2010 US Presidential Election

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disputed, Yeah, I know, I researched faux Alabama politics (and real Alabama politics too) as much as possible. The timeline's in the article but it's a little confusing. Burke's dates were never given, but he was referenced as a two-term Governor once (post 504). The article states he was a successor and predecessor to Governor Kirkwood, perfectly fitting between his two Governerships (1995 to 2003).

Here's the timeline:
  • D. Wire Newman - Democrat - 1979-1986
  • Bob Kirkwood - Republican - 1986-1995
  • Wes Burke - Republican - 1995-2003
  • Bob Kirkwood - Republican - 2003-2008
  • John McCrory - Republican - 2008-Present

Alabama Governors are, according to the state constitution, term-limited to two consecutive terms. They can run again later, but there has to be an interim break. In OTL (and probably early in this timeline), George Wallace did that a couple times. I have Bob Kirkwood doing the same thing.

Kirkwood was a little over two terms in his first administration, but he was Acting Governor from December '86 to January '87, which is a seperate deal under Alabama law (limited to 20 days, but not connected to the term limit).
washingtonpost.com, Saturday April 3rd

Political Blog with Dave Dernazza

2010 Senate Seats Most Likely To Change

Dropping off: Michigan
Coming on: California

10. California - The race between two high profile candidates for the seat being vacated by retiring Justine Avery has ebbed and flowed over the past six months but recent revelations about former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Sam Seaborn's relationship with a call girl has energised his opponent Richard Lassiter. Polls released yesterday gave Seaborn a narrow lead, but with Lassiter gaining significantly. An increasingly bitter battle seems likely as the Republican strives to link Seaborn with the less popular elements of Presidents Bartlet and Santos.

9. Indiana – With Martin Warren's retirement the Democrats have struggled to find a candidate they are happy with. With an upcoming primary the party establishment is keen on former education chief Sarah Lipton but State Treasurer Damon Matteo has been in the race for some time and retains a poll and fundraising advantage. Former gubernatorial candidate Frank Barkey is struggling to hold off up and coming conservative Bryant Micklewhite.

8. Vermont – Green Mountain state falls down the line due the Republican coup of securing former Presidential candidate Matthew Skinner as their candidate. Congressman Skinner still faces an up hill battle in a largely Democratic state (albeit one carried by Arnold Vinick in 2006). The upcoming Democratic primary will return a strong candidate one way or another with former Lt. Goveror Alison Benstead looking the most likely winner.

7. Florida – With Robert Ritchie standing aside for Governor Eric Swenson this has become a furious race. Democratic Congressman John Tandy seemed completley thrown by the change in his opponent but has managed to regain some momentum. Swenson seems to have seen off a potential challenge from his ideological right with an endorsment by former Party State Chairwoman Kate Ashton.

6. North Carolina– Things don't look good for incumbent David McNamara, once the golden by of Republican politics. His fall from grace following a high profile affair and public spat with Governor Andrew Wu who called for him to resign have seen his approval rating plummet. The DNC have a top line candidate in Congressman Brett Logan who has closed to within two points of McNamara.

5. Minnesota – Questions over Democratic nominee Jarod Daniels links to the Teamsters union has further undermined his stuttering campaign. It's looking increasing likely that Senator Stackhouse's replacement will be St. Paul Mayor Jack Hunter who has long since cleared the Republican field.

4. New Hampshire – Former Lassiter advisor Mitch Lockley won the Republican primary and is now setting his sites on overturning a significant poll deficit to Manchester Mayor Scott Larkin.

3. Missouri – The Governor's wife Laura Shallick looks an odds on favourite to unseat incumbent Ken Oliom, she's raised much more money and has what looks like an insurmountable poll lead. Oliom is attempting to paint Shallick's run as an attempt by the Shallick's to take total control of Missouri politics, but the Governor's popularity seems to be trumping those attacks.

