2018 Presidential Election

Calling the "Diary of Anne Frank a fraud makes Rep. King an especially shitty person in my book. My grandfather saw what they did to the Jewish people and it affected him deeply after the war.

I know the character is not real but it is sad I can see this being done or already have been done in reality with the books. And this lady is full mask off on her craziness.
The story is based on a true one I saw a few weeks ago on-line of the wife of a Arkansas State rep, who did much the same, although the Anne Frank diary was my addition, the conspiracy theory that it was written in ballpoint pen is a real one.

Let's be honest King's actions are pretty much believable when compared to many in the current OTL GOP. (Jewish space lasers, and that several of the school shootings have been faked with actors, just for starters). Fortunately this GOP may have it's nutters but they are not as far gone as OTL.
The story is based on a true one I saw a few weeks ago on-line of the wife of a Arkansas State rep, who did much the same, although the Anne Frank diary was my addition, the conspiracy theory that it was written in ballpoint pen is a real one.

Let's be honest King's actions are pretty much believable when compared to many in the current OTL GOP. (Jewish space lasers, and that several of the school shootings have been faked with actors, just for starters). Fortunately this GOP may have it's nutters but they are not as far gone as OTL.
Yeah the TL's GOP is better but it is still going to draw more of the fringe nuts to in the TL than the Democrats. They'll be more subdued but they'll be there.
Calling the "Diary of Anne Frank a fraud makes Rep. King an especially shitty person in my book. My grandfather saw what they did to the Jewish people and it affected him deeply after the war.
This was actually a very difficult post to write. I know I said last year it was very hard at times to write to some of the anti-LGBT+ stuff from Alan Duke, but this was even more personally difficult. I have been to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam twice (during the 2000's), the first time I have to say was one of the most emotional days of my life, after leaving I just came out and cried.

I read the diary as a teenager, as well, what got me even then it was "real", she was writing about real events, and observing them as only a teenager can. In my mind Anne Frank is one of the greatest people of the 20th century or any century. It shows how one mans madness (Hitler) could have ended such a promising life for no basic reason, and how it MUST never happen again.

Tatum: Conservative whisper campaign against Lin shows "need for stronger federal education standards"

Monday, August 21st, 2023

White House Press Secretary Cassie Tatum didn't hold back when questioned on conservative and right-wing attacks on Supreme Court nominee Ronald Lin, claiming that the Taiwan-born Lin had "deep connections" to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

"I think what it shows is that there is a need for stronger federal education standards," Tatum told reporters, while also lambasting the criticism as "stoking xenophobia" based solely on Lin's ancestry and status as an immigrant.

Following the end of the Chinese Civil War in 1949 with the CCP victory, the remnants of the opposition Kuomintang (KMT) government fled to the island of Taiwan. Both the Beijing-based People's Republic of China (PRC) and the Taiwan-based Republic of China (ROC) continue to claim to be the legitimate government of both mainland China and Taiwan. Around 2 million mainland Chinese, including many KMT supporters and government personnel, moved to Taiwan between the end of World War II (when the island was returned from Japanese control) to the end of the civil war. In an interview given after his confirmation in 2019, Lin in which discussed unique dynamics in the United States between Taiwanese-Americans and Chinese-Americans whose ancestors immigrated after the PRC victory on the mainland, he described his family as one "fractured by World War II and the Cold War", with him only meeting several cousins in mainland China as an adult in the 1990s once travel restrictions between the PRC and ROC were relaxed starting in the late 1980s.

Governor Ethan Butler (R-SC), rumored to be a potential candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 2026, issued a statement saying he was troubled by Lin's "ties to a foreign government espousing...anti-American and anti-democratic ideologies." He later withdrew the statement after protest, saying that he had been misinformed about Lin's background. In a revised statement, Butler said that he has urged South Carolina's senators (Republicans Brad Maxwell and Hamilton Crooks) to vote against Lin's nomination, citing decisions Lin has authored or agreed to since he began his service as a federal judge.

