2010 US Presidential Election

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Owen Lassiter on his banners in his Library

Roy Scheider as Owen Lassiter.
Actually the likeness is very, very good.
Lassiter is 7 years older than Scheider
Rundown / Cast List - Week 11-20

Week 11 - February 15-21, 2009
Slow news week

Week 12 - February 22-28, 2009
Monday articles:
  • Book Review: 'No Exit' By Cmdr. Kate Harper - Washington Post, no author listed (Tim Thomason)
  • Top Contributors to "The Centre" Leaked - Los Angeles Times, no author listed (Tim Thomason)

Thursday articles:
  • Indonesia Government Shutdown - BBC.com, no author listed (Tim Thomason)

Saturday articles:
  • Economic Team Leaves for Jakarta - Drudge Report, no author listed (Tim Thomason)

Cast list:
  • Patricia Calhoun
  • Sir Richard Compton
  • Lesley Cryer
  • Kate Harper
  • Kharis
  • Siguto
  • Yosh Takahashi
  • Andrew Wu

Week 13 - March 1-7, 2009
Month of March articles:
  • Hoynes On Hollywood - Rolling Stone, Susan (Tim Thomason)

Monday news pieces:
  • The Qumari Revolution of 2007 - Wikipedia, user-edited (Marky Bunny)

Thursday articles:
  • Four Presidents, One Brain - Taylorreid.com Insider Blog, Taylor Reid (Tim Thomason)

Cast list:
  • Manab Hessani
  • Josh Lyman
  • Taylor Reid
  • Susan
  • Ali Usef
  • Toby Ziegler

Week 14 - March 8-14, 2009
Sunday articles:
  • Alexander Announces Candidacy - Washington Post, no author listed (Tim Thomason)

Cast list:
  • Nicholas Alexander
Week 15 - March 15-21, 2009
Monday articles:
  • "I have voted Democratic in a Presidential Election" admits General Alexander as he prasies two ex-Presidents - CNN.com, no author listed (Marky Bunny)
  • St. Patrick's Day at the White House - New York Times, no author listed (Tim Thomason)
  • Berryhill to Appear on Meet the Press Sunday - Washington Post, no author listed (Tim Thomason)
  • Sullivan Delivers Sermon at Washington Cathedral - MSNBC.com, no author listed (Tim Thomason)
  • Fla. Gov. Swenson (R) drops out of US Pres. Race - The Daily Telegraph, no author listed (Tim Thomason)
  • Former Governor Appears at NRA rally - Chicago Tribune, no author listed (Tim Thomason)
  • Haffley Camp Releases Debate Negotiations - Drudge Report, no author listed (Tim Thomason)
  • "Come On, Mike Reed" video sweeps the Nation - D.C. Insider Magazine, no author listed (Tim Thomason)
  • Wife of Potential Presidential Candidate, Passes Away - The Times, no author listed (Tim Thomason)
  • Congressman Wendt Appears Drunk in a Meeting with the ACA - The Guardian, no author listed (Tim Thomason)
  • Skinner Accepts Log Cabin Endorsement - Los Angeles Times, no author listed (Tim Thomason)
  • General Alexander Picks Up the VFW Endorsement - BBC.com, no author listed (Tim Thomason)

Wednesday articles:
  • Glen Walken performs about turn on Presidential Bid - FoxNews.com, no author listed (disputed)

Saturday articles:
  • Blakemore refuses to comment on GOP nomination bid - CNN.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • The Mix, political blog - Washington Post, Dave Dervanna (disputed)

Cast list:
  • Marcus Blakemore
  • Dave Dervanna
  • David Gregory
  • Jenna Hobuck
  • Michael Jackson
  • Mary Marsh
  • Bob Mayer
  • Henry Shallick, Jr.
  • Simmons
  • Michael Swain
  • Lou Thornton
  • Bruce F. Williams

Week 16 - March 22-28, 2009
Wednesday articles:
  • Wendt drunk again, this time at a campaign rally - MSNBC.com, no author listed (Marky Bunny)
  • Swain- I will not seek Republican nomination - CNN.com, no author listed (Marky Bunny)
  • Alexander at a rally of over 35,000 - New York Times, no author listed (Marky Bunny)

