A Blank Map Resource

So I saw the blank map thread pinned, but thought, how is anyone gonna read all this? So this thread, post your blank maps, and I’ll copy and paste them into this post (can you do thread marks here?) that way everything is easier to find.

EDIT 1: You can
EDIT 2: I should mention, credit goes to various people.
EDIT 3: This currently contains the first 120 comments on 'A Blank Map Thread' (Will be updated without notice when I complete more.)
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A couple of my own blank maps. I think. Some of the ones in my blank map folder were made by others, but I know the first and last are mine [edit: by mine, I mean I took a non-blank map and made it blank]. Either way, here's what I have:

blank levant.jpg


indian subcontinent blank map 1.jpg