2019 Turtledoves - (Closes 2/11/19) - Best Finished Timeline Nominations and Seconds

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  1. SargentHawk Nixon Now, More Than Ever

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    This thread is only for Nominations, Seconds, and Nomination Corrections for timelines that have been deemed FINISHED by their creators and have been placed in the Finished Timelines Forum. Timelines that have been placed in the Finished Timelines Forum and considered Finished by their creators are not eligible for any award other than the Best Finished Timeline Award. unless it is for quality awards such as best character, pod, etc.

    A Quick Overview:

    • All Nominations require Seconds.
    • Discussion-only threads are not eligible. There must be an actual timeline or story included.
    • Authors may request that their works NOT be considered for nomination or removed from nomination. If an author requests that their work be removed from nomination after a nomination and/or second has been made, then the nominator (and/or second) may make another selection. Note that it is up to the author to monitor categories in which their work is eligible and to request that they not be included in the Turtledoves in that nomination thread.
    • No self-nominations nor self-seconds
    • Each member can make only one nomination and only one second to another nomination per category.
    • Previous Turtledove Award winning threads are NOT eligible for nominations in any category.
    For New Nominations please arrange the nomination as follows:

    Best Finished Timeline:
    Title of nominated work (with Hypertext Link); author

    To create a hypertext link to a thread:
    Go to that thread and highlight and copy the thread url in the web browser navigation bar, then type the title of the thread in your post, highlight that title, then hit the hypertext link button just above your message area (chain link), a box will pop up in which you paste the url, and that should do it. YOU MUST INCLUDE A HYPERTEXT LINK IN YOUR NOMINATION.

    Please format a second to a nomination in the following way

    Quote the nomination using the "Quote" function. and below the quote please type:

    "I second the above nomination for:
    Best Finished Timeline: Title of nominated work (with Hypertext Link); author"


    Please do not go beyond Seconding a timeline, this creates clutter and makes it hard to find independent Nominations and Seconds when creating the polls. Thanks guys.

    Also, as a reminder, please make reference to the correct formatting for nominations and seconds.
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    I nominate What the Hell is a Somalia by @Asp.
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    I second this, my first second-ing ever.

    I like this TL.
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