2018 Presidential Election

I know it was a running joke last November that we on the writing team, have a time machine, after the UK reshuffle in OTL today, I am not confirming or denying but I might have a vision to predict the future.
Our reshuffle, almost 2 months ago we had this
Fiona Wallace will be the new Deputy-Prime Minister she will be moving from the Foreign Office.
Then today in the reshuffle the PM moves his Foreign Secretary sideways to become Deputy Prime-Minister...... sometimes you just cannot make this up.

Thursday September 16th, 2021
I know it was a running joke last November that we on the writing team, have a time machine, after the UK reshuffle in OTL today, I am not confirming or denying but I might have a vision to predict the future.
Our reshuffle, almost 2 months ago we had this

Then today in the reshuffle the PM moves his Foreign Secretary sideways to become Deputy Prime-Minister...... sometimes you just cannot make this up.
Says the magic man/time traveler.

Just to steal from Futarama, “You can’t say none of this won’t happen.”
It's very rare that an opportunity like this presents itself. OTL's Speaker of the House of Commons of the U.K Lindsay Hoyle has a cat named Patrick who looks strikingly similar to TTL's Chief Mouser Leo. (Also apologies for the crude photoshop)

In this photo is U.K Prime Minister Duggan and Chief Mouser Leo getting along purrfectly well:
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Monday September 20th, 2021

New NBS Polling

All +/- figures are based on the August 5th Poll. This poll is once again carried out in partnership with YouGov.
Polling has been carried out since the second debate last Sunday
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Top Stories This Week

Norton-Stewart campaign manager fired as polling slide continues

Monday, September 20th, 2021

Senator Ruth Norton-Stewart (R-OH) fired campaign manager David Diaz today only a few hours before an NBS/YouGov poll showed that the former frontrunner's downward momentum from the summer has continued. The campaign issued a statement saying that the campaign needed a "shakeup" and that Diaz and two other campaign staffers were let go to "facilitate this new change in direction." A report by the New York Times published on Sunday had several current and former campaign staffers as well as unnamed Republican officials calling the campaign "dysfunctional", and "top-heavy", with the Times' report showing Norton-Stewart's campaign having a much higher proportion of nationally-based campaign officials versus state and local organizers than other major candidates' campaigns. Norton-Stewart has named campaign communications director Tammy Neuwirth as acting campaign manager until a permanent replacement is found.

Republicans unable to overcome Senate filibuster on abortion bill
Friday, September 17th, 2021

An act that would ban all abortions after 20 weeks failed to overcome a Democratic filibuster on Friday. Senate Democrats successfully filibustered the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act that would have made it illegal to perform an abortion after a fetus is 20 weeks old, the time period which proponents say a fetus is capable of feeling pain. The Republican-controlled House had passed the act before the summer recess, with Speaker of the House Mitchell Harris (R-IN) calling it a "vital piece of legislation to end the barbaric practice of terminating pregnancies [of fetuses] capable of feeling pain." Sixty "yes" votes were needed to end debate, and proponents ended two shy, with 58 senators voting to end debate compared to 40 in favor of continuing debate. The White House had put out a statement that President Seaborn would have vetoed the bill had its proponents overcome the filibuster. Senate Majority Leader Cody Riley (R-AL) called the result "unfortunate", but stood by his decision to move the Senate on to other business, citing several confirmation hearings and the need to address the budget impasse.

Treasury Secretary warns that budget crisis could lead to shutdown
Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Secretary of the Treasury Meredith Payne sounded the alarm on Sunday over a possible government shutdown after negotiations with the White House and Congress to resolve the budget impasse failed yet again. In a letter sent to congressional leaders, Payne said the federal government would be unable to continue financing government activities after the previous year's budget ends on October 1st, which would cost the US economy "millions of dollars per day" in lost revenue and that a shutdown could endanger or reverse the slow economic growth noted in the past two fiscal quarters.

US, Qumari forces begin campaign to retake Har-e-Garbik
Thursday, September 23rd 2021

A joint US-Qumari campaign to retake the northern city of Har-e-Garbik from Bahji control began Thursday afternoon, with US forces providing artillery and air support for Qumari forces as they began a counteroffensive roughly 25 miles south of the city. As of Monday, Bahji forces had retreated to within five miles of the city after US airstrikes had made it extremely difficult to resupply and reinforce the group's southern positions. Secretary of Defense Jack Shannon said that the reallocation of resources owing to the crises in the Mediterrannean had delayed a planned operation in late August, and that "it is likely that we will see the first major urban combat [in Qumar]" since the 2016 invasion following the central government's collapse. Several videos taken in the city have shown Bahji men beating unveiled women and there are several reports that government officials were imprisoned or summarily executed following the takeover of the city last month.

