1991 Russian Communist revolt

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    So this thread is basicly 'What if the russian people revolted against Boris Yeltsin and in favour of the soviet union'. This may sound somewhat weird and unlikely, but consider the following:

    In the march 1989 soviet legislative elections communist party candidates gained 87% of the votes, while independents (effectively representing the opposition) only got 13%. Boris Yeltsin was still a CPSU member at this time and got the absolute majority of the votes in the Moscow district.

    Yeltsin only left the CPSU in Juli of 1990, joining the Independent (opposition faction).

    In March of 1991, in the all soviet refferendum, 75% of the people of the soviet union (the baltic states that left the union earlier excluded) voted for the preservation of the USSR and a reformed version of communism.

    But Yeltsin won the russian presidential election in june 1991 as an Independent, with 58% of the votes, while the communist candidate only got 17%.

    Yeltsin had grown to a symbol figure of a 'Man of the people' from march to june 1991. Many people voted independent because of him.

    Then the August Coup happened in, well, August of 1991. The CPSU conservatives launchesd a coup in Moscow which, to the population of the USSR, looked like a naked power grab of the old Nomenklatura. Yeltsin, president of russia at the time, went on the street with thousands of protestors and defended the parliamentary building with them. This move costed the CPSU its last credibility and it was outlawed shortly after.

    Later Yeltsin grew extremely unpopular in the mid 90s, as his radical neo-liberal pollicies caused a horrible economic crissis, and he made himseld de-facto dictator. He used the military to keep himself in power and let the tanks fire on the crowd of enraged people (Most of the protestors were communists, carrying soviet flags. Around 500 people died) and the parliamentary building he himself defended a few years earlier. When he finally lost power, he had a support rate in the populace of 2%, and with that was the most unpopular leader in all russian history. In the 1996 russian presidential election 40% of the people voted communists.

    Today he is remembered as villain in russia, that fooled the people to grab power. The new Communist party of the russian federation geta around 15% of the votes in every russian election today. More than 50% of russians today say that 'life was better in the soviet union, than now'. Leonid Brezhnev was voted the most popular russian leader in all russian history a few years ago.

    So, what if Yeltsin wasnt able to convinve the people of his thing. Say, he doesnt become a symbol of change from march to june 1991, or the military doesnt suport him in 1993 and he is overthrown by the communist protestors (a lot more likely than it sounds)?

    Which effects does this have on russia itself and on the rest of the USSR (many of the republics were still part of the USSR by 1991)? What are the consequence on the world stage? Does the cold war continue/re-enflame? How are relations with china?

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