A Blank Map Thread

After a few hours of fiddling on Gprojector and outlining on MS Paint, I have successfully transferred this Green Antarctica map onto worlda. Now you can add the Tslal to any timeline! Make them fight the Draka or something.

I took a shot at some of it. I did Japan, Papua + various islands, New Zealand, and some more of Canada.
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Seriously. This is probably rougher than the ass of a 70 year-old man who's never wiped. I'm more confident about the stuff on the right side of the map than on the left, though both New Zealand and Canada are so extreme geographically that it's going to be ridiculously difficult to achieve accuracy on topography even by people who are much, much more skilled both at cartography and topography than I am (which is not difficult).

I'm not saying that I didn't my best, and of course I do hope that it's pretty accurate, but I feel obligated to put a disclaimer. I refuse to touch the Canadian arctic islands, Greenland, or Antarctica -- both because of the ice ambiguity and the projection -- but if I ever have some time I might try to finish the upper prairies, Yukon, and Alaska.
Would you happen to have a finished version of this?
Does anyone happen to have a map of North America (mainly the US, Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean but can include Canada too) with internal borders for US and Mexican states, and as many major rivers as possible? Will be used in GIMP.
Alternatively, a map the same dimensions as this one but with internal borders could be used so I can just overlap the two in GIMP, but I cant seem to find one either. Thank you