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    Glad you’re liking it :).

    I’m thinking with guru Gobind Singh abd his sons alive o tbink Sikhism will be more centred around them and their teachings fs from now on

    The conquest of Bengal is definitely is going happen soon.

    The plundering was slightly minimal. As to the peacock
    Throne should they sit there?

    Britain holds Bombay, Portugal
    Owns Goa

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    Interesting, so I assume that the Guru Granth Sahib was either not codified or now has much less significance?

    Yes, they should definitely sit there. That would be very cool.

    What about the French?
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    Not codified as of yet, but it might do later on. Would a marriage down the line between a gurus daughter and a emperor daughter be out of line?

    And alrighty :).

    The French hold Pondicherry but might soon lose it
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    Not so much out of line as frowned upon, as the Gurus as I understand them preached messages of equality and egalitarianism and did not see themselves as monarchs over the Sikhs. Perhaps, however, the Sikh noblemen who rule the Misls (if they exist ITTL) would be better matches for an Emperor's daughter or Marathi princesses.
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    Alrighty :)
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  6. Threadmarks: Chapter 210: Another Prick In The Wall

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    Chapter 210: Another Prick In The Wall

    September, 1725

    Felipe looked at the letter written and signed in his brother’s hand and sighed. “Louis proposes another marriage. This time for Ferdinand with another one of his daughters.” His brother was insistent and persistent, that much Felipe would give him, but otherwise he was annoying.

    “Such a marriage would bring no benefits.” Elisabeth said. “Better to just send Maria Anna back home and allow Ferdinand to marry that girl he’s been eyeing.”

    Felipe turned and looked at his wife. “You mean the daughter of the Count of Palermo? Why ever for?”

    “It would make him happy.” Elisabeth said.

    Felipe was suspicious now, Elisabeth had never shown much concern for the happiness of either Louis or Ferdinand though she had cried when Louis had died. “But the estates would never accept it.”

    “You control the estates, my love, you can force them to accept it if you really want.” Elisabeth pointed out.

    Felipe thought on this, it was true what she said, but Palermo already was his foreign minister and his wife was Elisabeth’s chief lady in waiting. He didn’t want to give the man more power than he already had. “Perhaps I could instead propose a marriage between Ferdinand and Maria Ana, yes she is older than him but that just means that they can start trying for children sooner.”

    A strange looked passed over Elisabeth’s face then, but her voice was steady when she replied. “Do you think His Holiness will grant the necessary dispensation for the marriage to occur?”

    “He will if Louis can be brought round to seeing it from my point of view.” Felipe said.

    “And what is your point of view, my love?” Elisabeth asked.

    Felipe thought on this, what was his point of view? His stance on this entire issue. He took a breath and then began. “My view is that France and Naples must be allies. We cannot allow the Spanish, the British or the Austrians to get in the way of that. We must share similar goals, and therefore, to convince my brother of that I must show him that a marriage between Maria Anna and Ferdinand is the only sensible solution. I will apply pressure to the Pope and to our Cardinal if needs must. But it must happen.”

    He looked at Elisabeth, saw the look on her face and asked. “You do not agree?”

    “No, I did not say that, my dear. It is simply that the age difference is quite big, it would be different if it were the other way around. And I just feel that it would be cruel to Maria Anna to marry her to someone so much younger than her.” Elisabeth said.

    “Cruel?” Felipe asked. “She will become a Queen in the future, how is that cruel?”

    “To a boy who barely talks and who needs help to walk.” Elisabeth pointed out. “I would not be surprised if your brother saw it as an insult.”

    Felipe felt outrage bristle through him but then he calmed down and saw the truth in her words. “What do you suggest then?”

    “You allow Maria Anna to return home, and you allow Ferdinand the chance to get to know Palermo’s daughter and if he comes to you in a few years’ time asking to be allowed to marry her, you allow it.” Elisabeth said.

    “And you think the Estates will not mind?” Felipe asked.

    Elisabeth took his hand. “I think they would be delighted.”
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    i am surprised there is no backlash of Maratha heir marrying Muslim princess?
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    Lash from who?
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    brahmans and other higher castes??
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    Why would they object? Especially as shahus son already has a son
  11. Threadmarks: Chapter 211: An Aggrieved Brother

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    Chapter 211: An Aggrieved Brother

    December, 1725

    Louis looked at the letter written in his brother’s hand. He had been ignoring this letter for a month now and had finally decided it was time. Maria Anna had written to him saying how miserable she was in Naples and being the man he was Louis had finally decided to bring it up with his council as he should have done the moment he learned his nephew was dead.

