2010 US Presidential Election

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    Mar 20, 2009
    nbs.com, Friday December 24th

    California Congressman Makes Christmas Eve Presidential Announcement

    In a surprise Christmas Eve announcement Republican Congressman Will Durham became the second candidate to declare his candidacy for President.

    Durham made the announcement near his childhood home in Arizona flanked by his father Brick Durham, the former Senator, his wife Abigail and their three children. The 45 year old Congressman used the announcement to heap praise on President Walken and added that he would carry forward much of his legacy.

    “President Walken rescued the economy after twelve years of Democratic mismanagement. We need to build on our economic miracle and continue to grow the middle class.” In what appeared to be a shot at the likely GOP front runners, Vice President Liz Clark and former White House Chief of Staff Henry Shallick, Durham said that despite the President’s success that Republicans should be “wary of pushing the same old faces”.

    Congressman Durham was elected to serve as representative for California’s 20th district in 2010 in the same year that Walken was elected President and has been re-elected three times, he currently serves on the Armed Forces, Budget and Agriculture committees.” Durham is remembered by many for telling Capitol Beat that he was “the most handsome man in Congress” during his first interview in 2011.

    Republican analyst Kevin Kahn told Fox News that he thought Durham was unlikely to win but that his youth and energy could give an interesting contrast to the rest of the field “He certainly is energetic, he has a lifetime of political knowledge and will probably be able to tap into his family’s fundraising network but I think he’s most likely hoping to boost his national profile for the future or hoping to get into the Vice-President stakes.”
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    Dec 7, 2013
    OOC:Fidel Castro is alive in ATL ?
  3. Tim Thomason Monthly Organ Donor

    Oct 18, 2008
    Fidel Castro was last heard from in 2010. Since his brother was still under arrest in January 2015, and the Civil War still ongoing in January 2016, I assume that Fidel either died several years ago, or is under arrest or perhaps even fled the country (although his health is probably still terrible, as in OTL, especially since his brother still succeeded him).

    The last we've heard from Cuba was when a hurricane passed through it in August (!), but there's been no information since. I imagine it's a very tense thaw, or perhaps the one side has "won" albeit with lots of pro-Castro rebel groups funded by outside governments and causing issues with the government.

    Fidel's death, in captivity or house arrest or some foreign country (Venezuela?), could help jumpstart talk of Cuban affairs, which kind of got abandoned after the 2014 US election.

    There's alot of downtime in this thread, and alot of stuff is happening that we just don't get updated on.
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    Nov 13, 2010
    Also Real World events can change plans.
    I was planning an assassination attempt against PRC President Qian by a Qumari radical dressed as a cop. After what happened to Russia's Turkish Ambassador I decided it was in poor taste.
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    Mar 13, 2007
    I will do a update on Cuba in the next few days
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  6. ajm8888 That Guy from Minnesota

    Nov 13, 2010

    December 25th, 2016

    Qian returns to China

    Beijing: President Qian returned home this morning. The trip was productive as the President went and met with government leaders in Qumar, signing a new arrangment that all terrorists captured by PLA forces are subject to Chinese law, and opening the Trans-Asia Pipeline. He held a rally for the troops where his wife, the popular singer Zhou Liu, sang her popular songs. Qian then went to headquarters and talked to General Fang Xue, commander of the PLA Qumar Army Taskforce, and his deputy General Yu Qing.

    After Qumar Qian flew to Tehran where he had a public meeting President Mirshahi and they discussed security issues with the and Qian stated "China will be the bridge to peace between Tehran and Washington." Qian then had a private meeting with Ayatollah Akfham and had a small meal with the supreme leader.

    Qian finished with a stop in Moscow, he met President Romanova and the two leaders to closer cooperation on security and economically.

