2018 Presidential Election

Fun Fact, the next General Election in the UK which has to be held by September 2023, will be contested by new party leaders for each of the major parties since the 2018 election. The Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, National Peoples Party and the Green Party of England & Wales. The Socialist Alliance are still led by Hamish Galloway though.
Fun Fact, the next General Election in the UK which has to be held by September 2023, will be contested by new party leaders for each of the major parties since the 2018 election. The Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, National Peoples Party and the Green Party of England & Wales. The Socialist Alliance are still led by Hamish Galloway though.
So they'll be announcing their leadership election next week?
"Woke Up This Morning, Got Yourself A Gun"

In honor of The West Wing's perennial Emmy rival returning for The Many Saints of Newark, here are some infoboxes with some familiar people appearing in this thing of ours.



Paul Snider (September 18, 1959 – June 19, 2013) was an American businessman who served as the chief executive officer (CEO) of QuikSilver. He also was the Republican Party's nominee for the United States Senate in Hawaii in 2010.

Born in Kingman, Arizona, Snider was a star varsity athlete in high school, attending the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) on a football scholarship. After a series of injuries derailed his promising football career, he instead pursued a career in business, earning his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from UCLA in 1983. In 1986, Snider joined the surfwear-inspired accessories and clothing company QuikSilver as a regional director, and four years later, presided over the roll-out of the company's Roxy product line, aimed at young women. From 1997 to 2007, he served as the company's CEO. His leadership over the company was widely-praised, with obituaries mentioning the company's financial difficulties that occurred after his departure (QuikSilver filed for bankruptcy in 2015 and was restructured with Oaktree Capital Management owning a majority of shares).

Following his retirement from QuikSilver, Snider relocated permanently to Hawaii and became involved in local politics. He won the party's nomination for the United States Senate seat in 2010, but lost the election to Democrat David Kuhio. He was a candidate for the state's other Senate seat in 2012, but was defeated in the primary by former senator Leia Kekuku.

Outside of his business and political career, Snider owned a number of racing horses, including Charismatic, who won the first two races in the 1999 Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Horseracing before fracturing his foreleg while leading the final lap of the Belmont Stakes. Charismatic never raced again, but the quick actions of jockey Chris Antley and veterinary surgeons saved his life, dying in 2017 at the age of 20.

Snider died in unexpectedly at age 53 in his Honolulu home from a massive heart attack.

Pietro Pannunzio OMRI OMCA (born July 29, 1942) is an Italian lawyer and politician who is the 12th and current President of Italy, having taken office in 2015. Before his election to the presidency, he had in several roles, including a minister in the Cabinet of Italy, and President of the Chamber of Deputies from 1996 to 2001.

A native of Naples, Pannunzio was orphaned as a result of World War II. His father Gennaro, an interior decorator conscripted into the Italian Army before his son's birth, was posthumously awarded the Gold Medal of Military Valor, Italy's highest military honor, for killing 16 partisans who had ambushed his convoy in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia (modern-day Czech Republic). Raised by his aunt and uncle, he graduated from Sapienta University with a law degree.

A Christian democrat, Pannunzio was a member of the Chamber of Deputies from 1979 until 2008, initially as a left-leaning member of Christian Democracy (DC). Between 1987 and 1994, he served in the Cabinet of Italy under four separate prime ministers. Following the Mani pulite scandal and the dissolution of DC, Pannunzio joined the Italian People's Party (PPI) and its successors, eventually being a founding member of the now-ruling Democratic Party (PD). He served as President of the Chamber of Deputies from 1996 to 2001. In 2008, he was elected to the Senate of Italy, and was re-elected in 2013.

Following President Giorgio De Maria's 2015 announcement that he would retire two years into his unprecedented second term, Pannunzio was selected by Prime Minister Manuele Boschetti to replace him after previous candidates failed to attract enough support to be elected. As of 2021, only one prime minister (Boschetti) has served during his presidency, tied for the fewest alongside the nation's first president Enrico De Nicola (who served for four months in 1948). Pannunzio has stated that he will not run for re-election when his term expires in January 2022.

Michelle Van Dorn (née Falcone; born July 15, 1961) is an American lawyer and politician serving as the junior United States Senator from Connecticut since 2013. A member of the Democratic Party, Van Dorn had previously served as Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut and in both chambers of the General Assembly of Connecticut.

