauntless, Diamond, Dragon, Defender and Duncan. With a second batch of six with the following names HMS Dreadnought (due to public demand on using this name and that they are more like heavy cruisers than destroyers) Tiger, Lion, Berwick, Shropshire and Devonshire.

On the 3rd November 1996, Barry Porter, Conservative MP for Wirral South, dies of cancer aged 57.

On the 8th November 1996, with the next general election no more than six months away, Labour still look set for a return to power after eighteen years. However, the Conservatives have cut their lead to seventeen points in the latest MORI opinion poll this is one of the narrowest gaps seen between the two leading parties in any opinion poll over the last three years.

December 1996

On the 1st December 1996, at Cheyenne Mountain Command to supply the ‘big ring’ with enough electricity has been finish, now several months of testing to make sure that the system has been calibrated properly.

On the 7th December 1996, Sir John Gorst, 68-year-old Conservative MP for Hendon North in London, announces his resignation, leaving his party without a majority in the House of Commons.

On the 13th December 1996, the United Nations Security Council the next Secretary-General of the United Nations elects Kofi Annan, he knows if he wants to get anything done at the UN he will need to support of either the US or the UK (or even both) as the world’s two remaining superpowers, otherwise it won’t happen.

On the 20th December 1996, the leadership of Project Phoenix is locked into a battle over warship construction and the direction it will go.

Project Phoenix Warships

The leadership of Project Phoenix is in a heated discussion about warship construction, on whether to keep building more and more warships or replace the existing Black Prince class with the new Scorpion class. This debate has caused the construction of the new Scorpion class to be paused until a decision has been made, though construction of the Courageous class battlecruisers will continue with HMS Nelson and HMS Temeraire due to be completed 1998, with the next two battlecruisers (HMS Agincourt and HMS Minotaur) already authorised.

As all sides realise that just to keep, building more and more warships will be self-defeating in the long term, as developments in various technologies could render a whole class of warships obsolete once the last one (of that class) has been built. Even so, some members of Project Phoenix leadership do want to keep building more and more warships, while the other group want to maintain a smaller but high tech fleet.

The group that wants to maintain a smaller but high tech fleet does have some considerable support though not enough to get the Black Prince class with the new Scorpion class, yet.

Orbital dry-docks

Orbital dry-dock one – is currently available to construct new warships, though so far no new Scorpion class cruisers have be laid down
Orbital dry-dock two – used to construct one courageous class warships and the refit/repair of warships

Project Phoenix, Warship Order of Battle

HMS Defiance is currently being used as a supply ship to Atlantis.

HMS Courageous is not assigned to any squadron, operates independently, currently assigned to the lost city of the ancients.

HMS Glorious and HMS Furious both these warships will remain as guard ships in orbit around Camelot

HMS Mary Rose and HMS Henry Grace à Dieu both these warships for the time being will operate independently, will be used as guard ships in orbit around Camelot when HMS Glorious and HMS Furious are either in refit or their crews are resting.

First Cruiser Squadron

HMS Black Prince (Squadron & Fleet flagship)
HMS Resistance
HMS New Zealand
HMS Tiger
HMS Royal Oak
HMS Hood
HMS Canada
HMS Australia

Second Cruiser Squadron

HMS Mountbatten (Squadron flagship)
HMS Lion
HMS Magnificent
HMS Bonaventure
HMS Vampire
HMS Vendetta
HMS Illustrious
HMS Indomitable

Third Cruiser Squadron

HMS Implacable (Squadron flagship)
HMS Indefatigable
HMS Valiant
HMS Churchill
HMS Conqueror
HMS Victorious
HMS Drake
HMS Canterbury

Forth Cruiser Squadron

HMS Endeavour
HMS Otago
HMS Te Kaha
HMS Te Mana
HMS Wellington
HMS Achilles
HMS Ajax
HMS Leander

At the end of 1996 deep within the Pegasus Galaxy a race that had made a toxic planet their home is forced out into the Pegasus Galaxy for the time in 1,000 years to search for ways of defeating the Wraith, the Lost Race starts searching...

Meanwhile, back on Earth a second Stargate will become operational next year.

To be continued.
55. 1997 – Two Stargate’s

An answer, ready to go” – John Major

January 1997

In early January 1997, the one thing that Project Phoenix is unaware of is that by abandoning Abydos they will allow (within the next few years) Anubis to gain control of one of the Eyes of the Goa'uld (Eye of Ra). The other eyes being the Eye of Apophis (stolen by Ba'al and given to Anubis), Eye of Ba'al (given freely by Ba'al to Anubis), Eye of Balor, Eye of Osiris and the Eye of Tiamat. Anubis will take the Eye of Balor, Eye of Osiris and the Eye of Tiamat by force over the next few years and eliminating the Goa'uld holding these eyes.

Individually, the eyes are powerful, but together their power increased tenfold. Anubis will eventually gather all the Eyes together, using them to power a superweapon onboard Anubis’s new mothership.

However, when Osiris returns, Osiris will not be happy with Anubis taking the Eye of Osiris for himself, but there will be little or nothing that Osiris can do about this as Osiris will need to rebuild his powerbase and by the time Osiris has rebuilt his powerbase the Eyes of the Goa'uld will have been destroyed.

Also in early January 1997, a decision has been come to regarding the production of the Scorpion class heavy cruiser the Scorpion class will be produced, but as a replacement on a one for one basis for all existing Black Prince class cruisers. The Black Prince class cruisers will initially mothballed and once replaced will be scrapped, as by then the personnel situation may have been resolved.

On another front the current two battlecruisers planned HMS Nelson and HMS Temeraire both due to be completed in 1998 along with the following two HMS Agincourt and HMS Minotaur both due to be completed in 2002. Once these final two battlecruisers are competed, work will commence on the Dreadnought battleship class in 2002.

The main reason for all this is that the Asgard has shown that larger warships are more useful than small ones (Mountbatten class as an example), though smaller Asgard ships are used as research ship this has not been lost on Project Phoenix leadership, as they can engage multiple numbers of lesser warships at a time. This is very useful if a potential enemy has more (lesser) warships than you do. In addition, due to manpower levels Project Phoenix need to maximise its firepower the Dreadnought class battleship can do that.

Dreadnought class battleship (provisional)

Length: 2,132.5 ft (650.0 meters)
Width: 393.7 ft (120.0 meters)
Height: 265.7 ft (81.0 meters)
Crew: 492 (775 if 72 fighters are carried), maximum possible crew numbers 952
Can carry an additional 200 ‘passengers’ a mix of troops and research personnel (scientist/engineers) depending on mission needs
Has been fitted with quarters allowing up to 50 Asgard advisors
Evacuation level for short periods – 5,000 plus
Sublight engines
Manoeuvring thrusters
Hyperdrive system:
Project Phoenix Zeus class hyperdrive (Interstellar capable)
Asgard hyperdrive (Intergalactic capable) – can be fitted if needed
Power Core: x12 second generation Naquadah reactors
Can be fitted with three AEM’s
Fuel: Naquadah
Shielding: Asgard built shields
Six forward firing beam weapons (BWBB) three dorsal and three ventral mounted
Six aft firing beam weapons (BWHC) three dorsal and three ventral mounted
Four starboard firing beam weapons (BWBB) two dorsal and two ventral mounted
Four port firing beam weapons (BWBB) two dorsal and two ventral mounted
Twenty-four Quad energy cannons (EC-2) (x8 port, x8 starboard, x4 forward and x4 aft)
Four forward firing missile tubes and two aft firing missile tubes (up to four hundred missiles carried with various types and yields of warheads)
Carried Craft:
x24 Atmospheric/Space Superiority Fighters (Hurricane) – can carry up to 72 fighters
x18 Shuttles (Fox class) various types
Cargo Capacity: 35,000 tonnes
Other equipment: Four Ring Transporters, can be fitted with Asgard beaming technology

The Dreadnought class battleship can enter the atmosphere of a planet, though cannot land on a planet, this class of warship is much large than previous design allowing for a greater cargo capacity and a greater number of personnel to be carried in evacuation mode.

The number of fighters carried is only 24 for the time being, there are plans to increase the number of fighters carried on each battleship to 72 this should match the numbers of fighters carried on Goa'uld capital ships.

Beam Weapon, Battleship Variant (BWBB), of all the beam weapons being produced by Project Phoenix this is the most powerful, with an AEM boost (if fitted) gives the BWBB almost continues fire (with only a few seconds between recharge after a full power shot). If using the Naquadah reactors then the recharge time is three minute until a full charge is achieved for firing the BWBB again, though this does not affect Quad energy cannons.

Construction of these new Dreadnought class battleships will not begin until 2002 this will allow further improvements to be added to the design along with existing systems to be tweaked.

On the 10th January 1997, in orbit around Heliopolis construction begins on the new Orbital dry-dock three when complete this dry-dock will be able to construct new warships of the new Scorpion class cruisers.

On the 11th January 1997, construction of three new Scorpion class cruisers begins in Orbital dry-dock one, HMS Wivern, HMS Swiftsure and HMS Superb these three warships will be completed in early 1999.

On the 15th January 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales calls for an international ban on landmines this grabs international headlines around the world the UK government quietly supports Diana’s position behind the scenes, but does not inform Diana that they are supporting her.

On the 17th January 1997, a Delta II rocket carrying a military GPS payload explodes, shortly after liftoff from Cape Canaveral, questions are asked why is the Woomera Rocket Program, so successful and the NASA program filled with some many accidents, again NASA does not have the answer.

On the 20th January 1997, President Bill Clinton is inaugurated for his second term and will continue to support the highly secret Cheyenne Mountain Command, especially once they have managed to get to another world later this year.

February 1997

On the 1st February 1997, HMS Black Prince is mothballed and replaced by HMS Scorpion, as more Scorpion class cruisers are produced they will steadily replace the older Black Prince class. With the rest of the first cruiser squadrons’ cruisers (seven ships) being replaced over the next few years with Scorpion class cruisers.

The Black Prince Class replacement program is well underway.

On the 4th February 1997, Home Secretary Michael Howard informs Moors Murderer Myra Hindley that she will never be released from prison. Mr. Howard made this decision in agreement with a recommendation made by his predecessor David Waddington in 1990.

On the 13th February 1997, STS-82 is launched to tune-up and do repair work on the Hubble Space Telescope is started by astronauts from Space Shuttle Discovery, if this shuttle mission has failed to get off the ground. NASA had highly secret plans to ask the Woomera Rocket Program for help if anything went wrong with STS-82, luckily for NASA this is not necessary.

By the 15th February 1997, the ‘big ring’ will soon be ready to be tested for the first time, once of the first destinations chosen (from the stone tables) will be Chulak. Chulak is a planet that is approximately 2,000 light years away from Earth. It is the true home of Apophis First Prime Teal'c, the planet comes under the rule of Apophis this will be a tough first planet for Cheyenne Mountain Command to explore.

Colonel O'Neill is confident that himself and his twenty-three person team will be able to cope, as this first mission they will stay within one hours walking distance of the ‘big ring’.

On the 22nd February 1997, scientists at the Roslin Institute announce the birth of a cloned sheep named Dolly seven months after the fact. Cloning research will be given increased funding to allow this work to continue as there are many potential benefits that cloning can provide, funding will come from Universal Exports.

On the 27th February 1997, the government loses its Commons majority again after the Labour victory at the Wirral South by-election.

March 1997

By March 1997, all the major, System Lords have been hit by this unknown foe (Anubis), though only Lord Ba’al knows this, his forces have also been hit by Anubis’s forces to keep Lord Ba’al ‘safe’. The System Lords are now uniting around Apophis to fight this new enemy, they do know it is not the Asgard (they would not do this) they also know it is not these humans (Project Phoenix) that are protected by the Asgard. The reason they know this is the System Lords know that the weapons signatures of these Project Phoenix humans’ weapons are different to theirs from examination of the remains after an attack.

However, outwardly, Lord Yu is supporting Apophis, Lord Yu suspects that Apophis is behind these raids, due to Apophis’s ongoing build-up of his military forces and they oversized force used to retake Abydos. Lord Yu is quietly building up his own alliance within the System Lords, but Lord Yu has to be VERY careful whom he can trust, Lord Yu does not trust any of his fellow System Lords, though he needs allies.

On the 4th March 1997, President Bill Clinton bars federal funding for any research on human cloning this is the opposite way the UK is going. The UK will be the leader in cloning research within ten years thanks to UK government assistance via Universal Exports funding and favourable UK government legislation on cloning.

On the 17th March 1997, John Major announces that the general election will be held on 1sy May. Despite the opinion polls having shown a double-digit lead almost continuously since late 1992, Major is hoping for a unique fifth successive term of Conservative government by pinning his hopes on a strong economy and low unemployment. No, incoming government since before the First World War has inherited economic statistics as strong as the ones that Labour will should they win the election.

On the 18th March 1997, the Sun newspaper, a traditional supporter of the Conservative Party, declares its support for Tony Blair and Labour. It condemns the Conservatives as “tired, divided and rudderless” a stark contrast to its support for them in the run-up to the 1992 election where it waged a high-profile campaign against the then Labour leader Neil Kinnock and, after the Conservative victory, claimed responsibility for the result.

April 1997

During early April 1997, Merlin finishes helping the ancients ascend Merlin also feels a debit towards Project Phoenix for not only finding these ancients, but also keeping out of his way while he helped them ascend. Project Phoenix will soon call in one of Merlin’s ‘IOU’s’ when the US activates their own Stargate, with Merlin having an unusual solution to the US Stargate.

On the 9th April 1997, Cheyenne Mountain Command finally gets the ‘big ring’ working with a test dial to Chulak and then if they get a lock then they will send a mission to this world the next day. This will let Project Phoenix know that there is another Stargate on Earth and they will call in a favour from Merlin to fix the problem, Merlin’s ‘fix’ will be unique.

On the 10th April 1997, Cheyenne Mountain Command dials Chulak and gets a lock this Stargate activation is picked up by the orbiting UK government SkyNet Satellites and relayed on for action to be taken.

After sending through a MALP (Mobile Analytic Laboratory Probe) to check conditions, General West gives the go ahead for the mission tomorrow, to explore this new world. The news is passed on to President Clinton, who also gives his go ahead for this first off world mission, President Clinton also confirms that these missions are to remain classified.

Meanwhile, on Heliopolis Merlin is consulted and a course of action is decided, this action will allow both Stargate’s to remain operational, Merlin will make certain modifications to the Stargate at RAF Barra and on Heliopolis these modifications will be complete by the 12th April 1997.

On the 11th April 1997, Colonel O'Neill’s twenty-three person team goes through the ‘big ring’ Colonel O’Neill is the first to come through followed by Major Kawalsky and then the other twenty-two members.

Colonel O'Neill says, “Kawalsky send a message that we have all arrived safely, will attempt to dial Earth within the next hour.”

Kawalsky replies, “Yes sir” and goes about sending the message, once the message has been sent and has been confirmed the stargate shuts down.

Colonel O'Neill says, “Carter can you dial Earth using this” pointing towards the dialling device.

Captain Carter replies, “Yes sir, though it might take a few goes as there are eighteen combinations I need to try.”

Colonel O’Neill says, “Well get to it Captain” then turning to Kawalsky he says, “Kawalsky, you take half the men and Carter and hold here, I will take the other half and scout up that path, will be back in two hours.”

Kawalsky replies, “Understood sir” and then says “Jack be careful, we do not know if the locals are friendly or not.”

Colonel O’Neill and ten men move up the path, Kawalsky and his men dig in around the ‘big ring’ to await O’Neill’s return, while Captain Carter is still going through the various possible combinations to dial Earth.

RAF Barra

The second dial out has been noted, Merlin says that he can block any dialins to the RAF Barra Stargate until his work on the Stargate is completed (tomorrow) this actions is agreed to.


Forty minutes later, Colonel O'Neill and his ten man team have see some locals, but have kept clear of them they have also seen several Jaffa patrols (avoided them), guessing (correctly) that they are some sort of military or police.

At the end of the first hour having found very little, Colonel O'Neill and his ten man team head back to Kawalsky, firstly radioing ahead that they are coming, Kawalsky in reply informs O'Neill that Carter has successfully dialled Earth, so they can return home at any time.

Little do they know that the activation of the Stargate has been pickup at the Jaffa headquarters and the Jaffa in charge has informed Apophis, who has ordered a large formation of Jaffa to deal with these intruders, shoot and kill them first and then find out they are. The attack will be launched in the early hours of the 12th April 1997 against O'Neill and his team that are dug in around the Stargate.

The Jaffa thinks that it could be something to do with the raids that have been happening to various System Lords (they are wrong this is nothing to do with this).

Cheyenne Mountain Command

General West is pleased with O'Neill’s initial report, as it seems as their reconnaissance mission has so far gone undetected, though General West is wrong about the mission being undetected.

General West approves O'Neill’s to do a second sweep tomorrow this sweep will be to ascertain to size of the military or police force, along with if they are hostile or not, though this mission will not go ahead tomorrow, as events will overtake this plan.

On the 12th April 1997, at RAF Barra, Merlin finishes reprogramming Project Phoenixes Stargate so that this Stargate can only dial Heliopolis and that Heliopolis Stargate when dialling Earth will dial the RAF Barra one and not the one in Cheyenne Mountain. Though only one Stargate can be active as one time, if the other Stargate is attempted to dial, it will not work and will have to wait until the other Stargate has been shut down, only Project Phoenix will know this. Cheyenne Mountain will think that it is a fault with their Stargate and reset the Stargate computer control system each time it happens as this will seem to fix the problem.


In the early hours of the 12th April 1997, a large force of several hundred Jaffa approaches O'Neill and his teams position near the Stargate, O'Neill having put electronic ‘trips’ to alert if anyone is approaching is warned of their approach.

By the time, the Jaffa force is close O'Neill and his team are awake and ready.

The attempt by O'Neill to communicate fails, as the lead Jaffa open fire, O’Neill and his team return fire this return fire not as effective due to the Jaffa’s armour, though with the addition of grenades and statically placed Claymore mines the first wave is beaten back.

O’Neill that enemies weapons be collected and then the team will evacuate through the ‘big ring’, while this is happening the Jaffa are preparing for their second attack this attack will be much larger than the first.

O’Neill says, “Captain Carter, dial home, we are leaving, Kawalsky anything that we cannot take with us destroy it.”

Captain Carter replies, “Yes sir” and begins the dialling sequence for Earth, meanwhile Kawalsky is setting thermite charges on all they equipment that they cannot take back.

O’Neill hands the captured Staff Weapons for transport back to Earth to the first two personnel allocated to go through the Stargate.

Once the ‘big ring’ is activated O’Neill says, “First two go” as soon as he has said that, the second wave of Jaffa begin their attack.

O’Neill says, “Covering fire” everyone opens fire on the approaching Jaffa with M16’s and HK MP5’s cutting down several Jaffa very quickly.

A few moments later Kawalsky says, “The charges are set with a 30 second delay”

O’Neill says, “Active them and everyone get through that ‘big ring’, now.”

Kawalsky activates the timers on the thermite charges and then begins laying down covering fire as more of O’Neill’s team go through the ‘big ring’, it only take a few seconds for everyone, O’Neill and Kawalsky, who are the last two through the ‘big ring’.

Cheyenne Mountain Command

As O’Neill and Kawalsky come out of the other end at Cheyenne Mountain Command, General West says, “Close the iris”

A metal Iris closes on the Stargate, and both O'Neill and Kawalsky spin around in surprise, their guns ready.

Over intercom they intercom a technician says, “Wormhole disengaged”

O'Neill asks, “What the hell's that, sir?”

General West replies, “That's our insurance against any more surprises. It's pure titanium, hopefully impenetrable.”

O'Neill now with a smile on his face says, “Cool, sir we have one hell of a report to make, along with several advanced weapons captured during combat” pointing towards the Staff Weapons.

General West replies, “Well done Colonel, get cleaned up and then we will talk.”

Two hours later, Colonel O'Neill and his team begin their debriefings this will take several days, as the technicians will need to be shown how the Staff Weapons work, as O'Neill and Kawalsky where the only ones to take any notice how they were being fired.

It will not be until the end of April that an initial report will be ready for both Senator Robert Kinsey and NID Director Richard Woolsey, along with President Clinton.

On the 13th April 1997, the leadership of Project Phoenix will continue with ‘the plan’, as they feel that if Project Phoenix is revealed now to the US the prediction may happen and no one wants that. Until it is deemed, safe Project Phoenix will be kept from the US by ‘almost all necessary means’ (that means without wiping the US out as in the prediction).

On the 29th April 1997, the last MORI poll before the election tips Labour for a landslide victory as they gain 45% of the vote and an 18-point lead over the Conservatives.

On the 30th April 1997, Senator Robert Kinsey and NID Director Richard Woolsey, along with President Clinton, have read the report submitted by General West, all three have agreed that O'Neill’s team should not go back to that planet. Instead, concentrate on the other stone tablets to see if there are any less hostile planets out there, along with picking up any alien technology that they can acquire.

Senator Robert Kinsey along with President Clinton will make sure that Cheyenne Mountain Command gets all the funding that they will need for future missions, without anyone outside of their small group knowing what the funding is really for.

May 1997

On the 1st May 1997, the 1997 General Election the Labour Party under Tony Blair defeats the incumbent Conservatives under Prime Minister John Major to win the election in a landslide result, winning 385 seats. On this day, there are the representatives from the UK five overseas constituencies, adding their voices to Parliament.

On the 2nd May 1997, being the leader of the party holding a majority after the General Election, Tony Blair MP is appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom by The Queen. The Queen inform Tony Blair that they will have a lot to discuss after his special security briefing after their weekly talks, Tony Blair is puzzled by the Queen’s comment, but says nothing, thinking that this must be how things are done.

On the 6th May 1997, the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown announces that the Bank of England, central bank of the UK, is to assume independent responsibility for UK monetary policy.

On the 10th May 1997, Tony Blair is ushered away from his ‘special advisors’ to a ‘special briefing’ for him alone, even though he wishes his ‘special advisors’ to be in on this briefing there is a very firm but polite, no.

As Tony Blair entered the briefing he sees John Major waiting for him, he asks, “What are you doing here John?”

John replies, “To confirm what you are about to be told is real.”

Tony Blair has an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach, his briefing for the UK nuclear deterrent capability was bad enough, but he has a feeling this may be much worse.

Over the next hour, Tony Blair is informed of Project Phoenix (in brief as it will take much longer to get up to speed), as the first hour comes to an end Tony Blair suddenly interrupts and says, “I think I am going to be sick, I need a bathroom.”

He is quickly led to the nearest toilet were he throws up, for the next thirty minutes, no one says anything while the PM collects himself, they just wait for the Prime Minister to recover, Tony Blair is the first Prime Minister to ‘throw up’ on hearing about Project Phoenix.

Once Tony Blair recovered sufficiently the briefing continues, though this will be a watered down and shortened version.

At the end of the briefing John Major says, “Tony, you will needed to keep this from everyone except those you are told that you can discuss this with.”

Tony Blair asks, “Why”

John Major replies, “There is a committee of the four member countries, this committee decides who will be told and who will not be told, you must accept this, believe me there is no alternative. If you do not agree and go around telling people what you have been told then the committee will be forced to take measures against you.”

Tony Blair asks, “That is not very democratic.”

John Major replies, “Perhaps, but you have only had a very limited first briefing, you do not know the full picture as I do and the others in this room, so I ask you to keep this secret, as I have, in time you will understand why.”

After thinking for several minutes Tony Blair says, “Very well I will keep this to myself, as you say John I have had only one briefing, I will need to know much more, until then I will remain silent.”

John Major replies, “Thank you, Tony.”

Once Tony Blair knows the full picture, especially the Turing Prediction, he will keep the secret as other leaders have done before him, as he will realise the price of Project Phoenix getting out.

On the 22nd May 1997, Kelly Flinn, the USAF’s first female bomber pilot certified for combat, accepts a general discharge in order to avoid a court martial, in the UK the RAF/FAA has had female pilots for some years.

On the 31st May 1997, the 13-kilometer Confederation Bridge, the world's longest bridge spanning ice-covered waters, opens between Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick, Canada. This shows the world that Canada has the capability just like other countries to be a world leader in construction.

June 1997

On the 1st June 1997, Iraqi military escorts on board an UNSCOM helicopter try to physically prevent the UNSCOM pilot from flying the helicopter in the direction of its planned destination, threatening the safety of the aircraft and their crews. The UK dispatches a carrier and her escorts to the Gulf, along with RAF fighters and bombers to Turkey and Kuwait as a show of force.

On the 2nd June 1997, the Halifax Building Society floats on the London Stock Exchange. Over 7.5 million customers of the Society become shareholders of the new bank, the largest extension of shareholders in UK history.

On the 4th June 1997, Sweden and Norway hold referendums on pinning their countries’ currencies to that of the Sterling Zone countries along with keeping their own national currencies. Both the populations of Sweden and Norway vote in favour of this as both countries have very strong ties to the UK the financial befit is almost immediate with both countries stock markets jumping up by almost 10%.

On the 7th June 1997, a computer user known as "_eci" publishes his Microsoft C source code on a Windows 95 and Windows NT exploit, which later becomes WinNuke. The source code gets wide distribution across the internet, and Microsoft is forced to release a security patch that can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

On the 11th June 1997, in the United Kingdom, the House of Commons votes for a total ban on handguns.

On the 12th June 1997, the Law lords declare that former Home Secretary, Michael Howard, acted illegally in raising the minimum sentence of the Bulger killers Robert Thompson and Jon Venables to 15 years. They also strip the government of setting minimum terms for prisoners aged under 18 who had received life or indefinite prison sentences.

On the 30th June 1997, the first Harry Potter novel is published, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

By the end of June, Project Phoenix is confident that the US will not be able to get to either Heliopolis (or Camelot – the holographic knight guard) thanks to Merlin’s help with the Heliopolis and Earth Stargate’s it is back to ‘business as normal’ for Project Phoenix. If Heliopolis is dialled from another planet, the iris shield will stop anyone from gaining access and Camelot has its own defences against intruders.

July 1997

On the 1st July 1996, the UK transfers sovereignty of Hong Kong, the largest remaining British colony, to the People's Republic of China as the 99 years lease on the territory formally ends. The wording of the hand back of Hong Kong is unusual in that it states that Hong Kong will become ‘integrated’ back into China, even though Hong Kong will become part of China.

Soon to become Lord Patton, will become ‘special representative’ for the UK government in relation to China, though Lord Patton is pleased with the new job he will soon find out that it is much more than trading ties that the UK plans to build up with China.

Now that China has ‘become part of Hong Kong’, it can apply for entry into the Commonwealth, as its first ‘associate trading member’ this will open up trading links for all Commonwealth members to China and for China this will open up markets for China to export to.

This will take many years to achieve and will not be announced for several years yet, as there is still quite some ‘ground work’ to be done with many Commonwealth countries.

On the 2nd June 1997, Chancellor Gordon Brown launches the first Labour budget for nearly 20 years, which includes a further £3billion for education and healthcare, as well as a £3.5billion scheme to get single mothers, under 25's and long term unemployed people back into work. There are several areas that the Chancellor cannot get access to, mostly to do with military ‘black operations’ budget, even trying to get the Prime Minister to get him clearance does not help as the PM will not authorise the Chancellor to see this information.

This is the first signs of a rift between the PM and the Chancellor this rift will get worse of the next few years especially after the next general election.

On the 4th July 1997, NASA's Pathfinder space probe lands on the surface of Mars, though the Woomera Rocket Program has several probes already on Mars or in orbit around Mars.

On the 10th July 1997, in London, scientists report their DNA analysis findings from a Neanderthal skeleton, which support the out of Africa theory of human evolution, placing an “African Eve” at 100,000 to 200,000 years ago. This pushed even more the UK genetic work as this can be seen as a positive for UK work in this type of field.

On the 15th July 1997, at Cheyenne Mountain Command General West agrees to the second off world mission to another world, it is hoped that this second world will be less hostile than the first. As O'Neill’s team comes out of the ‘big ring’ they find themselves on a world at night they will find this would free of hostiles (the System Lord that had controlled this world several hundred years ago move the population to another world).

By the 18th July 1997, O’Neill’s team has confirmed that the planet is no longer inhabited, though there was a civilisation here a long time ago. They also find several abandoned Death Gliders that had been abandoned, additional engineers are brought from Earth to examine them and to see if they can be dismantled and brought back through the ‘big ring’. The mission to this world will last for the rest of 1997, with O'Neill’s team being the main scouting force.

On the 19th July 1997, the IRA declares another a ceasefire the UK government is more carful than before as IRA ceasefire do not seem to hold for very long.

By the 25th July 1997, O’Neill’s team examining the abandoned Death Gliders state that these craft are capable of leaving the atmosphere of a planet and operating in the form of a deep space fighter.

On the 26th July 1997, the team examining the abandoned Death Gliders manages to power one of them up and fire the two Staff Cannons (before the cannons short out), showing the destructive power of these craft.

At the same time, on Earth, Senator Robert Kinsey and NID Director Richard Woolsey, along with President Clinton are working very hard to increase funding to Cheyenne Mountain Command, only with more personnel (after background checks).

On the 31st July 1997, less than three months after the Labour landslide, Labour loses the Uxbridge by-election to the Conservatives.

August 1997

On the 2nd August 1997, at Cheyenne Mountain Command General West in discussion with both Senator Robert Kinsey and NID Director Richard Woolsey agree that the initial research of the abandoned ships (Death Gliders) should be carried out on the planet. A more permanent base is to be constructed on the planet, for this planet for code purposes it will be known as Site Alpha.

