2018 AHFA World Cup

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Who should host the 2018 AHFA World Cup?

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  1. West Germany

    11 vote(s)
  2. Aragon/Asturias

    4 vote(s)
  3. Sierra Madre

    0 vote(s)
  4. Atlantica/New England

    8 vote(s)
  5. Hoenn

    2 vote(s)
  6. Phillipines

    3 vote(s)
  7. Dutch Republic

    5 vote(s)
  8. Levantine Republic

    8 vote(s)
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    I have updated the list and sent it to Yanranay.
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  2. Threadmarks: USGA vs Brittany

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    May 3, 2018

    In the first of our quarter-finals, we have a clash between the Grand-Duchy of Brittany and Greater Austria.

    Both sides have done well so far, with each team progressing strongly from the group.

    Brittany were held to a goalless draw against New Holland, before holding their nerve on penalties. That extra half-hour may count against them, but the result will give them confidence if the match does go the distance.

    Meanwhile, the USGA beat the PNC 2:0 in a rather comfortable win, although the PNC didn't help themselves. The USGA look like they're building into a comfortable rhythm following their wins against Anatolia and Oceanic Imperium.


    USGA: 4:1 (favourites)
    Brittany: 5:1

    United States of Greater Austria 3 : 2 Grand-Duchy of Brittany

    A classic quarter-final took place in Leverkusen, which resulted in the USGA progressing after a nail-biting finale.

    As the match got underway, the USGA looked to dominate possession as they had against the PNC. Brittany, trusting in the skill of their midfield, were content to concede possession as long as they did most of the attacking.

    The match started strongly, with Šime Vrsaljko building a good attack down the wing. His cross into the area was just ahead of Alaba, but Baumgartlinger arrived at the back post to strike the ball at goal. Despite his point-blank effort, the Breton goalkeeper palmed the ball away.

    Laurent Le Fol next almost scored a great individual goal. He started off inside his own half, before exchanging passes with Arzhur Seznec and running at the Austrian defence. He took the ball past Vrsaljko before getting in a shot, but what would have been a world-class goal was denied by the post.

    Just before half-time, the breakthrough came. Ivan Rakitić lost possession near his own goal, and the Breton attack was swift. Kerouac passed to Rannou, who knocked the ball to Tibaut. His pull-back was straight into the path of Guénolé Créac'h, whose shot whistled past Petr Čech and into the back of the net. 1-0!

    After the interval, the USGA came out looking rejuvenated. It didn't take them long to start raining shots at Alan Poder's goal. Although most didn't trouble the 'keeper, Luka Modrić was getting close a few times, and eventually his shot curled around an out-stretched defender before finding the bottom corner of the goal. The scores were level once again.

    The match evened out a little after this, with the USGA enjoying plenty of possession but unable to create anything. Brittany were holding out at the back, and penalties seemed a distinct possibility.

    However, the USGA were starting to outstrip their tired counterparts, and so a change of tactics resulted in some long balls being played over the top.

    This left the wingers free to run at the Breton defence, while Baumgartlinger and Alaba dropped back to cover. The tactic worked; after 67 minutes, Pjanić got in behind the Breton defence to cross the ball back into the area. Arriving was the striker, Edin Džeko. He headed home! 2-1.

    This got the Bretons up and running again. Some quick running down the wings by Kerouac was slowly having an effect, and it looked as if the Celts were going to equalise.

    However, with 14 minutes to play, a counter-attack spearheaded by David Alaba led to Edin Džeko free again, in space. He chested the ball down, turned and volleyed the ball into the roof of the net. The USGA were going into the quarter-finals! 3-1!

    And so it might have remained, had it not been for the spirit shown by the Breton team. As the match entered its final stages, they started to attack more and more, with Juvad Korr becoming useful as a wing-back and Toulhoat playing well aggressively as well. Eventually, pressure started to tell. Tibaut ran into the box, and was tripped by Prödl. No VAR assistance necessary - penalty!

    With two minutes of stoppage time to go, Seznec placed the ball on the spot. He side-footed the ball into the corner of the goal, and with one minute of stoppage time to play, Brittany were within one goal of extra-time.

    Despite their tiredness, the players kept coming forward. However, time was too short. Eventually, after what must have seemed like ages for the USGA supporters, the referee blew his whistle on a thrilling match. The USGA were into the semi-final!
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  3. Threadmarks: Quarter Finals/SAS vs Great Lakes

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    sports.proletariat.as presents
    2018 AHFA World Cup: Great Lakes Republic vs. Syndicalist American States

    Great Lakes Republic:

    Bradley Guzan

    Eric Lichaj
    John Brooks
    Grant Lillard (85' Timothy Ream)

    Wil Trapp (64' Daryl Murphy)
    Perry Kitchen
    Harry Shipp (55' Michele Grella)
    Alfredo Morales
    Robbie Brady

    Christian Pulisic
    Joshua Sargent

    Syndicalist American States:

    Talal Ali Silo

    Jens Spahn
    Gaël Germany
    Hamilton Efigenio da Souza

    Emil Andersson
    (74' Len McCluskey) Muhammet Ardiç
    Hans Apel
    Mukul Dristi

    Nguyen Sinh Cung
    (90' Anand) Carl Legien
    (66' Viriato da Cruz) Loïc Germany
    Great Lakes Republic 1 - 3 Syndicalist American States

    0 - 1 Ardiç (27')
    1 - 1 Morales (45')
    1 - 2 Nguyen Sinh Cung (58')
    1 - 3 Nguyen Sinh Cung (90+4')

    Yellow Cards: 4 - 4
    Red Cards: 1 - 0
    Corners: 5 - 14
    Free kicks less than 40 m: 4 - 7​
    Referee: Kamil Ziołkowski (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth): Grade D:
    No major or decisive mistakes, but several scenes where he had difficulties. Inconsistent in dealing out cards: Yellow for Lillard was too harsh (4'), and the yellow card for Muhammet Ardiç doubtful (41') - on the other hand, Apel must be shown a yellow (59', foul on Pulisic) and a second yellow card for Spahn (75') would not have been inappropriate either. Cung should have been warned, if not booked, for diving at some point, Guzan for time-wasting (89'), and it was debatable to award a corner to the SAS (55' - Lichaj or Ardiç).
    Also needed the VAR to recognise the offside position before the tentative 1-2 (Legien, 47'). But at least both penalties and the red card for deliberate handball (Ream, 90+3') were correct.

