2018 Presidential Election

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Yes just to let you all know, I am not sure if I will be able to do "live coverage" of the UK General Election tomorrow.
I do know the final result though.
Will update you on Thursday.
Sorry but NO live coverage, but will have the result up in the morning, plus taken lord caedus up on his offer for a Wiki info box.

Friday September 7th 2018

Conservative's on course to be re-elected but with a substantially reduced majority

Prime-Minister Richard Samuels looks set to be returned to Number Ten in his own right with a majority of around 24 seats with some results still coming in this morning. The BBC Exit Poll at 10.PM forecasted a larger majority of 52, but that had been reduced to 36 by 6am, and further modified by 9am to 24.

The Conservatives did make gains and one was the prize they had been after the Shadow Chancellor Kate Wells in Watford who was beaten by the grandson, Alan Prescott-Rainsley of the former Father of the House, Sir William Rainsley who died in 2014 by just 374 votes. The Conservatives also defeated former Labour Party Chairman Luke Sharp in Cannock Chase with a 7.5% swing.

The Conservatives have lost over 60 seats to Labour, but suffered probably their worst results to the NPP in Essex, losing Castle Point and Clacton to near 40% swings, with Rochford & Southend East being won with a swing of 42%. The NPP have still a chance of taking their greatest prize of the night, the seat of a Cabinet Minister, Martin Greenwell, the Business Secretary in Great Yarmouth where they are down to a fifth recount with the margin believed to be in a single figures.

NPP also gained two seats from Labour in the North-East, Hartlepool and Middlesbrough South & East Cleveland, there is also a recount underway in the London seat of Dagenham & Rainham.
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General Election Final Results
Conservative: 335 seats
Labour: 256 seats

Lib Dem: 15 seats
NPP: 13 seats
SNP: 8 seats
PC: 4 seats
Speaker: 1 seats
NI: 18 seats (DUP 10 SF 5 SDLP 2 UUP 1)
Conservative Majority: 20

Friday September 7th 2018

Business Secretary Greenwell defeated by five votes

Martin Greenwell, the Business Secretary and a man tipped by many to be the next leader of the Conservative Party was defeated in Great Yarmouth by the NPP's Aaron Barnes by just five votes. Greenwell the MP since 2011, was defending a majority of 16,347, and it took a swing of 22.42% to oust him.

Friday September 7th 2018

Benn "I am not resigning"

Andrea Benn told the press this afternoon that she would not be resigning as Labour Lader despite the defeat in the General Election.

"We had a long way to come back, it is going to take another leap to get a Labour Government" adding "I have congratulated the Prime-Minister on his victory, he will have my support when I think he is right".

"I am hearted by the gains we have made, and the faith shown in me and my party, we are on the way back".

Friday September 7th 2018

Scotland Results
Labour 33 seats (- 4) (31.95%) -1.95%
Conservative 11 seats (+4) (23.85%)+5.56%
SNP 8 seats (+2) (29.53%)+5.82%
Liberal Democrat 7 seats (-1) (8.65%)-7.78%
Socialist Alliance 0 seats (-1)(4.05%)-0.07%
Green 0 seats (n/c) (1.98%)-1.00%
Swing 3.85% from Labour to SNP
I do have all the results for each constituency, the file is massive though, any seat results anyone want just shout & I'll post it.
BBC News

Saturday September 8th, 2018

Irish Taoiseach Pullen to resign, seek presidency

Irish Taoiseach Liam Pullen has announced that he will resign his office effective on 20 September in order to run for the mostly ceremonial post of President of Ireland.

Pullen made the announcement earlier today outside of his Dublin home, saying it would "not be proper for me to seek the presidency while still serving as Taoiseach." He subsequently praised outgoing President Patrick Reynolds for "setting a high standard for all future presidents and leaders of the Irish Republic" and thanked the voters of Ireland for "allowing me serve as your Taoiseach." Pullen thanked several long-serving members of his final cabinet, but did not endorse a successor. The parliamentary party for Fianna Fáil will select the next party leader and Taoiseach on 18 September.

Pullen is the longest-serving Irish leader since Éamon de Valera, having served since taking over from Connor O'Doull in 2008 after serving in several lower-visibility portfolios. With Reynolds barred by term limits from seeking a third term and no candidate from either the Fine Gael or Labour opposition parties coming close to matching Pullen's political stature, it is widely assumed that Pullen will win the presidential election on 26 October.


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Monday September 10th 2018

Breaking News:

Samuels rings in the Cabinet changes:

Chancellor William Morgan & Party Chairman George Tamm sacked

Defence Secretary Kevin Grimes to be the new Chancellor
Is there anything new in America at present?
Loads of stump speeches, as the candidates race around the battleground states with under two months left.... not much in my posting this as you know it already.

I will have a couple of bits up later this week including polling.
Boston Globe

Isaac Sidley, Former Governor and Senator, Dies At Age 87

By Carl Doucette

Isaac Sidley, a former United States senator and Governor of Massachusetts passed away at his Boston residence this afternoon at age 87. His family announced the news, with his widow, former First Lady of Massachusetts Susan Sidley saying that "Isaac is at peace now," after a short battle with an aggressive form of liver cancer.

Sidley was born in 1931 to a lower-class Boston family that, he remembered, "survived only because of" his father's employment with the New Deal-era Works Progress Administration. Sidley stood out as an exceptional student and after graduating from Boston International High School, Sidley was accepted into Boston College on a scholarship. After receiving his degree in accounting in 1953, he joined the Marines and was commissioned as an officer in 1954. Sidley spent ten years in the Marines, some of which he was the commanding officer of Mike Skinner, father of former US senator from Vermont Matt Skinner, before retiring in 1964 at the rank of captain. After ten years of working in the private sector and turning down opportunities to run for statewide office in 1967 and 1971, Sidley ran for and won a state senate seat in Massachusetts as part of the Democratic wave in the aftermath of Watergate.

