Cut connection with Gold immediately once crisis started. Give poor/unemployed people subsidy to spend. Massive public works.

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Make contact with the Heer and convince them to launch a well-planned coup in a few year’s time. Gain agreement that financial matter will be in the civilian sphere and foreign policy will be ‘restrained’.
As said, break the link to gold, if only as to ability to convert Marks and export, gold is a medium for the global trade era that died in 1914. Encourage trade in Marks with countries who are also gold poor, in effect create a Mark denominated trade regime. Stabilize inflation to a rate just above interest, it encourages some savings but more spending and erodes the value of both cash and debt.

Encourage exports and restrain imports. But understand that demand drives a modern economy and keep up spending to sustain wages that save and spend and pay tax. It is really just a shell game.

If you can keep your industry working you can as the USA and UK go idle steal markets. If your goods price less than domestic ones you might invade their home markets but tariffs likely have made that difficult. Accept barter and local currencies rigged to reciprocal purchases. Slowly create your own trade bloc that excludes the others.

The biggest source of raw materials and potential markets for many goods is the USSR, they are a pariah, but so are you, trade with them, they are able to sustain the industry through the depression if you can value everything right.
Let's guess you become the German(Weimar republic) economical bureaucrat in 1929 . (or 1920s)

If you already know that Great depression will happen in few months, what would you do to save German economy from collapsing?

I'm thinking of scenario that only Germany was available to save itself from Great depression and Britain, USA was more damaged than original history.

If you possess the knowledge of the future, how would you use that in econimical way?( like M&A of major companies or other methods)

And also damage the Briatain and USA's economy during the process so they cant easily recover from damage. (Eventually triggers communist riots in those countries non-intentionally)

Sorry for my poor English....(English is not my mother tongue)
Why would a German bureaucrat care about damage to US/GB....?

Saving the economy of Germany would presumably prevent the fall of the Weimar republic, this then leads to it becoming accepted over time as an international power and US/GB will follow OTl appeasement this time without a madman in charge of Germany so leading to peace and good things for everybody?

US/GB doing better also helps the global economy and trade, therefore will help results in more exports for Germany so will help everybody.......and make your job easier to grow Germany?