    Both coaches changed their lineups to some extent. The main change of the Great Lakes team was bringing physically bigger Lillard for Ream, while the SAS - like in many of their more recent matches - again tried a formation with three central defenders and two very attack-oriented wing "defenders". Muhammet Ardiç was brought instead of Len McCluskey for his greater speed and attacking potential.

    And attacking and lively the match should be, from kickoff. The Great Lakes kicked off, but almost immediately played a bad pass when Lichaj lost the ball to Hans Apel in midfield. And, after a few more passes backwards and forwards, it was Hans Apel who started the first fully fledged attack: Apel passed onto the right wing of Muhammet Ardiç, who ran and crossed the ball excellently backwards into the centre, into the run of Carl Legien. But instead of shooting, Legien easily fell upon a slight contact by Lillard (4'). Instead of taking no action at all as this was clearly a provoked fall, Ziolkowski showed Lillard a yellow card and awarded a free kick!
    Mukul Dristi is the man responsible for free kicks, but the position of this one was too central and a bit too far away from the goal to try it directly. And so, Dristi attempted to kick it into the penalty area, it did touch the head of Loic Germany, but he could only head it far wide of the goal.

    The initial dynamics continued, and some actions towards both goals did take place, but both defences were well-positioned. Until a situation which was thought of as harmless: Mukul Dristi attempted to bring the ball into the area of the penalty area, and Perry Kitchen deflected this for a corner. While corners were known to be a good chance of success for the SAS, this was not expected: Muhammet Ardiç brought the corner in - and directly into the goal! Video evidence revealed nobody else touched the goal! 0-1 Muhammet Ardiç (27')! This was the first directly-scored corner kick since one Mbira Ulimwengu brought the Holy Union of the Promised Lands up 1-0 against the sky-high favourites from the Communes of the Mediterranean back in 1974 (the match was won 2-1, sending another highly ranked team from Monarchist Germany home)!

    The Great Lakes Republic did not give up, nor were they demoralised or shocked in any way. To the contrary, they really wanted to equalise. And so they did, before half-time at that. In the last minutes of the first half, they became even more dangerous. After Morales' shot was deflected for a corner (38'), and Kitchen shot from the distance (42', saved by Talal Ali Silo), a well-played combination led to success. Shipp won the ball against Carl Legien, he passed onto Kitchen, back onto Shipp, while Morales had run himself free on the centre-left. Morales got the ball, played one-two with Sargent - and it is Morales himself who scores from a sharp angle! 1-1 Morales (45')!

    But half-time changed a lot. Especially the SAS came out way more offensive and bent on scoring a second goal. And soon, the players celebrated already! A long pass by Gaël Germany had reached Legien, he passed onto Cung and everybody thought the chance was dead, but Cung, guarded by three defenders, left Legien unattended. Legien got the ball and scored against Guzan!
    But the VAR signalled the referee, who had originally allowed the goal, and studying video material revealed that Legien's foot was offside! Still 1-1! No goal by Carl Legien!
    Instead, the Great Lakers got a free kick, but posession was wasted.

    The next really dangerous scene was again prepared in defence: Gaël Germany passed out, far onto the left wing, to his brother Loïc Germany. And his shot could barely be saved for a corner by Guzan! The corner kick, as always, was brought in by Muhammet Ardiç. Germany, Cung and Spahn were lined up as usual and this time, it came onto the head of Cung! And he headed it in! No chance for Guzan! 1 - 2 Cung (58')!
    And this finally broke the Great Lakers. Apel would have deserved a yellow card for taking down Christian Pulisic on his centre-right position (59'), but the whistle remained completely silent.
    Now, they seemed somewhat demoralised, but they could still be dangerous on the counter. However, no scene of danger arose anymore.
    On the other side, though, it did arise: A free kick was awarded to the SAS as Lichaj had fouled Viriato da Cruz to the right of the penalty area. The free kick, again, was executed by Mukul Dristi. And then, visible to everybody - and to the referee - Harry Shipp got the ball onto his arm! No deliberate handball here, but it was a clear handball as the arm was out! Penalty for the SAS!
    Cung vs. Guzan, and Cung shot high! It was not Guzan who won, but Cung's penalty hit the crossbar! And back into the field (70')!

    And now, it was back to defending - for both teams. Free kicks and corners, a few of them for the Great Lakers (notably a dangerous header by Kitchen after corner by Morales, 77') but even more for the SAS (the most dangerous by Dristi 81', Gaël Germany after corner by Dristi, 86') could always be considered dangerous, but not much else happened.
    Until the last counter, three minutes into a six-minute injury time. The Great Lakes had unsuccessfully attempted to attack, but Silo picked the ball after a shot by Michele Grella. The counter went far onto the left wing to Viriato da Cruz, he passed to the centre onto Nguyen Sinh Cung, and he shot. And the ball was deliberately handled by the substitute defender Timothy Ream! The referee's reaction was quick and uncontested: Penalty for the SAS, and a straight red card for Ream!
    The Great Lakes Republic was now down one player, but more importantly, they had incurred another spotkick!
    After some debate - newly-substituted striker Anand offered to take the penalty - Nguyen Sinh Cung dared to take the spotkick again despite having missed one earlier.
    Again, Cung vs. Guzan! And this time, Cung decieved the goalkeeper and excellently shot the penalty, hard, and into the centre of the goal! No chance for any goalkeeper! 1-3 Cung (90+4)!

    The SAS is in the semifinals of this World Cup and up against the winner of the Hoenn vs. Asturias encounter!​
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  4. Threadmarks: Hoenn vs Asturias

    Spam78 Well-Known Member

    Jan 5, 2014
    MATCH 59



    90. Genji MIYAGI ©

    11. Katsuya FUJIWARA
    4. Makoto TANAKA
    41. Junpei ONISHI

    0. Akimasa YAMASHITA
    84. Daisuke TANAKA

    26. Fujio OCHI
    43. Zenzo MAEDA
    21. Naoki SATO

    12. Shuhei SAKAMOTO
    71. Umanosuke HAMADA


    1. Juan ALVAREZ

    2. Miguel Ángel PALACIO
    3. Emmanuel ZPRTEGA
    5. Jonas BARENDA

    4. Antonio LOPEZ ©
    7. Juan Pablo NOBOA
    11. Didac BELDAD
    15. Lorenzo CARBALLAL

    18. José BIENVENIDA
    10. Erick FONTIRROIG
    21. Juan FERNANDO

    Welcome to Leipzig for the third quarter final of the 2018 AHFA World Cup. My name is Cuthbert Chin and I'm joined in the studio by Zhao Lee and Zoe Guanglie. The first match tonight is between Hoenn and Asturias to determine who qualifiers for the semi-finals. It's been a long tournament but for one of these teams, tonight will mark its conclusion and it seems everyone in Canton has taken to social media to say who they think that should be. Zhao, which side of this debate are you on?

