2018 Presidential Election

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    Oct 15, 2014
    How is Reagan remembered in this world? Is he still credited as the father of modern conservatism, or is that more Lassiter?
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    Oct 31, 2008
    As sort of a teaser for the upcoming list of members of Congress, here's some bits of electoral trivia:

    Most Democratic state: Hawaii (D+18), represented by Arthur Breech (D) and David Kuhio (D)
    Most Republican state: Wyoming (R+25), represented by Herman Morton (R) and Kent Harris (R)

    Most Democratic state represented by a Republican: Illinois (D+7), represented by Jasper Irving (R)
    Most Republican state represented by a Democrat: Oklahoma (R+20), represented by Bradley Denning (D)

    Most populous state represented by a Democrat: California (39.55 million), represented by Nicole Kershaw (D) and Gabe Tillman (D)
    Least populous state represented by a Democrat: Vermont (623K), represented by Sarah O'Brien (D) and Marietta Nerlinger (D)
    Most populous state represented by a Republican: Texas (28.3 million), represented by Mark Cumberland (R) and Davis Roberts (R)
    Least populous state represented by a Republican: Wyoming (579K), represented by Herman Morton (R) and Kent Harris (R)


    Most Democratic district: New York's 15th (D+44), represented by Gabriel Martinez (D)
    Most Republican district: Texas' 33rd (R+33), represented by Gary Oliver (R)

    Most Democratic district represented by a Republican: Florida's 24th (D+34), represented by Raul Montero (R)
    Most Republican district represented by a Democrat: Virginia's 9th (R+19), represented by Noah Gellman (D)

    Largest margin of victory in 2018 elections: 100.00% in GA-14 (won by Norm Burke (R))
    Smallest margin of victory in 2018 elections: 0.09% in DE-AL (won by Tanya Mathis (D))
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    Mar 13, 2007
    Reagan is eight on my list for that reason, him and Lassiter, but more so Lassister along within the Cold War is split between Reagan and Newman. He also won the Gulf War which had been started by Newman just days before he left office.
    Lassister was not as Conservative as they made out in the show:
    he intervened in the Balkans, bailed out Mexico, put a Liberal on the Supreme Court, left Bartlet with a balanced budget and a surplus (This is mentioned several times during Series One).
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    Mar 13, 2007
    Wednesday January 30th 2019

    Stray and Richardson confirmed by the Senate
    Bartlet to start hearings this afternoon

    Maine Governor Paris Stray and New York Congressman Mark Richardson were both confirmed to the Cabinet as UN Ambassador and HUD Secretary.

    Stray although endorsed by the Foreign Relations Committee, never the less did not enjoy the large margin enjoyed by Adair, Harper, Skinner, Boone and Shannon. She was confirmed by 55-45 votes, with ten Republicans voting for her, (Riley, Garland, Lobell, Irving, Lancaster, Thomas, Shallick, Ryan, Cassidy, Clarke) and three Democrats voting against her (Starkey, Denning and Clausen).

    Congressman Richardson was confirmed by 95-5 with only Wheeler, Choate, and Roberts voting against him on the Republican side, and Smith and Denning for the Democrats.

    Within minutes of both confirmations both resigned from their respective positions as Governor and Congressman.
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    Mar 13, 2007
    A very slight & minor change in the Senate results, I forgot to include Delaware

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    Nov 13, 2010
    Eh everyone forgets Delaware, it's how they like it ;)
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    Mar 13, 2007
    Wednesday January 30th 2019

    Republican Adamson becomes Maine Governor

    James Adamson was sworn in as Maine Governor today following the resignation of Governor Paris Stray to become UN Ambassador. Adamson,44, only become President of the Maine Senate, following the Republicans taking control of the body in November. Adamson becomes Governor due to that fact that Maine doesn't have a Lt Governor. Adamson is highly regarded in the state, and many in the GOP say that the party's strong performance in the state elections helped Henry Shallick perform, far better than expected in the Presidential election (Shallick only lost the state by 3.45%, when most polling put him around 10% behind, it wasn't included by the networks as a battleground state, Shallick got within 3,000 votes of splitting the states electoral votes in the second congressional district).