Initially until security that is more permanent can be arranged O’Neill’s team will be used as site security this will also allow O’Neill’s team to explore more of the area around the ‘big ring’.

At Cheyenne Mountain Command testing of the captured Staff Weapons have shown that they weapons can go through body armour with ease, testing has also shown that these weapons are not easy to aim. This has led to the (incorrect) conclusion that these weapons may be ceremonial rather than combat orientated and that these could be weapons used by local forces rather than ‘proper’ military forces.

On the 4th August 1997, Jeanne Calment, the oldest person ever, dies at age 122 years 164 days in Arles, France. Those members of Project Phoenix with a strong ATA Gene like Alan Turing will exceed this lifespan quite easily those without the ATA Gene will also have much longer life spans than they would have had on Earth.

On the 6th August 1997, Microsoft buys a $150 million share of financially troubled Apple Computer though Acorn Computers had also thought to purchase a share in Apple but then dropped this idea.

On the 10th August 1997, the first batches of materials are sent from Cheyenne Mountain Command to the Site Alpha planet to expand the research into the alien fighter ship (Death Gliders). General West plans to make the Site Alpha planet the main Research and Development area for researching this technology, once researched it will be sent back to Area 51 on Earth for ‘further development’.

It will be a while before O’Neill’s team can resume their exploration of the remaining addresses on the stone tablets.

On the 27th August 1997, an international survey shows that British rail fares are the most cost effective in the world thanks to ongoing UK government support for the British Rail Network.

On the 31st August 1997, reports emerge in the early hours of the morning that Diana, Princess of Wales, has been injured in a car crash in Paris, which has claimed the life of Dodi Fayed, the Harrods heir. Within four hours, it is confirmed that Diana is in hospital as a result of her injuries. The United Kingdom immediately agreeing for a specialist doctor (Seth) to fly out of attend Diana’s injuries.

Seth arrives at the French hospital with very large contingent of UK security personnel (project Phoenix Off World Team members disguised and with the proper paperwork), using the hand held healing device. Though Seth cannot heal all of Diana’s injuries, Seth has healed her enough to allow Diana to travel back to the UK for more specialisttreatment.

In the coming weeks and months Diana’s injuries will leave he wheelchair bound with limited mobility this will keep her at home most of the time, though Diana will also now receive round the clock protection by the Royal and Diplomatic Protection unit of the Metropolitan Police.

The only reason why Seth was sent was that the Queen intervened personally on Diana’s behalf with Project Phoenix leadership in the very early hours of the 31st August 1997.

The Queen realises (after asking for help) that her influence with Project Phoenix leadership is much greater than that of any Prime Minister this gives the Queen the ability to ask for almost anything from Project Phoenix leadership and get it. Though as with the Queen, the Queen will not use the powers of influence that she has with the Project Phoenix leadership, unless necessary.

The Prime Minister is not yet aware that is was the Queen who asked for Project Phoenixes assistance with Diana’s injuries.

September 1997

On the 1st September 1997, French investigators reveal that Diana's driver, Henri Paul, was over the drink-driving limit and had been travelling at speeds in excess of 100 mph before the crash that badly injured her and killed Dodi Al-Fayed. Lawyers for Mohamed Al-Fayed, father of Dodi Al-Fayed, lay the blame on the paparazzi that were pursuing the vehicle.

On the 2nd September 1997, the Prime Minister finds out what had transpired, with no recourse Tony Blair backs the Queen for asking for help from Project Phoenixes assistance with Diana’s injuries.

It is now that Tony Blair is realising how important Project Phoenix really is and why it must be kept secret.

On the 5th September 1997, the Queen makes a nationwide broadcast in tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales, following widespread criticism of the Royal Family's response to her injuries. What the people are not aware is that it was the Queen who saved Diana’s life this information could not be revealed thus the Queen must endure the criticism. The Prime Minister also publicly supports the Royal Family's response to Diana’s injuries this helps, though with time this will become a distant memory.

On the 7th September 1997, the F-22 Raptor makes its first test flight, though this fighter will be less capable than the latest version of the Arrow fighter coming out of the joint UK, Canadian and Australian development.

On the 11th September 1997, referendum in Scotland on the creation of a national Parliament with devolved powers takes place. On two separate questions, voters back the plans both for a national Parliament and for it to have limited tax-raising powers, though the margin of victory is very small (less than one percent on both issues).

This result damages the Scottish National Party as they had predicted a wide margin victory in favour of a national Parliament, in the aftermath of these results confirms that the smugness of the SNP caused the Scottish voters to change their minds at the last moment.

On the 17th September 1997, while waiting for access to a site, UNSCOM inspectors witness and videotape Iraqi guards moving files, burning documents, and dumping waste cans into a nearby river.

On the 18th September 1997, Welsh devolution referendum on the creation of a national Assembly takes place voters in Wales like in Scotland narrowly back the plans.

On the 29th September 1997, British scientists state that they have found a link between Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and eating of BSE-infected meat this is another area where British scientists are in the lead.

October 1997

On the 2nd October 1997, British scientists Moira Bruce and John Collinge, with their colleagues, independently show that the new variant form of the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is the same disease as Bovine spongiform encephalopathy.

On the 15th October 1997, Andy Green driving the ThrustSSC sets a new land speed record of 763.035 mph (1227.99 km/h), the first time the sound barrier is broken on land. The ThrustSSC main financial backer of the record-breaking attempt supporter is none other than Universal Exports...

On the 24th October 1997, WPC Nina Mackay, 25, is stabbed to death in Stratford, London, when entering a flat to arrest a Somali asylum seeker who was due to be deported.

November 1997

On the 1st November 1997, Christopher Reeve is offered to be the test subject of a groundbreaking drug Beta-Cantin this drug may help with his paralysis once this treatment is completed in the UK Christopher Reeve will still be wheelchair but will be able to use his arms and breathe without the need for a ventilator.

Following this successful trial of Beta-Cantin further human trials will be held within five years Beta-Cantin will be the new wonder drug and will make Universal Exports (for the UK government) a lot of money in licensing Beta-Cantin for production.

On the 4th November 1997, BBC News launches a full time online news service having already created special websites for the 1995 budget as well as this year's general election this shows how quickly the internet is expanding in the UK.

On the 6th November 1997, Labour hold, the Paisley South by-election against their main opponent the SNP this is another blow for the SNP.

On the 17th November 1997, Six Britons are among the 58 people killed by terrorists in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt these terrorists will like their IRA counterparts ‘disappear’ for off world justice. This shows the global reach that the technology that Project Phoenix has brought to the four member countries, even though this technology (until ‘developed’ on Earth) or Project Phoenix will not be made public.

On the 20th November 1997, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

At the end of November 1997, Lord Yu is now almost certain that Apophis is not behind these raids (the raids against Lord Yu’s have proven less successful thanks to his defence preparations). Lord Yu now has scouts out looking for who is responsible the other System Lords are following Lord Yu’s example, on a distant planet Anubis is thinking, that this is not the outcome he had hoped for, though for the foreseeable future the raids will continue.

After all Anubis has waited, a long time for his revenge he can wait a little longer.

December 1997

On the 3rd December 1997, in Ottawa, Canada, representatives from 121 countries sign a treaty prohibiting the manufacture and deployment of anti-personnel land mines. However, the United States, the People's Republic of China (even after some private gentle prodding from the UK), and Russia do not sign the treaty.

On the 11th December 1997, the Royal Yacht Britannia is decommissioned after 44 years in service a new Royal Yacht called Britannia II is already under construction this new Royal Yacht should be complete by the end of 1998 and declared ready for use in early 1999.

On the 19th December 1997, moors murderer Myra Hindley loses a High Court appeal against the whole life tariff, which was imposed on her, by Home Secretary David Waddington, in 1990, later confirmed by Waddington's successor Michael Howard.

On the 22nd December 1997, the government announces an independent inquiry into the BSE crisis.

On the 29th December 1997, Hong Kong begins to kill all the chickens within its territory (1.25 million) to stop the spread of a potentially deadly influenza strain, covert laboratory assistance is being provided by the UK.

By the end of 1997, Cheyenne Mountain Command Site Alpha planet is now developing in to a Research and Development facility total number of personnel is now at 550 and growing.

Also by the end of 1997 the population of Heliopolis now stands at 1,001,350 and growing steady if a bit slowly.

To be continued.
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56. 1998

I can only go one way. I've not got a reverse gear.” – Tony Blair

January 1998

On the 6th January 1998, the Lunar Prospector spacecraft is launched into orbit around the Moon, and later finds evidence for frozen water, in soil in permanently shadowed craters near the Moon's poles. This information is of little interest to the Woomera Rocket Program as their focus is on Mars with several probes either on Mars or about to be launched.

On the 8th January 1998, in orbit around Heliopolis Orbital dry-dock three has completed construction of another batch of four Scorpion class cruisers will begin within a few days.

On the 9th January 1998, the next two battlecruisers HMS Nelson and HMS Temeraire launched from orbital dry-dock facility with trials to be completed by the end of the year after their trials are completed HMS Nelson and HMS Temeraire will be added to the guard/transport ship rotation of the planet Camelot.

On the 10th January 1998, in Orbital dry-dock three construction begins of four new Scorpion class cruisers these are, HMS Leander, HMS Neptune, HMS Orion and HMS Polyphemus. These four Scorpion class cruisers will be completed in early January 2000 this will allow the first cruiser squadron to be entirely equipped with Scorpion class cruisers by early 2000.

With the remaining three cruiser squadrons, being reequipped with the Scorpion class cruisers by 2006 and all Black Prince class cruisers mothballed by 2006 as well.

On the 11th January 1998, in orbit around Heliopolis Orbital dry-dock two construction begins of the last two Courageous class battlecruisers, HMS Agincourt and HMS Minotaur, both of these ships will be completed by early 2002.

The new Dreadnought class battleship when construction begins in 2002 will initially supplement and then possibly replace the Courageous class battlecruisers then possibly the heavy cruisers leaving Project Phoenix with one class of main warship, with the Defiance class used in the research/transport roles.

On the 12th January 1998, the UK government gives approval theoretical research to begin into possible human cloning, though the UK government draws the line at actual human cloning experiments until the theoretical research has been completed. The amount of both public and private money put into cloning in the UK (and other countries) will be at a freighting level, as cloning is seen as the future especially organ replacement and other associated ‘organic technologies’ for medical applications.

On the 30th January 1998, the cloaking device is removed from HMS Defiance after unsuccessful trials with trying to use a cloaking device designed to be used in a shuttle into a much larger ship, even though the initial tests showed promise, further work is needed on cloaking technology. However, Project Phoenix can fit this technology to shuttles and repair the gateships cloaking devices this is seen as a successful part of the cloaking research.

On another positive point the two Heliopolis based gateships have now, been repaired and are now, operational the weapons system (drone launcher) can now take either drones or x6 modified Red Nova air-to-air missiles. Large numbers of these modified Red Nova air-to-air missiles have been shipped to Atlantis for use in the gateships their due to a lack of drones, even though the drones are many times more effective than the Red Nova missile the lack of drones has caused the use of the modified Red Nova missile.

By the 31st January 1998, with the help of Merlin, Asgard and the Nox Project Phoenix can see what planet the US off world teams is visiting so that they can avoid this planet and not bump into O’Neill’s team or any other US off world team.

Project Phoenix is also aware that the US has made ‘contact’ with the Goa'uld and now appears to be in a low scale conflict with the Goa'uld. The Goa'uld in return thinks that this new enemy is minor as the US attacks have caused very little damage or casualties the Goa'uld view Project Phoenix as a greater threat, though the Goa'uld cannot do anything about Project Phoenix due to the protection afforded by the Asgard.

The Goa'uld for their part are more focused on this bigger threat (Anubis) that is attacking their major bases, though most of the major System Lords appear to be working together (with Lord Yu in charge) to deal with this new major threat. Most System Lords do not trust each other and are very distrustful of working together, for his part Anubis is happy the way things are progressing as this union of the System Lords will not last long, as Anubis knows that the smallest incident can break up the System Lords and start another civil war.

February 1998

On the 1st February 1998, Cheyenne Mountain Command, Site Alpha, a second Iris has been shipped to Site Alpha to be assembled and fitted to the ‘big ring’ to protect its ‘big ring’ in the same as the one in Cheyenne Mountain.

On the 2nd February 1998, with Site Alpha’s Iris operational, O’Neill’s team is given the go ahead by General West to resume their exploration of the remaining addresses now that both Earth and Site Alpha are now ‘secure’.

On the 12th February 1998, Mohamed Al Fayed, the father of Dodi Fayed, says that he is “99.9% certain” that his son's death in the car crash that also left Diana, Princess of Wales badly injured on the 31st August 1997 was a conspiracy to kill his son, rather than an accident. He also claims that his son had purchased an engagement ring just before the crash and had been preparing to propose marriage to Diana. A lawyer in Mr Al Fayed's native Egypt is planning to sue The Queen and Prime Minister Tony Blair because they had conspired to kill Diana because her love for a Muslim would embarrass the state.

The UK press does not take these claims seriously, especially after SI-5 announces that their investigation concludes that this was an accident, nothing more, Commander Bodie signs off on the file, thus ending the SI-5 investigation.

With Diana, house bound (probably for the rest of her life) Diana will not make any more public appearances the government will pick up the bill for caring for Diana along with Diana’s security needs.

This last part will set off the conspiracy theorists, claiming that Diana has been silenced by the British government the tabloid press vilify these conspiracy theorists as complete nutters, with the Sun newspaper leading with the headline NUTS.

On the 20th February 1998, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein negotiates a deal with U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan, allowing weapons inspectors to return to Baghdad, preventing military action by the United States and Britain. Up to this point both the United States and Britain had been building up their air power in preparation for airstrikes, on targets in Iraqi this air action is cancelled, though the plans will be kept in place and updated.

On the 28th February 1998, HMS Defiance’s AEM finally runs out of power, without Project Phoenix asking the Asgard replaces the use AEM with a new AEM, Dr Phillips is informed that the Asgard can see the use of having such a ship for supply runs etc to Atlantis. So the Asgard are happy to help their friends by giving them a replacement AEM for HMS Defiance to continue to use or even being put in another ship.

Dr Phillips, thanks Hermiod and asks Hermiod to pass on the gratitude of Project Phoenix to the Asgard High Council, Hermiod will do this. The Asgard High Council had thought that giving a single AEM for one ship that is used as a transport/research vessel can do no harm, if additional AEM’s are asked for these requests of additional AEM’s by Project Phoenix will be handled by the Asgard High Council on a case-by-case basis. However, the Asgard High Council does not inform Project Phoenix of this decision, as the Asgard High Council feel that this may be counterproductive.

Dr Phillips and the other leaders of Project Phoenix see this as their cordial relations with the Asgard starting to pay off the policy of and not demanding technology in too bigger stages.

Dr Phillips in discussion with Admiral Goodworthy suggest that another HMS Defiance be built (or may be two) and at that time ask the Asgard for another AEM to allow the increase in ‘freighting capacity’ to Atlantis.

Admiral Goodworthy agrees with Dr Phillips suggestion and will order the construction of another HMS Defiance, possibly two as soon as possible. It should be possible (due to the small size of Defiance) to build two ships within one year.

What neither Admiral Goodworthy nor Dr Phillips is aware of is that they are likely to get the two additional AEM’s for these two ships when they put in a request to the Asgard for them.

On the 31st March 1998, Admiral Goodworthy confirms to Dr Phillips that two additional Defiance class ships can be built, Dr Phillips give the go ahead for construction.

March 1998

On the 1st March 1998, construction of two new Defiance class ships begins in Dry-Dock two these two ships will be called HMS Echo and HMS Enterprise, all three ships will be a mix of armed freighter and research ships.

Defiance Class

Length: 738.2 ft (225.0 meters)
Width: 262.5 ft (80.0 meters)
Height: 198.5 ft (60.5 meters)
Crew: 175
Passengers: up to 60 passengers depending on mission
Evacuation mode up to 1,000 can be carried
Sublight engines
Manoeuvring thrusters
Hyperdrive system:
Project Phoenix Zeus class hyperdrive (Interstellar capable)
Can be fitted with an Asgard hyperdrive as well
Power Core:
x4 second generation Naquadah reactors
Can be fitted with an AEM
Fuel: Naquadah
Shielding: Project Phoenix Olympus class shields
Two forward firing beam weapons (BWHC)
Two aft firing beam weapons (BWHC)
Twelve Quad energy cannons (EC-2) (x4 port, x4 starboard, x2 forward and x2 aft)
Four forward firing missile tubes (up to fifty missiles carried)
Carried Craft:
4 Fox class Shuttles standard - more can be carried for a total of up to ten also Hurricane fighters can be carried if needed, though varying fighters is mostly in the ships transport role
Cargo Capacity: 3,000 tonnes
Other equipment:
Two Ring Transporters

The look of the two new Defiance class ships is almost identical to HMS Defiance these two new ships will be used in the same roles that HMS Defiance is used for, supplying Atlantis (assuming they can get the extra AEM’s from the Asgard) and as research ships for new technologies.

On the 6th March 1998, Cheyenne Mountain Command, Site Alpha, O’Neill’s team begins its next mission to the next gate address of the remaining thirteen stone tablets four will be uninhabited for many centuries. The remainder will have Goa'uld bases of varying strength some planet’s will have no Goa'uld or Jaffa on them, during these missions O’Neill’s team will learn that the Goa'uld span the entire galaxy, controlling thousands of worlds they will also learn that the ‘big ring’ is called a Stargate or Chappa’ai in Goa'uld.

O’Neill’s team will also manage to recover additional Staff Weapons for research and other technologies as well for study back on Earth or Site Alpha depending on the technology. All Staff Weapons have been sent back to Earth to Area 51 for study, though unlike Project Phoenix no attempt is being made to reconfigure these weapons for use by the Cheyenne Mountain Command. However, in the long term this may happen in the short to medium term studying the technology is considered more important.

On the 10th March 1998, Alan Turing requests that 10 Remote Controlled Reconnaissance Vehicle (RCRV) be sent from Heliopolis through the Stargate, as he is thinking of starting missions to the various planet’s in the Pegasus Galaxy.

On the 11th March 1998, Alan Turing request for 10 RCRV to be sent to Heliopolis is granted by Dr Phillips, along with his suggestion to start, off world missions in the Pegasus Galaxy being approved. If these missions are successful then Atlantis will receive additional RCRV to expand their exploration of the worlds in the Pegasus Galaxy, along to replace any lost by one cause or another.

No one bothers to inform the Asgard, Nox or Merlin of Dr Phillips (and Turing’s) decision to start to explore the worlds in the Pegasus Galaxy, as Dr Phillips feels that they do not need the approval of these races (Dr Phillips is right, they do not), however asking their advice would probably have been a good idea.

By the 31st March 1998, Cheyenne Mountain Command, Site Alpha the various parts of the Death Gliders that have been brought back have been studied and the scientist and engineers have concluded that they can build an atmosphere and space capable fighter. With most of the parts being manufacture on Earth by US contractors and then shipped through the Stargate to Site Alpha for assembly, as none of the contractors will know the full picture it should be easy to keep this project secret. The parts will not be directly shipped to Cheyenne Mountain instead they will go to Area 51 and then shipped from Area 51 by USAF personnel to Cheyenne Mountain.

It will take a while before the first prototype fighter is ready for testing on Site Alpha the one member that is most excited about this new fighter is Colonel Jack O'Neill the X-301 prototype design will evolve into the X-302 (pre-production variant). The X-302 will become the production version called the F-302 fighter-interceptor initial plans to fit this fighter with a hyperdrive are abandoned, as the cramped fighter would not be ideal for long ranged missions in hyperspace.

Plans are also underway to base a squadron of the F-302’s on earth (at Area 51) for the defence of Earth, with production eventually (many years from now) being based in Area 51 for Earth based fighters. The armament of these F-302 will be a mix of missiles and rail guns, no one has yet suggested in fitting reverse engineered energy weapons.

The Cheyenne Mountain Commands F-302 (when built) compared to Project Phoenixes Hurricane fighter is inferior as the F-302 is now several generations behind the Hurricane fighter.

April 1998

By early April 1998, Loki and his followers are proceeding with their experiments on the population of Cimmeria with some success. The planet’s population thought that these experiments are a ‘test’ sent by Thor to see if they are still ‘worthy’ of Thor’s protection, so far all those that have taken the ‘test’ have survived.

Only one, a former Goa'uld host called Kendra is suspicious of these ‘tests’, but Kendra is too afraid to do anything about these ‘test’, Kendra could with her knowledge (as she has still retains some of the technological knowledge of her former Goa'uld host) of the labyrinth use its secrets to contact Thor and ask for help.

When Kendra has found her courage to call for help, Thor and the other Asgard will come very quickly to stop this, until then the ‘tests’ will continue.

On the 10th April 1998, the Good Friday Agreement, an agreement between the UK and Irish governments, and the main political parties in Northern Ireland is signed. Though the UK security services will keep a firm eye on the IRA just in case the IRA goes back on this deal, after all it is not the first time that this has happened, though publically the UK government fully supports the Good Friday Agreement.

Disappearances of certain IRA personnel (via the use of ‘special measures’) will stop, due to the Good Friday Agreement this order can be reversed at any time, if the IRA break the Good Friday Agreement.

On the 11th April 1998, O’Neill’s team discover a crash landed Goa'uld shuttle on the first world they have explored since there encounter with the hostile aliens (Jaffa), though most of the front of the Goa'uld shuttle the rear engine compartments are relatively intact, O’Neill’s team recover hyperdrive and sub light engine components for study.

On the 12th April 1998, Cheyenne Mountain Command now adds hyperdrive research to its growing list of research programs the USAF and NID ‘black operations’ budgets and growing rapidly to accommodate these new research fields.

By the end of April 1998, Project Phoenix has been observing the US governments Stargate Program (at arm’s length), along with the establishment of an off world base of operations. The Site Alpha is the easiest to observe as all Project Phoenix needs to do is keep a single ship in high orbit an maintain a continuous scan of the planet this will give Project Phoenix a good idea of how far US governments Stargate research programs are coming along.

Though once the US has developed their own space capable fighters this kind of observation will no longer be possible, though Project Phoenix is thinking of a specially modified Fox class shuttle fitted with a cloaking device and a hyperdrive this would allow their observations to continue. In addition, it would be possible to use these modified Fox class shuttles to ship supplies and personnel from Earth to Heliopolis without needing to use the Stargate at RAF Barra.

Work on these modified Fox class shuttles has already begun, with the first prototype being ready within a few months, as they will take a stored Fox class shuttle and convert it, as Project Phoenix has several dozen Fox class shuttles stored just in case a project like this one should come up.

As the problems with the cloaking technology were to do with fitting it to a large ship this will not cause the modified Fox class shuttles the same problem as they are about the same size as a Gateship.

May 1998

On the 1st May 1998, on Atlantis Alan Turing has decided to begin exploration of various worlds in the Pegasus Galaxy, this exploration will be done with caution. This exploration will have two elements that first will be through the Stargate the second will be HMS Courageous will be sent into close proximity to the planet were the off world team is going to act as back up should anything go wrong.

However, before any Off World Squadron is sent a Remote Controlled Reconnaissance Vehicle (RCRV), these RCRV are the latest generation of RCRV’s the Project Phoenix has continued to develop since the first RCRV was built in 1947. These current RCRV have a full range of sensors for scanning the environment, several have been adapted for space, as many of the Stargate in the Pegasus Galaxy are in orbit around the destination planet.

On the 2nd May 1998, Alan Turing decides not to send any off world teams to planet’s with a Stargate in orbit (even though they could use a Gateship for these missions), until additional ships (equipped with hyperdrive) are available to support such operations.

In addition, Atlantis receives a detachment of ten LAV(S), these vehicles will be stored in the Gateship bay above the Stargate room and will be used to support off world missions. At the LAV(S) drive systems this allows them (for short periods) to be ‘raised’ and ‘lowered’ from the Gateship bay above the Stargate dialling room without the need for an specialist equipment.

On the 11th May 1998, India conducts 3 underground nuclear tests in Pokhran, including 1 thermonuclear device. This nuclear activity will be monitored by ‘special measures’ but no action will be taken unless a Project Phoenix country is threatened or attacked, but as India is in the commonwealth this is though highly unlikely to happen.

On the 15th May 1998, 24th G8 summit held in Birmingham with UK representing the commonwealth at the G8 summit, with growing support from China on certain trade ‘items’ on the agenda that will benefit both the UK (New Zealand, Canada, Australia) and China.

On the 25th May 1998, O’Neill’s team come into contact will a large force of Jaffa this force of Jaffa is led by a minor Goa'uld System Lord working for Apophis, during this engagement O’Neill loses two of his team to enemy fire.

On the 28th May 1998, in response to a series of Indian nuclear tests, Pakistan explodes 5 nuclear devices of its own in the Chaghai hills of Baluchistan, codenamed Chagai-I, prompting the United States, UK, Japan and other nations to impose economic sanctions.

The Commonwealth will become the prime mediator between Indian and Pakistan along with the UN lending its support.

June 1998

On the 1st June 1998, Atlantis the first world is chosen to be investigated after the RCRV confirmed that there are no hostiles within the Stargate area. Colonel Smith will lead this first reconnaissance force and his four-man team, along with a supporting force for gate defence of thirty troops along with 3 LAV(S) for fire-support if needed.

Even though they have not informed the Asgard, Nox or Merlin of what they are doing Project Phoenix has learned of the Wraith as it not about to send an underequipped force on a mission.

The Nox and Asgard on Atlantis are also now aware that Project Phoenix is commencing off world missions, neither the Nox nor the Asgard on Atlantis make any comment, though they will report what they have observed.

In addition, HMS Courageous will be ready to jump into hyperspace from Atlantis to the planet to provide additional support and emergency evacuation if Colonel Smith troops are cut off from the Stargate.

On the 8th June 1998, Cheyenne Mountain Command, after O’Neill’s teams losses in combat against the Jaffa, it is agreed by all parties that the off world missions should continue. This level of loss can be dealt with by the US military as a training accident or a loss of an aircraft due to bird strike etc, allowing the casualties of CMC to be covered up.

On the 10th June 1998, after nine days, this first reconnaissance off a new world in the Pegasus Galaxy is a bit of an anti climax, as the reconnaissance team find no evidence of occupation for at least 1,000 years.

Between the 11th and the 12th June 1998, Colonel Smith withdraws his forces from the first explored planet back to Atlantis to select another planet to explore.

On the 14th June 1998, on Atlantis a study of the Atlantis database is underway to see which worlds would be a better prospect for exploration rather than just picking worlds at random. Those worlds that have indicated strong Wraith presence will not be explored the worlds that nave no Wraith presence will be explored, though there is a flaw in this strategy Atlantis’s database is now 10,000 years out of date.

On the 25th June 1998, O’Neill’s team explores another world this world has had no occupation by the Goa'uld for just over 100 years the Goa'uld used to mine Naquadah and other minerals. Though the remaining Naquadah is too small for the Goa'uld to be interested in mining, however the amount of Naquadah left to mine will be of use to Cheyenne Mountain Command, as they will be able to replicate the Goa'uld power source (given time).

By the 30th June 1998, O’Neill’s team has managed to negotiate with the locals to mine the remaining Naquadah in exchange for medical assistance and other non-military assistance. The locals are under the (mistaken) impression that O’Neill’s team represents a Goa'uld System Lord, though none of the locals has stated this to O’Neill’s team.

The locals are a wealth of information about the Goa'uld System Lords and their technology, as they have passed down the knowledge from generation to generation, though this knowledge does not contain all of the knowledge of the Goa'uld, only that knowledge needed to mine and process the Naquadah.

Cheyenne Mountain Command is pleased with O’Neill’s team discovery of a world containing Naquadah and that they now have a name for this material as well. Plans are now underway to set up a Naquadah research facility near Site Alpha, though this facility will be several miles away from Site Alpha camp for safety reasons.

July 1998

On the 1st July 1998, Cheyenne Mountain Command, names the Naquadah mining would Site Beta and begins to deploy engineers to this world along with a military escort for their protection.

On the 5th July 1998, Japan launches a probe to Mars, joining the UK (including Canada, New Zealand and Australia), United States and Russia as an outer space-exploring nation.

On the 10th July 1998, Site Beta begins to deliver small amounts of unrefined Naquadah back to Site Alpha to research it will be many years before Site Beta’s refined Naquadah can be sent to Site Alpha, as the equipment has not been used in 100 years. This equipment not only needs to be brought back to life, but also examined so that this technology can be copied and reproduced on Site Alpha.

On the 15th July 1998, a world is picked that used to have a civilisation on it, though Alan Turing thinks that after 10,000 years they may just by a little late, though Colonel Smith thinks that there may by technology that they can ‘acquire’ for their use. In Alan Turing’s mind, it is worth having a look, after all if you do not look you will never know.

The next off world operation from Atlantis is planned for August, along with Colonel Smith, Dr Daniel Jackson, Dr Rodney McKay and Dr. Carson Beckett and Seth will be going along to provide technological support, though Seth has no knowledge of this galaxy, but Seth is curious.

The world that is chosen is the Genii homeworld, as the reports in Atlantis database state that the Genii are farmers however over the past 1,000 years the Genii have used this as a ruse to fool outsiders and the Wraith.

