2010 US Presidential Election

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Does that make the MSNBC morning show - "Morning Jay"?

(Laughs) nope Jay Cruger Country, however, does parody his old show "Scarborough Country"

"Morning Joe" has a ring to since Joe also means coffee so for him it works.

Mine is a radio show in the morning at 5 and a Tv show at 6pm
UK.POLICTICS.COM Sunday December 6th 2009
Two new polls point to Labour Win
Two new polls out today will bring some comfort to Prime-Minister John Green.
Both Polls would give him a increased but small majority, although both polls have Labour behind in terms of % of support behind the Conservatives, because of the way the system currently works in Labours favour, Labour would win the election.
LABOUR 38.5% 332 SEATS
CNN.COM Sunday December 6th 2009
Blakemore "This race is very close"
Marcus Blakemore was back in New Hampshire this weekend, with well supported rallies in both Claremont and Franklin, and then a walkabout in Portsmouth.
"This race is very close, here in the great state of New Hampshire, as well as it is across the whole country. I can win New Hampshire, and if I can win here I will win the nomination and the Presidency".
The Labour Government
Prime-Minister John Green

Deputy Prime-Minister, Peter Kennedy

Jonathan Mosley-Home Secretary

Daniel Lamont-Chancellor

Rudolf James-Trade and Industry Secretary
washingtonpost.com, Monday December 7th

Dave Dernazza Political Blog

The Gubernatorial Line

Dropping off: Virginia, New Jersey, Ohio,
Coming on: Iowa, Alabama, Connecticut

10.New York(8) District Attorney Matthew Lewis is suddenly seeing a challenge from former Albany Mayor Martha Ramage who is polling well and growing in support in her attempt to gain the Democratic nomination, including a surprise endorsement by Lewis Berryhill last week. The GOP are almost certain to nominate former New York Mayor Blake Marshall, who’s public profile and moderate positioning should make for an interesting battle with either Lewis or Ramage.

9. Colorado (10) Oliver Moseley’s strong start seems to have been derailed by revelations about his hiring of an illegal alien. Moseley has strongly defended the allegations saying that his nanny was legal by the time he recruited her, and that he was unaware that she was working illegally beforehand. His chief rival David Thorper is certainly making hay linking Moseley to the heavy handed anti-immigration policies of his father whilst playing up his hypocrisy. A tough primary battle will help beleaguered incumbent Jack Wallace no end.

8. Alabama(NE) Governor John McCrory decision to not to seek a full term as Governor (he replaced Governor Bob Kirkwood who left for personal reasons in 2008) has created a competitive race in Alabama. Republicans are high on the candidacy of Wade Hawkin, the former State Senator, there is also talk of Emily Burke, the wife of former Governor Wes Burke running for the office – if Mrs Burke can be convinced to run this race will quickly drop off the line. The Democrats are openly talking of convincing General Bryant Court to run, and if that comes off they may be well placed to win the state house for the first time in twelve years. More realistically, Stacey Delaney, Kirkwood’s first Lt. Governor who stood down over policy disagreements is the Democratic front runner.

7. Iowa(NE)With Laura Connolly term limited both sides have searched long and hard to find candidates. The DNC were keen for Lt. Governor Sarah Campbell to run but she has ruled herself out, so they turned to State Comptroller David Rivenburgh. He is being challenged by Jeff Burcham who is seen by most as a very moderate Democrat. On the Republican side, the decision of State Senator Carl York to pass due to the ill health of his wife left a void that was filled last month by the re- emergence of Charlie Cork, who ran for the Senate in 2000 narrowly losing to Rod Kasey. Cork’s decision to run makes this a very interesting contest and may swing the race towards the Republicans.

6.Montana (5) The entry of Great Falls Mayor Kurt Carner has certainly created an interesting buzz in Montana. With Gerald Vance retiring the GOP have taken months to sort themselves into any sort of order but they seem to be uniting behind former Lt. Governor Todd Bray. Congressman Scott Lynch is still hedging his bets but State Party Chairwoman Kathryn Hilliard has confirmed that she is seeking the nomination.