    Adamson was sworn in at the "Blaine House" in Augusta. Adamson is married with three children.
    (photo by Kevin Connolly)
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    Mar 13, 2007
    Thursday January 31st 2019

    Bartlet hearing put back until next week

    Minutes before the hearing for Abby Bartlet as HHS Secretary where due to take place in front of the Senate HELP committee, it was announced by the administration that the hearing have been moved back until next week. The formal date will be announced next week. The decision had been taken by the Former First Lady who had "wished more time to prepare". HELP Chairman Senator Jim Simon of South Dakota had agreed to the request along with the ranking member of the committee California Senator Nicola Kershaw.
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    Jul 1, 2018
    Hopefully the new Maine governor will be saner than the most recent real life one...

    Also somewhat OT, but meanwhile in the so-called real world, what would Sam Seaborn do?
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    Mar 13, 2007
    Governors list
    United States of America State Governors
    List as at Start of new terms in January 2019

    1 Alabama Edward West R 2022 West up for re-election in 2022
    2 Alaska Cathy Gardener R 2020 Gardener up for re-election in 2020
    3 Arizona Scott Phillips R 2022 Phillips Term limited in 2022, although can run again in 2026
    4 Arkansas Carol-Anne Slater R 2020 Slater Term limited in 2020

    5 California Abbie Heilemann D 2022 Heilemann Term limited in 2018
    6 Colorado Lance McKey D 2022 McKey up for re-election in 2022
    7 Connecticut Cal Beaushaw D 2022 Beaushaw up for re-election in 2022, no term limits
    8 Delaware Annelise Byers D 2020 Declan Molloy resigned on 21/12/18, Byers assumed office as Lt Governor she will be up for re-election in 2020

    9 Florida James Ritchie R 2020 Ritchie Term limited in 2020, special election was 2010
    10 Georgia Jeremy Jefferson R 2022 Jefferson up for re-election in 2022

    11 Hawaii Shane Burns D 2022 Burns up for re-election in 2022
    12 Idaho David Arkin R 2020 Arkin up for a 4th term in 2020, no term limits
    13 Illinois Teddy Hart R 2020 Hart up for re-election in 2020
    14 Indiana Matthew Stillman R 2022 Stillman up for re-election in 2022

    15 Iowa James Edwards D 2022 Edwards up for re-election in 2022
    16 Kansas Peter Gault R 2020 Gault Term limited in 2020
    17 Kentucky Ed Barrie R 2019 Barrie up for re-election in 2019
    18 Louisiana Kevin Haynes R 2022 Haynes up for re-election in 2022
    19 Maine James Adamson R 2020 Stray was Term-limited in 2020, resigned on 29/01/19 to become UN Ambassador, Adamson a Republican succeeded her, as President of Maine Senate, as the state has no Lt Governor
    20 Maryland Owen Wells R 2020 Wells up for re-election in 2020

    21 Massachusetts Sam Rust D 2022 Rust up for a 3rd term in 2022, no term-limits
    22 Michigan Ben Laurion R 2022 Laurion Term limited in 2022
    23 Minnesota Jarod Daniels D 2020 Daniels up for a 3rd term in 2020, no term limits
    24 Mississippi Alan Fisk D 2019 Fisk up for re-election in 2019

    25 Missouri Lucas Foley R 2020 Foley Term limited in 2020
    26 Montana Monty Fisher R 2022 Fisher up for re-election in 2022
    27 Nebraska Ben Lane R 2020 Lane up for re-election in 2020

    28 Nevada Dalton Creel D 2022 Creel up for re-election in 2022
    29 New Hampshire Elizabeth Bartlet D 2022 Bartlet up for 3rd term in 2022, no term limits*
    30 New Jersey Kelly Hoffman D 2021 Hoffman up for re-election in 2021
    31 New Mexico Will Diego D 2022 Diego up for re-election in 2022
    32 New York Hakeem El-Amin D 2022 El-Amin up for re-election in 2022

