2010 US Presidential Election

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bbc.co.uk, Tuesday January 19th

Three Powers Confirm Kazakhstan Elections

In a joint press conference this morning US President Matthew Santos, Russian Premier Valery Davydov and Chinese President Lien have confirmed that free elections will be held in Kazakhstan in June this year.

The announcement, which came after a weekend of bargaining by the three powers and local Kazakh groups, marks a huge step towards a lasting peace in the region. President Santos told reporters “We have come a long way over the past year. Firstly, we have seen great success in the gradual standing down of troops out outlined in Antwerp and this has given us the ability to get to the stage of open and free elections. All parties have agreed that in the aftermath of successful elections we will look at a tripartite agreement to withdraw all non Kazakh troops from the country.”

The final stumbling block appears to have been overcome with the United States withdrawing their insistence that Russia release Kazakh dissident Nuro Nazarev, and allow him to stand in the presidential election. This decision has immediately found criticism in the US with Senator James Lancaster calling the move “Alarming” and suggesting that the decision appears to achieving “peace, on Russian terms”.
CNN.COM Tuesday January 19th 2010
Polls open in Nevada and South Carolina
Republican Voters are going to the polls in Nevada and South Carolina today as both states hold there primary elections.
Nevada is expected to be an easy and large win for Walken, but South Carolina is expected to much closer with most polls pointing to a narrow but small win for Sulliva.
We will of course be brining you the election results as they happen later on tonight.

Tuesday January 19th 2010
Breaking News Breaking News Breaking News
Walken wins Nevada Primary
MSNBC has called the Nevada Primary for Former Acting President Glen Walken.
It looks like he will win by over 11%, with around 39% and pick up the states 34 delegates.
The fight for second place is between General Nicholas Alexander and Governor Ray Sullivan, it looks like around just 2% are between these two candidates.
George Fuller is in last place and looks to be polling around just 6% of the vote.
More results and news as we get it.

January 19,2010
Sullivan edging out Walken

Former Vice Presidential candidate Ray Sullivan seems to be edging out a small 3% lead over Former Acting President Glen Allen Walken.

Polling since the polls closed 32 minutes ago shows

Sullivan 33.8%
Walken 32.8%
Alexander 17.7%
Fuller 10.7%
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Polling almost two hours after poll closing; Sullivan leads Walken

In: 52% of the vote counted

Sullivan 35.8%
Walken 32.8%

Alexander 21.7%
Fuller 7.7%



Sullivan Wins South Carolina Primary!

FOX NEWS is now projecting with over 70% percent of the vote counted.

Sullivan 35%
Walken 32%
Alexander 23%
Fuller 8%

Further Details to be posted
politico.com, Wednesday January 20th

Candidates Race To Florida As Nomination Battles Intensifies

The two leading candidates for the Republican nomination for President have arrived in Florida for what is likely to be an intense week of campaigning ahead of the increasingly vital Sunshine State primary next Tuesday.

West Virginia Governor Ray Sullivan fresh from his victory is South Carolina arrived in Jacksonville to an enthusiastic reception amongst his supporters. Sullivan told the crowd at a breakfast rally this morning “We can feel the tide behind us, the people of New Hampshire and of South Carolina have spoken up for change now we need all of you to continue to the fight.”

His chief rival, Glen Walken arrived in Tallahassee and is due to travel onto Orlando later today. Walken told a lively rally this morning that “We’ve won more primaries, more votes and more delegates than anyone else so far. That’s because the people of this country believe in low taxes, in smaller government and that the country needs to go in a different direction. I know that together, we can deliver this country to a new and more prosperous place.”

Polling this morning suggests we are in for a very close race. Rasmussen and Gallup have released polls this morning, both giving Walken a small lead, well within the margin of error.

