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    Welcome to 50 years.
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    The Sixties:

    January 1st 1960: In an event that shocked the world, the French President Charles de Gaulle was assassinated while preparing to "officially" grant independence to the French Colony of Cameroon. Labeled as the "Cameroon Loon" by British Tabloids, Gaulle's lone Assassin had no apparent reasons for his actions, and was believed to be insane by French, American, and Soviet Officials. Still, the Assassination caused the French government to delay independence for Cameroon and to deploy troops into the country. Massive Riots spread across the colony, and both U.S. and Soviet Officials condemned France's "Actions of Revenge."

    January 4th 1960: Gaston Monnerville is sworn in as President of the French Fifth Republic and Co-Prince of Andorra

    January 15th 1960: At campaign stops in Eugene, OR and then again in Portland, OR Republican Presidential candidate Richard Nixon speaks innuendo that Democratic Presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson is "fruity".

    February 1st 1960: 4 black students are forcefully removed from a segregated lunch counter in Greensboro North Carolina.

    February 4th 1960: Albert Camus is not killed in an automobile accident in Sens, choosing instead to travel by train.

    February 18th 1960: The VIII Winter Olympics open in Squaw Valley, California.

    March 14th 1960: Unusually heavy rain storms flood the state of Illinois. Five people die.

    April 9th 1960: Hendrik Verwoerd, the Prime Minister of South Africa is assassinated by David Pratt. South African government passes laws giving the police extended rights for surveillance and holding people under arrest.

    April 30th 1960: A Soviet Spy plane is shot down over Alaska.

    May 25th 1960: Turkish president Celal Bayar gets word of a planed coup against him and arrests those behind it.

    June 24th 1960: Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. announces in Birmingham, AL major protests at both Republican in Chicago, IL and Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, CA.

    July 4th 1960: General Curtis Lemay US Air force Vice Cheif of Staff is forced to stay at home during Independence Day due to a mild case of the flu, rendering him unable to attend Richard Boutelle's combination Fourth of July and Birthday Celebration.

    July 12th 1960: Senator John F. Kennedy (D-MA) meets with NAACP/SNCC leaders outside the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, preventing any violence or civil unrest.

    July 25th-28th: SNCC/NAACP leaders clash with police outside the Republican National Convention in Chicago, IL, sparking international attention and concern.

    August 14th 1960: Director George Pal, after signing a contract with Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California, has announced a 5-picture deal, which will start with his adaptation of After Worlds Collide, based on the Philip Wylie novel, and sequel to the film When Worlds Collide (1951). Wehrner von Braun who has consulted for NASA has said that he will act as a scientific advisor for the film. The cast is selected in secret, and filming starts soon after. Film release is scheduled to takes place March 15th 1961. Also on this day Marianna Liu of Hong Kong, reveals to the San Francisco Chronicle that she allegedly had an affair with the Vice-President during a visit to Hong Kong in 1958.

    August 25th 1960: The XVII Summer Olympics open in Rome, Italy.

    September 8th 1960: Pvt. Elvis Presley preforms at an officers club at the request of one of the officers. A German officer in attendance likes it so much, that he later has a lengthy dinner time conversation about it with his family. Later, his son, starts the first "Army influenced garage band" or "Fuhrpark" (motor pool) band.

    October 12th 1960: Japanese Socialist Party leader Inejiro Asanuma survives the assassination attempt made on him by 17 year old rightist-extremist Otoya Yamaguchi. He gets away with a mere flesh wound but not long after makes a speech on the need to crack down on extremist groups.

    November 1960: Democrat Adlai Stevenson and his running mate John Fitzgerald Kennedy beat out Republicans Nixon and Goldwater.

    December 5th 1960: The United States Supreme Court rules against segregation in public transportation.

    December 1960: The coup against Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia is successful and his son, Crown Prince Asfaw Wossen, becomes emperor as Amha Selassie.


    January 1961: Adlai Stevenson sworn in as the 35th president of the United States.

    February 9th 1961: The Moondogs perform for the first time.

    March 29th 1961: Despite delays caused by the weather and location filming in Hawaii, the film After Worlds Collide directed by George Pal, starring Russell Johnson, Jeffrey Hunter, Kit Smith, and Nancy McCarty is released, with much fanfare. A young producer named Gene Roddenberry helps to infuse social commentary into the sci-fi epic

    April 12th 1961: Bad weather forces the postponement of the launch of Vostok 1 until the first week of May.

    April 17th-18th 1961: Bay of Pigs Invasion; Despite U.S. air strikes to aid the rebels, due to poor planning and poor weather conditions, the anti-Communist invasion collapses.

    April 19th 1961: President Adlai Stevenson publicly denies on national television broadcast support for the "Bay of Pigs Invasion", claiming that it was an "independent movement which deserves our support".

    April 20th 1961: Cuban guerillas launch mortar attack at Guantanamo Bay U.S. Naval Base in retaliation for the air strikes at the Bay of Pigs.

    April 23rd 1961: U.N. Ambassador Robert McNamara resigns from office after feeling "betrayed by the White House" which doctored photographs for his presentation before the U.N. Security Council.

    April 25th 1961: Seán Cronin, IRA guerilla leader, bomb the Gough barracks in County Armagh, killing 23 British troops.

    May 27th 1961: Tunku Abdul Rahman, Prime Minister of Malaya announces his plans to form the Federation of Malaysia. It will one day Include Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak, Brunei and North Borneo.

    May 30th 1961: Trujillo survives attempted assassination. He blames this attempt on the Haitians and the Americans.

    June 13th 1961: Bertolt Brecht's response to the 1953 worker's uprising in East Berlin is made public for the first time. Its most inflammatory passage:

    "Would it not be simpler if the government dissolved the people and elected another?"

    June 17th 1961: Small gatherings of East Berliners commemorating the anniversary of the uprising are beaten and arrested. Walter Ulbricht, General Secretary of the GDR's communist party, decries the protesters as 'hopelessly counter-revolutionary warmongers' and the 1953 uprising as 'a western-inspired attempt at a fascist coup.' In reality, both the 1953 uprising and the 1961 commemorations are made up mostly of factory and construction workers tired of the terrible conditions imposed by the "Worker's State."

    July 4th 1961: The Soviet Sub K-19 has a reactor leak. There are no survivors. It is later found by a Soviet diesel sub.

    August 1st 1961: Construction begins on the Berlin Wall (two weeks ahead of schedule than in OTL due to the recent unrest).

    August 4th 1961: Conrad Schumann, a soldier of the GDR's Nationale Volksarmee, is shot dead while attempting to leap over the barbed-wire barrier between East and West Germany. (OTL, Schumann was captured mid-jump in a famous photo called Der Mauerspringer, and was not shot)

    August 8th 1961: Volkspolizei shoot three people dead and wound several dozen others as they attempt to disperse a vigil held on the site of Schumann's murder. Ulbricht appeals to Moscow for help to quash the unrest.

    August 28 1961: African-American Robert F. Williams of Monroe, North Carolina begins broadcasting "Radio Free Dixie" calling for armed resistance against racist policies. His show ends every week with the line "Freedom! Freedom! Freedom now, or death!"

    August 31st 1961: Civil rights worker Robert Moses travels to Amite County Courthouse in Liberty, Mississippi brandishes a shotgun while registering 2 African-Americans to vote. Bill Caston, cousin of the sheriff, is shot in the leg after Caston leads a small lynch mob against the civil rights worker.

    September 6th 1961: Marshal Tito and Chinese Foreign Minister Zhou En-Lai announce the formation in of the "Third Bloc" in Belgrade, uniting over 118 countries under the call for "the national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and security of non-aligned countries" in their "struggle against imperialism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, racism, and all forms of foreign aggression, occupation, domination, interference or hegemony as well as against great power and bloc politics..."

    September 20th 1961: Guy Debord, Attila Kotànyi & Raoul Vaneigem, with later contributions from Alexander Trocchi publish the Hamburg Theses which becomes the manifesto of counterculture.

    September 25th 1961: African-American Herbert Lee of Liberty, Mississippi is beaten and eventually hung outside the Amity County Courthouse. Herbert Lee is one of the African-American men who had been registered by Robert Moses. Although in the middle of the town square, no witnesses are found.

    October 2nd 1961: During a courtesy visit to a UN base in the Congo, the brakes on the airplane carrying UN General Secretary Dag Hammarskjöld failed during a landing at Leopoldville Airport. Two UN officials died and several members of the crew were injured. Hammarskjöld himself was badly injured, but his life was saved by the decisive action of a young UN doctor quickly alerted to the accident site.

    The General Secretary was hospitalized for an extended period of time: even though he eventually made a sound recovery, he only assumed his full duties again over two years later. Historians have later agreed that the energetic Swede's outlook to life was changed by the crash, and he began to eventually withdraw to a silent, private life religious mysticism and contemplation.

    November 9th 1961: Ager Jorn performs "Chaosmic Music" in Silkeborg, Denmark, sparking 12 arrests after fights break out in the auditorium.

    December 23rd 1961: Ruairí Ó Brádaigh defeats Cathal Goulding in his campaign for the role of IRA Quartermaster General in Belfast, calling for a radical guerilla campaign of reunification.

    December 30th 1961: Copies of the Hamburg Theses are seized by the New York Police Department (NYPD) and the Port Authority of New York as "obscene material", sparking international attention. Also on this day, Maharishi Mahaesh Yogi launches a World Tour of the "Third Bloc" nations starting in Rangoon, Burma, warning of the danger of "spiritual contamination by the West."

    January 19th 1962: "Rajneesh" Chandra Mohan Jain (a.k.a. Acharya Rajneesh) launches rally in Jalalapur, India, condemning both the Communist Warsaw Pact and the West as "soulless and corrupt" coalitions.

    January 26th 1962: Archbishop Burke of New York City, NY forbids Catholic school students from dancing to "The Twist." Burke considers R&B music, and its associated dances, to be "lewd and un-Christian". Burke leads record burning rally in Central Park.

    February 5th 1962: Cao Dai leader Phạm Công Tắc returns to Saigon, after exile in Cambodia for 3 years, at the request of the Hiệp Thiên Đai, in an effort to protest the actions of the government against Cao Dai followers.

    February 9th 1962: Pope John XXIII launches an encyclical condemning Communism in Metz, France after learning that Catholic cardinals will be banned by the Politburo.

    February 12th 1962: SNCC Civil rights workers Dion Diamond, Chuck McDew, and Bob Zellner are arrested in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana on charges of "fomenting criminal anarchy" after brandishing weapons during a voter registration rally. Also on this day, Jan Karel van Baalen of Holland, Michigan warns of "spiritual warfare" by forces of the Soviet Union and the Third Bloc against the United States.

    February 13th 1962: British Medical Association (BMA) reports unusual intelligence levels associated with children born with Thalidomide, sparking concerns about the drug.

    February 26th 1962: Ruairí Ó Brádaigh, Sinn Fein leader, calls for a "Second Five-Year Cammpaign" to reunite Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic in Belfast, sparking international attention.

    March 2nd 1962: Ne Win's military coup de etat fails and supporters of Sao Shwe Thaik rally and Burma descends into civil war.

    March 15th 1962: Katangan Prime Minister Moise Tshomba refuses to begin negotiations to rejoin the Congo and asks for aid from the British and the Belgians.

    April 6th 1962: The Belgian government does not reestablish diplomatic relations with the Congo.

    May 1st 1962: Reverend Ted McIlvenna of San Francisco, CA launches Operation Bethany, in an effort to "raise homosexuals to the light of Jesus. Also on this day, Stan Lee unveils The Rampaging Hulk (DC Comics) in New York City, New York.

    May 14th 1962: At an academic summit to discuss the March 19 Evian Accords which ended the Algerian War and affirmed Algerian Independence, Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre engage in a fist fight on stage. A hooting, jeering crowd of leftist students bars university security from intervening. Following the summit, a bruised Camus re-affirms his opposition to Algerian Independence. His words will be selectively quoted by the OAS to justify its vicious campaign of terrorism and assassinations in the newly independent country. Although Camus specifically condemned any violence against civilians, somehow the OAS will manage to forget this. For the rest of his life, Camus will be shunned by the western left, and his unique brand of Absurdist philosophy will be endlessly analyzed for "crypto-fascist" tendencies despite his actions in the French resistance during the German occupation of WWII.

    June 11th 1962: Frank Morris and John and Clarence Anglin are caught trying to escape from Alcatraz.

    June 25th 1962: The US Supreme Court rules that nude photographs are not obscene, so long as the subject is over 18 and gave written, legal consent.

    July 1st 1962: African-American Reverend Charles Koen is shot and killed by Cairo Police after fears of "brandishing a firearm" during a NAACP rally in Cairo, IL. Also on this day, the Belgians refuse to grant Rwanda or Burundi independence.

    July 11th 1962: J.Oswald Sanders warns of the dangers of "Eastern cults" from the Third Bloc during a rally in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

    July 17th-18th 1962: Lt. Geraldine "Jerrie" Cobb becomes the first female American astronaut launched from Cape Canaveral, FL.

    July 20th 1962: The French government announces its success in breaking the back of the resistance in their "eternal colony" of Cameroon.

    July 22nd 1962: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby introduce "Comrade Doom", the Communist nemesis of the Challengers of the Unknown in Challengers of the Unknown (DC Comics).

    August 1st 1962: Stan Lee unveils Thor, Protector of Midgard (DC Comics) in New York City, New York.

    August 5th 1962: Nelson Mandela is killed in Howick, in a firefight with South African police while resisting arrest.

    August 6th 1962: Jamaica narrowly decides to stay in the West Indies Federation.

    August 10th 1962: Stan Lee published his first comic book about Arachnid Man (DC Comics)

    September 4th 1962: Algerian President Ahmed Ben Bella is assassinated by OAS die hards.

    September 10th 1962: Algerian mobs attack French individuals throughout the country in revenge for the assassination of the president. The Algerian government turns a blind eye to this.

    September 14th 1962: The French President declares that France will reclaim her rightful place in the sun and rebuild her empire greater than ever before. He also states that the crimes that the Algerians are committing must stop or "not one stone shall be left upon another in Algeria".

    September 16th 1962: The French government indicates that it will not recognize Tunisia's independence.

    September 21st 1962: A border conflict between India and China erupts into war. The Soviets decide to begin open support of the Indians.

    October 1st 1962: Indonesia with support from the PRC invades West Irian. The Dutch resist this invasion and call for support from the international community

    October 3rd 1962: The Soviet government while initially in support of the Indonesians begin to feel that this may unduly help the third block. With the Indonesians apparently under Chinese influence the politburo begins to examine other options.

    October 5th 1962: Prime Minister Menzies declares that if the Indonesians do not immediately withdraw then Australia will intervene. He also reintroduces conscription, and seeks support for these actions from London and Washington, but states that he shall stop the Indonesians with or without their support.

    October 9th 1962: The British decide to delay Uganda's independence in the commonwealth of nations.

    October 11, 1962: Following the opening Mass for the Second Vatican Council, shots ring out as priests attempt to leave St. Peter's Basilica. Several priests are injured, but only Fr. Anibale Bugnini, best known for revising the Roman Breviary is killed. The assassin turns out to be a deranged escaped inmate from a Roman prison, despite rumors that the man was paid by the Soviets.

    October 31st 1962: The UN General Assembly asks the United Kingdom to suspend enforcement of the new constitution of Southern Rhodesia but the British refuse.

    November 1st 1962: Pope John XXIII, led by Bishop de Proença Sigaud and Cardinal Ferretto, launches catechism stating, "social Catholic doctrine should be exposed in all its clarity, and where the errors of Marxism, Socialism and Communism should be refuted on philosophical grounds.

    November 7th 1962: Richard M. Nixon wins the California governors race.

    November 20th 1962 The Chinese after occupying the disputed area unilaterally declare a cease fire.

    November 23rd 1962: Sathya Sai Baba is blocked entry into London after BBC-TV officials report on homosexual abuse of young male devotees, sparking international attention.

    November 26th 1962: The West German police continue there occupation of Spiegel's offices and Conrad Adenauer when pressed responded that the nation "could not afford a free press at this time"

    December 7th 1962: Rainer III Prince of Monaco decides against revising the principalities constitution, choosing to maintain his autocratic powers.

    December 8th 1962: The Indonesian backed North Kalimintan National Army revolted. They attempted to capture the Sultan, seize the oil fields and take European hostages. The Sultan escaped and begged for British help. Prime Minister Harold Macmillian sends British and Gurkha troops from Singapore to retake Bruenie. The British make preparations for a full scale war with Indonesia.

    December 17th 1962: Dutch and West Irian armed forces continue to be pushed back. While in Amsterdam a serious political crisis was brewing.

    December 19th 1962: The British deny the right of Nyasaland to secede from the Central African Federation.

    December 24th 1962 The United Arab Emirates discusses with the Indians steps that should be taken so that a revitalized Non Aligned Movement could counter the Third Bloc.

    December 30th 1962: Belgian troops with support of men and material from the Central African Federation begin a massive effort to support the Katangans. The Belgian government openly declares it's support of Katanga.

    December 31st 1962: The Democratic Republic of the Congo declares war on Belgium and announces it's support for the rebellion in Nyasaland. The Central African Federation begins a military build up on it's Congolese border.

    January 1st 1963: The French begin blockade of Algeria.

    January 2nd 1963: Larry Lieber unveils the series The Grim Ghost(Marvel Comics) and Ironjaw (Marvel Comics) in New York City, New York. Also on this day, Larry Lieber sparks controversy by introducing the demonic seductress Devilina (Marvel Comics).

    January 4th 1963: In what has been called the "Miracle of Likasi" Katangan forces with support from Belgian paratroopers (who have been often described as angels coming from above by the Katangan's) smash a UN backed army outside the city.

    January 5th 1963: Both Britain and Belgium face censure from the UN General Assembly.

    January 7th 1963: Australia declares war on Indonesia.

    January 14th 1963: A coalition of five Third bloc nations including China and Yugoslavia land troops in West Irian.

    January 15th 1963: Australia declares war on China and it's allies.

    January 16th 1963: Larry Lieber unveils The Phoenix (Marvel Comics) in New York City, New York.

    January 17th 1963: In an internationally televised special address to congress, John F. Kennedy, vice president of the United States issues a speech that condemns the Third bloc as "hypocritical" since the invasion of West Irian would simply "replace white imperialism with brown imperialism." However, he also condemns the action taken by Australia as "an overreaction". He goes on to say that the United States should "seek a path of neutrality" and should, as much as possible, "aid in the negotiation of a peaceful resolution" and challenges other NATO member states to do the same.

    January 30th, 1963: In Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia, peaceful protests calling for the end of the CAF's unique 'petty apartheid' policy turn violent when an overzealous police officer fires into the crowd, sparking off week-long nationwide riots.

    February 1st 1963: Martial law is declared over large parts of Southern Rhodesia and government forces clamp down. Similar actions occur in other parts of the Central African Federation.

    February 2nd 1963: Larry Lieber, Steve Ditko and Archie Goodwin unveil the series The Destructor (Marvel Comics) and Morlock 2001 (Marvel Comics) in New York City, New York.

    February 3rd 1963: Uprising in Rwanda, Belgian forces (with significant support from Tutsi's) put the revolt down with great loss of life

    February 4th 1963: India refuses to take part in Java war. Prime minister Nehru issues a speech where he says "China and Yugoslavia seem to care more about spreading communism then stopping colonialism" many historians view this as the beginning of the split in the third bloc between communist and independent wings. In reality however the split had it's roots in the Sino-Indian border conflicts. Also on this day, Central African Forces suffer a stinging defeat in Nyasaland prompting many to call for the kid gloves to be taken off.

    February 5th 1963: The UN threatens to eject Belgium however the British with some support from the French make an effort to block this.

    February 9th 1963: Larry Lieber unveils The Brute (Marvel Comics) in New York City.

    February 14th 1963: George Brown is elected leader of the British Labour Party, and therefore Leader of the Opposition, following the death of Hugh Gaitskell on January 18, 1963.

    February 16th 1963: Larry Lieber and Joe Kubert unveils The Tarantula and Sgt. Stryker and his Death Squad (Marvel Comics) in New York City, New York.

    February 19th 1963: Feminist Betty Friedan in her best-selling book The Feminine Mystique publishes her theory that homosexuality in men is the result of misogyny.

    February 21st 1963: "Aux poubelles de l'histoire! (Into the Trashcan of History!)" is performed by Henri Lefebvre in Paris, but ultimately banned by French authorities for its "anarchist tendencies".

    February 27th 1963: Jan Strijbosch & Raoul Vaneigem perform the "Chaosmic Music" hit "GEEN DIALOOG MET IDIOTEN...(No Dialogue with Suspects, No Dialogue with Idiots)" in Paris as a counterculture anthem.

    March 16th 1963: The United Kingdom declares war on Indonesia.

    March 28th 1963: Stan Lee unveils Atomic Knight (DC Comics) in New York City, New York

    April 5th 1963: Vice President Kennedy gives his infamous speech "Blood and Empire" condemning European colonialism both historically and in the modern day. Needless to say it is not well received in most of Europe, and led to him being privately censured by Stevenson as he sought to repair the damage.

    April 8th 1963: Prime Minister Menzies issues his famous "British to the Bootstraps" speech saying "while some have told us to look to treacherous America for protection, when the time came it was our motherland which came to our defense while they cowered behind there walls". This is seen by some historians as the turning point in Australia's history.

    April 19th 1963: Nehru publicly declared the birth of a new resurgent League of Non-Aligned States.

    April 20th 1963: Larry Lieber and Steve Ditko unveil the series Tiger-Man (Marvel Comics) in New York City, New York.

    May 2nd 1963: Thousands of blacks, many of them children, are arrested while protesting segregation in Birmingham, Alabama. Sheriff Eugene "Bull" Connor later unleashes fire hoses and police dogs on the demonstrators.

    June 2nd 1963: The Civil War in Burma heats up as the PRC and the USSR step up support for their respective factions while the Indian army enters the country to "restore peace and order and the legitimate president".

    June 7th 1963: Larry Lieber unveils Lucard, Son of Dracula (Marvel Comics) in New York City, New York.

    June 11th 1963: Alabama Governor George C. Wallace stands in the door of the University of Alabama to protest against integration, refusing to step aside and allow black students James Hood and Vivian Malone to enroll.

    June 13th 1963: Larry Lieber unveils the series Hands of the Dragon (Marvel Comics) in New York City, New York.

    July 11th 1963: Stan Lee introduces Doctor Strange (DC Comics) in New York City, New York.

    July 20th 1963: Larry Lieber unveils the series The Scorpion (Marvel Comics) in New York City, New York.

    July 21st 1963: DC Comics orders Marvel Comics to "cease and desist" in its publication of The Brute (Marvel Comics) citing similarities to The Rampaging Hulk (DC Comics), sparking national attention.

    July 31st 1963: The Peerage Reform Act fails to gain Royal Assent and fails to become law.

    August 4th 1963: James Meridith is found murdered in a bathroom in the University of Mississippi.

    August 5th 1963: Richard M. Nixon, Governor of California, is assassinated by a gay activist in San Francisco.

    August 14th 1963: The Second Sino Indian War begins.

    September 11th 1963: Revolutionary fever sweeps the streets of Santo Dominigo. Trujillo barely escapes the city in time, he flees north quickly rallying the military behind him.

    September 19th 1963: Larry Lieber unveils the series Demon Hunter (Marvel Comics) in New York City, New York.

    September 24th 1963: Stan Lee unveils The Children of the Atom (DC Comics) in New York City, New York

    September 25th 1963: The threatened scandal involving Profumo is successfully covered up. Many breathe a sigh of relief.

    October 15th 1963: A revolution starts in Radfan, South Yemen against British colonial rule.

    October 18th 1963: Iain Macleod becomes leader of the British Conservative Party and therefore Prime Minister, after the resignation because of ill health of Harold Macmillan. Macleod is a liberal Conservative - he supports the legalization of abortion and homosexuality and the abolition of the death penalty. He appoints leading liberal Conservatives such as R. A. Butler, Edward Boyle, Hugh Fraser and Edward Heath to top level cabinet posts. Also on this day, Mexico City is selected as the host city for the XIX Summer Olympics

    October 19th 1963: British forces in South Yemen authorized to use any means they deemed necessary to put down the uprising.

    November 21st 1963: Adlai Stevenson, president of the United States dies of a massive heart attack. John F Kennedy becomes acting president.

    December 4th 1963: President Kennedy makes his famous "Fall of Sodom" speech condemning homosexuality and other acts of "perversion".

    December 8th 1963: Larry Lieber has several characters (incl. Demon Hunter, Grim Ghost, Destructor, Phoenix, Tiger-Man, and Targitt) unite as a team as The Avengers (Marvel Comics) in New York City, New York.

    December 10th 1963: In the United States, the X-20 Dyna-Soar spaceplane program is not cancelled. Kennedy also promises them nearly twice of their previous budget. Also on this date: Chuck Yeager, while testing an NF-104A rocket-augmented aerospace trainer, was killed when his aircraft went out of control at 108,700 feet (nearly 21 miles up) and crashed.

    December 14th 1963: President Kennedy pledges to send another thirty thousand men to reinforce ONUC to restore peace and order in the Congo. This is the day that "Kennedy Doctrine" is generally considered to have come into effect. The doctrine was generally to oppose European (and to an even greater extent Soviet and Chinese) influence in Latin America, Africa and the Pacific. While simultaneously seeking to maintain NATO and a common alliance against the Soviets in Europe.

    December 23rd 1963: Phạm Công Tắc meets with CIA officials in Tay Ninh, warning that Diem's government is considering an alliance with the "Third Bloc".


    January 2nd 1964: Premier Nguyen Ngoc Tho is assassinated by Cao Dai guerillas at the Xa Loi Pagoda, after religious confrontation.

    January 4th 1964: Attempted assassination of Kennedy by a homosexual, on the White House grounds. The attempted assassin is cut down by the President's bodyguards. Also on this date, The (London) Times reports on the "disturbing" growth of the Union Movement, led by Sir Oswald Mosley, also on this date, in a surprising (and somewhat controversial move) Pope Paul VI chooses Frenchman Marcel Cardinal Lefebvre, C.S.Sp. to head a council considering potential revisions to the liturgy.

    January 14th 1964: Skirmishes in Kashmir between Pakistani and Indian forces.

    January 23rd 1964: The NAACP condemns the failure to pass the 24th amendment which would have outlawed the use of poll taxes.

    January 28th 1964: Lahti, Finland is chosen as the host city for the X Winter Olympics.

    January 29th 1964: The IX Winter Olympics open in Innsbruck, Austria.

    February 11th 1964: Greeks and Turks begin fighting in Limassol Cyprus.

    February 12th 1964: Leftist guerilla, Giuseppe Pinot Gallizio, is shot by police during the Cosio d'Arroscia conference in Alba, Italy.

    February 13th 1964: The first American reinforcements for ONUC disembark at Banana.

    February 15th 1964: Greece formally declares war on Turkey citing the Turkish attack upon a Greek destroyer, and the Turkish preparations to invade Cyprus.

    March 6th 1964: Constantine II becomes King of Greece, upon the death of his father. He declares that he shall soon liberate the city of Constantine.

    March 8th 1964: Malcolm X leader of the Nation of Islam says in New York city that "the war of liberation will be soon".

    March 9th 1964: Doctor Corneliu E. Giurgea predicts the creation of "nootropic", narcotics with the ability to expand a person's intelligence in Bucharest, Romania.

    March 15th 1964: Larry Lieber re-introduces the character Captain America in Avengers #4, becoming the leader of the organization.

    March 18th 1964: The Civil rights act is passed.

    April 1st 1964: The Pakistani army invades the Kashmir region of India and the local people rise up in support of the Pakistani's.

    April 9th 1964: The United Nations Security Council adopts by a 7-2 vote a resolution deploring a British air attack on a fort in Yemen 12 days earlier.

    April 20th 1964: US President John Kennedy in New York and Soviet Premier Nikita Krueshev in Moscow simultaneously announce plans to increase production of materials for making nuclear weapons.

    May 5th 1964: Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlar Nehru dies, Lal Bahadur Shastri succeeds him.

    May 13th 1964: Phạm Công Tắc demands the immediate release of pacifist leader Dang Sy in Saigon, sparking tensions between Catholics and Buddhists.

    May 14th 1964: In a by-election, the Conservative Party retains the marginal suburban Glasgow constituency of Rutherglen with a majority of 152 over Labour. However this is a swing of only 1.8 percent to Labour, less than they require to win a general election. In OTL it is gained by Labour with a swing of 7.6 percent.

    May 15th 1964: Prime Minister Macleod dissolves Parliament and calls a general election to be held on June 11, 1964. (In OTL the general election is held on October 15, 1964).

    May 20th 1964: Religious riots led by Cao Dai members erupt in Saigon and Cam Ranh Bay, sparking international attention and concern.

    June 4th 1964: Indian forces occupy all major Burmese population centers, fierce resistance continuous throughout the remainder of the country however.

    June 11th 1964: In the general election, the Conservative Party is returned with a majority of 38 in the House of Commons. MPs elected: Conservative 334, Labour 293, Liberal 3. The Liberal Party is reduced to one seat in Scotland - that of its leader Jo Grimond - and two seats in Wales.

    June 24th 1964: Soviet Vostok 7 under the command of Boris Valentinovich Volynov is launched from Baikonur, sparking international attention.

    July 9th 1964: Stan Lee introduces the world to the "Teen Titans" in Brave & the Bold #54 featuring the team of Arachnid Kid, Robin the Boy Wonder, Kid Flash, Aqua Boy, Speedy, and Wonder Girl.

    July 18th 1964- Soviet Vostok 8 under the command of Yevgeni Vassilyevich Khrunov is launched from Baikonur, sparking international attention.

    July 31st 1964: Major Ho Duc Trung, III Corps meets with Phạm Công Tắc in an effort to win military support for a possible Cao Dai government in Tay Ninh.

    August 3rd 1964: President Kennedy announces Albert Gore, Sr, will be his running mate for the 1964 election, against the Republican ticket of Barry Goldwater and Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.

    August 5th 1964: British forces begin Operation Empire, the invasion of Sumatra.

    August 7th 1964: 9-year old Mandy Masters of Essex, England demonstrates a recorded IQ of 145, Dr. Cyril Burt links the high intelligence to thalidomide exposure.

    August 18th 1964: Indonesian forces pushed all the way to the coast of Borneo by the British.

    August 20th 1964: The Indian Prime Minister gives top priority to acquiring atomic weapons as soon as possible.

    August 29th 1964: CIA Intelligence suggests that Cao Dai leader, Phạm Công Tắc, may be planning a coup in Saigon.

    September 2nd 1964: Fernando Carballo Blanco assassinates Generalissimo Fernando Franco in Madrid, sparking international attention and concern.

    September 8th 1964: Phạm Công Tắc demands a greater power share for Cao Dai and Buddhist leaders within the government in Saigon, sparking international attention.

    September 9th 1964: Following discussions in the summer between the Conservative and Liberal Parties, and a substantial majority in favour at the Liberal Party Conference on September 5, 1964, the Liberal Party merges with the Conservative Party. The new party will be called the Liberal Conservative Party. Jo Grimond is appointed Home Secretary.

    October 10th 1964: The XVIII Summer Olympics open in Tokyo, Japan.

    November 1964: JFK "re-elected", beating out Goldwater.

    December 4th 1964: John Diefenbaker is sworn in as Prime Minister of Canada returning to power primarily because of public opposition to the Liberal plan to replace the Red Ensign.


    January 1st 1965: King Javier I was crowned King of Spain after several months of chaos following the assassination of Franco.

    January 8th 1965: J.V. Martin, American Moral Rearmament movement, is arrested after attempting to assassinate the Danish royal family in Copenhagen, Denmark sparking international attention.

    January 11th 1965: Doctor Arnold M. Ludwig and Doctor Jerome Levine at the United States Public Health Service Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky report a majority of "nootropic" (smart drug) amongst college and university educated, primarily with a middle-class background.

    January 14th 1965: Canadian Medical Association (CMA) in Toronto, Ontario reports a "clinical link" between high intelligence and thalidomide exposure, but warns of the danger of massive birth defects.

    February 4th 1965 Prime Minister Diefenbaker pledges to begin support of Canada's friends and allies in the struggle in the Pacific.

    March 3rd 1965: Doctor Corneliu E. Giurgea, University of Bucharest, utilizing a thalidomide extract unveils "Piracetam" as a "nootropic" (smart drug) in Bucharest, Romania.

    April 13th 1965: Soviet Vostok 10 under the command of Aleksei Arkhipovich Leonov is launched from Baikonur, sparking international attention.

    April 17th 1965: 250,000 African-Americans march on Washington D.C. to protest American involvement in the Congo. In his speech, Robert F. Williams , Radio Free Dixie, condemns the United States government for sending black men to die in a war against "our African Brothers". The famous protest phrase "out of Congo and into Greensbourgh" is born here.

    April 30th 1965: Thua Su Hue Tanh and Le Trung Cang establish the Institute to Spread Cao Dai Teachings (Co Quan Pho Thong Giao Ly Dai Dao) in Saigon.

    May 17th 1965: Tran Quang Vinh, under orders from Phạm Công Tắc, forms the Cao Dai Army in Saigon, sparking international attention and concern.

    May 29th 1965: Prime Minister Phan Huy Quant warns U.S. Embassy that Cao Dai guerillas led by Phạm Công Tắc are threatening to overthrow the government in Saigon.

    June 18th 1965: Soviet Soyuz A-1 under the command of Andrian Grigoryevich Nikolayev is launched from Baikonur as the first circumlunar mission, sparking international attention.

    June 29th 1965: Anarchist group, the Charlatans, launches a "nootropic (smart drugs) festival" in Virginia City, Nevada, sparking national attention.

    July 7th 1965: Kim Fowley leads a "brain-blast" party at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) calling for an "intellectual revolution".

    July 18th 1965: Soviet Soyuz A-2 under the command of Valeri Fyodorovich Bykovsky is the second circumlunar launched from Baikonur, sparking fears that the United States is falling behind in the "Space Race".

    August 15th 1965: Ernesto Miranda, Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria (MRI), seizes control of Santiago, Chile in a political coup d'etat.

    August 20th 1965: The Treaty of Bangkok is signed ending the Second Sino Indian War and the Second Kashmir War. By the terms of the treaty India was to never develop nuculeur weapons or the capacity to manufacture them, Indian ruled Kashmir was to be given to Pakistan. The Indians were to immediately withdraw from Burma, and East Pakistan was to be substantially enlarged with the precise borders to be determined later. The Indian government was also to pay a sizable indemnity to the Chinese, and northern India was to be demilitarized.

    September 1st 1965: The Autumn of Discontent begins in India with the country in chaos and the old government having lost it's legitimacy in the eyes of many Indians the country began to collapse with the military having to crush many revolts and riots.

    September 14th 1965: Marxist president of India Elamkulam Manakkal Sankaran Namboodiripad (a.k.a. E. M. S. Namboodiripad) is sworn in, after seizing power in a coup. He vows to restore India to it's former greatness and begins sending out feelers to the Soviets.

    October 24th 1965: PM Macleod travels to Rhodesia to begin negotiations for independence, over the protests of far right conservatives like the Marques of Salisbury and various African nations.

    November 5th 1965: Kim Fowley launches a "brain-blast" party at the California Polytechnical Institute in Pomona, California, sparking international attention.

    November 9th 1965: Catholic relief worker, Roger Allen La Porte, commits suicide by detonating a bomb, killing 8 people, at the United Nations in New York City, New York.

    November 10th 1965: Already terrified over the previous day's suicide bombing at the UN, New Yorkers are panicked even further when a lightning strike knocks out a transformer in the city's electrical grid and plunges the entire metropolitan New York area into total darkness lasting almost 36 hours, also on this day, Larry Lieber and Joe Gill introduce Judo Master (Marvel Comics) in New York City, New York.

    November 11th 1965: On Face the Nation (CBS-TV), in a televised debate between Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, King attacks X for his advocacy of violence, and X calls King a "coward" and a "house n*****", also on this day Hugh Romney(a.k.a. Wavy Gravy) launches a "brain blast" party at the University of California at Berkeley, sparking national attention.

    December 6th 1965: 250,000 members of the "Internationale Situationniste" led by Alexander Trocchi protest French military actions abroad in Paris, pledging their support for independence for Algeria and Cameroon.

    December 13th 1965: The worst blizzard to hit New England in a century dumps 21 inches of snow on Boston, paralyzing the city for nearly a week.

    December 17th 1965: The National Football League and the American Football League issue a joint press release announcing that the two leagues' respective champions will square off at the end of January 1966 in a special playoff game to determine America's best professional football team; the match up, modeled after the bowl games common in college football, is billed as a "Super Bowl".

    December 21st 1965: Timothy Clark, Christopher Gray & Donald Nicholson-Smith lead 325,000 students in protest at Trafalgar Square in London, protesting British military action abroad.

    December 22nd 1965: Nation of Islam minister Louis Farrakhan, head of the sect's Harlem mosque, is arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit murder after police receive an anonymous tip pointing to evidence that Farrakhan had a hand in the assassination of former NOI member and activist Malcolm X back in February.


    January 10th 1966: American NASA Apollo SA-11 under the command of Charles Arthur Bassett II is launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida for first circumlunar mission.

    January 21st-24th 1966: "Second Enlightenment" festival is held in San Francisco, California. Widespread use of "nootropic" (smart drugs) is promoted marking the beginning of the "San Francisco Renaissance"

    January 29th 1966: The NFL champion Green Bay Packers and AFL champion Buffalo Bills square off at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California in the first Super Bowl. Defying experts' pre-game predictions that this game would be a blowout, the Bills keep the game extremely close and at one point actually take a 28-21 lead before falling to Green Bay 31-28 on a field goal with just thirty seconds left in regulation.

    February 8th 1966: Opening arguments are heard in the trial of Louis Farrakhan.

    February 17th 1966: A Soviet submarine and a Chinese patrol boat collide in the Yellow Sea, sparking angry words and threats of war between the two rival Communist powers.

    February 22nd 1966: On the heels of the Yellow Sea incident, the Soviet army begins what it calls "routine training exercises" along the USSR-China border.

    February 24th 1966: Anti-war activist Barry Bondhus sets himself on fire outside the U.S. Army draft offices in Chicago, Illinois, sparking national attention.

    April 26th 1966: Munich, FRG, is selected to be the host city for the XX Summer Olympics. Many Germans hope this will be a chance to showcase a democratic, peaceful Germany, in contrast to the games in Berlin back in 1936. Also, Sapporo, Japan, is selected as the host for the XI Winter Olympics.

    March 1st 1966: The Louis Farrakhan case goes to the jury. Also on this day, elements of the military launch a coup against the newly-crowned Javier of Spain, and succeed. A few hours later the courts declare Javier "a usurper," stating that Juan of Barcelona is the real King, a fact accepted by the new provisional government.

    March 4th 1966: After three days of deliberations, the jury in the Louis Farrakhan trial convicts him of conspiracy to murder and being an accomplice in the assassination of Malcolm X.

    March 5th 1966: New Zealand declares war on Indonesia.

    March 8th 1966: A Chinese reconnaissance plane is fired on by Soviet air defenses while attempting to photograph Red Army maneuvers in Siberia; the incident prompts Western intelligence and defense analysts to speculate that the Mao Zedong regime is starting to gear up for a military showdown with the Brezhnev government in Moscow in an effort to resolve by force a long-simmering border dispute between the Russians and the Chinese.

    March 9th 1966:In retaliation for the previous day's Chinese incursion into Soviet airspace, the Soviets send a spy submarine into Chinese territorial waters.

    March 10th 1966: Car bomb detonates in Provos, Holland, with the Dutch Royal Family as the primary target.

    March 10th-12th, 1966: Calcutta Bandh; General strike of railway workers and laborers sparks martial law against "workers' uprising".

    March 11th 1966: Members of Pink Floyd introduce the presentation of mathematical fractals as part of "Brain Blast" celebrations in Essex, England.

    March 13th 1966: Louis Farrakhan is sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for his role in the murder of Malcolm X, sparking outrage among Farrakhan's supporters within the Nation of Islam.

    March 14th 1966: The first official Canadian force lands on Borneo. Canadian aircraft and naval forces had already been seeing action for several months before this.

    March 16th 1966: Supporters of Louis Farrakhan stage a protest march in Manhattan to denounce his murder conviction; the keynote speaker at the march asserts Farrakhan was framed by anti-NOI elements in the NYPD.

    March 22nd 1966: American NASA Apollo SA-12 under Eugene Andrew "Gene" Cernan is launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida for the second circumlunar mission, sparking belief that America is "catching up in the Space Race". Also on this date, a Soviet guided missile cruiser fires on a Chinese trawler that has been shadowing her for the past 48 hours; the trawler sinks within minutes, taking most of her crew with her and leaving the rest to be captured by the Soviets. The next day's official TASS account of the incident asserts that the trawler was a spy ship attempting to eavesdrop on sensitive Soviet naval communications; the Chinese respond that the trawler was a fishing vessel engaged in peaceful commercial maritime activities and the Soviet cruiser's attack on her was an unprovoked act of war.

    March 24th 1966: Cuban ruler Fidel Castro makes a radio appeal to the Soviet and Chinese governments urging both countries to resolve their difference by diplomatic rather than military means, asserting that a Sino-Soviet war can only, in his words, "tear the heart out of socialism and leave it a cold, lifeless shell". Unfortunately Fidel's pleas fall on deaf ears in Moscow and Beijing; even as the Cuban president's speech is being broadcast the Soviet embassy staff in Beijing has already been recalled and the Chinese embassy staff in Moscow expelled.

    March 25th 1966: The UN General Assembly convenes an emergency meeting to try and spark negotiations to avert what the Soviet and Chinese governments increasingly view as an inevitable war between their respective countries. This diplomatic effort unfortunately ends up having the opposite effect; the Soviet UN delegation, angered that the rest of the world refuses to support Moscow's stance on the Sino-Soviet border issue, walks out in protest and issues a statement asserting that the Soviet Union will not under any circumstances negotiate with China. The East German, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, and Bulgarian UN legations also walk out of the General Assembly in a show of support for their Warsaw Pact ally; North Vietnam, whose relations with China are becoming increasingly strained, refrains from walking out but does issue a statement declaring its disapproval of what the North Vietnamese foreign ministry describes as "growing reactionary tendencies" on the part of the Mao Zedong regime.

    March 30th 1966: Six Chinese army divisions cross the USSR Siberian border just after 4:00 AM Moscow time; they are opposed by eight Soviet divisions, leading to a battle that results in heavy casualties on both sites. Less than two hours later, Soviet air force jets bomb Beijing and Port Arthur-Dairen as Leonid Brezhnev officially declares that a state of war now exists between the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China.

    April 2nd 1966: Construction on a nuclear reactor plant begins northwest of the Ukrainian city of Chernobyl.

    April 4th 1966: Singer James Brown is seriously wounded when a then-unknown assailant pulls out a .44 handgun and fires at him twice as he is leaving a concert in Tallahassee, Florida; the shooter will be caught three months later and identified as an NOI member and Farrakhan supporter who was attempting to kill Brown in revenge for statements Brown had made several days earlier criticizing the jailed NOI minister as a divisive influence in the African-American community.

    April 5th 1966: Soviet Vostok 13 under the command of Viktor Vassilyevich Gorbatko is launched from Baikonur, sparking international attention.

    April 6th 1966: John Lennon, Moondogs, announces in Liverpool, England that much of his music has been written under the influence of "nootropics". Also on this date, civil unrest and violence erupt in Kerala, Calcutta, and West Bengal, amidst calls for a "Five Year Plan".

    April 7th 1966: New York Times reports that a 5-year old girl in Brooklyn, New York completes her General Education Development(GED) test, attributing her ability, partially to her parents use of "nootropics" (smart drugs).

    April 12th 1966: New York Times reports that a 32-year old mental patient in New York City, New York had been using "nootropics" as a means to maintain his job and earn his college degree. Also on this day, People's Liberation Army supreme commander General Lin Bao is assassinated by a KGB hit squad, dealing a major blow not only to PLA morale but also to the Chinese military's ability to co-ordinate its wartime strategy.

    April 15th 1966: In its only significant victory of the Sino-Soviet War, the Chinese navy sinks a Soviet missile submarine before it could launch its missiles against Shanghai.

    April 20th 1966: Soviet armor penetrates the Chinese defenses around Shenyang.

    April 23rd 1966: Chinese bombers raid Vladivostok in what amounts to a suicide mission; although at least a third of the Soviet navy's Pacific fleet is damaged or sunk at anchor, most of the fleet is already at sea at the time of the raid and thus escapes to wreak what will prove to be a lethal revenge on China.

    April 25th 1966: Soviet naval forces unleash a devastating conventional missile attack on Chinese military and commercial installations on Hainan Island in retaliation for the Chinese bombing of Vladivostok two days earlier.

    May 1st 1966: The last pockets of Chinese resistance in Shenyang are wiped out by the Red Army.

    May 4th 1966: Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys admits to use of "nootropics" during an interview in Santa Monica, California. Also on this date, rejecting pleas by his advisors to begin a precautionary evacuation of Beijing, Mao Zedong vows he will fight the Soviet invasion force to his last breath. As proof of his intentions, the Chinese dictator orders suicide squads stationed on the outskirts of the city to be ready to assault the Red Army head-on when it makes its inevitable attempt to seize the PRC capital.

    May 8th 1966: Packers quarterback Bart Starr stuns his fans by announcing that he will retire from professional football when his contract with Green Bay expires at the end of the 1966 NFL season.

    May 11th 1966: North Vietnam formally declares war on the People's Republic of China and assembles an expeditionary force of 80,000 troops to assist the Soviets on their Manchurian battlefront.

    May 13th 1966: Keith Richards and Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones admit to using "nootropic drugs" in London, comparing their situation to latter-day Oscar Wilde and Bernard Shaw.

    May 14th 1966: North Korea announces it's neutrality in the Sino-Soviet War.

    May 17th 1966: Soviet advance columns reach the outskirts of Beijing.

    May 14th 1966: India formally declares war on the PRC.

    May 18th 1966: Soviet ground forces attempting to seize Beijing encounter fanatical resistance from PLA suicide squads; the Soviets respond by dropping phosphorus bombs on the Chinese capital's defenders.

    May 20th 1966: New Jersey Narcotic Drug Study Commission reports in Trenton, New Jersey that "nootropics" users have reported intelligence growth up to 20 points.

    May 21st 1966: After a three day fire storm, and with the ruins still glowing, the Soviet Infantry Divisions advance in the direction of the Square of heavenly peace, encountering only minimal and disorganized resistance.

    May 30th 1966: Doctor Charles Savage reports the "therapeutic value" of "nootropics" in a study for the American Medical Association (AMA).

    June 1st 1966: The Chinese government news agency Xinhua confirms the death of Mao Zedong, reporting that he was killed during the final Soviet assault on Beijing, Chen Zaidao surrenders to Indo-Soviet forces at Golmud. China has been driven out of Sinkiang and Tibet.

    June 4th 1966: From the CPC's temporary headquarters in Chongqing, new Chinese premier Zhou Enlai-- who was finally given permission to evacuate Beijing just before Soviet phosphorus bomb attacks devastated the city --makes a radio address in which he vows that the People's Republic of China will continue fighting the Soviets to the last man.

    June 8th 1966: Rock band Euphoria of San Francisco, CA are arrested in Houston, Texas after playing its single "Pick It Up!", a song based on "nootropic" experiences. Also on this date, Jakarta falls to Anglo-Dutch-Australian forces.

    June 13th-16th 1966: Martial law is declared throughout the Netherlands after riots in Provo, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam.

    June 22nd 1966: American NASA Apollo SA-13 under Thomas Patten "Tom" Stafford blows up 76 seconds into the flight at Cape Canaveral, Florida, sparking international attention.

    July 9th 1966: Jim Shooter and Stan Lee unveils The Mutants (DC Comics) in New York City, New York, as the first Silver Age characters to develop two separate series.

    July 10th 1966: Editor Julius Schwartz and Stan Lee introduce "T'Challa, the Black Panther" in Challengers of the Unknown (DC Comics), as the first black superhero in New York City, New York.

    July 20th 1966: Zhou Enlai is overthrown by Hua Guofeng, who asks for peace from Moscow and New Delhi.

    July 28th 1966: Voshkod Disaster; Soviet Voshkod-3 under the command of Georgi Stepanovich Shonin blows up on the launch pad in Baikonur, raining debris, killing several scientists including Sergey Pavlovich Korolyov.

    August 5th 1966: Timothy Leary in Berkeley, California proclaims "nootropic" users as "Evolutionary Agents", persons dedicated to pushing humanity ahead along the evolutionary ladder.

    August 6th 1966: A Marxist military coup in Mexico succeeds and Russian troops move to set up bases and military aid and troops to the Mexicans.

    August 13th 1966: Larry Lieber and Peter Morrisi introduce the character Peter Cannon...The Thunderbolt (Marvel Comics) in New York City, New York.

    August 14th 1966: U.S. forces invade Mexico to "restore the legitimate government"

    August 19th 1966: Treaty of Nanking between the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China. Manchuria is annexed into Russia, becoming the Manchu SSR. Sinkiang is granted independence as the Uighur Social Republic (in reality it's a Soviet puppet). Zhou Enlai, Jiang Qing, Zhang Chunqiao, Yao Wenyuan, and Yao Wenyuan are arrested for war crimes.

    September 4th 1966: Treaty of Chonqing between the Republic of India and PRC. Chinese Kashmir is returned to India. Tibet is granted independence and falls into the Hindu sphere of influence. The earlier ban on atomic weapons is lifted.

    September 7th 1966: The Dalai Lama returns to Lhasa for the first time since 1947.

    September 8th 1966: Gene Roddenberry's Star Track first comes to the small screen.

    September 14th 1966: Bull Gale of Glendale, California publishes the right-wing tract, Racial and National Identity, based on populist anger over the civil rights movement.

    September 29th 1966: Star Track (NBC-TV) through writing by Harlan Ellison introduces the words "frack" and "galmonging", avoiding scrutiny by the FCC

    October 8th 1966: "Nootropic (Blow in Your Mind)" single by the Monocles becomes a major hit song in San Francisco, California.

    October 15th 1966: Science-fiction author and self-proclaimed "nootropics" expert Robert Heinlein introduces ("TANSTAAFL" a.k.a. "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch) during a "Brain Blast event" in San Diego, California.

    October 21st 1966: After many delays, the Royal Navy puts the first CVA-01 Carrier into service, dubbing it the Nelson Class. The Carrier, first of a planned five, begins a tour with the British Pacific Fleet in Singapore.

    November 4th 1966: Larry Lieber and Pat Boytte announce the creation of The Peacemaker (Marvel Comics) in New York City, New York.

    November 5th 1966: "Walk for Love & Peace & Freedom" led by Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder, Ed Sanders et al. , containing 25,000 protesters is broken up by National Guard units, sparking international attention.

    November 10th 1966: President Kennedy announces he and Vice-President Gore will seek re-election in 1968, under the terms of the 22nd amendment.

    November 29th 1966: Judge Elton C. Lawless issues a warrant for the arrest of "The Diggers" in San Francisco, California on charges of "disturbing the peace, inciting violence.

    November 30th 1966: "Nootropic Sounds" by the 13th Floor Elevators becomes a hit single in Los Angeles, California.

    December 9th 1966 Nanking officially becomes the new capital of the PRC.

    December 16th 1966: First American "Chaosmic Music" concert by the Diggers is held in San Francisco, California.

    December 20th 1966: Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is assassinated by a deranged Republican. Christmas season will turn bloody as anti-Republican riots spread throughout the country.


    January 1st 1967: The worst of the British riots have died down, though several high ranking republicans, including one Anthony Benn, are dead.

    January 3rd 1967: The vanguard of the Peoples Revolutionary Army of the People Republic of Dominica cross the Haitian border pledging to "Unite Hispaniola and from there the Carribean" Also on this day, "January Storm"; Massive civil unrest through out China led by Jiang Qing, The CCP, under Hua Guofeng and Deng Xiaopeng, begins reforming China in both civilian and military areas.

    January 7th 1967: The Prince of Wales is crowned King George VII. Also on this day, Martin H. Keeler and Clifford B. Reifler, American Psychological Association, report "suicidal tendencies" in frequent users of "nootropics".

    January 11th 1967: Counterculture manifesto, Et ça ne fait que commencer (And That's Just the Start of It) by Jean Garnault & Théo Frey, is published in Paris.

    January 15th 1967: Counterculture leaders Théo Frey, Jean Garnault & Herbert Holl are arrested in Paris, France for "criminal conspiracy".

    January 28th 1967: The Green Bay Packers claim their second consecutive Super Bowl championship, beating the Kansas City Chiefs 31-24 in Super Bowl 2. Once again, the game comes down to the final play, with Packers QB Bart Starr hitting reserve tight end Max McGee with the winning TD with less than forty-one seconds left in regulation.

    February 2nd 1967: The Marquis of Salisbury, with several other right-wing politicians, breaks with Macleod and the Liberal Conservatives to form the "New Tory" party, blaming Macleod's negligence for the Queen's death.

    February 5th 1967: William Stephen Ian White law (a.k.a. "Willie White law") is appointed head of the New Tory Party.

    February 8th 1967: The West Indies Federation begins to descend into civil war prompting a British intervention. The U.S. forces were standing bb but there was uncertainty as to whether the administration would be willing to risk another protracted military involvement.

    February 11th 1967: Less than a year after his disappearance, Richard Condon resurfaces, albeit not in the way he would have liked; the novelist and UFO buff has been arrested on suspicion of tax evasion.
    February 14th 1967: Manhattan Brain Blast; Abbie Hoffman , with funding by Jimi Hendrix offers free samples of "nootropics" in New York City, New York.

    February 25th 1967: Satyanarayan Singh and Charu Majumdar are purged from government in response to criticism launched against President E. M. S. Namboodiripad.

    March 1st 1967: Professor Leonard Wolf and Doctor David E. Smith establish New College in San Francisco, California to "harness the talent and intellect of the San Francisco Renaissance".

    March 17th 1967: Scientists at the State University of New York (SUNY) in Buffalo, New York report severe DNA chromosomal damage from users of "nootropics" (smart drugs).

    March 26th 1967: Easter Sunday Riots; "Chaosmic Music" fans led by Emmett Grogan and Peter Coyote clash with "Nootropics" users led by Timothy Leary in Golden Gate Park, 16 people arrested, 4 hospitalized, in San Francisco, California.

    April 3rd 1967: Moondogs establish Apple Corps, Ltd. as a means to invest in the technical and intellectual pursuits of different artists and scientists in London, England. Also on this day, NASA Dynasoar-6 is launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida under the command of Ronnie Walter "Walt" Cunningham.

    April 15 1967: Martin Luther King Jr. and Dr. Benjamin Spock condemn American military action in the Congo during speeches before the United Nations General Assembly in New York City, New York. Also on this date, UFO investigator Richard Condon disappears in Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah amidst claims of "alien abduction".

    May 11th 1967: Air Force Lieutenant General Omar Dhani surrenders at Bogor, West Java, this is generally considered to be the end of the war.

    May 14th 1967: The Singapore Conference begins, to determine how Indonesia will be carved up. West Irian will remain a Dutch puppet and some in Amsterdam argue for full retaking of the East Indies although they are in the minority. The British are in favour of carving the region up between small puppet monarchies With Borneo and Sumatra falling under their sphere of influence. The Australians are in favour of taking direct control over large parts of the East Indies. Also attending are representatives of the newly formed Federation of Malaysia, who use this venue to announce their formation to the world. Their flag is similar too that of the USA, but with five stars to represent the five member states of Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak, Brunei and North Borneo.

    May 19th 1967: Bertrand Russell is arrested outside the Hague, demanding an International War Crimes Tribunal against France, Great Britain, Australia, and the United States.

    May 25th 1967: Charu Majumdar and Kanu Sanyal launch rebellion in Naxalbari, West Bengal, calling for a return to ties with the People's Republic of China.

    June 10, 1967- Larry Lieber and Steve Ditko introduce The Question (Marvel Comics) in New York City, New York.

    June 22nd 1967: NASA Dynasoar-7 is launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida under the command of Donn Fulton Eisele.

    July 16th 1967: "Legalize Thought" rally in Hyde Park, London as 30,000 people rally in support of "nootropics" (smart drugs) led by the Moondogs, Lord David Sutch, et al.

    July 24th 1967: President Gaston Monnerville meets with Ministry of Foreign Affairs in London, announcing formal neutrality regarding the issue of Quebec Independence.

    July 26th 1967: Pope Paul VI survives an assassination attempt in Istanbul, Turkey while trying to visit Red Cross relief centers, sparking sectarian violence.

    August 16th 1967: Gordon Kahl and Bill Gale publish tract in Los Angeles, California calling for the establishment of a tax protest movement saying, "We will never give aid and comfort to the enemies of Christ...and we will no longer tithe to the synagogue of Satan".

    August 22nd 1967: King Feature Syndicate announces the sale to DC Comics in New York City, New York.

    August 25th 1967: George Lincoln Rockwell, American Nazi Party, survives an assassination attempt by former associate John Patler in Arlington, Virginia, claiming that a "Judeo-Bolshevik conspiracy" is against him.

    August 27th 1967: NASA Apollo 207 is launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida on circumlunar mission under the command of James Alton "Jim" McDivitt.

    September 1st 1967: Justice League of America meets with the Flash Gordon, the Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, and Jungle Jim on "Earth-K" in Justice League of America. Also on this date, Opening arguments are heard in the tax evasion trial of Richard Condon.

    September 3rd 1967: Osama bin Laden and Muhammad bin Laden die in a Beechcraft private aircraft crash either in Hamis Musayt, in southwest Saudi Arabia.

    September 8th 1967: Harry Harrison and Dan Barry reintroduce Flash Gordon (DC Comics) in New York City, New York.

    September 15th 1967: Lee Falk and Fred Fredericks reintroduces Mandrake the Magician (DC Comics) in New York City, New York.

    September 22nd 1967: Lee Falk and Fred Fredericks reintroduce The Phantom (DC Comics) in New York City, New York.

    October 27th 1967: Tom Lewis, David Eberhardt, & James Mengel set themselves on fire outside the U.S. Army draft offices in Baltimore, Maryland

    October 30th 1967: Doctor Walter McGlothlin of New York City, New York warns of the dangers of emotional instability in those persons with continual usage of "nootropics".

    November 16th 1967: The Mouvement Souveraineté-Association (MSA, Movement for Sovereignty-Association) is established by René Lévesque in Montreal, Quebec.

    November 29th 1967: Doctor George L. Forrest, Cambridge University, reports on the dangers of permanent mental damage and psychosis attributed to long-term "nootropics" use.

    November 30th 1967: Counterculture tract The Revolution of Daily Life by Raoul Vaneigem is published in Paris and Strasbourg, despite police efforts to ban the work.

    December 2nd 1967: Pat Boyette reintroduces Jungle Jim (DC Comics) in New York City, New York.

    December 5th 1967: Robert Chasse & Tony Verlaan announce the publication of the Berkeley Manifesto in Berkeley, California after 72 hours under the influence of "nootropics".

    December 25th 1967: Arthur Shuttlewood of Warminster, Wiltshire announces a "nootropic" campaign to raise "Cosmic Consciousness" during a rally in London, England.


    January 5th 1968: North Korean commando's make a failed attempt on South Korean President Park Chung Hee.

    January 7th 1968: Option Québec by René Lévesque is published in Montreal, Quebec, calling for the formal secession of Quebec, citing "cultural differences".

    January 8th 1968: François Missoffe, Minister of Youth and Sports, is shot and killed by Anarchist Daniel Cohn-Bendit in Nanterre, France. Also on this date, Science fiction author and counter-culture leader Robert Heinlein introduces "grok" ritual during a "Brain Blast" event in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    January 12th 1968: President Park Chung Hee directed the Korean CIA to create Unit 684 and train it up to conduct a comparable attack on Kim Il Sung.

    January 18th 1968: Actress Earth Kitt speaks with V.P. Al Gore Sr. at the White House about racism and U.S. military involvement in the Congo. Kitt throws pig's blood at the Vice-President in disgust.

    January 26th 1968: Nanterre Riots; 40 people arrested, 12 hospitalized after 3,000 students riot over government imposed curfew in Nanterre, France.

    January 27th 1968: Hopes for a third straight Packers Super Bowl championship are dashed as the AFL champion Oakland Raiders erase a 21-10 third quarter deficit to win Super Bowl 3 30-24; Raiders quarterback George Blanda becomes the first AFL player to win the Super Bowl MVP trophy.

    February 6th 1968: The X Winter Olympics open in Lahti, Finland.

    February 11th 1968: Less than a year after his disappearance, Richard Condon resurfaces, albeit not in the way he would have liked; the novelist and UFO buff has been arrested on suspicion of tax evasion.

    February 20th 1968: Prafulla Chandra Ghosh calls for the impeachment of President E. M. S. Namboodiripad in Calcutta rally.

    March 4th 1968: Salisbury accuses the Liberal Conservatives of being "Closet Yankees" and Labour of being "Closet Soviets".

    March 7th 1968: Senator Eugene McCarthy(D-Minn.) launches the "Children's Crusade" in Manchester, NH, calling for American withdrawal from the Third World.

    March 10th 1968: John Ashbrook clinches the Republican candidacy for President.

    March 11th 1968: Anarchist Rudi Dutschke is killed in Berlin, West Germany by a Hamburg house painter.

    March 23rd 1968: Erich von Daniken publishes Chariot of the Gods, claiming that "ancient astronauts" helped advance civilization and evolution through "evolutionary agents".

    March 29th 1968: The last episode of Star Track; Assignment: Earth is aired

    April 11th 1968: During rallies commemorating the life of Rudi Dutschke, riots erupt in Berlin, Rome, Vienna, Paris, and London.

    May 12th 1968: Martin Luther King Jr. leads 525,000 people in the "Poor People's" campaign in Washington D.C. to lobby for a “economic bill of rights” (EBoR).

    May 10th 1968: Léo Ferré writes the "Chaosmic Music" counter-culture anthem "the Anarchists" in Paris, France.

    May 15th 1968: PM Georges Pompidou government declares a "State of Emergency", imposing martial law after students seize Sorbonne.

    May 18th 1968: India detonates a nuclear weapon at Pokhran, India, becoming a nuclear power.

    May 20th 1968: French military forces attempt to seize Renault automobile plant in Boulogne-Billancourt, killing 12 people in the process.

    May 21st 1968: Underground society "Sheng Wu Lian" leads 300,000 students in a protest at Tiananmen Square led by Wang Jiangsheng.

    May 30th 1968: The Moondogs come out with "The Black Album", which will be the single most iconic album of the nootropic movement. The album was also noted for the strong influence it owned to both the "Chaosmic" and German electronic music. Triggering a great interest in both.

    June 15th 1968: Naxalbari Uprising; Indian President Elamkulam Manakkal Sankaran Namboodiripad (a.k.a. E. M. S. Namboodiripad) is overthrown and forced into exile. Riots and civil unrest in Calcutta, West Bengal and Kerala. Democracy is restored.

    June 18th 1968: President John F. Kennedy signs the “economic bill of rights” (EBoR) in a Rose Garden ceremony with Martin Luther King Jr., in Washington D.C.

    July 31st 1968: Baroness Wooton testifies before the House Select Committee on Drugs , saying that "nootropics" use is of "vital importance" to American troops in Washington D.C.

    August 21st 1968: President Kennedy is hospitalized when his Addison's suddenly flares up.

    August 27th 1968: President Kennedy is released from the hospital in time for the DNC.

    August 28th 1968: Dave Dellinger, Bobby Seale, Rennie Davis, & Tom Hayden lead a "Brain Blast" event at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Chicago, Illinois.

    September 1st, 1968: Opening arguments are heard in the tax evasion trial of Richard Condon.

    September 13th 1968: Albania removes itself from the Warsaw Pact in protest over the Sino-Soviet War. Albania promptly joins the Third Bloc.

    October 1st 1968: George A. Romero releases the horror classic Night of the Flesh Eaters. Noted for it's political content as much as it's influence on later horror pictures, It quickly makes Romero one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in Hollywood.

    October 2nd 1968: Tlatelco Massacre; Summer Olympics in Mexico City, Mexico are cancelled after martial law is imposed after 68 student killed by military forces.

    October 12th 1968: 43-year old African-American Essie Mae Washington-Williams reveals herself as the "bastard child" of Senator James Strom Thurmond(R-SC) in Edgefield, South Carolina. Also on this date, The XIX Olympics open in Detroit.

    October 11th-14th 1968: Martial law is declared in Montreal, Quebec after Mouvement Souveraineté-Association (MSA, Movement for Sovereignty-Association) conference led by René Lévesque is raided by police on charges of "treason and sedition".

    October 26th 1968: Pierre Bourgault is arrested by Canadian police officials in East Angus, Quebec, after a 3-hour standoff.

    November 5th 1968: The Kennedy/Gore ticket is elected by a slim margin, mainly due to the third party challenge of George Wallace and fears about Kennedy's Addison's. Historians would later blame Ashbrook's failure on his running mate, Spiro Agnew.

    November 6th 1968: After four fractious years between "conservatives" (led by Chairman Lefebvre) and "liberals", the Consilium reaches a report that recommends retaining the current form of the Liturgy, with some indults to use in the vernacular. Outside the United States and Great Britain, however, this option is not exercised - and even there it is severely curtailed.

    December 11th 1968: "Oliver!" is released in the US. Though it received good reviews, after the murder of the Queen, movies based on amusing musicals based on uplifting Victorian books were viewed to be in poor taste, and the movie would flop. The Academy Award for Best Picture 1968 would go to "The Lion in Winter."

    January 19th 1969: Time magazine announces an "end to UFO sightings" nationwide, citing U.S. space program developments.

    January 20th 1969: John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Sr, and Albert Gore, Sr, are sworn in for Kennedy's third and final term.

    January 25th 1969: The New York Jets beat the Baltimore Colts 17-13 in Super Bowl 4 to give the AFL its second consecutive Super Bowl championship, not to mention the upper hand in behind-the-scenes merger talks between the AFL and the NFL.

    February 23rd 1969: President Kennedy declares that by 1980, man will walk on Mars.

    March 2nd 1969: The Chernobyl nuclear plant goes online.

    March 10th 1969: Anarchists bomb statue of Charles Fourier in Paris, France in reaction to French military actions abroad.

    March 12th 1969: Gregorio Y. Zara of Manila, Philippines, in an agreement with Bell Telephone Systems announces "Picture phone" service to be offered in limited format to New York City, Washington, DC, Chicago, and Pittsburgh.

    March 15th 1969: Alan Barlow and Phil Carver, leaders of the "Guy Fawkes Group" bomb the Bank of England in London to protest British military efforts abroad.

    April 6th 1969: Heberto Castillo, leader of Revoluccion Democracia, calls for resistance to martial law, during a rally in Mexico City, Mexico.

    May 18th 1969: NASA Apollo 10-A under the command of Thomas P. Stafford launches from Cape Canaveral, Florida for the first manned landing on the lunar surface.

    May 22nd 1969: Assassination of the first Israeli Prime Minister, Ben-Gurion is assassinated in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    May 23rd 1969: Luis Echeverria Alvarez is purged from office by President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz as being a "socialist tool" of "corrupt special interests" during a speech in Mexico City, Mexico.

    May 26th 1969: "Nootropics" experts Marcian "Ted" Hoff and Stan Mazor build a 4-bit CPU chip set architecture that could receive instructions and perform simple functions on data for Apple Corps in San Francisco, California. The CPU becomes the 4004 microprocessor. Also on this day, NASA Apollo 10-a under the command of Thomas P. Stafford land at Mare Tranquilitas. Stafford sparks controversy by quoting a Biblical passage, "I am the vine and you are the branches... Whoever remains in me, and I in him, will bear much fruit. For you can do nothing without me.

    June 16th 1969: Apollo 10-A astronauts led by Thomas P. Stafford are granted a ticker tape parade in New York City, New York.

    July 13th 1969: Robert de Pugh is killed in a shootout with federal authorities in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Christian militia groups will say, "This is our Concord! This is our Fort Sumpter! This is our Pearl Harbor!"

    August 9th 1969: Charles Manson and several of his followers are arrested for conspiracy to commit murder.

    August 11th 1969: Time is proven wrong, when a UFO sighting occurs in Utica, New York.

    September 19th 1969: Jacques Parizeau is appointed to Parliament in an effort to silence critics about Quebec secession.

    September 26th 1969: Venice Music Festival; "Chaosmic Music" musicians François de Beaulieu, Robert Chasse, Patrick Cheval, Alain Chevalier, Guy Debord, Bruce Elwell, Jon Horelick, Mustapha Khayati, JV Martin, Claudio Pavan, René Riesel, Eduardo Rothe, Paolo Salvadori, Gianfranco Sanguinetti, Christian Sébastiani, Raoul Vaneigem, Tony Verlaan, and René Viénet, protesting American, Soviet and European military efforts in the Third World.

    October 4th 1969: Psychologist F. Gordon Johnson warns that a mixture of "nootropics" (smart drugs) and alcohol can lead to severe mental damage in Washington D.C.

    October 7th 1969: Anarchist SDS Weathermen bomb Haymarket Square in Chicago, Illinois in commemoration of the 1886 Haymarket Riot.

    October 15th 1969: Operations Within the French Section after October 1969 documents from the Ministry of Defense, are leaked by students at the University of Nanterre, exposing plans to expand military operations in the Third World.

    November 11th 1969: Jérôme Proulx is appointed to Parliament in an effort to silence critics about Quebec secession

    November 18th 1969: Tragedy strikes the First Family when the president's father, Joseph Patrick Kennedy, dies. He is the first presidential father to die during his son's time in office since the presidency of John Quincy Adams.

    December 26th 1969: John A. Rimmer announces a "Great Revelation" to be granted to "nootropics" users in Merseyside, England.

    December 29th 1969: Vice-President Al Gore is injured after shots fired by an Islamic guerillas from the Moro Liberation Front (MLF) in Manila, Philippines.
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    Jun 12, 2007
    Land of the weirdos
    The Seventies:

    The final version of the seventies that will be posted in timelines.

    January 1st 1970: The United States Federal road safety commission reports that the leading cause of lethal accidents in the United States is "Driving under the influence of Alcohol, Cannabis, and other drugs".

    January 3rd 1970: David Niven starts his turn as the Doctor on "Doctor Who", causing the show's ratings to sky rocket.

    January 8th 1970: The One-Man Revolution in America by Ammon Hennacy is published in San Francisco, California

    January 28th 1970: Members of the "Angry Brigade" bomb the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris, France in protest to military actions abroad.

    January 31st 1970: The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Minnesota Vikings 28-13 in Super Bowl 5, the first Super Bowl since the AFL-NFL merger was announced. The new combined organization will be known henceforth as the Intercontinental Football League(IFL).

    February 6th 1970: 28 kids are injured in Denver, Colorado after Molotov cocktails are thrown into a school bus yard to protest school "bussing".

    February 13th 1970: Beyond the Wall of Sleep by Black Sabbath renews pop culture interest in H.P. Lovecraft.

    February 17th 1970: PLFP guerillas seize control of an El Air flight in Munich, West Germany and hijack the flight to Damascus, Syria. Also on this day, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) seizes control of El Al aircraft, Flight #117 in Munich, West Germany. Also on this day, Oriental Heroes by Wongh Yuk Lung becomes the first "manhua" published nationwide, in the post-Communist era.

    February 27th 1970: "Friendship Operation" launched in Guerrero, Mexico. An Amnesty International (AI) report says there is evidence the army conducted "illegal searches, arbitrary detentions, torture, the raping of women in the presence of their husbands, and the possible extrajudicial executions of groups of people."

    March 1st 1970: Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement detonates a bomb on airliner in Rome, Italy, killing 136 people in mid-air.

    March 3rd 1970: Apple Corp releases the "Magnetic Video Tape Player" or MVT. Also on this day, Lamar Riots; 14 children injured after protesters overturn 2 school buses with African-American students in Lamar, South Carolina.

    March 14th 1970: The Children of the Atom (DC Comics) are canceled, the most popular characters are incorporated into The Mutants (DC Comics). Also on this day, A United Arab Airlines Antonov 24 flight flying from Athens to Cairo via Alexandria explodes in mid-air killing 12 people.

    March 17th 1970: Cambodian Secretary of State Mannorine defeats a coup against the king lead by PM Lon Nol. Lon Nol is forced to flee.

    March 28th 1970: Pipe bomb at Waterloo Station in London, England kills 8 people, injures 12 during the morning commute. Authorities attribute the bombing to the "Guy Fawkes Brigade".

    April 13th 1970: Lon Nol joins with the Khmer Rouge forces.

    April 15th 1970: Khmer Rouge forces massacre several hundred Vietnamese, leading to condemnation of the organization from both Vietnams.

    April 20th 1970: The Kennedy administration signs into law the McDade act. The bill legalizes the sale and consumption of Cannabis in licensed "Hash Bars" to persons over the age of 18. It also makes "The operation of heavy equipment or motor vehicles while under the influence of Alcohol, Cannabis, or other impairing drugs" a felony.

    May 4th 1970: Denver, Colorado, is declared host city for the XII Winter Olympics.

    May 10th 1970: Iberian Air Lines DC9 in Geneva, Switzerland is destroyed in mid-air by bomb planted by PFLP guerillas, killing 36 people. PFLP guerillas also detonate an Iberian Airlines Flight DC-10 from London , England to Madrid, Spain, killing 29 people. PFLP guerillas detonate a bomb aboard Iberian Airlines DC9 in Amsterdam, killing 11 people. Also on this day, Klopfzeichen, album by German Electronic Music band Cluster makes its hit debut in Frankfurt, West Germany.

    May 11th-14th 1970: Augusta Riots; Race riots erupt in Augusta, Georgia after a 16yo African-American is beaten in jail, 6 killed in the rioting, National Guard units called in.

    May 12th 1970: Moscow, USSR is awarded rights to the XXI Summer Olympics, over the protests of the US, UK, and PRC.

    May 14th 1970: 11 students are shot by National Guard members at Jackson State College in Jackson, Mississippi, sparking national, and international outrage. This incident will go down in the history books as "the Jackson state massacre"

    May 21st 1970: President Mobutu Sese Seko establishes Popular Movement of the Revolution (MPR) as the sole political party in Kinshasha, Congo.

    May 22nd 1970: Bomb at Paddington Police Station in London, England kills 4 officers, injures 9. Authorities attribute the bombing to "Guy Fawkes Brigade".

    June 2nd 1970: Rudi Gernreich invents the "topless evening dress", a full-length turtleneck collared t-front affair that leaves both breasts bare which becomes a popular fashion in New York City, New York.

    June 6th 1970: Moro Liberation Front (MLF) takes credit for a bomb that kills 8 people outside the U.S. Embassy in Manila, Philippines.

    June 9th 1970: PFLP guerillas kill 42 out of 60 foreign hostages in Amman, Jordan, in protest to King Hussein's support of American policy in the region.

    June 17th 1970: Lon Nol calls for his followers, comprised mainly of the Khmer Rouge and rouge elements of the Royal army, to overthrow the pro-US government of Prince Sihanouk. Sihanouk realties by proclaiming the National United Front of Kampuchea (in French, Front Uni National du Kampuchea, or FUNK). This is marked as the official start of the Cambodian Civil War.

    June 21st 1970: Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Doc Ellis pitched 2 consecutive no-hitter baseball games while under the influence of "nootropics" in New York City, New York.

    July 4th-7th 1970: Ashbury Riots; Race riots erupt in Ashbury, New Jersey; Martial law is imposed after National Guard units called in, 40 people shot.

    July 11th 1970: Wadi Elias Hadad, leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) is assassinated in Beirut, Lebanon.

    August 9th 1970: Fidel Castro is killed by his estranged daughter, Alina Fernández, during a political rally in Havana, Cuba.

    August 30th 1970: Sir John Waldron, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police is killed by Stuart Christie, member of the "Guy Fawkes Brigade" in London, England.

    September 8th 1970: Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement hijack Air Ethiopia Flight #227 from Athens, Greece.

    September 14th-15th 1970: New Orleans Riots; Race riots erupt in New Orleans, Louisiana, 21 people injured. Many say the optimistic racial policies of the Kennedy administration have "hit a brick wall.

    September 19th 1970: Yokkaichi Disaster; 544 people killed in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture, Japan, after sulphuric acid from Showa Yokkaichi Oil refinery spreads over the community.

    September 21st 1970: Anarchist manifesto Formation of the Tendency for the Truth of our Practice by Jon Horelick & Tony Verlaan, is seized in San Francisco, California.

    September 29th 1970: Napoleon directed by Stanley Kubrick, starring Malcolm McDowell, makes its hit debut.

    September 30th 1970: Federal agents raid Regions Hospital women's clinic under Doctor Jane E. Hodgson in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and arrest 5 doctors and 21 women for illegal abortions.

    October 2nd 1970: 19 people killed after 2 bombs detonate outside the USAF commissary in Izmir, Turkey.

    October 6th 1970: Sgt. John Stewart, USAF is killed by a car bomb outside his apartment in Ankara, Turkey.

    October 10th-12th 1970: Pontiac Riots; National Guard units are called in after race riots erupt in Pontiac, Michigan. Many politicians claim a Republican takeover of the Congress is eminent.

    October 16th 1970: People's Republic of China detonates a nuclear weapon at Lop Nur, China, becoming a nuclear power.

    November 2nd 1970: American ambassador Douglas Macarthur II is kidnapped in Tehran, Iran by PFLP guerillas.

    November 7th 1970: The Soviets land their own manned lunar mission, the L-3 Lunniy Korabl under the command of Lt. Viktor Ivanovich Patsayev which lands on the "Dark side" of the moon, claiming that hemisphere as a "zone of Soviet influence". The Americans respond by claiming the "Light side" as their own.

    November 11th 1970: Guy Debord, René Riesel & René Viénet launch a manifesto calling for the overthrow of the government in Paris, France. Also on this day, Tarantula (Marvel Comics) novel written by Bob Dylan is published in New York City, New York, becoming a major bestseller.

    November 13th 1970: Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby introduce "Darkseid of Apokolips" in The Avengers (Marvel Comics) as the "ultimate cosmic villain" in New York City, New York.

    November 20th 1970: Comedian Bob Hope is killed at Prince Albert Hall in London, England after "Guy Fawkes Brigade" bomb the Miss World beauty pageant.

    November 23rd 1970: Doctor Al Hubbard begins research into defense applications of "nootropics" at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California

    November 27th 1970: The German Electronica band Organisation release "Neu!" their first album entirely in English. It quickly climbs to #1 on the American charts, paving the way for the "German invasion" of electronic and "Futurist" music.

    December 1970: The first MVTs go on the market just in time for the holiday season in Britian and the United States.

    December 8th 1970: 275,000 people gather in protest at St. James Square in London, England, demanding a "no-confidence vote".

    December 10th 1970: A no confidence vote passes in Westminster, ending the Macleod premiership. King George VII dissolves parliament and calls for new elections.

    December 22nd 1970: Atlantis Rising by Brad Steiger, claiming that mythical civilizations such as "Atlantis" and "Lemuria" are the result of "evolutionary agents".

    December 24th 1970: Ankara University students fire AK-47s at USAF Tuslog Detachment in Ankara, Turkey.


    January 1st 1971: The Soviets launch their own space plane, the Drakon (a.k.a. "the Dragon").

    January 2nd 1971: The New Tories sweep the Parliamentary elections, with Whitelaw becoming Prime Minister. The Liberal Conservatives are reduced to a small Opposition, and Labour fails to carry any seats.

    January 3rd 1971: PM Whitelaw makes his "Britain Ascendant" speech, calling for independence of Britain from American and Soviet concerns, a British space program, maintaining the empire, and protecting Britain's historic legacy. He concludes with "The Sun never set on the British Empire, and the Sun will never set on the British Empire as long as we are around. God save the King."

    January 4th 1971: Oswald Mosley leader of the growing Union Movement makes a speech on national television condemning Prime Minister Whitelaw's "Britain Ascendant" speech and calling for greater integration with the European community.

    January 5th 1971: The Soviets declare their intention to build permanent Lunar bases. The Americans counter claim that they will be the first to do so, heating up the space race even further. Also on this day, Jane E. Hodgson convicted of providing illegal abortions. The press dub her "Dr. Death".

    January 12th 1971: MP Robert Carr is killed by a car bomb in London, England, police suspect union members for the bomb, although the "Guy Fawkes Brigade" takes credit.

    January 19th 1971: Classified U.S. Defense Department report claims that c.10%-15% of enlisted personnel in the Congo region are addicted to "local narcotics".