5. Connecticut (NE) The decision of Governor Chris Casey to stand down and run for the Senate has created an interesting dynamic in The Constitution State. Former Lt. Governor Ben Patterson would give the Republicans a decent shot at the state house, however, they are believed to be more interested in the candidacy of former New York Giant Chase Callan, who is now a successful businessman in the state. Democratic rumblings that veteran Congressman Earl Brennan may be interested in returning to the state are unconfirmed for now focusing recruiting efforts on Attorney General Dane Brinkman or New Haven Mayor Dawn Sealey

4.Nevada (4) Recent polling gives former Senator Randy Broughton a strong lead over unpopular incumbent Dan Carrington. Broughton’s personal wealth and state wide recognition are exactly what Carrington was hoping to avoid in next years race, with a strong anti-incumbent feel in the air it may well be Carrington needs a dramatic game changing event to hold onto the Governor’s mansion.

3.Louisiana (10) With the announcement by Governor Mick Johnson that he will not seek re-election, what appeared to be a fierce Republican Primary is not foregone conclusion, former Senator Cole Quigley will be the nominee. He’s likely to face Democrat Rachel Maddison and this now looks like a very strong opportunity for a pick-up. Quigley is not popular amongst Democrats and Independents and will require a big charm offensive to extend his base beyond socially and fiscally conservative Republicans. Louisiana Republicans have complained long and hard about Governor Johnson, perhaps they should have been careful what they wished for.

2.Michigan (2) It appears that everything depends on whether the DGA or the DNC can convince Ruth Hutchins to stand aside and allow Attorney General Debra Nicholson to run for the office. On the Republican side Congressman John Brennan looked to have cleared the field but reports over the weekend that fellow Congressman Darren Gibson is seriously considering a bid will throw the Republican nomination into the air.

1.Tennessee (3) Shane Denham, the Mayor of Memphis has certainly shaken up the race for the Republican nomination. What appeared to be a two way fight between Lionel Jackson and George Andrews. Denham is hitting both hard for their previous voting records and has accused both of being “the same old faces” – his message seems to be striking a chord with Republicans in the volunteer state who are racing to his side, including the much prised endorsement of former Governor Edward Pratt. Democrat Bill Rake looks overmatched against whichever of the three contenders gets through the primary.
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CNN.COM Monday December 7th 2009
All six GOP candidates appear in New Hampshire Town Hall Meeting
All six remaining candidates for the GOP nomination where in Berlin, New Hampshire last night for a Town Hall meeting open to all voters, Republican, Democract and Independants. With the President un-challenged, many Democracts are expcted to vote next month, which they can as long as they register prior to election day.
Each candidate was introduced as "the next President of the United States" by Senate Majority Leader Robert Royce who is remanining netural in the race until the party has chosen its nominee. The candidates had ten minutes to make a brief speech, and then they each took questions from the floor for twenty minutes.
Jeff Haffley went first, and to us he looks like a man who knows in his heart for hearts he is not going win the nomination. This was not the Haffley of 2003, when taking questions he stumbled on Foreign policy, but asked if he had any regrets over his stand-off with President Bartlet over the Federal Budget back in 2003 he said "no".
George Fuller was next and a gave a performance much as you would have expected from "The Hawk" "We cannot afford have another President who has to learn on the job, we need a proven man in the White-House, and that man should be me".
General Nicholas Alexander got a warm reception as he talked of "a new America, and said the election should not be just about God, Abortion and Guns."
Ray Sullivan produced much of what has become his stump speech in the last couple of months- that he is the only GOP candidate able to change Washington. He drew laughs when asked about his wayward teenage son Owen when he said "Well he does keep me in the headlines" and he joked "I have tried locking him in the garage, but it doesn't work, and the end of the day he is a good lad at heart, he has just done some things he, myself and his mother rather he hadn't".
Marcus Blakemore talked up his Foreign Policy experience in the Lassiter White-House, and also of his time as a beat cop in Detriot "I have faced down drug dealers, and corrupt cops, I know what it takes to be Commander in Chief and I know I have it".
Glen Allen Walken was up last, and again there where no suprises from the former acting President "I can unite the Party, and bring togther all americans who in believe in low taxes, small government, and a strong america one ready to take a lead in a sometimes hostile world".
Aftwards most of the candidates stayed and chated to voters one to one. Although both Jeff Haffley and Ray Sullivan left soon after, both citing other events elsewhere.
Rachel Hobson 19, a first time voter said "I was impressed by Glen Allen Walken and Marcus Blakemore, although I haven't made my mind up yet".
Arnold Henderson, 64, a man who lost his building company last year said "Glen Walken for me, strong and impressive, he seems to know what people are going through, and seems to have the answers to fix the problems".
But Lee Beattie, 45, was not impressed by the Former Speaker "He is a decent man but he has had his chance, I wasn't sure before tonight, but I will be voting for Ray Sullivan".
Someone that was where Husband and Wife Jack and Carol Clay, would have two Sons both serving in Gaza "Glen Walken was generally concerned for our sons, and he understands us, as he has his own son also serving with the Marine Corp. He understands what it is like in "the real world". We voted for President Bartlet twice, and the President last time, but we will be supporting Glen Walken, no problem".
Simon Grant, 25, who is a homosexual said "I am a Republican, I believe in all the things Republican, low tax, small Government, a strong military, I just wish the right, like Governor Burke and even Jeff Haffley, stop bashing my private life. I am dispointed Congressman Skinner pulled out, and haven't made my mind out yet, its between Governor Blakemore and Speaker Walken".
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Peter Kennedy: A debate on electoral reform is essential
The Deputy Prime Minister Peter Kennedy has said that a debate on potential replacements for the FPTP electoral system currently used for general elections to the House of Commons is "essential to the future of progressive politics". The idea found favour with Richard Meyer, and a report on possible alternatives was commissioned following the election victory in 1996. Under pressure from others in his Cabinet, no mention of it was made in the 2000 Labour manifesto, but a public referendum was promised in the 2004 election. After it became apparent the nature of the hung parliament in 2004, and that no Meyer-lead government was possible, the movement to oust Meyer particularly attacked the referendum promise, and John Green in particular outlined his support for the current system. Two months after the election, when Meyer finally conceded the leadership to Green, it seemed unlikely that the issue would be raised again. Now, however, the Deputy Prime Minister says the idea should be brought back, with a new referendum commissioned. Although there has been no word from Number 10 on the subject, it seems unlikely that John Green's position has changed.
Louisville Kentucky Courier Journal

