1. Levi_not_Eli

    YouTube Thumbnails from Alternate Worlds

    I had an idea and wanted to see if anyone else had the same idea so now I’ve decided to make it myself cuz I didn’t see it anywhere. Post YouTube thumbnails here from alternate worlds. I’ll post an example.
  2. Incanian

    What if Jacksepticeye never existed?

    Jacksepticeye came about from when he as a small youtube channel, and he decided to enter a challenge by Pewdiepie, about showing him your channel, and he would look and see which channels content he liked the best. After Jacksepticeye got first place, and he got thousands of subscribers every...
  3. Incanian

    What if Logan Paul was terminated?

    So At the start of January 2018, Logan Paul vlogger uploaded a video called "I FOUND A DEAD BODY IN THE JAPANESE SUICIDE FOREST!!) Where during his vlogging in Japan (which he disrespected the Japanese culture) He went to the suicide forest, said some dumb stuff, and did some awful things, and...
  4. Incanian

    What if LeafyIshere became King of Youtube?

    So If you remember Youtube in 2016, The Youtuber LeafyIsHere was growing at an IMMENSE rate. One time I remembered he's gotten 1 million Subscribers in one month. Just so you know, 2 years of youtube time is a long time. Anyways, Leafy was growing so large and was taking on Youtube Juggernaughts...
  5. Incanian

    What if Pewdiepie never Existed?

    So I haven't seen many Alternate histories on Youtube subjects, and one I really wanted to speculate, is the effects on the youtube platform, and social media if Pewdiepie never came onto youtube. I'm gonna be posting a few more threads on alternate youtube scenarios, but I thought this would be...