    “Our brother writes that he wishes to wed his new heir Ferdinand to Maria Anna. We do not think such a marriage would be useful. Maria Anna is six years older than Ferdinand and is also someone who appears to be far smarter than her cousin. Knowing our brother and his wife, Maria Anna will be miserable there. Perhaps the time has come instead to suggest a marriage with our daughter Maria Theresa and insist on that marriage going through.” Louis said.

    His cousin the Duke of Orleans asked. “How would you ensure he sees it through, Sire? After all, King Felipe has rejected the proposal previously made.”

    Louis preferred this Duke of Orleans, for unlike the boy’s father this lad knew how to talk to a King. “We will remind him of the loans he took from us initially and how we have ignored their repayment for some time now. We will insist that either he repay those loans or accept the marriage.”

    There was some murmuring at that, and Dodun the treasurer of finance spoke. “But Sire, those debts amount to one million francs. Will he have the capital to repay them?”

    Louis smiled. “Precisely, that is why he shall agree to this marriage.”

    “And what of the Princess, Sire?” The Duke of Bourbon asked.

    Louis said nothing for a moment and then. “She shall return home and enter a nunnery as she asked to do when her husband died. We should have granted her that first wish.”

    Fleurieau spoke then. “A wise choice Sire, I am sure His Holiness will be pleased.”

    “He should be, we are keeping him on his throne.” The Dauphin japed.

    There was some nervous laughter there, but then Louis decided he’d had enough of that discussion. “What news from Britannia?” He kept a close eye on proceedings there knowing that his second son’s marriage depended on it.

    Fleurieau shifted in his seat. “Sire, there was a heated discussion in the Commons of their Parliament two weeks hence. A Monsieur Compton gave a heated speech declaring that those who had tried to attack the King of Britannia were funded by France.”

    “What?!” The Dauphin exclaimed. “Surely the King of Britannia censored the speaker for such nonsense talk.”

    “The King is not there.” Louis said to his son. “He is still in Ireland, however, we agree with our son, did someone censor the gentleman?” He was worried now, if the opposition were beginning to believe Spanish lies, who knew what else they would believe.

    “He was indeed censored, Sire, by Monsieur Walpole. However, Walpole is now being called a French spy.” Fleurieau said.

    “These English are fools.” The Dauphin said.

    “Indeed, they are. However, we are meeting with the ambassador tomorrow. It is best if we do not mention this unless he does. They are far too important an ally.” Louis said.

    His son said nothing though Louis was well aware of what his son thought of their allies over the water. Deciding that he had had enough of that discussion, Louis then asked his son. “Have you looked into the issue we asked you to?”

    “I have, Sire.” His son said. “I have spoken with the admiralty, alongside the traders we employ to do business with the Africans. They have all said that the routes we currently used are being harassed by the pirates of the northern coast, and along the way. I have developed a plan and have asked the admirals if it is feasible they all say it is.”

    “And what is this plan?” Louis asked though he already knew of it.

    “We muster the fleet of the southern sea and sail for Algiers, we destroy the pirates and take control of the city and its northern lands. We then expand southwards, to take control over the slave routes in the country and the northern part of the area.” The Dauphin said.

    “That will cost a fortune!” Dodun exclaimed.

    “Not if we ally with several smaller states along the way.” The Dauphin pointed out.

    “We would need to increase taxation sevenfold to make that viable and the estates would never agree to that.” Dodun countered.

    Before his son could argue the point, Louis said. “We shall deal with the pirates, and set up a camp in northern Algiers, but we shall not expand beyond that. Instead we shall offer our services as the protection for slavers from the pirates.”

    “Is that wise, Sire?” Orleans asked. “After all, Algiers has been under Ottoman protection for some time.”

    “The Ottomans are busy fighting one another.” Fleurieau said dismissively. “They will hardly notice a change.”

    “Exactly.” Louis said, he looked at Dodun. “We expect the finances to be ready and available by this time next year.”
  12. Threadmarks: Chapter 212: Irish Jigs

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    Chapter 212: Irish Jigs

    March, 1726

    James took a breath and then spoke. “We have spent the past year here in this wonderful land of ours, and we find ourselves wondering why we and our predecessors had not visited the land before now. It is one of a great beauty and charm, and we can well understand the appeal it has to our subjects.” That was the truth, James had found himself falling in love with Ireland and he knew his wife and son had as well.

    “However, there remains one pressing concern of ours.” He continued. “The identities of the men who tried to assassinate us and our wife. Have they been learned?”

    Charles Butler, Earl of Arran spoke then. “They have Sire. Their names were Donald O’Shane and Reginald O’Hara, they were from the group calling themselves the Irish Republican Army.”

    James looked at Butler and asked. “Republican Army? The traitors have formed an army now have they?”

    “As much as it can be called an army, Sire. They are numbered only at four hundred people, all of whom we are watching. Furthermore a search into their funding reveals that they have received no funding from outside the land.” Arran responded.

    “So, there are traitors amongst our midst?” James asked. “Who would fund such an organisation?” He genuinely wanted to know, if there was something he had done which had caused this then perhaps it was not too late to change it.

    “Those who feel they have not been advanced enough within society, those who feel they are simply living on the scraps of more famous relatives.” Arran responded.

    “What? Are you suggesting the second sons of the great families?” Kildare asked.

    “Yes, that is exactly what I am suggesting.” Arran said.

    “So, what is to be done about this issue? We cannot give all the second sons of the land places of power and prominence, that is not how the world works.” James said.

    “Military service, Sire.” Ormonde said. “That is the only way to control this unruly rabble. Give them a chance to serve somewhere else. The new world, or in England or Scotland. Give them a chance to see that there is more to life than their hovels and their brothels.”

    “You think that would work?” Kildare asked. “It would cost a fortune.”

    “We are one of the richest Kingdoms in Europe, we can afford it.” Ormonde said.

    “Look into it.” James ordered. “We want this done properly.”

    “Yes, Sire.” Ormonde said.

    “And we shall want to see the names of the leaders of this Irish Republican Army before we leave.” James added.

    “Of course, Sire.” Ormonde said making a note of it.

    There was a brief pause and then Arran asked. “Sire, have you decided what you will do regarding His Royal Highness, the Duke of Cambridge?”

    James smiled. “Thank you for bringing this up, Arran.” James had discussed leaving his son here to learn from Ormonde and from Arran and Kildare, he’d expressed a deep interest in doing so, and having spoken to Caroline, James got the impression it would be good for the boy. “We have decided to allow the boy to stay here. He will spend time in both Dublin and Belfast, and shall travel around the land learning from you all and from the people he meets.”

    Ormonde tentatively asked. “Is that the right thing to do Sire? He is after all second in line to the throne, and His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales is not yet married.”

    “Are you afraid that there will be some disturbance big enough to kill a Prince?” Kildare jested.

    “Yes, I am. The republicans are dangerous people they bear no loyalty or love for anything other than themselves.” Ormonde said.

    “We are sure.” James said. “We have spoken with the boy and he is comfortable with it. furthermore, we shall be leaving two regiments of the Scots Guard here as well to help in duties and for protection.”

    James could tell that Ormonde did not like it, but he nodded all the same. “Very well, Sire. I shall ensure he gets the best education he can here.”

    “Very good, thank you all gentlemen.” James said, with a wave of his hand he dismissed them after the last of them had gone he picked up a letter that had come from George in London.

    He read it and sighed. Perhaps a war with France was not very far from coming anymore.
  13. Threadmarks: Chapter 213: A Prince of Whales

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    Chapter 213: A Prince of Whales

    July, 1726

    “I’ll tell you one thing; I’m just relieved the King is back.” George said.

    “Why?” John asked.

    “Because it means I don’t have to handle Bolingbroke and Walpole.” George replied to the laughter of his friends.

    “Do they really bicker like old hens?” John asked.

    “It’s worse than that.” George said remembering just how many cabinet meetings where he’d had to physically separate the two men. For some reason, they thought that just because he was not his father, they could get away with more.

    “How bad?” James de Vere, the Earl of Tinmouth and an older cousin asked.

    “Let’s just say the last meeting I oversaw, I had to punch Walpole to get him off of Bolingbroke.” George said.

    “Wow.” John whistled. “And you’re not particularly physical either.”

    “What exactly do they argue about?” James asked.

    “Almost everything, but that time it was about electoral reform.” George said.

    “Not that old chestnut.” William Godolphin exclaimed.