    Qian upon returning did say he was saddened by the recent death of singer George Michaels. "I liked George Michaels in Wham! and as a solo artist. Yes, the rumors of me being a dancing student in their video for the song "Freedom" are true as I went to the concert in Guangzhou. I loved that show. I am deeply saddened by his death."
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  7. Tim Thomason Monthly Organ Donor

    Oct 18, 2008
    Christmas Card.png

    Presidential Christmas Card (2016):
    Left to right: Claire, Stephen, Elena, Glen, Mary, Michael, and Laura
    Left to right: Cassie Powney, Macaulay Culkin, Harper Seven Beckham, John Goodman, Wendy Crewson, Colin Hanks, Connie Powney

    Elena is Stephen's daughter, born last January. I'm surprised it wasn't reported here.
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  8. Marky Bunny Well-Known Member

    Mar 13, 2007
    Thursday December 29th 2016

    Ritchie "I am 100% not running for the Presidency"

    Florida Governor James Ritchie has confirmed during a TV interview with NBS tonight that he will not be seeking the Republican Presidential nomination in 2018.

    "I am 100% not running for the Presidency, it is not something that I am prepared to do" although he added "I have had calls from many in the party asking me to run, I have decided that it is something that I am not prepared to put my family through". He was asked on her thought should be the nominee "Hey I have been clear, I have told Cody (Senate Majority leader Cody Riley) to his face that he should run, and that if he did he would have would have my wholehearted support, by winning back the Senate at the first attempt, when most pundits said it was impossible, he did it, and proved that he could win a national campaign" although he added "whoever emerges as my parties nominee will have my full support".

    "President Walken has done a remarkable job and has a record in office that is hard to beat, I think even most sensible Democrats understand that, whoever is our nominee has to build on the President's legacy".
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  9. Marky Bunny Well-Known Member

    Mar 13, 2007
    Friday December 30th 2016

    Andrew Thorn confirms Presidential run in video message

    New York Senator Andrew Thorn has announced that he will be seeking the Democratic Presidential nomination.

    Thorn made the announcement via a video message released on Social Media this morning. "I am going to seek the Democratic Presidential nomination" and said that "America needs change, that the country needs a Democratic President in the White House, and I believe that I have the business experience and my Senatorial experience to do the job as your next President".

    Thorn sat out the 2014 campaign when many believed he should have run. Thorn is likely to be a first tier candidate, but is also likely to be fighting for the same voters as the almost certain candidacy of fellow Senator Sam Seaborn of California. Thorn joins former Pennsylvania Governor Michael Kellner and former North Carolina Congressman William Garden as candidates for the nomination.

    In what looks like being a large Democratic field, Senator Seaborn along with former Ohio Senator Hayden Straus and Montana Governor Kurt Carner are expected to announce during January. Senators Rudi Robinson of Indiana and Cain McClelland of Maryland are said to be "seriously considering" getting into the race as well.
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  10. ajm8888 That Guy from Minnesota

    Nov 13, 2010

    30 December 2016

    Minister Nagasawa,"Nanking and Comfort Women are blown out of Proportion."

    On the floor of the National Diet, Finance Minister Heiji Nagasawa went on a rant against China and the Asian nations about how the Chinese are distracting Asia by talking about the comfort women and the Rape of Nanking. "The Chinese propagate this lie and must not be beleived! We have no choice but to keep stating that the level it is claimed to have happened is a lie brought about by the Allies after the War was over to execute our leaders!" Nagasawa was applauded by members of the far right parties in the government coalition and his own faction.

    Minister Nagasawa claimed the American's act as if China is not a threat but that war in the Pacific will happen. It is unlikely Minister Nagasawa will be punished for his claims as he is a leading Liberal Democratic Party figure. If he was forced out the Junichiro Government would collapse and a leadership contest would spark.
  11. Tim Thomason Monthly Organ Donor

    Oct 18, 2008
    The New York Times, December 31, 2016
    Seaborn Delivers Touching Eulogy at funeral of former Senator Justine Avery: 'She's one with the heavens.'

    Senator Sam Seaborn gave a touching, seven-minute eulogy to his predecessor in the US Senate, Justine Avery, 60, who passed away Tuesday following a long battle with terminal breast cancer. Seaborn's speech was said to have brought tears to the eyes of many in attendance, and is currently a trending video on YouTube. In the speech, Seaborn talked about Avery's never-ending fight for American progress and American exceptionalism, and made comments regarding her continued fundraising efforts and policy speeches following her retirement six years ago, despite her battle with cancer.