Several far-right media personalities, including radio host Henry Stern and former Cheyenne mayor John Tomaricho, have repeated the claim that Lin has extensive ties to the CCP despite Butler's retraction and news media finding no evidence Lin has interacted with CCP officials in a private capacity.



Monday, August 21st 2023

Bentley resigns after felony convictions

Washington, D.C.
— Former congressman Adrian Bentley (R-NE) has resigned his seat in the House of Representatives, following his conviction last Thursday for four felonies, including soliciting illegal campaign donations and obstruction of justice.

Bentley said in a brief public statement that it was "in the best interest of the people of [his] district" for him to resign. The ten-term lawmaker faced a bipartisan chorus of calls for his resignation, with both Speaker Daniel Maddox (D-IL) and House Minority Leader Mitchell Harris (R-IN) leading the calls for his resignation.

On Thursday, Bentley was convicted of soliciting illegal campaign contributions from foreign nationals, lying to FBI agents tasked with investigating allegations against him, and obstructing justice by trying to conceal electronic messages that corroborated those charges. He is set to be sentenced on November 20th. With each conviction carrying a maximum five-year sentence, Bentley faces a maximum of 20 years in prison, although it is like some, if not all, of his sentences will run concurrently.

Within hours of Bentley's declaration, Governor Ben Lane (R-NE) announced November 21st as the date for the special election to fill Bentley's seat. Under Nebraska state law, the executives of both major parties select a candidate to run under their banner in the special election, although candidates who want to appear without a party affiliation will have until October 6th to meet the petition requirements to appear on the special election ballot. The state's first congressional district, based in eastern Nebraska and encompassing many Omaha suburbs, is considered a safe Republican seat, with Bentley winning it with 60% of the vote in his final race last year.

Wednesday August 23rd, 2023

Anne Frank Center hits out at Rep King remarks

The Anne Frank Center (USA) has issued a strongly worded statement following remarks by Georgia Congresswomen Patty King on a podcast last weekend that the diary of Anne Frank was a "complete fabrication".

"We strongly condemn the remarks of Representative King. We unsure if she made the comments because of her own ignorance or that she truly believed what she said, a long discredited anti-semantic troupe" adding "we here at the Anne Frank Center works towards Anne's dream of no prejudice in the world, it seems we still have a long way to go. We are more than happy to speak the Congresswomen and educate her on Anne's story, the diary and our work today".

King has not yet made any further comment following the podcast, with many members of her own party attacking the remarks. Former GOP Chair and Governor of Florida James Ritchie called the remarks "outrageous beyond belief" whilst Oklahoma Senator Daryl Lukins said it was "stoking the fires of prejudice" adding that she should "apologize and withdraw the remarks".
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Wednesday August 23rd, 2023

2023 Gubernatorial Elections

On November 7th, five states will go to the polls to elect governors. Two of the term limited governors Oregon's Walter Collins and South Carolina's Ethan Butler are among those already seen as the probable front-runners for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2026.

Here we preview each election:

Governor Mark Hampton (R) (Running for re-election)
Democrat: Kyle Bowles
Independent Progressive: Leo George
Governor Hampton who is running for re-election in his own right after taking over from disgraced former Governor Ed Barrie in March last year, has attempted to distance himself from his former boss. With former Democratic Governor Chris Mannix declining to run for his old job and instead running and winning the election for the Senate last November, the Democrats have turned to a candidate with vast pulling power in the state, businessman Kyle Bowles, the son of popular now retired Senator Calvin Bowles. Bowles has high name recognition, and the support of his Father's donors. Independent Leo George will be running for the governorship for a third time as an independent progressive .
Latest Polling:
Hampton 48%
Bowles 42%
George 3%
Undecided 7%
Governor Alan Fisk (D) (Term-Limited)
Republican: Jonas Watts
Democrat: Terrance Potter
Former Bartlet administration Attorney General Alan Fisk was the probably the only Democrat able to win in this traditionally Republican state , but once he's gone, there's no one who can keep his coalition together, much less in an off-year election. Fisk's lieutenant governor is Jonas Watts. Mississippi is a state where the lieutenant governor is elected separately from the governor, so his deputy is a Conservative Republican. The Democratic nominee is the little known State Rep Terrance Potter.
Latest Polling:
Watts 52%
Potter 40%
Undecided 8%
Governor Walter Collins (R) (Term-Limited)
Republican: Amber Noble
Democrat: Kristin Pullman
Socialist & Green: Debbie Kelly
Governor Collins is one of those almost certainly going to run for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2026. He has won twice in a state that leans Democrat, and can clearly keep Conservatives, "Vinick Republicans" and independents happy. As whom is to replace him in Mahonia Hall we have the most interesting election of 2023 with three female candidates. The Republican's have nominated after a bitter nomination fight,former TV News anchor Amber Noble. Noble who worked for Kaew-TV in the state, before leaving last year, citing "editorial differences" and her open support for Patty King in Georgia. She has grown very vocal in support of the views given by the likes of Rep King declaring that "George Soros was the head of a vast plot to turn the United States into a Communist State" and that the United States should have "nuked Vietnam" during the Vietnam war.The Democrats have nominated State Senate Majority Leader, Kristin Pullman, who is openly gay. Debbie Kelly has been nominated for the Socialist Party and received the support of the state Green party who have agreed not to run a candidate.
Pullman 45%
Noble 43%
Kelly 5%
Undecided 7%
South Carolina
Ethan Butler (R) (Term-Limited)
Republican: Todd Winters
Democrat: Lewis Brunden
Governor Butler is the other Governor that is appearing on top or near the top of the probable front runners for the Republican presidential nomination in 2026. Butler has built a name for himself as Conservative Republican, but has focused on many issues traditionally seen as Democratic ones, such as homelessness, drug addiction, and domestic violence against women. Congressman Todd Winters is the Republican candidate with State Rep Lewis Brunden for the Democrats having emerged from a vast field of Democrats.
Winters 55%
Brunden 39%
Undecided 6%
Janet Lorton (D) (No term limits)
Democrat: Janet Lorton
Republican: Brandon Teller
Marjuana Party: Oswald Pollock
Governor Lorton basically has a job for life if she wants it, with the state having no term limits for Governor. She is running for a fifth term, and would need just to serve a further year to beat George Clinton to become the longest-serving state governor in the nations history. She is unlikely to little trouble in defeating the two candidates running against her Republican state Senator Brandon Teller and once again legalize Marjuanna activist Oswald Pollock.
Lorton 60%
Teller 30%
Pollock 5%
Undecided 5%

Maddox: King will be removed from committee assignments

Monday, August 28th, 2023

A week after Representative Patty King (R-GA) falsely claimed that The Diary of Anne Frank was a forgery, Speaker Daniel Maddox (D-IL) announced that he will introduce a motion to be remove from her committee assignments when Congress returns to its session after Labor Day.

"Congresswoman King's outrageous and untrue allegations about the authenticity of one of the most famous books about the Holocaust by one of its victims is offensive and despicable. Her refusal to apologize or conduct herself appropriately to standards expected of members of the United States Congress means that it is no longer appropriate for her to remain involved in the valuable and important work of congressional committees." Maddox said in a statement.

The move comes after many controversies from the outspoken Georgia congresswoman, who was reported to have been on Alan Duke's shortlist to join the Republican ticket for last year's presidential election. King had previously stated her belief that the Internet "turned children into slaves", that Hollis Foundation-funded vaccination clinics were implanting microchips in order to "catalogue every person in the world", blamed "Jewish and communist support" for President Seaborn's defeat of Duke, and praised the arming of school teachers and book burnings in Nazi Germany.

With a simple majority required to remove members from a standing committee, House Democrats are expected to be able to remove King with few, if any defections. Several Republican lawmakers spoke privately of their own dissatisfaction with King (one congressman describing King as "unhinged" and another saying the Georgia congresswoman was "Joe McCarthy with a sex change and severe head trauma"), although none indicated whether they would support the Democrats' motion to remove King from her committee assignments.