Thursday articles:
  • Walken Picks Up High Profile Endorsements - Politico.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • Republican Candidates Line Up To Attack Santos’ Budget - MSNBC.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • Hobuck- "I can't go on without my Jenna" - CNN.com, no author listed (Marky Bunny)
  • Ritchie urges Wendt to pull out of the GOP race - CNN.com, no author listed (Marky Bunny)

Friday articles:
  • Leader: Troubled Times, Matthew Santos must act and act decisively to save his presidency - The Economist, no author listed (disputed)
  • One Nation '10 PAC Hosts a Bipartisan Luncheon - DistrictScene.com, no author listed (Tim Thomason)
  • Wendt Campaign Derails - Washington Examiner, no author listed (Tim Thomason)

Cast list:
  • Bill Armstrong, Jr.
  • Dan Franks
  • Christopher Parker
  • Sam Seaborn
  • Mark Sellner
  • Nathan Templeton

Week 17 - March 29-April 4, 2009
Sunday articles:
  • Berryhill on Meet the Press: "I am accepting advice, contributions" On Presidential Run - NBC.com, no author listed (Tim Thomason)
  • Framhagen launches attack on “plastic conservative” Skinner - Washington Post, no author listed (disputed)

Monday articles:
  • Walken Appoints Braun as Political Director - BBC.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • Senator Brace backs Skinner "Sexauilty does not matter-Ideas and experience do". - CNN.com, no author listed (Marky Bunny)
  • Wendt- "I am not pulling out of the race" - MSNBC.com, no author listed (Marky Bunny)

Wednesday articles:
  • Governors Wade In To Support Sullivan - CNN.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • MSNBC and Politico announce GOP Primary Debate - Drudge Report, no author listed (disputed)

Thursday news pieces:
  • Confirmed candidates for the first GOP debate in three weeks time - MSNBC.com, no author listed (Marky Bunny)
  • Sullivan Goes On Offensive in tour of New Hampshire - CBSnews.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • Haffley in hot water over “stupidity” comment - FoxNews.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • Dissent of the Day - The Daily Dish, anonymous reader (Lavanya Six)
  • "I've Been Marchin' in Israel" - YouTube video, no uploader listed (Lavanya Six)

Friday articles:
  • Walken clarifies reasons for change of heart. - FoxNews.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • Early polling suggests a close race. - realclearpolitics.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • Senator Heston backs Skinner - CNN.com, no author listed (Marky Bunny)
  • General Alexander gets first big endorsement - New York Times, no author listed (Marky Bunny)

Saturday articles:
  • Skinner "There must be no no-go areas for Republicans". - The Guardian, no author listed (Marky Bunny)
  • Reed jokes on Leno "Vote for me, and I will give free dance lessons for everyone" - CNN.com, no author listed (Marky Bunny)

Cast list:
  • Steve Attwood
  • Robert Bennett
  • Mike Brace
  • Roxanne Brace
  • Jane Braun
  • Meredith Carson
  • Charlie Forrester
  • Rafe Framhagen
  • Mandy Hampton
  • Jeff Heston
  • Matt Hunt
  • Stephen Kendrick
  • Jay Leno
  • Anne Stark
  • Jack Stephens
  • Peggy Wade
  • unnamed soldier-singer

Week 18 - April 5-11, 2009
Sunday articles:
  • Skinner Snubs Angers CPAC Membership - FoxNews.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • C-PAC Round Up - Townhall.com, Helen Arthur (disputed)
  • Sullivan Wins CPAC Straw Poll - politico.com, no author listed (disputed)

Monday articles:
  • General Alexander denies internet claims that he would take Vice-presidential spot - CNN.com, no author listed (Marky Bunny)
  • Santos Budget In Trouble - CNN.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • GOP Wait On Blakemore Decision - BBC.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • "High-profile endorsements on Tuesday" say Skinner Campaign. - CNN.com, no author listed (Marky Bunny)
  • Polling w/c April 6th - MastersonReports.com (disputed)
  • New Polls Show Sullivan Maintaining GOP Primary Lead - politico.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • Berryhill Demands Democratic Debate - New York Times, no author listed (Tim Thomason)

