2018 Presidential Election

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    If any are good with photoshop maybe they can help!!!
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    Well, here's one from Obama's 2nd inauguration that might help:
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    Collins calls April 30th Special Election for Oregon 4th

    Salem, Oregon- Governor Walter Collins announced this morning that the special election for Oregon's 4th Congressional District will be held on Tuesday, April 30th. The vacancy was caused when former Congressman Will Bailey resigned to take up his post as White House Chief of Staff late last month. the Primary date has also been set for March 5th. On the Democratic side, former Lieutenant Governor has already declared his intentions to seek the seat, with his formal announcement expected in the coming days. The State Party seems to be lining up behind, likely clearing the deck for the primary. Without a clear GOP candidate at this point, it is unclear what type of opposition Hinchcliffe could be facing.
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    I had forgotten about Sharon Frost's nomination to run the Commerce department. When I saw the headline for a moment I got excited because I thought the Intelligence analyst Frost from the seventh season who started the Kazakhstan business had managed to find his way into Sam's cabinet! lol
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    Hey I edited together a photo of Sam giving his inaugural address or rather right before. I edited an image of Rob Lowe onto somebody giving a speech at Obama's second inaugural behind the presidential seal. Might be good tell me what you think.

    Sam Innagural.jpg
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    Oct 31, 2008
    List of Members of the 116th United States Congress
    (as of February 9, 2019)

    United States Senate

    Party standings
    Republican: 52
    Democratic: 48

    Members listed by classes


    2. Cody Riley (R) Wil Wheaton
    3. Alan Garland (R) James Rebhorn
    2. Robert Cantina (R)
    3. Sorah Wheeler (R)​
    1. Tony McMichael (D)
    3. Antonio Rodrigues (D)​
    2. Hubert "Arkansas" Smith (D) Nathan Burgess
    3. Fletcher Carey (R) ​
    1. Nicole Kershaw (D) Natalie Portman
    3. Gabe Tillman (D) Ray Wise
    2. Ben Newell (D) Peter Krause
    3. Carlos Cabrera (R) Lin-Manuel Miranda
    1. Michelle Van Dorn (D)
    3. Chris Casey (D)​
    1. Joseph McKenna (D)
    2. Clare McAuley (D)​
    1. Alicia DeSantos (D)
    2. Tanner McClay (R)​
    2. Charlie Forrester (R)
    3. Max Lobell III (R) Skeet Ulrich
    1. Arthur Breech (D) Peter Coyote
    3. David Kuhio (D) Cliff Curtis
    2. Gina DiMeo (R) Rebecca Mader
    3. Clark Gibson (R) ​
    2. Mitch Bryce (D) Alan Dale
    3. Jasper Irving (R) Tom Cruise
    1. Rudi Robinson (D) Reggie Miller
    3. Gibson Carluke (R)​
    2. Joe Joeckler (R)
    3. Bryce Bradley (R) Peter MacNicol
    2. James Taglio (R)
    3. Sam Wilkinson (R) Paul Collins
    2. Calvin Bowles (D)
    3. James Lancaster (R) Robert Forster
    2. Rick Remick (D)
    3. David Morrison (R)​
    1. William Katt (D)
    2. Stephen Wilson (D) Kelsey Grammer
    1. Cain McClelland (D)
    3. Joe Derrick (D)​
    1. Ryan Lyndell (D) Mark Hamill
    2. Jimmy Fitzsimmons (D) Aaron Eckhart
    1. Becky Reeseman (D) Amy Aquino
    3. Randall Thomas (R) Thomas J. McCartney
    1. Lara Mansfield (D)
    2. Peggy Jones (D) Zoe McLellan
    1. Ann Choate (R) Mary-Pat Green
    2. Dylan McNamara (R) Nick Chinlund
    1. Lewis Henderson (R)
    3. Laura Shallick (R) Patricia Heaton
    1. George Wirth (R) Barry Corbin
    2. Robert Starkey (D) H.M. Wynat
    1. Bill Daniel (R) Bruce Boxleitner
    2. Emmit George (R) ​
    1. Vic Huntington (D) Eric Dane
    3. Matthew Spencer (D) Matthew Gray Gubler
    New Hampshire
    2. George Englemann (D) Dan Aykroyd
    3. Ellie Wilkins (R) Sigourney Weaver
    New Jersey
    1. Alex Crossley (D) Brady Corbet
    2. Dante Jenkins (D) Harry Lennix
    New Mexico
    1. Michael Rojas (R)
    2. Andy Ritter (D) Jon Rubenstein
    New York
    1. Andrew Thorn (D) Patrick Dempsey
    3. Tim Burrell (D) Woody Harrelson
    North Carolina
    2. Kenny Sattler (R)
    3. Barbara Layton (R) Cherry Jones
    North Dakota
    1. Jamie Muller (R)
    3. Matt Chantler (R)​
    1. Dylan Garrison (R)
    3. Ruth Norton-Stewart (R) Marcia Gay Harden
    2. Bradley Denning (D)
    3. Robert Roanoke (R)​
    2. Curtis Ryan (R)
    3. Robert Greys (D)​
    1. Carlin Cassidy (R) Paul Johansson
    3. Matt Clausen (D) Tim Daly
    Rhode Island
    1. John Huntingdon (D)
    2. Jim Velasquez (D) Esi Morales
    South Carolina
    2. Sam McCord (D)
    3. Brad Maxwell (R) ​
    South Dakota
    2. Jim Simon (R) Jeffrey Jones
    3. Robin Fulton (R) ​
    1. Dan Hammond (R)
    2. Patrick Stacy (R)​
    1. Davis Roberts (R)
    2. Mark Cumberland (R) Ingo Rademacher
    1. Jeff Heston (R) Anthony LaPaglia
    3. Mark Elderton (R) ​
    1. Sarah O’Brien (D) Mary Steenburgen
    3. Marietta Nerlinger (D)​
    1. Rob Buchanan (R) Patrick Fabian
    2. Lou Thornton (D) Janeane Garofalo
    1. William Wiley (D) James Earl Jones
    3. Andrew Howard (D) Matt Lanter
    West Virginia
    1. Sam Hedrick (R)
    2. Rachel Mears (D)​
    1. Nate Bradshaw (D) Adam Brody
    3. James Clarke (R) ​
    1. Herman Morton (R)
    2. Kent Harris (R)​

