2018 Presidential Election

I can't find if it has ever been discussed in thread, but my belief in PMs at the time was that he had passed away from a sudden illness, and that he was too ill to attend the Newman inauguration (and passed sometime that evening).

I also felt that his death may have caused some of the inaugural balls to be cancelled and cast a dark cloud over the Newman administration.
I believe the not-set-in-stone-but-headcanon reason was cancer with the rationale being that Carter's siblings and parents suffered and died from it IRL. Also for Mrs Ford and Mrs Reagan, perhaps just bump their passings up 10 years and when Mrs Carter passes, bump her's up ex post facto
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For those interested if you apply the new electoral college totals to 2018, it gives the Republicans 3 extra votes and the reduces the Dems by 3 votes. It would have left the electoral college result: 271 to 267 rather than the 274 to 264 result we did get.
Also 2014 which was 270 to 268 would have been 274 to 264 with the new electoral college totals, with a plus 4 electoral votes for the Republicans. It seems the new electoral map seems to slightly favour the Republicans, +3 in 2018 +4 in 2014.
Second Ladies and Gentlemen of the United States
Second Lady or Gentleman​
Vice President - Marriage Date​
Date of Birth​
Date of Death - Age​
Abigail Adams (née Abigail Smith)​
John Adams - October 25, 1764​
April 21, 1789 - March 4, 1797​
November 11, 1744​
October 28, 1818 - 73 years, 351 days​
Claudia "Lady Bird" Johnson (née Claudia Alta Taylor)​
Lyndon B. Johnson - November 17, 1934​
January 20, 1961 - November 22, 1963​
December 22, 1912​
July 11, 1997 (aged 84)​
vacant; no Vice President
November 22, 1963 - January 20, 1965​
Muriel Humphrey (née Muriel Fay Buck)​
Hubert Humphrey - September 3, 1936​
January 20, 1965 - January 20, 1969​
February 20, 1912​
September 20, 1998 (aged 86)​
Elinor "Judy" Agnew (née Elinor Isabel Judefind)​
Spiro Agnew - May 27, 1942​
January 20, 1969 - October 10, 1973​
April 23, 1921​
June 20, 2002 (aged 81)​
vacant; no Vice President
October 10, 1973 - December 6, 1973​
Elizabeth "Betty" Ford (née Elizabeth Anne Bloomer)​
Gerald Ford - October 15, 1948​
December 6, 1973 - August 9, 1974​
April 8, 1918​
July 8, 2001 (aged 83)​
vacant; no Vice President
August 9, 1974 - December 19, 1974​
Margaretta "Happy" Rockefeller (née Margaretta Large Fitler)​
Nelson Rockefeller - May 4, 1963​
December 19, 1974 - January 20, 1977​
June 9, 1926​
May 19, 2005 (aged 78)​
Joan Mondale (née Joan Adams)​
Walter Mondale - December 27, 1955​
January 20, 1977 - January 20, 1981​
August 8, 1930​
March 3, 2004 (aged 73)​
George Bush - January 6, 1958​
January 20, 1981 - January 20, 1987​
January 19, 1932​
October 4, 2019 (aged 87)​
Roland Pierce - November 22, 1963​
January 20, 1987 - January 20, 1991​
April 1, 1935​
February 3, 2015 (aged 79)​
Lana Eisenhower (née Lana Dell Ford)​
Lewis David Eisenhower - November 18, 1967​
January 20, 1991 - January 20, 1999​
July 29, 1949​
Living - 71 years, 276 days​
John Hoynes - May 19, 1985​
January 20, 1999 - May 2, 2003​
August 19, 1953​
Living - 67 years, 255 days​
vacant; no Vice President
May 2, 2003 - July 14, 2003​
Janet Russell (née Janet Von Schmidt)​
Bob Russell - August 29, 1985​
July 14, 2003 - January 20, 2007​
August 14, 1947​
Living - 73 years, 260 days​
vacant; no Vice President
January 20, 2007 - January 30, 2007​
Eric Baker - July 4, 1976​
January 30, 2007 - September 3, 2009​
May 20, 1951​
June 21, 2012 (aged 61)​
vacant; no Vice President
September 3, 2009 - September 10, 2009​
June Tripplehorn (née June O. Fullton)​
Wendell Tripplehorn - June 17, 1981​
September 10, 2009 - January 20, 2011​
June 3, 1948​
Living - 72 years, 332 days​
Elizabeth Clark - June 8, 1995​
January 20, 2011 - January 20, 2019​
January 29, 1945​
Living - 76 years, 119 days​
Amy Hunter (née Amy Cynthia Martin)​
Jack Hunter - August 22, 2000​
January 20, 2019 - present​
April 30, 1971​
Living - 50 years, 0 days​