    January 21st 1971: Khmer Rouge raiders are driven back from Pochentong Airfield.

    January 23rd 1971: 33 people killed after Islamic guerillas drive a truck bomb into the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, Turkey.

    January 26th 1971: Noam Chomsky, linguistics professor, dies of an overdose of "nootropics" in Cambridge, England

    January 30th 1971: The Baltimore Colts beat the Dallas Cowboys 16-10 in Super Bowl 6. The game is marred by accusations that Cowboys starting quarterback Craig Morton has been illegally using what are delicately referred to as "performance-enhancing substances" throughout the 1970 IFL regular season and the IFL Western Conference playoffs.

    February 4th 1971: Lon Nol suffers a sudden stroke and dies, depriving the Khmer Rouge of their most popular and visible member.

    February 10th 1971: Islamic guerillas detonate bomb at apartment complex housing 3 American families in Ankara, Turkey, killing 75 people.

    February 18th 1971: The New Gods (Marvel Comics) by Jack Kirby make their hit debut in New York City, New York.

    February 20th 1971: Bomb explodes outside USAF base in Ankara, Turkey, Islamic guerillas take credit.

    February 25th 1971: The Forever People (Marvel Comics) by Jack Kirby make their hit debut in New York City, New York.

    March 10th-12th 1971: National Black Political Convention led Shirley Chisholm (D-NY) and Jesse Jackson in Harlem, New York gathers 80,000 people to speak on the Civil Rights movement.

    March 14th 1971: 8 killed when a car bomb detonates outside the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

    March 17th 1971: FUNK launches Operation Chenla II, relieving Kompong Thom.

    April 1st 1971: 116 Native American and Chicano/Latino activists are arrested in Davis, California after attempting to seize public land for a university.

    April 2nd 1971: Bomb explodes outside of CENTO headquarters in Ankara, Turkey.

    April 7th 1971: "Mountains of Madness" album by Lovecraft (band featuring George Edwards, Dave Michaels, and Jerry McGeorge) makes its hit debut in San Francisco, California.

    April 11th 1971: Easter Sunday Gathering; 150,000 gather in Prescott, Arizona after Paul Solem preaches "messages from the stars" calling for an "evolutionary agenda".

    April 26th 1971: Scott Free (Marvel Comics) by Jack Kirby makes its hit debut in New York City, New York.

    May 10th 1971: Zwei Osterei, album by German Electronic Music band Cluster makes its hit debut in Frankfurt, West Germany. "Faust" album by German Electronic Music band Faust makes its debut in Munich, West Germany.

    May 11th 1971: Philip K. Dick publishes "The Lord of the Iron Fortress" about a world where the Axis won WWII. It is generally considered to be the first modern uchronian novel. Also on this day, Stan Lee unveils DC's answer to Marvel's Darkseid - Annihilus. Unlike the relatively human Darkseid, Annihilus is very Lovecraftian in appearance and mannerisms, as are his minions, the Illithids.

    May 16th 1971: Military intelligence officers at Torre-Bert, Italy report the death of Soviet cosmonaut Lt. Ludmilla Ilyushin in orbit.

    May 18th 1971: DC publishes a story in Arachnid Man critical of the Nootropics movement. The story is rejected by the comics code authority, and for three issues Arachnid Man was published without the comics code seal. The comics code liberalizes as a result.

    May 21st-26th 1971: Chattanooga Riots; Riots erupt in Chattanooga, Tennessee , National Guard units are called in, 400 people are arrested.

    June 4th 1971: A woman, Gabrielle O'Connor, is arrested for indecent exposure in Tallahasee, Florida, because she was wearing a topless evening dress. Also on this day, FBI agents arrest several American Indian Movement (AIM) members, after learning of efforts to "deface and vandalize" the Mount Rusmore monument.

    June 10th 1971: In Mexico City, Mexico a paramilitary group descended on student demonstrators and at least 14 people were killed, including Mayor Alfonso Martinez.

    June 13th 1971: Doctor James E. McDonald of Tucson, Arizona begins preaching that extraterrestrials are "evolutionary agents" and that "nootropics" are part of their tools.

    June 18th 1971: Bill Gale and George Lincoln Rockwell meet in Los Angeles, California for the formation of "Christian posses" based on the principal of "defending the Constitutional Republic"

    June 20th 1971: In spite of unexpected support from the ACLU and other organizations, O'Connor is declared guilty. Also on this day, Attempted Kher Rouge counterattacks on FUNK forces fail.

    July 3rd 1971: The Florida State Supreme Court rules in favor of the Tallahasee court's decision. O'Connor's lawyer, David Wiley, vows to take the case all the way to Washington.

    July 4th 1971: Col. Oliver Stone launches the conservative "Hard Hat" riots meant to generate support for Congo War veterans in New York City, New York.

    July 9th 1971: The Commonwealth of Australia pledges its support to FUNK.

    July 24th 1971: Claude Baliff records "the Music of Erich Zann" album in Paris, France as a counterculture rebellion.

    August 22nd 1971: Soviet cosmonaut Col. Ivan Istochnikov and his dog "Kloka" are killed aboard Soyuz 2 space module, when the module loses atmosphere.

    September 8th 1971: Ingo Swann and Cleve Backster launch "Brain Blast" event at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California

    September 9th 1971: Bill Gale publishes the Guide for Christian Volunteer Posses, with an introduction by George Lincoln Rockwell in Los Angeles, California, copies are seized by federal agents in San Francisco, California. Also on this day, 6 people are killed in Pontiac, Michigan after KKK members firebomb school buses.

    September 23rd 1971: A FUNK air strike kills Saloth Sar, leader of the Khmer Rouge.

    October 1st 1971: Walt Disney World opens in Orlando, Florida.

    October 6th 1971: Jordanian Airlines Caravelle is destroyed by a bomb planted by PFLP guerillas in Beirut, Lebanon. Also on this day, Lovecraft hosts a "Brain Blast" event at their home in the Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, California.

    October 14th 1971: Soviet Cosmonauts Lt. Alexis Belokonyov and Lt. Piotr Dolgov are killed while attempting to service LEK lunar base.

    October 19th 1971: The United States Supreme Court, after almost four months of debate, in the case of O'Connor vs. State of Florida, overturns Florida's decision, ruling that indecent exposure laws are unconstitutional under the First Amendment.

    October 25th 1971: Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek announces his role as the legitimate political leader of China in Nanjing, China.

    October 27th 1971: Actress/model Tuesday Weld and anarchist Emmett Grogan are married in New York City, New York in a celebrity wedding.

    October 28th 1971: In co-operation with the British Ministry of Space, Australia successfully launches Prospero (X-3) into orbit from Woomera, South Australia aboard the Black Arrow.

    November 7th 1971: Lima Declaration; Third Bloc ministers meet in Lima, Peru calling for greater economic coordination and trade development.

    November 13th 1971: While officially declaring his candidacy for President, Ronald Reagan proposes a “North American Agreement” which will produce “a North American continent in which the goods and people of the three countries will cross boundaries more freely”.

    November 23rd 1971: President John F. Kennedy calls for recognition of the Chinese democratic delegation before the United Nations in New York City.

    November 24th 1971: Canadian Prime Minister Diefenbaker says at a press conference outside parliament, that the very idea that Canada would join a "North American Agreement" is "to absurd to consider".

    December 4th 1971: President Mobutu Sese Seko introduces the Religious Organizations Ordinance allowing the state to dissolve "any church or sect that compromises or threatens to compromise public order.

    December 15th 1971: Jordanian ambassador, Said Raffia is killed by PFLP guerillas in London, England.


    January 27th 1972: Islamic/Catholic Croatian terrorists associated with Ustashi place a bomb that explodes on a train en route from Vienna, Austria to Zagreb, Yugoslavia, killing 6 people.

    January 29th 1972: The Washington Redskins beat the Miami Dolphins 21-16 in Super Bowl 7, dashing Miami's hopes for a perfect 17-0 record.

    February 3rd 1972: The XI Winter Olympics open in Sapporo, Japan, the first Winter Olympics to be held outside of Europe and North America.

    February 4th 1972: William K. Hartman warns followers in Sonora, Mexico of a "nuclear war within 6 years", based on an alleged UFO message.

    February 7th 1972: Kim Il Sung, Kim Jung Il and Marshal O Jin U are all killed by Unit 684

    February 10th 1972: North Korea descends into civil war.

    February 11th 1972: Rogue North Korean forces invade South Korea, they lay waste to much of Seoul. Also on this day, Israeli fighter jets bomb a suspected PFLP hideout in Gaza; by a stroke of ill luck for the PFLP, two of its senior leaders happen to be inside when the first bombs hit. One man is killed and the other is critically injured.

    February 13th 1972: Last vestiges of North Korean forces pushed back over the border.

    February 14th 1972: Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev declares that any intervention in Northern Korea by the West shall be responded to with all possible force.

    February 18th 1972: "Letters to an Editor" album by "Chaosmic Music" singer Gianfranco Sanguinetti is released worldwide.

    February 19th 1972: Islamic terrorists with the Jordanian National Liberation Movement (JNLM) hijack a Jordanian plane in Cairo, Egypt. The terrorists divert the plane to Tripoli, Libya as it leaves Cairo.

    February 27th 1972: Mexican Guerrillas ambushed and kill 18 troops, the army detained at least 90 men in the village of El Quemado and took many of them to 3 different military bases that served as "concentration camps".

    March 30th 1972: 38 soldiers killed in Stranraer, Glasgow after a IRA bomb explodes at a railroad junction.

    May 29, 1972- Chiang Ching-kuo (KMT) is elected President of the Republic of China in Beijing.

    April 1st 1972: Guy Debord & Gianfranco Sanguinetti publish The Real Split warning of the rise of further violence and terrorist attacks unless social reforms are made in Paris, France.

    April 2nd 1972: The Day the Clown Cried directed by Jerry Lewis, starring Jerry Lewis and Harriet Andersson, which introduces the Holocaust as a mainstream film subject, makes its hit debut.

    April 4th 1972: Pictures of Clyde Tolson and FBI J. Edgar Hoover in "drag" appear in the Washington Post, sparking calls for Hoover's resignation.

    April 19th 1972: As a means of cashing in on the success of Arachnid Man, and the liberalization of the comics code, DC publishes Green Lantern/Arachnid Man, noted for it's politically radical content. Also on this day, U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Joseph John Jova condemns human rights violations by the government.

    May 17th 1972: Police Chief Luigi Calabresi survives an assassination attempt in Milan, Italy. Adriano Sofri, Giorgio Pietrostefani & Ovidio Bompressi take credit for the attack.

    May 24th 1972: In Salisbury, Zimbabwe, a South African Airways Boeing 727 flying from Salisbury to Johannesburg with 66 passengers and crew on board explodes, killing all 66 passengers.

    May 30th 1972: U.S.-backed Mobutu Sese Seko declares himself "president-for-life" in Kinshasha, Congo.

    June 6th 1972: Ingo Swann, Cleve Backster and Hal Puthoff detect tachyon particles during experiments at the Physics Department at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.

    June 10th 1972: "Warlock's" occult shop opens in Brooklyn Heights, New York by David Berkowitz and William Prazsky.

    June 11th 1972: Ralph Baer assists Apple, Inc, in constructing the "Illiad", the first home MVT game system.

    June 15th 1972: Bill Gale announces the nationwide registration of 91,000 members of United States Christian Posse Association (USCPA) in Los Angeles, California.

    June 27th 1972: Kit Green, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) meets with Ingo Swann to discuss practical applications of tachyon experiments. Also on this day, Nolan Bushnell and Joe Keenan incorporate Syzygy, Inc., the first real computer game company

    July 1st 1972: Dr. Azmi Awad, a Palestinian physician working for the Red Crescent relief organization, is killed by a car bomb in Gaza. Marwan Dajani, an al-Fatah leader, and Abu al-Hassan, a PLO intelligence officer, along with Shafiq al-Hout, the PLO director in Beirut, are killed in Beirut, Lebanon.

    July 5th 1972: CIA General Counsel Lawrence R. Houston denies rumors that the CIA is involved in the Congolese narcotics trade, before Congress in Washington D.C.

    July 10th 1972: So Far, album by German Electronic Music band Fuast makes its hit debut in Munich, West Germany.

    July 18th 1972: A bomb containing fifteen pounds of explosives detonates at the USIS Cultural Center in Manila, Philippines, killing 12 people. Moro Liberation Front (MLF) takes responsibility.

    July 19th 1972: Anis Sayegh, director of the PLO research center in Beirut, is killed in Beirut, Lebanon.

    July 22nd 1972: Bassam Abu Sharif. PFLP spokesman, is killed by a letter bomb in Gaza.

    July 31st 1972: George Edward Wright, George Brown, Melvin McNair, his wife Jean Allen McNair, and Joyce T. Burgess are arrested in Miami, Florida after attempting to hijack a Delta Airlines 747.

    August 11th 1972: Third Bloc leaders unveil a statue of coalition founders (e.g. President Nasser of Egypt, President Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Jawaharlal Nehru of India and Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia) unveiled in Georgetown, Guyana.

    August 16th 1972: El Al Israel Airlines Boeing 707 explodes shortly after take-off from Rome, Italy by a bomb concealed in its luggage compartment. The bomb had been hidden in a record player given to two English girls by two Arab Muslims. All 148 passengers and crew are killed.

    August 20th 1972: Los Angeles police raid a HELP (Homophile Effort for Legal Protection) monthly fundraiser at the Black Pipe. Police accused of brutality after HELP President Larry Townsend is hospitalized with 3 broken ribs and a concussion.

    August 22nd-23rd 1972: John Lennon, singer for the Moondogs, and anti-war activist Rennie Davis are arrested outside the Republican National Convention after protesting the war stances of the candidates.

    August 26th 1972: The XX Summer Olympics open in Munich, FRG.

    August 30th 1972: A plot by Palistinian nationalists to kill a number of Israeli Olympians is foiled by the FRG security forces.

    August 31st 1972: FBI agents in Portland, Oregon record United States Christian Posse Association (USCPA) threats against African-American and Jewish organizations.

    September 9th 1972: Air France Boeing 747 flying from Paris, France to Montreal, Canada with 354 people aboard explodes. PFLP claims responsibility.

    September 17th 1972: A Venezuelan Airlines DC-8 flying from Beirut, Lebanon to Caracas, Venezuela explodes, killing 99 people over Cyprus. Dr. Atef Harkous, Hussein Harkous, and Adnan Harkous take responsibility for the crime.

    September 24th 1972: In Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia Bishop Abel Murozewa and seven other clergymen (white and black) sign a petition calling for a multiracial Commonwealth Realm to replace the CAF government. The "Declaration of the Salisbury Seven" is seen by observers to mark a turning point in the racial conflicts in the CAF and in Southern Rhodesia.

    September 29th 1972: President Chiang Kai-shek demands an apology from PM Kakuei Tanaka for actions taken during World War II during a conference in Beijing, Republic of China.

    October 11th 1972: George Kindred and James Freed, United States Christian Posse Association (USCPA), announce the formation of "citizen's grand jury", issuing threats of arrest and violence against elected officials in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Also on this day, Jane E. Hodgson challenges her conviction before the Minnesota Supreme Court.

    October 12th 1972: The Necronomicon is written by William Prazsky in New York City, New York.

    October 14th 1972: Construction of the Soviet LEK Lunar Complex begins on the Dark side of the Moon.

    October 17th 1972: Author Hunter S. Thompson wins the Nobel Prize in Literature, for his book The Vegas Book, about his experiences on "nootropics", as well as other drugs, such as ether, opium, and the lesser known "Psychedelic" drugs such as LSD, Psilocybin mushrooms, and Mescaline.

    October 21st 1972: "Chaosmic" music album "Birdcage - 73', 20.958" for a Composer" by John Cage makes its hit debut.

    October 25th 1972: Mustafa Awad Abu Zeid, a leader in the PLO, is killed by a letter bomb in Tripoli, Libya.

    November 1972: Gore and his Running mate Frank Church loose to republican Ronald Reagan and his running mate Bob Dole. The Republicans also pick up the Senate. Martin Luther King, Jr. is elected to the Senate from Georgia, the first African American man to do so since Reconstruction. He is a Democrat.

    November 15th 1972: Denver withdraws its offer of being host city for the Winter Olympics.

    November 16th 1972: Southern University Shootings; 8 students at Southern University in Baton Rouge , Louisiana are killed after National guard units attempt to breakup anti-war demonstration.

    November 20th 1972: Whistler, British Columbia, accepts the IOC's offer of being Denver's stand in for the XII Winter Olympics.

    December 4th 1972 Diefenbaker announces support for the British space program and announces that Canada shall play it's part in "bringing the Union Jack to the stars".

    December 7th 1972: First Lady Imelda Marcos is stabbed to death by members of the Moro Liberation Front (MLF) during a beauty pageant in Manila, martial law is declared against Mindinao.

    December 8th 1972: Seven Ethiopian Islamic students hijack an Ethiopian Airlines jet shortly after takeoff from Addis Ababa, diverting the flight to Khartoum, Sudan.


    January 1973: Ronald Reagan sworn in as 37th president

    January 17th 1973: Student is killed by a bomb planted in a bathroom at the American University in Beirut, Lebanon, PFLP guerillas claim responsibility.

    January 21st 1973: "Cheap Imitation" single by John Cage makes its hit musical debut in New York City, New York.

    January 23rd 1973: The Reagan administration institutes the draft for the war in Congo, Which Reagan justifies with his (in)famous "there is no substitute for victory" speech.

    January 24th 1973: Hussein Abad al-Khair, Chairman of al-Fatah, meets with Third Bloc representatives in Nicosia, Cyrprus.

    January 27th 1973: The Miami Dolphins redeem themselves from their Super Bowl 7 defeat with a 31-7 thrashing of the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl 8. It is the first of four Super Bowl championships the Dolphins will win during Don Shula's tenure as head coach.

    February 17th 1973: Launcelot-9 launches from Bermuda, marking Britain's first manned space flight.

    February 26th 1973: The 8th Army by Lei You debuts, becoming the first "Huarenzhi" (Chinese animated film) to debut in the post-Communist era.

    February 27th 1973: American Indian Movement (AIM) leaders led by Russell Means, Carter Camp, Dennis Banks and Clyde Bellecourt seize Wounded Knee, South Dakota.

    March 1st 1973: Timothy Leary publishes Starseed elaborating his theories of "evolutionary agents" and the need for "space migration" in San Francisco, California.

    March 2nd 1973: Ieng Sary is killed in a vehicle accident, leaving Son Sen in charge of the Khmer Rouge.

    March 3rd 1973: Ambassador George Curtis Moore is killed by a car bomb outside the consulate in Casablanca, Morocco. Also on this day, Two policemen shoot killed in a Sacramento, California, public toilet after one tries to arrest the other for "oral copulation." Also on this day, author Hunter S. Thompson found dead. The cause of death is an overdose of a combination of the "nootropics", ether, and LSD.

    March 4th 1973: The Dominicans launch Operation STEEL PIKE against the Haitians marking their first real breakthrough since the beginning of the war. This also marks the first use of chemical weapons in the conflict, the great success had by these weapons causes many nations to seriously look into chemical weapons for both offensive and defensive use.

    March 6th 1973: Car bomb kills 15 people at the El Al Israel Airlines air terminal at Adlai Stevenson Airport, the First Israel Bank and Trust Company, and the Israel Discount Bank, in New York City, New York.

    March 13th 1973: Trujillo is killed in a mass gas attack on his stronghold near Las Galeras.

    March 15th 1973: 4 Palestinian gunmen kill 3 people, injuring 12 after firing weapons at the Israeli Embassy in Paris, France.

    March 19th 1973: Plumbicon (Narragansett Imaging) begins manufacturing "Picturephone" tubes with the capability of color transmission in Slatersville, Rhode Island.

    April 1st 1973: Great American Meat Boycott; American housewives launch a consumer boycott of meat products across America in an effort to protest, rising agricultural costs.

    April 11th 1973: NBC-TV airs the series premiere of "Crime Lab", a police drama about NYPD lab techs.

    April 12th 1973: Say It With Music musical written and produced by Arthur Freed, based on the life of Irving Berlin makes its hit debut.

    April 16th 1973: PFLP/PLO guerillas detonate a bomb severing the Trans-Arabian Pipeline to Zahrani in Saudi Arabia, severely restricting oil in the region.

    April 20th 1973: Son Sen surrenders the last Khmer Rouge stronghold to General Sutsakhan, ending the Cambodian Civil War.

    April 26th 1973: Reagan administration officials order an end to investigations into the activities of "Christian militias" in Portland, Oregon.

    April 27th 1973: Second Battle of Wounded Knee; FBI agents fire on American Indian Movement (AIM) members in Wounded Knee, South Dakota, killing leaders Lake Headly, Fritz Feiten, Jeanne Davies, Ellen Moves Camp, Frank Clearwater and Buddy LaMont along with 16 other people are killed.

    May 4th 1973: Syzygy releases "Ping", a computerized version of table tennis. Also on this day, U.S. Consul General in Guadalajara Terrence Leonhardy is assassinated by members of the People's Revolutionary Armed Forces.

    May 6th 1973: Stanley Kubrick finishes reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy. He announces in an interview with USA today that he'd be interested in producing a theatrical adaptation.

    May 18th 1973: American astronaut Col. Randy Claggett dies of radiation poisoning while at Mare Tranquilitas.

    June 13th 1973: Self-proclaimed psychic Uri Gellar gathers 50,000 in the Negev Desert, Israel proclaiming the "Intelligence in the Sky.

    June 21st 1973: Richard O'Brien releases the musical They Came From Denton High to London audiences.

    June 24th-August 27th 1973: DC comics publishes a highly controversial three issue story arch of Green Lantern/Arachnid Man. In which Arachnid Man's girlfriend, Gwen Parker, is kidnapped and murdered by his enemy, the Grim Goblin. Arachnid Man then swears revenge and begins to track down the Grim Goblin, while he and Green Lantern argue about the morality of revenge. The last issue ends with Arachnid Man killing the Grim Goblin, which leads Green Lantern to leave the team, ending the series.

    July 4th 1973: Institute of Geology and Geophysics of the Siberian branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, develops a BARS which can manufacture synthetic diamonds.

    July 10th 1973: Sheldon Mayer creates Fleur du Noir for Marvel comics. The female super heroine is popular due the air of mystery surrounding her (her main ability is a mastery of disguise. She often spends an entire investigation impersonating an insignificant background female, such as a maid, a secretary, someone's girlfriend, et cetera, and the other characters only discover her involvement at the end of the story upon finding the bound and gagged woman she impersonated, and an abandoned disguise with her calling card) Her true identity is never revealed, even to the reader.

    July 17th 1973: King Mohammed Zahir Shah purges Prime Minister Mohammad Daoud Khan, after revealing Soviet ties in Kabul, Afghanistan.

    July 19th 1973: PFLP guerillas kill 17 people during an attack of the El Al Israel Airlines office in Athens, Greece.

    July 24th 1973: Daywalker by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan premieres in Marvel Comics.

    July 26th 1973: Enter the Dragon starring John Saxon, Jim Kelly and Bruce Lee makes its worldwide hit debut.

    August 5th 1973: Japanese MP Teruaki Furuta visits Cao Dai officials in Tay Ninh, South Vietnam.

    August 10th 1973: IV album by German Electronic Music band Faust makes its hit debut in Munich, West Germany.

    August 17th 1973: Chiang Kai-shek proclaims film star Bruce Lee "China's goodwill ambassador" during a rally in Hong Kong.

    September 5th 1973: Another Slow Night in Modesto by George Lucas comes to the silver screen. The succes of this film makes George Lucas a millionaire.

    September 14th 1973: Dafydd Ladd & Michael Tristram establish the "Freedom Fighters for All" anarchist cell in Bristol, England.

    September 17th 1973: The Merry Widow musical starring Barbara Streisand makes its hit film debut.

    October 12th 1973: "Mandrax" narcotic begins shipment via American military personnel in Cape Town, South Africa.

    October 19th 1973: Christian militia leader Mike Beach of Lane County, Oregon calls upon the Reagan administration to "defend the Real America".

    October 25th 1973: Stephen Pulaski of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania warns people that a "nuclear war will take place before 1976" after an alleged UFO abduction.

    November 10th 1973: School officials in Drake, North Dakota launch a book-burning of the works of H.P. Lovecraft claiming they are "tools of the Devil".

    November 15th 1973: After months of negotiations with several studios, Universal agrees to buy the rights to LOTR for Kubrick and greenlight a production of The Fellowship of the Ring with a $35 million dollars.

    December 15th 1973: "Cowboys of the Wild West" opens at Disney World.

    December 16th 1973: Science fiction author L. Sprague de Camp forms the Lovecraftian "Duriac Order" in New York City, New York. Also on this day, Claude Vorilhon, leader of the Raelian Movement, proclaims himself the "representative of the Intergalactic Brotherhood" in Auvergne, France. Also on this day, "People's Bicentennial"; 75,000 people gather along the shores of Boston, Massachusetts, to dump packages with labels for "Dow Chemicals", "General Motors (GM)" and "Boeing", in an effort to protest the corporate role in the War in the Congo on the 200th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.

    December 31st 1973: PFLP/PLO guerillas in London, England, assassinate Joseph Sieff, president of the Marks and Spencer store chain, honorary vice-president of the Zionist Federation of Britain, and president of the Joint Palestinian Appeal, which collected funds for the welfare of Israel.


    January 1st 1974: Cybernet, the first commercial version of the ARPANET, is opened. Tom Lodge of Bay of Ramsey, Isle of Man, Great Britain, begins "Caroline's List" as an underground Cybernet site.

    January 15th 1974: Thomas Stockheimer of Mosinee, Wisconsin establishes the "People's Tax Advisory Committee", condemning Stevenson/ Kennedy-era social spending.

    January 16th 1974: Puppeteer and animatronics expert Jim Henson is hired to design the creature effects for the orcs, goblins, trolls, and other creatures in The Fellowship of the Ring.

    January 17th 1974: Christian militia leader Robert De Pugh calls for a march to Washington to display the power of the "Silent Majority", in support of the war in the Congo. Also on this day, Syzygy releases the Syzygy 2600, the first cartridge based system.

    January 26th 1974: For the second straight year the Dolphins beat the Vikings in the Super Bowl in a blowout as Miami wallops Minnesota 48-10 in Super Bowl 9.

    January 31st 1974: PFLP guerillas detonate bomb at Shell Oil Refinery in Singapore, Malaysia, killing 8 hostages, along with 13 employees, severely hampering oil supply in the region.

    February 2nd 1974: Casting for Fellowship of the Rings wraps up. The cast includes Malcolm McDowell as Frodo Baggins, Chuck Norris as Aragorn, and Charleton Heston as Gandalf.

    February 4th 1974: Prime Minister Diefenbaker resigns and the popular Robert Stanfield becomes Prime Minister of the Dominion of Canada.

    February 10th 1974: Brazil launches Lt. Col. Marcos Cesar Pontes into orbit from Barreira do Inferno, aboard the Sonda-1 space capsule.

    February 23rd 1974: Terrorists bomb Dow Chemical facility in Lavrion, Greece, killing 6 people. Several groups claim responsibility.

    February 28th 1974: Oswald Mosley leader of the Union Movement surprisingly wins the Smethwick in a hotly contested vote, despite medical diagnosis of Parkinson's disease.

    March 3rd 1974: PLO guerillas bomb British Airways VC-10 at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, killing 112 passengers and crew members.

    March 7th 1974: David Arneson travels to Japan, where he falls in love with the pre-Meiji culture.

    March 9th 1974: The Miwok nation demands that the construction of the Olympic Club men's organization on their ancestral ground on Angel Island, California, and threatens "serious consequences" if the construction continues.

    March 15th 1974: 6 PFLP guerillas attack the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines counter in Amsterdam, killing 3 people.

    March 16th 1974: Iranian ambassador is killed by a pipe bomb in Beirut, Lebanon, Lebanese Revolutionary Movement (LRM) claims responsibility.

    March 19th 1974: Doctor Carl McIntire of Lakewood, New Jersey becomes a Cybernet celebrity after establishing the "Free America" site.

    March 26th 1974: Sheldon Baird Vance testifies before Congress that greater military force is needed to support Mobutu Sese Seko.

    March 30th 1974: Principal photography for The Fellowship of the Rings begins.

    April 4th 1974: Japan successfully launches Lt. Chiaki Mukai into orbit from Tanegashima Space Center in Tanegashima, Kyushu.

    April 5th 1974: Composer John Williams is hired to create the music for Fellowship of the Ring.

    April 8th-10th 1974: Atlanta Riots; Race riots erupt in Atlanta, Georgia after a Christian militia member shoots Hank Aaron, Atlanta Braves, after he hits his 715th Home Run. National Guard is called in.

    April 9th 1974: With the covert aid of John Lennon, Moondogs, Abie Nathan establishes the "Voice of Peace" site on the Cybernet in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    April 15th 1974: Orlando Bosch launches a right-wing military coup against the government in Havana, Cuba.

    April 16th 1974: Orlando Bosch's coup fails as Cuban president Hector Cornillot escapes but Bosch's forces control much of Havanna and gain support from parts of the countryside.

    April 20th 1974: Brezhnev announces that he will be providing full support to the Cubans.

    April 24th 1974: Yoko Ono begins work for collector card manufacturer Nintendo.

    May 1st 1974: Third Bloc members march out of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City, New York calling for a "New International Economic Order" (NIEO).

    May 8th 1974: "Tube-surfing", the act of climbing and riding on the roof of a moving train, becomes a popular activity, starting in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    May 11th 1974: Reagan begins funneling equipment, advisors and Cuban exiles through Guantanamo Bay to support Bosch. Also on this day, Lovecraft records its live album at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, California.

    May 13th 1974: United Nations Secretary General Houari Boumédienne calls for a return to reason in the Cuban Civil War.

    May 31st 1974: American ambassador Richard "Dick" Cheney vetoes U.N. Security Council Resolution #350, which advocates the deployment of UN observers in regards to the human rights situation on Native American reservations.

    June 1st 1974: In a controversial decision Stanfield acquires several British built tactical nuclear missiles. The Opposition and even his predecessor claimed that this would only make Canada a target of Soviet ICBM's however Stanfield refused saying that "Canada must enter the atomic age".

    June 11th-14th 1974: President Ronald Reagan orders the National Guard deployed after the Chrysler Truck Facility erupts into a spontaneous strike, in Motor City, Michigan.

    June 24th 1974: Los Angeles Riots; 6 police officers, the last defendants in the LAPD raid of a HELP fundraiser at the Black Pipe are cleared of all charges, sparking riots in the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community in Los Angeles, California.

    July 4th 1974: George Lucas purchases the rights to Star Track from Gene Rodenberry.

    July 15th 1974: Construction of the American Lunar base Artemis begins.

    July 19th 1974: Manila Riots; President Ferdinand Marcos orders the clearing of slums by military forces in an effort to accommodate the Miss Universe pageant. According to Amnesty International over359 people are killed.

    July 27th 1974: WHO/CDC officials use the term AIDS ("acquired immune deficiency syndrome") to describe "Kinshasha fever" for the first time in Washington D.C.

    July 30th 1974: The Union Party is founded by Louis Fisher, Frank Fitzsimmons, and Walter Reuther in Motor City, Michigan, in response to the federal government's heavy handed reaction to the Motor City strike

    August 12th 1974: "Live May 11, 1974" album by Lovecraft makes its hit musical debut in San Francisco, California.

    August 14th 1974: Watch This Space (NBC-TV) debuts with Dan Ackroyd, Gilda Radner, Eugene Levy, John Candy, and Eugene Levy

    August 20th 1974: British forces invade Iran in hopes of overthrowing the Islamic revolution in that country, and restoring the Pro-British King Mohammed Zahir Shah.

    September 1st 1974: Tom Lodge is arrested in Bay of Ramsey, Isle of Man, Great Britain, for "Caroline's List" site, by Scotland Yard authorities.

    September 6th 1974: First "Picturephone" booths are installed in Grand Central Station in New York City, New York, Westinghouse Offices in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Capitol Building in Washington D.C., and the University of California at Berkeley.

    September 12th 1974: Thomas Stockheimer introduces "Christian Citizens' Grand Jury Indictments" against 50 members of Congress for "anti-American activities" in Washington D.C. Also on this day, Former President John F. Kennedy leads a rally in Boston, Massachusetts "calling for calm" after school district is ordered to begin school "bussing".

    September 19th 1974: Claude Vorilhon leads rally in Paris with 20,000 people, introducing "mouvement pour l‘accueil des Elohim créateurs de l’humanité" or "movement for welcoming the Elohim, creators of humanity".

    October 15th 1974: Professor Robert F. Carr demands "full disclosure" of UFOs from the government in Washington D.C.

    October 19th-20th 1974: 75,000 people, representing 15 states attend the "National Tax and Christian Militia" Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    October 23rd, 1974: London, United Kingdom, is awarded the XXII Summer Olympics. Lake Placid, NY, by virtue of being the only place that wanted it, is awarded XIII Winter Olympics.

    November 7th 1974: Lieutenant Li I-che, former member of the Red Guards leads a rally in Beijing, China demanding political reforms.

    November 9th 1974: Members of the right-wing Cuban Movement C-4 bomb the an American Union building, headquarters of the Organization of American States in Washington, D.C., demanding the withdrawal of American forces.

    November 16th 1974: Astronomers Carl Sagan and Frank Drake report "unusual radio signals" while at Arecibo Radio Observatory in Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

    November 19th 1974: Space is the Place film written by Sun-Ra and directed by John Coney, introduces science-fiction to many African-American youth, by blending a story Marcus Garvey message with "evolutionary agents".

    December 1st 1974: In Mumbai, India, a Swissair DC8 flying from Bombay to Karachi, Pakistan was bombed by Mohammad Aslam, killing 114 passengers.

    December 2nd 1974: Lucio Cabanas, leader of a communist rebel group called the Party of the Poor, narrowly escapes a shootout with Mexican soldiers in Acapulco. Lino Rosas Perez and Esteban Mesino Martinez escape a government ambush in Cabanas.

    December 4th 1974: "Oireachtas na Gaeilge" site is established in Westport, County Cork, Ireland by IRA Cybernet supporters.

    December 6th 1974: Principal photography for the Fellowship of the Rings ends. A Christmas 1975 release date is announced

    December 10th 1974: Soviet backed rebels oust the Afghan monarchy after a short but bloody civil war. Their control of the countryside would be tenous however.

    December 13th 1974: Christian militia leader Thomas Stockheimer is arrested in Abbotsford, Wisconsin on charges of tax evasion. Also on this day, Claude Vorilhon leads convention of 17,000 members of "mouvement pour l‘accueil des Elohim créateurs de l’humanité" or "movement for welcoming the Elohim, creators of humanity" at Puy de Lassolas, France.

    December 25th 1974: In Lebanon, an Air India Boeing 747 flying 155 passengers on the Bombay to Beirut to Rome and on to New York run was bombed shortly out of Beirut by Josef Homolov.


    January 14th 1975: Frank Lucas of Teaneck, New Jersey is proclaimed the "King of New York" after seizing control of the "Abyssinian Tea" trade.

    January 18th 1975: Apple Corp, in the largest international lawsuit in history, sues thousands of people, mostly in Third Bloc countries, for patent and copyright violations, for the manufacture and sale of "unlicensed knock off" versions of their MVT players, and "Bootleg" Tape reels. Apple Corp also sues seven Third Bloc governments for failing to "protect Apple Corp's rights as a corporation"

    January 25th 1975: The Pittsburgh Steelers claim their first Super Bowl championship with a 31-16 dismantling of the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl 10.

    February 1975: Humanity, Ska album by Cedric Myton makes its hit debut in Birmingham, England.

    February 10th 1975: "We Love You Whoever You Are" album by Lovecraft makes its hit debut in San Francisco, California.

    February 25th 1975: Billy Meier of Bulach, Switzerland proclaims "environmental catastrophe" eminent citing "damage to the ozone layer.

    February 28th 1975: Herb Powless, Mark Powless and Phillip Bautista, American Indian Movement (AIM) members, call for Congressional hearings regarding the "heavy-handed" crackdown at Wounded Knee, South Dakota.

    March 2nd 1975: Britain unveils its Space Plane design, the "White Dragon."

    March 12th 1975: Christian militia leader attempts to arrest Senator Frank Church (D-ID) in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

    March 22nd 1975: American ambassador Richard "Dick" Cheney, vetoes U.N. General Assembly Resolution #3379, a resolution calling for representation of Native American nations.

    March 23rd 1975: The Game of Death starring Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Bruce Lee, and Chuck Norris makes its hit debut.

    March 24th 1975: The Kashmir Conflict between Pakistan (a pro-US nation) and India (a pro-Soviet nation) begins.

    May 30th 1975: Italy, West Germany, Neatherlands, and Denmark form the European Space Agency (ESA).

    April 17th 1975: Failed assassination attempt against President Ronald Reagan during a stop in Little Rock, Arkansas. Secret Service note that the gunman has ties to the Christian militia movement.

    April 18th 1975: Jesus Ibarra Piedra, a member of a Mexican leftist urban guerrilla group, bombs an army recruiting station in Nuevo Leon, killing 8 people.

    April 22nd 1975: The pro-Soviet government in Kabul falls to Pakistani-backed guerrillas.

    April 23rd 1975: King Mohammed Zahir Shah returns to his country for the first time since 1974. As he exits the plane he declares that he shall never leave his homeland again.

    April 24th 1975: Soviet and Uighur forces cross into Afghanistan.

    April 30th 1975: Rev. Le Van Trung and Rev. Pham Cong Tac are named a s "spiritual advisers" to the government in Saigon. Also on this day, The firs of a wave of Asian immigrants (c.130,000) come to the United States, mainly from the Philippines, as the country falls to sectarian and ethnic violence.

    May 1st 1975: President Ronald Reagan orders troops to relocate Filipino refugees to Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania with the 28th Infantry.

    May 7th 1975: Christian militia leader Herbert S. Breed sends "Christian Citizens' Grand Jury Indictments" against elected officials in Klamath County, Oregon.

    May 9th 1975: Chris Claremont begins his run on The Mutants.
    Silverwolf, the "Animal-like Antihero" premiers in The Mutants. Also on this date, Soviet and Uighur forces in Afghanistan spill over into Pakistani Kashmir, marking the merger of the two wars into the wider Afghan-Kashmir conflict.

    May 24th 1975: The New York Times reports "In many parts of the world there is anxiety, bafflement, a sense that something has to be done - although no one knows what - about this fatal disease whose full name is Kinshasha Fever and whose cause is still unknown."

    June 7th 1975: A King Kong remake by director Steven Spielberg, starring Jack Nicholson as Carl Denham. It dominates the summer box office, becoming the second highest grossing movie of the year after The Fellowship of the Ring.

    June 22nd 1975: President Reagan begins covert support to anti-Soviet Afghan forces.

    June 26th 1975: Gen. Nguyen Khan, Gen. Duong Van Minn, Gen. Tran Thiên Chime, Thigh Tri Quang, and Nguyen Juan Oath announce their faith in the "divinity of Cao Dai religious leaders" in Tay Ninh, South Vietnam. Also on this day, Leonard Peltier, American Indian Movement (AIM) leader is shot at the Jumping Bull Ranch outside of Grand Forks, South Dakota, after a shootout with FBI agents.

    June 27th 1975: Boston Race Riots; Race riots erupt over the issue of federal school "bussing" in Boston, Massachusetts, despite calls for peace by former President John F. Kennedy.

    July 17th 1975: Beilly Meier, along with 425 followers, claim to encounter a UFO at Mount Chimborazo, Ecuador

    August 3rd 1975: Shigeru Miyamoto begins working as an animator for Hayao Miyazaki.

    August 18th 1975: Japan launches the Hayabusa project. The first long term orbital space station.

    September 2nd 1975: Cesar Chavez, United Farm Workers (UFW) is killed in Stockton, California by Christian militia member Francis Gillings, while trying to organize local field workers to unionize. Also on this day, Canadian Prime Minister Robert Stanfield attends the grand opening of Bruce-1 a new Nuclear power plant which will power much of the Canadian east.

    September 15th 1975: Egyptian ambassador Mahmoud Abdul Ghaffar, along with 12 aides are killed by 5 PFLP guerillas in Madrid, Also on this day, Syd Barrett, former member of Pink Floyd checks into a substance abuse program in Cambridge, England, claiming to have "found God."

    September 17th 1975: Christian Militia Association begins publication of National Spotlight to satisfy a "growing hunger on the part of millions of Christian-Americans for good old-fashioned truth and integrity in the press."

    September 19th 1975: Leonard Matlovich is given "dishonorable discharge" from the U.S. Army for homosexuality at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, despite 2 tours of duty in the Congo. Also on this day, Aliens from Outer Space is released in Japanese arcades. The game proves so popular that the government has to quadruple the yen supply to keep up.

    October 2nd 1975: George Edwards, leader of Lovecraft, is arrested in San Francisco, California for transporting "nootropics".

    October 3rd 1975: Apple Corp brings it's case before the UN.

    October 8th 1975: The Whisperer in the Darkness directed by David C. Smith, becomes the first hit film based on Lovecraftian literature.

    October 14th 1975: Operation SAVANNAH; U.S.-led Coalition forces enter into Angola from Namibia, with the assistance of Task Force Zulu (e.g. South African forces), in violation of U.N. mandates.

    October 27th 1975: Robert Barry leads a rally in Washington D.C. demanding that the government provide "full disclosure" of UFOs and alien abductions.

    November 4th 1975: Reagan launches televised speech claiming evidence of "Soviet activities" in Kinshasha, calling for an escalation of force in the Congo.

    November 5th 1975: British officials announce the H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth as a "floating university" in Hong Kong, Republic of China.

    December 5th 1975: 20,000 gather in Denver, Colorado for the "National Tax Strike Convention" sponsored by the Christian Militia Association (CMA).

    December 13th 1975: Mothership Connection film written and produced by George Clinton, directed by Derrick May, signals an era of "Afro futurism" with a message of "space migration".

    December 16th 1975: La Fin Absolue du Monde (a.k.a. The Absolute End of the World) directed by Udo Bellinger debuts in Sitges, Spain, sparking a riot, killing 12 people in the process. Also on this day, British Conservative MP Margaret Thatcher authors the book Imperial Federation, arguing the only way the British Empire will survive is through a more federal system.

    December 16th-19th 1975: First "North-South Global Dialogue" Conference is held in Paris, France, calling for the recognition of G-8 leaders of Third Bloc economic policies.

    December 25th 1975: Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is released. It becomes a smash hit at the box office, raking in over $200 million worldwide. It would go on to win 7 Academy Awards: Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor (Malcolm McDowell), Best Supporting Actor (Charleton Heston), Best Original Score, Best Special Effects, and Best Sound Mixing.


    January 1st 1976: Universal studios announces that they're green lighting the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, with all the cast and crew of the first film coming back for the sequel- except Kubrick, who says he wants to move on to other projects. He suggests they hire Steven Spielberg as a replacement.

    January 7th 1976: American League announces the formation of the Havana Vacqueros baseball team during a press conference at Estadio Nelson Fernandez in Havana, Cuba. Tony Pacheco is named head coach, while Cookie Rojas serves as assistant coach.

    January 8th 1976: Steven Spielberg accepts the offer to direct the next two Lord of the Rings films.

    January 18th 1976: Death toll for British forces in the Congo and other African brush conflicts tops 100,000. Maintaining the wars cost billions of pounds. The economy begins to slump.

    January 25th 1976: 3 PFLP guerillas fire SAM-7 heat-seeking missiles at an El Al plane at Nairobi, Kenya's Embakasi International, killing 183 people.

    January 31st 1976: For the fourth straight year the AFC prevails in the Super Bowl as the Oakland Raiders trounce the Minnesota Vikings 33-14 in Super Bowl 11. Oakland receiver Fred Biletnikoff sets several Super Bowl reception records

    February 2nd 1976: Unemployment in Britain reaches 9% and is growing. A radical, obscure right-wing British politician named Tom Holmes begins publicly speaking out against the current government for "Bleeding Britannia dry" and blames the current recession on "Negroes and Mohammedans stealing jobs from native, Anglo-Saxon Britons". He forms the British Nationalist Party, and gains some limited support from dissatisfied workers, but virtually no media attention.

    February 4th 1976: The XII Winter Olympics open in Whistler, BC, Canada.

    February 6th 1976: Second Manila Riots; President Ferdinand Marcos orders Army to fire on demonstrators during a meeting of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), killing 63 people in the process.

    February 8th 1976: Martin Scorsese's The Pilgrim, Chapter 33 comes out. Initially a failure, as many theaters refuse to play the highly controversial film, is able however, to make millions on the MVT market.

    February 10th 1976: U.S. Ambassador Richard "Dick" Cheney leads a failed effort to block Angola's admittance to the United Nations, citing Soviet and Third Bloc military activities.

    February 15th 1976: Former President John F. Kennedy is injured at South Boston High School, after a protester throws a Molotov cocktail into a crowd in Boston, Massachusetts.

    February 19th 1976: Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia condemns Apple Corp, in a speech before the UN where he states that "Western Capitalism is an all corrupting force that threatens to spread across the Third Bloc like a plague of Locust."

    February 23rd 1976: Superman v. Phoenix (DC Comics/ Marvel Comics) first intercompany comic book crossover makes its debut in New York City, New York.

    February 25th 1976: Billy Meier tells followers in Bulach, Switzerland that "oil drilling causes earthquakes.." based on messages from UFOs.

    March 24th 1976: Secretary of State Henry Kissinger reports on Mexico, a "pattern" of human rights abuses of the kind identified as significant by the U.S. Congress. "Torture and other similar violations of human rights frequently occur immediately after arrest during police interrogation, before the individual is consigned, permitted attorney's counsel, or, in the case of an alien, consular access."

    March 29th 1976: Colonel Elvis Presley (U.S. Army) meets with musician Bruce Springsteen in Trenton, New Jersey to discuss music.

    April 7th 1976: Moro Liberation Front (MLF) destroys a twin-engine BAC-111 over Zamboanga, Philippines, killing 84 people in the process.

    April 15th 1976: "We came. We saw. We left." Ska single by Elvis Costello makes its hit debut in London, England.

    April 17th 1976: WHO/CDC officials report, "We are struck by the increasing number of patients who have come from Zaire or Ruanda during the past four years to seek medical care. We believe that Kinshasha Fever is a new disease that is spreading in Central Africa."

    April 22nd 1976: "Apollo Lander", from Syzygy, is the first game to use vector graphics. Also on this day, Two Yardies gang members in Britain brutally rape and murder a British girl in her twenties in London, England. Also on this day, Watch This Space (NBC-TV) producer Lorne Michaels meets with Paul McCartney and John Lennon in New York City, New York.

    May 1st 1976: Vera Gregovic along with 325 followers hide in a bunker in Scottsdale, Arizona convinced that "aliens would trigger WWIII". Also on this day, The Salisbury Herald, publishes an article linking the death of Abel Murozewa to Lodewyk Degrasse, an influential aide to Southern Rhodesia Premier Ian Smith. Also on this day, Argentina's first space flight ends in tragedy, when, after being successfully launched into orbit from Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego Province, the Condor-1 space capsule is destroyed upon re-entry, killing Col. Fernando "Frank" Caldeiro, the astronaut inside.

    May 2nd 1976: CAF Prime Minister Whitehead sends a squad of BSAP troopers to take over the Herald building and arrest the staff; instead they are confronted by an angry, biracial crowd of protesters. Despite being nonviolent, the police charge into the crowd, killing 10 and wounding 165. Most of the casualties are white protesters, and the world is treated to the sight of protesters being fired on as they sing "God Save the King."

    May 14th 1976: "Train-surfing" becomes the popular underground sport of disaffected youth in Soweto, South Africa.

    May 16th 1976: Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is released on MVT. The theatrical cut, being 2 and 1/2 hours long is released on a Two sided reel. The director's cut, almost 4 hours long, requires multiple reels.

    May 21st 1976: Moro Liberation Front bombs a second twin-engine BAC-111 over Zamboanga, Philippines, killing 103 people in the process.

    May 27th 1976: Israeli government attempts to shutdown "Voice of Peace" site, arresting Abie Nathan in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    May 31st 1976: Timothy Leary publishes the Transhumanist Manifesto, calling for "space migration, intelligence increase, and life extension..." in San Francisco, California.

    June 1st 1976: MPEs, multiple player environments, first start appearing on the Cybernet.

    June 9th 1976: UFO enthusiasts begin gathering in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in an effort to greet "evolutionary agents".

    July 3rd-4th 1976: United States Bicentennial; Happy Birthday, America (NBC-TV) hosted by Dean Martin; George Burn's Bicentennial Star-Spangled Spectacular (ABC-TV) are beaten in the ratings by In Celebration of U.S. (CBS-TV) hosted by Walter Cronkite.

    July 4th 1976: George O'Barski leads a rally of 75,000 people in Times Square in New York City, New York, proclaiming "messages from the stars".

    June 16th 1976: Soweto Uprising; ANC-led protesters clash with South African Defense Forces (SADF) in Soweto to protest U.S.-Coalition military action in the Congo, 225 people killed, including 23 students.

    July 16th 1976: The highly publicized trial of the Two Yardies" gang members begins, but the verdict is "not guilty". There is much outrage from white Britons, and Holmes milks the trial coverage for publicity. He claims that the British government "didn't care for its own kind" and that "It's time to start over." His powerful oratory skills at rallies gain some followers.

    July 17th 1976: The XXI Summer Olympics open in Moscow. The PRC and the United States lead a boycott of the games, China due to the war in the sixties, the US in protest to the Soviet invasion of Kashmir.

    July 24th 1976: They Came From Denton High: The Movie is released to cinema theaters. Starring Tim Curry and Patricia Hearst and narrated by James Earl Jones, the movie proves to be a cult classic.

    August 15th 1976: So It Goes and Heart Of The City Ska singles by Nick Lowe make their hit debut in London, England.

    August 21st 1976: Cao Dai leaders report increased religious frictions in the Quang Ngai, Kien Hoa, and Pleiku provinces of South Vietnam.

    August 22nd 1976: Japan unveils the space plane "Kibo" (a.k.a. "Hope") in Tanegashima, Kyushu.

    August 24th 1976: British Ska band "The Swankers" make their debut at the European Chaosmic Festival in Barcelona, Spain.

    August 25th 1976: Mikami Shootout; Christian Militia Association (CMA) members led by Thomas Stockheimer enter into a armed standoff with federal authorities in Mikami, Oregon.

    September 10th 1976: Terrorists bomb Indian Airlines 737 flying from New Delhi to Bombay, killing 91 people.

    September 11th 1976: Brezhnev makes a speech calling for the workers to liberate Africa "from imperialist warmongers".

    September 12th 1976: Minnie Miñoso, Chicago White Sox, is appointed the general manager of the Havana Vacqueros.

    September 14th 1976: Emile Schindler writes the book "Schindler's Survivors" about her dead husband, the book is an international success.

    September 17th 1976: Boeing unveils Black Star the world's first commercial space plane.

    September 21st 1976: Jose Dionisio Suarez Esquivel and Virgilio Paz Romero launch a right-wing military coup against the government in Havana, Cuba.

    September 22nd 1976: Several Third Bloc nations (including five of the seven nations sued by Apple Corp in the piracy suit) threaten to withdraw from the UN over the issue of “sovereign rights”.

    September 29th 1976: Chaosmic musical singles "Renga" & "Apartment House 1776" by John Cage, make their hit debut in Boston, Massachusetts.

    October 16th 1976: Terrorists bomb Pan Am office in Izmir, Turkey, killing 6 people and injuring 3.

    October 19, 1976: International Copyright Enforcement treaty, signed at the UN Building in New York, New York is seen as a compromise that satisfies nobody.

    October 21st 1976: Cao Dai officials demand that French corporate firms should pay their "fair share" of tax revenue or be nationalized during rally with representatives of the 5th and 7th Infantry Divisions in Saigon rally.

    October 23rd 1976: Diplomatic delegation from Luanda, Angola claims that the United States and Coalition forces have illegally entered into their country, before the United Nations General Assembly in New York City, New York.

    October 26th 1976: Joy Summery of Andover, Massachusetts leads rally proclaiming an upcoming "global catastrophe" based on "heavenly messages".

    November 1976: Ronald Reagan re-elected, this time against the ticket of Ted Kennedy and Lloyd Bentsen. Reagan becomes the first president since Grover Cleveland (1888 election) to secure the Electoral vote, but not the Popular. This sparks outrage and unrest throughout the United States, culminating in the Detroit riots. Michigan state elections, Union Party leader Walter Reuther elected Governor by landslide. The Union Party also picks up both houses, with the Democratic Party reduced to a small minority, and the Republican Party failing to carry a single seat in either house of that state. In the federal election, The Union Party picks up most of the Michigan congressional seats as well.

    November 3rd-9th 1976: Members of the American Indian Movement (AIM) led by Russell Means seize control of the Bureau of Indian Affairs building in Washington D.C.

    November 4th 1976: "New Rose" Ska single by the Damned makes its hit debut in London, England.

    November 18th 1976: The New Teen Titians premier, along side the original team of "side kicks" the New Titian also have teens who are superheroes in there own right. The team consists of Wonder Girl, Arachnid Kid, Robin Boy Wonder, Moon Princess, The African American Robotman, and Shadow Girl, and is written in the same narrative style as The Mutants.

    November 20th 1976: The Moondogs perform on Watch This Space (NBC-TV) for the first time in 6 years, live in New York City, New York, bringing the highest ratings to the network .

    December 1st 1976: Foreign Minister Abd-al-Halim Khaddam is assassinated by PFLP extremists in Damascus, Syria.

    December 7th 1976: Tom Holmes is interviewed on This Week by Peter Hunt. His passionate speaking for British workers garners attention.

    December 21st 1976: Radio broadcaster/journalist Emilio Milian is "disappeared" in Havana, Cuba after questioning the political reforms. Also on this day, CIA officials report that a government without the support of the Cao Dai religious leadership will most likely collapse in Saigon, South Vietnam.

    December 27th 1976: “Two States of Mind—An Evening Discussion with Fou Cong and Professor Liou” by Huang Hsin-chieh, Hsu Hsin-liang , Chang Chun-hung , Yao Chia-wen , Lin I-hsiung , and Shih Ming-teh calls for democratic reforms in Nanking.


    January 1977: Ronald Reagan's final term begins.

    January 16th 1977: President Reagan pledges to substanially increase support for Haiti and announces the establishment of a no-fly zone over much of Hispaniola.

    January 20th 1977: After the surprising showing of the Union Party in the last election, The Democrats pledge to work with the new party, while the Republicans denounce it as "Communist" citing Governor Walter Reuther's Soviet ties.

    January 25th 1977: American ambassador Richard "Dick" Cheney claims that Soviet and Third Bloc forces are aiding Congolese rebels, through the Angolan border, before the United Nations Security Council in New York City, New York.

    January 29th 1977: The Soviet gunboat Krasnoye Znamya Soviet gunboat is attacked and sunk by a U.S. naval patrol plane off Monte Cristi. Brezhnev declares that "these murderous attacks shall not be tolerated".

    January 30th 1977: For the first time in its history the Super Bowl is held on a Sunday; the Denver Broncos continue the AFC's five-year dominance of the NFC, beating the Dallas Cowboys 41-30 in Super Bowl 12.

    February 10th 1977: Sunni terrorists bomb Shiite mosque in Karbala, Syria with a suitcase bomb, killing 23 people.

    February 14th 1977: A Polish freighter docks at Santo Domingo, it carries with it a number of state of the art Soviet SAM's.

    February 16th 1977: Congress begins the Ford Commission to review the electoral votes from the previous year. It is named after its head, Congressman Gerald Ford (R-Mich).

    February 21st 1977: Syzygy releases the Pocketeer, the first hand-held system. It doesn't prove as popular as the 2600, however.

    February 22nd 1977: Jaslovské Bohunice Disaster; partial nuclear meltdown of A-1 Power plant in Jaslovské Bohunice, Czechoslovakia forces the evacuation of 1,113 people. Soviet military forces coordinate the evacuation efforts.

    March 2nd 1977: "Picturephone Sex Shows" started as Night Calls starring porn actresses Linda Lovelace and Marilyn Chambers makes its wildly successful commercial debut.

    March 8th 1977: Shaba Offensive; Rebel forces from Angola swept into Congo and captured much of the copper-rich Shaba province. Congo regained control after 3 months with American and other foreign support.

    March 9th 1977: Five men who claimed to have been trained and to be working for Libyan intelligence bomb the railroad tracks going west from Al-Alamein, Egypt.

    March 19th 1977: A Turkish airlines flight from Diyarbakir to Ankara is bombed, killing all 174 passengers and crew members.

    March 21st 1977: American astronaut/test pilot Col. Walter Frisbee is killed after explosion occurs aboard Boeing BLACK STAR over Pasadena, California.

    March 22nd 1977: Prime Minister Jean Nguza Karl-i-Bond is purged from office in Kinshasha, Congo, accused of "high crimes and treason.

    March 27th 1977: Jagdish N. Bhagwati leads rally in Colombo, Sri Lanka demanding that "Third world debt" forgiveness will determine the winners of the Cold War. Also on this day, "Videofreex" of Lainesville, New York begin underground usage of the Cybernet.

    April 2nd 1977: Mobutu Sese Seko calls upon the Reagan administration for additional military support during a visit to Washington D.C.

    April 5th 1977: During the Ford commission a Pentagon insider leaks a secret illegal arms deal where the Reagan administration funds both sides of the Afghan-Kashmir conflict, and use the money in turn to fund Pro-American Forces in the Congo. Beginning of the Afghan-Congo affair.

    April 7th 1977: By now the public is crying out against Reagan calling for impeachment.

    April 14th 1977: James Wickstrom and multi-millionaire John R. Harrell of Louisville, Illinois, launches the "Mission of Jesus Christ Church", warning of visions of "End Times" and Communist invasion.

    April 16th 1977: Brazil Unveils the Sonda-3 Space plane. Also on this day, David Lynch releases the surrealist/horror film Gardenback, after almost six years of working on it.

    April 17th 1977: "S-Bahn Surfing" (a.k.a. "Train-surfing") becomes a popular underground sport in Frankfurt, West Germany.

    April 21st 1977: Ares I launches from Cape Canaveral, traveling to Mars.

    April 26th 1977: Nationalist Marxist Muslim Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) hijack an Ethiopian Airlines flight to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, with 116 hostages.

    May 2nd 1977: Margaret Trudeau, wife of MP Pierre Trudeau dies of a cocaine overdose at Studio 54 in New York City, New York.

    May 17th 1977: Gabrielle O'Connor publishes her autobiography Daring to be Bare, in which she comments on how more peaceful society would be if "America embraced human beauty." It goes on to be a best seller.

    May 27th 1977 Star Track: The Motion Picture by George Lucas is released. It grows to be a blockbuster success revitilising the Science Fiction genre and the long forgotten Star Track franchise. While some of the television shows few fans wondered how the show could succeed without the shows lead Jeffrey Hunter, many felt that the chemistry between series mainstay Leonard Nimoy and newcomer William Shatner, Playing the role of Han Solo was even better than between the previous characters.

    May 31st 1978: Psychologist Felicity Allen of Sydney, Australia attributes "Train-surfing" to parental rejection and "lack of familiar values".

    June 3rd-6th 1977: Second "North-South Global Dialogue" Conference is held in Paris, France, collapses after G-8 leaders demand pressure on OPEC nations to control oil prices.

    June 10th 1977: Caroline Kennedy, daughter of the former president, is kidnapped from her apartment by the "Yellow Sigil Brigade."

    June 18th 1977: The British Ska band "The Swankers" attracts controversy for their foul language, eccentric dress code, and politically radical lyrics, in which they openly attack the monarchy with the single "God Save the King!"

    June 22nd 1977: Congress bows to popular pressure. The impeachement trial of Ronald Reagan begins.

    July 18th 1977: Environmentalist and self-proclaimed "evolutionary agent" Ira Einhorn is arrested for the rape and attempted murder of his estranged girlfriend Holly Maddox in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    August 4th 1977: Manilatown Riots; Race riots in San Francisco, California after 50 senior citizens are evicted from the International Hotel.

    August 15th 1977: Doctor Jerry R. Ehman, Ohio State University in Delaware, Ohio claims to have evidence of "alien radio transmissions".

    August 16th 1977: Reagan is convicted by the House in the Afghan-Congo affair (ironically, he was found innocent in the Electoral Vote Controversy that started this). The vote then moves on to the senate for the impeachement.

    August 18th 1977: Under advice from his family and staff, Ronald Reagan announces his resignation.

    August 20th 1977: Robert Dole is inaugurated as the 38th President of the United States.

    August 27th 1977: Congress confirms Dole's choice for the Vice Presidency, largely because they can't find anything controversial on him. Jack Kemp (R-New York) becomes the first Vice President selected under the new Presidential succession amendment.

    September 8th 1977: 40,000 members of the American Agriculture Movement (AAM) gather in Springfield, Colorado demanding a rise in agricultural subsides by the Dole Administration.

    September 9th 1977: The Dole administration pledges to continue the previous administration's policy in the Congo, including the draft.

    September 16th 1977: President Phan Huy Quant purges Prime Minister Phan Khac Suu at the request of Cao Dai officials in Saigon, South Vietnam.

    September 17th 1977: President Robert Dole discusses "Kinshasha Fever" for the first time during a speech in Bethseda, Maryland.

    October 21st 1977: Heart of the Congo, Ska anti-war anthem by the Congos, makes its hit debut in Birmingham, England.

    November 11th 1977: Cao Dai leaders declared "officers of the state" under Decree No. 297 in Saigon, South Vietnam.

    November 21st 1977: Chaosmic music single "49 Waltzes for the Five Boroughs" by John Cage makes its hit debut in Chicago, Illinois.

    November 26th 1977: Frank Lucas is arrested by FBI agents in Teaneck, New Jersey on charges of murder, racketeering, and extortion in relation to the "Abyssinian Tea" trade.

    December 5th 1977: In the wake of the Shaba offensive, South Africa, Portugal and the United Kingdom secretly sign the Treaty of Faro, promising to intervene if Portugal’s grip over it's colonies of Mozambique or Angola falters to much. The Portuguese have little choice but to accept.

    December 10th-14th 1977: American Agricultural Movement (AAM) launches a "farm strike" in Washington D.C., demanding recognition from the Dole Administration.

    December 11th 1977: "Necronomicon Party" begins at the Inferno Ballroom in New York City, New York.

    December 20th 1977: Frank Lucas agrees to name federal agents involved in the "Abyssinian Tea" trade in return for a lighter sentence in New York City, New York.

    December 22nd 1977: The Necronomicon by William Prazsky is published in New York City, New York, becoming a major bestseller.

    December 27th 1977: As a means of improving sales in response to the success of The Mutants and The New Teen Titians, Marvel comics premier The Secret Defenders a team made up of their most popular characters (e.g. The Brute, the Cougar, Targitt, Devilina, Scott Free, The Question, et al.). Jim Shooter writer. The series is drawn by unknown Frank Miller.


    January 1st 1978: The "Apple Crisis" as it's internationally dubbed, comes to an end when Marshal Tito signs a contract with Apple Corp C.E.O. John Lennon, in which the Socialist government of Yugoslavia would work in partnership with Apple Corp in the production and sale of licensed MVT players and reels in that country. This opens the door for partnerships between western corporations and socialist governments the world over.

    January 3rd 1978: 5 people killed at the Egyptian Embassy in Bonn West, Germany, PFLP claims responsibility.

    January 5th 1978: PLO Chairman Said Hammami survives an assassination attempt in in Mayfield, England after calling for an end to the "terror campaigns"

    January 10th 1978: PFLP guerillas fire an armor-piercing anti-tank rocket into the Israeli Embassy in Brussels, Belgium.

    January 17th 1978: Apple Corp sells it's 10 millionth MVT player in Los Angeles, California.

    January 19th 1978: Ares I lands on Mars. It is unmanned.

    January 28th 1978: The Miami Dolphins win their third Super Bowl under Don Shula, topping the Dallas Cowboys 31-27 in Super Bowl 13. It is the AFC's sixth consecutive Super Bowl victory.

    February 1st 1978: The Palestinian Arab Revolutionary Army announced that they injected exported Israel oranges with the anthrax virus to sow panic and wreck Israel's economy. Five Dutch children fell ill, prompting European officials to check thousands of oranges. Over the next week, anthrax-laced oranges were found in Holland, West Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

    February 3rd 1978: U.S. State Department condemns the Mexican administration as having "worsened Mexico's human rights situation". Also on this day, Muslim guerillas armed with a grenade bomb a 747 flight from Islamabad carrying 357 passengers, killing flight crew and passengers.

    February 5th 1978: Oreste Ruiz, Gaspar Jiminez, and Gustavo Castillo, members of the Anti-Communist Latin American Army, attempt to overthrow the government in Havana, Cuba in a military coup.

    February 15th 1978: Citing ill health, David Niven announces the end of his run as the Doctor.

    February 16th 1978: The Silent Flute written and produced by Bruce Lee and James Coburn, and starring David Carradine makes its hit debut.

    February 18th 1978: Yusuf el Sebai, former Egyptian Cultural (Islamic) Minister and editor of Egypt's Al Ahram newspaper, survives an assassination attempt in Nicosia, Cyprus after calling for an end to the "terror campaigns".

    February 21st 1978: George Hay and Robert Turner form the "Order of Dagon" in New York City, New York.

    March 1st 1978: Yugoslavia's first attempt at space travel is marred by tragedy, as the Yugoslav space pod ORKAN explodes on take off at Zagreb, Croatia, killing the cosmonaut inside, Yugoslav air force pilot Col. Slobodan Milosevic, after it's launch from Nikola Tesla Space Center.

    March 7th 1978: Home Improvement (ABC-TV) starring Harrison Ford and Farrah Fawcett in a family sitcom about the home life of a carpenter and the television show he hosts. Initially picked as a mid-season replacement, it quickly develops an audience.

    March 16th 1978: Cargo plane with 430 lbs of "Abyssinian Tea", registered to the CIA is found in Luanda, Angola.

    March 17th 1978: Nigel Watson leads rally of 75,000 people outside St. Paul's Cathedral, demanding that the Archbishop of Canterbury reveal his "full knowledge" of aliens. Also on this day, 130 political prisoners are brutally executed in Kinshasha, under orders from Mobutu Sese Seko.

    March 18th 1978: Second Shaba Offensive; Congolese National Liberation Front (FNLC) captured Kolwezi after civil unrest over the mass execution of political opponents in Kinshasha.

    March 22nd 1978: Pakistan surrenders to India.

    March 30th 1978: The Necronomicon exhibition by Hans Rudi Giger is firebombed by a Protestant minister in Hamburg, West Germany.

    April 1st 1978: Roberto "Bobby" Ramos, Havana Vacqueros, makes his MLB debut against the New York Yankees.

    April 2nd 1978: Vice President Jack Kemp calls for the mandatory testing of military personnel for "Kinshasha fever" in Buffalo, New York.

    April 4th 1978: Unemployment in Britain hits 15%.

    April 8th 1978: US Army Sgt. Joseph Cassidy serves as military advisor to government officials in Mexico City, under orders of the Dole Administration.

    April 9th 1978: "Kinshasha Fever" infection of Kelly Lucas of Fresno, California sparks fears that the nation's blood supply and hospitals may be contaminated with the virus. Also on this day, The Loch Ness Monster (Toho Pictures/ Hammer Films) British/Japanese film production starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee makes its hit debut.

    April 12th 1978: Congress shoots down President Bob Dole's Agriculture Bill, 268-150, including calls for "full parity" called for by the American Agriculture Movement (AAM).

    April 17th 1978: President Bob Dole admits link between American-backed Congolese forces and the narcotics trade, but concludes that it took place "without the authorization of elected leaders".

    April 28th 1978: Guerrilla forces take Kabul.

    April 30th 1978: Treaty of Hyderabad. Kashmir annexed in it's entirety by India. East Pakistan granted independence. Demilitarized zone in the Thar desert.

    May 4th 1978: Cassinga Bombing; President Bob Dole orders the illegal bombing of rebel forces in Cassinga, Angola.

    May 8th 1978: Operation REINDEER; U.S.-led Coalition forces launch attacks on Chetequera and Dombondola, near to the Namibia/Angola border.

    May 18th 1978: The Two Towers is released. It has many differences from the book, such as the Ent's refusal to help at first, the Elves’ present at Helm's Deep, and the fact that there are Minotaurs in Saruman's armies along with the Uruk-hai. However, the film takes in almost $300 million at the box office and is critically praised.

    May 21st 1978: President Bob Dole launches "Child Protection Act of 1978" in an effort to crackdown on "Picturephone Sex Shows" in Washington D.C.

    May 24th 1978: A TWA Boeing 747 from Los Angeles to New York with 451 people (433 passengers and 18 crew members), crashes on landing at Adlai Stevenson International Airport, after encountering wind shear. All but 24 people on the flight are killed. This eventually leads to the development of wind shear detection technology for all airports in the U.S.

    May 26th 1978: U.S. Ambassador Bruce MacKenzie is killed during a flight out of Entebbe, Uganda, hampering peace efforts in the Congo.

    April 27th, 1978: Members of the "Lucky 7" group transmit "Picturephone Sex Shows" over the Cybernet in Syracuse, New York.

    June 4th 1978: John Diefenbaker is murdered by young Quebecer seperatist Michaëlle Jean while visiting St. Laurent.

    July 13th 1978: "No One Is Innocent" Ska anti-war single by the Swankers is banned in London, England.

    July 14th 1978: Poet Allen Ginsberg is killed after blocking train tracks to Army recruitment centers in Oakland, California.

    June 15th 1978: PLO leader Ali Yasin gives a speech in Kuwait City, Kuwait calling for "peaceful revolution".

    June 17th 1978: British authorities demand the immediate shutdown of the "Oireachtas na Gaeilge" site, as a "threat to public safety" in London, England.

    July 9th 1978: Iraqi former Prime Minister Abdul Razzak al-Naif, calls for the democracy in the Middle East at a speech at London's Intercontinental Hotel.

    July 15th 1978: The Longest Walk; American Indian Movement (AIM) leaders meet with President Bob Dole in Washington D.C., demanding federal funds for the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).

    July 28th 1978: Animal House is released in theaters. Despite its low budget, the movie, starring John Belushi, Carrie Fischer, Donald Sutherland, and Anthony Daniels, proves to be a surprise success. Also on this day, Iraqi Ambassador Taha Ahmed al-Dawood is assassinated in London, England after allegedly support pro-democracy movements.

    August 3rd 1978: PLO Leader Yasser Arafat is killed in a mortar attack in Beirut, Lebanon.

    August 6th-28th 1978: Pope Paul VI dies; Vatican Conclave held, Franz Cardinal König of Vienna, Austria (a.k.a. Pope Pius XIII) the first non-Italian Pope since 1523.

    August 7th 1978: At a rally in Goldsboro, NC, former President Kennedy suddenly collapses to the ground, his Addison's having gone into relapse. Kennedy is promptly rushed to the hospital.

    August 8th 1978: A fully functional BARS is smuggled out of the Soviet Union. The knowledge of how to manufacture and use them spreads rapidly.

    August 9th 1978: JFK is transferred to Bethesda Naval Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland.

    August 15th 1978: Croatian Ustashi set off bombs at Grand Central Station and outside the United Nations in New York City, New York in an effort to kill the Yugoslavia ambassador.

    September 2nd 1978: George A Romero releases the wildly successful sequel to his hit classic Night of the Flesh Eaters. Dawn of the Flesh Eaters hold the distinction of being one of the first major motion pictures to be released on MVT, but not in theaters.

    September 8th 1978: French President Raymond Octave Joseph Barre announces that the French space program (CNES) will cooperate "but remain fully independent from" the British space program.

    September 17th 1978: Battlestar Galactica (ABC-TV) makes its hit television series debut, introducing "ancient evolutionary agents" ideas to the public. The show also introduces "dreck", "daggit dribble" and "felgercarb" into popular slang.

    September 19th 1978: After a long and bitter month, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Senior, former President of the United States, is pronounced dead.

    September 20th 1978: 17 people killed in bus nail-bomb attack in Tel Aviv, Israel, PFLP claim responsibility. Also on this day, Rev. Le Van Trung and Rev. Pham Cong Tac publish the propaganda tract titled "Praise for the Many Blessings among the Leadership of the Tay Ninh Cao Dai Religious Sect for Their Holy Activities" , to be distributed nationwide.

    October 3rd 1978: Al-Fatal terrorists sever the Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline during a massive raid on Eliat, Israel. The also sink the INS Nitzachon after firing 42 Katyusha rockets.

    October 5th 1978: 9 people killed after a bomb goes off at Estadio Nelson Fernandez in Havana, Cuba during a game by the Havana Vacqueros, right-wing Omega-7 claims responsibility.

    October 8th 1978: Timegate science-fiction film directed by Jim Danforth, featuring special effects by Phil Tippett, Ken Ralston, and Milton Subotsky, with a story of time-travelers/tourists hunting dinosaurs, becomes a major hit.

    October 10th-13th 1978: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand (NBC-TV) makes its debut as an 8-hour television mini-series by Henry Jaffe and Michael Jaffe, starring Ernest Borgnine, Charlton Heston, Leslie Nielsen. and Margot Hemingway.

    October 14th 1978: Pope Pius XIII sparks controversy by stating that "Liberation Theology" (a leftist interpretation of Roman Catholicism) is acceptable, despite actions of Cardinal Karol Józef Wojtyła in Rome.

    October 16th 1978: Gary Gygax, member of the "Order of Dagon" creates the hugely popular tabletop RPG The Kings in Yellow (TKY) based on the Work of J.R.R. Tolken, the game takes place in "Ancient Hyboria" during "The Age of the Elves" the game is noted for combining Tolkenesque High fantasy, with Lovecraftian Mythology.

    November 10th 1978: Bogart Slept Here written and produced by Neil Simon, starring Richard Dreyfuss, Robert De Niro and Marsha Mason makes its hit debut.

    November 23rd 1978: Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick, Ska single by Ian Drury makes its hit debut in London, England.

    December 5th 1978: Wei Jingsheng issues the "Fifth Modernization" speech in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, calling for greater political reforms in Nanjing.

    December 15th 1978: Presidents Robert Dole and Chiang Ching-kuo announce the possibility of an alliance during a White House press conference in Washington D.C.

    December 17th 1978: Star Trek: The Holiday Special (NBC-TV) starring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Art Carney, and Bea Arthur as the crew of the crew of the Enterprise visits Vulcan during the "Feast of Life" Day, makes its hit debut.


    January 8th 1979: 2 gunmen assassinate Masmond Barzani, the son and successor of the Kurdish leader General Barzani in Vienna, Austria. Also on this day, Congo Ashanti, Ska single by the Congos makes its hit debut in Birmingham, England.

    January 12th 1979: terrorists bomb a Tunis-Air Boeing 707 carrying 75 passengers over Tunsia.

    January 14th 1979: Revolt in the Stars written and produced by L. Ron Hubbard, starring John Travolta, espousing the ideas of Scientology, becomes a moderate success at the box office, peaking public interest in Scientology.

    January 16th 1979: terrorists bomb Lebanese Middle East Airlines jet with 82 passengers and nine crew, killing 91 people over Amman, Jordan.

    January 17th 1979: Cao Dai officials report religious unrest and violence in Nui Ba Den, sparking deployment of 7th Infantry Division.

    January 27th 1979: The NFC prevails in the Super Bowl for the first time in seven years as the Los Angeles Rams pull off a 42-35 upset win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl 14. Rams head coach Ray Malavasi is rewarded for his success with what is then the most lucrative coaching contract in professional football history.

    January 31st 1979: Congress passes the Sino-American Relations Act "to make clear that the U.S. decision to establish diplomatic relations with the Republic of China rests upon the expectation that the expectation of democracy should be introduced by peaceful means".

    February 4th 1979: American Agriculture Movement (AAM) turns sharp right after failed lobbying efforts in Washington D.C., blaming the failure of their efforts on the "liberal media" and "special interests".

    February 13th 1979: Curtis Silwa announces his vigilante activities in New York City, New York as the "Guardian Angel", sparking national attention.

    February 14th 1979: U.S. Ambassador Adolph Dubs is shot by Marxist guerillas in Kabul, Afghanistan.

    February 16th 1979: Kuala Lumpur Declaration; Third Bloc leaders in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia issue economic policy stating need for collective self-reliance through South-South co-operation.

    March 1st 1979: Evolutionary Agent Group, hijacked a Soviet jetliner on a flight from Oslo, Norway, to Moscow, calling for "space migration".

    March 12th 1979: PFLP guerillas attack President Bob Dole during a visit to Tel Aviv, Israel, 3 Mossad and 2 Secret Service agents are killed in the process.

    March 22nd 1979: American ambassador Richard "Dick" Cheney vetoes U.N. Security Council Resolution #446 which condemns FBI activities around Native American reservations as "contrary to peace.

    March 25th 1979: right-wing Omega-7 takes credit for two bombings in Havana, Cuba and Guantanamo Naval Base. Also on this day, The Boeing Black Star successfully launched into orbit from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

    March 28th 1979: United States vetoes United Nation's Resolution #447 which condemns American military activity in the Congo, stating, "that the intensity and timing of these acts of armed invasion are intended to frustrate attempts at negotiated settlements in southern Africa." Also on this day, Jean-Marc Keller and Patrick Leygonie establish the "Ivre" Cybernet site in Paris, France.

    April 1st 1979: PFLP guerillas bomb El Al office in Istanbul, Turkey.

    April 2nd 1979: Sverdlovsk Disaster; 128 people killed , including Communist Party boss Boris Yeltsin, after a batch of the anthrax virus is accidentally released at Biopreparat industrial facility in Sverdlovsk, USSR.

    April 3rd 1979: Filiberto Cardenas, along with 6 other people, claim to have received "interstellar revelations" from an alien entity named "Kiostras" in San Diego, California.

    April 4th-7th 1979: Birmingham Sniper Shootings; Christian Posse Association (CPA) members fire at interracial couples in Birmingham, Alabama, killing 8 people.

    April 7th 1979: PFLP guerillas take credit for the bombing of Jewish Cultural Festival in Nice, France, 10 people killed in the process.

    April 10th 1979: Geri Reig, album by German Electronic band Der Plan makes its hit debut in Munich, West Germany.

    April 14th 1979: Afghan guerrilla forces explode in numbers as volunteers from across the Muslim world flood into the country.

    April 15th 1979: Ali Samih Najm bombs the Sheraton Hotel and At-Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, killing 16 people.

    April 17th 1979: Jean-François Aubac and Patrick Van Troeyen establish the "Noctiluque" Cybernet site in Paris, France.

    April 19th 1979: George H. W. Bush announces he will challenge Dole in the primaries.

    April 23rd 1979: Ares II, which is unmanned, and Ares III, which is manned by Col. Fred Wallace Haise Jr., Lt. Jack Robert, Cpt. Jim "Shaky" Lovell, and Lt. Col. Virgil "Gus" Grissom, take off for Mars. They are expected to reach the Red Planet in January, 1980.

    April 28th 1979: The first celebration of the new holiday Schindler Day is celebrated in The US, Israel, Canada, and Britain. Also on this day, Al-Fatah destroys West Berlin's largest fuel depot, killing 58 people, injuring 140 more people.

    May 3rd 1979: Reverend Manuel Espinosa, human rights activist, is assassinated outside the Presidential Palace in Havana, Cuba, after advocating political reforms.

    May 12th 1979: Mitsubishi Companies unveils the "Sakigake" (a.k.a. "Pioneer") space plane.

    May 14th 1979: Nintendo executives declare that their company will enter the electronics business.

    May 15th 1979: Soviet LEK Lunar Complex completed.

    May 18th 1979: Saga of a Star World starring Jane Seymour and Rick Springfield, makes its hit debut, further popularizing the ideas of "ancient evolutionary agents".

    May 24th 1979: Indian forces withdraw form Afghanistan.

    May 26th-30th 1979: Decatur Riots; Race riots erupt in Decatur, Alabama after SCLC members clash in the streets with KKK members. President Bob Dole orders the National Guard into the area.

    March 30th 1979: Nezha and the Dragon Kings (a.k.a. Deity and the Dragon Kings) becomes the first "Huarenzhi" (Chinese animated series) to debut on the international market.

    June 1st 1979: Uranium City, Saskatchewan reaches the 5,000 people threshold to officially become a city. This rapid expansion is fueled primarily by the Uranium mining industry which is thriving as a result of the steadily growing demand for Uranium for nuclear power, as well as atomic weapons arsenals.