2. Connecticut – Howard Niering's retirement made this a very attractive Democratic candidate, but last weeks announcement that popular Governor Chris Casey was running makes this an almost certain pick-up. Republicans are uniting behind local businesswoman Ruth McAdam, who has deep pockets but will likely look to jump to the impending Governor's race due to Casey's entry.

1. Utah – If you can find odds get some money on SENATOR Marc Elderton representing the Beehive state post November. It's widely expected that current Senator John Degbie will retire over the next couple of weeks. The only reason he hasn't yet is that the DNC haven't been able to find an alternative!
washingtonpost.com, Saturday April 3rd

Dave Dernazza Political Blog

The Gubernatorial Line

Dropping off: New Jersey, Virginia
Coming on: Florida, New Mexico

10.Florida (NE) With Governor Eric Swenson running for the Senate an open race is emerging in the Sunshine State. The Ritchie/Swenson agreement seemingly makes James Ritchie the favourite for the Republican nod, but businessman Kent Rodgers and Congressman Glen Stanley have both expressed interest. The Democrats are high on Congresswoman Lucy Royle but she faces competition from former District Attorney Lance Peterson.

9.Louisiana (6) After overturning sitting Governor Mick Johnson in the primary, former Senator Cole Quigley has quickly secured high profile endorsements throughout the state and beyond. Democrat Rachel Maddison has struggled to define herself against the charasmatic Quigley but resentment over the coup d'etat in the State House still offers her a chance.

8.New Mexico (NE) With Rudi Vansen now removed from the picture and a special election scheduled for November both sides are scrambling for candidates. The Republicans desperatley want Lt. Governor Henry Gomez to step aside due to his links to Vansen. If he doesn't he'll face primary challenges from Congressman Steven Scott and State House Speaker Mario Mendez. The Democrats have a strong potential field with Matthew Stimson, the Mayor of Albuquerque and Simeon Ratner, the Congressman for the 3rd Congressional district.

7.New York (7) New York is becoming an unlikely battleground ahead of this years election. Glen Walken is running neck and neck with President Santos, former Congressman Jay Cruger has emerged as a genuine threat to Michael Daschowitz and former New York City Mayor Blake Marshall may be edging ahead of District Attorney Matthew Lewis in the battle for the Governor's mansion.

6. Colorado (10) – The well funded and well connected Oliver Moseley seems to be pulling ahead of incumbent Jack Wallace. Moseley overcame businessman David Thorper in the primary. Wallace continues to the struggle in light of higher than average unemployment.

5.Michigan (4) Congressman John Brennan stumbled a little last month over some questionable donations but quickly regained his footing and still seems well placed to defeat unpopular incumbent Ruth Hutchisons who has struggled under the weight of rising unemployment.

4.Montana (5) The failure of the Republicans to unite behind one of their open field featuring former Lt. Governor Todd Bray, Congressman Scott Lynch, State Party Chairwoman Kathryn Hilliard and business man Bennett Henderson has opened the door for Kurt Carner, the grandson of the last Democratic Governor Bruce Carner. The Carner's have vast personal wealth and clearly fancy their chances of an upset.

3.Ohio (4) Governor Simon Halley's prospects seem to rise and fall almost weekly. After being mentioned as a possible Vice-Presidential contender he continues to struggle to get about 40% in the majorty of polls. The Democratic success in attracting Congressman Jim Marino makes this look like an uphill struggle for Halley.

2.Tennessee (1) Memphis Mayor Shane Denham has hit the campaign trail like a whirlwind and has pulled well clear of Congressman Lionel Jackson. The Democrats seem to have given up on the Volunteer state with State Senator Bill Rake their likely candidate.

1.Nevada (3) Incumbent Dan Carrington is deeply unpopular and with former Senator Randy Broughton securing the Democratic nomination it looks a struggle for Carrington to hold on. Disgrunted Republicans hoping for a primary challenge from their own former Senator Dawson Ackland were disappointed when he ruled out a run.