Tuesday articles:
  • Skinner gets five massive backers for campaign - CNN.com, no author listed (Marky Bunny)
  • Seaborn Tapped For Senate Run - politico.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • Walken Tours Bases in Kazakhstan - CNN.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • Pratt enjoys big day in Iowa - Townhall.com, no author listed (disputed)

Wednesday articles:
  • Wendt shocks with a "drunken" attack on all his oppenents - newyorktimes.com, no author listed (Marky Bunny)

Thursday news pieces:
  • Walken Launches Ten point Plan - CBSnews.com, no authorlisted (disputed)
  • The Rockford File - nashrockford.com, Nash Rockford (disputed)
  • Wendt banned from Presidential debate - MSNBC.com, no author listed (Marky Bunny)
  • Skinner "I hope Congressman Wendt pulls out of the race for his own sake". - CNN.com, no author listed (Marky Bunny)
  • Vinick Vows to Stay Out of 2010 Politics - CNN.com, no author listed (Alexander Hamilton)

Friday articles:
  • Walken Launches “Path to Growth” - walkenforamerica.com, Glen Allen Walken (disputed)
  • Untitled - The Daily Telegraph, no author listed (Peter_Winchester)
  • Untitled - CNN.com, no author listed (Peter_Winchester)

Saturday articles:
  • Candidates daughters blog proving a big hit - CNN.com, no author listed (Marky Bunny)

Cast list
  • George Allard
  • Helen Arthur
  • Justine Avery
  • Cliff Calley
  • Chris Carrick
  • Jean-Marc d'Astier
  • Bill Daniel
  • Caroline Dempsey
  • Rudolf Ehrhart
  • John Green
  • Brent Harrison
  • Steve Hodder
  • Mick Johnson
  • Robert Kilner
  • Tom Landis
  • Richard Lassiter
  • Robert Lewis
  • Max Lobell
  • Jack Moseley
  • Seth Randall
  • Eileen Reed
  • Jack Reed
  • Davis Roberts
  • Nash Rockford
  • Richard Samuels
  • James Taylor
  • Iain Thompson
  • Howard Weston
  • Sam Wilkinson

Week 19 - April 12-18, 2009
Sunday articles:
  • News and Views From Our Washington D.C. Bureau. - Idaho Statesman, no author listed (Alexander Hamilton)

Tuesday articles:
  • Santos Budget Fails to Pass Senate - CNN.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • Reed and Sullivan Clash Over “Protectionist claims” - FoxNews.com, no author listed (disputed)

Wednesday articles:
  • Questions Remain over Budget Vote Defeat - MSNBC.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • Walken To Release Medical Records - politico.com, no author listed (disputed)

Thursday news pieces:
  • Strategy Sessions 7* - Jefferson Lives political comment site, "The Strategy Group" (Peter_Winchester)
  • Walken and Sullivan Add to Calls For Wendt to Drop Out - washingtonpost.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • Former Senator Attacks Berryhill - CBSnews.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • Haffley goes on the attack against Presidential Rivals - CNN.com, no author listed (Marky Bunny)
  • TORIES ASSEMBLE "ATTACK SQUAD" - The Daily Mail, no author listed (Peter_Manchester)
  • Comment: Andrea Jacques - The Guardian, Andrea Jacques (Peter_Manchester)
  • First McGarry Lecture - Chicago Tribune, no author listed (Alexander Hamilton)

Friday articles:
  • Former President's son meets with top Republicans - CNN.com, no author listed (Marky Bunny)
  • Democratic leadership hold emergency talks at the White House - CNN.com, no author listed (Marky Bunny)
  • Berryhill attacks a "White-House out of control". - FoxNews.com, no author listed (Marky Bunny)
  • BREAKING NEWS: Bryce To Head Budget Negotiations - FoxNews.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • Gubernatorial Battles - Top Ten Upcoming Races - PoliticsNow.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • GOP respond to Bryce appointment - CNN.com, no author listed (disputed)