Speculation surrounds the future of former Kentucky Senator George Fuller who also arrived in Tallahassee this morning. It was widely believed that if he failed to make a break through in either Nevada or South Carolina that he would withdraw but no confirmation has yet been received.
Realclearpolitics, Wednesday January 20th

Republican Primary Polling


Gallup: Walken 27%, Sullivan 25%, Alexander 20% - Walken +2
Rasmussen Walken 30%, Sullivan 27%, Alexander 18% - Walken +3

Super Tuesday

Alabama Walken 33%, Sullivan 26%, Alexander 15% - Walken +7
Alaska Sullivan 30%, Walken 28%, Alexander 19% - Sullivan +2
Arizona Sullivan 32%, Walken 29%, Alexander 22% - Sullivan +3
Arkansas Walken 34%, Sullivan 29%, Alexander 19% - Walken +5
Calfornia Sullivan 33%, Walken 31%, Alexander 21% - Sullivan +2
Colorado Sullivan 37%, Walken 31%, Alexander 17% - Sullivan +6
Connecticut Walken 36%, Sullivan 32%, Alexander 20% - Walken +4
Delaware Sullivan 31%, Walken 28%, Alexander 25% - Sullivan +3
Georgia Walken 35%, Sullivan 30%, Alexander 17% - Walken +5
Idaho Walken 44%, Sullivan 25%, Alexander 20% - Walken +19
Illinois Sullivan 29%, Walken 28%, Alexander 23% - Sullivan +1
Kansas Walken 47%, Sullivan 23%, Alexander 14% - Walken +24
Massachussetts Sullivan 29%, Walken 25%, Alexander 23% - Sullivan +4
Minnesota Walken 28%, Sullivan 28%, Alexander 17% - Tie
Missouri Walken 76%, Sullivan 9%, Alexander 7% - Walken +67
Montana Walken 38%, Sullivan 30%, Alexander 19% - Walken +8
New Jersey Walken 34%, Sullivan 29%, Alexander 20% - Walken +5
New Mexico Sullivan 37%, Walken 30%, Alexander 17% - Sullivan +7
New York Walken 35%, Sullivan 29%, Alexander 22% - Walken +6
North Dakota Sullivan 33%, Walken 30%, Alexander 24% - Sullivan +3
Oklahoma Walken 41%, Sullivan 25%, Alexander 17% - Walken +16
Tennessee Sullivan 32%, Walken 28%, Alexander 15% - Sullivan +4
Utah Walken 44%, Sullivan 20%, Alexnaader 16% - Walken +14
West Virginia Sullivan 82%, Walken 6%, Alexander 4% - Sullivan +76
Wyoming Walken 41%, Sullivan 29%, Alexander 15% - Walken +12
townhall.com, January 20th

Fuller Withdraws From Presidential Race Endorses Walken

Senator Hawk Fuller has announced his immediate withdrawal from the race for the Republican nomination for President.

Fuller met with key campaign staff this morning and informed them of his decision before appearing at a press conference with Glen Walken in Tallahasse. The former Kentucky Senator also took the opportunity to endorse his rival for the Presidency. "As far as I can see we have one outstanding candidate for President. All Republicans should unite behind Glen Walken and start working towards reclaiming the White House in November."

Walken lavished praise on Senator Fuller calling him "A great American, and a true leader."

Wednesday January 20th 2010
Full Results:

  1. Walken 39.2% 18,156
  2. Alexander 28.4% 13,154
  3. Sullivan 26.2% 12,135
  4. Fuller 6.2% 2,873
  1. Sullivan 35.2% 165,678
  2. Walken 32.7% 153,911
  3. Alexander 23.6% 111,080
  4. Fuller 8.5% 40,008
  1. Walken 607,544 134 dels
  2. Sullivan 464,284 87 dels
  3. Alexander 437,284 0 dels
  4. Fuller 263,147 0 dels (Withdrawn)
  5. Haffley 2,977 0 dels (Withdrawn)
washingtonpost.com, Wednesday January 20th

Florida Governor Swenson Endorses Walken

Even as the political classes continued to digest the news of Ray Sullivan’s victory in South Carolina, his chief rival for the Republican nomination for President was securing the endorsement of Florida Governor Eric Swenson, a major development ahead of next Tuesday’s crucial primary in the Sunshine State.

Swenson said “I think he is by far the best candidate for the job” and Walken spoke of his “honor and privilege” at receiving the endorsement of “one of America’s finest Governors”.

The endorsement further strengthens Walken’s position in the state having already picked up the backing of former Governor Robert Ritchie, Senators Rafe Framhagen and Seth Randall and two of the state’s congressional delegation James Ritchie and Kay Mort.