On the 31st July 1998, Crime and Disorder Act receives Royal Assent. It introduces Anti-Social Behaviour Orders, Sex Offender Orders, Parenting Orders, and 'racially aggravated' offences. It makes it possible for a young person between ten and fourteen to be presumed capable of committing an offence and formally abolishes capital punishment for treason and piracy, the last civilian offences for which the death penalty remained theoretically available.

Though there is no mention of the off world prison or other special measures used by Project Phoenix, as this Crime and Disorder Act only covers Earth and not off world activity.

Also on the 31st July 1998, the UK government announces a total ban on the use of landmines by the British military (on Earth) off world this ban will not be enforced.

August 1998

On the 1st August 1998, the first modified Fox class shuttle begins its testing program.

Fox Class shuttles (cloaked variant)

Length: 17 meters
Width: 10 meters
Height/depth: 7 meters
Engine unit(s): Sublight engines
Hyperdrive system: Zeus class hyperdrive (Interstellar capable)
Power plant: one, second-generation Naquadah reactor
Six back-up power cells (for emergency life support)
Defensive Systems: Shields
Armament: Poseidon class shields
Pilot and Co-pilot
Three sensor and mission specialists
Passengers: None
Cargo capacity: Supplies for the crew only for up to six months (though the freighter version can carry eight tonnes or cargo or twenty passengers)
Additional Equipment:
Cloaking devices
Enhanced sensors
Long Ranged communications system

This modified Fox class shuttles in its reconnaissance role is useful for observing those worlds (such as Site Alpha) that have little or no space flight capability, though these reconnaissance Fox class shuttles will not used against Goa'uld controlled worlds.

The freighter versions of this modified Fox class shuttle will be built in small numbers and be used to ship personnel and small amount of cargo from Earth to Heliopolis this will reduce the need to use the RAF Barra Stargate.

The two versions of the Fox class shuttle will be modified ‘as needed’ by modifying existing ‘stock’ versions as this modification process only takes a few months.

On the 5th August 1998, Colonel Smith, Dr Daniel Jackson, Dr Rodney McKay and Dr Carson Beckett and Seth along with three LAV(S) and thirty troops arrive on the Genii homeworld.

The Genii to other humans and more importantly the Wraith, they appear to be simple farmers, but this is a ruse to disguise their true nature of a technologically advanced military society.

The Genii are at a technological level resembling that of mid to late 1940s on Earth. As this level of technology is sufficient for the Wraith to consider them a potential threat, the Genii have used extreme measures to defend their society. Most of their civilization is hidden in massive Underground Bunkers, originally built as shelters from long-since forgotten conflicts. Within these bunkers, the Genii train their military and develop new technology in secret. On the surface, a small contingent of farmers presents the facade of a simple people to outsiders, though their farming operations are equally important to providing for the Genii below. To outsiders, the Genii are known for their tava beans, and frequently trade them with other worlds. Among their allies and trade partners are the Athosians, and to a more limited degree, the Manarians.

The Genii ‘farmers’ go to great lengths to protect this image of themselves as simple farmers. Their trading partners, with rare exceptions, are never made aware of the true nature of the Genii, and any who discover it, should they not prove useful, are summarily executed to preserve the secret. The Genii view outsiders with suspicion, seeing them not as potential allies but merely as a resource to be exploited for their own gain.

The Genii are also very close to producing their first atomic device the Genii hope that these weapons will help the Genii fight the Wraith for the first time.

Colonel Smith’s four man recon team is met by Genii farmers the farmers seem friendly enough to Colonel Smith, though the Genii have had a lot of practice with off worlders. The Genii farmers are a sort of intelligence gathers for the Genii military (based underground) to find out what these off worlders want and to see of they pose a threat to the Genii.

On the 10th August 1998, Colonel Smith’s four man recon team have finished their discussions with the Genii farmers the Genii farmers have noticed that Colonel Smith people carries a mix of projectile and energy weapons. Colonel Smith’s and his four man recon team return to the Stargate to report that they have found a relatively friendly planet, though the population appears to be suspicious of strangers and asks a lot of question, though Colonel Smith thinks that this is understandable given the threat posed by the Wraith.

Colonel Smith will return to Atlantis leaving his personnel behind in their defensive position near the Stargate with orders not to engage the Genii unless fired upon first.

On the 11th August 1998, the Genii farmers make their report to the Genii military about these off worlders and the weapons technology that they posses, along with these off worlderds wishing to set up links with the Genii. The Genii farmers also report that these off worlderds have bought vehicles though the Stargate and are dug in near the Stargate in strong defensive positions.

The Genii military decide to send a small scout force to observe these off worlders and see their strength.

On the 12th August 1998, the Genii military observers are now in position to observe the off worlders the leader of the Genii military observers is Commander Acastus Kolya along with five trusted Genii military personnel. They will watch Project Phoenix military personnel with great interest, though they will not engage in any hostile action against these off worlders.

What the Genii military observers do not know is that the sensors onboard the LAV(S) have picked them up, though in compliance with their orders Colonel Smith’s team will maintain their position and not let the Genii military observers known that they are aware of them.

After all, it appears as though the Genii are just curious about Colonel Smith’s team and that is no reason to shoot at the Genii observing them.

On the 15th August 1998, Omagh bombing, a terrorist bombing carried out in Northern Ireland by the Real IRA the UK security Services will step up operations against the Real IRA. With ‘special measures’ not being reactivated, but only against Real IRA and not against the whole of the IRA, though for the most part the Real IRA will be dealt with by normal measures.

On the 14th August 1998, Colonel Smith returns to the Genii homeworld to open tentative talks with the Genii, though the Genii farmers claim that they can only offer food and not much else, so it appears that both sides are of little use to each other, but both sides will continue will continue to meet a irregular intervals.

On the 16th August 1998, Colonel Smith’s forces withdrawn back to Atlantis leaving the Genii to consider whether or not to try and form an alliance with these off worlders with their superior technology, however events will overtake this decision when a Traveller ship comes to the Genii homeworld looking for trade.

On the 24th August 1998, the first RFID human implantation is tested in the United Kingdom, though full-scale use is seen as a ‘pipe dream’ as it resembles George Orwell’s ‘1984’ too much.

On the 31st August 1998, a further meeting between the Genii farmers and Project Phoenix negotiators (along with a strong escort force) takes place near the Stargate the Genii farmers ask if they could purchase weapons from in exchange for food and other supplies. When asked what they want the weapons for the Genii farmers reply to fight the Wraith when they next come Project Phoenix negotiators state that they will put this proposal to their leaders and when they have a reply, they will contact the Genii.

However, events will overtake the proposed deal between Project Phoenix and the Genii during September 1998.

September 1998

On the 1st September 1998, a traveller ship drops out of hyperspace in orbit around the Genii homeworld they are looking for trading partners to allow them to build more ships. The travellers have technology to trade for supplies this technology will be of use to the Genii.

On the 5th September 1998, in a meeting between the traveller and the Genii leadership the Genii make an offer to the Genii, this offer being to construct addition ships for the travellers but also allowing the Genii to learn of this technology and construct their own ships. In addition, the Genii will give the travellers all the food supplies they will ever need the Genii show the travellers their underground facilities these underground facilities can easily be used to construct traveller ship parts and even with a bigger (concealed) exit whole ships.

Both sides know that this is a good deal for each other the travellers agree to put this to the Traveller Governing Council and will return soon with the councils answer.

On the 7th September 1998, Project Phoenix leadership approves the exchange of weapons for supplies with the Genii however the weapons supplied with not be energy based weapons, rather they will be projectile weapons. As the leadership of Project Phoenix fears that if, their energy-based weapons fall into Wraith hands that they Wraith could develop a counter to these weapons.

Much better, to offer the Genii projectile weapons and see what the response is from the Genii, though the Project Phoenix negotiators will again take a strong escort force with them in case the Genii react badly to their offer.

On the 10th September 1998, the Project Phoenix negotiators make their offer to the Genii farmers. The Genii farmers are not happy with this offer, but they will take the weapons, as Project Phoenix projectile weapons are ahead of their own projectile weapons. On the matter of delivering the supplies these will be delivered to a third world and the exchange will take place their both sides have come to this decision at the same time.

As a sign of good faith, the Project Phoenix negotiators state that a deposit of weapons will be sent through the Stargate in two days time with ammunition, after that there will be regular exchanges on what will become known as the exchange planet.

What Project Phoenix does not know is that the Genii have now made a deal with another race for a better deal Project Phoenix is also still unaware of the Genii underground facilities.

On the 12th September 1998, the first batch of arms and ammunition is shipped through the Stargate from Atlantis to the Genii homeworld, no one will be going with these supplies. This first batch of arms and ammunition consists of fifty Sterling submachine guns (500,000 rounds of 9mm ammunition) and fifty EM-2 Rifles No.9 Mk11 (500,000 rounds of .280 inch ammunition).

These weapons will allow the Genii to improve their own projectile weapons technology by examining these weapons the Genii will also keep up this trade deal going with Project Phoenix via Atlantis, as this will keep their options open.

On the 30th September 1998, the travellers return to the Genii homeworld with the answer from the Traveller Governing Council being yes. Both sides immediate get to work on their new alliance the Genii are hoping to use these ships (when built) to seek out the hibernating Wraith Hive Ship and destroy the hive ships with their nuclear weapons that they are developing.

The Travellers are hoping to get their ships up to a better standard than they currently are at, as once they were able to build new ships as needed long-term space travel has deprived them of the resources necessary to construct new vessels. Now however the Travellers have a chance to build spare parts and in the longer term (before the Wraith awaken) possibly build now ships thanks to the Genii underground facilities.

The Travellers will also keep an eye out for any approaching Wraith ships and warn the Genii allowing the Genii to power down their underground facilities to avoid detection be the Wraith.

Both sides want this deal to work so badly for very different reasons.

October 1998

On the 1st October 1998, production begins of the first spare parts for Traveller ships, these parts are easy for the Genii to produce, as Traveller technology is different from most FTL-capable races, as it is not based on control crystals, but on primitive wires and chips. This use of “primitive wires and chips” will allow the Genii to quickly understand this technology and begin mass-producing the various components needed for not only the Traveller ships, but also as a first stage in producing a Genii starship.

Several of the Genii underground facilities will also start producing the Traveller guns including their ‘best selling’ energy pistol and rifle designs.

On the 3rd October 1998, the first Traveller ship arrive to pick up food supplies from the Genii the manufactured spare parts will come next year these manufactured spare parts will bring much more reliability to Traveller ship. This will reinforce the Traveller Governing Council view that this deal is the best one for the Travellers, but they will still keep a close eye on the Genii.

From now on, various Traveller ships will arrive to pick up food and other supplies from the Genii homeworld as irregular intervals there will one Traveller ship in the Genii to warn of any approaching Wraith ships.

On the 16th October 1998, British police place General Augusto Pinochet under house arrest as the request of Spain during his medical treatment in the UK this causes a political storm in the UK due to General Pinochet government assisting the UK in the 1982 Falklands conflict.

On the 29th October 1998, Hurricane Mitch makes landfall in Central America, killing estimated 18,000 people the Royal Navy’s Caribbean squadron (reinforced for the hurricane season) offers assistance in the aftermath of hurricane Mitch.

On the 30th October 1998, on Atlantis a planet has been chosen as the exchange planet, for the shipment of arms to the Genii and for the Genii to ship supplies to Project Phoenix, thought the Genii still only know Project Phoenix as off worlders.

By the end of October 1998, the production of some of the smaller parts for Traveller ships have started to come of the modified production lines these parts are now starting to be issued to arriving Traveller ships picking up supplies.

The Genii view this deal, between themselves and the Travellers, as crucial to their races survival to this effect the Genii military council have placed, Commander Acastus Kolya in charge of constructing the Genii’s first hyperspace capable ship with one of their underground facilities now dedicated to producing a Genii spaceship.

November 1998

On the 1st November 1998, the Genii have not informed the Travellers of the locations of all of their underground facilities, though the Travellers ships sensors have picked up the power sources. The Travellers are not put out by this ‘revelation’ as this would be something that they would have done if their roles were reversed the Travellers decide to ignore this and keep going with the deal.

On the 9th November 1998, Human Rights Act receives Royal Assent this act is interpreted by Project Phoenix leadership as applying to the member countries and their allies and not to any other race outside of Earth.

On the 20th November 1998, a Russian Proton rocket is launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, carrying the first segment of the International Space Station, the 21 ton Zarya Module. The Russians have sided with the US Space Station instead of the Woomera Rocket Program and joining the Woomera Space Station construction program.

On the 24th November 1998, MPs and peers interrupt the Queen’s Speech, when the Queen began to outlay the government's plan to abolish the rights of 700 hereditary peers to sit and vote in the House of Lords. The Lords will oppose this act in doing so the Lords will actually become very popular the Lords will also oppose unpopular acts that the Labour government is trying to get though. The peers will run a successful campaign against the Labour government in which they state that the Labour government is trying to remove all the ‘checks and balances’ to that the Labour government can push through any legislation that they want.

In the end, the Labour government is forced to water down the reform of the Lords due to strong public option against Lords reforms this will be Tony Blair’s first major setback, but not his last setback.

In the House of Lords Act 1999 (to come into force next year) all peers are allowed to sit in the House of Lords, however voting peers must attend the House of Lords regularly to allow them to vote. This act eliminates a large number of not only hereditary peers but also a number of life peers who just turn up to vote and do little else for the House of Lords this act will weed out a lot ‘hangers on’ leaving the working peers, improving the reputation of the House of Lords.

By the 30th November 1998, the Genii military are now starting to supplement their projectile weapons with their own production versions of Traveller energy weapons, Commander Acastus Kolya command is one of the first to receive this first production batches these new weapons.

The Travellers will use to not only bring their own stocks of weapons back up, but also use them to trade with other civilisations such as the Satedans the Satedans have reached a technological level that is slightly ahead of the Genii. Unfortunately, the Satedans have not taken to concealing their technological level from the rest of the races in the Pegasus Galaxy this will soon lead to a Wraith attack and the abandonment by the Travellers.

December 1998

On the 1st December 1998, the first modified Fox class shuttle commences it first reconnaissance mission of CMC Site Alpha this mission will last three months then this first modified Fox class shuttle, will be replaced by another to allow for continuous monitoring of CMC Site Alpha. Thus allowing a rotation of these modified Fox class shuttles to monitor what CMC is up to and their progress so far there is a limit to what the sensors can monitor what is happening, for example, they cannot monitor conversations etc.

On the 10th December 1998, UK theoretical chemist, John Pople wins the Nobel Prize in Chemistry “for his development of computational methods in quantum chemistry” John Pople would soon after receive a Knighthood for his work.

By the end of 1998, Cheyenne Mountain Command has brought back a wealth of alien artefacts for study these include hyperdrive parts, 98 captured Staff Weapons along with have a source of Naquadah. On the negative the losses suffered by Cheyenne Mountain Command now stand at nine, all planet’s on the stones tables have been explored, CMC now has no other Stargate addresses available to them.

However, for the time being CMC has a wealth of research material to go through along with developing their own space fighter these technologies are many years away from becoming a reality for CMC.

For Project Phoenix the US discovery and activation of their own Stargate has caused a few problems, though for the time being the US is still unaware that the UK along with New Zealand, Canada and Australia have their own Stargate program amongst ‘other things’.

This makes the leadership of Project Phoenix more certain that they much not reveal their Stargate program to US as they wish to avoid destroying the US as in Alan Turing’s possible future vision. However, for the past few years Alan has not had this vision, so it appears as though Project Phoenixes decision not to inform the US of its Stargate is the right one.

To save the US from destruction they much not inform the US of their own Stargate program until the time is right...

On Earth 1999, will signal the end of a century and the beginning of another, what will the next few years bring for both Earth Stargate programs.

To be continued.
57. 1999

In Downing Street they called me ‘Boss’. Civil servants would always call me ‘Prime Minister’.” – Tony Blair

January 1999

Military strength of the four Project Phoenix countries (UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada) as of January 1999

[Authors note: this OOB should be considered a rough guide as a detailed OOB would take to long to do.]


Type 45 destroyer names – Batch one HMS Daring, Dauntless, Diamond, Dragon, Defender and Duncan. Batch two names – HMS Dreadnought, Tiger, Lion, Berwick, Shropshire and Devonshire.

By January 1999, the Royal Navy possesses four fleet carriers twelve type 42 destroyers (being replaced by 12 of the new type-45 destroyers ‘cruiser’), sixty type 23 frigates (50 built and 10 under construction), 10 Type-22 Frigates (Batch 2 & 3 to be replaced by Type-23). 14 Trafalgar I and II class SSN’s (older Swiftsure class being decommissioned), design work for the new A-class (Astute) SSN’s is well advanced and four Vanguard SSBN’s (building) replacing the Resolution class SSBN’s.

FAA aircraft 178 Sea Harriers (P.1154) FRS.5, 115 Lynx HMA.8, 128 Merlin HAS.1/ HC3As Commandos (in service and on order with the Sea King being phased out) and 28 Rotodyne ASaC7 (update planned with improved radar’s etc becoming ASaC9)

The RAF has the following aircraft numbers 162 Arrow F5 air defence fighters, 283 Eagle GR7 (evolved TRS-2 design) attack aircraft, 105 (out of 165 with 50 stored) Jaguar GR3As, 20 Nimrod AEW7, 40 Nimrod MR2/MR4, 9 Nimrod R4.

Transport and tanker aircraft 110 Belfast II transport aircraft (now under HS), 48 Vickers (now BAe) VC10 K7 (new builds), 60 Vickers (now BAe) VC10 C7 transport aircraft (new builds), 24 Victor K4 tankers, 4 Concorde II (Royal Flight), 8 HS-146-300 (Royal Flight)

Army Air Corps 98 Rotodyne HC-6, 118 Merlin HC-2 (in service and on order replacing the AAC’s Puma’s), 99 Lynx AH7/AH9, 103 remaining out of 194 originally ordered of the Gazelle AH.1, HT.2 & HT3

Jet Trainer is the HS Hawk jet trainer for all three services.

Army troop strength = 142,000 + 121,000 reserves (TA), service rifle = EM-2 Rifle No.9 Mk14, MBT Challenger II, artillery 155mm AS-90, 105mm L118 Light Gun


Navy, one fleet carrier, six destroyers type 42 (being replaced by the new type-45 destroyer), 25 Type 23 frigates, 8 Trafalgar I and II class SSN’s as the core of the fleet.

Naval Air Arm, 62 Sea Harrier (P.1154) FRS.5, 78 Merlin HAS.1 (in service and on order) and 9 Rotodyne ASaC7 (update planned with improved radar’s etc becoming ASaC9)

Air Force, 100 Arrow FG.5 fighter/bombers, 24 Eagle GR7 (evolved TRS-2 design) attack aircraft, 30 Belfast II transport aircraft, 28 Rotodyne HC-6, 2 Concorde II (diplomatic use), 9 Nimrod AEW7, 21 Nimrod MR2/MR4, 6 Nimrod R4

Army troop strength = 60,000 + 45,000 reserves, service rifle = EM-2 Rifle No.9 Mk14, MBT Challenger II, artillery 155mm AS-90, 105mm L118 Light Gun

New Zealand

Navy, two destroyers type 42 (being replaced by the new type-45 destroyer), six type 23 frigates, as the core of the fleet.

Naval Air Arm, 18 Lynx HMA.8, 6 Merlin HAS.1.

Air Force, 30 supersonic Harriers FRG.6 (P.1154), 12 Belfast II transport aircraft, 50 Lynx AH7, 12 Rotodyne HC-6, 2 Concorde II (diplomatic use), 2 Nimrod R4, 12 Nimrod MR2/MR4

Army troop strength = 11,000 + 7,000 reserves, service rifle = EM-2 Rifle No.9 Mk14, artillery 155mm AS-90, 105mm L118 Light Gun


Navy, one fleet carrier, six destroyers type 42 (being replaced by 6 of the new type-45 destroyer), 21 type 23 frigates, 7 Trafalgar I and II class SSN’s

Navy Air Arm, 59 Sea Harrier (P.1154) FRS.5, 75 Merlin HAS.1 (in service and on order) and 9 Rotodyne ASaC7 (update planned with improved radar’s etc becoming ASaC9

Air force, 100 Arrow fighters, 24 Eagle GR7 (evolved TRS-2 design) attack aircraft, 30 Belfast II transport aircraft, 31 Rotodyne HC-6, 3 Concorde II (diplomatic use), 12 Nimrod AEW7, 22 Nimrod MR2/MR4, 7 Nimrod R4

Army troop strength = 75,000 + 48,000 reserves, service rifle = EM-2 Rifle No.9 Mk14, MBT Challenger II, artillery 155mm AS-90, 105mm L118 Light Gun

On the 1st January 1999, the euro is established as a currency, though it is currently in third place behind the US Dollar and the British Pound.

On the 11th January 1999, three new Scorpion class cruisers in Orbital dry-dock one, HMS Wivern, HMS Swiftsure and HMS Superb are launched trails will be complete by the end of 1999.

At the same, time the three Black Prince class cruisers HMS Resistance, HMS Royal Oak and HMS Hood are disarmed and mothballed.

On the 13th January 1999, UK unemployment has fallen to just over 1,300,000 the lowest for 5 years thanks to the recovery on those areas of the UK economy that are not part of government-backed programs.

On the 15th January 1999, construction begins on the next four Scorpion class cruisers in Orbital dry-dock one, HMS Ottawa, HMS Devonshire, HMS Hampshire and HMS Kent. These four warships will be completed in early 2001.

By the end of January 1999, Cheyenne Mountain Command, will send O’Neill’s 24 person team operating from Site Alpha will begin a re-sweep of those planet’s that were devoid of Goa'uld or Jaffa activity. The exception will be Site Beta, as this planet already has a detachment of USAF troops and engineers to not only mine the Naquadah and to understand now to refine the Naquadah for use this command will also explore more of the Site Beta planet.

This leaves O’Neill’s 24 person (including Captain Carter) team free to explore the remaining six planets in detail, going along on these extended missions will be a mix a geologists and linguists this will bring O’Neill’s team to thirty-two personnel.

For the next year or so, this will be O’Neill’s team mission, O’Neill will find it boring, but it will produce results in the form of several partial gate addresses.

According to General West O’Neill’s team mission is to “to perform reconnaissance, determine threats, and if possible, to make peaceful contact with the peoples of these worlds, along with getting technology that will advance the US.”

The US (like Project Phoenix) is not willing to share their new discovery with the rest of the world and want to keep it to themselves, no other countries will be involved in the US Stargate program.

February 1999

On the 1st February 1999, with the expansion of Cheyenne Mountain Command Major General West is promoted to Lieutenant General and will move to the Pentagon to better coordinate operations. Cheyenne Mountain will come under the command of Major General George S. Hammond who will become General West’s deputy commanding all personnel that are part of the US Stargate program.

On the 7th February 1999, King Hussein of Jordan dies from cancer, and his son Abdullah II inherits the throne.

On the 12th February 1999, President Bill Clinton is acquitted in impeachment proceedings in the US Senate strong support for this acquittal comes from Republican Senator Robert Kinsey. Senator Robert Kinsey has to endure much anger from his own Republican Party members in his support of President Bill Clinton, but his real motives cannot be revealed (the US Stargate program). However, in a bizarre twist this makes Senator Robert Kinsey more popular with his State’s voters this will lead to Senator Robert Kinsey getting an increased share of the vote at the next election.

On the 28th February 1999, President Bill Clinton signs into law an obscure piece of defence funding (as part of the US Black Operations budget) for the modernisation of Cheyenne Mountain. In reality, this finding will allow the expansion of the Stargate facility under Cheyenne Mountain, so that this facility can be better used as a command facility for the US Stargate program.

The possibility of moving the Stargate from Cheyenne Mountain is also being considered though no location has been decided (Area 51 is the current favourite), as the current Cheyenne Mountain is already getting ‘crowded’.

March 1999

By early March 1999, Commander Acastus Kolya command has begun the process of building their own starship this ship is much smaller than a Traveller ship, it is about the same size as HMS Defiance, though looking like a smaller version of a Traveller ship. The size limit is due to the dimensions of the heavily reinforced doors above the construction facility otherwise this first could not be launched this first Genii starship will be named Freedom.

Genii Starship – Freedom Class

Length: 738.2 ft (225.0 meters)
Width: 262.5 ft (80.0 meters)
Height: 198.5 ft (60.5 meters)
Crew: 275
Passengers: 30
Sublight engines
Manoeuvring thrusters
Hyperdrive system: Traveller hyperdrive (Interstellar capable)
Power Core: Traveller power generators
Shielding: Traveller shields
Four forward firing Traveller energy weapons
Four aft firing Traveller energy weapons
Two port firing Traveller energy weapons
Two starboard firing Traveller energy weapons
Carried Craft: none though has a small hanger
Cargo Capacity: 1,500 tonnes

The Genii starship Freedom will be more cramped than a similar ship of its size due to the used of wires and chips as opposed to control crystals (that are smaller) with these types of systems (wires and chips) taking up much more space. Though they are cramped, they have inherited the endurance of a Traveller ship, with the ability to stay in space for decades if needed this ability is seen as vital by the Genii military.

Though the Freedom’s weapons and shields are powerful they are however of little use against a Wraith Hive Ships weapons, but against a single Wraith Cruiser, the Freedom would have a fighting chance. If there is more than one Freedom class ship then the Genii could win an engagement against a lone Wraith Cruiser.

The Freedom class carries more weapons, at the cost of fewer passengers, unlike the Traveller ships that are larger and carry families this give the Freedom class more of a combat role than a Traveller ship. This is in keeping with the Genii military’s need for a combat vessel that is small than a Traveller ship and is more combat orientated, if the Genii can produce enough of these Freedom class ships then they might have a change against the Wraith.

In the worst-case scenario, the Genii will use some of the Freedom class to carry their technical/engineering records and best engineers and scientist (along with enough of the Genii population) into deep space and await the end of the culling to start again.

Constriction of the Freedom class will be relatively quick due to the component parts being easily produced by the Genii, as the Genii already produce ‘wires and chips’ for their own use, it is hoped that the Freedom herself can be launched with the next eighteen months or so.

Once the Freedom is launched the next ship will begin construction, with one ship being produced every 12 months or so after the Freedom is launched.

The Genii hope the Wraith will not awaken until they are ready to implement their plan to eliminate the Wraith with their nuclear weapons development program.

On the 12th March 1999, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic join NATO, also looking to purchase arms from the West rather than from Russia, depending on budget availability.

On the 24th March 1999, NATO launches air strikes against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. This marks the first time NATO has attacked a sovereign country. The British military deploy forces equivalent to the US deployment in terms of airpower including two carriers (later reduced to one). Though the US is in the lead, the US military commander knows that half his firepower in terms of airpower (and other assets) comes from the UK and he must listen to what the UK has to say.

This shows the US what the new world order is with the two remaining superpowers (US and the UK) after the end of the cold war, if the UK speaks the US must listen, though the reverse can also be said.

By the of March 1999, the four Project Phoenix member countries are now much better off finically and industrially (compared to OTL) the combined ‘official’ reserves of all four countries now tops just over 1 trillion pounds sterling. If adding all the precious metals that are held off world or that could be mined (if needed) this amount could easily be doubled and then some.

However, due to the secrecy surrounding Project Phoenix all four-member countries of Project Phoenix must agree before going on a spending spree or the importation of off world precious metals, such as Gold. This requirement is the same as any other such decision, in that all four-member countries must be in agreement of the use of off world resources on Earth.

This also means that all four-member countries are equal and that no county has the power of veto to push through any decision about Project Phoenix without the agreement of all four country’s this is considered a good safety system be all countries and will not be changed.

This rule also applies to any other new country being informed of Project Phoenix, in that all four-member countries must be in agreement (a majority of three does not count as all four countries must be in agreement) to allow another country into their exclusive ‘club’. No member country really wishes to share this knowledge or wealth with another country, after all the member countries share of Project Phoenixes wealth would be diminished and no one wants that to happen.

The security that has built up around Project Phoenix over the decades is also another reason for keeping this between the four countries, as each new Prime Minister of each member country is informed. Along with being informed by their predecessor(s) this has helped keep Project Phoenix secret, as no politician wants to ‘shoot this goose that is laying so many gold eggs’.

That is why even Tony Blair has agreed (once he was given the full picture) agreed that secrecy is paramount, especially after he is informed of the Turing Prediction. Tony Blair does not want to go down in history, as the Prime Minister that destroyed the US and is responsible for the death is millions of US citizens in making the Turing Prediction come true by informing the US about Project Phoenix.

Thus, Project Phoenix will keep going on its current path and Tony Blair will keep his mouth firmly shut.

April 1999

On the 1st April 1999, a minimum wage is introduced throughout the UK set at £3.60 an hour for workers over 21, and £3 for workers under 21 this will provide a small boost to the UK economy as this extra money is put into the economy, even though some employers do not like the idea of a minimum wage.

On the 8th April 1999, Bill Gates personal fortune exceeds $100 Billion dollars, due to the increased value of Microsoft stock, though this is still behind the founders of Acorn Computers in the UK.

On the 14th April 1999, NATO warplanes repeatedly bombed ethnic Albanian refugee convoys for two hours over twelve-mile stretch of road after mistaking it for Serbian military trucks between Đakovica and Dečani in western Kosovo, killing at least 73 refugees.

The UK has not deployed its ‘special reconnaissance aircraft’ to this conflict only the normal reconnaissance aircraft, if it had this could have been avoided, though even after this error the ‘special reconnaissance aircraft’ are not deployed due to the paranoia of security surrounding anything to do with Project Phoenix.