    Personally, I'm of the opinion that it's better to go out to the World champions than a team that gets eliminated in the next round but whether Asturias can win tonight is another question. Without meaning to sound too sore about our elimination, they weren't the best team for the first 70 minutes of their last match and their offensive capabilities have been somewhat variable throughout the tournament. They're going to need to be on top form tonight to stand a chance against Hoenn's defence, but if they can manage it, we'll certainly have a game on our hands.

    On the flipside Zoe, some people are supporting Hoenn for revenge. How are they looking going into this one?

    The Rayquaza have been something of a revelation this tournament. Before the tournament they wouldn't have expected any better than the quarter finals but after a remarkable run nobody wants to put a limit on how far they can go. Most impressively, they haven't conceded a goal since their opening match and it's not as if they've been parking the bus either as both Umanosuke Hamada and Naoki Sato are among the top goalscorers so far. While Asturias are ranked higher, if I were them I'd be worried.

    The commentary team are ready, but first we need predictions. Zhao, Zoe, how's this going to end up?

    I can see this going to extra time or even penalties. I'm going to say Asturias win 2 - 1 in extra time.

    I'll say it'll be 1-0 Hoenn after a great strike from Hamada.

    I don't like to see streaks broken, so I'm hoping for Hoenn to win 2-0. Your commentators tonight will be Steven Sanderson and Mike Wong.

    Asturias win the coin toss and will kick off.

    Bienvenida kicks off to Fernando.

    Noboa plays the ball to Lopez. Lopez kicks it to Bienvenida. Bienvenida dribbles down the wing but backheels back to Lopez, who passes square to Fontirroig. Fontirroig takes two touches before passing through to Fernando in the box, who shoots, but doesn't come close to goal. A waste of a first chance and Asturias will need to do better if they want to win this.

    Yamashita passes to Ochi. Ochi squares to Maeda who dribbles between Noboa and Beldad. Maeda continues his run forward before knocking wide to Sato. Sato knocks the ball forward into space and collects it himself before dribbling past Palacio who has come out wide to meet him and whipping in a cross that lands at the feet of Hamada. Hamada shoots, but the goalkeeper parries and bravely dives onto the loose ball just before Sakamoto can get to it.

    Beldad is dispossessed in the middle by Yamashita who now runs forward with the ball before knocking it to Maeda. Maeda begins a run of his own then plays a long ball to Ochi who just stops it from going out of touch. Ochi positions the ball further back and crosses to Sakamoto just outside the box. Sakamoto dribbles to a better position and shoots, but Alvarez catches and holds the ball.

    Fujiwara makes a long clearance, which is picked up by Ochi. Ochi dribbles the ball inwards but is harried by Carballal who moves inwards to meet him. Ochi manages to play the ball past Carballal, who instinctively shoves Ochi to try and recover the ball, causing the Hoenn player to fall to the ground. The referee is less than impressed by this conduct and awards Hoenn a free kick, while Carballal becomes the first booking of the night.

    15 - Lorenzo CARBALLAL

    Maeda passes forward to Hamada, but Zrptega sticks his foot out and recovers the ball instead. Thinking quickly, he passes wide to Palacio, who sends it forward to Lopez. Lopez runs forward, free of the Hoenn midfield, and dribbles to the halfway line before passing forward to Bienvenida who continues the run to the edge of the box and sends a grounded cross to Fontirroig who shoots, but the ball thunders against the post and is chested down by Onishi who clears for a throw.

    Tanaka plays across the field to Ochi who is just about able to control the ball and move along the wings before sending in an ambitious cross that Barenda heads out for a corner. Tanaka plays the corner short to Sato who passes to Maeda on the edge of the box. Maeda takes a touch before making his shot, which Alvarez impressively saves.

    Barenda passes to Noboa. Noboa takes his time to consider his options before passing to Beldad who then makes a long through ball to find Carballal in space. Carballal uses his time to pick out Bienvenida on the far side of the box and crosses accurately to him. Bienvenida chests the ball down and takes a touch to set up the ball before unleashing a shot that Miyagi is only just able to save to keep the score level.

    Yamashita lobs the ball to find Sakamoto 25 yards from goal. Sakamoto dribbles the ball towards the wing, then cuts back and plays the ball between the Asturian defenders with Hamada collecting the ball in a good position. He then plays it back across the face of goal to Sato who shoots, but the goalkeeper is able to get a foot to it and send it wide for a corner. Tanaka crosses the corner into the box but only finds an Asturian head and the ball is cleared away.

    Tanaka passes forward to Sato, who promptly squares it to Maeda. Maeda passes to Hamada who dribbles forward to just outside the box but seems unable to break through the Asturian defence. Hamada passes back to Sato who dribbles down the wing, but his cross is deflected by Palacio and the loose ball falls back to Hamada who shoots from outside the box, straight into the top corner of the net! The first goal falls to Hoenn, with a fantastic shot from Umanosuke Hamada!

    71 - Umanosuke HAMADA

    Lopez passes the ball centrally to Noboa. Noboa dribbles it forward and passes to Beldad who finds Fernando on the edge of the box. Fernando dribbles inside the box and shoots, but from an awkward angle making it an easy save for Miyagi.

    Sato plays the throw in back to Tanaka, who passes square to Maeda. Maeda dribbles forward unchallenged and passes to Sakamoto who passes through the legs of Zprtega to Hamada. Hamada takes two touches then fires in a shot against the crossbar and out of play.

    The fourth official signals two minutes of stoppage time will be played.

    45:00 + 2:07
    The referee blows the half-time whistle with the score Hoenn 1 - 0 Asturias

    Sakamoto kicks off to Hamada to start the second half.

    Onishi passes to Tanaka who moves forward with the ball before making a long pass to Sato on the flank. Sato sprints down the wing and past Palacio to make a cross which Zprtega heads away, but only as far as Ochi, who quickly pokes the ball to Sakamoto who shoots, but straight at the goalkeeper.