Tuesday October 27, 2009

Office of DNC Chairman Lyman in contact with Park Office before Fuller’s announcement locale canceled by Park Service..

By Tom Loftus

Phone logs obtained by the Courier Journal show that the office of the Lincoln’s Birthplace National Park was repeatedly contacted by the office of Democratic National Chairman Josh Lyman in the week leading up to the date of Senator Fuller’s announcement of his Presidential bid, including the morning of the actual announcement.

Senator Fuller had been set to make the announcement outside the replica of the Log Cabin where Lincoln was born on October 27, 2009. However on that morning, the National Park Service notified the Fuller campaign that it was denying permission for the park to be used as a site for the announcement.

Up until that morning, Fuller’s people fully expected to be able to make the announcement at the park, only receiving a call from the park director at the last moment with the refusal. The Fuller campaign instead made the announcement in the Rotunda of the State Capitol after consulting with Governor Marshall.

Rumors had been swirling around the state since then as to exactly what happened. A Freedom of Information Act request was made to Lincoln’s National Birthplace National Park for the phone records during the time period in question. The records show that the first phone call was on afternoon on the 23rd from the DNC. No calls were recorded as being received from the DNC on the 24th and 25th which were on the weekend before the announcement.

On the 26th, the day before the announcement, four separate incoming calls were recorded, including one specifically listed as having come from Lyman’s office. The length of the phone calls did not exceed ten minutes each time.

On the actual morning of the 27th, there was one incoming phone call recorded as coming from the DNC which lasted less than ten minutes. Ten minutes after that call concluded, a phone call was recorded as coming in from the office of the Secretary of the Interior whose department oversees the National Park Service. Shortly after that, the Fuller campaign was notified that the Park site would be available for their use.