  • This is based off the Wikipedia page for Second Ladies (and Gentlemen), but without pictures. I don't know if there is any interest in casting the four uncast Second Ladies, although Amy Hunter probably will get attention one of these days.
  • Lady Bird Johnson - Her date of death is ten years to the day prior to her real life date of death. As a First Lady (in addition to Second Lady), I felt it necessary to do so rather than assume something complicated with her non-appearance in 2004's The Stormy Present. Every Second Lady prior to her (and one after, Muriel Humphrey), is presumed to have the exact same details as IOTL.
  • Judy Agnew - She passed away ten years prior than in OTL. I was trying to avoid unnecessary passings during this timeline's existence (2009-Now).
  • Betty Ford - She passed away ten years prior than in OTL. As a former First Lady, presumably her funeral would've been attended by President Bartlet and other dignitaries, but wasn't covered by the show, as it more or less happens between the second and third seasons.
  • Happy Rockefeller - Her passing (10 years prior than in OTL again) occurs neatly during the "missing year".
  • Joan Mondale - Mrs. Mondale is mentioned as alive in 2000 in some background material on Governor Harry Kimble, and her passing (10 years prior than in OTL) in 2004 is a little less than a couple months after President Lassiter's.
  • Allison Bush - Our first fictional Second Lady, her casting (Tippi Hedren) has been established in thread, and all the details are cribbed from her infobox, except for the day (not year) of her marriage to George Bush, which I took from the OTL George Bush's marriage to Barbara.
  • Ellen Pierce - Similar to Mrs. Bush, Ellen has an infobox with casting (Grace Lee Whitney), and most details, except for marriage day. Originally, this day was going to match that of the Quayles (November 18), but I moved it up four days when I realized the year, just to give them a really upsetting reception.
  • Lana Eisenhower - Very little has been established outside of Lewis Eisenhower's infobox. I gave her the middle name "Dell" as a nod to Lana Del Rey, and some Marilyn Quayle info (birthdate, marriage date), but that can be changed.
  • Suzanne Hoynes - This is the only Second Lady ever to appear in the show, while Second Lady (see Dorothy Baker below), and was played by Katherine Ann McGregor. One unsourced website says McGregor was born around 1953, so I put that for Suzanne's birth year, with a date matching Tipper Gore's, making her a few years younger than John Hoynes, which matches her being his second wife (per the show). Her marriage day (not year, all years have been provided in the VP infoboxes, as is maiden names) matches that of the Gores. Her middle name is an invention of mine, making it the same as C.J.'s, because, sure, why not?
  • Janet Russell - I decided Janet Russell didn't have a middle name, like Joan Mondale. I also gave her some Lynne Cheney info (birthday, marriage day), while making her a few years older than Bob, to introduce an inversion of slightly older men marrying slightly younger women.
  • Dorothy Baker - She was played by Kate Enggren, who was born in May 20, 1960. Keeping that birthdate would not match the marriage year provided in the infobox (1976) without alot of skeleton's in Baker's closet, so, with apologies to the actress, I moved it up nine years to make her at least 25 (marrying the 30-year-old Eric). I also gave them a Bicentennial Marriage Date, which I like to imagine happened right in the middle of celebrations in Philadelphia. Her middle name (Margaret) is just simply taken from "Peggy" Bundy, to match her maiden name.
  • June Tripplehorn - We don't know much about her, so I made her the same age as Wendell (high school sweethearts? Although they got married late, so perhaps she had a first husband...). I decided her middle name was just "O." - not for the Juno joke, but just to have a middle initial without a name for funsies. Her marriage day and birthday match that of the Bidens.
  • Harry Jackman - The only Second ... Spouse to be cast by the thread (by me, actually) while serving as Second ... Spouse. I cast him with Tom Selleck, who is considerably older than Elizabeth Clark is supposed to be, but I presume it was a political marriage, well into her career (after most of her Mayoralty), and they were both professionals. His birthdate matches the actor, and his full name (Harry Koch Jackman) is a reference to Texas businessman Harry Koch, who died a few years before Jackman was born and I presume there is a close relationship between the two Texan businessman families (Harry Koch's descendants are fairly important in modern politics, whatever that says of the West Wing World...).
  • Amy Hunter - Yet to be cast, AFAIK (I looked), but will probably be important in the future of this thread. I gave her the marriage day of the Emhoff-Harris's, and the middle name of Cynthia. I made it her birthday today.
Any corrections or omissions I made, let me know. This should be easier to fix than a wiki-image.