    United States House of Representatives

    Party standings
    Democratic: 220
    Republican: 210
    Vacant: 5

    Members listed by district

    01. Jim Doldier (R)
    02. Bryan Mason (R)
    03. Simeon Pullner (R)
    04. Gary Bridges (R)
    05. MacKenzie Dreifort (R)
    06. Corey Parker (R)
    07. Billy McCain (D)​
    AL. Franklin Woodside (D) Jack Coleman
    01. Quentin Collier (R)
    02. Tom Reilly (D)
    03. Ivan Gutierrez (D)
    04. James Culkin (R)
    05. Bill Jones (R)
    06. Sam Fellows (R)
    07. Hector Arroyo (D)
    08. Troy Foster (R)
    09. Emma Avila (D)​
    01. Wallace Conklin (D)
    02. Jack Stanton (D) John Travolta
    03. Bonnie Thayer (R)
    04. Tucker Johnson (R)​
    01. Doug Grassley (R)
    02. Marvin Hallifax (D) Lewis Black
    03. Julianne Wake (D)
    04. Drew Taylor (R)
    05. John Capuano (D)
    06. Claudia Greenwood (D) Kristin Davis
    07. Linda Brass (R)
    08. Johnston Meek (R)
    09. Cody Joseph (D)
    10. Andy Pittman (D)
    11. Kristin LeBrandt (D)
    12. Jack Caton (D) Scott Bakula
    13. Stephen Savage (D) Ben McKenzie
    14. George Simmell (D) George Wyner
    15. Kara Sherman (D)
    16. Will Durham (R) Michael Vartan
    17. Katherine Garcia (D)
    18. Ken Uyeda (D)
    19. Ernesto Granado (D) Gael Garcia Bernal
    20. Sam Howard (D) Chris Egan
    21. Trent Gorman (D)
    22. Kyle Sebastian (R)
    23. Winchester Collins (R)
    24. Ben Wade (D)
    25. Kristin Vasquez (R)
    26. Corrie Hightower (D)
    27. Juan Vincente (D)
    28. Eve Howard (D) Sophia Bush
    29. Guillermo Augusto (D)
    30. Randy Celeste (D)
    31. Judy Portillo (D)
    32. Kellen Cahill (D) Daniel Tosh
    33. Brody Lambert (D)
    34. Luis De Herrera (D)
    35. Landon Carmen (D)
    36. Maria Lopez Estudillo (D)
    37. Russell Lewis (D)
    38. Erin Baker (D)
    39. Riley Church (R) Eric Winter
    40. Megan McKeena (D)
    41. Leslie Wang (D)
    42. Rob McLauchlin (R)
    43. Tavon Glass (D) Don Cheadle
    44. Marcia Gutierrez (D)
    45. Alex Perrin (D)
    46. Brendan Harper (D)
    47. Alvin Coates (D)
    48. Jim Hull (R)
    49. Alton Moore (R)
    50. Joe Reese (R)
    51. Rebecca Burgoon (D)
    52. Peter Herger (R) Ben Stein
    53. Ellen Bloomberg (D)​
    01. Olivia King (D)
    02. Chris Petrie (D)
    03. Chase Sweet (D)
    04. Matthew Garner (R)
    05. Daniel Wellsley (R)
    06. Sophia Hill (D)
    07. Nick Henderson (D)​
    01. Laura Halperin (D)
    02. Rosalie Mazur (D)
    03. Ned Rothstein (D)
    04. Max Brantley (D)
    05. Earl Brennan (D)​
    AL. Tanya Mathis (D)​
    01. Lawrence Locke (R)
    02. Lynn Haven (R)
    03. April Fearon (D)
    04. Francis Kilner (R)
    05. Len Segal (D) Bill Birch
    06. Scott McGregor (R)
    07. Audra Weaver (R)
    08. Kay Mort (R)
    09. Kendrick Baker (D)
    10. Colleen Schrute (D)
    11. Trent Thornburg (R)
    12. Tom Riddle (R)
    13. Vacant
    14. Steven Stevens (D) Dwayne Johnson
    15. Randal Simons VI (R)
    16. Ted Broderick (R)
    17. Tim Johnson (R)
    18. Jeff Johnson (D) Eddie Murphy
    19. Carol Gelsey (D) Catherine Keener
    20. Lewis Grant (D)
    21. Selina Draper (D)
    22. Pat Haney (D)
    23. Tim Walker (D)
    24. Raul Montero (R)
    25. Michael Judge (R)
    26. Jose Cervantes (D)
    27. Robert Bruce (D)​
    01. Dustin Benedict (R)
    02. Jessie Hayward (D)
    03. Auggie Davis (R)
    04. Eli Palmer (D)
    05. Donte Madison (D)
    06. Elton Russell (R)
    07. David Horton (R)
    08. Craig Huron (R)
    09. Cass Erving (R)
    10. Jim Hagen (R)
    11. Dominic Rudig (R)
    12. Rick Cummings (R)
    13. Anderson Gruber (D)
    14. Norm Burke (R)​
    01. Evelyn Bindo (D)
    02. Brian Kapahala (D)​
    01. Jim Arkin (R) Jeff Daniels
    02. Heathcliff Verlander (R)​
    01. Todd Evers (D)
    02. Barry Robinson (D) Hill Harper
    03. J.R. Jennsen (D)
    04. Pedro Rodriguez (D)
    05. Mary Maskaleris (D)
    06. Austin Cohen (R)
    07. John Baxley (D)
    08. James Incavaglia (D)
    09. Daniel Maddox (D) Nathan Fillon
    10. Chris Sandler (D)
    11. Joyce Pearce (D)
