A Blunted Sickle - Thread II

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    Feb 2, 2013
    Most of the HEU was done by 1965
    K-25, K-27 (operating Jan 1946 for low enrichment feed to K-25, replaced S-50) then fed to Y-12 Betas thru 1946
    Expansion planned in 1948 with K-29, K-31, done by 1951 and K-33 finally online mid 1954) that allowed

    The Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Kentucky(1954) had a peak power load of 3040 MWe. It did 1-2% enrichment shipped by rail to both Oak Ridge and Portsmouth.
    Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant(1952) was 2100MW by itself, thats 18 billion kilowatt hours a year for its enrichment to 5%. 70% of production cost at Paducah was for electricity.
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    Mar 8, 2007
    Thanks - that's a fair bit more in the early days than I thought. I don't think it's a major issue though - the Entente are still thinking fairly small (much smaller than K-25 or Capenhurst), with a handful of bombs being viewed as an unstoppable superweapon at the moment. That will change - in time - but at the moment the 1,000 MW of unused capability at Beauharnois should be enough: they just need to get the turbines, generators and grid reinforcement in faster than they can build the gaseous diffusion plant which should be feasible.
    If they go down the HEU route postwar however they will need a lot more power...