1. Italy in the Migration Period – No Pope, No Christianity, No Islam

    I have a challenge for you that may require a somewhat liberal approach to butterflies. The main focus in this one is Italy during the Migration Period but in a world where Christianity (and consequently Islam) never took hold. Let’s imagine that Christianity rises in the first-century as yet...
  2. Eparkhos_Ton_Trapezous

    IMPERATOR: The Last Maurician

    So this thread is the third attempt at this TL, both of which failed. The POD is Maurikios' youngest son surviving the coup of 602 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12 July 609 Flavius Iustinianus...
  3. Gukpard

    What could Majorian have done to save Rome?

    Six years ago this video came out: It seems that the defeat of Majorian came due the most blatant case of corruption ever possible, when the destiny of the country is crushed because political infighting between rivals. I'm by no means a Roman era historian, and so I do not know enought of...
  4. Flavius Iulius Nepos

    From Exile to Triumph: a Western Roman Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter I: Introduction

    Hi everybody, and welcome to my new timeline “From exile to triumph”, a story based on the roman emperor Julius Nepos and how he was able to reverte the destiny of his empire. Feel free to post any comment, suggestion or idea and please forgive me for any error you will find in the story or in...
  5. Gukpard

    WI Majorian survives.

    Majorian is known as the last real emperor of the western roman empire, and also the final one who really had success on trying to restore the empire, to the point that the historian Edward Gibbon was quoted saying: "presents the welcome discovery of a great and heroic character, such as...
  6. Gukpard

    Any good Western Roman empire scenarios?

    The title says all, I'm interested on any scenario showing a late WRE survival scenario.
  7. Gukpard

    AHC Wank Julius Nepos as much possible

    The title says all and to be frank, there is not so much to add Stating the obvious, the objective is to have the most succesfully Julius nepos with a PoD after the fall of Ravenna. I don't think this is going to help, but he had control over dalmatia, and it was the province were the romans...