    12. James Newhouse (D)
    13. Bill Delmon (R) James Downey
    14. Mitch Davis (D)
    15. Marvin Troughton (R)
    16. Callie Durling (R)
    17. Gene Kramer (D)
    18. Ray Riggleman (R)​
    01. Tom Peterson (D)
    02. Jackie Raines (R)
    03. Mark Hospers (R)
    04. Todd Means (R)
    05. Stanley Carmichael (R)
    06. Mitchell Harris (R) Peter Berg
    07. Olivia Buckland (D)
    08. Gary Tutt (R)
    09. Kris Young (R)​
    01. Ty Blount (D)
    02. Dennis Sanders (D)
    03. Kevin Nix (R)
    04. Brian Hale (R)​
    01. Philip Goddard (R)
    02. Tawny Crier (R) Valerie Maheffy
    03. Jardine Mantell (R)
    04. Curt Judd (R)​
    01. Pauline Gardner (R)
    02. Martin Reynolds (R)
    03. Nicholas Townsend (R) Courtney B. Vance
    04. Daniel Abend (R)
    05. Calvin Robin (R)
    06. Bernard Clark (R)​
    01. Steven Milling (R)
    02. Sam Callas (D) Brad Pitt
    03. Thomas Evers (R)
    04. Steve Harriman (R)
    05. Eugene Tewes (R)
    06. Patricia Stecker (R)​
    01. Diane Frost (D) Cybill Shepherd
    02. Peter Zelowsky (D)​
    01. Donald Richter (R)
    02. Sam Weston (D)
    03. Dan Whiteside (D)
    04. Janelle Carson (D)
    05. Albert Fife (D)
    06. Jack Phelps (D)
    07. Elijah Mays (D)
    08. Benjamin Emanuel (D)​
    01. Mark Sellner (D) John Getz
    02. Stephen Reed (D)
    03. Caroline Martin (D)
    04. Eli Gold (D)
    05. Arianna Cathey (D)
    06. Ray Sindh (D)
    07. Alan Trent (D)
    08. Theo Damaskos (D)
    09. Peter Swanson (D) Seth MacFarlane
    01. Mark Bowman (R)
    02. Jim Norton (R)
    03. Ron Prentice (R)
    04. Gus Edwards (R)
    05. Richard Arthur (D)
    06. Freddie Coons (R)
    07. Jerry Proctor (R)
    08. Darren Gibson (R) David St. James
    09. Andrew Travis (D) Casey Affleck
    10. Lucas Gregory (R)
    11. Gerald Somerfield (D)
    12. Nikolas Bronislaus (D)
    13. Michael Rice (D)
    14. Vacant
    01. Bill Vanderleen (D)
    02. Leif Erikson (R) Mark Hutter
    03. Pauline Granholm (D)
    04. Melanie Selles (D)
    05. Fatima Ali (D)
    06. Brett Randolph (R)
    07. Thom Grunder (D)
    08. Jordan Samuels (D)​
    01. Donnie Reeves (R)
    02. Raymond Purcell (D)
    03. Curtis Spurling (R)
    04. Greg Fournier (R)​
    01. Clay Richmond (D)
    02. Zach Thibodeaux (R)
    03. Carol Goodman (R)
    04. Todd Hitch (R)
    05. David Moore (R)
    06. Jordan Peele (R)
    07. Patricia Templeton (R)
    08. Allan Blant (R)​
    AL. Alan Price (D)​
    01. Anthony Bentley (R)
    02. J.D. Garrett (R)
    03. Gail Trent (R)​
    01. Derek Maxwell (D)
    02. Hank Wallace (R)
    03. Matt Acklan (R)
    04. Micah O'Rourke (D)​
    New Hampshire
    01. Franz Duke (R)
    02. Benjamin Benoit (D) Jim Abele
    New Jersey
    01. Walt Hubbard (D)
    02. Tucker Fitzpatrick (R)
    03. Ty Branson (D)
    04. Stu Clendon (R)
    05. D.R. Perry (D)
    06. Holly Clarke (D)
    07. Connor Ramsey (R)
    08. Khalil Hamdan (D)
    09. Mike Sheare (R)
    10. Cedric Williams (D)
    11. Jack Fowler (R)
    12. Gregory Laurie (D)​
    New Mexico
    01. Tomas Candellario (D)
    02. Kurt Oswald (R)
    03. Esteban Cabello (D)​
    New York
    01. Joe Calhoun (R) Joe O'Connor
    02. Carson Dellinger (D)
    03. Ronnie Tucker (D)
    04. Mike Tuccinelli (D)
    05. James Gatsby (D) Robert Redford
    06. Keira Briggs (D)
    07. David Ramirez (D)
    08. Greg Hamilton (D)
    09. Sharon Pine (D)
    10. Julia Dreyer (D) Amy Poehler
    11. Vacant
    12. Nathan Petrelli (D) Milo Ventimiglia
    13. Naomi Herrera-Rodriguez (D) Diane Guerrero
    14. Wire Munson (D)
    15. Gabriel Martinez (D)
    16. Olivia Stabler (D)
    17. Steve McKenna (D)
    18. Carol Powell (D)
    19. Del Roberts (R)
    20. Sam Heller (D)
    21. Katie Voight (R)
    22. Jim Cutter (R)
    23. Frank Whitley (R)
    24. Jack Rivers (D)
    25. Melissa Castle (D)
    26. Mark Jenks (D)
    27. Andrew Casey (R)​
    North Carolina
    01. Sue Borden (D)
    02. John Sellers (R)
    03. Nick Jarrett (R)
    04. Andrea Quinn (D)
    05. Tommy Ray Mitchell (R)
    06. Phil Eeling (R)
    07. Henry Bortles (R)