Born in Newark, New Jersey, Van Dorn relocated to the state to attend the University of Connecticut School of Law. After a brief career in private practice, she won an open seat in the Connecticut House of Representatives in 1992, then a seat in the state Senate in 1996. In 2006, she was selected as Democratic nominee Chris Casey's running mate in his successful gubernatorial campaign, and became the state's 104th lieutenant governor in January 2007. She was the Democratic nominee to succeed Casey in 2010 after he chose to seek the state's open Senate seat vacated by Howard Niering; she narrowly lost to Republican businesswoman Louise Northman-Page.

In 2012, Van Dorn narrowly defeated Republican candidate Neil Fitzgerald and independent Mackenzie Allen in a three-way contest to become Connecticut's first female senator. She was re-elected to a second term in 2018. In 2021, she became the ranking member of the Senate Banking Committee.


Ronald Stephen Tucker (born September 3, 1962) is an American politician and athlete. Since 2011, he has served the United States Representative from New York's third congressional district as a member of the Democratic Party. His district represents most of the North Shore of Long Island, stretching from northwest Suffolk County to far eastern Queens.

Prior to running for elected office, Tucker was a linebacker in the National Football League (NFL) for 12 seasons, most of them with the New York Jets. He played college football at the University of Pittsburgh and was drafted in the 11th round of the 1985 NFL draft. But he chose to sign with the New Jersey Generals of the United States Football League (USFL) instead. After the USFL folded before the 1986 season, Tucker signed with the Jets, who acquired his NFL rights. He played 11 seasons in New York, and was an second team All-Pro in 1989. He spent his final season with the Kansas City Chiefs before retiring following the 1997 season.

In 2010, he ran for Congress against incumbent Republican Jack Johnson, defeating him in the general election. In Congress, he has compiled a moderate-to-conservative voting record, befitting his membership in the Blue Dog Coalition caucus.

Christopher Mannix (born March 26, 1966) is an American lawyer and politician who served as the 63rd governor of Kentucky from 2011 to 2015. He had previously served as the state's attorney general from 2008 to 2011.

Born and raised in Louisville, Mannix graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Arts degree. After a brief, failed business career, he travelled to eastern Kentucky and worked as a coal miner before becoming a union representative for the United Mine Workers (UMW). Following the advice given to him by UMW superiors, Mannix attended George Washington University School of Law and earned his Juris Doctorate. He then began his own practice, specializing in employment law.

After failing to win the Democratic nomination in 2003, Mannix won the 2007 election for the position of Attorney General of Kentucky after incumbent Daniel Walters retired. Four years later, he defeated governor Alison Marshall in her bid for re-election. His relative youth (45 years of age) upon taking office, and having unseated a Republican governor in a red state led to him being discussed as a potential Democratic nominee for vice president in 2014.

In his term as governor, Mannix was criticized for naming members of his family to important positions, including appointing state First Lady Danielle Mannix to head the state's task force on childhood obesity. He narrowly lost his bid for re-election in 2015 to retired general Ed Barrie. Since leaving office, Mannix has explored artistic endeavors, including serving as an executive producer on several independent films shot and produced in Louisville.


James Gandolfini as Paul Snider
Tony Sirico as Pietro Pannunzio (new casting)
Edie Falco as Michelle Van Dorn (new casting)
Steve Schirripa as Ronnie Tucker (new casting)
Michael Imperioli as Chris Mannix

It would have felt a little sacrilegious not to make a Sopranos-themed entry and not mention whether someone had the makings of a varsity athlete or not. Snider's backstory as the former CEO of QuikSilver was pre-established; all I've done is flesh it out slightly.

Charismatic was a real horse. The only part of its IOTL story I changed was its owner, and luckily it has a much happier ending than poor Pie-O-My.
Pannunzio was previously established in Boschetti's infobox, as was his predecessor De Maria.

You better believe I worked to get a reference to killing 16 Czechoslovakians into Paulie Walnuts' character entry. Also, cut from the writer's room floor was a note mentioning him as being mentioned as earning a Commander (the Italian word of course being "Commendatore") of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.

The letters after Pannunzio's name are post-nominal letters indicating his membership in the aforementioned Order of Merit and earning the Medal of Merit for Culture and Art by virtue of him being president of Italy. His daughter Elena's name is wiki-linked because she's the acting First Lady of Italy since Pannunzio is a widower (the daughter of OTL president Sergio Mattarella fulfills the same role for father).