    “Yes.” George responded. “Bolingbroke wants to abandon the old constituencies, and merge some of the rotten ones into the currently non-rotten boroughs, and move from there. Naturally Walpole disagrees as he believes he’d lose his seat if that happens.”

    “Well he would.” Godolphin said. “His seat is one of the most rotten in the current system. Indeed, I think half the Tory party would lose their seats if they reformed the system.”

    “Wouldn’t you?” John asked of William.

    “I would yes.” William responded.

    “And that does not bother you?” John asked sounding surprised.

    “Not as much as Walpole preventing reform from happening.” William stated.

    “You actually want reform to happen?” John exclaimed.

    “Yes.” William said.

    “Why?” John asked.

    Before William could respond, George said. “Because it is the common-sense thing to do. We already put members of Parliament onto people who they do not know nor vote for. The least we could do is make it so that a town owned by one lord with one man and his dog, isn’t getting more voting power than Birmingham, a place providing shells for our army.”

    “Even if it means the Tories lose their majority?” John asked.

    John, like his father, indeed like most of the people George knew was a committed Tory and was someone who detested the Whigs. George on the other hand didn’t particularly care for either party. They both tried to garner favour with him as the heir apparent, and they both thought he was stupid. It was quite frankly, insulting. “Even then, if they lose their majority it would not matter, the King could still appoint an all Tory majority government and get away with it.”

    “But if you reform the make up of the House, eventually, someone will suggest changing that as well.” John pointed out.

    “Then it had better be someone from within this circle.” George said. To general laughs.

    He could tell John wanted to discuss this matter more, but William spoke before him. “So, what is happening with your marriage? You are getting married right?”

    There were some snorts there, but George ignored them. “I am, yes.”

    “TO the Hanoverian girl?” William clarified.

    “Yes.” George said.

    “And? Is she good looking? Pretty? Someone you would immediately sleep with?” William asked.

    George was reminded of the girl that William had slept with recently, and then of the woman he was married to, and then he pushed that thought down. He shrugged. “She is pretty I suppose. But she is said to be quite smart and very well read.”

    “Ah so of course that made you hard.” John joked.

    George blushed. “There is nothing wrong with wanting a wife who is well read. I want to be able to talk to her about things, not just fuck her.”

    “You truly are an odd one.” William jested.

    “Sooner or later he will be saying we should accept women into our cabinet and government.” James said.

    George raised an eyebrow. “Well my mother is one of the cleverest women I know, and your wife is quite smart, John. So, I’d see no issue with that.”

    They all looked at him then burst out laughing. “Good jest.” William said.

    George grinned, but deep down, he knew he was not jesting, at least not when it came to his mother. She was smarter than many of the men in cabinet, that was for sure.
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    Thatcher:"Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational handbag!"

    A future-King supporting very early women's suffrage would be very interesting and good to see....go for it!
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    And it's certainly going to be an interesting ride. Especially given the history of the suffragettes.
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    Technically women weren't originally deliberately excluded as the vote went to property owners regardless of sex. It's only as the threshold was reduced (as part of reforms) that more women qualified and the reactionaries emplaced (*) a deliberate exclusion.

    If titled women are naturally included earlier on then we could see female suffrage included within socialist movements more easily as the battle to enfranchise the working class grows.

    * yeah I know it's not a real word but o couldn't recall a good equivalent of "put in place"
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    Indeed we very well could, though would it be part of the socialist movements if Marx and Engels aren't around to coin the terms?
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  18. Threadmarks: Chapter 214: Queen of France

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    Chapter 214: Queen of France

    November, 1726

    “My dear, you must have known that Philippe would not respond well to the threat you dangled over him.” Marie Adelaide said to her husband as he huffed. “He is a proud man and that shrew of a wife of his would always whisper poison in his ear.”

    “It was not a threat, it was a simple reminder. Philippe is my brother and I love him, but he can be an idiot sometimes.” Louis replied. “The offer is one of the best he can hope for, for his son. All the reports suggest the boy is an idiot.”

    “Then why send our daughter to him?” Marie Adelaide asked taking that opening to voice a grievance that she had had with this whole thing from the beginning. “Why not allow our daughter to go anywhere else. We both know what Maria Anna wrote about the court. She said the only good thing was her husband and he’s dead now.”

    “I need the court of Versailles and the court of Naples to be reconciled.” Louis said stubbornly. “That can only happen through a marriage.”

    “Then why not arrange a marriage between a daughter of Felipe’s and our son Charles?” Marie Adelaide asked. “That would surely be better suited to what you want.”