    08. Samantha Wilcox (R)
    09. David Epps (R)
    10. John M. Porter (R)
    11. Jim Woodcock (R)
    12. Aaron Bonds (D)
    13. Julius Schreibman (D)​
    North Dakota
    AL. Veronica Benjamin (R)​
    01. Charles Ferris (D)
    02. Joan Reese (D) Christina Hendricks
    03. Tom Remus (D)
    04. Joseph Bellefontaine (R)
    05. Don Ramsay (R)
    06. Jerry Hoff (R)
    07. Ulysses Wilton (R)
    08. Robert G. Mitchell (R) Bruce McCulloch
    09. Josie Bail (D) Christina Applegate
    10. Ralph DiMarco (D)
    11. Marcus LeBrandt (D) Tim Reid
    12. Mary Ann Summers (R)
    13. Roger Matthews (D)
    14. Dustin Walton (R)
    15. Todd White (R)
    16. Joseph Steele (R) Rupert Friend
    01. Rod Wooden (R)
    02. Markford Wayne (R)
    03. Vacant
    04. Solomon Christian Malden (R)
    05. Daryl Lukins (R)​
    01. Arthur Carney (D)
    02. Greg Hutchins (R)
    03. Evan Rhodes (D)
    04. Vacant
    05. Caroline Young (R)​
    01. Rick Nelson (D)
    02. Lydia Hemmer (D)
    03. Arthur Cornforth (D)
    04. Lydia Daniels (R)
    05. Jacob Klein (D)
    06. John Pitter (R)
    07. Matt Addams (R)
    08. Anthony Cipriani (D)
    09. Ben Sizemore (R)
    10. Chris Franklin (R)
    11. Eddie Santoni (R)
    12. Kevin Huxley (R)
    13. Phil Taylor (R)
    14. Joseph Bruno (R) James Handy
    15. Kyle Jackson (R)
    16. Rhonda Persell (R)
    17. Erin Gatwood (D)
    18. Samantha Kennedy (D)​
    Rhode Island
    01. Tim Longo (D)
    02. Chris Thiele (D) Christopher Cousins
    South Carolina
    01. Billie Smith (R)
    02. Scott Wilson (R)
    03. Todd Winters (R)
    04. Elle Barclay (D) Alison Brie
    05. Wilson Sharpe (R)
    06. Grant Spencer (D)
    07. Corey Bamber (D)​
    South Dakota
    AL. Scott BigHorse (D) Benjamin Bratt
    01. Alan Spicer (R)
    02. Brent Allen (R)
    03. Percy Barnett (R)
    04. Walter Peterson (R)
    05. Ted Helton (D)
    06. Miles Harper (R)
    07. Roy Norton (R)
    08. Ronald Schultz (R)
    09. Isaac Marshall (D)​
    01. Charles Miner (R)
    02. Frank Parry (R)
    03. Michelle Rodriguez (R)
    04. John Hancock (R)
    05. Rep Omundson (R)
    06. Patrick Quinton (R)
    07. Ralph Ellis (R)
    08. Dave Carlton (R)
    09. Patsy Burns (D)
    10. Cory Bender (R)
    11. Ronald Gennings (R)
    12. John Peters (R)
    13. Gary Oliver (R)
    14. Bob Mayer (R) Stephen Root
    15. Maria Consuelo (D)
    16. Jose Sutter (D)
    17. John Collington (R)
    18. Ana Flores (D)
    19. Randy Pitt (R)
    20. Juan Iglesias (D)
    21. Benedicto Romero (R)
    22. Peter Lien (R) Art Chubadalah
    23. Luis Lamberto (R)
    24. Merchant Tanner (R)
    25. Lee Weldon (R)
    26. Uriah Rathburn (R) Tom Waring
    27. Mike Burton (R)
    28. Francis Suarez (D)
    29. Tim Fields (D) Chris Ellis
    30. Eddie Cullen (D)
    31. Christopher Finn (R) Frank Ashmore
    32. Margot Knight (D)
    33. Mark Dewitt (D)
    34. Felipe Vega (D)
    35. Diego Chavez (D)
    36. Al Farley (R)​
    01. Ford Brimgardner (R) Wilford Brimley
    02. Chris Hughes (R)
    03. Karl Beck (R)
    04. Julianne Betancourt (R)​
    AL. Alexis Laroquette (D) Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
    01. John Marks (R)
    02. Marcus Donovan (D)
    03. Gina Pratt (D) Ronnie Troup
    04. Kenneth Dent (D)
    05. Chris Maddox (R)
    06. Clint Desjarlais (R)
    07. Brett Hanson (R)
    08. Allison Baynes (D)
    09. Noah Gellman (D) Robert Patrick
    10. Kurt Cameron (R)
    11. Mark Andrews (R)​
    01. George Washington Li (D)
    02. Randy Sims (D)
    03. Mark Ohanko (D)
    04. Chip Brown (R)
    05. Steven Thomas (R)
    06. Patty Thompson-Cline (D)
    07. Kevin Lyson (D)
    08. Amanda Leggitt (R)
    09. Cameron Hall (D)
    10. Tom Vanier (D)​
    West Virginia
    01. Mac Walters (R)
    02. Pat Smigel (D)
    03. Charles Hacker (R)​
    01. Samuel Botrell (R)
    02. Bud Wachtell (D) James Eckhouse
    03. Drake Headley (D) Sean Astin
    04. Sheila Fields (D) Charlotte Colvin
    05. Booby Cornbaugh (R)
    06. Glen Heinsohn (R)
    07. Tom Erstad (R)
    08. Nicole Henderson (D)​
    AL. Abel Sheen (R)​