    June 2nd 1979: Howard Baker also mounts a challenge to Dole in the primaries.

    June 4th 1979: Glenn Burke, Los Angeles Dodgers, called the "next Willie Mays" is beaten outside Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California after being "outted" as gay.

    June 16th 1979: Former Prime Minister Willy Brandt introduces the idea of the "Brandt Line", dividing the Northern and Southern Hemispheres along political and economic lines.

    June 20th 1979: Caroline Kennedy makes her first public appearance in two years, announcing that she has joined the YSB under the nom-de-guerre of "Rosa."

    June 21st 1979: 25,000 people gather in San Diego, California after Mark Block predicts a UFO landing, along an abandoned stretch of unconstructed highway.

    June 24th 1979: ESA Successfully launches Lt. Umberto Guidoni into orbit aboard the Hermes-2 space capsule, from San Marco Space Center in Sicily.

    June 25th 1979: General Alexander Haig, scheduled to retire in four days as NATO Supreme Commander in Europe, is killed by Julien Lehant Brigade guerillas in Brussels, Belgium.

    July 5th 1979: Philip K. Dick publishes the short story "Technoska." The name would later be used to describe an entire genre.

    July 11th 1979: American Lunar Base Artemis completed.

    July 16th 1979: Church Rock Disaster; 1,012 residents of Church Rock, New Mexico are evacuated after 100 million gallons of nuclear waste are found in the water supply of Rio Puerco.

    July 21st, 1979: Soviet cosmonaut Lt. Profiri Yebenov commits suicide at the LEK Lunar Complex after being denied return home.

    August 7th 1979: With a glare at former partner Gary Gygax, David Arneson unveils his own RPG, "Samurai and Shoguns."

    August 9th 1979: Government troops raid the village of Nueva Jerusalem, Michoacan was founded by ex-communicated Catholic priest and Communist guerilla leader, Nabor Cardenas.

    August 16th 1979: "Joint Promotion of the New Generation’s Political Movements" by Huang Hsin-chieh calls for the expansion of democratic ideals in Asia, starting with China.

    August 22nd 1979: That's Life starring Red Buttons, Jerry Lewis, Ruth Gordon, and Molly Picon, dubbed by film-critic Roger Ebert as "a senior citizen's Animal House" makes its hit film debut.

    September 14th-17th 1979: Deborah Harry, lead singer of Wind in the Willows, is kidnapped by obssessed music fan, Theodore "Ted" Bundy in New York City, New York. NYPD officials rescue the singer before any serious injury can be taken.

    October 9th 1979: Cao Dai officials order the banning of the science-fiction novel Slave Ship (1957) by Frederick Pohl as "imperialist propaganda" in Saigon.

    October 10th 1979: U.S. President Bob Dole and Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev reject the United Nations Lunar Treaty, deeming the moon a "nuclear-free zone" in Reykjavik, Iceland.

    October 12th 1979: Raul Castro demands that members of the Third Bloc aid the "war of liberation" for the "people's struggle" before members of the Third Bloc in Bandung, British West Java.

    October 17th 1979: Havana Vacqueros defeat the Baltimore Orioles in Game Seven of the World Series, 7-3, Roberto "Bobby" Ramos is voted American League MVP.

    October 23rd 1979: 30,000 protesters gather outside of the Convention Center in Anaheim, California to protest the Arms Bazaar and the U.S. role in the Congo.

    November 2nd 1979: United States vetoes United Nations's Resolution #454 which condemns American and Coalition forces covert actions calling for them "forthwith to withdraw all its armed forces from Angola.

    November 3rd-5th 1979: Greensboro Riots; KKK/Christian Posse Association (CPA) members clash with SCLC members in Greensboro, North Carolina. National Guard units are called in.

    November 4th 1979: Shoggoth on the Roof by the Other Gods Theatre Company in Los Angeles, California makes its hit debut. Also on this day, TASS Soviet news agency begins report that "Kinshasha fever" was created by the American military to "destroy insurgent forces."

    November 6th 1979: NBC launches it's hit action show "24 hours" in which each one hour episode in the twenty four episode season represents one hour in the same day. The show's plot, following a federal agent trying to stop a terrorist plot, while simultaneously unraveling a conspiracy among the "higher ups" in "the agency" proves to be a hit, as it meshes well with the both the wave of international terrorism, and the distrust for authority following Afghan-Congo. The show is often hailed as "The savior of NBC" who's poor ratings of the time lead to the joke that NBC stood for "No Body Cares".

    November 8th 1979: Saturday Matinee comedy written and produced by Michael O' Donahue and Larry Gelbert, starring Chevy Chase, makes its hit debut.

    November 9th 1979: Members of the Mohawk, Sioux, Miwok, Cherokee, Tonkawa tribes led by Richard Oakes, member of the American Indian Movement (AIM), armed with semi automatic hunting rifles, blockade all the roads in and out of Angel Island, California, claiming independence from the United States. Several wealthy white families are "arrested" for "squatting" and are forcibly moved offshore to Tiburon, California. What follows is several million dollars of property damage after the tribe burns down the condominium complexes on the island.

    November 12th 1979: Australia launches Sighter (X-3) into orbit from Woomera, South Australia aboard the Ausroc-1 the first Australian Space mission completed without British aid.

    November 13th 1979: The Specials, Ska album by the Specials makes its hit debut in London, England.

    November 20th 1979: General Juhayman ibn Muhammad ibn Sayf al-Otaibi launches a Islamic Revolution in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia installing Muhammad bin abd Allah al-Qahtani as Mahdi. Also on this day, The National Guard is deployed, to San Francisco, Tiburon, and Vallejo, California to deal with the "Indian crisis".

    November 29th 1979: Jane E. Hodgson takes her case to the United States supreme court.

    November 30th 1979: Syd Barrett, former member of Pink Floyd, forms the "Hammerskins" (OTL's "Skinheads") fascist youth group in London, England.

    December 4th 1979: The British and American governments reach an agreement to restore the Saudi King in exile via military invasion. The codename for the operation which is to be launched in the new year is Desert Storm. Also on this day, GSA, by order of the federal government shuts electricity to Angel Island, California.

    December 10th 1979: Nanjing Incident; Huang Hsin-chieh leads pro-democracy protest in Nanjing with 750,000 people. Also on this day, Nintendo, in cooperation with Apple Corp, begins to work on a new MVT "Cassette" format, as an improvement on the older "Reel to Reel" design on standard MVT, which is prone to dust damage, jamming, and wrinkling. This marks Nintendo's first major venture into the hardware market.

    December 12th 1979: Syzygy releases "World of Lovecraft" for the Syzygy 2600, spawning the adventure genre in MVT games. Many attribute the game's success not only to its content, but to the fact that it was the first game to feature an artistic box.

    December 16th 1979: The Necronomicon by William Prazsky is published in a second edition hardcover, becoming a major bestseller.

    December 20th 1979: Tracy Hickman's Ethics in Fantasy: Morality and TKY a work focusing on the evils of The Kings in Yellow is first published. Tracy Hickman states his support of Samurai and Shoguns calling it "a moral alternative to The Kings in Yellow."

    December 21st 1979: The Super Syzygy, the first system with a sound card, is released, complete with an updated version of World of Lovecraft.

    December 23rd 1979: Ken Williams is able to talk his wife, Roberta, out of trying to make a computer game. She resolves to become a novelist instead.

    December 24th 1979: The recent terrorist attacks having inflamed the already growing racial tensions in Mindanao, race riots break out all over Mindanao after reports of the murder of a Catholic priest in Puerto Princesa. about 700 are killed, 1000 wounded in what the world's press calls a "modern-day pogrom".

    December 24th-28th 1979: Kabul retaken by Soviet forces, led by the 40th Army, after suffering 759 killed, 2,156 injured. The single largest loss of life by the red army since the second world war.

    December 25th 1979: The one-hundredth casualty of the Kinshasa fever dies in San Francisco's Castro District. Also on this day, Lord of the Rings: Return of the Kings is released. It becomes the highest grossing movie of all time leading up to that point and wins the Oscar for Best Film

    December 31st 1979: India successfully launches Lt. Rakesh Sharma, into orbit from Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota, India.
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    The Eighties:

    January 1st 1980: GSA, by order of the federal government shuts electricity to Angel Island, California. Also on this day, a new Church calling itself the United Church of Christian Dixie is formed in Atlanta Georgia. This interracial church formed mainly by poor whites and blacks was formed not because of bit of political or racial harmony, but by fear. The U.C.C.D., formed by citizens who were emotional disturbed by the events of the last 20 years, fears the increased secularization of the Bible Belt...A.K.A "Dixie." Already, it has been called a cult by local Georgians who refer to the church's extremely fierce policies and the dangerous duties its members are forced to perform. The Church has created a new Calendar. For example, January 1st, 1980 A.D., is labeled as January 1st, 01 T.C.E. (True Christian Era), while every date before that is labeled as F.C.E. (False Christian Era.)

    January 3rd 1980: The National guard opens fire on the American Indian Movement (AIM) members, including 13-year old Yvonne Oakes of the Mohawk Tribe, live on national television, sparking national and international outrage.

    January 3rd-4th 1980: Riots by native tribes all across the United States and Canada. 712 dead, over 2000 wounded.

    January 8th 1980: Jessica Savitch of NBC-TV news, wins a Peabody Award for her coverage of the "Indian Crisis".

    January 10th 1980: George Lucas buys rights to The Hobbit. He hands over plans for Star Trek 2 to Director Ridley Scott.

    January 15th 1980: Alitalia DC-9, en route Rome to Tunisia, explodes over Palermo, Italy, killing 89 passengers and flight crew members. Also on this day, Palestinian Al-Fatah members kill 6 people in suicide bombing attack in Bat Yam, Israel.

    January 18th 1980: Lebanese militant guerilla hijacks a Boeing 727, with 72 passengers and a crew of 10. The flight was en route from Beirut to Cyprus, diverted to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in support of Muhammad bin abd Allah al-Qahtani's revolution.

    January 21st 1980: Military forces detonate a nuclear weapon on Bouvet Island, South Africa as a "demonstration of force" against Soviet and Third Bloc nations.

    January 24th 1980: Ares II and III land on Mars. Col.Fred Wallace Haise Jr. becomes the first human to walk on another planet. Lt. Jack Robert Lousma films the event for the world to see.

    January 26th 1980: The Pittsburgh Steelers bounce back from their Super Bowl 15 collapse the previous year to win 27-10 over the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 16.

    January 28th 1980: Lebanese jihadist hijacked a Middle East Airlines Boeing 707 with 137 people on board, from Baghdad, Iraq to Beirut, Lebanon, diverting the flight to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    February 13th 1980: The XIII Winter Olympics open in Lake Placid.

    February 17th 1980: Hayabusa project completed.

    February 18th 1980: State of Emergency is declared by the National Security Council of Turkey in Ankara, after 2 U.S. soldiers are killed in a car bomb in Izmir, Turkey.

    February 27th 1980: Ice Man by Lin Xiao makes its hit debut as a "Huarenzhi" (Chinese animated series) on the international market.

    March 2nd 1980: Marvel Comics, nearing bankruptcy, hires African-American writer Richard Roundtree.

    March 7th 1980:Tthe Afghanistan People's Mujahideen claims responsibility for planting a bomb at the Soviet Consulate in West Berlin, West Germany, killing 8 people.

    March 9th 1980: MP Lise Payette tells rally in Quebec City rally before 14,000 people, that independence is a "victory for women's rights.”

    March 18th 1980: Plesetsk Cosmodrome Disaster; 96 Soviet scientists and cosmonauts are killed after explosion of Vostok rocket booster in Plestsk, Russia. Also on this day, Governor Robert F. Kennedy (D-Massachusetts) offers his endorsement for Senator Martin Luther King Jr.'s presidential bid during a rally in Boston, Massachusetts, saying, "The dream lives on, and the hope shall never die".

    March 25th 1980: Underground Cybernet site "Kiwi" is established by students at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

    April 4th 1980: Apple Corp unveils the world's first mobile phones, the PTP1 (Pocket Telephone 1.0), a basic model that sells for around $300.00 American, and the PVP1 (Pocket Videophone 1.0) that sells for $575.00 American.

    April 7th 1980: PFLP guerillas attack a Jewish nursery, killing 25 children, in East Jerusalem, sparking international outrage.

    April 11th 1980: Mohammad Mustafa Ramadan arrives in Tripoli, Libya, amidst calls for democratic elections in Libya. Also on this day, The first Cybernet Protocol (CP) are used by networks. Also on this day, Cybervision, the first magazine devoted to MVT games, is published

    April 24th 1980: Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia dies. Lazar Koliševski selected as his successor. Also on this day, Juhayman ibn Muhammad ibn Sayf al-Otaibi announces the capture of members of U.S. Army’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (“The Night Stalkers”) outside of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, during a sandstorm.

    April 27th 1980: The Miracle on Main Street by Frederick "Tupper" Saussy III, denounces the Federal Reserve System, and offers the bogus creation of "Public Office Money Certificates" (POMS), popular amongst farmers facing foreclosure.

    May 14th 1980: MP Pierre Trudeau resigns in Montreal, Quebec, from politics as "questionable behavior" regarding his deceased wife's sexual and narcotic activities become public.

    May 15th 1980: James Wickstrum, "Mission of Jesus Christ Church", says, "I do question the sincerity and nonviolent intentions of some civil rights leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mr. James Farmer, and others, who are known to have left wing associations." during a rally in Washington D.C.

    May 20th 1980: Quebec wins independence in a national referendum led by André D'Allemagne, Jacques Bellemare, Pierre Bourgalt, and Marcel Chaput in Montreal. Also on this day, Mohammed Fouad Buohjar announces plans to back Mohammad Mustafa Ramadan for democratic reforms in Tripli, Libya.

    May 30th 1980: 350,000 people led by Robbie Barnes, Sylvie Kashdan, Sue Letsinger, & BleedMeister establish the "No Leaders!" movement during an anti-war rally in Zurich, Switzerland.

    June 14th 1980: PFLP guerillas bomb IDF Naval facility in Rosh Hanikra, Israel, killing 16 people outside a fuel depot.

    June 15th 1980: WHO/CDC officials report that 50% of all women in Sub-Saharan Africa are contaminated with the "Kinshasha Fever", sparking cries of "racial genocide" by Third Bloc members.

    June 20th 1980: Scientists at the University of Maryland at Baltimore announce the implant of a cybernetic implant into a human patient to treat brain tumor in Baltimore, Maryland.

    July 19th 1980: The XXII Summer Olympics open in London, United Kingdom. The games are boycotted by the Warsaw Pact, for retaliation against the XXI Olympics boycott, and protested by the Guy Fawkes Brigade, for the UK's conservative stance. McDonald's loses millions

    July 24th 1980: A Kuwaiti Airways 737 from Beirut to Kuwait City is hijacked and diverted to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, sparking international attention.

    June 25th 1980: United States Supreme Court, in the case of Hodgson v. Saint Paul rules that abortion is homicide deserving federal jurisdiction under the 10th Amendment and the 14th Amendment "Equal Protection" clause in Washington D.C.

    July 4th 1980: The Independence Day massacre, Neuman Britton, member of the "white nationalist" group Aryan Nation, opens fire with an assault rifle at the 4th of July celebrations in Birmingham, Alabama killing 4 African-American children.

    July 25th 1980: Starship Troopers, directed by Ridley Scott, is released. It is both praised and panned for its use of realistic yet disgusting special effects, but critics agree that that the acting by Chinese-American actor Jackie Chan as Johnny Rico and Chuck Norris as Jean V. Dubois.

    August 10th 1980: At the Trial of Neuman Britton it is revealed that the "white nationalist" group Aryan Nation of which he was a member had already been under investigation, but said investigation was shut down by the Reagan administration.

    August 11th 1980: Lovecraftian film The Dunwhich Horror directed by Lucio Fulci makes its hit worldwide debut.

    August 14th 1980: Elvis Presley declares he will be entering politics after retiring from the military.

    August 30th 1980: Democratic candidate Martin Luther King Jr. gives his famous "Not in my America!" speech regarding the Independence day massacre. "Not in my America!" appears on bumper stickers across America.

    September 9th 1980: Chris Cary, Robbie Robinson "Robbie Dale", and Jimmy White establish themselves as the "Super Pirates" of the Cybernet in Dublin, Ireland.

    September 12th 1980: Film actor Anthony Perkins dies of "Kinshahsha Fever" in Los Angeles, California.

    September 14th 1980: Forseeing the election of Martin Luther King Jr. (D-GA) as President; Bill Gale and James Wickstrum, Christian Posse Association (CPA) leads rally of 160,000 people in Tigerton Dells, Wisconsin.

    September 17th 1980: former American astronaut Thomas Patten Stafford establishes the Stafford Ministries in Annapolis, Maryland, with the aid of James Wickstrum, "Mission of Jesus Christ Church".

    September 18th 1980: Juhayman ibn Muhammad ibn Sayf al-Otaibi shows off evidence of a failed rescue operation (a.k.a. Operation CREDIBLE SPORT) in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

    October 13th 1980: A Turkish Boeing 727 from Istanbul to Ankara was hijacked to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, led by Shia guerillas.

    October 18th 1980: The Big Show (NBC-TV) variety show starring Graham Chapman, Steve Allen, Mimi Kennedy, Nell Carter, makes its hit television debut.

    November 1980: US Elections. Bob Dole, having failed to gain the Republican nomination, becomes the first sitting president to run as an Independent. The Republican Party runs Howard Baker and his running mate John B. Anderson(R-IL). The Democratic Party Runs senator Martin Luther King Junior, and his running mate Dr. Benjamin Spock. The Union Party runs Michigan Governor Walter Reuther, and his running mate Lane Kirkland, President Dole fails to carry a single state besides his home state of Kansas. Baker carries most of the “Bible Belt”, Reuther carries most of the “Rust Belt” despite a strong showing for King among the Urban Black population. In both houses, Republicans loose seats across the country, except the “Bible Belt” where they gain seats. The “Rust Belt” in turn is dominated by the Union party. The final electoral results are:
    Reuther: 86
    Baker: 126
    Dole: 7
    King: 319

    November 4th 1980: Lyndon La Rouche (R-NH) wins the Senate race, by espousing populist right-wing conspiracies, sparking national controversy.

    November 7th 1980: Astronaut Thomas Patten Stafford launches the Hour of Salvation ministry in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

    November 16th 1980: Marv Wolfman begins his run on The New Teen Titans

    November 19th 1980: Heaven's Gate starring Christopher Walken, Kris Kristofferson, and Jeff Bridges makes its hit debut.

    November 30th 1980: General Victor Atanasie Stanculescu launches an "urban relocation" of the "surplus population" in Bucharest, moving 200,000 people into rural areas over 6 months.

    December 17th 1980: Lane Rutland (U-New Jersey) is appointed by President-elect Martin Luther King Jr., as Secretary of Labor in Washington D.C.

    December 13th 1980: Hammerskin founder Syd Barret lends some moral support to Aryan Nation in America, currently under intense scrutiny, saying that they are merely an organization "...helping to protect the Anglo-Saxon race from the genocide that is integration. These men, while their actions might have gone too far, had the right idea in mind."


    January 1st 1981: The Three Monks by Pao Lei and A-Da makes its hit debut as a "Huarenzhi" (Chinese animated series) on the international market. Also on this day, British Parliament imposes the "law of one price" in an effort to protect British auto manufacturers.

    January 12th-February 18th 1981: The Mutants (DC Comics) written by Chris Claremont and John Byrne launch the "All of Yesterday's Tomorrows", time-travel story warning of of a "wave of xenophobia" against all metahumans

    January 18th 1981: Lockheed Corp unveils the NIGHTHAWK space plane in Burbank, California.

    January 20th 1981: Martin Luther King is Sworn in as the 39th president of the United States, the first African American to hold that office. In his inaugural speech, he utters the famous line: "I have a dream, that one day the people of the United States, and the people of the Soviet Union will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood."

    January 29th 1981: Premier Leonid Brezhnev is purged from office in Moscow, after revelations that son-in-law Yuri M. Churbanov was involved in corruption scandal, Yuri Andropov is selected by the Politburo as successor.

    January 31st 1981: The Eagles bounce back from their Super Bowl 16 defeat to upset the Oakland Raiders 24-19 in Super Bowl 17.

    February 6th-9th 1981: Jordanian-Syrian Conflict; 2 pro-Syrian militias (e.g. Eagles of the Revolution, al-Saiqa ) clash against Jordanian government forces after assassinating Jordanian Foreign Minister Hisham Muheissen in Amman, Jordan.

    February 22nd 1981: Marvel Comics publishes the first issue of Richard Roundtree's comic series Shaft. It becomes a runaway success and is credited for saving Marvel in the face of fierce competition from DC.

    March 4th 1981: Several YSB members, including Caroline Kennedy (working under the name of Evita Luxemburg) are arrested attempting a bank robbery in Des Moines.

    March 7th 1981: Apple Corp, in co-operation with Nintendo unveils the MVT cassette system, or MVTC.

    March 12th 1981: Mitsubishi "Sakigake" (a.k.a. "Pioneer") successfully launches their first space flight.

    March 16th 1981: Aspiring comedian Alfred Yankovic moves to Los Vegas to start a career. His combination of parody, slapstick, and play-on-words would help him to rise to the top of Vegas' nightlife.

    March 28th 1981: Garauda Indonesian Airways DC-9 is bombed by members of Commando Jihad, killing 57 people, including 3 Americans over Jakarta, Indonesia. Also on this day, Hard N' Heavy album by the band Anvil, makes its hit debut in New York City, New York.

    April 1st 1981: Omega-7 Crime Syndicate under Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino, Fernando González, and René González establishes control of the cocaine trade in Havana, Cuba.

    April 9th 1981: Checking In (CBS-TV) starring Marla Gibbs makes its hit television debut

    April 16th 1981: President Martin Luther King Jr., signs the legislation approving the creation of the "Skipjack" computer chip, in an effort to prevent criminal encryption in Washington D.C.

    April 19th 1981: Apple corp opens a chain of electronic shops called Yellow Submarine which makes money by converting old MVT reels into cassettes. The difficulty of converting some reels (two sided reels for example) leads to a large underground industry of quasi-legal conversion shops.

    April 21st 1981: The movie version of Daring to be Bare is released in theaters. It would go on to pick up awards for Best Actress (Carrie Fisher, playing O'Connor), Best Supporting Actress (Barbara Eden, playing O'Connor's mother Evelyn O'Connor) and Best Screenplay.

    April 29th 1981: Lovecraftian film The Beyond, directed by Lucio Fulci makes its hit worldwide debut.

    May 6th 1981: Doctors Jacob Kolff and Keo Henikoff of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania announces the "awakening" of a clinically brain-dead woman using a cybernetic implant.

    May 13th 1981: Terrorist Mehmet Ali Ağca assassinated Pope Pius XIII in Saint Peter's Square, Vatican City.

    May 14th-28th 1981: Vatican Conclave held; Carlo Confalonieri (a.k.a. Pope John Paul I) of Palestrina, Italy is selected as the pope for his moderate views.

    May 15th 1981: Marshal Lazar Koliševski of Yugoslavia announces sweeping economic reforms.

    May 18th 1981: Dr. Lawrence Mass of New York City, New York isolates the virus that causes "Kinshasha fever" at Mount Sinai Hospital.

    May 19th 1981: Aldo Santamaria, former Cuban military officer, is killed in Bogota, Colombia during a drug trade.

    May 20th 1981: DC comics introduces the idea of the JLI (Justice League International) as a means of replacing the older JLA (Justice League of America).

    May 21st 1981: Alan Franklin forms the Ska band, the Layabouts in Detroit, Michigan, with the single, "You get a shiver in the dark itsa rainin' in the park in the meantime.

    June 1st 1981: Filipino-American activists Silme Domingo and Gene Viernes are assassinated in Seattle, Washington.

    June 7th 1981: Lt. Richard L. Dowhower of Groton-New London, Connecticut is dismissed from the U.S. Navy after calling on-Christian faiths "Satanic beliefs".

    June 15th 1981: Syd Barrett leads a "Hammerskins" rally in Leeds, England calling for the driving out of minorities, 214 arrested. Also on this day, WHO/CDC offcials report "Kimshasha Fever" cases reported in 51 countries in Geneva, Switzerland.

    July 2nd 1981: Nine-Mile Point Disaster; Partial nuclear meltdown at the Nine-Mile Point Nuclear Facility in Lycoming, New York, 75,000 gallons of radioactive waste are dumped into Lake Ontario.

    July 7th 1981 : Japanese Prime Minister Zenkō Suzuki meets with Soviet Premier Andropov, to discuss the issue of the Kuril Islands. Andropov agrees to reconise the Japanese Claim of Iturup, Kunashir, and Shikotan.

    July 10th 1981: Law enforcement authorities report "Hammerskins"-related violence in Southall, Battersea, Dalston, Streatham and Walthamstow in London, Handsworth in Birmingham, Chapeltown in Leeds, Highfields in Leicester, Ellesmere Port, Luton, Leicester, Sheffield, Portsmouth, Preston, Newcastle, Derby, Southampton, Nottingham, High Wycombe, Bedford, Edinburgh, Wolverhampton, Stockport, Blackburn, Huddersfield, Reading, Chester, Aldershot.

    July 13th 1981: Merseyside chief constable Kenneth Oxford calls for army camps to deal with rioters in Toxteth, Merseyside.

    July 15th 1981: "Hammerskins" are blamed for petrol bomb fires that take place at an apartment complex in Brixton, killing 22 African immigrants.

    July 17th 1981: Student leader Nabil Abuzed Mansour, leads 75,000 people in pro-democracy rallies in Tripoli, Libya.

    July 26th 1981: Alpha-66 under orders from Nazario Sargen kills 6 people outside the federal courthouse in Havana, Cuba.

    July 30th 1981: Imternational Monetary Fund (IMF) reports in Geneva, Switzerland, that 29 out of 52 of the nations of Sub-Saharan Africa have seen their GNP fall more than c.25% since 1960, due to "Kinshasha Fever" and U.S./European privatization economic policies.

    August 4th 1981: Roberta Williams publishes King's Quest, a fantasy novel. Known for its quirky humor and enjoyability, it revolutionizes the Fantasy genre

    September 12th 1981: Chaos Computer Club (CCC) led by Wau Holland, begin Cybernet infrastructure attacks in West Berlin, West Germany.

    September 19th 1981: Solidarity March; Robert E. Poli (U-DC), Union Party activist in Washington D.C., calls for worker's rights with 500,000 people.

    September 25th 1981: Fashion designer Robert "Bobby" Feingold introduces the "So Fine" jeans, a line of denim jeans with clear plastic patches exposing the buttocks in New York City, New York.

    October 11th 1981: "So Fine" jeans launches its advertising controversial campaign jeans with Italian model, Mariangela Melato. Also on this day, Croatian Ustashi terrorists bomb 2 Yugoslavian restaurants in Munich, West Germany, injuring 14 people.

    October 12th 1981: Cult of Normandy forms in France. They believe all who are not French, Black haired, and Catholic are plotting to kill god.

    October 14th 1981: Astronaut Thomas Patten Stafford establishes the "Global.site" Cybernet site as a means to spread the message of the "Mission of Jesus Christ Church", in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

    October 19th 1981: Croatian Ustashi guerillas bomb the gates of the Yugoslavian embassy in Paris, France, killing 2 people.

    October 25th 1981: The first episode of the TV series Counterstrike, about humanity's futile struggle against a highly advanced race of aliens in an interstellar war, debuts. It is noted for the performance of actor Laurence Tureaud and the writing by showrunner J. Michael Straczynski.

    November 7th 1981: Saudi Arabian Ambassador Muhammad Salih Al-Madani defects to American authorities in Beirut, Lebanon.

    November 14th 1981: Bill Hermann publishes in New York City, New York, Inevitable Destruction, warning of the nuclear war according to "alien messages".

    November 15th 1981: Jan Svoboda and Václav Racek launch a Cybernet site campaign to attract attention of U.S. and European leaders in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

    November 17th 1981- April 28th 1982: The JLI concept, originally rejected because it would "fill the DCU with ethnic stereotypes" is accepted. As part of the "re-organization" the Justice League is given a UN mandate to protect the earth, with one team in each country, and one team of "Teen Titians" per country as a means "training new recruits" The Mutants become an underground organization. As a means of improving sales internationally, the various teams are "localized" with Justice League Japan Teen Titians Japan, and The Mutants Japan being done by manga writers and artists, and Justice League, Teen Titians, and The Mutants Britain being done by British Artists and writers, including Alan Moore and Grant Morrison.

    November 30th 1981: The Mahlia Coen Handgun Violence Prevention Act is signed into law, requiring mandatory criminal background checks for all gun sales.

    December 1st 1981: First "Kinshasha Fever Day", medical organizations across the world launch campaign to bring awareness about treatment

    December 2nd 1981: Walter Martin, "Mission of Jesus Christ Church" condemns the Mormon Church of Latter-Day Saints as "an apostasy" during radio broadcast in New York City, New York.

    December 5th 1981: President Kamal Jumblatt survives an assassination attempt in Beirut, Lebanon.

    December 13th 1981: Soviet military forces under orders from Premier Yuri Andropov move into Warsaw and Gdansk, Poland.

    December 16th 1981: Wujek Massacre; Soviet forces in Katowice, Poland fire at miners at Wujek Coal Mine, killing 35 people.

    December 18th 1981: Cult of Normandy has around 400 members.

    December 30th 1981: Pérez de Cuéllar of Lima, Peru is selected as United Nations Secretary-General in New York City, New York.


    January 25th 1982: The Berlin Appeal; Robert Havemann and Rainer Eppelman lead a rally with 20,000 in East Berlin, East Germany, calling for the removal of nuclear weapons by both the United States and the Soviet Union.

    January 30th 1982: The Miami Dolphins earn their fourth and final Super Bowl championship under Don Shula, beating the San Francisco 49ers 38-17 in Super Bowl 18.

    February 10th 1982: NASA announces it will introduce a "civilian population" to Artemis Moon Base. The Soviets counter claim they will be the first to do so.

    February 13th 1982: Dresden Peace Forum; 50,000 people gather in Dresden, East Germany for peace conference organized by Swords into Ploughshares

    February 14th 1982: The Vindicator premiers in the Secret Defenders issue My Bloody Valentine For Marvel Comics.

    February 24th 1982: Doug Harris establishes the fundamentalist "Reachout Trust" ministry in Surrey, England, with financial assistance from John R. Harrell.

    March 8th 1982: General Constand Viljoen launches a massive crackdown on Bophuthatswana, in defiance of American and European protests.

    March 10th 1982: General Constand Viljoen claims to have proof of "Third Bloc assistance" to government officials in Mangope, South Africa.

    March 13th 1982: Doctor Jonas Salk is selected by President Martin Luther King to lead the effort to combat the "Kinshasha Fever" in Washington D.C., citing "human tragedy".

    March 29th 1982: Jan Svoboda and Václav Racek organizes Cybernet communications with Western European peace movements in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

    April 8th 1982: Kelly Lucas of Fresno, California dies of complications due to "Kinshasha Fever", after bringing attention to the problems with the nation's blood supply.

    April 12th 1982: Metal on Metal album by the band Anvil makes its hit debut in New York City, New York.

    April 14th 1982: Caroline Kennedy's sentence is commuted by President King.

    April 23rd 1982: Doctor David Rorvik, Columbia University, announces that he has successfully created a human clone in New York City, New York.

    May 16th 1982: Star Track 2: Wrath of Kang is released, directed by Ridley Scott. Unlike the original, where the Romulan Empire was the enemy, it has the Klingon-Gorn Alliance as the antagonists.

    June 1st 1982: 4,000 people led by Yuri Popov, Independent Intiative, launch protest in Moscow, USSR, calling for U.S. withdrawal from the Congo and Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, 150 people arrested.

    June 4th 1982: Moscow Trust Group; Cybernet activists Yuri Medvedkov and Olga Medvedkova establish anti-war/peace student organization in Moscow, USSR.

    June 24th 1982: Disclosure Day; Barry Andrews, UFO enthusiast, leads rallies in Washington D.C., London, Paris, Johannesburg, Madrid, Toronto, and Havana, calling for full disclosure of "alien intervention".

    June 30 1982: 27th Amendment (a.k.a. "Equal Rights Amendment", "ERA") passed in Washington D.C.

    July 13th 1982: Cult of Normandy has over 1000 members.

    July 14th 1982: Biker Heaven starring Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson, and Peter Fonda, makes its hit film debut.

    July 29th 1982: The first Civilians land at the Soviet LEK Lunar Complex.

    August 6th 1982: Bob Geldof, Pink Floyd band member, condemns the fascist tendencies of Syd Barett and his support of Tom Holmes, during an interview on The Today Show (NBC-TV) in New York City, NY.

    August 7th 1982: 35,000 people are evacuated from Plymouth, Plympton, Kingston, and Duxbury, Massachusetts, when the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant caught fire, partially melted down and exploded, releasing 250,000 gallons of radioactive water into Massachusetts Bay and 50,000,000 curies of radiation into the atmosphere.

    August 8th 1982: Leo Gerard (U-AZ), Union Party candidate, announces plans to run against Governor Bruce Babbitt (D-AZ) in Phoenix, Arizona on labor platform.

    August 10th 1982: Actress Sally Struthers poses nude in Playboy magazine in Los Angeles, California.

    August 15th 1982: Nigerian Revolution; Riots erupt in Lagos, Nigeria due to World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) demands for the privatization of major utilities (electricity, water, et al.). President Shehu Shagari is deposed.

    August 18th 1982: Failed Bombing of British Parliament Building by Cult of Normandy.

    August 20th 1982: Senator Lyndon La Rouche (R-NH) sues U.S. News & World Report for $15.1 million for "defamation of character".

    August 21st 1982: Cult of Normandy gunman kills 5 in Mecca

    August 23rd 1982: French government crackdown on Cult of Normandy members, 34 killed, 316 arrested, remaining members flee in small boats.

    August 24th 1982: PM Zenko Suzuki refuses to apologize on behalf of the Japanese government, despite threats of economic sanctions in Tokyo, Japan.

    August 25th 1982: Four Cult of Normandy boats captured off the coast of Spain, 30 arrested.

    August 26th 1982: MP Kiichi Miyazawa announces that any apology to the nations of the Pacific Rim would be considered "an insult" to the many veteran's groups nationwide in Tokyo, Japan.

    August 30th 1982: 312 surviving Cult of Normandy members land in Portugal, all other members have died at sea.

    September 4th 1982: Remaining Cult of Normandy members attack Lisbon, 43 cult members and 51 civilians die.

    September 5th 1982: "414s" of Milwaukee, Wisconsin shutdown the computer systems of at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Security Pacific Bank, sparking police crackdown.

    September 6th 1982: Only 31 Cult of Normandy members manage to escape Portugal, take boats and begin traveling west.

    September 9th 1982: The British Ministry of Space unveils the "HOTAL" (Horizontal Take-Off And Landing) class space plane with an "air breathing" engine that obtains part of the oxygen needed for take off from the atmosphere. A revolution in Space Plane technology as the various governments and corporations scramble to create their own.

    September 15th 1982: Dr. Etienne-Emile Beaulieu announces reproduction of human cloning results in Paris, France.

    October 3rd 1982: Voyagers! (NBC-TV) starring Jon-Erik Hexum makes its hit television debut.

    October 27th 1982: Over 10,000 Italian far right demostraters march on Rome, in comemeration of the 60th aniversary of Mussilini's coup. The group is lead by Italian radical politician Gianfranco Fini. Also on this day, President Martin Luther King Jr. signs the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act into law in Washington D.C., conservatives warn that the law "abandons a trusted ally of democracy."

    October 31st 1982: Wayne Aho of Seattle, Washington shows alleged video evidence of UFO landings on Real People (NBC-TV).

    November 1982: In the Midterms, Elvis Presley (I-Tenn) is elected to the House of Representatives in a land slide. Ed Clark (R-CA) wins the gubernatorial campaign for California, sparking national attention. Gerald "Jerry" Springer (D-Ohio) wins the gubernatorial election in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    November 5th 1982: Alan Moore creates the character of Vendetta for Justice League Britian

    November 15th 1982: UFO enthusiast La Verne Landis of Grand Marais, Minnesota, disappears in the wilderness after telling locals of an apparent UFO landing.

    November 28th 1982: UN Ambassador Alan Cranston (US) wins approval for U.N. Security Council Resolution #591, condemning South Africa's apartheid government.

    December 10th 1982: The Boeing Black Star successfully docks with the Japanese Hayabusa Space Station.

    December 11th 1982: Doctor Chase Peterson of Salt Lake City, Utah announces the successful treatment of neural disorders using cybernetic implants.

    December 17th 1982: Tootsie starring Dabney Coleman, Dustin Hoffman, and Jessica Lange flops at the box office.

    December 21st 1982: 28th Amendment (a.k.a. Ludlow-Boland Amendment) outlaws the draft in any war where the United States is not attacked directly.


    January 4th 1983: Springfield Riots; Riots erupt in Springfield, Colorado after members of the Christian Posse Association (CPA) led by Jerry Wright, attempt to block the foreclosure of farms.

    January 7th 1983: German electronic music begins to be over taken by in the English speaking world by the Bristol and Detroit electronic scenes.

    January 13th 1983: Federal marshals Robert Cheshire and Kenneth Muir are found murdered by Christian Posse Association (CPA) members outside Springfield, Colorado.

    January 20th 1983: Cult of Normandy members arrive in California, plot to kill President King.

    January 27th 1983: NBC-TV creates the world's first 24 hour news network, NBC-NN (National Broadcasting Company News Network)

    January 28th 1983: The first space tourists launched into orbit aboard Boeing Black Star, including film maker George Lucas.

    January 29th 1983: The Los Angeles(formerly Oakland) Raiders crush the Washington Redskins 44-10 in Super Bowl 19.

    February 10th 1983: Amanda (ABC-TV) starring Beatrice Arthur and Kevin McCarthy makes its hit television debut.

    February 20th 1983: Premier Yuri Andropov suffers a fatal heart attack in Moscow, Russia, sparking succession crisis.

    February 26th 1983: Legend of the Sealed Book by Wang Shuchen makes its hit debut as a "Huarenzhi" (Chinese animated series) on the international market.

    March 12th 1983: State legislature passes legislation banning paramilitary training in Jefferson City, Missouri. State Assembly in Boise, Idaho announces similar legislation.

    March 15th 1983: Astronaut Thomas Patten Stafford condemns the policies of President Martin Luther King Jr., during a rally in Chattanooga, Tennessee as "racially divisive". Also on this day, Forged in Fire album by the band Anvil makes its hit debut in New York City, New York.

    April 1st 1983: Apple Corp unveils it's newest "Digital Laser Disk" (DLD) audio technology.

    April 4th 1983: The Americans begin construction of a second Lunar base, the Plymouth Rock

    April 12th 1983: West German Green Party MPs Gert Bastian, Petra Kelly, Lukas Beckmann call for human rights reforms during a meeting in East Berlin, East Germany.

    April 17th 1983: Singer/actress Marie Osmond is paid $1.7 million by Playboy to pose nude, sparking controversy.

    April 19th 1983: The Soviets begin construction of a second Lunar base, the Progress under Col. Anatoly Berrezovoy and Lt. Valentin Lebedev.

    April 20th 1983: Disaster strikes as the Lockheed NIGHTHAWK space plane explodes as it's taking off from Palmdale, California.

    April 27th 1983: Physical Attraction single by Madonna Ciccone makes its hit debut in New York City, New York.

    April 29th 1983: American forces begin to pull out of the Congo.

    April 30th 1983: Lord Young proclaims that "economic tensions" exist between the British Empire and the Third Bloc at Chatham House.

    May 7th 1983: Dialogue Movement led by László Cardinal Lékai is established in Budapest, Hungary, calling for the withdrawal of U.S. and Soviet nuclear arms.

    May 18th 1983: The Hobbit, directed by George Lucas, is released. It stars Nicholas Davis as Bilbo Baggins, Kurt Russel as Bard the Bowman, and Charleton Heston as Gandalf. It gets positive critical reaction, great box office, the Oscar for Best Special Effects.

    May 20th 1983: Church Street Bombing; Azanian People's Liberation Army (APLA) led by Oliver Tambo takes credit for bombing in Pretoria, South Africa, killing 38 people, injuring 200.

    May 28th 1983: several music companies agree to release their latest albums on DLD.

    June 3rd 1983: Leonard Ginter and Gordon Kahl, Christian Posse Association (CPA) leaders, are arrested after a shootout with federal authorities in Smithville, Arkansas. CPA leaders state,"This is our Alamo!!!"

    June 10th 1983: CPA leader James Wickstrom leads a "People's Jury" in Shawano County, Wisconsin, hanging a federal judge in his front yard.

    June 11th 1983: Labor MP Denis Winston Healey demands that Great Britain consider withdrawal from the European Economic Community (EEC) before the House of Commons in London, England.

    July 4th 1983: Ain't No Big Deal single by Madonna Ciccone, makes its hit debut in New York City, New York.

    July 18th 1983: US Congress blocks a bill that would "privatize" the American space program.

    July 27th 1983: László Cardinal Lékai declares Budapest, Hungary a "nuclear-free zone", sparking international attention.

    August 9th 1983: Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev is selected as Premier by the Politburo in Moscow, Dmitri Timofeyevich Yazov is selected as Defense Minister, Valentin Sergeyevich Pavlov is selected as Secretariat for the Politburo.

    August 23rd 1983: President Martin Luther King Jr., praises the growing pro-democracy movement in the USSR and Eastern Europe, during a speech in Washington D.C.

    August 28th 1983: Soviet forces begin to pull out of Afghanistan.

    September 10th 1983: Underground Cybernet site "Homek" is established in Gdansk, Poland to protest the Communist authorities.

    September 15th 1983: Bug Jack Barron, film based on the novel by Norman Spinrad, written and produced by Harlan Ellison, makes its hit debut.

    September 25th 1983: JLI/Avengers (Marvel Comics/DC Comics) by Gerry Conway and George Perez, makes its hit debut, marking a major inter-company crossover milestone.

    September 28th 1983: Residents of Alamogordo, New Mexico report the dumping of toxic waste by Syzygy Software, launching a massive class-action law suit against the firm.

    September 30th 1983: Manimal (NBC-TV) starring Simon MacCorkindale makes its hit television debut.

    October 3rd 1983: Labor MP Neil Kinnock states his commitment to British withdrawal from the European Economic Community (EEC) during a rally in London, England.

    October 5th 1983: Vice President Spock announces he will not run with King on the 1984 ticket, preferring to retire from politics.

    October 13th 1983: Hoping to appeal to a broader base, the Union Party begins to ally itself to the moderate wing of the agricultural movement, in what analyists call "The Iron Coalition".

    October 15th 1983: Lockheed bought out by Boeing in Seattle, Washington.

    October 20th 1983: Croatian guerillas detonate a car bomb in Rijeka, Croatia, killing 29 people.

    November 1st 1983: Members of the American Agriculture Movement (AAM) announce a "Farm Revolt" in Topeka, Kansas.

    November 6th 1983: LSD, Salvia Divinorum, and Psilocybin mushrooms become widely used in the Detroit electronic scene, led by William Leonard Pickard and Clyde Apperson.

    November 12th 1983: CPA member Richard Wayne Snell bombs a natural gas pipeline in Texarkana, Arkansas, killing 18 people.

    November 17th 1983: Stephen Spielberg releases the movie version of Lord of the Iron Fortress. It would pick up the awards for Best Actor (Liam Neeson), Best Actress (Patricia Hearst), and Best Supporting Actor (Pat Morita).

    November 21st 1983: President Martin Luther King Jr. requests that Congress authorise a blue ribbon panel commission to look into the safety problems and issues of nuclear power plants nationwide, and for possible solutions

    November 25th 1983: DLD players the become the highest selling gift item of the holiday season.

    December 6th 1983: Ciudad Juárez Spill; c.40,891 residents of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico are forced to evacuate after 50,000 gallons of radioactive waste from the United States is discovered dumped near the water supply.

    December 13th 1983: Léo Ferré holds concert for 65,000 people in Paris, to help aid the "Libertaire" underground Cybernet site.

    December 15th 1983: Automan starring Desi Arnez, Jr., makes its hit television debut.

    December 18th-25th 1983: László Cardinal Lékai leads nationwide protests from Budapest, Hungary calling for a "nuclear-free Christmas".

    December 27th 1983:Billions for Bankers, Debts for the People: The Real Story of Money Control Over America anti-Semitic, populist economic tract by Sheldon Emry, CPA leader, is published nationwide in New York City, New York.

    December 31st 1983: The Grand Church of George Orwell is founded in San Jose, California. The church's leader, Emanuel Goldstein, (born Eric Gordon Corley) preaches a grand "spiritual struggle" against the evil forces of "Big Brother" who's will was expressed through the political Status Quo.


    January 9th 1984: E. Lodewijk Van Halen writes 2084 a Technoska "Re-imagining" of the classic Orwellian themes. It goes on to be a best seller through out the west.

    January 12th 1984: "Legion of Doom" (LOD) hacker group led by "Lex Luthor" launches attacks against the Cybernet infrastructure.

    January 16th 1984: The Washington Post reports that sales of George Orwell's 1984 have reached a record high. This is Attributed to Orwell having "predicted" a three way global struggle between the West Bloc, the East Bloc, and the Third Bloc. As well as "decades of confused fighting" in central Asia. George Orwell's other works, including Animal Farm, and The Road to Wigan Pier, also break sales records.

    January 17th 1984: Miss Alaska, Sarah Heath, is crowned Miss America.

    January 22nd 1984: For only the second time in its history, the Super Bowl is held on a Sunday. The Redskins avenge their Super Bowl 19 defeat with a 48-21 stomping of the Raiders in Super Bowl 20.

    January 27th 1984: Singer Michael Jackson is killed after catching fire during a commercial shoot for Pepsi-Cola in Los Angeles, California.

    February 2nd 1984: The first game with licensed music, Dungeon Crawl, is released in arcades. It is also the first game on a DLD format, whcih will go on to be the primary format of the eighties.

    February 7th 1984: The XIV Winter Olympics open in Gothenburg, Sweden

    February 17th 1984: Thomas Jordan, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is drafted into the Chicago Cubs baseball team.

    February 22nd 1984: Doctor William House successfully uses neural implant to restore hearing for 7-year old Jake Allen in Orlando, Florida

    March 2nd 1984: Japanese American Chizuo Matsumoto founds the "United Church of Amaterasu", a syncretic faith which combines elements of Christianity, Shino, and Buddhism. The church is also noted for it's left leaning political ideology, claiming that Feminism represents "a return to the natural order" because Patriarchy "goes against the will of the gods". The church is also critical of Capitalism, and materialism.

    March 4th-June 26th 1984: Astronaut Thomas Patten Stafford launches his "Greater London Crusade" in Cambridge, England accompanied Syd Barrett and Tom Holmes , flanked by members of the Hammerskins

    March 5th 1984: Ronald Enroth and J. Gordon Melton call for for an end to "religious cults" during rally in Birmingham, Alabama.

    March 16th 1984: Why Cults Succeed Where The Church Fails by Ronald Enroth of Santa Barbara, California becomes a major bestseller.

    March 17th 1984: Asian Financial Crisis; "massive currency speculation" in the Chinese currency market led by George Soros in Hong Kong, sparks financial crisis. Also on this day, Governor Robert F. Kennedy (D-Massachusetts) places his son, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in a substance abuse center, after he is picked up in Rapid City, South Dakota using heroin.

    April 1st 1984: R&B singer Marvin Gaye goes into substance abuse program in Beverly Hills, California.

    April 10th, 1984: Bruce Lee's Game of Death (Syzygy) video games is released with actor Bruce Lee's approval.

    April 15th 1984: President King announces Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder (D-Co) will be his running mate for November.

    April 19th 1984: Time Inc. releases the highly popular Technoska magazine which contains short stories, comics, and serialized novels by top Technoska writers, as well as philosophical tracts, and news related to the genre.

    April 21st 1984: Gorbechev begins his economic reform program, "Uskoreniye" (a.k.a. "acceleration"), in which opens the USSR to western imports, and in which the Soviet government enter into limited partnership with western corporations.

    April 23rd 1984: Gorbechev begins his ambitous, and highly controversal political reform program "demokratsiya" (a.k.a. "democratization"). Greater civil liberties, greater government transparency, free elections held for some (mostly local) offices, candidates aloud to run as independents, but the Communist party remains the soul legal party.

    April 24th 1984: William Gibson writes the Technoska novel Burning Chrome. It goes on to win the SciFi "Triple Crown", and quickly climbs to number 1 on the new York times best seller list where it will remain for over 2 years.

    May 2nd 1984: The brilliant German-American scientist Karl Jurgens publishes an article in National Geographic about his controversial opinion: a human-ape hybrid would not be outside the realms of possibility.

    May 3rd 1984: Lorin Varencove Maazel introduces the hit operatic version of 1984 in New York City, New York.

    May 15th 1984: Akira Toriyama creates the character of Son Goku for
    Teen Titians Japan. Originally slated for cancellation, the DC Japan line is revitalized by this highly popular character.

    June 8th 1984: Ghostcatchers starring John Belushi, Bill Murray, and Dan Ackroyd flops at the box-office. The film does however, go on to gain a Cult following.

    June 6th 1984: United nations report that India now has the world's largest standing army, and the world's fastest growing ecomony, The Afghan/Kashmir conflict having created a post war boom.

    June 17th 1984: The more right leaning radical wing of the agricultural movement begins to ally itself more to the Republican party and the Religious right, in what analysts call "The Silver Coalition". Also on this day, President Martin Luther King Jr. announces the "Havana Policy" whereby federal funds are restricted against organizations that actively promote and/or research human cloning.

    June 27th 1984: Panama Connection; Cuban drug lords begin transporting cocaine through Panama City, Panama.

    July 1st 1984: Katsuhiro Otomo creates the Burning Chrome Manga Burning Chrome: The Aftermath For DC comics Japan.

    July 4th 1984: Miss America, Sarah Heath, is shot in the arm at an Independence Day rally. The assailant, a CPA member, claims his actions were for her "lewd behavior." Heath lives, though she loses all use pf her left arm.

    June 12th 1984: Biotechnology research facility in Pensacola, Florida is firebombed over alleged "clone research".

    July 12th 1984: Governor Robert F. Kennedy (D-Massachusetts) establishes the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Substance Abuse Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, becoming a center for celebrity substance abuse problems.

    July 15th 1984: First joint Soviet/American space mission, as the Soviet Space plane DRAKON and the American Space plane Orion. Premier Gorbechev and President King hold a joint press conference where they congratulate the crew live on international televison. Also on this day, Gianfranco Fini takes advantage of loopholes Italy's dubious broadcasting laws to set up the world's second 24 hour news network Gianfranco Fini noted for it's far right propaganda.

    July 16th 1984: Thomas Jordan, Chicago Cubs, plays at the MLB All Star Game in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    July 17th-24th 1984: Ernest Mandel and Michel Raptes launch peaceful protest in Prague, Czechoslovakia, with 25,000 people, calling for an immediate end to nuclear arms.

    July 21st 1984: In an issue of The New Teen Titians Dick Grayson abandons his old "Robin" persona to become "Raven"

    July 28th 1984: The XXIII Summer Olympics open in Seoul, Korea

    August 5th 1984: Construction of Apple Tower begins in New York, New York, on land formerly owned by the New York Port authority.

    August 8th, 1984: "Emmanuel Goldstein" (a.k.a. Eric Corley) establishes the "Hacker's Manifesto" over the Cybernet in New York City, New York.

    August 10th 1984: Uprisings in Kampala, Uganda.

    August 20th 1984: Astronaut Thomas Patten Stafford delivers the invocation prayer at the Republican National Convention in Dallas, Texas, flanked by members of the Christian Posse Association (CPA).

    August 21st 1984: British Troops land in Kampala, Uganda.

    August 25th 1984: Gloria Estefan and the Havana Sound Machine make their international debut with their album "Eyes of Innocence".

    August 27th 1984: National Information Infrastructure Protection (NIIP) Act passed by Congress, adopting regulations defunding a decentralized Cybernet, and establishes a series of criminal penalties for the Internet in the commision of a crime. Also on this day, Hungarian scholar György Dalos writes George Orwell, His Writings, His Philosophy peaking interest in academic circles.

    August 30th 1984: The first civilians land at Artemis. Aboard the Lockheed-Boeing space plane NIGHT HAWK, and the United States Gen-2 space plane Orion.

    September 4th 1984: Philippine Economic Crisis; Privatization of the Urban Development Bank (UDB) sparks massive riots and civil unrest in Manila, Philippines.

    September 6th 1984: Emperor Hirohito claims that the Second World War in the Pacific Rim were "wars of liberation" in a rally in Tokyo, Japan, sparking anger amongst Pacific Rim nations (esp. Korea, China, and The Philippines)

    September 10th 1984: 17 millionth Mobile phone sold by Apple Corp.

    September 16th 1984: ER (CBS-TV) dramatic medical series starring Elliot Gould, Mary McDonell, George Clooney, and Jason Alexander.

    September 28th 1984: Gold Coast (NBC-TV) directed by Michael Mann, starring Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas makes its hit debut, dramatizing the efforts of FBI field agents in Havana, Cuba.

    October 3rd 1984: Dreams (CBS-TV) musical series starring John Stamos makes its hit television debut.

    October 8th 1984: Cult of Normandy 1 member seriously injures President King in assassination attempt, 4 open fire in San Fransisco killing 63, 2 bomb The UN building killing 41, All killed except King's failed assassin (insert name here).

    October 10th 1984: The Cradle Will Rock directed by Orson Welles, starring Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, and Alec Baldwin, makes its hit debut.

    October 14th 1984: Chicago Cubs led by Rick Sutcliffe win the World Series against the Detroit Tigers in, 11-10, Chicago, Illinois.

    November 1984: President Martin Luther King Jr, and his running mate of Patricia Schroeder re-elected, beating out the Republican Ticket of Dick Cheney and Jack Kemp as well as Union Party leader Walter Reuther, and his running mate, Eric Copperhead. Patricia Schroeder is the first female Vice President elect in American history.

    November 6th 1984: Mark Cainey (R-WA) wins the gubernatorial race for Washington State.

    November 9th 1984: Marshal, the Black Cat makes its hit debut as a
    "Huarenzhi" (Chinese animated series) on the international market.

    November 10th 1984: The highly successful movie "How the Soviets Stole the Moon" is released written and directed by Chevy Chase, starring Harrison Ford as Sargent Rocky Balboa, and set during "The First Lunar War" in the year 2003.

    November 11th 1984: Hoping to crush Syzygy's monopoly on the American MVT game market, Sega releases a DLD home system called the Sega Commander.

    November 24th 1984: Writer's Block single by Madonna Ciccone, makes its hit debut in New York City, New York.

    December 4th 1984: The King administration praises the Soviet reforms, aliening him from the right wing government in Great Britain.

    December 8th 1984: Daicon Film creates the Burning Chrome anime series biased on the DC Japan manga.

    December 10th 1984: Michimasa Fujino, CEO of Honda Industries, meets with Pope John Paul I in an effort to determine if robotics precludes a "moral quandry" for Western leaders in the Vatican City.

    December 16th 1984: Uprisings in Bali, particularly in Denpasar. These revolutions are conducted by the native Hindis against the pro-British Muslim rulers.

    December 27th-30th 1984: Chaos Communication Congress (CCC) is held in Hamburg, West Germany to protest international police crackdown.


    January 1st 1985: NBC-TV announces the creation of their new cable channel "NBC Music" dedicated to showing music videos and youth oriented program 24 hours a day.

    January 3rd 1985: Monte Kim Miller of Denver, Colorado, launches the "Concerned Christian" movement, in an effort to combat "new religions from Third Bloc and Soviet nations." Also on this day, British Troops land in Bali.

    January 10th 1985: Governor Robert F. Kennedy (D-Massachusetts) meets with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Winnie Mandela in Soweto, South Africa, pledging American support for the anti-apartheid movement.

    January 16th 1985: Karl Jurgens publishes an article about the likelihood of a human-ape hybrid in Scientific American, but it goes into far more detail than the previous article in National Geographic, speculating on the biology and intelligence of such a being.

    January 27th 1985: The New England Patriots upset the heavily favored Chicago Bears in Super Bowl 21, winning 27-24 on a last second field goal by Tony Franklin.

    February 15th 1985: Warning Signs single by Madonna Ciccone, makes its hit debut in New York City, New York. Also on this day, British Troops open fire on an unarmed civilian demonstration in Denpasar, sparking international outrage, particularly in Third Bloc nations. Riots will last the greater part of a month.

    February 20th 1985: Members of the "Concerned Christians" movement led by Monte Kim Miller clash with members of the Mormon Church in Mesa, Arizona, claiming "Mormon apostasy."

    March 3rd 1985: Port Watson Manifesto; Stan Iverson of Seattle, Washington organizes the national student movement manifesto.

    March 6th 1985: Former heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali meets with Marvin Tyson in Albany, New York.

    March 11th 1985: Burning Chrome, The Musical released in London. The musical score is written by a collaboration of the Bristol Electronic group (insert name here) and the Ska group (insert name here), and is credited with pioneering the "Next Wave" genre of music.

    March 14th 1985: Upset with Syzygy's policy of keeping programmer names a secret, Syzygy employee Bill Gates founds his own company, Altair, the first third party software company

    March 18th 1985: Clone-Aid Scandal; Dr. Heinrich Shnupp, CEO for Clone-Aid, announces plans to market clones of Miss India '84 and Miss Japan '81 in Cebu City, Philippines.

    March 19th 1985: Society Expeditions announces "Project Space Voyage" wherein European, American, and Japanese tourists can experience space flight starting at c. $15,000/flight in New York City, New York.

    March 28th 1985: NBC-TV acquires the rights for the Burning Chrome anime. The FCC forbids them from running it due to the fact that "It contains violence and sexuality that is inappropriate for children".

    April 6th 1985: Boris Gelfland and Alan Hu announce the successful "computer-neural interface" through a cybernetic implant in Washington D.C.

    April 14th 1985: DC comics is plagued by continuity issues due to the Multiverse, and the fact that some comics where only available in their home country. DC launches Crisis on Myriad earths, by Marv Wolfman and George Perez. The Storyline, introduces a villain called "The Librarian" created to watch and Catalogue every event, no matter how small, in all the various universes. The Librarian goes insane, and decides to destroy all existence so it won't have to watch any more. In the aftermath of "CME" the continuity is changed dramatically, leading to fans to describe events as "PreCME" or "PostCME"

    PostCME changes include:

    The King Syndicate characters where now part of the DCU.

    Comics where now published simultaneously in Japan, Britian, and the United States. Japanese comics translated to English and vice versa before being released. No comics where to be produced in one country but not another.

    Golden Age characters from Earth 2 and Silver Age Characters from Earth 1 now existed in the same timeline, with doubles of many characters.

    Long running characters where rebooted including:

    Superman: Last Son of Krypton reboot. He and Supergirl (now called Superwoman) where on the same ship, and raised as siblings in Smallville. Their powers did not manifest until adulthood. There is only one kind of Kryptonite. The "Super pets" no longer existed. The Character Jimmy Olsen no longer existed. Lex Luthor is now a corrupt politician.

    Wonder Woman: Stronger ties to Greek Mythology, no American Flag outfit. Golden age Wonder Woman was her mother. Wonder Girl of the Teen Titians was now a young her.

    Batman: Batman: The Dark Knight Reboot, Bruce Wayne is just the latest in long line of Batmen touched by the "Bat spirit", an ancient god of justice. Robin/Raven became a crime fighter on his own, Batgirl was now Batwoman.

    Arachnid Man: Arachnid Kid of the Teen Titians was now a young him. The Character of "Toxin" is introduces as his main enemy.

    April 24th 1985: WHO/CDC officials report in New York City, New York that there have been 13.1 million deaths worldwide related to "Kinshasha Fever" since 1970.

    April 25th 1985: Hammerskin gang members and Cult of Normandy cultists engage in a shootout in Colchester, England. Eight people are killed and eleven wounded.

    April 30th 1985: Maude Barlow establishes the Council of Canadians in Toronto, Ontario, in an effort to "defend national interests."

    May 1st 1985: RSA (Alternative Society Movement) anarchists throw Molotov cocktails into Communist Party parade in Gdansk, Poland, killing 3 people.

    May 2nd 1985: "Backwaxed" album by the band Anvil makes its hit debut in New York City, New York.

    May 3rd 1985: Edward Cohn, New York Times, warns that Third Bloc protectionism threatens "American economic stability."

    May 12th 1985: Scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden announce the successful duplication of the "Hu-Gelfland" cybernetic interface.

    May 15th 1985: Marvel launches it's own crisis crossover reboot called Reality Wars, by Jim Shooter and Jack Kirby. The plot of Reality Wars is that the Villain Darksied Steals one of the two "Eternity Crystals", relics with the power to reshape Reality to conform to the will of the user. The heroes are forced to use the shards of the shattered second crystal to stop him. This creates a "Reality Vortex" that destroys the old universe and creates "The New Universe". Jim Shooter, who takes over as chief editor, Spearheads the continuity of "The New Universe". Characters now have a fixed Birthdate and age in realtime. The amount of time that passes between comics must now be the same as the publication schedule. In a move toward Hard SciFi characters who gain their power from Science and Technology, must now conform to the laws of physics. Magic Based characters must now all conform to the same "rules of magic". Once an event happens, it's set in stone, retcons are forbidden. Strong characterization was the top priority, any comic with storylines that went 'out of character" would not come out. Also on this day, The Coming War With the Third Bloc (St. Martin's Press) by George Friedman, is published in New York City, New York, becoming a major bestseller.

    May 29th 1985: Hammerskins launch riot at Heysel Stadium in Liverpool, killing 39 people, sparking international attention. Also on this day, Police authorities in Sydney, Australia raid Croatian charity offices, money-laundering for secessionist rebels.

    May 30th 1985: Dream of a Lifetime album by Marvin Gaye makes its hit debut in Los Angeles, California.

    June 1st 1985: Warner Bros. offers to produce comedian Alfred Yankovic his own sitcom. Yankovic accepts the deal.

    June 9th 1985: Richard L. Dowhower establishes ministry in Newport, Rhode Island calling the area "spiritual warfare's battleground..."

    June 11th 1985: Steven Spielberg and George Lucas collaborate on the film Mesozoic Park, based on a story by author Michael Crichton. It's about a theme park full of cloned dinosaurs that get loose. It is noted for the performance of Chuck Norris as a paleontologist and, more importantly, it's revolutionary use of computer effects. It becomes the highest-grossing film of the 80's.

    June 16th 1985: Senator Lyndon La Rouche (R-NH) calls for the creation of "quarantine camps" to deal with "Kinshasha fever", sponsoring Proposition 64 in Sacramento, California.

    June 17th 1985: The ACLU denounces Senator LaRouche's call for the establishment of "quarantine camps" to deal with Kinshasha Fever; calling his proposal and the California ballot measure, Proposition 64, "disrespectful of Fever victims' civil liberties and an unnecessary overkill when compared with what we believe is actually needed for public health safety measures." The ACLU then go on to describe the AMA and the CDC's recommendations to combat the disease including the widespread availability of condoms. Also on this day, Warzone, for the Sega Commander, is released. It is the first game to use battery backup.

    June 18th 1985: Mikhail Gorbachev is shown Mesozoic Park in Moscow. He's intrigued by the idea of cloning extinct animals.

    June 30th 1985: John Nyathi "Poks" Pokela, Azanian People's Liberation Army declares war against the apartheid government in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    July 1st 1985: "Next Wave" group East End Kids featuring Neil Tennant, comes out with their highly acclaimed and popular album Smash and Hit.

    July 3rd 1985: Return to the Future starring C. Thomas Howell and Eric Stoltz flops at the box office.

    July 8th 1985: Health Minister Georgina Dufoix reports that c.6,000 people have been contaminated by "Kinshasha Fever" in the blood supply in Paris, France.

    July 13th-14th 1985: Bridge to Peace Concert; Bob Geldoff, Dragan Ilić, Quincy Jones, and Alexander Sitkovetsky organize rock music concerts in Sarajevo (YUG), London (UK), Philadelphia (US) and Moscow (USSR) to help fund the United Nations Famine Relief Fund; Jimi Hendrix makes his first professional appearence in over a decade, performing "Dancing in the Streets" with Marvin Gaye.

    July 19th 1985: Good Girls, based on the underground cult comic by Carol Lay, directed by Tim Burton, starring Jessica Sarah Parker, makes its hit debut. Also on this day, George A. Romero releases the movie Land of the Flesh Eaters taking place in destopic near future. The film, (which, according to Romero was originally meant as a parody of Technoska), becomes praised as a "Technoska Masterpiece".

    July 21st 1985: Congo veteran Robert S. Johnson shoots former president Ronald Reagan 3 times with a semi-automatic .43 pistol before turning the gun on himself New York, New York. Reagan rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital.

    July 22nd 1985: Premier Mikhail Gorbachev announces the withdrawal of Soviet troops in Poland.

    July 23rd 1985: Wen Jiabao, Jia Qinglin, and Li Changchun launch the "Golden Sword Project", as a media offensive to "defend the honor of the Chinese homeland" in Nanjing, Republic of China.

    July 25th 1985: ASEAN economic ministers meeting in Manila, Philippines warn that Asian currency devaluation by the United States and India have destabilized the governments of the Pacific Rim.

    July 28th 1985: Chung-Kuo, The Middle Kingdom by Zhang Zangzang, Zhang Xiaobo, Song Qiang, Tang Zhengyu, Qiao Bian and Gu Qingsheng is published, claiming that India with the Third Bloc, in alliance with the United States and Soviet Union has plotted Chinese division. Also on this day, Doctors announce that former president Ronald Reagan is now a paraplegic, and will never walk again. Also on this day, Evidence of Indian arms shipments into Bali uncovered.

    August 3rd 1985: Ant-Indian demonstrations in London culminate in attacks on Hindu Immigrants by Hammerskins. 17 die.

    August 20th 1985: The world's first Extraterrestrial real estate firm, Space Pioneers is founded by Dennis Hope in Santa Monica, California.

    August 21st 1985: Rudy Perpich (U-Minn.) announces his gubernatorial bid in Austin, Minnesota, in solidarity with Hormel plant meat-workers.

    August 22nd 1985: 29th Amendment (a.k.a. "District of Columbia Voting Rights Amendment") passed in Washington D.C.

    August 25th 1985: Senator Lyndon La Rouche (R-NH) claims the LGBT communities are hampering efforts at containing "Kinshasha fever" during a rally in Sacramento, California.

    August 26th 1985: The National LGBT League denounce Lyndon LaRouche's inflammatory remarks, calling them a "smearing of LGBT persons as vectors of disease and a thinly-veiled threat to have us all rounded up and transported to internment camps." They also called for the legalisation of over-the-counter sale of condoms and provisions to afford same-sex couples to obtain legal recognitions and protections equal to those of marriage for opposite-sex couples, concluding: "We want to combat this disease. Give us the tools to do the job!"

    September 1st 1985: West German Green Party MP Annemarie Borgmann leads a delegation to East Berlin, to discuss the political nature of reunification.

    September 2nd 1985: WHO/CDC officials report in Atlanta, Georgia there are 1.5 million confirmed cases of "Kinshasha Fever" in the United States, mainly from Congo War veterans.

    September 10th 1985: Zygmunt Turlo, Leszek Zaleski, Piotr Lukaszewski and Jan Hanasz, launch "Solidarity" Cybernet site in Torun, Poland, against the Polish government.

    September 11th 1985: British Troops open fire on a Pan-African solidarity demonstration in Kampala, killing 14 people, mainly children, thus faning the flames of international outrage, amoung Third Bloc nations even further.

    September 13th 1985: Demonstrations in Salisbury, Rhodesia over the "Kampala Massacre". The local "Rhodesian Congress Party" attempts to pass over the situation in a pacifist manner. But the Congress Party's attempt to form a bi-racial coalition is halted by the de facto civil war in the countryside between pro-APLA forces and pro-government forces.

    September 16th 1985: Fury Force (Marvel Comics) by Larry Hama, makes its hit debut as a syndicated animated television series with characters "Scarlett", "Duke", and "Snake-Eyes".

    September 22nd 1985: The Union Party is instrumental in passing the agricultural aid bill.

    October 2nd 1985: Hurricane Gloria makes landfall in Roanoke, Virginia, causing $2.1 billion in property damage, leaving 437,000 without electricity.

    October 4th 1985: Richard Stallman, Free Software Foundation (FSF), is arrested in Boston, Massachusetts for illegally pirating software in Boston, Massachusetts.

    October 7th 1985: British officer Lt. Keith Blakelock is killed by rioters in Kampala, Uganda, outraged over British occupation. The same day, evidence of Indian arms shipments into Entebbe, Uganda uncovered.

    October 15th-17th 1985: Bangkok Riots; Third Bloc activists disrupt the annual meeting of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund in Bangkok, Thailand, sparking calls for martial law.

    October 21st 1985: General Motors releases "1986 Aero", the first model in their new line of afordable, reliable electric cars. The company annouces that they will "phase out gasoline by 1995". Also on this day, World Bank President President Lewis T. Preston resigns in Geneva, Switzerland, amidst reports of corporate bribery and money-laundering.

    October 31st 1985: "PHIRM" is established in Cleveland, Ohio, attacking Cybernet computers in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

    November 3rd 1985: Romantically Yours album by Marvin Gaye makes its hit debut in Los Angeles, California.

    November 8th 1985: KKK members attempt to assassinate President King and his family with a bomb, the attempt is foiled, but all of the would be assassins escape.

    November 12th 1985: Bob Smith, Canadian National Party (CNP) is elected mayor of Toronto, Ontario with a populist right-wing agenda.

    November 15th 1985: American Agriculture Movement (AAM) leaders Tommy Kersey and Larry Humphreys block the foreclosure of farms outside of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

    November 17th 1985: President King and Premier Gorbechev sign the Treaty on the Nuclear Weapons Limitation Accord. Also on this day, FDA Director William J. Freed announces medical approval of cybernetic implants to help persons with hearing disorders in Washington D.C. Also on this day, Riots over take Fort Victoria as the pro-APLA "Zimbabwe National Front" (ZNF), led by Morgan Tsvangirai attempts to overrun the armories located there. The result is disastrous, 16 rioters die and Tsvangirai himself his grazed by a bullet in his shoulder.

    November 20th 1985: The HMS Pitt is sunk by the Indian destroyer INS Saha in Indian waters. The incident is offically "an accident", but the Royal Navy becomes aware of the increasing military power of Third Bloc nations

    November 21st 1985: Rhodesia is placed under martial law.

    December 8th 1985: Prague Appeal; Apple Corp. CEO John Lennon sends a Cybernet message calling for democratic reforms in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

    December 11th 1985: Scientists at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan announce the successful treatment of Parkinson's disease patients using cybernetic implants.

    December 13th 1985: Tom Holmes launches the British Nationalist Party's newspaper, The Defender.

    December 16th 1985: The King admistration begins the Sol project, with the goal of workable Fussion power plants by 2000.


    January 1st 1986: Spacetopia Inc., Japan's first commercial space program makes its hit debut in Tokyo, Japan.

    January 7th 1986: Matt Blaze of City University of New York (CUNY) is arrested by Secret Service agents after developing encryption software overriding the "Skipjack" computer chip.

    January 9th 1986: At the request of the Rhodesian government, South Africa sends forces to Matabeleland in the south of Rhodesia, as the area is rife with ZNF strongholds.

    January 18th 1986: The band Tim makes its television debut as it performs "Bastards of Young" and "Kiss Me on the Bus" on Watch This Space (NBC-TV).

    January 21st 1986: Rudy Perpich (U-Minn.) is sworn in as Governor of Minnesota in Saint Paul, Minnesota, sparking national attention.

    January 23rd 1986: Edmund Charles Gruss of Santa Clarita, California warns of "spiritual warfare" from "Third Bloc religions" such as Obeah, Voodoun, Tarot, etc.

    January 24th 1986: Robert Havemann and Rainer Eppelman broadcast a Cybernet message from Apple Corp. CEO John Lennon, calling for democratic reform in Dresden, East Germany.

    January 25th 1986: The New York Giants win their first Super Bowl championship, edging out the Cleveland Browns 34-24 in Super Bowl 22.

    January 28th 1986: Construction of the American Lunar Base Plymouth Rock is completed.

    February 2nd 1986: African-American cult leader Hulon Mitchell Jr. is arrested outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma trying to "sacrifice a virgin" in an effort to prevent "End Times". Also on this day, Fortune and Business Week report that stock prices for Kelly Space Technology, Kistler Aerospace, Pioneer Rocketplane and Rotary Rocket rapidly expanding in New York City, New York.

    February 4th 1986: Dr. Paul R. Martin forms the Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center in Albany, Ohio in an effort to treat the "survivors of spiritual warfare."

    February 8th 1986: Huang Tang Shi Jia (a.k.a. Family Degeneration) Chinese film by director Tony Zhu, makes its hit world debut.

    February 9th 1986: Comet Fever; Millions of people around the world party over the passage of Halley's Comet, which makes its closest appearance in Earth's atmosphere since 1910. Also on this day, the seminal political tract The End of History? by Francis Fukuyama it is critical of both Western Capitalism and Eastern Communism, calling instead for "Orwellian Socialism".

    February 12th 1986: Daredevil: Reborn (Marvel Comics) by Frank Miller, revives the 1940 Golden Age character (orginally owned by Lev Gleason Publications) for the Marvel Universe.

    February 16th 1986: Marvin Tyson announces his conversion to Islam, after defeating Jesse Ferguson in Troy, New York. Marvin Tyson changes his name to Malik Abdul Aziz.

    February 20th 1986: Frank Miller creates the limited series Killing Time for Marvel staring the Question in a despotic near future. It is wildly popular for it's gritty "film noir" atmosphere and it's political commentary. Also on this day, Construction of the Soviet Lunar Base "Zvezda" is completed.

    February 28th 1986: Romanii Gypsy leader Ion Cioaba is placed before a "people's trial" in Bucharest, Romania after reportedly leading "secessionist and counter-revolutionary fervor."

    March 4th 1986: Soviet Vega-1 under the command of Cmdr. Boris Valentinovich Volynov flies by Halley's Comet.

    March 9th 1986: Soviet Vega-2 under the command of Cmdr. Musa "Mussachi" Khiramanovich Manarov flies by Halley's Comet. Also on this day, Michigan Governor and Union party leader Walter Reuther is assassinated by right wing extremist Norman Olson in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.

    March 11th 1986: John Burt, Christian Posse Association (CPA) member, forms Rescue America as a means to protest clone research in Pensacola, Florida.

    March 15th 1986: Harry Turtledove publishes In the Name of the Emperor, an espionage novel set in a world where Byzantium held onto Italy. It would be considered the first mainstream uchronian novel, topping the NY Times Bestseller list for two months.

    March 17th 1986: President Francoise Mitterand resigns after legislative electoral collapse in Paris due to the "Kinshasha Fever" blood scandal, France; Jean-Claude Gaudin is sworn in as President.

    March 20th 1986: Prime Minister Laurent Fabius resigns from office amidst charges of corruption in the "Kinshasha Fever" blood scandal.

    March 22nd 1986: Whitley Streiber of New York City, New York, announces the formation of the "Secret School" movement, warning that "environmental catastrophe" is eminent. Also on this day, The "Battle of Matabele". ZNF forces launch an all-out offensive against South African troops. While the ZNF wins almost no ground, the combination of psychological warfare and the ZNF's brutal two-month siege of Bulawayo shakes the confidence of many Rhodesians in both the British Empire and their current government.

    March 25th 1986: Daimler-Benz Aerospace GmbH announces plans in Bremen, West Germany for the development of German spaceflight.

    April 1st 1986: Ulster Riots; 49 people injured in protests against military draft in Ulster, sparking international attention.

    April 4th 1986: FDA Director William J. Freed advises caution with regard to cybernetic implants in regards to Parkinson's disease in Washington D.C.

    April 14th 1986: Pepsi-Cola Corp. (US) and Suntory (Jap.) announce promotional contest to "win a free spaceflight with musician Jimi Hendrix" in New York City, New York.

    April 16th 1986: Heroes for Hope (Marvel Comics)by Stephen King, introduces the meta-human character "Famine" in an effort to bring attention to Third World issues.

    April 17th 1986: Congress approves NASA’s plans to build a third Lunar base, the "Lunex" and a fourth the "Horizon", in cooperation with several corporate interests, including Artemis Foundation who, in return for their investments, would explore the prospect of Lunar mining, and other space based technology.

    April 20th 1986: The Compilation Album Davy Jones' Locker, show casing six bands from the "Seatle Ska Scene", including Fecal Matter, Severe Head Trauma, What The F*ck, and Bastard Child . The album is noted for pioneering the "Mudd" sub-genre of Ska, heavily influenced by Progressive and Blues Rock, and noted for it's heavily distorted guitar rifts. Also on this day, Alain Gomez, National Spotlight calls for economic tarriffs to protect American businesses against Third Bloc and British interests.

    April 22nd 1986: World of Lovecraft II is released for the Super Syzygy

    April 26th 1986: "Captain Midnight" of Long Island, New York temporarily seizes control of HBO-TV signal through Cybernet attacks.

    May 8th 1986: MP Bill Payne, leader of the Canadian National Party (CNP) is elected to the Alberta General Assembly in Edmonton, Alberta based on a populist agenda.

    May 16th 1986: Encyclopedic Handbook of Cults in America by Ronald Enroth of Santa Barbara, California becomes a major bestseller. Also on this day, Hammerskin rally organizer Dennis Phillips moves from Norwich, England to Melbourne, Australia with the intent of starting a new branch of the organization "down under".

    May 19th 1986: In the aftermath of the assassination of Reuther, and the attempt on president King, the Federal government begins a massive crackdown on far right groups such as the KKK. Thousands arrested

    May 22nd 1986: Soviet scientists Valerii Chaylakhyan, Nikolai Veprencev, Maria Sviridova, and Yulia Nikitin announce the replication of human cloning in Moscow, USSR.

    May 25th 1986-May 25th 1987: DC comics release "52" a weekly limited series by Writers Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Marv Wolfman, and Chris Claremont, and a veritable army of pencilers, inkers, and colorers. Published in real time, with each issue representing a week "in universe", it covers the "Missing year" between CME and the "Year One" Reboots, and the Main Continuity. It proves so successful that all DCU titles are published in real time.

    May 25th-June 9th 1986: Goodwill Games; Bob Geldof, Ted Turner, and Sergey Bubka organize sporting events in Moscow (USSR), Atlanta, Georgia (US) and London (UK) with the express purpose of raising money for the UNICEF and the International Red Cross.

    May 30th 1986: Marcus Hess of Munich, West Germany is arrested for committing Cybernet attacks at the behest of the Soviet Union.

    June 12th 1986: State of Emergency is declared by the Afrikanner government in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    June 19th 1986: NBA player Allen "Len" Bias, Boston Celtics, checks into a substance abuse program in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    June 30th 1986: Love Over the Phone single by Madonna Ciccone, and actor Don Johnson makes its hit debut in New York City, New York.

    July 1st, 1986: Time magazine publishes the article A second cold war? which analyzes the Geo-political climate of the time. It famously contains the line: "With the improving relations between King's America and Gorbechev's Soviet Union, many are now confidant in the belief that the cold war is over, but this is ignoring one simple fact, a second cold war may now be brewing between the so called "Third Bloc" and what's left of the British Empire.

    July 4th 1986: The Union Party leads a national campaign for workplace safety.

    July 6th 1986: Comedian Sam Kinnison joins the cast of Watch This Space (NBC-TV), adding a new edge. Also on this day, Arturo Tolentino seizes control of the government in a military coup against the government in Manila, Philippines.

    July 8th 1986: MPs Mel Watkins, James Laxer and Robert Laxer lead a defection of leftist leaders from the Liberal Party, citing the loss of Quebec, in Toronto, Ontario.

    July 16th 1986: NBC-TV is alowed to run Burning Chrome anime thanks to a compromise by series producer Carl Mackek. Heavily edited half hour episodes would be run on Saturday morning, while uncensored hour long episodes would be run at midnight.

    July 18th 1986: Pirates directed by Roman Polanski, starring Walter Matthau makes its hit debut, sparking revival in "pirate films"

    July 24th 1986:prime Minister Gulzarilal Nanda calls for a crackdown on "Islamic extremism" during a rally in Mumbai, India.

    July 29th 1986: Heritage Canada lobbies the Canadian Parliament , calling for "cultural protectionism" against Time, Reader's Digest, and Sport's Illustrated magazines.

