2010 US Presidential Election

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BBC.CO.UK/News Wednesday October 7th 2009
Henry Reed "Maureen is wrong, keep changing, that is how we will win again"
Despite the best efforts of the Conservative leadership, they have not been able to stop a public row between the last two Conservative Prime-Ministers in Blackpool.
Maureen's Graty's comments that old style conservatism would win the next election caused her predcesser as Leader, Henry Reed to speak out at a Fringe Meeting last night
"Maureen is wrong. We need to keep changing. That is what I have put in my policy review. We cannot win the next election, by just saying the same things and hope the Labour Party pulls itself apart. James is on the right path, we cannot re-fight the battles of the 80's, 90's or even the early part of this decade".
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CNN.COM Wednesday October 7th 2009
Blakemore "I love a good fight"
Marcus Blakemore seems to be enjoying the election despite recent state polls, which have seen him losing the lead in several states, he does not seem worried, speaking at a rally in Chicago.
"My life has been one long battle, from the back streets of Detriot. I have fought against police corruption. I have been shot, served with the FBI and the CIA, and fought all the way to serve President Lassiter in the West Wing. I fought and took on the vested interests in Michigan when Governor, we lowered taxes, reduced crime, ended corruption, extended health care and eduction provision for the poorest familes, that is my record, I stand by it. I love a good fight, and this race is a fight, and I love a good fight".
He then hit back at his opponents such as Ray Sullivan and Glen Allen Walken, although he did not mention them by name.
"My opponents are still pendling the lie, that I am a Republican or believe in Republican values, well I know what I stand for, do my two main opponents, that have changed their policies and opinions since entering this race. I have not, I know what I stand for, and I win this nomination and win back the White House".
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FoxNews.com Thursday October 10th 2009
Walken "America needs proven leadership"
Glen Allen Walken was in Palm Beach,Florida yesterday, he looked relaxed, dressed in shortleeves but he looked and sounded like a leader.
It was the eight point defeat in the Florida Primary to Arnold Vinick in March 2006 that ended his hopes for the GOP nomination then. This time around, Florida has been moved up the primary calender to before the newly named "Supa-Dupa Tuesday" in late January, and is a vital linchpin in the Former Speakers Campaign.
"American needs proven leadership.We live in dangerous times, and need afirm hand back in the White House. President Santos has failed in domestic policy, no Education plan, no Healthcare plan,no plan to get people back to work,noplan to help our hard pressed families,no plan to help our small business, which are over-run with red tape and high taxes. Iam ready to tacke these issues and start to change America to where we need to be, a pround nation, a becon to the world".
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BBC.CO.UK/News Thursday October 8th 2009
Abbreviated Text from Conservative Leader James Taylor's speech to the Consertaive Party Conferance
"In June 2007, our nation gambled and decided to give this current Prime-minister a chance in leading us. It was a very narrow win, but he of course carried all our good wishes. Sadly he he has proven he and his party cannot be trusted to run this great country. He has dithered, stalled, and then folded onevery major decision. I would like to make it clear, I dis-like his party not the man.I oppose what the Labour stands for.High Taxes,large out of control public spending, an all powerfull state telling you what you can do and when you can do it.
I belive in hard work, low taxes, all the good Government we can afford, and a state ready to help its people when they need, not bully and control them.
I have been asked what is the aim of my party is. Simple. We seek power at the next General election, because without power we cannot serve our people once more. I will lead a stong united Cabinet that understands modern Britian. My cabinet will have a purpose in contrast to the current cabinet whose only purpose seems to be is to stab the Prime-Minister in the back.
Government waste under this Prime-Minister has got out of control.I mean even a former cabinet Minister can afford to waste a good pint of larger by throwing it over our much-loved Deputy-Prime Minister.
I would say to the Prime-Minister, I am not tied to anyone's appron strings. There are only two women I take orders from, the Wife and the Mother-in- Law.
There has been much talk thisweek, about the direction we need to take win the next election.It is easy, we will win by showing and giving modern common sense solutions to today'sproblems.Modern Britian is what we must serve, not the Britian of the past. Black, asian, gay, straight, old the young, me must serve all the people.
Prime-Miniser Green thinks Government has all the answers to every problem we face. I don't I belive in the British people".
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cnn.com, Thursday October 8th

Sullivan: Blakemore "Soft on crime"

Republican presidential candidate Ray Sullivan has stepped up his attacks on rival Marcus Blakemore with a new TV ad airing in New Hampshire, this time accusing the former Arkansas governor of being soft on crime.

