1. Kurd Gossemer

    Ottoman Empire stays out of WWI, how does this changes the course of the war?

    From what I've been reading about WWI, the Ottomans and Young Turks weren't exactly keen on joining the war because they preferred to focus on improving the empire instead of wasting money and energy they didn't have into a war. It took a incident with one of their ships being led by a German...
  2. Sphinx

    Cries of the Fallen: 1912
    Threadmarks: CoTF: Chapter One

    Hello everyone! The following is what can be described as a 'recount' of a historical role-play game which I ran some months ago, with some adjustments. Therefore, this work is in no way an absolutely serious work of historical scrutiny, but a fun alternate timeline of the 1910s, beginning in...
  3. World Mapping

    Central Powers Victory in 1917: What happens with Britain?

    Let's say that the Germans win at Verdun, resulting in the French launching suicidal counter-offensives as Falkenhayn planned, resulting in worse 1917 mutinies and the fall of Paris that same year. What happens with Britain? Does Britain go isolationist and focus on its remaining colonies, as...