    Speeches were also made by her former colleague in the Senate, Arnold Vinick, as well as many others, such as Senators Lyndell and Straus, former Governor Kevin Clarkson, and businessman Ted Marcus. Avery, the daughter of San Francisco shipping magnate James Conway (1930-2009) and actress Helena Thomas (b. 1932), married another shipping magnate Ronald Avery (b. 1936) in 1976. Despite the age difference, her marriage to Ronald was considered a loving one, as he helped campaign for her to win a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, which she held for ten years before succeeding her political mentor, Jack Caton, to become Mayor of San Francisco in 1986.

    In 1992, she succeeded the retiring Warren Kinnear, and served as California's junior senator for 14 years, alongside Arnold Vinick, before becoming the senior senator for the last four years of her career. She was the first female Senator from California, and was seen as one of the more liberal members of the Senate during her eighteen years. Following a brief recovery, presidential speculation circulated around Avery in 2013 and 2014, as well as gubernatorial talk following Kevin Clarkson's recall in 2012, but health concerns prevented any real exploration of a further political career.

    News reporters asking Senator Seaborn about his presumptive presidential campaign were rebuffed by a clearly infuriated Arnold Vinick who said that such comments were in "serious bad taste" and proceeded to lecture the reporters as Seaborn and his wife left the press area.
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    Mar 13, 2007
    I saw a great scene if this was a show based on the above post by Tim, with Sam & Arnie Vinick (an homage to the scene with Bartlet & Vinick and the Ice Cream), with Arnie giving Sam advice on a Presidential campaign (even though he was a Republican).
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  13. Tim Thomason Monthly Organ Donor

    Oct 18, 2008
    Seaborn/Vinick, anyone?

    No, no, they're from the same state. That won't work. Don't butt in here, John Hoynes!
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  14. Joe Steele Member

    Aug 15, 2016
    Monday, January 2, 2017
    Walken Pressuring Clark out of the Race?

    We have received reports that President Walken met with Vice President Liz Clark this past week to discuss, according to one staffer, the Vice President not running for the Republican nomination. The President is believed to have asked his VP to consider staying out of the race in favor of his former Chief of Staff, Henry Shallick, in order to avoid a nasty primary battle that would severely hurt the winner’s chances in the general election.

    This would be an unusual move, as incumbent Presidents usually sit out their parties’ primaries, as to not show favoritism. However, President Walken’s preference for Henry Schallick to be his successor has been evident for the past several months. Clark and Shallick have a long history of disagreements during their time working together in DC during President Walken’s first term, and avoiding a drawn-out primary between the two Washington insiders could help the Republicans keep the White House for another 4 years.

    Neither Clark nor Shallick have officially declared their intentions to run, but both are believed to have been building a campaign machine in preparation for the 2018 race.
  15. Marky Bunny Well-Known Member

    Mar 13, 2007
    Saturday January 7th 2017

    Maddox Confirmed as new Speaker of the House

    Illinois Congressman Daniel Maddox has been confirmed as the new Speaker of the House.

    Maddox replaces fellow Democrat Carol Gelsey who has stood aside, Maddox won the election against Republican House Minority leader Mitch Harris. As almost now by tradition, votes were cast for people who were not actually members of the House, with former President Matt Santos getting one vote and former Secretary of State Arnold Vinick two votes.
  16. Marky Bunny Well-Known Member

    Mar 13, 2007
    Sunday January 8th 2017

    Senator Howard tells Robinson & McClelland "One of us three must run for the Presidency"

    NBS understands that Senators Andrew Howard (Washington), Rudi Robinson (Indiana) and Cain McClelland (Maryland) have had a private meeting in which Senator Howard said one of the three men should run for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

    All have entered the Senate in the last seven years (Howard in 2010, with Robinson & McClelland in 2012) and have all been mentioned in the last few weeks at looking at a presidential run, although it seems that they believe if all three ran they would not be effective. Senator Andrew Thorn is regarded by many as the strongest contender to California Senator Sam Seaborn, the man regarded as the clear front runner, although he is yet to make his intentions clear.

