1. TheAnimationFan

    Video - The basics of editing WorldA Earth maps

    If this is considered spam then feel free to lock up the thread, but the newer users in the Shared Worlds forum who've been unable to make maps have been a growing problem in the last year or so, almost always needing the OP to draw maps for them which can slow down threads considerably. As long...
  2. Depiciting Guard Outposts on World-A/QBAM Style Maps

    Hi, everyone. I was wondering if there was a good way to show guard outposts on World-A/QBAM style maps. For example, I was looking at some old RMC maps of the Ming dynasty, and I noticed that the RMCs weren't divided into administrative regions and were controlled by a bunch of guard outposts...
  3. Library of Alexandria

    Library of Alexandria's Worlda Patches: A thread
    Threadmarks: Intro

    Alright, so someone asked me to set up a thread for these here, instead of on DA, where they can find them easier. And, well, there haven't really been enough worldas here lately, so I thought I would! Apologies if this clogs the server a bit, there are quite a few images here, but they are...
  4. [Request] Filling in Antarctica's topography into an old basemap.

    For the sake of completeness, could someone here try and fill in Antarctica's topograhy into this elevation map? Specifically with the ice on it intact, like with greenland on this map. I mean, this is a very old map. What bugs me is that for all these years, the topographical worlda map that...
  5. Reepicheep

    Challenge: Deglaciated Antarctica in WorldA

    Challenge is in the title to prevent confusion with this being any sort of complete project. Hello!! I'm crowdsourcing this problem I'm having because I have no idea how to achieve it despite being willing to put in the work. Basically the goal I want to achieve is to convert this deglaciated...
  6. Entrerriano

    Entre's Little Map Thread
    Threadmarks: OP

    Welcome to my map thread! Here I will compile all the maps I've posted throughout the couple years I've been in the forums, as well as any new map I make, and possibly some future WIPs. Enjoy! Links of interest: My DeviantArt My Reddit Account My Discord Server (The server isn't very active...
  7. Gustone's Paleoworldas

    There can be artifact islands and lakes. Imgur album, cuz i cant attach more than 10 Now i also made the same 14 paleoequalaas.
  8. Aurantiacis

    Great Big Worlda Collaborative Project - REBOOTED: The Pantheon's Engine
    Threadmarks: OP

    In a timeline where Persia loses its grip on the ancient world and allows for the Classical civilizations to prosper and begin the first stages of proto-industrialization, world events that take millennia for our timeline happen one after the other as the dominoes fall. As the cogs of the world...
  9. Great Big Worlda Collaborative Project
    Threadmarks: Premise

    So I've recently come across several worlds/pixel maps that have a lot of different elements. I think there isn't a specific classification for them but here are the examples: These two are from Mr. Imperator Roma over on deviant art. And this one is from @rvbomally I really like these...
  10. PrinceTanglemane

    Capital Cities

    I was curious about if there's a map depicting each capital city on a map. I only got Washington, New Delhi and Moscow down. I want to include each capital in my map. Not each capital in the world. Countries: Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, UK, Iran and Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Poland...
  11. ST15RM

    ST15RM's Handy Dandy Basemap Size Comparison (or SHDBSC)

    so, i've been thinking, hey, wouldn't it be cool if i made a size comparison image to compare all the basemaps of so i made this... thing. as you can tell, it ain't done. so far, i will list all these basemap families (with their respective colors). WorldA/QBAM(and derivatives) will go...
  12. New Worlda Biome Map

    The current biome worlda, while good for general use, is quite flawed. It had several unpainted islands/minor peninsulas, the placement of the biomes themselves is dubious, and most importantly, it's based on the Wikipedia map, which is poorly sourced -I still haven't found the original map...
  13. Hypersauce


    This is my attempt at creating an Equirectangular or Plate-Careé World-A. It is set to be the width of the world-a meaning more space (Since the ratio of Worlda and Equirectangular don't match). Blank: Topographic (Was easier than expected): Rivers: Changelog: -Made coasts blue for easier...
  14. Linbot

    Kolchak's Retrofitted Basemaps
    Threadmarks: 1900 worlda

    Hello! I'm currently renovating some worldas and such maps to make them more accurate. I will accept requests if anyone does so. Here's a worlda for 1900: EDITS: -Added Tibet and Nepal colours. -Added Boer War colours. -Added Aceh and Borneo insurgencies. -Added Acre revolt.
  15. The Update the WorldA maps Thread - Collaborative effort

    After some players in the Map Games subforum noticed that the Worlda maps of past years, here the 1838 basemap, is - more or less - outdated, I thought that we could start a collaborative effort to update our maps of the past... Feel free to join in! Credit for the current WorldA maps is...
  16. WorldA with Rivers?

    Hey all, just wondering if anyone has a copy of the latest blank WorldA map with rivers on it. I lost mine when my computer shat itself. Cheers.
  17. Rosella

    Micro-Worlda Development/Showcase Thread

    This is the new thread for the new 602x325 px quarter-pounder-size Worlda. Being done in Robinson from the start, because you can't stop me. Why am I doing this? A certain someone asked for it, and I already had the quarter-size map. Advantages / Upshots: - Good for comparing to something...
  18. fluttersky

    A new map projection.

    Currently, most world maps on this site use the Robinson projection. Here's a blank map of the Earth, followed by a completely blank map with only lines of latitude and longitude. I don't think that this projection is ideal, for several reasons. Distances vary between different parts of the...