    Barenda passes to Beldad, who passes to Carballal. Carballal makes a long run down the wing, getting past Ochi and Yamashita before making a pass that finds Fernando. Fernando knocks the ball square to Fontirroig who dribbles to the edge of the box and makes a through ball to Bienvenida who shoots wide of the mark.

    Noboa passes the ball out wide to Lopez. Lopez advances down the wing but is unable to get past Onishi, who ultimately deflects his cross out for a corner kick. Lopez crosses the ball in onto the head of Fontirroig, who pushes it against the post and to feet of Beldad who shoots, but in the chaos it deflects off Fernando and out for a goal kick.

    OFF: 15 - Lorenzo CARBALLAL
    ON: 17 - Eduardo OBREGÓN

    Ochi is clumsily dispossessed by Beldad, who passes to Noboa. Noboa dribbles towards the centre, but is met by Maeda. Noboa is able to get round Maeda with a piece of skill, but Maeda slides in to recover the ball and misses, bringing him down to the ground instead. Noboa is able to pick himself up and continue, but the incident earns Maeda a yellow card.

    43 - Zenzo MAEDA

    OFF: 43 - Zenzo MAEDA
    ON: 55 - Haruo SATO

    Genji Miyagi hands the captain's armband to the main captain, Haruo Sato.

    Haruo Sato passes to Ochi. Ochi knocks it to Sakamoto, who dribbles out wide then tries to cut inside, but Barenda covers him, so he instead passes to Naoki Sato who dribbles inside the box and shoots, but Alvarez gets a glove to it and is eventually able to smother the loose ball.

    OFF: 10 - Erick FONTIRROIG
    ON: 9 - Macos DÁVALOS

    Zprtega passes to Noboa, who quickly sends it forward to Dávalos. The new substitute quickly dribbles the ball forward past the Hoenn midfield and dangerously close to the box before attempting a pass to Fernando that Fujiwara knocks wide with his foot, though only as far as Obregón. Obregón crosses the ball back in to Dávalos who heads it, just over the bar.

    Beldad tackles Yamashita in the midfield, but is quickly tackled back by Haruo Sato. Sato is then quickly pressured by Noboa who then trips the Hoenn captain in an attempt to recover the ball. The referee is quick to award a yellow card for this.

    7 - Juan Pablo NOBOA

    Ochi passes to Sakamoto, but is intercepted by Barenda. Barenda quickly passes forward to Beldad who knocks it wide to Obregón. Obregón begins a run down the wing, getting quickly past Ochi and Yamashita before being forced to pass to Fernando under pressure from Fujiwara. Fernando continues the run before passing to Dávalos who dribbles to the edge of the box and plays in Bienvenida. Bienvenida shoots, which is tipped away by Alvarez, but Fernando gets the loose ball and taps it in to equalise! 1-1! And the Hoenn players look around to each other not knowing what just happened, while the Asturians celebrate madly. They're right back in this now!

    21 - Juan FERNANDO

    OFF: 26 - Fujio OCHI
    ON: 30 - Arinaga KAI

    Zprtega picks out Obregón with a long ball. Obregón dribbles forward, then squares the ball to Beldad who passes forward to Noboa. Noboa continues the run, then passes up to Bienvenida who fails to get past the Hoenn defenders, so instead passes back to Lopez. Lopez dribbles down the wing and picks out Dávalos with a cross, but Dávalos cannot convert and the ball goes wide.

    OFF: 11 - Didac BELDAD
    ON: 8 - Nicolás FEIJOO

    Yamashita passes to Kai who dribbles through the Asturian midfield and continues forward before passing to Naoki Sato on the far side of the field. Sato controls the ball and crosses into the box, but Alvarez punches it away. Sakamoto collects the loose ball and crosses back in onto the head of Hamada, but Alvarez catches the shot and holds it.

    90:00 + 0:01
    The fourth official signals three minutes of stoppage time will be played. Three minutes for one of these teams to score to avoid extra time.

    90:00 + 2:14
    Tanaka passes to Haruo Sato who runs forward and makes a long pass to Kai. Kai knocks it to Sakamoto who chips the Asturian defenders to find Hamada, but the Rayquaza's star man sends the ball too high, wasting what is probably the final chance of regulation time.

    90:00 + 3:11
    The referee ends the second half. Extra time awaits for these two teams.

    Sakamoto kicks off to Hamada. Extra time begins.

    Noboa exectues a clinical sliding tackle on Sato that sends the ball to the feet of Feijoo. Feijoo sprints forward with his fresher legs allowing him to get between Yamashita and Tanaka, before sending a long aerial pass into the box, but Miyagi collects it before Dávalos can do anything with it.

    Zprtega passes to Barenda who knocks the ball forward to Obregón. Obregón dribbles forward with the ball before knocking square to Feijoo who tries another aerial pass to Dávalos, but the referee blows his whistle as the ball glances his hand as it bounces. The Asturians are furious with this call, not least Emmanuel Zprtega whose protests are deemed too vigourous for the referee's liking and he goes into the book.

    3 - Emmanuel ZPRTEGA

    Yamashita plays a long aerial ball to find Naoki Sato on the opposite wing. Sato passes to Hamada further down the wing who attempts a cross, which bounces off Palacio for a corner kick. Tanaka crosses into a crowded box, but Fujiwara heads the ball high and wide and Asturias get a goal kick.

    The fourth official signals for two minutes of injury team to be played.

    105:00 + 0:36
    OFF: 12 - Shuhei SAKAMOTO
    ON: 67 - Bunta ONO

    105:00 + 2:02
    The referee ends the first period of extra time and still there is nothing to separate these two teams.

    Fernando kicks off to Bienvenida. Fifteen minutes remain for the deadlock to be broken.

    Noboa passes to Lopez who dribbles along the wing, before finding Bienvenida. Bienvenida flicks the ball to Dávalos who plays a through ball to Fernando. Fernando crosses the ball back across goal but Dávalos can only make a weak header that Miyagi easily catches.

    Obregón executes a one-two with Feijoo to give him an open wing and dribbles forward before passing to Fernando. Fernando is blocked out of the box by Fujiwara and in desparation lets off a shot that goes wide and out for a goal kick.

    A quick series of passes takes the ball from Onishi to Tanaka to Sato, who dribbles forward before passing again to Hamada. Hamada takes the ball to 30 yards out, then passes to Ono, whose fresher legs allow him to sprint past the Asturias midfield and even between the defenders, but his shot hits the post and comes back out, with Palacio taking no chances by clearing the ball away.