For those wondering, Italy's prime ministers were laid out here.
I had considered casting Falco as congresswoman Holly Clarke (D-NJ), before figuring that Connecticut was close enough to Long Island to have Falco's accent make some sort of sense.

It didn't click with me before I was gathering info for this infobox, but it is kind of funny how it worked out where both Casey & Van Dorn went from governor & lieutenant governor in 2007 to senior & junior senator in 2015 with neither of them holding any other office between then (unless you count Casey's four years as the state's junior senator as an other office).
I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have Bobby Baccalieri play in the USFL once it clicked for me where I could put Schirripa. In addition to the Generals' location being the same as the place where The Sopranos takes place, there's also the fact that the team's owner later turned himself into a pretty well-known politician IRL.
Mannix's nepotism, and mine working background is from established stories.

Also, I can't not tie in Christopher's interest in film after the show gave us this glorious scene of a governor of Kentucky teaching a senator from Virginia bad words in Italian (NSFW language).
The Future of the Olympics
6 October 2021

At the 138th IOC session in Singapore, the International Olympic Committee voted to award the 2030 Winter Olympics to Almaty, Kazakhstan, the only remaining bid after the withdrawal of a joint France-Spain bid. This decision seems to fly in the face of the IOC's commitment to sustainability outlined in the 2019 IOC session, which awarded the 2026 Winter games to Salt Lake City due to the bid highlighting the region's pre-existing structures and facilities available due to the 2002 Winter Olympics and further development in subsequent years. The Almaty bid was a major project of former Kazakh president Erik Tuleev, who wanted to highlight the nation's progress since the end of the war there and cultivate a new image of Kazakhstan as a prosperous, modern democracy.

It has been a rough year for the IOC and reputation of the Olympics. Next year's Winter Olympics, to be hosted in Kiev, Ukraine, had been imperiled by recurring news that many key facilities are still incomplete and lacking funding. The host committee is reported to be racking up large debts, and the government of President Nastia Konanovna has assumed direct oversight over construction projects. Earlier this summer, the IOC had to publicly deny rumors that they were considering an emergency move of the 2022 games to a different country with existing facilities, such as Italy, Norway, or Japan. Furthermore, last year's Summer Olympics in Istanbul faced a barrage of complaints from athletes and personnel that facilities in the Olympic Village were subpar and hastily constructed. The Olympics have already been developing a reputation for creating debt for the host locations and leaving behind infrastructure that remains unused after the games are over. However, this reputation has primarily followed the Summer Games, whereas the Winter Games of the 21st century have all been financially successful and had limited waste due to being held in places that regularly used the facilities, such as Montreal, Innsbruck, and Nagano.

The 2030 games are the last to be selected under the IOC's old bid process, in which National Olympic Committees (NOCs) submitted bids to the IOC, who then voted for the final bid. Starting with the 2032 Summer Olympics, all games both winter and summer will be awarded by the Host Selection Committee, which will select hosts from an open-ended list of cities that have expressed interest in hosting games in any year. The committee will place an emphasis on sustainability, preferring existing facilities to newly constructed ones, and utilizing green energy, mass transit, and having long term plans for facilities after the game. Hosts will also be selected 11 years in advance instead of 9, to give cities more time to make the necessary preparations. Cities expressing interesting in future games are Sapporo, Milan, Oslo, and St. Petersburg for Winter Games, and Brisbane, Beijing, Buenos Aires, and Paris for Summer Games.

Top Stories This Week

Seaborn issues first ever presidential Indigenous People's Day proclamation
Friday, October 8th, 2021

President Sam Seaborn became the first president to issue a proclamation celebrating Indigenous People's Day on Friday. In a statement, the president marked the holiday as a "celebration of the resilience and strength of the native peoples of this country" after centuries of attempts to displace and assimilate them by European colonial powers and the federal government, and the "immeasurable contributions they have made to American society." The holiday emerged in the 1990s as an alternative to Columbus Day, which opponents say celebrates the beginning of the violent colonization of the Americas by Europeans and sanitizes Columbus' actions. The president is scheduled to travel to Arizona to celebrate the first Indigenous People's Day on Monday with leaders of the Navajo Nation and Thomas H. Begay, one of the last surviving Navajo code talkers who served in World War II.