King, who serves on the House Budget Committee and the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, called the move "an attempt at silencing one of the few free voices in government" and accused House leadership of "Bolshevik tactics."

House Minority Leader Mitchell Harris (R-IN) said in a statement that he denounced both King's comments and her removal from committee assignments.

"This is a major overreaction by the Democrat majority, and that violate the norms of the House," Harris said in an interview after Maddox's announcement. "A bipartisan consensus has kept this power limited only to members who have been criminally charged or indicted, not just members who say things the Speaker disagrees with."



Monday, August 28th 2023

Mohammad secures second term as Pakistani president

— President Wasim Mohammad easily secured a second term as Pakistan's president on Monday, taking 678 of a possible 706 votes in the country's electoral college, consisting of members of the federal and state legislatures.

Mohammad thanked the members of the electoral college, saying that he was grateful for his "overwhelming mandate" to "continue serving the peoples of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan...as I have for my entire adult life."

The news comes as protests grow over the delay for new elections to the country's National Assembly were announced simultaneously with the current national assembly, dominated by the pro-government PML (M) (Pakistani Muslim League - Mohammmad), passing legislation aimed at denying election resources to political parties that "foster separatism" or that "dispute the Islamic character of Pakistan."

Mohammad, who seized power in a military coup in 2016, won his first term unopposed in 2018, shortly before the first post-coup legislative election that has been widely described as neither free nor fair, with rampant voter intimidation and the leaders of opposition parties jailed or forced into exile. His government has been criticized for its poor human and civil rights record, and Mohammad, despite his pledge to "restore dignity to the government" by removing corrupt officials, was named in the 2021 Paradise Papers as one of several then-current or former heads of state who used hidden offshore bank accounts to conceal wealth and avoid taxation.



Tuesday, 29 August 2023

Wallace sacked after Birmingham emails released

Former Minister of State for Security Tom Wallace has been shuffled out of his position after the public release of several emails sent by Wallace in the aftermath of June's attempted terrorist attacks in Birmingham caused outrage at Wallace's preoccupation with the political effects of the attack on the government.

Several leaked emails, sent between Wallace to Home Secretary Karen Purvis include statements blaming MI5 and GCHQ for "not acting in a timelier manner", saying that the six men, all of whom are in custody after two separate attacks that caused property damage and left two of the attackers with life-threatening burns, would have been "picked up earlier" had the security services not "mucked [the government] about."

But others, including some on the government benches, were angered by multiple remarks from Wallace to Purvis over what the former minister believed was the political perception of the attack.

"Bloody awful for this to happen now," Wallace wrote in one email shortly after the second attack, when the assailants threw Molotov cocktails outside the Birmingham New Street station before being tackled by onlookers . "Our crime [policy] is one area where we're topping Labour [in the polls] and then this bollocks has to happen days from an election."

"We would have picked up more seats if [the security services] hadn't faffed about on this," Wallace said in one email dated just after the election. "Truly infuriating."

The Prime Minister's Office issued a brief statement stating that Colin Havins, MP for Fareham, had replaced Wallace at the Home Office, but declining to cite a reason.

Shadow Home Secretary Oliver Kendrick called for a fundamental reassessment of the government's relation to the security services, citing what he called "trouble revelations" from the emails.

"Our nation's security concerns should not be viewed through the lens of what the effects of stopping terrorism has on our domestic politics," Kendrick said. "The government needs to reassure both the nation and its security services that it shares this same view."

Tuesday, 29th August 2023

Intelligence Chiefs respond to MPs claims.

In a highly unusual move the Directors-General of MI5 and GCHQ have issued a joint public statement in response to the comments made in leaked emails by former Home Office minister Tom Wallace who was removed from his post earlier today

In the statement published on their respective organisations websites and forward to the BBC, the Director General of MI5, Penelope Ward and the Director General of GCHQ William Cooper said that:

We dispute completely and utterly any claim that either the Security Service or the Government Communication Headquarters have been anything less that utterly diligent with regards to their responsibilities to the realm. Such suggestions indicate a total failure of understanding concerning our operational capacity.

