2018 Presidential Election

December 16, 2018

Former Bartlet, Santos Aide Reveals Book Title

In a joint announcement with HarperCollins Publishing, Donna Moss announced the title of her first book, Deputy Deputy, which will revolve around the beginning of her work with the Bartlet Administration. The title refers to her former job title as Executive Secretary of the Deputy Chief of Staff, a position that she once referred to as being the "Deputy Deputy Chief of Staff."

Deputy Deputy is likely the first part of a series of memoirs Moss is expected to write under the contract she signed with HarperCollins detailing her rise from secretary to influential figure within the White House and the Democratic Party.

"We are excited to take this journey with Ms. Moss, and hear her story as an eyewitness and participant in several key events in recent history. We are honored that she chose us to help tell that story," a spokesperson for HarperCollins told the Times.

From 1999 to 2011, with a brief break during the 2006 election cycle, Moss worked in the White House for the Bartlet and Santos Administrations, working first as Executive Secretary of the Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman until 2006, when she left to become a senior aide in then Vice-President Bob Russell's unsuccessful run for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. She later became a spokesperson for the Santos campaign, and after Santos won the election, became Chief of Staff to First Lady Helen Santos in 2007, serving until the end of the administration.

Moss lives in Washington, D.C. with former boss and longtime partner Josh Lyman, and their son, Leo. She is under contract with HarperCollins for three books, with an option for a fourth.
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I had the results done prior to the Elections it was just converting them to PDF, and I had them coloured which increases the file size. I also had two other sheets in the file, which I had to delete to make the converted file smaller enough to upload.

politico.com, Monday December 17th

Seaborn Confirms Cordova As Secretary of Labour; Quintero for Education; Mansfield for CIA


The office of President-Elect Sam Seaborn has released further announcements this morning with the nominations of two prominent Hispanics to key cabinet positions.

Firstly, the Mayor of San Jose, Gael Cordova, will be nominated to the position of Secretary of Labour. Cordova, 46, a former member of the California Senate has the potential to be contentious nominee due to previous positions he has taken the need to increase the power of trade unions at both a local and a national level. He often railed against the current administrations “flagrant opposition to collective bargaining.”

As well as Cordova, the transition team released a statement confirming that Dr. Valeria Quintero would be Seaborn’s pick for Secretary of Education. Dr. Quintero, 65, is the Dean of the Graduate School of Education at The University of California, Berkeley and previously worked as an Deputy Secretary of Education under President Santos.

It was also confirmed that Kelton Mansfield, the Director of the National Clandestine Service would replace Robert Bennett as the Director of the CIA. The release suggested that Bennett was “retiring” seemingly confirming reports that Seaborn was very keen that Bennett stay on.


Kelton Mansfield, nominee for Director of the CIA


Dr. Valeria Quintero, nominee for Secretary of Education
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Monday December 17th 2018

Live Coverage of the Electoral College Voting

Good morning everyone.

Yes, it is almost six weeks since that dramatic election night but we are back today as the Electoral College votes to confirm (or not to confirm as looks very likely in the case of the Vice-Presidential votes).

In each state capital starting at 10.am in just over half an hours time, each states electors will vote. We are only really interested in the Vice-Presidential voting, as it seems very clear at Senator Sam Seaborn will be confirmed as the winner of the Presidential Election with 274 electoral votes to Henry Shallick 264 electoral votes. What is less certain is how the Democratic electors will vote for Vice-President.

It does seem almost certain now, that enough Democratic electors are unhappy with Franklin Hollis and enough will be "faithless electors" and vote for a different Democratic candidate, and as long as six electors don't vote for Senator Jack Hunter, the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee, neither Vice-Presidential candidate will have reached the required 270 electoral votes to be elected by the electoral college, and this will result in only the second contingent election in the nations history, the first and only time so far happening in 1837 after the 1836 election, when Virginia's twenty three electors refused to vote for the Democratic VP nominee Richard M. Johnson. The contingent election was then held in the Senate to decide the Vice-President. It seems very likely that we could be in the same situation in a few hours time.
The first state to vote will be Indiana at the top of this hour, but as that is a state which was won by the Republicans it will be unlikely to give as any clue to what may happen with the Democratic Electors.

