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  1. maru.777

    Armenian Circassia in a CP victory

    Is it plausible that in a CP victory scenario, the Ottomans deport the Armenians north to Russia (A la Circassian gendocide but reverse) how mcuh of the Armenian population would survive etc
  2. maru.777

    Military Coup Against Kerensky

    Is there anyway that before or after the Kerensky Offensive, he had been overthrown by the Russian Military to prevent a Russian Revolution?
  3. maru.777

    Germany focuses on on the Eastern Front in 1916

    How do you get Germany to go on the offensive in 1916, would the offensive succeded? How far would it penetrate into the Russian lines and how would it affect the rest pf the war and the Russian Revolutions?
  4. WI: Jean Jaures isn't assassinated in 1914?

    Augusta Marie Joseph Jean Leon Jaures refered to simply as Jean Jaures was a French politician and member of their Chamber of Deputies. As the leader of The French Section of the Worker's International (SFIO) he was a leading voice of the anti-militarism in the lead up to WW1. He was advocating...
  5. The Paradox of Victory
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Russo-Japanese War

    The Paradox of Victory Artemis Kozaczka “The great paradox of victory is this- once you have won once, you must keep winning, or else lose everything you have won in the first place.” - Tsar Nicholas II, The Fall of an Eagle (1922) The Russo-Japanese War A map of Eastern Asia in February 1904...
  6. Michel Van

    The Free Republic of Outremeuse

    This is new TL by me It's the history of tiny nation who was overlook by the Great Powers and manage to surivive Two World Wars and the cold war every Friday comes new post
  7. Argentina in a world with no World Wars

    Right now, Argentina is on the cusp of an economic collapse that is worse than in 2001 or 1989, and all we know is that Argentina is one of the underdeveloped countries in the world and there are plenty of different academic studies showing that Argentina's economic decline actually began during...
  8. A worst Spanish crisis of 1917

    What would have been the outcome for Spain if the crisis of 1917 had been worse? For those who do not know, in 1917, despite the economic benefits that neutrality brought to Spain, the social and political situation was too tense, with a significant deterioration in the quality of life in urban...
  9. What if the Balkans Wars cause the WWI early?

    Hello everyone, I have this query about a question that came up recently. Taking into account the different interests in the Balkans and in the Ottoman Empire by the different powers, what would happen if diplomacy failed and caused the conflict in the Balkans to lead to the first world war...
  10. No Soviet Turkish war of independence White Russia

    Without Soviets how would Turkish war of independence go white Russia Grabs Constantinople, Turkish straits of Gallipoli, dardanelles and Pontus while Turks and entante busy in the war ?
  11. 1900 Industrialized China population and mobilization capacity

    How much population an Industrialized China would have without 19th century rebellions and how many soldiers can it mobilize? Industrialized= large Heavy industry, No serfdom, Mechanized agriculture, market economy , large and dense railway, high light industry consumption
  12. Nicholas II becomes totalitarian

    what if Nicholas II became as totalitarian as Stalin but without a Great purge of Military or Government after getting scared of 1905 revolution will this avoid February and October revolution ? how long will this regime last ?
  13. AHC/WI Austria-Hungary survives an Entente victory mostly intact?

    Is it possible for Austria-Hungary to survive intact but still have Germany and the Ottomans collapse? If so, how does this affect the interwar period and the rise of the Nazis? Are the Nazis just butterflied away? Can Germany even annex a surviving Austria-Hungary, given how weak Germany was...
  14. Slime_blob

    AHC: Earliest Possible Philippine Independence (American Period)

    With a POD start by 1917 where the Jones Law i just signed and it is stated where the united states must free the Philippines, when they see that the country has the capability to self determination. Free the Philippines as soon as possible. possible leaders ? and consequences?
  15. Piave92

    Butterfly Badoglio

    Hi, as an Italian i've never understood why that a...hole was always in charge during our hardest hour... A more competent military commander would have partially avoided Caporetto disaster (yeah the main austro-german thrust could have failed if the guy wasn't a batshit moron) since our guy...
  16. WI : french troops invade Belgium FIRST

    A possible scenario : Willy decides - and stays with this decisio - to turn East (first). ... and no mobilisation at this point. From that moment - early evening 1st August - the german goverment brags everywhere (esp. in London and Bruessels) that it has no intention at all to attack anyone...
  17. Question: Oil Consumption in WW1

    Hi all. I am looking for some numbers on Oil consumption in WW1. Preferably for all belligerents but particularly for Britain. The closest I have been able to find was a quote from the Wikipedia Article "Economic History of World War 1" which claims (Quoting from The American Petroleum...
  18. Michel Van

    World War One ending with Nerve agents ?

    Let assume the Germans rediscover Dimethylphosphoramidocyanidate in 1916 it was discover by Adolph Schall in 1898, in OTL 1936 they found out it's deadliness as nerve agent "Tabun" But what if this happen already in 1916 under poison gas research ? The German military command would pleased...