The suggestions by the honourable member for West Suffolk are utterly false. Any and all information possessed by either MI5 or GCHQ concerning the Birmingham plotters and their plans were passed on to the police and to the government as soon as was operational feasible.

As Directors-General we have total faith in the ability of our colleagues and trust that they only have the best interests of this country at heart as we do.

At the same time a separate statement has been issued by the Director-General of MI6, Edward Macmillan.

I stand shoulder to shoulder with my colleagues at MI5 and GCHQ who I have worked with for many years. I know both them and the organisations they run to be models of efficiency and paragons of duty and service.

Any attempt to politicise the work of the intelligence services only serves to undermine our work. If we are expected to work according to a politically expedient timeframe rather than our own, this will lead to slapdash work and will in turn put the lives of the people of this country at risk. The intelligence services must at all times remain above political concerns and it is staggering that a minister of the crown failed to recognise this.

Such unprecedented and public statements from the heads of all three major intelligence organisations will surely place more pressure on the Prime Minister to publicly condemn and distance himself from both Tom Wallace and his comments.

Florida congressional district map struck down

Saturday, September 2nd, 2023

A state judge on Saturday struck down Florida's Republican-drawn congressional map, finding that the map violated the state's constitutional provisions protecting minority voters' voting power.

Circuit Ludge Lee Sorenson found that the district boundaries, which included the decision to break up the majority-minority fifth congressional district, illegally diluted the power of African-Americans to elect their own representatives and ordered the state legislature to submit new maps before next year's midterm elections.

The decision comes after the Supreme Court's ruling in Dickerson v. Monaghan in June that Alabama had violated federal civil rights law by diluting the voting power of African-American residents by making only one of the state's seven congressional districts majority-black, rather than the two that would be required given the state's demographic make-up.

Governor Jessica Gelsey (D) called the decision "a victory for democracy," and called on the state legislature to heed Sorenson's order. Following Gelsey's narrow victory over Republican Tom Riddle, the Republican-controlled legislature stripped the ability of the governor to veto congressional district maps, ostensibly to avoid confusion, given the pre-existing ability of the legislature to pass a state legislative district map without gubernatorial input.

Attorney General Holly Fitch (R) said that they would appeal the decision to Florida's Supreme Court. A majority of the court's justices were appointed by Gelsey's Republican predecessors. A lawsuit in federal court over Florida's electoral maps is also ongoing.



Sunday, September 3rd 2023

Presidential cousin arrested on DUI, battery & resisting arrest

Los Angeles
— President Sam Seaborn's cousin, businessman Robert "Rob" Kane, was arrested late Saturday night on charges of driving under the influence (DUI), resisting arrest, and battery on a law enforcement officer, according to a statement from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

An LAPD spokeswoman say that officers pulled Kane over after he appeared to be driving erratically, and upon making contact with him, detected a strong odor of alcohol.

"Mr. Kane exhibited strong signs of intoxication and failed multiple tests used by officers to determine whether he was legally impaired," the spokeswoman said. "Upon being informed that he was under arrest for suspicion of DUI (driving under the influence), Mr. Kane became violent and struck Officer [Jamario] Scott several times while Officer Scott was attempting to place him under arrest."

A scuffle between Kane and arresting officers Scott and Sergeant Rod Eastwood resulted in Kane suffering a split lip, cuts and several rashes. He was treated at a nearby hospital, where his blood alcohol content (BAC) was reported as .16, twice the legal limit in the state of California. Officer Scott was also examined and determined to have bruised ribs.

Kane, a paternal cousin of Seaborn, has several previous arrests and convictions related to substance abuse, including a 2014 conviction for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. He is currently being held until he can be arraigned for bail on Tuesday.


