2023 Turtledoves - Best Early Modern Timeline Poll

The Best Early Modern Timeline Is...

  • There and Back Again: The English Journeys of Catherine of Aragon; @Awkwardvulture

    Votes: 45 13.8%
  • The Jaguar’s Roar - An Aztec Timeline; @Vinization

    Votes: 83 25.5%
  • Nobunaga's Ambition Realized: Dawn of a New Rising Sun; @Ambassador Huntsman

    Votes: 110 33.8%
  • An Imperial Match: Anne Boleyn marries Charles V; @pandizzy

    Votes: 93 28.6%
  • No GNW (or “Peter goes South”); @alexmilman

    Votes: 45 13.8%
  • A William and Mary Timeline: For Want Of An Heir; @VVD0D95

    Votes: 39 12.0%
  • Union of The Three Crowns: The History of The Nordic Empire; @Gabingston

    Votes: 33 10.2%
  • Where the River Flows: The Story of Misia: A Native American Superpower; @JSilvy

    Votes: 54 16.6%
  • Cessa o Nevoeiro: O Surgir do Quinto Império - A Portuguese Timeline by @RedAquilla

    Votes: 35 10.8%
  • The Spanish Heir (What if Carlos II had a son?); @Archduke

    Votes: 34 10.5%
  • An Heir To Rule; @Tudorfan

    Votes: 27 8.3%

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Hey, everyone, here it's Izzy again. An Imperial Match has been my brainchild for close to three years now, and it's the story of Charles V Holy Roman Emperor meeting Anne Boleyn while he visits England in 1522 and falling utterly in love with her. Considering Anne Boleyn's whole feelings about becoming a man's mistress, they marry and shenanigans ensue. What started in England has now sprawled to take over the world, who will never be the same again.
As many of you may know, I am the writer of An Heir To Rule and it has, over the span of time I have been writing it, become my baby. It's not done yet, and it won't be for some time yet. What started out as a simple question - What if Pope Clement had ruled in Henry's favour in 1528? - has led to a Timeline that has branched out to Scotland, France, Portugal, Spain and, of course, England itself.

I have many more things planned for this story and I hope you will chose to vote for my story to win. If not, I will just have to improve the story so that I win next year, won't I? :p
A Brief Introduction To My Timeline - Nobunaga's Ambition Realized: Dawn of a New Rising Sun

Named after the popular strategy video game series Nobunaga's Ambition, this story explores a world where the Honnō-ji Incident never occurs, allowing Oda Nobunaga to finish his mission in uniting Japan under the hegemony of the Oda clan and achieving his vision for Japan: a unified, prosperous, and fundamentally transformed realm whose commerce, splendor, and technology gives the European nations Nobunaga was always deeply fascinated with a run for their money. As a result, the Japan he and his successors rule over is heavily focused on commercial and territorial expansion overseas and slowly emerges as a maritime military and economic power in the Eastern Hemisphere. Its endeavors even see it clash directly with a certain global empire in the 17th century.

This timeline also explores the butterfly effects of an Oda-run Japan whose doors never closed to the outside world (if anything the opposite), including events on the East Asian mainland and even as far as western and central Europe.

56 years and 58 chapters after the POD, this story is far from finished but I invite everyone to take a look at it and hope you choose to vote for it based on its current merits.​

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Well, I guess it's my turn to post a summary.

Like its title says, The Jaguar’s Roar is a story focused on how the Aztec Empire (and the rest of the Americas) might've developed if Hernán Cortés was defeated. While the overwhelming majority of the chapters are focused on Aztecs, for obvious reasons, there are also others which deal with the consequences of Spain not getting its hands on the Mesoamerican and Andean gold, as well as butterflies regarding France, Portugal and the Inca Empire. It is also far from a wank, as made very clear in the last two chapters.