    “Such a marriage would not do well for us. I need Charles to be married to Maria Anna of Alencon to ensure that our son has some sort of inheritance and wealth.” Louis said. “Besides, Maria Theresa is not Maria Anna, she is smarter than her and she is far more likely to control Ferdinand than be controlled.”

    “That is what worries me.” Marie Adelaide said. “We both know what Philippe’s Queen is like, she will have her people do things to Maria Theresa if she even looks like having a child by Ferdinand.”

    Louis looked shocked. “She would not dare.”

    Marie Adelaide snorted. Her husband for all his smarts could be remarkably naïve when it came to women. “She could and she would. She wants her son to sit the throne of Naples, she would not want any child by your brother’s first wife to succeed. Indeed, the physician in Naples wrote to me that he suspected something wrong with the way Prince Louis died.”

    The physician had not said it in as many words, but she had put it together all the same. The King Louis before her looked absolutely shocked. “I….I…. who would you suggest then if not Ferdinand?”

    “The son of the King of the Romans. They are of an age, and it would do us some good to tie the Emperor closer to us.” Marie Adelaide responded.

    “Our son is already married to a member of the Flanders branch. We do not need two imperial marriages in one arrangement surely. Besides the council would never agree to it.” Louis said almost dismissively, but the way he had said that last part made her think he was not sure.

    “Yes, but our son is also sleeping with that whore Conti’s daughter. And has even sired a bastard child with her. It would be better for this marriage to happen to show that we are not ill considering their family.” Marie Adelaide pointed out.

    Her husband sighed. “I had spoken to him about that. I thought he had seen the light.” Her husband was odd in the court of Versailles for he took no mistresses and had no bastards, indeed his cousin Orleans had had two bastards and many mistresses, and the new Duke of Orleans had a mistress. The Duke of Bourbon had a mistress, as did the Duke of Maine and so forth.

    “It is not unusual that he should have one, but it would be preferable if we showed that we considered it unusual.” Marie Adelaide said.

    “And you think by offering our daughter’s hand to the Emperor’s grandson would show that?” Louis asked his eyebrow raised.

    “Yes. I think it will also help because Maria Anna has taken vows.” Marie Adelaide said. “Therefore, we must maximise the use from Maria Theresa as much as possible.”

    She could see that her husband was beginning to get swayed by what she had said. She remained silent not wanting to push too much. Eventually, he sighed and said. “I shall think on it and mention it to the council to get their views.”

    Marie Adelaide smiled. “That is all I ask.”
  19. Threadmarks: Chapter 215: Leopoldine

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    Chapter 215: Leopoldine

    March, 1727

    Leopold put the paper down, and looked at his wife. Antoinette was someone he had found intriguing throughout their marriage. She was someone who could be quite personable when she wanted to be, and someone who could go quite the other way at times. It was a fascinating to see which person came to the fore on any given day. The only people who did not get this were their children, who she absolutely adored. And for that he was thankful.

    “Versailles wants to marry their daughter to our son.” Leopold said simply.

    “And why do they want to do that?” Antoinette asked, though Leopold suspected she knew why.

    “The reasoning being that the way their son is treating my cousin is appalling and they wish to show that they are not all like that. The girl in question was initially offered to Ferdinand of Naples.” Leopold said.

    “So, we would be getting Naples scraps?” Antoinette asked, a slightly derisive tone to her voice.

    Leopold sighed. “That is one possible way of viewing it yes. Though, I suppose another way of viewing it is that it shows all is not well between the different Bourbon families, and this could serve as a wedge between them.”

    Antoinette sat up straighter then. Leopold knew that she had been quite sad to have been unable to carry a child to term for eight years since the birth of their son Leopold, and he also knew that she had looked at what was happening in Flanders with some envy. He had tried his best to protect her from the whisperings at court, but sometimes they slipped through. “Is that so?” She asked.

    “Yes. Philip of Naples wanted his son to marry Maria Anna of France, but the King of France refused and instead allowed her to join a nunnery. Now he is offering Maria Theresa, but Philip has refused. This marriage could bring us a hefty dowry and also ensure we have the King of France’s favourite daughter in our possession.” Leopold said.

    “Which would likely make him more likely to acquiesce to any small demands we might make.” Antoinette said her mind whirring. “What has the Emperor had to say about this?”