Cast list
  • George Andrews
  • Bill Armstrong
  • Bobby Bodine
  • Jacqui Boulter
  • John Brennan
  • Mitchell Bryce
  • Robert Buchanan
  • Sarah Campbell
  • Andrew Casey
  • Liz Clark
  • Laura Connolly
  • Jack Darnell
  • Tom Folan
  • Noah Gellman
  • Rebecca Goldman
  • Barry Goodwin
  • Maureen Graty
  • Louise Hagen
  • Clark Holloway
  • Ruth Hutchins
  • Miles Hutchison
  • Lionel Jackson
  • Andrea Jacques
  • Mick Johnson
  • Kate Kelly
  • Bruce Kimble
  • Mike Lawson
  • Matthew Lewis
  • Andre Manning
  • Lord John Marbury
  • Blake Marshall
  • Tim Masters
  • Julia McBride
  • Kay McCormack
  • Peter Mitchell
  • Oliver Moseley
  • John Nolan
  • Dan Pritchard
  • Cole Quigley
  • Bill Rake
  • Mark Ramsey
  • Troy Rivers
  • John Roberts
  • Michelle Rockwell
  • Chuck Rollins
  • Pete Ross
  • David Thorper
  • John Treyman
  • Wendell Tripplehorn
  • Simon Underwood
  • Jack Wallace
  • Carl York

Week 20 - April 19-25, 2009
Sunday articles:
  • Opinion piece - Mitchell Should Run - Wideopen.org, no author listed (disputed)

Monday articles:
  • "The Lion, the Lamb and the Ass" - Newsweek, George Rich (Alexander Hamilton)
  • Quiet weekend on the campaign trail as candidates prepare for the first debate on Thursday - MSNBC.com, no author listed (Marky Bunny)
  • Senator Lloyd Russell meets with Berryhill - MSNBC.com, no author listed (President_Gore)
  • Former President pro tempore Joseph Furman dies aged 96 - MSNBC.com, no author listed (President_Gore)
  • Vermont Legislature Votes to Allow Same Sex Marriage - CNN.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • Pratt Calls on Skinner to Denounce Same Sex Marriage Bill - FoxNews.com, no author listed (disputed)

Tuesday articles:
  • Tributes to Former President Pro Tempore Joseph Furman - no source or author listed (Peter_Winchester)
  • Reshuffle Options - The Guardian, no author listed (Peter_Winchester)
  • Wendt punches Omaha reporter on campaign trail - MSNBC.com, no author listed (President_Gore)

Wednesday articles:
  • Media Outlets Prepare for Debates - MSNBC.com, no author listed (Tim Thomason)
  • Wendt Thrown Out of the GOP - politico.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • Blakemore To Appear on Kyle Davis Show - MSNBC.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • Congressman Wendt's position now untenable - MSNBC.com, no author listed (President_Gore)
  • Japanese PM Yasone resigns, Takabi designated Prime Minister - MSNBC.com, no author listed (President_Gore)

Thursday news pieces:
  • Taylor gives "strong performance" as he attacks Labour budget and calls for a General Election - BBC.com, no author listed (Marky Bunny)
  • The First GOP Debate - NBC News, moderated by Chris Matthews and John Harris (Marky Bunny)
  • Blakemore Finally Confirms Candidacy - CNN.com, no author listed (disputed)

Friday news pieces:
  • Untitled - FoxNews.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • Strategy Sessions 8 - Jefferson Lives political comment site, "The Strategy Group" (Peter_Winchester)
  • Rudi to Return to Cabinet? - The Daily Telegraph, no author listed (Peter_Winchester)

Saturday articles:
  • Republican Candidates hold First Debate - New York Times, no author listed (Marky Bunny)
  • Candidates Race To Claim Debate Victory - Townhall.com, no author listed (disputed)
  • Butler Has "No Issue" With Walken on Same Sex Marriage - FoxNews.com, no author listed (disputed)