An hour after at 11am (EST) a total of four states will vote, but it will give us our first Democratic state, Illinois and twenty electoral votes. That will give us our first clear indication of what is happening, and if Democratic electors are preparing to go "faithless" and vote for different Democratic candidates for Vice-President.

Remember 270 electoral votes are required to elect the President and the Vice-President separately. The electoral votes are not for the Seaborn & Hollis ticket as it appeared on the ballot's but as separate votes. They will cast ballots for President and Vice-President.
Once the voting in the Democratic states gets underway, we will bring you the votes for the Democratic Presidential voting. Unless something unexpected happens, and Republican electors vote against Jack Hunter which is not likely assume that that the voting for Hunter is taking place as per the results.

In a few minutes Indiana's electors will vote at the state capital in Indianapolis which will be for Jack Hunter.
Away from the Electoral College, the formation of the incoming Seaborn administration continues a pace today. the Mayor of San Francisco, Gael Cordova, will be nominated to the position of Secretary of Labour, Dr. Valeria Quintero would be Seaborn’s pick for Secretary of Education. Dr. Quintero, 65, is the Dean of the Graduate School of Education at The University of California, Berkeley and previously worked as an Deputy Secretary of Education under President Santos.
Kelton Mansfield, the Director of the National Clandestine Service would replace Robert Bennett as the Director of the CIA. We understand that the President elect had asked Director Bennett to stay on as CIA Director, but he said he "wanted to retire back to Alabama". Bennett a former Republican Senator and the Republican 1998 Vice-Presidential nominee is highly respected by both sides of the aisle and most Democrats regarding him as having done an excellent job as CIA Director for the last eight years.

Retiring CIA Director Robert Bennett seen here following a meeting with President Elect Seaborn last week when he was asked to stay on as Director.

(photo by Rutger Hauer-2010 casting)
Right, here we go we have Illinois VP Electoral Votes from Springfield.

Illinois (20 EV)
Franklin Hollis 10 EV
Rudi Robinson 7 EV
Andrew Thorn 3 EV

Well that's our answer, half of the Democratic Electors in Illinois have voted for another Democratic candidate. If this pattern happens in the other 22 states (including DC), Franklin Hollis is not going to reach the required 270 electoral votes to be elected Vice-President by the electoral college. Then we would have a contingent election in the Senate in January to decide the Vice-President. So we now have a real possibility of a Republican Vice-President to a Democratic President. You would expect the Republican controlled Senate to vote for Senator Jack Hunter. As long as Franklin Hollis does get enough electoral votes to get second place, the election in the Senate would be between him and Senator Hunter as the two highest placed candidates in the electoral college.

Statement from the Seaborn transition team.

"No comment until the final Electoral College tally's are confirmed".

At the top of the hour, Noon EST, we have ten states plus DC Voting in the Democratic won states.
nbs.com, Monday December 17th

BREAKING: Governor Daniels “Doesn’t Expect Electors To Vote For Hollis”

In the last few moments Minnesota Governor has spoken to reporters and suggested that the State’s electoral college voters will not vote for Vice-Presidential nominee Frank Hollis, potentially throwing the electoral calculus into chaos and preventing Mr Hollis from being confirmed as Vice-President this evening.

Governor Daniels said that discussions had been ongoing for days but has reached an impasse this morning with a number of the voters declaring that they intend to cast “faithless” votes for other candidates. He also added that they all intended to vote for Sam Seaborn.
theeye.com, Monday December 187th

BREAKING: Hollis Team Launch Legal Action Against Illinois Electors

In the last few minutes it has been confirmed that Vice-President Elect Franklin Hollis will launch legal action against electors in Illinois, and potentially other states who do not follow through on the state results and instead vote for other candidates.

Speaking outside the transition team headquarters Jordan McLaurin, who will serve as Hollis' Chief of Staff, described the developments as "outrageous" adding that "faithless electors overturning the results of a democratic election is disgraceful, we will seek whatever avenues open to us to ensure the votes of the people of Illinois are represented in the way they were cast - not overturned by the whim of a handful of activists with an agenda."