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Wednesday, February 20th 2019

Iranian trial of suspected Qumari activists draws international condemnation

The arrest and trial by Iranian military authorities in the occupied region of northern Qumar of four people on charges of sedition has drawn widespread criticism from the world community and international human rights organizations. The four arrested, three men and one woman, have been charged with sedition for allegedly working to update the electoral register in the northern city of Himms to enroll voters for the July elections in Qumar. Major General Abdolrahim Heydari, head of the Iranian forces stationed in what is internationally recognized as northern Qumar said that a "fair trial under Iranian military law" will be held for the four starting next week, with a guilty verdict widely expected.

The arrest of the four and the fact that they will most likely be sentenced to death if found guilty has led to numerous foreign governments and international organizations condemning Iran and its treatment of the four. Secretary of State August Adair and British Foreign Secretary Fiona Wallace released a joint statement calling the arrests and likely executions "abhorrent" and urged Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Afkham and President Azim Mirshahi to release the four. United Nations Secretary-General Renata Barrica and European Union Commission President Maja Jagoda have called on Iran to accept international mediation in this case as well as all future cases where "the lives of people in the region occupied by Iranian military forces could be ended by capital punishment under Iranian military justice." Chinese President Qian Min meanwhile, has stated that he views the arrests and trials as "illegitimate".

Iran claims all of Qumar, not just the northern areas it occupies, as its own territory. Their claim to Qumar not recognized by any other country, with every other United Nations member recognizing Qumar as an independent nation. The Iranian attempt to annex Qumar during its 2016 political crisis was halted by an international occupation force led by the United States, United Kingdom and China. The continued military occupation of northern Qumar has led to Iran and its top leaders being subjected to international sanctions.

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Senate Help Committee Votes down Dr. Abigail Bartlet in 17-6 Vote

Washington D.C.- Just moments ago, the Senate HELP Committee (Health, Education, Labor & Pensions) voted to give Dr. Abigail Bartlet a negative endorsement for her nomination to become the next United States Secretary of Health and Human Services. While this does not outright stop her nomination, it most certainly does not bod well for her going forward. Five of the committee's eleven Democrats voted no, in what has become a disastorous morning for the President and Senate Democrats. Vic Huntington (D-NV), George Englemann (D-NH), Sam McCord (D-SC), Bradley Denning (D-OK) and Matt Clausen (D-PA) joined the committee's twelve Republicans in opposing Dr. Bartlet. When asked about their votes, Senator Denning told ACN "Dr. Bartlet should never have been nominated in the first place. If the past week has not convinced him of that, then i don't know what to think."

Perhaps the most surprising vote came from fellow New Hampshirite George Englemann, who could not be reached for comment.

With the Senate Finance Committee expected to deliver a similar verdict later this afternoon, Dr. Bartlet's nomination seems to be finished.

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In 2nd blow to Bartlet, Senate Finance Committee votes down nomination 18-10

Washington D.C.- In what has now become perhaps the worst day of the Seaborn Presidency thus far, the Senate Finance Committee has voted to give a negative endorsement to Dr. Abigail Bartlet. Though it was closer than the earlier Senate HELP (Health, Education Labor & Pensions), the Finance vote still saw three Democrats, Calvin Bowles (D-KY), Matt Clausen (D-PA) and Andrew Thorn (D-NY) vote against her nomination.

President Seaborn still retains the right to push the nomination to the full Senate, however, only one nominee has subsequently been confirmed by the full Senate after being rejected by a Committee, Henry Wallace in 1945.

Most people of Capital Hill tonight expect that President Seaborn will withdraw the nomination some time before the end of the week.

Wednesday, February 20th, 2019


Choi siblings in Beijing!

Earlier today western media outlets based in Beijing noticed an armored train at Beijing Station with North Korean markings on today it is confirmed, both Choi siblings are in Beijing talking to China's leaders, including President Qian.

The Chinese government announced today that North Korea and China have begun a new economic dialog and China will ask neutral parties to talk to the United States, South Korea, and Japan. The Choi siblings are in Beijing to discuss other issues with Chinese leaders. Choi Ji-hoon appeared with President Qian in Beijing at a photo op.

Oddly Choi Nam-sun has not been seen by the Chinese press.