No one at the Lincoln Birthplace National Park Site will confirm the calls took place beyond what was in the phone logs or what the content of the calls were. Several anonymous sources have said, without going into details, that the phone calls were heated. A press spokesman for the DNC initially denied that any phone calls were made, only to "clarify" her statements when presented with copies of the phone logs that any communication was purely information gathering in nature. Both Josh Lyman and Interior Secretary Clendon have declined to make any comments about this story.
Conservativehome.com Monday December 7th 2009
Labour have 2% lead in new Populus poll for The Times
If the polls released yesterday made for bad reading for James Taylor, then the poll just released to be printed in The Times in the morning will be even worse.
it shows that Labour have a 2% Lead, which which would be enough to give Labour a majority of 56 seats.
Labour 41% 353 seats
Conservatives 39% 243 seats
Lib Dem 16% 27 seats
Others 3% 9 seats
Result: Labour Majority of 56 seats
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BBC.CO.UK/NEWS Monday December 7th 2009
Prime-Minister's Son arrested

The son of the Prime-Minister Andrew Green has been arrested on suspicion of assault following a fight at a London Night Club. A man suffered head injuries during the incident at Wave in Leicester Square early on Monday.
He was taken to hospital for treatment and later discharged.
Mr Green, 34, was questioned on suspicion of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and released on bail pending further inquiries.
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One-on-One with Governor Sullivan
December 7, 2009 6:00p.m.

Jay Cruger:
Former Governor Ray Sullivan is in the studio with us tonight on "Jay Cruger Country", he's come to share with us his hopes and dreams for America. Governor sullivan ran with the previous Republican nominee and current secretary of State Arnold Vinick, and he's here to take back the White House not just for the party but for us as well. Governor , Again welcome.

Governor Ray Sullivan:

Well thank you for having me.

JC: Alright. Now We spoke on two occasions before this once on my morning radio show, that was at CPAC and another time on this show when youwere the VP candidate. Now on both occasions you spoke of america's obligation to conservative values as well as our obligation to promote ourselves as a country, with those. What are our conservative values, and what is the most important one?

RS: Well Jay, Conservative values start right where we are sitting now, even in Jay Cruger country, we have the capacity to make or break this country, I know politics, I know the history of what the Lassiters describe as conservatism, but what Libby Lassiter failed to mention is that conservatism starts right in the home, we must do good for this country, we have an obliugation to America as John F. Kennedy once said, to ask what we can do for our country. Join the Peace Corps, teach an iliterate adult to read, help out which brings me to my most important value, Always care for your fellow man, it far more supercedes politics and government as a value, always Care

JC: What is the Ray Sullivan plan to create Jobs?

RS: Lemme stop you right there Ray Sullivan only creates White House jobs when he's president, he doesn't create hobs in the market, entrepeneurs of small and big business do. But I do agreee in funding $426 Billion dollars to business to create jobs. Now that plan shows that I will be very supportive of the market, and its jobs.

JC: Whatabout net-neutrality

RS: The U.S. Government does track suspicious activity over the internet. Let's face it, we see the websites otherwise we would not have found al-Qaeda's websites. But what separates us from China, is that we won't close our people off from websites like al-Jazeera, or the BBC. My father grew up in the McCarthy years where someone made money by calling his friend a "Commie". Imagine if McCarthy knew our ideals of small government and how he allowed it to expand and ruin lives. That's why I think net-neutrality is important

JC: OK, Governor Kazakhstan should we stay or should we go?

RS: Secretary Vinick has been very well done on Kazakhstan we need more4 responsible maneuvers to keep china and russia from slaughtering eachother.

JC: OK, three words about Secretary Vinick, what are yours?

RS: Powerful, skilled, dynamic

JC: President Santos?

RS: Three words: Could be better (Laughs)

JC: Ok Cake or Pie?

RS: I'll have what Pennsylvania and Ohio are having (Laughs)

JC: We've got limited minutes here but what sums up your campaign Give me the phrase you want to be remembered for the whole Campaign '10

RS: I want america to not envision me, but who they imagine with his right hand raised on January 20, 2011

JC: What do you mean?

RS: Well you remember how your teacher needs you to raise you hand for volunteering to do something?

JC: Yes

RS: Ray Sullivan's hand is raised

JC: Well, I know where that's going, thank you governor and God's speed, since I don't say good luck

RS: Thank you, Jay
politico.com, Tuesday December 8th

Initial Shortlist “Could Cause Problems”

A rumored shortlist for nominees to the Supreme Court has been circulating in Washington this morning with so far no denial of accuracy from the White House. The list which it is claimed was drawn up by Vice-President Tripplehorn and House Speaker Mark Sellner and contains six names, including some intriguing and some contentious names.