With the crucial New Hampshire primary a little less than three months , the ad, titled "Judgment," attempts to contrast his record as West Virginia governor with Blakemore’s in Michigan.

With pictures of the two candidates on the screen, the ad's announcer says that "As Governor, Sullivan got tough on drugs" and that "he never pardoned a single criminal." This was a clear response to the negative press over the disputed release of rapist David Wayne earlier this week.

The announcer goes on to say Blakemore "granted 876 pardons and commutations, including 12 convicted murderers. He even reduced penalties for manufacturing methamphetamine."

Speaking to reporters last night in Minnesota, Blakemore disputed the ad, pointing to his record on conviction rates and the fact that he slowed the increase of violent crime in the state.

The statistics cited in Sullivan's ad come from a recent Associated Press examination of Blakemore's record of commutations and pardons.
The Blakemore campaign were quick to point out that as Governor, Blakemore received considerably more commutation and pardon requests than Sullivan did and that he rejected 82 percent of them.

Sullivan's claim that he "got tough" on methamphetamine dealers has been disputed by Blakemore who has pointed out that the proposal to do this never passed into law.

The former Michigan governor also challenged the assertion that he had "reduced" the penalty for manufacturing meth.

Sullivan is clearly concerned about the damage the accusations over the release of David Wayne will cause with the public and is also spending a large sum on advertising covering his position that the release was authorized by the previous Governor and that he was unable to prevent it from happening, a claim that has since been disputed by Jane Whittingham, Sullivan’s predecessor.
Just to remind everyone of our Presidential Candidates
Former Acting President, and Speaker of the House, Glenn Allen Walken

Former Governor of West Virginia, and 2006 VP Nominee, Ray Sullivan

Former Governor of Michigan, Marcus Blakemore

Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Nicholas Alexander

Former Speaker of the House and washington Congressman Jeff Haffley

Vermont Congressman, Matthew Skinner
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politico.com, Friday October 9th

Veteran Congressman Attacks Walken’s Temperament

73 year old Congressman Jardine Mantell of Kansas today claimed that Glen Walken did not have the temperament to be President. Mantell, who was one of the earliest endorsers of Walken’s chief opponent for the nomination Governor Ray Sullivan of West Virginia, told reporters that he had experienced Walken’s temper on numerous occasions.

“Glen Walken is a hot-head, he can’t control his temper. When he was speaker he ruled like an emperor, making crazy demands and blowing up when anyone disagreed with him. I don’t think that’s the kind of President we need.”

Mantell’s comments were quickly dismissed by Walken’s campaign team. Senior advisor Steve Atwood said “Congressman Mantell has always been a bit eccentric. President Walken held his caucus together better than any speaker in living memory. He’s a passionate guy, without a doubt. I’ve worked for him for fifteen years and can say that any questions over his temperament are ludicrous. Remember this is the man who at a moments notice stepped up to Presidency during the Bartlet Kidnap Crisis – there are people in this race who need to prove they are fit to be President, Glen Walken is not one of them.”
redstate.com, Friday October 9th

Skinner Denies Santos Job Offer

Republican Presidential candidate Matthew Skinner has moved quickly to quash rumors that he has been approached to serve as Health and Human Services Secretary in a Santos Administration should the President be re-elected.

It’s been widely reported that current HHS Secretary Kate Espensen will stand down in January 2011 no matter the result of the Presidential Election in 2010, and stories circulating over the weekend suggested that Skinner has been approached to gauge his interest in the job.

Skinner, whose poll ratings and fundraising have all but disappeared amid claims that he is strongly considering dropping out of the race, didn’t hesitate in denying the story this morning. “I have to say, this campaign has opened my eyes to just how much nonsense is written and reported but this is a new peak. I have not, and will not be discussing taking a job in an administration that I have been campaigning against for the past nine months. It’s beyond ridiculous.”

In spite of this Democratic strategist Howard Battles once again claimed this afternoon that the discussions definitely took place and, as far as he was aware, were still ongoing.
Mr. Bunny,

I appreciate the photos of the candidates. However, I have one small (?) problem. You have made a point of Walken's weight loss and how this shows he is better prepared for the Presidency than his unsuccessful attempt in 2006, but I am afraid John Goodman has not gone on a similar diet. As a Walken supporter and a great admirer of John Goodman's acting, I ask, what can be done about this? Photoshop anyone?
By the way, what ever happened to that little (?!?) war between Greece and Turkey? It certainly put an end to my proposed contributions. I just could not figure out a way to work the war into the McGarry Memorial Lecture Series.