    OFF: 5 - Jonas BARENDA
    ON: 14 - Alberto GASTÓN

    Naoki Sato falls over under minimal pressure from Lopez. Clearly fatigue taking over the players, who have played their hearts out.

    The fourth official indicates one final minute of stoppage time will be played.

    120:00 + 1:05
    The referee blows the full time whistle. Penalties will be required to break the deadlock here. Asturias will be familiar with these as I'm sure you don't need reminding, but this is Hoenn's first shootout of the tournament.

    Asturias win the coin toss and will take the first penalty.

    Asturian captain Antonio Lopez decides to lead his team and take the first penalty. With a calm face he places the ball on the spot and stares the goalkeeper down before taking his shot - slotted away into the bottom corner. A good start for the Asturians!

    4 - Antonio LOPEZ

    Hoenn respond by sending Umanosuke Hamada to the penalty spot. A calm face betraying his internal nerves, he makes his run up and smashes the ball into the top corner, well out of the reach of Alvarez who guessed correctly but still could do nothing about it.

    71 - Umanosuke HAMADA

    Juan Fernando is the next player to take a penalty, having scored already today to equalise and keep the Asturians in it. After a second's contemplation, he makes his shot, sending Miyagi the wrong way and puts Asturias ahead again.

    21 - Juan FERNANDO

    Naoki Sato will take the second penalty for Hoenn. He calmly walks over and carefully lines up a shot to the right of the goal - but Alvarez guesses correctly and pushes the ball wide! Cheers roar out from the Asturians in the crowd as they now have the advantage in the shooutout, while Sato walks back to his team with his head looking down at the ground.

    21 - Naoki SATO

    Macos Dávalos now has the opportunity to capitalise for Asturias. After a long, tense wait the referee blows his whistle and Dávalos runs up and shoots - wide of the mark! Now it's the Hoennese turn to celebrate as Dávalos just shakes his head in disbelief.

    9 - Macos DÁVALOS

    Haruo Sato, the Hoennese captain now has the chance to put the Rayquaza level. Unintimidated by the goalkeeper's distractions, the veteran runs up and shoots. Every heart in the stadium skips a beat as the ball thunders against the post, but cruicially it bounces into the net and the two teams are even once more with two penalties left each.

    55 - Haruo SATO

    Nicolás Feijoo is next in line for the penalty kick. With the referee's whistle, he begins his run up and shoots in the dead centre of the goal - but Miyagi does not flinch and parries the shot away! The advantage now lies with Hoenn!

    8 - Nicolás FEIJOO

    Bunta Ono is Hoenn's fourth penalty taker and needing a moment to compose himself, he makes a long run up and shoots - just over the bar! The substitute fails to capitalise on the advantage and the teams remain level pegging!

    67 - Bunta ONO

    Alberto Gastón with the freshest pair of legs on the field walks up to take what may be the most crucial penalty of all. If he misses, Hoenn have the opportunity to end their tournament. If he scores, that pressure all goes to them instead. Trying to remove this from his head, he lines up his shot and runs up - and scores! Miyagi guessed correctly but dived too high! Advantage Asturias!

    14 - Alberto GASTÓN

    Junpei Onishi now has all of Hoenn's tournament hopes on his shoulders: if he misses this penalty, they're out. With an expressionless face he places the ball on the spot and steps back, inhales and waits for the referee's whistle. After what seems like eternity, the whistle blows and he shoots to the right - but Alvarez catches it! Clutching the ball like it's made of gold, the Asturian players rush their new keeper to celebrate while the same look of frustration and disappointment is etched on the faces of every Hoenn player. Their remarkable run has come to an end, but Asturias have cleared the hurdle they tripped on last time out and are now on for their best World Cup performance ever. The match has ended Asturias 1 - Hoenn 1 after extra time, 3-2 on penalties.

    41 - Junpei ONISHI

    That ends our coverage of this match. Next up we have the latest of Fang Sen's World Cup diaries as he explores the border city of Magdeburg, then at the top of the hour Shen Smith meets England legend Haymitch Xander for an exclusive interview before we return to the studio at half past for build up for the final quarter final, where the USGA will play Brittany to decide who plays Asturias in the semi-finals. We hope you can join us for that, but if you can't it's good night from all of us at CBC Sports.
  5. Red Arturoist Napoleon II. - Marxist-Arturoist-Trałkaist Donor

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    European Nation of Unity (Bezirk 59)
    @Yanranay , @Capibara , @Xibalba , is there any chance of seeing updated graphics (goalscorers' list, tournament table, filling out the original application graphics etc.) by you?
  6. Yanranay Baron of Leuk

    May 19, 2016
    Not actually Leuk
    ahfah3 (4).png

    Current standing.
    And the updated goal list. (Not including the last 2 match results)

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  7. Red Arturoist Napoleon II. - Marxist-Arturoist-Trałkaist Donor

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    European Nation of Unity (Bezirk 59)
    For the Golden Boot, it seems like a close fight between Dzeko and Cung!
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  8. Red Arturoist Napoleon II. - Marxist-Arturoist-Trałkaist Donor

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    Very good, @Yanranay ! We do have the result of the Brittany vs. Greater Austria match already, though. This should probably be incorporated...
  9. Threadmarks: West Germany vs Flanders

    King_Arthur The Once and Present King

    Feb 22, 2018
    West Germany 1-0 Flanders

    The German's parked the bus in this game, a strategy which worked. Flanders had a couple of chances early on. After 8 minutes, Lukaku was one on one with Kevin Trapp, but the German keeper managed to save it. 4 minutes later, Kevin De Bruyne's free kick deflected off the wall, but Eden Hazard missed the resulting shot. The Germans kept possession in the rest of the half, only breaking through the Flemish defence once. A long ball from Sami Khedira reached Sandro Wagner, but his shot was tipped past the post by Sammy Bossut.

    In the second half, Flanders started strongly, with Christian Benteke actually scoring after 49 minutes with a header, but the linesman ruled it to be offside, a decision which was backed up by VAR. The Germans played a possession game, like in the first half until Yann Vertongh temporarily went off injured after 65 minutes. He left a gaping hole in the defence, which was exploited by Julian Draxler who's cross landed at the feet of Timo Werner, who scored an easy tap-in. The Germans dominated possession for the remainder of the match, with the greatest chance being a long shot from Ilkay Gundogan in stoppage time, which was saved by Sammy Bossut.