On the 26th April 1999, TV presenter Jill Dando, 37, dies after being, shot on the doorstep of her Fulham home. In the years to come her killer will not be identified, in fact her killer had been identified by SI-5 using ‘special measures’ the killer was sentenced by the Taldor to imprisonment on Hadante.

On the 30th April 1999, the Chinese government announces an expansion of their nuclear powers stations, with 14 nuclear power stations that are currently under construction or about to begin construction these will be spread out over 4 separate sites due to be operational by 2011, along with an option of producing another 30 nuclear power stations.

The technical experts for these new nuclear power stations will come from a consortium of countries of the UK, Canada and Australia (along with New Zealand providing parts even though New Zealand has no nuclear power stations). With Canada and Australia selling the Uranium to the Chinese government over the decade for these new power stations this deal is worth many billions of pounds to all four countries.

This deal also shows the world the these four countries are forging much closer ties with China this is also one of the first steps getting China to become part of the Commonwealth as a trading partner, though this has not been publically announced yet by UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

The Chinese government is still developing/producing its own version of the subsonic Harrier (P.1127) variants with assistance from Hawker Siddeley and Rolls Royce (with the approval of the UK government).

May 1999

On the 1st May 1999, in a joint statement the military of the UK, Canada and Australia announce a Carrier Replacement Program to replace their six carriers on a one to one basis. These six carriers will be able to take the latest new build advanced version of the supersonic Sea Harrier (P.1154) these carriers will be larger with a greater displacement 75,000+ tonnes than the current carriers.

Once these designs have been, finalised, construction should begin in 2005 with the first being operational around 2010, no carrier class name has yet been selected, though the Royal Navy informs the press that one carrier will be named Ark Royal to maintain that tradition.

On the 6th May 1999, the first elections to the Scottish Parliament also the first elections to the Welsh Assembly are held both Parliaments are controlled by Labour.

On the 12th May 1999, David Steel becomes the first Presiding Officer (Speaker) of the modern Scottish Parliament.

On the 19th May 1999, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace is released in theatres. It becomes the highest grossing Star Wars film, so far, a copy of this film will be shipped off world to Heliopolis, as all new films (and TV shows) are copied (without licence) and shipped off world, as entertainment for the growing Heliopolis population.

On the 31st May 1999, the Princess Royal opens the new Midland Metro tram service in the West Midlands, which runs on a 15-mile route mostly consisted of disused railway lines between Birmingham and Wolverhampton. This is a further attempt by the UK government to push public transport to get people away from using their cars this will meet with mixed success.

June 1999

On the 2nd June 1999, the Satedans homeworld comes under attack by the Wraith, as the Wraith have discovered that the Satedans have reach a ‘dangerous technological level’ and must be eliminated. The one active hive launches an attack on the Satedan homeworld the Satedans attempt to resist however, their technological level is still too low to fight against the Wraith.

Several Satedans are captured and are used as ‘runners’ one of these runners Ronon Dex, runners are who are implanted with a tracking device by the Wraith. They are then set free and the Wraith hunt them down; for their amusement or training, the exact reason is unknown.

Ronon Dex will survive (racking a considerable number of Wraith kills) until he runs into an Atlantis team...

On the 12th June 1999, the Queen's Birthday Honours are announced. They include a knighthood for the Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson and the ITV newsreader Trevor McDonald.

On the 19th June 1999, the marriage of Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones takes place at St George's Chapel, Windsor. Prior to the marriage, the Queen creates Prince Edward, her third and youngest son, Earl of Wessex and Viscount Severn.

At the end of June 1999, the Genii nuclear weapons development program has run into a major problem, in that they do not possess an explosive powerful enough to start off the nuclear reaction necessary to detonate the bomb. The Genii are extremely reluctant to ask the Travellers for a more powerful explosive as the Genii are paranoid about their nuclear weapons program and do not want outsiders knowing about it.

The Genii will begin investigating if any of the races (apart from the Travellers) they currently trade with have a more powerful explosive.

July 1999

On the 1st July 1999, Elizabeth II officially opens the Scottish Parliament on the day that legislative powers are officially transferred from the old Scottish Office in London to the new devolved Scottish Executive in Edinburgh. These devolved powers are the same as the Welsh Parliament the Scottish Parliament will not be give any more powers than the Welsh Parliament, much to the annoyance of the SNP.

On the 2nd July 1999, the committee of four representatives of the four Project Phoenix countries offers the former Prime Minister John Major the job of Chairman of Universal Exports this job has an annual net salary of £1.2million along with a considerable bonus structure.

On the 3rd July 1999, John Major accepts the ‘job’ of Chairman of Universal Exports this offer will now be publicly announced on the 5th July 1999 after the Prime Minister of the four member countries have been informed and confirmed this appointment.

On the 5th July 1999, the announcement of John Major becoming Chairman of Universal Exports is greeted with little interest from the worlds press as most news organisations bury the story. As none of the worlds press knows what Universal Exports is covering for, most press think that this is a ‘job for one of the ‘boys’’ in giving the former PM a decent job after stepping down as leader of the Conservative Party.

John Major will formally become Chairman of Universal Exports after he stands down at the next General Election in 2001 once he takes up the post of Chairman of Universal Exports John Major will receive a knighthood.

On the 15th July 1999, on one of the ‘safe worlds’ O’Neill’s team comes across a set of ruins that are over ten miles from the Stargate, after reviewing the ruins Captain Carter says, “Colonel O’Neill I think I have found something”

O’Neill replies, “Well that’s a good thing Captain as this planet is really boring so far.”

Carter says, “Yes sir”

O’Neill asks, “Well Carter what have you found?”

Carter says, “I have found more gate addresses or at least the remnants of gate addresses, if we take pictures of these remnants we could use the supercomputer back on Earth to figure out the remaining gate symbols to locate these worlds and figure out the full gate address.”

O’Neill asks, “What!!!???”

A smiling Major Kawalsky who has been listening to what Carter has to say, says, “Jack, I think the captain means that we can go to other planet’s”

O’Neill replies, “Oh, well that’s good, carry on Captain.”

Carter says, “Yes sir”

Carter will soon, be recalled from off world operations to help with a vital project on Site Alpha.

On the 16th July 1999, HMS Echo and HMS Enterprise are launched they will complete their trials by the end of the year and immediately after that begin supply runs to Atlantis.

On the 25th July 1999, at one of the regular exchanges between Project Phoenix and the Genii farmers, the Genii farmers ask if they have any explosives that can take out large boulders, as they do not posses such explosives. The Project Phoenix personnel reply that they might have something that may help the Genii farmers, Project Phoenix is still unaware of the Genii military or their true technological level.

On reporting to Alan Turing about the request for explosives for the Genii farmers, Alan suggests C4 type explosives as this would be safer for the Genii farmers to understand and use. The amount of explosive is not excessive Alan will check with Dr Phillips and the committee but he sees not real objection and orders the contact team to raise this at their next meeting with the Genii farmers.

On the 28th July 1999, both Dr Phillips and the committee have no objection in supplying C4 explosive to the Genii farmers along with information on how to use the explosive. What Project Phoenix does not know is that when the Genii get their hands on the C4 they will use it in their bomb experiments to detonate their first atom bomb.

August 1999

During early August 1999, at Cheyenne Mountain Command Site Alpha a project to produce a naquadah generator to be used initially as a power source for Site Alpha instead of building a PWR. This naquadah generator (in a larger design) would be used to build Cheyenne Mountain Commands first hyperdrive equipped ship in the years to come.

The naquadah generator project has a very high priority, as this would solve a lot of Site Alpha’s power generation problems, even with Captain Carter recalled from off world operations to help it would be at least a year before a prototype could be constructed.

On the 20th August 1999, the Genii farmers are pleased that Project Phoenix is willing to trade them explosives and even teach them how to use these explosives safely the first pack of C4 will be delivered next month along with a teaching session on how to use this explosive.

Project Phoenix is still unaware of what the Genii are really going to do with the C4 Project Phoenix still believes that the Genii are either going to use the C4 to clear land or to fight the Wraith during the next culling.

On the 31st August 1999, the salvage operation to retrieve the contents of Sheldon's ship of American archaeologist named Sheldon Stewart is begun. This salvage operation will take several years to retrieve all the contents including two canopic Jars contain Goa'uld System Lords Osiris and Isis, Osiris was trapped but though he did not know, his queen had died as her Stasis jar had broken open during transit (when the ship sunk).

When studying the canopic jar (in the next few years) containing Osiris this jar will be opened and Osiris will be free once again.

September 1999

In early September 1999, the first signs of a civil war between several minor System Lords, these initial conflicts are a form of Proxy War, with the more powerful System Lords covertly supporting these minor System Lords.

This Proxy War will rumble along for a while before exploding into a full-scale civil war between the main System Lords, mainly Apophis and Lord Yu the other Goa'uld System Lords will join one side or another.

However, another System Lord Anubis has actually started the civil war Anubis will strike when both sides have exhausted themselves fighting each other Anubis will again become Supreme System Lord.

In addition, Anubis is moving against another perceived threat, Project Phoenix using his knowledge of ancient technology Anubis will try to eliminate some or all of the leadership of Project Phoenix.

However, this action by Anubis will cause him problems…

On the 25th September 1999, the Genii farmers receive their first back of C4 along with instructions on how to use the C4 safely this is a great leap forward for the Genii as this will put them in a position to detonate their first atom bomb sooner rather than later.

The Genii farmers will pass some of this C4 onto the Genii military for use with their atom bomb program the rest will be used to destroy boulders etc to increase the agricultural output of the Genii farmers, as this will give the Genii more to trade with next year.

Further batches of C4 will be supplied of the next few months, even though no one from Atlantis questions why the Genii farmers want so much C4. They do suspect it is to try to fight the Wraith when the Wraith waken from their current hibernation, Atlantis command is more than happy to supply C4 (for whatever reason) as the Genii farmers seem reliable.

October 1999

By early October 1999, three of the four member countries of Project Phoenix have found a ‘unique’ way of getting rid of the bulk of their nuclear waste, sending it through the Stargate and then ‘dumping’ into Heliopolis sun.

Though enough nuclear waste has to be stored on Earth (in the UK, Canada and Australia) for the IAEA to inspect the rest are just empty containers with a thin layer of radioactively for inspection (after all no IAEA inspector is going to open the nuclear waste container).

This leads to the UK, Canada and Australia classified by the IAEA as the safest at storing nuclear waste, though the UK, Canada and Australia will not store any other countries nuclear waste, stating that they only have room for their own nuclear waste.

On the 12th October 1999, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif attempts to dismiss Army Chief General Pervez Musharraf and install ISI director Ziauddin Butt in his place. Senior Army generals refuse to accept the dismissal. Musharraf, who is out of the country, attempts to return in a commercial airliner. Sharif orders the Karachi airport to not allow the plane to land. The generals lead a coup d'état, ousting Sharif's administration and taking over the airport. The plane lands with only a few minutes of fuel to spare, and Musharraf takes control of the government.

This action (by Musharraf) divides the Commonwealth, as some countries do not like this coup d'état (led by India) and others do not see this as their problem, eventually the Commonwealth decides on a diplomatic approach (with no success) to see if civilian authority can be restored.

Only the US and the UK, as the world’s last two remaining superpowers could do something but neither wants to start a war that would cause either or both of them to many problems.

The US will also try the diplomatic route as well, as the US does not want to be sidelined by the Commonwealth’s diplomatic efforts.

On the 13th October 1999, the United States Senate rejects ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). The UK has already signed this treaty, as the UK really does not need to test its Nuclear weapons (though outside of the four Project Phoenix countries no one knows this) so the UK must keep up the appearance of needing Nuclear weapons.

November 1999

On the 5th November 1999, Australians defeat a referendum proposing the replacement of The Queen and The Governor General with a President to make Australia a republic by a very wide margin.

On the 15th November 1999, O’Neill’s team leaves the planet were the ongoing excavation of the gate addresses will be taken over by another team. O’Neill’s team will return to Site Alpha and then back to Earth (after debriefing) for a period of R&R, before they go on their next operation.

The operations that are being planned are to these new worlds discovered with the partial gate addresses this first gate address should be ready for exploration sometime early next year.

On the 20th November 1999, the People's Republic of China launches the first Shenzhou spacecraft, what the world does not know is that the UK has been providing ‘technical assistance’ to China’s space program. However, China’s space program is well behind the Woomera, US and Russian space programs this covert help is a further tie between not only the UK and China but also Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Publicly it is seen as China getting help from the Russians.

Behind the scenes is Project Phoenix watching over this ‘assistance’ judging now China reacts to the assistance from UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

On the 26th November 1999, an earthquake and tsunami strike Vanuatu, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, and New Zealand assists the population of Vanuatu.

On the 27th November 1999, the left-wing Labour Party takes control of the New Zealand government, with leader Helen Clark becoming the second female Prime Minister in New Zealand's history. A few days later Helen Clark will be briefed on Project Phoenix, after the briefing she will be noticeably paler, though once she has got herself together she will keep the secret of Project Phoenix, after Helen Clark will not be the one to shoot this ‘goose that is laying so many golden eggs’.

December 1999

On the 1st December 1999, a ceremony is held to formally hand over the UK fifty percent stake of the Suez Canal back to the Egyptian Government. The now relatively small amount of revenue from the Suez Canal will not affect the UK’s (and the three other countries that make up Project Phoenix) financial position as the UK now has other sources of income (Universal Exports for example).

On the 10th December 1999, launch of the European Space Agency’s XMM-Newton satellite via HOTOL launch (due to a problem with ESA Ariane rocket) from the Woomera site in Australia the information from the satellite will be processed at the University of Leicester.

On the 18th December 1999, NASA launches into orbit the Terra platform, carrying 5 Earth Observation instruments, including ASTER, CERES, MISR, MODIS and MOPITT.

On the 20th December 1999, the sovereignty of Macau is transferred from the Portuguese Republic to the People's Republic of China after 422 years of Portuguese rule. This transfer will not have the same benefits for Portugal, as Hong Kong did for the UK.

Orbital dry-docks

Orbital dry-dock one (four docks in use) – is currently available to construct new warships, of the new Scorpion class cruisers

Orbital dry-dock two (four docks in use) – used to construct two courageous class warships and to refit/repair of warships

New Orbital dry-dock three (four docks in use) – is currently available to construct new warships, of the new Scorpion class cruisers

Project Phoenix, Warship Order of Battle

HMS Defiance, HMS Echo and HMS Enterprise are currently being used as a supply ship to Atlantis along with their secondary role of being testbeds for new technologies.

HMS Courageous is not assigned to any squadron, operates independently, currently assigned to the lost city of the ancients.

Two to four Courageous class warships will act as guard ships in orbit around Camelot

HMS Glorious, HMS Furious HMS Mary Rose, HMS Henry Grace à Dieu, HMS Nelson and HMS Temeraire these warships for the time being will operate independently, will be used as guard ships in orbit around Camelot when on rotation are either in refit or their crews are resting.

First Cruiser Squadron (all equipped with Scorpion class)

HMS Scorpion (Squadron flagship)
HMS Wivern
HMS Swiftsure
HMS Superb
HMS Leander
HMS Neptune
HMS Orion
HMS Polyphemus

Second Cruiser Squadron (all equipped with Black Prince class)

HMS Mountbatten (Squadron flagship)
HMS Lion
HMS Magnificent
HMS Bonaventure
HMS Vampire
HMS Vendetta
HMS Illustrious
HMS Indomitable

Third Cruiser Squadron (all equipped with Black Prince class)

HMS Implacable (Squadron flagship)
HMS Indefatigable
HMS Valiant
HMS Churchill
HMS Conqueror
HMS Victorious
HMS Drake
HMS Canterbury

Forth Cruiser Squadron (all equipped with Black Prince class)

HMS Endeavour (Squadron flagship)
HMS Otago
HMS Te Kaha
HMS Te Mana
HMS Wellington
HMS Achilles
HMS Ajax
HMS Leander

Next year will see Alan Turing have an alarming vision of the future also see other discovery(s) that will bring Merlin much closer to Project Phoenix and will lead to Merlin giving a gift to Project Phoenix in thanks for their help.

To be continued.
58. 2000

It is not an arrogant government that chooses priorities it's an irresponsible government that fails to choose.” – Tony Blair

January 2000

During early January 2000, an al-Qaeda Summit of several high-level al-Qaeda members (these would include two of those who would be 9/11 American Airlines hijackers) is held in Malaysia. This conference is picked up on by British intelligence (using conventional intelligence gathering sources) and a warning about an attack is passed to the CIA. However, no one is yet aware of the full ramifications of the al-Qaeda Summit or what it will bring to the world, after all not all terrorist plans are carried out, with most are cancelled or simply dropped.

On the 2nd January 2000, the Asgard give another two AEM’s to Project Phoenix (without them having to ask) for HMS Echo and HMS Enterprise. The Asgard understood why the two ships were being built and offered the AEM’s with no conditions, in addition to offering replacements for these ships AEM’s once the AEM’s charge has run out.

This now gives Project Phoenix four ships with AEM’s powering them HMS Courageous, HMS Defiance, HMS Echo and HMS Enterprise these four ships are the most powerful in Project Phoenixes small fleet.

On the 10th January 2000, in Orbital dry-dock three construction is completed of four new Scorpion class cruisers these are, HMS Leander, HMS Neptune, HMS Orion and HMS Polyphemus. These four Scorpion class cruisers once their trials are complete by the end of the year this will allow the first cruiser squadron to be entirely equipped with Scorpion class cruisers.

On the 15th January 2000, in Orbital dry-dock three construction starts on the next four Scorpion class cruisers these are, HMS London, HMS Fife, HMS Glamorgan and HMS Norfolk these ships will be completed in 2002.

On the 18th January 2000, the Tagish Lake meteorite impacts the Earth it is allowed to impact Earth as so many observatories had seen this meteorite, some meteorites (that are not detected by Earth based observatories) are either diverted or destroyed by Project Phoenix to protect Earth.

On the 20th January 2000, on Atlantis gene therapy is tested successfully for the first time allowing the ATA Gene to be implanted allowing more Project Phoenix personnel access to ancient technology. By the end of the year all Atlantis will have received the ATA gene therapy and by the end of 2001 all Project Phoenix will have received ATA gene therapy.

On the Earth the success of the ATA gene therapy will accelerate gene therapy as the way forward as a treatment for certain illnesses.

By the 25th January 2000, in orbit around Heliopolis there are now eight decommissioned Black Prince class cruisers, with another eight to be added every two years the question on the Dr Phillips mind is what to do with these ‘surplus’ ships.

So far, Dr Phillips has not come to any decisions regarding the fate of these ships and the remaining Black Prince class cruisers that will be joining these first batches, for now they will remain mothballed.

February 2000

In consultation with the Swedish government, the UK government announces its intention to purchase the right to build a licensed copy of the Swedish Visby class corvette. As a replacement for the various patrol and fisheries protection vessels, this order will cause the Swedish government to order six instead of the reduced order for five that they had planned to do.

Once the details have been finalised the UK government (MoD) will receive 25 licence produced in UK shipyards of the Visby class corvettes these Visby class (UK) corvettes will be modified for UK use, such as use in the North Sea etc.

The main gun “Bofors 57 mm Mk3” will remain the same though other system will be different the Australian, New Zealand and Canadian governments are also showing interest in this ship for their own use.

Construction of the British Visby class corvettes (called the River class corvettes in the UK) will begin in early 2002 these corvettes will enter operational service with the Royal Navy in 2005.

By the 15th February 2000, the next civil war between the major Goa'uld System Lords, though this is not yet a full-blown civil war. As the major Goa'uld System Lords are now fighting a proxy war of sorts by providing material assistance to minor Goa'uld System Lords to fight other Goa'uld System Lords who intern are supported by their major Goa'uld System Lords.

As the days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months many of the minor Goa'uld System Lords disappear in the conflict with several minor Goa'uld System Lords acquiring the territory of other minor Goa'uld System Lords. These minor Goa'uld System Lords are now becoming ‘medium’ Goa'uld System Lords, though only if another Goa’uld System Lord does not wipe them out before they have had a chance to exploit their new acquisitions. Though most of these ‘medium’ Goa'uld System Lords do not last very long as several minor Goa'uld System Lords combine and wipe them out.

On the 28th February 2000, British Nuclear Group is divided into two parts the first being British Nuclear Fuels providing the Nuclear fuel for the second part British Nuclear Power that generates the electricity.

March 2000

On the 4th March 2000, the PlayStation 2 is released in Japan, and in North America several months later. It becomes the best-selling game console of all time. This is a wakeup call for Acorn computers, as game consoles will be seen as the future, though Acorn computers management will be slow in responding to this new competitor, it is only the government contracts that keep Acorn computers going through this rough patch.

5th March 2000

The Changing the Face of the Future

On Atlantis, Alan Turing who is fast asleep in his quarters on Atlantis is having another vision of the future...

He can see Dr Phillips in her quarters and can see that Dr Phillips is asleep in bed.

Then he sees a small spider like creature moving slowly towards Dr Phillips.

The visions shifts

Now Alan has a close up view of this spider like creature this spider like creature appears to be mechanical.

The spider like creature then injects deadly venom into Dr Phillips without waking Dr Phillips

The visions shifts

It appears to be sometime later that spider creatures are gone and in his vision, he can see the medical staff trying to revive Dr Phillips

The visions shifts

He can now see Seth trying to revive Dr Phillips using his Goa'uld Sarcophagus, with no apparent success.

As he can see Dr Phillips being removed from Seth’s Goa'uld Sarcophagus, with a group of Nox trying to heal Dr Phillips, again after trying and failing to revive Dr Phillips.

Dr Phillips is pronounced dead...

Alan is now looking at the clock 6th March 2000 0745 hours HST (showing the date and time on Heliopolis or Heliopolis Standard Time – HST)

At this point Alan wakes up....

Looking at his clock, he sees the current date and the time on Heliopolis, 5th March 2000, 2259 hours.

Then it suddenly dawns on him he can save Dr Phillips, as he has time.

Reaching for the communicator Alan says, “This is Alan Turing, put Atlantis on full defence alert, dial Heliopolis and have Colonel Smith and his team at the gate room in ten minutes with full weapons.”

On the other end a confused gate room officer replies, “Sir...”

However, before the confused gate room officer can object Alan says, “That is an order” and signs off.

A few moments later, the alarm goes off, confirming to Alan that the gate room officer is doing as he has been ordered.

Five minutes later Alan runs out of his quarters towards the nearest lift.

HMS Courageous, in orbit over Atlantis

Commodore Jason Timms is fast asleep in his quarters, when the intercom sounds waking Commodore Timms up, flicking the intercom button in a tried voice he asks, “What is it?”

Over the intercom the duty officer replies, “Sir, Atlantis has just gone on full alert.”

That news woke Commodore Timms fully up and he asks, “On whose order?”

The duty officer replies, “Sir, Atlantis Director Turing.”

Commodore Timms thinks to himself Turing would not being doing this unless something was up and says, “Very well, bring the ship to actions stations, I will on the bridge shortly.”

The duty officer replies, “Yes sir.”

A few seconds later that alarm sounds that will bring HMS Courageous to a combat footing.

Atlantis, Gate Room

As Alan Turing runs into the gate room, he can see Colonel Smith along with Lieutenant Peck, Sergeant Baracus and Captain Murdock along with twenty heavily armed troops waiting for him.

Alan asks, “Ready to go?”

A puzzled Colonel Smith with a mix of caution and surprise in his replies, “Yes”

Alan says, “Good, follow me” and steps through the active Stargate to Heliopolis

Colonel Smith pauses for a few seconds than gives the signal to follow and steps through the active Stargate after Deputy Director Turing.

Heliopolis, Stargate Bunker

The officer in charged is surprised by the unscheduled activation of the Stargate he is even more surprised by the arrival of Deputy Director Turing followed by Colonel Smith and his team all heavily armed.

Deputy Director Turing says, “Where is Director Phillips?”

The officer in charged replies, “Asleep in her quarters, I would assume at this time of night sir.”

Deputy Director Turing runs out of the door followed by Colonel Smith and his men, with Colonel Smith shouting at the officer to put Heliopolis alert and he goes past the officer.

Director Phillips Quarters - Heliopolis

Director Phillips is fast asleep unaware of the small spider like creature moving slowly towards her bed.

When the small spider like creature is about halfway across the floor towards her bed Director Phillips door is kicked in and the light comes on with Deputy Director Turing entering Director Phillips room, waking her up.

Deputy Director Turing sees the small spider like creature and says, “Stop that”

Colonel Smith who has his energy pistol drawn fires at the small spider like creature destroying it this causes two other small spider like creatures to try to attack but Colonel Smith also destroys them.

Outside they can hear the base alarms going off.

Colonel Smith now realises what is going on and why Alan has insisted on speed he activates his radio and switches frequencies to an Asgard monitored emergency frequency and says, “Code Black, beam Director Phillips and Deputy Director Turing out of here now this base is under attack by unknown attackers.”

Before either Director Phillips or Deputy Director Turing can say anything, they both are beamed onboard the Asgard warship in orbit, once onboard the Asgard ship the ship raises its shields and charges it weapons.

Director Phillips and Deputy Director Turing are now safe the hunt for these creatures can begin, now that everyone knows what they are looking for.

Several Hours Later

Once the Asgard (along with the Nox, Merlin is absent) has been shown the remains of the small spider like creatures and explain that these ‘creatures’ have managed to avoid the Asgard sensor system at the Stargate. The Asgard are quick to discover another nine of these small spider like creatures on Heliopolis and they are quickly eliminated, as capturing them is considered too dangerous by Colonel Smith, as Colonel Smith thinks (quite correctly) that these creatures may have other abilities.

The Asgard is quick to update the sensor system at the Stargate on both Heliopolis and the Earth Stargate (along with keeping an eye on the other Earth Stargate as well) remotely, just in case.

What no one yet knows is that these actions have been observed by whoever sent them…

When Merlin finds out what had happened and what was used for this attack he would have a decision to make.

Alan Turning has changed the future and with the prediction of the annihilation of the US no longer being dreamed about by Alan Turning, it looks as though the US will survive, assuming nothing happens to change this?

Meanwhile on the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy...

Anubis Flagship

Anubis looks as the feed ends with the destruction of the last of his ‘pets’ and switches off the display. Walking slowly away then for a moment Anubis turns back to look at the now dormant display, Anubis knows that this plan has failed, though he do not anticipate that it would succeed, but then again he always has other options at his disposal.

Anubis continues to walk away from the dormant display, another plan is already in motion as Anubis knows that these ‘Phoenix’ must be defeated if Anubis plan is to fully succeed.

Direct confrontation with ‘Phoenix’ is unwise as the Asgard would intervene and with the Asgard’s levels of technology, Anubis plan would fail, after all his Kull warrior experiments are coming along extremely well.

Project Phoenix

In the aftermath of this recent attack Project Phoenix has a complete review of security this review will conclude that there could have been nothing that could have been done to anticipate this type of attack.

In addition the Asgard have now update the Stargate sensors to prevent such an incursion ever again, the Asgard speculate that these spider like creatures would have come through the Stargate when an off world mission team returned.

On the 10th March 2000, on his return to Heliopolis Merlin reviews this technology, afterwards Merlin states that this appears to be based on ancient technology, the one thing that Merlin does not reveal (to the Asgard and the Nox as well) is that is that this has come from a former ascended Goa'uld System Lord Anubis.

Merlin is now well aware that this technology is based on ancient technology and he has a good idea who has sent these creatures, Merlin is wondering whether he should inform the Asgard and Nox of this, Merlin will take his time before he comes to a decision, as this could have very broad ramifications.

On the 20th March 2000, O’Neill’s team (including Captain Carter) are now ready for their next off world mission (from Site Alpha) to the first world that the supercomputer has been able to figure out the full gate address from the partial gate address.

This first world will be one controlled by the System Lords Cronus, with the start of another civil war Cronus Jaffa are on alert, though with recent attacks Cronus Jaffa are located 500 meters from the Stargate ready to ambush any hostile that come through the Stargate.

On the 21st March 2000, O’Neill’s team come through the Stargate to the world that the System Lords Cronus has set his trap. Once the last member of O’Neill’s team has come through the Stargate and the Stargate has shut down the Jaffa break cover an attack.

In the initial volley of fire three of O’Neill’s team are killed and four wounded the rest of O’Neill’s team quickly recover and return fire with O’Neill’s ordering that Site Alpha be dialled so that they can get out of here.

To cover the dialling O’Neill orders the use of fragmentation grenades along with suppressing fire this keeps the attacking Jaffa at bay until Site Alpha has been dialled, once the connection has been made the dead and wounded are sent through first.

At this point, Cronus turns up O’Neill seeing that this new arrival is the leader aims and fires a complete clip from his HK MP-5 at Cronus, in turn Cronus activates his personnel shield and is unharmed by O’Neill’s fire.

By this time, most of O’Neill’s team are through the Stargate, with O’Neill and his remaining men quickly following them.

Site Alpha

With O’Neill last through the Stargate the Iris closes protecting Site Alpha from anyone following them, a series of ‘thuds’ indicates to everyone that a number of Jaffa have followed them through the Stargate.

On the 22nd March 2000, in the briefing O’Neill states that is appears that the Jaffa were waiting for them along with a Goa'uld System Lord (Cronus), though as yet they do not know which System Lord was present.