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Seaborn to push forward Bartlet nomination to full Senate


Washington D.C.- In a late-night press conference, President Seaborn announced that he had called Senate Majority Leader Cody Riley (R-AL) to inform him that he would be excercising his right to push Dr. Abigail Bartlet's nomination as Secretary of Health & Human Services to the full Senate. Flanked by Dr. Bartlet, Sen. Nicole Kershaw and several members of the White House Senior Staff, President Seaborn reiterated his "absolute support" for Dr. Bartlet, believing that she would ultimately prevail before the full Senate.

Senate Riley confirmed via tweet that he would indeed place Dr. Bartlet's nomination on the Senate Schedule, likely for Friday afternoon. Senator Riley also sent a second tweet that was much more telling: "Full warning Mr. President, it's your funeral"

A variation of this pops up as the former VP I doubt was in Dodgeball
This is an astounding level of arrogance and incompetence not seen in decades. The president needs to get it together.

I don't think trying to push through an unpopular Cabinet nominee is on par with Bartlet thinking he can hide a degenerative neurological disease while being in a very public and stressful job or Walken trying to out-Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson by refusing to uphold a Supreme Court decision for two years because he didn't want to have gay service members be open about their sexuality.

Yeah but Sam may have to give up the ghost on Abby. I cannot see her winning on a floor vote.

Did you quote the wrong post? Because your reply is a total non sequitur to what you quoted.

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Edwards to resign? Deputy Comms Director may be out

Washington D.C.- Two high-ranking sources close to the President are telling ACN that John Edwards, the White House Deputy Communications Director, has handed a letter of resignation to the President. While Mr. Edwards has remained unreachable for comment, several witnesses have report seeing Mr. Edwards drive away from the White House shortly after 3:30pm this afternoon. Edwards, who has been highly vocal in his opposition about the nomination of former First Lady Abigail Bartlet to the position of Secretary of Health & Human Resources. These rumors could not come at a worse time for the President, as he faces mounting criticism from within his own party over his decision to push forward the nomination of Dr. Bartlet after it was voted down by two separate Senate committees. Questions are now beginning to rise about what happens if Edwards is truly out, who will take his place? Not only as Deputy Communications Director, but also as "the guy who tells the President what he doesn't want to hear" as Edwards himself once put it.

A third source has also told ACN that Edwards has quote "guaranteed defeat" for the Bartlet nomination, which, to anyone outside the White House, might be pointing out the obvious. However, it isn't clear if the White House sees it that way, as several White House Officials, most notably Senior Advisor CJ Cregg have expressed optimism about tomorrow's vote. Ms. Cregg was quoted as saying, "It'll be close, but i think we're gonna pull this one off".

Only time will tell.

We will continue to update you on this story as it develops.
Yet another infobox set of three American politicians and one famous political spouse:

Casting (previously established)
Samuel L. Jackson as Kevin Clarkson
Anne Hathaway as Lauren Parker-Seaborn
Kate Mulgrew as Kate Crossley
Randy Savage as Harry Kimble
  • Clarkson, Parker-Seaborn and Crossley all had their biographies written on the old thread, so there's not much I added.
  • The biggest change for Clarkson was that his governorship ended (in a recall election).
  • Parker-Seaborn was established as being a Republican when she went to college (and actually being president of the College Republicans on her campus) before leaving the party over its opposition to gun control. I put the date where she switched parties at 1999, so about midway through her undergraduate career.

    Parker-Seaborn is also only the third First Lady to be a divorcee, after Florence Harding and Betty Ford.
  • With Crossley's infobox done, that's now the third actor who played Star Trek captain whose box has been done (Avery Brooks as Benjamin Boma and Scott Bakula as Jack Caton are the others). William Shatner was cast as now-Secretary of Transportation Matt Skinner's dad, who wouldn't merit an infobox IU and as far as I know, Sir Patrick Stewart, Chris Pine and Sonequa Martin-Green (yes, she's not a captain, but she is the main character of Discovery) haven't been cast as anyone.
  • Kimble's wikibox had previously been done, so this is just a redux (and perhaps final one, considering I killed him off since his actor died years ago). The biggest change I made was including his pro wrestling career as a module on his infobox (and giving his wife the maiden name of "Payne" because why not). There's a bunch of in-jokes in there: two of those ring names (Bonesaw McGraw and Rassilor) are the same or derived from roles Savage performed, he's billed out of the home of the atom bomb and Jimmy Janos is better known by a different name IOTL. And yes, those are Savage's actual height and weight. He was a big dude.