A New Kind of Politics Blog
Saturday April 3rd
5.OO AM from a Hotel Room in Columbia, South Carolina
Yesterday was a great day on the first day of the Generals' tour.
After my last blog we had an amazing rally in Brunswick, Georgia before heading to Savannah Georgia by noon.
The General and the Congressman went walkabout, it drove the Secret Service mad, but they where determined to shake as many hands as they could and hear those ordinary voices which have too long be ignored by the others.
When where the back on the bus for the journey to Charleston. It was here that the General answered the many e-mails that had flooded into the website. The Live chat went well even with those from the supporters of Santos and Walken.
Ruth Alexander and Brandon also joined in with some of the questions, as did Congressman Woodside and his family. "No Brandon does not have a girl-friend" which was a common question.
In Charleston, General Alexander met with Business and Community Leaders, and gained a suprise endorsement from South Carolina's Deomcratic Congressman Grant Spencer and South Carolina's Republican Congresswomen Susan Day.
Then it was on for the final journey of the day to Columbia, the General dished out beers to everyone including the press, whilst the campaign staff sang "Journeys Don't stop believing" which has become the song of the campaign.
Then we arrived in Columbus, over ten thousand supporters awaited us, I had never seen anything like it. Even Journalists said "This we did not expect".
After it was on to the hotel and sleep, well a few hours.
Can we really do this, you bet we can.
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Max Thieriot as Brandon Alexander

Sela Ward as Ruth Alexander

Ally Sheedy as Sandra Woodside
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Some serious news:

Weekly World News, April 4th, 2010

Alexander and Woodside Wed

In a solemn ceremony outside of Juneau, Alaska, Presidential candidate Nicholas "Rambo" Alexander and Franklin "Franklin Woodside" Woodside were married in the first gay marriage authorized in the state of Alaska. Apparently, it was also the first bigamous marriage authorized by the Governor of Alaska as well.

Reportedly, bridesmaid Glen Allen Walken was in tears, and Alexander was given away by none other than former President Newman (who, as we've reported in the past, is Alexander's biological father). Woodside's Best Man, Marcus Blakemore, had this to say: "Can a brother get a steak sandwich up in this joint?" This, reportedly, also brought tears to Walken's eyes.

Alexander and Woodside will be staying at the Sheraton Hotel in the Vatican for their honeymoon, and gifts should be sent to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
nbsonline.com, Sunday April 4th

Walken: Economic Renewal Impossible Under Santos

The presumptive Republican nominee for President has attacked President Santos as "incapable of detaching himself from the big state mentality" that he says has stalled the economy.

Walken, who conducted a recorded interview for Taylor Reid on the talk show host eponymous Sunday show, talked at length about his vision of renewing the economy. "We've spent well beyond our means and have still raised the tax and regulation burden on small business and entrepreneurs - we must cut tax on the wealth generators in our society, that's what I'm proposing."

The former acting President was particularly scathing about the President's domestic achievements. When asked what achievements of the President was he happy with he said "As I said I'm pleased with where we've got to in Kazakhstan, and he (President Santos) deserves credit for that - but to answer your question head on I can't think of any domestic achievement that I can praise."

Mr. Walken who was in a relaxed mood said he was paying little attention to polls that suggested he holds a narrow lead over the President. "It's April, there is a long way until the election, we will make our case to the country, clearly and honestly and the people of the country will decide - that's the only poll that interests me."
pollingreport.com, Sunday April 4th

2010 Presidential Election

% of those likely to vote

Voting Intentions

Walken 51%, Santos 47%

Approval Ratings

President Matthew Santos Approve 49%, Disapprove 44%, Unsure 7%, Unheard of 0%

Fmr Act President Glen Walken Approve 61%, Disapprove 27%, Unsure 6%, Unheard of 7%