    Former Members
    Senator Jack Hunter (R-MN), January 3 to 10- resigned to become Vice President; Peggy Jones (D) appointed to his seat. Ed Helms
    Congressman Will Bailey (D-OR-04), January 3 to 19- resigned to become White House Chief of Staff; seat currently vacant. Joshua Malina
    Congressman Adrian Galway (R-FL-13), January 3 to 26- died in office; seat currently vacant.
    Congressman George Walker (R-OK-03), January 3 to 30- resigned to become Commissioner of Baseball; seat currently vacant. Timothy Bottoms
    Congressman Mark Richardson (D-NY-11), January 3 to 30- resigned to become Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; seat currently vacant. Thom Barry
    Congresswoman Meredith Payne (D-MI-14), January 3 to February 7- resigned to become Secretary of the Treasury; seat currently vacant. Regina King
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    Cardinals bristle at pope's attempts to influence choice of successor

    Members of the College of Cardinals, mostly from the more theologically conservative faction, have taken issue with what they say are Pope Victor IV's attempts to influence who the college elects as his successor once his resignation takes effect on 28 February. Cardinal Ambroos Visser, Prefect for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, and noted critic of the pope, has said that the pope's plan to move the date the College of Cardinals can meet after his papacy ends from over two weeks to one day was an attempt to "cut short any internal discussion on the state of the mother Church." The attempt to "position the candidate or candidates he has identified as 'acceptable' to succeed him as the only ones that the college will be able to choose from is antithetical to the proper election of a new Bishop of Rome." Archbishop Sebastian Gomez, like Visser widely considered a papabile (top candidate to succeed to the papacy), similarly criticized the moving up of the date, saying that the "period of discussion and reflection" between the end of one papacy and the beginning of the papal conclave to elect a new pope is "necessary to reflect on the legacy of the previous pope and the direction that God would wish the Church to go."