Though it’s unknown whether the list is in any sort of order the first name on the list is US Appeals Court judge Kate Pierarski, a name unlikely to please many on the Republican side of the aisle, due to her strong support of affirmative action in recent years. The second name listed is Jessica Del Rios, a Latino who served as Massachussetts Attorney General for ten years and is currently Deputy Dean of Penn Law School. The rest of the list are male, headed by the Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court Edward Appleton, the 59 year old moderate looks an interesting pick on paper, he’s unlikely to be popular with the Democratic base, but he’s eminently qualified and would most likely be confirmed easily.

Thomas Woodard, the US Appeals court judge may represent a safe choice but at 68 it seems likely that Santos will feel he’d have limited effect on the future direction of the court. Finally, Bobby Rimmer, the Governor of Arkansas, and former Attorney General makes the list. Rimmer, could either be a very shrewd choice or a political disaster – he is definitely a more socially conservative than the vast majority of Democrats, and has a formidable record as AG, yet the selection of a sitting Democratic Governor may be seen as overly partisan.

The final name on the list may be the most contentious; former White House Counsel Oliver Babbish. The 50 year old Minnesotan undeniably possesses a formidable legal mind and his experience in both the public and private sector qualifies him but it seems a long shot to believe that the GOP will choose to forget his involvement in the Bartlet MS hearings and censure.

When asked by Fox News, Bob Harlan, one of President Lassiter's closest advisors said "There are names on the list that on the face of it look like non starters. If it's genuine then it looks like the President may be gearing up for a battle."


Love affairs of the GOP Primary

Well here we are ladies and gentlemen another GOP debate to hassle over. You know I really thought that the last debate would have been more about ideas and policies. I was wrong. Instead it was just about telling people who they were and weren't.

It was a ridiculous display of power on November 9th, when Walken thought he made a slick move by saying Sullivan was "no Owen Lassiter". Yeah that's a good one Glen, I wonder who said that before, oh yeah, BARRY GOODWIN!, when he was running for Vice President in 1994, on the Democratic Party ticket, with Roland Pierce( Goodwin said then- VP Franklin Richards was no Jack Kennedy). This guy says we need to look within the party he's using quotes from outside the party. Glen, you are no Barry Goodwin, and that's the end of it

People have called me and said I'm plugging Governor Sullivan by asking him irrelevant questions. Sure, the questions were irrelevant on Cake or Pie-I for one prefer pie- but we need human candidates, so I freelanced with Sullivan a bit, to amuse the audience and see what a humane Republican who isn't a Lassiter man looks like. Simply, I think we should give new faces a chance in the party, Walken got his chance and Fller is one cough away from electing his VP candidate. I do not judge Senator Fuller's health- I'm no doctor- I don't want his health records, but he's 69 and for reelection he's 73?, We need some literature on his situation.

Haffley and Alexander, claim that I talk about every other candidate besides them and now they've taken umbrage. You want to get mentioned guys? Come on my show Okay? I've given you guys invitations to be heard by 1.7 million people, enough to swing an election, I've been there.
washingtontimes.com, Thursday December 10th

Republican Mayors Endorse Walken

A group of thirty-two Republican Mayors have published a letter in this morning’s Washington Times endorsing former acting President Glen Walken for the Republican nomination for President.

The letter signed by, amongst others, Memphis Mayor Shane Denham and Indianapolis Mayor Carl Shinnie calls Walken “A true leader, and the right man for these challenging times.” It presents the former Speaker as “decisive” and says he has hit “exactly the right policy platform to take our party and our country forward.”

The letters authors go onto say “We have surveyed the entire field of candidates, listened to their views and positions and to us it is clear that Glen Walken stands head and shoulders above the field.”

The release of the letter seems to have been timed to come just ahead of tonight’s debate re-enforcing Walken’s message that he has support right across the party with staunch conservatives such as Mayor David Klein of Charlotte, and more moderates such as St.Paul Mayor and Minnesota Senatorial Candidate Jack Hunter.

The Walken campaign said they were delighted by the endorsements. Campaign spokesman Jeff Hiley said “As we’ve been saying all along, President Walken has a wide range of supporters – he is the man to unite the party, and then the country next fall.”
Question: Isn't Babbish Attorney General? I mean i know he was never planned but i remember him being on the top of Santos' list at the end of the actual series? I get it if he isn't in this but i just remember that being said.
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