Mugshot of Rob Kane, with injuries sustained after fighting with Off. Scott and Sgt. Eastwood

Monday 4th September 2023

Home Secretary questioned over Wallace-Gate.

The Home Secretary Karen Purvis suffered a bruising interview yesterday when she seemed unable to answer questions regarding the sacking of former Home Office minister Tom Wallace, the attempted bombings in Birmingham during the general election campaign and the recent statements by the heads of the Intelligence Services.

Appearing on Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg Purvis appeared to stumble right out of the gate. When asked whether she was willing to distance herself from Tom Wallace and his comments – sent to her in an email – she began by saying that Wallace was a very old friend and a respected colleague before pausing for a moment and then stating that of course she did not agree with what he had said and that she agreed completely with the Prime Minister decision to remove Wallace from her department.

The interview only got worse from there. When asked if she felt that the intelligence services had done all they could to prevent the Birmingham bombings, Purvis paused for two minutes before saying that of course more could always be done, but that she had confidence that all that could have been done had been done. When asked to respond to the letters issued last week by the Directors-General of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ, she responded with no comment. Finally, when asked to confirm whether she still had confidence in the intelligence services she again responded with no comment.

With still no comment from the Prime Minister and Patrick Brazil’s first Prime Ministers Questions on Wednesday it will be interesting to see if this topic is bought up once again.
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Wednesday September 6th, 2023

A guide to PMQ's as it returns with Patrick Brazil's debut as Labour leader

What is PMQs?​

Prime Minister's Questions is a weekly meeting of parliament during which leaders of opposition parties and other MPs question the PM.
The practice has existed since 1961 and took place over two 15-minute sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
From 1996 to the start of 2003, it was on Wednesdays between 15:00 to 15:30 BST.
Presently, the prime minister takes questions between midday and 12:30 BST on Wednesday.
The PM doesn't know what he or she will be asked, and cannot pass questions on to other ministers.
The sessions are both televised and streamed online, giving the public a window into the heart of government.

What happens at PMQs?​

It kicks off with one MP - from the government or the opposition - asking the prime minister to list his engagements for the day.
Michael Duggan answers - usually about meetings he had earlier, with more to come - and may also speak on a topical issue, like paying tribute to a person of note.
Then it's down to business. The leader of the opposition - Labour leader Patrick Brazil - gets to ask six questions and each time the PM replies.
The leader of the second biggest opposition party - currently Logan Ross of the Liberal Democrats - then gets two questions.
And then there are the back benchers. Fifteen MPs, who can be from any party, are selected by random ballot ahead of the session.
The Speaker - Jack Smith - announces each one and they stand up and ask their question.
If he thinks there's time, he'll also select other MPs that stand up and "catch his eye" - as it's known in Parliament-speak. Sometimes a couple of back benchers come before the Labour leader, or between Labour and the Liberal Democrats.
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Wednesday 6th September 2023

Brazil dominates first PMQs.

In his first Prime Ministers Questions since his appointment as leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition, Patrick Brazil refused to let up on the subject of the Intelligence Service and the Prime Ministers response to Wallace-Gate.

All six of Brazil’s questions were centred around the emails from former Home Office Minister Tom Wallace, the recent statement from the Directors-General of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ and Home Secretary Karen Purvis’ appearance on Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg.

He opened by demanding to know whether Prime Minister Michael Duggan still had faith in the intelligence service – a question Purvis had been unable to answer. He followed this up by asking why it had taken so long for Wallace to be removed from his post and whether the Prime Minister agreed with any of what had been said in the emails.

To cheers from the opposition side of the house, Brazil ended his questions by asking “Why the country should trust this government with its national security when it seems incapable of trusting those tasked with protecting it?”

Michael Duggan seemed to have no answer to Brazil’s questions simply prevaricating and attempting to suggest that Labour despite their words remained weak on the issue of crime and security.

It remains to be see whether Brazil will be able to keep up this level of intense scrutiny over the coming months.
God just imagine the annoying political memes here with Patrick Brazil. The "You are going to Brazil!" meme is going to be over used.

