4th Countries of an Alternate World Thread

Not another one! :eek: And back to it's original forum!

Seeming as 2 and 3 seem dead, I will begin the 4th one.

History and GDP will be expanded on after the map is finished, one last go at the no history idea.

1. All Countries must make up ONE, PRESENT DAY WORLD.
2. Smaller the better, but I won't restrict size. Make big empires if you must, but put them in terrible locations i.e. Siberia. I want the world to finish in enough time to let history unfold, but slow enough for everyone to participate that wishes to. I hope you understand what I mean.
3. Feel free to make as many nations as you wish.
4. Do not wank your nation to ASB levels.
5. Flags are fine, but not required.
6. Please post a map, but it's not required. If you don't post a map, then describe your countries location well enough for us to interpret where it is. When using maps, please use the map I used in this OP.
7. Have fun, and be creative. (But not ASB)

My own nation coming up. Please follow something like this format.


Official Name: The People's Republic of France
Common Name(s): France, PRF
Government: Communist
Capital: Paris
Language(s): French, and some Italian
Head of State: Nicolas Sarkozy
Population: 100 million
Religion: 77% Catholic, 10% Protestant, 8% Sunni Islam, 5% other
Founding Date: 411 A.D.
Date of Max Extent: 1927 A.D.
Date of Current Borders: 1998 A.D.


Official Name: The Dominion Of Canada
Common Name(s): Canada
Government: Democray
Capital: Toronto
Language(s): English and French
Head of State: Prime Minister Paul Martin
Population: 35 000 000
Religion: Christian
Founding Date: 1867
Location: OTL Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador
Date of Max Extent: 1947
Date of Current Borders: 1947

Sorry, I can't do the map thing. But I am Happy to see my idea has spawned yet another thread. :)

Official Name: Federal Republic of Australia, New Zealand and Oceanic Territories
Common Name(s): Australia, FRANZOT
Government: Semi-presidental republic (OTL France)
Capital: Canberra
Language(s): English
Head of State: President Kim Christian Beazley (since 2001)
Head of Government: Prime Minister Bill English (since 2010)
Population: 47 million
Largest Cities: Sydney (7m), Melbourne (5m), Brisbane-Gold Coast (4.5m), Perth (3m), Auckland (2m), Newcastle (1m),
Religion: 93% Christian (Catholic, Anglican, Protestant etc), 7% other
Founding Date: European settlement from 1788, current system established in 1919 after the First Great European War.
Date of Max Extent: 1950, when it briefly occupied Papuan Guberniya.
Date of Current Borders: 1976 after annexation of Timor.
OTL Territory - Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji and Timor. Claims 25% of Antarctica, but not officially recognised. Relinquished historical claims to New Guinea (Papuan Guberniya) in 1993.

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True Roman Republic of Anatolia

Official Name: Republic of Anatolia
Common Name(s): Anatolia, East Byzantium, Rhomania, Rome
Government: Liberal Democracy
Capital: East Constantinople
Language(s): Greek, New Latin
Head of State: President Constantine
Population: 105 million
Religion: 70% Orthodox, 15% Catholic, 10% Sunni, 5% other
Founding Date: 1523
Date of Max Extent: 1750
Date of Current Borders: 1950

map coming in a sec
South Africa

Official Name: Federal Republic of South Africa
Common Name: South Africa
Government: Bicameral Parliamentary Democracy
Capital: Johannesburg
Languages: 17 (English, Afrikaans, German, 14 African tribal languages)
Head of State and Government: President Mosima Gabriel "Tokyo" Sexwale (since July 18, 2008)
Deputy Head of Government: Vice-President Rian Malan (since July 18, 2008)

Population: 78,360,500
Largest Cities: Johannesburg (10,650,000), Cape Town (5,420,000), Maputo (5,374,500), Durban (4,110,000), Pretoria (2,816,500), Bloemfontein (2,263,000), Windhoek (1,765,000), Gaborone (1,164,900)
Religion: 65% Christian of various forms (Roman Catholicism, Dutch Reformed, Anglican Protestantism and Baptists of various forms are most common), many different African tribal belief systems and religions
Racial Makeup of Population: Black 60.6%, White 17.1%, Colored or mixed-race 9.8%, Indian 8.6%, Arab 2.2%, Asian 1.7%
Founding Date: First European settlement at Cape Town in 1652, First united as an independent nation in 1910
Date of Max Extent: August 1988
Date of Current Borders: January 1980
OTL Borders: All of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland, Mozambique south of the Limpopo River
True Roman Republic of Greece

Official Name: Republic of Greece
Common Name(s): Greece, West Byzantium, Rhomania, Rome
Government: Communist Dictatorship
Capital: West Constantinople
Language(s): Greek, New Latin
Head of State: President Alexandros
Population: 75 million
Religion: 85% Orthodox, 5% Catholic, 5% Sunni, 5% other
Founding Date: 1523
Date of Max Extent: 1950
Date of Current Borders: 1950



Official Name: The Republic of Palestine
Common Name(s): Palestine, Israel
Government: Democracy
Capital: Jerusalem
Language(s): Hebrew, Arab
Head of State: Shimon Peres
Population: 20 million
Religion: 71% Jewish, 20% Sunni Islam, 6% Shia Islam, 3% Catholic
Founding Date: 1927 A.D.
Date of Max Extent: 1947 A.D.
Date of Current Borders: 1950 A.D.

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New Federal republic of Yugoslavia

Official Name: Yugoslavian federation (federation of south Slavs)
Common Name(s): Yugoslavia, Balkan federation
Government: democracy
Capitals: Belgrade (seat of government in Sarajevo)
Language(s): Serbo-Croatian, Bulgarian, Slovene,...
Head of State: Milan Kucan
Population: 36 millions
Religion: Christian (orthodox, catholic), Muslim
Founding Date: 1948
Date of Max Extent: 1948
Date of Current Borders: 1998

Can someone post a map (basically, it is just Yugoslavia+Bulgaria).
And you can extend France so there would have a common border between these two states.

Official Name: Federal Republic of the Philippines
Common Name: the Philippines
Government: Federal Parliamentary
Capital: Manila
Languages: Tagalog, Filipino, English, Spanish (all official)
Head of Government: Prime Minister Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (since May 1998)
Head of State: President Jose de Venecia (since April 2001)
Population: 93,000,000
Religion: 80% Roman Catholic, 10% other Christian denominations, 5-7% Muslim
Founding Date: Independence Recognized, July 4, 1946, Current Constitution: 2006
Date of Max Extent: N/A
My Last country for a while, (I Promise!) trying to get this jumpstarted a bit...

I extended France to comply with beer Kaiser's request


Official Name: The Federal Islamic Republic of Mesopotamia
Common Name: Mesopotamia
Government: Theocratic Dictatorship
Capital: Baghdad
Languages: Arabic
Head of State: Abdul al-Khwarzim
Population: 60 million
Religion: 88% Sunni Islam, 12% Shia Islam
Founding Date: 111 B.C.
Date of Max Extent: 1277 A.D.
Date of Current Borders: 1950 A.D.
Russian America

Official Name: The Republic of Alaska.
Common Name(s): Alaska, Russian America
Government: Authoritarian.
Capital: Aleksandrovsk (f. 1865)
Language(s): Russian, Aleut.
Head of State: His Excellency President for life etc. etc. Vladimir Putin.
Population: ~ 1mln., 10% native.
Religion: 90% Orthodox, 5% Native, 3% Islam, 2% other
Founding Date: 1918 A.D.
Date of Current Borders: 1947 A.D. (assumed full control over St. Catherine Archipelago (OTL Aleutian Islands)).

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Official Name: Asanteman, Ashanti Empire, Confederacy of the Ashanti
Common Name(s): Ashanti, Asante
Government: Monarchy
Capital: Kumasi
Language(s): Twi (Official)
Head of State: HRH Osei Tutu II
Population: 14,500,000
Religion: 78% Islam, 21% Ancestral Worship, 1% Christianity, other
Founding Date: 1701 AD
Date of Current Borders: 2000 AD

4th ALT.png

EDIT: Sorry PNG map by accident

4th ALT.png
Ok, so let's assume this world suffered a minor Russia-wank in the past...

New Guinea

Official Name: Papuan Guberniya.
Common Name(s): New Guinea, Chernorossia (Black Russia)
Government: Officially a dominion of the Russian Empire (now nonexistant), de facto ruled by a self-appointed Governor General.
Capital: Mikluho-Maklai (f. 1880)
Language(s): Russian, various Papuan Languages.
Head of State: Oficially - Nicholas the IIIrd , de facto - Governor-General Stepan Mikluho-Maklai, a direct descendant of the great Russian traveller and etnographer to whom the ex-colony owes its existance.
Population: ~ 9mln., 20% Russian and other Caucasian.
Religion: 85 % Orthodox, 7% native, 3% Anglican, 2% Catholic, 3% other.
Founding Date: 1880 A.D.

Date of Current Borders: 1900 A.D. (New Guinea being fully colonized).

Upd: Whoops, didn't notice New Guinea occupied already... Could it be removed from Australia, if possible?
Official Name: The Empire of the Rising Sun
Common Name(s): The Japanese Empire, Japan.
Government: Parliamentary democracy with constitutional monarchy
Capital: Tokyo
Language(s): Japanese, some Korean.
Head of State: Emperor Hirohito
Population: 110,370,080
Religion: Buddhism and Shintoism
Founding Date: 1868 A.D
Date of Max Extent: 1942 A.D
Date of Current Borders: 1975 A.D.

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Official Name: The Greater Union of Poland and Lithuania
Common Names: Poland, Lithuania, Poland-Lithuania
Government: Parliamentary Democracy
Capital: Warsaw
Languages: Polish, Lithuanian, Finnish, Russian, and other smaller dialects
Head of State: Prime Minister Wyadslaw Polauski
Population: 100 million
Religion: 70% Catholic, 25% Orthodox, 5% other
Founding Date: 1569
Date of Max Extent: 1945
Date of Current Boarders: 1987

contries of an alternate world.PNG

contries of an alternate world.PNG