2010 US Presidential Election

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politico.com, Friday March 21st

Newall Promises Supporters “No Pandering, No Apologies, No Backtracking”

Former Colorado Governor Ben Newall announced his candidacy for the Presidency this morning with a fiery speech that promised his supporters and opponents that he “would stand by his principles, whatever the cost.”

Newall, speaking in front of the State House in Denver, Colorado, said “I’ve weighed this decision long and hard and we’ve agreed as a family that we go into this with everything we’ve got. This won’t be a campaign run by focus groups and consultants – there will be no pandering, no apologies, no backtracking, no tempering – I promise you this, you’ll know where I stand.”

Asked whether he intended to use the campaign to continue his crusade on gun control Newall was unequivocal “Yes, but it won’t be the only issue we’re focused on. President Walken wants to focus on reducing the role of government at any cost – my focus will be on helping improve the lives of all Americans, rich or poor, young or old, black, white or latino.”

Governor Newall has been out of front line politics for a number of years and he seems intent on using that to position himself as the ultimate Washington outsider. “I had to think long and hard about whether I even want a job in Washington D.C. We must change the mindset in Washington and reform our government to ensure it works for the people, not for lobbyists, not for career politicians or pressure groups.”
Hey, I just read this entire thread over the past few days, and I would like to try to contribute. I want to try to focus on some of the orignal show characters that seem to have been forgotten about, and let the rest of the plot proceed as planned, if that's fine with everyone.......

Saturday March 23rd 2013

Richardson "No feud with Senator Thorn"

New York Congressman Mark Richardson entered the Democratic Presidential race yesterday despite rumours still circling over a feud with Senator Andrew Thorn.

"This race isn't about my relationship with Senator Thorn, it's about the Democratic party and making sure we return to the White House next year".

"This President seems to have given up on the vast majority of our people, I will never do that" he said reflecting on the Presidential field "we have some good candidates, all of who could be President, I am looking forward to discussing the issues facing us over the next few months".
Politico.com, Sunday March 24th

51st State Project Announces Plans for D.C Representation

Members of the 51st State Project announced plans to give Washington D.C. a full voting member of Congress by 2014. Shadow Senators Charlie Young (Former aide and son-in-law to President Bartlet) and Hans Jorgenson (D.C. City Council Member) announced that legislation will be filed by the end of the week in the US House to give the Districts current non-voting member full voting privileges by the start of the next Congress.


Charlie Young and Hans Jorgenson speak at DC City Hall.
Conservatives win Majority Government
Prime Minister Gardner celebrates as NDP make impressive gains
March 24, 2013


Halifax - After spending three years in a somewhat stressful minority situation, Prime Minister Tim Gardner is now set to return to Ottawa with a majority government, thus securing at least 4 more years of Tory rule in the country.

Speaking to a crowd of cheering supporters at his Central Nova Riding headquarters, the Prime Minister thanked voters for the strengthened mandate, saying that the win "turns the page on uncertainties, and reaffirms Canadians desire for an open and transparent government". Gardner also took time to congratulate his opponents, praising each leader for their "contribution to our great democracy,".

According to the final results, the Conservatives have secured 170 seats as opposed to the Liberals 64 and the NDP's 60, the latter up ten from their previous showing. The surge puts NDP Leader Stephen Addison within striking distance of the Official Opposition, and with some recounts expected in B.C. and Ontario, his path to Stornoway might not be over yet.

Speaking to his supports, Liberal Leader Donald Graham expressed his disappointment at the outcome, stating that while these were not the results he had hoped for, he "respects the will of the voters". While the former Defence Minister did not give any indication he would resign, some party insiders have suggested he may step down within the week.

The official results according to Elections Canada:

Conservative - 168 Seats
Liberal - 64 Seats
New Democratic - 60 Seats
Bloc Quebecois - 16 Seats
Green - 0 Seats
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Monday March 25th 2013

Richardson clashes with Marco Carvello, on "Polictical Animal"

He may have entered the Presidential race on Friday, but the speculation if New York Congressman Mark Richardson helped to diswade Seantor Andrew Thorn from running will not go away.

Yesterday Richardson appeared on "Polictical Animal" with host Howard Van Gelt and the former Chairman of the New York Democratic Party Marco Carvello, and Chief of Staff to Senator Thorn.

Richardson after talking about why he had decided to enter the campaign with Van Gelt, the economy, and the other democratic candidates, the conservation moved onto the rumours over Andrew Thorn's decision in January not to run and the suggestion that has been gaining ground that Richardson talked him out of running to improve his own chances of running for the nomination.

