2018 Presidential Election

Was rewatching some clips of the show on YouTube and in one of the offices there's a picture of Bartlet with Queen Elizabeth. So I know IOTL the only president she never met was LBJ (and Biden so far), does that hold true ITTL?

Tuesday, February 16th 2020

Seaborn announces US and Cuba will resume diplomatic relations
Leo would be proud
Let's take a break from the off-screen adventures of the Seaborn White House dealing with a hostile Congress and the president and his chief of staff hiding from their wives after having to blow off Valentine's Day celebrations because of the Texas power crisis to bring you: infoboxes.


Cast (all previously established)
Dawn Wells as Rachel Carmine
Kyle Chandler as Stephen Collins
Terry Farrell as Clare McAuley
Roy Marten as Bambang Nuruddin
Sasha Alexander as Jennifer Vinick

I did Carmine's biography here. See if you can pick out the nods to Wells' most famous role.
Quite a few parts of Collins' biography comes from this one on the old thread.

The one big thing that I've retconned is Collins' military background. The article has him join the military during the Persian Gulf War and then leave in March 1991 after rising to the rank of captain of a unit. That's how things worked in the Civil War, but definitely not how things work in the modern military. So, I've just had him not serve at all, since it's not like this was ever a major part of his character anyways.

I established the circumstances for his off-screen split from his first wife and subsequent remarriage in the notes for Connie Tate's infobox.

His temporary replacement was mentioned previously, but has since been replaced by Angela Blake as the new permanent head of the DNC.
Not a whole lot of earth-shattering news for Jadzia Dax McAuley's infobox. She's basically just a former lawyer who became a state senator before jumping to the US Senate in 2014.

I made her birthplace as NYC as a nod to Farrell's role in Becker (which she went to instead of staying on Deep Space Nine for the final season), but my headcanon is that she grew up in Pennsylvania (to explain why Farrell doesn't have a NYC accent) and after law school, moved to Delaware for work. Then she became involved in politics and the rest is history.
Nuruddin was previous established as the incumbent president of Indonesia, who won a second term last year. The only person previously established was his predecessor as president (Siguto), the rest are new additions.

I took most of Nuruddin's bio from OTL president Joko Widodo, slightly changed to incorporate his actor's origin in a different province.
Jennifer Vinick was mentioned in the show, but didn't appear. Her casting and subsequent backstory are thread creations. She was a successful businesswoman who ran a shipping company specializing in moving agricultural products (oranges & avocados) in her hometown of Santa Paula before finally jumping into politics after her father's death in 2019. With that in mind, I've given her a business degree (bachelor of science in business administration) from UC Berkeley, since they apparently have a really good business school (also for the irony of California's Republican senator having a daughter attending a college that was notorious its left-wing activism in the 1960s).

Her mother was established in her father's (now-outdated) infobox, and was mentioned (but not named) in the show. She was mentioned as being separated from her husband in 2015, but no follow-up has been made, so my headcanon is that their marriage is effectively over, but they haven't divorced for personal and financial reasons.
UK Government Senior Cabinet Members : The Three Great Offices of State
Foreign & Commonwealth Secretary

NamePartyYears ServedPrime-Minister
Sir Geoffrey HoweConservative1983-1990Thatcher
Henry ReedConservative1990-1991Thatcher
Richard SamuelsConservative1991-1993Thatcher
Maureen GratyConservative1993-1996Reed
Sir Reginald StylesLabour1996-2000Meyer
John GreenLabour2000-2004Meyer
Lucy HackerConservative2004-2007Graty
Rachel LilburnLabour2007-2009Green
Jack CollLabour2009Green
Malcolm CutterLabour2009-2011Green
William MorganConservative2011-2012Carter
Richard CurtisConservative2012-2013Carter
Frank CameronConservative2013-2016Carter & Samuels
Fiona WallaceConservative2016-IncumbentSamuels
Chancellor of the Exchequer
NamePartyYears ServedPrime-Minister
Sir Nigel LawsonConservative1983-1991Thatcher
Mike O'BrienConservative1991-1993Thatcher
Sir Kenneth PatonConservative1993-1996Reed
Alexander JamesonLabour1996-2004Meyer
Frederick MorganConservative2004-2007Graty
Alexander JamesonLabour2007-2009Green
Daniel LamontLabour2009-2011Green
George TammConservative2011-2013Carter
William MorganConservative2013-2018Carter & Samuels
Kevin GrimesConservative2018-IncumbentSamuels
Home Secretary
NamePartyYears ServedPrime-Minister
Kenneth BakerConservative1990-1991Thatcher
Henry ReedConservative1991-1993Thatcher
Mike O'BrienConservative1993-1995Reed
Richard SamuelsConservative1995-1996Reed
Keith BakerLabour1996-1997Meyer
David SherwoodLabour1997-2000Meyer
Sir Gerald FoxLabour2000-2004Meyer
David WellerConservative2004-2005Graty
Kenneth MatthewsConservative2005-2007Graty
Ed BarkerConservative2007Graty
Michael O'BrienLabour2007-2009Green
Jonathan MoseleyLabour2009-2011Green
Daniel MayboyleConservative2011-2012Carter
William MorganConservative2012-2013Carter
Nigel JayConservative2013-2017Carter & Samuels
Michael DugganConservative2017-IncumbentSamuels
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Saturday February 20th 2021

President Seaborn declares "major disaster" in Texas

President Sam Seaborn has declared a major disaster in Texas, clearing the way for more federal funds to be spent on relief efforts in the state. Power is returning across Texas and temperatures are set to rise but some thirteen million people are still facing difficulties accessing clean water.The President has said he will visit Texas as long as his presence is not a burden on relief efforts. Over seventy deaths have been attributed to cold weather across the state in the past week.

In a statement released by the White House, President Seaborn said he had "ordered federal assistance to supplement state and local recovery efforts in the areas affected by the severe winter storms". It added that he had been in touch with Governor De Haan and the Mayors of Houston, Austin, and Dallas, to ensure they have access to government resources.

The state energy grid has been overwhelmed by a surge in demand for heat as temperatures plummeted to thirty year lows. As of Saturday morning, over 180,000 homes and businesses in Texas still had no electricity. Amid freezing temperatures earlier this week, as many as 3.3 million were without power. There has been some disruption of water services as hundreds of water systems have been damaged by the freeze.

Governor Adam De Haan said the state is providing "any and all resources to assist and to accelerate the response at the local level". State officials could not offer a timeline for exactly when the water would come back on, saying it was a question for local water providers, and that many have not yet fully assessed the damage to their systems. He also said more plumbers are headed to the state. Water pipes have been bursting across Texas due to the freeze, and local plumbers have struggled to meet demand.

Monday, February 22nd, 2021

Seaborn visits Texas as Lone Star State slowly recovers power

President Sam Seaborn visited Texas today as the state begins to recover from last week's ice storm and power outages.

The president arrived in Austin with Secretary of Energy Joan Tanner and met with Governor Adam De Haan before flying to Houston and San Antonio to meet with local officials and residents. Speaking at a press conference with Governor De Haan, Seaborn pledged to continue federal support to Texas and to help the state government "restore and strengthen" Texas' power grid. The president declined to respond to questions over concerns with Texas' power grid, but said that the Department of Justice was investigating reports of Texas consumers being charged thousands of dollars for power while the state's grid was undergoing problems.

While fewer Texans are without power each day, millions across the state are still under a "boil water" advisory and there are reports of millions of dollars' worth of property damage from burst pipes. FEMA, the federal government's disaster response agency, has been coordinating relief to Texans affected by the ice storm and power outages. Dozens are reported to have died from a variety of causes related to the power outage, some from catching hypothermia in unheated homes to fires and carbon monoxide poisoning killing or injuring people attempting to stay warm.
To whet appetites for the State of the Union tomorrow, here's the order of precedence as it stands:

The only changes from the current OTL order are a separate position for acting presidents immediately after former presidents, and presidential widows/widowers are immediately before associate justices instead of grouped with living former presidents.

The former change was previously established given TTL's acting presidencies were very notable compared to OTL's "you're president for a few hours while POTUS goes under anesthesia" acting presidencies. The latter is a reversion to the last time IOTL we had a living presidential widow (Nancy Reagan), which makes more sense intuitively than our current order which would have Abigail Bartlet ahead of Santos & Walken.

Tuesday February 23rd 2021

Tomaricho fuels conspiracy theory over Texas "fake snow"

John Tomaricho, the former Mayor of Cheyenne and a well known conspiracy theorist claimed last night on his internet channel that the severe snow brought by the freezing winter storm in Texas is actually fake and was part of a "vast pro-climate change plot".