Cast list
  • Jim Arkin
  • Kyle Davis
  • Joseph Furman
  • Bobby Greenberg
  • John Harris
  • Rudi James
  • Alexander Jameson
  • Kevin Kahn
  • Daniel Lamont
  • Chris Matthews
  • Mack McKinlay
  • Morgan Mitchell
  • Shozo Ojo
  • Michael Parkes
  • George Rich
  • Lloyd Russell
  • Forrest Sawyer
  • Masomoru Takabi
  • Koaru Yasone

Jack Warren Stephens

Born March 29th 1944.
Stephens was born and raised in Newark, Connecticut. In 1965, Stephens graduated from Columbia University and (having joined the R.O.T.C.) became a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force. In 1971, Stephens transferred to the New York Air National Guard in which he served for almost twenty years.
In 1978, Stephens was elected to the New York State Senate. Stephens was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1986 and was re-elected in 1988.
In 1990, Stephens won the Republican gubernatoral nomination in an upset and defeated Democrat incumbent by just 15,000 votes. During his first term, Stephens passed the largest tax cut in New Yorks history. Stephens enjoyed nearly universal popularity and was re-elected with 75% of the vote. During his second term Stephens passed a state laws tax amendment that abolished all state taxs exept the sales tax.
In 1998, Stephens was re-elected with 72% of the vote. Stephens spent the better part of his third term preparing for a presidential run. In July 2001, Stephens launched his presidential campaign standing in front of the Statute of Liberty. Although Stephens was popular in the North-east he was unable to catch on with the conservate base of the party and only won four primaries, his home state of New York, his birth state of Connecticut, the neighbouring state of New Jersey and Rhode Island. Stephens departed the race after Super Tuesday. After leaving office in 2003, Stephens remained active in Republican politics and endorsed Arnold Vinick in 2006. Since 2006 he has been a close supporter of Vinick's former running mate-Ray Sullivan.
He also has close links to the British Conservative party. He was a guest speaker at the last party conferance held in Blackpool.
Stephens has been married twice. He was married to his first wife Nancy Smith from 1965 to 1981, and have one Daughter, Julie born in 1966. He re-married in 1988, to Wendy Shaw, who was a member of his Congessional team. They have one son Simon born in 1991.

Tuesday February 9th
potomac Tuesday Coverage

DC Called for Walken

DC for Walken after 15%

Walken 60%
Sullivan 40%

Walken wins 19 Delegates


Tuesday February 9th
potomac Tuesday Coverage

Virginia called for Sullivan

Virginia for Sullivan after 12%

Sullivan 58%
Walken 42%

Sullivan wins 63 Delegates

Tuesday February 9th
potomac Tuesday Coverage

Maryland called for Sullivan

Maryland for Sullivan after 12%

Sullivan 54%
Walken 46%

Sullivan wins 37 Delegates
foxnews.com, Wednesday February 10th

Sullivan Keeps Race Alive Amid Increasing Calls For His Withdrawal


Ray Sullivan last night vowed to continue his fight for the Republican nomination for President after winning primaries in Maryland and in Virginia to close the gap on front runner and prospective nominee Glen Walken.

Sullivan told supporters that he intended to fight on say “We will fight to ensure every primary voter is heard. The people of Virginia and Maryland have told us today that we should keep fighting – and that’s exactly what I intend to do.”

Even as the former West Virginia Governor was speaking senior Republicans were lining up to call for him to withdraw. Bob Harlan, a senior advisor to the last Republican President Owen Lassiter said “This is becoming a vanity project for Governor Sullivan. Glen Walken will be the party’s nominee and it’s time for him (Sullivan) to get out of the way and help us win back the White House in November.”

Walken himself resisted the temptation to call for Sullivan’s withdrawal telling Fox News that “the nomination isn’t won yet, and Governor Sullivan is perfectly entitled to stay in as long as he feels he can win. We will continue to work hard to secure the votes we need.”

