A Better Kriegsmarine (German Navy in WW2) Z-Plan:

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    Mar 14, 2004
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    Better Z-Plan
    Points to avoid war with Britian:
    1. Dont attack poland,this in turn baisicaly avoids WWII
    as we know it.
    2.Dont attack soviet union for their raw resoruces, if
    you need them,just ask,perhaps assit Russia in their
    naval development,perhaps get them to build 2 BB's of
    Sovietski Soyuz class to German specs.
    Build Deutchland class Pocket BB's as historical,keep
    untill,oh let say 1940ish,sell them to a axis-freindly
    country,perhaps Italy,Russia or one of the South
    American countrys,perhaps in exchange of steel.
    Build Sharnhorst Class BC as historical,perhaps with
    2 extra units. As soon as S&G are completed,begin
    imeadate construction of 15" Inch guns,this should make
    the twins re-armament happen earlier,this also speeds up
    construction of Bismarck class BB's. Also begin R&D for
    16" Inch gun for "H" Class BBs and German-made
    Soveietski Soyuz class BB
    Build Hipper class as histoicaly,but dont make Prinz
    Eugen and her 2 sisterships a seperate class.
    Build Bismarck Class as historicaly,except with 2 addition
    units,to be named Berlin and Wruttemburg. Consider
    futrue re-armament of Bismarck class with 16" guns once
    "H" Klasse is completed.
    Make sure to have a Naval Air arm of the Luftwaffe,
    to stop bickering with the navy,Build CV's Gaff Zepplin
    and Peter Strausser,theese can be used with H class BB's
    or O Class BCs as escorts.
    Build 4 units of H class BB's to be named Hindenburg,
    Derfflinger,Ulrich Von Hutten, and Fuher.
    Build 2 Units of the "OPQ Class Battlecruisers,to be
    named Posen and Europa.
    Build 4 Units of the Improved Deutchland "P" Class
    Panzerkruzers, to be named Deutchland,Admiral Gaff Spee,
    Admiral Letters and Odin.
    Final Fleet total by completion of Z-Plan:
    4X Shranhorst class BC's
    4X Bismarck Class BB's
    2X German Built Sovietski Soyuz class BB's
    4X "H" Class BB's
    2x "OPQ" Class BCs
    4x "Cruiser "P" " Class Pocket BB's
    2X CV's of the Gaff Zepplin class
    8X Heavy Cruisers,various classes
    20X Light Cruisers,Various classes
    15X Scout cruisers,various classes
    75XScout Destoryers,various classes
    80X Torpedo Boats,various classes
    300 Submarines,various classes
    Allong with a swarm of Smaller vessels and Auxillarys.
    So, whatyda think,I'd like to hear comments!
  2. Grimm Reaper Desperate But Not Serious

    How about something easier? In early 1939 Hitler admits to Admiral Raeder that war will come soon and production of heavy units will be suspended save a few well under way. Admiral Raeder rushes back and puts into place his ALTERNATE to the Z-Plan involving emphasis on fast raiders and especially on U-boats. Not only is U-boat production increased but the deadliest types just arriving in February 1945 are produced a year earlier.

    Problems for the Allies? I think so.
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    Jan 1, 2004
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    "Build Bismarck Class as historicaly,except with 2 addition units,to be named Berlin and Wruttemburg. Consider futrue re-armament of Bismarck class with 16" guns once "H" Klasse is completed."

    Unlikely that a battleship would be named after a city, if you are at all aware of the German naming scheme. I have heard reference, in both fact and fiction, to Frederich der Grosse and Ludendorff as possible Bismarck class names. Moltke is another good suggestion.
  4. Archangel Michael Has a gif for that

    Jan 3, 2004
    Why name a OPQ BC Europa, when a carrier under construction all ready had this name.