A Blank Map Thread

A couple of HD Australia basemaps. They're not perfect (I'm in no way experienced at this) but they have decent amounts of detail of the continent.
No Rivers
HD Base Australia.png

HD Base Australia Rivers.png
A blank map of Earth during the Ediacaran Period, 600 million years ago. Made using a thumbnail from deeptimemaps.com and paint.net.
This map is neither the same size nor the same projection as a Worlda, unfortunately, as GProjector doesn't have Mollweide as an input option.
600 Ma blank.png
I did some research into worlda once. The closest thing it is to anything, based on the outline, is Robinson with latitudes beyond 85° cut off. It isn't *quite* that though, because continents are still out of alignment for it to be any projection. And it certainly isn't Kavraiskiy-7, which is my personal favourite projection (and the one I use for my "K7" series of maps).
A schematic world map divided into square tiles (15x15 minutes), like in old Civilization and Colonization games. May be useful for quickly drawing any regions not based on pre-existing administrative boundaries. If anyone is interested, I also have a vector GIS shapefile.

Hello :D
I'm looking for a map of Europe in 1914 with subdivisions for an alternate history I'm writing, and I cannot find decent maps :/
It would be great if cities and rivers were included in the map too :D
Thank you !