Overnight polls suggested that Sullivan needs nothing short of a miracle to turn pull off the turnaround. Walken holds a 21 point lead in Texas, suggesting he will secure their 140 delegates moving him to within 60 or so delegates of the nomination. The former acting President also holds commanding leads in Mississippi and Nebraska as well as smaller leads in Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania.
realclearpolitics.com, Wednesday February 10th

Polling Update

Remaining Primary States

American Samoa Sullivan 53 Walken 47
Guam Sullivan 48 Walken 52
N. Marina Islds Sullivan 54 Walken 46
Puerto Rico Sullivan 45 Walken 55
US Virgin Islds Sullivan 51 Walken 49
Kentucky Sullivan 51 Walken 49
Indiana Sullivan 46 Walken 54
North Carolina Sullivan 47 Walken 53
Ohio Sullivan 45 Walken 55
Rhode Island Sullivan 55 Walken 45
Vermont Sullivan 50 Walken 50
Texas Sullivan 39 Walken 61
Mississippi Sullivan 41 Walken 59
Pennsylvania Sullivan 46 Walken 54
Nebraska Sullivan 37 Walken 63
Oregon Sullivan 53 Walken 47
South Dakota Sullivan 51 Walken 49

Wednesday February 10th


potomac Tuesday
Maryland Sullivan 54.5 182,999 37 Dels
Walken 45.5 152,779
Virginia Sullivan 58.2 299,534 63 Dels
Walken 41.8 215,129
DC Walken 6O.2 4,943 19 Dels
Sullivan 39.8 3,268
States won
Sullivan 2 Walken 1
Sullivan 1OO Dels
Walken 19 Dels
Vote - Sullivan 485,8O1
Walken 372,851
Sullivan wins 112,95O more votes.
Walken 8,19O,846 1O49 Dels
Sullivan 7,848,794 785 Dels
Walken leads in Dels 264 cut by 81.
Walken 222 dels from the nomination.
He leads vote by 342,O52.

Grey States yet to vote.
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Wednesday February 10th
Vinick has talks in Tel Aviv
Secretary of State Arnold Vinick flew into Tel Aviv today for talks about the on-going US peacekeeping force in the region.
He had five hours of talks with Prime Minister Efraim 'Eli' Zahavy. Thursday he will tour Jerusalem.
On Friday he will visit US bases in Gaza before talks with Chairman Saeb Mukarat.

Robert Joseph Bennett

Bennett was born in Savannah,Georgia, November 27th 1941. His father, a school teacher, decided to move the family to Birmington, Alabama when young Robert was four years old. After graduating from the University of Alabama with high honors, Bennett enlisted in the U.S. Army for six years.
In 1970, Bennett lost a race for Alabama State House. Two years later, he successful in his bid for a seat in the Alabama State Senate and later re-elected in 1974. In 1978, Bennett was elected to the U.S. Senate and was re-elected in 1984, 1990, 1996, and 2002.
In 1990 he was on the final five man short-list for Owen Lassiter's running-mate.Eight years later he was chosen as the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee by Vice- President Eisenhower, although the ticket lost it made Bennett an national figure.
During the 1998 election he took Part in a telvised Vice-Presidential debate with the Democratic nominee Senator John Hoynes of Texas. He was expected to make a bid for the 2002 nomination, but decided against it, and endorsed Robert Ritchie. In 2006, Bennett made a bid for the Republican nomination but failed to make any impact on the race and withdrew before Super-Tuesday.
He has endorsed Glen Walken for the nomination on Sunday January 31st.
Bennett is a widow after he lost his wife Ruth to cancer in 2001, and this why he did not seek the nomination a year later. They where married in 1969, and had two children, Graham born 1971, and Susan born 1975.
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Wednesday February 10th
Sullivan has meeting with Royce and Arkin
Governor Ray Sullivan this afternoon had a two hour meeting with the House Minority Leader Jim Arkin and Senate Majority Leader Robert Royce.
Both have remained netural in the nomination race, but sources close to both say they believe it is time for Sullivan to withdraw from the race and endorse Walken.
Despite winning two of three elections yesterday, Walken is only 222 delegates from winning the nomination. With Texas and its massive 140 delegates certain to be his on Mini-Tuesday on March 2nd he needs only in effect to win another 82 delegates to win.
The math is against Sullivan, and Royce and Arkin believe he should quit now and draw all the party together around Walken, and start planning for the General election against the President.
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Kathy Bates as Wendy LaMarr, Jim Buckners Running-Mate in 1998

Angie Harmon as Rachel McCrory- married to Alabama Junior Senator Cody Riley.

