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  1. OxSpace

    AHC: A Post-War Polish Vilnius

    During WW2, that status of the Polish-Soviet border had been brought up on several occasions, the most prominent of these discussions was the Tehran Conference where the Curzon Line was, in some form, agreed upon by the "Big Three". A special map (contemporary version) developed during the...
  2. TheDetailer

    AHC: World War 2 deaths cut in half

    Basically, the premise is to lower the Second World War’s causality level to around 35 million or atleast around that general area. Could it be done? And what would be the effect of WW2 remaining the deadliest conflict in Human history, but with around 30+ million more people surviving than...
  3. How could the USSR do better with a POD of June 22 1941?

    There are a lot of threads about how could Germany do better in the eastern front, but the USSR initially suffered staggering losses and a couple millions of its troops got encircled, as well as losing large swathes of territory. How could the USSR do better since the start of Barbarossa...
  4. AHC: Earliest Possible American Entry into WWII

    With a POD no later than 1939, how do we get the U.S. in World War II much earlier than OTL, with American forces fighting against Germany, Italy, and Japan? Preferable if this can be done before June 1941.
  5. AHC: Soviets liberate France in ww2

    How could you make it that the Soviets beat the Nazi’s fast enough to liberate France in ww2
  6. Better Five Year Plans for Soviet Union?

    If you were stalin how would you go about your five year plans in a realistic way? Would you change anything or would you keep it how it was. And how would you prepare for the impending ww2 with those five year plans
  7. Aloha

    AHC: WW2 ends in a stalemate

    Your goal is to find a way for the Second World War to end with the Axis and the Allied Powers stalemated. Italy and/or Japan may or may not survive, but Nazi Germany needs to exit the war as a great power, alongside the United States, the British Empire, and the USSR/Soviet Union. Which would...