    August 4th 1986: "Victoria Falls Massacre". Hardliner Rhodesian forces open-fire on black refugees from the southern fighting, killing over 300 people. The British immediately withdraw massive amount of financial support from the colony.

    August 11th 1986: Gerry Adams leads rally in Belfast, Ulster with 25,000 people, calling for Ulster membership into the Third Bloc. Several groups gain prominence, like the IRA, and the new "Ulster National Front" (UNF) and the "Ulster Celtic Republican Army" (UCRA).

    August 12th 1986: China detonates a Nuclear weapon in the yellow sea.

    August 14th 1986: Alan Moore creates the highly acclaimed Miraclemen Limited series for DC in which he explores an alternate reality where superheroes are real, America won in the Congo, and Roland Reagan is still president. Noted for it's Moral ambiguity, and for being a deconstruction of superheroes in general, it is veiwed by many to be the greatest comic ever written. Also on this day, The Union Party selects Lane Kirkland (U-SC) as their new leader.

    August 17th 1986: Anarchists bomb the Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington, injuring 11 people in the process.

    August 28th 1986: The Al Yankovic show debuts. It stars Yankovic alongside Bob Saget, Mark Lopez, and Faraj Hermez as comedians forced to share a house to pay the bills. It becomes a huge success, topping the Nielsen ratings and going on for seven seasons.

    September 1st 1986: MP Makoto Nagatomo calls upon Japan to create a defense network of satellites in Yoshinodai, Japan, despite American and Chinese opposition.

    September 13th 1986: Easy Street (NBC-TV) starring Loni Anderson makes its hit television debut.

    September 20th 1986: Ellen Burstyn Show (ABC-TV) sitcom starring Ellen Burstyn makes its hit television debut.

    September 21st 1986: Col. Monty Reed, U.S. Army, unveils the Mobile Infantry Power Suits (MIPS) (a.k.a. "LIFESUIT") in Arlington, Virginia.

    September 22nd 1986: Financial Times reports "space-tourism" as a massive investment in London, England.

    September 28th 1986: Progressive leaders of the Legislative Yuan, led by Chen Shui-bian and Lee Teng-hui demand political reforms in Nanjing, Republic of China.

    October 1st 1986: Demonstraters in Salisbury hurl stones and Molotov cocktails at the British constubalary building, which ultimately burns to the ground.

    October 3rd 1986: Catch My Soul (a.k.a. Santa Fe Satan) film directed by Patrick McGoohan, starring Richies Havens, Lance LeGault, Season Hubley, and Tony Joe White, makes its hit debut.

    October 12th 1986: Digital Copyright Act of 1986 passed by Congress, controls access to copyrighted works and it also criminalizes the act of circumventing an access control, whether or not there is actual infringement of copyright itself.

    October 21st 1986: Blonde Phantom (Marvel Comics) by George Perez and Greg Potter, revives the Golden Age character as the preeminent feminist character.

    October 27th 1986: Boston Red Sox led by Wade Boggs and Jim Rice beat the New York Mets, 10-9, in Queens, New York, sparking international attention.

    October 28th 1986: Bawa Muhaiyadeen, author of Islam and World Peace: Explanations of a Sufi calls for jihad , calling the Indian space program an "insult to the Temple of God..." in Vadamaradchy, Sri Lanka.

    November 1986: Tom Bradley (D-CA) is elected Governor of California, after last-minute campaigning by President Martin Luther King Jr., in Los Angeles, California. Gerald "Jerry" Springer (D-Ohio) is re-elected in gubernatorial race in Columbus, Ohio.

    November 10th 1986: After months of informal logistics work, Hammerskins Australia is founded in Melbourne by Dennis Phillips and Australian white supremacist Damien Butlers. It's rabidly anti-immigration, wishing for Australia to reinstate the White Policy, and sharply critical of American cultural influence in the media there.

    November 18th 1986: Time magazine announces that it will not produce a "Canadian edition" in an effort to deal with "Canadian cultural protectionism" in New York City, New York.

    November 22nd 1986: Juan Ponce Enrile seizes control of the government in a military coup in Manila, Philippines. Also on this day, Malik Abdul Aziz wins the World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight title in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    November 28th 1986: Azanian People's Liberation Army (APLA) bombs King William’s Town Golf Club in Johannesburg, South Africa, killing 8 people.

    December 2nd 1986: Tory MP Colin Jordan launches his "England Prevails" speech in the House of Commons, calling the European Economic Community (EEC) an "American puppet".

    December 3rd 1986: After a while of searching for sponsors for his hybridization program, Jurgens manages to secure several corporate sponsors for his experiments. He founds Jurgens Lab in Silicon Valley, California.

    December 10th 1986: Sports Illustrated announces "A Star Is Born!" to introduce Allen "Len" Bias, the first time a rookie season player is featured prominently.

    December 14th 1986: Syzygy contracts Apple Corp to design their own DLD system, as the Sega Commander is hurting Syzygy's sells.

    December 22nd 1986: Sega releases Legend of the Five Rings, to compete with the WoL franchise. L5R is the first game to use full-motion video (FMV) to full effect

    December 23rd 1986: James Hazell is convicted of firebombing housing project in East London, England killing 9 people, mainly of Pakistani descent.


    January 1st 1987-November 9th 1988: Fighting between the ZNF and pro-Rhodesian forces kills over 1,500 and deveastates the country.

    January 5th 1987: Dietrich E. Koelle unveils the "Saenger" SSTO spacecraft in Ottobrunn, Germany, angering British, French, and Soviet officials.

    January 11th 1987: Russian travelers near Omsk discover a nearly perfectly-preserved wooly mammoth corpse. It's preserved for scientific research.

    January 15th 1987: Iranian ambassador Ali Akbar Mohammadi is assassinated by Saudia Arabian guerillas in Hamburg, West Germany.

    January 16th 1987: Hu Yaobang blames political and economic woes on "foreign devils" specifically the Soviet Union, India, and the United States. Also on this day, Saudi Arabian financier Mohammed Jamal Khalifa begins funding Moro Liberation Front (MLF) forces in Mindinao, Philippines.

    January 24th 1987: Japan votes to expand it's armed forces, sparking international outrage.

    January 26th 1987: Commisioner Wyn Jones defends police conduct after 153 people are injured in Hammerskins violence in London, England.

    January 31st 1987: Islamic jihadists murder two Americans and an Englishman from the UN Emergency Forces. Also on this day, The San Francisco 49ers win their first Super Bowl trophy with a 38-13 spanking of the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl 23.

    February 4th 1987: Model Cherilyn S. La Piere poses nude in Playboy magazine in Los Angeles, California.

    February 13th 1987: Nostromo, based on the novel by Joseph Conrad, directed by Sir David Lean, starring Sir Alec Guiness, Alan Rickman, and Isabella Rosellini, makes its hit debut.

    February 17th 1987: NIKE announces the creation of "Pulsar" sneakers, with Allen "Len" Bias, Boston Celtics, as the main celebrity spokesman.

    February 19th 1987: Union Party Chairman Robert M. McGlotten announces a "50-state" program to prepare for a presidential campaign.

    February 25th 1987: The Japanese complete the Hayabusa II space station

    March 3rd 1987: Jan Svoboda leads 200,000 in protests in Prague, Czechoslovakia, calling for massive political reforms.

    March 7th 1987: Malik Abdul Aziz defeats James Smith, winning the World Boxing Association (WBA) heavyweight title in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    March 12th 1987: In Amman, Jordan, PLO leader Attalah Muhammad is murdered during an assassination attempt.

    March 15th 1987: Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan form the Federation of Himalayian States (FHS)

    March 20th 1987: The Charmings (ABC-TV) starring Christopher Rich and Paul Winfield makes its hit television debut.

    March 22nd 1987: Hammerskins Australia launches an anti-immigration rally in Canberra, Australia. Over 6,000 attend.

    March 28th 1987: English Hammerskin leaders Syd Barret and Tom Holmes send a letter to Dennis Phillips personally congratulating him on forming Hammerskins Australia.

    March 29th 1987: Japanese Naval expansion begins. Number of warships reaches pre-war levels by 1990.

    March 31st 1987: WHO/CDC officials report an outbreak of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) (a.k.a. "Mad Cow Disease") due to the practice of "dirty dairying" in Auckland, New Zealand. Aslo on this day, a bomb explodes in front of the Kuwaiti Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, killing 8 people.

    April 2nd 1987: Shigeru Miyamoto breaks with Miyazaki on friendly terms, wanting to do his own work. Also on this day, Doctor Robert Y. Moore of Stony Brook, New York announces the successful human trial treatment of Parkinson's disease using cybernetic implants.

    April 10th 1987: Strength of Steel album by the band Anvil makes its hit debut in New York City, New York.

    April 11th 1987: Representive Elvis Presley (I-Tenn) anounces his plan to run for Governor of Tennesse

    May 1st 1987: Azanian People's Liberation Army (APLA) bombs the Highgate Hotel in East London, South Africa, killing 15 people. Also on this day, Syzygy announces the release of its Malik Abdul Aziz Punch Out!, becoming one of the best selling video games.

    May 7th 1987: Syzygy unveils their mascot, Chuck E Cheese the Mouse.

    May 11th 1987: Sony Corp. unveils the "AIBOS" AI commercial droids, resembling feline and canine forms in Tokyo, Japan. Also on this day, The Times of London reports claims that "Kinshasha fever" was created by "spoiled batches of American smallpox vaccine."

    May 19th 1987: Air New Zealand Flight #427, a 747 outside Fiji, explodes due to terrorist bomb, killing 129 people.

    May 25th 1987: Indian Third Bloc representatives led by M.D. Nanjundaswamy arrive in Munich, West Germany claiming that American and Western European policies, "are creating a system of perpetual exploitation of the Third World."

    May 26th 1987: Alan Moore writes the limited series Twilight of the Superheroes for DC comics.

    June 3rd 1987: Peggy's Cove Accord; MPs Elmer M. McKay and Kim Campbell announce a national referendum for Maritime Provinces in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

    June 7th 1987: Shaft, based on the Marvel Comics series, is released as a film from director Spike Lee and starring Laurence Turead. It is remembered as one the best comic book films of all time.

    June 11th 1987: Brixton Riots; MP John Tyndall leads Hammerskins rally in London sparking race riots in Brixton, Dewsbury, and Welling.

    June 14th 1987: Syzygy, with Apple Corp, releases the Syzygy Ataru. Also on this day, FDA Director William J. Freed announces that cybernetic implants may be approved for experimental use for, "... Alzheimer's and Huntington's, stroke and other brain traumas, spinal cord injuries and even, one day in the future, mental retardation, depression and schizophrenia.

    June 17th 1987: Union Party leader Peter Kellman (U-Maine) announces his Senate bid in Jay, Maine.

    June 19th 1987: Day of the Black Sun espionage film, written by Jean Van Hamme, starring Lee Marvin, Michael Bienh, and Kim Bassinger makes its hit debut.

    July 1st 1987: Australian Hammerskins murder an Asian couple in Sydney.

    July 13th 1987: Thomas Jordan, Chicago Cubs, leads the National League in the Homerun Derby in Oakland, California.

    July 24th 1987: Velupillai Prabhakaran warns that peace with the Indian government is impossible as long as "the peace of Muslim nations is continually threatened."

    July 25th 1987: Saint James Church Massacre; Azanian People's Liberation Army (APLA) fires AK-47 into a church in Kenilworth, South Africa, killing 11 people. Also on this day, Berlin Declaration; President Martin Luther King Jr. (U.S.), Premier Mikhail Gorbachev (USSR), Chancellor Helmut Kohl (WG) and Premier Willi Stoph (EG) announce the free transit between the borders of East Germany and West Germany. Berlin Wall demolished.

    July 30th 1987: Sri Lankan State of Emergency; President Junius Richard Jayewardene declares a "state of emergency" citing sectarian violence.

    August 12th 1987: Australian Hammerskins attack a group of Aborigines traveling to Perth.

    August 14th 1987: Polygamous cult "Body of Christ" led by Roland Robidoux, commit mass suicide and kill 38 federal agents in Attleboro, Massachusetts when they set off an explosive device during a raid.
    Also on this day, Lane Kirkland (U-SC) announces his presidential campaign in Camden, South Carolina.

    August 15th 1987: Marxist coup in East Pakistan.

    August 17th 1987: West Pakistani government overthrown in military coup lead by General Ijlal Haider Zaidi. General Ijlal Haider Zaidi swears "revenge" agianst India.

    August 18th, 1987: In his first public appearance since the assassination attempt, Former president Ronald Reagan speaks before the Congo Veteran’s Association in New York, New York. In his speech he says that Robert S. Johnson was "god's way of punishing me for my mistakes. He also claims to have "found Christ" and pledges to devote the rest of his life to left wing causes.

    August 21st 1987: Czech-Polish Agreement; Czech activists Ernest Mandel and Michel Raptes pledge solidarity with Polish activists Zygmunt Turlo, Leszek Zaleski, Piotr Lukaszewski and Jan Hanasz with a Cybernet campaign in Prague, Czechoslovakia and Gdansk, Poland.

    August 24th 1987: September film directed by Woody Allen, starring Christopher Walken, Sam Shepard, and Charles Durning makes its hit debut

    August 25th 1987: President Martin Luther King Jr. appoints Department of Justice Task Force to investigate claims of illegal cloning.

    August 28th 1987: U.S.-backed General Gregorio Honasan seizes control of the government in Manila, Philippines.

    August 31st 1987: Ashoke Kumar Sen of West Bengal is assassinated by Muslim guerillas in Calcutta, India.

    September 9th 1987: Saudi Arabian secularists launch an attack on an Saudi airlines office in Frankfurt, Germany. One official was seriously injured in the attack.

    September 10th, 1987: Saudi Arabian embassy in Oslo, Norway stormed by eleven members of the Fedayeen Khalq, a Marxist Muslim group seeking the overthrow of the theocratic Saudi Arabian regime. Aslo on this day, Croatian terrorists seize control of TWA Flight 355 in New York City, New York.

    September 14th 1987: Syzygy releases its own FMV game, Fleetlord

    September 16th 1987: Thomas Haynie of Virginia Beach, Virginia temporarily shutsdown several prominent porn sites on the Cybernet, becoming a hero of religious conservatives.

    September 19th 1987: The Union Party is instrumental in passing a bill limiting the number of foreign cars imported to the United States.

    September 23rd 1987: Chief Electoral Officer Jean-Pierre Kingsley resigns from office after stating his support for a Maritime referendum.

    September 27th 1987: Democratic Party and Union Party members call for protectionist economic measures against the Third Bloc in Washington D.C.

    September 28th 1987: Star Track returns to television with the release of Star Track: The New Frontier. on ABC-TV. Taking place 100 years after the second film, and after the fall of the confederation, the new series takes on a destopic Technoska setting, and stars British actor Patrick Stewart as Captain Winston Bull.

    October 1st 1987: Mohammed Ali Tavakoli-Nabavi and his son Noureddin launch a pro-democracy rally in Tehran, Iran, in defiance of the Shah.

    October 8th 1987: Dalai Lama lobbies for passage of "decency laws" to be instituted throughout the Federation of Himalayan States, during a rally in Lhasa, Tibet.

    October 16th 1987: Japan detonates it's first nuclear weapon east of the Ryukyu islands. Massive protests by Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors and their families follow.

    October 17th 1987: Third Bloc representative Joseph Wresinski warns that economic policies of the United States and Western Europe are fueling "Southern resentment and anger..." during conference in Paris, France.

    October 22nd 1987: In an event which shocks the world, the Indian Space capsule Chandrayaan-I, piloted by Col. Rakesh Sharma successfully lands on the lunar surface, making India the third nation to land on the Lunar surface after the United States and the Soviet Union.

    October 24th 1987: James R. Hoffa and David Beck, Teamster's Union, are rebuked as "organized thugs" by presidential candidate Lane Kirkand (U-SC)

    October 29th 1987: Astronaut Thomas Patten Stafford, Stafford Ministries, sparks controversy after calling for an "anti-communist crusade" in New York City, New York.

    October 31st 1987: Terrorist attack on Leicester National Space Centre temporarily grounds the British Space program. IRA claims responsibility. Also on this day, "Kill it with Fire" Written by, Directed by, and Starring Tom Clancy is released and becomes a smash hit.

    November 3rd 1987: Benjamin Jerome "Ben" Cayetano (D-HI) becomes the first Filipino-American elected governor, with Filipino immigrants being dubbed the "model minority".

    November 7th 1987: A bomb explodes at the Pearl S. Buck Foundation in Angeles City, Philippines, killing 7 people.

    November 11th 1987: Nicaraguan President Alfonso Robelo, leading a very poor country, is shot and killed in Managua. The nation descends into chaos, with different factions vying over control of the government.

    November 12th 1987: India announces it's plan to build Sriharikota-2 moon base in Mare Crisium

    November 22nd 1987: "Max Headroom" of Chicago, Illinois shutdown television stations WGN-TV and WTTW-TV, demanding Doctor Who episodes featuring Davis Niven. Also on this day, India begins funneling covert arms shipments into the Federation of Himalayan States via the Darjeeling border region.

    November 30th 1987: BAE Systems unveils the GRIFFIN automated attack helicopter system in Farnborough, England.

    December 5th 1987: The first Lunar Treaty, Signed by American President Martin Luther King Jr, Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev, and Indian Prime Minister Gulzarilal Nanda, divides the moon into "spheres of influence" of those 3 nations.

    December 8th 1987: Daily Mirror under editor Robert Maxwell, features an editorial cartoon, which depicts the man on the moon tied down to a table, having his face sliced apart by King, Gorbechev, and Nanda. This sparks a great deal of controversy amoung Black, Jewish, and Indian Ethnic British, due to the racist portrayal of King and Nanda, and the vaguely Anti-Semitic depiction of Gorbechev.

    December 15th-16th 1987: Massive protest of the Daily Mirror by several leading anti-racist groups, who fear that the "Hammerskin" Ideology may now be becoming mainstream. Protesters clash with hammerskins. Ensuing riot causes 5 deaths, 36 injuries, and nearly 1 million pounds in property damage.

    December 18th 1987: Daily Mirror under editor Robert Maxwell, fires Ian Stuart Donaldson, the cartoonist responsible for the controversial "Lunar cartoon".

    December 19th 1987: Puerto Rico (with the US Virgin Islands) becomes 52nd state of the US.

    December 22nd 1987: The Pitt (Marvel Comics) written by John Byrne and Mark Gruenwald, in an effort to free up story creativity destroys the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania under the Phoenix.


    January 2nd 1988: Pound for Pound album by the band Anvil makes its hit debut in New York City, New York.

    January 4th 1988: "Kiyomori" (Tmsuk Industries) humanoid combat droid is unveiled at Munakata, Japan.

    January 13th 1988: Chiang Ching-kuo demands that the United States sever its ties to the Third Bloc, during a rally in Beijing, China.

    January 17th 1988: Home computers get the first real RTS game, Star Track Genesis. It is also one of the first licensed games to be any good.

    January 22nd 1988: Malik Abdul Aziz defeats Larry Holmes in Tokyo, Japan, creating calls for the "Great Christ Hope".

    January 23rd 1988: The Washington Redskins win their second Super Bowl championship in franchise history, beating the San Diego Chargers 35-24 in Super Bowl 24.

    February 7th 1988: Malik Abdul Aziz is arrested in Boulder, Colorado on charges of solicitation of prostitutes.

    February 13th 1988: The XV Winter Olympics open in Montreal, Quebec

    March 8th-12th 1988: Orange Revolt; Major Waldemar Fydrych, establishes the Pomarańczowa Alternatywa (a.k.a. Orange Alternative), launching a series of riots in Warsaw, Łódź, Lublin and Tomaszów.

    March 21st 1988: William Gibson releases the long awaited sequel to Burning Chrome, titled The Sprawl. The book reveals that the "Midnight version" of the Burning Chrome anime is canon.

    March 29th 1988: Senator Lyndon La Rouche (R-NH) is accused of "credit card fraud" in Alexandria, Virginia, sparking turmoil within the Republican National Committee (RNC).

    March 30th 1988: Good Friday Massacre; Astronaut Thomas Patten Stafford is killed after Matthew Young shoots at the evangelist during a rally in Trafalgar Square in London, England.

    April 7th 1988: The Union Party leads a national campaign for universal health and dental care.

    April 9th 1988: Indian paramilitary units secretly land in northern Bali. These units, part of Operation: RAVANNA are essentially Indian-trained terrorist groups. For next few years, RAVANNA operatives will perform actions in numerous countries, including Uganda, Bali, Sri Lanka, and elsewhere.

    April 20th 1988: NBA player Allen "Len" Bias, Boston Celtics, scores 63 points, against the Los Angeles Lakers.

    April 29th 1988: Extraterrestrial real estate firm Archimedes Institute Real Property Registry under CEO Richard Keith Mountain gains permission from the United States Government to sell land within the American sphere.

    May 4th 1988: The Japanese complete the Hayabusa III space station

    May 22nd 1988: Premier Janos Kadar purges Prime Minister Karoly Grosz as a "Western puppet" in Budapest, Hungary.

    May 26th 1988: President King and Premier Gorbechev sign the Treaty on the Reduction of Nuclear Weapons Accord.

    June 15th 1988: North-South Declaration; Kim Dae Jung (SK) and Ri Jong Ok (NK) announce plans for formal political reunification in Seoul and Pyongyang.

    June 17th 1988: India, and several other Third Bloc nations sign the
    Tripura Accord in Tripura, Bengal, placing an embargo on British goods and services.

    June 23rd-26th 1988: Charles B. Thaxton of Fayetteville, Georgia warns that Karl Jurgens's work constitutes a "violation of God's will..." during a convention in Tacoma, Washington.

    June 28th 1988: The Japanese economy officially surpasses that of the USSR.

    July 2nd 1988: MP John Turner publishes copies of the American "Annexation Bill of 1866" to condemn Maritime secession efforts.

    July 14th 1988: Thomas Jordan, Chicago Cubs, leads the National League in the Homerun Derby in Seattle, Washington.

    July 17th 1988: Sega unviels its own mascot Squirtle the Turtle

    July 18th 1988: Charlie Wilson (D-Texas) wins the Vice-Presidential nomination during the Democratic Party Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. Also on this day, Full Iron Jacket, a Stanley Kubrick film about the Congo War, is released, starring Jack Nicholson, George Savage, and Isaiah Fields. It wins the Academy Award for Best Film, Best Director (Kubrick), and Best Actor (Nicholson).

    July 19th 1988: Juhayman ibn Muhammad ibn Sayf al-Otaibi orders the execution of 19,000 political prisoners in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

    August 4th 1988: Uhgur nationalists begin a gurrella campaign agianst the Pro-Soviet government. Also on this day, Philip E. Johnson launches an "amicus curiae" against Karl Hurgens with the 9th Circuit Federal Court in San Francisco, California, questioning whether Jurgen's work violates federal law citing Hodgson v. Saint Paul.

    August 5th 1988: Grant Morrison begins the critically acclaimed series Martian Manhunter for DC comics.

    August 8th 1988: Liberal MPs John Turner and Penny Hoar launch "Rhino" opposition rallies in Toronto, Ontario against Maritime secession.

    August 22nd 1988: Alvaro Mendoza Cortissoz leads Third Bloc rallies against the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Barranquilla, Colombia.

    August 23rd 1988: Pope John Paul I issues "Humanae Vitae" encyclical condemning cloning at the Vatican City.

    September 1st 1988: Amidst growing tensions with India, Growing civil unrest at home, and "the deaththrows of once great Britannia's Empire", several Tory MPs cross the aisle, among them MP Margaret Thatcher. Rumors of a non-confidence vote circulate. Meanwhile, in Bali, RAVANNA forces and local seperatists attack a British military strongpost, killing 5 and wounding 12 British soldiers.

    September 1st-4th 1988: American Indian Movement (AIM) guerillas, sensing a massive loss for Democratic Party leaders, seize Fort Snelling in Minneapolis, Minnesota, demanding "political autonomy".

    September 2nd 1988: Riots erupt in Belfast, Ulster after British troops fire on Third Bloc/IRA/UNF/UCRA supporters, killing 3 people in the process, 78 injured. Elements of the Ulster nationalist movements are found to be armed with Indian and Chinese made rifles.

    September 5th 1988: Legislative Yuan passes Official Secrets Act in Nanjing, Republic of China, restricting press and Cybernet activities.

    September 10th 1988: Massive Croatian Nationalist uprising in Zagreb, lead by Zvonko Busic.

    September 17th 1988: The XXIV Summer Olympics open in Rio de Janerio, the first held in South America

    September 25th 1988: U.S. State Department issues "travel advisory" against travel into the Federation of Himalayan States, after reports by CIA report ethnic tensions in the region.

    September 27th 1988: Qiao De Liang An (a.k.a. The Two Sides of the Bridge) Chinese film directed by Lim Ann makes its hit debut.

    September 30th 1988: MP Robert van Tonder, leader of the "Boerstaat" movement is elected President in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    October 4th 1988: MP John MacLennan Buchanan leads rally in Sydney, Nova Scotia calling for a referendum for American annexation of the Maritime Provinces. Also on this day, MP Mel Hurtig leads rally in Edmonton, Alberta condemning plans for the U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement.

    October 5th 1988: Military coup against Marshal Lazar Koliševski in Belgrade, lead by General Sergej Kraigher.

    October 12th 1988: Islamic Fundamentalist Groups hidden in Sri Lanka begin attacking Hindus, upset about the Indian Space Program, claiming Hindus were attempting to "Spread their faith to the stars."

    October 14th 1988: "Jiyu Ishi" (Free Will) anarchist youth movement is established in Tokyo, Japan.

    October 25th 1988-August 24th 1989: Purgatory (Marvel Comics) makes its hit debut, Devilina unleashes demonic invasion of New York City, New York, paving the road for Neodor Comics characters being "reborn".

    October 29th 1988: Clone specialist Dr. Etienne-Emile Beaulieu is shot and killed by Cult of Normandy supporters in Marseilles, France.

    October 30th 1988: "Anarchist Interurban" Cybernet site is established by the RSA (Alternative Society Movement) in Gdansk, Poland.

    October 31st 1988: "The Hunt for Red October" is released Written by, Directed by, and starring Tom Clancy. The combination of this movie and "Kill it with Fire" would make Tom Clancy considered one of the greatest actors of all time.

    November 1988: Lane Kirkland and his running mate Robert E. Poli beat out Democrat Patricia Schroeder and her running mate Charlie Wilson, as well as Republican Lyndon La Rouche and his running mate Jerry Falwell, becoming the first "third party" candidate to win since 1860. Political analysists attribute this to the Union Party picking up several state in the “farm belt” thanks in part to the “Iron Coalition.” The New Yorker runs on it’s cover a cartoon of a beaver (The National Union Party’s official mascot) standing triumphant over a confused donkey and an enraged elephant.

    November 1st 1988: The Draft (Marvel Comics) written by Mark Gruenwald and Fabian Nicieza has a majority of the heroes of the Marvel Universe drafted into the U.S. Army.

    November 2nd 1988: Robert T. Morris, Jr. of Cornell University creates the "Morris Worm Virus" in Ithaca, New York, robbing the First National Bank of Chicago of $170 million.

    November 4th 1988: A British Colonial commission finds that militant movements are spreading in the Empire's colonies, with "hotspots" in Bali, Uganda, Rhodesia, and Northern Ireland. A military panel suggests that the British Army devote resources to developing special weapons and training regiments to allow for counter-insurgency forces.

    November 6th 1988: UFO cult leader Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira announces the "Portal Project" in Porto Alergre, Brazil. Also on this day, The results of the so-called "Empire Report" are released to Parliament. An overwhelming majority agrees to appropriate funds to the suggested programs.

    November 8th 1988: Elvis Presley (I-Tenn) elected Governor of Tennesse.

    November 9th 1988: Anarchist leader John Cage transmits via the Cybernet, a reading of On Anarchism, a manifesto by John Cage at the Cooper Union in New York City, New York. Also on this day, General Peter Glaadford seizes control in Salisbury. He declares the new "Republic of Rhodesia" and enters into a defensive agreement with South Africa.

    November 11th 1988: Spielberg release the movie adaptation of In the Name of the Emperor, which would go on to pick up the awards for Best Actor (John Aniston, playing Agent Stephanus), and Best Supporting Actor (Marlon Brando, playing the Italian separitist Lord Giuliano). Also on this day, Street fighting breaks out in Nairobi, Kenya, as native tribalists clash with imperial police. 21 British and 47 natives are killed in the fighting. Members of the Kenyatta Liberation Alliance (KLA) arrive in New Delhi, India and at APLA bases in South Africa and the surrounding countries.

    November 12th 1988: Sega releases the Handfriend, the first popular hand held system

    November 18th 1988: Governor Robert Casey (R-PA) signs the Human Cloning Control Act in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Also on this day, Yugoslavia is split into "West Yugoslavia" made up of Bosnia, Croatia, and Slovenia, led by Croatian nationalist leader Zvonko Busic and "East Yugoslavia" made up of Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia lead by General Sergej Kraigher.

    November 21st 1988: Maritime Provinces narrowly win national referendum for secession in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Also on this day, Thousands of students from across eastern Europe gather for a peaceful demonstration in Kiev, calling for reforms in the Soviet system that would bring about "Orwellian Socialism".

    November 23rd 1988: Micronesia and Guam, in a double referedum, both vote to become US states.

    November 26th 1988: The first issue of the popular series Batman/Silverwolf written by Larry Hama is released by DC comics.

    November 28th 1988: Mexico City Smog Disaster; 4,125 people are killed in Mexico City, Mexico due to excessive smog levels; government officials initially report the deaths a "influenza outbreak", until WHO/CDC officials dispute the reports.

    December 11th 1988 : The Tory government of Prime Minister Geoffrey Howe is dissolved after a non-confidence vote. The opposing Labor Coalition wins by a landslide led by Labor Party MP John Prescott. Also on this day, Fully cementing a tradition to release new systems with the Christmas season, Sega releases the Sega Imperial, bundled with L5R II. Also on this day, Federation of Himalayan States seals the borders with China, after reports of ethnic violence by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

    December 16th 1988: A month of relative silence is shattered in Northern Ireland, as a mortar attack bombards a barrack-complex in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. The UCRA takes credit.

    December 18th 1988: In an interesting turn of events, IRA and UCRA forces engage in a week of bloodshed on both sides of the border. In the end, nearly 35 are dead.

    December 19th 1988: American Indian Movement (AIM) guerillas led by Tegheya Kte announce in Porcupine, South Dakota, the formation of the "Independent Republic of Lakotah".

    December 20th 1988: First suicide bombing in Sri Lanka, kills 3.

    December 21st 1988: "Father Christmas" virus attacks computers across the Cybernet, around the world.

    December 27th 1988: Bulgarian State of Emergency; Todor Zhivkov declares a political "state of emergency" in Sofia, Bulgaria, citing the situation in Yugoslavia.


    January 1st 1989: Doctor Paul R. LeNado of Atlanta , Georgia establishes the "Christian Crusade to Stamp Out Science Fiction" claiming a "Satanic influence" caused by the genre.

    January 2nd 1989: The Arsenio Hall (ABC-TV) late-night show hosted by Arsenio Hall makes its hit debut from Hollywood, California.

    January 5th 1989: Pan Am Flight 807 is bombed , killing 214 people outside of Athens, Greece. Saudi guerillas send Cybernet message of "Hands off al-Otaibi!!!".

    January 9th 1989: The Pat Sajack Show (CBS-TV) late-night show hosted by Pat Sajack makes its hit debut in Los Angeles, California.

    January 10th, 1989: Bosnian Muslims hold a massive nationalist demonstration in Sarajevo, West Yugoslavia.

    January 14th 1989: The Vision (Marvel Comics) by Madeline "Maddie" Gaiman, in which the Golden-Age character is "re-imagined" as an immortal, mystical being, makes its hit debut. Also on this day, Albanian State of Emergency; Premier Ramiz Alia declares a state of emergency in Tirana, after civil unrest in Shkodra.

    January 18th 1989: Doctor Paul R. LeNado leads "Christian Crusade to Stamp Out Science Fiction" with 1,500 people to protest outside the Chattacon Convention in Atlanta, Georgia.

    January 20th 1989: Lane Kirkland is Sworn in as the 40th president of the United States. In his inaugural speech, he promises "Universal public health and dental care for all Americans."

    January 22nd 1989: An assassination attempt against the provincial governor of Bali, Andrew Whittenston, leaves three royal marines dead. RAF and SAS forces will engage in a fierce battle with Baliese seperatist forces across the island for the majority of the year.

    January 26th 1989: DC Comics, using a Cybernet promotional campaign kills off Aunt Jane from Arachnid Man after an online poll showed fans in favor of her death by 51%, sparking intense controversy and outrage in New York City, New York.

    January 28th 1989: The Giants claim their second Super Bowl title, walloping the Indianapolis(formerly Baltimore) Colts 41-22 in Super Bowl 25.

    February 2nd 1989: General T. Michael Moseley replaces the New York Air National Guard 174th Fighter Wing with automated MQ-9 Reapers.

    February 9th 1989: Third Bloc officials in India announce the creation of the AIDS/HIV generic drug "Cipla" in New Delhi, India. U.S. & European courts sue to block production of the drug citing "patent infringement".

    February 14th 1989: Juhayman ibn Muhammad ibn Sayf al-Otaibi issues a fatwa against the U.S. government in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    February 15th 1989:"Arab Palestinian Army" (APA) execute an Israeli soldier outside of Tel Aviv, Israel for Cybernet viewers.

    February 17th 1989: United Nations General Assembly Resolution #19780 condemns U.S. military, Christian Posse Association (CPA) and American Agriculture Movement (AAM) activities on Native American lands, citing the Fourth Geneva Convention Treaty in New York City, New York.

    February 28th 1989: Love Attack single by Madonna Ciccone, based on her campaign against Kinshasha Fever, makes its hit debut in New York City, New York.

    March 4th 1989: The War (Marvel Comics) written by Doug Murray and Tom Morgan has Darkseid manipulate human politics in an effort to trigger a nuclear war. Also on this day, Under the guise of shifting units around the country, Congolese government doubles its forces in Bas-Zaire province region.

    March 6th 1989: Jean-Bertrand Aristide leads rally of 750,000 people in Port au-Prince, Haiti in opposition to proposed privatization campaigns proposed by the United States and the European Union.

    March 8th 1989: Mercenary units under contract to Democratic Republic of Congo seize oil production assets in Cabinda, Angola by air assault and spearhead a two-pronged Congolese assault down both main roads to the port city of Cabinda. Congolese forces bombs Soyo air base closing it for the next 48 hours.

    March 9th 1989: Suicide bombing in Sri Lanka's largest bank, kills 12.

    March 14th 1989: Edward Abbey launches Cybernet "monkey-wrenching" campaign in Phoenix, Arizona.

    March 17th 1989: Doctor Paul R. LeNado, "Christian Crusade to Stamp Out Science Fiction" leads rally with 2,500 people outside the Magnum Opus Con in Atlanta, Georgia.

    March 21st 1989: Possessive Love single by Madonna Ciccone, makes its hit debut in New York City, New York.

    March 22nd 1989: Senator Lyndon La Rouche (R-NH) claims that, "My persecution is the American Dreyfuss case..."; Representatives of the Kirkland administration state the accusations are, "Orwellian fantasy ... that we are hiding some supersecret spy plot which, if exposed, would exonerate them.

    March 25th 1989: John F. Kennedy Jr, passes the bar exam "with flying colors" in New York City, New York.

    March 27th 1989: Premier Todor Zhivkov launches political purge of ethnic Turks from government position, citing a 1972 Communist law for Muslim men to change their name in Sofia, Bulgaria.

    March 29th 1989: Cuban singer Gloria Estefan is killed in a bus accident in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

    March 30th 1989: A Japanese-owned Liberian-flagged tanker arrives at Cabinda, Angola for its first load of Congolese oil. Democratic Republic of Congo offers major discounts to induce business. Angola declares any oil sold from Cabinda to be Angolan products.

    March 31st 1989: Richard Branson announces his Virgin Galactic space tourism line in London, England. Also on this day, U.S. Army unveils a robot that would be able to act autonomously in combat or other environments that are hostile to humans at Fort Dietrick, Maryland.

    April 2nd 1989: The HMS Cardiff, stationed in the Mombassa harbor, is destroyed when a motorboat loaded with explosives detonates, sinking the crusier. Around 85 sailors are killed, and the KLA immediately takes credit for the attack.

    April 6th 1989: The Japan That Can Say No by Shintaro Ishihara and Akio Morita, sparks protests in Manila, Philippines; Nanjing, China; and Seoul, Korea after proposing that Japan should "embrace its superpower status, despite the protests of lesser races. Also on this day, Chinese military forces begin buildup along the border of the Federation of Himalayan States, citing Third Bloc "police actions".

    April 9th 1989: Whitley Streiber of New York City, New York, predicts that a series of asteroids will soon impact the moon's surface, causing a minor panic. Also on this day, Respect for Life March; 330,000 people march in Washington D.C., to protest against human cloning legislation.

    April 11th 1989: Sega releases Battle for France, which revolutinizes the FPS genre.

    April 12th 1989: underground political activist Abbie Hoffman, dies in prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. He is buried in Chicago, Illinois amidst the orders of his will.

    April 15th 1989: Zhao Zhiyang demands that the Soviet and American governments account for their support of "secessionist rebels" during a rally in Shanghai, Republic of China.

    April 17th 1989: Canadian Heritage Alliance (CHA) established by Melissa Guille in Cambridge, Ontario in an effort to "keeping Canada for Canadians". Also on this day, 235,000 Amtrak workers launch nationwide railway workers strike, demanding better pay, temporarily shutting down civilian rail travel.

    April 18th 1989: Senator Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) calls for Congressional hearings over U.S. military activities on Native American reservations.

    April 19th 1989: 750,000 people protest against the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank in Chicago, Illinois, demanding affordable medical treatment for "Kinshasha Fever".

    April 23rd 1989: Cuban drug lord Reinaldo Ruiz is arrested in New York City, New York after being caught with 3-kilos of cocaine. Also on this day, Chinese-backed Bhutanese nationalists launch rallies in Thimphu, Bhutan, against "Third Bloc influence"

    April 26th 1989: The "DC animated universe" is born when Toei Animation creates the popular anime series Son Goku Adventures

    May 2nd 1989: Doctor Curt Freed of Denver, Colorado reports successful treatment of several patients for Parkinson's disease through cybernetic implants.

    May 11th, 1989: Actor Bruce Lee arrives in San Francisco, California with his family amidst fears of anti-American riots in China.

    May 12th 1989: Angola begins staging minor (platoon and company-sized) border raids while beginning to gather forces and supplies for a summer campaign.

    May 13th 1989: Zhao Zhiyang calls for the expulsion of the Indian and Soviet diplomatic delegations in Nanjing, Beijing, and Shanghai.

    May 18th 1989: Factortame Riots; Hammerskins riots outside the House of Lords, after the High Court rules that European Economic Community (EEC) statues outweigh English law in London, England.

    May 19th 1989: Shimizu Corporation under CEO Yoshi Kuroda, announce that they will be offering commercial space flights in Tokyo, Japan.

    May 20th 1989: Li Peng and Yao Yilin launch a purge of the Chinese government in Nanjing, Republic of China.

    May 21st 1989: Defense Department officials unveil Project LAND WARRIOR in Moorestown, New Jersey, allowing for battlefield Cybernet connection and cybernetic enhancement of military personnel.

    May 22nd 1989: Members of the "Christian Crusade to Stamp Out Science Fiction" clash with Star Track fans at the Dixie-Track Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, 12 people arrested. Also on this day, Swirlee, cult comedy about a mobster made of ice cream, directed by James Lorinz, starring David Caruso, makes its hit debut.

    May 24th, 1989: First draft of the West Yugoslavian constitution. General election scheduled for May 1990.

    May 27th 1989: Anti-British riots led by Szeto Wah and Martin Lee at the Happy Valley Racecourse in Hong Kong, 32 people killed.

    May 28th 1989: Buddhist officials in Lhasa, Tibet and Thimphu, Bhutan demand the sealing of the borders of the Federation of Himalayan States.

    May 29th 1989: The MacLane File espionage film, written by Jean Van Hamme, starring Lee Marvin, Michael Bienh. and Angela Basset makes its hit debut

    June 1st 1989: Khushro Ghandi (D-CA) is elected mayor of Los Angeles, California, the first Indian-American elected to the office.

    June 3rd 1989: Juhayman ibn Muhammad ibn Sayf al-Otaibi dies of a heart attack in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, sparking a succession crisis.

    June 4th 1989: Chinese-backed Bhutanese rebels clash with Nepalese forces in Pokhara, Nepal. Also on this day, Scientists at Boeing, working with military officials in the UK begin working on a special, long-range precision weapon system. This is being developed as a way to combat isolated terrorist strongholds in treacherous terrains.

    June 5th 1989: Nanjing Riots; Wang Weilin torches local McDonald's in Nanjing, Republic of China, iconic video captured on the Cybernet.

    June 9th 1989: U.S. Ambassador William C. Doherty, Jr., walks out from session in New York City, New York after United Nations General Assembly members lambast U.S. military actions near Native American reservations.

    June 11th 1989: Dr. Scott Corder and Donna Butts of Ottawa, Kansas take control of the "Secret School" movement in New York City, New York, claiming "End Times" visions.

    June 12th 1989: Islamic Fundamentalist sucide bomber from Sri Lanka goes to a small Indian village killing 5, The Indian Government takes notice.

    June 14th 1989: East Yugoslavian ambassador Radiomir Medich is assassinated by Croatian terrorists in New York City, New York.

    June 15th 1989: The United Church of Amaterasu is now the fastest growing religion in the United States and Japan. It has an estimated 5 million followers world wide.

    June 16th 1989: first American Indian Movement (AIM) suicide bomber kills 18 people, injures 35 people in South Bend, Indiana.

    June 19th 1989: Tsankov Dimitrov bombs Bulgarian Antonov 22 in Belgrade, East Yugoslavia, killing 45 people.

    June 24th 1989: Saudi Arabian religious leader Abdullah Hamid Mohammed Al-Qahtani arrives in Kabul to praise Taliban leaders for their efforts. Also on this day, NBC Music creates their Emmy Award winning program New Visions show casing independent experimental animation shorts. Also on this day, National Association of Rocketry (NAR), in association with Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines (UK) launches the "XS Space Race" in Manassas, Virginia; the first commercial space-flight race. Kevin J. Parry of Freemantle, Australia wins the race, sparking international attention.

    June 28th 1989: West Yugoslavia agrees to reform Bosnia into a "special autonomous region" Also on this day, General Sergej Kraigher of East Yugoslavia is assassinated by a Serbian nationalist Bogdan Trifunović in Belgrade. General Sejdo Bajramović chosen as his successor. Also on this day, Thousands of Albanian refugees begin to flood into East Yugoslavia and West Yugoslavia due to food and currency shortages, nationwide. Also on this day, President Lane Kirkland(US), Premier Mikail Gorbachev (USSR), and Secretary-General Pérez de Cuéllar announce an international plan to address "Kinshasha fever" in New York City, New York.

    July 4th 1989: National Organization for Women (NOW) launches its "Who Decides?" campaign in Washington D.C., warning that legislation against cloning could influence reproductive rights.

    July 5th 1989: International Space University (ISU) is established in Navarre, France

    July 12th 1989: The Japanese complete the Hayabusa IV space station

    July 16th 1989: At the Trial of Serbian nationalist Bogdan Trifunović, he declares that he killed General Sergej Kraigher because he "could not allow Slovenian filth to rule over Belgrade". Also on this day, General Sejdo Bajramović declare Marshal law. Also on this day, Aariz Al-Batin takes control of the Sri Lankan Islmaic Fundamentalist movement and encourages more attacks in south India claiming "The greatest of our enemies are the ones directly involved in the spreading of the faith they are trying to taint the rest of the universe with."

    July 28th 1989: MI6 agents on Bali use the traditional CIA tactic of funding counterrevolutionary movements, giving money and arms to the "Baliese Muslim Syndicate" (BMS), all the while preying on the Muslim community's fear of Hindu retribution and dominance over the island post-independence.

    July 29th 1989: Governor Whittenston is assassinated by an unknown member of an unrecognized Baliese independence group. The island falls under military jurisdiction.

    August 3rd 1989: Angolan forces, after a delay of several weeks more than planned, launches its counter-offensive. However, the attacks along the Congo River, where Congolese forces thought the main attack would come, are only strong enough to fix the strong Congolese forces there in place. The major Angolan assault is launched east into Shaba Province, one arm along the Dilolo-Kolwezi-Lubumbashi axis, the other along the Luiza-Mwene Ditu-Kabinda axis.

    August 9th 1989: Toei Animation is bought out by Warner Bros.

    August 10th 1989: HR#2443 "Space Tourism Promotion Act" authored by Nick Lampson (R-Texas) is passed by the Congress in Washington D.C. Also on this day, Nth Man (Marvel Comics) by Larry Hama is introduced, "Nth Man (a.k.a. "Alfie O'Meagan") an omnipotent being who has removed the world's nuclear weapons, sparking a conventional Third World War.

    August 14th 1989: Shigeru Miyamoto releases the anime movie The Legend of Zelda, based around Western mythology. It would become the first nonwestern movie to gain an academy award (Best Animated Feature).

    August 16th 1989: X20 Event; Solar flare event forces temporary cancellation of commercial space flights and the quarantine of orbital and lunar colonies.

    August 17th 1989: The Junta in East Yugoslavia begins a massive, and brutal crackdown on Serbian nationalists.

    August 22nd 1989: Angolan forces seize Mbuji Mayi, Democratic Republic of Congo.

    August 24th 1989: MirCorp is established by Yuri Koptev in Moscow, USSR as a private-public coalition of corporate resources for space development.

    August 31st 1989: Angolan forces reach Kolwezi and engage major Congolese forces to seize it. Another major Congolese force pushes Angolans out of Mbuji Mayi. A flanking march by Angolan forces along the banks of the Congo River gains ground towards Kinshasa, the Congolese capital.

    September 1st 1989: Mayor Ron Huldai of Tel Aviv, Israel is assassinated by PFLP guerillas, outside his home.

    September 2nd 1989: President Lane Kirkland orders a humanitarian mission into Nicaragua, ostensibly to provide humanitarian aide, but also to set up a pro-American government.

    September 3rd 1989: Lim Dong-won is selected as "Unification Minister" by North Korean and South Korean delegations. Also on this day, Congolese reinforcements meant for Shaba province are used to stop the advance against Kinshasa. Also on this day, Third Bloc members sharply criticize the actions of President Kirkland, calling his planned intervention in Nicaragua "neo-colonialism". Also on this day Representative Robert "B-1 Bob" Dornan (R-California) of Orange County, California calls for the creation of a "Flag Protection Amendment" to the U.S. Consitution during a pro-war rally in Washington D.C.

    September 9th 1989: Premier Todor Zhivkov orders the national roundup of the nation's 300,000 ethnic Turkish, proclaiming them "terrorist cells" in Sofia, Bulgaria.

    September 12th 1989: Abbie Hoffman leads antiwar rally with 350,000 people in Chicago, Illinois

    September 15th 1989: Much weakened Angolan forces resume their advance past Kolwezi down the main road toward Lubumbashi against the advice of mercenary advisors.

    September 23rd 1989: President Kirkland condemns the actions of both sides in the so-called "twilight war", calling for both sides to bring their issues to the United Nations. Despite this condemnation, the US still works with the British on their secret-weapon.

    September 27th 1989: Senator Pete Wilson (R-CA) leads Republican filibuster against Kirkland's Universal Health and Dental Care Act.

    September 29th 1989: American ground forces land in Nicaragua. Heavy resistance is encountered.

    September 30th 1989: Fort Navajo directed by Jean "Mœbius" Giraud, starring Kevin Costner, Scott Glenn, and Danny Glover introduces the world to "Champagne Westerns".

    October 3rd 1989: Managua is taken by American marines. More resistance is encountered.

    October 6th 1989: FBI officials raid Republican National Committee (RNC) offices in Leesburg, Virginia in an effort to uncover evidence of "tax evasion" and "credit card fraud".

    October 7th 1989: Police raid the Anarchist Book Fair in London, England, attended by 10,000 anti-government protesters.

    October 9th 1989: Third Bloc leaders announce their opposition to G-7 calls for privatization of state-owned farms in New York City, New York, calling it "economic imperialism".

    October 11th 1989: Glory, by director Steven Spielberg, is released. It chronicles the tale of a slaveowning patriot, played by Chuck Norris, and his slave, played by Laurence Tureaud, in the American Revolution. It sweeps the Oscars, winning Best Film, Best Director (Spielberg), Best Lead Actor (Norris), Best Supporting Actor (Tureaud), among others. Former President King mentions in a later interview that he thought this was the best film he's ever seen.

    October 16th 1989: Saudi Arabian guerillas attack Iranian military attache in Ankara, Turkey, killing 16 people.

    October 18th 1989: The Japanese, in cooperation with Mitsubishi, and several other Japanese companies begin work on the "KIBO" project, that would replace the older Hayabusa stations. The stations would also be the first “Orbital ship yards” with the capability to repair and build both Satellites, and manned space craft in orbit.

    October 23rd 1989: National County Scandal; National County Mutual Fire Insurance Co. of Austin, Texas goes bankrupt, unveiling insider trading by Union Party leader Joe Gunn (U-Texas)

    October 27th 1989: Kill Me Again starring Val Kilmer and Joanne Whalley makes its hit debut.

    October 28th 1989: San Francisco Giants led by Matt Williams wins against the Havana Vacqueros led by Jose Canseco, 12-9, the World Series in San Francisco, California.

    November 1st 1989: Saudi Arabian guerillas bomb the Iranian embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, killing 4 people.

    November 7th, 1989: United Nations Security Council Resolution #645 passed, condemning American military policies on the Native American reservations, in New York City, New York.

    November 10th 1989: Foreign Minister Petar Mladenov is purged from government, as a "Western puppet" in Sofia, Bulgaria. Also on this day, Third Bloc leaders say that economic protectionism will only end after "trade assurances" of "fair trade" in Paris, France.

    November 12th 1989: The One True King is released in theaters. Directed by Theodoros Angelopoulos, the film would be noted for two things. One was it sparked renewed interest in all things Arthuriana. The other was the cast of then unknowns as well as major names, featuring Anthony Hopkins (Uther Pendragon), Simon Elwes (Arthur), Christopher Lee (Merlin), Gwenddolyn Paltrow (Gwenhwyfar), Joan Depp (Morgan), Peter Cushing (Vortigern), and Daniel Day-Lewis (Gawaine). Also on this day, American casualties in Nicaragua hit 2,000. Public support for the war begins to wane, as it is already starting to remind Americans of the Congo War.

    November 19th 1989: Moro Liberation Front (MLF) declares "moral victory" after Mindinao declares "political autonomy" from the Philippines after a regional plebiscite, based on the "Quebec model". Also on this day, The US unveils their new "close-quarter naval defense arrangement" also known as "AEGIS". Soon, the US is mass-producing these AEGIS systems, and several countries, mainly the UK, are buying them.

    November 23rd 1989: The Universal Health and Dental care act is signed into to law by a coilition of Democrats and Unionists, and is signed into law by President Kirkland.

    November 24th 1989: Greifswald Disaster; Nuclear meltdown at INES power plant causes the evacuation fo c.52,213 people in Greifswald, East Germany.

    November 28th 1989:"Oliver Tryst" Scandal; Pierre Kohler, David Siltz, and Frederic Castel, create the first pornographic film in orbit with several "actresses", aboard a commercial space flight. The film becomes a Cybernet success.

    December 1st 1989: Albanian Ethnic demonstrations through out Kosovo, East Yugoslavia demanding they be declared a "special autonomous region" like Bosnia.

    December 2nd 1989: UCRA forces launch their first attack inside Britain, detonating nail bombs inside several Tube stations at peak hours, killing over 250. Anti-Irish sentiment grows in the UK.

    December 8th 1989: Rubaiya Sayeed, daughter of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, is assassinated by Muslim guerilla Ali Mohammad Mir, in Chanpora, Kashmir.

    December 12th 1989: United Nations Declaration on Human Cloning is passed in New York City, New York, amidst fears of human cloning.

    December 14th 1989: Philip E. Johnson unveils 118,000 letters to members of Congress in Washington D.C. to prohibit the work of Karl Jurgens in Washington D.C.

    December 15th 1989: Reverend Laszlo Tokes is assassinated in Timisoara, Romania, sparking a massive rebellion. Also on this day, Mujahideen of the People kills Syrian diplomat in Brussels, Begium and 2 security guards.

    December 17th 1989: Matt Groening creates The animated series Welcome To Hell for ABC-TV. It will go on to be the longest running animated series in American history.

    December 19th 1989: The 64-bit era begins with the release of the Syzygy 64

    December 20th 1989: Actor and anti-war activist Thomas C. Mapother IV leads 275,000 in protest to the war in Nicaragua in Los Angeles, California.

    December 22nd 1989: Frontul Salvării Naţionale (a.k.a. National Salvation Front) led by Petre Roman launches political revolution in Bucharest, Romania.

    December 23rd 1989: President Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena are killed in a helicopter crash in Bucharest, Romania, sparking massive civil unrest and violence. In the ensuing chaos, the Frontul Salvării Naţionale captures several top Communist party officals, and holds them hostage demanding free elections.

    December 24th 1989: "The Battle of Christmas Eve". 100 American soldiers led by a Lieutenant Colonel Patrick W. Shull from the 22nd Infantry Regiment are providing humanitarian aide in the remote jungle town of Aznar when they are attacked by a force of 300 soldiers from one of the warring factions, the "Ejercito Socialista". The Americans manage to hold their ground during the siege, finally repulsing the guerillas after 3 1/2 hours of combat, taking 67 casualities, 32 of which fatal. They miracuolusly, however, prevent the guerillas from causing more than a couple casualities among the villagers, none of them fatal.

    December 25th 1989: News of the "Battle of Christmas Eve" reaches America. The men and women from the battle are hailed as heroes, particularly their leader, Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Shull. He gets promoted to Colonel. Even the Third Bloc spectators call the actions of the American soldiers "admirable".

    December 26th 1989: Dewsbury Riot; Hammerskins clash with South Asian refugees in Dewsbury, England, killing 8 people.
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    The Nineties:

    January 1st 1990: Hammerskin leaders in Britain and Australia officialy create the Hammerskins Commonwealth, opening branches of the organization in Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa. Tom Holmes' official statement was "For hundreds of years, the British Empire, headed by white men, kept peace in the world. Now, uncontrolled immigration in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand and riots by the blacks in South Africa threaten to challenge that order and bring the world into chaos. We don't plan on letting that happen." Also on this day, Stanley "the Hammer" Kirk Burrell is drafted into the Oakland Athletics in Oakland, California.

    January 8th 1990: Congo War veterans Senator John Kerry (R-Massachusetts) and John McCain (D- Arizona) have a firey exchange in congress lasting for several hours, representing the intense political division amongst veterans regarding the War in Nicaragua.

    January 11th 1990: After over a year of only minor bush-raids and relative peace in the British Empire, KLA forces hammer Nairobi with mortar and rocket fire. Around 80 die. The British Army is immediately criticized for it's lax behavior in "hotspots" around the world.

    January 27th 1990: The San Francisco 49ers win their second Super Bowl championship, beating the Buffalo Bills 34-24 in Super Bowl 26. Also on this day, Illegal shipments of South African "Mandrax" become party drug in London, England.

    January 28th 1990: Vice-Premier Ibrahim Rugova launches a successful coup against Premier Ramiz Alia in Tirana, Albania.

    January 31st 1990: Rashad Khalifa of Cairo, Egypt publishes The Koran Code, a popular book in the Islamic world, proclaiming apocalyptic predictions of the "End Times".

    February 9th 1990: Multiple IEDs go off in Managua, killing half a dozen American soldiers, also ending the temporary boost in public support for the war the Battle of Christmas Eve brought.

    February 24th 1990: Tommy Smith and Tony Creft begin distributing "Mandrax" in Burnley, England, as a party drug.

    February 26th 1990: Dalai Lama announces success in 6-month ceasfire agreement, during a speech in Lhasa, Tibet.

    February 27th 1990: UCRA forces denotate bombs at custom posts along the Irish-Ulster border, killing 22. "NOT ONE STEP BACK FROM FREEDOM!" becomes a rallying cry across Northern Ireland.

    February 28th 1990: Presidential candidate Jose Malfavon announces his intent for Nicaraguan membership in the Third Bloc in Managua, Nicaragua.

    March 1st 1990: "Technoska" hackers led by Steve Jackson are arrested in San Jose, California for violations of the 1984 NIIP Act.

    March 8th 1990: The worst earthquake to hit California since the San Francisco quake of 1906 strikes Sacramento just before lunchtime, killing 27 and injuring more than 2500.

    March 12th 1990: Trail of the Navajo "Champagne Western" directed by Jean "Mœbius" Giraud, starring Kevin Costner and Kevin Kline makes its hit debut.

    March 17th 1990: The last stronghold of separatist forces in Bali (the British have been waging a silent, yet rather dirty war in Bali for almost 2 years now) is finally taken. Bali is now occupied, but no longer considered actively dangerous.

    March 19th 1990: Provisional elections are held in Nicaragua. Jose Malfavon becomes President. Also on this day, Manabu Satou unveils the "Cthuluska" "aidoru" (artificial celebrity) character "Mana-sama" in Hiroshima, Japan.

    March 20th 1990: Forces of the KLA and the Ugandan Freedom League(UFL) agree to unite in driving the British from East Africa. However, the British find support from the people of Tanganyika, who have suffered nasty tribally-fueled attacks on the colony's borders.

    March 24th 1990: Conservative political analyst J. Brinton Dillingham, National Outlook reports that U.S. policy has "surrendered a known ally to the Third Bloc without a single shot.

    March 27th 1990: The German government shoots down the "Auslandsdeutsche Resettlement Bill", which would allow displaced persons of German origin across Europe and the world to resettle in Germany.

    March 28th 1990: President Ranasinghe Premadasa orders the creation of pro-government "death squads" in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Also on this day, National security advisors Daniel Horner and Deborah J. Holland warn that "ease of commercial nuclear fusion may increase the chances of a nuclear-based terrorist attack."

    April 1st 1990: "Fool's Errand". The government of South Africa, which has been slowly funding and supporting the new "Republic of Rhodesia" moves 6 nuclear warheads into the new republic, in order to persuade British and Third Bloc forces to not launch any offensives.

    April 2nd 1990: President Lane Kirkland (US) declares "Kinshasha Fever" an issue of "national security" in Washington D.C.

    April 3rd 1990: The UNSC condemns the Rhodesian/South African actions, and imposes superficial sanctions.

    April 15th 1990: The KLA/UFL launch a brutal campaign to remove East Africa from British control. The Bush War begins. Over the course of the Bush War, around 10,500 British, 5,800 Commonwealth, and over 30,000 East Africans will die in Africa's bloodiest conflict since the Congo War. Also on this day, Keenan Ivory Wayans is hired to take the reins of Watch This Space (NBC-TV) and adapt it for a "new audience" with Kelly Coffield, James Carrey, and David Alan Grier, in New York City, New York.

    April 22nd 1990: NBC premieres the Crime Lab spinoff Crime Lab: San Francisco.

    May 5th 1990: Actor Billy Dee Williams sues Watch This Space (NBC-TV) for "defamation of character." after a sketch implying that he drugs women for sex.

    May 6th 1990: Sproul Plaza Massacre; 6 students are killed after National Guard units, under orders from Governor Tom Bradley (D-CA) fire on student demonstrators.

    May 25th-27th 1990: Anti-war demonstrations with 750,000 people take place in Rome, Italy, with many journalists commenting on a distinct anti-American undertone.

    May 28th 1990: Pakistan, with the aid of Chinese "scientific advisors" detonates a nuclear weapon in the Kharan Desert, in defiance of India.

    May 30th 1990: Bowing to public pressure, a withdrawal of American soldiers from Nicaragua is announced.

    May 31st 1990: United Nations Security Council Resolution #655 condemns Canadian and American governments of "cultural genocide" in regards to their treatment of native peoples.

    June 8th 1990: The Cities of New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, begin construction of the "public charge station" network. These stations are able to re-charge a car battery in minutes enough for these cars to run for many hours and are free of charge.

    June 10th 1990: John Lennon speaks at PeaceWorks anti-war rally with 500,000 people in New York City, New York. Also on this day, Iraqi Colonel Ahmed Abdel Hadi Chalabi meets secretly with Juhayman al-Otaibi , claiming that he is interested in a religious fundamentalist state.

    June 11th 1990: William Claiborne leads rally of 75,000 people in Toronto, Ontario warning that, "the problems of the Maritime Provinces are now America's."

    June 11th-18th 1990: "City of Truth" Commune; pro-democracy leaders form barricades around Sofia, Bulgaria demanding the overthrow of the Communist regime, despite threat of Soviet invasion.

    June 15th 1990: The United Church of Amaterasu is now the fastest growing religion in the United States and Japan. With estimated 5 million followers world wide.

    June 19th 1990: Abu Hamza al-Masri and Adel Batterjee begin launching guerilla attacks against Pakistani forces in an effort to prevent "Third Bloc apostasy" Also on this day, Advocate-General Guiseppe Tesauro is shot by Hammerskins supporter in Brussels, Belgium, as a form of "English nationalist pride".

    June 20th 1990: "XS Space Race 2" is held in Dallas, Texas, Sir Michael Fay of Auckland, New Zealand wins the race, sparking international attention.

    July 3rd 1990: Federation of Anarchist Youth (FAY) enters into the "City of Truth" commune in Sofia, Bulgaria, demanding end to the Communist regime. Also on this day, David McReynolds, War-Resisters League, leads protest with 750,000 people demanding immediate witdrawal of troops from Nicaragua.

    July 13th 1990: Ghost musical starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore, flops at the box office. Also on this day, ZNF forces launch a strike from Zambia at South African forces along the border. 34 South Africans die, President-General Glaadford demands that Zambia trun over those responsible.

    July 14th 1990: The Sword of Odin by Oscar Yeager, is published in New York City, New York, a "white nationalist" manifesto that is followed by right-wing fringe groups.

    July 15th 1990: Pro-government are accused of killing 175 people in Kalmunai, Sri Lanka, sparking international condemnation. Also on this day, Rhodesia and South Africa declare a joint no-fly zone over Zambia, despite protests by the US, the SSG and the Third Bloc.

    July 21st 1990: Amy Chua, Yale Law School, publishes her "theory of Economic Nationalism", stating, "When free market democracy is pursued in the presence of a market-dominant minority, the almost invariable result is backlash."

    July 31st 1990: The last American forces leave Nicaragua. Malfavon recieves a $5 billion loan from the American government to help rebuild his country.

    August 6th 1990: Christian Scientists David and Virginia Twitchell of Boston, Massachusetts sue the federal government, claiming that the Universal Health and Dental Act is a violation of their First Amendment rights regarding religion.

    August 11th 1990: Zambian Revolution; President Kenneth Kaunda is removed from office in Lusaka, Zambia over Kaunda's planned privatization of water utilities under American supervision.

    August 14th 1990: Honda Industries "Asimo" commercial droid opens the Wall Street Stock Exchange in New York City, New York.

    August 16th 1990: Invasion is released for the Sygzy 64. The game is a shooter/role-playing hybrid about aliens invading Earth an creating a zombie outbreak to help them. It has lots of graphic violence, and the option to kill innocent townspeople comes under particular controversy.

    August 20th 1990: "Madhouse:24" album by Prince makes its hit debut in New York City, New York. Also on this day, Long forgotten author and director Harry Turtledove proposes a script for a movie on the Odyssey. It is soon greenlit, and is set to be released in the summer of 1991, and produced and directed by Nicholas Meyer

    August 21st 1990: Professor Valérie Guignabodet unveils the "Monique" sexual commercial droid in Paris, France.

    August 23rd 1990: Director Victor Taransky unveils the first American "aidoru" (artificial celebrity), "Simone" in Hollywood, California.

    August 24th 1990: Union Party leaders led by Jason Fels (U-Oregon) in Eugene, Oregon are accused of "money-laundering", sparking national attention.

    August 26th-September 15th 1990: Siege of Jaffna; Government troops lay siege to Jaffna, Sri Lanka, in an effort to "root out insurgents.

    September 8th 1990: Passionate Patti: P.I., Undercover is released by Electronic Arts. The controversial elctronic game features a large-breasted, bisexual, nymphomaniac, detective. It contains nudity, graphic language, and offers the player to direct their own "skin-flick" complete with alternate angles.

    September 9th 1990: The Pro-Soviet Uyghur government falls as nationalist Guruellas seize control of the capital of Urumchi.

    September 10th 1990: The Duffs (WB-TV) animated series makes its hit debut.

    September 20th 1990: William Gibson writes The Scar, a high fantasy pastiche of Technoska themes. While originally meant as a deconstruction, the book ends up spawning the genre of "Yellowska" (named after the RPG "The Kings in Yellow" from which it borrows heavily).

    September 25th 1990: Soviet Troops begin to mass along the Uyghur/Soviet border. Also on this day, Rhodesia and South Africa declare war on Zambia, and launch a full-out assualt against the country. While the South African forces reach Lusaka in only a few days, they have to deal with the ZNF-backed insurgency for years to come.

    October 1st-6th 1990: Milan Riots; Police raid the Teatro Porta Romana in Milan, Italy, sparking 5 days of "antiauthoritarian" riots.

    Ocotber 4th 1990: Philip E. Johnson argues that under federal cloning laws, Karl Jurgens is in violation against Hodgson v. Saint Paul in Washington D.C.

    October 11th 1990: In the Kazakh SSR, economic hardships lead to riots between displaced Germans in the northwest towns and native Kazakhs. Several die, hundreds are injured, and soon some military units are moved into the region to restore order. Soon, hundreds of Soviet Germans are gathering to resettle elsewhere. Also on this day, Hammerskins lead rally of 15,000 people outside the House of Lords, demanding withdrawal from the European Economic Community (EEC) as an "American satrapy."

    October 18th-20th 1990: The First Annual Animation Convention held in San Francisco, California.

    October 23rd 1990: President Ranasinghe Premadasa declares martial law, demanding a massive crackdown on Tamil guerillas nationwide.

    November 5th 1990: Allen K. Grammer (R-MA) wins the gubernatorial campaign for Massachusetts, based on a platform of fiscal conservatism.

    November 6th 1990: Ministry of Defense unveil Project BANRYU, an automated utility defense droid in Moriguchi, Japan, sparking a "cybernetic arms race". Also on this day, Hillary Rodham (D-IL) is elected governor of Illinois in a highly contested election.

    November 7th 1990: Chinese Minister Qian Qichen warns that it will not accept Soviet aggression against the New Uyghur government, claiming that the oil fields in the region are playing an "undue influence".

    November 8th 1990: "Furries" (animal role-playing) by Fred Patten subculture becomes popular in San Francisco, California...

    November 12th 1990: Chinese troops begin massing along the border China shares with the Manchu SSR. Also on this day, Karl Jurgens successfully impregnates a chimpanzee with his own sperm.

    November 17th 1990: India warns that they will "not allow any Soviet Intervention"

    November 19th 1990: Soviets withdraw troops from the Uyghur border.

    November 21st 1990: Grand Sheik Al-Azhar of Cairo, Egypt calls for a fatwa against Rashad Khalifa and The Koran Code.

    November 23rd 1990: Gorbachev proposes his New Union Treaty. With the prospect of the re-organization of the former USSR, the Soviet Germans move to return to their former homeland along the Volga.

    November 23rd 1990-January 1st 1991: Around 22,000 Germans make the trip into the Russian SSR, with most congregating in the area around Kosenstadt (Engels). However, the Russian majority in the area finds the German migration a nuisance, and soon begin organising mobs against the German immigrants.

    November 27th 1990: Chinese withdraw their troops from the Soviet border

    November 29th 1990: The US sells over $50 billion in military technology to the British Empire in order to "keep peace and order in Africa and Ireland".

    December 2nd 1990: Grand Sheik Al-Azhar leads a nationwide book-burning campaign against The Koran Code by Rashad, Khalifa. Also on this day, Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers proclaim the power of the "anti-war movement" in Chicago, Illinois after working for the withdrawal of American troops from Nicaragua.

    December 3rd 1990: Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch report the creation of "labor camps" in Sri Jayawardenapura-Kotte, Sri Lanka.

    December 5th 1990: James Stanley Bias III, younger brother of Allen "Len" Bias, is drafted into NBA by the Los Angeles Lakers, sparking national attention.

    December 6th 1990: Manzurul Ahsan Khan and Mujahidul Islam-Selim establish a "revolutionary council" in Dhaka, East Pakistan.

    December 9th 1990: President Lane Kirkland (U.S.) begins supplying covert arms trade with Major Waldemar Fydrych, Pomarańczowa Alternatywa (a.k.a. Orange Alternative) in Warsaw, Poland.

    December 17th 1990: Senator Lyndon La Rouche (R-NH) is formally charged with "tax evasion" and "credit card fraud" in Washington D.C.

    December 18th 1990: The Soviet Union officially recognizes the Republic of Uyghurstan led by Tohti Sabir in Urumchi.


    January 3rd 1991: Susan Thompson of Peace River, Alberta establishes the "Vive le Canada!" Cybernet site, demanding that "Canada must stop being America's puppet!!!"

    January 5th 1991: President Jose Malfavon proposes the creation of a Central American Common Markeket (CACM) during a speech in Managua, Nicaragua.

    January 11th 1991: The IRA is unoffcially dissolved in Northern Ireland, and the UCRA and UNF fuse, so that the UCRA claims its role as the dominant anti-British force in the region. The name "UNF" will be reserved for as a political front for the group.

    January 15th 1991: President Lane Kirkland establishes the Nuclear Emergency Search Team (NEST) in Livermore, California to deal with the possibility of nuclear terrorism.

    January 19th 1991: Ahmed J. Ahmed and Sa'ad Kahim bomb the Thomas Jefferson Cultural Center in Manila, Philippines, killing 12 Americans, 223 Filipinos included. Muwafak al-Ani, spiritual follower of Juhayman al-Otaibi, claims credit

    January 22nd 1991: The first of several, initial pogroms against the now near 100,000 Germans along the Volga. Due to issues elsewhere, the Soviet military is unable to due more than supervise to make sure there is no excessive violence. Still, 357 die in the riot and almost 1,500 are wounded. Also on this day, Day of Desperation; "Kinshasha Fever" activists in New York City, New York screaming, "Fight Kinshasha, Not Nicaragua!!", seize control of CBS Evening News (CBS-TV).

    January 26th 1991: The New York Giants win their third Super Bowl title in franchise history, demolishing the Buffalo Bills 44-19 in Super Bowl 27.

    January 29th 1991: Kerry Lynn MacIntosh of Richmond, Virginia is arrested after she reveals that she cloned her deceased daughter "Alicia", citing her death from "Kinshsha Fever" by contaminated blood in 1987.

    Feburary 1st 1991: A council of ethnic Germans led by Alexei Borisovich Miller meet in Pokrovsk-Engels, Russia. Here, they decide that, seeing the weakened state of the Soviet state around them, and feeling the dissent in the air, the time for the restoration of a German state on the Volga is now. Although most call for the restoration of the Volga German ASSR, a few, younger, more radical members, who've seen the plebiscites in Quebec and the Moro region of the Phillipines, want to ask the rather liberal Gorbachev regime for such a plebiscite. If only they could create a German majority in the region.

    February 4th 1991: President Ranasinghe Premadasa is assassinated in Sri Jayawardenapura-Kotte, Sri Lanka, after announcing an expansion of the "labor camps" program.

    February 12th 1991: Islamabad Riots; 20,000 militant fundamentalists attack the American Cultural Center in Islamabad, 12 people are killed, over 200 injured.

    February 22nd 1991: Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira speaks before 70,000 followers in Porto Alegre, Brazil, proclaiming a "encounter point" in Antarctica.

    February 28th 1991: 2 bookstores in Berkeley, California are firebombed by militant fundamentalists for carrying copies of The Koran Code by Rashad Khalifa.

    March 4th 1991: President Ranjan Wijeratne declares martial law in Sri Jayawardenapura-Kotte, Sri Lanka, after a failed assassination attempt.

    March 7th 1991: Saudi Arabian dictator Juhayman al-Otaibi threatens a cessation of diplomatic ties with Egypt unless Rashad Khalifa is "brought to justice."

    March 15th 1991: Canadian author Diana Coupland writes the highly successful book The Anonymous Generation. The book quickly becomes a best seller, and is credited with coining the term "GenAnon" in reference to the generation born after the Baby boom.

    March 17th 1991: Rebel forces led by Valeriy Pustovoitenko seize control of the government in Kiev, in opposition to the "New Union Treaty". Also on this day, President Kirkland cuts the ribbon at the Robert L. Sproull Fusion power plant in Rochester, New York, bringing project Sol to it's full fruition. The Power plant makes possible the closing of 6 nuclear plants, and 12 coal fired plants, making it instantly popular with environmentalists.

    March 18th 1991: The proposal for a plebiscite in the Volga region is stricken down in the light of the coup at Kiev. Immediately, the more liberal members of the Volga German community extend to contacts westward, particularly nationalist elements in the Yugoslavias, Albania and Austria. They ask for money, weapons, and support.

    March 19th 1991: Dani Rodrik, Third Bloc activist leads rally at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania w/550,000 people.

    March 22nd 1991: Detriot Electronica, having grown in popularity since the late 80s, has exploded, due mainly to the popularity of the "Warehouse" clubs that have been appearing in abandoned industrial areas in major cities across the United States, Quebec, and Canada, and enters main stream consciousness for the first time, with the hit album Electronic Spirits by the Detroit based group Electronic Gods.

    March 23rd 1991: President Lane Kirkland announces in a televised speech in Washington D.C., Project DAMOCLES SWORD, which would place 22 ICBM nuclear missiles on the lunar surface as a "first line of defense".

    March 27th 1991: A car bomb in Manchester kills 32, launching the UCRA's new "War to the Knife" offensive against the British.

    March 29th 1991: Admiral Luís Antônio de Carvalho Ferraz is ordered by government in Brasilia to monitor the "Portal Project" followers in Antarctica, amidst reports of child abuse and violence.

    April 1st 1991:Baseball player Stanley "the Hammer" Kirk Burrell, Oakland A's markets "J Slick" line of clothing (incl. "shiny suits" and "baggy pants").

    April 2nd 1991: In Vienna, Austria, a coalition of ethnic Volga Germans and their symapthizers gather to discuss plans. Calling themselves the "September 7th Movement", after the date where Stalin formally dissolved the original Volga German ASSR, the group pledges to use whatever methods necessary to create a homeland. Whatever the cost.

    To keep the organization to be initally looked on as a terrorist one, they join an existing organization centered in Bonn, the "Alldeutschekulturellbund" or the "All-German Cultural Alliance", an organization dedicated to the preservation of German language and culture with wings all over the German-speaking world. The organization is first and foremost a pacifist one which takes great pains to seperate itself from any Nazi leanings.

    April 4th 1991: Apple Corp CEO John Lennon cuts the ribbon at the grand opening of Apple Tower. The tower, designed by Argentinean architect Cesar Pelli, is the tallest in the world, and is hailed for it's beautiful, unique, and modern look.

    April 12th 1991: Roberta "Berta" Liefeld creates her popular animated short Future Force for NBC Music's New Visions

    April 14th 1991: Dawa Tsering demands that King Jigme Singye Wangchuck abdicate the throne in Thimphu, or submit to the creation of a constitutional monarchy.

    April 19th 1991: Bombs scattered throughout Belfast detonate, killing 84 in seperate locations.

    April 23rd 1991: Resurrection Day (Marvel Comics) Neodor Comics characters "American Crusader", "Black Terror", "Cavalier", "Fighting Yank", "Green Ghost", "Liberator", "Ms. Masque", "Pyroman", "Scarab" and "The Woman in Red" are freed from captivity in Dimension X, thanks to actions of Captain America, Daredevil, and the Avengers.

    May 5th 1991: King Jigme Singye Wangchuck blames ethnic and sectarian violence against Hindu Nepalese on "Third Bloc influence" in Thimphu, Bhutan. Also on this day, A shootout begins at a British checkpoint, wounding 3 British soldiers and killing two UCRA gunmen. It's the first real victory for the British in months.

    May 12th 1991: The first shipments of weapons arrive to members of "September 7" along their bases in the Volga countryside. Issues elsewhere in the USSR have made security lax in the region.

    May 15th 1991: A pro-Russian mob moves against the ethnic German commune of "Neu Stettin", a few miles south of Engels. However, in response to mere bricks, clubs and Molotov cocktails, they find formerly peaceful citizens now armed with AK-47s, shotguns, and even an M-60. The Russians are forced to flee, with nearly 63 dead and around 150 wounded.

    May 18th 1991: The Odyssey, written by Harry Turtledove, and directed by Nicholas Meyer is released, racking in $139 million at the Box Office

    May 21st 1991: LTTE guerillas captured with stolen Third Bloc weapons in Aranthalawa, Sri Lanka.

    May 22nd 1991: Bomb detonates 2 blocks from Parliament. While no one dies, it is a moral victory for the UCRA. Also on this day, Will Sinnott organizes massive "Mandrax"-based party at Gomera, Canary Islands with c.12,000 people.

    June 1st-June 23rd 1991: So called "Black June" begins. This is nearly three weeks of brutal assualt and counter-assualt between Russians living along the Volga and the new German inhabitants. In the end, the "black month" leads to nearly 250 Germans and almost 700 Russians dead, with Volga German forces in control of Engels.

    June 2nd 1991: Berta Liefeld creates the popular Future Force animated series for NBC's Late night programming block Up All Night. Also on this day, Beagle-2 with Col. Henry Sharman of Grenoside, Sheffield and Lt. Arthur Foale of Louth, Lincolnshire is launched from Leiceter, England as part of the "Lunar Express" program under Douglas Millard.

    June 7th 1991: Dave "Moto" Geffon and Matt “Wizakor” Wood form the "3D", underground gang of "cyber-gamblers" in New York City, New York

    June 8th 1991: Beagle-2 lands at Mare Fecunditatis, in defiance of American and Indian governments, Col. Henry "Harry" Sharman is declared a national hero.

    June 9th 1991: LTTE guerillas attack 10 casinos in Colombo, Sri Lanka, killing 76 people, sparking international attention.

    June 15th 1991: "XS Space Race 3" is held in Chicago, Illinois, Dennis Connor of San Diego, California wins the race. Connor is proclaimed a "national hero" by the press.

    June 28th 1991: Stanton Friedman is arrested outside of the United Nations in New York City, New York, demanding "full disclosure" of extraterrestrial contact

    July 6th 1991: The Infinity Quest(Marvel Comics) Darkseid, tempted by Devilina, uncovers intergalactic mystical forces, triggering war throughout the known universe.

    July 13th 1991: The Blue Coats "Champagne Western" directed by Jean "Mœbius" Giraud, starring Robert Duvall, Robert Urich, Bartholomew "Bart" Schroeder, makes its hit debut.

    July 21st 1991: Senator Joe Lieberman (R-Conn) begins a movement to ban overly violent electronic games.

    August 2nd 1991: Musical group ESP hosts illegal "Mandrax" event in Northampton, England, with c.7,000 people.

    August 9th 1991: Gorbachev finds himself powerless as hundreds of Russian refugees flee the land around the Volga, now claimed by roaming militant bands. A brief vote names Alexei Borisovich Miller the new Chairman of the "Autonomous German Republic of the Volga". Despite this, some members of "September 7" are more radical, and suggest that the Volga deserves complete independence.

    August 17th 1991: President Kirkland pardons Caroline Kennedy.

    August 19th 1991: Karl Jurgens, Jr., the world's first human-animal hybrid, is born via breech birth.

    August 20th 1991: Premier Mikhail Gorbachev announces the ratfication of the "New Union Treaty" before the Politburo in Moscow, establishing the "Soyuz Suverennykh Gosudarstv [SSG]" (a.k.a. Union of Sovereign States [USS]) sparking international attention.

    August 25th 1991: Johan Norberg, Cato Institute, warns that American and British protectionism is "killing poor countries and their people.", during a speech in San Francisco, California.

    August 27th 1991: Russian scientists working out of Moscow begin work on a wooly mammoth clone.

    August 30th-September 2nd 1991: "AidoruCon"; "aidoru" (artificial celebrity) convention takes place in San Jose, California.

    September 6th 1991: Citing the economic turmoil in Asia, Third Bloc nations demand the "cessation of Third World debt" before the United Nations General Assembly in New York City, New York.

