2018 Turtledoves - Best Early 20th Century Timeline Poll

The Best Early 20th Century Timeline is:

  • The Unwanted Clairvoyant; jeandebueil

    Votes: 102 20.9%
  • Keynes' Cruisers; fester

    Votes: 104 21.3%
  • Stupid Luck and Happenstance; peabody-martini

    Votes: 150 30.7%
  • Lancashire Life: An account of The Great Patriotic War; NickNWO

    Votes: 32 6.6%
  • Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree: A Nineteen Eighty-Four Timeline; Roberto el Rey

    Votes: 32 6.6%
  • The March of Time - 20th Century History; Karelian

    Votes: 29 5.9%
  • Rosa's Reich • Red Germany; GlobalHumanism

    Votes: 53 10.9%
  • The Ruins of an American Party System, Part Three: Revolution by Emperor Julian

    Votes: 76 15.6%
  • Eisenhower in the Pacific: Part 1 The Shoestring Warriors of Luzon; galveston bay

    Votes: 107 21.9%
  • April 1942 Alternate Indian Ocean; Zheng He

    Votes: 117 24.0%
  • America's Silver Era, The Story of William Jennings Bryan; CELTICEMPIRE

    Votes: 59 12.1%
  • White Star and Titanic, What Could have Been; SsgtC

    Votes: 45 9.2%

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Should there be multiple votes allowed, and should we be able to see the results? I feel like this would be better if it were a one-man-one-vote kind of deal, and if the results were not visible until the poll closes.
Approval voting is a very strong way to gauge broad appeal while allowing people to state specific preferences. Showing the results I'm cooler on.
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