    While the pope has not commented on the discontent among some cardinals during his final trip to his homeland of Rwanda, Secretary of State Francisco Petrucci, one of the papabile deemed most likely to succeed Victor, said that the allegations that the pope was seeking to "unduly influence" the choice of his successor was "unfounded." "His Holiness has expressed that the reason for his change for the Apostolic Constitution which would allow the College of Cardinals to convene within a few days of his resignation taking effect is that he does not think it is necessary." Petrucci further explained that the pope did not feel it was necessary to prolong the sede vacante (period when there is no pope) when he has announced his resignation nearly two months in advance and that there will be no period of mourning for him, as he will be beginning his new life of contemplation and prayer in a Roman monastery when his successor is elected.


    Zucker announces bid for Fourth District special election

    Children's rights activist Cody Zucker has announced that he will seek the Republican nomination in the special election to fill the Fourth District seat vacated by White House Chief of Staff Will Bailey. Zucker, who at 26 years old is only a year older than the minimum age requirement to serve in the House of Representatives.

    Posting on his campaign's social media accounts that he was "thrilled to offer a new vision for the people of the Fourth District", Zucker appeared with his wife Elisha and their daughter Landry for an interview. Saying that he was inspired to run for office with the birth of his daughter and at the urging of several Republicans, including Governor Walter Collins, Zucker said that what differentiated him from other declared candidates, including State Representative Dan Baxter and former state senator Leslie Carlisle, was that he was not a "career politician", much like former congressman Bailey was. "I respect the Chief of Staff and that is a major reason why I didn't run against him in November. But I feel that the people of the Fourth District aren't going to be served well by the person he endorsed [former lieutenant governor Callum Hinchcliffe], and that we need someone who doesn't 'go along to get along' in Washington, but instead stands up for what they believe in regardless of how popular or unpopular it is."

    Currently, Zucker has not received any endorsements from Republican statewide officials, with both Governor Walter Collins and Senator Curtis Ryan having yet to endorse a candidate. Baxter has been endorsed by his close friend Congressman Greg Hutchins of the Second District, while Carlisle similarly has yet to get a high-profile endorsement from a current Republican elected official.


    Special elections to be first electoral test for President Seaborn

    Lansing, MI —
    The announcement for the date of fifth special election to the House of Representatives this year by Governor Ben Laurion (R) of Michigan have brought what many see as the first electoral test for President Sam Seaborn back into the spotlight. Governor Laurion declared that the special election for Michigan's 14th district in eastern Detroit, to replace Secretary of the Treasury Meredith Payne, would be May 21st, one week after special elections in both Florida and New York and a month after special elections in both Oregon and Oklahoma. Three of the five seats (Michigan's 14th, New York's 11th and Oregon's 4th) became vacant when their members were selected for cabinet positions, while Oklahoma's 3rd district's representative, George Walker, was elected to be the new Commissioner of Baseball and Adrian Galway, the representative for Florida's 13th district, died in office.

    "There are almost always special elections in the House after a new president comes in and rewards some members with spots in the Cabinet or in other administrative jobs," Carol Buckley, associate professor at Columbia University said. "And thus it is almost always that the first electoral challenges any president faces will be in House special elections. That said, most of the seats up in those types of special elections are safe seats for one party or another, so there's not likely to be a whole lot of room for people opposed to the president to win a popular vote against him or her right away."

    Two of the special elections, Oklahoma's 3rd and Michigan's 14th, are not expected to be competitive, with the Republican primary winner expected to easily win in Oklahoma, while the Democratic nominee (presumably front-runner Brandon Fields, former Detroit mayor, Nobel Prize-winning economist and nephew of Secretary Payne) is almost certain to prevail in Michigan. But unusually, all three other elections are expected to be competitive. "What's so unusual is that all three of the seats who could change hands is that they all had popular incumbents who to one extent or another won impressive victories in districts where by their partisan vote index [a measure of how Republican or Democratic a district is], these should be highly competitive swing seats nearly every election cycle," Buckley said. "The only real way to know if the president's political capital has increased or decreased from when he was inaugurated is to see who wins these three open seats. If one party gets two and one gets another, that's will be a sign that the country is still largely where it was on Election Night. But if one party takes them all, that's very bad news for the opposite side of the aisle."
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  9. RRusso1982 Well-Known Member