Sunday April 4th
Reed "I will give Mayoral Salary to Charity if I win"
Conservative Mayoral candidate Henry Reed today said he would not take the jobs salary of £143,911 if he wins the election on May 6th.
"I will not take the Mayoral Salary if elected, I will give it to Charities within the City" he also asked his two main opponents, Labour incumbent Gerald Fox, and Former Mayor and Independent Ben Stanley to promise to do the same.
Reed also gave his royalities from the three books he has written since leaving Number Ten, 14 years ago also to charity.
Henry Reed
Born March 7th 1949, Wandsworth, London
A British Politician currently the Conservative's candidate for the London Mayoral election to be held on May 6th.
He served as British Prime-Minister from Wednesday March 3rd 1993 to Friday May 3rd 1996.
He was born to parents Arthur and Brenda. At the age of just two, Brenda Reed died in childbirth, leaving Arthur to bring up his son alone. Arthur was a Warden at Wandsworth prison having served in the Parachute Brigade during the Second World War.
Reed left school and joined Wandsworth Council as a wages clerk at just sixteen, two years later he joined the National Westminister Bank, rising to become deputy Manager of the Clapham Junction branch by his twenty-first birthday.
Two years later he became a local counciller on Wandsworth at just 23 years old, and in 1976 he was deputy Leader of the party in the Borough.
At the 1979 General Election he fought the seat of Tooting aged just thirty, he lost by 3,145 votes.
In May 1982 he stood at the by-election in the Putney seat following the death of the Conservative MP Harold Worth, and won with a majority of 7,876 votes. At the General Election in June 1983 he was re-elected with a majority of 13,764.
He was a Parliamentary Private Secretary from 1985 and an assistant whip from 1987. He was made Under-Secretary of State at the Foreign Office in 1988 and became Minister of State in the same department in 1989. He entered the Cabinet as Chief Secretary to the Treasury a year later, before being promoted to Foreign Secretary after Margaret Thatcher staved of a leadership challenge in November 199O. He gained popularity as Foreign Secretary during the Gulf War in 1991. After Thatcher won a 4th term in June 1991, he was became Home Secretary and was regarded by many as the heir apparent to Thatcher. Indeed when she announced her retirement in February 1993, after eighteen years as Conservative Leader and almost fourteen as Prime-Minister Reed was the clear front-runner along with Defence Secretary Maureen Graty, but it was the clear that the Conservatives were not going to elect another Women to suceed Thatcher, and Reed won on the second ballot.
Graty became deputy Leader and deputy Prime-Minister. Reed was dealt a bad hand by history, with many on the eurosceptic right causing major problems over Europe, and in 1995 some militant back benchers broke away to form the National Democratic party. Although the economy was strong during Reed's time in office, the bickering and in-fighting along with several sex and finincial scandals did not help him.
In May 1996, faced by a strong and highly popular Labour Leader Richard "Ricky" Meyer, the Conservatives went down to defeat with Labour gaining a majority of one hundred and one seats.
On the day after the election defeat Reed resigned as Prime-Minister, and announced his decision to stand down as Party leader as well. He favoured Richard Samuels as his sucessor but after he won the first ballot he was "outed" as gay by the Labour supporting Daily Mirror, and the Leadership was won by Maureen Graty.
Reed returned to the back benches for the next four years, before retiring as an MP at the May 2000 General Election.
He refused both a seat in the House of Lords and a knighthood. In 2002 he wrote his autiobiography "From Wandsworth and Back" and then a non-political book "Great Londerers" two years later and in 2006 a history of Fulham Football Club, a team he had supported since a boy.
In November 2009 he was selected as the Conservatives candidate for London Mayor.
He married local teacher Mary Wood in 1974, and have children, Linda born in 1975, Rachel born in 1977, and Andy born in 1979.
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A New Kind of Politics Blog