Tomaricho, who ran for Wyoming Governor last year as an "independent populist" and won almost 17% of the vote made the bogus claims after saying that he had been sent video clips proving that the "snow was fake". "Good citizens of Texas have been sending me proof that this whole storm in Texas is staged, the snow is fake, dropped from above, and from trucks in the dead of night, whilst those that have supposedly been trapped in their homes, are nothing but actors paid by a vast pro-climate change plot".

"This so-called storm is just so convenient isn't it, how better to give us the proof of "climate change" by having a winter storm in Texas" Tomaricho claimed adding "the federal government is part of it, our puppet President is part of it, we all know he takes his marching orders from a group way above his pay grade".

A spokesman for the Department of Energy said this morning " He (Tomaricho) is a crackpot, and to claim that when over seventy Americans have died in Texas, is part of a vast conspiracy is frankly insulting".
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Tuesday February 23rd 2021

Tomaricho fuels conspiracy theory over Texas "fake snow"

John Tomaricho, the former Mayor of Cheyenne and a well known conspiracy theorist claimed last night on his internet channel that the severe snow brought by the freezing winter storm in Texas is actually fake and was part of a "vast pro-climate change plot".

Tomaricho, who ran for Wyoming Governor last year as an "independent populist" and won almost 17% of the vote made the bogus claims after saying that he had been sent video clips proving that the "snow was fake". "Good citizens of Texas have been sending me proof that this whole storm in Texas is staged, the snow is fake, dropped from above, and from trucks in the dead of night, whilst those that have supposedly been trapped in their homes, are nothing but actors paid by a vast pro-climate change plot".

"This so-called storm is just so convenient isn't it, how better to give us the proof of "climate change" by having a winter storm in Texas" Tomaricho claimed adding "the federal government is part of it, our puppet President is part of it, we all know he takes his marching orders from a group way above his pay grade".

A spokesman for the Department of Energy said this morning " He (Tomaricho) is a crackpot, and to claim that when over seventy Americans have died in Texas, is part of a vast conspiracy is frankly insulting".
I think harsher words like, moronic, cancerous, and foolish could have been added to the final statement. I wonder if he'll get investigated for stealing from his supporters?

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release—February 23, 2020

State of the Union Address
President Sam Seaborn

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, my fellow Americans:

Tonight, I want to begin by congratulating the men and women of the 117th Congress, as well as your new speaker, Mitchell Harris.

Some in this chamber are new to the House and the Senate. Congress has changed, but not our responsibilities. Guided by our own convictions, we must work together to extend our national prosperity, solve our nation's problems, protect our nation from those who would do it harm, and keep the faith with those who we have tasked to defend us.

We are not the first to come here with a government divided. Like those who came before us, we can work out our differences to accomplish the work the American people sent us here to do.

What is at stake is not who will win the next election—indeed, we just had an election. At stake here is whether we use the opportunity that the economic slowdown has provided to bring about positive, and overdue, changes, or if we continue to do politics as usual.

The recent economic news has reminded too many Americans of the precariousness of healthcare in our system. In a system like ours that largely ties healthcare to employment, an increase in unemployment means an increase in the number of uninsured Americans. Around 50 million Americans, nearly one out of seven people living in this country, lack health insurance: they are too young to apply for Medicare, make too much money to apply for Medicaid, but make too little to afford to purchase health insurance.

Last year at this time, I urged the adoption of a universal healthcare system. I still believe that we should join every other industrialized democracy in providing healthcare for every American under that system. But the magnitude of the problem we face with the number of uninsured Americans requires us in this chamber to seek compromise and act quickly.

So tonight I call upon Congress to create a national public option for Americans looking for healthcare. This public insurance option will compete with private insurers to drive down costs and increase efficiency.

Congress should also allow states to increase the eligibility for Medicaid to those who make 133% over the federal poverty line. These two policies will allow states to reduce the number of their residents without insurance, and further drive down prices for Americans looking to buy their own health insurance.

This healthcare crisis was created in part because of the decline of our manufacturing sector. In World War II, the United States was the "arsenal of democracy" that powered the Allied victory over fascism. In the 21st century, our manufacturing sector must be part of the engine driving American prosperity. My administration has worked closely with industry and union leaders to fight back against off-shoring that has shipped American jobs overseas, and to re-skill workers with new jobs to replace the ones lost to automation.

But we can and should do more. Tonight, I have signed an executive order that closes loopholes and restrict the number of waivers that can be issued on the Buy American Act. This act, which has been the law for nearly 90 years, requires the federal government and federal contractors to prefer American-made goods over foreign goods, subject to a few price limitations. But for too long, administrations from both parties have made too many exceptions that has hurt American industry and the fight against unfair labor practices and harmful environmental policies practiced in some developing nations. That changes today.

