2010 US Presidential Election

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politico.com, Thursday October 1st

Walken Endorsed By Minnesota Governor

Glen Walken last night picked up the much sought after endorsement of Minnesota Governor Michael Jack. Governor Jack is seen by many as a rising star in the GOP Jack has been mentioned by many as a potential Vice-Presidential nominee but has thus far stayed out of the Presidential race.

Walken and Jack appeared together at a rally in Chicago with Jack saying “I have no doubt that Glen Walken’s vision and solutions based approach represents the future of the Republican Party and of the United States.”

Jack’s endorsement has been much sought after with both General Nicholas Alexander and Governor Ray Sullivan known to have been in contact with him. It’s a huge boost to Walken who will be delighted to have picked up the support of a reform minded Republican who still maintains strong support amongst the party’s more conservative base.

Walken spokesman Bill Bradley said “We’re delighted that Governor Jack is onboard, he’s shown in his time as Governor that he can work across party lines and that he is in full support of our agenda to move this country forward.”
foxnews.com, Friday October 2nd

Alexander Under Attack Over Tax Remarks

General Nicholas Alexander is under attack from his Republican Presidential rivals over a fumbled remark about his tax policy last night.

Alexander was addressing a conference of the Liberty League a small government PAC when he was asked to explain his stand on taxes. The General pontificated before saying “sometimes those with the widest shoulders must carry the heaviest load”.

The comment was seized upon by his rivals. Colt Marchant, who has just taken over day to day running of Ray Sullivan’s campaign, said “This is a staggering response. The last thing this economy needs is a move to stifle innovation by raising taxes.”

That was quickly followed by Steve Atwood a senior advisor to Glen Walken who was in attendance at the conference. Atwood told reporters “This raises further questions about General Alexander. We have great respect for his military service and expertise but we continue to be surprised by his domestic agenda. President Walken has made it clear that his aim is to lower taxes for everyone, the General seems to have the opposite view.”

Alexander also caught a broadside from Governor Marcus Blakemore who took the opportunity to outline his own tax reducing credentials “Whilst I was Governor of Michigan we successfully reduced taxes 17 times. I’m very concerned that General Alexander believes that we should be increasing them nationally.”

General Alexander is currently on route to California and was unavailable for comment.
politco.com, Friday October 2nd

Hutchinson and Buchanan Clash As Polls Show Dead Heat In Virginia

The two candidates for Governor of Virginia have clashed at an online debate just four weeks out from Election Day.

Congressman Robert Buchanan, who has pulled level with Democratic candidate, former Secretary of Defense Miles Hutchinson, started off by saying Hutchison would be a disaster for Virginia and accusing him of lacking a true perspective of life in Virginia. Hutchison responded saying that just because he wasn’t born there didn’t mean he wasn’t in touch with voters pointing out to Buchanan that’s lived in Virginia for the last 11 years.

With only four weeks until polling day the race is becoming increasingly heated. Last week Hutchinson accused Buchanan of being a far right ideologue who “wanted America to live in the 1950s”. The three term Congressman responded in kind saying “Hutchinson oversaw the descent of the Pentagon from world leading defense organization to the current executive chaos we see today.”