While in the state senate, Sidley earned a reputation for both his moral steadfastness and constituent service, although he would frequently express frustration at "illogical" pathways in the legislature, some of which he later realized, existed because of endemic corruption. With his star boosted by his adamant refusal to take a bribe during an FBI sting operation, he was named to the United States Senate in 1987 to replace Roland Pierce, who had just been elected vice president. Sidley found the pace of the Senate to his liking and rather than serve as just a place holder, went on to win two elections in his own right in 1988 and 1994. During his 14 year stint in the Senate, Sidley was frequently not in the headlines, although his behind-the-scenes work was noted as crucial in negotiations between President Owen Lassiter and the Democrats who controlled the Senate for almost all of the president's term.

Opting to retire from the Senate in 2000, Sidley initially intended to be done with electoral politics. But in 2005, at age 74, he announced that he would run to succeed Tom Case as governor of Massachusetts. "I have at least one more fight left in me," he notably quipped when reporters asked the former senator why he intended to return to politics in his mid-seventies. Riding on Matt Santos' coattails and the traditional Democratic tilt of Massachusetts, Sidley swept into office in 2006 to become the commonwealth's 71st, and oldest, governor. His tenure as governor put him into the national spotlight on several occasions: from his infamously long delay between naming a Senate successor to Roland Pierce following the former vice president's death to his selection of Boston Mayor Jimmy Fitzsimmons, who would become the Democratic nominee for president less than four years later, to his own name being floated multiple times during the Santos administration for either a cabinet position or to become vice president after Eric Baker's resignation.

Despite his own domestic accomplishments, including raising Massachusetts' minimum wage from $8 to $11 an hour, increasing education funding and enacting legal protections for same-sex couples in Massachusetts, Sidley's popularity eroded as his term wore on and as his health problems became more frequent. Despite calls for him to resign early, Sidley served out his second term and handed power over to current governor Sam Rust in 2015. He spent the last few years of his life in quiet retirement.

Senator Jimmy Fitzsimmons praised Sidley as a "wise and compassionate public servant", while Sidley's successor in the Senate Ryan Lindell said that the "Commonwealth has lost one of its greatest politicians today." Governor Rust has ordered all flags in Massachusetts to be lowered to half-mast for three days in honor and remembrance of Sidley.
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Mark, I know you are probably busy, but are we at least going to start getting more frequent updates on the Presidential election soon? The election is in less than 2 months and we rarely ever hear anything.
Mark, I know you are probably busy, but are we at least going to start getting more frequent updates on the Presidential election soon? The election is in less than 2 months and we rarely ever hear anything.
You mean apart from the post on the 2nd of the month?

How frequently do you want things?

Wednesday September 12 2018

Governors, White House Prepare for Francine's Approach

With less than 48 hours before Hurricane Francine's projected landfall, the White House has been working closely with the governors of three states in the hurricane's projected path to make sure federal aid and resources will pour into the affected areas as soon as possible. "We have been in constant communication with the governors of Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina as well as the director of FEMA," Press Secretary Kate Moore told reporters. "President Walken is also working diligently with Speaker Maddox and Senator Riley to make sure the funds for aid and reconstruction will be able to be disbursed as soon as possible."

Francine, currently a Category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale, is expected to lead to massive flooding and property damage (expected to be in the millions of dollars) along the Georgia and Carolina coast. Governor Ethan Butler of South Carolina has declared a statewide state of emergency, and Governors Mike Schofield of Georgia and David McNamara of North Carolina have ordered mandatory evacuations in every coastal county of their respective states. Both major party presidential candidates, Senator Sam Seaborn and former White House Chief of Staff Henry Shallick have taken to the airwaves urging those in the mandatory evacuation zones not to try and weather the storm. "If you live in one of the mandatory evacuation zone and can leave, please do so," Seaborn said in a radio advertisement aired in the Carolinas yesterday. "It can be hard leaving your home, or your possessions, but nothing you leave behind is as important as your life."


OOC: Don't know if this is appropriate, but for all readers in the American southeast, please follow the directions of your local authorities and evacuate if you have been ordered to.
Mark, I know you are probably busy, but are we at least going to start getting more frequent updates on the Presidential election soon? The election is in less than 2 months and we rarely ever hear anything.
I am doing my best...... I do have other things in my life as well
theeconomist.com, Friday September 14th

A General Election Lacking in Spark

Seven weeks out from election day and voters in the United States seem to be struggling to engage in a Presidential election that thus far has been defined by it’s fairly spectacular mundaneness.

Neither California Senator Sam Seaborn nor former White House Chief of Staff Henry Shallick has been able to move the polls that continue to suggest a very close race. Sources close to Governor Shallick suggest that this has been part of their strategy and that the duller the race the more chance he will have to prevail. One source was quoted as saying “Seaborn has way more box office appeal - our path to victory is to avoid the race becoming a marquee event and hope in November that continuity prevails.”

The Seaborn camp has been unable to shake out of their own inertia and their campaign has been riddled with apparent infighting between Seaborn and his Vice-Presidential nominee Franklin Hollis. Campaign Chief CJ Cregg did the rounds of the Sunday shows last week and suggested that on the ground things were looking very different “the people the Senator is meeting are very enthusiastic and excited, they are connecting with our message.”

The most contentious issue of the race remains gun control, with Shallick campaigning strongly on his opponents promises to “get the guns” a quote that Seaborn and his team have been attempting to walk back ever since.

As we approach the debates things seem likely to heat up - and with Labor Day in the rearview mirror most expect the American people to start to pay much closer attention as we move closer to November.