    Mar 11, 2010
    Looks like the Republicans are set for a very good year in 2020. Midterms are always bad for the party in power. The Democrats have a very small House majority. The Republicans could be in a very good postion to take the House. Look at what incumbents are up in the Senate. McCord in South Carolina, Remmick in Louisiana, Smith in Arkansas, Denning in Oklahoma.
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  10. Marky Bunny Well-Known Member

    Mar 13, 2007
    Not just them Stephen Wilson in Maine and George Engleman in New Hampshire will also be Republican targets, and Calvin Bowles in Kentucky. Rachel Mears in West Virginia as well and Robert Starkey in Montana.
    The only Republican held seats that look vulnerable are Tannar McClay in Florida, Joe Joeckler in Iowa, and possibly Curtis Ryan in Oregon (depends if the Democrats field a strong candidate or not).
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  11. ajm8888 That Guy from Minnesota

    Nov 13, 2010
    Dems get cocky and shoot themselves in the foot.

    I can't see my planned events affecting the outcome of the election. Most elections are determined by pocketbook or wallet issues.
  12. Marky Bunny Well-Known Member

    Mar 13, 2007
    Monday February 11th 2019

    Breaking News Breaking News

    Richardson to resign as Liberal Democrat Leader and an MP

    Robert Richardson leader of the Liberal Democrats has tendered his resignation to Party President Damien Nicholas. The MP for Bermondsey & Old Southwark who has been party leader since December 2012 is taking up a job as the Director of the International Centre for Humanitarian Demining based in Geneva.

    Richardson's resignation is effective immediately, and until the party can elect a new leader, Deputy Leader Christopher Campbell (MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross) will be Acting Leader.

    The resignation means a first by-election of this Parliament. Richardson held the seat at the General Election with a majority of 11,268 with Labour in second place, although the seat did see a swing of 6.80% against him and a reduction in his majority from 14,452 in 2013.
  13. MountainDew17 The Well-Known Member

    Jan 8, 2015
    Long Island, New York

    Atlantis Cable News


    Collins launches re-election bid; strongly favored for 2nd term

    Pendleton, Oregon- Speaking before a large crowd of over 1,000 supporters in his hometown of Pendleton, Walter Collins formally announced his re-election bid for a 2nd term as Governor. During his brief speech, in which he highlighted his accomplishments in his 1st term, Collins pointed out that he was far from finished. "And while we have accomplished so much, there is much more work to be done. On education, on infrastructure, and on combating the opioid epidemic and gun violence". Collins also took the opportunity to take shots as his presumptive opponent in the general election: Portland Mayor Mitch DiSarro. "We've come so far in the last 4 years. Crime is down to record levels, across the board. Mayor DiSarro would rather side with those criminals we've been fighting rather than standing with the brave men and women of our police force".

    Collins also confirmed during a brief Q&A after the speech that Lieutenant Governor Cliff Connell would remain as his running mate for both the primary and general election. When asked about the Lieutenant Governor's recent party switch, Governor Collins offered nothing but praise for his top deputy. "The fact that he was a Democrat for so many years is one of the many reasons that i asked Cliff to be my running mate in the first place.

    ACN's tracking poll shows that Governor Collins already has a huge lead over Mayor DiSarro.

    Governor Walter Collins (R)- 63%
    Mayor Mitch DiSarro (D)- 31
    Undecided/Other- 6%

    Mayor DiSarro is expected to announce his run before the end of the month.
  14. MountainDew17 The Well-Known Member

    Jan 8, 2015
    Long Island, New York
  15. lord caedus Very legal and very cool Donor

    Oct 31, 2008
    February 11, 2019

    Opinion: Charlie Young's appointment means more for DC than most realize.

    When the United States Senate approved of Charlie Young's nomination to the position of U.S. Trade Representative on Friday, the news surrounding his appointment was curious. They highlighted his start as President Josiah Bartlet's personal aide and his marriage to the late president's daughter Zoey. They mentioned his youth (he's only 38), his mother's death in the line of duty as a District of Columbia police officer and that he subsequently assumed responsibility for raising his younger sister Deeana. They even mentioned his successful legal practice. But what frequently didn't get much press was his term as shadow senator for the District of Columbia from 2011 to 2015.

    Most people outside of the District don't know what that position is, which is a shame. The Constitution gives each state two senators to represent them, but doesn't give anything to other entities. The District of Columbia, which is more populous than the states of Vermont and Wyoming, has no representation in the most prestigious deliberative body in the world, to say nothing of the commonwealth of Puerto Rico, which has more people than the four least-populous states combined. But unlike Puerto Rico, which could easily become a state if the political will of the Puerto Rican people was respected by the Republican-controlled Senate, we in the District of Columbia don't have such an easy way to get that representation. The District was created to serve as a "neutral" national capital, on land ceded by Maryland (Virginia also ceded some land to the creation of a new capital, but this was returned by Congress in 1846), and for nearly 150 years, the District was run by Congress rather than by the people who lived in it and even now, Congress controls our budget in a way that would be unacceptable to residents of any state. Similarly, it wasn't until 1961 that Washingtonians were allowed to vote for president.