"It was a private conservation between myself and the Seantor and it will stay that way" it was at this point Carvello intervended saying "Congressman, I admire you greatly, but just tell the truth and admit you told the Senator not to run whilst all promosing that you yourself would also not run for the nomination" Richardson seemed flustered "replying I am not talking about a private chat" to which Carvello replied "answer a straight question, If can't answer that, how can you expect people to vote for you in the primaries". Richardson's answer was "I am ready to stand by record and my plan for a better america, I do not need to talk to people about a private chat with a Senator for people to vote for me".

The remarkable clash has already had over 100,000 hits on Youtube.
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politico.com, Monday March 25th

Newall : Gun Control “Front and Center” of White House Bid

Former Colorado Governor used his first televised appearance since announcing his bid for the Presidency to confirm that action on gun control would be a key element of his policy platform that he would outline along the way to Presidency.

Newall, who has been an outspoken voice on gun control for many years had already hinted that he wouldn’t temper his position on the issue but confirmed as much on yesterday’s State of the Union on CNN.

“I’m determined that it will play a big part in the campaign – I certainly don’t have any plans to back away from it. We must get gun violence under control in this country and I firmly believe that tighter gun control laws will help achieve that.”

In the interview with regular host Candi Crowley, Newall covered a wide range of topics from foreign policy to unemployment. He focused his criticism on President Walken on what he described as “the desire from this President to use the economic crisis to further his ideological desire to reduce government, at just the time that people need it most.”

Governor Newall is scheduled for a series of visits to early states over the next couple of weeks and also confirmed that he will participate in the first Presidential debate of the cycle at the University of South Florida in Tampa on April 25th.

theeye.com, Monday March 25th

Fisk About Turn, Confirms He Will Attend Debate

Alan Fisk, the former Attorney General and candidate for the Democratic nomination for President has confirmed this afternoon that he will take part in the first primary debate of 2013 on April 25th.

Fisk was fiercely critical of the choice of NBS anchor Mark Bunn to host the first debate suggesting that Bunn’s political leanings should disqualify him from the role but today he has reversed his position and confirmed in the past hour that he would attend.

Spokeswoman Carly Litchfield read a prepared statement saying “We are delighted to confirm that Alan will be participating in the debate on April 25th – it was always our intention to take part but we felt it important to have a number of questions answered first. These issues have been resolved to our satisfaction.”

Ms. Litchfield refused to answer any questions despite repeated attempts to understand whether Mr Fisk is now happy with Mr Bunn’s presence as moderator.

Fisk’s opponents seem to relish in the about turn. Brian Cambridge, the former Virginia Senator, was first to react “I think it’s the right thing for Alan to do – hopefully we can move past this ridiculous argument and focus on debating the important issues.”

Governor Josie Bail described the incident as “unfortunate” but said she was “delighted” that Fisk would take part. Kate Crossley, the current front runner, said that any discussion of Mr Bunn’s political views was “a pointless distraction”.

Monday March 25th 2013

Rachel Lilburn resigns as Shadow Chancellor

Labour Shadow Chancellor Rachel Lilburn has tonight resigned as Shadow Chancellor.

The former Foreign Secretary who has been Shadow Chancellor since April 2011 when she was appointed to the Shadow Cabinet by the then acting leader Peter Kennedy after the General Election defeat.

It is belived that Lilburn has resigned over a difference of opinion on the opposition's general economic policy and in particular the response by Labour leader Ed Miller budget response to George Tamm's budget last Wednesday.

In a brief statement on her website Lilburn, the MP for Newcastle Central said "I cannot in all my heart continue to serve as Shadow Chancellor and have tendered my resignation to Ed Miller".

There has yet to have been reply from the Labour leader Ed Miller tonight or who he could appoint to replace Lilburn.

Tuesday March 26th 2013

Jack Coll is new Shadow Chancellor

Jack Coll, the Shadow Defence Secretary has been appointed to the role of Shadow Chancellor by Labour Leader Ed Miller this morning following the shock resignation of Rachel Lilburn last night.

Coll, 49, MP for Chorley has been replaced as Shadow Defence Secretary by Ronald Turner, who had been Shadowing the Business Brief which is now taken by the Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Kate Wells. A replacement for Wells has yet to be announced.

Tuesday March 26th 2013

Patrick Brazil new Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury

Patrick Brazil, 41, the MP for Inverclyde has been promoted to the Shadow Cabinet as the new Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury.
He replaces Kate Wells who has moved to be the new Shadow Business Secretary.
Jack Coll as the Labour Candidate for Chorley during the 1996 General Election, which he won from the Conservatives.