    Werner (WGE) '67

    Yellow Cards
    Mats Hummels (WGE) '51
    Mathieu Debuchy (FLA) '83
    Jelle va Damme (FLA) '89

    Mario Götze for Mesut Özil (WGE) '58
    Lukas va Eno for Johan Cabaje (FLA) '62
    Mathieu Debuchy for Yann Vertongh (FLA) '74
    Matthias Ginter for Timo Werner (WGE) '80
    Laurent Depoitre for Eden Hazard (FLA) '86
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    @riskyrofl , could we get the results for the semifinals? I hope that nothing severe happened to you and that you are okay! We really want to finish this AHFA World Cup!
  11. riskyrofl Well-Known Member

    Apr 3, 2017
    Really sorry I left you guys waiting, was a mixture of sickness and uni enrolment
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  12. Threadmarks: Semi-finals/SAS vs West Germany

    Red Arturoist Napoleon II. - Marxist-Arturoist-Trałkaist Donor

    Jul 5, 2011
    European Nation of Unity (Bezirk 59)
    sports.proletariat.as presents
    2018 AHFA World Cup: Syndicalist American States vs. German Council Republic

    Syndicalist American States:

    Talal Ali Silo

    Jens Spahn (95' Marc Stalfoot)
    Gaël Germany
    Hamilton Efigenio da Souza

    Emil Andersson (74' Ethem Nejat)
    Muhammet Ardiç

    Hans Apel
    Mukul Dristi

    Carl Legien (60' Viriato da Cruz)
    Nguyen Sinh Cung
    Anand (99' Gordon McLennan)

    German Council Republic:

    Kevin Trapp

    Mats Hummels
    (103' Marvin Plattenhardt) Niklas Süle
    Joshua Kimmich

    Ilkay Gündoǧan
    (94' Emre Can) Sami Khedira
    (60' Lars Stindl) Mesut Özil

    (76' Julian Brandt) Julian Draxler
    Leroy Sané

    Timo Werner
    Sandro Wagner
    Syndicalist American States 2-1 a.e.t German Council Republic

    1 - 0 Gaël Germany (45+1')
    1 - 1 Stindl (80')
    2 - 1 Nejat (112')

    Yellow cards: 2 - 4
    Red cards: 0 - 0
    Corners: 9 - 7
    Free kicks less than 40 m: 6 - 3

    Referee: Çıftan Ünlütürk (Anatolia): Grade C:
    No major mistakes, but very pedantic and thus, he caused many interruptions and set pieces

    Both teams, with no players suspended or injured, sent their best elevens onto the field for this "Match of the Internationale" in a World Cup semifinal. And both nations operated with a three-man defence. After his Olympic Goal, Ardiç had brought himself into the starting eleven!

    Initially, not much happened on the pitch. Passing in midfield and the teams sussing each other dominated, however, this did not mean there was any sort of "non-aggression pact". The game was lively, but contained no The referee also contributed in this, as interruptions were legion and even commonplace and small fouls earned the teams a free kick.

    Until Muhammet Ardiç once again was through on the right side - he just was faster than Julian Draxler. and Mats Hummels also had no chance. However, his dangerous attempt at a cross into the penalty area towards Cung was blocked and deflected out for a corner by Niklas Süle (19'). The corner did not lead to much, though the shot from afar by Mukul Dristi required intervention by Trapp.
    And with this, the sussing phase was broken. The referee was still very petty, but now, both teams tried to score and to create scenes close to the goal. Real danger, though, mostly arose from set pieces: Gael Germany's header after a corner by Ardiç (25') serves as a good example - Trapp picked it up safely despite it being deflected by Mesut Özil.
    But then, it became dangerous on the other side: Ardiç fouled Julian Draxler on the left wing, seven metres before the penalty line, but on the far-left. Free kick, and the first yellow in the match for Ardiç.
    In the absence of Thomas Müller (who had ruptured his cruciate ligament in the 1. VAS München vs. FV Borussia Fulda match - 1:2 - in late March), Julian Draxler brought the free kick in. Onto the head of Timo Werner, but Spahn manages to get his foot in! However, directly to the foot of Mesut Özil, who shoots the ball wide (31')! A double chance for the German Council Republic!

    But then, it was the SAS again. Everybody believed that it would be scoreless at half-time, and it might well have been, but the SAS got another corner after Mats Hummels hindered a relatively harmless attempt at a cross by Emil Andersson. And again, Muhammet Ardiç brought the corner in. The usual method was applied with three or four players in a line, difficult to defend for any team. And this time, it was not Cung, but Gaël Germany who was free! And he headed it in! 1-0 Gaël Germany (45+1')!

    This of course proved psychologically difficult for the Council Republic team, and soon after play restarted, they brought in Lars Stindl for the ineffective Özil who, on top of all strain that a World Cup anyway provides, had to deal with "Ottomangate" as he, in the middle of the electoral campaign, took a photo with Sultan Mehmed VII. and with Temel Karamollaoğlu, the newly hardline anti-secular and neo-autocratic Prime Minister of the Ottoman Empire - which brought a lot of criticism at home.

    And this proved vitalising, though the SAS defence was still difficult to surmount. Chances arose, especially from the distance (Stindl 58', Draxler 66', Wagner 70') and - what else was to be expected - after set pieces (header from Wagner after a corner by Stindl, 64', direct free kick by Draxler 75'). And then, the SAS - in the hope of finishing it off in regular time - brought offensive midfielder Ethem Nejat for left-winger Emil Andersson and pulled Ardiç back into a new four-man defence.
    This was done just before a goal-kick from Talal Ali Silo. The goal-kick, however, was badly done and reached Mats Hummels instead of any SAS player. Later, Jens Spahn fouled Timo Werner, resulting in a direct free kick from a centre-right position. It was too far away for a direct attempt, and thus, Lars Stindl brought it onto the head of Mats Hummels, who managed to control the ball and crossed it to Timo Werner into the goalmouth! And Werner's shot was saved by Talal Ali Silo! But even the excellent goalkeeper Silo was without a chance when Stindl had a second attempt! Into the goal! 1-1 Stindl (80')!

    And, despite attacking play by both teams, it was quite clear that this was going to be decided in extra time (or through a penalty shootout). Stindl (85') and on the other side Cung (82') and Anand (89') fired shots that were roughly on target, but none of them proved so dangerous that you thought the ball had to go into the net.