    There are arguments about whether giving us statehood is in line with the intent of the Founding Fathers. But curiously, none of those arguments seem to touch on representation and self-government. There is a reason "taxation without representation" is printed on our license plates- in my position as delegate, I cannot vote on legislation outside of committees, nor can I be assured that there are people in the Senate who have my home's interests at heart even as Washingtonians pay taxes dutifully every year. Washingtonians have responded to this injustice by creating the position of "shadow senators"- two people who are elected in staggered, six year terms to represent our interests in the Capitol. They are not senators, sadly, but they are tasked with lobbying legislators and other powerful interests on behalf of Washingtonians much like the one hundred members of the Senate.

    That this service, which now-Trade Representative Young performed admirably, has been neglected in press reports is disappointing, but not unprecedented to residents of the District of Columbia. Reporting on it and the structural injustice faced by residents of the nation's capital would serve to educate people in the rest of the country. It would also illuminate why we in the District of Columbia are so thrilled about Mr. Young's appointment. It's not just that he is a homegrown success story, or that he will be able to provide the president with more informed economic policy towards the District of Columbia than almost all of his predecessors had. It's that this administration, unlike so many others, recognizes that people in the District of Columbia are not to be ignored and that the institutions we have created to remedy the egregious disenfranchisement that we still face have value.

    (Photo by Nichelle Nichols)
    Martha Vickers is the Delegate for the District of Columbia.
  16. Darth_Kiryan The Númenorean Sith

    Jan 9, 2010
    You know, out of everything, we never eveer ever saw the sister. I don't ever remember seeing the sister once.
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  17. MountainDew17 The Well-Known Member

    Jan 8, 2015
    Long Island, New York

    Atlantis Cable News


    Day One of Bartlet Confirmation Hearings turn heated as Dr. Bartlet spars with boy GOP and Democrats

    Washington, D.C.- The first day of testimony from Dr. Abigail Bartlet, former First Lady of the United States and President Seaborn's nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, has finally, after 5 hours, concluded. Committee Chairman Jim Simon (R-SD) gaveled today's proceedings shortly after 5pm; announcing that testimony will resume at 10am tomorrow morning. The first day was nothing short of a war as there was more than a dozen heated exchanges between Dr. Bartlet and members of the Senate HELP (Health, Education, Labor & Pensions) Committee. Unsurprisingly, some of the most heated exchanges came from Sen. Ellie Wilkins (R-NH). With both women being former first ladies of New Hampshire, it seems that the omnipresent rivalry once shared by their husbands has been passed on to them, as several times both ladies were asked not to interrupt each other by Chairman Simons. In a moment that he'd probably prefer not have had caught by the cameras, Sen. George Englemann (D-NH), a fellow New Hampshirite, was caught rolling his eyes and shaking his head during one of the exchanges between Bartlet and Wilkins.

    Despite comments last week from Senate Majority Leader Cody Riley stating that he "didn't want to re-litigate the past", that is exactly what happened. Senate Majority Whip Max Lobell III (R-GA) and Jeff Heston (R-UT), went right for the red meat, asking numerous questions concerning the late-President Jed Bartlet's MS scandal. Dr. Bartlet faced several questions about the period where she "voluntarily" gave up her medical license following revelations that she had been secretly treating her husband's MS for years prior to and during his Presidency. Dr. Bartlet defended herself as a competent physician, stating "I didn't want my husband to die". Despite her efforts, Dr. Bartlet also came under fire from Democrats, most notably Bradley Denning of Oklahoma and Sam McCord of South Carolina.

    Perhaps the most confrontational moment came when Sen. Sorah Wheeler (R-AK) asked Dr. Bartlet, "why are you any different from Conrad Murray, Max Jacobson, or any other 'doctor feelgood'". Dr. Bartlet once again defended herself, but it was clear that the damage was already done. For context, Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter on November 29th, 2011 for his role in the death of Pop icon Michael Jackson, while Max Jacobson was President John F. Kennedy's personal physician during his Senate career and early Presidency who was known for his other celebrity clients.

    From a more orthodox angel, Sen. Vic Huntington (D-NV) questioned why simply being an MD made Dr. Bartlet qualified to run the Department of Health and Human Services.

    With testimony scheduled to resume tomorrow morning, it is clear at this point that Dr. Bartlet faces a severe uphill battle.
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  18. Marky Bunny Well-Known Member

    Mar 13, 2007
    An clearly unimpressed Senator Ellie Wilkins (R.NH) listening to a reply from Dr. Abigail Bartlet during yesterday's Secretary of Health and Human Services hearings.
    (photo by Sigourney Weaver-previous casting)
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  19. lord caedus Very legal and very cool Donor

    Oct 31, 2008
    Here's the current seniority list for Congress. Put in spoilers because the House one is long.

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  20. dmg86 Well-Known Member

    Jan 9, 2014
    I am not surprised at the difficultly the former first lady is having.
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