While must look to protect and the health and welfare of our citizens, we should not neglect the health and welfare of our planet. The World Meteorological Society has declared the decade we have just left to have been the hottest on record. Worldwide, the effects of natural disaster increasing in frequency and severity led to $268 billion in damages in the last year alone. This month, a polar vortex plunged temperatures in the Midwest to dangerous lows for over a week and caused a statewide emergency in Texas because of unprecedented ice accumulation and snowfall.

The culprit, as the scientific community has said for decades, is man-made climate change. While some effects of climate change will likely be with us for decades, if not centuries, we can move now to prevent a further rise in global temperatures.

My administration has already begun to work on policy changes that will make us safer and our society more sustainable. We have increased investment in research and development of renewable sources of energy. Working with governors and mayors, we have begun the work of replacing older, energy-inefficient homes in our poorest communities with more energy-efficient, safer buildings. The Department of Agriculture under Secretary Karen Kroft has listening to our nation’s farmers and ranchers, to find a way to use existing federal programs to encourage agricultural practices that reduce carbon emissions.

But we must have more help. In this fight against climate change, we will need the support of Congress. We will need an increase in funding for state and local governments to aggressively fight the effects of climate change. We will need an increase in funding to help communities who once powered our nation with the coal they produced, now facing dire straits as the market for coal continues its decline. Finally, we will need Congress as a partner in crafting a comprehensive energy policy that will see our nation reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Last November, voters in Puerto Rico expressed their support for statehood. The people of Puerto Rico have been American citizens for over a century. Puerto Ricans fought alongside men from New York during the liberation of Italy, alongside men from Kansas in the rice paddies of Vietnam, and continue to stand side-by-side with their brothers and sisters-in-arms defending our country around the world. Nine Puerto Ricans have been awarded the Medal of Honor, all of them posthumously.

For the past eighty years, both Democratic and Republican party platforms have supported statehood for Puerto Rico. Now, the three million Americans living there have chosen to become the first admission to our union since 1959. Tonight, I am calling on Congress to begin the process for the admission of Puerto Rico as our 51st state.

While we look inwards to see what work needs to be done, we must remember to look out at the world outside our borders. This year will see the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War. It is the anniversary of our nation becoming the world’s sole superpower, and I believe this is an opportunity for our nation to reflect on our values and interests around the world.

Thirty years ago, on this day, American and coalition forces began the liberation of Kuwait from the army of Iraq under the dictator Saddam Hussein. The brave men and women who fought in the Persian Gulf, first under President Newman, and then under President Lassiter, did not fight as part of an imperialist war of aggression, or conquest. Instead, they fought a campaign against a brutal dictator who fancied himself a modern-day Joseph Stalin, and to free the people of Kuwait.

That dictator has now died. He led his country to ruin, an international pariah-state littered with the bones of his victims.

We will not accept Iraq back into the community of nations just because Saddam Hussein is no longer their president. Both the United States and our allies abroad have made the new generation of Iraqi leadership aware of what it must do to begin the removal of sanctions and to rejoin the global community in good standing.

On this thirty-year anniversary of the ending of the Cold War, we must also reevaluate our relationship with Cuba. Americans have been forbidden to travel to, or trade with Cuba for nearly sixty years. We maintained our embargo there even after the overthrow of the Castros, and a civil war that caused thousands of Cuban citizens to flee to our shores as refugees.

This is a policy that has survived long past its expiration date. That is why my administration has begun the process of normalizing relations with Cuba.

This process will take place over the next year. We will resume diplomatic relations with the government in Havana and give them aid and support as they integrate into the global economy. With the removal of some economic sanctions, we will be removing the restrictions on American citizens traveling to Cuba. The resumption of Americans traveling to Cuba will hopefully lead to a more open exchange of ideas between our two nations, and an appreciation for our values of freedom of speech, freedom of expression and the freedom to choose our own leaders. But more work will need to be done. Congress should draft legislation to remove the current embargo, which has long outlived its usefulness.

I know that many of the policies I have proposed tonight are not ones that this Congress is eager to pursue. But that’s okay. I pledge to every Republican in this room tonight that I will seek out your perspectives and work with you to make this country stronger and our future even brighter.

This is the strength of our democracy: that our disagreements do not fundamentally change who we are as Americans. We realize that all people, of all colors, creeds and national origins, stand alongside us as equals under our flag. This realization has always led us forward, towards a brighter future. Let's start moving forward together.