Irving bucks party line, calls budget showdown "stupid"
Saturday, October 9th, 2021

Presidential candidate and senator Jasper Irving (R-IL) broke ranks with his party by describing the congressional budget showdown between the Republican congress and President Sam Seaborn as "stupid" and "counterproductive." Speaking at a town hall event in New Hampshire, the Illinois senator said that both President Sam Seaborn and "certain members of congressional leadership" had decided to "play politics rather than sit down and work out a compromise." "Don't get me wrong, I wish [the budget the House GOP proposed] would have been signed into law," Irving said in response to some boos. "But the Founding Fathers created a system where we need to compromise, and that's what needs to happen when there's divided government."

Both Irving's opponents in the primaries and top House Republicans attacked Irving's statement, with House Majority Whip Daniel Abend (R-KY) saying Irving was "out of the loop" on the process of negotiations and was "actively harming the pro-business and pro-family policies he ran on." The campaign of his colleague Charlie Forrester (R-GA) quickly edited a pre-existing ad with Forrester going "RINO" [Republican In Name Only] hunting to include Irving, with his statements framed as "swallowing Sam Seaborn's talking points."

Pandora Papers expose secret off-shore accounts of celebrities, former world leaders
Sunday, October 3rd, 2021

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists began publishing the so-called "Paradise Papers" on Sunday, detailing the largest exposure yet of the world of financial secrecy and tax avoidance practiced by the rich and powerful, including over 30 current and former national leaders. Consisting of nearly 12 million leaked documents from 14 financial services companies, the papers have exposed an estimated $5.6-32 trillion in offshore accounts belonging to the nearly 500 named individuals in the report. Prominent current and former national leaders named include President Wasim Mohammad of Pakistan, King Abdullah II of Jordan and former president Uzochi Nzele of Equatorial Kundu. Several family members and associates of world leaders, including those of the late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi and former Ukrainian president Valentin Sobolevsky also appear, alongside other politicians, celebrities and billionaires. The State Department said it would begin investigating reports in the papers that certain states, most notably South Dakota, had acted as an tax shelter for $1 billion in offshore assets.

Seaborn promises "full review" after botched drone attack
Monday, October 4th, 2021

President Sam Seaborn promised a "full review" of the military's drone strike policy after a US drone strike in Libya left nearly 20 Libyans dead and several more wounded. Monday's promise came after NBS and other media outlets reported on a Reaper drone strike against what was thought to be a party of Bahji militants outside the Libyan city of Derna, but was actually a gathering of displaced Libyans fleeing the violence in the city. The Pentagon said that the strike was the result of poor intelligence, and that it was conducting its own internal investigation as to how the group was wrongly identified as Bahji militants. Secretary of Defense Jack Shannon has reportedly ordered a temporary freeze on drone strikes outside of Qumar while the Pentagon's review is ongoing.

European Union suspends negotiations with Turkey over Cyprus occupation
Tuesday, October 5th, 2021

The European Union (EU) formally suspended negotiations with Turkey to join the intranational union over its invasion and occupation of Cyprus on Tuesday. Members of the European Council, consisting of the leaders of all 28 member-states, voted to suspend negotiations with Turkey to join the union, which had been ongoing since 2005. President of the European Commission Maja Jagoda, the most powerful official in the EU, stated that the military occupation of Cyprus, an EU member-state, was an "absolute violation of the values of liberty, democracy and the rule of law" that are required for states to join the economic and political union. Negotiations with Turkey had been effectively stalled since the 2010 Cretan War, with EU politicians also citing the democratic backsliding that has taken place under president Ahmed Faria for the standstill prior to Tuesday's announcement.

Indian PM "well rested" after health scare
Thursday, October 7th 2021

After being rushed to the hospital complaining of chest pains, Indian Prime Minister Bijan Advani reported on Thursday that he was now "well rested" and thanked well-wishers for their support. The leader of the world's second-largest nation was reportedly in a strategy conference with other members of his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) when he began having trouble breathing and complained of pains in his chest. According to a government spokesman, doctors had given Advani a "clean bill of health as possible for a man of his age" (71).

