world war three

  1. Nationalist Victory TL:
    Threadmarks: Chapter One

    In this TL, the point of divergence comes when Chiang Kai-shek ignores George Marshall's call for a cease-fire and continues the offensive against Mao and his Communists in Manchuria. Note: I have no Chinese-language skills whatsoever, so I am reliant upon Google Translate. If I make a mistake...
  2. United South east British Asia as India

    ITTL the British leave all it's South East asian colonies as a single united federal strong nation called " The Federal Republic of India" .It consists of OTL India , Pakistan ,Myanmar (Burma), Bangladesh, Malaysia ,Sri Lanka ,Maldives,Singapore ,Nepal and Bhutan .It became independent as a...
  3. Terranical

    Could the Cuban Missile Crisis Balkanize North America?

    Could after an alternate timeline were the CMC became World War Three and the ensuing chaos after the Nuclear War caused the US, Canada and Mexico to lose some states? Is it possible or not? How would recovery last long? Which states would secede from their mother nation?
  4. WI: Franco/British-American Split before a Cuban Missile War

    Here's the scenario: Britain, France and Israel refuse to back down during the Suez Crisis and duly triumph, deposing Nasser and reclaiming the Suez Canal. However, the US goes ahead with its threat of sanctions and sells off its Sterling Bond holdings, while multiple countries impose oil...
  5. DBWI : George Romero worked in the horror genre ?

    World-renowned director and Academy Award winner George Romero died yesterday at 77, in Toronto, Canada, following a "brief but aggressive battle with lung cancer". For those of you who are not cinephiles, George Romero is considered one of the best filmmakers regarding the description of the...
  6. CaekDaemon

    Collier's "Russia's Defeat and Occupation 1952-1960"

    So, many, many years ago, in 1951, Collier's magazine, now defunct, did a special issue about the invasion of the USSR following a failed assassination attempt on Tito, including information about how the war was fought, how the people of the USSR would react and how the country was rebuilt, all...
  7. Fight To The Finish - World War Three, Round #2

    This is a link to the discussion TL: