A Blank Map Thread

What places are recommended to look for good maps?
I've been trying to find a decent map of Australia, with all of the state regions and external island territories included. Bonus points if it has the major rivers and cities/towns as well.
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A blank map of Earth during the Cambrian explosion, made using deeptimemaps.com, GProjector, and Paint.net.
2 540 Ma blank.png
I was curious if anyone knew of a worlda map with a sea level rise of 50-60 meters?
not worlda but +70m maps



North America, but it's an AI prompt to make a "Satellite map of North America"†

†To elaborate further, I'm using NightCafe's "Generate Image from Prompt" feature. I used advanced settings and generated the image not from blank noise, but from a pre-existing satellite map of North America. The result is seen below.