Jeff Daniels as House Minority Leader Jim Arkin

Kevin Dunn as Rhode Island Senator Micheal Swain
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politicalbios.com, Thursday February 11th

Governor Rudi Vansen

(Born 15th May 1964, Queens, NY) An American Politician currently serving as Governor of New Mexico

Marcus Rudolph Tomas “Rudi” Vansen was born to parents Tomas and Karin in Queens, NY in May 1964. His father Tomas had fled Norway as an infant during the Second World War.

Vansen lived in New York until the age of 7 before his parents relocated to Arizona in 1971. They stayed in Arizona for two years before relocating to Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

The youngest of three brothers Vansen attended Rio Rancho High School, graduating in 1982. He attended the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque between 1982 and 1986 graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. He was accepted into Law School at the University of Texas but declined the place opting instead to start his own computer consumables business – an idea he claims to have had after being told by a secretary at University that they were unable to find anyone to supply them with basic equipment.

Vansen’s business performed well before taking off in the 1990s. When he sold the business in 1998 it was the number one IT Consumables business in the three states it operated (New Mexico, Arizona and Utah).

After selling his business Vansen, now a multi-millionaire, turned to politics. He ran for Congress in 2000, successfully unseating Congressman Manuel Estay in spite of having little political experience. He remained in Congress until 2004 when he announced he was giving up his seat to run for Governor.

He defeated Albuquerque Mayor Antonio Torejon by 53% to 47% in what was seen at the time as a major upset. Throughout his first term Vansen maintained high approval ratings in spite of constant newspapers rumors regarding his wife’s affair with his then campaign manager Vance Neely.

Vansen split with his wife Heather in February 2008, and it was widely presumed that he would not seek a second term. However, in July, Vansen performed a complete about face announcing that in spite of the problems in his personal life he “fully intended to continue serving the people of New Mexico. If they will have me.”

His re-entry into the race caused much controversy in Republican circles as the party has already lined up former actor Charlie Masterson to take his place. With Vansen’s announcement Masterson withdrew and is yet to resurface in the political world.

Governor Vansen crushed his Democratic challenger State Senator Daniel Sawyer by 58% to 42% in the election of November 2008.

On November 2nd 2009 Vansen said he “fully intended” to serve his full second term amid rumors that he was a prospective Vice-Presidential candidate for former Kentucky Senator George Fuller.

Vansen, is divorced from his wife Heather with whom he has two children, Shane and Christian. He is currently dating his former press secretary Daria Camarillo.
politico.com, Thursday February 11th

Walken Campaigns With Clark and Prior in Texas

The GOP establishment has come out in support of former acting President Glen Walken as he campaigns in the state ahead of the primary there on March 2nd.

Walken appeared in Fort Worth with the Senator Liz Clark. The state’s Senior Senator told a packed town hall meeting that “Glen Walken is America’s future. He is a true leader who can restore our hopes and aspirations.”

The former Speaker of the House took the stage to a thunderous reception and focused his attention heavily on President Santos. “We can not face another four years of this failed Presidency. We must act decisively to restore our economy, and return this country to the entrepreneurs and small businesses that can drive it forward to a better tomorrow. President Santos will tell you over the next few months how government can solve all of our problems. I believe that it’s time for government to get out of the way and let Americans solve their problems.”

Later, Walken travelled to Houston where he met up with Governor Phil Prior to tour the new facility built by aerospace company Core that has recently opened in the city. Speaking afterwards Walken said “This is an example of how innovation and drive can restore hope to our communities. I commend Governor Prior for the work he has done in attracting Core to this area.”