    September 7th 1991: Cast A Deadly Spell Lovecraftian film starring Julianne Moore and Clancy Brown, blending Cthulu Mythos with "film noir" sensibilities, makes its hit debut.

    September 10th 1991: A rag-tag band of Russian exiles move into Engels, now renamed Kosenstadt, and open fire on Miller's motorcade, killing him. While the Russians are quickly shot, Miller is replaced by close friend Konstantin Gottlieb. Gottlieb is a charismatic leader, but far more aggressive than his predecessor. He states simply that the SSG's inaction is weakness and that the rights of the German people must be protected at any cost.

    September 16th 1991: Vigilante "Angle-Grinder Man" makes his debut in London, England, battling "errant criminals"...

    September 17th-22nd 1991: Hoyerwerda Riots; Neo-Nazis torch Turkish and Iranian housing projects, claiming that resident Ara Arouchiani raped a white woman, killing 7 people, injuring 53 people.

    September 24th 1991: The Mudd band Buddah release their break-out album Neverwhere which explores themes of social alienation and nihilism. Quickly topping the charts, it is credited with destroying the "Next Wave" dominance over Ska as a genre.

    October 5th 1991: U.N. Secretary General Pérez de Cuéllar warns that the developing nations need c. $10-15 billion in an efffort to deal with "Kinshasha fever".

    October 14th 1991: After sveral congressional hearings over the violent video game controversy, a compromise, the Interactive Entertainement Raiting System (IERS) is implemented, rating video games for different age groups.

    October 16th 1991: Khidr Ali, member of Jamaat ul-Fuqra, bombs the international terminal of the airport in Toronto, Ontario killing 28 people.

    October 19th 1991: The Second Annual Animation Convention in San Fransisco, California ends with a riot, as fans of Japanese "Anime" and Chinese "Huárénzhì" clash. 13 people injured.

    October 23rd 1991: The United Church of Amaterasu is rocked by scandal, as one of the churches elders Coleman Barks is accused of sexually assaulting a 13 year old girl.

    October 24th 1991: Oscar Yeager dies of a heart attack in Helena Montana, predicting "RAHOWA" (e.g. "racial holy war")

    October 27th 1991: Anarchist leader Andrés Villaverde is shot and killed by police authorities in Lima, Peru.

    October 28th 1991: United Church of Amaterasu founder Chizuo Matsumoto orders all church member to distance themselves from Coleman Barks calling his actions "sexual abominations".

    October 29th 1991: Stanley "the Hammer" Kirk Burrell, Oakland A's, is voted MVP after he leading the League in homeruns.

    November 11th 1991: Exxon, Mobil, and several other petroleum companies, facing declining profits by the American electric car boom successfully negotiate with the American, Indian, and SSG governments to begin "helium-3 mining operations" on the Lunar surface.

    November 17th 1991: Basketball star Irving "Magic" Johnson, Los Angeles Lakers, dies of "Kinshasha Fever" in Brentwood, California.

    November 18th 1991: BTK Killer (Rockstar Games) , a video-game wherein players "bind, torture, and kill" victims, is released, outraging many community groups.

    November 19th 1991: Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira proclaims the creation of Fazenda Boa Sorte (Good Luck Farm) in Admiralty Bay, Antarctica with c. 6,000 people.

    December 2nd 1991: In the early morning hours of December 2, as people begin moving on their way to work in Moscow, 3 bombs explode along St. Basil's Cathedral, and in the Moscow subways. These bombs kill around 200 and wound close to 450, leading to calls for immediate retalitation. However, with the numerous enemies of the SSG, both external and internal, Gorbachev and the Red Army are unable to find a target to strike.

    December 6th 1991: Star Track: Babylon 5 featuring Alan Rickman, Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, and Peter Rockwell, helps to "revive" the series for new viewers.

    December 9th 1991: Pangaea Kinshasha Fever Foundation (PKFF) is established in San Francisco, California in an effort to deal with global "Kinshasha Fever" outbreaks, citing the 80 million dead from the disease.

    December 12th 1991: Madonna Ciccone arrested by French police after shop lifting from a Paris Boutique. The arresting officer alleges that the singer "made anti-semitic remarks" during her arrest.

    December 15th 1991: Tal LeVesque, "Secret School" leader warns that a "high-tech, neo-fascist order" is taking over, during a meeting in New York City, New York

    December 20th 1991: JFK film written and produced by arch-conservative commentator Colonel Oliver Stone, portraying the former president as a "sex-addicted, drug-addled sociopath determined to please his father..." makes its debut

    December 25th 1991: Until the End of the World directed by Wim Wenders, starring William Hurt makes its hit debut. Also on this day, In Operation "NIKOLAS", CIA forces operating out of Turkey deliver aid, ammunition, and second-rate US firearms to the forces in the Volga. While the support isn't much, it's enough to encourage Gottlieb to do something far more drastic.


    January 6th 1992: Senator Lyndon La Rouche (R-NH) is cleared of charges of "tax evasion" and "credit card fraud" by the Supreme Court in Washington D.C.

    January 7th 1992: Gas exploration rights for Yashlar block in eastern Afghanistan awarded to Argentine firm, Bridas Production, profits to be split evenlybetween Bridas and Afghan government in Kabul.

    January 9th 1992: George Lucas writes The Journal of the Whills, a book detailing his views on philosophy and the dichotomy of good and evil

    January 21st 1992: Hardliners within the Red Army launch an attempted coup against Premier Gorbachev. Hardliner forces clash with thousands of protesters at a Pro-Democratic demonstration that was, by coincidence, planned for the same day in the Red Square. People the world over witness the bravery of a lone protester standing up against a column of tanks.

    January 22nd 1992: At 12:03 am, Moscow time, Hardliner forces open fire on protesters, Red Square massacre, later compared to the "Bloody Sunday" massacre of 1905. Gorbachev is able to escape, and is taken by helicopter to Saint Petersburg, Russia.

    January 25th 1992: The Denver Broncos win their second Super Bowl in franchise history and first since Super Bowl 12, coming back from a 16-10 fourth quarter deficit to beat the Atlanta Falcons 24-19 in Super Bowl 28.

    January 26th 1992: The FCC censors Watch This Space (NBC-TV) after Marlon Wayans does a sketch implying that basketball star Allen "Len" Bias and Oliver Stone are homosexual lovers.

    January 27th 1992: Jim Shooter creates the series Pariah for Marvel Comics. The critically accliamed series will go on to have a large devoted cult following.

    February 2nd-5th 1992: The Battle of Moscow, as troops loyal to the government commanded by Gorbachev clash with hardliner troops outside and within Moscow. The local population rises up in support of Government troops.

    February 3rd 1992: Premier Clyde Wells, Newfoundland, demands that Labrador be seen as Canadian territory.

    February 4th 1992: Taking advantage of the chaos caused by the coup in Moscow, Revolutionaries rise up through out Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, attacking Red Army installations. The Red Army has difficulty mounting an effective resistance, due to the confusion caused by the Hardliner/Government Split, and the fact that many Baltic Ethnic soldiers simply "take off their uniforms and go home" Communist Party officials flee the Baltic States, or else are killed, and when General Viktor Karpukhin is captured outside of Vilnius, the Red Army forces surrender to the revolutionaries. The "Baltic Union" is declared.

    February 5th 1992: The Hardliner Coup officially ends, with Government forces triumphantly entering red square.

    February 6th 1992: Admiral Luís Antônio de Carvalho Ferraz is assassinated near King George Island, by followers of Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira.

    February 7th 1992: Red Army Forces mass along the border of the self proclaimed "Baltic Union". However, revolutionary forces are successful in repelling The attack.

    February 8th 1992: "Project Portal" followers under Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira commit mass suicide with 6,012 people. Also on this day, cease-fire declared in the Baltic.

    February 10th 1992: A Matar Franco (To Kill Franco) film by Pedro Almodóvar Caballero makes its hit debut, depicting a failed assassination attempt on Generalissimo Francisco Franco

    February 12th-15th 1992: SSG constitutional convention, delegates from every republics gather in Moscow to discuss the future of the SSG, Baltic States Boycott convention. Free, Multipartisan elections scheduled for December 12th, 1993.

    February 15th 1992: Harkat-ul Jihadi-e-Islami (HUJEI) is formed as an Islamic resistance against the Communist government in Dhaka.

    February 16th 1992: At an Alldeutschekulturellbund (ADKB) meeting in Frankfurt, West Germany, Gottlieb declares that, in 4 days, the "Autonomous German Republic of the Volga" will hold an internal referendum to decide the issue of independence. While this is meant as a mere bluff, to add weight to the Republic's demands, it has the opposite effect.

    February 20th 1992: The "Republic of the Volga" is declared with its capital in Kosenstadt. The first Prime Minister is Konstantin Gottlieb. However, there is an initial lack of support for the new state.

    February 21st 1992: In response to the secession of the Volga region, the SSG announces that "any means necessary" will be used to return the Volga into the SSG. As SSG aircraft bombard Kosenstadt and fortified positions along the Volga, ground forces prepare to adavance. The First Volga War has begun. Also on this day, The new "Democratic Republic of Northern Rhodesia" is declared in Lusaka. The ZNF and Third Bloc countries refuse to recognize the declaration.

    February 24th 1992: Claire Cobain, lead singer of the Mudd band Buddah comes out as a lesbian. Many other homosexual musicians follow her lead. Historians point to this as the point where the "gay rights" movement became mainstream.

    March 2nd 1992: Despite repeated bombings and attacks by advance Spetsnaz parties deep into Volga territory, fierce resistance remains in the countryside. Premier Gorbachev issues a speech where claims that, following the secession of the "rebellious territories", the hardliner coup and the Uyghur Incident, the SSG will take "not one step back".

    March 4th-March 15th 1992: Fierce battles toward Kosenstadt cause intense casualties on both sides. Volga German forces resort to tactics like guerilla fighting, terror bombings, and, in one instance, homemade mustard gas is unleashed on advancing Soviet troops, killing 57. SSG retaliations lead the number of the dead into the hundreds.

    March 6th 1992: The SSG opens it's first Fusion power plant at Arzamas-16 red army base for security reasons.

    March 19th 1992: UFO enthusiast Philip Klass is arrested outside of the White House in Washington D.C., demanding "full disclosure" of extraterrestrial contact

    March 19th-20th, 1992: "Furries" (animal role-playing) convention held in Anaheim, Californnia, sparking national attention...

    March 22nd 1992: Doorways (ABC-TV) alternate world series written and produced by George R.R. Martin makes its hit debut.

    March 23rd 1992: The UN Security Council, led by the US, moves to condemn the SSG for their actions in the Volga, which has killed well over 2,000 people and forced thousands from their homes.

    March 27th 1992: General James A. Abrahamson, U.S. Army is appointed the first commander of the Damocles Sword base at Mare Tranquilitas.

    March 28th 1992: Allen "Len" Bias, Boston Celtics, scores 69 points against the Phoenix Suns, in Boston, Massachusetts.

    April 2nd 1992: After over two weeks of fighting, Konstantin Gottlieb's body is pulled from the wreckage of a bombed-out bunker. With his death, the SSG proclaims the dissolution of the Republic of the Volga, and places the region under a harsh military occupation. Unconfirmed incidents of ethnic cleansing are reported by Germans in the region, but largely ignored.

    April 3rd 1992: Princess Noor Pahlavi is born in Tehran, Iran.

    April 6th 1992: Science fiction author Issac Asimov announces in New York City, New York that he is dying of "Kinshasha fever" from a blood transfusion.

    April 9th 1992: Iraqi Colonel Ahmed Abdel Hadi Chalabi begins embezzle Oil Ministry funds in an effort to fund covert military actions.

    April 10th 1992: Michaela Stachen reports on the illegal "Mandrax" club scene in Coventry, England.

    April 14th 1992: The first RAVANNA squads arrive in ZNF-controlled northern "Zambia" to supply the ZNF with weapons anad training.

    April 30th 1992: Afghan Civil War; Abu Hamza al-Masri and Adel Batterjee seize control of the government in Kabul, proclaiming an Islamic fundamentalist state.

    May 8th 1992: BPRD (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense), written by Joseph Mignola, debuts from Marvel. It is well recieved, and one of it's main characters, Hellbeast, would go on to be one of Marvel's most recognized superheroes.

    May 13th 1992: Treaty of Ocotepeque; Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Costa Rica , led by President Jose Malfavon, announce the creation of a Central American Common Market (CACM) in Ocotepeque, Honduras.

    May 15th 1992: Bournemouth Raid; Police raid Matchams Park Stadium in Bournemouth, England based on "Mandrax"-based charges, arresting c.16,000 people.

    May 16th 1992: The London Times publishes an article called "Hammerskins: The Face of Our Next Generation?", about the popularity of the gang in Britain's youth. The article states, "Hammerskins offers a wholely new, distinct, and uniquely British take on white nationalism. And perhaps, by leaving behind the hoods of the Ku Klux Klan and the swastikas of the Neo-Nazis, is what makes this organization the most dangerous of them all: It's relatable to the youth."

    May 19th 1992: ABC Investigates (ABC-TV) does an "in depth investigation" of the "Warehouse culture". in which they report "Many warehousers used mind altering drugs, mainly plant biased" the report goes to say "a powerful chemical, called LSD, or Spirit" that is "usually stolen from Psychiatry offices" is also used "alongside the relatively harmless plant substances".

    May 21st 1992: "Beyond the Wall of Sleep" single by Missing Link revives "Cthuluska" subculture in Los Angeles, California.

    May 25th 1992: The Tonight Show (NBC-TV) late-night show hosted by David Letterman makes its hit debut in New York City, New York.

    May 26th 1992: Richard McFarlane creates the character Hell Spore for Marvel Comics. The character proves to be an instant hit.

    June 5th 1992: The Washington Post unveils evidence of covert military aid by the Kirkland Administration for Major Waldemar Fydrych, Pomarańczowa Alternatywa (a.k.a. Orange Alternative), Luckily for Kirkland, evidence of Operation: NIKOLAS is still hidden. Also on this day, President Lane Kirkland launches a Department of Justice probe into accusations of "union-busting" against WAL-MART in Washington D.C.

    June 6th 1992: Government dissidents led by KGB Chairman Vladimir Kryuchkov leak documents claiming that Mikhail Gorbachev has helped fund Taliban guerillas.

    June 14th 1992: "Le Video" video store in San Fransico, California the first buidling attacked by the "Mustard Gas Madman" is hit. No one is killed.

    June 22nd 1992: A hidden nail bomb deveastates an SSG base in Engels, killing 31. The group that takes credit for the attack is a new one, the WDRA (Wolgadeustcher Republikanische Armee). The WDRA will become a more prominent force in years to come.

    June 25th 1992: "XS Space Race 4" is held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bill Koch of San Diego, California wins the race with "Team America".

    July 1st 1992: Bundeswehr unveils the Infanterist der Zukunft (a.k.a. "IdZ"), a German analogue to LAND WARRIOR systems, in Berlin, Germany, sparking Soviet fears of German rearmament.

    July 29th 1992: Three Silver Watches espionage film, written by Jean Van Hamme, starring Lee Marvin, Michael Bienh, and Angela Basset makes its hit debut.

    July 31st, 1992: AIM vigilante "Polarman" makes his debut in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada, protesting Canadian policies towards Native Americans....

    August 4th 1992: "Land Rover" (Enryu Industries) 15-foot mecha by Sakakibari Kikai is unveiled in Tokyo, Japan.

    August 9th 1992: Two Apartment building in Chicago, Illinois are attacked by the "Mustard Gas Madman"

    August 13th 1992: Southern Republicans led by Senator Jesse Helms (R-NC) and Senator Phil Gramm (R-TX) warn that the creation of a Central American Union (CAU) will mean massive job losses for Americans, during a rally in Washington D.C.

    August 21st 1992: Little Nemo Huárénzhì film, starring Mickey Rooney, combines Chinese and American animation techniques.

    August 22nd-25th 1992: With expanding unemployment rates, Neo-Nazis launch race-riots in Rostock-Licntenhagen, Germany.

    August 27th 1992: "The Mustard Gas Prophecy" written by the Mustard Gas Madman is published in newspapers and magazines across the world. It read "The bats, alein to our world, born within empty space, will connect the world throw a series of tubes, bears will rot the earth until men will be bears and bears will be pigs, and these very bears are the same that rot the world, until the bears and their "Helter Skelter" take over all that is not already lost." Also on this day, Day time talk show host Cristina Saralegui sparks national controversy as she undergoes "psychedelic therapy" under hidden camera and broadcasts it for her show Cristina for ABC-TV.

    August 28th 1992: Ronald Reagan announces the opening of the "Reagan Children's Hospital" in Simi Valley, California. Also on this day, Shrewbury Raid; Police raid Pandemonium concert in Shrewsbury, England, arresting c.25,000 people on "Mandrax"-based charges.

    August 31st 1992: Third Bloc leaders announce recognition of the West Yugoslavia, during a conference in Caracas, Venezuela.

    September 1st 1992: Robert Fiore, Nick Griffin, and Mark Cotterill launch the "England Prevails" Movement in Blackburn with Darwen, England.

    September 3rd 1992: The "Mustard Gas Madman" is spotted during his attempt to attack a hotel in Washington D.C., he commits suicide by fire, he was confirmed to be Edgar Blake of Chico, California

    September 4th 1992: Ronald Reagan speaks at a benefit for permanently disabled Congo war veterans in Los Angeles, California.

    September 5th 1992: The "DC animated universe" gets it's second series, when Walter Timm creates the Batman/Silverwolf animated series for Warner Bros animation.

    September 6th 1992: Neo-Nazis launch race riots in Brandenburg, Koblenz, Lubbenau, Prenzlau, Kremmen, Neustadt, Wernigerode and Gandow-Lenzen, sparking calls for police crackdown, 2,050 people are arrested.

    September 7th 1992: Prime Minister Madhukar Dattatraya Deoras of India, calls upon Third Bloc nations to unite against the forces of "economic and cultural imperialism" by the United States and Western Europe during a speech in Mumbai, India. Also on this day, George W. Bush is appointed Major League Baseball (MLB) Commissioner in Cooperstown, New York.

    September 8th 1992: Boeing AH-6 automated attack helicopter system is unveiled to government officials in Seattle, Washington.

    September 23rd 1992: Operation JULIAN; President Lane Kirkland detonates a nuclear weapon at Mare Tranquilitas.

    October 2nd 1992: Police raid an anarchist meeting in Bloomington, Indiana, arresting 17 people in the process.

    October 3rd 1992: Irish singer Marie Bernadette O'Connor screams "British Commonwealth is genocide." during a performance on Watch This Space (NBC-TV).

    October 8th 1992: Meteor strike in Peekskill, New York, kills 35 people after striking a suburban neighborhood, impacting a neighborhood gas main.

    October 10th 1992: The Ronald Reagan foundation raises over $17 million dollars for Kinshasha fiver relief at a benefit in New York City, New York.

    October 15th 1992: President Jose Malfavon meets with Presidents Carlos Salinas in Mexico City, proclaiming that a Central American Union (CAU) will benefit Mexico financially and politically.

    October 18th-20th 1992: The Third Annual Animation Convention held in San Francisco, California. Police presence are taken to avoid a repeat of the previous year's violence, however, rivalry between fans of Japanese "Anime" and Chinese "Huárénzhì" continues, and police break up no less than 15 fist fights.

    November 1992: Union Party President Lane Kirkland is defeated Democrat Hillary Rodham and her runing mate Richard Andrew "Dick" Gephardt, also beating out the Republican ticket of Patrick Buchanan and Henry Ross Perot. Hillary Rodham is the first woman elected president in American history. California passes Proposition #188, adding Psychiatry, including "psychedelic therapy", to the list of procedures covered under the universal health and dental act.

    November 2nd 1992: Los Angeles Times reports that former president Ronald Reagan has replaced Apple Corp. CEO John Lennon as the world's leading philanthropist.

    November 9th 1992: DC comics publishes The Death Of Wonder Woman. It will go on to be the highest selling comic of all time, however, many feminists are outraged.

    November 10th 1992: Japan launches the Kankoh-maru, the world's first military space plane, armed with a rail-gun and anti-satellite missiles in Yokohoma, Japan

    November 21st 1992: Watch This Space (NBC-TV) sparks national controversy by portraying newly-elected Hillary Rodham as a lesbian.

    November 26th 1992: Cyroblast, the second movie by a partnership between Harry Turtledove and Nicholas Meyer is released, following the adventures of a man who discovers a long forgotten 60s Era city in the Norhtern Arctic Circle. It racks in $97.1 million at the box office.

    December 25th 1992: Christmas Offensive; South African Defense Forces announce heavy fighting with members of the Azanian People's Liberation Army (APLA) in Dordrecht to Queenstown, sparking national attention.

    December 29th 1992: Audouin Dollfus, European Space Agency (ESA) reports an alleged "nuclear event" at Langrenus crater of Mare Fecunditatis, near the border of Indian/American territorial claims.


    January 1st 1993: Red Mars "Huárénzhì" film by Ran Shan Hui about the colonization of Mars, makes its hit debut.

    January 9th 1993: Ministry of Defense unveils the The Future Integrated Soldier Technology (a.k.a. FIST) project on Salisbury Plain, England, as a means to adapt Cybernet technology for the British Army.

    January 14th 1993: "Ad Hoc Origins Committee" led by Philip E. Johnson and James Dobson launches campaign stating that Karl Jurgens Jr. doesn't fall under the 14th Amendment "equal protection clause", since Jurgens Jr. doesn't classify as "human".

    January 20th 1993: Hillary Rodham is sworn in for her first term as 41st president of the United States.

    February 22nd 1993: The comic Shaft Fights the KKK, from Marvel Comics, comes under heavy controversy from the NAACP and other groups, due to it's heavy usage of cultural stereotyping of both African-Americans and white Southerners, and multiple uses of the n-word.

    January 27th 1993: SYRANO (Système Robotisé d'Acquisition pour la Neutralisation d'Objectifs, "Robotic system for acquisition and neutralisation of targets") automated tank system is unveiled in Paris, France.

    January 31st 1993: Third Bloc Mittal Corp. (India) purchase of Arcelor Inc. (Fr.) steel company, sparks race riots in Paris, France. Also on this day, In the third-ever Sunday Super Bowl in pro football history, the Dallas Cowboys hammer the Buffalo Bills 41-9 in Super Bowl 29.

    February 1st 1993: Governor Allen K. Gramer (R-MA) announces passage of the School Vouchers Initiative, granting public vouchers to low-income parents for private schools. Also on this day, All Men Are Brothers-Blood of the Leopard "Huárénzhì" film by Tony Leung Ka-Fai about mutants in a "Technoska" environment, makes its hit debut.

    February 7th 1993: The FCC censors Watch This Space (NBC-TV) after Damon Wayans' simulates sex with a Pepsi-Cola bottle.

    February 11th 1993: Governor Allen K. Gramer sparks national controversy by passing the "Defense of Marriage Act" (DOMA) in Boston, Massachusetts, legally defining marriage solely as "between two legally consenting adults of opposite genders."

    February 17th 1993: George Lucas changes his name to "Luke Skywalker" in Hollywood, California

    February 20th 1993: Bridas awarded the Keimir Oil and Gas Block in western Afghanistan. 75%-25% split in profits, in favor of Bridas.

    March 14th 1993: Prime Minister Lalchand Kishen Advani is assassinated in Mumbai, India by LTTE guerillas, protesting Indian internvention in Sri Lanka.

    March 17th 1993: Indian military officials links LTTE with Islamic fundamentalist terrorist group, al-Gamaa al-Islamiya, in Mumbai, India.

    March 21st 1993: Taliban leader Abu Hamza al-Masri hires former U.N. Ambassador Richard Cheney to lobby for increased U.S. investment in Afghanistan, and for a softening of the position on pipelines through Iran.

    March 25th 1993: "Repliee-Q1" (Kokoro Corp.) synthetic-skinned humanoid droid makes its hit debut in Aichi, Japan.

    April 2nd 1993: Singer George Michaels announces that he will be joining the band Queen, during a press conference in London, England.

    April 4th 1993: Indian military forces launch air-strikes against Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka, sparking international attention.

    April 9th 1993: Vince Neill, lead singer of Rockandi, admits to sexual relations with a "Repliee-Q1" droid in Hollywood, California.

    April 12th 1993: Hammerskins clash with anarchists in Brixton, London, England, leading to 21 arrests.

    April 14th 1993: Christian Posse Association (CPA) leaders Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris kill 6 U.S. Marshals in Boise, Idaho, sparking national attention.

    April 18th 1993: Hardware, Blood Syndicate; Static, and Icon (DC Comics) by Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan are introduced as part of their New Blood storyline.

    April 28th 1993: Canadian Prime Minister Stockwell Day announces a free-trade agreement with the Central American Common Market (CACM) in Managua, Nicaragua, despite pressure by American trade officials.

    April 30th 1993: Police raid Warminster, England after reports of "Mandrax" induced festival, sparking national attention.

    May 25th 1993: Third Bloc activists lead protests against the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), claiming that American/ European privatization policies have bankrupted Third Bloc nations in Paris, France with c. 650,000 people.

    May 27th 1993: South African Defense Forces (SADF) announce the confirmed killing of 73 members of the Azanian People's Liberation Army (APLA) after a nationwide crackdown.

    May 29th 1993: Neo-Nazis launch rallies with c.75,000 people in Solingen, Germany demanding the expulsion of Turkish guest-workers.

    May 30th 1993: Prime Minister Madhukar Dattatraya Deoras of India demands that American and Western European cease support for South Africa is "hypocritical" and serves to define the West in "its racist mentality", during talks in Luanda, Angola.

    June 11th 1993: Dassault Neuron automated stealth fighter/bomber is unveiled in Paris, France.

    June 15th 1993: Manzurul Ahsan Khan and Mujahidul Islam-Selim establish a constitutional government in Dhaka, East Paskistan.

    June 17th 1993: "Lost In The Ice" album by Missing Link revives "Cthuluska" subculture, sparking national attention.

    June 19th 1993: Draka, written by SM Stirling for Marvel, debuts. It is set in an alternate, steampunk 1890s with the US covering all of North America, the German Empire covering most of Europe, and a civilization called the Drakan Empire, built by refugees from Britain after an asteroid hit the island, covering India, Australia and most of Africa. While never getting high sales, it gets major critical acclaim due to its writing, characters, and subtle critique of the current political situation in Britain and colonialism in general.

    July 7th 1993: "M.I.A." Technoska album by Mia Zapata and the Gits, makes its hit debut in Seattle, Washington

    July 9th 1993: Human rights activist Nallaratnam Sinharasa is killed in Sri Jayawardenapura-Kotte, Sri Lanka after reporting on the degrading human rights situation to U.N. officials.

    July 19th 1993: Vision "Nextra" commercial domestic service droid makes its debut in Osaka, Japan. Also on this day, Second Treaty of Ocotepeque, President Jose Malfavon announces further political and economic intergration of CACM nations in Ocotepeque, Honduras.

    July 21st 1993: Pepsi Co. (U.S.) purchase of Danone (Fr.) food company, sparks anti-American riots in Paris, France.

    July 27th 1993: NIKE announces the "Two Brothers" ad-campaign, featuring James Stanley Bias III and Allen "Len" Bias to promote the "Pulsar" sneaker line.

    August 4th 1993: Luke Skywalker founds the "Church of Bendu", a cult believing in an energy field called the Force deciding everything, as determined by good and evil. He calls the members of the Church of Bendu "Jedi-Bendu."

    August 5th 1993: Shah Reza Pahlavi denies the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) access to Iran.

    August 17th 1993: "XS Space Race 5" is held in Frederick, Maryland, Raul Gardini of Venice, Italy is proclaimed a "European hero" after beating the heavily favored American team.

    September 6th 1993: Tomsk Disaster; Tomsk-7 Siberian Chemical Enterprise suffers massive nuclear meltdown, causing the evacuation of c.487,838 people in Tomsk, Russia.

    September 12th 1993: Princess Iman Pahlavi is born in Tehran, Iran.

    September 15th 1993: Slappy Squirrel (WB-TV) animated series makes its hit debut with dark and topical humor.

    September 16th 1993: Celebrity Tonya Cruise announces her membership into the "Church of Bendu" in Hollywood, California

    September 22nd 1993: Unocal (U.S.) is purchased by China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), sparking anti-Chinese riots in El Segundo, California.

    September 24th 1993: Daisaku Ikeda leads a rally of c.275,000 people in Boston, Massachusetts, against the “militarization of space”

    September 26th 1993: Roy Walford, Jane Poynter, Taber MacCallum, Mark Nelson, Sally Silverstone, Abigail Alling, Mark Van Thillo and Linda Leigh of "Biosphere 2" arcology at Mare Tranquilitas report severe mental trauma (incl. bouts of manic-depression, schizophrenia, et al.) from prolonged space habitation.

    September 27th 1993: Clive Barker and James Robinson introduces the series Ecto-Kid, Hokum & Hex, Hyperkind, (Marvel Comics) as part of the "Heroes Reborn" storyline. Also on this day, "Reachin (A New Refutation of Time and Space)" by the Digable Planets makes its hit debut introducing "Afrofuturist" music

    October 1st 1993: Hideous Mutant Freekz (a.k.a. HMF) directed by Alex Winter, starring Randy Quaid, and William Sadler.

    October 2nd 1993: The UCRA launches it's boldest attack yet, when militants inside London itself use smuggled assault rifles and RPGs and deliver 4 hours of terror across the city. While all 25 militants are eventually killed, they ravage the city, and Parliament itself, in session during the attack, suffers 29 dead.

    October 18th 1993: Azanian People's Liberation Army (APLA)members take credit for a shooting in Kokstad, Transkei, killing 3 people.

    October 18th-20th 1993: The Fourth Annual Animation Convention held in San Francisco, California. Police presence is increased, and the "Anime" and "Huárénzhì" areas are placed on the opposite sides of the building. None the less, attendance drops sharply do to fears of violence.

    October 11th 1993: Soviet Premier Gorbechev meets with Japanese Prime minister Shintaro Ishihara. Gorbechev agrees to sell the Southern half of Sakhalin island for $86.1 billlion (U.S.) dollars.

    October 20th 1993: Clive Barker and James Robinson introduce Saint-Sinner (Marvel Comics) as part of their "Heroes Reborn" storyline.

    October 21st 1993: The Koran Code by Rashad Khalifa, earns a fatwa from Saudi Arabian dictator Juhayman al-Otaibi in Riyadh. Also on this day, President Hillary Rodham claims that "all power in the United States will be fusion biased by 2010".

    October 25th 1993: MP Mel Hurtig, Canadian National Party (CNP) of Edmonton, Alberta is elected Prime Minister in federal elections.

    November 9th 1993: Coleman Barks acquitted of sexual assault charges.

    November 11th 1993: Vladimir Levin leads "Technoska" rebels in Leningrad, SSG in the Cybernet theft of $105.7 million from U.S. Citibank.

    November 25th 1993: Kenjiro Suzuki, League of Chishima Habomai Islands Residents, states "national honor" is at stake in the purchase during a rally in Tokyo.

    December 12th 1993: SSG election. Inspectors from the United States, Britian, France, and India are invited to monitor the fairness. Sergey Baburin of the National Salvation Front (NSF) party is elected the First President of the SSG, Nikolay Pavlov of the Russian All-People's Union party becomes the first Prime Minster, with a minority government. Communist party Chairman Gennady Zyuganov becomes leader of the opposition. Many analysists are less than optimistic however, with the still unresolved matter of the Baltic States, and the fact that many in Volga Region took part in an election boycott. Also on this day, India open it's first five new Fusion plants as part of the first wave of a modernization program introduced by Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. These plants bring electricity to millions of people for the first time, and greatly improve the standard of living through out the country.

    December 15th 1993: All-Russian Committee for Defence of Kuriles led by Sergei Skvortsov forms militias throughout the Kuril Islands in the "defense of motherland", opposing any Japanese annexation.

    December 16th 1993: President Sergey Baburin blames the "Jewish policies" of President Lane Kirkland for the "suffering of the Russian people."

    Deecember 19th 1993: Claire Cobain, along with her band Buddah, and several other LBGT celebrities organize the "Legalize Love" tour to protest state level laws against homosexuality.

    December 23rd 1993: United Nations General Assembly hosts conference on UFOs in New York City, New York led by David Icke (UK) and Zechariah Sitchin (SSG).

    December 24th 1993: Cyber-Weapon Z Huárénzhì series by Andy Seto and Chris Lau, makes its hit international debut, with "Technoska" storyline.

    December 25th 1993: Son Goku Adventures and Batman/Silverwolf are crossed over in the movie The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, Son Goku Vs Batman & Silverwolf (Japan) or Fear the Reaper (United States).


    January 9th 1994: M. Von Elm, a former Sargeant for the US Army, announces his intention to run for Governor in Kansas as a Republican.

    January 13th 1994: Doorways (ABC-TV) announces its first fan-written episode "Like A Shepherd" by Lisa Payne in Los Angeles, California.

    January 29th 1994: The Pittsburgh Steelers win their third Super Bowl in team history, beating the Dallas Cowboys 37-31 in Super Bowl 30

    January 30th 1994: County-clerk Karen Matthews is brutally murdered in Stanislaus County, California after refusing to process claims of a Christian Posse Association (CPA) member.

    January 26th 1994: Sony Corporation introduces its "QRIO" commercial humanoid droid in Tokyo, Japan.

    February 6th 1994: Ministry of Defense officials unveil the Project ENRYU, a Japanese analogue for Project LAND WARRIOR, in Kitakyushu, Japan.

    Febraury 14th 1994: President Sergey Baburin announces the formation of the "Falcons of Baburin", a "volunteer force" to help aid East Yugoslavian guerillas in their defense "against NATO forces."

    February 22nd 1994: Christian Posse Association (CPA) leader John Trochmann leads rally in Helena, Montana warning 25,000 members that the 150 fusion nuclear power plants worldwide are weapons to "crush dissent" and that the Universal Health & Dental Act is a means to monitor people for the "New World Order".

    March 1st 1994: Green Mars "Huárénzhì" film by Ran Shan Hui about the terraformation of Mars makes its hit debut. Also on this day, Stanley "the Hammer" Kirk Burrell, Oakland A's, is busted on cocaine possession while in Miami, Florida.

    March 2nd 1994: United Church of Amaterasu founder Chizuo Matsumoto refuses to allow former church elder Coleman Barks to return to the church in spite of his being found not guilty, saying "the courts may be convinced, but the gods know what he did, and he is nothing more than filth in their eyes."

    March 6th 1994: Norberto Romo, John Druitt, Matt Finn, Pascale Maslin, Charlotte Godfrey, Rodrigo Romo and Tilak Mahato calls for the evacuation of "Biosphere 2" arcology at Mare Tranquilitas.

    March 10th 1994: Azanian People's Liberation Army (APLA) members Dumisane Ncamazana and Zukile Augustine Mbambo launch raids against white settlements in East London, South Africa.

    March 16th 1994: John Murtha (D-Pennsylvania) and Walter B. Jones (R-North Carolina) lead Democratic and Republican delegations out of Congress after President Hillary Rodham approves Dubai Ports World (DPW) purchase of port facilities in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Orleans, and Miami.

    March 18th 1994: Captain America (Marvel Comics) character Captain America announces a call for an end to metahuman violence, after discovering that the Professor Reinstein, was actually a Nazi double-agent.

    May 19th 1994: The "Game Warden" a serial killer who preys on the "furrie" community claims his first victim, 23 year old Roy Riccio of San Francisco, California. The "Game Warden's" MO is to wait outside furry clubs in San Francisco with a tranquilizer gun, then takes his victims to an unknown location in the back of a van to kill. He attaches "ear tags" to them before dumping them dressed only in leopard print underwear.

    March 20th 1994: Oil discovered on Sakhalin island

    March 22nd 1994: "Enter: The Conquering Chicken" Technoska album by Mia Zapata and the Gits, makes its hit debut in Seattle, Washington

    May 25th 1994: David Icke claims to have a list of members of the British Parliament and U.S. Congress who are "aliens in disguise", during a rally in New York City, New York.

    May 30th 1994: Foad Pashai and Nader Zahedi, form the Consitutionalist Party of Iran, in defiance to Shah Reza Pahlavi in Tehran, Iran.

    April 1st 1994: U.S. federal marshals report 3 dead colonists at the "Biosphere 2" arcology at Mare Tranquilitas.

    April 13th 1994: Presidents Carlos Salinas praises the Central American Common Market (CACM) as "creating economic opportunity for Mexicans." during a speech in Acapulco, Mexico.

    April 17th 1994: Talk-show host Arsenio Hall (ABC-TV) sparks attention on the "Church of Bendu" after telling jokes about them during his opening monologue segment

    April 27th 1994: Government officials in Johannesburg announce a nationwide crackdown on Azanian People's Liberation Army (APLA) in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    April 28th 1994: The first season of the Global Baseball League (GBL) begins.

    May 1st 1994: Doorways (ABC-TV) announces its second fan-written episode "Fooms" by Glenn Wallace.

    May 4th 1994: "Church of Bendu" leaders led by Grandmaster Skywalker call talk-show host Arsenio Hall "spiritually and religiously insensitive." during a protest in Hollywood, California

    May 6th 1994: Neo-fascists launch rally against the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Madrid, Spain, sparking international attention.

    May 31st 1994: Third Bloc officials inaugurate the construction of Inga Dam in Kinshasa, Zaire, generating 39,000 MW of electricity, twice that of the Three Gorges Dam in China.

    June 10th 1994: Rashad Khalifa, author of The Koran Code attempts to ease tensions over his book by appearing on the BBC-TV with David Frost.

    June 12th 1994: Former NFL Football Star Orenthal "OJ" Simpson is killed by his estranged wife, Marguerite L. Whitley-Simpson after several incidences of domestic violence in Los Angeles, California

    June 17th 1994: Aaren Lashone Simpson defends her mother by reporting "police incompetence" in dealing with the domestic violence situation in Los Angeles, California

    June 21st 1994: Henrik Christensen of the European Robotics Research Network tells television viewers in London, England, "people are going to be having sex with robots within five years. Also on this day, New Jersey declares all of its beaches clothing optional

    June 22nd 1994: Project LAND WARRIOR is applied for urban pacification and combat operations at Fort Lewis, Washington by the U.S. Defense Department.

    June 27th 1994: Coleman Barks, exiled former elder of the United Church of Amaterasu, founds the rival Church of Supreme Truth along with two and an half thousand of his loyal followers. Also on this day, Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro unveils the "Geminoid HI-1" second-generation humanoid droid in Osaka, Japan.

    July 2nd 1994: The world's first wooly mammoth is born in 10,000 years in the Moscow Zoo. American, European, Japanese, and other Russian labs scramble to clone more mammoths and other extinct animals.

    July 4th 1994: The British Electronic band Spawn release their breakthrough album Hell Fire, becoming extremely controversial due to their heavy use of Satanic imagery, and lyrics referencing black magic, cannibalism, and human sacrifice.

    July 6th 1994: Forrest Gump starring Peter Scolari, Donna Dixon, and Telma Hopkins "bombs" at the box-office, after being deemed "insulting" to the disabled.

    July 8th 1994: Pro-democracy riots erupt in Florianopolis, Brazil, sparking international attention and concern.

    July 15th 1994: Pro-democracy riots erupt at the University of Ceara in Ceara, Brazil, after police raid the local student union.

    July 17th 1994: Governor Frank Mckenna (R-NB) calls for National Guard, after 75,000 people protest in Moncton, New Brunswick over federal language policies.

    July 18th 1994: President Hillary Rodham threatens to veto any legislation passed by Congress to block the DPW ports deal. In a statement to reporters, Rodham claims, "It would send a terrible signal to friends and allies not to let this transaction go through."

    July 19th 1994: Hellbeast meets Hell Spore, a half hour animated TV special, is released from Marvel Comics in response to the growing popularity of the DC Animated Universe. It' noted to be the first television program to be completely computer animated.

    July 27th 1994: Local fishermen from Grand Banks, Newfoundland shoot 2 rival fishermen from New Bedford, Maine, sparking national attention.

    July 30th 1994: Pro-democracy riots erupt in Espaco Vadiagem, Sao Paulo, Brazil, after feminist leaders demand "equal rights".

    August 3rd 1994: GBL Franchise Owner Vince McMahon claims that all players are "real" and that steroids are not used, and can't possibly be used, due to manditory, daily drug tests by all players.

    August 5th 1994: The Brute, a long-canceled comic from Marvel, is revived by writer Lloyd Kaufman. It takes away most of the character's similarities to the Rampaging Hulk and makes the character a college nerd mutated by an alien terraforming spore who goes around killing thugs. It would push the limit for acceptable content in comics, containing graphic violence, heavy language and topless women. Needless to say, it became a hit.

    August 12th 1994: Major League Baseball (MLB) Players' Strike is announced, granting the Global Baseball League (GBL) a larger audience.

    August 16th 1994: Claire Cobain, Lead singer of the Mudd band Buddah marries her lover, Melissa Fryrear, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Also on this day, Chandrika Kumaratunga is purged from government in Sri Jayawardenapura-Kotte, Sri Lanka for "providing comfort for terrorists.

    August 17th 1994: "XS Space Race 6" is held in Houston, Texas, Dennis Conner of San Diego, California wins the race with "Team America".

    August 26th 1994: M.A.N.T.I.S. (FOX-TV) starring Carl Lumbly makes its hit debut, blending "Technoska" with "Afrofuturist" themes.

    August 27th 1994: John F. Kennedy Jr. and Actress Susan Hannah are married in New York City, New York, in a celebrity-filled event.

    August 29th 1994: German police authorities in Karlsruhe, Germany uncover evidence of nuclear weapons trade, sparking international concern.

    August 31st 1994: David Hahn of Commerce Township, Michigan announces the creation of commercial fast breeder reactor.

    September 4th 1994: The "Game Warden" claims his second victim, 20 year old Ronald Yan of Daly City, California.

    September 19th 1994: March on Washington; Christian Posse Association (CPA) General Linda Thompson leads a march with 25,000 CPA members into Washington D.C., federal officials intercept them at Anacostia Falls, Maryland but not before the CPA member torch homes along the Potomac River, displacing 425 families, and leading to 1,628 arrests.

    September 20th 1994: A Buddah Concert in Austin Texas is bombed by Radical Christian terrorist Michael Bussee of Orlando, Florida, 7 die, 25 injured.

    September 24th 1994: The Bush War ends. The Treaty of Mombassa creates the new "Republic of Kenya" and the "Republic of Uganda", but allows for British forces to remain stationed in the "Dominion of Azania", made up of Tanganyika, Zanzibar, and the Somalias.

    September 26th 1994: Electronic Arts announces its Cybernet video game adaptation of Doorways (ABC-TV), becoming one of the holiday successes for 1994.

    October 1st 1995: The SSG launches its first military space plane, the MiG Skat is unveiled in Moscow, SSG

    October 4th 1994: President Sergey Baburin meets with Saudi Arabian dictator Juhayman al-Otaibi in Riyadh.

    October 7th 1994: A Troll in Central Park animated film directed by Don Bluth, featuring Dom Deluise makes its hit debut.

    October 10th 1994: Representative Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) and Senator Mark Hatfield (R-OR) introduce the "Arms Trade Code of Conduct" in an effort to restrict the "militarization of space" in Washington D.C.

    October 15th 1994: Kenyan forces are forced to enter Uganda whena civil war breaks out.

    October 18th 1994: The Fifth Annual Animation Convention held in San Francisco, California. It is canceled after the first day due to low attendance. Also on this day, "Blowout Comb" album by the Digable planets makes its hit debut with its "Afrofuturist" themes

    October 21st 1994: The first GBL "Geo-Cup" ends with the Tokyo Tigers defeating the Los Angles Legend 4-2.

    October 23rd 1994: Azanaian People's Liberation Army membership an estimatated c. 30,000 members.

    October 24th 1994: Anarchists led by Arthur Moyse and Richard Parry bomb the House of Commons in London, England, injuring 12 people.

    October 25th 1994: "The Mad Arab" "Cthuluska" single by Mercyful Fate makes its hit musical debut.

    October 26th 1994: The Arachnid Man “Clone Saga” begins, it is considered by many to be the best comic storyline of the 1990s, thanks in large part to Alan Moore’s work as editor.

    November 1st 1994: Attorney Jack Metcalf, Restore Our Country (ROC), defends members of the Christian Posse Association (CPA) claiming that they are protected under the Second Amendment provision for private militias in Washington D.C.

    November 6th 1994: The United States launches it's first military space plane, the F-47B “Peagasus” in Seattle, Washington

    November 8th 1994: Patrick Shull (R-SC) wins gubernatorial bid in Charleston, South Carolina based on a platform of economic populism and traditional values platform. Also on this day, Ricky Ross of San Jose, California begins marketing "Beserker" fly agaric mushrooms, popular amongst underground fighters.

    November 9th 1994: General Oliver North, USMC, is appointed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) in Washington D.C.

    November 10th 1994: President Sergey Baburin dismisses claims that he is anti-Semitic during a press conference in Moscow. Also on this day, Srima Dissanayake is purged from government in Sri Jayawardenapura-Kotte, Sri Lanka for "providing comfort for terrorists."

    November 11th 1994: Islamic-American organizations led by heavyweight boxer Malik Abdul Aziz protest the broadcast of "The Mad Arab" single by Mercyful Fate as "racist and culturally insensitive." in New York City, New York.

    November 18th 1994: Quiver, the third movie by Harry Turtledove and Nicholas Meyer, chronicles the story of a group of researchers trying to survive after a horrific accident in a secret research base in California, it brings in $76.4 million at the box office.

    November 23rd 1994: Spetsnaz forces raid Kazakh separtist headquarters in Astana, Kazahkstan SSR, uncovering evidence of black-market fusion-based technologies.

    November 24th 1994: "The Mad Arab" single by Mercyful Fate is banned in West Pakistan, bans follow within weeks in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Somalia, Bangladesh, Sudan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Qatar.

    November 28th 1994: Taslima Nasreen defects to Indian forces after uncovering the "ethnic cleansing" of Rohingyas, a dark-skinned Muslim minority from Burma.

    December 9th 1994: President Sergey Baburin states, he longs for a day "... when Russian soldiers can wash their boots in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and switch to year-round summer uniforms" during a televised speech in Moscow.

    December 13th 1994: UFO enthusiast Joseph W. Ritrovato warns listeners of a "wave of UFOs", during a conference in Roswell, New Mexico

    December 17th 1994: Phunk Phlow underground Kwaito album by Prophets of Da City makes its hit debut in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    December 27th 1994: President Sergey Baburin rebuffs efforts to monitor the nuclear fissile materials of the SSG by President Hillary Rodham as "an insult to the national pride and security.


    January 1st, 1995: By this point, the Jedi rival Scientology in numbers of converts, partially due to the Church of Bendu stealing a number of Scientologists

    January 2nd 1995: Madonna Ciccone attracts controversy when she marries back up dancer Carlos Leon In Las Vegas, Nevada.

    January 8th 1995: Doudou and Fanfang Huárénzhì series by Zhang Changming and Jiao Li makes its hit debut, beating Japanese anime series for ratings worldwide.

    January 16th 1995: Udo Voigt launches the Racial Visibility Project (RVP) in Viersen, Westphalia, Germany.

    January 17th 1995: DEA officials raid a Norwegian freighter in New York City, New York containing 430 lbs of "Beserker" fly agaric mushrooms.

    January 26th 1995: MLB Commissioner George W. Bush announce a possible agreement over the Major League Baseball (MLB) Strike in Cooperstown, New York.

    January 28th, 1995--The Pittsburgh Steelers win their fourth Super Bowl in team history and second in a row, upending their cross-state rivals the Philadelphia Eagles 27-19 in Super Bowl 31

    February 3rd 1995: In The Mouth of Madness Lovecraftian film directed by John Carpenter, makes its hit debut.

    February 10th 1995: Claire Cobain and her lover Melissa Fryrear-Cobain pay the Biotech firm Soulforce $75,000 for "fertility treatments".

    February 16th 1995: The Member states of the Central American Common Market (CACM) are rocked by massive political unrest as thousands of plantation workers rise up in protest agianst declining work conditions.

    February 18th 1995: GBL (Global Baseball League) led by Vince McMahon announces that it will be the first major sporting league on earth to have both male and female players in New York City, New York.

    February 20th, 1995: Born in Flames film directed by Lizzie Borden features "Afrofuturist" themes of revolution in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic America

    February 23rd 1995: Government troops open fire on pro-labor protestors in Managua, Nicaragua.

    February 25th 1995: In a filibuster speach before congress Union Party Chairman Thomas R. Donahue (U-NY) declares that "The United States should support the workers of Central America" in Washington D.C.

    February 27th 1995: The highly successful RPG "Pocket Monsters" is released. The game gains a great deal of popularity, (thanks in large part to the highly successful children's cartoon based on the franchise) and revitalizes the declining table top gaming market, as a new generation grows up playing it.

    March 1st 1995: The site, SomethingInTheCold, appears on the Cybernet. It comes to be called the first of the FWG's or "Fictional World Games", and many come to the notion that hints at a sequel to the 1992 movie "Cryoblast".

    March 3rd 1995: Christian Posse Association (CPA) leader John Trochmann and 6 other men seize control of the courthouse in Musselshell County, Montana, demanding access to their files under the Universal Health and Dental Care Act, claiming they are being "monitored". Also on this day, The "Game Warden" claims his third victim, 22 year old Mark Gottas of Oakland, California.

    March 8th 1995: U.S. Coast Guard seizes several Spanish and Portuguese vessels, off the coast of Labrador, in violation of American fishing laws.

    March 14th 1995: Samsung Techwin automated machine-gun drone guard system is unveiled in Seoul, Korea.

    March 16th 1995: Joséphine Coueille and André Prévotel (a.k.a. "Cloners of Bordeaux") are arrested for running an illegal cloning operation in Bordeaux, France.

    March 18th-19th, 1995: UFO enthusiasts Richard Hall, Scott Smith, George Knapp and Charlie Hickson (under payment by Disney Corp.) testify before the House of Representatives, demanding "full disclosure" of extraterrestrial contact in Washington D.C.

    March 20th 1995: Chizuo Matsumoto, Founder of the Church of Amaterasu, and spiritual leader of over 3 million people, is shot in the head with a high powered hunting rifle by Tom Berson, a member of the Church of Supreme Truth in Honolulu, Hawaii.

    March 27th 1995: Enel Corp.(It.) purchase of Suez Corp. (Fr.) water industry sparks nationalist riots in Paris, France.

    April 3rd 1995: Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee calls efforts by President Hillary Rodham to regulate international nuclear energy development as "intellectual and economic imperialism." Also on this day, "Lucky Star", a chain of "aidoru" (artificial celebrity) cafes is established in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

    April 4th 1995: WDRA bases in the Northern Volga are raided, leading to around 40 dead, and causing Gottlieb to abandon plans for an offensive.

    April 5th 1995: SSG President Sergey Baburin announces that "We will never recognize the Baltic Union! Never!"

    April 7th 1995: To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Crisis on Myriad Earths, DC comics creates the crossover series Millennium: A Crisis in Time Written by Steve Englehart and Marvin Waid, in which, by the 21st century, a new generation of superheroes had killed all the super villains and had been reduced to fighting each other. When a battle between Magog The Avenger and Monarch The Manhunter accidentally opens a “Time Vortex” the “heroes” from the future pour into the present.

    April 8th 1995: Politburo led by Manzurul Ahsan Khan and Mujahidul Islam- Selim announce a "17-point plan" for the establishment of a democratic government.

    April 14th 1995: "Aidoru Craze" strikes Germany with the introduction of "Gothika" "aidoru" (artificial celebrity) in Berlin, Germany.

    April 15th 1995: Conservatives led by Stanley Merrit call for a nationwide ban on nudity on public beaches

    April 16th 1995: Madonna Ciccone flashes her breasts on The Arsenio Hall Show (ABC-TV), becoming the most widely viewed item on the Cybernet.

    April 23rd 1995: Mark Dery of Boston, Massachusetts discusses "Afrofuturism", the philosophy of adding a "urban twist" to science fiction in Ebony magazine

    April 27th 1995: House Representative Helen Chenoweth (R-ID) defends the Christian Posse Association (CPA) in Washington D.C., saying, "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.

    May 2nd 1995: President Sergey Baburin announces the detonation of a fusion nuclear device, weighing c.75 pounds (c. 30kg) in Semipalatinsk, Russia to demonstrate the ease of creation and deployment of such weapons.

    May 5th 1995: Nevada Supreme court rules that the Marriage of Claire Cobane and Melissa Fryrear is in valid because "The State of Nevada only recognizes marriage as between a man and a woman". Also on this day, Toomas Hendrik Ilves elected president of the Baltic Union. Also on this day, Eliseo Mendoza Berrueto leads rally in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico, condemning the "militarization of space" with 25,000 people.

    May 7th 1995: Parliament passes the single greatest reform in British constitutional history, The Imperial Commonwealth act, as a means of preventing future colonial unrest, and yet still holding on to Imperial territory:

    An "Imperial Parliament" would be created, responsible for the governance of the Empire as a whole.

    Below the Imperial Parliament, several Dominions would provide home rule.
    The Dominions would be further subdivided into provinces.

    Britian itself is reformed into "The Dominion of The British Isles" and is divided into the provinces of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, each with their own parliament.

    The Dominion of The West Indies is formed out of British Honduras, and the British Carribean islands

    The Dominion of The East Indies is formed out of British positions in the former Indonesia

    The Dominion of Azania as mentioned in the Treaty of Mombasa is also included.

    The Dominion of West Africa is formed out the remaining British positions in Africa

    The Dominion of South America is formed out of the Falkland Islands and British Guiana.

    Smaller Possessions, such as Hong Kong and Gibraltar would become "Imperial Territories" under direct control of the Imperial Parliament, but still able to elect their own MPs.

    Older Dominions such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are to be given the choice of joining the Imperial Commonwealth, or independence.

    May 12th 1995: President Sergey Baburin condemns American foreign policy during a visit to the United Nations in New York City, New York, saying, "The Russian people will rise like the phoenix, despite the harsh depredations of the West."

    May 17th 1995: Doorways (ABC-TV) announces Brad Linaweaver as a series writer.

    May 27th 1995: SSG officials unveil Project TYTAN, an SSG analogue to Project LAND WARRIOR, in Semaplatinsk, Russia, sparking international attention. Also on this day, "Mad Arab" Riots; 17,500 people, including Hammerskins, Cthuluska enthusiasts, and Muslim activists clash violently in Parliament Square in London, England, leading to 2,258 arrests.

    May 28th-June 6th 1995: Jaffna Offensive; LTTE leader Vellupillai Prabhakaran launches against Indian forces.

    May 29th 1995: Baltic President Toomas Hendrik Ilves begins an aggressive re-organization of the Baltic Military. Defense given top priority in budget, Former Red-Army bases, arms factories, and equipment re-appropriated, un-finished Soviet era ships, tanks, aircraft, finished and re-purposed. Arms purchased from the West (primarily Germany) and from "cash strapped" former East Bloc nations. A series of loans from Britian, France, Switzerland, and the United States increases defense budget dramatically.

    May 31st 1995: Military officials unveil Project Futuristic Infantry Soldier As a System (F-INSAS), an Indian analogue to Project LAND WARRIOR, in Mumbai, India, sparking warnings of a "cybernetic arms race".

    June 1st 1995: "Chimera", underground gang of "cyber-gamblers" led by Brian "DKT" Flander makes its hit debut in Chicago, Illinois. Also on this day, Prominent Psychiatrist and "Self help guru" Dr. Philip McGraw is arrested in Austin, Texas, for illegally selling LSD, or Spirit to a local "Warehouse" club.

    June 3rd 1995: Christian Posse Association (CPA) members clash with FBI and ATF agents in Wichita, Kansas, killing 6 federal agents

    June 4th 1995: President Mary Robinson condemns the British Commonwealth Act during a speech in Dublin, Ireland as "justification for sectarian and ethnic violence.

    June 7th 1995: Vecna Sysytems unveils the Battlefield Extraction Assist Robot ("BEAR") droid in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Also on this day, "Jinwha" underground gang of cyber-gamblers" led by Sun Il Yang makes its hit debut in Seoul, Korea

    June 10th 1995: Iranian Princess Leila Pahlavi is hospitalized in Paris, France after "suffering from exhaustion"

    June 11th 1995: The Imperial Commonwealth act is signed into law by the King, and is planned to go into effect on Jan 1st 2000.

    June 13th 1995: Olympic swimmer Greg Louganis dies of "Kinshasha fever" in El Cajon, California.

    June 14th 1995: "Magnetik", underground gang of "cyber-gamblers" led by Emil "HeatoN" Christensen, makes its hit debut in Stockholm, Sweden

    June 16th 1995: The Mutants (DC Comics) Age of Annihilus storyline begins as a spinoff from the Millennium: A Crisis in Time crossover. Due to tampering in the space-time comtinuum, the Lovecraftian horror "Annihilus" has seized control of the world.

    June 17th 1995: American nudists form the organization Americans for the Freedom of Expression and Pure Living, (aka "AFEPL"), dedicated to protecting nudism on a legal basis

    July 18th 1995: "Dreaming of You" album by Selena Quintanilla-Pérez makes its hit musical debut, popularizing Tejano/Latin music nationwide.

    June 25th 1995: President Ranjan Wijeratne assassinated by LTTE guerillas under Vellupillai Prabhakaran in in Sri Jayawardenapura-Kotte, Sri Lanka.

    July 26th 1995: The Telegraph reports that Princess Leila Pahlavi of Iran was actually addicted to cocaine, sparking international attention and concern.

    July 3rd 1995: Third Bloc officials led by Miguel Gustavo Peirano of Argentina announce in Cartagena, Colmbia discussions that call for "cessation of Third World debt."

    July 9th 1995: "Allianz", underground gang of "cyber-gamblers" led by Jonas "bESEL" Alasker Vikan, makes its hit debut in Berlin, Germany

    July 11th 1995: Hammerskins and anarchists clash in Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia, 16 people are arrested.

    July 14th 1995: The French government, eager to not see the violence that the British have suffered in Africa, agree to allow French West Africa independence on January 1, 2000. Algeria and Tunisia are added as candidtaes to join Metropolitan France.

    July 18th 1995: General Ibrahim Babangida announces in Lagos, Nigeria, that any attempt to force the country into the British Commonwealth will be met with an oil embargo.

    July 30th 1995: "Core" , underground gang of "cyber-gamblers" led by Mark Dolven makes its hit debut in Charlotte, North Carolina

    August 1st 1995: Newt Gingrich's 1945, an alternate history of World War II, posing a disastrous Pacific War after Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto takes command of the Pearl Harbor attack, makes the New York Times bestseller list.

    August 14th 1995: c.750,000 people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan lead protest against the "militarization of space", to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the atomic bombing.

    August 15th 1995: "XS Space Race 7" is held in Geneseo, New York, Dean Barker of Auckland, New Zealand wins the race with "Black Magic".

    August 24th 1995: Secretary of Energy Richard G. Lugar warns President Hillary Rodham about the security threat of fusion-based nuclear weapons and terrorism, citing "backpack bombs".

    August 25th 1995: Rashad Khalifa, author of the The Koran Code is violently murdered in front of Anne McElvoy of The Times in London, England.

    September 3rd 1995: The "Game Warden" claims his fourth victim, 22 year old Joe Hallisey of San Francisco, California.

    September 9th 1995: Don't Call Me Kaffir underground Kwaito single by Arthur makes its hit musical debut in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    September 10th 1995: President Sergey Baburin purges Yevgenia Tishkovskaya, claiming that she is "in the employ of American interests.

    September 21st 1995: Joseph W. Ritrovato and Philip Klass report evidence of a "wave of UFOs", during a conference in New York City, New York...

    September 22nd 1995: Canadian Bacon starring John Candy and Rhea Pearlman, makes its hit debut spoofing tensions between the U.S. and Canada. Also on this day, Hurricane Ike; Miami-Dade County, Florida hit by a Category-5 hurricane, causing $99.4 billion in damages, displacing 50,000 people.

    September 23rd 1995: Baltic Crisis begins, Baltic Union closes border with SSG, and blockades the Kaliningrad Oblast.

    September 24th, 1995: Space: Above & Beyond (FOX-TV) a spinoff of the series Counterstrike detailing the story of an interstellar war between humanity and an alien species, makes its hit debut..

    September 25th 1995: "Underground", underground gang of "cyber-gamblers" led by Ben "Racs" Thomas makes its hit debut in Sydney, Australia

    September 26th 1995: "the Undertaker" album by Prince makes its hit debut in New York City, New York.

    October 7th 1995: "Salvo", underground gang of "cyber-gamblers" led by Michael O'Dell and Sam "Rattlesnake" Gawn makes its debut in Birmingham, England

    October 8th 1995: SSG President Sergey Baburin demands "The Baltic Republics yield to the authority of Moscow or face serious repercussions.

    October 11th 1995: "Furia", underground gang of "cyber-gamblers" led by Augusto Zapata Delgado makes its hit debut in Mexico City, Mexico

    October 15th 1995: President Sergei Barburin organizes "Russian National Unity" in Moscow, sparking international attention and concern.

    October 19th 1995: After a long hiatus, an update appears on SomethingInTheCold, with a countdown timer to "3/17/96", many other updates regarding the story of the site follow.

    October 23rd 1995: The second GBL "Geo-Cup" ends with a 5-1 victory of the Havana Diablos over the Baton Rouge Cajuns. Also on this day, Apple Corp, the world's largest electronics company unveils it's newest technology, the DMD (Digital Micro-Disc), capable of storing up to 30 Gigabites of Audio, Video, and other Data, as well as providing the same ease of recording, erasing, and re-recording as magnetic tape despite the fact that it's small enough to fit in the palm of the hand.

    October 30th 1995: Donald Savoie calls for federal government aid in Shelburne, Nova Scotia, as unemployment levels continue to rise to 7.5%. Also on this day, Canada declines membership in the Imperial Commonwealth in a national referendum.

    November 10th-12th 1995: "AidoruEast"; "aidoru" (artificial celebrity) convention is held in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

    November 14th 1995: As part of their contracted "fertility treatments" the Bio-tech firm Soulforce successfully create a human embryo by fusing the egg cells of Claire Cobain and her lover Melissa Fryrear-Cobain, the first conceived of Parthenogenesis.

    November 20th 1995: Conservative MP Vince Murray of Ottawa, Ontario leads rally in Toronto, Ontario, blaming Canadian economic woes on "American deception".

    November 23rd 1995: Vigilantes "Captain Prospect" and "Justice" make their debut in Washington D.C.

    November 26th 1995: DMD players go on the market in the world wide in time for the holiday season, quickly becoming the number one gift through out the United States, Britian, Canada, Quebec, and most of Europe.

    December 4th 1995: "Royal-T" , a chain of "aidoru" (artificial celebrity) cafes is established in Culver City, California.

    December 7th 1995: Doorways (ABC-TV) star Michael J. O'Connell is named "Sexiest Man Alive" by People magazine.

    December 11th 1995: Chittagong Riots; Pro-democracy riots erupt in Chittagong, East Pakistan over the slow pace of democratic reforms, 50 killed in the process. Also on this day, Governor Allen K. Gramer (R-MA) announces a need for "return to family values" during a speech in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    December 12th 1995: Elvis Presley releases Duets his first album in decades, featuring Randy Travis, Kris Kristofferson, Chris Issak, and Johnny Cash. It quickly climbs to the top of the country music charts, but fails to gain any mainstream attention

    December 15th 1995: "Furries" (animal role-playing) convention held in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan, sparking international attention

    December 22nd 1995: Economic officials in the United States and Mexico report the creation of a "maquiladora corridor" along the southern border of Mexico, created by the nations of the Central American Common Market (CACM). Also on this day, Reagan film written and produced by arch-conservative commentator Colonel Oliver Stone, potrays the former president as a victim of a conspiracy of "left-wing activists determined to impeach." Former president Reagan himself is said to remark that the film is "insulting". Also on this day, The Baltic Union's military begins to mobilize for full scale war.

    December 26th 1995: Kadakowa Sadamoto creates the manga Neon Genesis Evangelion as a spin-off of Millennium: A Crisis in Time for DC Japan.

    December 29th 1995: "Loong", underground gang of "cyber-gamblers" led by Chao Ma makes its hit debut in Wuhan, China


    January 4th 1996: Carols Leon releases his first album "Sexy Hot". Considered by many to be "the worst album ever" It actually manages to go platinum because of the number of (mostly young) people who buy it "ironically" for it's "comedic value".

    January 9th 1996: SSG troops begin to mass along the border it shares with the Baltic States.

    January 11th 1996: President Sergey Baburin announces his bid for re-election in Moscow, sparking international attention. Also on this day, Governor Allen K. Gramer (R-MA) tells naval personnel that he opposes "Furries", LGBT, and other "deviant personalities" from entry into the U.S. military during a speech in Quincy, Massachusetts.

    January 12th 1996: Nick Herbert and John Lilly unveil the "Pleasure Dome" in Livermore, California as the first "virtual-sex" center, sparking national controversy

    January 23rd 1996: Tung Chee Hwa launches rallies in Hong Kong, pointing to the "cultural insensitivity" of the British Commonwealth Act.

    January 22nd 1996: Madonna Ciccone is hospitalized in London, England for "exhaustion", but Cybernet footage captures her overdosing on heroin.

    January 27th 1996: The Dallas Cowboys hammer the New York Jets 44-23 in Super Bowl 32.

    February 2nd 1996: Australia rejects membership in the Imperial Commonwealth. Also on this day, Canadian federal election. The Liberals, Conservatives, Social Credit, CNP, New Party, and Green Party all manage to carry seats, but nobody holding enough to form government.

    February 3rd 1996: New Zealand votes agianst membership in the Imperial Commonwealth

    February 5th 1996: UFO enthusiast Richard Boylan leads rally in Washington D.C., demanding "full disclosure" by the Defense Department and the CIA of extraterrestrial contact

    February 10th 1996: Baltic President Toomas Hendrik Ilves gives an internationally televised speech in which he threatens war with the SSG if their troops are not removed from the border, and claims to be in possession of several Soviet Era nuclear weapons.

    February 11th 1996: Daisaku Ikeda sets himself on fire outside of the Diet in Tokyo, Japan to protest the “militarization of space”

    February 13th 1996: Alexander Vengerovsky, aide to President Sergey Baburin, shot in Moscow. The shooting is blamed immediately on "Jewish interests"

    February 15th 1996: Premier Manzurul Ahsan Khan announces the suspension of elections in Dhaka, East Pakistan.

    February 16th 1996: India launches its first military space plane, the Nishant in Bhavan, India

    February 19th 1996: Yuki Nozaki establishes the "aidoru" (artificial celebrity) cafe with "Mew Mew" Furry cafe in Tokyo, Japan.

    February 20th 1995: "Aeropolis 2001" designed by Obayashi Corp. is designed to be 5-times taller (6,652ft.) than the Apple Tower in New York City, New York.

    February 26th 1996: The "Game Warden" claims his fifth victim, 20 year old Jeff Enes of San Francisco, California.

    February 27th-29th 1996: Third Bloc leaders condemn the “militarization of space” during a rally with 575,000 people in Bangkok, Thailand

    February 28th 1996: Madonna Ciccone arrested for assult after attacking Claire Cobain at the Grammy awards after party while screaming "f***ing d***!"

    March 4th 1996: Scientologists publish a pamphlet condeming the Church of Bendu

    March 5th 1996: Norwin Meneses launches criminal distribution of "Beserker" fly agaric mushrooms in San Francisco, California.

    March 8th 1996: In the aftermath of Madonna Ciccone's attack, Claire Cobain releases photographs of the inside of her mouth. A close up of her gums showing two missing teeth appears on the front page of tabloids the world over.

    March 12th 1996: Radical Christian preacher Thomas Richmond claims the "Game Warden" serial killer is "an angel of death, god's hand of justice against the sin of anthropomorphism".

    March 17th 1996: A trailer for Cyroblast 2 appears on SomethingInTheCold, within days it is all over the cybernet.

    March 19th 1996: SSG forces begin a massive campaign agianst the Kökbayraq criminal organization, resposible for the smuggling of weapons and people between Uyghurstan and the SSG Central Asian Republics.

    March 20th 1996: The Last Angel of History starring George Clinton, Derrick May, Stephen R. Delany, Nichelle Nichols, and Juan Atkins popularizes "Afrofuturism" as a genre of science-fiction

    March 25th 1996: Justus Massacre; Christian Posse Association (CPA) leaders LeRoy Schweitzer and Daniel E. Peterson battle with FBI and ATF agents, killing 18 people, incl. 6 federal agents, outside of Jordan, Montana. FBI officials estimate that c. 40,0000 rounds of ammunition are used in the battle.

    March 29th 1996: SSG President Sergey Baburin states that the SGG "will not flinch in the face of internal rebellion"

    April 1st 1996: Brazilian director Clóvis Veira unveils the "aidoru" (artificial celebrity), "Cassiopéia" in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    April 3rd 1996: The Republic of South Africa annexes Beuchananland into the new regions, the provinces of "North Beuchanan" and "South Beuchanan" and the Bantustan of "Sesotho".

    April 5th 1996: Lake Tahoe Incident; Christian Posse Asssociation (CPA) members clash with FBI and ATF agents in Lake Tahoe, Nevada in a standoff that lasts 36 hours

    May 6th 1996: "Bambara" Congolese chain restaurant is established by Étienne Tshisekedi, with dishes including "Bambara" (e.g. Congolese porridge of rice, peanut butter and sugar) in New York City, New York.

    April 9th 1996: The band Capital Punishment, featuring members Ted Nugent(guitarist), Mike Huckabee (bassist and vocalist), and Robert James Ritchie (drummer) release their hit album We The People successfully reviving southern rock as a genre. They also become known as "The greatest conservative band on earth"

    April 10th 1996: Rock group Lock Up clashes with Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Alan Keyes (R-MD) while on the set of Watch This Space (NBC-TV) in New York City, New York.

    April 11th 1996: Grandmaster of the Jedi Council Skywalker calls Scientology a "cult of the Sith (Demons)" in the service of the "Bogan" (Evil). Also on this day, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board purchases a majority stake in the Auckland, New Zealand airport, sparking nationalist protests.

    April 15th 1996: Special Weapons Observation Reconnaissance Detection System (SWORDS) automated weaponized droids are unveiled at Fort Dietrick, Maryland.

    April 18th 1996: Christian fundamentalist leader Billy Graham calls the "Church of Bendu" a "neopagan cult" during a television broadcast in Dallas, Texas

    April 19th 1996: Aleksandr Ponosov and Viktor Alksnis proclaim the need for "software freedom" during an anti-American rally in Moscow.

    May 21st 1996: Lt. General Abu Saleh Mohammad Nasim is placed under house arrest after allegedly attempting a military coup in Dhaka, East Pakistan.

    April 22nd 1996: Class action lawsuit against Thomas Richmond by the families of the Victims of the "Game Warden"

    April 23rd 1996: Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are formally granted statehood in Washington D.C., sparking international attention.

    April 24th 1996: "Mint", underground gang of "cyber-gamblers" led by Sujoy Roy and Ben Woodward, makes its hit debut in London, England

    April 26th 1996: Dallas-Ft. Worth area hit by tornado, causing $800 million in damages, leaving thousands of families homeless. Also on this day,
    Canadian parliament dissolved, second election held. This time the "New Canada" Coalition lead by MP Michael Dean Harris elected on a platform of a "Common sense revolution"

    May 8th 1996: Viktor Yushchenko promises "freedom, peace, and an end to coruption" if elected president of the SSG.

    May 19th 1996: JA1 Event; SSG and American military forces successfully detonate nuclear weapons at JA1 asteroid, after coming within 450,000 miles from Earth.

    May 22nd 1996: SSG police probe uncovers further evidence of money laundering, and link it to the Uygur Kökbayraq criminal organization.

    May 29th 1996: NBC airs the two-hour series finale of Crime Lab. Also on this day, SSG police uncover evidence of money laundering amoung Uyghur owned businesses in Dushanbe, Tajik Republic, SSG.

    June 1st 1996: Blue Mars "Huárénzhì" film by Ran Shan Hui about the Martian war of independence, makes its hit debut.

    June 6th 1996: Allen "Len" Bias, Boston Celtics, is named by the National Basketball Association (NBA), one of the "50 Greatest Players of All Time"

    June 8th 1996: SSG police uncover more evidence of money laundering, this time in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, SSG. Also on this day, Marvel Comics announces that it will be publishing Doorways (ABC-TV) comic book series.

    June 9th 1996: SSG Intelligence officals uncover evidence linking the Kökbayraq criminal organization to the ruling nationalist party in Uygurstan

    June 11th 1996: "The Awesome Power of a Fully Operational Mothership" album by George Clinton makes its hit debut in Los Angeles, California with "Afrofuturist" themes

    June 12th 1996: SSG President Sergey Baburin warns of "Uygur sleeper cells" in a speech before the Duma. Also on this day, Doorways (ABC-TV) star Lucy Lloyd demands $500,000 per episode, halting production of Season 5. Also on this day, East Pakistan Government officials announce the capture of rebel leader, Hasina Wajed of the Awami League in Chittagong.

    June 14th 1996: Ray Griggs, a leading psychiatrist, and elder in the United Church of Dixie claims that "The 'Game Warden' killer is a prime example of the spiritual and mental damage caused by "Furrism". Had this culture not existed, then this man might have lived a normal life, and not been a murderer."

    June 18th 1996: German Philosopher Jürgen Habermas writes the best selling book Truth and Method which declares that Apple Corp CEO John Lennon is the "Ubermensch" described in the Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, citing his atheism, and the fact that he "makes his own morality".

    July 17th 1996: Apple Software unveils "HeyJude", the world's first "Person-to-Person" file sharing program, which, for a regular monthly fee (to cover royalties to record labels), allows users to trade video and audio files for use on their DMD players.

    July 2nd 1996: Independence Day directed by Tim Burton, flops at the box-office

    July 3rd 1996: In the second SSG general election, incumbent President Sergey Baburin looses to Viktor Yushchenko of the People's Self-Defense Bloc. General Alexander Ivanovich Lebed of the ultra-nationalist Congress of Russian Communities elected prime minster, Vladimir Zhirinovsky of the Liberal Democratic Party becomes leader of the opposition. SSG President Sergey Baburin is said to remark, at the election of Viktor Yushchenko "The fools have elected for themselves the greatest fool of all."

    July 8th 1996: "Acadian Diaspora" (French-speaking people) meet in Araquet, New Brunswick, demanding recognition for their "cultural heritage".

    July 10th 1996: Madonna Ciccone and Claire Cobain settle outside of court.

    July 20th 1996: Yuki Hirohata establishes the "aidoru" (artificial celebrity) cafe with "Butler's Cafe" in Tokyo, Japan.

    July 26th 1996: In an interview for New International magazine John Lennon goes on record saying "I am no Superman, I just try to lead by example" in response to the book Truth and Method

    July 27th 1996: Baltic Troops begin to pour into Kaliningrad Oblast. The Baltic Navy Blockades St. Petersburg.

    July 28th 1996: "San Francisco OptX", underground gang of "cyber-gamblers" led by Kat Hunter makes its hit debut in San Francisco, California

    August 5th 1996: South Vietnamese Civil War; Duc Lai and Thinh Lai launch an abortive coup attempt in Saigon, South Vietnam.

    August 9th 1996: Apple Corp. stock drops a record +113.28 points when founder and long time CEO John Lennon announces "temporary retirement" in New York City, New York.

    August 12th 1996: Captain America (Marvel Comics) character Captain America is assassinated by General Nick Fury for his beliefs in non-violence. Also on this day, Madonna Ciccone and Carlos Leon file for divorce. Also on this day, XS Space Race 8 is held in Evansville, Indiana; Gary Hubler of Stockwell, Idaho wins the race aboard the "Mariah"

    August 14th 1996: "XS Space Race 8" is held in Evansville, Indiana, Francesco De Angelis of Naples, Italy wins the race with the "Luna Rossa". Also on this day, Carlos Leon alleges that Madonna regularly engaged in acts of bestiality with some of the many pit bulls the singer owned. Also on this day, In an interview for Newsweek, in response to being asked "What do you plan to do now that you've retired" John Lennon goes on record saying "I might consider a Moondogs reunion tour."

    August 18th 1996: Claire Cobain gives birth to Frances Bean Cobain, the first girl born of Parthenogenesis. Massive protests from the Religious right follow, as well as death threats directed at the Cobain family, and bombings at the offices of the Bio-tech firm Soulforce.

    August 21st 1996: Active Resistance Counter-Convention launches campaign to disrupt the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois.

    August 25th 1996: Canadian nationalists led by Colin Nickerson lay claim to Machias Seal Island in the Bay of Fundy, claiming it as "Canadian annex". Also on this day, Labor leader Manuael Zelaya begins a Marxist Guerilla campiagn agianst local plantations in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, distrupting food production, comiting acts of sabotage, and illegally arming workers.

    August 30th 1996: The Stupids directed by John Landis, starring Tom Arnold makes its hit debut.

    September 8th 1996: Military officials announce the creation of Project Advanced Combat Man System (ACMS) in Nanjing, China, sparking fears of a "Pacific cybernetic arms race".

    September 14th 1996: NBC Music launches their highly successful Weekly Top Ten, allowing viewers to choice for their favorite Songs, Albums, Shows, Movies, Video Games, and Celebrities, using phone in and Cybernet voting. Also on this day, In an interview for Rolling Stone magazine, Paul McCartney confirms that he will be participating in a Moondogs Reunion Tour.

    September 19th 1996: The National Space Defense Act (NSDA) is passed in Washington, establishing the United State Space Force (USSF) as a separate branch of the military.

    September 26th 1996: "Reclaim the Future" riots occur between anarchists and Hammerskins in Camden, England, 24 people arrested.

    September 28th 1996: Environmentalist vigilante "Captain Ozone" makes an appearence in Seattle, Washington. Also on this day, Area 5.1 (WB-TV) animated series featuring "Zalgar the Brain-Eater" makes its hit debut.

    September 29th, 1996: "Secret School" leader Marshall Applewhite is arrested in San Diego, California after claiming to followers "This planet is about to be recycled, refurbished. Started over. That doesn't mean it's going to be destroyed, it doesn't mean the end of the world. But it does mean that it is going to be spaded under..."

    October 6th 1996: Governor Elvis Presley (I-Tenn) announces his retirement from politics.

    October 17th 1996: Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch reports massive violation of human rights and labor laws within the Central American Common Market (CACM).

    October 19th 1996: Senator Lyndon LaRouche (R-NH) claims that the British foreign policy will "only perpetuate a cycle of genocide and imperialism" during a speech in Washington D.C.

    October 20th 1996: Former president Martin Luther King Jr. suffers a massive stroke in Birmingham, Alabama and is rushed to St. Vincent's Hospital. Also on this day, The third GBL "Geo-Cup" ends with a 4-3 win of the Seattle Seals over the Osaka Samurai.

    October 22nd 1996: Doctors announce that former president Martin Luther King Jr. will likely be paralyzed for life.

    October 25th 1996: After five day in hospital former president Martin Luther King Jr. suffers a second stroke, and dies, aged 67 years old. Also on this day, In an interview for MIXX magazine, Ringo Star confirms that he will be participating in a Moondogs Reunion Tour.

    October 26th-29th 1996: World leaders flock to Washington in preparation for the Funeral of former American president Martin Luther King Jr.

    October 29th 1996: State funeral held for former president Martin Luther King Jr. held in Washington, the largest in American history, as millions (mostly African American) flock to the capital from across the nation. Speakers include President Hillary Rodham, Former Vice President Dr. Benjamin Spock, Former Vice President Patricia Schroeder, Former Soviet Premier Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, and civil rights partner Rosa Parks.

    November 1996: President Hillary Rodham re-elected against the Republican ticket of Steve Forbes (R-NY) and his running mate Alan Keyes (R-MD) , as well as the Union ticket of Ralph Nader (U-CT) and Wynona La Duke (U-CA). California passes Proposition #215 requiring Salvia Divinorum, Psilocybin Mushrooms, and Peyote Cactus be served only in licensed "Hash Bars" to persons over the age of 18.

    November 2nd 1996: In an interview for Details George Harrison confirms that he will be participating in a Moondogs Reunion Tour.

    November 5th 1996: Female vigilante "Terrifica" makes her appearence battling crime in New York City, New York. Also on this day, "Siempre Selena" album by Selena Quintanilla-Pérez makes its hit debut.

    November 6th 1996: California voters pass Proposition 215, demanding that medical marijuana is covered under the Universal Health and Dental Care Act.

    November 17th 1996: Chinese Foreign Minister Rong Yiren suggests a "League of the Chinese Diaspora" would have greater political legitimacy than the British Commonwealth Act, during a speech in Nanjing.

    November 29th 1996: Cryoblast 2, or, as it comes to be known by it's subtitle "Arctic Mirage" is released, racking in $231 Million in it's first week. It follows the dissapearance of many people across the northern hemisphere, and the rediscovery of the city of Arcticana at the north pole.

    December 4th 1996: Helsinki talks. SSG President Viktor Yushchenko meets with Baltic President Toomas Hendrik Ilves in Helsinki, Finland. Yushchenko agrees to recognize the Independence of The Baltic Union, Toomas Hendrik Ilves recognizes Kaliningrad Oblast as belonging to the SSG. However, the issue of Baltic nuclear weapons remains a stumbling point.

    December 7th 1996: Anarchists firebomb the Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) in the center of Turin, Italy, injuring 23 people in the process.

    December 15th 1996: Radical Christian pastor Fred Phelps launches a protest campaign against "the godless pagan practice of Furryism" claiming that the culture "encourages the sin of bestiality" "reduces humans to animalistic lust" and "underminds Christian morality by destroying human dignity encouraging the pagan practice of anthropomorphism" Also on this day, UFO abductee Debbie Jordan of Copley Woods, Indiana tells "Secret School" leaders in Indianapolis, Indiana that "something big is on the horizon...."

    December 16th 1996: "Furries" (animal role-playing) enthusiasts unveil the creation of "Furcadia" on the Cybernet

    December 19th 1996: United States Congress passes the Lunar act, which officially organizes the American Sphere into the "United States Lunar Territory"

    December 20th 1996: Frances Bean Cobain is taken from her mothers by Child protective services.

    December 23rd 1996: The "Game Warden" claims his sixth victim, 20 year old John Vlahos of Santa Cruz, California.

    December 24th 1996: Mercyful Fate lead singer King Diamond does interview regarding "The Mad Arab" in Copenhagen Denmark, saying, "If you don't like the song, go f*** yourself!"

    December 25th 1996: Palestinian leader Walid M. Awad leads rally in East Jerusalem stating, "Jerusalem is not a Jewish city, despite the biblical myth implanted in some minds...There is no tangible evidence of Jewish existence from the so-called 'Temple Mount Era'."

    December 30th 1996: Vigilante "Razorhawk" (a.k.a. Jack Brinatte) makes his debut in New York City, New York.

    December 31st 1996: Government officials in Chiapas report as massive refugee flow into the Central American Common Market (CACM) due to the labor demands of the "maquiladora corridor".


    January 4th 1997: The "Game Warden" claims his seventh victim, 22 year old Ricky Ryan of San Jose, California.

    January 7th 1997: "Evraziitsy" ultra-nationalist rallies are held in Moscow by Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin, calling a "rise to glory." Also on this day, First reported death related to H5N1 avian influenza reported in Hong Kong, sparking medical attention.

    January 15th 1997: Vigilante "Entomo, the Insect Man" makes his debut in Naples, Italy, sparking national attention.

    January 17th 1997: Vigilante "Mr. XTreme" advertises his services as a "private protector" in San Diego, California.

    January 23rd 1997: A Chinese Ghost Story Huárénzhì film by Tsui Hark, Charles Heung, and Nansun Shi, makes its hit debut.

    January 25th 1997: The Green Bay Packers win their third Super Bowl in team history and first in at least three decades with a 34-27 overtime triumph over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 33. Also on this day, In a sold out concert in Madison Square Garden, The Moondogs begin the American leg of their reunion tour.

    January 26th 1997: Albanian Revolution begins; 300,000 people seize control of the Parliament in Tirana. Rebel forces seize military armories in Valona and Vlore.

    January 27th 1997: Rebel forces seize Peshkopi and Gjrokaster, Albania, killing 6 people in the process.

    February 5th 1997: Accidental border skirmish between Uygur and Mongolian forces. 15 dead, 28 wounded.

    February 6th 1997: The FHS and India sign the Srinagar Defense Accords in Srinagar, Kashmir.

    February 7th 1997: iDroid Packbot automated mini-tanks are unveiled in Bedford, Massachusetts with "hive attacK' setting.

    February 11th 1997: The Uygurstani government protests the presence of Indian Tropes along their southern border, as part of the Srinagar Defense Accords.

    February 15th 1997: Cult of Normandy and anarchists clash in Lyon, France, leading to 23 arrests in the process.

    February 18th 1997: Congolese "Zaiko" music is introduced into the clubs by Musician Papa Wemba in Paris, France.

    February 24th 1997: PLO Chairman Afif Safieh demands recognition for the East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip territories under the British Commonwealth Act.

    February 25th 1997: The Uygurstani Communist party oraganizes massive protests agianst the growing coruption of the Ruling nationalist party.

    March 5th 1997: SPCA raids the home of singer Madonna Ciccone seizing over 50 dogs.

    March 13th 1997: Ministry of Health reports that c. 2 million British subjects may contract the H5N1 influenze, before the end of the year, in London, England.

    March 25th 1997: WHO/CDC officials report confirmation of H5N1 avian influenza in Seoul and Pyongyang, Korea.

    March 26th 1997: Wiesel Armoured Weapons Carrier (AWC) automated tanks are unveiled in Wiesbaden, Germany.

    March 27th 1997: WHO/CDC officials report 50 confirmed H5N1 avian influenza cases in Saigon, South Vietnam.

    April 4th 1997: Cobain v. Washington; In the "Trial of the Century" Claire Cobain and Melissa Fryrear-Cobain sue Washington State Child Protective services for discrimination.

    April 10th 1997: "Acadian Diaspora" (French-speaking people) announce that federal "English-only" policies are "discriminatory" during a rally in Shelburne, Nova Scotia.

    April 12th 1997: Ted Joans calls for the rise of a "antiauthoritarian, anti-conformist wave" in Seattle, Washington.

    April 14th 1997: Madonna Ciccone appears in court wearing leather "dominatrix" gear, a shaved head, and a swastika tattooed across her face.

    April 18th 1997: Christian Posse Association (CPA) leader L. Neil Smith is arrested outside the state capital in Phoenix, Arizona, after brandishing weapons outside the capital

    April 24th 1997: Richard Boylan leads c. 1,800 people to camp outside the White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, claiming to have evidence of a UFO landing

    May 8th 1997: President Jose Malfavon demands trade concessions from the United States, during a visit to Washington D.C.

    May 11th 1997: Indian officials report H5N1 avian influenza cases in Mumbai and New Delhi, sparking international attention and concern.

    May 13th 1997: The 1998 budget is passed, apropreating billions for the "Mass production" of the F-47B “Peagasus” space planes.

    May 21st 1997: Hong Kong Outbreak; Chinese government officials report H5N1 avian influenza has reached "epidemic rates" in Hong Kong.

    May 24th 1997: Thousands of protesters from the religious right protesters gather in San Francisco to protest the "Furrie" culture led by Fred Phelps, with signs reading "God hates Furries"

    May 25th 1997: The United States Space Forces unveil the Trojan Body Armor (TBA) Lunar Infantry suit.

    May 31st 1997: Female pitcher Ila Borders of San Diego, California makes her GBL debut with the Duluth Dukes in Duluth, Minnesota.

    June 2nd 1997: Canadian Prime Minister Michael Dean Harris gives his famous "go it alone" speech, where he states that "Canada must take it's own path, separate from either Britian or the United States". Also on this day, Marc-Boris Saint-Maurice introduces "Dagga" drug culture in Montreal, Quebec.

    June 5th 1997: The Last Time I Commited Suicide starring Charles Reeves, Thomas Elliot III, and Antonia Forlani makes its hit debut.

    June 6th 1997: Police officials in Johannesburg, South Africa report a massive traffic of "Dagga" and Mandrax" narcotics.

    June 7th 1997: Project FÉLIN (a.k.a. Fantassin à Équipement et Liaisons Intégrés, Integrated Equipment and Communications Infantryman), French analogue to Project LAND WARRIOR, is unveiled in Marseilles, France, sparking international attention and concern.

    June 8th 1997: American outbreak of H5N1 influenza reported after Humane Society officials uncover a cock-fighting ring in Honolulu, Hawaii.

    June 22nd 1997: WHO/CDC officials report that Chinese H5N1 avian influenza has been tracked in 10 countries.

    June 23rd 1997: Residents of the Maritime Provinces sue the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Washington D.C., over the decimation of local fisheries due to over-fishing.

    July 1st 1997: Governor Allen K. Gramer (R-MA) establishes the "Free & Strong America" Political Action Committee (FSA-PAC) in Boston, Massachusetts

    July 4th 1997: Governor Patrick Shull (R-SC) gives a major rally in Charleston "for the advancement of the conservative ideaology". Thousands attend. Among other things, Shull stresses the idea that America must modernize its military, and rely more on robotic technology, "or else in the future, countless more of our young men and women will die needlessly".

    July 7th 1997: Don't Try This at Home!, a show where 25 Contestants must compete in an obstacle course and various challanges to win $75,000 makes it's debut hit. Many positive reviews claim that the show is "made" by parody telecasters Rush Letterton and Ron Henderson.

    July 11th-13th 1997: Anthrocon "Furries" (animal role-playing) convention held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, sparking national attention...

    July 12th 1997: President Jose Malfavon leads a delegation of the Central American Common Market (CACM) to Panama City, in an effort to gan Panamanian membership. Also on this day, Oyi, Oyi underground Kwaito single by Arthur makes its hit musical debut in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    July 19th, 1997: Lucha Libre vigilante "Superbarrio" becomes a media celebrity by battling corrupt police officials in Mexico City, Mexico

    July 25th, 1997: Government officials in Belmopan, Belize call upon the British government for military aid against the Central American Common Market (CACM) (a.k.a. Central American Union, CAU)

    July 26th 1997: Failed assassination attempt on Vietnamese leader Colonel Tinh Ngo takes place in Saigon, South Vietnam, sparking international attention.

    June 27th 1997: Kat Barton of Quaker Peace and Social Witness leads rally in Trafalgar Sqare protesting the "militarization of space" calling for "Unarmed Forces Day" in London, England.

    July 28th 1997: Colonel Tinh Ngo seizes control of the goverment in Saigon, South Vietnam in a military coup d'etat.

    July 29th 1997: Governor Allen K. Gramer replaces Lieutenant-Governor Argeo Paul Cellucci (R-MA) with Jane M. Swift (R-MA), after allegations of bribery arise in Boston, Massachusetts.

    August 15th 1997: SSG President Viktor Yushchenko orders troops along the Uyghurstan and Chinese border to prevent an outbreak of H5N1 influenza.

    August 17th 1997: The Cybernet site "Nerd.com" releases the low-budget netseries Angry Video Game Nerds, starring the 19- and 20-year old gaming enthusiasts/movie buffs James Rolfe and Doug Walker. It becomes suprisingly popular, with each of the first couple episodes getting several million hitys within the first couple weeks.

    August 18th 1997: Government officials in Tokyo, Japan report an outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza, sparking international attention.

    August 30th 1997: XS Space Race 9 is held in Tucson, Arizona; Jason Somes of Reno, Nevada aboard the "Gold Star"

    September 2nd 1997: 1.5 million people are infected with "Kinshasha fever" within the United States, according to the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS).

    September 14th 1997: The First annual "Gaia Theory" music festival opens in Santa Clara, California, over two weeks, Millions of fans flood into the small town to watch such Diverse acts as Buddah, The Moondogs, and numerous other Rock and Ska bands, in what is dubbed by some as the “summer of love”

    September 18th 1997: Valentine H. Gernann, "Secret School" leader, warns that "the uplift of humanity to hyper-consciousness will soon occur" during a rally in New York City, New York...

    September 22nd 1997: Canadian Constitution Act, Canada know able to amend it's constitution without British consent. Signed by Canadian Prime Minister Michael Dean Harris, British Prime Minister William Hague and the King. The New Canadian Constitution also includes the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Also on this day, The Washington State Supreme Court rules that Child Protective services was guilty of discrimination and returns Frances Bean Cobain Cobain to her Mothers' Custody.

    September 23rd 1997: The all female British Electronic Band The Sirens made up of Victoria "Venus" Flint, Paris "Lilith" Howlett, Krystal "Voodoo Queen" Palmer, Maria "Hecate" Thornhill, and Laura "Lamia" Cook, release their critically acclaimed breakthrough album Siren Songs

    September 25th 1997: Lolita starring Ariana Swane, Jeremy Irons, and Frank Langella makes its hit debut.

    September 30th 1997: Quebecois government announces economic trade agreement with the Saudi Arabian government of Juhayman al-Otaibi, sparking tensions between the United States and Quebec

    October 1st 1997: Luke Woodham kills 3 people, injures 4 others in a "Beserker" fly agaric mushroom rage in Pearl, Missisippi.

    October 3rd 1997: Fred Patten (D-CA) announces plans to run for California governor in 1998

    October 4th 1997: "The Navigators" conservative movement by Bill McCartney launches rally in Washington D.C., calling for a "new moral direction" for American men with 1.2 million followers.

    October 6th 1997: The British Empire launches it's first military space plane, the BAE Taranis-1 in Farnborough, England. Also on this day, White Oak Industries unveils the Mk-1 Lunar Defense Gun, the world's first assault rifle capable of firing in a vaccum for the United States Space Forces in Silver Spring, Maryland.

    October 22nd 1997: The First Amendment to the Constitution of Canada, Senate and Governor General now popularly elected, Canada abandons British monarchy.

    October 30th 1997: Police raid an anarchist cell in Lyon, France, arresting 60 people in the process.

    November 8th 1997: 920 deaths are reported due to H5N1 influenza in Ho Chi Minh City, North Vietnam.

    November 12th 1997: Iraqi Colonel Ahmed Abdel Hadi Chalabi meets with American conservatives, promising a "revolution that can pay for itself."

    November 15th-17th 1997: "Furries" (animal role-playing) "pride" rallies held in Philadephia, Pennsylvania and Cleveland, Ohio...

    November 19th 1997: "The Dawn" album by Prince makes its hit debut in New York City, New York. Also on this day, Canadian health officials report a possible flu outbreak after a duck farm in Saskatchewan tests positive for H5N1 avian influenza.

    November 23rd 1997: Government officials order troops to seal the Chinese/ North Vietnamese border after Chinese refugees flood the country. Also on this day, Musician King Kester Emeneya introduces "Zaiko" music in Los Angeles, California.

    November 24th 1997: Edward Forchion introduces "Dagga" drug subculture in Camden, New Jersey, sparking international attention.

    December 4th 1997: Government troops in Kiev, SSG destroy a poultry farm, after reports of infected birds.

    December 8th 1997: Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) plunges 890 points, after WHO/CDC warns of a possible American H5N1 outbreak.

    December 10th 1997: Palestinian historical soceity (PHS) sends press release stating, "We have found "Umayyad Islamic palaces, Roman ruins, Armenian ruins and others, but nothing Jewish." The PHS then claimed that "there is no tangible evidence of any Jewish traces / remains in the old city of Jerusalem and its immediate vicinity."

    December 12th 1997: Neo-Nazi skinheads launch riots in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Darwin, Australia, proclaiming independence from the "mud peoples"

    December 18th 1997: Azanian People's Liberation Army (APLA) led by Colonel Bongani Sibeko announces plans for a "land resdistribution" campaign in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    December 19th 1997: Titanic starring Elisabeth Winslet, George Zane, and Wilhelm Di Caprio "bombs" at the box office. Many blame the film's low SFX budget.


    January 3rd 1998: Kerstin Lorenz of Leipzig, Germany launches the "Sword of Odin" Cybernet "virtual alliance" with Hammerskins, Neo-Nazis, and members of the Christian Posse Association (CPA).

    January 4th 1998: Civil unrest and violence erupt in Ankara, Turkey after reports of 14 deaths related to H5N1 avian influenza.

    January 13th 1998: Japanese Cybernet site "Twin-Chin" forms, the first "image board" with minimal rules and abasis on being random.

    June 16th-18th 1998 : In response to the success of "Gaia Theory" music festival, the "African Pride" Music festival is held in Macon County, Georgia. Acts include Jimi Hendrix, Prophets of Da City, Arthur, King Kester Emeneya and George Clinton.

    January 20th 1998: Monument Ave. starring Denis Leary, Colm Meaney, and Martin Sheen makes its hit debut.

    January 22nd 1998: French officials announce in Paris, France that they will ban all incoming international flights from those countries infected by the H5N1 avian influenza.

    January 26th 1998: Musical singles "Whose World Is This" and "Stranger In Me" by Jim Page of Seattle, Washington make their hit musical debut.

    January 27th 1998: U.S. Ambassador Scott Ritter discloses "knowledge gaps" of possible SSG links to Kurdish rebels to Colonel Ahmed Abdel Hadi Chalabi

    January 28th 1998: The Members of the ESA (European Space agency) sign the Brussels Space Defense Accord(BSDA) in Brussels, Belgium

    January 31st 1998: The Denver Broncos win their third Super Bowl in franchise history, dethroning the defending champion Green Bay Packers 41-37 in Super Bowl 34.

    February 3rd 1998: A minor brawl in Sydney erupts into a huge riot between Neo-Nazis and Hammerskins. 19 are killed, dozens are wounded.

    February 7th 1998: The Concerto album by Bongo Maffin makes its hit debut, introducing "Kwaito" culture to mainstream audiences.

    February 8th 1998: WHO/CDC officials report an outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza in Lagos, Nigeria.

    February 14th 1998: Female player Luna Vachon of Montreal, Quebec publicly accuses Duluth Dukes pitcher Ila Borders of using anabolic steroids. However drug tests disprove these accusations.

    February 24th 1998: United Nation General Assembly delegates debate the border between Belize and the Central American Common Market (CACM) in Havana, Cuba, calling British military intervention "illegal"

    February 26th 1998: Iraqi Revolution; Colonel Ahmed Abdel Hadi Chalabi overthrows the government in Baghdad, claiming to support a pro-democracy movement.

    February 27th 1998: Tory MP Michael Porfilio announces plans to kill ravens at the Tower of London, in an effort to prevent the spread of H5N1 influenza.

    March 5th 1998: SSG and Third Bloc delegations march out of the United Nations General Assembly after American and British delegations call for a treaty on "nuclear terrorism" in New York City, New York. Also on this day, WHO/CDC officials in Gdansk, Poland report an outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza.

    March 6th 1998: Premier Manzurul Ahsan Khan is assassinated by car bomb in Dhaka; General Secretary Mujahidul Islam-Selim is named as successor.

    March 14th 1998: Take the Drum Kwaito single by Bongo Maffin makes its hit musical debut in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    March 21st 1998: Palestinean officials report a "humanitarian disaster" after reporting 18 deaths related to H5N1 avian influenza.

    March 24th 1998: Health officials in Amman, Jordan report an outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza, sparking civil unrest and violence.

    March 23rd-24th 1998: Leaders of Philippines, China, Korea, South Vietnam, North Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand sign agreement condemning “renewed Japanese imperialism"

    March 30th 1998: President Hillary Rodham calls upon the Quebecois government to "fulfill its role" with its assistance in peace-keeping missions in Montreal, Quebec

    April 1st 1998: Peace activists in Carlsbad, New Mexico establish the "Peace Park", in an effort to protest the "militarization of space."

    April 4th 1998: WHO/CDC officals reports an outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza in Gampela, Burkina Faso.

    April 6th 1998: British Ministry of Health officials report an outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    April 7th 1998: Japan launches a Kankoh-maru space plane from their KIBO space station, the first space plane constructed in Orbit.

    April 9th 1998: Madonna Ciccone announces with Luke Skywalker her conversion to the "Church of Bendu" in Los Angeles, California.

    April 20th 1998: Manee Kassaii forms the "Dagga Culture" movement in Trenton, New Jersey.

    April 23th 1998: Pavel Mikhailovich is named governor of the Volga District. Immediately, Mikhailovich, an ex-colonel who fought in the First Volga War, bgins a series of brutal crackdowns on Volga Germans, including criminalizing the use of the German language in the territory. This ends over two years of relitive "peace" in which very little action takes place inside of the Volga region, mostly limited to little more than political broadcasting and occasional gang violence.

    April 24th 1998: Andrew Wurstof Edinboro, Pennsylvania strangles teacher John Gillete after injesting "Beserker" fly agaric mushrooms.

    May 4th 1998: President Hillary Rodham warns in a televised speech, "up to 2 million people may die within the United States alone of H5N1 influenza." in Washington D.C.

    May 17th 1998: Third Bloc guerillas are reported along the Hummingbird Highway, outside Rio Azul, Belize killing 4 people in the process. Also on this day, "Bambara" restaurants announce the distribution of "Groundnut stew" (e.g. Congolese chicken, okra, ginger, and other spices) in New York City, New York.

    June 1st 1998: France launches its first military space plane, the Bateleur-1 in Paris, France

    June 8th 1998: Fred Patten (D-CA) wins Democratic primaries for California governor. Also on this day, Doorways (ABC-TV) creator George R.R. Martin, leaves the series, placing Tracy Torme in charge.

    June 15th 1998: Mass graves are found outside of Saigon, blamed on the regime of Tinh Ngo, sparking concern with the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC). Also on this day, Palestinian leader Seif Ali Al-Jarwan leads rally in East Jerusalem saying, "They concocted horrible stories of gas chambers which Hitler, they claimed, used to burn them alive. The press overflowed with pictures of Jews being gunned down, or being pushed into gas chambers. The truth is that such persecution was a malicious fabrication by the Jews." Also on this day, Mainstream press "discovers" the problem of "Beserker" fly agaric mushrooms after school shooting in Richmond, Virginia.

    June 16th 1998: Art Graff of Alpine, Texas launches rallies in Austin, Texas against the "militarization of space".

    June 24th 1998: The United States Space Forces comnences Operation CROSSBOW to test the possibility of "Orbital bombardment" using F-47B “Peagasus” space planes. A Modified F-47B is used to drop several "tactical ordinances" on the unhibatited Mare Nubium, near the border of the SSG lunar sphere.

    June 30th 1998: Action Comics #720 (DC Comics) by Alan Moore released, commemorating the 60th anniversary of Superman; Superman unites the Legion of Super Heroes (LSH), Justice League of America (JLA), and the Justice Society of America (JSA) to retrieve Jimmy Olson from the Phantom Zone, bringing the character back into continuity.

    July 1st 1998: Mengzi Street Station "Huárénzhì" film by Fanqi Wang Lian about a fantasy "Yellowska" world, makes its hit debut.

    July 5th 1998: Premier Mujahidul Islam-Selim orders the arrest of UNICEF relief aid workers in Dhaka, East Pakistan as "suspected CIA agents.

    July 27th 1998: South Vietnamese leaders Albert Trinh and Tinh Ngo call for a negotiated ceasefire in Saigon, South Vietnam.

    June 30th 1998: Armed guerillas enter the building of the Constitutional Council in Paris, France. One of them seizes an original specimen of the constitution, and proceeds to burn it, declaring, "The dictatorship of capitalism must be abolished. The workers declare anarchist-communism."

    July 1st 1998: Armageddon starring Kirk Cameron, Brad Johnson, and Janaya Stephens, flops at the box office.

    July 4th 1998: 6 Christian Posse Association (CPA) are linked to the murder of Judge Jack D. Shanstrom in Helena, Montana.

    July 8th 1998: Ebony magazine features "Kwaito Generation" by Gavin Steingo, about the rise of African pop culture.

    July 12th 1998: Californian Republican Nominee Michael Huffington (R-CA) launches the imfamous "furry" attack ad with immediate backlash. Also on this day, International Finance Corporation (IFC) CEOs, a major contributor to the Hillary Rodham campaign, along with a member of the World Bank Group, is attacked by Third Bloc guerillas in Placentia, Belize. Also on this day, General Strike of 1998; Labor union protests paralyze the country, with massive rallies in Montreal

    July 17th 1998: Heritage Festival, billed in the right-wing media as "the Real American Jamboree", and by the left-wing media as “the largest gathering of right-wing nut jobs since the Nuremberg rally” is held in Carthage, Missouri, with 30,000 people.

    July 22nd 1998: There are now over 150 fusion plants world wide. The country with the most is India, followed by China, with the United States in third.

    August 11th 1998: President Hilary Rodham is caught having a lesbian sex with Jennifer Van Damme, Hollywood's most well known bisexual.

    August 12th 1998: Independent prosecutor Ken Starr launches investigation into Jennifer Van Damme scandal into whether, Van Damme used sexual favors in an effort to gain political favors in Washington D.C.

    August 14th 1998: Cases of H5N1 avian influenza are reported in Ann Arbor, Michigan, sparking national attention.

    August 17th 1998: The Guardian reports that H5N1 avian influenza is being blamed on "Chinese and American biological weapons." by Third Bloc leaders.

    August 21st 1998: The Italian government orders the extermination of millions of pigeons in Rome, admits fears of an H5N1 avian influenza outbreak. Also on this day, 25,000 peace activists meet in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, to protest the "militarization of space".

    August 25th 1998: Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee refuses efforts by President Hillary Rodham to monitor nuclear fissile materials during a conference in Paris, France.

    August 27th 1998: XS Space Race 10 is held in Muncie, Indiana; Skip Holme of Reno, Nevada aboard the "Dago Red"

    August 28th 1998: General Minita Gordon is installed as Prime Minister in Belmopan, Belize by British forces. In reaction, anti-government guerillas in Belmopan, Belize launch attacks against the Presidential Palace

    September 2nd 1998: Secretary of Energy Richard J. Lugar warns that without cooperation from either the Third Bloc or SSG, that a nuclear terrorist incident is "inevitable".

    September 3rd 1998: Psychiatrist Lisa McPherson publishes her highly controversal, and influential book Freud was wrong, bringing about wide spread controversy.

    September 5th 1998: WHO/CDC officials report cases of H5N1 avian influenza in Baltimore, Maryland.

    September 9th 1998: NBC-Universal starts broadcasting a new TV channel, the "Geek Channel". The programming consists of Star Track reruns and a TV-version of the Angry Video Game Nerds, with the same cast.

    September 11th 1998: The Second annual "Gaia Theory" music festival opens in Santa Clara, California, over two weeks, Millions of fans flood into the small town. Heavy rains over the course of the two weeks leads to the sight of thousands of young people striping naked and playing in the mud.

    September 12th 1998: Patrick Shull (R-SC) is elected as head of the National Governors Association (NGA) in Washington D.C. Also on this day, The "Electronica Britannica" music festival is held in Glasgow, Scotland. Here bands such as Spawn and The Sirens present themselves as a "clean, straight edge alternative" to the "drug addled" North American Electronic scene.

    September 18th 1998: Muslim fundamentalists demand a fatwa against, Taslima Nasrin for "disparaging the national honor" in Dhaka, East Pakistan.

    September 21st 1998: The Church of Scientology begins a massive protest campaign against "abusive practices" in mental health asylums, including Lobotomies, shock therapy, and, in some cases, sexual abuse of inmates. The campaign is successful in raising public pressure for reform.

    September 22nd 1998: The all female British Electronic Band The Sirens release their second album Babylon Baby.

    September 25th 1998: Jennifer Van Damme contracts "Kinshasha Fever" from actor Pamson Anderson.

    September 26th 1998: Germany launches its first military space plane, the EADS Sperwer in Peeneemunde, Germany

    September 28th 1998: France announces plans to divide West Africa into the republics of "Benin", "Sokoto", "Mali", "Cote d'Ivorie", "Dahomey" and, 48 years after it's intended independence, "Camerun".

    October 1st-3rd, 1998: Morgan-Stanley, Chase-Manhattan, and the Bankers Trust are sent reeling as several Asia-Pacific financial institutions renege on derivatives contracts. A banking chain-reaction weakens the entire banking infrastructure to the breaking point

    October 8th 1998: Third Bloc troops overrun the area of Orange Walk, Belize with 14,000 troops, sparking international attention

    October 9th 1998: 13-year old British national Michelle Nichols is found murdered and raped by the Western Highway near Belmopan, evidence points to Third Bloc troops, sparking international outrage

    October 10th 1998: Former White House aide Dale Young accuses President Hillary Rodham of sexually groping him, during 4 hours of testimony.

    October 12th 1998: Victoria "Venus" Flint, lead vocalist of the all female British Electronic Band The Sirens successfully bumps Claire Cobain, Lead singer of the Mudd band Buddah from the number one spot of “The Top Ten Hottest Female Artists" on NBC Music's Weekly Top Ten

    October 15th 1998: The United States begins production of the Avenger Lunar tank in San Diego, California

    October 18th 1998: President Hillary Rodham appears on 60 Minutes (CBS-TV) to dispel rumors that she has contracted "Kinshasha fever".

    October 24th 1998: President Jose Malfavon announces official membership into the Third Bloc in Managua, Nicaragua, pledging political and military support in the Sri Lankan conflict

    October 28th 1998: British troops instate martial law in Belmopan, Belize, sparking international attention and concern

    October 31st 1998: Iraqi President Ahmed Abdel Hadi Chalabi meets with President Hillary Rodham in Washington D.C., asking for American military aid.

    November 3rd 1998: Fred Patten (D-CA) becomes governor of California. Republicans led by Representative William "Will" O'Reilly (R-NY) take control of the House of Representatives after campaigning on the "moral failures" of the Rodham administration.

    November 10th 1998: President Hillary Rodham announces that HHS has purchased enough vaccine for c.60 million Americans.

    November 14th 1998: Independent prosecutor Ken Starr calls upon Secret Service agents to testify to "what they know, and when did they know." Also on this day, Death of an Anarchist film directed by Bruce Miller, makes its hit debut.

    November 17th 1998: Radical Christian preacher Sean Scheper organizes a massive album burning of the British Electronic bands Spawn and The Sirens calling them "Satanic influences on the youth of America", and calling for the American government to "ban the importation of demonic inspired filth."

    November 18th 1998: The SSG begins production of the Yantar- HK5 lunar tank in Moscow, SSG

    November 3rd 1998: Patrick Shull (R-SC) wins re-election for governor in Charleston, South Carolina.

    November 25th, 1998: Jose Malfavon announces that the Central American Common Market (CACM) will freeze the offshore banking accounts of the LTTE in Managua, Nicaragua

    November 29th 1998: Government officials announce a quarantine of Iksan City, Korea due to H5N1 avian influenza.

    November 30th 1998: Secretary of Defense William J. Perry warns that security at U.S. nuclear fusion plants are "inadequate" against a terrorist attack.

    December 4th 1998: "E-Mergence" album by Joffre Stewart makes its hit musical debut

    December 13th 1998: Right wing Governor Allen K. Grammer (R-MA) hosts Watch This Space (NBC-TV), receiving angry viewer responses.

    December 20th 1998: Citing activities in Central America, President Anselm Peries nationalizes branches of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in Colombo, Sri Lanka Also on this day, WHO/CDC officials call for a quarantine of Thai Binh province in South Vietnam, after hospital wards overhelmed.

    December 21st 1998: Former gubernatorial candidate Michael Huffington (R-CA) admits that he is a "Furry" in Chico, California...


    January 1st 1999: Blackout of 1999; 3 nuclear power plants suffer outages due to "technical problems", causing blackouts along the New York/ New England region of the United States. Also on this day, India begins production of the Lakshya-1 lunar tank in Bhavan, India. Also on this day, Seeing the actions of Mikhailovich as too much for only the people of the Volga to handle, Gottlieb and other members of the WDRA begin searching for assistance in other, pro-German groups outside the SSG.

    January 3rd 1999: Victoria "Venus" Flint, lead vocalist of the all female British Electronic Band The Sirens goes on record saying "I'm strongly against the use of drugs at our shows, if you want to take Spirit or Mandrax don't listen to our music!" durring an interveiw for NBC Music's Weekly Top Ten

    January 15th 1999: Greek Revolution; Democratic activist Vasilis Evangelidis leads the overthrow of the government in Athens, Greece.

    January 16th 1999: Pro democracy rebel forces led by Arban Belala battle government forces in Thessaloniki, Greece. Also on this day, Wake and Do Your Own Thing Kwaito single by Aba Shante makes its hit musical debut in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    January 19th 1999: President Hillary Rodham dedicates 5 minutes of the "State of the Union" address to the issue of the "Y2K" related technical problems in Washington D.C. Also on this day, WHO/CDC officials announce several H5N1 avian influenza cases in Moscow, despite SSG denials.

    January 21st 1999: Kostas Mitropetros, Vasilis Evangelidis, and Arban Belala call for the creation of a constitutional convention in Athens, Greece.

    January 23rd 1999: The SSG launches the first of it's "Sokol" military sattelites, designed to shot down any enemy space plane re-entering the atomosphere over SSG air space. Also on this day, Laze Laduma Kwaito single by Imruselelo Yase Natali makes its hit musical debut in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    September 24th 1999: Representative Silvestre Reyes (D-NM) leads rally in Carlsbad, New Mexico in opposition to the "militarization of space".

    January 25th 1999: Carmine Stevenson begins starring in a hit new comedy show, The Cubicle.

    January 29th-31st 1999: K-Mart and Wal-Mart cash registers suffer major "technical problems" causing a temporary closure at all U.S. and Canadian retail outlets

    January 30th 1999: Two decades after their Super Bowl 14 upset win against the Steelers, the Los Angeles Rams wind up on the losing end of a Super Bowl upset as the Memphis Titans(formerly the Houston Oilers) come back from a 27-10 third quarter deficit to beat the Rams 41-30 in Super Bowl 35. Rams head coach Mike Martz is fired two days later. Also on this day, The "Game Warden" claims his eighth victim, 24 year old Eric Lau of Oakland, California.

    February 9th 1999: Secretary of Defense William J. Perry warns President Hillary Rodham that space-based defense systems are blind to "nuclear terrorism" at Camp David.

    February 15th, 1999: Christian protestors led by Ralph Reed and Jerry Falwell begin a campaign demanding that all "Anthropomorphic cartoons" be banned, citing them as "A satanic corupting influnence on children".

    February 19th 1999: Quebecois President Jacques Parizeau meets with President Hillary Rodham in Washington D.C., cementing relations

    February 23rd 1999: WHO/CDC officials report outbreaks of H5N! avian influenza in Nangahar and Kunar.

    March 1st 1999: Marvel comics debuts the series Wicca, Swordmaiden of the Black Rose by Johnny "Jack" Balent extremely controversial due to it’s levels of violence, nudity and sexuality.

    March 11th 1999: Hollywood studio executive and Rodham friend Harry Thomasen testifies that Rodham that the "Van Damme affair" was not part of a "Hollywood deal."

    March 14th 1999: LTTE appeals to the Rodham Administration in Washington D.C., to unfreeze bank accounts held by the Central American Common Market (CACM) as a "fight for freedom."

    March 17th 1999: American "military advisor" Ervin Beck is killed in Belmopan, Belize by Third Bloc backed guerillas. Also on this day, President Hillary Rodham becomes the first sitting president to testify before a grand jury in Washington D.C.

    March 19th 1999: Independent prosecutor Ken Starr announces that he has obtained a medical tests for President Hillary Rodham, including samples of DNA.

    April 1st 1999: Canadian government agencies report an inability to access accounting systems in Toronto, Ontario, sparking a massive "financial crunch". Also on this day, Ecochem Pesticide Scandal; Hundreds hospitalized in Rome do to exposure to toxic "pigeon gas", sparking nation-wide protests.

    April 4th, 1999: Quebecois leaders announce in Montreal that they will not send troops into Central America, despite American pressure

    April 9th 1999: American Twin-Chin enthusiast Mark Mootly creates the Americanized version of Twin -Chin "Quad-Chin" it has fewer rules and creates the first "Cybernet memes".

    April 15th, 1999: Federal Information Infrastructure Protection Act passed; Federal Government passes law to draft programmers or at least mandate that current Federal employees must remain in service to the government for the duration of the "Y2K" events. Also on this day, FBI raid the farm owned by Jason L. Capitan in Humboldt County, California. Jason L. Capitan is taken into custody under suspicion of being the "Game Warden".

    April 16th, 1999: British Tory MP Michael Ashcroft is assassinated in Belmopan, Belize after launching a fact-finding mission into the region

    April 18th 1999: Over the objection of Congressional Democrats, video footage of the Van Damme affair are released to the public, becoming one of the most downloaded videos on the Cybernet.

    April 19th 1999: Anti-American rallies held in Shelburne, Nova Scotia, sparking international attention and concern

    April 24th 1999: Majority Whip Representative William "Will" O'Reilly (R-NY) announces Impeachment hearings against President Hillary Rodham in Washington D.C.

    April 28th 1999: William R. Myers kills 2 students, injuring 3 others, in bloody axe murders in Taber, Alberta, Canada, after injesting "Beserker" fly agaric mushrooms.

    May 1st 1999: U.S. 6th Fleet is sent to patrol the Bay of Bengal in an effort to prevent "drug-trafficking", along with monitor Third Bloc activities in the region

    May 5th 1999: The "Game Warden" trial begins, as suspect Jason L. Capitan is tried in San Francisco, California.

    May 8th 1999:Camille Theriault (R-NB) announces his gubernatorial bid, calling for massive economic reforms.

    May 13th 1999: Consumer Report details that camping supplies, generators, canning supplies, and food dehydrators are in short supply from the shelves of department stores nationwide

    May 15th 1999: SSG President Viktor Yushchenko survives an attempted impeachment vote led by Prime Minister Alexander Ivanovich Lebed and Vladimir Zhirinovsky in Moscow.

    May 17th 1999: Ohad Shem Tov introduces "Dagga culture" in Tel Aviv, Israel, sparking international attention.

    May 23rd 1999: One Edgar Roven approaches Gottlieb with a proposition. In allowing Roven and his associates housing, they will provide protection. This is the first step to the founding of the Sword of Odin "Ostsiedlung" Division.

    May 26th 1999: "Aidoru Craze" strikes the SSG with the introduction of the "Octobrianna" "aidoru" (artificial celebrity) in Moscow, Russian Republic, SSG.

    May 27th 1999: Christian fundamentalists Evan David Pedley and Mark Logan Pedley announce the creation of the "Dominion of Melchizedek", a private lunar colony.

    June 6th 1999: The defense in for Jason L. Capitan in the "Game Warden" trial plea "not guilty to reasons of insanity", citing years of childhood abuse beginning in 1968 when the defendant was 5 years old.

    June 14th 1999: In response to the popularity of Wicca, Swordmaiden of the Black Rose Alan Moore creates the title/character Avatar Promethea For DC comics.

    June 26th 1999: Assistant Secretary fo Energy Victor H. Reis is arrested in Washington D.C., for "selling vital secrets" to the Chinese government in regards to nuclear fusion.

    July 1st 1999: Australian businesses and governments (federal and state) experience computer crashes and malfunctions due to the roll over to the Australian financial year.

    July 2nd 1999: 37 radio station employees in Sivas, Turkey are killed after a broadcast of "The Mad Arab" takes place, provoking a mob of 2,130 people to firebomb the studios.

    July 5th 1999: Jason L. Capitan testifies that his father forced him to have sex with animals at the family farm.

    July 11th 1999: New York becomes the first state to ban Lobotomies. Also on this day, the state of New York orders the closure of 17 "abusive" mental health facilities.

    July 18th 1999: "Acadian Diaspora" clash with federal officials in Fredericton, New Brunswick, demanding French-language accommodation. Also on this day, Apple Corp. stock skyrockets a record +212.13 points at John Lennon’s announcement that he will be returning as the company’s CEO.

    July 20th 1999: The Independent reports a massive military buildup by the British government in Belize led by Defense Minister William Hague. Also on this day, Libertarian Lazarus Long of Tulsa, Oklahoma establishes the "The Principality of New Utopia" as a privately funded orbital space station as a tax haven. Also on this day, Mexican Foreign Minister Miguel Ruiz Cabanas condemns the "militarization of space" by the SSG, United States, Third Bloc, and Japan as a "threat to all mankind."

    July 23rd 1999: Radical Christian preacher Cassie Maxwell goes on record saying "The very fact that servants of Satan such as The Sirens are against LSD should be taken as a sign that god wants us to use it."

    July 25th 1999: End of Days (Warner Bros.) starring Tonya Cruise, Kevin Costner, and Chris McDonald makes its hit debut.

    August 2nd 1999: WHO/CDC officials report the outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza in Kauai, Hawaii.

    August 7th 1999: "Silvestre" anarchists firebomb several American multinational companies (e.g. McDonald's, Starbuck's, et al.) in Pisa, Italy. Also on this day, XS Space Race 11 is held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Pilots Gary Hubler, Steve Dari, and Brad Morehouse are killed in a massive accident; Skip Holme of Reno, Nevada aboard the "Dago Red"

    August 9th 1999: SSG Prime Minister Alexander Ivanovich Lebed launches a televised speech, where he blames the economic and political "failures" of President Viktor Yushchenko on his Ukrainian heritage and promises a "return to glory".

    August 12th 1999: Assistant Secretary of Energy Eugene Harber warns that he can't account for 450 lbs of nuclear fissile materials in Rocky Flats, Colorado. Also on this day, Y2k preparedness goes commercial with major retailers (Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target) advertising items like batteries, flashlights, and candles as "Y2K Preparedness Supplies" in their newspaper ads and in-store displays.

    August 13th 1999: SSG President demands the resignation of Prime Minister Alexander Ivanovich Lebed in Moscow, Russia citing the call for "national unity". Also on this day, major banks and other large companies begin to bring out T.V. and newspaper commercials stating that they are Y2K compliant in an effort to stem public mistrust. Also on this day, Military troops are called into Jembrana province, Bali, due to H5N1 avian influenza outbreak, sparking international attention.

    August 17th, 1999: Tory MP Ian Pluthero warns that "national honor is at stake" before the House of Commons in regards to Belize

    August 31st 1999: Varicella (XYZZY Games) alternate-timeline video game by Adam Cadre, featuring a world wherein Leonardo da Vinci's work triggered the Industrial Revolution, 300 years earlier, makes its hit debut.

    September 1st 1999: The Martians "Huárénzhì" animated shorts by Ran Shan Hui, features short stories about Martian life.

    September 3rd 1999: SSG President Viktor Yushchenko's call for the resignation of Prime Minister Alexander Ivanovich Lebed are rejected by the Duma.

    September 6th 1999:"Acadian Diaspora" leaders led by Michel Venne and Rene Legere call "English-only" American policies "discriminatory and racist." during a rally in Moncton.

    September 7th 1999: "Game Warden" suspect Jason L. Capitan is found not-guilty by reasons of insanity, and sentenced to life in a mental health asylum.

    September 7th-8th 1999: "Mukti" Riots erupt in San Francisco, California in response to the ruling of the Jason L. Capitan (a.k.a. "Game Warden") trial. "Mukti" is a term by "Furry" activists meaning "liberation".

    September 9th, 1999: Massive computer failures are reported in Japan, Canada, Great Britain, and the United States, sparking "media panic"

    September 11th 1999: Amanda Spellman, Delinquent Witch (ABC-TV) starring Emily Hart makes its hit debut.

    September 12th 1999: The box office flop "Ghostbusters" becomes a cult hit on Cybernet when it's reveiwed on the popular movie site "VuMaster".

    September 16th 1999: The Third annual "Gaia Theory" music festival opens in Santa Clara, California, as Millions of fans once again flood into the small town. Unfortunately, "profiteering" by the organizers, including charging $25.00 for bottled water, while removing by force anyone who brought their own refreshments leads to open riot. A fire starts near one of the stages, and quickly spreads to the town causing millions of dollars worth of property damage. The National Guard is called in to end the riot. In the end 27 people are dead and thousands are injured, in what the media dub the “summer of hate”.

    September 19th 1999: Harry Turtledove is set to produce a Star Track re-boot, it's release date is rumored to be somewhere around 2001.

    September 21st 1999: SSG President Viktor Yushchenko declares that the Duma is in violation of the Constitution and legally dissolves it.

    September 23rd 1999: President Hillary Rodham speaks at the Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina warning of the "weapons of mass destruction" falling into the hands of "rogue groups".

    September 23-24th 1999: Protesters in support of Prime Minister Alexander Ivanovich Lebed and President Viktor Yushchenko erupt in Moscow, with pitched street battles between the two factions.

    September 25th 1999: Environmentalists and arms control activists propose a 48-hour "atomic holiday" with nuclear reactors shut down and nuclear missles de-alerted in rallies in Paris, London, Rome, and Washington D.C.

    September 30th 1999: Tokai-mura Disaster; c.2,985,424 people are forced to evacuate from Tokai-mura, Ibaraki, after a massive nuclear meltdown, becoming the most expensive nuclear disaster.

    October 3rd 1999: The "Geek Channel" releases 2 new shows, Geek Update, reviewing the latest in sci-fi, fantasy, Asian animation, gaming, and Cybernet, and Epic Fail, a spin-off of Angry Video Game Nerds starring Shaun Fozz and several other minor characters from the parent series.

    October 4th 1999: President Viktor Yushchenko orders the crackdown on the Duma, deposing Alexander Ivanovich Lebed and Vladiminir Zhirinovsky.

    October 7th 1999: Developer Ian Trump and European-American Realty open the "Dearborn Tower" (corner of Madison/Dearborn) in Chicago, Illinois at 2,001 ft.

    October 8th 1999: Harsh Realm (ABC-TV) starring Terry O'Quinn, Bernie Sweeney, and created by Chris Carter , makes its hit television debut. Also on this day, due to uncertainty about readiness of air transport infrastructure, North American airlines cancel all flights between 30 Dec 1999 and 03 Jan 2000 with flights after that date sold subject to possible cancellation. International airlines follow suit.

    October 9th 1999: Cryoblast 3 is released, the last in the Cryoblast Trilogy by Harry Turtledove and Nicholas Meyer. It ends up bringing in 79.1 Million dollars.

    October 13th 1999: 1,600 members of the South Indiana Regiment of the Christian Posse Association (CPA) fire upon FBI agents in South Bend, Indiana. Also on this day, Will O'Reilly (R-NY) announces he will be running for President in 2000 in the Republican primaries.

    November 13th 1999: The complete works of H. P. Lovecraft are banned in Saudi Arabia, as cleric Sadiq 'Abdul-Karim Malallah places them under a Fatwa, stating “The character Abdul Alhazred is nothing more than an unflattering characture of the Prophet Muhammad, and the book called the Necronomicon is nothing more than an attack on the holy Koran

    October 17th 1999: "Geo-Cup 6"; Duluth Dukes pitcher Ila Borders leads team to victory against the Los Angeles Legend, 6-3. Also on this day, Patrick Shull (R-SC) announces his candidacy for the Presidency in 2000

    October 20th 1999: Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan warns of the dangers of nuclear terrorism during a meeting of the U.N. Security Council in New York City, New York.

    October 21st 1999: Karl Grossman leads protest rally of 325,000 people against the “militarization of space” outside the United Nations in New York City, New York.

    November 7th 1999: The Hash Bar/"Warehouse Club" Neurotica opens in Los Angeles, California, and is instantly popular, with both ordinary patrons and celebrities.

    November 8th 1999: American porn star Jessica Cena Admits her love for under aged Ian Trump.

    November 13th 1999: Government Lies play by Alise Alousi, Kim Hunter, and Kevin Rashad makes its hit Broadway debut in New York City, New York.

    November 17th, 1999: 3 nuclear fusion power plants put under protective custody by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

    November 18th 1999: IQ tests taken by Karl Jurgens, Jr., show that he has an IQ of 115. He is physically fit and his only real problem is his inability to speak.

    November 19th 1999: Victor Cordova Jr., violently kills 2 teachers, wounding 3 people in knife attacks in Deming, New Mexico after injesting "Beserker" fly agaric mushrooms. Also on this day, Y2K film starring Bruce Campbell, Michael Bienh, and Jeff Fahey makes its hit debut.

    November 20th 1999: President Hillary Rodham issues a federal "price-freeze" in an effort to prevent "Y2K profiteering" in Washington D.C.

    November 21st 1999: SSG government officials announce plans to reintroduce the wooly mammoth to the Siberian wildeness over the next century.

    November 22nd 1999: Jason L. Capitan (aka the "Game Warden") announces his marriage to Sorhna Li Jordan of Chico, California in San Quentin Penitentiary.

    November 24th 1999: Ride With the Devil "Champagne Western" starring Vincent Maguire, Bryan Ray Trout, and Francis O'Keefe, makes its hit debut.

    November 25th 1999: The Independent reports significant "financial links" between International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Tory Party MPs, including MP Ian Pluthero

    November 28th 1999: Romanian health officials announce H5N1 avian influenza along the Danube River basin. Also on this day, WHO/CDC officials report avian influenza in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    November 30th 1999: International Third Position (ITP) members spark riots at the World Trade Organization (WTO) conference in Seattle, Washington proclaiming the "Zionist Overlord Government(ZOG) is the enemy of the people!".

    December 1st 1999: Protest held to lower the age of consent down to 14 are held, Feminist President Rodham refuses to acknowledge the protests existence.

    December 10th 1999: Anarchist terrorists bomb the Lenin Mausoleum in Moscow, Russia, killing 5 people, and spray-painting the message "Against Everyone!"

    December 19th 1999: Mayor Yury Mikhaylovich Luzhkov is assassinated in Moscow, Russia, sparking international attention and concern.

    December 20th 1999: Tamil leader Chandrika Kumaratunga vows that "blood shall flow in the streets, before this war is ended." in Colombo, Sri Lanka." Also on this day, Jimi Hendrix announces he will run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2000, when asked why he desided run as a Republican he responded "I support Patrick Shull's proposed military reforms, as it could save thousands of men and women from being killed or injured."

    December 29th 1999: Last new episode of Doorways (ABC-TV) "Better Ways to Go" is broadcast.

    December 31st 1999: Millenium Freedom Tower is completed in Newport, Kentucky at a height of 1,234 ft.
  5. Mr_ Bondoc Member

    Jan 17, 2004
    The "2K" Decade

    January 1st 2000: William Cooper of St. John's, Arizona begins national campaign recruiting members for the "Sword of Odin".

    January 2nd 2000: Zooey Martins makes her musical debut with the band "Shepard's Flock" with the release of her single "Expectations"

    January 21st 2000: Colonel Lucio Gutiérrez overthrows President Jamil Mahuad in Quito, Ecuador, sparking international attention...

    January 29th 2000: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers win their first Super Bowl championship, beating the Baltimore Ravens 34-24 in Super Bowl 36.

    February 8th 2000: DC comics announce their plans for the new "Ultimate DC" line of comics, that would include alternate interpretations of various DC characters in a separate continuity. This decision comes under great scrutiny because it would bring back the multiverse almost 20 years after Crisis on Myriad Earths had destroyed it, thus making CME entirely pointless.

    February 10th 2000: Ukrainian nationalist guerillas bomb Lysychansk oil processing plant in Luhansk, Ukraine.

    February 15th 2000: "U + Me= Us (Calculus)" and "Say It, (Don't Spray It)" singles by 2Ge+her makes its hit musical debut in Los Angeles, California...

    February 16th 2000: "I Wish I Was Your Baby" single by Dudez-A-Plenti makes its hit musical debut in New York City, New York...

    February 20th 2000: Christian missionaries Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj and Rev. Mata Swinder Ji are arrested as "foreign spies" in Orissa, angering many Christian leaders worldwide.

    February 26th-28th 2000: Comedian Joe Foxer teams of with fellow comedians Robby Black and Carmine Guy to release the White Collar Comedy Tour.

    March 1st 2000: Baja nationalist Ernesto Ruffo Appel makes his famous "Mexican Oppressor" speech.

    March 16th 2000: General Edmundo Olivas is assassinated by U.S. Delta Force members in Managua, Nicaragua.

    March 25th 2000: Car bomb explodes in Rawalpindi, Pakistan during state visit by former President Hillary Rodham, killing 2 Secret Service agents.

    April 15th 2000: Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) lauch rally with c.25,000 people in Kabul calling for universal female suffrage.

    April 24th 2000: MP Dharmendra Sharma leads mob in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, claiming 26 lives in violent lynchings.

    May 2nd 2000: "Cigarettes & Red Vines" single by Aimee Mann in Los Angeles, California.

    May 5th 2000: Garabanadal Miracle; Ronald O'Brien proclaims miraculous healings of sick and handicapped in Garabandal, Spain, sparking travel by thousands of religious pilgrims.

    May 13th 2000: Mobs firebomb churches in Vandana Nagar and Indore, claiming the life of Christian leader Ramesh Chandekar.

    May 18th 2000: Greg Papa's GBL Baseball (Electronic Arts) video game becomes a major bestseller.

    May 19th 2000: George Speight overthrows the elected government of Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry in Suva, Fiji.

    May 19th 2000: The first Baja nationalist convention is held, drawing a relatively small crowd.

    May 28th 2000: On the Beach starring Bryan Brown, Armand Assante, and Rachel Ward makes its hit debut, sparking fears of a nuclear war

    May 29th 2000: Lynching of Brother George Kuzhikandam in Navada, Mathura in Uttar Pradesh, signals religious violence in India.

    May 31st 2000: Christian fundamentalist Lawrence Wollersheim launches an attack on "Church of Bendii" and Luke Skywalker in Boulder, Colorado.

    June 8th 2000: Franciscan monk Father George Polus is assassinated in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, sparking international attention.

    June 15th 2000: Johnathon Breckingham founds the Cult of Saxon, a cult of Neo-Nazis based in Washington State, USA.

    June 18th 2000: Salaheddin Moshen writes thesis on "Islamic Reformation" in Cairo, Egypt, sparking international attention.

    June 22nd 2000: MP Sangh Parivar leads rally in Mumbai, calling for the roundup of Christian leaders as "foreign spies" in Bajrang Dal, Uttar Pradesh.

    June 23rd 2000: A. B. Venkateshwar Rao leads religious riots in Rajahmundry in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh killing 45 people.

    June 28th 2000: Saundatti Bombing; Deendar Anjuman (DA) sect members bomb Christian community in Saundatti, Karnataka, India , killing 38 people in the process.

    July 11th 2000: First "Cross-League" All Star game between MLB and the GBL is played in New York's Yankee Stadium. GBL team wins thanks to a Bottom of the ninth grandslam by Osaka Samurai Batter Hisashi Iwakuma

    July 14th 2000: Miriam Is Not Amused comedy film written by Kim Roberts makes its hit debut.

    August 4th 2000: Carmine Stevenson stars in the 40 Year Old Virgin, which flops at the box office, and is criticized for several slanderous remarks against several racial groups.

    August 15th 2000: Brandon Limwood introduces the fad of "Nude Cooking" in San Francisco, California.

    August 24th 2000: The City Wears Slouch Hat musical play by Kenneth Patchen, makes its hit debut on Broadway.

    August 26th 2000: "Geo-Cup 7" Baton Rouge Cajuns win 7-2 over the D.C. Senators.

    August 28th 2000: Government officials launch a crackdown on the All-India Christian Council (AICC) in New Dehli, sparking international attention and concern.

    August 29th 2000: Michael Cuccione, lead singer for 2Ge+her, reportedly dies from an addiction to "prescription drugs" in Beverly Hills, California...

    September 12th 2000: Dr. Leslie Chalkien introduces the fad of "Speed Sex" in New York City, New York.

    September 27th 2000: 5,000 protesters gather in Washington D.C., to protest President Hillary Rodham's decision to send troops to Central America.

    October 3rd 2000: DC comics publishes Ultimate Arachnidman #1, which quickly becomes a best seller.

    October 7th 2000: SSG President Viktor Yushchenko temporarily suspends all commercial flights, after nationalist violence.

    October 9th 2000: University of Hawaii students Ross Boone and
    Mark Setsam create the Tikki programming language, allowing real time editing of Cybernet articles. Also on this day, East Yugoslavian dictator "President-for-Life" Raif Dizdarevic is overthrown in a coup by General Enver Hadri..

    October 14th 2000: Fundamentalist Yisrayl Hawkins sparks Christian-Muslim riots in East Jerusalem, sparking international attention.

    October 23rd 2000: Actor Carlos Ray "Chuck" Norris (R-TX) leads rally in Austin, Texas calling for teaching of creationism in Texas public schools.

    November 2000:A close three-way race for the presidency with none of the major candidates getting the number of electoral votes needed results in the 2000 election being sent to the house, The Republican Ticket of Patrick Shull and his running mate James "Jimmy" Hendrix is chosen over Democrat Richard Andrew "Dick" Gephardt, and his running mate William W. Bradley (D-NJ) as well as the Union Party ticket of Stephen Gaskin (U-TN) and Winona La Duke (U-MN).

    November 4th 2000: Stryker 2000 (Marvel Comics) General Ben Stryker, former S.H.I.E.L.D. director is elected President, launching the "With Hunt" storyline.Many conservatives see this as an attack on the character of President Shull.

    November 5th 2000: Alfred M. Yankovic (D-CA) is elected as US Senator of California after a close race. William D. Mays (D-FL) is elected as the Senator of Florida. Also on this day, Opposition leader Enrique Bolanos is executed by government officials in Managua.


    January 9th 2001: Music Up Huárénzhì series makes its hit debut, popularizing "Mandarin/ Cantonese pop" music.

    January 12th 2001 : Star Track : Hyperion is released, produced by Harry Turtledove, directed by newcomer Richard Nolanson, starring Michael Caite, Quincy Zerrater, and Sophie Stephe, all realatively unkown actors. It racks in a whopping 743 Million dollars world wide.

    January 15th 2001: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is elected Prime Minister in national elections, sparking international attention.

    January 19th 2001: Anarchist single "F@#-A-lot" by the Layabouts makes its hit debut in Detroit, Michigan.

    January 20th 2001: Patrick Shull is sworn in as 42nd president of the United States.

    January 30th 2001: Al DeGuzman kills 12 students in a "Beserker craze" at De Anza College in Cupertino, California.

    February 3rd 2001: In a Super Bowl delayed by unusually cold winter weather, the Baltimore Ravens exorcise the ghosts of their SB 36 defeat, beating the New York Giants 21-10 in Super Bowl 37.

    February 11th 2001: Police officials in New Dehli, Gujarat, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and Pushkar report the traffic of "Kush" during the Holi festivals.

    February 13th 2001: Protests are held in 800 cities (incl. United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Syria, Russia, Korea, and Japan) in an effort to protest U.S. military involvement in Central America and Sri Lanka.

    February 14th 2001: Valentine's Day Massacre; Jeremy Getman kills 14 people at Southside High School in Elmira, New York.

    February 25th, 2001: East Yugoslavian dictator self-proclaimed President Enver Hadri is overthrown in a coup by General Miro Bajramovic...

    March 3rd 2001: Zooey Martins sues several aidoru (artificial celebrity) cafes for usage of her image in San Francisco, California.

    March 9-19th 2001: Joe Foxer, Robby Black, Carmine Guy, and newcomer Edward Morris go on The White Collar Comedy Tour Comes Back!, and becomes one of the more famous comedy tours of the decade.

    March 12th 2001: The Chris Isaak Show (Showtime) reality-TV series makes its hit debut, following the life of Chris Isaak in San Francisco, California.

    March 15th 2001: Anarchist rock musician Fermin Rocker, clashes against Neo-Nazis at Franz Mehring Plaza in Berlin, Germany, sparking international attention.

    March 16th 2001: Sacco & Vanzetti play by Anton Coppola makes its hit debut on Broadway.

    April 15th 2001: "Backdoor Lover" single by Du Jour makes its hit musical debut in New York City, New York...

    April 17th 2001: Radio DJ personality "Ed the Phone Guy" reveals that he is a Furry in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    April 22nd 2001: 4,000 protesters stage a "die-in" outside the White House in Washington D.C., representing women who have died due to "back-alley abortions".

    May 11th 2001: Ginger Snaps directed by John Fawcett, starring Emily Perkins, makes its hit debut, presenting werewolves as an analogy for teenage rebellion.

    May 18th 2001: Doomsday (UPN-TV) animated series written and produced by Howard Stern makes its hit debut.

    June 7th 2001: Richard P. Astley is elected MP for Liverpool/Merseyside, sparking national attention.

    June 25th 2001: Kaycee Nicole of Swenson, Kansas becomes a symbol of the avian influenza epidemic after her death is recorded on the Cybernet.

    June 29th 2001: Crescent Moon (DC Comics/Japan) werewolf manga series by Mahiru Shiraishi becomes a hit, especially with teeenage girls.

    June 30th 2001: Zagreb Riots; 5 people are killed, after socer hooligans, religious conservatives, and clerics clash with "Furry Pride" March, one of the worst riots in West Yugoslavia.

    July 10th 2001: Second "Cross-League" All Star game between MLB and the GBL is played in Havana's Fanta/La Tropical Stadium, at over 12 hours, it goes down as the longest baseball game in sports history, before finaly being canceled without a winner being declared.

    July 15th 2001: Harry Turtledove and comic writer S.M. Stirling collaborate on the script for the film Alive in Manchuria, a thriller film set in an alternate universe where the the Chinese won the Sino-Soviet war in the 60's. Directed by Jack Nicholson. It rakes in $398 million in the box office, far over expectations. Also on this day, the movie Stratosizer is released, a new movie written and directed by Newcomer, Barry Kenkarm. It brings in a whopping $561 Million Dollars.

    July 16th 2001: SSG officials draft Dmitry Sklyarov to launch the "Cybernet Warfare" Division of the Russian military in Moscow.

    July 17th 2001: Steam Studios is founded in Portland, Oregon.

    July 19th 2001: Neo-fascist Carlo Giuliani kills 15 people as a suicide bomber during the G-8 Summit in Genoa, Italy.

    July 30th 2001: Nawal al-Saadawi calls for a "Islamic Reformation" in Cairo, Egypt sparking international attention

    August 9th 2001: Would be assassin Kate Rose attempts to kill former president Hilary Rodham with a crossbow.

    August 26th 2001: "Geo-Cup 8" D.C. Senators win 5-4 over the Tokyo Tigers.

    September 8th 2001: Hurricane Marvin kills 87 people when it hits Newport News, Virginia. Damage estimates are in the billions

    September 11th 2001: Apple Corp CEO John Lennon holds a "People's Party" at Apple Tower in New York, offering a chance to interact with celebrities free of charge to thousand of ordinary people.

    October 31st 2001: Police fire on Baja independence protesters in Mexico City, killing 5.

    October 5th 2001: Teen Angel (ABC-TV), a spinoff series of Amanda Spellman, Delinquent Witch (ABC-TV), starring Corbin Allred and Mike Damus makes its hit debut.

    October 6th 2001: British Labor Party MPs call for the recognition of the feminist movement in Afghanistan during hearings in the House of Commons, sparking international attention in London, England.

    October 7th 2001 : Harry Turtledove is set to work on the relatively unkown movie, World War X.

    October 12th 2001: Dagon "Cthuluska" film directed by Stuart Gordon, starring Ezra Godden makes its hit debut.

    October 18th 2001: Ultimate Superman series is launched by DC comics, written by Grant Morrison. Also on this day, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) launches attacks against Syria after Hezbollah rocket attacks in Tel Aviv, sparking international attention.

    October 23rd 2001: South African Defense Forces (SADF) fires on Zimbabwean SWAPO guerillas in Honeydew, killing 40 people, sparking international attention.

    October 27th 2001:Kaos GL launches anti-draft riots in Ankara, Turkey, sparking national attention.

    November 16th 2001: Kane (CBS-TV) comedy series written and produced by Howard Stern makes its hit debut.

    November 18th-20th 2001: c.10,000 people protest U.S. deployment to Central America at Fort Benning, Georgia, sparking international attention.

    November 21st 2001: Kabuki Warriors (Genki) video game, makes its hit debut, becoming a major bestseller. Also on this day, Efraim Genootshap, leader of the Efraim Society, proclaims himself the reincarnation of Biblical prophet Elijah and warns of the "End Times" in Amsterdam, Holland. Also on this day, Paul Smirnov leads rally burning film and film paraphenalia outside MGM Studios in Hollywood, California to "ward off the Apocalypse."

    November 23rd 2001: Steam Studios realeses the first "Mega-Multiplayer Game", or MMG, Prospero. It recieves high praise.

    December 1st 2001: SSG officials blame Iran and Azerbaijan for arming Islamic fundamentalist guerillas at the United Nations in New York City, New York. Also on this day, Autonomous Anarchists of Ankara (AAA) launch anti-draft riots in Ankara, Turkey, 86 people arrested.

    December 5th 2001: Ocean's 11 starring musicians O'Shea Jackson, Tracy Marrow, and Marshall Mathers make their hit film debut. Also on this day, MP Marike de Klerk survives an assassination attempt in Johannesburg, sparking calls for martial law.

    December 11th 2001: John Paul Larkin, or known by his stagename as "Scatman John", recovers from Lung Cancer

    December 16th 2001: Carlos Fernando Flores Labra is elected President of Chile, based on his ideas of "Cybernetic Socialism", sparking international attention.


    January 7th 2002: President Carlos Fernando Flores Labra promises "Chile Primero" ("Chile Comes First") during his inauguration in Santiago, Chile.

    January 9th 2002: Sister Dorothy Hennessey is killed by military forces loyal to Jose Malfavon in Managua, Nicaragua.

    January 22nd 2002: After more than a decade of inactivity, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) disbands

    January 26th 2002: Making their third Super Bowl appearance in franchise history and first in nearly five years, the New England Patriots beat the Carolina Panthers 44-37 in Super Bowl 38.

    February 1st 2002: D-Tox starring Sylvester Stallone and Tom Berenger makes its hit debut.

    February 10th 2002: Turkish military forces launch airstrikes into Ibril, Iraq, after Kurdish guerillas bomb Ankara, killing 6 people..

    February 15th 2002: Fundamentalist preacher Monte Kim Miller proclaims the "Seventh Seal has been broken." during a television broadcast in Dallas, Texas.

    February 26th 2002: "Streaking" is introduced by Rolf D. Neidenfurer at Columbia University in New York City, New York.

    March 5th 2002: Annie Loceman introduces the "Spin-the Bottle Marriages" in Des Moines, Iowa.

    March 7th 2002: Muhammad bin abd Allah al-Qahtani tells followers that cloning is "blasphemous" unless within the confines of a surrogate mother during a speech in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

    March 28th 2002: Dozen-chin, an imageboard consisting of "jailbait" pornography is created by Wallis Burt.

    April 6th 2002: David McKay of Surrey, England launches rally against "new religions" in London, England.

    April 7th 2002: European Economic Community (EEC) officials report 70% of all oil used is from the SSG, sparking international concern.

    April 9th 2002: ANC Chairman Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma is assassinated by SADF forces in Polokwane, South Africa.

    April 11th, 2002: Military junta installs Pedro Carmona as President during a coup in Caracas, Venezuela

    April 14th 2002: Mike Keller Pure proclaims that "Doomsgate" will occur in the form of a "racial holy war" during a television broadcast in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

    April 20th 2002: Hitler's Birthday attacks. 3 Aircraft are hijacked, and flown into The Pentagon, United States Capital Building, and a third (believed to be targeting the White House) is shot down by the air force. The International "Neo-Nazi" terrorist group "The Sword of Odin" claims responsibility.

    April 30th 2002: "The Legion of Oppressed Voices" a form consisting of Klansmen, Hammerskins, Neo-Cult of Normandy members, Neonazis, fringe party members, International Third Position, European National Front, is formed.

    May 1st 2002: Doug Walker and James Rolfe go seperate ways in the final Season of Angry Video Game Nerds.

    May 2nd 2002: The Infamous "shoe bomber" case, Eric Robert Rudolph, who served time for armed robbery, and joined a Neo-Nazi gang in prison is arrested for trying to smuggle bombs in his shoes at Adlai Stevenson Airport, New York.

    May 8th 2002: DC Comics and Paramount Pictures announce that Paramount will be merging with DC Comics as Paradox Productions.

    May 10th 2002: Christian fundamentalist Lawrence Wollersheim blames the "Sword of Odin" attacks on "the secularization of society removing God's protection..."

    May 15th 2002: Isaac Cohn, a writer from Freeport, Virginia, begins working with Barry Kenkarm on a new Sci-Fi Film.

    May 22nd 2002: Oil magnate Mikhail Khodorkovsky proclaims that "Oil makes Rodina (the motherland) strong." during a rally in Moscow.

    May 24th 2002: Whitney Hilton, heir to the Hilton fortune, takes her religious vows as a Carmelite nun in New York City, New York.

    May 28th 2002: 54 girls commit suicide as part of a "Jisatsu Sākuru" (suicide circle) in Shinijuku Station in Tokyo, Japan.

    June 1st 2002: Salvia divinorum (a.k.a. "Diviner's Sage", "Maria Pastora, et al.) appears on the underground drug scene throughout Australia, according to police officials.

    June 4th 2002: Doctor Emilio Gomez introduces "Pet Nasal Surgery" (nose jobs for dogs) in Beverly Hills, California.

    June 11th 2002: SSG model/actress Natasha Raskavoi and male model Igor Polonov popularize "Carnivore Caps" (hats made of meat) in Moscow.

    June 22nd 2002: Barbarossa attacks. Cyanide gas pumped into the Moscow subway system by "The Sword of Odin" in celebration of Operation Barbarossa.

    June 24th 2002: Spanish General Strike; Nationwide labor strike, with rallies in Madrid and Sevilla, paralyzing the economy.

    June 30th 2002: The United States passes the Emergency Counter Terrorism Act.

    June 4th 2002: The Movement Against the Monarchy (MAM) takes control of the Millenium Bridge in London England while the Royal Family attends mass at St. Paul's Cathedral, temporarily blocking all routes to Buckingham Palace in London, England.

    July 9th 2002: "Cross-League" All-Star Game is cancelled due to labor union disputes within Major League Baseball (MLB).

    July 10th 2002: Battle of Britian attacks. The British cell of "The Sword of Odin" set off 28 simultaneous explosions through out London in Celebration of the beginning of the 62nd Anniversary of the beginning of the Battle of Britian. Thousands die.

    July 11th-25th 2002: Toronto Garbage Strike; Police launch a massive crackdown on protesters in Toronto, Ontario in an effort to break strike.

    July 23rd 2002: Britian passes the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security (ACS) Act, demanding a crack down on the nation's "Hammerskin" population.

    August 3rd 2002: Wolves of Wall Street starring Jeff Branson and William Gregory Lee, makes its hit debut, using werewolves as an analogy to LGBT relationships.

    August 10th 2002: Seaturtles Irish play by Séamas Cain makes its hit debut on Broadway.

    August 14th 2002: c.350,000 people gather at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand, to protest American military presence in the region.

    August 25th 2002: "Geo-Cup 9" Honolulu Islanders win 8-1 victory over The Motreal Saints

    August 27th 2002: "Lost in Space" album by Aimee Mann makes its hit debut in Los Angeles, California, with singles "Today's the Day" and "High on Sunday 51".

    September 3rd-10th 2002: Summer Goodwill Games are held in Sarajevo, West Yugoslavia, sparking international attention.

    September 13th 2002: Serenity (WB-TV) written and produced by J. Hill-Whedon makes its hit debut.

    September 20th 2002: The Time Tunnel (NBC-TV) series is based on the premise that after an experiment by the Department of Energy, scientists discover that the Alternate Timeline has left the world with a United States with only 50 states, MLB Baseball Commissioner George W. Bush is President of the United States, and that the U.S. is at war with Iraq, Afghanistan and North Korea.

    September 22nd 2002: Edmund Stoiber wins election as German Chancellor after calling for investigations into "Sword of Odin" activities. Also on this day, Warren Buffet, Whitney Hilton, John Lennon, and 16 of the world's richest people establish the "Meliorists Foundation" in Maui, Hawaii in an effort to "create a better world".

    September 25th 2002: President Carlos Fernando Flores Labra announces the creation of "Cybersyn" in Santiago, Chile as the first "real-time computer-controlled planned economy".

    October 2nd 2002: Rock Against Profiling album by the Layabouts makes its hit musical debut.

    October 4th 2002: Dr. Isaac Kliener, PhD, announces that he and his collegues are close to a breakthrough in teleportation technology.

    October 7th 2002: Scatman John realeses his new album, "Scat-O-Logy"

    October 9th 2002: Baird Amendment passed, named after Rep. Brian Baird (D-WA); U.S. Constitutional Amendment ratified stating:

    * Upon being sworn into the House or Senate, members would provide a list of three designees one of whom would replace them in the event of their death, incapacitation or disappearance.

    * If a significant number of members of Congress were killed, incapacitated, or disappeared, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Vice President, or President Pro Tempore of the Senate would fill any vacancy from the list of the Representative’s or Senator’s designees.

    October 11th 2002: "Meliorist Foundation" launches "Second Life" fund, whereby members of Sword of Odin are paid $5,000.00 to leave the terrorist organization.

    October 15th 2002: Million Worker March; 1,000,000 workers led by Ramsey Clark, Heidi Durham, Dick Gregory, and Mumia Abu Jamal gather at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., calling for an end to U.S. troops in Central America and Sri Lanka. Also on this day, a disgruntled worker in in Kamloops, British Columbia goes on "Beserker rage", killing 8 people.

    October 18th 2002: Pope John Paul I dies in the Vatican City in Rome, sparking international attention and concern.

    October 23rd 2002: The Second Volga War begins as SSG forces flood into "Volga Germany" to combat the local cell of "The Sword of Odin" which had grown increasingly influential in the region.

    October 26th 2002: 25 tourists from Hamburg, Germany are illegally impounded at SFO International Airport as suspected "Sword of Odin" terrorists.

    October 30th 2002: Steam Studios releases Saphire, a singeplayer game based on Puzzles and Traps. It is Praised highly by critics.

    October 30th-November 3rd 2002: Cardinal Francis Arinze of Eziowlle, Nigeria is selected as Pope Pius XIII in the Vatican City, becoming the first African pope since 496 AD.

    November 3rd 2002: Dwight K. Schrute is elected Senator of Pennsylvania as a Democrat

    November 5th 2002: John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. elected governor of New York

    November 8th 2002: In his first project for DC, Frank Miller writes Ultimate Batman criticized for it's high level of sex and violence, and for being "to Marvel for DC".

    November 9th 2002: Kristallnacht attacks. "The Sword of Odin" sets off explosive devices in Jewish and Muslim religious sites through out Jerusalem, Including the Doom of the Rock, and the Western Wall. The attacks have the unexpected side effect of fostering feelings of unity between the Jewish and Palestinian peoples of the region.

    November 10th 2002: The satire parody newsshow, "The Countdown with Adam Colbert", or just "The Colbert Countdown", begins airing in a late night timeslot on NBC, however, still manages to pick up many viewers, and is soon renewed for 2 more seasons.

    November 11th 2002: Prescott Stevenson, creator of the comic, Dan & Zac, joins Paradox Productions.

    November 13th 2002: Artist Georg Paul Thomann gains fame after establishing the "Monochrom" art movement in Sao Paulo, Brazil...

    November 14th 2002: Operation DRAGNET; In the largest law enforcement action in American history, police, military, and federal agents raid over 20 survivalist compounds linked to the American cell of "The Sword of Odin". Thousands killed.

    November 16th 2002: Rachel Tinniswood of Liverpool, England leads book-burning rally calling for the destruction of "Satanic works" of fantasy, horror, and science fiction.

    November 18th 2002: Actor Carlos Ray "Chuck" Norris leads rally demanding the ban on same-sex marriage under Texas state law in Houston, Texas.

    November 20th 2002: MP Francoise Ducros calls President Patrick Shull a "misogynistic dinosaur" during a speech in Montreal, Quebec.

    December 18th 2002: Republican Party leaders launch campaign to recall Governor Antonio R. Sanchez (D-TX) in Austin, Texas

    December 22nd 2002: Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International report the usage of toxic herbicides in Nicaragua by the U.S. military.

    December 23rd, 2002- March 19th, 2003: "The Month of 7 Generals" a series of successive coups as several top ranking officers in the East Yugoslavian military battle for control of Belgrade.


    January 5th 2003: Pope Pius XIII condemns "American unilateralism" , specifically the actions of President Shull, during mass in Boston, Massachusetts.

    January 5th 2003: Syrian-backed suicide bombers bomb Tel Aviv shopping mall, killing 29 people, including 8 Americans....

    January 6th 2003: Wolf's Rain(DC Comics/Japan) werewolf manga series by Keiko Nobumoto makes its hit debut, popular with teenage girls

    January 8th 2003: Union Party Chairman Richard Trumka (U-PA) and Democratic Party Chairman Paul Wellstone (D-MN) announce that The Union Party and The Democratic Party will run as a single "Liberal" Party in 2004.

    January 20th 2003: Diplomatic tensions rise between the United States and SSG after 3,000 SSG Kalashnikovs are reported among CAU guerillas.

    January 22nd 2003: Thomas Kaenzig and Bernard Siegel of Miami, Florida report illegal cloning operations in Miami, Florida. Also on this day, Alaskan nationalists calling themselves the "Arctic Warriors", a terrorist organization with links to the Sword of Odin, let of multiple bombings in federal buildings all over the state, killing dozens.

    January 23rd 2003: Arctic Warriors leader Jed Smith reveals himself on a Cybernet video that is later shown on all major news networks. He declares Alaska "an independent, white, and fundamentalist nation". He warns that the "American Empire" should "recognize our glorious homeland's soveirgnty" or "suffer dire consequences". His location, however, was not discovered at the time.

    January 24th 2003: Comedians and Magicians, Robb & Talker, star in the movie Robb & Talker : Lifeless in Los Angeles, it racks in $342 Million, and is praised by several movie critics.

    January 25th 2003: In an upset, the normally luckless Arizona Cardinals beat the Oakland Raiders 20-17 in Super Bowl XXXIX.

    January 26th 2003: Turkish military forces capture Iranian guerillas in Trabzon, Turkey, sparking a diplomatic crisis between the two nations...

    January 27th 2003: President Shull orders a huge crackdown on all "suspected terrorists or white nationalists" in Alaska. Hundreds are arrested.

    January 29th 2003: Pass It Along single by Chumbawumba makes its hit musical debut.

    February 6th 2003: King Mohammed VI is overhrown in a fundamentalist coup by Islamic Salvation Front (ISF) guerillas in Rabat, Morocco.

    February 7th 2003--The Indian Point nuclear reactor in New York is taken off-line following a malfunction with its coolant systems...

    February 12th 2003 : Reverend Charles "Chuck" Baldwin announces he will run for the Senate seat in Florida for the Republican Party.

    February 18th 2003: Gods & Generals (Activision) historical first-person video game becomes a best-seller.

    February 19th 2003: Alaskan governor Robert Lyman is found dead in his home in Nome, Alaska, with the word "COLLABORATOR!" written on his walls in his own blood.

    March 3rd 2003: India asks for help to remove the terrorist regime in Sri Lanka. The UK and The US send troops. Also on this day, 3 Alaskan pipelines are destroyed by Arctic Warriors insurgents. Gas prices in North America spike.

    March 12th 2003: Return of Captain America (Marvel Comics), controversy is sparked as Captain America is resurrected after it is discovered that his illegitimate son "the Red Skull" is now head of HYDRA.

    May 15th 2003: Riots erupt in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hokkaido after the Pana Wave Laboratory predcits a "polar-shift event" in Tokyo, Japan.

    March 17th 2003: Police officials report "no real attempt to control the spread of Kush trade/usage" during meeting in Ahmedabad, India.

    March 19th 2003: Right-wing Cuban guerillas seize Aerotaxi Flight #2487 en route to Key West, Florida.

    March 20th 2003: Jed Smith's HQ is discovered by CIA agents. Only problem: it's across the border in Canada's Yukon Territory. President Shull orders a secret bombing mission to get rid of the Arctic Warriors once and for all. He also orders the Canadian government be informed, but the message is somehow lost.

    March 31st 2003: Cubana Flight #687 is bombed en route to Key West, Florida, killing 39 people, sparking international attention.

    April 1st 2003: Jema Cave and Clare Davies promote "Naturism" (nudist lifestyle) in Cornwall, England.

    April 3rd 2003: National Security Advisor James Woolsey warns President Shull that there is a possibility of Islamic-fundamentalist collapse in Central Asian regions of the SSG.

    April 6th 2003: Nation of Islam (NOI) leader Louis Farrakhan is assassinated by Bethany J. Haberman in Queens, New York, after Farrakhan calls for "volunteer militias" to aid Syria....

    April 21st 2003: AFL-CIO announces passage of a resolution calling for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Nicaragua and Sri Lanka.

    April 29th, 2003: WHO/CDC order international airline flight restictions for Toronto, Ontario citing reports of avian influenza.

    May 3rd, 2003: Canadian trade officials in Toronto, Ontario warn that they will sacrifice free trade with the United States over traffic of "nootropics" and marijuana.