    33 North Carolina David McNamara R 2022 McNamara Term limited in 2022, although can run again in 2026
    34 North Dakota Sandra Middleton R 2020 Mueller resigned on 02/01/19 after winning Senate seat, Lt Governor Sandra Middleton succeeded him
    35 Ohio Art Scheider R 2022 Scheider up for re-election in 2022
    36 Oklahoma Rob Kenny D 2020 Kenny up for re-election in 2020
    37 Oregon Walter Collins R 2019 Collins up for re-election in 2019
    38 Pennsylvania Morgan Mitchell R 2020 Mitchell Term limited in 2020

    39 Rhode Island Leon Stansberry D 2020 Stansberry Term limited in 2020
    40 South Carolina Ethan Butler R 2019 Butler up for re-election in 2019
    41 South Dakota Richard Dean R 2022 Dean up for re-election in 2022

    42 Tennessee Terrance Klein D 2022 Klein up for re-election in 2022
    43 Texas Adam de Haan R 2020 de Haan up for re-election in 2020
    44 Utah John Elderton R 2020 Elderton up for 4th term in 2020, no term limits

    45 Vermont Janet Lorton D 2019 Lorton up for 3rd term in 2020, no term limits
    46 Virginia Bobby Tyler D 2021 Tyler Term limited in 2021,Virginia Governors only able to serve 1 term
    47 Washington Daniel Edmonds D 2020 Boone could have run for a 3rd term in 2020, but resigned on 26/01/18 to became Sec of the Interior, Lt Governor Edmonds replaced him as Lt Governors are elected on sep tickets
    48 West Virginia Chuck Black D 2020 Black up for re-election in 2020

    49 Wisconsin Mark Croft R 2022 Croft up for re-election in 2022
    50 Wyoming Simon Watts R 2020 Watts up for re-election in 2020
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    Mar 13, 2007
    I have a PDF version of the above if anyone wants me to e-mail it to them. It is two large to upload on here.
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    Mar 13, 2007
    Governors Map
    Governors MAP.png
    Republican 28
    Democrat 22
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    Oct 31, 2008

    Friday, February 1st 2019

    Left-wing Democrats push for "strong" gun control bill

    With the Seaborn administration in office less than two weeks and still in the process of getting its cabinet nominees confirmed, left-wing members of the Democratic caucus in Congress have begun a concentrated effort to put a "strong" gun control bill on the new president's desk by this summer. "We're thrilled that to have a president who recognizes that our nation's gun laws are broken and have led to thousands of Americans each year dying unnecessarily from gun violence," Senate Progressive Caucus leader Andrew Howard (D-WA) said. "We've had eight years of inaction on this issue at the federal level and we need to make up for lost time."

    Although most progressive legislators seem to be willing to wait for the administration to introduce its own gun control proposal, some are taking the initiative. Freshman Representative Naomi Herrera-Rodriguez (D-NY) has kicked up a firestorm by publicizing her own "wish list" for a federal gun control bill in a live stream to supporters on Thursday. In her video, Herrera-Rodriguez advocates for universal background checks on all gun sales with a mandatory mental health evaluation added, the re-institution of the assault weapons ban (which lapsed in 2004 after Congress did not vote to renew it), creation of a firearm database and requirement that all handgun owners purchase insurance. "That someone can sell a weapon designed for the battlefields of Vietnam [referring to the AR-15, the most popular semi-automatic rifle which is a civilian variant of the M16 rifle that was designed by the US military for use in jungle warfare in the Vietnam War] to another person without ever having to check to see if that person is legally allowed to own that weapon is unacceptable," Herrera-Rodriguez said in her livestream, which has been shared 2 million times on social media as of this writing. The freshman representative admits she would "ideally" have a much tougher provision on handguns, but is bound by the Supreme Court's 2013 decision in Brewer v. New York City, which extended the Second Amendment's protection to include the right to own a firearm for lawful purposes such as home self-defense.

    With the Senate in Republican hands and the Democrats retaining a relatively small majority in the House that relies in part on moderate-to-conservative Blue Dogs from rural districts, it seems unlikely for such a bill to ever make its way to President Seaborn's desk. Nonetheless, Herrera-Rodriguez is hopeful that most of the provisions of the "dream bill" will be included in the administration's proposal. "Some of these proposals, like having universal background checks, are wildly popular," she says. "Anywhere between 85% and 97% of Americans support this, but it's only because the NRA[National Rifle Association]'s board of directors has dumped millions of dollars into ads and bankrolling Republican candidates who have extremist views on the Second Amendment that we haven't implemented it yet. But I know President Seaborn is determined to 'get the guns' and I believe that eventually the NRA won't have enough blood money to keep us from getting sensible gun legislation passed."

    Representative Herrera-Rodriguez speaking to Everytown for Gun Safety
    Photo by Diane Guerrero
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    Feb 3, 2018
    I missed it, what went wrong for Santos so that he was so ineffective and lost reflection?
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    Oct 22, 2018
    Who's playing in the Super Bowl in this timeline and what is Sam doing for the game?
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    Oct 31, 2008
    Like all Super Bowls, it's the same teams as OTL. Presumably he's watching it in the White House, with plans to call the winner in the next few days to congratulate them and invite them to the White House.
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    Mar 13, 2007
    It was all on the orginial thread when we covered the final two years of the Santos Presidency.
    The economic crash happended more or less as it did in OTL, but on his watch. It played out much as it did in the UK in OTL (under a Labour PM). Politically Santos failed to get his Education bill passed mainly thanks to the failures of Josh Lyman as Chief of Staff. He will remembered though as a fierce campaigner, the first Congressman elected to the Presidency since James Garfield in 1880, and the first Latino President.
    Never the less the 2010 election was close, have a look back through at the maps on this thread for those results.
  18. Marky Bunny Well-Known Member

    Mar 13, 2007
    Senate List
    United States of America 116th Congress
    The Senate as at January 2019

    1 Alabama Cody Riley Rep
    Alabama Alan Garland Rep
    2 Alaska Robert Cantina Rep
    Alaska Sarah Wheeler Rep

    3 Arizona Tony McMichael Dem
    Arizona Antonio Rodrigues Dem
    4 Arkansas Fletcher Carey Rep
    Arkansas Hubert "Arkansas" Smith Dem
    5 California Gabe Tillman Dem
    California Nicole Kershaw Dem
    6 Colorado Ben Newell Dem

    Colorado Carlos Cabrera Rep
    7 Connecticut Michelle Van Dorn Dem
    Connecticut Chris Casey Dem
    8 Delaware Joseph McKenna Dem
    Delaware Clare McAuley Dem
    9 Florida Alicia De Santos Dem

    Florida Tannar McClay Rep
    10 Georgia Max Lobell Rep
    Georgia Charlie Forrester Rep

    11 Hawaii Arthur Breech Dem
    Hawaii David Kuhio Dem

    12 Idaho Clark Gibson Rep
    Idaho Gina Di Meo Rep

    13 Illinois Mitch Bryce Dem
    Illinois Jasper Irving Rep
    14 Indiana Rudi Robinson Dem
    Indiana Gibson Carluke Rep
    15 Iowa Joe Joeckler Rep
    Iowa Bryce Bradley Rep
    16 Kansas Sam Wilkinson Rep
    Kansas James Taglio Rep

    17 Kentucky Calvin Bowles Dem
    Kentucky James Lancaster Rep
    18 Louisiana David Morrison Rep

    Louisiana Rick Remick Dem
    19 Maine Stephen Wilson Dem
    Maine William Katt Dem
    20 Maryland Cain McClelland Dem
    Maryland Joe Derrick Dem
    21 Massachusetts Ryan Lyndell Dem
    Massachusetts Jimmy Fitzsimmons Dem

    22 Michigan Randall Thomas Rep
    Michigan Becki Reeseman Dem
    23 Minnesota Peggy Jones Dem *Jones as appointed to the Senate after Jack Hunter resigned after being elected by the Senate on Jan 4th as Vice-President.