Sunday April 4th
5.OO am from the Willard Hotel, Washington DC
Day two of my blog and it was a day as good if no better than Friday.
We sent off from Columbia South Carolina a little after five thirty in the morning arriving across the state border for our first stop of the day in Charlotte, for a breakfest appointment at a homless shelter. The General arrived with Congressman Woodside to serve food to the residents. There was a very touching moment when the General noticed a former Marine,who had had a Marine badge on, both he and Congressman Woodside where moved to tears.
Outside he told reporters "it is a national disgrace that men that have fought for there country are living on the streets, without a home , something must be done about it".
From Charlotte we headed for Greensboro arrving at around nine thirty in the morning. It was time for another Alexander walkabout in the city centre, again let anyone tell you that the General is not popular, "Give them hell, Nick" a man shouted out "I am and I will keep doing so" came back the reply.
After an hour we where back on the bus and onward to a rally at Danville.
Before the rally the General toured the famous house where the fleeing Confederate Government stayed after there flight from Richmond this back in 1865. The rally was five thousand strong, and again went down well.
The General then decided to buy everyone hotdogs and beer afterwards.
Then it was onward to where the campaign started less than weeks ago, Richmond Virginia. It was mid-afternoon by the time we arrived, for another walkabout and then a meeting with local businessman.
As we left Richmond for Washington DC, the General decided to divert the Bus, when we passed Fredericksberg, the site of the famous and deadly battle of the Civil War in 1862. He went straight to the cementary at the foot on Mayres Heights, and prayed with Congressman Woodside for several minutes.
He then gave a tour of the battleground himself to reporters, "Burnside was there", "Lee and Longstreet up there".
We where over an hour late when we arrived in Washington DC just after nine, and when we went past the White-House , the General shouted out "Thats where we are going to be living on January 2oth next Year".
The Final event of the day was a fundraiser at the world famous Willard Hotel, again continuing on the Ciivil War theme of theday where General US Grant stayed after becoming commander in chief of the Union forces in 1864.
"I noticed something about Washington on the way here tonight, and I think it sums this city up well, all the roads go in circles".
So another amazing day, I managed to get to bed just after one am, having been up some twenty hours.
In a similar vein to my Middle East map (but with a different image editor), here's a map of Western Africa:


Some notes:
  • Equatorial Kundu is the only added country. I have previously placed it near Liberia (I took a chunk off of the Ivory Coast, but it is intended to be a similar freed-slave nation as Liberia). Kundu is based on Rwanda, which is much further away. The last series appearance placed Kundu in West Africa, near Ghana and the Ivory Coast, which this map shows.
  • Ivory Coast was only referenced as "Ivory Coast" on the show and may or may not be known officially as "Côte d'Ivoire" as it is in OTL.
  • The same thing can almost be said for Zaire, which now prefers the name "Democratic Republic of the Congo." It was referenced multiple times as Zaire, although one early reference (Night Five) does exist to the country as "The Congo" (definitely seperate from the other Congo as it is the location of Kinshasa).
  • I accidentally changed the coloring to the text of "Burkina Faso" before uploading it. I didn't realize it until I wrote up the notes. There's nothing special about Burkina Faso, although it is home to eleven million people and in every even year (presumably 2010), they host Africa's largest crop market. There crops include millet, rice, and peanuts. If you don't believe me, ask C.J. (all available in one episode -- The Drop-In).

Henry Reed Promises to Give Mayoral Salary to Charity
Ben Stanley

Once again, Henry Reed trots out his tireless gimmick; that he will give "the proceeds to charity". His autobiography, his book of collected speeches, his "tell-all" account of the way local government really operates (and no, that's not a reality tv show on Channel 4, it's a book by the former prime minister) all of these he has announced the same gimmick; that he will not accept the royalties himself. Whether its a book or a mayoral election, Reed seems to think that it makes him a better person to divest himself of the proceeds, but worse, he is now implying that I should do the same. This is nonsense, and worse, it is obviously nonsense. Reed came from nowhere, but he married well and has managed to accrue a private fortune during his time in politics; "working-class lad" aside, Reed is touching the top of the political rich list. So he can afford to not take a mayoral salary. No doubt Mayor Fox, 5th Baronet that he is could manage that, but I'm afraid we mortals cannot. If elected again to serve London, I will cut the mayoral salary by 10%, and push to introduce a similar reduction for members of the London Assembly. I will treat the mayoralty as the public office it is, not as Sir Gerald Fox and Henry Reed seems to view it, as a sinecure retirement position for would-bes and has-beens not. I cannot as Mr Reed has done, boast of my wealth (at other's expense, let us not forget that 90% of Mr Reed's fortune was not earned in any meaningful sense of the word, unless marriage is a labour) and claim I can do without a salary. That's daft, Mr Reed; it's arrogant, and elitist, so shut up about it.