Australian PM Rodgers re-elected in upset
Wednesday, September 15th, 2021

Australian voters re-elected Prime Minister Dominic Rodgers for a second term on Wednesday in a surprise result. Rodgers had been prime minister since 2018 and faced a tough three-year term as the country battled devastating wildfires during its summer months and a government commission detailing war crimes committed by Australian Defence Forces (ADF) soldiers during the country's involvement in Qumar. Political analysts and observers had projected that neither Rodgers' Labor party nor the opposition center-right Liberal coalition would win a majority of seats in the country's House of Representatives on its own, necessitating a period of negotiations with minor parties and independents to determine which party would form the next government.

Former French president Martin Fierfort dies at age 88
Tuesday, September 14th, 2021

Former French president Martin Fierfort died at his Paris home on Tuesday at the age of 88. The oldest living former French president at the time of his death, Fierfort served as France's president from 1991 to 1996, winning the election after his mentor François Mitterand's death in office. The first French president too young to have fought in World War II, Fierfort presided over the country's remembrance and reevaluation of its citizens' conduct during the war at the 50th anniversaries of the Normandy landings and liberation of Paris (in 1994) and the end of the war in Europe (1995). Outside of these ceremonial roles, however, he had a largely ineffectual presidency, most notably being known for his gaffes and the bungled 1996 Cayenne hostage crisis that resulted in nearly two dozen bystanders being killed in a gunfight between French forces and radical French Guyanese terrorists. He failed to qualify for the second round of the 1996 presidential election, the only president to do so, and retired from politics. A series of strokes in 2011 resulted in his retirement from public life.

Eurovision grants spot in 2022 contest to Cyprus government-in-exile
Saturday, September 18th, 2021

The European Broadcasting Organization, which organizes of the Eurovision Song Contest, have ruled that the Cyprus government-in-exile will be included in the 2022 contest if the island does not have another "internationally-recognized government" by January. Officials cited the pre-invasion notification from the public Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) of the country's intent to enter the continent-wide song contest, and "the questionable legal status [under international law] of any decision made by Cypriot authorities" currently in territory under Turkish military occupation. In response, Turkey's president Ahmed Faria announced that Turkey would continue its absence from the contest "indefinitely." Turkey last participated in 2012, having not entered since then owing to dissatisfaction with reforms to the show's voting system introduced for the 2013 contest.
Remember Allen Duke? Duh-ha, duh-ha
You never thought the GOP would take it this far
Now they in the limelight 'cause they far-right
Time to get paid and blow up on free trade
On the New Jersey and Virginia polls. I know that in New Jersey, Kelly Hoffman is the incumbent governor and Ruth McCabe is the State Senate Republican leader. Who are Hugh Harrison and Cal Shepherd in Virginia?

Thursday, September 23rd 2021

Four presidents on hand at opening of the Glen Allen Walken Presidential Library

Liberty, Missouri
— All four living presidents of the United States attended the dedication of the Glen Allen Walken Presidential Library today. The ceremony, which formally opened the library for the nation's 45th president, saw President Sam Seaborn attend alongside all of his living predecessors.

"It's a great day for democracy when presidents of both parties can come together on occasions like this," Seaborn said in his remarks. "The dedication of a library, a building of knowledge, about one of our nation's chief executives...It's a wonderful thing."

It is the first time that all four men have met since Seaborn's inauguration in 2019. Former acting president George P. Bush, who recently turned 93 years old, was unable to attend owing to poor health.

Former president D. Wire Newman praised Walken for his work in helping to "cut the geopolitical Gordian knot" of peace in the Holy Land with the Ankara Agreement, and his administration's conduct of the Syrian War.

"The current generation of boys and girls in Palestine and Israel will be the first in that region to to grow up in a land of peace in over one century. That is just one of the things Glen Allen Walken did as president."

Matthew Santos, who Walken defeated in the 2010 campaign, similarly praised his successor as a "humble, hardworking man who earned the country's admiration" when he acted as president when then-president Josiah Bartlet's daughter Zoey was kidnapped.