General Hammond orders that the MALP to do a wider perimeter check before an off world team is sent through the Stargate this will become the norm for future off world missions lead by O’Neill. Also General Hammond orders the possibility of using UAV’s to scout the area, with the possibility for the UAV to ‘loiter’ while the Stargate is shutdown and then do download of the recorded information once that Stargate has been redialled.

The UAV idea is approved by the NID, as this could also be used on earth, in sending a UAV into a hostile area and then flying a set route and returning with the information, a very useful intelligence tool.

In addition, General Hammond states that other off world team like O’Neill will be formed O’Neill team will be known as off world team one (this naming will be changed later on), with a total of five teams to start with.

On the 26th March 2000, Vladimir Putin is elected President of Russia this ex KGB office immediately orders that the Russian security services resume a discreet investigation of how the UK, Australia New Zealand and Canada are developing so many new technologies. What President Putin does not yet know is that the investigation that went so wrong in the past (and a serious blow the old Soviet spy network in the UK) was onto something however with the elimination of the then Soviet spy network further investigation was impossible.

On the 31st March 2000, after a search of the old KGB records the files of the original investigation are found in the KGB archives these files are handed over to President Putin and his newly formed investigation unit. These files do not contain anything about the Stargate but they do contain information about the UK’s growing R&D program to develop new technologies.

President Putin orders that this investigation be reactivated to try to figure out how the UK (along with New Zealand, Canada and Australia) was able to not only advance technologically but also financially. This investigation will be an arm’s length investigation as President Putin does not wish to ruin relations with the UK, after all the UK has helped Russia twice without revealing that the UK had helped Russia.

There is no hit in the files that the UK has developed its new technology from alien technology.

April 2000

In early April 2000, a pair of Hurricane fighters at the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Nunavut is being readied for a mission.

Once in the air both fighters climbed to over 150,000 feet, at the altitude neither fighter could be seen from the ground, for the next two hours the two fighters conduct a services of tests before returning to base.

During these tests, neither fighter is detected be conventional radar systems, however with the US developing their own fighter these test flights might need to be curtailed when the US is flight testing their fighter on Earth. Even though the US space fighter has not begun testing (according to cover scans of Site Alpha) Project Phoenix is always planning ahead, this includes fitting a cloaking device to the Earth based fighters this would allow them to continue to operate even with the US fighters in the air.

It is just a matter of what Project Phoenix will do when this might happen, after all the US may not base fighters on Earth, though this in unlikely.

At the end of April 2000, on Site Alpha the assembly of the first space fighter is complete this prototype made up from Death Glider parts and USAF/NID developed components is called the X-301. The X-301 is a testbed and is only equipped with to modified AIM 120A air-to-air missiles for self defence if the trials are successful then the X-301 will be replaced by the next generation X-302.

The X-302 will be entirely built by the joint USAF/NID teams (subcontracted across the US, with the subcontractors not knowing what they are building) then the production F-302 will be assembled on either Site Alpha or at Area 51.

Test flights are due to commence in late May 2000 and are due to be completed by the end of the year.

May 2000

In early May 2000, the Goa'uld System Lord Heru'ur attacks Cimmeria with a fleet of 12 Ha'tak’s in the hope of acquiring Asgard technology, what Heru'ur does not know is that Loki’s Asgard Science Vessel is in orbit.

As soon as Heru'ur fleet drops out of hyperspace, Heru'ur realises his mistake and orders his Ha'tak to withdraw, leaving the remaining 11 Ha'tak’s to their fate, a quick elimination by Loki’s Asgard Science Vessel.

What Heru'ur is unaware is that Apophis has several spies onboard Heru'ur flagship these spies will report Heru'ur’s attack to Apophis.

On the 10th May 2000, Apophis’s spies in Heru'ur’s fleet reports on the failed attack on Cimmeria and the Asgard response, Apophis is shocked on what Heru'ur has done, Apophis feels that the other system lords need to be informed on what has happened.

On the 20th May 2000, the other members of the Supreme Council of System Lords meet, Apophis shows them the evidence against Heru'ur, in that Heru'ur attacked a protected planet.

Apophis hints that he thinks that Heru'ur is the one that is launching these attacks against the System Lords the other System Lords agree with Apophis, as this would be the types of attack(s) that they would do in Heru'ur’s place.

Lord Yu agrees to contact the Asgard and explain that this attack was not Supreme Council of System Lords attack on the Asgard.

The rest of the Supreme Council of System Lords would eliminate Heru'ur.

On the 23rd May 2000, Lord Yu arranges a meeting with Thor in deep space, Lord You is beamed onboard Thor’s ship (unarmed).

Lord Yu bows slightly at Thor and says, “Thank you Supreme Commander Thor for agreeing to this meeting.”

Thor replies, “What is it you wish to inform the Asgard?”

Lord Yu states, “I have a message from the Supreme Council of System Lords about one of our own called Heru'ur. In that the Supreme Council of System Lords does not approve of Heru'ur recent attack on one of the Protected Planet’s Cimmeria.”

This is news to Thor as there have been no reports from the automated system on Cimmeria, this is something he must check on after this meeting with Lord Yu, after all Lord Yu nor the Supreme Council of System Lords would make up such a story.

Thor says nothing as Lord Yu continues, “I am also to inform you that the Supreme Council of System Lords is moving to deal with Heru'ur, I hope this action will be sufficient in not to provoke the Asgard?”

Thor looks away for a few moments and replies, “This action by the Supreme Council of System Lords will be sufficient, the Asgard will take no action.”

Lord Yu bows and says, “Thank you Supreme Commander Thor the Asgard is gracious as always in these matters.”

Lord Yu is beamed back onboard his ship and leaves to report back his success to the Supreme Council of System Lords.

Thor Ship, Mountbatten

Thor is in his quarters remotely checking on Cimmeria, again his systems state that there are no problems on Cimmeria, Thor is suspicious and activated the Mountbatten’s hyperdrive, destination Cimmeria.

The travel time will be very short for the Mountbatten...


As the Mountbatten drops out of hyperspace the ships sensors immediately picks up another Asgard ship, a science vessel in orbit this surprises Thor.

Thor activates his ship communication and hails this Asgard science vessel.

Loki’s ship

As soon as Thor’s ship comes out of hyperspace Loki knows that this game is up, Loki is not willing to fight Thor, even if he could, as powerful as this science vessel it is no match for an Asgard warship for the Mountbatten class.

Loki transmits what he has been doing to Thor, including the destruction of the Goa'uld System Lord Heru'ur’s fleets that tried to attack Cimmeria.

A short time later, Thor takes Loki and his followers into custody and is soon on their way back to the Asgard home world.

Loki will be stripped of his rank and authority (so that Loki cannot acquire another Asgard ship) and be restricted to the Asgard home world, Loki’s experimenting on humans is now over. However, Loki’s research will be examined by the Asgard High Council and some of the research will go towards solving the Asgard cloning problem.

The Asgard will keep this incident to themselves, as the Asgard High Council feels that this is an internal matter and nothing to do with anyone else, even the Nox and Merlin will not be informed.

On the 10th May 2000, Tony Blair attempts to remove George Robertson as Secretary of State for Defence this attempt fails, as George Robertson standing is too high for even Tony Blair to try to ease GR out of office. In his memoirs (Secretary of State for Defence 1997 – 2010), George Robertson states that Tony Blair felt that he (Robertson) was a threat to his position as PM, as well as preventing defence cuts thanks to his (GR) friendship with Gordon Brown. In a private meeting between GR and TB, GR tells TB to “F*** Off” in trying to remove him as Secretary of State for Defence and if he (TB) did he (TB) would have a fight on his hands (for the leadership of the Labour Party).

TB will not try that again…

On the 26th May 2000, piloted by O’Neill the X-301 begins the first on a series of test flights these test flights will last until the end of the year. At the same time, the X-302 prototypes are being built on Earth for shipment through the Stargate for assembly and testing, with the first shipment of parts due next year.

On the 31st May 2000, approval is given to move the Stargate from Cheyenne Mountain to Area 51, as soon as the underground facilities are completed at Area 51. This move will facilitate the movement of personnel and equipment without any ‘prying eyes’ that they currently get at Cheyenne Mountain.

The work should be complete by the end of 2001 and the Stargate should only take a month to move and reinstall in its new location under Area 51.

June 2000

As HMS Defiance leaves the Milky Way Galaxy towards the Pegasus Galaxy onboard are Dr Daniel Jackson, Dr Rodney McKay and Dr. Carson Beckett travelling from a well earned leave on Earth (via Heliopolis) they chose this method because they have not travelled this way before.

On the bridge the crewman at the engineering station says, “Commander I am getting a warning on the Asgard engine, I think we should drop out of hyperspace and get it checked out?”

The commander replies, “Very well, take us into normal space and inform our passengers.”

Dr McKay offers his help but the ships chef engineer refuses McKay’s offer of help.

Dr McKay goes off to study the long ranged sensors and is quickly engrossed in some ‘strange readings’ that he is getting on the long ranged sensors.

Dr McKay, who has been studying the ships long ranged sensors says, “No, no, no, no, no, no. This is weird.”

The commander asks, “Is there a problem with the hyperdrive?”

Dr McKay replies, “No, no, no. It's, uh, nothing to do with the, uh, the hyperdrive. It's just our, uh, sensors do not appear to be working properly.”

The commander asks, “Dr McKay is there a problem?”

Dr McKay who is distracted by what he is looking at replies, “Yeah, I'm sure its fine.”

The commander continues to watch McKay at the offhand response. McKay looks up from his computer and notices the commanders stare.

After seeing the look on the commanders face Dr McKay says, “Well, the, uh sensors are having a hard time determining what it is, probably due to the Doppler effect.”

The commander in a pressing tone asks, “What "what" is?”

Dr McKay responds, “I'm detecting a foreign object at the extreme range of the sensors it is probably a space ship of some kind travelling at .999 the speed of light, and it's coming this way.”

Everyone on the bridge looks at Dr McKay

Dr McKay smiles and says, “Believe it or not, moving that fast, while an incredible feat of technology, isn't very useful, certainly in comparison to travel through hyperspace. Now, moving as fast as it is, this ship, assuming it is a ship, would still take at least a million years just to reach the Milky Way.”

At this point Dr Daniel Jackson who has been listening asks, “I am no expert but that close to the speed of light, don't you have to take relativity into account?”

Dr McKay replies, “Exactly. The people on board, assuming that they are people, would only experience, maybe…twelve years? So a few stasis chambers, they're laughing…well, they're not laughing, they're unconscious, but you know, metaphorically speaking...”

Dr. Beckett says, “Assuming it's a ship and assuming they're people…”

Dr Jackson asks, “What do we do about them?”

Dr McKay replies, “Well I suppose we try to make contact, obviously.”

The commander asks, “How do you propose we do that, even attempting to match their speed for this ship, it is not designed to do that.”

Dr McKay replies, “Well we can't. I mean even if we succeeded, we would be subject to the same time dilation effects. We'd be out of contact with Earth and Atlantis for, what, years.”

Dr. Beckett says, “Can't we overtake them with our hyperdrive?”

Dr McKay replies, “Yes, but they would blow right past us as soon as we dropped back into normal space, because our “sublight” engines aren't capable of accelerating to anywhere near the speed of light.”

The commander states, “So uh, we max out the sublight engines get as close as we can get.”

Dr McKay replies, “Hmm. Yes. I mean, that-that might work. Um, we should at least be able to stay in range enough to get some sensor readings. Yeah.”

The commander says, “Do it Dr McKay, let us find who these ‘people’ are?”

Several hours later...

With HMS Defiance now moving at maximum sublight speed the helmsman says, “Sir, we've got just about everything we're going to get out of sublight engines.”

Dr McKay states, “They're going to fly by us in three…two…one…”

After looking at his readings, Dr McKay only says, “Interesting.”

The commander asks, “What?”

Dr McKay who is still look at the reading replies, “If these readings are correct, and, to be perfectly fair they may not be…”

Dr Jackson asks, “Rodney?”

Dr McKay says, “It's an Ancient warship. It's possibly similar to the damaged Aurora.”

The commander asks, “Who's flying it?” a bit of a stupid question.

Dr McKay replies, “I would imagine Ancients?”

Dr Beckett says, “There hasn't been any of them around for over ten thousand years. Well if you do not include Merlin that is.”

Dr McKay in a slightly disgusted tone replies, “Relativity! Look, remember, for them only handful of years have passed.”

Dr Jackson asks, “Don't those ships have hyperdrives?”

Dr McKay replies, “Well, maybe their hyperdrive was damaged in the battle with the Wraith. I mean, it, uh, it could have conked out on the way, and they were forced to continue at as close to light speed as possible. That would explain how they got a million light years away from Pegasus without having to leave a million years ago.”

The commander asks, “You know their subspace drive specs better than I do, Dr McKay, but I'm not sure an Aurora-class ship has the power to do what you're suggesting.”

Dr McKay replies, “Well, maybe they have an AEM or even several AEM’s?”

The commander says, “That makes sense”

Dr McKay states, “Okay, we need to send them a message before they get out of range, and we have to jump ahead. Something like, uh, you know, we are humans from Earth, currently occupying Atlantis, yadda yadda yadda.”

Dr Jackson says, “Might be easier and a shorter message to ask them to slow down?”

A sensor on the starboard station beeps, the helmsman says, “Commander, the unidentified vessel is slowing down.”

Dr McKay who is again looking at the monitors says, “No, they saw us and they're not just slowing down. I mean, they're slamming on the brakes in a big way.”

The commander asks, “So now what?”

As if to answer the commanders question a hologram of a woman in Ancient clothing appears on the bridge, Hella (via hologram) says, “Unknown vessel, I am Captain Helia of the Lantian warship Tria. Our ship has suffered damage. We've scanned your vessel and determined that it is capable of hyperspace travel. We've begun deceleration manoeuvres. Will you render assistance in the form of hyperspace transport?

Dr McKay in a very excited tone replies, “Well, yes! Yes, of course we will.” The Helia hologram flickers but does not respond.

Dr. Beckett in a sarcastic tone says, “I don't think she can hear you.”

The commander to the helmsman says, “Open a channel.”

The helmsman nods, the commander into the comm. says, “This is Commander Chapman, of HMS Defiance, it would be an honour to render assistance in any way we possibly can.”

Helia smiles and nods in gratitude before the hologram disappears.

Several hours later the ancient warship has come to a stop and Captain Helia and some of her crew have transferred to HMS Defiance for the short trip to Atlantis.

When HMS Defiance is in range of Atlantis they will inform Atlantis of their discovery, Atlantis will pass the message onto Merlin, Merlin in turn is eager to meet fellow surviving ancients, though Merlin has made sure that Atlantis remains firmly under his control.


As HMS Defiance drops out of hyperspace and move into orbit to beam down Helia and some of her crew to the gate room.

In Atlantis’s gate room, Alan Turing, Colonel Smith and several other are waiting for Captain Hellia to beam down.

Alan Turing says, “They were battle scarred and already well on their way to Earth when their hyperdrive finally gave out on them. They decided it was best to continue forward than go back.”

Colonel Smith asks, “How many survivors are their?”

Alan Turing replies, “Just over a hundred.”

The crewman at communication desk states, “Director Turing. HMS Defiance is ready to beam down our people and the Ancient delegation.”

Alan Turing replies, “Thank you.”

Jackson, Beckett, McKay, and five Ancients, including Helia (all armed with pistols strapped to their wastes), beam into the room near the Stargate.

Dr Jackson says, “Director Turing, Colonel Smith may I present Helia, captain of the Ancient ship Tria.”

Director Turing bowing slightly at Helia says, “It's an honour to meet you.”

Captain Helia replies, “Thank you, and from what I'm told, you've done a remarkable job preserving our city.”

Director Turing replies, “Well, we did what we could with what we had along with some help from some friends, who should arrive soon....”

Before Alan can continue, Captain Helia asks, “I need to speak to the leader of your people.”

Director Turing replies, “I'm in charge of the Atlantis expedition.”

Captain Helia says, “You misunderstand me, Director Turing. I need to talk to the one who can speak for all the people of Earth.”

Director Turing replies, “That can certainly be arranged. But may I ask why?”

Helia reaches out with her hand and a console suddenly rises up out of the floor, forcing Colonel Smith to jump back out of the way. Colonel Smith raises his gun at the new device.

McKay, who is flabbergasted at what he has just seen asks, “What is that, how come I've never seen that whatever that is?”

Helia puts her hand on the device, and nothing happens, much to Helia’s frustration.

Director Turing asks, “Excuse me, what's going on?”

Captain Helia replies, “This should give be control of Atlantis, I do not understand why it is not working?”

Before Director Turing can reply the Stargate activates and once the connection has been made four Project Phoenix troopers come through followed by an Asgard (Hermiod) then a Nox (Opher) then much to Helia’s and the other ancients surprise the leader of Atlantis comes through the Stargate (Merlin).

Helia and the other ancients step back in surprise at Merlin coming through the Stargate.

Now Helia understands why her override would not work, Merlin had gotten their first, in a much more discrete manner than Helia had just tried to do, allowing Project Phoenix to continue to use Atlantis, if necessary Merlin could reassume control of Atlantis.

After brief introductions Merlin, Opher, Hermiod, Helia, and her follow ancients go off for a private meeting. The upshot of the meeting is that Helia will take over part of Atlantis and begin to rebuild their race, but first the Asgard will use one of their ship to bring Helia’s ship to Atlantis for repairs (and upgrades).

Helia and her crew will keep themselves to themselves and not interact with Project Phoenix personnel, after all Helia and her crew have a lot to come to terms with and this will take time.

The ancients are back and now they can rebuild their civilisation as none of the crew of the Tria wish to ascend.

This will lead the Asgard and the Nox to scour the space between the Pegasus Galaxy and the Milky Way Galaxy for any other ancient ships none will be found.

By the end of June 2000, Helia and her crew are settled into their area of Atlantis, with most of their attention concentrated in repairing and upgrading the Tria, within a year the Tria will be operational once again.

July 2000

On the 1st July 2000, the Genii launch their first spacecraft the Freedom for the next month the Freedom will undergo trials the reason why these trails are not longer is that the Genii the Freedom operational quickly, along with help from the Travellers along testing period is deemed unnecessary.

In addition, the parts that the Genii are manufacturing for the Travellers own ships are coming of the Genii various production lines (scattered across the Genii home world) this production of parts has reinforced the Travellers trust in the Genii. If the Travellers knew what the Genii have planned they would never have agreed to help the Genii in any way, but they Travellers do not know what the Genii have planned.

By the 31st July 2000, the Genii ship Freedom has completed her trials, these trails have been extremely quick and some bugs in the Freedom are still coming up, but the main systems are working ok. Commander Acastus Kolya has been confirmed as the Freedom’s captain along with being in charge of the construction program for additional Freedom class ships with the second Freedom class ship already beginning construction, as the parts for the second Freedom class ship being built ready to be assembled.

The construction of the second Freedom class ship should take a year, by this time next year the next Freedom class ship should be ready to launch. Assuming that the Wraith is not awakened one new Freedom class ship will be completed every twelve months.

August 2000

On the 1st August 2000, Commander Acastus Kolya receives his orders concerning the testing of the Genii’s first nuclear device, once this device is ready Commander Kolya will take this nuclear device (once it is finished) into deep space for testing without any Travellers onboard.

After reading his orders, Commander Kolya begins a series of tests to allow the Freedom to be operated by the Genii’s crew with no Travellers onboard the Travellers do not view this request as odd, as they had expected the Genii to want to operate their own ships without help.

On the Genii home world the development of their Atom bomb is now proceeding much better thanks to the C4 given by Project Phoenix, little did Project Phoenix when they gave this C4 to the Genii how much trouble it would cause.

On the 4th August 2000, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother celebrates her 100th birthday the offer to use Project Phoenix technology to solve the Queen Mother’s medical issues has been refused by the Queen Mother, even though the Project Phoenix committee has given the ok.

By the end of August 2000, the salvage work is now well underway to retrieve Jordan expedition sunken ship at the end of August the salvages have retrieved the Osiris jar containing the Goa'uld (in stasis) Osiris.

Little do the salvages now how dangerous this jar is.

September 2000

Between the 7th September and the 14th September 2000, the UK fuel protests take place, with protesters blocking the entrances to oil refineries in protest against high fuel prices. Panic buying by motorists leads to nationwide petrol shortages, with between 75–90% of all UK petrol stations closing due to low supplies in the following week. These fuel protests catch the Labour government by surprise, as the Labour government did not realise the strength of feeling over fuel prices.

On the 14th September 2000, after beginning the year 20 points behind the Labour government in the opinion polls, the Conservative opposition's hopes of winning the next election (due to be held within 18 months) are boosted when they come two points ahead of Labour on 38% in a MORI opinion poll.

With the UK fuel reserves the price of petrol should be lower the government had missed this, post protests the government uses the UK fuel reserves to get the price of fuel lower (after a discreet interval to make sure it does not look like the government is giving in).

At the end of September 2000, the 127 crewmembers of the Tria with several female ancients now pregnant the ancient population will soon start to grow. As for Project Phoenix personnel none are aware of what is going on inside the area of Atlantis allocated to the crew of the Tria, only that these ancients appear to be focusing on getting the Tria operational again, with help coming from the Asgard and the Nox.

October 2000

On the 1st October 2000, Reggie Kray dies of cancer in a Norwich hotel at the age of 66, some thought is given to acquiring Reggie Kray and using Seth’s Goa'uld Sarcophagus reviving him so that he can serve his full sentence. This idea is quickly dropped and pointless and a waste of resources.

On the 4th October 2000, after 41 years, production of the Mini car ends at the Longbridge plant owned by MG Rover in Birmingham. The new model will go into production next spring at the Cowley plant in Oxford that is owned by BMW.

On the 11th October 2000, 250 million US gallons (950,000 m3) of coal sludge spill in Martin County, Kentucky (considered a greater environmental disaster than the Exxon Valdez oil spill).

On the 12th October 2000, in Aden, Yemen, USS Cole is badly damaged by two Al-Qaeda suicide bombers, who place a small boat laden with explosives alongside the United States Navy destroyer, killing 17 crewmembers and wounding at least 39. In response, all British naval forces in the area are put on a heightened state of alert, especially those Royal Navy ships of the Armilla patrol.

This alert also extends of any Australian, New Zealand and Canadian warships and auxiliary ships in either the area or intending to pass though this area.

On the 23rd October 2000, after the fuel protests were solved, Labour support has been restored, according to the latest MORI opinion poll, which shows them 13 points ahead of the Conservatives with 45% of the vote.

By the end of October 2000, the number of warnings coming from British intelligence about a possible terrorist attack on the US has now increased, but so far there is not much information on how or when this attach may take place.

November 2000

On the 2nd November 2000, the first resident crew enters the International Space Station also construction of the Woomera Space Station is well underway, though this Space Station will not be operational for several years.

On the 30th November 2000, the Genii scientist announces that the first nuclear device should be ready for testing sometime next year at the earliest.

December 2000

On the 1st December 2000, Merlin calls a meeting between Dr Phillips, Admiral Goodworthy, Seth, Alan Turing (coming from Atlantis) and several other members of the various departments on Heliopolis.

Merlin brings along Opher, Hermiod (representing the Nox and Asgard respectively).

Dr Phillips is quite worried that Project Phoenix may have angered one or all of these races in some way, though that is not why Merlin has called this meeting.

Merlin starts by saying, “Thank you all for coming, recently thanks to the member around this table” indicating to Dr Phillips and others, “I have discovered that I am not the last of my race that has not ascended or died.”

Dr Phillips is relived by what Merlin has just said.

Merlin goes on, “The three of us have come to the conclusion that you should be rewarded in some way, we have noted that you are building replacement warship Scorpion class you call them.”

Admiral Goodworthy responds by saying, “Yes we are the Scorpion class is replacing the Black Prince class, though this is a slow process for us.”

Merlin says, “We have noted that the construction of these Scorpion class goes slowly for you, therefore we propose that the Asgard build the remaining Scorpion class warships to replace the current number of Black Prince class on a one for one basis, as a thank you for your help.”

Dr Phillips and everyone else is stunned by this offer from the three races, it takes a few moments before Dr Phillips can respond, Dr Phillips says, “Thank you this most generous offer, I can say without consulting the committee on Earth that we would accept this offer.”

Merlin smiles and says, “Good that is what I thought you would say, as the Asgard have already begun construction of the Scorpion class warships with your level of technology being fitted.” The Asgard already has the plans for these ships as Project Phoenix had consulted with the Asgard to make sure the design was safe.

Dr Phillips cannot help but laugh a little, as Dr Phillips should have known that these three races would not have made this offer if they had anticipated that it would have been turned down.

Dr Phillips replies, “Again, all I can say is thank you. Though saying thank you seem insufficient.”

Merlin says, “It is we who should be thanking you and Project Phoenix, as if it was not for you we would not have reunited the Alliance once again, the Asgard may by on the point of extinction and I may have died in suspended animation. As for the Nox they may have lived in isolation, not wanting to contact less developed races for fear that their technology may be use to make war.”

Dr Phillips turning to Admiral Goodworthy asks, “What ships are under construction at the moment Admiral?”

Admiral Goodworthy replies, “The last two battlecrusiers these two ships will be completed by January 2002 along with eight Scorpion class under construction, with four due for completion in January next year and another four in January 2002. This will be the second cruiser squadron will be completely converted to Scorpion class by 2002.”

Dr Phillips nods at Admiral Goodworthy and asks, “How many more Scorpion class would we need to replace the remaining Black Prince class?”

Admiral Goodworthy replies, “That leaves another sixteen ships to be built before all the Black Prince class ships and replaced by the Scorpion class.”

Dr Phillips says, “Thank you Admiral” and then turning to Hermiod asks, “I would assume that the Asgard is building the sixteen Scorpion class?”

Hermiod replies, “Yes we are, it is proving to be interesting for the Asgard as we have not built this type of technology in thousands of years...”

On the 13th December 2000, Bush v. Gore the US Supreme Court stops the Florida presidential recount, effectively giving the state, and the Presidency, to George W. Bush. This part of Alan Turing’s prophecy of the future is now coming true it will be several years to see if not informing the US of Project Phoenix will avoid the destruction of the US by Project Phoenix military forces.

There will be no interference of US elections as this would be a step too far for the Project Phoenix committee to continence (even though Project Phoenix does have that capability).

On the 15th December 2000, the third and final reactor at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is shut down and the station is shut down completely, with some ongoing covert assistance from the UK, Canada and Australia. Putin must be careful about the ongoing investigation, as if the UK government found out about this investigation they could go public about the covert help the Russian government getting.

As 2000 comes to close the year 2000 has been a busy one and a very rewarding one for Project Phoenix, 2001 will change of ‘reality’ for Project Phoenix!

To be continued.
59. 2001

Mine is the first generation able to contemplate the possibility that we may live our entire lives without going to war or sending our children to war.” – Tony Blair

January 2001

On the 10th January 2001, in orbital dry-dock one HMS Ottawa, HMS Devonshire, HMS Hampshire and HMS Kent are launched with their trials being completed by the end of the year. Orbital dry-dock one will be reconfigured to construct two of the new Dreadnought class battleships from 2002 onwards.

In addition, work is well underway on the surface of Heliopolis in fabricating the parts for the new Dreadnought class battleship so that construction/assembly can begin immediately. Even though the initial plan was to produce only two at a time this has been changed to four thanks to the assistance from the Asgard in building the remaining Scorpion class heavy cruisers.

Once the last four scorpion class heavy cruisers are launched in early January 2002 production will focus entirely on the Dreadnought class battleships with two dry-docks constructing them instead of the planned one.

This will allow four Dreadnought class battleships to be built at one time instead of the planned two at a time with all other classes of warships ceasing production.

On the 15th January 2001, an unknown ship just appears in the Atlantis system in the Pegasus Galaxy without coming out of hyperspace. HMS Courageous and HMS Echo are sent to investigate as HMS Courageous approaches this unknown ship, Dr McKay says, “This ship appears to be emitting a strange form of radiation, though it does not appear be harmful and also appears to be diminishing rapidly.”

Commodore Jason Timms asks, “Is it safe to go over Dr McKay?”

Dr McKay replies, “Yes, but I suggest we beam over using the Asgard beaming technology rather than using a shuttle, as we can get in and out much more quickly with the Asgard beaming technology than a shuttle.”

The Asgard at the Asgard control console on the bridge of HMS Courageous, responds with one word to Dr McKay suggestion, “Agreed”

Commodore Timms says, “Beaming it is, but I was to look this ship over first before anyone beams over.”

As HMS Courageous approaches, the hull of this ship is now visible with the label on the side reading “USAF”, Commodore Timms who is looking slightly puzzled says, “The US does not have anything like this we would have heard about it by now.”

Dr McKay who has been studying the sensor readings says, “I do have the theory, I think that this ship may be from another reality, a reality were the US discovers the Stargate not the UK.”

Commodore Timms asks, “How do you come to that conclusion Dr McKay?”

Dr McKay replies, “Ok, since I became part of this project I have been studying a way of travelling between realities, during my studies I calculated that something close to this type of radiation that this ship is currently emitting at very low levels. Also the USAF on the side is a bit of a giveaway as Commodore Timms has said the US does not have anything like this, leading to the conclusion that this ship is from a different reality.”

Commodore Timms says, “That is a bit of a stretch, but I have heard much crazier ideas than this one and they have happened, so I will go with Dr McKay’s explanation until a better one comes along.”

Once several teams have beamed over to the ship identified as the Daedalus, they will prove Dr McKay theory about this ship coming from another reality, along with another interesting discovery.