Governor Swenson, ran briefly for the nomination himself, and supported the candidacy of his close friend Marcus Blakemore before his withdrawal in December.
TownHall.com Wednesday January 20th 2010
What Alexander does now will define the GOP race
So five primaries so far, and despite the spin coming from both the Walken and Sullivan camps, it is about even.
Florida in little over six days is about to become "High Noon" and with Fuller pulling out earlier today, it is down to three.
Now General Alexander is still saying that he can win Florida on Tuesday, but two polls out today put him between seven and twelve points behind Walken.
The race between these two has become very bitter over the course of the last couple of weeks, and the Alexander message that Walken is a throw-back to the past, by staying in the Florida Primary, he would also ceratinly allow Walken to win the states 114 delegates, the biggest prize so far and give him the fabled "big mo" going into Super-Tuesday on February 2nd.
Alexander and his team must be weighing up there options, that despite what he is saying in public, the Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, long-shot bid for the GOP nomination is all but over, but despite what the likes of Nash Rockford and Jay Cruger are saying on there Radio Shows and websites, Alexander has done far better than most people beileved he would. So far in five primaries just over 437,000 people have voted for him, that is an impressive amount, despite him not being "Republican enough" etc, he must done something to right to get that amount of people to vote for him.
To many the old school hard right of the Republican Party is coming to an end, all of the candidates from the hard right have failed over the last year from Tennessee Governor Pratt, to Congressman Darren Gibson, and of course Jeff Haffley. Walken is still there of course but one suspects much of that is due to the very high regard the large amount of all americans, regardless of party hold Walken in. Walken himself has moved away from the right to a certain degree, his warm words in favor of some same sex Partnership rights, and have proven the out right Conservative God branch of the Party has taken a back seat. Rev Don Butler could have run again, but even he decided against, maybe understanding that with Arnold Vinicks narrow defeat in 2006, that the Party could not go backwards. If Walken wins the nomination he will have to be a unifying figure, bringing together "the right" the lines of the ACA, Pratt, Burke, Butler, and the "Vinick Republicans" the likes of Sullivan and Alexander. To be fair the endorsement of Governors Blakemore, Swenson and the likes of Matt Skinner he has already started to do this.
Alexander has said that the GOP must not just talk about "God, Guns and Abortion" brought some attacks, but many believe that sort of campaign much as the one ran by Robert Ritchie in 2002 will hand President Santos a second term.
Alexander should have a future within any forthcoming Republican adminstration, Secreatary of State would be perfect for him, but that is unlikely to happen if Walken wins, espically after the events of the last few weeks. His best choice of action would be to withdraw and endorse Sullivan, otherwise with the support and endorsements that Walken is picking up, the race could well even be over after Super-Tuesday.
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Tuesday, January 20, 2010


Unscripted... Unfiltered... and Uncanny... Jay Cruger Talk Radio

Welcome back, to your Radio Vigalante, Jay Cruger, and its after South Carolina Day, I know that we thought I would leave after Florida, but the FEC has blocked my candidacy and has said that I am illegally operating a campaign on the radio. Another way big government means of rearing its ugly face on the nation's airwaves.

South Carolina and Nevada have passed and George Fuller is going with the Grim Wreaper on the Jay Cruger Country tonight....and then there were three.

Walken, Sullivan and Alexander dive into Florida next week, and we are so excited because General Alexander believes that this will be the ultimate springboard, for Super Tuesday. I don't care how well he's done Sullivan and Walken do have more votes than he does.The point is Alexander talked we listened now its time to move on I am not deterring anyone from running for President, I just want to know how Florida dries up a wound. Thwe wound is that no matter how many people are voting for him the fact remains that he has not won a single primary, as yet.

So every sunken candidate except for Haffley seems to be supporting Glen Allen Walken for his candidacy, so if Sullivan wins I take it they're not going to his Sweet 16. In that sense Walken can no longer call himself of the Lassiter Pride, with Skinner, Blakemore and Swenson, all moderate Republicans supporting Walken, but Walken has the nerve to lash out against "softies" in the party. Walken has been interviewed on Nash Rockford and I think he and Rockford should be running mates, since the only issue discussed was David Wayne.

General Alexander was invited on this NATIONAL BROADCAST show to participate several times in an engaged discussion about the campaign, but instead he chose to meet with Taylor Reid, 10 million people were tuned in on my show , 2,000 were in Nevada and 15,000 in South Carolina but it's his call.

My Senate run has been blocked and we are filing for a hearing but who knows? The Liberal New York Supreme Court might just drop us.
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New York Times, Jan. 22, 2010

For Alexander, the Race May be Over.