    McClelland is know to have been frustrated by the deal by Senator Seaborn to allow senator Fitzsimmons in become Senate minority Leader when McClelland had been preparing to run for that job. McClelland is now considering running for the Presidency instead.
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  17. Darth_Kiryan The Númenorean Sith

    Jan 9, 2010
    Certainly becoming a crowded field - on both sides.
  18. Marky Bunny Well-Known Member

    Mar 13, 2007
    Only three candidates have declared from each side so far.
    1. Kansas Governor Peter Gault
    2. Former Ohio Governor Mike Reed
    3. California Congressman Will Durham
    1. Former Pennsylvania Governor Michael Kellner
    2. Former North Carolina Congressman William Garden
    3. New York Senator Andrew Thorn
    Expect a wide Democrat field but only three or four more Republicans.
  19. Marky Bunny Well-Known Member

    Mar 13, 2007
    Senate Leadership 115th Congress
    Majority Republican Leadership

    Majority Leader: Cody Riley (Alabama)
    Ass Majority Leader (Majority Whip): Max Lobell III (Georgia)
    Chief Deputy Whip: David Morrison (Louisiana)
    Deputy Chief Whip: Randall Thomas (Michigan)
    Minority Democratic Leadership
    Minority Leader: Jimmy Fitzsimmons (Massachusetts)
    Ass Minority Leader (Minority Whip): Sarah O'Brien (Vermont)
    Chief Deputy Whip: Jay Mattock (North Dakota)
    Deputy Chief Whip: Josh Copenhaver (Missouri)
    Republican Party Leadership
    Conference Chairman: James Lancaster (Kentucky)
    Conference Vice-Chairman: Gina Di Meo (Idaho)
    Campaign Committee Chairman: Jack Hunter (Minnesota)
    Policy Committee Chairman: Carlin Cassidy (Pennsylvania)
    Democratic Party Leadership
    Caucus Chairman: Vic Huntingdon (Nevada)
    Caucus Vice-Chairman: Mitch Bryce (Illinois) & Nicole Kershaw (California)
    Caucus Secretary: Michael Higgins (West Virginia)
    Policy Committee Chairman: Andy Ritter (New Mexico)
    Policy Committee Vice-Chairman: Jim Velasquez (Rhode Island)
    Campaign Committee Chairman: Lou Thornton (Virginia)
    Steering Committee Chairman: Ben Newell (Colorado)
    Outreach Committee Chairman: Becki Reeseman (Michigan)
    Steering & Outreach Committee Vice-Chairman: Bradley Denning (Oklahoma)
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  20. Tim Thomason Monthly Organ Donor

    Oct 18, 2008
    Senate Organization Chart for the 115th Congress - Vice President Elizabeth Clark - Nancy Travis - President pro tempore Samuel Wilkinson (R-KS) - Paul Collins - Republican Leader Cody Riley (R-AL) - Wil Wheaton - Assistant Republican Leader Maxwell Lobell III (R-GA) - Skeet Ulrich - Republican Conference Chairman James Lancaster (R-KY) - Robert Forester - Vice Chairman of the Senate Republican Conference Gina DiMeo (R-ID) - Rebecca Mader - Republican Policy Committee Chairman Carlin Cassidy (R-PA) - Paul Johansson - Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Jack Hunter (R-MN) - John Cusack - Democratic Leadership - Democratic Leader James Fitzsimmons (D-MA) - Aaron Eckhart - Assistant Democratic Leader Sarah O'Brien (D-VT) - Mary Steenburgen - Chairman of the Conference Victor Huntington (D-NV) - Eric Dane - Chairman of Policy & Communications Committee Andrew Ritter (D-NM) - John Rubinstein - Vice Chair of Conference Mitchell Bryce (D-IL) - Alan Dale - Vice Chair of Conference Nicole Kershaw (D-CA) - Natalie Portman - Chair of Steering Committee Benjamin T. Newell (D-CO) - Peter Krause - Chair of Outreach Rebecca R. Reeseman (D-MI) - Amy Aquino - Vice Chairman of Policy & Communications Committee Tomas "Jim" Velasquez (D-RI) - Esai Morales - Secretary of the Conference Michael Higgins (D-WV) - John Michael Higgins - Chair of Campaign Committee Louise Thornton (D-VA) - Janeane Garofalo

    Based on this
    Thanks to Rebecca Mader, Mary Steenburgen, Esai Morales, and John Michael Higgins for helping to fill out this list, and all the others who've helped out in the past.
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