28 Days Later - Death of a Nation

Anti-vaxxers wouldn't be a thing, or at least they wouldn't be platformed on the news ITTL. I've said before that the 2000s are going to have a siege mentality. It's going to include an obsession with public health, along with the renewed craze for bunkers and guns.
Some anti-vaxxers would surely exist. But the governments wouldn't let them fuck around.
Being an anti-vaxxer in this world would be as good for your public image as saying the Nazis had a point in the world of Anglo/American-Nazi War.
Being an anti-vaxxer in this world would be as good for your public image as saying the Nazis had a point in the world of Anglo/American-Nazi War.
I think thats true but only to a certain extent because of how the Rage Virus came into existence.Once its widely known that it was basically a human creation gone wrong there will be some who challenge and reject lots of if not most of what scientists and viralogists come up with regarding vaccines and medicines. Some humans being skeptical is always going to be a thing no matter how unwarranted and unreasonable such views are sometimes.

If you were writing this today, what if anything would you do differently? Would you still set it in the time of the movie or take it to a post-Brexit Britain?
I'd maybe have done some things a bit differently. Rather than sticking strictly to the canon as I have here I may have veered off a bit. I'd likely have far more of Britain survive than what managed to survive in this tl. I always found it a bit implausible that Rage could have made it as far as the Highlands and even over to Shetland. If I was to do it again I'd probably have had a rump state formed in the north of Scotland led by what remained of the government .

I think I'd have handled the European outbreak differently too. Either have it as a very limited and localised outbreak in the north of France which is quickly contained, or simply don't have had it spread beyond Britain at all. I don't think the virus sweeping over the entire continent is a realistic prospect in hindsight.
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The biggest issue the TL seemed to have faced back in the 2010s when most of the TL was written, was staying fateful to the in-universe cannon of the original film and its sequel.

kspence92 had to somehow make a plausible narrative, explaining how the island of Great Britain fell to the Rage Virus in a matter of well 28 Days...
because of the very nature of how fast the Virus was at spreading, only upwards to 3 Million British people would actually get evacuated out of Great Britain before total collapse happened on the 28th day since 54 Million poeple were confirmed to have died by the UN estimates, the British Army weren't given the time needed to mobilize properly or even reactivate the Cold War equipment.

The Rage virus was able to successfully spread and destroy most of England and Wales by Day 21 (week 3)... worsened by the efforts of NATO in refusing to provide 5.56×45mm NATO ammunition, not even bothering with providing just basic necessities such as food and toilet paper to help the stranded refugees and British Armed forces in Cornwall and Devon, instead the French and USAF choosed to attack the refugees when the regions inevitably fell, it was a avoidable PR disaster for NATO.

kspence92 also had to somehow move the infection into Scotland before the 28 day deadline, in the end he used a freak accident in Glasgow to allow for the spread of Rage into the North, ending with the ultimate collapse of Great Britain exactly on the 28th day.

Oh and then there's 28 Weeks later... which we already discussed about.

kspence92 himself just commented on what changes he would've done if he rewrote the story, with the UK becoming a rump state instead of being forced to abandon Great Britain.
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If the Rage Virus mutates and changes in the way it effects people or spreads or both -as 28 Weeks Later indicates it did-then its possible it spreads beyond Britain.. If we are looking for realism isnt it unrealistic to have a virus that doesnt mutate ?