Latest polls suggest that the race is a dead heat, thought the Buchanan camp are continuing to say that their internal numbers are giving them a slight edge.
CNN.COM Friday October 2nd 2009
Blakemore "The Bible is right on most issues"
Marcus Blakemore has been in a major fix since his attack on the Christian Right of the GOP. Today he sort to re-address the problem with a speech to Church leaders in Lousville, Kentucky.
"I belive in god, I always have. I have read the bible, and serving a higher purpose. Much has been said about my stance on the issues, let me make it clear I think Abortion is wrong, I am against it, but I just don't think it is the Governments place to order a person what to do with their bodies.
The bible is right on most issues, but in my opinion it reflected the best wisdom of the age it was written in. Human civilization and the human race moves on. The codes of behaviour and wisdom changes down the ages, but belief in God will always carry on".
UKPOLITICS.COM Friday October 2nd
YouGov daily poll shows Labour back to square one and trailing the Tories by 10.5% at the end of its conference
The lastest Yougov poll shows Labour is back at square and still trail the Tories by 10.5%.
This repated in a General Election would result in a narrow Conservative win of 6 seats(much like the Labour win in 2007).
It is bound to give the party a boost as it arrives in Blackpool, this weekend.
Conservatives 39.5%=328 seats
Labour 29%=232 seats
Lib Dems 22%= 59 seats
Others=13 seats
Result: Conservative Majority of 6 seats.
UKPOLICTICS.COM Friday October 2nd 2009
The Conservatives turn-up in Blackpool, in better shape than many of the last few years.
Leader James Taylor has finally found his feet as Leader, and has manged the diffcult task of keeping the Graty wing of the party in check, as well as getting support from the moderates.
He this week has to acheive the balancing act, of proving he is not the puppet of Graty, as the Prime-Minister said this week, but he can't upset the Former Prime-Ministers supporters.
The polls are slowly moving in favour for the Opposition, but the polls are still very flexiable, and the Conservatives ratings in the polls over the last few months, seem in part have been helped by the Labour Government's failures, espically in its bungled handling on the July terror attack, and the outbreak of Greek-Turkey war.
Taylor needs to put his shadow cabinet up-front to prove it is a Government in waiting, not just a re-hash of Graty's failed adminstration.
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CNN.COM Saturday October 3rd 2009
Alexander "I can make the right decisions"
Nicholas Alexander is a man who has been fired up by recent polls that seem to make him again, a genuie contender for the GOP nomination.
The problem with this is that he has come under more intense watch for any gaffes, and on Thursday it happended, when he seemed to suggest tax raisies for the highest earners.
At a rally in Orange County Calforina, he didn't answers direct questions on this, but did defend his voting for Presidents Newman and Bartlet.
"People ask why I voted for President Newman in 1986, well I weighed up the evidance and made a decision. Four years later I did the same, that time I voted for Owen Lassiter, as I did in 1994. In 1998 I make the decision to vote for President Bartlett, and agiain in 2002. Each time I made a decision based on the best evidance avaiable. That is what a President does, he weighes advice and information and makes a decision. I would like to point out that the American people made the same decisions as me,I voted for the winner each time."
foxnews.com, Saturday October 3rd

Walken Questions Alexander Judgement

The recent poll jump by General Nicholas Alexander has definitley seen the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs appear firmly on the radar of the leading Republican canidates for President.

His latest defense of his reasons for his previous votes for Presidents Newman and Bartlet appears to have raised the ire of Glen Walken. The former acting President was asked about Alexander's claim that he made "his best judgement at the time" and pulled no punches. "I find this a very worrying response from a man I greatly respect. Voters have to ask themselves what exactly the General stands for. From what I can ascertain his view changes constantly, sometimes he for higher taxes, then he's not. Sometimes he belives that we need a smaller, less intrusive government then he doesn't. In 1986 he thought President Newman was the right choice, then four years later he'd changed his mind and voted for President Lassiter. I don't think it's unfair for people to wonder exactly what they'd be getting by voting for General Alexander."

Walken was coming off a good week with polling showing that he is the best placed Republican in a General Election, holding a 7 point lead over President Santos and picking up the much sought after endorsement of Minnesota Governor Michael Jack.
Some (very arbitrary) thoughts on actors:

James Taylor

Henry Reed
In 1994:

And now:

Let me know your thoughts.
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To carry on Peter's ideas for the actors on the British side of the story.
Former-Prime-Minister "Ricky" Meyer

Prime-Minister John Green
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and to complete our Current Leaders
Lib Dem- Leader Corbett

and US Presidential Candidate, Marcus Blakemore

and here is Owen Sullivan
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BBC.CO.UK/News Monday October 5th 2009
Former New York Governor Jack Stephens speaks in Blackpool
The Former three term Governor of New York, Jack Stephens, and a candidate for the 2002 GOP nomination told the Tory Party conferance in Blackpool today that the two nations needed "Conservaties back in charge in both our nations".
"I my country we have a ultra-liberal taxand spend President, backed up by a Democratic congress, we share many principles, low tax, strong national defence, Freedom for our business people, and good old-fashioned hard-work".
"During my time as New York Governor, I based my adminstration on these ideas. We cut taxes 35 times in my twelve years, reduced waste, cut crime, and helped reduce un-employment".
5th October 2009

Hands off my Jag! - Rudolf James leads Cabinet revolt over plans to replace Ministerial cars

BBC - Trade and Industry Secretary Rudolf James has lashed out at plans to replace traditional Ministerial cars such as Jaguar's and Rover's with foreign imports such as Nissan and Hyundai, in an attempt to go green and cheap. James, speaking to the Guardian said
"As Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, I have to have a British ministerial car to support the British worker, as do other Cabinet and Ministers because we are the British government; we must celebrate all things British and not rely on cheap foreign imports."