    May 7th 2003: SSG officials announce an oil embargo against the Baltic Union, citing "Sword of Odin" activities, sparking international outrage.

    May 18th 2003: Danish promoter Asger Jorn, introduces the world to "Three-Sided Footbal" (played with a hexagon-field) in Paris, France.

    May 20th 2003: "Crazy Ray" Dukkakis becomes popular with his popular parody of boybands with "Fingerbang"

    May 26th 2003: WHO/CDC officials launch a quarantine on Toronto, Ontario based on reports of avian influenza.

    June 1st 2003: EncyclopediaTikkia, the "Cybernet Encyclopedia that anyone can edit" debuts, quickly growing into the most widely used Cybernet reference site.

    June 5th 2003: Doug Walker stars in the hit comedy, Battalion Brigade, which follows a group of nine, eccentric mercenaries working for the Powerful Unified Renegade Power League of Energy (P.U.R.P.L.E.) in an "undiscolsed century in an undisclosed year" against a battle against the Coalition of Youthful And Notorious workers (C.Y.A.N.). It racks in 231 Million at the Box Office.

    June 15th 2003: The Roanoker Theater is built in Roanoke Virginia. It is hailed as "The Broadway of the South"

    June 17th 2003: "Unhallowed" Cthuluska album by Night Stalker Murder makes its hit debut

    June 21st 2003: German officer Major Florian Pfaff is court-martialled after refusing to submit software to be used against Third Bloc forces in Berlin, Germany. Also on this day, Serbian Nationalist group Nacionalni stroj (National Alignment), lead by Maja Gojković over through the East Yugoslavian Military dictatorship and seize control of the capital.

    June 24th, 2003: East Yugoslavia declared "The Purified Republic of Serbia" by Serbian nationalist group Nacionalni stroj (National Alignment). Also on this day, 734 ethnic Albanians killed in Negotin and Sremska, Kosovo, by Nacionalni stroj (National Alignment)

    June 25th, 2003: Macedonian nationalist faction Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization – Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity (a.k.a. "VMRO–DPMNE") declares the independence of Macedonia from East Yugoslavia.

    June 27th, 2003: Albanian ethnic guerrilla faction National Liberation Army (NLA) kills cleanses 70 ethnic Serbs in Mitrovica

    July 2nd 2003: Tissa Karaliyadda begins the traffic of "Kush" drugs to Third Bloc troops in Nidahasa, Sri Lanka.

    July 9th 2003: Vice President Hendrix makes an appearance on The Tonight Show as well as the The Colbert Countdown. Also on this day, Pirates of Treasure Island directed by Leigh Scott, starring Lance Henriksen and Tom Nagel.

    July 10th 2003: Scatman John realeses a new album, "Beep-Bop Doodah-Day", it recieves high praise.

    July 27th 2003: "Bagong Katipuneros" (a.k.a. "Magdalo") military officers launch a military coup, overthrowing the government in Manila, Philippines

    July 30th 2003: Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart launch "One Little Victory" campaign in Toronto, Ontario based on a platform of human rights and environmental protection.

    August 5th 2003: Pope Pius XIII sparks international controversy by allowing the ordination of an openly homosexual priest in Manila, Philippines.

    August 9th 2003: Barry Kenkarm and Isaac Cohn release the movie Grey, and it quickly becomes a Sci-fi classic, grossing $314 Million, and becoming an instant cult-film.

    August 17th 2003: First Revolutionary Soccer Tournament; SSG and American soccer teams play against each other in an exhibition match in Berkeley, California.

    August 20th 2003: Pravda publishes manifesto by Lynette Clark, Arctic Warriors leader, calling for SSG support of the movement.

    September 5th 2003: Kandahar Conference; Feminist leaders establish the Afghan Women's Bill of Rights in Kandahar, demanding universal suffrage. Also on this day, William D. "Billy" Mays announces his intention to run for the Liberal Party Nomination in 2004.

    September 21st, 2003: The Titoist group "Alliance for a Communist Yugoslavia" of ACY founded in Belgrade.

    September 25th, 2003: The Untied States receives intelligence that Sword of Odin leader Zeljko Raznjatovic in in East Yugoslavia

    September 30th 2003: Fashion designer Iyad Hafiz introduces the "bosomless burqa" in Tehran, Iran, sparking international controversy.

    October 8th, 2003: Bulgarian border patrols seize several Sword of Odin operatives trying to smuggle samples of "Pakistani Plague" across the border into East Yugoslavia.

    October 24th 2003: Pope Pius XIII condemns Western "secular, consumer culture" for its attacks on the "family structure" during mass in Rome, Italy.

    October 25th 2003: Chicago Cubs led by Kenny Lofton and Mark Prior, win the World Series against the New York Yankees, 4-2.

    October 29th 2003: Hizb ut-Tahrir led by General Juma Namangani calls for jihad in the Kyrgyz, Tajik, Uzbek, and Kazakh, Republics of the SSG.

    November 4th 2003: Alicia Wang (D-CA) is elected Mayor of San Francisco, California based on a platform of "fiscal compassion"

    November 14th 2003: Actor Carlos Ray "Chuck" Norris is elected in the Texas gubernatorial election, recalling the first governor in Texas state history.

    November 17th 2003: Scott Kohlhaas v. U.S.; Supreme Court rules that the secessionist activities of the Arctic Warriors constitutes "domestic terrorism".

    November 23rd, 2003: Coalition of German, British, and American forces invade East Yugoslavia

    November 27th, 2003: WHO reports instances of "Pakistani Plague" among East Yugoslavian refugees fleeing into West Yugoslavia.

    December 2nd 2003: Whitney Hilton publishes The Simple Life which espouses the need to remove oneself from materialism, becoming a major bestseller.

    December 5th 2003 : Nicholas Meyer begins work on producing on a dark and realistic Mutants movie, based on the original DC Comics series.

    December 10th 2003: Deputy Secretary of Defense David Frum calls for a "preemptive war" against the theocratic state of Saudi Arabia.

    December 12th 2003: Despite massive controversy, Mayor Fernando Ferrer inaugurates the Governor's Island gambling complex, with 10 major casinos, for New York City, New York.


    January 26th 2004: H.M.S. Queen Mary II is sunk after an attack by Abu Sayyaf guerillas in Hong Kong, China, 135 passengers killed.

    January 31st 2004: The New England Patriots make their fourth Super Bowl appearance in franchise history, beating the Atlanta Falcons 28-18 in Super Bowl 40 to claim their third Lombardi Trophy.

    February 4th 2004: FBI agents raid Genetic Savings & Loan, Inc. for illegal clone operations in Sausalito, California.

    February 6th 2004: Salvia divinorum becomes popular with the underground club scene in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain.

    February 9th 2004: Federal officials in Melbourne, Australia report an illegal cloning operation, sparking international attention.

    February 10th 2004: Carlos Guadamuz launches anti-American Cybernet broadcasts, sparking international attention.

    February 22nd 2004: "Meliorist Foundation" members led by Barry Diller and John Lennon, establish the "People's Chamber of Commerce" in New York City, New York to advocate for labor and environmental causes.

    February 24th 2004: Doctor Hwang Woo-suk is arrested in Seoul, Korea after providing embryos for Cloaid cloning operations.

    February 27th 2004: Ministry of Health reports "pandemic rates" of avian influenza in Bangkok, Thailand.

    March 5th 2004: Identity (Marvel Comics) mini-series features the murder of several several major characters starting with Captain America's female sidekick Ricki Barnes.

    March 10th 2004: Wajeha al-Hurraider wins the Nobel Peace Prize in Stockholm Sweden, being proclaimed the "Arab Rosa Parks" by the international media for her work for female suffrage.

    March 16th 2004: Joshua Magee kills 20 people in a "Beserker craze" at Malcolm High School in Malcolm, Nebraska.

    March 23rd 2004: Momentos Intimos album by Selena Quintanilla-Pérez makes its hit musical debut.

    March 28th 2004: Clone rights activist Brigitte Boisselier announces the birth of 28 clones worldwide, during a rally in Montreal, Quebec.

    April 4th 2004: Feminist leader Rania al-Baz survives an assassination attempt by religious authorities in Riyadh, sparking international attention.

    April 9th 2004: Father Victor Hopchenk leads rally burning film and film paraphenalia outside Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California in an effort to "ward off Armageddon."

    April 13th 2004: Werewolves vs. Dragons CGI film directed by Vince D'Amato, makes its hit debut as soft-core "Furry" entertainment.

    April 19th-25th 2004 : Ted Kennedy is found in his home in a comatose state, and is immediately rushed to the hospital. He reawakens on the 25th, but the cause of the coma is still unknown.

    April 23rd 2004: Father Joseph Mulligan of Detroit, Michigan, sets himself on fire to protest U.S. military in Central America in Hamilton, Georgia.

    May 5th 2004: Tensions rise between the United States and SSG after members of the 101st Airborne Division capture 333 SSG surface-to-air missiles (e.g. SAM-7s).

    May 8th 2004: World War X, another film with a script by Stirling and Turtledove, about insectoid aliens invading Earth during the middle of World War 2, is released. It rakes in $882 million worldwide.

    May 16th 2004: President Idriss Déby is overthrown in a military coup in N'Djamena, Chad.

    May 16th-18th 2004: Andijan Massacre; Islamic fundamentalist guerillas launch anti-American riots in Andijan, Uzbek Republic, SSG, sparking SSG officials to launch martial law, killing 27 people.

    May 29th 2004: The cause of of the Kennedy Coma is announced as a rare effect of "nootropics" use, which causes the brain to be unable to handle the normal "every-day" amounts of information in later life.

    June 4th 2004: former Governor Robert F. Kennedy dies in Hyannisport, Massachusetts, sparking a "national day of mourning".

    June 22nd 2004: Sergeant Patrick R. McCaffrey Sr.of Petaluma , California is killed during insurgent violence in Managua, Nicaragua.

    June 24th 2004: Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart are elected to the Canadian Parliament during the federal elections in Toronto, Ontario. Also on this day, Sudan collapses into anarchy after an Avian flu outbreak paralyzes Khartoum.

    June 28th 2004: Indian dietician Gargaman promotes the "Grass Diet" as a weight-loss plan in Beverly Hills, California

    July 3rd 2004: Zentrix Huárénzhì series by Tony Tong, depicting a future three-party war between the United States, Europe, and China makes its hit debut, despite its highly nationalistic messages.

    July 14th 2004: Korean officials announce the creation of a "Cybernet Strike Force" in Seoul, Korea, sparking international attention.

    July 19th 2004: Doctor Kurt Honzinger promotes the "Tapeworm Diet" as a means of weight loss in Beverly Hills, California.

    July 21st 2004: WHO/CDC officials launch quarantine protocols for Ayutthaya and Pathumthani provinces of Thailand, and Chaohu city in Anhui, China. Also on this day, Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed directed by John Fawcett, starring Emily Perkins and Brendan Fletcher, makes its hit debut, presenting werewolves as an analogy for teenage sexuality.

    July 28th 2004: Governor Carlos Santana (L-CA) meets with anti-war protesters outside the Democratic National Convention in Boston, Massachusetts.

    July 29th 2004: Darfur breaks away from Sudan.

    July 30th 2004: The Manchurian Candidate directed by Jonathan Demme, sparks controversy by having a Nicaragua war veteran/ presidential candidate (Miguel Ferrer) under the control of a multi-national corporations working with the SSG. Also on this day, Arab League members vote 22-0 in Cairo, Egypt, condemning British intervention in Sudan, as an "attempt to undermine an Islamic state..."

    August 5th 2004: William Mays gives his famous "Get on the ball!" speech at the Liberal National Convention, showing support for Carlos Santana, and urging other Liberals to support Santana as well.

    August 17th 2004: Democratic presidential candidate Carlos Santana asks the Mexican government to "Stop it's evils against the citizens of Baja California."

    August 18th 2004: HS: High School Years (CBS-TV) written and produced by Howard Stern makes its hit debut.

    August 24th 2004: Michael Anthony Peroutka and Scott Kohlhaas launch rally in Wasilla, Alaska calling for a state referendum on secession.

    August 29th 2004: 800,000 people protest outside the Republican National Convention in Houston, Texas, calling for an end to U.S. military force in Central America and Sri Lanka.

    August 30th 2004: Filipino "aidoru" (artificial celebrity) band "Mistula" makes its hit debut in Manila, Philippines.

    September 6th 2004: How to Eat Like A Dog by Richard Dunham, creates the "Dog Food Diet (DFD) Craze" in New York City, NewYork.

    September 9th, 2004: OPEC announces in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia an oil embargo against the British Commonwealth if they proceed with "peace-keeping operations"...

    September 11th 2004: "We Are the Altar Boyz" album by Christian pop music band, the Altar Boyz makes its hit debut in New York City, New York.

    September 12th 2004: South Sudan breaks away from Sudan.

    September 20th 2004: "Sword of Odin" sympathizer Andrew Osantowski kills 12 people at Chippewa Valley High School in Clinton Township, Michigan.

    September 30th 2004: Over 500 cases of "Nootropic Comas" have been reported since the Kennedy Coma. 95% of these cases of from the elderly.

    October 4th 2004: President Carlos Fernando Flores Labra uses the "Cybersyn" system to maintain trade despite a nationwide general strike in Santiago, Chile.

    October 9th 2004: Feminist leader Massouda Jalal calls for universal suffrage for women, during a rally in Kabuil, sparking international attention.

    October 10th 2004: "Necronomicon" Cthuluska album by Nox Arcana makes its hit musical debut.

    October 11th 2004: Feminist leaders Mahboubeh Abbasgholizadeh and Fereshteh Gholi are accused of "cyber-crimes" against the government of Iran, sparking international attention.

    October 14th, 2004: Christian fundamentalists led by Rachel Tinniswood, James Sturcke, and David Mckay launch "occult treatment centers" in Birmingham, England in an effort to aid "families afflicted by occult..."

    October 17th, 2004: Libya, Egypt, Nigeria and Chad pledge to send troops to aid the Sudanese government, during a press conference led by Egyptian Foreign Minister Magued Abdel Fattah...

    October 18th 2004:Lost in Space (WB-TV) starring Brad Johnson, Jayne Brook, Joan Graham, Nicole Chabert, Steve Le Blanc makes its hit debut as the "Space Family Robinson".

    October 25th 2004: James Sturcke calls for a ban on "non-Christian" enlistment in the Royal Navy, during a rally in London, England.

    October 29th 2004: Michael Anthony Peroutka, Arctic Warriors leader, launches rally against the U.S. federal government in Juneau, Alaska.

    October 31st 2004: Third SSG general elections. President Viktor Yushchenko of the People's Self-Defense Bloc re-elected, Sergey Glazyev of the Rodina Coalition elected Prime minister, Oleg Malyshkin of the Liberal Democratic Party leader of opposition.

    November 2004: Patrick Shull and James Hendrix narrowly win reelection of the presidency over Liberal party candidate Governor Carlos Santana (L-CA), and Senator Carol Moseley Braun (L-IL), largely due to their handling of terrorism. Penn F. Jillette is elected as the first Libertarian Senator to serve in the United States Senate, serving as the Junior Senator for Nevada.

    November 5th 2004: Alfie starring David J. Law, makes its hit debut, popularizing the "gigolo" lifestyle.

    November 8th, 2004: Carlos Ray 'Chuck' Norris is elected Governor of Texas as a Republican.

    November 9th 2004: Bussiness Magnate Ronald Drewson signs on for 3 season for a reality show called The Successor, the show is expected to begin airing in summer 2005.

    November 25th 2004: Scatman John releases several new singles, such as "Digga Me", "Crazy As Soup Sandwich", and "Slice of Peach Pie".

    November 27th, 2004: Nikolay Kharitonov and Boris Kagarlitsky launch rally in Red Square protesting the decrees on heating oil of Yushchenko, with c.350,000 protesters in Moscow, SSG.

    November 30th 2004: "Mulat" Christian Technoska single by Mistula makes its hit debut in Manila, Philippines.

    December 1st 2004: Halifax Riots; Riots erupt in Halifax, Nova Scotia after 6,000 protesters protest fundraiser held by Dawn Marie Sloane (R-NS) and President Patrick Shull.

    December 8th 2004: Barry Kenkarm is set to produce the movie adaptation of The Merchant, a famous Sci-Fi Novel by Isaac Cohn.

    December 11th 2004: SSG president Viktor Yushchenko found dead in his home.

    December 15th 2004: SSG president Viktor Yushchenko's cause of death determined to be Dioxin poisoning.

    December 26th 2004: Nikolay Kharitonov, Boris Kagarlitsky,and Sergey Baburin arrested for conspiracy to assassinate SSG president Viktor Yushchenko.

    December 28th 2004: SSG political analysts warn that President Sergey Glazyev is in danger of being overthrown in a political coup in Moscow.


    January 1st 2005: Government officials launch martial law after avian influenza is reported in in 33 out of 64 cities and provinces in Vietnam, sparking international attention.

    January 2nd 2005: President Patrick Shull warns of possible border restrictions along the U.S.- Canadian border citing avian influenza cases.

    January 6th 2005: DragonBlade: The Legend of Lang Huárénzhì film by Antony Szeto, makes its hit debut. Also on this day, Nikolay Kharitonov testifies in court that Vladimir Putin of the United Russia was the "ring leader" in the assassination of SSG president Viktor Yushchenko.

    January 11th 2005: Vladimir Putin of the United Russia Coalition sentenced to death for the assassination of SSG president Viktor Yushchenko.

    January 18th 2005: SSG officials announce in Moscow the completion of construction of the Trans-Afghan Pipeline, stretching from the Turkmen Republic, over the border to Afghanistan, and into Pakistan.

    January 20th 2005: United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) launches protests in Washington D.C., against U.S. military involvement in Central America and Sri Lanka.

    January 21st 2005: Schindler v. State of Florida; Supreme Court rules that the State of Florida has the right to televise an execution in Washington D.C. Also on this day, Sergey Mikhailovich Mironov of the Rodina/Zhizn (e.g. "Motherland"/"Life" )Coalition party, launches a televised speech, promising to "rid the world of American tyranny..."

    January 23rd 2005: SSG special Presidential election called. Acting President Sergey Glazyev loses to Sergey Mikhailovich Mironov of the Rodina/Zhizn (e.g. "Motherland"/"Life" )Coalition party.

    January 24th 2005: Atlanta Nights Technoska novel by Travis Tea becomes a major bestseller.

    February 1st 2005: Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) passed by the Canadian Parliament, restricts marriage between persons of the opposite sex, despite complaints by LGBT organizations.

    February 6th 2005: The Cincinnati Bengals finally snag the brass ring, clobbering the Seattle Seahawks 45-6 in Super Bowl 41.

    February 11th 2005: Elizabeth Wurtzell, celebrity author of SOMA Nation, commits suicide in New York City, New York.

    February 20th 2005: United Nations Secretary-General Ruud Lubbers is placed under investigation for "sexual harassment" by American representative Cynthia Brzak in New York City, New York.

    March 1st 2005: "Raise the Praise" Christian music tour by the Altar Boyz makes its international tour beginning in New York City, New York.

    March 10th, 2005: "Volunteer foreign militias" (e.g. Abu-Quiseissah Group, Ansar Al-Sunnah Al-Jihadiya, Search of Martyrdom, Martyr Abdel-Fattah Brigade) nannounce their support of the government in Khartoum, demanding withdrawal of British forces...

    March 14th 2005: Joe Vogler, Arctic Warriors leader, is sentenced to death by a federal court in Anchorage, Alaska.

    March 27th 2005: "Last Supper" Christian Technoska single by "aidoru" group Mistula makes its hit debut in Manila, Philippines.

    March 28th 2005: MS-13 guerillas launch a bounty on Christian Posse Association (CPA) members in Mexico City, Mexico.

    April 6th 2005: Reverend Warren Jeffs launches rally in Salt Lake City, Utah, citing avian influenza as a sign of the "End Times".

    April 17th 2005: James Rofle, after a short career in Televison, decides to enter politics, and runs for Governor in New Jersey as an Independant.

    April 19th 2005: South Sudan petitions the Imperial Commonwealth to move in and resotre order.

    April 20th 2005: Pope Pius XIII signs memorandum allowing the distribution of condoms to help alleviate the spread of "Kinshasha fever", sparking controversy.

    April 28th 2005: President Shull tells Christian Posse Association (CPA) commanders James Edwards and Mark Hopkins that they are doing a "great job" defending the borders, during a rally in Santa Barbara, California.

    May 5th 2005: MP Richard P. Astley calls for massive reforms within the Labor Party during convention in Merseyside, England.

    May 9th 2005: Representative Hamilton Hoyer (R-MD) proposes the a Constitutional Amendment to end presidential term limits in Washington D.C.

    May 17th 2005: British IC forces move in to South Sudan. The young nation is granted observer status in the Commonwealth.

    May 20th 2005: Last original episode of Amanda Spellman, Delinquent Witch (ABC-TV) is broadcast starring Emily Hart.

    May 25th 2005: Commander James Gilchrist, Christian Posse Association (CPA) leads rally in Garden Grove, California calling for "volunteer forces" into Central America.

    June 9th 2005: House of M (Marvel Comics) Professor Steve Kroschell detonates a biological weapon in Los Angeles, California transforming 25,000 people into "Morlocks", sparking a mass infestation.

    June 14th 2005: Ahatovići Massacre; East Yugoslavian guerillas massacre 120 men in Ahatovići, Bosnia, sparking international attention.

    June 20th 2005: Nadia McCaffrey of Petaluma, California campaigns against the war effort in Central America and Sri Lanka, establishing "Journey to Peace".

    June 28th 2005: Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle; EZLN Zapatista guerillas publish manifesto calling for the overthrow of the "American puppet" government in Mexico City, Mexico.

    June 29th 2005: SSG Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Nikonov warns that an American military presence in South and Central Asia as a "dangerous expansionist policy.

    July 1st 2005: Fight Your Phobia begins airing, a show in which 20 contestants must compete in disturbing and amazing obstacles aswell as challanges, involving bugs, snakes, and explosions, finally, the last 3 contestants must compete in the worst of them all to win $500,000. The show is almost immediately renewed for 2 more seasons.

    July 9th 2005: YourView, a Cybernet video site makes it's debut

    July 14th 2005: After a year of anarchy, Sudan reestablishes itself.

    July 21st, 2005: Canadian Mounties shutdown an American marijuana-smuggling network based in Lynden, Washington, in Vancouver, British Columbia after seizing $172 million in marijuana.

    July 30th 2005: "Out of Doors" Anarchist album by the Hungry March Band, makes its hit debut in New York City, New York

    August 4th 2005: Border skirmishing on Sudan's southern border leads to a pitched battle between Commonwealth and Sudanese forces.

    August 5th 2005: Sudan declares war on Southern Sudan.

    August 6th 2005: The British Imperial Parliament declares war on Sudan in London, England...

    September 1st 2005: Father Roy Bourgeois sets himself on fire outside Fort Benning, Georgia in an effort to protest U.S. military intervention.

    September 2nd 2005: A Sound of Thunder starring Ben Kingsley and Catherine McCormack makes its hit debut.

    September 9th 2005: Exorcism: The Possession of Gail Bowers directed by Leigh Scott, starring Erica Roby and Thomas Downey

    September 14th, 2005: Sister Lelia "Lil" Mattingly of Maryknoll, New York sets herself on fire to protest U.S. military intervention in Central America and Sri Lanka.

    September 19th 2005: Military officials accuse Iran of supporting PKK guerillas in Catak, Turkey, sparking international tensions.

    September 23rd 2005: Feminist leader Safia Amajan of Kandahar is elected to the Parliament in Kabul, as the first female elected in Aghanistan's history.

    September 26th 2005 : Mutants is released, staring Sophie Stephe and Martin Sheen, and produced and directed by Nicholas Meyer. It racks in a total of 481 Million dollars

    October 13th 2005: State Department warns that Kazakh nationalist guerillas launching attacks against SSG sites, targeting oil fields and refineries.

    October 15th 2005: Government officials in Bucharest declare martial law after an outbreak of avian influenza is reported in Ciamurlia, Romania.

    October 16th 2005: Actress Shelley Long commits suicide in Beverly Hills, California after suffering public divorce trial.

    October 18th 2005: Swiss drug company Roche announces in Geneva, Switzerland that it faces massive shortages in the production of the antiviral drug Tamiflu.

    October 19th 2005: Pope Pius XIII issues an apologia for the actions of Pope Pius XII and his collaboration with the Nazis during the Second World War.

    October 22nd 2005: Irish Republican Army (IRA) guerillas take credit for setting fire to Westminster Abbey in London, England, killing 6 people...

    October 25th 2005: Medical officials announce the first official death from avain influenza in London, England, sparking international attention.

    November 3rd 2005: Cybernet crime lord Jeanson James Ancheta of "Complexity" is killed in a gun battle in Los Angeles, California.

    November 4th, 2005: Egyptian National Security Advisor Galal Nassar accuses the "New American Century" organization of aiding Sudanese rebels...

    November 5th 2005: Music legend, and former governor of Tennessee, Elvis Presley, dies in his sleep, at age 88.

    November 10th, 2005: Saudi Arabian Ambassador Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal accuses Israel and the United States of funding Sudanese rebel movements before the United Nations....

    November 12th 2005: Awesome Town (CBS-TV) starring Akiva Shaffer and Jorma Taccone makes its hit debut, competing against Watch the Space (NBC-TV).

    November 16th 2005: Private Katherine Jashinski leads anti-war rally in Atlanta, Georgia, sparking national attention.

    November 21st 2005: SSG Military officials shoot down an American B-2 stealth fighter over Karshi-Khanabad, Uzbek Republic, raising tensions between U.S. and SSG. Also on this day, Christian fundamentalist Lawrence Wollersheim calls for a ban on Chinese Huárénzhì films, calling them "Furry recruitment" during a rally in Boulder, Colorado.

    November 24th 2005 : Zooey Martins is proclaimed "First Lady of Rock" by Vogue magazine, both for her music and her fashion.

    December 6th 2005: General Armando Valladares seizes control of the government in Havana, Cuba, promising "free elections".

    December 13th, 2005: "Meliorist Foundation" members sponsor the creation of the "People's Court Society" to aid low-income groups and Third World nations in class-action suits against multi-national corporations in San Francisco, California.

    December 28th 2005: The Enemy Within (DC Comics) begins as "Attorney General Simon Druig" launches the Superhuman Registration Act after the terrorists destroy Central City with a nuclear weapon; many critics point to the "Sword of Odin" attacks as an analogue.

    December 30th 2005: Thru the Moebius Strip Huárénzhì film by Kelvin Lee makes its hit debut. Also on this day, the hit book "The 26 Greatest People Ever Hated" By Austrian author Thomas Vanek is released, talking in detail about people like Ronald Reagan.


    January 1st 2006: Mexican Civil War; Commandante Carlos launches rebellion against the Mexican government in Chiapas. Also on this day, the price of crude oil rises to $100 (U.S.)/barrel as SSG officials launch an oil embargo against Western Europe.

    January 2nd 2006: Fashion enthusiasts in Albany, New York introduce "Wedding Crowns", sparking national attention.

    January 5th 2006: Former President Ronald Reagan dies of a massive brain aynurism, at age 96.

    January 6th 2006: Bloodrayne starring Michael Paré and Kristanna Loken makes its hit debut.

    January 8th 2006: Amtrak/Caltrain temporarily shutdown after a suspected bomb threat is sent over the Cybernet in Richmond, California.

    January 13th 2006: Mortuary "Cthuluska" film directed by Tobe Hooper starring Dan Byrd and Alexandra Adi makes its hit debut...

    January 14th 2006: Radical Preacher Fred Phelps dies of an overdose of LSD or "Spirit".

    January 23rd 2006: Brett Chidester establishes in Dover Delaware the "Diviners" movement/cult based around "Salvia allows us to give up our senses and wander in the interdimensional time and space…Also, and this is probably hard for most to accept, our existence in general is pointless. Final point: Us earthly humans are but spirits.

    January 28th 2006--The Chicago Bears beat the New York Jets 37-33 in Super Bowl 42.

    February 24th 2006: General JV Ejercito pronounces himself "President-for-Life" during a rally in Manila, Philippines.

    February 19th 2006: Outbreak of plague in Pir Panjal, Pakistan; 2,398 people die. Also on this day, Filipino "aidoru" (artificial celebrity) "Dragan" of "Mistula" becomes a major fad for teenage girls throughout Great Britain.

    February 25th 2006: Massive outbreak of plague in Karachi, Pakistan 4,360 people die.

    March 2nd 2006: Joseph Titus kills 17 people after planting a bomb in the gymnasium at Muscatine High School in Muscatine, Iowa.

    March 4th 2006:Lashkar-e-Toiba guerillas launch riots in Karachi, Pakistan, killing 17 people, sparking international attention...

    March 7th 2006: Irish singer Marie Bernadette O'Connor drowns in her swimming pool in an apparent suicide in Dublin, Ireland.

    March 5th 2006: MP Richard Astley calls for a "Cashback" policy of tax-refunds, in an effort to boost the economy in the House of Commons...

    March 8th 2006: One-Million Women March; Feminist leaders Mahboubeh Abbasgholizadeh and Fereshteh Gholi lead c. 1,000,000 women in a march for civil rights in Tehran.

    March 12th 2006: MKDL Studios is established in the Philippines as an independent motion picture and video game production company. The slogan for the company is "Makabayang Kaisipan, Dakilang Layunin" (Patriotic Ideas, Prime Objective), hence the name "MKDL" and its founder's initials.

    March 14th 2006: General Seby Aguid proclaims himself "President for Life", during a rally in N'Djamena, Chad

    March 15th 2006: Country music singers Holly Williams and Hilary Williams killed in a plane crash near Memphis, Tennessee.

    March 18th 2006: MP Geddy Lee replaces MP Paul Martin as Liberal Party Chairman, after the collapse of Liberal Party members in federal elections.

    March 24th 2006: 14-year old singer Kaylee Ellins makes her hit debut with the single "Do You Wanna Know A Secret?" in Los Angeles, California.

    March 30th 2006: Former Federal prosecutor and governor of Puerto Rico, Rudolph "Rudy" Guliani is appointed by MLB Chairman George W. Bush, as Chair of theCommission to Investigate Drug Usage in Major League Baseball.

    April 1st 2006: Tony Martin, lead singer for the Parachutes, endorse Conservative MP David Cameron for Prime Minister in London, England. Also on this day, "Diviners" movement/cult appears in Stockholm, Sweden, sparking concerns of criminal behavior.

    April 3rd 2006: WHO report that the what the press has dubbed the "Pakistani Plague" is has an unusually high death rate, killing 79.5% of those infected.

    April 7th 2006: INTERPOL officials report in Paris, France a massive criminal cloning operation.

    April 11th 2006: WHO reports that the "Pakistani Plague" is resistant to multiple antibiotic drugs.

    April 12th 2006: WHO reports that the "Pakistani Plague" is resistant to all known antibiotics.

    April 16th 2006: Maddie Gaiman creates the graphic novel In Likeness Of (DC Comics/ UK) to celebrate Mistula, the Filipino "aidoru" group.

    May 2nd 2006: Pakistani guerillas begin trafficking "Kush" shipments through Peshawar to Indian forces.

    May 3rd-4th 2006: Battle of Texcoco; EZLN guerillas declare victory over government troops in San Salvador Atenco, Mexico.

    May 5th 2006: WHO reports that the strain of Bacteria responsible for the "Pakistani Plague" shows signs of "genetic tampering" and is most likely the result of a bio weapons project.

    May 8th 2006: SSG officials threaten an oil embargo against Western Europe if "interference in domestic affairs continues."

    May 9th 2006: "American Werewolves in London" single by Wednesday 13, makes its hit musical debut...

    May 9th-July 13th 2006: Uzbek Ripper; Serial killer murders 6 people in Karshi, Uzbek Republic, SSG, sparking international attention.

    May 13th 2006: Outbreak of "Pakistani Plague" in Tengri Tagh, Uighurstan 8,923 die nationwide.

    May 16th 2006: Outbreak of "Pakistani Plague" in Kabul, Afghanistan, 2,536 die. Also on this day, "The Cthonic Chronicles" Cthuluska album by Bal-Sagoth makes its hit musical debut...

    May 17th 2006: 26-year old Jason Smart of Toronto, Ontario launches the Cybernet site, virginsacrifice.com under the premise that upon 5 million "views" he will lose his virginity with his girlfriend on the Cybernet...

    May 24th 2006: India Closes it's border with Pakistan to prevent the spread of "Pakistani Plague". Also on this day, Chairman Rudolph "Rudy" Guliani is questioned about the seriousness of investigations by Bill Simmons (ESPN-TV) after it is revealed he has not attended any meetings in 2 months regarding drug hearings.

    May 28th 2006: SSG officials in Moscow announce that the Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline has been completed, further increasing Western European dependency on SSG oil.

    May 30th 2006: Outbreak of "Pakistani Plague" in Almaty, Kazakh Republic, SSG, 1,420 people infected.

    June 1st 2006: Nigerian singer Munache Williams releases her hit single "Egwu nkwa ndi Igbo [Igbo Music]". It sparks an increase in interest among all things West African among the US black community.

    June 6th 2006: Fundamentalist preacher James Kingsley of Virginia Beach, Virginia spark nationwide riots against New Age and Wicca groups, calling for a "first strike against the occult."

    June 7th 2006: EZLN Comandante Alexis Benhumea exposes sexual abuse and rape by federal government troops with Cybernet webcam footage in Mexico City, Mexico.

    June 12th 2006: Canadian Musician Jon Lajoie releases his hit album "Your Genitals & Me" Also on this day, The Warrior Huárénzhì film by Tsui Hark makes its hit debut.

    June 18th 2006: A new disease, NBD, or "Nootropic Brain Decline", is causing several deaths around the world.

    June 26th 2006: "Meliorist Foundation" member Yoko Ono-Lennon introduces the "Seventh Generation Eye" (7GE) campaign in New York City, New York to force corporations to take the "long-term repercussions" of their actions.

    June 30th 2006: India begins massive mobilization of tropes along the Pakistani border to prevent the spread of "Pakistani Plague". The largest mobilization since the end of the Afghan/Kashmir conflict.

    July 1st 2006: Harry Turtledove begins collaborating with newcomer Richard Elm to write the sequel to Mutants.

    July 3rd 2006: Jon Lajoie joins Rush and Kim Mitchel on stage during a concert in Toronto

    July 5th 2006 : Ted Kennedy is diagnosed with NBD.

    July 26th 2006: Pakistani dictator Maulavi Jalaluddin Haqqani blames "Pakistani Plague" on "Indian Bio weapons" during rally in Islamabad.

    July 27th 2006: Indian Prime Minister Arun Jaitley, responds to charges that India is behind "Pakistani Plague" by countering that is is most likely the result of "failed Pakistani experiments"

    August 4th 2006: Wajeha Al-Hurraider leads rally calling for universal suffrage for women in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia sparking international attention. Also on this day, Former musician and actress Marie Osmond commits suicide in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    August 7th 2006: Rafik Kamalov, regional commander of Hizb ut-Tahrir, captures Kara-Suu, Kyrgyzstan, SSG, killing 23 government troops.

    August 15th 2006: Ronald C. Walken (D-NY) announces his bid for the U.S. Senate in Queens, New York.

    August 16th 2006: "Meliorist Foundation" launches national tour throughout American Southeast and Midwest, starting in Atlanta, Georgia promoting progressive labor and environmental causes.

    August 18th 2006: The Nationalist government in Uyhgurstan blames the SSG for the creation of the "Pakistani Plague"

    August 22nd 2006: Fundamentalist Christian preacher Glenn Beck sparks religious riots in East Jerusalem, straining Christian-Muslim relations. Also on this day, Jesus, My BFF written by Whitney Hilton becomes a major bestseller, with calls for "communities of faith"...

    September 2nd-9th 2006: Summer Goodwill Games are held in Warsaw, Poland, sparking international attention and concern.

    September 5th 2006 : William "Billy" Mays gives his famous "Kaboom" speech at a re-election rally.

    September 8th 2006 : Zooey Martins enters her "Huárénzhì phase" with her album "Cosplay Girls!"

    September 9th-13th 2006: Operation Medak Pocket; NATO-backed guerillas Janko Bobetko and Rahim Ademi launch offensive from Gospić, Croatia.

    September 11th 2006: 600 people are hospitalized nationwide after insurgent guerillas lace food with methanol in Managua, Nicaragua.

    September 22nd 2006: All the King's Men directed by James Carville, starring Anthony Hopkins and Sean Penn, makes its hit debut...

    September 23rd 2006: 54 girls commit suicide as part of a "Jisatsu Sākuru" (suicide circle) at Ueno Station in Toyokawa, Japan, police officials cite the plague as a reason behind the suicides.

    September 26th 2006: Crazy Ray comes out with his first album "We Had a Tea Party".

    September 27th 2006: Alexandre del Valle, a major leader of "The Sword of Odin" releases a Video to Eurochannel (E-TV) in Paris, France, where he claims to have weaponized "Pakistani Plague"

    October 4th 2006: Christian Posse Association (CPA) Commander Marvin Stewart sparks riots at Columbia University in New York City, New York, accusing liberals of "backing CAU guerillas."

    October 17th, 2006: Juba Masscre; Southern Sudanese rebel leader Abraham Mayom Athiaan is accused of "mass graves" for 471 LGBT persons, sparking international outrage...

    October 23rd 2006: "The One" single by Upper Street makes its hit musical debut in London, England.

    October 27th 2006: American journalist Brad Will (ABC-TV) is assassinated in Oaxaca, Mexico, while covering insurgent violence in the region.

    October 28th 2006: Newly elected SSG president Sergey Mikhailovich Mironov announces plans to create a "hybrid economy" that would "combine the most advantageous elements of Capitalism and Communism" The plan calls for the government to own controlling interest in all corporations operating within the SSG, with the reminder being privately traded.

    October 31st 2006: "One More Drifter in the Snow" album by Aimee Mann makes its hit musical debut, becoming a Christmas hit.

    November 2nd 2006: British actor Noam B. Cohen stars in the film Vladimir Comes to America a "mockumentary" in which the titular character, a Bisexual Alcoholic Antisemitic Stalinist from Kaliningrad named Vladimir travels the United States and interacts with various groups including white supremacists, a Latino street gang, and a Furry club.

    November 6th 2006: Iraqi Civil War; Shi'a cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, with Iranian weapons launches an insurrection in the southern region of the country, in defiance of the government of General Ahmed Abdel Hadi Chalabi.

    November 7th 2006 : James Rolfe (I-NJ) is elected as Governor of New Jersey, sparking national attention. Also on this day, William D. Mays (D-FL) wins re-election against Rick Snayder.

    November 13th 2006: Albio Sires wins presidential elections in Havana, Cuba, despite alleged "voting irregularities".

    November 15th 2006: Vladimir Comes to America is banned in the SSG

    November 19th 2006: Roman Catholic priests Louie Vitale and Steve Kelly set themselves on fire outside Fort Huachuca, Arizona to protest American military actions.

    December 9th-11th 2006: "First World Series of Cyber-Gaming" is held on Governor's Island, New York, attracting many leaders of organized crime.

    December 13th 2006: The FBI closes down Dozen-chin. Also on this day, Jakob Edvard Kuupik Kleist calls for the secession of Greenland from Denmark during a rally in Qullissat, Greenland...

    December 14th 2006: in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Reality Wars Marvel comics publishes Reality Wars 2, in which the survivors from the "Old Universe" watching from a pocket dimension, grow disgusted with how dark the "New Universe" has become, and escape. They then gather the "Eternity Crystals" in an atempt to return the universe to it's original state. The Heroes and villians of the Marvel Universe are forced to from an alliance to prevent themselves from being erased from existence. Also on this day, Islamic cleric Abdul Aziz calls for the overthrow of the government, during a rally in Islamabad. Pakistan.

    December 15th 2006: Kaylee Ellins launches a "chastity campaign" with "Silver Bracelets" in Orlando, California.

    December 16th 2006: Jordon Shafur Picard releases his hit song "The Picard Song"

    December 17th 2006: Dr. Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda proclaims the "Second Coming" during a rally in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    December 19th 2006: Global Baseball League (GBL) announces its minority-share purchase of ESPN-TV for $1.3 billion.


    January 1st 2007: Ambassador Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan is named Secretary-General of the United Nations in New York City, New York.

    January 9th 2007: New York governor John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr, announces he plans to "follow in my father's footsteps, all the way to the White House"

    January 18th 2007: Chancellor Edmund Stoiber is shot by Udo Voigt in Rostock, Germany, placing him in a coma; MP Angela Merkel takes over as Chancellor.

    January 21st 2007: Mirek Topolánek demands government reforms during a pro-democracy rally in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Also on this day,the Philadelphia Eagles trounce the San Diego Chargers 38-6 in Super Bowl 43.

    January 22nd 2007: Organized crime figure Billy "Mr. Perfect" Mitchell is killed in a "Cyber-Gaming" hit on Governor's Island, New York.

    January 24th 2007: Daniel Ortega sends videos to Unavision announcing the creation of "defense committees" against American forces.

    January 25th 2007: President Sergey Mikhailovich Mironov meets with Third Bloc leaders in New Dehli, India, proclaiming the "economic nationalism" of India as a "model for the world in economic justice..."

    January 26th 2007: Blood & Chocolate starring Agnes Bruckner and Hugh Dancy, makes its hit debut, featuring a human/werewolf romance.

    January 27th 2007: Zooey Martins announces her pregnancy by saying,"I want you to sing so loud that the baby hears it..." during a concert in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

    January 29th 2007: Samer Dhiya al-Din proclaims a religious fundamentalist revolution during a rally in Baghdad, Iraq sparking fears of revolution.

    February 6th 2007: Government officials report 400 deaths due to avian influenza in Islamabad, Pakistan.

    February 21st 2007: President Shull visits Shah Reza Pahlavi in Tehran, Iran, sparking tensions in the region.

    February 27th 2007: Whitney Hilton travels to Albania to help aid the Carmelite Order of Nuns in Tirana, Albania.

    March 6th 2007: Chinese officials seal the Sino-Tibetan border after WHO/CDC officials report in Lhasa, c.7,000 deaths related to avian influenza nationwide.

    March 12th 2007: MPs Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart launch the national "Far Cry" campaign in Toronto, Ontario.

    March 17th 2007: ACLU Lawyer Chris Hansen promises to take Wallis Burt's case against the US government to the Supreme court.

    March 20th 2007: Las Vegas Attacks; "Sword of Odin" takes responsibility for a TWA passenger plane crashes into the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada killing 143 people.

    March 23rd 2007: Religious authorities in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia report c.790 deaths related to avian influenza. Abdallah Aiza Al Matrafi claims "American bio weapons are responsible".

    March 27th, 2007: Refelcting the harsh economic condition, people begin using the terms "dime naked", "pass the cent", and "the nickel stops here" to reflect poverty.

    April 2nd 2007: Education Minister Edward Balls launches debate on the teaching of the Holocaust in public schools, after numerous complaints by Islamic fundamentalist leaders and British National Party (BNP) leaders in London, England. Also on this day, United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ)launches protests on Wall Street in New York City, New York, to bring attention to U.S. military efforts in Central America and Sri Lanka.

    April 9th 2007: Singer Vince Offer realeses his hit single, "Flyin' Along the Highway." Also on this day, Kaylee Ellins performs for the U.S. troops in Panama City, Panama as part of the USO tour.

    April 12th 2007: President Sergey Mikhailovich Mironov warns that plans for economic sanctions by American Congressional leaders "will trigger a Second Cold War..."

    April 14th, 2007: The "Motherland Cola Corp." is founded, owned 51% by the SSG government, and 49% by Coca Cola.

    April 17th 2007: Dozenchin reappears on the internet.

    April 23rd 2007: Mayor Alicia Wang is targeted by Christian Posse Association (CPA) members after announcing a "sanctuary city" policy for CAU refugees in San Francisco, California.

    May 1st 2007: Kaylee Ellins performs at Wembley Stadium in London, England in a televised concert, sparking international attention. Also on this day, President Patrick Shull announces plans for a "color-code" for immigration cards/ I.D.s nationwide. Immigrants are granted green-colored cards, permanent residents are granted blue cards, tourists are granted red cards.

    May 3rd 2007: WHO/CDC officials in Accra, Ghana report c. 1,600 deaths nationwide related to avian influenza. Also on this day, Armed right-wing guerillas seize control of José Martí International Airport in Havana, killing 3 hostages, in an attempt to overthrow the government.

    May 12th 2007: Colonel Kenneth A. Kinzel, U.S. Army, is accused of raping a 17-year old girl in Managua, Nicaragua.

    May 15th 2007: Jarosław Kaczyński demands recognition for the "Christian heritage" of Poland, during a rally in Gdansk

    May 29th 2007: American ambassador Lemon E. Groves is shot by insurgent rebels in Grenada, Nicaragua.

    June 4th, 2007: General Vang Pao overthrows the Communist-backed government in Vientiane, Laos, sparking international attention.

    June 5th 2007: Whitney Hilton is arrested in Tirana, Albania after protesting the miserable human rights condition in the region. Also on this day, Tree Lovers" Movement started by Charles Lacson in San Francisco, California, in protest to de-forestation worldwide. Also on this day, Zooey Martins is linked to San Francisco Giants baseball player Yuki Saito, sparking international attention.

    June 9th 2007: Marvel Comics begins Aftermath a year long weekly series meant to show the after effects of Reality Wars 2. It is considered by many to be "the worst comic series ever published".

    June 16th 2007: "Shadow Girls" clothing line, a "Cthuluska" fashion line by David A. Rodriguez and David Reynolds, becomes extremely popular.

    June 19th 2007: Singer Vince Offer releases his first album, "Sunset Seranade", and his praised by many. Also on this day, "Fling Shui", a Chinese-American method of furniture and clothing arrangement becomes popular in San Francisco, California.

    June 21st 2007 : Senator John Kerry announces that he will run for the Republican Nomination in 2008.

    June 27th 2007: MP Richard P. Astley launches "New Labor" manifesto during the Labor Party Convention in Liverpool, England...

    June 28th 2007: Transmorphers: More Than Meets The Eye directed by Leigh Scott and starring Matthew Wolf and Eliza Swenson, makes its hit debut.

    June 29th 2007: Tong Dizhou, Lianming Liao, and Lingsong Li announce the successful human cloning in Beijing, China, warning that Chinese officials have not agreed to United Nations restrictions on cloning.

    July 3rd, 2007: Nadia McCaffrey (L-CA) announces her bid for the 6th Congressional District of California in Petaluma, California.

    July 7th 2007: Scatman John releases his new Album "Oral Fixation"

    July 17th 2007: "Ihtyphallic" Cthuluska album by Nile makes its hit musical debut.

    July 20th 2007: President Sergey Mikhailovich Mironov warns that American foreign policy "threatens mankind with the possibility of extinction..." before the United Nations General Assembly in New York City, New York.

    July 21st 2007: "Meliorist Foundation" members Warren Beatty and Ted Turner unveil "Polly Patriot" ad campaign against corporate corruption of government in Washington D.C.,.

    July 23rd 2007: Vice President James Hendrix announces that he will run for the Republican Nomination in 2008.

    July 25th 2007: King Abdullah II of Jordan is killed by Jewish fundamentalist guerillas while visiting the al-Aqsa mosque in Eastern Jerusalem, Israel.

    July 28th 2007: Liberal MP Geddy Lee is elected PM in Toronto, Canada based on the success of the "Far Cry" campaign.

    August 7th 2007: Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois begins offering college degrees for "Burlesque Dance Interpretation".

    August 13th 2007: Christian Posse Association (CPA) members Jeff Schwilk and Leland Sprout of San Diego, California are video-taped shooting a Mexican refugee in San Diego, California.

    August 24th 2007: Organized crime leader Roy "Mr. Awesome" Shildt is killed during a "Cyber-Gaming" hit on Governor's Island, New York.

    August 28th, 2007: Military overthrows the government in Ankara, Turkey, sparking international attention and concern.

    September 2nd 2007 : "She's a Supersneak!" single by Kaylee Ellins makes its hit musical debut in Los Angeles, California.

    September 7th 2007: The Brothers Solomon directed by Bob Odenkirk, starring Lee Majors and Orville Forte makes its hit debut.

    September 10th, 2007: Lieutenant-Governor Gerald Springer (D-OH) comes to power after Governor Robert Taft II (R-OH) is struck down with avian influenza in Dayton, Ohio...

    September 17th 2007: Health officials in Nanjing, China report c. 361,300 deaths related to avian influenza, sparking international attention.

    September 25th 2007: Government health officials led by Suresh Babu in New Dehli, India warn of "public health disaster" created by Kush addiction/trade.

    September 28th 2007: 19-year old super model Ruslana Korshunova is proclaimed the "Goodwill Ambassador" of the SSG, appearing in propaganda broadcasts and Cybernet videos.

    September 29th 2007: Carmine Stevenson stars in Ron in Cybernet, a comedy film about a stay at home Dad who is addicted to the Cybernet. It racks in 200 Million.

    September 30th 2007: former Chancellor Edmund Stoiber finally dies of his wounds, after c. 8 months in a coma, sparking "day of mourning".

    October 5th 2007: Russian nationalist Film maker Timur Bekmambetov creates the film Rodina or Billy Joe Visits the Motherland, a film created as "the Russian response" to Vladimir Comes to America in which the titular character, a hillbilly from Texas and his "Mother/Sister/Wife" Joleen travel the SSG.

    October 8th 2007: WHO/CDC officials in Jakarta, Indonesia report 870 deaths nationwide due to avian influenza.

    October 11th 2007: Dillon Cossey kills 21 people in a "Beserker-fueled" shooting at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania.

    October 18th 2007: "Best of All Possible Worlds" world tour by Kaylee Ellins launches in New York. Also on this day, San Francisco-based "Opt-X", Mexico City-based "Furia" and Los Angeles-based "Complexity" gangs clash in "Cyber-Gaming" war in Los Angeles, California.

    December 10th 2007: Pope Pius XIII preaches that apartheid and ethnic violence "serve to divide the Body of Christ..." during mass in Lagos, Nigeria.

    October 19th 2007: John F. Kennedy, Junior announces his intention to run for the Liberal Nomination.

    October 11th-14th 2007: Battle of Guaymas; Subcomandante Abel leads EZLN guerillas in battle against federal troops in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico.

    November 3rd 2007: "Baptized" Christian Technoska single by "aidoru" group Mistula, makes its hit debut in Manila, Philippines.

    November 5th 2007: "Diviners" movement leader attacks MP Jacqui Dean in Auckland, New Zealand, sparking international attention.

    November 12th, 2007: British Ambassador Jonathan Evans is placed under arrest by SSG officials as a "MI5 agent", sparking international tensions.

    November 15th 2007: Great Blackout of 2007; Atlantic Seaboard suffers a massive blackout across 16 states after a power relay failure at Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant, near Miami, Florida collapse....

    November 16th, 2007: Birmingham-based "Salvo" and London-based "Mint" gangs clash in "Cyber-Gaming" war in London, England

    November 19th, 2007: Former President Hillary Rodham is attacked by a Neo-Hammerskin member. She is expected to recover, however, President Shull is calling for tougher investigation into the Hammerskins.

    November 29th, 2007: Berlin-based "Allianz" and Stockholm-based "Magnetik" gangs clash in "Cyber-gaming" war in Stockholm, Sweden

    November 30th 2007: Terrorists claim to have stolen a South African nuclear weapon in Pelindaba, South Africa, outside of Pretoria, sparking international attention.

    December 11th 2007: Scatman John teams up with singer Vince Offer, in the hit single "Crazy As Love".

    December 14th 2007: I Am Omega directed by Griff Furst, starring Mark Dacascos and Jennifer Lee Wiggins, makes its hit debut.

    December 22nd, 2007: The "People's Cola Corp." is founded, 52% by the SSG government, and 48% by Pepsi Cola.

    December 26th, 2007: Police officials in Detroit, Michigan announce the prevention of a "suicide ring" attempt, sparking national attention.

    December 31st 2007: Government officials in Mumbai, New Dehli, and Calcutta, report booming "surrogacy rings" for cloning operations using women c.15-25 years old to carry clone embryos to term, mainly for Western European and American clients.


    January 1st 2008: Kaylee Ellins performs in Nanjing, China.

    January 3rd 2008: Cairo Riots; Islamic fundamentalists launch anti-American riots in Cairo, Egypt, 32 people killed, including 6 American tourists.

    January 7th 2008: YourView sold for 1.4 billion dollars to Apple Corp.

    January 9th 2008: The English version of Rodina or Billy Joe Visits the Motherland is released on video in the United States, quickly becoming a best seller do it being, in the eyes of many Americans, "so bad it's good" because of it's massive amount of Pro-Soviet era propaganda, and poor editing.

    January 11th 2008: President Patrick Shull warns that the United States is engaged in a "New Cold War" during a speech in Annapolis, Maryland.

    January 16th 2008: Representative Chuck Lee (L-NY) proposes a Constitutional Amendment limiting the Presidency to one term-limit in Washington D.C., it is struck down quickly.

    January 25th 2008: The Air That I Breathe directed by Jieho Lee, starring Cecilia Suarez and Will Maier, makes its hit debut.

    January 27th 2008: Blood Monkey starring F. Murray Abraham, Amy Mason and Matt Reeves, makes its hit debut...

    February 12th 2008: President Dr. Ahmed Nazif is assassinated by Islamic fundamentalist leaders in Cairo, Egypt.

    February 24th 2008: "Meliorist Foundation" launches the "John Galt for President '08" campaign in an effort to protest political corruption and bribery in American politics.

    February 27th 2008: "Goldenrides", Chinese-manufactured flower-shaped bicycles become popular in Shanghai, China.

    March 2nd 2008: Comedian Will Nye anounces he will replace Ryan Stiles on the (The After Dark Show, CBS-TV) in November 2009.

    March 4th 2008: Love & Consequences: A Memoir of Hope & Survival by Margaret B. Jones of Los Angeles, CA makes its hit debut, detailing the autobiography of a half-white/half-Native American member of the Bloods gang in Los Angeles, California. Also on this day, Third Bloc officials in New Dehli, India warn that "Kush" addiction is taking place at "pandemic rates".

    March 7th 2008: Chinese hackers in Nanjing, China launch "Cybernet pre-emptive strike" against targets in India, the SSG, and the United States.

    March 12th 2008: Portions of U.S. Space Station Freedom fall to South China Sea, sparking concerns between Washington D.C. and Nanjing governments. Also on this day, SSG naval forces under Admiral Jakub M. Godzimirski conduct naval weapons tests off the coast of Stavanger, Norway.

    March 17th 2008: "Communion" Cthuluska album by Septic Flesh makes its hit musical debut.

    March 20th 2008: Doctors at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland announce the successful creation of "artificial blood", as a means of preventing the spread of "Kinshasha Fever".

    March 21st 2008: Christian fundamentalist group "The Lord's Witnesses" launches mass rallies in London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow, proclaiming the "End Times".

    March 28th 2008: Chapter 27 starring Jared Leto and Dee Lohan, about an attempted murder of John Lennon in 1981, makes its hit debut.

    April 1st 2008:Labor Party MP Richard P. Astley is elected Prime Minister in national elections, sparking international attention...

    May 3rd 2008: Scatman John released a few new singles, such as "The Forgotten Arm", "King of the Jailhouse", and "I Can't Get My Head Around It".

    May 8th 2007: Whitney Hilton is arrested protesting U.S. military action in the Balkans outside the U.S. Embassy in Tirana, Albania...

    May 12th 2008: Migrant workers from Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe launch riots outside of Johannesburg, sparking calls for martial law.

    May 14th 2008: Whitney Hilton achieves international fame by trying to help the poor in Tirana, Albania with her anti-poverty campaign.

    May 18th 2008: Anarchists launch riots in Montreal, Quebec in reaction to proposed health measures.

    May 21st 2008: Race riots spread to Durban and Mpumalanga, South Africa, demanding the overthrow of the Afrikanner government.

    May 22nd 2008: President Marthinus van Schalkwyk imposes a national curfew after Azanian People's Liberation Army guerillas launch attacks in Pretoria.

    May 23rd 2008: Cape Town, South Africa is placed under martial law after members of the Azanian People's Liberation Army (APLA) under Johnson Mlambo bomb portions of the city.

    May 24th 2008: PM Geddy Lee and MPs Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart dedicate the Canadian Human Rights Monument in Winnipeg, Manitoba, sparking international attention.

    May 25th 2008: Shark Swarm starring John Scneider and Armand Asante, makes its hit film debut...

    May 27th 2008: Street Racer starring Clint Browning and Dorothy Drury popularizes the world of "auto-duelling"

    June 3rd 2008: "@#%&*! Smilers" by Aimee Mann, makes its hit debut in Los Angeles, California.

    June 6th 2008: Canadian PM Geddy Lee and President Shull help to dedicate the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, Missouri.

    June 12th 2008: The book Enter the Dragon, a story of human/dragon romance by May Lads becomes a best seller amoung the teenage girl demographic, fans of gothic horror complain the use of Dragons in the book contradict the rules dragon novels must follow.

    June 19th 2008: Prime Minister Fouad Siniora is assassinated by car bomb in Beirut, Lebanon, sparking tensions in the region.

    July 3rd 2008: Net-Clothes.com, Cybernet clothing rental is established in Boston, Massachusetts, by Nicole Yelich and Tuan Nguyen.

    July 4th 2008: Residents of the Atlantic Seaboard region, especially Pennsylvania, report "Mothman" alien sightings. sparking national attention.

    July 31st 2008: Gang member Rony Aguilera, (a.k.a. "Guerrillero") is attacked and lynched by Christian Posse Association (CPA) members in San Francisco, California.

    August 5th 2008: Scatman John releases the hit new single, "Party Time". Also on this day, Despite pressure by American President Patrick Shull, President Marthinus van Schalkwyk declares a "State of Emergency" in Johannesburg.

    August 7th 2008: Local human-rights activists in Duarte, California establish write-in campaign for "Whitney Hilton for President", sparking international attention.

    August 9th 2008: Red Hour Rallies; Occult and New Age enthusiasts hold rallies across the world to proclaim the passage of the "Planet Nibiru" (a.k.a. "Planet X").

    August 12th 2008: PM Geddy Lee promises humanitarian aid to Tibet to the Dalai Lama, during a state visit to Lhasa, Tibet..

    August 15th 2008: Voltron: Defender of the Universe directed by Mark Gordon, makes its hit film debut

    August 19th 2008: SSG General Anatoly Nagovitsyn accuses Israel of aiding Georgian military forces in Tblisi, Georgia...

    August 25th 2008: President Rifaat al-Assad orders the deployment of Syrian troops into Lebanon as a "police action", from Damascus, Syria...

    August 28th 2008 : Ted Kennedy, in suprisingly good health, gives his famous "The Dream Lives On" speech at the Liberal Party National Convention.

    August 29th 2008: "The Poor Luckies" Technoska band makes its hit musical debut in San Francisco, California

    September 8th 2008:"Sword of Odin" terrorists tale credit for the bombing of the 86th Floor of the Empire State Building in New York City, New York, killing 32 people, including 8 schoolchildren.

    September 9th 2007: Francois Dampierre is sworn in as the new leader of the Cult of Normandy

    September 10th 2008: Earth Liberation Front (ELF) terrorists bomb the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Meyrin, Switzerland, killing 86 people.

    September 21st, 2008: Vipers starring Donna Reid and Corbin Bersen, makes its hit film debut.

    September 29th 2008: Actress Sharon Stone dies of a brain hemmorhage in San Francisco, California after attending a fundraiser for "Kinshasha fever".

    October 12th, 2007: Dampierre changes the Cult of Normandy's name to the Sons of Robespierre, declaring that "We are true Frenchmen, we don't need to refer to ourselves as heathen Nords."

    October 9th 2008: Children of the Atom 2 is released, starring Sophie Steph, Martin Sheen, and Quincy Zerrater. It does very good at the box office, bringing in nearly $200 Million

    October 13th 2008: "Meliorist Foundation" members John Lennon, Bill Cosby, Ted Turner, and Barry Diller, launch protest against "corporate welfare" at the Wall Street Stock Exchange in New York City, New York.

    October 22nd 2008: Salvador Vivas-Diaz is beaten to death by Christian Posse Association (CPA) members who suspect the man of "drunk-driving" in Phoenix, Arizona. Also on this day, "Meliorist Foundation" call upon the Justice Department to prosecute "corporate criminals" during a rally in Washington D.C.

    October 23rd 2008: 50 teenagers commit suicide in a "suicide ring" in Pontycymmer, Bridgend, Wales, sparking international attention...

    November 2008: The Liberal Party ticket of John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Lieutenant-Governor Senator Katherine "Kat" Swift (L-TX)win the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election over Vice-President James "Jimi" Hendrix (R-WA) and Senator Ron Paul (R-TX). Leela Amber Ettinger (LT-PA) is elected as the first female Governor of Pennsylvania.

    November 10th 2008: Princess Catherine and Charles Middleton are married at St. Paul's Cathedral in London, England.

    November 15th 2008 : "The Tide" Technoska single by Weather Pending makes its hit debut in San Francisco, California

    November 20th 2008: The Nightman Cometh musical written by Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, and Rob McElhenney makes its hit debut in New York City, New York.

    November 21st 2008: In an effort to regain financial revenue lost to Cybernet activity, movie theater owners announce the creation of "B-Class" films, allowing small films to gain larger distribution.

    November 25th 2008: Merlin and the War of the Dragons starring Nia Ann, Ceri Bostock, and Carys Eleri makes its hit film debut.

    December 5th 2008: Farmers in Frankfurt, Kentucky promote the raising of ostrich meat and eggs in an effort to prevent avian influenza, sparking international attention.

    December 6th 2008: Jordon Sharfur Picard releases his hit song "Barrel Roll"

    December 12th 2008: The Day the Earth Stopped directed by C. Thomas Howell, starring C. Thomas Howell and Judd Nelson, makes its hit debut. Also on this day, As the price of heating oil rises in Portland, Maine, some families ask for coal from the Salvation Army.

    December 17th-21st 2008: First Hajj Outbreak; Avian influenza spreads throughout the Islamic world after an outbreak occurs in Mecca, sparking international attention.

    December 22nd 2008: SSG officials order the deployment of military forces against nationalist forces in Tblisi, Georgia, 37 killed.


    January 2nd 2009: CEO John Lennon introduces the "Wrist-tops" PCs, with voice-command capability for Apple Corp. in New York City, New York.

    January 15th 2009: Dr. Joseph Lowery, Rev. Tim McDonald, and Damu Smith lead 250,000 in protest against the war, in celebration of the 80th birthday of deceased President Martin Luther King Jr., in Atlanta, Georgia.

    January 20th 2009: Opposition leader Eduardo Aguirre Reyes, Jr., calls for the overthrow of the Cuban government, during hearings in Washington D.C. Also on this day, "Meliorist Foundation" led by John Lennon, Warren Buffet, Bill Cosby, et al., establishes the "Citizen's Utility Boards" (CUB) in New York City, New York, in an effort to boost the employment rate.

    January 25th 2009 : In a tragic turn of events, after several months of health decline, Ted Kennedy dies of NBD, just a few days after his Nephew was inagurated as President.

    January 30th 2009: Tranquility Disaster; 9 American astronauts are killed in an airlock accident at Mare Tranquilitas, sparking concern over space travel.

    January 31st 2009: Wyvern starring Lisa Hansen, Breanne Hartley, and Kirk Shaw makes its hit film debut.

    February 2nd 2009: Thames Disaster; Massive flooding of London, England, despite reinforced levee and dike system, leaving 118 dead, and 133,000 homeless.

    Febriary 3rd 2009: Francis Hernandez of Boulder, Colorado is lynched by Christian Posse Association (CPA) members, dragged by chain at the back of a truck for 1/2 mile.

    February 6th 2009: Geneticists in Dublin, Ireland announce the creation of "five-leaf" clovers, calling them "symbols of eventual reunification.

    February 10th 2009: SSG military officials claim credit for the "orbital shootdown" of a American Iridum satellite, sparking international attention.

    February 13th 2009: "The Final Peace" AI virus is unleashed on the Cybernet by Christian fundamentalists in Patterson, New Jersey.

    February 19th 2009 : Scatman John releases his album, "Scatland or No Land".

    February 24th 2009: "I Got It Bad" single by Chris Isaak makes its hit debut in San Francisco, California.

    February 26th 2009: The Chris Isaak Hour (UPN-TV) hosted by musician Chris Isaak makes its hit debut, broadcast from the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco, California.

    March 1st 2009: All living presidents of the United States, Prime Ministers of Canada, and Presidents of Mexico gather at the White House.

    March 7th 2009: Christian fundamentalists led by David Wilkerson set fires throughout New York City, New York, killing 452 people, leaving thousands homeless.

    March 31st 2009: Dragon Quest starring Jason Connery and Marc Singer makes its hit film debut...

    April 1st 2009: Seth Graham-Smithe creates the hit Sci-Fi book "Iron Walls" Book Critic Arthur Schulz calls it "Hamlet...IN SPACE"

    April 3rd 2009: Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) report shooting down a Syrian MiG-25 over the Golan Heights, sparking international tensions.

    April 13th, 2009: Crazy Ray releases parodies of popular songs, such as "Sheriff Lobo" as a parody of "Loba" by Isabel.

    April 5th 2009: Kaylee Ellins sparks controversy after risque and nude photos of the musician are leaked on the Cybernet.

    April 10th 2009: Kaylee Ellins: The Movie makes its hit debut, earning c.$162.5 million.

    April 14th 2009: U.S. border troops in San Diego, California kill 8-year old Abel Guillen after it is reported that he has avian influenza.

    April 15th 2009: William D. Mays (L-FL) is appointed by President John F. Kennedy Jr., as Treasury Secretary.

    April 17th 2009: Salvia divinorum is banned by order of the SSG Politburo in Moscow, with the death penalty for trafficking. Also on this day, Restaurants in Raleigh, North Carolina introduce "Hemp-Fed" Chicken as a delicacy.

    April 27th 2009: Mexican Outbreak; Giovanna Salamanca is the first confirmed death of avian influenza in Mexico City, Mexico, sparking fears of pandemic.

    April 28th 2009: 312,560 cases related to avian influenza reported nationwide in Mexico City by WHO/CDC officials. Also on this day, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, GAP, introduce several lines of "Designer Face Masks" in New York City, New York, in an effort to combat avian influenza. Also on this day, European leaders call for restrictions on air travel after reports of avian inflenza are reported in all major cities.

    April 29th 2009: U.S. Surgeon-General Kenneth P. Moritsugu reports 910,010 known cases of avian influenza nationwide, sparking international attention.

    May 11th 2009: Singer Madonna Ciccone is murdered at her home in New York City, New York during a botched home invasion/burglary.

    May 19th 2009: Mega-Shark vs. Giant Octopus starring Lorenzo Lamas and Deborah Gibson makes its hit debut.

    May 21st 2009: Kaylee Ellins is arrested in Beverly Hills, California, after being caught "driving while intoxicated. Also on this day, General Ronnie Kasrils and Colonel Manala Manzini are accused of launching "death squads" throughout Gauteng region of South Africa, targetting Azanian People's Liberation Army (APLA) members.

    May 22nd 2009: U.N. Secretary-General Benazir Bhutto expresses outrage for South African "death squads", and blames the British and American governments for backing the apartheid regime.

    May 26th 2009: French President Nicolas Sarkozy is assassinated at Elysée Palace in Paris, France.

    June 1st 2009 : Kaylee Ellins sparks controversy after a second set of nude photographs are leaked on the Cybernet.

    June 5th, 2009: Colonel Zeljko Ivankovic orders the "ethnic cleansing" of Srebrenica, sparking international condemnation.

    June 6th 2009: SSG officials call for a U.N. Security Council resolution for Israel to be charged with "war crimes" and face international sanctions in New York City, New York. Also on this day, MP Ségolène Royal defeats President Dominique de Villepin in special election, becoming the first female president of France. Also on this day, Metropolitan Pyotr Kutnetsov establishes the "Heavenly Jerusalem" movement within the Russian Orthodox Church proclaiming the "End Times"

    June 10th 2009: Actor Jon Voight leads Republican Party fundraiser in Los Angeles, California, calling for "family values".

    June 12th 2009: Government officials in Cairo confirm 314 deaths due to avian influenza, but WHO/CDC officials claim as high as c.400 deaths. Also on this day, Farmers in Billings, Montana announce the controversial raising of bear cubs as pets, angering the Sierra Club and ASPCA members.

    June 16th 2009: The latest film adaptation of El Filibusterismo is released, starring Jennylyn Mercado as Juli, Sam Concepcion as Basilio, and Joel Torre as Simoun. Written and directed by Tara Santelices, this motion picture is produced by MKDL Studios, which at that time was headed by Mark Kevin Limkinglam.

    June 20th 2009: Shah Reza Pahlavi's visit to Berlin sparks riots throughout the capital, between pro-democracy demonstrators, Turkish, and Kurdish demonstrators, c.124 people arrested.

    June 24th 2009: Government officials in Manila report 3,207 deaths due to avian influenza nationwide.

    June 28th 2009: Armando Valladares seizes control of the government in a right-wing coup d'etat in Havana, Cuba, claiming "violations of the Constitution.

    July 2nd 2009: Transmorphers: The Fall of Man directed by David Michael Latt, starring Bruce Boxleitner, Jennifer Rubin and Shane Van Dyke makes its hit debut. Also on this day, health officials in Tokyo report 74,780 deaths related to avian influenza nationwide, sparking economic turmoil....

    July 10th 2009: Health food stores in Los Angeles, California begin selling "Wood Chips" as a popular weight loss supplement.

    July 14th 2009: "Loba (a.k.a. "She-Wolf")" single by Isabel (a.k.a. "Isabel Mebarak Ripoll") makes its hit musical debut.

    June 15th 2009: The Washington Post publishes a transcript of an audio recording linking Representative Mark Post (R-IL) of Galesburg, Illinois to the "Kush" drug/arms network in the Third Bloc.

    July 24th 2009: Southwest Airlines, the largest low fare airline in the US, declares bankruptcy, citing high costs, sagging demand, and fuel hedges failing to protect against high fuel costs. The collapse of one of the largest airlines is sure to have impacts on the US airline industry.

    July 27th 2009: Doctors at the Robert Koch Institute confirm 3,810 deaths nationwide due to avian influenza in Berlin, Germany.

    July 28th 2009: WHO/CDC officials report 12,190 deaths in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia due to avian influenza.

    July 29th 2009: Government officials report 2,861,000 deaths reported nationwide in Nanjing, sparking international attention and concern. Also on this day, President Hosni Mubarak is assassinated by Islamic fundamentalists in Cairo, Egypt, sparking fears of a coup...

    July 31st 2009: British Ministry of Health reports 11,159 deaths related to avian influenza nationwide in London, England.

    August 1st 2009: Former President Patrick Shull is assassinated on a visit to Trenton, New Jersey, by Barry Bueforde, a former Hammerskin.

    August 2nd 2009: WHO/CDC officials report 2,760 deaths nationwide due to avian influenza in Dublin, Ireland.

    August 3rd 2009: Government officials confirm 3,485 deaths due to avian influenza nationwide, during a press conference in Johannesburg...

    August 4th 2009: Egyptian fears prove well founded when Monarchist factions in the military launch a coup against Cairo

    August 5th 2009: Health officials in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil report 2,956 deaths related to avian influenza, sparking national attention.

    August 10th 2009: Doctors at the Robert Koch Institute report 9,770 deaths attributed to avian influenza nationwide in Berlin, Germany.

    August 14th 2009: Hurricane Stella kills 1,231 people in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Also on this day, Shah Reza Pahlavi dies from Avian influenza. the throne is inherited by his brother, Ali-Reza Pahlavi, who promises democratic reforms

    August 18th 2009: WHO/CDC officials in Jakarta report c.1,033,000 deaths due to avian influenza, sparking calls for humanitarian aid relief.

    August 19th 2009: 81,600 deaths reported due to avian influenza in Macau, People's Republic of China according to WHO/CDC officials...

    August 21st 2009: Indian leaders come out of the closet with information in New Dehli that c. 3,273,000 people have died due to avian influenza, sparking international attention...

    August 26th 2009: 143,000 deaths due to avian influenza reported in Hong Kong, People's Republic of China, according to WHO/CDC officials...

    August 27th 2009: "Can't Help Myself" Technoska single by the Poor Luckies makes its hit debut in San Francisco, California.

    August 30th 2009, The 2009 film adaptation of Noli Me Tangere (Jose Rizal's first novel), was released just in time for National Heroes' Day, starring Jericho Rosales, Anne Curtis, and Robert Arevalo; this motion picture is produced by MKDL Studios.

    August 31st 2009: Marvel Comics purchases Walt Disney Corp. for $4.0 billion in Burbank, California and New York City, New York...

    September 1st 2009: Ang Panday (The Blacksmith), based on the film series starring Fernando Poe, Jr., becomes the first console video game produced in the Republic of the Philippines, released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 by MKDL Studios. It became a massive hit, with 200,000 games sold all over the country in its first month of release. Also on this day, employees of Walt Disney Corp. protest the purchase by Marvel Corp., citing "history of anti-family material..."

    September 3rd, 2009: Also on this day, ABC-TV news anchor Charles Gibson announces his retirement to study at monastery in Lhasa, Tibet.

    September 21st 2009: President John F. Kennedy, Jr. speaks at Lane Kirkland Elementary in Crawfordsville, Indiana...

    September 24th 2009: c. 10,000 students at the University of California at Berkeley, launch a rally in support of the "Meliorist Foundation" in Mountain View, California.

    September 25th 2009: Parents at Lane Kirkland Elementary School in Crawfordsville, Indiana accuse President John F. Kennedy Jr. of "indoctrination".

    October 2nd 2009: "Digital Bliss" Technoska album by Weather Pending makes its hit debut in San Francisco, California

    October 11th 2009: Author and Clothesfree Activist Gabrielle O'Connor announces she will run for the Governorship of Florida in 2010 as an independent

    October 15th 2009: Kaylee Ellins is droped from Jovian Recording after it is leaked to the press that she received an illegal abortion.

    October 20th 2009: Kaylee Ellins is charged as an adult in the murder of her unborn child in Miami, Florida.

    October 23rd 2009: President John F. Kennedy declares a "State of Emergency" in regards to the avian influenza outbreak, during a speech in Washington D.C.,

    October 24th 2009: Anarchists launch riots in London, England, sparking a massive police crackdown, 118 people arrested...

    November 3rd, 2009: Adriel Hampton (D-CA) wins the 10th Congressional District race, after a special election, sparking national attention....

    November 7th 2009: Kaylee Ellins is found guilty on all counts and is sentenced to life in prison.

    November 10th 2009: Following her imprisonment, A sex tape of Kaylee Ellins with her boyfriend shows up on Dozenchin, quickly becoming one of the most downloaded videos ever.

    November 17th 2009: President John F. Kennedy Jr. is diagnosed with lung cancer.

    November 18th, 2009: Defense lawyer Amy Markiewicz files a court appeal for Kaylee Ellins, citing that biological father, manager Brian Bolland has not been charged with "statutory rape", despite the fact that Ellins was a minor at the time of her pregnancy, or as a "accomplice to the murder" despite the fact that he paid for the abortion in Miami, Florida.

    November 19th 2009 : Comedian Will Nye replaces Ryan Stiles on the After Dark Show. Ryan Stiles also announces that The Ryan Stiles Show, a primetime Comedy Show, will begin airing in December.

    November 21st 2009: State legislature in Austin, Texas allows death-row inmates to choose the method of execution they will undertake.

    November 24th 2009: John Lennon, musical and technological revolutionary, passes away

    December 2nd 2009: ACLU President Sarah Heath launches the "Free Kaylee Ellins" movement, which advocates an overturning of the law against abortion

    December 3rd 2009 : The Ryan Stiles Show, a 10 PM Primetime Comedy Skit show, begins airing on NBC.

    December 5th 2009: City Council of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania bans the sale of cigarette lighters to children under hte age of 18-years old.

    December 6th-10th 2009: Second Hajj Outbreak; New wave of avian influenza outbreak occurs throughout the Islamic world as religious pilgrims return from Mecca carrying the virus.

    December 9th 2009 : Scatman John and "Crazy Ray" Ray Dukkakis.* release the hit single "Crazy Scat's".

    December 19th 2009 : Senator Penn Jillette (L-NV), announces his intention to run for re-election, and is already doing very well in the polls. Also on this day, Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) announces the creation of "bar-code" license plates in Washington D.C., to aid law enforcement.

    December 25th 2009: The 2009 film adaptation of Noli Me Tangere was re-released as an entry to the 35th Metro Manila Film Festival. It was commended as Best Picture in the awarding ceremonies.

    December 31st 2009: Charles De Gaulle Memorial service is held in Paris.


    January 1st 2010: The 50th anniversary of the assassination Charles De Gaulle, and the end of our timeline.

  6. ArKhan ಠ_ಠ dance monkey. dance. ಠ_ಠ

    Jun 12, 2007
    Land of the weirdos
    World Map, The Early Eighties.
  7. ArKhan ಠ_ಠ dance monkey. dance. ಠ_ಠ

    Jun 12, 2007
    Land of the weirdos
    A Basic map of Europe, 2000 AD, illustrating the borders of The SSG, The Baltic Union, East Yugoslavia, and West Yugoslavia. Also note that Czechoslovakia has not split.

  8. ArKhan ಠ_ಠ dance monkey. dance. ಠ_ಠ

    Jun 12, 2007
    Land of the weirdos
    The Twenty Tens:

    January 1st 2010: The 50th anniversary of the assassination Charles De Gaulle, also on this day, President John F Kennedy Jr. shocks the world when he annouces his resignation of the presidency. He cites "Ill health, as in lung cancer" as his reason. Also on this day, Mehdi Karroubi calls for the overthrow of the government of Shah Reza Pahlavi, during a rally in Tehran, Iran.

    January 2nd 2010: Katherine "Kat" Swift is sworn in as the 44th President of the united States. She names Treasury Secretary William D. Mays as her vice president, former vice president James Hendrix her secretary of state, (insert the rest of the cabinate here.)

    January 29th, 2010: Eric Robert Randolph of the Army of God (AOG) bomb a Planned Parenthood clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, killing 6 people in the process...

    February 2nd, 2010: Celebrity Doctor Dean Edell holds a television special wherein he interviews the embattled singer in Lowell, Florida...

    February 11th 2010: Koch News takes off, and within two years becomes the most watched news station in America.

    February 15th 2010: 250,000 people protest in Washington D.C., in support of the budding pro-democracy movement led by Mehdi Karroubi.

    February 23rd, 2010: Members of the "New Order" terrorize African-American neighborhoods in East Saint Louis, Missouri,...

    March 18, 2010: In prison, Kaylee Ellins is assaulted by another prisoner and receives a stab wound from a knife they had hidden on them. She is transferred to a local hospital in critical condition. She stabilizes, but remains at the hospital for recovery. Also on this day, Members of the North American Militia of Southwestern Michigan bomb a television station in Kalamazoo, Michigan, killing 8 people...

    March 20th 2010: NFL player Mitchel Vicks is arrested for DUI charges after attending a "Lethe" party in Chicago, Illinois....

    March 21, 2010: The Free Kaylee Ellins Movement holds massive demonstrations around the country in outrage on the attack on Kaylee Ellins. They call for her immediate release and an end to abortion laws.

    April 1st 2010:
    Prime Minister Carlos Gomes Júnior is overthrown in a military coup d'etat led by Admiral Bubo Na Tchuto and Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army Antonio Ndjai in Bissau, Guinea-Bissau.

    April 7, 2010: Having recovered sufficiently from her stabbing, Kaylee Ellins is returned to prison, but kept in isolation to avoid another incident.

    April 8th-10th, 2010: U.S.S. Bainbridge, through U.S. Navy SEALs, frees 10 American hostages from Haitian pirates, off the coast of Port-au-Prince...

    April 22nd, 2010: Liu Wei and Tang Jitian lead anti-government protests in Beijing, demanding political reforms, sparking international attention and concern....

    April 24th 2010: Mark J. Munoz and Terry Odis Traylor make a groundbreaking discovery in the field of "Microfussion" at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California

    May 13th-14th, 2010: Martial law is imposed over Indonesia, as ethnic tensions explode against Chinese population in Jakarta, Indonesia....

    May 14th 2010:
    British MP Stephen Timms is shot and killed by Roshonara Choudhry in East London.

    May 29th, 2010: Robert Mason, Jason McVean, and Alan M. Pilon are killed in a gun battle in Cortez, Colorado, fueling sentiment of "federal tyranny" throughout the militia movement...

