2021 Turtledoves - Best Early Modern Timeline Poll

The Best Early Modern Timeline Is...

  • A Thousand Stars: Christopher Marlowe Survives ; @Lady Kate

    Votes: 33 15.2%
  • A Queen Twice Over: Mary Tudor the Elder Marries Francis I of France; @FalconHonour

    Votes: 54 24.9%
  • Audentes Fortuna Iuvat; @pandizzy

    Votes: 23 10.6%
  • The Queen is Dead!: Katherine of Aragon dies in 1518; @FalconHonour

    Votes: 54 24.9%
  • There and back again: The English journeys of Catherine of Aragon; @Awkwardvulture

    Votes: 30 13.8%
  • Cessa o Nevoeiro: O Surgir do Quinto Império - A Portuguese Timeline; @RedAquilla

    Votes: 27 12.4%
  • Henry Tudor, Heretic and Father of Kings; @Cate 13

    Votes: 54 24.9%
  • The Sun of Rocroi TL- A better Grand Condé; @Comte de Dordogne

    Votes: 38 17.5%
  • English Canada/French Carolina: A Timeline; @Gabingston

    Votes: 30 13.8%
  • Three Sisters' Brother (aka the Franco-Haudenosaunee Alliances); @Ibn Chaldun

    Votes: 24 11.1%
  • A Britain of Panthers and Lions: House of Oldenburg Britain; by @VVD0D95

    Votes: 54 24.9%

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  • Poll closed .
Due to an unprecedented four way tie, I have posted a tiebreak poll for this category which will run for a week.
Vote for A Britain of Panthers and Lions and get bonus content for free - AH coinage for TTL House of Stuart-Oldenburg and TTL House of Romanov and House of Kettler modelled by @Rurik !