Duggan talks tough at Conservative conference
Wednesday, October 6th, 2021

British Prime Minister Michael Duggan addressed his first Conservative Party conference as prime minister on Wednesday, striking a combative tone amidst the Cyprus crisis and a tightening of polls since taking office. Duggan opened the party conference in Blackpool by praising his predecessor Richard Samuels, who left office in July, as a "tough act to follow" and re-iterated the call for peace on the island of Cyprus. The prime minister also swore that his government would not give up the "Sovereign Base Areas" on the island, retained from the former British colony after its independence in 1960, and attacked the opposition Labour Party for not "knowing what they stand for."

Labour leader and Leader of the Opposition Jack Coll struck back, saying that the attacks were "tired attacks" of a "party that has spent its ten years in power raising the rates of child poverty and food bank use while lowering tax on the rich and funding for the NHS [the country's National Health Service]." Polling shows the Conservatives continue to lead Labour in the polls, but the gap between the two parties has narrowed since Duggan took office.
As we speed towards the 2022 Presidential Election here are a few stats for you on Presidential election states since the change in the electoral cycle in 1986.

No state was voted for the winner every time since 1986, but four states have only got it wrong once. These are:
  1. Minnesota 1990 Newman (Lassister Won)
  2. Missouri 2018 Shallick (Seaborn Won)
  3. New Jersey 2014 Fitzsimmons (Walken Won)
  4. Pennsylvania 2010 Santos (Walken Won)
Only two states have voted Democratic every time since 1986. These are:
  1. DC
  2. Massachusetts
*Ok I know DC isn't a state but it's electoral votes have gone to the Democrat each time, but you take my point*

Nine states have voted Republican every time since 1986. These are:
  1. Alaska
  2. Idaho
  3. Kansas
  4. Mississippi
  5. Nebraska
  6. North Dakota
  7. Oklahoma
  8. Utah
  9. Wyoming
Seven states have voted Democratic every time since 1986 apart from President Lassister's 1994 landslide. These are:
  1. Connecticut
  2. Hawaii
  3. Maryland
  4. New York
  5. Oregon
  6. Rhode Island
  7. Wisconsin
Six states have voted Republican every time since 1986 apart from President Bartlet's "lonely landslide". These are:
  1. Arkansas
  2. Kentucky
  3. Louisiana
  4. Montana
  5. North Carolina
  6. Tennessee
South Dakota has voted Democratic twice in 2002 and in 2010. South Carolina voted for Ritchie in 2002 but voted for Santos twice in 2006 & 2010.
A UK spreadsheet for you all...
Conservative CabinetMPSeatMP SinceMajorityOTL current Majority
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, First Lord of the Treasury & Minister for the Civil ServiceMichael DugganLancaster & Fleetwood1996 *7,6512.380 (Lab)
Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Minister of State for the Cabinet office, Paymaster General & Chancellor of the Duchy of LancasterFiona WallaceRichmond (Yorks)199127,97227,210
Conservative Party Chairman, Elections Co-Coordinator & Minister without portfolioJanice WilsonCardiff North20041,4546,982 (Lab)
Secretary of State for Foreign,Commonwealth & International Development Affairs, First Secretary of StateAdam JacksonWindsor2010 *BE26,84220,079
Chancellor of the ExchequerKevin GrimesBeverley & Holderness200417,69020,448
Chief Secretary to the TreasurySimon HarperBerwick upon Tweed20138,37214,835
Secretary of State for the Home DepartmentKaren PurvisWimbledon200414,439628
Secretary of State for DefenceMatthew StoneForest of Dean200020,17515,869
Secretary of State for Business & Industrial Development, President of the Board of TradeJeremy FordKingswood20119,24311,200
Secretary of State for Health & Social CareMalcolm RennieTorbay201114,49617,749
Secretary of State for Work & PensionsMartin GreenwellEsher & Walton2011*15,0642,743
Secretary of State for Communities, Housing, Regional & Rural AffairsCharlie HaydenBromley & Chislehurst201121,41010,891
Secretary of State for Culture, Heritage, Media and SportGail WhiteRenfrewshire East20115,2965,426 (SNP)
Secretary of State for Education & SkillsGeorge WoodsSouth Norfolk200728,77421,275
Secretary of State for Transport & National InfrastructurePatrick LawsonLudlow200721,15123,648
Secretary of State for Environment & FoodSarah BlackAgnus20043,6473,795 (SNP)
Secretary of State for Equality & MinoritiesHelen DuncanKenilworth & Southam200719,55920,353
Lord Chancellor & Secretary of State for JusticeSimon TindaleSutton & Cheam201118,1378,351
Leader of the House of Commons, Lord Privy Seal & Lord President of the CouncilGeorge TammHarwich & North Essex1996*14,23220,182
Attorney GeneralPeter BrownCorby201116,85810,268
Secretary of State for Procurement & Government AdministrationNicholas BamberRibble Valley201121,86418,439
Secretary of State for Constitutional Reform & DevolutionTamwar MalikCalder Valley201110,2675,774
Secretary of State for WalesSimon JohnMonmouth200413,3439,982
Secretary of State for ScotlandEdwina RossStirling20112,9529,254 (SNP)
Secretary of State for Northern IrelandThomas HoltCrewe & Nantwich20118,8988,508
Leader of the House of Lords & Lord Keeper of the Privy SealRoseanne Rice (The Baroness Rice of Tring)N/A
Chief Whip & Parliamentary secretary to the TreasuryJohn WebberHornchurch & Upminister2004*15,84023,308
*1 Michael Duggan was first elected for the seat of Lancaster & Wyre, it was replaced by Lancaster & Fleetwood in 2018
*2 Adam Jackson was elected at a by-election in July 2010
*3 Martin Greenwell was first elected as MP for Great Yarmouth in 2011 but he lost his seat in 2018, he returned to the HOC as MP for Esher & Walton
in the January 2020 by-election
*4 George Tamm was elected for the seat of Harwich from 1996, it was replaced by Harwich & North Essex in 2018
*5 John Webber was MP for Hornchurch from 2004, it was replaced by Hornchurch & Upminister in 2018
Last edited:

Kate Sansellfort pledges 'real change' as Liberals leap to majority government
Van Merhalls to resign as Conservative leader

October 18, 2021


A smiling Kate Sansellfort addresses supporters in Montreal (photo: M. Kirshner)

Kate Sansellfort will be the country's next prime minister after leading the Liberal Party to a stunning majority government win in today's election, dashing hopes for Leslie Van Merhalls to lead the Conservatives to a fourth straight election victory, but who will now resign his position as party leader.

This will be the second time Canada will be led by a Sansellfort. The 49 year-old Liberal leader will take the same office held by her father Oliver from 1993 to 2003.

"What we have shown here today is the power of an inclusive, positive form of politics," Sansellfort told supporters in Montreal after news media reported that the Liberals would form a majority government. "Canadians have sent a clear message that it's time for real change, and a new form of politics, in this country."

Speaking to supporters in Toronto, Van Merhalls conceded defeat, but made no mention of his political future. A statement from the Conservative Party after the prime minister’s speech, however, indicated that he would be stepping down as leader of the party as soon as an interim replacement is named.

"In our democratic system, the people are never wrong." Van Merhalls told supporters, conceding the end of a decade of Conservative rule. "The disappointment you feel, that I feel, is my responsibility alone as your party’s leader."

Van Merhalls ended his address thanking supporters for their "extraordinary efforts" and addressed all Canadians, stating that "it has been the honour of my life to have been your prime minister."

The results are a stinging rebuke to the Conservatives, who will now form the Official Opposition, and who campaigned on their experience and largely positive economic record.

The Liberals saw a total reversal of their abysmal 2017 results that left them with only 60 seats, their worst performance since the 1984 landslide victory of the Progressive Conservatives under John Corr. They have now won or are leading in 178 ridings, leading the vote in every province besides Alberta, Saskatchewan and the territory of Nunavut. The Conservatives came in second with 106 members elected, with the NDP falling to 30 seats from the 58 they had when Parliament was dissolved. The Bloc Québécois was elected in 23 seats, while the former Green Party leader Suzanne Lewis was re-elected in British Columbia.

The performance of the New Democrats greatly disappointed supporters, who had held out hope that the party would overtake the Liberals as the main party opposed to the Conservatives after coming one seat short of tying them in 2017. A devastating swing from the NDP to the Liberals in Quebec saw the party go from 36 seats to three.

Party leader Stephen Addison has not offered statements on his political future, but NDP insiders say that Addison plans to stand for a third leadership review next February.

"This has been an election about change from the politics of division and fear." Addison said in his concession speech. The NDP leader noted that Sansellfort and the Liberals had promised "big changes" for Canada and that the NDP would "work together with members of all parties to fulfill the high expectations for the upcoming Parliament."