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Wednesday April 28th, 2021

Duke formally launches campaign with attack on "godless President Seaborn", asks his Daughter to "come back to me" and claims Governor Laurion is not an American

So a unhinged religious birther with a dash of Alan Keyes. Fringe candidates are good fodder for comedy shows.

Might I suggest a country music singer for this one, as there's usually always an introspective picture of them with an American flag.
One thing I realized is that while IOTL Biden's speech to Congress made history since the president was flanked by two women for the first time (Harris & Pelosi), TTL it wouldn't be notable.

ITTL Glen Allen Walken would have had only one State of the Union (2018) where he would not be flanked by two women. The other seven (since the show established that the president, regardless of whether they're newly-inaugurated or not, gives the State of the Union early in the year) had Liz Clark & Carol Gelsey presiding over Congress behind him.

On the other hand, Walken is the only president ITTL to give a speech to Congress with a woman presiding over at least one chamber, compared to four presidents IOTL (GW Bush, Obama, Trump & Biden). Carol Gelsey became Speaker during the Santos administration, but after the 2010 SotU (the last one Santos gave).
List of Speakers of the United States House of Representatives

Some notes:
  • An important change from OTL: with the election year shift, Congress that were elected in the presidential years needed to first convene before January 6 in order to be sworn in before the electoral count, which occurs on a fixed day.
  • Jim Cor is the third longest serving speaker in history, coming in 5 days short of 10 years. This puts him behind Sam Rayburn and Henry Clay, and ahead of his predecessor Tip O'Neill.
  • Unlike OTL, there has not been a Speaker from California or Washington. However, we do have the first speaker from Florida.
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Some notes:
  • Unlike OTL, there has not been a Speaker from California or Washington. However, we do have the first speaker from Florida.

Jeff Haffley coincidentally served in the same district as OTL Tom Foley (the Spokane district of Western Washington).
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Top Stories This Week

Duke defiant after Laurion ad attack: "They let foreigners into the military"

AMES, IA — Former senator Alan Duke (R-OK) declined to back down after an attack ad blitz by supporters of Governor Ben Laurion (R-MI) attacked Duke for accusing the Michigan governor of being a Canadian immigrant who isn't a "proper American." An ad by Republicans for Change, an independent PAC (political action committee) that highlighted Laurion's military service and telegenic family, called Duke's attacks "despicable" and "unpatriotic."

"Alan Duke never served a day in uniform in his life. Who is he to call someone un-American?" the ad intones over a picture of Duke.

The former senator, whose socially conservative views plant him firmly on the right-wing of the Republican Party, did not back down. When asked his response at a rally, Duke replied that "they let foreigners into the military" and dismissed reporter's corrections that Laurion was born in Michigan and learned French in high school.

"I don't care about what the mainstream media has to say about how 'American' one of my opponents is," Duke said. "What I care about is that Republican voters recognize someone who shares our values---faith, family and country---and someone who is only pretending to."


Attorney General announces new guidelines for immigration enforcement

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Attorney General George Montgomery announced on Monday that new guidelines changing the illegal aliens that the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) should prioritize apprehending and removing.

Montgomery stated in the announcement that INS agents would begin focusing exclusively on the arrest and removal of illegal aliens who "pose a threat to public safety", and defer the removal of other illegal aliens they encounter, attaching a memorandum of the changed regulations. The new regulations define the first category as any undocumented person who "is convicted or charged in either the United States, their home nation or both" with either "a felony or a misdemeanor involving violence (such as domestic abuse)" or has been identified as a member of an organized criminal group. The memorandum allows INS to deport otherwise-eligible aliens who arrived in the United States after January 1st of this year, and also provides an overview of new procedures for dealing with undocumented aliens who are witnesses to a crime, victims of a crime, or who were brought to the US as minors and are not yet 30 years of age.

"These changes will allow INS to use its resources most effectively, and minimize the amount of disruption to the American families of undocumented people." Montgomery said.

The response in the Republican-controlled Congress was almost entirely negative, with Speaker of the House Mitchell Harris (R-IN) calling it "an attack on the rule of law" and "an attempt to change the nation's immigration policy by diktat."

"Only Congress has the power to change immigration policy," Harris told reporters. "This is an attempt by the administration to get around this inconvenient fact, and law-abiding Americans everywhere should be outraged."