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NYPost Wednesday March 28, 2013

NY GOP Political elite endorse Crase for Re-election

A fundraiser for Jesse Crase happened earlier this evening, and among the guests endorsing Crase for re-election were Former Governor Jack Stephens, Former NYC Mayor Blake Marshall and Senator Jay Cruger. Crase, making a bid for a second term was flanked by several elite members of the Party, who praised him for his work in the City.

"It's a significant job well done", said Governor Jack Stephens, "Thanks to Mayor Crase, crime is down, The City's unemployment has been reduced, the overly bureaucratic Board of Education has been reined in and we have a better New York City"

Mayor Blake Marshall praised his political centrism and his pragmatism "I think we've brought back the good Rockefeller/Javits/Vinick type of the Republican Party in New York needs to grow."

Crase is known to be socially liberal on gay marriage, abortion, gun control and environmental action, like Senator Cruger in Washington. Marshall seems to have reconciled relatively with the former Governor too much, as the two had not always been keen on each other. As many remember in the 1990 cycle, Marshall endorsed Democratic Governor, Maurice Oneto for re-election over then Congressman Stephens.

Thursday March 28th 2013

Cambridge "Newell gun control plans are dangerous"

Former Virgina Senator Brian Cambridge called the plans of rivial Presidential candidate Former Colorado Governor Ben Newell as "dangerous" today at a rally in Roch Hill, South Carolina.

"I can tell you that frankly the plans of Governor Newell for radical change of our gun laws are dangerous".

Canbridge is well known for his support for gun owners, whilst in the Senate he was one of the few Democrats to be supported by the NRA.
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Sunday March 31st 2013

President Bartlet unable to attend Easter Sunday Mass

President Josiah Bartlet was unable to attend a Easter Sunday Mass at his local Church in Manchester, New Hampshire today.

A spokesman for the office of the former President said "President Bartlet has had a virus for the last few days, and on medical advice, he will not be attending Mass this Easter Sunday, although Mrs Bartlet, there three children, and Grandchildren will be in attendance".

There has been growing concern for President Bartlet's health and the possible accleration in the MS for the past few months.
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Tuesday April 2nd 2013

Who ever the Democratic nominee is Walken is the still favourite

The Democratic nomination race for 2014 is four months old this week, following the early suprise announcement of former New Jersey Governor Kate Crossley back on December 4th.

Since then she has been joined by eight others in the field, some who have a real shot at the nomination like Brian Cambridge or Kellen Cahill who have no hope. Crossley has been impressive so far, she has made no major gaffes, and has put togther a well oiled campaign machine led by Dylan Clark. Her response to President Walken's State of the Union address which was unplanned was far better than the offical Democratic reply of Oregon Congressman Will Bailey.

The problem is for Crossley or whoever wins this race, it will be very diffcult for the nominee next year to unseat President Walken. Incumbency is a powerfull weapon. Since 1900 an incumbent President has only been beaten six times (Taft 1912, Hoover 1932, Ford 1976, Carter 1980, Newman 1990 & Santos 2010). Walken despite the slow economic recovery remains popular and respected and he seems determined to carry on his moderate approach reaching out to independents and Democrats and that is the major problem for the Democratic nominee next year. Someone like Crossley would certainly fire up the Democratic base, but could she win back those Democrats that voted for President Bartlet but switched to Vinick and Walken in the following two elections. That is very un-likely at the moment. Brian Cambridge and Alan Fisk both believe they could take the fight to Walken in the South, but that does not seem likely. The one candidate that many Republican in-siders fear seems to be former Colorado Governor Ben Newell, he would seem to have real chance in a general election, he would certainly win back Colorado, and have the oppunity to win back Minnestoa, Michigan, and Iowa all lost by Santos in 2010.

This is of course speculation, Newell would have to win the nomination first and that the moment looks very diffcult, but the Democrats should look beyond speaking to themselves and look for the best candidate to take on President Walken next fall.
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Thursday April 1th 2013

EU Referedum campaign underway

The campaign to decide the future of the United Kingdom in the European Union has started this week.

Conservative MP, Marshall Weatherly has started the campaign of the OUT Campaign with in a tour Kent & Sussex, whilst former Labour Chancellor Alexander Jameson has been campaigning for the OUT campaign in the North-West and North-East.

Former Labour Deputy Leader Peter Kennedy the leader of the "Better off ln" campaign today shared a platorm with the Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party Ed Barker, who has always been a pro-european Conservative. It is belived that Barker was one of the key movers in the Cabinet for a vote.

The lastest opinion polls show the No campaign ahead by 51-49%.
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