The decision at the end of the survey is to take the ship back to Atlantis for a more detailed study, with Dr McKay in charge of this study this makes Dr McKay very happy.

On the 12th January 2001, the Daedalus is landed on one of Atlantis landing pads with the help of the ancients (they are just a curious as everyone else) move the Daedalus to Atlantis by using the repaired/refitted ancient warship Tria. The Tria has also been upgraded by the ancients this ship is now powered by three AEM’s and has upgraded shields and weapons along with all other systems that have also been improved, making the Tria the most powerful warship in the known universe.

This shows that even though there are not many ancients they still have not lost their technological edge even after 10,000 years (though only just over a 1,000 for Merlin), both the Asgard and the Nox know that they still have a lot to learn from the ancients. Project Phoenix leadership, scientists and engineers are in awe of the ancients and how quickly they have enhanced there single warships.

On the 15th January 2001, after an initial inspection led by Dr McKay, along with Dr Jackson and Dr Beckett, Dr McKay is giving a briefing about ‘his’ discovery.

Dr McKay says, “I was right about this ship coming from another reality, but there is another piece of information it also appears to be from the recent future around 2008 as far as I can see.”

At this point Dr Jackson says, “It also appears from the records of this ship that the US discovered the Stargate in there reality in the 1930’s, but did not get is operational until the mid 1990’s due to the missing dialling device.”

Alan Turing says, “Very interesting, but from your report it appears as this ship could only travel between realities and not time as well, how did this time travel happen?”

Dr McKay replies, “Glad you asked that question, from looking at the ships sensor logs it appears to have been a power surge from the capacitor that powers what they refer to as a ‘reality drive’ on its last jump a huge power surge happened. This power surge affected all systems and somehow enabled this ship to not only travel between realities by also a very limited time jump, so to speak. Though so far I have not figured out how this ‘time jump’ has happened, but I cannot really see any other explanation on how this happened.”

Dr McKay shows Alan Turing the data he has gathered, after reviewing the data Alan says, “Looks like you are right Dr McKay from what I can see, though I do agree with the information you have gathered this is the only logical explanation of how this ship ended up here. I want this information shared with the Ancients, Asgard and the Nox, understood?”

Dr McKay replies, “Understood, I have already prepared copies for all three of them to look at, though a detailed report will probably take about a year to do.”

Alan says, “Dr McKay you will remain in charge of studying this ship and all of her technologies, even though it looks like these technologies are behind us in development in most areas. Though that is to be expected after all they discovered the Stargate much later than we did, so there technological development would be behind ours.”

Dr McKay replies, “Thank you.”

Alan asks, “If there is nothing else?”

Dr McKay says, “Well there is one other thing with this information I will be able to correct the faults on my ‘other me’ design of my own ‘reality drive’. The fix is quite easy, by simply jumping to another reality and then jumping back to our own we can avoid getting lost in the massive number of other realities. This is a simple solution as we are linked so to speak to where we have just come from and all we would need to do is put the ‘reality drive’ in reverse so to speak to get back to our own reality.”

Alan asks, “Seems like a good idea though I would want an unmanned test first and what about the capacitor problem, I would assume you would create an off ‘valve’ from what I read it seems as though this one was constructed without one?”

Dr McKay smiles and replies, “Yes that would be my solution we could use a Fox shuttle as a testbed, after all it does not need to go anywhere in space, just to another reality and back again? The shuttle can be automated for safety and we could also fit a self destruct to the shuttle if it does not return within a certain timescale?”

Alan replies, “Very well Dr McKay let me have the specification when you have done them, though first do the Daedalus inspection then the ‘reality drive’ development.”

Dr McKay smile broadens and he replies, “Yes understand and thank you.”

Alan replies, “Good now if there is nothing else?” Dr McKay shakes his head in the negative Alan continues “Carry on Dr McKay.”

The files from this Daedalus will prove very interesting including the two gateships that are recovered from the ships hanger all three races are interested how they fared in this other reality. The Asgard are not happy about their fate (extinction) in that reality the Nox are surprised that the Asgard did not contact them in that reality for help, Merlin is worried about the Ori (though he keeps this information to himself) and makes sure that no one else can get hold of this information.

After all the last thing that Merlin wants is to have to build the Sangraal, as the ‘other’s’ may step in as they had done previously.

The two gateships will be checked out by the Ancients once they have given the ok then the Ancients will hand both ships to Project Phoenix as the Ancients can create gateships if they need them.

On the 20th January 2001, George W. Bush succeeds Bill Clinton as the 43rd President of the United States, one of his first acts is to reinstate the cover investigation into how the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are getting to technologically advanced so quickly. This will come back to haunt President Bush when ‘Wikileaks’ leaks these memos that essentially give permission to spy on the US ally in the upcoming War on Terror.

On the 21st January 2001, President Bush is briefed on the Stargate program this information overwhelms President Bush (he cannot speak coherently for several minutes after the briefing, [nothing new there then J]). President Bush ‘merely’ continues the program of his predecessor with no changes this will continue with the ongoing research into alien technologies along with the continuing security restrictions including keeping all of the Cabinet and the Vice President out of the loop on this program.

NID Director Woolsey and Senator Kinsley are the two civilians that answer directly to the President with Director Woolsey responsible for screening new recruits and Senator Kinsley being responsible for getting the programs funding. With General West is in charge of all military operations, though even in theory he answers to Director Woolsey and Senator Kinsley with the authority that the President has given them. In practice, General West runs the military operations with little or not interference from either Director Woolsey or Senator Kinsley this has led to an unclear chain of command, though so far this has not caused any problems, as everyone is doing their jobs and not stepping on each other toes.

General Hammond runs the day-to-day Stargate operations (from the new underground base at Area 51) reporting to General West based at the Pentagon, along with NID Director Woolsey and Senator Kinsley.

Colonel O’Neill, apart from leading Team One on missions is unofficially the next senior officer to General Hammond and the most senior officer currently at Site Alpha, though Site Alpha is under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Harold “Harry” Maybourne (soon to be promoted to full Colonel).

With Major Charles Kawalsky is to be promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and given command of Team Two (on O'Neill’s recommendation), with a total of five off world teams currently being created.

The size and scope of the US Stargate program is slowly growing.

On the 31st January 2001, the Scottish Court in the Netherlands convicts one Libyan terror suspect and acquits another for their part in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, which crashed in Lockerbie in 1988. Al Amin Khalifah Fhimah (aged 44) is cleared, but Abdelbaset Ali Mohamed Al Megrahi is found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment with a recommended minimum term of 20 years. There had been some thought (via the Committee of Four) to using ‘special measures’ against these two to ‘sprit’ them away, but the public gaze on these two from both the UK and worlds press make this idea impossible to implement.

In the years to come another ‘opportunity’ to ‘acquire’ these two criminals by using ‘special measures’ to bring them both to justice will present itself in a most unusual form.

By the end of January 2001, the number of countries that are part of the Sterling Zone countries now stand at the following Solomon Islands, Saint Lucia, Kiribati (formerly Gilbert Islands), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Bermuda. Part of the Sterling Zone, but with their countries’ currencies (not the pound) Sweden and Norway merely tied to the Sterling Zone and British pound.

This list of Sterling Zone countries also includes Australia, New Zealand and Canada as ‘founding members’ of the Sterling Zone, along with the UK!

The following part of United Kingdom are as follows Gibraltar, Malta and Chagos Islands (British Indian Ocean Territory), Grenada, Falkland Islands (including South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands), Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha and the British Virgin Islands

With both the Pound Sterling and the US Dollar being the main currencies being used around the world for trading, the commonwealth countries use both currencies.

There are still only four countries, which are part of Project Phoenix the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada these numbers are unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.

All of these four countries are advancing technologically at the same level, with some minor exceptions, for example New Zealand does not use nuclear power, instead is focusing on renewable energy. Though the UK, Australia and Canada do have renewal energy programs these energy programs is part of an energy program that includes nuclear power.

In Australia and Canada, the new high-speed rail network is continuing to grow, in the UK British Rail remains state controlled, funded and continues to improve its rail network and rolling stock. This high-speed rail network in Australia and Canada will connect every major city in Australia and Canada though it is still several decades off from achieving its goal, those parts of the new high-speed rail network that are operational are very popular with the public.

February 2001

During early February 2001, Project Phoenix military forces are issued with Accuracy International sniper rifles (L96A1) firing the .338 Lapua Magnum round, though Project Phoenix military is behind in being issued with these rifles. Project Phoenix military could have always ‘acquired’ any rifles they need from British military stock back on Earth if needed in a hurry.

These L96A1 will be supplemented, then replaced by the L115A1 and the L115A3 rifles bring a total order from the British MoD to several thousand, sniper rifles of all types are procured from Accuracy International.

By the 15th February 2001, the testing of the X-301, with O’Neill being the main test pilot is proceeding better than expected this has caused certain timelines to with the X-302 to be moved up soon rather than later. On Earth NID Director Woolsey, Senator Kinsley and General West agree that the first prototype X-302’s should begin assembly on Site Alpha so that O’Neill as chief test pilot can compare the two fighters before assembly of the production version the F-302 fighter as quickly as possible.

The first parts for the X-302 prototypes should be ready to be sent through the Stargate once the Stargate has been moved to Area 51 in December 2001 with shipment of first X-302 parts commencing in January 2002.

On the 19th February 2001, the foot and mouth crisis begins in the UK the governments initial response is slow, but does pick up once the military is put in charge of operations. Even with the UK, (along with Australian, New Zealand and Canada) leading the world in this area(s) of research the UK government’s response to the foot and mouth crisis is disjointed. When the military (under Defence Secretary George Robertson) begin to deal with the foot and mouth crisis the Prime Minister looks like he cannot take change himself.

This will cause tensions between the Prime Minister, his Defence Secretary does continue to grow, and within a few years, George Robertson will have an ally against the Prime Minister in the form of the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

With George Robertson success it makes is impossible to fire him (Robertson), also with the coming of 9/11 this will make firing George Robertson even more impossible for the Prime Minister.

During mid February 2001, the US government along with various US defence contractors (specifically Lockheed Martin) try to get the UK (along with Australia, New Zealand and Canada) to become part of the JSF program. Initially the UK Prime Minister seems to back the JSF program, but by the end of 2001, this has not worked mainly due to the ‘interference’ of the UK Defence Sectary in killing and cooperation with the US on this program. Along with a lot of pressure from not only the UK defence industry by also Australia, New Zealand and Canada defence industries as well.

With the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada already pursuing their own defence procurement programs (improved supersonic Sea Harrier and the Arrow replacement fighter/bomber) none of these countries are interested in the JSF program.

This will also lead to Norway in not being interested in the JSF program as well, as the Norwegian Government with purchase the SAAB Gripen as there is already a growing amount of trade between these two Sterling Zone countries. This will lead to several Norwegian defence companies to take a stake in the SAAB Gripen program to push export sales.

On the 16th February 2001, both the British and US air forces carry out bombing raids, attempting to disable Iraq's air defence network as part of the ongoing Iraq disarmament crisis. This bombing does prove that both the UK and US military forces are more than capable of dealing with Iraq on their own this is part of the pressure brought to bear on the UN to take stronger action against Iraq. Is also proves to both governments (UK and US) that they do not need each other and that both can conduct independent military operations without the other. The UK has an advantage over the US in that the UK can call on its commonwealth allies in a time of war along with the UK’s NATO allies as well something the US would be has pressed to do with both

On the 23rd March 2001, the destruction of Russian space station Mir is carried out near Nadi, Fiji. With the remains of the Mir space station falling into the Pacific Ocean this now leaves only two space stations in orbit the US led International Space Station and the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada led Woomera Space Station, with the Woomera Space Station soon to become operational.

At the end of February 2001, the Goa'uld System Lord Heru'ur has been eliminated by his fellow System Lords, though the elimination of Heru'ur has not stopped the attacks against the other System Lords. The civil war between the System Lords immediately resumes with an increased intensity.

The Goa'uld Civil War will fall into two main warring group’s one group led by Apophis and the other led by Lord Yu, though there will be other smaller groups of Goa'uld System Lords not only fighting each other but also both Apophis and Lord Yu as well.

The main problem from the System Lords is that Anubis is behind these attacks and not Apophis the other problem is the Ha'tak’s used by Anubis have been upgraded with improved weapons and shields, which have been upgraded using the limited Ancient technology to which Anubis has had access to, thanks to his half-ascended nature. However, as it turns out, he was fully ascended and not allowed (by the ancients ascended) to use his full powers or knowledge. Therefore, Anubis may not have been able to use any ascended knowledge in their construction only that information that he could translate when the ancients partly sent him back.

Even with this limited upgrade, Anubis’s Ha'tak’s are more than a match for the System Lords Ha'tak’s and in every engagement against the System Lords ‘conventional’ Ha'tak’s have been beaten by Anubis’s superior Ha'tak’s. This is another reason why the System Lords cannot figure out who they are fighting, as there have been no survivors from any of Anubis’s attacks.

However, against an AEM power Asgard Mountbatten class warship even Anubis’s upgraded Ha'tak’s would not stand a chance even if several were to engage an Mountbatten class warship.

March 2001

By March 2001, the total population living and working off world has reached 1,206,350 (including those that are not ‘permanent residents’ on Heliopolis, with the bulk of the personnel being based on Heliopolis.

On Camelot there is only a small contingent of 6,853 this contingent is slowly building up the basic facilities (on a separate continent) for the establishment of a new colony on this word. This development is being done at a deliberately slow pace to allow a proper colony to be developed/established and as not to interfere with other work or the local population.

On Atlantis the population does vary as personnel are rotated in/out, though the population does not exceed 11,000 (excluding Nox, Asgard and the resident ancients) at any one time, even with the 11,000 limit, Project Phoenix is only living in a fraction of Atlantis.

The small population of ancients keep to themselves with Merlin being the main liaison between Project Phoenix and the small group of ancients. The population of the ancients on Atlantis will soon group with several ancient women now pregnant, though if nothing goes drastically wrong it will take several thousand years for the ancient population to recover.

On the 8th March 2001, the wreckage of Donald Campbell’s speedboat Bluebird K7 is raised from the bottom of Coniston Water in Cumbria, 34 years after Campbell was killed in an attempt to break the world water speed record. This had been achieved by using a Nimrod reconnaissance aircraft (fitted with off world scanning technology and using a specially security cleared crew) to scan the lake and report the possible position(s) that the Bluebird may be located without revealing how the Nimrod was able to locate Bluebird. In this way off world technology is being used without anyone knowing, as the press merely report that the Nimrod reconnaissance aircraft was carrying sensitive military and highly classified equipment and nothing more.

This is one way that Project Phoenix can use the off world equipment without any risk in revealing Project Phoenix to the world, other tests like this one occur from time to time in the years to come.

This type of help is being done very slowly and on a case-by-case basis, due to the extreme security surrounding anything to do with Project Phoenix even the most obsessed conspiracy theorist cannot see the UK with alien technology in its possession.

On the 15th March 2001, the new Goa'uld Civil War takes a darker turn when Anubis’s forces launch an attack on one of Lord Yu’s minor Goa'uld System Lords ally worlds. This attack by Anubis’s forces kills everyone, leaving no survivors this attack is blamed on Apophis by Lord Yu who retaliates in kind, leading to several lightly defended and populated worlds being attack by both Lord Yu and Apophis’s forces with all these planet’s populations eliminated.

On the 25th March 2001, Anubis is very pleased that his new plan has caused an intensification of the Goa'uld Civil War, rather than a downturn after the elimination of the Goa'uld System Lord Heru'ur.

Anubis’s own forces are continuing to grow with his fleet now easily matching the strength of any individual Goa'uld System Lord, in addition to the few Goa'uld System Lords that are aware that he is alive, such as Lord Ba'al. These system lords like Ba'al have sworn allegiance to Anubis for one reason or another (usually survival or to gain the advanced technology offered by Anubis). Lord Ba'al has acquired the improved technologies for his own fleet from Anubis, though has not yet upgraded his own fleet so that he can continue to spy on his fellow System Lords for Anubis.

Anubis is pleased with Lord Ba'al’s work for him so far, though Anubis like all Goa'uld System Lords Anubis does not trust Lord Ba'al.

By the end of 2001, the Goa'uld Civil War will have intensified enough to worry not only the Asgard, but also the Nox and Merlin.

By the end of March 2001, the numbers of Woomera Astronauts that have travelled into space now number just over 1,200 (with several of these travelling multiple times), making the Woomera Space Program the world leader in the number of people to have travelled into space.

April 2001

By early April 2001, the Genii’s first nuclear device is ready for testing Commander Acastus Kolya and the Freedom will test this device in deep space well away from any possible Wraith presence. During this mission the scientists that developed this nuclear device will be onboard the Freedom to observe the test their will be no Travellers onboard the Freedom.

On the 1st April 2001, a Chinese fighter jet bumps into EP-3E surveillance aircraft, which is forced to make an emergency landing in Hainan, China. The crew is detained for 10 days and the F-8 Chinese pilot, Wang Wei, goes missing and is presumed dead. During this ‘incident’ the US government refuses the UK government’s offer of help this is not helped by President Bush’s (over aggressive) reaction to this his first foreign policy crisis, once sounder minds in the US administration are involved this situation is quickly resolved.

This aggressive act by President Bush (towards China) to this incident further reinforces the view of the Project Phoenixes Committee of the Four that the US should not be told about Project Phoenix. The Committee decides that until President Bush leaves office that the US should be kept in the dark, once President Bush’s successor has been elected then the Committee will review the situation.

On the 4th April 2001, the group of fourteen of the Friends of Freddy Mercury now have got extensive files on the UK and the various technological programs. Some of the research programs that they think the UK has are completely wrong, though a small number are correct. The Friends of Freddy Mercury are also aware of the US doing the same the US has become aware of the Friends of Freddy Mercury and when any of them come to the US they are put under surveillance by the FBI (reporting to the NID officer Colonel Frank Simmons).

So far, the Friends of Freddy Mercury have not found out anything about the US Stargate program, but there are hints coming from the US about some interesting developments. However, as the US Stargate program is not as secure as the joint UK, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand Project Phoenix Program is. The Friends of Freddy Mercury are bound to find out sooner rather than later. When the Friends of Freddy Mercury do find out about the Stargate program (though not details just general information) Colonel Simmons will take immediate (lethal) action against the Friends of Freddy Mercury without higher authority approval.

This will lead the Friends of Freddy Mercury to seek help from a very unusual source.

On the 5th April 2001, the Genii’s first nuclear device is covertly loaded in to the Freedom’s small rear cargo bay and then the Freedom leaves the Genii home world for a deep space location to test the nuclear device. A further two nuclear devices are already under assembly, though until this test is complete this assembly process will be slowed to allow any adjustments to be made to the next two devices.

On the 10th April 2001, the Genii ship Freedom drops out of hyperspace in the middle of nowhere and detonates the Genii’s first nuclear device (at a safe distance from the Freedom with the ships shields up). This first Genii’s first nuclear device is not as powerful as expected the next device will need to be improved and tested though this does not detract from the fact that the Genii have their first nuclear device.

The Freedom returns to the Genii home world to deliver the new of the test, along with returning the scientist and engineers to modify the second nuclear device for testing.

On the 15th April 2001, the Goa'uld System Lord Camulus holdings come under attack by Anubius’s forces, though Camulus thinks that the attacking forces comes from Apophis and launches a series of attacks against Apophis’s holdings. These attacks by Camulus will greatly weaken Camulus forces, allowing Apophis’s to take several worlds controlled by Camulus.

On the 20th April 2001, Major Charles Kawalsky is to be promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and given command of off world Team Two this is on O'Neill’s recommendation. Stargate Commands off world teams (five currently) are rotated with one off world at any one time, a second preparing to go off world and the others are either resting or on notice to defend Site Alpha (with exception to those team members on leave on Earth).

By the 25th April 2001, the US off world Stargate program is aware there are several advanced races in the galaxy from information gained from off world missions. Stargate Commands attempts to gain useful information on the location(s) of these advanced races has so far come to almost nothing with the exception of now know that one of these races if called Asgard.

By the 30th April 2001, in the aftermath of these brief but deadly battles between Camulus and Apophis, Camulus will be left with just three worlds under his control, though Camulus remaining forces will heavily defend these three worlds. This will lead Camulus to concentrate on building up the defences on these worlds as Apophis does not have sufficient strength to capture these three worlds from Camulus, as such an attack world greatly weaken Apophis’s military strength.

At the end of April 2001, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada announce the funding of the next generation Harrier program, in addition a replacement aircraft for not only the Arrow fighter but also the Eagle GR (TSR.2) aircraft. The Harrier part of the program is already well advanced with funding already in place, the Arrow/Eagle replacement program is just in its early stage.

The requirement for the Arrow/Eagle replacement is for a combined interceptor fighter/bomber with the capabilities of both aircraft rolled into one airframe also the potential for exports for this aircraft is seen as very large, especially with certain Commonwealth countries such as India.

A name has already been chosen for this new interceptor fighter/bomber the Tempest.

May 2001

In early May 2001, President Bush reactivates the X-33 program, though with a much smaller budget to see if the problems can be solved in R&D without building an X-33 and its associated costs. In addition President Bush gives the go ahead to the military’s X-37 program, with the variants to be built the X-37A will be used by NASA (when built) for glide test the next will be the X-37B this will be used by the USAF (and the NID) for launching spy satellite missions into Earth orbit.

This is an attempt by the US to try to keep up with the joint British, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian Woomera Rocket Program, as this program has allowed these four countries to get ahead of the US space program in recent years.

These programs will receive an extra boost post 9/11 especially the X-37B program, as the need for US intelligence gathering will greatly increase.

None of these US space programs will bear fruit until 2004/05 with the X-37 being the first success followed by the X-33.

June 2001

By early June 2001, Project Phoenix off world exploration was still focused on those worlds that are unknown to the Goa'uld this has led to very little contact (combat) between Project Phoenix forces and the Goa'uld. Additional worlds that are known to Merlin have also been added to the growing list of worlds that the Goa'uld is unaware off. These worlds have proven useful in expanding the knowledge of Project Phoenix in both the mineral wealth of these world and the populations and how they have developed without Goa'uld interference.

Some of the worlds populations have asked Project Phoenix not to return and to leave them alone Project Phoenix has agreed to these requests, in some cases the worlds are no longer habitable and in a few rare cases, the worlds have been destroyed.

Project Phoenix has been using a mixture of their ships and the Stargate to explore these worlds, were there is a primitive world a ship is sent and teams are beamed down to the surface to conduct discrete surveillance.

Were the planet’s population is more advanced (discovering the Stargate and finding how it works) then first contact is made between the leaders of that planet and diplomatic representatives of the planet. The diplomatic contact is merely to establish relations with the planet(s) concerned, on some occasions limited trade deals are struck (though not for weapons).

All in all Project Phoenix is taking its first tentative steps to becoming a major player in the Milky Way Galaxy, it will be many years before this strategy will allow Project Phoenix to be recognised as a major player by the Goa'uld.

On the 7th June 2001, the 2001 UK General Election the Labour Party attains a second successive General Election victory though with a reduced majority. With Labour getting 368, Conservatives getting 185 and the Liberal Democrat getting 52. This will not stop William Hague announcing his resignation as Conservative Party leader after four years as party leader.

On the 10th June 2001, the Prime Minister Tony Blair announces his new cabinet John Prescott will remain Deputy Prime Minister and George Robertson will remain Secretary of State for Defence, along with Gordon Brown remaining Chancellor of the Exchequer, with only George Robertson surviving in his post to 2010.

On the 15th June 2001, both Prime Minister Tony Blair and President Bush reaffirm the ‘special relationship’ between the UK and the US, though this is just a PR excursive with the ending of the cold war there has been no real ‘special relationship’. The press are informed by both governments that the ‘special relationship’ between the two powers still exists post cold war, but there has been little that binds the two countries together now that the cold war has ended.

This will however change (slightly) post 911.

July 2001

On the 1st July 2001, at the Woomera launch facility a manned HOTOL is launched this HOTOL carries six astronauts to the Woomera space station. These six astronauts will spend the next three months testing the various systems on the space station before declaring the Woomera space station operational.

On the 5th July 2001, with the successful docking to the Woomera space station Lord Alan Bond the director of the HOTOL program announces a HOTOL replacement space plane with improved engines, cargo and passenger capacity (up to a maximum of 30 people). This new space plane will be known as Syklon the total cost of this program (divided between the four Woomera space program countries) is estimated at £8 billion pounds and will secure thousands of jobs in all four countries that are part of the Woomera space program.

Lord Bond’s design will have an estimated first launch will take place in either 2009 or 2010 and will drive the cost of launching satellites and people into orbit down to a new low. This news is relatively, well received in the press and people of all four Woomera space program countries, though as space launches are now very common they have lost their appeal to the general public.

On the 10th July 2001, the Genii ship Freedom again comes out of hyperspace in the middle of nowhere carrying the second and improved nuclear device. This time the test exceeds expectation with the nuclear detonation much more powerful than expected.

On the 12th July 2001, the Genii ship Freedom returns to the Genii home world to confirm the success of this second test and to allow the Genii to begin building nuclear bombs for use against the Wraith.

On the 16th July 2001, the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation sign the Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation. The Russian Federation is trying to catch up with the UK and the Commonwealth as they already have such an agreement with China. In this agreement with the UK and the Commonwealth China as agreed to reduce its self declared economic zone around those countries that are part of the Commonwealth.

This agreement is a major milestone for the Commonwealth in gaining such an agreement in addition the Commonwealth has had a hand in settling the border dispute between India and China. Most Commonwealth countries and not bothering with the UN first instead they go to the Commonwealth mediation service first to settle any disputes this mostly solves the problem.

August 2001

During early August 2001, Apophis is now certain that there is an outside force attacking not only his own holdings, but also that of the other System Lords. However, trying to convince Lord Yu of this has proved to be impossible for Apophis and Apophis must now dig in for another civil war and hope he survives to deal with this external threat.

On the 9th August 2001, President George W. Bush announces his limited support for federal funding of research on embryonic stem cells along with types of genetic research. This will cause the US to fall behind the UK (along with Australia, Canada and New Zealand) along with several other counties in this area of research. With several US scientists moving from the US to the UK (along with Australia, Canada and New Zealand) and a smaller number of these former US scientists renouncing their US citizenship to become UK, Australian, Canadian or New Zealand citizens.

This will be later call a mini ‘dark ages’ by some commentators (for the next eight years), because of the negative views into some types of genetic research in the US this attitude to certain types of research will cause a limited ‘brain drain’ out of the US to other countries.

However, what the various commentators do not know is that the Stargate program has no such restrictions especially off world.

On the 16th August 2001, royal butler Paul Burrell is charged with the theft of items belonging to Diana, Princess of Wales, not wanting a scandal the Queen asks Commander Bodie of SI-5 to stop the prosecution of Paul Burrell.

On the 17th August 2001, with Commander Bodie direct intervention the prosecution of Paul Burrell is stopped, after Commander Bodie states that the Queen had informed him that Paul Burrell had the Queens permission to look after certain items of Diana, Princess of Wales. Commander Bodie also states that these items of Diana, Princess of Wales are now under SI-5 control and will be released upon the instruction of the Queen.

The UK press are shocked at the Queens personal intervention and the UK press asks why on earth did no one think to ask if Paul Burrell had permission the police are forced to admit that they had not asked that question.

Paul Burrell will be given a generous ‘pension’ in return for keeping quiet he will agree as the generous ‘pension’ is offered at SI-5 headquarter in London and Paul Burrell is left in no uncertain terms what will happen to him if he discusses this with anyone.

At no point would anyone during this saga question the house bound Diana, Princess of Wales, when this breaks SI-5 takes over direct control of Diana, Princess of Wales security (at the request of the Queen) so that this sort of thing will not happen again.

By the end of August 2001, this story will have died down and the press will have moved on. But again it does show the PM (and to those also in the know) that the Queen has the clout to go over the PM’s head and get certain ‘agency’s’ to grant a request from the Queen without passing it through the PM or even the Committee of Four.

September 2001

On the 11th September 2001, terrorist attacks by al-Qaeda upon the United States of America. With 67 UK nationals perishing in the attacks, the largest loss of life from any nation other than the United States where the attacks take place.

The UK Armed forces go on the highest level of alert (BIKINI state – RED later downgraded to AMBER a few days later), with the UK (like the US) informing the Russian and Chinese governments that this action is purely defensive, both the Russian and Chinese government (especially where the UK is concerned) acknowledge and stand down their own armed forces.

The NATO council declares that these attacks on the United States are an attack on all NATO nations, which satisfy Article 5 of the NATO charter. This will mark the first invocation of Article 5, which had been written during the Cold War with an attack by the Soviet Union in mind.

As for the governments of Australia, New Zealand and Canada immediately back the UK (and the US) in dealing with al-Qaeda all these three governments are more closely tied to the UK than anyone can possibly imagine. In Canada’s case, Article 5 of the NATO charter backs this up as Canada is a NATO member along with the UK, with the UK having its own mutual defence pact with Australia and New Zealand this will allow these to countries to join the UK dealing with al-Qaeda.

In the UK (like the US), the plan for the continuity of government plans are activated with various Cold War bunkers being activated and in many cases hastily reactivated any plans for defence cuts are now forgotten. Most commentators state that this is 1982 all over again, as at that time, there were plans for defence cuts and now they have been shelved. In the future, any cuts to the UK’s defence spending will immediately bring up both the Falklands War and 9/11 thus killing any future defence cut dead.