Governor Prior couldn’t resist taking his own shot at President Santos saying “Had this been left to the federal government, the project would still be in committee – if we let our small businesses flourish then we can look forward to prosperity in the future.”
washingtonpost.com, February 11th

Sullivan Supporter Admits “Walken Will Be Nominee”

Former New York Governor Jack Stephens, who has openly supported the candidacy of West Virginia Governor Ray Sullivan, has admitted openly that the 2006 Vice-Presidential nominee has no chance of winning the party’s nomination for President.

Stephens was being interviewed by Reverend Don Butler for his show “The Butler Did It” to be broadcast this evening on Fox News and told Butler that “there is no doubt now that Glen will be our nominee for President, I just can’t see anyway for Ray to win enough states.”

Butler pressed Stephens whether he felt that Sullivan should drop out, but the 66 years old New Yorker refused to be pressed saying “That’s a decision for Governor Sullivan to make with his family and with god.”
politico.com, Thursday February 11th

Walken campaign starts to shift focus onto the General Election
There are now nine days until the next election day when the Overseas terriotes go to the polls a week on Saturday, but it seems team Walken is now focusing on what they see as the General Election campaign against the President.
When Walken was in Texas today, he did not mention Governor Sullivan once.
The Walken straetgy is now focused on highlighting the groundwork ready for the General election namely that the President has failed, achieved nothing during his time in office and that the Federal Government needs to get smaller not bigger.
Sullivan is coming under increasing pressure to withdraw now or before Mini-Tuesday on March 2nd. Sullivan of course is hoping now for a miracle, or some event to suddenly change the race, but it doesnt look like it isnt going to come his way. Even is he sweeps next Saturday and gains all 59 delegates, he would still be 205 delegates behind Walken. All Walken would need to do is win Texas and Ohio which looking increasily likely then the race would be over. To keep the race going beyond March 2nd he would need to win Kentucky, Indiania, North Carolina, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island something which it doesnt look like it will happen.

Thursday February 11th
Vinick " Two State solution very close"
Secretary of State Arnold Vinick today said "a two state solution is very close".
He was speaking after talks in Tel Aviv and then in Jerusalem.
"The attacks are ending, we are very hopefull of two states who can live in peace within the next year".

Secetary of State Vinick in Jerusalem today.
Thursday, February 11, 2010

Walken holds townhall meeting in Ohio


Walken in Grove City, Ohio

On March 2nd, Ohio will be one of seven states to vote. Former Acting President Glen Allen Walken, paid a visit to Columbus, Ohio to field questions in a town hall format. Walken answered queastions on defense spending, tax cuts and energy independence.

Walken answered saying of defense spending,"We have to do away with cost-plus contracts. We now have defense systems that the costs are completely out of control. We tried to build the Littoral Combat Ship that supposed to cost $140 million, ended up costing $400 million and we still haven’t done it. We need to have fixed-cost contracts. We need very badly to understand that defense spending is very important and vital, particularly in the new challenges we face in the world, but we have to get a lot of the cost overruns under control. "

On tax cuts he emphasised, "Government is simply too big; state government is too big, the federal government is too big," he says. It's spending too much. I'm going to cut spending, I'm going to cut taxes.
Lower marginal tax rates for all Americans. Get taxes down, make them simpler and flatter and lower."

On the environment Walken emphasised his record, while Congressman of the Missouri 6th, stating 'The Boy Scout Rule' , " I have always been a conservationist. Stewardship of the air and land and soil is very important to me. I will follow the principle I learned from the Boy Scouts: Always leave the land better than when you found it. I am proud of my record in Missouri, building constructive consensus on key issues. I look forward to bringing the same leadership to America.

Many at the town hall were pleased with Walken's performance. One Steve K. of Grove City said " Walken is my guy for the election, I'm a POW, who served in Vietnam for four years, I think Walken represents the courage, we need in a leader."

Myron S. of Uptown Columbus, said, I'm fully convinced of Walken, I was a Fuller man once but Walken has really brought me to his side".

At this moment Walken holds a steady 8 point lead in Ohio over Sullivan.
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