    Leopold almost laughed, but instead said. “He is all in favour of the marriage. He believes anything that drives a gap between the two Bourbon Kingdoms can only be to our benefit. Especially niow that we have agreed to recognise the Modense Prince as the heir to Tuscany.”

    “And the Empress?” His wife asked, Leopold knew his wife put a lot of stock in what Mother had to say, which was understandable, for he did as well.

    “Mother has cautiously agreed to such a marriage, believing that it would do as already stated, but also because the girl is said to be quite pretty.” Leopold replied.

    “And what is your view on this matter, dearest husband?” Antoinette asked.

    Leopold thought for a moment. Whilst he was not completely opposed to the marriage, he was not also completely in favour of it. but still, he had seen the dowry that King Louis was willing to offer, and he thought they would be mad to refuse it. So, he said. “I am in favour of it.”

    Antoinette smiled. “Then so, too am I.”

    Leopold nodded. “I shall be sure to inform the Emperor.”

    “Yes, you might as well inform him that we are expecting as well.” Antoinette said.
  20. Threadmarks: Chapter 216: Soldier King

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    Chapter 216: Soldier King

    July, 1727

    “Another letter from the nobles of Pomerania, another plea for help.” Frederick William said. “They write that the King of Sweden continues to impose unjust taxes on them. Having read through the laws of the Empire we must say we agree with them.” He paused giving his ministers a chance to comprehend where he was going, then continued. “However, we are concerned about whether we are in the right position to stage a war. Uncle?”

    His uncle, Prince Christian had been entrusted with reforming the army since the death of his father King Frederick. “Sire, I believe that should we engage in an invasion of Pomerania we would be able to reclaim Prussian Pomerania, and be able to defend against any retaliatory attacks.”

    “For how long?” Frederick asked. He was already aware of what the army could do, he wanted to know what it could not do.

    “For as long as required, Sire.” Uncle Christian replied.

    Frederick William nodded, and then turned to his finance minister. “Count Bismarck?”

    Bismarck was a young man, with a strong beard, but weak eyes. but he knew his numbers. “Sire, I believe we could hold Prussian Pomeriana for perhaps as long as two years on our current finances. However, to hold Swedish Pomerania also, we would need to completely overhaul the curren taxation system which would take time.”

    “Time we might not have.” Frederick concluded. “Given that King Karl of Sweden has sat the throne now for two year since his father died, he will soon learn the ropes.” The death of King Karl XII of Sweden had come as a great surprise, the man had only been in his forties and healthy, but something had caught him and his wife, and before the end of 1725 they were both dead.

    “Unless you were to propose an alliance, Sire.” Count Von Ludendorff his foreign minister said.

    Frederick William pushed down the urge to role his eyes. Ludendorff had been going on about this alliance for years now. “Denmark is tied to Sweden through the marriage of Prince Christian with King Karl’s sister. Furthermore, the Dukes of Oldenburg have shown themselves disinterred in the goings on between Sweden and Denmark since they got Oldenburg. We shall not see aid from Denmark. Russia is too busy trying to prepare itself for a war with Persia and perhaps the Ottomans. Tsar Alexei has shown himself to want more to do with reform than war. That leaves Poland. And unless they change their mind with regards to relations with the Emperor I am not sure they shall side with us.”

    Ludendorff was not dissuaded however, he stroked his moustache and then said. “Then perhaps the time has come to offer Poland something that they might want.”

    “Like what?” Frederick demanded. He was wary of giving Poland anything, especially given how close they were to Vienna.

    “The hand of one of your daughters, Sire.” Ludendorff said. “You have a daughter of age with the King of Poland’s grandson why not make use of that.”

    A part of Frederick William wanted to protest, another part suspected that Ludendorff might be right. Poland would always want to bring Prussia back into the fold, unless they had something else that was Prussian. “Speak with the Polish ambassador then, see if he would be interested.” Frederick commanded.

    “Of course, Sire.” Ludendorff replied bowing his head.

    Frederick William then said. “And look for a marriage for our son, it is time the boy started thinking about marriage.” He hoped such a thing would take the boy away from his friend and his debauched ways. He’d heard rumours about what the boy’s friend got up to when he was off duty and he shuddered to think about his son getting involved in such things.

    “Certainly, Sire.” Ludendorff said.

    “Not Hanover though, we shall not give those upjumped fools anything.” Frederick William said. He despised his father by marriage and found him most onerous. And his brother by marriage was a fool also.
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