One Canada Square, the UK's tallest building, and the London Stock Exchange are evacuated following the attacks in the United States along with strong police presence in the streets in London the army is readied to back up the police if needed (they are not needed).

Prime Minister Tony Blair cancels a speech he was due to give to the TUC, and pledges to “stand shoulder to shoulder” with the United States, though initially will take no action in relation to raising the UK’s defence posture that will be left to another cabinet member....

Project Phoenix Response to 9/11

RAAF Woomera, RCAF Nunavut and RAF Barra airbases go to a state of lockdown, with no one allowed in or out of these bases, with four (conventional) fighters airborne 24 hours a day on CAP above these bases. This level of alert will remain active for several years though personnel will be allowed in and out of these bases after a few weeks, security will be much tighter than normal.

On Heliopolis (after both towers have collapsed) Director Phillips summons Merlin, Hermiod and Opher Director Phillips reports what has happened back on Earth the Nox are the most shocked of the three races presents.

Merlin however states, “I think we should take a step backwards in our response to this action on Earth” both Hermiod and Opher looks at Merlin as if he were mad, but Merlin continues, “We know from Turing’s prediction that contact with the US would mean a more devastating war, maybe this is the catalyst for this war. After all US security would be very nervous would they not Director Phillips?”

Director Phillips is silent for several minutes and then replies, “Thank you Merlin, I believe you are right this could be the trigger for the Turing prediction, we must not consider any rash actions that could cause more unnecessary deaths.”

Hermiod and Opher understand why Merlin has just said what he has said both nod in reluctant agreement with Merlin, as they both know deep down that Merlin is right.

Director Phillips then says, “We will have to deal with this problem on Earth with more conventional means, I will pass this advice onto the Committee with a recommendation that Project Phoenix forces are not used and we must keep the US out of the loop as far as Project Phoenix is concerned.”

Hermiod, Opher and Merlin agree with Director Phillips idea, as the best way forward the alternative is unthinkable, as Alan Turing’s prophecy may come true and no one wants that to happen.

On the 12th September 2001, the UK Defence Secretary George Robertson operating from the MoD buildings (well the war bunker under the building) in London was now moving the UK to a quasi war footing with RAF air defence squadrons at full operational strength, performing Combat Air Patrols over the UK. This is to comfort the population and to show that the MoD was reacting to this attack against the US (and possibly the UK as well though the UK has not been directly attacked the UK as suffered causalities). George Robertson would continue to run the defence of the nation until the 15th September, at that time the Prime Minister would take charge.

George Robertson’s memoirs (published in 2011) would note this, unlike Tony Blair’s own memoirs that would state that he (TB) was running the defence of the UK from day one this statement from (TB) will later be proved to be untrue, forcing a retraction by Tony Blair. Tony Blair would state that this was an error in his own memoirs, no one in or outside of government would really believe Tony Blair’s answer.

Most of the credit (post 2010 general election) will go to George Robertson for getting the UK defences in place in case of further attacks post 9/11.

In addition, Canada, New Zealand and Australia are also mobilising their military forces, bring their countries to a quasi war footing.

Across all parts of the UK reservist are placed on standby, though they are not moved to active status, just made aware that they could be call upon (some will be) if military actions is needed (it will be).

On the 15th September 2001, Tony Blair now takes control of the UK’s military (though a little late), Tony Blair orders (or confirms George Robertson orders) to prepare the UK military for action against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

On the 20th September 2001, UK Special Forces personnel are authorised to be dropped into help the Northern Alliance against the Taliban along with US Special Forces, in a prelude to an attack by not only the US, but also NATO and several other countries as well.

On the 21st September 2001, two Royal Navy carrier groups head toward the coast of Pakistan, along with several US carrier groups and one Australian and Canadian carrier groups. The UK carrier groups will link up with the Australian and Canadian carrier groups creating a very powerful combined carrier group force with four fleet carriers and combined escort forces of fifty warships, supply and support ships.

With commentators stating that, this level (and size) of fleet action has not been seen since World War 2 the gathering ground force strength that will be deployed is also impressive as well.

The UK press will refer to this as the ‘gathering storm’ before this ‘storm’ strikes at the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

At the same time both the Taliban and al-Qaeda leadership seem to be in worlds of their own, not realising what is about to hit them!

On the 18th September 2001, anthrax attacks commence across the US as letters containing anthrax spores are mailed from Princeton, New Jersey to ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, the New York Post, and the National Enquirer. 22 in total are exposed; 5 of them die. A consequence of these anthrax attacks, all countries would improve their defences against such attacks, along with expanding funding of various antidotes for various some (not all) Bio weapons. The UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia with no limit on biological research would lead the world in this area of research, also thanks to certain off world technologies becoming available (being invented with current technologies) sooner rather than later.

On the 28th September 2001, UK Defence Secretary George Robertson confirms a carrier replacement program (this program had faced cuts to the numbers to be built), with the current four carriers being replaced on a one for one basis. Canada and Australia are confirmed as joint partners on this carrier replacement program with each country ordering one each.

With construction of these new carriers beginning within five years in all three countries, with the first carriers being launched four years after that. The House of Commons (almost) fully supports these new carriers along with other defence improvement programs.

In essence UK Defence Secretary George Robertson has been given a virtual ‘blank cheque’ by the House of Commons on defence spending this is helped by support from the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who is giving his support to annoy the Prime Minister, as the Chancellor thinks that the PM has reneged on “the deal”.

On the 30th September 2001, the Chinese government informs Chris Patten the British ‘special trade representative’ to China that the Chinese government has severed all contacts with the Taliban government including arms sales. Britain’s policy towards China has just paid a very large divined, though the Taliban government are also good at alienating themselves from outside help as well, by their own actions.

Those members of the Taliban that try to slip across the border between China and Afghanistan will be arrested then ‘dealt with’, by China’s security forces.

October 2001

On the 7th October 2001, the US led combined forces invade Afghanistan. The Royal Navy providing the second largest numbers of personnel and ships (not counting those from Canada, New Zealand and Australia) the Royal Navy fires off several hundred cruise missiles against targets in Afghanistan.

The US led combined forces initial targets is the Taliban and al-Qaeda bases in Afghanistan along with supporting the Afghanistan opposition (Northern Alliance) against the Taliban the level of firepower brought against the Taliban and al-Qaeda is mind blowing.

The US will commit 90,000 plus troops to Afghanistan with the UK committing 80,000, though adding in Australian, Canadian and New Zealand troops would push the combined total of the UK, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand troops to over 100,000.

In the UK, the people believed that the Prime Minister was running the war from day one however the Afghanistan war would be run by the Defence Secretary this would not come to light until the publication of George Robertson’s memoirs in 2011.

Another war in a few years would be run by the Prime Minister and would be the beginning of the end for Tony Blair...

As the war goes on the UK would used paratroopers (like the US) in large numbers since World War 2 to take key locations and hold these locations until additional units arrived these paratroopers would be supplied and supported by airpower until additional military units have arrived.

On the 26th October 2001, President George W. Bush signs the Patriot Act into law. This act also indirectly increases funding for various intelligence agencies including the NID along with oversight from Kinsey committee, in reality the funding will be for the Stargate program. The Patriot Act is just a way of making sure that funding is increased without the need for going through the various committees and any public scrutiny.

On the 28th October 2001, the second Genii warship is launched with a third immediately beginning construction this second Genii warship will be called the Liberty and will be under the command of Commander Acastus Kolya from his ‘flagship’ the Freedom.

At the end of October 2001, the Tok'ra are watching with growing horror at the intensity of this latest civil war between the System Lords, none of the older Tok'ra have ever seen anything like this. There is little the Tok'ra can do about the civil war all they can too is watch and wait to see the outcome there worst fear would be one all powerful System Lord, if that where to seen to be happening the Tok'ra would intervene to prevent this in their own way/

November 2001

On the 1st December 2001, NASA (via the NID and other US intelligence agency’s) gives the go ahead for the development of the X-37 shuttle. Officially, the X-37 will be for testing, unofficially the X-37 will be used to carry intelligence gathering equipment in its cargo bay the X-37 will also be unmanned.

The Boeing X-37 Orbital Test Vehicle will be a reusable unmanned spacecraft this spacecraft is boosted into space by a rocket, then re-enters Earth's atmosphere and lands as a space plane. The X-37 will initially be operated by NASA but has been acquired by the USAF for orbital spaceflight missions intended to demonstrate reusable space technologies. The reality is that the X-37 will be used for intelligence gathering on hostile powers such as North Korea, Iran and other such countries.

This is a tangible benefit of the joint USAF and NID operations that had been set up as a cover for the Stargate program but these joint operations have had other benefits as well for the US with these joint operations will receive more funding in the years to come.

The first flight is expected in early 2003 and the X-37 becoming operational by early 2005 (with the NID being the main user) with the various US intelligence agencies, though official the X-37 series will be lists as Orbital Test Vehicles.

With four Orbital Test Vehicles planned, more will be built if these initial four are successful in their mission(s).

On the night of 12th November 2001, Taliban forces flee from the city of Kabul, leaving under the cover of darkness. By the time, Northern Alliance forces arrived in the afternoon of 13th November 2001 supported by not only UK, Australian, Canadian, New Zealand and US Special Forces but also overwhelming allied airpower in support.

The fall of Kabul marks the beginning of a collapse of Taliban positions across Afghanistan with city after city across the county being abandoned by the Taliban and being captured by allied forces.

By the 15th November 2001, with Kabul now in allied hands (along with the airport) a major relief effort begins, slow at first but this will grow as the days, weeks and months pass.

By the end of November 2001, with the intensification of the Goa'uld Civil War the Asgard are sufficiently worried to deploy twenty Mountbatten class warships at Heliopolis. With the Nox worried that the Goa'uld may attack their home world, as they are pacifist in nature the Nox Elders are in a quandary what to do, as they know that the Asgard will stop any attack against their home world, they feel as though they should also do something.

However, what should the Nox do that is the problem for the Nox Elders and so far they cannot figure out what to do, as they will not give up there pacifist ways!

Merlin is now a mini hive of activity at the ancient outpost on Heliopolis Merlin is looking into adding a drone weapons launcher back onto the ancient outpost giving Heliopolis added firepower, though Merlin has not told anyone what he is doing, yet...

Merlin is also aware of the ancient outpost in Antarctica on Earth, but again he is keeping this information to himself until the time is right.

December 2001

In early December 2001, the United Nations hosts the Bonn Conference in Germany, the result of this conference would be the Bonn Agreement, which would create the Afghan Interim Authority that would serve as the “repository of Afghan sovereignty” and outlined the so-called Petersberg Process, a political process towards a new constitution and choosing a new Afghan government. With the major players being the US and the UK and combined NATO/EU countries coming a close third place as a combined major player. Unfortunately, the various NATO/EU countries cannot come to a consensus on what to do in order to help the Afghan Interim Authority this is left to the US and the UK to decide with the US taking the lead.

In Afghanistan, the US miss the opportunity to capture the leadership of both Taliban and al-Qaeda allowing both organisations the potential to rebuild this failing will come to light when the Taliban begin to attack allied bases in Afghanistan.

In early December 2001 the work to create an underground facility for the US Stargate is now compete under Area 51. All off world missions are suspended from both Earth and Site Alpha until the Stargate has been moved to Area 51.

Also in early December 2001, the Asgard delivers the sixteen Scorpion class heavy cruisers to Heliopolis by towing them from the Asgard home world behind sixteen Mountbatten class warships these sixteen Scorpion class heavy cruisers are named as follows.

HMS Antrim
HMS Aisne
HMS Alamein
HMS Barrosa
HMS Corunna
HMS Dunkirk
HMS Jutland
HMS Matapan
HMS Battleaxe
HMS Broadsword
HMS Crossbow
HMS Dainty
HMS Daring
HMS Decoy
HMS Defender
HMS Delight

Though these ships have been built by the Asgard, these sixteen ships are no more advanced than the other Scorpion class heavy cruisers, as the Asgard have built them with Project Phoenix specifications. The Asgard found building such ships ‘interesting’ as they have not built such ‘primitive’ ships for thousands of years.

With the final four Scorpion Class heavy cruisers and the last two Courageous class battlecruisers due to be launched in January 2002 production will then concentrate on solely the Dreadnought class battleships.

In 2002 the first of the new Dreadnought class battleships would begin construction, also the Goa'uld Civil War will get more aggressive and the Wraith will be awakened by the Genii this will cause a lot of races including a hidden race in the Pegasus Galaxy.

On Earth, the awakening of an imprisoned System Lord will cause havoc (and many deaths) as the Goa'uld System Lord Osiris will be freed.

To be continued.
60. 2002 – Osiris Returns

Power without principle is barren, but principle without power is futile. This is a party of government, and I will lead it as a party of government.” – Tony Blair

January 2002

On the 5th January 2002, the final four Scorpion class heavy cruisers are lunched from Orbital dry-dock three these are HMS London, HMS Fife, HMS Glamorgan and HMS Norfolk once these four ships trails are completed by the end of the year they will join the fleet.

On the 7th January 2002, the final two Courageous class battlecruisers are lunched from Orbital dry-dock two these are HMS Agincourt and HMS Minotaur once these two ships trails are completed by the end of the year they will join the fleet.

On the 12th January 2002, now that Orbital dry-docks two and three have finished being re-configured to begin construction of the first four Dreadnought class battleships these are HMS Dreadnought, HMS Victory, HMS Britannia and HMS Agamemnon. These first four Dreadnought class battleships should be completed in early 2004 with trials lasting until the end of 2004.

It is planned that HMS Victory will replace HMS Courageous as guard ship for Atlantis, allowing HMS Victory to receive HMS Courageous AEM’s and Asgard hyperdrive and other associated systems.

These new Dreadnought class battleships are designed to be fitted with various Asgard technologies (along with Asgard ‘advisors’ to operate this technology), though normally this class of warship would not be fitted with Asgard systems (except shields).

The comparison below between HMS Victory (that will be fitted with various Asgard technologies) and the other Dreadnought class battleships will give a rough comparison.

HMS Victory

Length: 2,132.5 ft (650.0 meters)
Width: 393.7 ft (120.0 meters)
Height: 265.7 ft (81.0 meters)
Crew: 492 (775 if 72 fighters are carried) + 15 Asgard ‘advisors’
Passengers: can carry an additional 200 ‘passengers’ a mix of troops and research personnel (scientist/engineers) depending on mission needs
Evacuation level for short periods – 5,000
Sublight engines
Manoeuvring thrusters
Hyperdrive system:
Project Phoenix Zeus class hyperdrive (Interstellar capable)
Fitted with Asgard hyperdrive (Intergalactic capable) – (only HMS Victory)
Power Core: x12 second generation Naquadah reactors
Fitted with three AEM’s – (only HMS Victory)
Fuel: Naquadah
Shielding: Asgard shields
Four forward firing beam weapons (BWBB) two dorsal and two ventral mounted
Four aft firing beam weapons (BWBB) two dorsal and two ventral mounted
Two starboard firing beam weapons (BWBB) one dorsal and one ventral mounted
Two port firing beam weapons (BWBB) one dorsal and one ventral mounted
Twenty-four Quad energy cannons (EC-2) (x8 port, x8 starboard, x4 forward and x4 aft)
Four forward firing missile tubes and two aft firing missile tubes (up to four hundred missiles carried with various types of warheads carried)
Carried Craft:
x24 Atmospheric/Space Superiority Fighters (Hurricane) – can carry up to 72 fighters
x18 Shuttles (Fox class) various types (more can be carried)
x4 Gateships (more can be carried) – (only HMS Victory)
Cargo Capacity: 35,000 tonnes
Other Systems:
Asgard Beaming Technology (only HMS Victory)
Asgard Sensors (only HMS Victory)

Those Asgard systems only fitted to only HMS Victory are marked in BOLD and ITALIC.

When operational HMS Victory will be the most powerful warship in Project Phoenixes fleet easily able to take on multiple lesser ships and win with relative ease thanks to the AEM’s powering the weapons, shields and associated systems. This ship will become Commodore Jason Timms new Atlantis flagship, with HMS Courageous joining the other battlecruisers on rotation in the defence of the Camelot planet once all Asgard systems except the shields have been removed.

Dreadnought class

Length: 2,132.5 ft (650.0 meters)
Width: 393.7 ft (120.0 meters)
Height: 265.7 ft (81.0 meters)
Crew: 492 (775 if 72 fighters are carried)
Passengers: can carry an additional 200 ‘passengers’ a mix of troops and research personnel (scientist/engineers) depending on mission needs
Evacuation level for short periods – 5,000
Sublight engines
Manoeuvring thrusters
Hyperdrive system:
Project Phoenix Zeus class hyperdrive (Interstellar capable)
Asgard hyperdrive (Intergalactic capable) – can be fitted if needed
Power Core: x12 second generation Naquadah reactors
Can be fitted with three AEM’s
Fuel: Naquadah
Shielding: Asgard shields
Four forward firing beam weapons (BWBB) two dorsal and two ventral mounted
Four aft firing beam weapons (BWBB) two dorsal and two ventral mounted
Two starboard firing beam weapons (BWBB) one dorsal and one ventral mounted
Two port firing beam weapons (BWBB) one dorsal and one ventral mounted
Twenty-four Quad energy cannons (EC-2) (x8 port, x8 starboard, x4 forward and x4 aft)
Four forward firing missile tubes and two aft firing missile tubes (up to four hundred missiles carried with various types of warheads carried)
Carried Craft:
x24 Atmospheric/Space Superiority Fighters (Hurricane) – can carry up to 72 fighters
x18 Shuttles (Fox class) of various types more can be carried including ancient gateships if needed
Cargo Capacity: 35,000 tonnes

Unlike HMS Victory the rest of the Dreadnought class are not fitted with the ‘optional extras’ though these ships are still very powerful they do not have the ‘staying power’ of a warship powered by AEM’s.

One on one, a single Dreadnought class is more than capable of taking out a single Ha'tak with a single salvo from its main beam weapons, though against multiple Ha'tak’s the outcome would be uncertain due to the slow recharge time for the beam weapons capacitors, due to the lack of an AEM power source. Having several Dreadnoughts’ operating together would of course shift the odds back in favour of Project Phoenix, as it is always a balancing act in these things.

Even with the power limitations of their Naquadah reactors the Dreadnoughts’ are a great step forwards for Project Phoenixes military forces, with Project Phoenix seeing that larger multirole ships are the way forward.

Long term planning for the Royal Space Fleet is that the Dreadnoughts’ will replace all existing warships, with the exception of the Defiance class.

The current production plan for Dreadnought class is as follows, pre production of the various parts for these ships will be in contentious production, thus allowing for the rapid assembly of these warships.

HMS Devastation to begin construction 2004 to be completed 2006
HMS Thunderer to begin construction 2004 to be completed 2006
HMS Rodney to begin construction 2004 to be completed 2006
HMS Anson to begin construction 2004 to be completed 2006

HMS Howe to begin construction 2006 to be completed 2008
HMS St. Vincent to begin construction 2006 to be completed 2008
HMS Collingwood to begin construction 2006 to be completed 2008
HMS Neptune to begin construction 2006 to be completed 2008

HMS Colossus to begin construction 2008 to be completed 2010
HMS Iron Duke to begin construction 2008 to be completed 2010
HMS Marlborough to begin construction 2008 to be completed 2010
HMS Queen Elizabeth to begin construction 2008 to be completed 2010

HMS Trafalgar to begin construction 2010 to be completed 2012
HMS Prince of Wales to begin construction 2010 to be completed 2012
HMS Goliath to begin construction 2010 to be completed 2012
HMS General Wolfe to begin construction 2010 to be completed 2012

On the 25th January 2002, in Area 51 the first parts of the X-302 are shipped through the Stargate to Site Alpha to begin assembly.

On the 31st January 2002, the last parts for the first X-302 have finished being shipped though the Stargate, with the Stargate being used almost continuously to ship X-302 parts to Site Alpha. The rest of 2002 further X-302’s (broken into their component parts) will be shipped to Site Alpha for assembly.

February 2002

On the 1st February 2002, Apophis summons both his First Prime Teal'c and Master Bra'tac, Apophis states, “I have information that an attack may be launched against Chulak by a large enemy force.”

Teal'c says nothing keeping his thoughts to himself.

Apophis continues, “I have decided to appoint Master Bra'tac, as commander of all forces in the Chulak system. Master Bra'tac will plan the defence of the Chulak system from enemy attack.”

Master Bra'tac bows more deeply and says, “I am deeply honoured my lord, as long as I draw breath I will fight to keep Chulak under you protection.”

Apophis smiles at Master Bra'tac and replies, “I would expect nothing less from you Master Bra'tac” the turning slightly to Teal'c Apophis says, “Teal'c you will remain at my side, with Master Bra'tac away I will rely on you Teal'c much more.”

Teal'c also bows more deeply and replies, “As you command my lord.”

Apophis says, “Good, now we can get to work, I will now inform you Master Bra'tac what forces I am giving you for the defence of Chulak you may organize them as you wish, as I sure that you are more than capable of this task I am setting you.”

For the next few hours, Apophis informs Master Bra'tac of the forces Apophis is giving to Master Bra'tac for the defence of Chulak. What Apophis does not know is that Master Bra'tac and his First Prime Teal'c (along with a small number of his Jaffa) no longer believes that Apophis is a god they actively are plotting to create a nation of free Jaffa.

What Apophis does not know, by giving Master Bra'tac the defence of the Chulak system Apophis is sowing the seeds for a Jaffa rebellion, as Master Bra'tac will use his authority to weed out those ‘disloyal’ Jaffa and replace them with ‘loyal’ Jaffa. In reality, what Master Bra'tac will be doing is positioning his own Jaffa in key positions for the defence of the Chulak system.

Master Bra'tac at the same time will also plan for the defence of the Chulak system against another System Lord after all it would be pointless to plan to declare freedom only to be wiped out by another System Lord attacking Chulak. In this way, Master Bra'tac will also be safe as after all he is only following Apophis orders to fortify not only the planet Chulak but the system as well, though of course what Apophis does not know is that Master Bra'tac will also be fortifying against Apophis as well.

In the rest of the galaxy, the Civi War between the various System Lords is picking up with Anubis ‘stirring the pot’ by attacking small numbers of Jaffa outposts and eliminating everyone at these outpost.

The pending Jaffa rebellion will be helped along by off world ‘interference’ before Master Bra'tac plans are in place, much to Master Bra'tac’s annoyance, causing the cancelation of his carefully laid plans.

On the 9th February 2002, Queen Elizabeth II's sister Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon ‘dies’ in her sleep aged 71 after suffering a major stroke. The truth however is much different, as Princess Margaret is now listed as dead (as far as the public are concerned) her body is shipped to where Seth’s Goa'uld Sarcophagus will revive her and fix her medical problems.

Princess Margaret will act as the Royal repetitive in lue of the Queen, a few months before her ‘death’ Princess Margaret was informed of Project Phoenix and the option available to her, without hesitation Princess Margaret accepted this appointment as Governor General of all off world planets (Heliopolis and Camelot).

Within a few weeks, Princess Margaret will be an appitamey of her sister the Queen and losing her former bad lifestyle habits that she had back on Earth and throw herself into her royal duties. As her figurehead role of Governor General Princess Margaret is nominally in charge of Project Phoenix, but like the Queen, Princess Margaret will for fill her role as a constitutional Governor General and not infer in the running of Project Phoenix.

With Princess Margaret’s body (a copy) will be cremated on the 15th February 2002, no one knows that Princess Margaret is still alive and now Governor General of the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand’s off world territories, Heliopolis and Camelot.

On the 16th February 2002, the Prime Ministers of the UK, Australian, Canada and New Zealand are informed of the true circumstances of what has happened to Princess Margaret and her new role and that the Committee of Four have given the ok for this operation. Most take the news quite well, though Tony Blair accepts what has been done (behind his back) he is not happy about this, but there is nothing he can do about it.

On the 20th February 2002, the Committee of Four are now looking into informing UK Defence Secretary George Robertson about Project Phoenix, a full series of background checks are being carried out. These background checks will take over a year to do, as they are very deep and thorough these checks will investigate every aspect of the life of George Robertson in extreme detail.

The Committee of Four have great powers, though the Committee of Four are limited by what they can do as all four must agree to allow certain things to change, in this way the Committee of Four are restrained from allowing the power to go to their combined heads.

On the 25th February 2002, Dr Phillips travels back to Earth (via the Stargate) to meet the Committee of Four at RAF Barra (who have ringed into RAF Berra from their respective countries) to get approval to used the Nimrod recon aircraft fitted with alien sensors to operate over Afghanistan.

Dr Phillips starts by saying, “Thank you all for coming, I will make this brief as possible, as I know you have a very busy schedule, I would like permission to deploy Nimrod recon aircraft fitted with alien sensors to operate over Afghanistan.”

The British Committee member asks, “Where would, this aircraft be operating from, hopefully not Afghanistan?”

Dr Phillips replies, “No this aircraft would operate from the secure hanger 18 operating out of RAF base on the island of Diego Garcia.”

The Australian Committee member asks, “Are you certain that this is a good idea, after all our troops seem to be doing a very good job without this type of equipment deployed.”

The New Zealand Committee member states, “I agree, our own combined forces and the Americans seem to be doing an excellent job with conventional intelligence gathering equipment deploying a special Nimrod recon aircraft fitted with alien sensors seems pointless.”

The Canadian Committee member states, “I also remember you stating what Merlin said about using this type of technology and the possibility of triggering the Turing prediction against the US this committee does not want that to happen.”

The other Committee members murmur in agreement, to what the Canadian Committee member has just said.

In a claim voice Dr Phillips replies, “I know what Merlin said, though I think that was more to do with deploying one or more warships in orbit or a form of direct involvement of the Asgard, Nox and Ancients not the use of a Nimrod recon aircraft fitted with alien sensor technology. The use of the Nimrod aircraft would be in an intelligence gathering mission like we do against the former states of the Soviet Union from international waters at high altitude.”

The Australian Committee member states, “But this is different you are asking for direct over flight that is something that I would not agree to, as the possibility of losing and aircraft with the technology inside however small is too great. The potential benefits outweigh the potential difficulties, after all the UK, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand militaries have access to considerable conventional equipment. After all this committee and associated agencies from all four countries have gone to great lengths to make sure that this technology does not get out into the public domain, so I reiterate, I vote no.”

The British Committee member says, “I agree, I also vote no.”

The New Zealand Committee member says, “I agree, I also vote no.”

The Canadian Committee member says, “I agree, I also vote no. But with this caveat if the situation changes this committee will review this decision, are we all agree to that?”

The British Committee member says, “I agree, I vote no”

The New Zealand Committee member says, “I agree, I vote no”

The Australian Committee member says, “I agree, I vote no”

Dr Phillips is not really surprised by the response, after all this has been the policy of Project Phoenix since the beginning and replies, “Thank you for your time, we will abide by your decision and allowing the door to remain open to this aircrafts deployment.” Dr Phillip’s knows wants the committee has come to a decision that is that and at a certain level Dr Phillip’s does agree with the Australian Committee members point about secrecy of Project Phoenix.

With that, the meeting breaks up and they go their separate way, the Committee members with their own escort back to their countries via the limited ring transporter network that has been set up for such meetings.

On the 28th February 2002, on Atlantis the Daedalus begins to be disassembled for a more detailed study of the various components by Dr McKay’s team, though some parts will not be studied instead Dr Phillips will issue different orders concerning certain components of the Daedalus.

March 2002

On the 1st March 2002, Lieutenant Colonel Harold “Harry” Maybourne is promoted to full Colonel giving Colonel Maybourne equivalent rank to Colonel O’Neill, allowing Colonel Maybourne to have the proper rank to command Site Alpha. Maybourne seems to have a good working relationship with Colonel O’Neill to an outsider it would appear that they lock horns they actually get on well with each other.

On the 2nd March 2002, even though Project Phoenix is under no obligation to do so they hand of the Asgard Beam Weapons taken from Daedalus and give them to the Asgard without examining them. Dr Phillips feels that this is the right thing to do (though the Committee of Four have their doubts), as this will show the Asgard and the other races (Ancients and Nox) that Project Phoenix will not take any advanced technology from another race without that races permission.

Though there is some argument that this Asgard technology does not belong to their Asgard but to anther Asgard race in another reality, Dr Phillips stands firm and hands over Asgard Beam Weapons taken from Daedalus, much to the surprise of not only the Asgard but also the Nox and the Ancients, as they were not expecting this.

This gesture will pay more dividends than keeping the Asgard Beam Weapons taken from Daedalus, after all having the Asgard race own you another favour, is much better than a few beam weapons and potentially more advantageous to Project Phoenix in the long term.

The Asgard are impressed by the voluntary handing over the beam weapons, as are the Nox and the Ancients the Asgard High Council is moving very slowly towards helping Project Phoenix even more than they had originally agreed. If for instance Hermiod were to intervene (using his warship as he had done in the past as was sanctioned for it) to help Project Phoenix the Asgard High Council would not stop Hermiod from helping Project Phoenix.

On the 18th March 2002, the US led Operation Anaconda ends, with General Tommy Franks declaring Operation Anaconda “an unqualified and complete success.” Though this operation has killed a large number of Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters, it has allowed (for various reasons) the leadership of both the Taliban and al-Qaeda to escape including Osama bin Laden.

Most of the problems that allowed leadership of both the Taliban and al-Qaeda to escape have come from by squabbling between the services, bad military planning and avoidable deaths of American and coalition soldiers.