Ben Stanley is a former Leader of the Greater London Council, former Member of Parliament, former shadow Employment Secretary and former Mayor of London.
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Monday April 5th
Fox "I agree with Reed and give Salary to Charity"
London Mayor Gerald Fox has agreed with his Conservative rivial Henry Reed and will give his Mayoral salary to Charity if he wins re-election on May 6th.
"I may disagree with Henry on some issues, but I agree with him and will give my salary to charity if re-elected"
he also hit back remarks made by Former Labour Mayor and Independent candidate Ben Stanley
"I have to say Ben's comments today help no-one, and really does seem to have a grudge against those that have earned money and served there nation as both myself and Henry Reed have done. I would also like to ask Him about the money he has made from his two books, his radio show and his after dinner speaking".
Santos Throws First Pitch on Opening Day
Mark Wright, Washington Post Sports Page.

Wearing a smile, and a ballcap with the logo of his hometown Houston Astros, President Matt Santos took a break from his stressful day job to enjoy one of the perks to his job- Throwing the ceremonial first pitch on Opening Day.

The game, between the Astros and the Washington Nationals, started at 1:05, but President Santos arrived an hour earlier, and spent the time working on his pitch. He also greeted both team and managers, the umpires, and the owners of both teams, as well as MLB Commissioner Bud Selig before the game started. When he was announced, the President was warmly greeted and cheered, with very few boos heard.

The President headed to the mound, and stepped onto the rubber, while 3rd baseman Ryan Zimmerman crouched behind the plate. The President wound up, and threw a perfect strike right down the middle, causing the ballpark to erupt with applause. The President took the ball, waved to the crowd, and headed back inside to enjoy the game from the owner's box.

Tuesday April 6th

Latest London Mayoral poll

The lastest ICM poll for the Guardian sees Conservative Henry Reed extending his lead, although Labour Mayor Gerald Fox has also moved up,pulling clear of former Mayor Ben Stanley.
  1. Henry Reed, Con 28.6% +1.1
  2. Gerald Fox, Labour 27.2% +0.7
  3. Ben Stanley, Ind, 25.1% (Stanley has been endorsed by the Greens,the Soc Workers Party and Soc Labour Party) -0.9
  4. Arthur Brooks, NPP 7.2% -0.3
  5. Joesphine Blake, Lib Dem, 7.1% +.01
  6. Guy Pearson, National Dems, 4.8% -0.7
The First Mayoral debate is due to take place on Thursday at the LSE, to be shown live on BB2-London Region only, and on-line here at Guardian.com
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Henry hits back at Stanley

In an exclusive article for this website Henry Reed as hit back at the comments made about him and his wealth by Ben Stanley.