    With a score of 1-1, the match went into extra time. Both teams got a fourth substitution possibility, and both used up their four substitutions within the first half of extra-time. Despite the third substitution being a tactical one in both cases, at least Germany brought in more offensive potential with excellent cross player Marvin Plattenhardt and the SAS substituted ineffective Anand for Gordon McLennan.

    And no, it was not going to be a set piece from which the decisive moment arose. And Cung, the top goalscorer of this tournament, was not involved either. Instead, Mukul Dristi overtook Julian Brandt and Marvin Plattenhardt on their left-wing. And his cross could not be blocked. Niklas Süle was too far away, and thus, Ethem Nejat managed to reach the ball and shoot it into the upper right corner of the net! Kevin Trapp was not lucky in this scene, either, as he had tried to get the cross and thus was a bit too far out from this goal. But you can't really call it a bad mistake either.
    Anyway, it was 2-1 for the SAS! 2-1 Ethem Nejat (112')!
    The German Council Republic tried everything and did get into some attacking scenes still, Stindl (114') and Werner (118') even had attempts at the goal, but the Syndicalist American defence was too strong, including their goalkeeper Talal Ali Silo. Also, during the last minutes of the game, the SAS took to time-wasting which led to Hans Apel being booked for hesitating too long to take a free kick (117'), and thus, no really dangerous goal area scenes arose anymore. For the last free kick of the Council Republic, to be taken from the far right wing by Stindl, Kevin Trapp came forth, but the measure proved ineffective as Marc Stalfoot kicked the ball out of play! The throw-in for the German Council Republic was still executed, but then, the referee blew the final whistle!

    2-1 a.e.t. for the SAS! And again, they are in a World Cup Final, against the winners of the other semifinal between Austria and the SAS' group stage opponent of Asturias (the group stage match, irrelevant for both, ended 4-1 in favour of the Reds)!
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  13. Threadmarks: USGA vs Asturias

    King_Arthur The Once and Present King

    Feb 22, 2018
    Austria 2-0 Asturias

    A tense semi-final is won by Austria after two awful mistakes by the Asturians. Both teams played it safe, with Jose Bienevenida's 32nd minute free-kick barely being saved by Petr Cech. After 76 minutes, a mix-up between Javier Berin and Marko Arnautovic resulted in David Alaba's corner hitting Berin's hand. The resulting penalty was scored by Ivan Rakitic. The Asturians got more and more desperate, with goalkeeper Juan Alvarez going up for a corner. Martin Skrtel cleared it, leaving Eden Dzeko to practically run the ball into the empty net.

    Rakitic (AUS) 78' (p)
    Dzeko (AUS) 90+2'

    Yellow Cards
    David Alaba (AUS) 70'
    Javier Berin (AST) 82'
    Eduardo Obregon (AST) 88'

    Marko Arnautovic for Miralem Pjanic (AUS) 60'
    Alberto Gaston for Juan Pablo Noboa (AST) 69'
    Tamas Kadar for David Alaba (AUS) 79'
    Juan Fernando for Nico Fernandez (AST) 84'
  14. Threadmarks: Third Place: West Germany vs Asturias

    Capibara Well-Known Member

    Jul 4, 2008
    Monterrey, Nuevo León, México
  15. Red Arturoist Napoleon II. - Marxist-Arturoist-Trałkaist Donor

    Jul 5, 2011
    European Nation of Unity (Bezirk 59)
    sports.proletariat.as presents
    2018 AHFA World Cup
    United States of Greater Austria vs. Syndicalist American States

    United States of Greater Austria:

    Petr Čech

    Aleksandar Dragović
    Sebastian Prödl
    Martin Škrtel
    Šime Vrsaljko (85' Sead Kolašinac)

    Ivan Rakitić
    David Alaba
    Luka Modrić
    Miralem Pjanić (62' Muhamed Bešić)

    Edin Džeko (75' Julian Baumgartlinger)
    Andrej Kramarić

    Syndicalist American States:

    Talal Ali Silo

    Jens Spahn
    Gaël Germany
    (90' Anand) Hamilton Efigenio da Souza

    Emil Andersson
    Muhammet Ardiç
    (70' Ethem Nejat) Hans Apel
    Mukul Dristi

    Nguyen Sinh Cung
    Carl Legien
    (54' Viriato da Cruz) Loïc Germany
    United States of Greater Austria 4-1 Syndicalist American States

    1 - 0 Pjanić (24')
    2 - 0 Rakitić (41')
    2-1 Nguyen Sinh Cung (51')
    3-1 Vrsaljko (65')
    4-1 Kolašinac (87')

    Yellow Cards: 3 - 5
    Red Cards: 0 - 0
    Corners: 10 - 6
    Free kicks less than 40 m: 7 - 4

    Referee: Rhissa Ag Axaratouman (Tamazgha): Grade C-:
    Most decisions were correct, though many of them debatable. Dzeko dived before the free kick which led to the 1-0 lead, and giving a penalty to the USGA for Spahn's "handball" (40') remains dubious and under debate despite the VAR being used. Should have booked da Souza (87') while he was somewhat strict with booking Vrsaljko (78'). But at least disallowing the tentative 3-2 (Legien) was correct.

    For the Grand Final, the United States of Greater Austria met the Syndicalist American States. And both teams, with nobody injured or banned, fielded their absolute best elevens. Austrian coach Ruttensteiner surprised to some extent with fielding two full strikers, as usually, his favourite system was a 4-5-1 formation.

    Unexpectedly, though, both teams sussed each other at first. And it was the SAS who had a bit more offensive drive: Dristi tried to cross into the penalty area, succeeded, but the shot by Cung was blocked by Škrtel (12'). The following corner, contrary to what is known from this World Cup - and especially from the SAS-, proved harmless.
    And then, the USGA tried something. David Alaba passed the ball onto Pjanić, he onto Dzeko, who was about five metres before the penalty area. And he fell. At first, it seemed like Hamilton had fouled him, and the referee did award a free kick. But time-lapse video evidence revealed that Dzeko fell on his own! A wrong deision there by Axaratouman!
    But a free kick was a free kick. Pjanić was responsible, and brought it in! Into the goal! First, one thought that Dzeko might have touched it (or even Škrtel), but video evidence revealed the contrary: Goal scored directly by Pjanić! 1-0 Pjanić (24')!