MIAMI - With the results of the Nevada and South Carolina all said and done, there has been a definitive result. No, Walken and Sullivan are still in a dead heat. No, this isn't about Fuller. It's about General Nicholas Alexander. The General, who had been touted as a "dark horse," as the candidate to come from behind and win it all, has not lived up to the name.

Despite the fact that Alexander finished second in Nevada, that doesn't mean very much at all. Alexander still places third in most national polls and even today, an unnamed Alexander aide was seen "job-hunting" outside Miami. General Alexander may be an admirable candidate, but his questionable past might have cost him a valuable aspect of the base of the Republican Party. Many have been taken away by notions of his liberalism. The Walken campaign used 'robo-calls' highlighting that statistic in the nights before the South Carolina and the Nevada Primary. Both campaigns still consider Alexander a legitimate threat, as anything could happen in Florida and the rest of the states. However, if Alexander finishes third in Florida, then that could signal the end of his Presidential bid.

General Alexander, who had served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs under President Bartlet, spoke today in Orlando. "This race is far from over, this race is still alive, in the heart and mind of every able bodied American desiring Change in this country. Come next year, I know that I will look, from the window of the Oval Office, upon the faces of our people and know that I will do nothing to let them down." Unfortunately for Alexander, a previous gaffe, the infamous "RAH" has been fodder for the late night talk show hosts and only brought this sanity into question.

This next week will be a very important few days for the former Army General, and it has the potential to define his life.
Los Angeles Times, Jan. 22, 2010

Polls from California Senate: Seaborn Ahead

Andrew Dashson - LOS ANGELES

In the race to become California's next Senator, former Deputy Chief of Staff Sam Seaborn has overtaken son of former President Lassiter in all the major polls. This comes after Seaborn's declaration and statements during a meeting with labor organizations in Anaheim.

Polls released early this morning by Gallup officially showed Seaborn ahead of Lassiter. These polls indicate that Seaborn now has a 3% lead over Lassiter, 47% to 44%. Ordinarily, the democrat in most statewide races tends to vastly outpoll the Republican, but this is different.

Richard Lassiter comes from a prominent family from Costa Mesa, California, a central Californian town with large ties to agricultural industries. His father, as many will recall, was President from 1990 - 1998, before the days of Jed Bartlet in the White House. Richard originally began as a staffer on the campaign of his father, but later left the campaign to pursue his own political career. While his son Richard has taken steps to distance himself from his father in some facets, the younger Lassiter still uses the donors and methods of his old man.

Sam Seaborn on the other hand hails from Southern California, more specifically Laguna Beach, one of the most Republican districts in the entire state. A protege of former President Jed Bartlet, Seaborn has worked jobs in and out of the White House in recent history. Seaborn left the Bartlet White House to pursue a race for Congress in the California 48th District, which he later lost to current Congressman Waylon Johns, a moderate Republican. After his loss, Seaborn returned to the legal profession, where he stayed until a return to politics in 2007. In 2007, DNC Chairman and then-campaign manager Joshua Lyman recruited Seaborn to become Deputy Chief of Staff for President Santos, which he heartily accepted. After a brief interlude in Washington, Seaborn left once again, returning to California to focus on "humanitarian causes." However, that changed course when, Seaborn officially declared his candidacy for Senate.

These two candidates have been locked in battle throughout the contest, and with little primary opposition, it seems they are already the nominees. The primary is scheduled for February 12, 2010, although now it seems largely unnecessary. The two candidates have criss-crossed the state in order to appeal to voters, to make pledges, give speeches, kiss babies and the normal political routine. Seaborn spent the past few weeks in Southern California, meeting with union workers, Hispanic organizations and some of the hollywood elite, three groups that he needs to pander to in order to win in the state. Lassiter has yet to speak to any major Latino organizations, it seems he assumes that the strong support of his father by the Hispanic community will transfer over to him. His father, during the nineties, bailed out the Mexican government twice, increasing GDP growth by over 10% cumulatively.

As the race goes on, the two candidates both draw their battle lines. And it only heats up.
cnn.com, Jan. 23, 2010

Egyptian Leader to Visit Washington

It has been confirmed by an aide to President Santos that President Abu El-Azm of Egypt will visit Washington next week and meet with leaders, including Secretary of State Arnold Vinick and Vice President Tripplehorn. It wasn't confirmed if El-Azm would meet with the President himself.

