zimmerman telegram

  1. Bomster

    No Zimmermann Telegram, how soon does America join WW1 without it?

    So let’s say there is no Zimmermann Telegram. How soon does America join the war without it?
  2. Bomster

    No Lusitania, No Zimmerman

    If somehow both the sinking of the Lusitania and the sending of the Zimmerman Telegram were both avoided, would US entry into the Great War be butterflied or delayed? If American entry into the war is avoided or delayed, how does this affect the overall war. Without the hope of American entry...
  3. Etruscan-enthusiast35

    German denial of the Zimmerman Telegram

    So as we all know, after the Zimmerman telegram was discovered, the Germans(for whatever reason) acknowledged the authenticity of the letter. Now what might have happened if the Germans denied its authenticity, and(to add insult to injury) attempted to pass it off as a propaganda ploy on the...
  4. Kaiser of Brazil

    How desperate was Germany ?

    How delusional/desperate was the German High Command when they sent the telegram to Mexico ? Did they expect Mexico (that was in civil war) to accept the offer ? And why didn't Arthur Zimmerman deny the telegram as the "British deceiving the American people" ?
  5. AHC: Get the US to accept Unrestricted Submarine Warfare 1917

    What is the easiest way to get the US to turn a blind eye to Imperial Germany's use of USW? Obviously, no Zimmerman Telegram or better yet, the Americans thinking its a British forgery helps a lot, but is it enough? The Vote was 82-6 with 8 abstentions in the Senate and 373-50 in the...
  6. THeaven

    WI: Germany Mexico alliance in World War 1

    An event I am surprised I haven't seen posted. What if British intelligence never captured the Zimmerman telegraph in time and Mexico sides with Germany instead of staying neutral in the Great War. Maybe the Mexican Revolution doesn't happen or ends differently in this timeline
  7. What if Charles Evans Hughes was elected in 1916?

    If the Zimmermann Telegram was earlier and so destroys the policy neutrality. Although Mexico would not attack America would this telegram during the election mean people want to attack Mexico. If Germany is still defeated what would the treaty of Versailles be like with Hughes instead of Wilson...
  8. AeroTheZealousOne

    [Discontinued] A Different Sound of Silence: An Alternate 20th Century And Beyond
    Threadmarks: Introduction & Cover

    Hello all. I've decided to finally begin work on my own timeline, having been inspired by the many great authors and timelines on this site to finally attempt to write one. Q: What's this timeline about? A: Arthur Zimmerman, at the last minute, decides not to send the infamous Zimmerman...