    Minnesota Lara Mansfield Dem
    24 Mississippi Dylan McNamara Rep
    Mississippi Ann Choate Rep
    25 Missouri Laura Shallick Rep
    Missouri Lewis Henderson Rep

    26 Montana Robert Starkey Dem
    Montana George Wirth Rep
    27 Nebraska Emit George Rep
    Nebraska Bill Daniel Rep

    28 Nevada Vic Huntington Dem
    Nevada Matthew Spencer Dem
    29 New Hampshire George Englemann Dem

    New Hampshire Ellie Wilkins Rep
    30 New Jersey Dante Jenkins Dem
    New Jersey Alex Crossley Dem
    31 New Mexico Andy Ritter Dem

    New Mexico Michael Rojas Rep
    32 New York Andrew Thorn Dem
    New York Tim Burrell Dem

    33 North Carolina Kenny Sattler Rep
    North Carolina Barbara Layton Rep
    34 North Dakota Jamie Muller Rep
    North Dakota Matt Chantler Rep
    35 Ohio Dylan Garrison Rep
    Ohio Ruth Norton-Stewart Rep
    36 Oklahoma Robert Roanoke Rep

    Oklahoma Bradley Denning Dem
    37 Oregon Robert Greys Dem

    Oregon Curtis Ryan Rep
    38 Pennsylvania Carlin Cassidy Rep

    Pennsylvania Matt Clausen Dem
    39 Rhode Island Jim Velesquez Dem
    Rhode Island John Huntingdon Dem
    40 South Carolina Sam McCord Dem

    South Carolina Brad Maxwell Rep
    41 South Dakota Jim Simon Rep
    South Dakota Robin Fulton Rep
    42 Tennessee Dan Hammond Rep
    Tennessee Patrick Stacy Rep
    43 Texas Mark Cumberland Rep
    Texas Davis Roberts Rep
    44 Utah Jeff Heston Rep
    Utah Marc Elderton Rep

    45 Vermont Sarah O'Brien Dem
    Vermont Marietta Nerlinger Dem

    46 Virginia Rob Buchanan Rep
    Virginia Louise Thornton Dem
    47 Washington William Wiley Dem
    Washington Andrew Howard Dem
    48 West Virginia Rachel Mears Dem

    West Virginia Sam Hedrick Rep
    49 Wisconsin Nate Bradshaw Dem
    Wisconsin James Clarke Rep
    50 Wyoming Herman Horton Rep
    Wyoming Kent Harris Rep
  19. Marky Bunny Well-Known Member

    Mar 13, 2007
    Senate Map
    Republican 2 Senators=17
    Democrat 2 Senators=15
    1 Senator Each=18
    Total Breakdown
    Republicans 52
    Democrats 48
    *Actual Senate elected following the 2018 Elections was Republican 53, Democrats 47. Democrats gained a seat when Senator Jack Hunter was elected by the Senate to the Vice-Presidency on Jan 4th 2019.

  20. Marky Bunny Well-Known Member

    Mar 13, 2007
    Monday February 4th 2019

    Webster tells NPP to "draw up plans for a leadership election"

    Robert Webster, leader of the NPP, since 1994 has ordered the parties "Executive Council" to draw up plans for a leadership contest. Webster who formed the party himself twenty five years ago, was self-elected. The Party created the post of Deputy-Leader in 2008, in Nigel Simeonsen was elected by Party members, he is still deputy leader although not currently an MP having lost Lewisham West & Penge at the general election. His was MP from 2013 until his defeat.

    The Party which now has 13 MP's and achieved over 10% of the popular vote at last years General Election will draw up plans, ahead of Webster standing down as leader within the next two years. Webster has made it clear that he would not fight the next election as party leader.

    The likely leadership contenders are Deputy Leader Nigel Simeonsen, Chantelle Rogers (MP for Great Grimsby), Peter Reynolds (The elected Mayor of Bedford), Jonathan Freeman (two time London Mayoral Candidate), and James Hilton (MP for Castle Point).
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