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A map of the British Isles
Hi, i'm new! I was just wondering if someone can make somewhat detailed (rivers, borders) BAMS of south Asia and Europe with SOME subdivisions? or maybe give some tips on how i can do such a thing?
Western North America with the Colorado River flowing into Lake Cahuilla instead of directly into the sea. First is just rivers + coasts, while second also includes rough elevation as shades of gray. I did not draw some of the tributaries of the Missisippi River, which should be visible in the eastern portion of the map. If you use this as part of a larger map, make sure to add those.



Here's a nano worlda, 16 times smaller than the standard format. I reckon this has been done before, but this is not copied from anyone else.
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Looking at High Rock I assume this is post Warp in the West. Did you estimate the borders or have they finally define them?

Yeah, High Rock is after Warp in the West. The borders are estimated from geography and ESO regions.
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