This escape by the leadership of both the Taliban and al-Qaeda will cause problems, though it will have a positive benefit, but not for many years…

On the 30th March 2002, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, dies aged 101 at Royal Lodge, Windsor. Unlike her daughter, Margret, the Queen Mother refuses the special treatment that is offered (along with being relocated off world), as the Queen Mother feels that she could not be of any use off world and that her time was up.

The news of the death of the Queen Mother is greeted with great sadness by everyone at Project Phoenix goes into a month or morning for the death of the Queen Mother will all flags flying has half mast on the various off world sites and Atlantis.

April 2002

On the 1st April 2002, the Phoenix class experimental craft are again taken out of storage to be rebuilt as testbeds for the next generation of space fighters.

Phoenix class experimental craft

The upgraded Phoenix class experimental craft will now be used as test platforms for various weapons and drive systems, the first of the rebuilt will be Phoenix One. By the time the other five have been rebuilt they will have identical stats as Phoenix One.

Class Name: Phoenix class experimental craft
Craft Name: Phoenix One
Length: 28 meters
Width: 55 meters (curved wingspan)
Height/depth: 4 meters
Engine unit(s): Ares class engine
Crew: 2
Two twin EC-1 cannons
The ability to carry a single nuclear device (mounted on the centre line) for ground attack.
8 Red Nova air-to-air missiles
Role(s): Test aircraft

The main difference between the Phoenix class and the Hurricane class is that the Improved Death Glider Propulsion system (copied) has been replaced with a Project Phoenix designed engine for its fighters the new Ares class engine.

This new Ares class engine along with various improvements in the fighter’s electronic system (targeting, navigation etc) and other various updates (the armament will remain unchanged) will lead to the next generation of fighters. With the new class of space fighter being the Spitfire class, though some fighter pilots think that it should be called the Seafire class, as it is a naval fighter?

Provisional stats on the Spitfire or Seafire fighter

Class Name: Spitfire or Seafire
Length: 29 meters
Width: 55 meters (curved wingspan)
Height/depth: 4 meters
Engine unit(s): Ares class engine
Crew: 2 Pilot, Weapons Systems Operator
Two twin EC-2 cannons
The ability to carry a single nuclear device (mounted on the centre line) for ground attack.
8 Red Nova air-to-air missiles
Role(s): Multi-role Atmospheric/Space Superiority Fighter

On the 15th April 2002, Project Phoenix builds its largest Naquadah enhanced nuclear device with an explosive yield of 2,500 megaton’s, only ten of these devices will be built, as no one can really see the need for building vast numbers of these deadly devices, though if needed more can be built. Also deployment of these devices is a problem, as the only way to get a bigger bang was to make the device bigger this means only a warship can deploy these devices.

A mechanism for delivering this device has also been designed, as the launching warship needs to be well away from the detonation (even with Asgard shields) for safety reasons.

On the 29th April 2002, as part of her Golden Jubilee celebrations, the Queen dines at 10 Downing Street with the five living prime ministers who have served under her; Tony Blair, John Major, Margaret Thatcher, James Callaghan and Edward Heath. It is one of the few occasions that (in private) the former prime ministers and the current prime minister along with the queen can “compare notes” about Project Phoenix.

Though Tony Blair try’s and fails (spectacularly) to have the Committee of Four removed and have an appointed (by Tony Blair) to become the new committee overseeing Project Phoenix, Tony Blair will not try this again.

The other three Prime Minister from Australia, Canada and New Zealand would also not have Project Phoenix taken away from the Committee of Four, as they feel that their countries would lose influence within Project Phoenix.

May 2002

On the 5th May 2002, Colonel O’Neill’s team visit a world where the natives tell of other humans (project phoenix though O’Neill’s team do not know this) with advanced technology. After several days of trying to find out were these humans with advanced technology come from, Colonel O’Neill’s team admits defeat. As the natives know nothing of where these strangers come from or even anything about their culture only that they have demonstrated advanced technology (energy weapons etc).

On O’Neill’s teams return, Colonel O’Neill reports his findings, though intrigued there is no information on what planet or even what part of the galaxy these advanced humans come from, so there is no way to follow this up. Other off world missions will try to find out about the advanced humans, but will not gain any real information, except that these advanced humans do not say anything about their home world.

On the 25th May 2002, Dr Phillips states that no warship may enter the Solar System, as the Solar System is getting a bit ‘crowded’ with various probes being sent to explore the various worlds within the Solar System. Instead, cloaked Fox class shuttles will be used exclusively to ship personnel and equipment from and to Earth, as well as the Stargate.

By the 31st May 2002, the testing of the X-301 is going very well, with other test pilots taking over from Colonel O’Neill, while Colonel O’Neill will focus on the improved X-302 when this fighter’s assembly is complete.

Back on Earth, the designs are already being worked on for a vessel capable to travelling through hyperspace the yet unnamed vessel will be assembled underneath Area 51 in its own hanger that has been finish this new hanger is in close proximity to the Stargate.

June 2002

On the 6th June 2002, the two Genii warships Freedom and Liberty drop out of hyperspace on a world with a grounded Wraith Hive Ship with the intention of destroying it they do not know be destroying this Wraith Hive Ship its destruction will awaken the rest of the Wraith across this galaxy.

Commander Acastus Kolya has devised a brilliant if bloody way to destroy the Wraith Hive Ship, with both the Freedom and Liberty immediately entering the planet’s atmosphere and begin firing on the Wraith Hive Ship knowing that the Wraith Hive Ship will launch Wraith Dart fighters to engage both ships.

While the Freedom and Liberty engage the Wraith Dart fighters and are taking fire drop the Hive Ships a heavily shielded shuttle is launched for the Wraith Hive Ships fighter bay. As the shuttle approaches the Wraith Hive Ships fighter bay it is fired upon by Wraith fighters but thanks to the shuttles heavy shielding the shuttle for a short period of time can withstand this incoming fire.

As the Genii shuttle enters the Wraith Hive Ships fighter bay the pilot is now holding a dead man’s switch prior to letting the switch go the pilot says, “For freedom from the Wraith” and lets the switch go detonating the nuclear device carried in the shuttle.

As the nuclear device detonates in the main hanger causing a massive explosion this is the start of a series of secondary explosions all along the Wraith Hive Ship, as the Wraith Hive Ship dies the queen onboard this Wraith Hive Ship sends the signal to wake the other sleeping hives. The queen dies moments later as the Wraith Hive Ships bridge explodes taking the queen with it, but the queens job is done the other hive ships will now awaken.

As the nuclear device detonates causing a chain reaction destroying the Wraith Hive Ship on the ground this is the queue for the Freedom and Liberty to leave with the remaining Wraith fighters chasing both ships until the Freedom and Liberty are clear then they both jump into hyperspace.

Across the galaxy, almost immediately after the Wraith Queen dies the other Wraith begin to awaken and they are quickly learning that the one ‘guard’ hive ship that was left to watch over the rest of the hives has been destroyed this makes the Wraith very angry the Wraith that are waking up are also very hungry...

On the 15th June 2002, the Freedom and Liberty return from there reconnaissance mission to the Genii home world so that Commander Acastus Kolya reports that the first attack was a success, little do the Genii realise what they have done.

However, soon the Genii will soon realise what they have done and try to cover up what they have done.

On the 25th June 2002, on a distant world with a toxic atmosphere the race that lives is now aware that the Wraith has been awoken prematurely this race must find a way to use and ancient piece of technology that they found against the Wraith or be destroyed.

The leader of the race says, “We must find a way to activate the Attero device.”

The other member of this race all agree a few hours later a number of small ships leave the atmosphere of the ‘home world’ and jump into hyperspace in search for a way to activate the Attero device...

This race does not know that others of their race are also in this galaxy......the Asgard...

By the end of July 2002, the Wraith Hive Ships begin the process of feeding, they are aware that one of their hive ships has been destroyed and that they have been awoken early. For not however the Wraith are content to feed rather than look for this threat that destroyed one of their hive ships, though this will change after an encounter with a Genii ship.

July 2002

On the 3rd July 2002, the Goa'uld System Lord Osiris is freed by Dr Sarah Gardner who is her had decided to open the Osiris jar, unwittingly freeing the long-trapped Goa'uld System Lord Osiris. Osiris whose sensations had been dulled after several thousand years in stasis did what was natural to him he sensed the nearest host and took its body as his own.

Once freed, Osiris quickly drains the knowledge of his female hosts mind, learning of the current state of the planet Earth and rough technological level, Osiris decides to leave the planet rather than try to conquer it. Osiris first order of business is to kill Professor David Jordan and Dr Steven Rayner (brutally) the second was to find his queen who had died in stasis, from the memories of his current host Osiris has learned that s how the Isis jar was discovered.

Once Osiris has discovered all that he can from the records around him along with draining all the funds from both Professor Jordan’s and Dr Rayner’s bank accounts and putting the both of them into debit. Osiris burns the building to the ground to cover all traces taking will him enough money (along with a certain ‘item’) to get anyway and to find a shuttle that he has buried a long time ago.

On the 5th July 2002, Osiris makes his way across the border into Mexico to hire a private plane to take him to Mexico, during his journey to Mexico Osiris has killed a number of people to cover his tracks. Using his new female body has its advantages as he can lure men (and a few women as well) in before killing them.

At the same time a police murder investigation has begun over the deaths of Professor David Jordan and Dr Steven Rayner, along with a search for the missing Dr Sarah Gardner, so far the police do not consider Dr Sarah Gardner a suspect only that Dr Gardner is missing, possibly kidnapped.

The police do discover the drained bank accounts of all the along with the massive debit that seems to have be done by this unknown assailant or assailants the police investigation continues.

On the 7th July 2002, Dr Gardner (Osiris) boards a private jet bound for Egypt, though this is not a direct flight, the private jet will not arrive in Egypt until the 10th July. Dr Gardner (Osiris) has already arranged for protection on ‘her’ arrival in Egypt from a private security company that is run by the Egyptian Army, along with permission to visit the “Osiris tomb”. As Osiris host Dr Gardner is an accredited archaeologist this has proved to be easy for Osiris to visit “Osiris tomb”.

On the 10th July 2002, Dr Gardner (Osiris) private jet lands in Egypt security is minimal for private jets (after a bribe or two has been paid) especially ones carrying Doctors in archaeology. Dr Gardner (Osiris) has also hired private security that are heavily armed and well trained.

On the 12th July 2002, Dr Gardner (Osiris) and ‘her’ contingent of heavily armed private security guards arrive at “Osiris tomb”, once the guards have made sure that no one else is in the tomb the guards withdraw to leave Dr Gardner to her work.

The guards are unaware that they have made a fatal mistake one they will pay with their lives, as Osiris using the ‘key’ to open the control console that contains his Kara kesh, also called a hand device or a ribbon device, Osiris is now armed.

Osiris walks out of the tomb and quickly and mercilessly kills his former guards then returns back inside the tomb and activates a concealed shuttle near the tomb and rings up to the shuttle.

As Osiris’s shuttle leaves Earth it is not detected, even as Osiris’s shuttle the Asgard detection system is focused on detecting ships approaching Earth and not leaving. Though Hermiod ships sensors will pick up a shuttle leaving the Solar System and log it no alarm will be sounded as Hermiod ships program has not been setup for this scenario and just logs the activity and continues monitoring.

Leaving the Egyptian authorities with a mystery of how a team of heavily armed bodyguards were defeated and what happened to Dr Gardner, after a fruitless investigation the Egyptian authorities decide to cover all this up, as they do not want this ‘incident’ ruining the tourist trade.

Osiris is free once again Osiris will quickly get to work once he discovers the state of the galaxy and his fellow system lords including the new civil war.

It will take a while before both Project Phoenix and the US Stargate Command figure out what has happened, by them Osiris will have secured a power base in the galaxy once again.

On the 20th July 2002, the next Genii warship the Independence is launched work immediately starts on assembling the fourth Genii warshipthe Independence will join the Freedom and Liberty under the command of Commander Acastus Kolya.

On the 31st July 2002, HMS Wivern on a reconnaissance mission, ‘bumps’ into a fire fight between five Goa'uld Ha'tak’s, two being Anubis upgraded Ha'tak and the other three being a normal Ha'tak’s. As HMS Wivern drops out of hyperspace the two Anubis Ha'tak’s are just finishing off the three other Ha'tak’s, as the last of the three other Ha'tak’s are destroyed, Anubis upgraded Ha'tak’s turn their fire on HMS Wivern.

As HMS Wivern .dropped out of hyperspace into a battle her captain orders the ship to battle stations and the ships shields raised and weapons charged, by the time the Wivern’s shields are raised and weapons charged Anubis upgraded Ha'tak’s are firing on three normal Ha'tak’s and are in the process of finishing them off.

As the last of the three normal Ha'tak’s the Anubis’s two upgraded Ha'tak’s begin firing on HMS Wivern, HMS Wivern’s Asgard shields are hard pressed at dealing with the two upgraded Ha'tak’s incoming fire. Without an AEM installed HMS Wivern’s Naquadah reactors are having a hard time keeping the shields up and keeping the ships main weapons charged.

HMS Wivern captain orders the ships weapons to take out one of the two upgraded Ha'tak’s, though this take all the forward beam weapons to do this due to the Ha'tak’s upgraded shields. This also adds a further problem it would take under normal circumstances two minutes to recharge the beam weapons capacitors, but with the ships Naquadah reactors focused in keeping up the ships shields, HMS Wivern captain makes the decision to withdraw and report what has happened during this engagement.

HMS Wivern jump into hyperspace leaving behind the remaining Ha'tak to report to Anubis what has occurred here.

August 2002

On the 1st August 2002, the three Genii warships Freedom, Liberty and Independence attempt to attack another Wraith Hive ship, however this time the Wraith Hive ship is in space and proves impossible to get near forcing Commander Kolya to break off the attack and return home.

On the 2nd August 2002, Dr Jackson finds out about the deaths of Professor David Jordan and Dr Steven Rayner along with possible death of Dr Sarah Gardner, Dr Jackson later in the year will attend all threes funerals, as the police will conclude that Dr Sarah Gardner died in the fire and no remains could be found.

On the 5th August 2002, the Genii inform the Travellers of the ‘battle’ between the Wraith and the three Genii warships and that the Wraith has awakened, though not that the Genii have awakened the Wraith. The Travellers are already aware that the Wraith has a wakened the Travellers have concluded that the people currently occupying the city of the ancients (Atlantis) have awakened the Wraith.

The Genii are happy that they have not been found out, though they are sceptical when talking to the Travellers that the people who now people currently occupying the city of the ancients have awakened the Wraith. However, with no evidence to the contrary the Genii are ‘forced’ to agree with the Travellers conclusions.

The Travellers have a secret of their own a functioning ancient warship limited capabilities, without the ATA Gene the Travellers cannot get this ancient warship to operate.

On the 6th August 2002, after reviewing the post battle report from HMS Wivern Admiral James Goodworthy issues a report that he is no longer confident that if Project Phoenixes fleet engages more than one Ha'tak at a time of victory. Of course what Admiral Goodworthy is not aware of is that these upgraded are not in common use with all the system lords.

A copy of Admiral Goodworthy’s report is sent to the Nox, Asgard and the Ancients with all three races agreeing with Admiral Goodworthy’s report. The Asgard and the Ancients warships are more than capable of engaging multiple of these upgraded Ha'tak’s thanks to a combination of more advanced weapons and shields along with being equipped with multiple AEM’s.

The question for the Nox, Asgard and the Ancients is that should Project Phoenix be given enough AEM’s to equip all there operational warships?

Until a decision has been made the Nox, Asgard and the Ancients agree that several additional AEM’s should be given to Project Phoenix for those Project Phoenix warships on reconnaissance missions.

On the 8th August 2002, Project Phoenix is issued with six additional AEM for use with their Scorpion class heavy cruisers conducting reconnaissance missions into Goa'uld controlled space. Dr Phillip’s is surprised by the unasked for six AEM’s and quickly accepts them with grateful thanks.

Of course, what they all do not know is that only one system lord possesses these upgraded Ha'tak’s.

By mid August 2002, in Afghanistan a growing insurgency is beginning to develop though at the moment it is not a treat to collation forces, it could be.

On the 31st August 2002, the Genii show the Travellers that they are trying to develop an atomic bomb (even though they have developed and used the atomic bomb already). The Travellers are interested in this technology are agree to try and help the Genii develop this technology the Genii are keeping the C4 explosives to themselves, as if the Travellers believe that the Genii the Travellers will not suspect the Genii when they jointly ‘develop’ there own atom bomb.

The Travellers decide not to inform the Genii that they are in possession of an ancient warship with limited capabilities due to the lack of the ancients ATA Gene.

September 2002

By early September 2002, for Osiris conditions within the Goa'uld Empire had changed and within a matter of days (with the deaths many minor system lords). Osiris quite quickly builds up a new empire from the remains of these minor systems lords’ mini empires although he realized that it could take a long time until he had any hope of his former real power once again it is not an impossible task.

Osiris has returned Anubis takes note of this event, as Osiris is likely to interfere with Anubis’s plans, based on the past performance of Osiris, Anubis has a way of dealing with Osiris (other than killing Osiris).

Anubis decides to send Lord Zipacna to offer Osiris to join with him against the other system lords.

On the 15th September 2002, Lord Zipacna Ha'tak drops out of hyperspace around Osiris’s new home world and capital, to find twenty Ha'tak’s and sixty Al'kesh, Lord Zipacna is impressed how quickly Osiris has assembled such a powerful force from the remnants of several minor and now dead system lords.

Zipacna rings over to Osiris flagship and is led to Osiris command chamber, one of Osiris’s Jaffa guards says, “Your guest has arrived.”

Osiris turns and sees it is Zipacna, Zipacna starts talking before Osiris can say anything.

Zipacna with a smile on his face says, “You are to be congratulated Osiris. My sources have informed me that you have managed to amass an impressive army, in a relatively short amount of time.”

Osiris replies, “I merely took advantage of favourable conditions.”

Zipacna states, “The old order has s about to fall. The System Lords are in disarray. Opportunities exist but only for those who are bold enough to seize them.”

Incredulously Osiris asks, “What are you proposing, an alliance between the two of us?”

Zipacna replies, “No. I am offering you a position of power in exchange for your support.”

A slightly contemptuous tone Osiris states, “Osiris serves no one, you, least of all.”

Zipacna replies, “You once served Isis.”

Osiris in an annoyed tone replies, “She was my queen, she served me.”

Zipacna laughs and replies, “Interesting, very interesting that you now choose a female host, a most attractive one at that.”

Osiris is now in a more annoyed tone replies, “You waste my time.”

Zipacna replies, “You misunderstand.” Osiris pauses from calling her guards to eject Zipacna. Zipacna continues, “I am not asking you to serve me. I must regret that I am merely an emissary for a much more powerful Goa'uld, one whom you once knew well.”

Osiris looks at Zipacna with a hint of curiosity asks, “Of whom do you speak?”

Zipacna in a flat and deadly tone replies, “Anubis.”

Osiris looks back at Zipacna, with an almost frightened look in her eyes.

A short while later Zipacna leaves Osiris’s flagship and returns to Anubis with the news that Osiris will join with Anubis against the other system lords, in return for allowing Osiris to upgrade his fleet, as Anubis has upgraded his fleet.

Anubis agrees to Osiris’s request, after all this will be the second system lord he has given this technological upgrade to, the first being Lord Ba’al.

By the end of September 2002, Osiris’s fleet is being upgraded, while at the same time Osiris is securing the worlds that he currently controls along with assuring the loyalty of his new Jaffa army.

October 2002

During early October 2002, the Russian navy commission the aircraft carrier Ulyanovsk that has been slowly built (as funds became available) since this carrier’s construction had been laid down in November 1988. The Ulyanovsk air group follows the British Royal Navy model with an air group of 48 Yakovlev Yak-141 VTOL fighters, 4 Kamov Ka-31 AEW helicopters, 16 Kamov Ka-27 Anti-submarine helicopters and 2 Ka-27PS Search and rescue helicopters.

The Yakovlev Yak-141 fighters have been in limited services with the Russian Navy since 1993 the latest version of the Yak-141 is still not as capable as the British Sea Harriers (P.1154), but it is the best aircraft that the Russian Navy can afford.

This now gives the Russian Navy two carriers the Ulyanovsk and the Admiral Kuznetsov the Kuznetsov air group being smaller than the Ulyanovsk, with 14 Yakovlev Yak-141 fighters, 4 Kamov Ka-31 AEW helicopters, 11 Kamov Ka-27 Anti-submarine helicopters and 2 Ka-27PS Search and rescue helicopters.

China is also looking at carrier development with the procurement of the former Russian Navy carrier Varyag will become the Chinese Navies Liaoning after being extensively overhauled. The Liaoning will have a complement of Chinese licence built harriers (P.1127 variant) with a mix air group of 30 fixed wing aircraft and 24 helicopters.

With the resurgence of Russian military power this is also apparent during the Nord-Ost theatre in Moscow (between the 22nd and the 25th October) when Chechen rebels take control of the theatre and is subsequently stormed by Spetsnaz killing all but one of the Chechen rebels (also 130 out of over 700 hostages died).

The Chinese carrier rebuild will come with the covert assistance from several UK, Australian and Canadian companies (with the approval of these governments) in rebuilding the ex Russian Navy carrier Varyag over the next ten years. This news is greeted with some protests in the UK, Australian and Canadian against dealing with China, because of Chinas human rights record.

By the end of October 2002, the seas trails of the Ulyanovsk are going very well, even the latest version of the Yak-141 fighters are performing well, with two carriers Russia can now have one carrier available for operations at any one time.

November 2002

On the 1st November 2002, the Genii ship Freedom is on a mission to locate anther hive ship for destruction, however when the Freedom the ship’s crew discover that this hive ship is not dormant by active.

As soon as Commander Acastus Kolya sees this he orders the Freedom to jump back into hyperspace, with the Wraith in pursuit, fortunately the Freedom’s hyperdrive is much more efficient that the Wraith’s and the Freedom is able to outpace its pursuers.

The Wraith are too busy feeding to properly pursuer this ship, though they now know that one races has advanced technology and the Wraith cannot allow that this race will be hunted down and fed upon until every man, woman and child is dead.

On the 5th November 2002, Commander Kolya reports that he has confirmed that the Wraith is a wake and has begun feeding. The Genii prepare their facilities to be shut down at a moment’s notice, though assemble of the fourth Freedom class warship will continue. Shortly afterwards the Genii inform their Traveller allies of what Commander Kolya has discovered this just confirms the Travellers own reports.

The Travellers are especially annoyed at those in the city of the ancients for awakening, for now however there is nothing that anyone can do able that they most avoid the Wraith at all costs.

On the 13th November 2002, Iraq agrees to the terms of UN Security Council Resolution 1441 this will lead ultimately to the invasion of Iraq (2003) by the US supported (reluctantly) by the UK and the UK allies (Canada, Australia and New Zealand). Tony Blair will expend a lot of political capital in pushing though supporting the US invasion of Iraq and it will cost him his Premiership.

It will also see the Secretary of State for Defence, George Robertson, becoming more popular, after it is leaked (by Gordon Brown) that George Robertson was against the invasion of Iraq, but stayed in his post for the sake of UK service personnel.

At the end of November 2002, the Travellers and the Genii form a military alliance against the Wraith, though this is more of a symbol as there combined forces could not take on the Wraith, but it is a beginning.

December 2002

By December 2002 the two Earth based Stargate operations are as follows

Stargate Command (US)

With the Stargate now under Area 51, it is much easier for the US military to keep the Stargate a secret than before. Area 51 has also helped with the movement of materials and personnel, as all flights into and out of Area 51 is controlled either by the USAF or under the NID for the various US intelligence agencies.

This is especially useful with the shipping of the various parts for the X-302 (soon to become the F-302 space fighter) assembly for at Site Alpha.

Site Alpha

Site Alpha on has military and civilian scientist and engineers to work on the various research projects along with the construction projects as well, such as the building of an F-302 ‘production line’ factory.

The total population on Site Alpha varies but does not exceed 2,000 personnel, with most of the initial research and development done on Site Alpha and if it is deemed safe then the research is moved to Earth (Area 51 or other facilities) for a more detailed study.

Also based on the Site Alpha Planet are the off world teams, currently there are two operational off world teams the first is led by Colonel O’Neill, along with Captain Carter and up to twenty-eight other members (including linguists, engineers and scientist) with thirty being the limit for any off world team.

The second off world team is led by, the recently promoted Lieutenant Colonel Charles Kawalsky with no more than thirty personnel in Lieutenant Colonel Kawalsky’s team.

Three additional off world teams are also in the process of being formed these will be number teams three, four and five, again these off world teams will be limited to a maximum of thirty.

All these off world teams will rotate allowing each team to be rested while another is out on an operation, no more than two teams (when all five are operational) will be off world at any one time, though for practical reasons only one team will be off world, as General Hammond believes that is the best policy.

The reasoning behind General Hammond’s decision to have only one team off world at any one time is that the Stargate can only be connected to one world at a time and if two teams are off world and they both get into difficulties then one team would have to be written off. That option of writing a team off is not an option for General Hammond and for General West, Director Woolsey along with Senator Kinsey, as that would compromise the location of Site Alpha.

Stargate Command is slowly getting to the point where they will have a hyperdrive-equipped starship before the end of the decade.

Project Phoenix (UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada)

Orbital dry-docks

Orbital dry-dock one (four docks in use) – used to refit/repair of warships
Orbital dry-dock two (four docks in use) is currently constructing two new Dreadnought class battleships
New Orbital dry-dock three (four docks in use) – is currently constructing two new Dreadnought class battleships

Project Phoenix, Warship Order of Battle

HMS Defiance, HMS Echo and HMS Enterprise are used as a supply (war)ships to Atlantis along with being testbeds for new technologies.

HMS Courageous is not assigned to any squadron, operates independently, currently assigned to the lost city of the ancients, due to be replaced by HMS Victory in 2004.

HMS Glorious, HMS Furious HMS Mary Rose, HMS Henry Grace à Dieu, HMS Nelson, HMS Temeraire, HMS Agincourt and HMS Minotaur these warships being used as guard ships in orbit around Camelot on rotation basis are either in refit or their crews are resting. Camelot is considered important for the future development of a habitable world to colonise in the long term, for now the world only has one small research base on another part of the planet well away from the locals.

This base is used to analyse Merlin’s writings and see what else they can discover, Merlin has not objection to this, after all this is why he left his writings there in the first place.

The Stargate on Camelot is still protected by the holographic Black Knight, so far this holographic Black Knight has not been used in anger, as no hostile force has come through the Stargate and the locals keep well clear of the Stargate.

First Cruiser Squadron

HMS Scorpion (Squadron flagship)
HMS Wivern
HMS Swiftsure
HMS Superb
HMS Leander
HMS Neptune
HMS Orion
HMS Polyphemus

Second Cruiser Squadron

HMS Ottawa
HMS Devonshire
HMS Hampshire
HMS Kent
HMS London
HMS Fife
HMS Glamorgan
HMS Norfolk

Third Cruiser Squadron

HMS Antrim
HMS Aisne
HMS Alamein
HMS Barrosa
HMS Corunna
HMS Dunkirk
HMS Jutland
HMS Matapan

Forth Cruiser Squadron

HMS Endeavour (Squadron flagship)
HMS Otago
HMS Te Kaha
HMS Te Mana
HMS Wellington
HMS Achilles
HMS Ajax
HMS Leander

Mothballed Black Prince Class Ships – in Orbit Heliopolis

HMS Black Prince completed 1965 – Mothballed 1997
HMS Resistance completed 1965 – Mothballed 1999
HMS Royal Oak completed 1969 – Mothballed 1999
HMS Hood completed 1969 – Mothballed 1999
HMS Canada completed 1973 – Mothballed 2000
HMS Australia completed 1973 – Mothballed 2000
HMS New Zealand completed 1975 – Mothballed 2000
HMS Tiger completed 1975 – Mothballed 2000
HMS Lion completed 1978 – Mothballed 2001
HMS Mountbatten (formally HMS Ottawa) completed 1978 – Mothballed 2001
HMS Magnificent completed 1980 – Mothballed 2001
HMS Bonaventure completed 1980 – Mothballed 2001
HMS Vampire completed 1980 – Mothballed 2001
HMS Vendetta completed 1980 – Mothballed 2001
HMS Illustrious completed 1982 – Mothballed 2001
HMS Indomitable completed 1982 – Mothballed 2001
HMS Implacable completed 1982 – Mothballed 2001
HMS Indefatigable completed 1982 – Mothballed 2001
HMS Valiant completed 1984 – Mothballed 2001
HMS Churchill completed 1984 – Mothballed 2001
HMS Conqueror completed 1984 – Mothballed 2001
HMS Victorious completed 1984 – Mothballed 2001
HMS Drake completed 1986 – Mothballed 2001
HMS Canterbury completed 1986 – Mothballed 2001
HMS Endeavour completed 1986 – Mothballed 2001
HMS Otago completed 1986 – Mothballed 2001
HMS Te Kaha completed 1988 – Mothballed 2001
HMS Te Mana completed 1988 – Mothballed 2001
HMS Wellington completed 1988 – Mothballed 2001
HMS Achilles completed 1988 – Mothballed 2001
HMS Ajax completed 1990 – Mothballed 2001
HMS Leander completed 1990 – Mothballed 2001

Heliopolis population at end of 2002 stands at 1,398,950

During 2003, Anubis begins to move openly and a new phase of the Goa'uld Civil War will begin.

To be continued.