"Like another humble man from Missouri, Glen Allen Walken found himself unexpectedly thrust into the presidency in challenging circumstances. Like Harry Truman, Glen Allen Walken rose to the occasion."

In his own speech, Walken joked about the previous plans for a museum for his term as acting president.

"The National Archives said that they couldn't justify a full presidential museum for someone who was acting president for three days...so I kind of had to run for a term of my own." Looking to former president Santos on the dais, he deadpanned "Sorry, Matt.", causing even the 44th president to laugh.

At the end of his speech, Walken became a bit emotional, thanking attendees and supporters, and saying that "the challenges America faces, either at home or abroad, can and will be overcome. Our nation's best days lie ahead."

In addition to unclassified papers from Walken's presidency, the library contains a museum dedicated to both his two terms and his brief acting presidency. The library will host the next Republican presidential debate, hosted by CNN & YouTube, on October 24th.


Former president Glen Allen Walken speaks at the opening of his presidential library while former First Lady Mary Walken looks on

Saturday September 25th, 2021

Steve Docherty elected new Scottish Labour leader & Dominic Eames confirmed as 2022 London Mayoral Candidate

Prior to the start of the Labour party conference in Brighton, the party has announced two key election results. Steve Docherty, Labour MSP has been confirmed as the new leader in Scotland was expected. The 37 year old, former Professional footballer replaces Stuart Rossi, who resigned as the leader following the parties defeat in May's Scottish elections. Docherty defeated fellow MSP, Elaine Murphy winning 59.6% of the vote to Murphy's 40.4%.

Dominic Eames, confirmed has been confirmed as the London Mayoral candidate he ran for the Labour nomination unopposed. Following the decision of current Conservative Mayor Nigel Jay who defeated Mr Eames by just 97 votes in 2018 not to seek re-election due to health reasons, the Statuary Deputy Mayor, Clive Hurst is expected to be confirmed as the Conservative candidate at their party conference next week.
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Saturday, September 25th, 2021

White House & Congress reach compromise on continuing resolution funding government until November

Officials from the White House and congressional leadership have agreed to a continuing resolution that would continue funding the federal government until November 1. House Majority Leader Andrew Casey (R-NY) said that both sides had agreed to fast-track House Resolution (HR) 680 that would move the deadline for a new budget from October 1, this upcoming Friday, to the beginning of November.

"We hope that this extra negotiating time will lead to a breakthrough." Casey said. Several freshmen Republicans, most notably in the House, that NBS has spoken to have privately expressed their objection to the continuing resolution (CR): "The American people didn't send us here to keep the government gravy train rolling," one House member told us "We're serious about getting government spending under control, and this CR makes us look like we're not."

Several independent sources have reported that Casey and Speaker of the House Mitchell Harris (R-IN) have promised reluctant House members that they will not bring another continuing resolution to the floor after October. Despite it being likely that enough Republicans would join the 205 House Democrats to pass a second continuing resolution, the Republican majority operates under the so-called "Haffley rule" (named after former Speaker Jeff Haffley), that requires at least one-half of the Republican caucus to support a bill before party leadership brings it to the floor.
Yes, we had the time machine out last summer... ;)
Polls have been indicating that Chancellor Alex Baumann's SPD (Social Democratic Party) is in a dead heat with the centre-right CDU/CSU (Christian Democratic Union and Christian Social Union) coalition led by CDU leader Christian Hölling to be the biggest party in the next Bundestag. But two other parties are expecting to make large gains from their 2016 performance, largely on the backs of younger voters: the Greens and the populist right-wing DB (German Movement). German polling firms have seen a rise in support for the Greens, who are averaging nearly 16% in nationwide opinion polls, among younger voters who are disenchanted with what they see as the Baumann government's lack of leadership on climate issues.
Latest news from OTL German Election....
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Atlantis Cable News

"It's Not Political Posturing, they genuinely hate each other"- Sen. Lou Thornton comments on Edwards/Buchanan never-ending feud.

Washington D.C.- As the feud between Deputy White House Communication Director John Edwards and Senator Rob Buchanan continues, several have commented on it's nature. None is perhaps more familiar with both men than Senator Lou Thornton of Virginia, who is both a key White House ally and the Senior Senator to Buchanan. "It's not political posturing, they genuinely hate each other. It doesn't matter what the subject matter is, they'll fight about it."