James' comments were backed by Transport Secretary Ed Miller, new Party Chairman Luke Sharp, Home Secretary Jonathan Moseley and Education Secretary Kate Johnson.

On the other side, the Energy Secretary, Lord Roger Thompson of Glenwood said
"Myself and my colleagues at Energy and Environment are looking at these plans to reduce pollution, we in Whitehall must be leaders in the fight against climate change. We must go to green cars, we prefer foreign imports as they are cheap, good quality and less expensive to convert instead of hard British cars like Jaguar and Rover."

It is believed that Environment Secretary Jack Kennedy, Health Secretary Andrea Benn, Commons Leader Keith Baker and Justice Secretary Chris Greenway all support Lord Thompson.

It is up to the Cabinet Secretary, Sir John Wells and Prime Minister Green to decide the fate of Ministerial cars.
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5th October 2009

Constitutional Affairs Department to be defunct

BBC - The Department of Constitutional Affairs, headed by Luke Sharp is to be made defunct, and it's two responsibilities; The Lord Chancellor's Office and implementation of the running of the British Courts are to be absorbed by the Ministry of Justice; which currently is responsible for prisons, courts of devolved governments (The Regions) and matters relating to legal affairs will absorb the DCA's roles from next week.

As of today, the DCA was made defunct by Prime Minister John Green; and it's three Ministers, Secretary and Lord Chancellor Luke Sharp, Courts Minister Andrew Bingham and Parliamentary Under Secretary John Cowan will be moved to other government roles.

Luke Sharp takes over from Lord Samuels as Chairman of the Labour Party and also the role of Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, enabling him an official seat in Cabinet, as the Party Chairman is not a Cabinet role. Mr Sharp will also co-ordinate Labour's election campaign.

Andrew Bingham moves to the Ministry of Justice as Solicitor General, while John Cowan moves to Trade and Industry as Minister of State for Production.

Mr Sharp was understandably unhappy with having his Department removed and losing the prestigious role of Lord Chancellor which moves to Justice Secretary Chris Greenway, the PM hopes to placate Sharp with the high profile role of Party Chairman.

Sharp entered the Cabinet in 2007 as Constitutional Affairs Secretary, and before that served in the Shadow Cabinet as Shadow Transport Secretary. Mr Sharp, 39 is often tipped as a candidate for party leadership.
Prime Minister: John Green
Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of State for the Regions: Peter Kennedy
Chancellor of the Exchequer: Daniel Lamont
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Malcolm Cutter
Secretary of State for Justice: Chris Greenway
Secretary of State for the Home Department: Jonathan Mosley
Secretary of State for Health: Andrea Benn
Secretary of State for Trade and Industry: Rudolf James
Secretary of State for the Enviroment: Jack Kennedy
Secretary of State for International Development: Michael O'Brien
Secretary of State for Defence: Nicholas Renard
Leader of the House of Commons: Keith Baker
Secretary of State for Local Government: Julia Bridges
Secretary of State for Transport: Ed Miller
Secretary of State for Education and Skills: Kate Johnson
Secretary of State for Energy: Lord Thompson
Secretary of State for Work and Pensions: Nicola Woodward
Leader of the House of Lords: Lord Cooper
Secretary of State for Culture and Heritage: Richard McMartin

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster & Labour Party Chairman: Luke Sharp
CNN.COM Tuesday October 6th 2009
Sullivan under fire over prisoner release when Governor
Governor Ray Sullivan has come under attack today after the story of a prisoner he released early when he was Governor of West Virginia.
David Wayne, a convicted serial rapist was released two years early, when Governor Sullivan asked the local prison board to release him early because he had become a born-again christian and was regarded a reformed man, although two Doctors advised against it.
Six months after he was released, he rapped and murdered a twenty year old women, he was then re-arrested.
"This story brings to serious question, Governor Sullivans judgement. He let into the community, a serial rapist, and ignored advice from two Doctors, just because he had become a born-again Christian" said Former General Nicholas Alexander "People attack my voting record, but I have never let out a dangerous man out of prison early".
NewYork Times.com Tuesday October 6th 2009
Skinner "I would rather President Santos re-elected than have a President Sullivan"
Congressman Matthew Skinner presdential hopes seem all but over, but today he launched an outspoken attack on Ray Sullivan.
"Governor Sullivan is not fit to be our next Commander-in-chief. He has chopped and changed his beliefs when it has suited him. If it where a choice of President Santos being re-elected and four years of President Sullivan, I would rather have the President, although I disagree with him on many issues, at least he has is core beliefs, and has stuck to them, and I respect him for that. Governor Sullivan has no core principles, he should not be our nominee".
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politico.com, Tuesday October 6th

Sullivan Attacks “Inaccurate Reporting”

Republican front-runner has hit back at what he has described as a “fabrication” that he released serial rapist David Wayne who went on to murder twenty year old journalism student Jennifer Minford.