Israel agrees to handover of Golan Heights to UN

TEL AVIV— The government of Israel announced Tuesday that it will begin handing over control of the disputed Golan Heights to the United Nations later this year, with no Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers remaining in Golan by the end of 2022. Prime Minister Gilad Doron told the Knesset that the withdrawal was "in the strategic interests of Israel and the region."

"We in Israel wish to exist in friendship and peace within community of nations...what land we have taken to prevent another attempted destruction of our nation and our people has always been returned in exchange for peaceful coexistence." Doron said in a speech.

The United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) under the command of General Sugat Hamal of Nepal, is currently responsible for administering the portion of the Golan Heights that had been administered by Syria prior to 2011, and will extend its mandate to the whole territory as Israel withdraws. Under the "Ankara framework", Israel, Palestine and Syria have signed on to an agreement that will add Syria to the signatories of the "Ankara Agreement" that recognize Israel, Palestine and the Holy City of Jerusalem. This will allow a normalization of trade between Syria and the other two countries, and facilitate the return of refugees displaced by the 2011 war. In exchange, Syria has agreed to a permanent demilitarization of the Golan Heights and an interim administration by the United Nations "lasting no more than 25 years" from the date of the handover to UNDOF.

The plateau became an object of contention in 1967 when Israel captured it from Syria in the Six-Day War. Two UN resolutions called on Israel to relinquish the territory to Syria, but the Jewish state refused, citing self-defense concerns. Israel controversially extended Israeli law to the area in 1981, which the UN said violated international law forbidding the annexation of territory by conquest. During the Syrian War, Syrian forces overran the Golan Heights before a US-led international coalition pushed Syria out of the heights completely.

Friday May 7th, 2021

Britain awaits results of bumper election day​

The polls have closed across Britain in the biggest set of elections since the 2018 general election.
Throughout Thursday, voters have picked representatives for the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Senedd as well as local councils in England.
Voters in England and Wales also voted for County Governors. The results are due to come in over the next few days.
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Saturday May 8th, 2021

SNP win Scottish Parliament election but are two seats short of a outright majority

The SNP will form the next Holyrood government having won 63 seats (+34) - just two short of an overall majority. With all results declared, Labour have been reduced to 36 seats (-22) whilst the Conservatives have secured 19 seats (+5); Scottish Liberal Democrats 7 seats (-10);Scottish Greens 3 seats (+1). Smaller parties such as the Socialist Alliance and Scottish Future have failed to win a seat, with the Socialist Alliance losing all five of it's MSP's.

First Minister Stuart Rossi conceded defeat this afternoon to SNP leader Karen Kilgore. Sources close to the outgoing First Minister say he will resign the party leadership in the coming days. Karen Kilgore is expected to secure the support of the three Green MSP's which will give her a majority of three seats in Holyrood.


(With thanks as always to @lord caedus for the Wiki box)
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Saturday May 8th, 2021

Labour remains in power after Welsh election

Labour will remain in power in Wales for another five years winning once again 29 seats in the Welsh Parliament. On Saturday, evening the final regional seats in South Wales East and South Wales Central were declared. With the results of those final eight seats, Labour has won 29 seats (n/c) the Conservatives 12 seats (+2 ), Plaid Cymru 11 seats (+2), National Peoples Party 7 seats (+4) and the Lib Democrats just 1 (-8).


(With thanks as always to @lord caedus for the Wikibox)

Sunday May 9th, 2021

County Governor Election Results

CountyResult2nd Place PartyMargin pop voteMargin %Swing %
ClwydCon Gain LabLab9,6303.35%4.71% from Lab to Con
DyfedCon HoldLab20,2078.79%3.22% from Lab to Con
GwentLab HoldCon51,83215.43%1.03% from Lab to Con
GwyneddPC HoldCon10,90510.55%3.32% from PC to Con
Mid GlamorganLab HoldCon47,45324.11%0.70% from Lab to Con
PowysCon HoldLib Dem25,53930.11%9.55% from Lib Dem to Con
South GlamorganLab HoldCon23,2449.05%2.92% from Con to Lab
West GlamorganLab HoldCon37,43917.78%3.31% from Lab to Con
OverallLab HoldCon89,7205.26%1.93% from Lab to Con
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Public Service Announcement
As I am attempting to be as realistic as possible, many of the English "Metro Mayors" and "Police & Crime Commissioners" (which are the basic equivalent of ATL "County Governors") are still yet to declare results. So it could be the full breakdown will not be done until Monday.