Thank you. God bless you, and may God bless the United States of America.

Tuesday, February 23rd 2021

Transcript of the Republican Response to the State of the Union

—Delivered by Governor Scott Phillips at the State Capitol of Arizona:


Good evening and thank you for tuning in.

I'm Scott Phillips, the 21st governor of the great state of Arizona. I’m coming to you tonight from the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix, built over a century ago by the people of the Territory of Arizona to show the people in the rest of the country that they were ready to join our beloved union of states.

It is never easy to follow the President of the United States, but tonight I'd like to briefly share a Republican perspective on the challenges facing our country today.

I and other Republican elected officials around the nation were encouraged to hear President Seaborn's promise to listen and work with Republicans in Congress, his support for reinvigorating our manufacturing sector, and his remembrance of brave Americans who fought for our country.

These are the foundations any future compromise may rest on.

But there must be more significant changes to get this country back on track.

Last year, the president reported that the economy he inherited from his predecessor remained strong. This year, sadly, is another story. Millions more Americans are out of work, struggling to provide for their families and worried about their future. Business owners have been making difficult choices and sacrificing to keep their dreams afloat.

The solutions proposed by this president are not adequate to meet the challenges facing our country. They involve more spending, more taxing, and more government. A healthcare policy that will insert Washington bureaucrats between Americans and their doctors, and an environmental policy that would allow nations like China to get a competitive advantage over American industries, are not policies that will lead to American success.

The national debt is at an astonishing $27.9 trillion. That’s nearly $85,000 worth of debt for every single person in this country. This is not a sustainable path forward.

Yet the president continually asks Congress for more money to spend on new government programs. This isn't a solution the American people want. Last November, the American people elected a Republican-controlled Congress for the first time in 14 years. They've had enough of the ineffective and out-of-control spending and increased debt that Democrats in Congress have saddled our children and grandchildren with.

We need to get back to what works.

We need to get back to the America with good-paying jobs and where initiative was rewarded, not punished. We need an America where innovation is not stifled by well-meaning regulators, and where Congress and the president are required to pass a balanced budget, just like our state legislators and governors. We need an America that works.

Hundreds of years ago and thousands of miles from where I'm standing, Thomas Jefferson called for "A wise and frugal Government which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry ….and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned…"

That is the government that the Republican Party is still dedicated to preserving.

Thank you for listening.

God bless you and God bless our great nation.

Wednesday, February 24th, 2021

Seaborn issues first veto of presidency

President Sam Seaborn today vetoed a bill for the first time in his presidency, making good on his threat to reject legislation that would re-start the cancelled Keystone XL pipeline that supporters say would create jobs, but environmentalists say would contribute to climate change.

"The power to veto legislation is one that every president takes seriously," Seaborn said in his veto message to the Senate. "With this power comes each president's responsibility to the American people. Because this act conflicts with existing executive branch procedures and tries to bypass consideration of issues that could bear on our national interest—including our security and environmental safety—I must veto this legislation."

The president vetoed the legislation "without any drama or delay" upon receiving it from the Senate, according to White House Press Secretary Cassie Tatum.

It is seen as unlikely that Congress will be able to override the president's veto. The House passed the original bill 259-173 and the Senate passed it 60-38, both well short of the two-thirds majorities needed in both chambers to override Seaborn's veto. Senate Majority Leader Cody Riley (R-AL) said that a veto override vote will be scheduled by March 3rd.

The 1,179 mile-long pipeline would send crude oil from Alberta to an existing pipeline in Nebraska, allowing the pipeline's owner, TC Energy Corporation, to pump 830,000 barrels of oil per day to refineries in the Midwest and Gulf Coast. Upon taking office in 2019, Seaborn suspended construction on the project and ordered a review that concluded later that year that the project should be stopped for "environmental concerns", meaning both the likelihood of spills and the undermining of American influence in future climate change negotiations. The president then formally revoked the permit for construction that had been granted by President Glen Allen Walken's administration in 2015. Construction had been limited to the Canadian side of the pipeline before the revocation, as various lawsuits and injunctions in the United States and Canada temporarily halted construction.

In a joint statement, Riley and Speaker Mitchell Harris (R-IN) said that the president's veto was "distressing after the president's appeal for unity last night [in his State of the Union address]", and blamed the veto on "the influence of environmental extremists." The legislative leaders said that they would continue the fight for Keystone's construction, regardless of the presidential veto.