Green Party leader Dzifa Peters failed to gain a seat in Parliament amidst her party's infighting, coming in fourth in the Toronto riding she contested. In a speech, she left open the possibility of resigning, saying she would reflect on her political future in the coming days.

Liberal victory

The Liberals jumped to an early lead tonight, painting Atlantic Canada red with 26 of the region's 32 seats, including sweeping Newfoundland & Labrador and Prince Edward Island.

But their main victories came in the vote-rich provinces of Ontario and Quebec. In Ontario, the Liberals won or are leading in 81 seats, having won in the big cities and almost sweeping Toronto, with Addison becoming the only non-Liberal to represent a Toronto seat in the upcoming parliament. The party also captured most of the coveted 905 area seats that were key to the Conservative majorities in 2013 and 2017.

In Quebec, the Liberals made huge gains, leading or having been declared the winner in 42 seats. The Liberals retook their stronghold of Montreal, taking all but three of the 22 seats in the city and its neighbouring city of Laval.

In the West, the Liberals gained seats in every province except Saskatchewan, where the retirement of long-time member Ralph McDonough resulted in the party losing their only seat in the province.

The Liberal tide took out several Cabinet ministers: Foreign Minister Paul Chin in the Greater Toronto Area, Small Business Manager James Cooper and Gender Equality Minister Ruby Marwah in Calgary, Multiculturalism Minister Tommy Wu in Vancouver. Economic Development Minister Trent Starnes in Saskatchewan was also defeated by an New Democratic Party candidate.

The Liberals finished with 38.3% of the popular vote, and were the only party that won seats that improved on their performance from 2017. The Conservatives came in second with 32.8%, with the NDP getting 19.7%, the Bloc 6.3% and the Greens 2.4%.

Plans for government

The incoming prime minister promised an ambitious agenda during the 40-day election campaign.

The Liberal program includes implementing a federal carbon tax, national childcare plan, legalizing cannabis, creating an permanent advisory committee for Senate appointments, public commissions on both electoral reform and the crisis of missing and murdered indigenous women, and having net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Additionally, the party has said they plan to increase the number of refugees the country accepts.

Unlike her father, Sansellfort did not promise a balanced budget, saying that the economic slowdown and increased spending on new policies and programs would not result in a balanced budget before the next elections are due in 2026.

"We must increase the investment in our children, our communities and our environment," she said at the English-language debate two weeks ago. "The short-term cost will outweigh the amount we will be able to reclaim through taxes...but after this transition period and with a return to economic growth, we will again have a balanced budget."

Sansellfort, set to be the nation’s second female prime minister, also promised to appoint the nation’s first gender-balanced cabinet if elected.
And the infobox:

Mia Kirshner as Kate Sansellfort
Peter Outerbridge as Leslie Van Merhalls
James Spader as Stephen Addison
Claude Legault as Maxime Brossard (new casting)
Ngozi Paul as Dzifa Peters

  • Results were obtained using OTL 2015, 2019 & 2021 elections as the base, depending on the province.
  • Sansellfort is obviously TTL's answer to Justin Trudeau, but unlike Trudeau II, her father is still alive when she becomes prime minister (or will be when she formally takes office in a few weeks).

    Owing to a combination of factors (such as her father being prime minister in most of the '90s rather than the '70s), she fortunately has better sense that her OTL counterpart when it comes to, let's say, "skincare regimens".
  • Van Merhalls is the first "unelected" Canadian PM to not win a general election after taking office ITTL since Arthur Meighen (although Meighen's party did win the most seats in the 1925 election). Two prime ministers (John Turner & Kim Campbell) have earned this distinction as well, with Campbell famously getting handed the keys just as the Progressive Conservatives' coalition imploded in spectacular fashion.
  • Addison is the only leader of the five to have led his party through a previous general election, having been the NDP leader in the three (2010, 2013 & 2017). I admit I was tempted to change him out for a new character before this election, but a combination of not wanting to have a complete overhaul from the 2017 leaders and him being played by Ultron swayed me to keep him on for a fourth rodeo.
Is Sansellfort the first woman elected P.M of Canada? I know TTL has no Kim Campbell, but did Kim Campbell have a counterpart ITTL? Also, this is the result Trudeau dreamed of having when he called that snap election.