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  1. Walking on the Silver Line: A Valois-Bourgogne TL

    It's time for the long awaited (hopefully) rewrite of my original TL, Kingdom-Building: A Valois-Bourgogne TL. The first chapter will be posted soon.
  2. The Gybson Boy

    A Dual Anglo-French Yorkist Monarchy in the 15th Century

    Coronation of King Richard I of France and III of England in 1456 Let's say Joan of Arc never receives her divine calling and the Hundred Years' War ends in 1430 with the death of the Dauphin Charles in Battle and OTL Louis XI dying of fever, with the remaining Dauphinists fleeing into exile and...
  3. The Gybson Boy

    Edward V and Edward of Westminster's daughter have 14 children, who do they marry?

    King Edward V of England (1470-1542) and Queen Mary of Lancaster (1470-1545) "On December 8, 1470, on the day of the Immaculate Conception, Anne Neville, wife of the late Prince of Wales, Edward of Westminster, gave birth to a girl who was named Mary, heiress of the house of Lancaster. The young...
  4. Ursogulos

    AHC: Longer war of the Roses results in a divided England, what are the chances for the Irish to hang on till 1700s?

    This is a challenge which popped up in my head following a similar situation in my TL. Your job is to make the disparate Irish chiefdoms survive and coalesce into native Irish kingdom(s) and put off the English for as long as 1700s. Pod is war of the roses. You can divide England into two parts...
  5. The Gybson Boy

    The White Rose over England: A House of De La Pole Collaborative Timeline
    Threadmarks: 1485: The Red Rose withers, the White Rose reborn.

    King John II of England and his wife Queen Elizabeth Plantagenet. August-November 1485: After the defeat of King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth the Lancastrian pretender, Henry Tudor assumed power in England declaring himself King Henry VII by right of Conquest, his reign however would be...
  6. Wars of the Roses, Edward V and Prince Richard survive?

    Lol another one I know. I've been interested in the wars of the Roses recently, so I'm interested in how it could turn out. So I guess to make this possible we would need Edward IV to live longer to avoid Richard III killing the nephews like in otl (not proven technically but he probably did it...
  7. EdwardRex

    The Plague of 1482: The Year of the Setting Sun of York
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Introduction

    “1482 was indisputably the worst year for the House of York, and possibly all of the 15th century. For Europe, it was illness and famine. For Edward IV, it was the death of almost his whole family. In this book, I hope to accurately tell the story of the year 1482. The year of the setting sun.”...
  8. The White Rose of France

    What if Dauphin Charles predeceased his father, dying in 1481, followed shortly after by his father? That would put Louis XII on the French throne 16/17 years earlier than OTL, butterflying the Italian wars (as Ludovico Sforza would never call in Italy Louis XII, who was the one with a claim on...
  9. Edward IV’s Second Queen

    What would happen if Elizabeth Woodville died for a miscarriage in 1474? Edward IV would have only two small sons and three young daughters and would likely remarry. As we have seen who Louis XI feared Edward IV enough to be quite willing to buy him off, I think pretty likely who the French...
  10. Richard III, King of England

    What if Henry VI of England died before Edward of Westminster’s conception AND Richard of York followed him peacefully on the throne?
  11. Alternate Wars of the Roses, in which a Lancastrian still reigns on the throne?

    BEDFORD LANCASTRIANS This branch of the Lancastrians descended from John of Gloucester, 1st Duke of Bedford. A talented military commander and administrator, he also served as Regent of France during the reign of Henry VI. His happy marriage with Anne of Burgundy resulted in only one child...
  12. Margaret, Plantagenet Queen

    What if Edward of Westminster was born as girl and shortly after engaged to Edward, Earl of March preventing the War of the Roses from exploding?
  13. A Lancastrian Queen for Edward V

    What if Anne Neville became pregnant during her wedding to Edward of Westminster and gave birth to a daughter after his death?
  14. The many daughters of Emperor Maximilian

    What if both children of Maximilian I and Mary of Burgundy (Philip the Handsome and Margaret of Austria) were born as girl and Mary still die as OTL? What Maximilian will or can do for keeping most of Burgundy safely away from the French King?
  15. Isabella, Yorkist Queen

    What if Edward IV was the first child of his parents (instead of the third, switching birthdate with Anne) and Philip of Burgundy and Isabella of Portugal had also a surviving daughter (born in 1436) who married him in 1454, during York’s protectorate?
  16. Anne, Duchess of Bedford

    What if Anne of Burgundy, first wife of John of Lancaster, Duke of Bedford survive him and then remarried to sir Richard Woodville (like her husband’s second wife had done in OTL), becoming mother of an ATL Elizabeth Woodville who will become Queen Consort of Edward IV as her OTL counterpart...
  17. Another Anjou as Queen of England

    What would happen if Edward IV was already married before becoming King of England? And if his bride was Queen Marguerite’s niece, Isabelle of Lorraine (in OTL she died in infancy). Working a little on this scenario I had Edward IV marrying thrice, with his second match quite scandalous (he...
  18. A reborn Lotharingia - A Renaissance TL
    Threadmarks: The beginning 1473-1477

    At the beginning of 1473 the 24 years old Nicholas of Anjou married the almost 16 years old Mary of Burgundy, dying less than two years later and leaving his young widow, pregnant with their second child, and their son Charles, only few months old, in the care of her father Charles the Bold...
  19. FitzEmperor

    WI: York Dynasty in Portugal?

    Hi it's my first time posting but I've been a lurker on here for a while. I'm working on a Richard III timeline where he marries Joanna of Portugal, and she dies in childbirth delivering a surviving daughter in 1486. In my timeline, Richard remarries to an English nobleman and has a son that is...
  20. The Sons in Splendor: Vol II The Prince, the Pope and the Peruvian

    This timeline follows on from https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/new-tl-the-sons-in-splendor-the-golden-age-of-the-house-of-york.481920/page-5#post-20606312 The original POD was the survival of Edward IV in 1483, and his eventual death in 1487. This delay allowed his son to ascend...