    The SAS tried more, and they did have some good chances. Notably, Cung's shot was barely blocked by Vrsaljko and Prödl (31'), and Legien's cross, meant to arrive at Cung, was deflected for a corner by Dragović (33'). But of course, this ran the risk of counterattacks: Dragović managed to pass the ball onto Škrtel, who ran into the opponent's half with it - a position where nobody expected Škrtel. The next pass was an excellent one onto the left wing of Luka Modrić, and the attempt at a cross was safely deflected for a corner.
    Another corner was to prove even more dangerous: An attempt on target by Dzeko had been saved heroically by Talal Ali Silo, for a corner. The corner is taken short by Rakitić, onto Modrić, and he into the chaotic penalty area. Spahn gets the ball - first out, but then, the referee gets a signal by VAR. Possible handball! And minutes pass, with the referee himself viewing the scene from several perspectives, and he comes back... and points to the spot! Penalty kick for the USGA!
    And Rakitić is now up against Silo! But Rakitić safely into the centre of the goal, while feigning a shot to the left! 2-0 Rakitić (41')!

    Not much happened before the half-time whistle anymore.

    But immediately after restart, this changed. The SAS had kickoff, and, after first passing back as required, Spahn initiated forward play with a change of sides, onto the far right to Muhammet Ardiç. He passed onto Hans Apel, then onto Dristi, and then an attempt to cross onto Cung. Cung's attempt to pass to Legien was made into a corner by Sebastian Prödl.
    Corners of course are taken by Muhammet Ardiç. And Ardiç brought it, but it went out of the penalty area. Dristi had been positioned there, a second cross into the penalty box onto Cung! And he headed it in easily! 2-1 Cung (51')!

    For a time, play stalled after this goal. The SAS of course wanted to achieve the equaliser, but the Austrian defence was extremely resilient at defending their own goal, while the Austrians only tried anything offensive on a counterattack.
    And it was such a counterattack that should prove successful, albeit in an unorthodox way. Cung had attempted to shoot on target, but the ball was cleared out by Škrtel with a header. He managed to control the ball himself, passed it onto Alaba, and he wonderfully passed it onto the far right wing of Vrsaljko. Who ran with the ball, and his cross attempt onto a free Kramarić was barely deflected by Talal Ali Silo.
    The following corner was again taken by Rakitić, again taken short, but in a rather unorthodox way: passed to the corner of the penalty area onto Vrsaljko! And he, with a wonderful and lovely shot into the left corner of the goal! 3-1 Vrsaljko (65')!

    Now, the Austrians were more relaxed again and let the SAS come up and come forward, relying on their defence.

    Nejat was substituted in in somewhat of a risky move, and he was to be a major participant in the next scene: Gael Germany started forward play, Emil Andersson crossed it back into the centre to Ethem Nejat. Mukul Dristi raced to the ball in the area of the goal-line and passes it to Carl Legien! And he shoots it into the goal (78')! At first, Axaratouman allowed the goal, but he got a VAR signal. And video evidence revealed that, when Dristi got hold of the ball, it was fully out of play already! No goal for the SAS! But what they did get was a corner as Dragović had touched the ball last.
    However, the corner did not have any consequences: Ardiç brought it in, and it went far to the left, where Nejat did not manage to control the ball and it went out for a goal-kick.

    The SAS was demoralised to some extent, though not their supporters: They continued singing the Internationale and cheering on their team. But the last actions of this game were to be reserved for the Austrians. Now, they had been alerted again and tried to raise the scoreline, and not only by counterattacks. The substitutions were commonly thought of as purely tactical, and they might well have been. Had it not been for another set piece...
    Late in the game, Hamilton Efigenio da Souza fouled Andrej Kramarić in the centre-left, 12 metres in front of the penalty area. Direct free kick, and not booking Hamilton is to be considered extremely lenient. And Kolašinac, known for his extremely hard shooting, tried it in the absence of Pjanić! And directly into the goal, hard and to the left of the wall! 4-1 Kolašinac (87')!

    The SAS still did not give up, though. Everybody knew that they had no chance, but they really wanted to score another goal here. Cung was the first to try, from the distance, hitting the outer side of the post (88'). And counterattacks no longer proved that dangerous, as the USGA took to posession of the ball as a time-wasting measure. In injury time, Vrsaljko fouled Nejat, and for this presumably last free kick, Talal Ali Silo came to the front. The free kick was brought in from the far right, by Dristi. Onto the head of Gael Germany, who manages to give it to Talal Ali Silo! But his shot is saved by his fellow goalkeeper Petr Čech!
    Čech throws it out, onto Prödl, and he controls the ball, passes it into Baumgartlinger, he onto Alaba, back to Baumgartlinger, onto the right to Vrsaljko, but then, the referee blows the final whistle!

    The United States of Greater Austria are World Champions of 2018, having won decisively and excellently against the somewhat-favoured side of the Syndicalist American States! And this on Internationale soil, namely in the German Council Republic (West Germany)! This was the first World Cup that a non-communist team won on Internationale soil!

    The next game of the new world champions will be a first for everybody involved: The AHEFA Nations League, against the dethroned champions of Aragon! ​
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  16. Yanranay Baron of Leuk

    May 19, 2016
    Not actually Leuk
    ahfah3 (1).png scor.svg.2018_07_23_00_33_58.0.png

    Final versions of the graphics
    Thanks a lot again to @Capibara for putting together the list of goal scorers!
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  17. Spam78 Well-Known Member

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    And so ends the 2018 AHFA World Cup (even if it was a few weeks behind schedule). Congratulations to the USGA who deservedly win the tournament after something of a walkover in the final. Interesting to see the titanic battle for the golden boot between Dzeko and Nguyen has ended in a tie. According to FIFA rules it now goes to whoever had the most assists, but I'm not sure whether we have enough information to determine that. We also have a tie for bronze boot between Umanosuke Hamada and Timo Werner.

    Thank you to everyone that submitted a team, and thank you to @Gian, @VT45, @Gwrtheyrn Annwn, @justinNL, @HawkAussie, @King_Arthur, @riskyrofl, @Adam Wilson, @Capibara and @SaveAtlacamani for your match reports. Special thanks go to @SaveAtlacamani for putting in the biggest shift since the first AH World Cup by writing a quarter of the matches and without whom we likely would not have finished. Thanks to @riskyrofl for starting the thread and generating all the match results. Thanks also to @Yanranay for the graphics.

    Bring on Euro 2020!
  18. Yanranay Baron of Leuk

    May 19, 2016
    Not actually Leuk
    I've edited my last post
  19. Ferd42 Well-Known Member

    May 6, 2018
    United Kingdom
    well done austria!