As of now, the story is nowhere near finished - only 16 years have passed since the POD, and I intend to stretch it into at least the 17th or 18th centuries. I also want to write chapters showing how the Old World in general is developing as a result of the butterflies.
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Hello everyone, if anyone is interested, I thought I'd give a brief introduction to the premise of my timeline; There and Back Again: The English Journeys of Catherine of Aragon. This is a story from the point of view of three different women, each with their own personalities, motives, and experiences. The premise is simple; What if Catherine of Aragon's first marriage to Arthur, Prince of Wales lasted long enough to be consummated before his death, and how would this impact the rest of the world?
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Greetings to you, reader and fellow history lover. After reading many alternate timelines, mostly about my country, Portugal, I decided to give it a go at writing an alternate timeline of my own. After experimenting with many scenarios, I settled on a quite obscure one: a rather unknown Portuguese Infante named Duarte, Duke of Guimarães, who died two years before his more famous and tragic cousin Sebastian I of Portugal, survives, marries and has children that after the unfortunate death of Sebastian at Alcácer Quibir, inherit the Portuguese throne as legitimate heirs, preventing the Iberian Union and thus the good and bad things said union brought.

Cessa o Nevoeiro: O Surgir do Quinto Império - A Portuguese Timeline explores such a world where Portugal never loses its independence and with a new branch of the famous House of Avis, resolute in not letting another military disaster of such magnitude happen, slowly starts to change the future of Europe of the World. Updates focus on Portugal, its Empire, Europe and the World in many issues such as intrigues, war, economy, demographics, culture and many other things. Aiming to reach Present Day, everyone is welcome to give a contribution, all voices are heard.
A Brief Introduction To My Timeline - Un Dios, Un Imperio, Un Rey

Named in honor of the triadic motto of Carlism: "Dios, Patria y Rey". U.U.U. It is an alternate history that explores a Spain where the Burgos Laws that protected Native Americans from Spanish slavery and abuse were not made, while Castile and Aragon, instead of Juana's eldest son "La Loca" and Felipe "El Hermoso": Carlos, Fernando actually does it. Which was raised by his grandfather Fernando the Catholic, coming to give him part of that warrior mentality that characterized the Spanish of the Reconquest period. The story explores the rise of a Spain that for 800 years has been considered an underdog, and the spirit of national tribulation has moved like a shadow from one generation to the next, determined never again to be set ablaze by invading armies. However, the war between Carlos and Ferdinand saw the country burn down as villages and churches were burned to the ground. Spain soon uses the riches of America to promote its expansion campaigns: The Barbary coast falls under the Spanish yoke, just as Ferdinand and Isabel wished. Italy is subdued to the point that her eyes roll back due to the pressure exerted by the Tercios who conquered what is now Morocco and Algeria. In America, Hernan Cortes, Pedro de Alvarado, Pizarro and others ended up dominating the indigenous states with remarkable efficiency and brutality. Conquered before its time, the Philippines is subjected to a period of planter slavery that at the same time serves as a launching pad for the conquest of Japan where Japanese Christians are elevated while Buddhist and Shinto temples are burned by the Inquisition supported by Christians Ronins. It is a Spain where the black legend is true and short.
I am honored that my timeline, Union of The Three Crowns, has been nominated for a Turtledove. The premise is that the Stockholm Bloodbath of 1520 does not occur, leading to a surviving Kalmar Union and the development of a Nordic colonial empire. I have gotten up to the late 16th Century at the present moment, and intend to take it as far as I can (hopefully to the present, although if my other TL is any indication it'll probably take me the rest of the decade to do so). While it doesn't look like I'll win, just getting a nomination is enough for me (though winning would certainly be awesome).
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It seems that everyone is making the introductions so I’ll join the suit. “Peter goes South” started quite occasionally being inspired by the various threads regarding alternative courses of the Great Northern War. One option was missing, Peter and Charles being allies (and becoming personal friends) with no GNW whatsoever or rather a small and somewhat silly affair deserving to be called Little Northern War. Initially, this TL was planned as a joke, which would have to stop when this little war is over but one change led to another, with the domino effects getting somewhat out of hands (😂) and, with the valuable help from many readers, this TL is getting dangerously close to the end of the XIX century with Europe (and not only) being substantially different from OTL.
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I can't help but be amazed that Un Dios is winning even though its latest chapters haven't received the same amount of reactions as the three next TLs.
But it's a pretty solid TL, so it makes sense.
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I can't help but be amazed that Un Dios is winning even though its latest chapters haven't received the same amount of reactions as the three next TLs.
But it's a pretty solid TL, so it makes sense.
It's cause he has better friends than me.
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