Your humble servant,
CNN.COM Saturday October 10th 2009
Breaking News: Breaking News: Breaking News:
Vinick gets Ceasefire between Greece, Bulgaria, and Turkey
Reports are coming in that Secretary of State Arnold Vinick has announced a ceasefire on the land war between Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey.
Since the Greek/Bulgarian counter-attack three weeks ago which forced the Turkish army out of Greece, the war had seen the Turkish forces dug in, and not much offensive action by either side.
Vinick and his British counter-part Lord Schofield have spent the last week crissing-crossing the capitals of Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey.
It is hoped that ceasefire will lead to full Peace Treaty.
(Note to everyone, please do not start the war up-again, it has been going on for over two months, this is the start of the end of this storyline!!!!!)
Schofield is my Paddy Ashdown!!! Former Leader of the Lib Dems from 1990 to 2000. Worked for the UN etc.

In the story Schofield had been appointed as Special Envoy by the Green Government when the war broke out.
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CNN.COM Monday October 12th 2009
Matt McConnell joins Blakemore Campaign
Matt McConnell who served as Owen Lassiter's Deputy Chief of Staff during his second term has joined the Blakemore campaign as "Political Director".
McConnell had so far kept out of Presidential races, since leaving the White House in 1999. He refused positions on both the Ritchie and Vinick Campaigns. Since 2004 he has worked as Chief of Staff to North Carolina Governor Andrew Wu.
Cliff Calley, Blakemore's Campaign Manager told reporters "Matt is one of the best political minds in the party. We are all very happy that he has joined us".
It will come as a blow to the Sullivan camp, as McConnell's former Boss Colt Merchant is now running the Sullivan campaign.
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CNN.COM Monday October 12th 2009
Zoe Bartlet and Charlie Young to marry
Zoe Bartlet, the youngest daughter of the Former President has announced she will marry her fathers Former "bodyman" Charlie Young.
They first dated between 1999 and 2002, and then from 2005 to the current time. Since leaving the White House in 2007, Young has worked for former White House Chief of Staff CJ Craig at the Frank Hollis chartiable foundation.
He has so far fought back attempts to get to him for political office. Although many in the DNC are believed to want to run for Andrea Wyatt Maryland House seat next year opened up by her run for the Senate.
The wedding will take place next month in Manchester, New Hampshire.
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New York Times.com Monday October 12th 2009
Final Two GOP debates announced
The final two GOP Presidential debates before the start of the Primary Season have been announced today.
The first will take place in New York City at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on Sunday November 8th and will be covered by CNN, whilst CBS will holding the New Hampshire debate on Thursday December 10th at Daniel Webster College, Nashua.
All remaining candidates have agreed to attend.
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reuters.com, Monday October 12th

US, Chinese and Russians Agree to Reduce Troop Numbers By 25%

In an announcement this afternoon, the United States, Russia and China have confirmed that they intend to reduce the number of troops in Kazakhstan by 25% each by the end of the year.

The statement comes ahead of the beginning of tomorrows three power summit in Vienna where the main topic of discussion is believed to be the agreement of a timetable for elections in the former Soviet Republic.

It is believed that this initial troop reduction will be followed by another substantial drop at the end of the first quarter of 2010 with the US pushing heavily for elections to be held by the end of January next year.
foxnews.com, Monday October 12th

Blakemore May Be Indicted Over Arnwine Links

The campaign of leading Republican Presidential candidate Marcus Blakemore have moved quickly tonight to play down rumors that the former Michigan Governor may well face indictment over his links to Michigan businessman Lucas Arnwine.

Arnwine, is likely to face trial over his involvement in the collapse of Michigan Savings & Loan and stories began to circulate over the weekend that as part of the same investigation police were also investigating the behavior of the then Governor.

When asked about it today, a Blakemore spokesman said “The Governor has co-operated fully with the investigation but only as a witness. There is absolutely no suggestion of wrong doing on the part of the Governor.”

Mr. Arnwine, 56, was one of Blakemore’s closest advisors during his time in office and had worked as a consultant on his current Presidential campaign before his arrest earlier this year.
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