Abu El-Azm was previously Vice President of Egypt from 2001 to 2005, but ascended to the Presidency following the resignation of his Predecessor. El-Azm has been criticized because of his close relations with the new regime in Qumari, who had put in place as figurehead Sultan Manab Hessani. El-Azm has very close ties to much of the Islamic world and has been perceived as "fundamentalist leader ready to embrace the modern world."
Heya; I realise that my contributions have become steadily more sporadic as of late. I've written long passages and then lost interest half way through, and never finished them. There are a number of reasons for this, but they mostly boil down to apathy with a number of things. So, for the moment, I don't think its likely I'll be posting a whole lot.

I may end up coming back, and I certainly hope so, but, for the moment, I probably won't be saying a lot.

- Peter
CNN. com/ Saturday, January 23, 2010
Alexander tells Walken to "go home!"

At a rally in Palm Beach, Florida Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Stasff General Nicholas Alexander, spoke in response to Glen Allen Walken suggesting he drop out of the race. General Alexander said

" Glen Walken thinks I should drop out of the race for president, since I can clearly not win Florida, he says. Well I got something to say to former President Walken. Why don't you drop out of the race sir? Why don't you go home Mr. President, Go back to Liberty"

Walken said that he was "merely suggesting that General Alexander was using up time and money without any good reason to be hopeful for a Florida win". Walken suggested that "he may be giving more votes to Sullivan that way".
CNN.com/ Saturday, January 23, 2010

FEC vs. Cruger case dismissed

The lawsuit filed against New York Senate hopeful Jay Cruger in using his radio show for campaign purposes was dismissed for lack of sufficient evidence or testimony to the accusation.

Former Daschowitz Chief of Staff, Jordan McDarron, said that he was outraged by the verdict, and that he thinks that "[Jay]Cruger should be removed from the airwaves, especially on election night".

Cruger will still operate his website as a full news circuit for the election and he will return to Free America Radio on election night.

Jay Cruger

Jay Cruger (born February 8, 1963) is an African-American cable news and talk radio host, author, and former politician. He is currently the host of Jay Cruger Country and a candidate for the United States Senate seat in New York. Cruger served in the United States House of Representatives from 1995 to 2003 as a Republican from the New York 17th District.

Jay Cruger attended Kennedy High School graduating in 1980. He went onto the Syracuse University where he attained a BA in Economics, along with an MBA.

Upon completion of his degrees in 1984 Cruger joined and three years later made prominent Vice President at the Henderson Stockard Investment Firm in New York City.

In 1990 He unanimously gained nomination for Republican City Council, and made an successful bid against Democrat Charles Kaufman, the first time his District had voted for a Republican.

In 1994 Cruger ran successfully for the United States Hose of Representatives against Congressman David Bergen, who on election night demanded a recount for the close margin loss. The recount in the 17th District gained Cruger support of then-Minority Whip Jim Hohner, to demand the New York Supreme Court stop the recount. Cruger allowed for the recount and on New Year's Eve the election was decided in his favor only by 183 votes 1 hour before midnight.

Cruger won reelection in 1996, with 68% of the vote, and ran in 1998, 2000 and 2002 opposed only by write in candidates. In the House he took on controversial roles in voting with the Democrats on Health Care, and became a raving critic against President Bartlet. Cruger helped run Jack Stephens' campaign for President until Super Tuesday, 2002.

Cruger retired in May 2003, after the dramatic Zoey Bartlet incident.

He became a pundit on Brian Colson's talk radio show after frequenting many networks. Cruger got a job at WRSN himself after Colson went to host a show in Chicago. Cruger was moved to WIMC in 2005 to WFIL in 2007, where he is now.

He had cultivated a healthy friendship with Mayor Blake Marshall who got him a job at WGMC, and frequented on his WFIL show. He got a job with MSNBC in 2005 for a show that aired at 12pm, called Jay Cruger Country, similarly naming his radio show that.

The radio show went national in late 2005 on the Free America Radio Network. He took on many moderate view on health care and libertarian views on drugs, gays, abortion and took conservative approach to the economy. He became abrasive as an on air talent hanging up on callers who had an unsound argument and especially those who were racist. Talk Radio gave him the bully pulpit that made him announce his candidacy for the New York Senate in 2010.

Although he refused to say until the time, it is more than likely he supports Ray Sullivan for President.

Cruger has been married to political strategist Jane Braun since 1992, she is not split with her husband for seemingly supporting a different Republican candidate. They have two children Robert and Amy.
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