The latest beef between the two men, stems from comments made by two pro-wrestlers at a Alton Moore fundraiser in California. Brothers Nick & Matt Massie (better known by their ring names Nick & Matt Jackson) appeared at the
fundraiser for Moore, who has been sagging the polls as of late. "Alton Moore stands for a strong, Christian America. Sam Seaborn wants to criminalize Christianity. Alton Moore will put an end to that as President," said Matt Massie, the elder of the two. "Alton Moore stands for what real, Christian Americans stand for. Sam Seaborn stands for degenerates and immorality." Nick Massie spoke as well. Congressman Moore thanked the brothers for their help.

John Edwards, a long noted fan of professional wrestling, responded to a video of the event on twitter.

"A friendly reminded that these two 'superstars' tweeted out that they wanted to punch out some guy in an airport who happened to look like Matt Santos"- @RedDevilJE

Senator Buchanan, was quick to respond.

"Typical of this White House to slander Christian patriots who stand up to anti-Christian bigotry"- @SenRobBuchanan

Edwards responded in kind, taking several shots at the Virginia Senator

"I wouldn't define people with a history of racist and religiously bigoted statements as 'patriots', but then again history was never your strong suit."- @RedDevilJE
"Just in case you forgot, just wanted to remind you that the Confederates lost the civil war."- @RedDevilJE

Taking his party shot, Edwards tweeted out

"And since you might be confused, the Confederates were the bad guys"- @RedDevilJE

Lou Thronton wasn't at all shocked by the vitriol between the two. "John might be from the South, but he has no love for anyone who is even remotely pro-Confederate. It's how his mother raised him. And I think when he sees wrestlers, something he loves, behave like that, he's gonna call them on it."

The White issued a brief statement backing Edwards. White House Communications Director Mark Sterns made the following statement to ACN. "In the past, everyone always thought that the White House and it's staff needed to stay out of the fray, that it would be beneath us to engage in such behavior. John has never believed that. He's a soldier, a fighter. When's he sees something wrong, he calls it out, he acts. That's time of action this White House, and President Seaborn, believes in."

Senator Buchanan declined to comment
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Atlantis Cable News

Layton flounders in debate with White House's John Edwards

New York, New York-
During last night's edition of "News Night", host Will McAvoy hosted a debate segment on the so-called "Naming Commission" that has been tasked to oversea the removal of all traces of the Confederate States of America from US military instillations. Featured in the debate were Republican Senator Barbara Layton of North Carolina who sits of the Senate Armed Services committee, and Presidential Advisor John Edwards, who is a retired US Army Paratrooper. Edwards mopped the floor with Layton, who had several verbal missteps, including mixing up which of the bases in question resided in North Carolina. While clearing a verbal misstep, Edwards was quick to capitalize. "Fort Benning is where the Army Airborne School is located. Fort Bragg, is the home of the 82nd Airborne. Fort Benning is in Georgia, Bragg is in North Carolina; not the other way around," Edwards corrected Layton. Layton's attempts to defend the legacy of Confederate General Braxton Bragg also fell flat as Edward's pointed out that even the "most ardent pro-Confederate historians agree that Bragg was an incompetent moron". Edwards defended the White House's efforts to rename the bases, arguing that "those who supported the cause of evil shouldn't be rewarded." Edwards was born & raised in Texas, and spend most of his adult life living in the Southern United States while in the military. Layton's office declined to comment when ACN reached out.
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Just a random table....
Presidents seeking re-election since 1986
1990DW NewmanDLost
1994Owen LassisterRWon
2002Josiah BartletDWon
2010Matthew SantosDLost
2014Glen Allen WalkenRWon

Friday October 1st, 2021

Oliver elected new Green party leader

Karen Oliver, a local Councillor in Bristol and a former parliamentary candidate for Bristol West at the 2018 general election and the 2021 Avon gubernatorial candidate has been elected the new leader of the English and Welsh Green party. She received 44% of the first preference votes and 62% of the second round vote. She beat Emma Anderson who came second with 30% of first preference votes and 38% of second preference votes. She will replace outgoing leader Patrick Rackett who has been leader of the party since 2008. Ms Anderson will remain Deputy Leader.

Ms Oliver said: "We are at a crucial moment in history and it is clear that the other major political parties have failed to bring about the change that is necessary.More than ever before, it is vital that Green policies are adopted for the benefit of our climate and our communities".


Karen Oliver campaigning for Avon Governor earlier this year.

(Photo by Emma Thompson)
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