    June 15th-October 22nd, 2010: China suffers the worst drought in over 40 years, killing 7,208 people, causing $26 billion is losses...

    July 1st, 2010: Loretta Mara and Dennis Malvasi condemn "federal tyranny" of the Swift administration, during a rally in New York City, New York...

    July 24th, 2010: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, a musical dedicated to Apple and its founder John Lennon, makes its hit film debut, starring Evan Rachel Wood, Jim Sturgess, Dana Fuchs, and Martin Luther McCoy...

    July 30th, 2010: Paul T. Chastain begins the establishment of "i-dosing", (virtual narcotics) distribution, in an effort to fund several militia groups in Charleston, South Carolina....

    August 17th, 2010: SSG suffers its worst economic crisis since 1995, sparking civil unrest and panic in major cities....

    August 30th, 2010: Chinese Finance Minister Zhou Xiaochuan, sparking international attention, after calling for an end to government corruption, during a speech in Beijing, sparking international attention.

    September 12th 2010: Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Alizadeh resigns from office, during a conference in Helsinki, Finland, destabilizing the Shah's regime.

    September 14th 2010:
    Governor Jeremiah "Jay" Nixon (D-MO) is stabbed to death by anarchist Casey Brezik in Kansas City, Missouri.

    September 28th, 2010: Prime Minister Fatos Thanas Nano is overthrown in a SSG-backed coup in Tirana, Albania, sparking tensions throughout the Adriatic....

    October 19th, 2010: Celebrity Doctor Dean Edell interviews Kaylee Ellins for a second time, asking whether she has any regrets about her abortion. In an controversial response, "Hell no!! Look at how F@#$^ the world is at the moment!" Also on this day, Vail Bombing; Earth Liberation Front (ELF) members claim responsibility for the bombing of several resorts in Vail, Colorado, sparking national attention....

    November 3rd 2010: Wolf Blitzer defeats Rick Lazio and becomes Governor of New York.

    November 7th, 2010: Members of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) brutally murder journalist Graham Hall in London, England sparking international attention....

    November 19th, 2010: Greenpeace protests against "unhampered technology" in letters to the Monsanto Corporation in Saint Louis, Missouri, sparking international attention....

    December 20th, 2010: Craig Rosebraugh enters the New York Times, proclaiming himself the spokesperson for the Earth Liberation Font (ELF) in New York City, New York...

    December 26th, 2010: Earth Liberation Front (ELF) guerillas take credit for the bombing of several labs in Medford, Oregon, warning of the dangers of "unhampered technology"....


    January 7th, 2011: Guru "Kalki" proclaims the creation of the Lanka Spiritual Commune in Andhra Pradesh, India, sparking international attention throughout religious communities...

    February 23rd, 2011: Guru "Kalki" sparks international controversy from the Lanka Spiritual Commune in Andhra Pradesh, India, call for the "liberation of women from religious bondage..."

    February 27th, 2011: Military forces overthrow the government in Kinshaha, Zaire, sparking tensions throughout Sub-Saharan Africa....

    March 2nd 2011: Faisal Ahmed Abdul-Ahad begins launching calls for democracy in Riyadh, demanding an end to the religious fundamentalist regime.

    March 4th 2011: Former Governor of New Mexico and host of The Nightly Show Gary Johnson announces he will run for president as a Republican.

    March 6th 2011: Foreign Minister Abd al-'Aziz al-Ashaikh expresses his opinion that student protests throughout Arabia is the work of "foreign influence."

    March 11th, 2011: Indian Party officials host a conference in Madras, India, condemning Western Europe, the United States, and Japan for their efforts to proliferate "Frankenfoods"....

    March 15th, 2011: American actor James Ballard proclaims his conversion to the guru "Kalki" in Hollywood, California, sparking international attention...

    March 21st, 2011: ACLU lawyer Patricia Beninato establishes the Cybernet site "ImNotSorry.com", detailing the stories of women who have had illegal abortions, sparking national attention and controversy...

    April 9th 2011: Congressman David Mustaine (R-CA) announces his intentions to run for president.

    April 15th 2011: Senator Morgan Spurlock (D-WV) announces he will run against President Kat Swift in the primaries, causing division in the Democratic party. Also on this day, African-American NASA Director Neil deGrasse Tyson announces his bid for the Republican nomination for the presidency in New York City, New York. Also on this day, Animal Liberation Front (ALF) leader Kevin Kjonaas is extradicted to Great Britain for acts of "eco-terrorism".....

    May 21st, 2011: Panic and civil unrest occur nationwide, due to predictions by Christian fundamentalist Harold Camping of Oakland, California of the apocalypse later in the year....

    May 27th, 2011: Scientists led by Marie-France Marin at the University of Montreal, Quebec announce the development of "Metyrapone", a drug which can be used to erase painful and traumatic memories...

    June 4th 2011: Female leader of Baladi, Wajnat Rahbini is shot by religious authorities in Jeddah, sparking national outrage and riots.

    June 15th, 2011: Singer Kaylee Ellins is hospitalized after an alleged suicide attempt, while in prison in Lowell, Florida, sparking national attention and concern...

    June 19th, 2011: Pro-democracy female candidate Maryam Rajavi leads a rally in Tehran, calling for the end to the regime of Shah Reza Pahlavi...

    June 23rd, 2011: California circumscion ban Jewish and Muslim religous groups gather on the steps of the state capitol in Sacremento, California to protest California circumscion ban.

    July 1st, 2011: A "Furrie" couple are brutally murdered by militia group members in Redding, California, sparking national outrage....

    July 2nd, 2011: Militia sympathizer Matt Hale files suit against the Swift Administration claiming a violation of the Second Amendment, in Washington D.C.,....

    July 12th 2011: Kuomingtang leaders are warned that there are "devastating consequences" to the population control policies set by the government in Nanjing.

    July 29th, 2011: Religious leader Li Hongzhi, leader of Falun Gong, is arrested in Beijing, China, sparking condemnation by human rights advocates across the globe...

    August 10th 2011: Militia leader Buford Furrow leads an anti-immigrant rally in the San Fernando Valley, California, calling for a "New American Revolution"...

    August 15th, 2011: African-American Admiral Edward P. Moore (USN, ret.), a veteran of the war in Nicaragua, announces his bid for the Republican Party presidential nomination in Annapois, Maryland...

    August 17th, 2011: Adam Kobler promotes "Metyrapone" as a means to treat PTSD patients, rape surivors, et al., during a study in Brooklyn, New York...

    August 18th, 2011: Dreams of Deception by Shatterbelt is a hit, essentially creating the "nightsound" genre, popularized after being performed at underground "Lethe" parties...

    August 26th, 2011: Chechen guerilla leader Akhmed Zakayev launch a guerilla war against the SSG government in Grozny, sparking civil unrest and panic...

    September 1st 2011: Television series Cheap Shot (CBS-TV) starring Summer Glau and Felicia Day makes its hit debut...

    September 4th, 2011: Pro-democracy riots erupt in Tabriz and Urumieh, Iran, sparking concerns about the stability of the Shah's regime...

    September 17-19th, 2011: Hurricane Floyd; F-5 Hurricane devastates the East Coast from Wilmington, North Carolina to Trenton, New Jersey, embarassing the Swift administration...

    September 29th, 2011: Riots erupt in Oakland, California after Christian fundamentalist leader Harold Camping predicts the apocalypse for this death. Camping dies of a heart attack that night...

    October 5th, 2011: Witch's Moon by author Elizabeth H. Lewis, makes its hit debut, with its tale of lovelorn young female witches, who are in touch with the Earth and their sexuality, becoming a major bestseller...

    October 29th, 2011: Gospel singer Hope Briggs announces the abandonment of her Christian label, Jars of Clay, in an effort to support Kaylee Ellins, during an interview with Good Morning America (ABC-TV)....

    October 30th, 2011: Leaders of Falun Gong report a massive crackdown on religious and political dissent nationwide, during an online press conference in Beijing, sparking further international condemnation....

    November 5th, 2011: The Scandinavian cruise ship "Atlantic Spirit" reports being fired upon by Haitian gunmen while sailing within the Carribean Sea, sparking international attention and concern. Also on this day, 8 federal judges in Jefferson County, Colorado are contaminated with the anthrax virus by James Kenneth Gluck of Tampa, Florida, sparking national attention and concern,...

    November 8th 2011: Chinese-American civil rights attorney Doug Chan is elected mayor of San Francisco, becoming the second Asian-American mayor of the city. Also on this day, California passes Ballot Proposition #23 banning male and female circumcision on children under the age 18.

    November 17th, 2011: "Phrackers" movement led by Taran King and Eric Bloodaxe, is established in San Francisco, California, calling for laws to legalize "i-dosing" within the United States....

    November 17th-18th 2011: Noel Rakotonandrasanana and Colonel Charles Andrianasoaviana overthrow the government in Antanananarivo, Madagascar.

    November 22nd 2011: Zac Curtis of Hartford, Connecticut; introduces the world "sonic drugs" or "i-dosing", whereby VR users can download files which can replicate the experience of a narcotic experience (e.g. opium, cannabis, LSD, cocaine, et al.) launching "I-Doser.net". Also on this day, Christian fundamentalist leaders spark riots in Flanders, Belgium, citing the influenza pandemic as proof of an apocalypse...

    November 30th, 2011: Seattle Riots; c.250,000 demonstrators march against international trade talks led by President Katherine Swift in Seattle, Washington....

    December 1st 2011: "Women's Code Act" is ratified, limiting women to only two children, sparking international outrage and concern in Nanjing, China.

    December 8th, 2011: Donald Beauregard proclaims that the breakng of America's political parties are part of a conspiracy by the United Nations for a "one-workd government" during a rally in Atlanta, Georgia....

    December 16th, 2011: U.S. Army General Glenn K. Rieth calls for access to "Metyrapone" for soldiers, during testimony before House Armed Forces Committee in Washington D.C.,....

    December 19th-22nd 2011: General Syed Ziaul Haque overthrows the government of female Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in Dhaka, East Pakistan

    December 19th 2011: Hiroshi Shimizu, working with Toyoto Motors, designs the (insert name here, OTL rough equivalent Eliica), an 8-wheel drive electric sports car with a top speed of over 250 mph.


    January 1st, 2012: Bobby Joe Rogers of Pensacola Florida, throws a Molotov cocktail at the women's penitentiary in Lowell, Florida, in an attempt to "shame Kaylee Ellins". Also on this day, Conservative commentator Mike Huckabee launches a radio show from Little Rock, Arkansas, sparking national attention.

    January 12th 2012: Democracy leader Mohamed Abu Abdallah survives an assassination attempt by government officials in al-Awamiyah, sparking international attention and concern about the Arabian Peninsula.

    February 6th, 2012: Brian Boland, former manager for Kaylee Ellins, and alleged biological father of her deceased child, is arrested in Chattanooga, Tennessee on drug charges, sparking national attention....

    February 16th, 2012: Wang Lijun of Chongqing, China emerges as a national leader, calling for political reforms throughout the Republic of China...

    February 22nd 2012: George Tiller v. Kansas; Supreme Court rules that abortions are allowed under the 14th Amendment "equal protection clause", stating that a woman has ownership over her body. The ruling sparks controversy nationwide. Also on this day, United States Supreme Court rules in favor of California circumcision ban, declaring that the ban "did not conflict with the first amendment right to free exercise of religon"..

    April 14th 2012: Kuomingtang (KMT) leaders announcea crackdown on illegal preganancies in the rural provinces, citing population explosion, sparking international outrage.

    March 4th, 2012: New Year of the Aztec Calendar sparks civil unrest and sectarian violence throughout Latin America, amidst fears of the "End of Days". Also on this day, Alexei Navalny and Maria Gaidar launch a rally against coruption in the SSG government in Leningrad.

    March 9th, 2012: Houston Bombing; 43 people are killed after Mark Wayne McCool detonates C-4 explosives outside the federal building in Houston, Texas....

    March 19th, 2012: U.S. Navy officials report the capture of 13 Haitian pirates within the Caribbean Sea, sparking international attention....

    March 23rd, 2012: Swift Administration undergoes a domestic crisis when millions of government employees on the Federal, State, and Local Levels undergo a general strike following a controvertial move that would give the Federal government more power over collective bargining rights.

    April 14th-16th, 2012: Riots erupt in Washington D.C., ahead of IMF/World Bank trade talks, sparking international attention and concern....

    April 25th, 2012: Marco Antonio Rubio warns that the current Cuban government has become "too entangled with global institutions" during a rally in Havana, Cuba....

    April 26th, 2012: After a bitter primary, Senator Morgan Spurlock is nominated by the New Union Party, while incumbent President Kat Swift wins the Democratic Nomination, marking the "offical" end of the "Liberal Coalition"

    April 28th, 2012: Richard Baumhammer accuses the NAACP and ACLU of fraudulently allowing "illegal immigrants" to "rig the presidential elections for the Swift administration", during a television interview in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania....

    April 29th, 2012: Pro-democracy leaders meet with European leaders in Paris, France in an effort to affirm pledges for human rights and democracy....

    May 1st, 2012: President Amadou Toumani Touré is overthrown in a military coup in Bissau, Guinea-Bissau....

    May 18th 2012: International outrage erupts after it has been revealed that the British and Ameican governments are sponsoring sterilization campaigns in China in an effort to relieve "population explosion".

    May 26th, 2012: Health and poice officials report the case of a drug addict attacking a man and "eating his face" in Miami, Florida, sparking national attention and concern. Also on this day, Mark J. Munoz and Terry Odis Traylor , patents their discovery and creates the world's first "Microfussion" technology company, Mass FX based in Livermore, California.

    June 7th, 2012: Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) along with several pharmaceutical companies file a massive lawsuit against I-Doser.net" in federal court in New York City, New York, claiming copyright infringement...

    June 13th, 2012: Health officials in Haiti and the Dominican Republic report the first cases of the "Miami Syndrome" in Santo Domingo and Port-au-Prince, sparking concern within the WHO and CDC,...

    June 14th, 2012: National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) is established in Detroit, Michigan, demanding an overturning of George Tiller v. Kansas, sparking national attention and concern,...

    June 19th, 2012: Marco Antonio Rubio leads anti-government protests in Havana, Cuba demanding an end to totalitarian rule...

    June 29th, 2012: "Compromise" bill in the circumcision debate passes in the house after a fierce battle between religious figures and "intactivists" on both sides. It legalizes male and female circumcision nation wide, but only on consenting consenting adults over the age of 18.

    July 9th, 2012: Economic stagnation and inflation lead to the Socalist Party of India led by Subramanian Swamy winning landslide "Super majority" in the Indian Parliment. Also on this day, Health officials in Mexico report the spread of the "Miami Syndrome" disease to Mexico, sparking concern about the epidemiology of the disease and its spread....

    July 12th, 2012: Mexican health officials reports the first official death related solely to the "Miami Syndrome" outbreak, sparking international concern from the WHO and CDC,....

    July 13th, 2012: Cuban health officials report the first deaths related to "Miami Syndrome" during a press conference in Havana, sparking concern throughout the Carribean and Gulf of Mexico region...

    July 20th, 2012: U.S. health officials in Miami, Florida report the first death related solely to "Miami Syndrome" sparking calls for a quarantine for the region.....

    July 24th, 2012: Health officials in Panama City, Panama report an outbreak of "Miami Syndrome" with over 32 cases reported by CDC and WHO officials sparking fears throughout Latin America....

    July 30th, 2012: Swift administration is forced to send the National Guard into New York city, after City residents riot over the effects of strike, including three weeks of trash not being collected by city workers.

    August 1st, 2012: Senator Morgan Spurlock gives President Swift a firey condemnation on the floor of the Senate for her handling of the New York trash riots.

    August 14th, 2012: As the Strike enters it's fifth week, "Trash Riots" similar to the one in New York occur in Chicago, Detriot, Houston, Maimi, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

    August 17th, 2012: Virgin Record Store in New York City, New York is the scene of riot as "Lethe" party (a.k.a. "Metyrapone") is held on the third floor, 425 arrests are made in the process...

    August 21st, 2012: WHO/CDC reports confirm that the viral spread of "Miami Syndrome" was caused after a man in Port-au-Prince, Haiti comes down with the virus after eating contaminated food...

    August 29th, 2012: Circumscion bill passes in the senate, defining male and female circumcision as "cosmetic body modification" and places it in the same legal category as body piercings, tattoos, gender reasignment surgery, and cosmetic surgery.

    September 3rd, 2012: Wildfire sweeps into a Los Angeles suffering from water shortages from striking water workers, several weeks of uncollected trash, and ongoing riots and looting, making battling the blaze extremly difficult. Toxic smoke from burning trash drifts as far as the San Fernando Valley...

    September 6th, 2012: New Moon by author Elizabeth H. Lewis, the second volume of the series, popularizes the idea of warlocks and witches as an analogy for alternative sexuality, becoming a major bestseller....

    September 12th, 2012: Newly elected Socalist Prime Minister of India, Subramanian Swamy annouces he will be introducing a "Soft nationalisation" under the example of similar reforms in the SSG.

    September 19th, 2012: LA Rioters ambush national guard trucks, stealing $65,000 of government guns and ammo. Video of the attack uploaded online to millions of veiws.

    September 26th, 2012: Pope Pius XIII expresses grave concerns about the Christian population of Iran, amidst reports of sectarian violence by human rights organizations....

    September 27th-29th, 2012: Huricane Keith devastates Belize, Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua, sparking fears of an apocalypse throughout Central America...

    September 28th 2012: Many former Unionists, and not a few Former Democrats begin to openly criticise the Swift Administration's "Heavy handed" aproach to the crisis of the Strike. Also on this day, Honda Motor Company, releases the Akira, the first in it's line of Propane/Electric Hybrid moped bikes. The Bikes prove to be an instant sucess with the 18-25 working male demographic in North America.

    October 1st, 2012: British Ministry of Health confirms the first European case of "Miami Syndrome" at Heathrow Airport in London, England, sparking international attention and concern....

    October 5th 2012: Professor Matthew Liao, New York University (NYU) proposes "Human Engineering" in an effort to stave off overpopulation, citing in India and China, sparking international outrage.

    October 16th, 2012: Libertarian candidate Ron Paul begins leading on the right over Republican candidate Virgil Goode following a heated town hall debate in Happy Valley, Pennsylvania

    October 19th, 2012: Coroners confirm the death of Peter Hall, a British tourist to Miami, Florida, sparking calls for a quarantine on all air travel to the American Southeast in London, England....

    October 22nd, 2012: Strikeout Brewery of Tacoma, Washington releases "HI-Brew" a beer brewed with Marijuana, containing high ammounts of THC.

    November 5th, 2012: Federal Court Judge Marilyn Hall Patel rules that "I-doser.net" is not entitled to "safe harbor" under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in New York City, New York...

    November 6th, 2012:
    An historic realigning election in the United States

    Popular vote:
    1st (Senator Morgan Spurlock) New Union Party- 27.63%
    2nd Ron Paul -Libertarian Party- 26.77%
    3rd President Katherine "Kate" Swift, Democratic Party- 16.86%
    4th- Virgil Goode- Republican Party- 15.09%
    5th- Cheri Honkala- Green Party- 13.65%

    Electoral vote:
    1st 124- (Senator Morgan Spurlock) New Union Party
    2nd 120- Ron Paul- Libertarian Party
    3rd 65- President Katherine "Kate" Swift, Democratic Party
    4th 55- Virgil Goode- Republican Party
    5th 47- Cheri Honkala- Green Party

    1st party (minority) 23-Libertarian
    2nd party 21- New Union
    3rd party 12-Republican
    4th party 10- Democratic
    5th party 9-Green

    1st party (minority) New Union 107- Speaker of the house (insert name here)
    2nd party Libertarian 98
    3rd party Republican 53
    4th party Democratic 45
    5th party Green 38

    California passes Ballot Prop. #420, State Subsitities for Local growers of Marijuna.

    November 7th, 2012: New York Post describes "Lethe" parties as "night of pure evil, sparking national attention and concern...

    December 30th, 2012: Earth Liberation Front (ELF) members Matthew Rammelkamp, George Mashkow, and Jared McIntyre (a.k.a. "Long Island Three") are gunned down in Long Island, New York by local police officials. The teenagers are proclaimed "martyrs for the cause"...


    January 2nd 2013: Copper and Nickel demand raises prices to the point that Canada, Quebec, and the United States all have to abandon copper and nickle curency. Debut of the Aluminum cent in all nations, where coinage of under one of the various nation's dollars is exclusivly minted in Aluminum.

    January 14th 2013: WHO/CDC officials report that the "Miami Syndrome" virus has increased in lethality and can be spread through contact with birds and other mammals...

    February 5th 2013: Film actress Michelle Cera sparks national controversy, after revealing her Christian fundamentalist views on The Today Show (NBC-TV) in New York City, New York...

    February 21st, 2013: United States Army debuts the world's first "Tank Drone", the Pit Viper

    February 22nd, 2013: First March for Life, organized by Christian conservatives led by Reverend Michael Laird in Washington D.C., c. 350,000 people attend demanding an overturning of George Tiller v. Kansas...

    February 26th, 2013: Federal Court Judge Marilyn Hall Patel orders the shutdown of the "I-doser.net" site in Hartford, Connecticut, sparking international attention and concern....

    March 1st, 2013: Fritz Springmeier begins the trafficking of "Metyrapone" in Corbett, Oregon, helping to fund several militia groups in the Pacific Northwest....

    March 12th 2013: Reconstruction completed on the Hollywood sign, which suffered severe damage in the Trash Riots and Wildfire of 2012.

    March 13th, 2013: Drug company Sunbow Pharmaceuticals devolops "Lactia", a female hormone blend that causes massive breast growth and lactation when injected directly into the breast. Lactia also causes growth of new nerve endings increasing sensitivity.

    April 19th, 2013: Leo Felton and Erica Chase bomb several historic sites in Boston, Massachusetts, killing 18 people in a effort to trigger a "racial holy war".....

    May 1st, 2013: May Day Riots; Anti-libertarian riots erupt in London, Berlin, Sydney, and San Francisco, over the situation in the Gulf Coast and Haiti....

    May 21st 2013: Aluminum cent causes mild inflation in north american nations. Also on this day, Earth Liberation Front (ELF) members Lacey Phillabaum and Jennifer Kolar bomb the Life Sciences Building at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington....

    May 22nd, 2013: United States Army debuts the world's first "Mobile Robotic Weapons Platform", the Longhorn

    June 4th-6th, 2013: Hurricane Allison devastates the Houston-Fort Worth, Texas area, causing several oil rigs to be dislodged, spilling millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico....

    June 12th 2013: First democratic elections are held in Iran, amidst heavy international monitoring. Former Tehran mayor Mohammad-Bagher Ghalibaf is elected, bringing relief to many international observers.

    June 14th, 2013: U.S. military is deployed throughout the Gulf Coast, in an effort to contain the environmental disaster caused by the growing oil spill...

    June 26th 2013: Police officials report mass graves relating to female infanticide in Tianjin, China, sparking international outrage and concern. Also on this day, U.S. oil prices skyrocket, while shares of BP, Exxon and Shell Oil plummet as the Spurlock Administration warns that it will "take action to stop"...

    July 1st, 2013: Oil begins washing up on the shores of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, fueling concern over the Spurlock administration's handling of the crisis.

    July 4th 2013: The film Cogs of War becomes the first video game adaptation to win critical acclaim, making its hit blockbuster debut. Also on this day, Earth Liberation Front leader Bruce Friedrich proclaims the "necessity of violence" for the environmental cause, in a webcast in Mclean, Virginia....

    July 10th, 2013: U.S. Energy Secretary Tom Hunter suggests the use of a nuclear device in an effort to seal the oil leak in the Gulf Coast....

    July 12th, 2013: Crews of fishing vessels, aiding in the cleanup along the U.S. Gulf Coast report health problems, sparking concern of a growing crisis...

    July 18th-22nd, 2013: Genoa Riots; Riots erupt in Genoa, Italy over proposed economic measures during IMF/World Bank trade talks....

    August 1st, 2013: Music website "Bazinga.net" of Cupertino, California makes its hit debut, introducing aspiring musical artists and talent, sparking national attention....

    August 4th, 2013: British Prime Minister defends actions of BP, amidst American concerns that the British oil company is not doing enough to contain the disaster.....

    August 7th, 2013: Full Moon by author Elizabeth H. Lewis, the third volume of the series, with its tale of tantric sexual battles between witches and warlcks, becomes a major bestseller,....

    August 8th, 2013: "Lactia" becomes popular in the adult film and fashion worlds, as well as the trans-gender community.

    September 8th, 2013: Earth Liberation Front (ELF) guerillas bomb a restaurant in Tucson, Arizona, sparking national attention and concern...

    October 1st, 2013: President Morgan Spurlock swims in Panama City, Florida in an effort to reasure Southern residents that the waters are safe.....

    October 14th, 2013: Colonel Steve Anderson, U.S. Army leads a racist rally in Raleigh, North Carolina, condemning the the White House of "apostasy"....

    October 20th, 2013: Indian inflation stablizes, economic growth remains stagnant.

    October 26th, 2013: BP releases a 193-page report detailing claims that it couldn't do anythng more in its efforts to prevent the oil disaster....

    October 28th 2013: The United States Department of the Treasury offically retires paper money in favor of plastic "Bills" with built in mircochips to prevent counterfeit.

    October 29th-30th, 2013: U.S.S. Adlai Stevenson pursues pirates within Haitian territorial waters, after the hijacking of a Japanese freighter, carrying benzene, off the coast of Port-au-Prince....

    November 1st-25th 2013: Caribbean Disaster; Geologists report the rise of a new volcano off the coast of the Bahamas, triggering a tsunami for the region. Earthquakes are felt throughout the 24 days

    November 6th 2013: Jessica Kourkounis (R-NJ) is elected to the U.S. Senate, based on a staunch conservative platform, calling for an overturning of George Tiller v. Kansas, sparking national attention and controversy...

    November 7th 2013: Representative Valerie Meyers (L-GA) condemns efforts by the Spurlock Administration to provide fooreign aid to the Caribbean stating,"We don’t owe the Caribbean anything. There is no moral obligation to aid a nation that squanders all it receives on meeting the “needs” of its people rather than developing the free market enterprises to become self-sustained.

    November 8th 2013: Libertarian Walt Thiessen proclaims that "We are the rescuers of the Caribbean!" during a press conference in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

    November 10th 2013: Actor Leonardo di Caprio announces that he is donating c. $1,000,000 to help humanitarian relief efforts in the Caribbean Disaster.

    November 16th, 2013: BP CEO Andy Inglis uses the Caribbean Disaster to claim that oil companies should not be held responsible for the environmental damage to the region....

    November 17th 2013: AP/UPI journalists are expelled from Haiti as the "latest state-worshiping fraud" after reporting on mass graves throughout Haiti.

    November 27th 2013: Libertarian Jay Wendt proclaims that Libertatia is justified in its ocupation of Haiti, demanding that the international community to "allow us to do something right", sparking international outrage throughout the Caribbean; Secretly Wendt calls upon U.S. President Morgan Spurlock for military intervention in the region.

    November 29th, 2013: WHO/CDC officials report that c. 460,000 people have been killed throughout the Caribbean, sparking international attention and concern...

    December 5th 2013: Clayton Lee Wagner leads a rally in Cincinnati, Ohio proclaiming the need to overturn George Tiller v. Kansas, firing up religious fundamentalists....

    December 11th, 2013: Libertatia libertarians proclaim that they will have the Caribbean "under wraps" within 3 years, during a press conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico....

    December 13th, 2013: Nanjing Riots; Farmers protest proposed GMOs , warning that they could destroy native crops and livestock, sparking international attention and concern in Nanjing, China,....

    December 17th 2013: Ministry of Justice officials warn that laws intended to crackdown on female infanticide had little to no effect on behavior, during a press conference in Nanjing.

    December 20th-21st, 2013: Collapse of the Argentinean government due to the failure to contain its financial crisis in Buenos Aires, Argentina....

    December 20th, 2013: FDA aproves use of "Lactia" for "cosmetic body modification"

    December 23rd, 2013: 4 doctors linked with Doctors Without Borders are held for ransom by pirates in Kingston, Jamaica, sparking international attention...

    December 27th, 2013: Pro-democracy leader Maryam Rajavi is assassinated by Islamic fundamentalist guerillas in Tehran, sparking civil unrest and violence....

    December 28th 2013: Uyghurstani Muslim leaders condemn the population policies of the Chinese government, claiming that they infringe on religious freedoms.


    January 4th, 2014: Gubernatorial candidate Michael Edward Smith gains national prominence after calling for a national moratoriu on immigration during a rally in Nashville, Tennessee, sparking racial tensions nationwide...

    January 12th 2014: Libertatia leader Benjamin Sanders blames NGOs including the United Nations for "exaperating the Caribbean Disaster with foreign aid...." during a press conference in Kingston, Jamaica.

    January 16th 2014: FDA aproves the sale of human breast milk from "healthy donors"

    January 27th 2014: "Freedom to Party" Lethe parties are held in 18 different cities, including New York City, NY; San Francisco, CA; Miami, FL; Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; and Seattle, WA...

    February 1st 2014: Mass FX, the world's first "Mircrofussion" technology company, patents the "Microfussion locomotive engine".

    February 2nd, 2014: BP refuses to pay c. $14 billion in damages to the Gul Coast, citing the current Caribean Disaster...

    February 14th, 2014: Chinese military forces launch a brutal crackdown on Falun Gong demonstrators in Beijing, China. Little information escapes due to the tactic of shutting down Internet and cellphone service for the region temporarily....

    March 10th, 2014: Senators Jessica Kourkounis (R-NJ) and Thomas "Tommy" Norment (R-VA) propose the "Human Life Amendment" before the U.S. Congress in Washington D.C., sparking massive debate on the issue...

    March 23rd 2014: The demand for breast milk and breast milk dairy products increases due to the FDA's ruling regarding the sale of breast milk, even as the FDA's legalization of "Lactia" increases suppply.

    March 31st 2014: United Nations humanitarian relief workers report massive outbreaks of dysentary, malaria, diptheria, diarrhea, et al. due to collapsed public works infranstructure In Hati.

    April 1st, 2014: Christian fundamentalist leader Isaiah Robertson forms the "Niagara Falls Movement", proclaiming that the return of the messiah will take place in Niagara Falls, New York....

    April 18th 2014: John F Kennedy Jr.'s lung cancer is fully treated and in remission.

    April 19th 2014: Scandal erupts after it is discovered that Libertatia leaders have used reconstruction funds provided by the United Nations, to build five-star hotels in association with Occidental Hotels & Resorts, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, sparking international condemnation.

    April 26th-27th, 2014: Bum Kon-Woo kills c. 62 people in Uiryeong, Korea, after being contaminated by an illegal "i-dosing" site, sparking international attention....

    May 1st, 2014: May Day Riots; anti-libertarian sentiment rises in Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Madrid, London, and Paris, over proposed corporate policies....

    May 13th 2014: Shanghai Riots; riots erupt in Shanghai, China regarding the issue of growing gender imablance nationwide, sparking international attention.

    May 16th 2014: Mc Donalds premiers the "Mc Breast" a half pound beef burger served with baccon and human breast milk cheese.

    May 19th 2014: Mass FX, the world's first "Mircrofussion" technology company, breaks the landspeed record, when a car using it's "Microfussion engine" maxes out at (insert ridiclously high speed in MPH here)

    May 24th 2014: New York Times reporter Matt Bors, reports on the degrading situation in Haiti, as Libertatia members attempt to further control the reconstruction of the Caribbean. Also on this day, Kuomingtang (KMT) leaders call for legislation to crackdown on domestic violence in Beijing, sparking debate over the issue of population control in China.

    June 1st 2014: Hacker networks establish illegal "i-dosing" sites such as Zestwire, Shazam, Trinity, and Bitflurry, sharing narcotic experiences across the Cybernet...

    June 6th, 2014: Taliban guerillas launch a brutal offensive against the government in Kabul, Afghanistan, demanding an end to "Western influence" over the region...

    June 13th, 2012: President Laurent Gbagbo is overthrown in a military coup led by Alassane Ouattara in Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast.....

    July 11th 2014: INTERPOL reports clashes between Libertatia-hired mercenaries and Haitian pirates in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

    July 24th, 2014: U.S. House of Representatives passes a resolution condemning the human rights situation in China, fraying relations between China and the United States....

    August 2nd, 2014: Blood Moon by author Elizabeth H. Lewis, the fourth and final book of the series , featuring tantric sexual battles between warring clans of witches and warlocks, becomes a bestseller....

    August 10th 2014: State Assembly Leader Abel Guillen (L-CA) proclaims that "Lethe" parties are "just a fad", during a speech in Sacramento, California. Also on this day, Mc Donalds sales skyrocket thanks in large part to a popular, yet controvertial Advertisment for the "Mc Breast". The overtly sexual ad features the resturant's iconic mascot Ronald McDonald drooling over a large breasted female clown played by former adult film star Sativa Veritas....

    August 11th, 2014: Earth Liberation Front (ELF) guerillas deliver a manifesto proclaiming that they will "escalate the war" in a webcast from Irvine, Pennsylvania....

    August 19th, 2014: EU officials report the worst drought conditions in 100 years in Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Croatia.

    August 22nd, 2014: Robert J. Goldstein leads a rally against immigration in Tampa, Florida, citing Haitian pirates....

    August 24th 2014: Mass FX, the world's first "Mircrofussion" technology company, becomes a fortune 500 over night as international car manufacturers scamble to capitalize on the new "Microfussion engine" technology.

    August 29th 2014: Mass FX, the world's first "Microfussion" technology company, patents the "Microfussion cell"

    September 4th, 2014: Riots erupt in Washington D.C., as tensions mount ahead of international trade talks, sparking international attention....

    September 10th 2014: Ford releases the 2015 Dearborn, and the 2015 Flint the first in it's line of 6-wheel drive electric pick up trucks and SUVs.

    September 19th, 2014: Military forces overthrow the government in Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast, sparking concern within Sub-Saharan Africa...

    September 24th, 2014: Greek government officials announce a massive police crackdown on "i-dosing" and "video game sites" in an effort to prevent "violent attacks" in Athens, Greece....

    November 4th 2014: Former Adult film Star Ron Jeremy elected Governor of California as a Libertarian.

    November 6th 2014: The United States Department of Transportation, citing the success of "bar-code" license plates in Washington DC, annouces that they will now be standard for all Motor Vehicles in the United States

    November 16th 2014: The Learning Channel (TLC-TV) debuts the controvertial new cooking show Cooking with Breastmilk staring Lynn Ruckner. The show generates controversy, and high ratings due to the fact that female host Lynn Ruckner exposes her breasts and pumps milk, uncensored on prime time network TV.

    November 21st, 2014: Witch's Moon , based on the first novel by Elizabeth H. Lewis, makes its hit debut starring Justine Beiber and Markus Quinn.

    November 17th, 2014: Haitian pirates take control of an Exxon oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico, until U.S. Navy SEALs "neutralize" the pirates...


    January 22nd, 2015: The SSG becomes the first nation to outlaw Lactia

    January 23rd, 2015: Drug company Sunbow Pharmaceuticals, creators of Lactia, obtains a monoply of LA area cosmetic surgery clinics. Lactia replaces silicon entirly in Holywood.

    January 26th 2016: Mass FX, the world's first "Mircrofussion" technology company, patents the "Fussion rocket"

    January 28th 2015: Mc donalds offers "Breast milk shakes" and "Breastmilk cheese fries" (sold as Breast Poutine in Canada and Quebec) along side a "Mc Breast" as part of a "Breast value meal" Sales Sky Rocket. Also on this day, Bolivia enters unpresidented boom as global demand for Lithium used in Lithium Ion and Mircrofussion batteries builds up the local mining industry.

    February 20th 2015: Demonstrations are launched in Jilin, China, after reports come out over the massive increase in violence against women.

    March 2nd, 2015: RCA, Virgin, Sony, and Time-Warner announce that they will not be recording music on CD format anymore due to the lack of profit, during a press conference in Los Angeles, California....

    March 3rd, 2015: Animal Liberation Front (ALF) guerillas bomb two McDonald's restaurants in Chico, California amidst rumors of Lactia products....

    March 22nd 2015: Representative Valerie Meyers (L-GA) proclaims,"I'm a foreign correspondent on enemy lines and I try to let everyone back here in Georgia know exactly the nefarious activities that are taking place in Washington.

    April 2nd 2015: 2016 Reliant Robin beomes the best selling electric 3-wheeled car of all time, Selling 105,100 units in Britian, 1,200,000 in Mainland Europe, 78,400 in the SSG, 1,121,000 in the US, 31,270 in in China, 770,000 in Japan, and 18,677 in India.

    April 15th 2015: Haitian pirates fire on an American cargo ship within the Caribbean Sea, sparking international attention and concern....

    May 1st, 2015: May Day Riots; anti-libertarian sentiment rises throughout the globe, citing privatization and corporate policies.....

    May 14th 2015: Libertarian Congressional candidate Ray Arena (L-FL) blames Caribean refugees for "ruining South Florida and Miami...", sparking accusations of racism during a speech in Dade County, Florida.

    May 28th 2015: U.S. Senate begins debate on the "Human Life Amendment" in Washington D.C.; Republican leaders claim that they have at least 40 votes secured, sparking national controversy....

    May 29th- June 3rd, 2015: Swiss Riots; Riots erupt in Evian, Geneva, and Lausanne, Switzerland over the IMF/World Bank meetings taking place...

    June 5th 2015: The fiercly protected copyright on Lactia's exact formula creates an expolsion of "street lactia" as fetishization of, and addicition to the substances reaches an all time high. Street Lactica is often unpure, containing poorly made sythethic hormones, or hormones harvested unhygienicly from human and animal doners

    June 11th, 2015: Eco-terrorists bomb a Lactia facility in Emeryville, California, warning, "you know the crimes you have committed upon humanity"....

    June 17th, 2015: Corportate officials testify before Congress in Washington D.C., claiming that the Indian and SSG governments are practicing "genetic piracy", fueling tensions between the United States and both countries....

    July 23rd, 2015: Mandsaur Shootings; Ramesh Sharma brutally murders 14 people in Maundsaur, India after being infected at an illegal "i-dosing" site, sparking civil unrest and panic....

    August 1st 2015: David Gunn v. Michael Griffith ; the Supreme Court, by a 6-3 vote, says states cannot give husbands veto power over their pregnant wives' decision to abort their pregnancies. By a 5-4 vote, the court says parents of minor, unwed girls cannot be given an absolute veto over abortions. Also on this day, Rod Coronado, Earth Liberation Front (ELF) details how Microfusion technology can be used as a "offensive weapon" during a webcast in San Diego, California....

    August 5th 2015 : Miami: Resurrection directed by James Nguyen makes its hit debut, detailing the rise of the "Miami Syndrome" and its spread across the globe...

    September 1st 2015: Representative Valerie Meyers (L-GA) launches an effort to overturn universal heath care stating, "What we have to do today is make a covenant, to slit our wrists, be blood brothers on this thing. This will not pass. We will do whatever it takes to make sure this gets repealed."

    September 15th 2015: Hummer releases 12-wheel drive electric SUV.

    September 24th-26th 2015: Hurricane Juan; Halifax, Nova Scotia is hit by its first hurricane since 1893, sparking international attention and concern...

    September 24th, 2015: The first "Genetic Vaccine" for HIV enters clinical trail.

    September 28th 2015: The Indian National Lunar Corporation created out of the various private space travel firms of India. The INLC is under 51% national control, and 49% private control, and is granted monoply over all Indian space travel.

    October 1st 2015: European Union (EU) officials announce an official quarantine of all products from the American Southeast, Carribean, and Gulf of Mexico region, fueling nationalist sentiments on both sides of the Atlantic.

    October 2nd 2015: The Yiddish Policeman's Union directed by Joel and Ethan Coen , starrring Josh Brolin, Colin Firth, John Tuturro and Cameron Diaz, spot-lighting the mainstream popularity of alternate history.

    October 10th 2015: Norman Somerville leads a rally in Lansing, Michigan proclaiming that the federal government is "invalid", sparking national attention.

    October 15th, 2015: The Chinese Military begins the first successful experiment in long term suspended animation on an Army volunteer, Lieutenant Niè Hǎishèng, who is "frozen" on this day.

    October 16th, 2015: The Chinese Military successfully "thaws" volunteer, Lieutenant Niè Hǎishèng, who survives with no ill effects.

    October 17th 2015: Revolution: Spurlock's Coup video game is launched by United States of Earth in New York City, New York, proclaiming the need for revolution against the "corrupt regime of Spurlock".

    October 20th 2015: Revolution: Spurlock's Coup video game registers 100,000 known subscribers, sparking international attention with its political storyline.

    October 29th 2015: British couple reports being attacked by Haitian pirates in a kidnapping attempt, until the arrival of the U.S. Coast Guard.

    November 5th 2015 : Sales for Crelm hand/body sanitizer explode as reports that "Miami Syndrome" can be prevented through usage....

    November 15th 2015: WHO/CDC officials report devastating heat-related deaths as temperatures reach as high as 138.2 in North Africa, the Middle East

    November 17th 2015: Revolution: Spurlock's Coup video game is released in the SSG, becoming a major bestseller sparking international attention and concern.

    November 20th 2015: Mass FX, the world's first "Mircrofussion" technology company, patents the "Microfussion/Electric Hybrid engine". Also on this day, New Moon, based on the second novel of the Elizabeth H. Lewis series, makes its hit debut, further adding to the popularity of the occult series....

    November 21st, 2015: Libertatia, a libertarian-sponsored site is launched in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, sparking international attention and concern. INTERPOL reports that much of its profits come from "i-dosing", sparking massive debate...

    December 10th 2015: Chinese feminist leaders point out that female infanticide and illiteracy rates highlight female inequality in Chinese society, during a press conference in Beijing, China.

    December 15th 2015: Representative Valerie Meyers (L-GA) proclaims that Libertatia is a "model for democracy across the globe" during a speech in Conyers, Georgia, sparking international attention.

    December 29th 2015: European Union (EU) gives American food products a clean bill of health, amidst accusations of bribery and corruption....


    January 6th-13th 2016: Haitian pirates are accused of seizing four vessels within the span of one week, including the British vessel, "Asian Glory" and a Brazilian cargo freighter.....

    January 13th 2016: "Tripple Hybrid" engine hits the market, devoloped by Zhi Peng Li, working for General Motors Corp. the engine is capable of running on Electricity, Gasoline, and He3 Microfussion.

    January 22nd 2016: Representative Valerie Meyers (L-GA) shocks Americans after attempting to bring an AK-47 into the House of Representatives, proclaiming it part of her Second Amendment privelege during the State of the Union Address by President Moore in Washington D.C.,

    February 21st, 2016: COMIBOL corporation of Boliva becomes the world's largest miner of Lithium Ore, after buying out several rival mines.

    February 27th 2016: Stefan Pakeerah of Leicester, a gamer of Revolution: Spurlock's Coup video game, places a pipe bomb outside the U.S. Embassy in London, sparking international attention and concern.

    March 7th, 2016: British government backs the overhthrow of the government in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, sparking international attention...

    March 13th, 2016: Libertarian governor Patrick Dixon orders all deathrow inmates in Texas be commuted to 150 year "CryoPrision" sentences.

    March 16th 2016: "Quad Hybrid" engine hits the market, devoloped by Renzo Hrvatin, working for Fiat Motors in Milan, Italy the engine is capable of running on Electricity, Gasoline, Diesel, and He3 Microfussion.

    April 1st 2016: Temple B'Nai Israel Synagogue is firebombed in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma by Sean Gillespie, sparking national attention and concern.

    April 2nd, 2016: Iraqi Civil War; Shi'ite cleric Ammar al-Hakim launches a bloody civil war in Najaf, Iraq, sparking tensions throughout the region...

    April 16th, 2016: Riots erupt in Buenos Aires, Argentina as local farmers march on the capitol protesting crop failures attributed to GMO products and herbicide-resistant weeds.....

    April 23rd 2016 : Exxon owned "Lunar Dust tanker", the Exxon New Moon VII, loaded with over 550,000 metric tonnes of raw unrefined He3 moon dust, explodes while atempting re-entry of Earth's atmosphere, killing all of it's crew, and scattering a massive cloud of toxic moon dust in the upper atmosphere.

    April 27th 2016: Typhoon Myrna devastates Shanghai, China, causing the collapse of one housing project, killing c.1, 000 people .

    April 19th 2016: Representative Valerie Meyers (L-GA) proclaims that Former President John F. Kennedy Jr., has placed a "contract hit" on her because ofd her ardent support for the militia movement, during a television interview in Washington D.C.,.

    April 30th, 2016: Another Exxon owned "Lunar Dust Tanker" the Exxon Eclipse II explodes, this time while lifting off from the lunar surface.

    May 10th, 2016: Criminal underworld figure Isamu Kaneko is shot and killed in Osaka, Japan, after being linked to an "i-dosing" network...

    May 15th 2016: Following the disasters of the Exxon New Moon VII and the Exxon Eclipse II, as well as several smaller non-lethal accidents of ships in the Exxon lunar fleet, The United States launches a congressional inquiry into safety standards.

    May 1st, 2016: May Day Riots; anti-libertarian sentiment rises throughout the globe, citing privatization and corporate policies.....

    May 5th, 2016: Venezuelan government passes laws banning GMOs, amidst protests and health concerns in Caracas, Venezuela....

    May 10th, 2016: Religious fundamentalist Sunni and Shi'ite forces clash, as the price of oil collapses in Baghdad, Iraq, sparking a collapse in currency values....

    May 16th, 2016: President Idriss Déby is overthrown in a military coup in N'Djamena, Chad, sparking civil unrest and violence in the region.....

    May 17th 2016: Christian Coalition leaders protest outside the White House over its "special relationship" with China, citing the policy of female infanticide in China.

    May 24th, 2016: Father and son, Wade Lay and Christopher Lay launch a series of bank robberies in Tulsa, Oklahoma procliming that the "current government is a sham"....

    June 2nd 2016: Libertarian party proposes "Marriage rights amendment" which would make same sex and polygamous marriage legal in every State.

    June 20th 2016: John Salvi v. State of Massachusetts ; the Supreme Court rules 6-3 that states have no legal obligation to pay for "non-therapeutic" abortions sought by women on welfare.

    June 30th, 2016: Full Moon, based on the third book of the series by Elizabeth H. Lewis, makes its hit debut, transforming Markus Quinn into a sex symbol.....

    July 1st, 2016: Indian government officials blame a wave of rural suicides on the issue of GMOs, during a press conference in Andhra Pradesh, India....

    July 2nd 2016: aprox. 420,406 women addicted to Lactia in the United States. Addiction is related to sexual fetishism and body dismorphia in over 50% of cases.

    July 6th 2016: U.S. Attorney-General George Gascon calls for the listing of all players affiliated with Revolution: Spurlock's Coup video game, sparking controversy regarding civil rights in Washington D.C.

    August 25th 2016: Advocates for "home-schooling" led by Marian J. Holt and Pierce D. Holt points out gun violence and "Miami Syndrome" as some of the dangers posed by public schools, during a rally in Washington D.C.,...

    August 31st 2016: Actress Jenia "Jenny" Silver admits she's addicted to Lactia.

    September 20th 2016: The House Congressional inquiry finds Exxon CEO Richard Cheney innocent of all wrong doing, finding the "New Moon class" Lunar Dust Tanker unsafe in general.

    October 7th 2016: Study shows that the children and lovers of women who used lactia are 22% more likly to devolop unatural breast growth and lactation. This includes males and females.

    October 8th 2016: Zhu Caoyuan kills Qiu Chengwei after playing Revolution: Spurlock's Coup video game in Shanghai, China.

    October 13th 2016: Memphis Massacre; Sergeant Ivan Duane Braden brutally murders 16 people at a synagogue in Memphis, Tennessee, proclaiming a "Zionist Overlord Government"....

    October 19th 2016: Kaylee Ellins is in the news again after being caught trying to smuggle Lactia into women's penitentiary in Lowell, Florida where she's an inmate.

    October 23rd 2016: Republican Senator Richard Mourdock (R-IN) gives a speach in which he accuses the Libertarian party of being "Soft on Immorality".

    November 1st 2016: Republican nominee Admiral Edward P. Moore and running mate David "Dave" Mustaine beat New Union Incumbent President Morgan Spurlock and his running mate, Vice President Neil Patrick Harris, as well as Libertarian Candidate Norma Jean Almodovar and her running mate David Bergland, Democratic Candidate Senator Alvin Greene and his running mate Darcy Richardon, and Green Candidate Matt Gonzalez and his running mate Jill Stein.

    November 8th 2016: Musical artist Luis "Zombie" Oochoa becomes famous after releasing the single "I'm not a zombie" dealing with "Miami Syndrome"...

    November 12th, 2016: Medical officials at the University of Bath, warn of "opportunistic infections" caused by the "genetic vaccine" in a report published in Lancet....

    November 14th, 2016: Japanese Self Defence Force Debuts the world's first "walking tank" Takaashigani (a.k.a. "tall-crab")....

    November 19th-23rd, 2016: Anti-American riots erupt in Santiago, Chile, amidst a visit by outgoing President Morgan Spurlock, sparkng cries of failed foreign policies....

    November 19th, 2016: “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” by Li Hongzhi are published and distributed throughout China, sparking international attention to the human rights situation in China....

    December 3rd, 2016: New Chinese Democratic Party (NCDP) is established in Beijing, Republic of China, sparking international attention and concern...

    December 14th, 2016: Yuan Bin leads a rally for political reforms in Tianjin, Republic of China, sparking international attention....

    December 26th, 2016: Indonesian Earthquake; an earthquake registering as 9.1 on the Richter scale, devastates the island of Sumatra, and triggering a tsunami across the Pacific Rim. Also on this day, Federal reports by the WHO and the CDC condemn efforts by government officials to downplay the risk and danger caused by "Miami Syndrome", sparking a round of accusations and attacks on the administration...


    January 2nd, 2017: Underground music website "XM2" becomes extremely popular, after making its debut in Oakland, California...

    January 7th, 2017: Mexican officials announce that they will no longer sell meat products from animals born before 2012, citing concerns over "Miami Syndrone".....

    January 17th, 2017: Cuban officials ban all imports from the Dominican Republic and Haiti in an effort to stave off an outbreak of "Miami Syndrome"....

    January 24th, 2017: Mexican President Josefina Vázquez Mota announces efforts to crackdown on "Miami Syndrome" after two cases are reported in Mexico City, Mexico...

    January 28th, 2017: Govermment officials announce a ban on all GMOs, including "Lactia" during a press conference in Budapest, Hungary...

    February 9th, 2017: Oil executives with Exxon and British Petroleum (BP) warn members of Congress that Haitian pirates pose a threat to the "national oil supply" citing attacks within the Gulf of Mexico, during testimony in Washington D.C., Also on this day, WHO/CDC officials report there are only 0.864 females for every 1 male in China, due to sex-selective abortion and female infanticide.

    February 11th, 2017: Egyptian governement announces martial law in Cairo, as the price of oil drops due to the rise of "hybrid vehicles" in the First World...

    February 14th, 2017: President Selim al-Hoss is assassinated in Beirut, Lebanon, triggering civil unrest and panic throughout the region...

    February 15th, 2017: Benghazi Uprising; Military forces launch a brutal crackdown on student protesters in Benghazi, Libya, due to the plummeting price of petroleum worldwide...

    March 4th, 2017: Sao Paulo Riots; Riots erupt in Sao Paulo, Brazil as local farmers accuse the government of being "in the pocket of American businesses" due to GMO products.....

    March 12th, 2017: Hellcraft Incident; Several Fortune 500 corporations are attacked throughout the United States after hackers based in Menlo Park California insert "i-dosing" software onto sites, hospitalizing stimoceiver users across the country....

    March 28th, 2017: Merapi Disaster; 8.8 earthquake triggers the volcanic eruption of Mount Merapi, Indonesia sparking a massive humanitarian crisis...

    April 7th, 2017: Chinese band Shattered Faith makes its hit debut with the song "Hold On To Your Misery" in Shanghai, China, sparking international attention.

    April 14th, 2017: Police officials in Nanjing, report the murder of a 2-month old daughter by her father, sparking national attention to the male-female imbalance.

    April 22nd, 2017: Christian fundamentalist "Sword of God Brotherhood" sparks civil unrest and violence, firing automatic weapons into the Palestinean West Bank, creating an international incident...

    May 1st, 2017: May Day Riots; anti-libertarian sentiment rises throughout the globe, citing privatization and corporate policies.....

    May 5th, 2017: Lockheed-Boeing CEO Susan C. Schwab charged and convicted of criminal negligence for allowing the unsafe "New Moon class"

    May 12th 2017: Just four months into the Moore Administration. United States of Earth releases information of Revolution: Moore's Coup video game, sparking immediate controversy.

    May 17th, 2017: United States Army debuts the world's first "Powered Armor Suit", the Scorpion which would allow infantry units Protection form Bullets and RPGs, as well as increased lifting strength and walking speed, and providing airtight sealing for use in chemical, biological, nuclear, underwater, and space warfare.

    May 20th, 2017: Craig Orler and Gabriel Carafa, spark anti-immigrant riots in Trenton, New Jersey, proclaiming the weakness of the federal government to "protect its people"....

    May 22nd 2017: Controvertial female electronic musician Android Karenina has her 1st number one hit Bullet to the Chest

    May 23rd 2017: Controvertial electronic musician Android Karenina causes a riot when she takes an AK-47 loaded with blanks, and fires it into the audience live on stage in Denver, Colorado.

    June 3rd, 2017: Yemenese President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Al-Hadi is brutally assasinated during a broadcast on state television, by anti-government protesters....

    June 4th, 2017: Chinese Foreign Minister Chen Yonglin defects in Sydney, Australia, sparking an international crisis throughout the Pacific Rim...

    June 5th, 2017: President Edward P. Moore (R) visits a "Miami Syndrome" clinic in Dade County, Florida, pledging federal funds to combat the disease...

    June 10th, 2017: Daniel J. Schertz leads an anti-immigrant rally in Chattanooga, Tennessee, proclaiming Mexican and Haitian immigrants as "foreign invaders", sparking national attention...

    June 16th, 2017: Religious leader Gao Rongrong is brutally murdered while in police custody in Shanghai, China, sparking international attention and concern....

    June 23rd, 2017: Student protests occur at Tehran University, calling for further political reforms, sparking international attention, Also on this day, Controversal female electronic artist Android Karenina controvertially begins to inject Lactia live before every proformance. Ticket sales to her concerts sky rocket

    June 24th 2017: Controvertial female electronic musician Android Karenina has her 2nd number one hit Sharp as a Needle

    August 3rd 2017: Controvertial female electronic musician Android Karenina has her 3rd number one hit Lactia

    August 10th 2017: Lee Seung Seop commits suicide after playing Revolution: More's Coup video game for 50 hours straight in Seoul, Korea, sparking international attention.

    August 11th 2017: Miami Riots; Riots erupt in Miami, Florida as Cuban-American leaders led by Alonzo Guerra, after allegations of police brutality against suspected carriers of the disease.....

    August 14th, 2017: WHO/CDC officials report an outbreak of "Miami Syndrome" in Beijing, China, sparking tensions across the Pacific Rim....

    August 19th 2017: Controvertial electronic musician Android Karenina infamously auctions off used Lactia Syringes and bottles of her own breastmilk on on her personal cybernetsite, Android_Karenina.net

    August 29th, 2017: Russian officials report the first official case of "Miami Syndrome" on record in Moscow, spaking tensions across Europe....

    September 9th, 2017: 4-Chen Scandal; Chen Shou-ten, Chen Kuo-hsiung, James Chen, and Chen Chia-hui are arrested in Taipei by Kuomingtang (KMT) officials, after being accused of running an "i-dosing" network, while supporters claim it is a political attempt to crackdown on dissent....

    September 10th 2017: Controvertial female electronic musician Android Karenina has her 4th number one hit Taste Me

    September 15th 2017: John F Kennedy Jr. makes his famous "Lost in the clouds" speech warning people about the dangers of smoking.

    September 28th 2017: Hummer creates a 12x12 amphibious Armored fighting vehicle with a "Quad Hybrid" engine for the United States Military.

    October 12th-16th, 2017: Members of the RHA meet in Port-of-Spain to discuss the leadership of the organization, becoming the first multi-cultural and multi-national criminal organization....

    October 14th 2017: First Lactia related death reported as Juanita Nimfa Gamez, a homeless street prostitute addicted to street Lactia and Heroine bleeds to death internally inside the Empress of China casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, after breast growth puts preasure on blood vessels already weakened from repeated injection.

    October 15th 2017: The Moore Administration suffers a massive scandal when the Secretary of Defense John R. Bolton crashes his private car into a cyclist, the cyclist is pronounced dead on site.

    October 17th 2017: CEO Richard Branson launches the first inaugural "Virgin Galactic" flight, a series of suborbital spaceflights from Las Cruces, New Mexico...

    October 20th, 2017: Libyan government officials begin a national roundup of Coptic Christians, claiming that they are "agents of foreign influence"...

    October 26th, 2017: Doctor Leena Barakat of San Francisco performs the world's first gay male cross fertilisation, in which a human egg has it's nucleous removed, and an X Chromosome sperm from one man, and either an X or Y Chromosome sperm from his partner, (depending on gender preference) are implanted, forcing the formation of a Zygote.

    October 31st, 2017: the Secretary of Defense John R. Bolton resigns due to the cyclist incident.

    November 5th, 2017: Pound Sterling switches to plastic "bank notes"

    November 6th, 2017: Azerbaijani Uprising; Insurgent groups Yox! and Azadlig demand independence for the Azerbaijani people in Baku.....

    November 8th 2017: Revolution: Moore's Coup video game is released , proclaiming the need for revolution against the "military dictatorship of Moore".

    November 14th, 2017: Camp David Incident; In one of the most brazen attacks by organized crime, 112 Administration officials are killed and another 363 injured during an attack by members of the Robin Hood Army at Camp David, Maryland...

    November 15th 2017: President Moore is confirmed injured. Vice President Mustaine is taken to a secure location.

    November 16th 2017: Jack Daniel's releases "Jack'd!" an alchoholic energy drink made from the company's famous Wiskey, Caffine, Taurine, Ginseng, Guarana, and flavored with Citrus. One can has as much caffine as 15 servings of coffee.

    November 17th 2017: Jean Schmidt, a crazed female stalker, attacks former president Swift with a hypodermic syringe full of Lactia.

    November 18th, 2017: Blood Moon: Part One based on the first half of the final book of the series by Elizabeth H. Lewis, makes its hit debut....

    November 19th 2017: Former President Swift is forced to undergo a breast reduction surgery as an after effect of her attack. Also on this day, Libyan military leader Colonel Saif al-Islam Gaddafi seizes control of the government in Tripoli, Libya, calling for the roundup of "Western spies"....

    November 20th 2017: President Moore, whom was injured in the attack several days prior, is released from the Bethesda Hospital.

    November 21st 2017: Only a few days before Thanksgiving the Congressional leadership agrees to hold all differences aside and agree to combat the group behind the Camp David Attack. Also on this date, Controvertial female electronic musician Android Karenina has her 5th number one hit To Good For You

    December 4th, 2017: Lactia exposure linked to rising breast cancer trends.

    December 5th 2017: SSG defector Colonel General Dmitri Padorin reports mass graves for those suffering "Miami Syndrome" despite official government denials. Also on this day, President Moore gives his speech on the fight against Organized crime. This is later called the Moore Doctrine, it states the American government can combat any organized crime group in America and outside of it.

    December 13th-18th, 2017: Riots erupt during IMF/World Bank trade talks in Hong Kong. Government forces declare martial law, sparking international condemnation....

    December 13th, 2017: Female stalker, Jean Schmidt, is found unfit to attend trail for her attack on Former President Swift, and is sent to Saint Elizabeth's Hospital in Williamsburg, Virginia

    December 20th, 2017: Mass Immunization for HIV begins in the United States.

    December 21st 2017: Police officials arrest a man attempting to kill his daughter in Beijing, China, highlighting the vast male-female imbalance

    December 22nd 2017: "New Moon class" Lunar Dust Tanker still on the market despite illegal "cost cutting meassures" leading to obvious design flaws, which the Lockheed-Boeing company fails to fix despite even with several more "near miss" accidents.

    December 26th, 2017: Apple enters into a deal with the Iranian government for the creation of Cybernet cafes starting in Tehran, sparking international attention....

    December 29th, 2017: COMIBOL corporation of Boliva becomes the world's largest producer of Lithium Ion and Mircrofussion cells, beating out Microfussion inventor Mass FX.


    January 10th, 2018: the former Secretary of Defense John R. Bolton was found dead in his home. It is investigated. Also on this day, Syrian President Abdul Halim Khaddam proclaims that the current economic troubles is the work of "foreign spies" during a televised speech in Damascus, Syria....

    February 3rd, 2018: Police and Federal Authorities change the cause of the deceased secretary of defense John R. Bolton from suicide to murder. Injection under his tongue and a tox screen show he was killed whilst sedated.

    February 4th, 2018: A congressional investigation begins into the Moore administration.

    February 9th, 2018: Bernard Slepian v. City of Birmingham, Alabama ; the Supreme Court, by a 6-3 vote, reaffirms its intention to give doctors broad discretion in determining the timing of "fetal viability" - when a fetus can live outside the mother's womb. The justices say states may seek to protect a fetus that has reached viability, but the determination is up to doctors, not courts or legislatures.

    February 21st, 2018: Swiss officials report the shutdown of illegal "i-dosing" site CarobCandy3 in Geneva, Switzerland, sparking international attention...

    February 27th 2018: Mississippi announces passage of state legislation banning abortion throughout the state, sparking national outrage by many women's rights organizations.

    March 1st, 2018: New Union Party Candidate for Governor Kriss Worthington criticises Libertarian Governor Ren Jeremy's decison regarding deathrow inmates saying "As far as we know, a 150 year term suspended animation is as good as a death sentence! There's no way to tell, at this point, if a human being can even survive that long! We simply have no way of knowing!"

    March 4th 2018: Campaign is launched against female infanticide in Shenzhen, China, sparking conflict with women's rights activists who complain that women should have control over pregnancies.

    March 6th 2018: South Dakota announces passage of the "Human Life Protection Act", banning abortion even in cases of rape and incest. Also on this day, Organic Inc., in association with California Committee of Right to Know (CCRK), Releases an undercover report on conditions inside McDonalds owned "Factory Farms". The report shows a variety of illegal practices including animal cruelty, abusive labor practices, and a variety of health and safety violations. Most shocking are the conditions of "Milk workers" from whom breast milk is harvested. A majority of them are illegal immigrants, and a small number are actually male to female transexuals. The report goes on to explain that "Milk workers" can be fired for a variety of reasons including refusing to use Lactia (the version McDonalds uses is actually made from cow hormones and is not fit for human consuption), breast feeding their own child, or eatting anything other McDonalds brand food, that "Milk workers" are victims of sexual harrassment and dehumanization in the work place, and are encouraged by managment to engage in unsafe practices such as binge eating and needle sharing. Also on this day, Exxon, suffering from the embarassment of the "New Moon class" high profile failures, Invest significantly in "Fussion Rockets", predicting increased demand for He3 with the growth of "Microfussion" technologies, and with "Fussion Rockets" being significantly faster and more efficent than conventional "Chemical Rockets", the company predicts that He3 mining missions to Jupiter may soon be fesible. "Race to Jupiter" begins.

    March 15th, 2018: The Moore administration is cleared of any wrongdoing in the Bolton murder, having found evidence that the murder was committed by a Sword of Odin breakaway group trying to discredit President Moore for presumably racial reasons. Some fringe Democrats still hold Moore responsible.

    March 19th, 2018: David J. A'ddabbo leads a rally in Salt Lake City, Utah, proclaiming that the federal government has "lost its ability to rule if it can't hold a simple majority". Also on this day, Shenyang Disaster; WHO/CDC officials uncover evidence of "organ-harvesting" backed by the Chinese government in Shenyang, sparking international attention and concern...

    March 28th 2018: 6,000 U.S. and Canadian radio stations announce a ban on the song "Hold On To Your Misery" citing reported suicides worldwide, during a press conference in New York City, New York...

    March 29th, 2018: Pulsamerica corporation of Boliva creates Pulsamerica Motors, headquartered in Uyuni, Bolivia.

    April 12th 2018: Controvertial electronic musician Android Karenina undergoes a radical body modification called "The serpent's tongue" in which the tongue is cut down the center giving the look of a forked, reptillian tongue.

    April 14th, 2018: WHO/CDC officials report 600 people in California, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wisconsin hospitalized due to complications caused by "HIV genetic vaccine"....

    April 18th, 2018: WHO/CDC officials report 815 cases of people hospitalized in Iowa alone due to medical complications cause by "HIV genetic vaccine"....

    April 20th 2018: Libertarian Party proposes lowering age restriction on Marijuana. Also on this day, Anti-American riots take place in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, calling for the return of an Islamic fundamentalist government, citing the high unemployment caused by "microfusion" technology....

    May 1st, 2018: May Day Riots; anti-libertarian sentiment rises throughout the globe, citing privatization and corporate policies.....

    May 5th, 2018: The Rock n" Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio catches fire, investigators attribute faulty wiring, destroying c. 60 years of music memoribilia, sparking national attention...

    May 10th, 2018: WHO/CDC officials report 185 people hospitalized in Wisconsin, an additional 109 in Missouri due to medical complications caused by "genetic vaccines"...

    May 14th 2018: Controvertial female electronic musician Android Karenina has her 6th number one hit Serpent in Eden

    May 21st, 2018: The New You Transgenic Cosmetic Clinic opens in LA. The Clinic specializes in "Splicing In" desirable genetic traits for cosmetic reasons, such as changing skin color, eye color, hair color, changing one's metabolism to look thinner, grow muscle, etc.

    May 23rd, 2018: Muhammad Al-Yusuf suspended for "Monkey Splicing."

    May 26th 2018: Controvertial female electronic musician Android Karenina has her 7th number one hit Chains and Leather

    May 31st 2018: Haitian guerillas destroy many of the Libertatia Cybernet servers in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, sparking international attention and concern, sparking international concern for the region...

    June 10th, 2018: Health officials in Boston, Massachusetts report the death of a 65-year old man after he developed medical complications due to the "HIV genetic vaccine"....

    June 19th 2018: Louisiana announces passage of state legislation banning abortion throughout the state, sparking national attention and concern by many women's rights organizations.

    June 20th 2018: Controvertial female electronic musician Android Karenina has her 8th number one hit I'm Bad For You (Like a Dirty Syringe)

    June 24th 2018: The Eisenhower Monument is unveiled in Washington D.C. Also on this day, Michigan passes a law which makes all abortions illegal "except in cases where suitable doners can be found." Also on this day, Fundamentalist cleric Mohamed Morsi Isa El-Ayyat seizes control of the government in Cairo, calling for "death to Americans"....

    June 25th- July 5th, 2018: Midwest is struck by the worst drought since 1994, sparking an immediate spike in food prices nationwide.....

    June 27th-July 18th, 2018: 4 U.S. Navy officers including Jorgé Francisco Cortez captured by Haitian guerillas angered over the treatment by Libertatia guerillas, broadcasting their captivity over the Interweb...

    June 31st 2018: NASA officials at Cape Canaveral report the discovery of "2002ZNT7" and the minor possibility that it will strike the Earth's surface, sparking civil unrest and panic.

    July 1st 2018: Exxon buys out Vulcan Motors, a startup firm in Menlo Park, California.

    July 9th, 2018: Canadian PM David Kilgour sparks international controversy after calling for investigations into Chinese "organ-harvesting" citing the "missing girls of Asia" and reports of repression by Falun Gong members....

    July 16th, 2018: Hasan Fouda working for Doctors Without Borders, creates a human transgenic virus that "infects" the DNA of all humans it comes in contact with resistance to The HIV virus resposible for "Kinshasha Fever".

    July 27th 2018: Ford releases Everglade, a 6-wheeled Microfussion/Electric Hybrid SUV that's also a boat.

    August 2nd, 2018: Lorretta Malva v. State of New York ; the Supreme Court, 8-1, elaborates on its parental consent decision of 2015. It implies that states may be able to require a pregnant, unmarried minor to obtain parental consent to an abortion so long as the state law provides an alternative procedure to parental approval, such as letting the minor seek a state judge's approval instead.

    August 18th, 2018: Cortez emerges as the leader of the anti-Libertatia movement after an Interweb broadcast in Port au-Prince, proclaiming the death of "soulless capitalism". Also on this day, The Governor of Maine is attacked by an american black bear which escaped from the zoo.

    September 15th, 2018: Mc Donalds faces class action lawsuit of people who claimed to have devoloped a number of diseases from eatting the "Mc Breast" including Hepitisis, Kinshasha Fever, and Lactia related breast conditions.

    September 18th, 2018: Citing overcrowding in Chinese prisions, the Chinese government approves the use of the world's first "Suspended Animation Penal Clinics", know in the west by the name of "CryoPrisions"

    September 19th 2018: Iranian scientists led by Anousheh Ansari announce the first successful orbital launch of a communications sattelite "Shahab-1" in Alborz, Iran. The launch is praised as a major achievement throughout the Arab world...

    September 24th, 2018: "Monkey Splicing" a radical underground transgenic drug trend popular amoung athletic males, genes responsible for Testosterone, Growth Hormone, and Muscle Growth are taken from a Male Gorrilla and Spliced into a Human Doner.

    September 29th 2018: Lynn Ruckner host of Cooking With Breastmilk admits to a Lactia addiction, and resigns from television.

    October 19th, 2018: General Wissam al-Hassan assumes control of the government in Beirut, Lebanon, sparking international attention and concern over Israeli security...

    October 23rd 2018: SSG luanches a manned mission to "2002ZNT7" in which a team of cosmonauts drill into the asteroid, plant a nuclear device, and leave before detonating. "2002ZNT7" becomes the first extraterestial body destroyed by humans.

    October 24th, 2018: Doctor Leena Barakat of San Francisco California, performs the first successful fetus transplant, in which a fetus from a "Donor" mother seeking abortion, is successfully transplanted into a "Surrogate" mother seeking a pregnancy.

    October 26th, 2018: United States Army debuts the world's first Laser Infantry weapon, the L1 Laser Assult Rifle, which would be able to burn through most modern Combat Armor

    November 7th, 2018: Texas Elects Libertarian Patrick Dixon governor, as well as giving the Libertarian Party majorities in both state houses.

    November 16th, 2018: Blood Moon: Part Two based on the second half of the final novel of the series by Elizabeth H. Lewis, makes its hit debut.....

    November 18th-20th, 2018: Melbourne Riots; Riots erupt in Melbourne, Australia during G-20 summit regarding IMF/World Bank talks.....

    November 18th 2018: Controvertial electronic musician Android Karenina causes a riot when she eats a bacon sandwich and wipes her face using a page of the Koran live on stage in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Also on this day, in the "Race to Jupiter" NASA becomes the first organization to successfully luanch a manned mission using a "Fussion Rocket". Astronaut Lieutenant Christopher Lee returns to earth unharmed.

    November 19th, 2018: Japanese Yen switches to plastic "bills"

    December 4th, 2018: Delgado Elias and Campo Morales kill c. 30 people in Bogota, Colombia after being infected with a "mental viral program" after going on an "i-dosing" site....

    December 5th 2018: Residents of Jilin, China announce a police crackdown on female infanticide, sparking national attention,


    January 1st, 2019: Libertatia libertarian leaders are brutally forced from the Caribbean, as revolutionaries cite the libertarian links to the RHA during a speech in Port au-Prince, Haiti....

    January 4th, 2019: Pulsamerica Motors patents the world's first "5 hybrid" capable of running on Electrictiy, Microfussion, Gasoline, Diesel fuel, and Propane.

    January 7th, 2019: U.S. Administration calls for greater military intervention in the Caribbean, citing the situation in Cuba, sparking civil unrest and concern....

    January 9th 2019: Scientist Stephen Hawking is launched aboard a "Virgin Galactic" suborbital flight, broadcasting his thoughts across the Cybernet....

    January 10th, 2019: The Indian National Lunar Corporation becomes the last organization on Earth to still use the "New Moon class" Lunar Dust Tanker, as the Tanker makes up the majority of its fleet.

    January 22nd, 2019: India becomes the last space fairing nation to rattify an international treaty banning the "New Moon class" Lunar Dust Tanker, after an explosion over New Dehli space port exposed millions to toxic He3 moon dust.

    February 1st 2019 : Vulcan Motors, an Exxon owned car company, Releases the Palomino, a 12-wheel drive, Gasoline/Microfussion Hybrid SUV. It has the lowest efficency ratting of any gasoline or microfussion car on the market. This is of course intentional on the part of the Petroleum/He3 supplier Exxon.

    February 5th, 2019: Former Vice President William D. Mays announces he will "Run as a Green in 2020."

    February 11th 2019: Controvertial female electronic musician Android Karenina has her 9th number one hit Let the Bass Shake 'Em Good

    March 19th, 2019: "Monkey Splicing" gains widespread media attention after professional body builder and "Monkey Splicer" Rodrigo "the Rod" Santos savagely beats waitress Rachel Norton to death for "not delivering his food fast enough."

    March 26th 2019: Amidst much fanfare and media publicity "Spaceport America", the first commercial space launch center is opened in Las Cruces, New Mexico, sparking international attention...

    April 15th 2019: Controvertial female electronic musician Android Karenina has her 10th number one hit Me with He and She. Also on this day, Cortez speaks before the United Nations General Assembly, condemning the United States for its actions in supporting the Libertatia forces in a 88-minute speech....

    April 21st, 2019: Texas opens the United State's First "CryoPrision" outside Dallas, Texas.

    April 23rd, 2019: India suffers from a He3 shortage as the INLC decomissions it's "New Moon class" Lunar Dust Tankers.

    April 26th, 2019: Members of the Alabama Free Militia launch anti-immigrant rallies in Birmingham, Alabama, proclaiming a "foreign occupation of American soil.." Also on this day, Cortez announces his backing of Cuban guerillas and their overthrow of the government in Havana,....

    April 27th, 2019: President Abdullah Gül is overthrown in a military coup in Ankara, Turkey, as a "preemptive action" against "Islamicist policies"....

    May 1st, 2019: May Day Riots; anti-libertarian sentiment rises throughout the globe, citing privatization and corporate policies.....

    May 9th 2019: Controvertial female electronic musician Android Karenina has her 11th number one hit I'll Be Your False Goddess

    May 27th, 2019: SSG Ruble switches to plastic "bills". Also on this day, Health officials call for a quarantine of the University of Tokyo after a student dies from medical complications related to the "HIV genetic vaccine"...

    June 4th, 2019: Generals Lo Cha Thao, Youa True Vang, Hue Vang, and Chong Vang Thao overthrow the government in Vientiane, Laos....

    June 21st, 2019: Human rights protestors from around the world gather in Nanjing, to protest Chinese "CryoPrisions"

    June 30th, 2019: Lorri L. Jean v. State of Wyoming ; the Supreme Court says, in a 5-4 decision, the federal government and individual states are under no legal obligation to pay for even medically necessary abortions sought by women receiving welfare. ...

    July 4th, 2019: British researchers at the Royal Academy of Sciences led by Dale Fitzpatrick report dangerous "polymerase chain reactions" regarding "genetic vaccines" in London, England....

    July 19th, 2019: "Monkey Splicing" banned in the SSG.

    July 20th, 2019: Indian officials report the first reported case of "Miami Syndrome" in New Delhi, fueling tensions between the "Dalit" (untouchable caste) and the government. Also on this day, United States President orders NASA to focus on an "American Colony" being founded on Mars.

    July 22nd, 2019: Cortez is praised as a "international hero" during a visit to Caracas, Venezuela, sparking international attention...

    August 11th, 2019: Several American cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detriot, and Washington DC report a rise in crime related to "Monkey Splicing" and Lactia addition. Also on this day, Intifada Erupts; Palestinian officials erupt in violence in Ramallah after reports of tainted batches of "HIV genetic vaccine", sparking civil unrest and violence in the region....

    August 15th 2019: Vulcan Motors, an Exxon owned car company, pays controvertial female electronic musician Android Karenina $28.1 million to advertise for the Blackstar, an 8-wheeled Gasoline/Microfussion hybrid sports car.

    August 16th 2019: Controvertial female electronic musician Android Karenina has her 12th number one hit Microfussion Gasoline

    August 28th 2019: Singer Android Karenina is arrested in East London, England after reportedly "i-dosing" at Club Bizarro.

    Semptember 1st 2019: Reality-television series Bring Down the House, a musical competiton for a $1.7 million recording contract, makes its hit debut in Los Angeles, California....

    September 2nd, 2019: Nation wide rolling blackouts begin in India as India's Fussion plants begin to have trouble meeting demand do to the He3 shortage.

    September 3rd, 2019: Indian parliment decides to stay with paper money for the Rupee by a single vote. News of the desicion send shock waves through the international money market, where the majority of commentators had expected India to "go plastic" and the market had planned as such. Hyerinflation begins in India, and triggers wide spread bankruptcy. Speculation in the curency market causes copycat inflation through out the India's major Asian trading partners, most especially China who also enters hyperinflation.

    September 4th 2019: President Moore goes on a world tour and shall be gone form DC for nearly two months working on his anti-organized crime policy with other world leaders. Many people will be critical of this for the president being away so long.

    September 6th, 2019 : India's economy, already suffering from a three way punch of hyperinflation, an energy crisis, and mass bankrupcy, gains a fourth woe in the form of wide spread crop failures, brought on by the He3 "moondust stroms" changing weather patterns.

    September 12th, 2019: Tambora Disaster; 8.5 earthquake triggers the volcanic eruption of Mount Tambora, Indonesia, sparking a massive huamnitarian crisis... Also on this day, Controvertial female electronic musician Android Karenina has her 13th number one hit Never Slow Down

    September 12th-15th, 2019: Transoceanic flights throughout the Pacific Rim are cancelled due to the vast amount of volcanic ash thrown into the air...

    September 14th, 2019- December 22nd, 2019: Ghana, Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Mali, Kenya, Burkina Faso, and Togo, suffer the worst drought in 33 years....

    October 4th, 2019: COMIBOL corporation buys out Pluseamerica for $17.4 billion USD. Also on this day, Hospital officials report the death of a girl in Ann Arbor, Michigan due to complications caused by the HIV "genetic vaccine"....

    October 8th, 2019: Doctor Leena Barakat of San Francisco is awarded a Nobel Prize in Medicine for her work in fetus transplants and gay male cross fertilisation.

    October 11th 2019: Controvertial female electronic musician Android Karenina has her 14th number one hit I-dose

    October 18th, 2019: Controvertial Female Electronic Musician Android Karenina is forced to change the Lyrics of her number one hit song Microfussion Gasoline after a lawsuit from Toyota Motors over the Lyric "Leave Toyotas in the dust" Which is changed to "Leave the rest to eat your dust". Also on this day, Former Adult Film star and current Libertarian Party Governor of California Ron Jeremy announces he will seek his party's nomination for president in 2020.

    October 19th-26th, 2019: Price of crude oil plummets amidst Internet rumors and reports of Microfusion engines being made mandatory, sparking civil unrest and riots in Ankara and Istanbul, Turkey....

    November 21st, 2019: Former President John F Kennedy Jr, citing a "full recovery" annouces that he will run for the Union Party nomination for President in 2020.

    November 29th, 2019: Senator Antonio Trillanes overthrows the government in a peaceful political revolution in Manila, Philippines...

    December 2nd 2019: TIME magazine does a cover story on the "Race to Jupiter" the article mentions that "A gaint ball of gas, larger then the earth and rich in He3, Jupiter may well be the ultimate prize for any corporation, or government seeking energy dominance. To hold Jupiter would mean control of the energy supply of the entire human race for centuries to come." Also on this day, United States Senate passes a Bill which would eliminate all speed limits on some Interstate highways, and raises the speed limit to 200 mph on others.

    December 8th, 2019: Former President Katherine "Kat" Swift announces that she will "seek the Democratic Nomination in 2020."

    December 13th, 2019: FDA reports a vareity of side effects related to "Monkey Splicing" including increased agression, abnormal body hair, and a variety of bone and teeth deformities including: Abnormal growth of canine teeth, abnormal brow ridges, mandibular prognathism, and abnormal enlongation of the long bones in the arms.

    December 17th, 2019: Corn prices rise c. 400% due to price speculation due to the issue of hybrid vehicles, sparking anger throughout the Third World...

    December 22nd, 2019: A bill which would ban "Monkey Splicing" gains the support of four of the five major United States political parties, with the exception the Libertarian Party which blocks it in the senate. Libertarians argue for the "right of self rule".
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