Thursday September 7th, 2023
Purvis and Kendrick in heated Commons debate

The "Wallace gate" affair shows no signs of abating for the Government after a heated debate in the House of Commons this afternoon between the Home Secretary Karen Purvis and her shadow Labour's Oliver Kendrick.

Labour had tabled an emergency question regarding the affair. Purvis was more assured than her TV appearance on the BBC last Sunday morning. She did admit that the emails sent by the Security Minister Tom Wallace where "ill judged", although she declined to answer if she had asked the Prime Minister to sack him, or if the PM had done it himself without asking her first. She did say that the "emails had caused friction with the Security Services" that she and the Prime Minister supported "there vital and sometimes very difficult work in keeping the nation safe".

Oliver Kendrick hit back calling the Home Secretary's statement was a "fudge" and a "mess". He stuck much to the line of his leader yesterday at PMQ'S saying"How can our citizens believe this nation is protected, when the Home Secretary and the Prime Minister clearly don't trust MI5, MI6 or GCHQ". Purvis response was to attack Labour's record on anti-terror legislation claiming "since we came into office in 2011, the Labour party has voted against tougher measures for criminals and terrorists twenty eight times, twenty eight times. They even voted against tougher laws we brought in soon in 2011, less than two years after the failed attempt to murder, the then Labour Foreign Secretary, the Right Honorable member for Newcastle Central (Rachel Lilburn),I don't know how the Shadow Leader of this House can continue to sit on the opposition front bench".
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Top Stories This Week

King removed from committees after series of outrages

Tuesday, September 5th, 2023

Representative Patty King (R-GA) was removed from her committee assignments on Tuesday, following a series of controversies that culminated in King repeating discredited conspiracy theories that claimed that The Diary of Anne Frank was fraudulent. Despite Republican attempts to portray the attempt by the Democratic majority as being purely partisan, 35 Republicans joined House Democrats to remove King from her seats on the House Budget Committee and the House Committee on Education and the Workforce in a 266-167 vote.

One of the Republicans supporting removing King, Jennifer Vinick (R-CA), said the Georgia congresswoman "was not representative of the Republican Party" and revealed that she had asked House Republican leadership to convince King to undertake a psychiatric assessment.

King spoke on the House floor just before the vote, retracting several of her controversial claims, although as Representative Stephen Reed (D-MA) pointed out after her statement, she did not retract all of her claims, nor did she apologize for offensive remarks, including saying that President Seaborn's victory in 2022 was due to "Jewish and communist support."

While she is no longer serving on any committees, King remains a member of Congress, and can still debate and vote on legislation and introduce bills on the House floor.

Seaborn signs $1.8 trillion budget
Friday, September 8th, 2023

President Sam Seaborn on Friday signed a $1.8 trillion omnibus spending bill that will fund government operations through September 2024 . Unlike previous budget negotiations during Seaborn's first term, budget negotiations were muted, with the Democratic trifecta making passage of a full year's budget (instead of a continuing resolution that would fund government for several months, instead of a full fiscal year) all but assured. The budget increases federal funds for education, including an increase in the size of Pell Grants for recipients, earmarks $300 million to improve federal services (including hiring more personnel at certain federal agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service, Social Security Administration) and $50 billion for communities affected by natural disasters.

"With the effects of climate change becoming felt with once-in-a-century events happening with concerning regularity including increases in both extreme temperatures and extreme weather events, we have delivered a budget that will help communities affected by these events both now and in the next year, rebuild quickly and become more resilient in the face of our climate crisis." Seaborn said, upon signing the bill at the White House.

Other sections of the bill include nearly $4 billion in aid to farmers and ranchers affected by climate change, and a new one percent tax on stock buybacks that is expected to net the federal government nearly $7.5 billion in revenue over the next decade. Roughly $16 billion has been earmarked for nearly 7,500 projects lawmakers attached for their states and districts, something decried by House Republicans, who instituted a moratorium on the practice when they controlled the lower chamber between the 2020 and 2022 elections.