"When I read former Mayor Stanley's article today, I had to read it twice to make I hadn't got it wrong the first time.
First off he seems to think my gesture to give the salary of Mayor to charity if I win the election as a gimmick is an insult. I am ready to give something back for this City and it's great citizens, where is the gimmick in that.
I am very happy to see Mayor Fox has also agreed the same if he wins.
Although I disagree with Gerald on a policy level, he is an hourable man and a decent public sevant, but after yesterday, I cannot say the say the same of Mayor Stanley.
I read his attacks on my books, which I can take, afterall any author gets his fare share of cristism, but then came the un-called for attack on my wife.
Mary was a teacher when we first meet back in 1972, I was 23 years old, and was working for Nat West Bank in Clapham Junction, a year later I got elected as a Councillor for Wandsworth Council. Mary's family never had much money so I do not know where Ben has got that from.
When we married in 1974, we rented a one bedroom flat in Garratt Lane, Wandsworth. She carried on teaching until 1988, along after I had entered the House of Commons. Again Ben has his facts wrong.
What I think is very important, is that Ben does not believe that someone that has a working class bckground should ever be a Conservative. His logic seems to be Working Class=Labour Voter. That is a lie. I am pround of working class background, but I believed that I showed that with hard work and belief that you can achieve anything.
These remarks are clear to me that he has not changed, he is still the class-hating left wing socialist he has always been. Don't forget this was the man that has called Lenin "One of the greatest men that has ever lived" Stalin "A world Statesmen" and in 1985 called the USSR " A becon to the world". I ask voters not to be fooled by his change in image, because at heart he is a hard left Socalist.
I was honoured to have served as a Councillor, then as an Mp, then as "First Among Equals" for just over three years as prime-minister. Now I wish to serve again as London's Mayor.
I hope after this response that Ben Stanley will take back those comments he has made, but I very dobut that."
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Montgomery Advertiser, Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Editorial - Who Could be our next Senator?

With the recent suicide of Senator Hobuck, Governor McCrory is obligated to appoint his successor until a special election can be called. Since Hobuck's death occurred just a little over seven months before his re-election in November, there will likely be no special election, just the general election in its place on November 2nd.

We've put together five possibilities for Governor McCrory to choose from:

5. Rachel Riley - McCrory's daughter and former campaign spokesperson. A longshot, but plausible as a temporary Senator who won't run in the upcoming election. She's stated in the past her belief that she could "someday become a Senator," and this could be her chance. She is pregnant with twins, although that didn't stop Maryland Congresswoman Andrea Wyatt from running for office back in the day. Her marriage to current Alabama Senator would make them the first married Senators to serve together.

4. John McCrory - Better yet, McCrory, who never liked his job as Governor (he ascended due to former Governor Kirkwood's resignation following health issues), could just take himself out of office by becoming Senator. It might be decried in the state, but there's nothing that would prevent him from doing such a thing. Many still remember fondly the State Senator McCrory of ten years ago who rallied against Governor Burke's extreme policies.

3. Ross Newman - I know, I know, he's a Democrat. But he's a considerably conservative one at that (not like his father, famed liberal President D.W. Newman). While his experience is mostly in the Judiciary, Newman did run against Senator Bennett in 2002 (when he would've been the youngest Senator possible). The Republican McCrory appointing a Democrat to a Republican seat isn't totally out of the ordinary. Governor Kirkwood did the same thing in 2005 when he appointed Democrat Dale Killy to outgoing Senator Bennett's seat.

2. Robert Bennett - Probably the most respected Senator in recent history, Bennett served Alabama from 1979 to 2005, until he became Ambassador to Germany (a post he vacated upon the election of Santos). Although nominally retired, Bennett's been making alot of political appearances, mostly supporting Glen Alan Walken's presidential campaign. He seems to be the most obvious choice, but he may step aside in favor of the next candidate.

1. Wes Burke - The ultra-conservative former Governor and one-time political opponent of McCrory's. Burke is highly respected within the Alabama Republican Party and it's likely they'll pressure the Governor into appointing him. He served two terms as Governor and has publicly stated his wish to enter national politics. A relatively young man at 60, Burke had considered running in this year's presidential primary, but declined (some suggest he was pressured away from running). A roll in the Senate may be what Burke needs to gain national attention and perhaps a run for the Presidency in 2014 or even 2018.

Tuesday April 6th

Marsh and Rohr want Burke for Senate Seat
Mary Marsh and George Rohr have told Alabama Governor John McCorry that the ACA would want to see Former Governor Wesley Burke appointed as Jimmy Holbucks successor.
We understand that Marsh and Rohr who have long time supporters of Burke, and many believe that they tried to get him to enter the presidential race last year.
The problem is that John McCorry has no love for Burke, even though both are Republicans.
McCorry is believed to be making a statement within the next two days.
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