Sullivan, at a hastily arranged press conference, accused the press of misleading the public. “I feel I have to take this opportunity to point out that I did not, as has been indicated in the press this morning, commute the sentence of David Wayne. The decision was made by my predecessor Governor Whittingham as one of her last acts in office – my legal team made every attempt to find a way to reverse the policy but we were unable to do so, as a result we had no choice but to release him. I’m hugely disappointed that both the press and some of my opponents have decided to take advantage of these reports without even checking their facts.”

He then called on General Alexander to apologize for what he described as his “offensive remarks”.

The 2006 Vice-Presidential candidate also took the opportunity to attack Congressman Matthew Skinner who was widely quoted this morning as saying he’d rather have another term of President Santos than a President Sullivan. “I can’t say I’m surprised, I’ve said before that I will support whoever our nominee will be. I think the Congressman should strongly consider exactly which party he is a member of.”
BBC.CO.UK/News Tuesday October 6th 2009
Graty "We can win with old style Conservative values "
Former Prime-Minister Maureen Graty has caused the current leadership some problems over the last two years, and today she did it again at a fringe meeting to promote her up-coming book about her life.
She was interviewed before taking questions from the floor.
Asked about the 2004 election win, she was asked did she believe she could have won an out-right majority at the start of the campaign
"Yes, Meyer's majority was certainly overcomeable, that was main aim in 2000, reduce the majority to where we could win next time."
About Europe she attacked the rebels who did much to upset the Reed Government between 1993 and 1996.
"Everyone knows what I think about the rebels and the likes of William Hale. The National Democrats, are anti-European, I have never been anti-european, I want us at the heart of Europe , not run by Brussels".
On The on-going war between Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey she spoke with authority "All sides need to get back around the table, it seems to have reached a stalemate, with the Turkish forces dug in now. We need to end this conflict".
On Prime-Minister Green she said "He has turned out to be excatly what I predicted back in the 2007 election. He has been a diaster for the country. He is weak, and struggling to hold his party togther".
Then came the main question about change in the party which James Taylor has talked about, "We can win with old style Conservative values, we got more right in Governemnt in those three years under me than Labour has. We were not defeated in a landslide, he won with a majority of just 4 seats. Change just 1,000 votes and it would have been another hung parliament, change just another 4,500 votes we would have won".
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politico.com, Tuesday October 6th

Sullivan Leads Republican Fundraising Race

Former West Virginia Governor and leading Republican Presidential candidate Ray Sullivan raised nearly $24 million this summer for his presidential campaign outperforming all of his rivals and setting a new record for a candidate in a primary campaign.

Governor Sullivans Q3 haul brings his to $68 million as a fundraising total for the 2010 presidential race and pushes his funds ahead of Glen Walken, who's impressive $21m is the second time in two quarters that he's cracked the $20m mark.

Sullivan is currently leading most national polls and seems likely to continue his media blitz that seems to having a major impact on his chances of securing the Republican nomination.

Governor Marcus Blakemore reported raising at least $13 million from July through September for the primaries. Blakemore announced himself delighted with the total but privatley some of his supporters expressed concern at the power of the Sullivan machine.

With their third-quarter numbers, Sullivan, Walken and Blakemore sit atop the Republican field in fundraising, comfortably ahead of their nearest rival, Nicholas Alexander, who raised $7 million in the past three months for a total of $24 million for the year. Former speaker Jeff Haffley raised nearly as much with $6.8m.

None of the big 3 campaigns reported how much money they have on hand, totals that would signal how well positioned they are to compete against each other in the months ahead. While Sullivan leads in national polls, Walken has the lead in more state by state polls and Blakemore remains competitive in a number of key states
Each side tried to claim the numbers as a victory. Sullivan campaign manager Colt Marchant said "It's clear that America is speaking with it's wallets. They want a change of direction and they know that Ray Sullivan is the best placed candidate to steer that change."

Walken campaign spokesman Bill Bradley said that the top line numbers miss the fact that it's the former acting President's campaign that has more donors and pointed out that since $4m of Sullivan's haul is actually for a General Election meaning that they actually raised more money for the primary campaign.
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